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Old 29th December 2010
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Priyanka Chopra Sex stories only

only Priyanka chopra sex stories here

heres one from another thread im posting here,

PRiyanka Chopra UNICEF fuck:

"Hey darling I'll be late tonight sure its okay with you?," as he lovingly asked his wife.
Of course his wife replied "yes but work hard don't slack off,"
"Don't worry darling, I'm working very hard tonight very hard, me and a group of guys, actually."
"bye darling," he says
" bye honey love you," as she happily replied back."
As he hangs up his phone he looks down and says "come on baby suck my dick harder, or how else will you be Unicef's
It was the hot, sexy and naked bollywood actress priyanka chopra sucking his dick off like a cock crazed slut.
Well she had to if she was gonna be UNICEF ambassador.
"Tell me bitch what does UNICEF stand for?" he asked her
Priyanka replied in a slutty voice, " United Nations Children Fund why?"
"wrong bitch, stands for Unlimited Cock Experience Fucking."
and with that he rammed her head onto his cock and forcefully made her deepthroat him.
Priyanka was moaning pleasurably to the abuse not to mention the high pay raise she would receive and the
opportunity to be Unicefs ambassador.
THe manager shoved his cock out of her mouth and held her mouth forcefully and said,
"Okay slut, I'm asking you one more time u wanna be UNICEF's ambassador, be our one time sex toy ,"
"YES," Priyanka replied earnestly."MAke me your one time sex toy please." she begged as she conntinued to suck him.
Sucking his dick got Priyanka so horny that she she started cupping her breasts with her hand. She then
started tit fucking him, up and down his shaft went between her knockers.
"you like that don't u," she sluttly said
"Of course baby," but we aren't done yet. We have a lot of hard work to do still." as he moaned with pleasure
Priyanka was too busy sucking on his juicy cock.
If one thing Priyanka was proud of it was her blowing skills. Man could she suck dicks. She realized the
dick was getting bigger in her mouth and was starting to tense up, when suddenly
he quickly slapped her nice juicy ass and pulled his cock out of her mouth.
"Don't want to cum early do we baby." he said with a nasty grin
He moved his hand down to Priyanka’s hole and inserted three fingers. He began to
fuck her with his fingers as he started sucking on Priyanka's clit. She moaned louder and louder, “Oh God! Fuck
me with your fingers… fuck me! Ohhhh… I’m gonna cum soon… I’m gonna cum… I’m…
ohhhhhhhhhh fuck yes!” Priyanka cried out at last feeling her first orgasm of the encounter.
Her whole body tightened, her nipples got extremely hard and she loved every second of it.
After allowing Priyanka a second to recover from the orgasm, he then stood up and told her
to roll over.
Priyanka knew what was coming. She quickly got on the sofa.
"GEt on all fours slut," he said
" oohh doggy style, I love being fucked like a bitch in heat."
She had barely settled down when he slammed his thick shaft straight in, making her moan with pleasure.
" That's it," she said, "Fuck me Fuck me hard, Fuck that wet tight pussy of mine," she yelled
THe manager needed no second encouragement and was thrusting like crazy.
in out in out her groaning like mad, it was such a tight pussy. After a couple of minutes, her pussy got wetter
and tighter. Priyanka was moaning and screaming
"OHH harder, fuck me harder," she screamed. " FUck me like a whore, ohh." priyanka moaned.

He started pumping faster and faster and now his thrusts were harder and deeper then before. Priyanka was in
heaven, moaning and writhing her body against the manager's cock. When he realized how tight Priyanka's pussy had
gotten, he then removed his cock out of her twat and put it in front of her lips and she started started
blowing him again.
" AHh," he shouted as he cummed into her mouth. " that's it baby drink it all."
but Priyanka couldn't it was like a garden hose that wouldn't shut off. So much cum had fallen out of her
mouth and onto her big tits.
While the manager was relaxing, Priyanka had just worn her beautiful lacy, partially see through purple bra
and panties, then she asked "So I get to be UNiCEF's ambassador?"
"Not yet baby, not yet, a few more rounds are still to go" he said with a smile.
" Oh but your done dude. That cock of urs ain't going up," Priyanka said in a slutty voice.
" yes baby but you see in business, communication and networking are important for success." the manager smilingly
said in a matter of fact tone.
"so whos the next luck guy?" priyanka said with a grin.
"not guy but guys slut.." he said

Suddenly the door opened and out popped a bunch of guys.
"wHO are all these people?" Priyanka said shockingly.
"Friends" the manager replied, "the lucky guys that also get to shoot loads at you."
Before Priyanka had any idea what was going on, the guys just jumped on her like a pack of hungry wolves.
Two held her hands and two held her legs. One took his belt off and wrapped it around her neck like a dog leash.
"Wait!" Priyanka shouted, " Theres's way too many guys and there so rough."
"Oh well," the manager said, " better get used to it darling, it's gonna get rougher, so any last requests."
"Just don't rip my bra and panties i love them alot." PRiyanka implored.
Before she knew it a pair of hands slid her purple panty straight down, and another pair of hands unclipped her
prized purple lacy bra. It was taken off in seconds and thrown onto the floor besides her panty.
the manager started chucking.
" Why are you laughing?" PRiyanka snapped.
" CAuse u have no idea what your in for girl, or should i say slut." THe manager spoke.
Before Priyanka could say a word, One of the guys pulled on the leash pushing Priyanka forward.
"On all fours bitch." he ordered.
Priyanka decided it was best to play along. So she went on all fours.
He started pulling on the leash and dragged her across the stairs and into a nice lavish bedroom.
Another pair of people lifted her up and threw her onto a king size bed with silk sheets.
Priyanka realized her predicament that she was going to get fucked like no tommorow. She decided to make these
guys cum quickly as possible.
"Alrite boys get ready," Priyanka said with a smile on her face.
She grabbed the closest cock to her with her left hand and pushed it into her mouth.
"Mmmmm," she said as the cock was jammed in her mouths.
"Thats it baby suck my dick, Oh yea,"
Two of the guys went behind Priyanka and started rubbing her inner thighs and clits.
"Mmmm," Priyanka moaned while she was sucking a cock. After a minute the guy pulled his cock out
and forcefully kissed her and shoving his warm tongue into her mouth. After he forced her mouth over his cock, he
force fucked her mouth.
" ahh, yes that's it baby, keep sucking."
Suddenly he cummed into her mouth, and wat a shot, it was too much for Priyanka and she had to pulled out.

"Okay girl time to test ur acting skills," they all leeringly said.
"yea baby, your gonna act like a cheap slut. one of the guys said."
"I’ll let you boys do whatever you want to me. You can fuck my throat.
You can fuck me in the ass. You can fuck me and fuck me until I scream in pain; then you can fuck
me some more. I want to be your dirty little slut. You can choke me, impale me, and cum all over my face.
I love that! Do whatever you want to me. No matter how much I cry. I want your cocks in all
my holes at once! Cum deep inside me! Drown me with your cum! That’s what a dirty little slut
like me is for!” Priyanka said.
The guys needed no further encouragement.
Before Priyanka knew it she was dragged over a guy's body until her sexy glistening ass rested on him. She could
feel the hard cock nestled between the cheeks of her ass. The guy then cupped her tits, his thumbs rolling over
her hard erect juicy nipples.He then grabbed his cock and pushed it inside her mosit wet pussy. Priyanka
then tightly pushed her ass against him just to get him in deeper. Once he buried his cock completely in her pussy
another guy went in front of her and put his cock on the entrance of her vagina.
"So baby ever had a double penetration before?"
"Ofcourse" Priyanka replied happily, "lots of time, I love it when two guys ramming me simultaneously in two holes."
" you heard the bitch, take your cock and put it in her pussy too."
Before Priyanka could protest, the guy jammed his cock into her vagina.
NOw PRiyanka tight pussy was clenching both thick cocks.
"Say the magic words baby,"
" Fuck me oh please fuck me," Priyanka cried out
Priyanka's hot cum flowed out and dripped between her legs while her hips rocked back and forth.
In and out they went and with it Priyanka's hot cum spreading all around the inside of her juicy thighs and legs.
Priyanka could feel their hot cocks rubbing together while matching they initally tried to match their rhythms.
Within seconds they got the pace, Priyanka rocked her hips against them arching up to pull the guy underneath in deeper
and then pressing down on him so the guy on top could bang her G-spot continously.
PRiyanka was writhing between their bodies. "OHHHH yea OHHH yea fuck that pussy, make me feel like a slut OHHHH yea,"
Priyanka moaned in ectasy.
It was too much for one of the black guys and he twisted Priyanka's head and rammed his thick cock into her mouth.
NOw Priyanka was sucking a black meat and getting a double vaginal penetration.
The black guy was sliding it in and out and deep down into her throat as it was another
pussy. within minutes the trio were all were at their peak and shot their hot cum into her three holes simultaneously.
Priyanka had just received the ultimate orgasm of her life as her pussy was being filled with not one but two
cocks. The black guy shot a thick seed into her mouth. She could barely got most of his cum
down her throat. Instead the cum was oozing steadily down her chin and dripping onto her tits. NOt only that but
the guys that had fucked her pussy mericlessly had left their mark too, their hot cum was oozing out of her pussy
and flowing onto her thighs and legs.
"Now we have a real cum glazed bollywood actress." the black guy replied. "Not only are her tits glazed but so is
that tight cunt of hers."
"Yea look at that pussy," It's glistenning and shining to all that cum. It's asking for more."
"Well then, let's give it to her," another guy said.
Priyanka had just caught her breath.
"Get on all fours now slut,"
"Yes master," she sluttingly said and got on her knees and hands.
One guy went went to the front end and stuck his cock out towards her juicy red lips
"suck it he said,"
She took the cock in her mouth and sucked it expertly making awesome sounds from time to time.
Two more guys came and shoved their dicks forwad, Priyanka looked from the corner of her eyes and noticed that she
was stroking two black cocks.
The guy in her mouth got rough and quickly left. Priyanka was surprised and before she could react another cock took
the guy's place.
The guy parted her ass cheeks and placed his cock into the entrance of her ass.
Instantly Priyanka stopped sucking the guy's cock and said," get some lube and shove it down my ass at least?"
" Keep sucking bitch thats not your problem," one of the guys said and forcefully shoved her head toward his cock
forcing her to suck him menacingly.
The guy at her beautiful wet rear shoved the tip of his cock into her ass and then cummed right into it.
" You see he said, we have no lube, so we're gonna supplement baby, so suck hard, we gonna blast a lot of sperm
into that ass hole of yours."
Priyanka smiled and started to jack and fuck more furiously. The two black guys and the guy in her mouth did the same
thing and expelled their loads into her anus hole. By that time THe cum was oozing out of her ass and mixing with
her pussy juices. and and took a new path and flowed down her navel.
" Oh man wat a fucking bolly bitch, lets fuck the daylights out of her."
"Yes," PRiyanka cried, " fuck me like a slut."
Then one guy got underneath her and before he could adjust properly, Priyanaka just slammed right on top of his cock.
Priyanka was gone mad, she was driven by ecstasy.
She was pushed forward and another cock penetrated her ass, going in very very smoothly while pushing out tons of
sperm along the way.
PRiyanka's mind got clouded as her body tightened again. When the guy pressed into her ass-hole, they
moved in a rhythm with Priyanka sandwiched between the,. as one cock entered her, another exited her.
Priyanka was moaning but they were muffled when a dick was shoved into her mouth and then her hands were used to jack
two people off.
this continued on for who knows how long, Priyanka had a cock in her mouth, pussy and asshole and when one shot his
wad another took his place in whatever position was available.
At the end they all just left her. Priyanka was left on the bed. THe sheets were all wet being covered in sweat, cum
and sperm. Priyanka lay in the centre all naked with her pussy and tits glistenning in the moonlight. She then fell
asleep in the bed
She woke up the next morning and took a quick shower, an got dressed.
THe manager threw her a cheque right before she left.
"What is this?" Priyanka said.
"your services for last night. You were the best fucks we've ever had." THe manager said
and "yes your our new ambassador."
PRiyanka left through the door happy that not only was she the ambassador but that she had one of the best
fucks she ever had.

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title: Priyanka was at a farm trying to learn how to ride a horse. Little did she expect the type of
lessons the trainer had in plan for her.


The trainer knew he had a one in a lifetime chance to bang the sexy Priyanka Chopra. However,
it would take some wits and intelligence to get the job done. He knew that all actresses,
whether in bollywood or hollywood performed many "side services" to get to where they were.
So the trainer hatched a plan and for that plan, he used his most wildest horse Speedy.
Speedy was a sleek black hose that was rampant and dangerous. He was a difficult horse to
control and that was the key to his success.
The trainer had just put the straddle on the black horse, when a car rolled into the
"Time to put my plan into gear," he said to himself.
Out walked Priyanka Chopra, wearing a cowboy's hat, white cotton shirt and tight black leather pants that defined her curves like no tommorow.
" Oh Im gonna have some fun with this bitch," he said to himself. .
Priyanka greeted her new trainer, with a kind and energetic "Hello,"
"So you'll be giving me riding lessons today correct?"
"But ofcourse senorita, I will." he said happily. " I will teach you everything there is to know."
He led her into the stable where he showed her his collection of horses.
"Wow" Priyanka said, "All these horses look so strong and fast."
"Yea they are," he said confidently. "But some of these horses require professionals like me."
"We're just gonna use a normal horse, his name is Speedy and he's perfect for u." He said as he led her to the sleek black horse.
"He's beautiful she said as she went forward to touch the horse, so beautiful."
"Well the straddle's ready madam get on top." He told her.
Priyanka got on the straddle without a problem but the horse started to shake a little.
" Ummm," Priyanka said, "THis is normal right?" she said with a bit of tension in her voice.
"Don't worry Speedy won't harm you," the trainer said, "But yea if you want take your shirt off, that might make him calm down."
"Are you kidding me?" Priyanka said surprisingly.
"yes madam, you see he hates the colour white and well your shirt..."
The horse started to shake some more as if trying to deliberately throw Priyanka off.
The trainer quickly calmed the horse down and Priyanka got off
"Isn't there another horse we can use?" Priyanka said, "One tat doesn't hate white?"
"You see he's the only horse that works well with humans. Most of these horses have never been taught how to carry people. I haven't trained
all the horses and this one is the best especially for females, he gets well along with them."
Priyanka was in a dilemma. She wanted to ride this horse so badly but take off her shirt would not be intelligent at all.
"I won't tell anyone about it if thats your concern," he said
"Okay" Priyanka said.
Priyanka felt very relieved.
"Well in that case why not,"Priyanka said
In reality Priyanka too wanted to strip off her shirt but she felt safe with this trainer.
Priyanka started to unbutton her shirt from the top down. After unbuttoning the third button, her breasts were just popping out as if they
were in prison and were now free.
Priyanka was wearing a neck strapped leporard bra defining the plumpness of her breasts. As she unbuttoned the last pair of
buttons, The trainer saw she had panties to match. Leporard panties thogh sadly he could only see the helm of the panty.
" I'll be seeing all of it soon enough," The trainer thought to himself.
"Well what you think," Priyanka said.
"Beautiful," THe trainer said aloud
" You like them," Priyanka said,?
"Yea very nice," the trainer said.
"Yea got them for $300" Priyanka said matter of factly
"Got wat for $300" He said
"My bra." she said "Why, what were you thinking,"
"Oh," He said. " I thought you were talking about your cowboy hat."
"Oh the hat I got that off a friend." Priyanka said.
Priyanka got on the horse again and this time the horse was responding well. It seemed as if Speedy was also enjoying the view.
Priyanka looked like an amazon goddess on that horse.
The trainer reassured her again, " Don't worry noone's gonna be here for another 4 hours. So no one but me and Speedy are seeing you like this."
"Thats good," Priyanka said
But Priyanka was thinking dirty. Maybe I'll show him a bit more if he gets on my nice side.
So Priyanka was learning the horse. Occassionally getting off the horse to readjust her bra or her pants.
"Time to tease this man a little," Priyanka thought to herself.
She got off the horse and instead unbuttoned her leather pants and pushed them down giving him a clean view of her ass and her perfect
ass crack. SHe then quckly pulled them back up again but kept them unzipped and unbuttoned.
"There too tight, I hope you don't mind? " Priyanka asked.
"No ofcourse not," The trainer said.
Why would he, he just got a clear view of her ass and was more determined he would make her pay for teasing him like that
. She went on another round on the horse and soon they all went back into the barn.
The horse went back into the stable and was just about to get off when she realized that her left shoe had gotten stuck in the stirrup.
Now Priyanka tried to wiggle it out when suddenly she fell over. The horse went into somewhat of a frenzy but the trainer calmed Speedy down..
He got Priyanka's leg out of the stirrup and then took her to the corner of the barn where he had a bed with silk linens posted.
Priyanka was quite scared and breathing heavily making her chest go up and down vigorously practically jiggling her juicy tits.
"The trainer gaver her some water and she drank it quickly. Trickles flowing down her juicy red lips, down her radiant neckline into her
breast cleft.
"Thank you," Priyanka said.
"No problem," The trainer said. " You did wonderful on that horse"
"Yea but I am afraid of it," she said.
"There's worser things to be afraid of," he said.
"Such as?" Priyanka said
"Well I don't know." he said
Sudden'y Priyanka notices something sticking out of the horse, and she asked " What's that stcking underneath him?"
The trainer opened Speedy's stable took him outside and left Priyanka Chopra alone there on the bed. He came back a few minutes
" You must be wondering where I went right?" he said
Priyanka nodded
"You see Speedy has a female lover and so at around this time he likes to have some fun with her and that huge shaft you saw well was his
lets say his jewel.
"Oh," Priyanka shockingly said, "that's huge."
"Yea it is nothing like a human's." the trainer added
"Ofcourse not," Priyanka said,
"Well he said, suppouse you had to make a choice, get banged by a ten inch cock or have bondage sex, which would you choose?"
"Neither are good options," Priyanka said.
"Well you have two choice either get ripped from the outside or get a few bruises." he said "which is it?"
"I'd guess i'll take the ten inch cock," Noone would now really.
" You've expereinced one tat big before," the trainer asked.
"NO," Priyanka said, "nothing tat big too scary."
"It's not tat bad, but kind of fun actaully. After you get used to the size and you start loving it." he said.
"How would you know," Priyanka said , "you took a rod up your ass." she laughingly said.
"No, but I've shoved my pecker up enough hot asses like urs to know they sure love it." he said naughtingly.
"Oh is it really that big?" Priyanka asked.
"Yup" he said proudly. "Why don't beleive me?"
"I do" Priyanka said."
" If you don't why don't you check it out," He said and then he unzipped his pants removed his boxers and shoved his cock right in her face.
"It's big," Priyanka said shockingly.
"Touch it," he said shcokinginly measure it with your hands, it doesn't bite go on."
At first Priyanka was hesistant but he was confident and she meekly put her right hand on his cock. She barely could wrap her hands around it
and it was getting thicker and bigger. Clearly Priyanka knew he was getting turned on. She wrapped her left hand on it and then put her right hand
on the top shaft. It was at least three and a quarter hand lengths in total. Quickly Priyanka drew her hands away.
" Don'y expect that thing to go into me. " she said scaredly.
"Depends," he said " how desperate are you to take it in and depends other people in the industry are there with sizes like me, don't want to be
a newbie there senorita now do we." he added
" you could get a riding lesson right here," he said confidently.
priyanka knew he was telling the truth. " I'm way too scared, i'll prolly just run away or scream like crazy and ruin the moment." she said
"Don't worry I got an idea," the trainer said with a naughty smile."
"what," Priyanka asked. "You want to do it or not he asked,"
"You know u want to?" he further said.
"Okay," Priyanka said lets try it. Though to be honest this massive shaft had turned her on. "What do I have to do," Priyanka said.
"Close your eyes," he said.
Priyanka obeyed and closed her eyes, Before she knew it, a pair of hands went around her hands and she could feel
handcuffs being put on her hand, then she felt a cold sensation of something metallicn her neck, but before neck and she could
react she was forcefully upwards. The trainer then went down to her unzipped pants which were then taken off.
At this point priyanka opened her eyes to see herself wearing only her leporard bra and panties with a metal chain tied to her neck and locked to a
hinge on ceiling suppourt beam. She was practically standing on the bed with her hands handcuffed behind her neck and with a metal
chain to her neck.
"We're going to play a little roleplay. Something your very good at." he said with a zeal."Im gonna break you and you are going to get tamed."
"What priyanka asked?"
"simple," he said. "I'm your master that will continue to play you until you become my obedient slave, think of it as if the hunter is taming an
" Oh Piyanka said and how am i an animal."
"your undergarments make u a perfect leporard. Now start acting like a good untamed bitch that you are.
The trainer had her tied good so she couldn't move. he first went to her beautiful leporard panties and parted them to the side.
" Naughty girl, you have a clean shaven pussy just as I like it." he said with zeal. He then kissed her pussy and Priyanka moaned instinctively. He then masaged her thighs and instinctively she parted them apart. THe trainer knew he had partially tamed her but he wanted her to beg for his cock so he took his shaft and started to rub it on her clit.
Anntense ogasm rushed through Priyanka's inner thigh and body, making her moan and move in intense pleasure.
The shaft was doing its magic on Priyanka and it was starting to make her horny and turning her on. As he contined to tortue her beautiful body by rubbing his thick shaft on Priyanka's clit. Priyanka's vagina was getting wetter from the inside and precum started to drip out and stain her leporard panites.
Seeing that the trainer moved his hands onto her ass and gave her a quick slap on the ass,
"Mmm," Priyanka moaned out in ectasy.
"Naughty girl, most girls scream and your moaning, your one hell of slut," he said to her. The trainer then forcefully put her legs together and took off her panties while feeling her inner thigh and legs along the way.
Now PRiyanka was almost completely naked, only her bra was covering her juicy tits. But the trainer knew that and instead pushed her bra up and exposed her tits.
"Wow" he said, "What size."
He then cupped her left breast with one hand and started sucking on the right breast.
"So he said you want my cock?" he asked Priyanka hungrily
Priyanka didn't reply.
He then started to suck on her nipple and then suddenly bit it hard,
"OoooooWWWWWWWWWW," Priyanka screamed out loud
" So you want my cock or you don't?" he said
"Yes, yes yes I do," PRiyanka said.
"Beg bitch, beg like a cock craved slut." he said
"Please master," Priyanka said seductively, " Punish this virgin slut with that powerful shaft of yours. Punish me by ripping me from the inside in two, fuck me master fuck me, i'm all yours to obey and command." Priyanka said moaningly
THe trainer cut the chain off and Priyanka fell down, her head in level with is giant shaft.
"Suck it like a bad girl," he said
Priyanka placed her soft lips onto the thich shaft and started to suck it farther up onto his shaft. After a while Priyanka gathered a rhythm and took all ten inches of his thick cock down her throat. THe trainer guided her head onto his cock and started to pump into her mouth matching her rhythm and forcing her to capture his cock. but PRiyanka's cock sucking skills were too much for him and his balls started to tighten and his dick was getting more muscular. Sensing this the guy immediately moved his cock out of her mouth.
" No baby, Im cumming between your tits, not in your beautiful mouth."
"Yes master do that, make my ass sticky and wet." Priyanka said obediently
Without a second hesistation, he pushed Priyanka and Priyanka fell on her back. Priyanka then opened her legs wide
"fuck me oh please fuck me, put that cock in me master, " PRiyanka said, "My pussy is all yours master," Priyanka moaningly said.
The trainer then shoved the tip of his cock onto her cunt, He then slowly entered her and started to penetrate her cunt
"Ahhhh," PRiyanka moaned.
"I thought you thought it was too big?" the trainer said.
It was for the sexy Priyanka but as if by magic her pussy had adjusted to his massive size. It had expaned to twice its size. Her G spot was continually being hit as he started to thrust inside her.
"Mmmmmmmmmmmm," Priyanka moaned loudly, " I'm gonna cum soon... I'm gonna cum... I'm...
ohhhhhhhhhh fuck yes!" Priyanka cried outside at endure feeling her first orgasm of the encounter.
"AHhHhhhhhhhh," PRiyanka said as she was having an orgasm with this big shaft. Her whole body tightened, her nipples got extremely dense and she was loving every second of it.
After a few seconds the trainer couldn't capture it and pushed out, he then placed his cock between her tits and exploded between her tits, covering her tits with his thick white seed. It was all over her tits. The trainer opened up her hands and Priyanka scooped up the white cum with her hands and started to lick it clean.
Priyanka cleaned herself up, put her clothes back on kissed his beautiful cock with her juicy red lips and left.
PRiyanka left happy and the man had the fuck of his life.

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so what do u guys think? and any ideas would also be nice.

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Nice....post more....

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gr8 going dude.......

keep it up....

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pls post a rape story.. staring priyanka

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Heres a rape story

Priyanka Chopra lesbian rape:

Priyanka opened her eyes to see nothing but blackness. A dark piece of cloth had been wrapped over eyes. She tried to move her legs and arms but found they were bound and could feel plastic object on her body. Priyanka was trying to recall wat a mess she had gotten herself into.
Priyanka Chopra had gone to a perfume agency as she was called to be their personal model. However it turned out that one of the men she had fucked previously happened to be her husband. The manager being the guy's wife was pissed at hell and decided to take it out on poor Priyanka Chopra. Priyanka Chopra had no choice
" You know I can just leave, " Priyanka said "Who says I have to listen to a bitch like you anyways,"
"Ahh," but the manager said, "Are you sure you don't want to look at these?"
She hurled an envelope at Priyanka. When Priyanka opened the envelope, inside contained pictures of her in various sex positions.
"You wouldn't dare," Priyanka said.
"you are in no position to argue, with me do as I say or else," the manager said harshly.
Priyanka had no choice and agreed.
"Good girl, but remember its only for one night your gonna be my temporary slave, which i'm sure you already are good at."
Priyanka was thinking she was stuck in a lesiban. Before she had time to think, The manager called in her two blonde assistants who quickly stripped her of her clothes and then handcuffed her behind her back. She was then blindfolded and then taken down a path of stairs. She was told to have a pill and she swallowed it with great ease.
Priyanka could hear the sound of someone in high heels coming down a flight of steps. PRiyanka knew she too was wearing high heels shoes.
She heared a pair of claps and two more people came close to her and opened her blindfold. Priyanka opened her eyes to see that she was tied to a x shaped cross bar. Worst of all she was completely naked.
"WEll well well," THe manager said with her evil smile, " Whats this a clean pussy, no pussy hair."
"wouldn't want cum mixing in there do we."
She then put her hands on Priyanka's face and said with a harsh cruel tone.
: you love to fuck don't u bitch and fuck you i shall. I'm gonna repeat the event u did with my husband's cock excpet instead of pleasure it will be pain bitch pain. I'm gonna see u get raped personally Slut."
"Btw im not that mean, your new name for my members is PC short for personal computer or personal cockslave."
"Girls dress this slut up appropiately while I ready the tools." she said with a grin and was off. Two hot blondes came close to her. One started to apply red lipstick to her own juicy succleent lips. Before she knew it she was blindfolded again.
But PRiyanka realized they were lesbian fucking her. One went to the back and harshly slapped her ass
"Ohhhh," Priyanka moaned.
The second time she slapped her ass, she the felt the soft succlent lips of the blonde girl. Priyanka realized she was kissing the girl. The girl was kissing her hard and slipped her tongue into her mouth. Then PRiyanka felt a metal object wrapping around her neck. Priyanka was being totally felt up by the two blonde chicks. The girls went to her wrists and attached objects to her wrists. The two chicks then opened up the restraints to her legs and forcefully pushed them inside. One piar of hands went down and moved her left leg forward and took off her left shoe. The same was done with her right foot. Priyanka was on her tip toes and felt the cold hard floor with a smash. SHe was loosing her body heat and started to shiver slightly. Seeing that the girls slightly started to giggle. Then one pair of hands moved her leg left up and then put it back on the ground and the same was done to her right foot. It was repeated again and this time Priyanka knew they were putting shoes on her, not jus any shoes but high heel shoes,
While one pair of hands was working on her feet, another pair of legs grapped a piece of soft cloth and moved it up her legs and then pushed it upward. PRiyanka knew she was wearing a g string of some sort. Once her shoes were fastened, they spread her legs and retied them to the post. Priyanka then felt hands go to her big cups and then a pair of objects were clipped to her nipples.
"Oowww," Priyanka moaningly screamed. But the two blondes paid no heed and instead shoved a ball gag into her mouth .
"She's ready ur highness," One of the blondes said out loud and then Priyanka heard the steps of high heel boots.
"Well well well. Girls take off her blindfold so she can see what she has been transformed into."
Obediently one of the two girls took off her blindfold and a large portable mirror was pushed infront of her. Now Priyanka could see what she was wearing. She had sex collars attached to her wrists PRiyanka was wearing a sex collar on her neck, studded with shiny fake diamonds and butterflies, and the word slut engraved right with the collar. When she looked down, her tits and. PRiyanka was right that she was wearing a g string. But not a normal g string. PRiyanka was wearing a black g string with diamonds studded in them It was barely covering her private parts. Down below, she was wearing high heel boots. Priyanka had been transformed into a street slut.
"Alright you like getting fucked. But things will be a bit different. Your gonna get raped bitch raped. Raped like the slut you deserve. But first, I'm gonna do the honours and make you all wet for the rape thats bound to come." the manager said naughtingly.
She took off her winter coat to reveal that she was wearing a big purple dildo. She then came close to Priyanka and then mercilessly shoved the purple dildo into her cunt.
"Mmmmmmmmm" was Priyanka could wail since the ball gag was stiffling her scream.
I can't beleive i'm being raped by a dildo, PRiyanka thought to herself.
Then she started to rock back and forth treating it like a real dick, but with no mercy. PRiyanka was not enjoying this and all and was screaming tears flowing down her eyes. She was being cruel with her beautiful cunt shoving the huge purple dildo into her fast, powerfully and with no remorse.
"You like big cocks don't you bitch," She said with zeal
"Oh your crying wat for, you took so many cocks into that cunt of yours before, why cry now." she said with zeal and jealously.
" don't think it's gonna get better then this because it won't, it's only downhill from here." She said
One of the blonde chicks approached her mouth and then removed the ball gag.
Priyanka screamed at her "Stop, ohhh pleas stop, its hurting, Ahhh , tat hurts," Priyanka cryingly said.
But her cries were being heard to deaf ears.
She then inserted the purple dildo out, and then a blonde assistant started to lubricate the dildo. She then walked over to her backside and gave it a sharp smack
"wat a juicy ass you have and such a tight shithole, Oh we'll have to fit that don't we."
"No please no," Priyanka cried.
"Don't worry, she said. "I won't be too rough, i'll be demonic on your sexy slutty ass. One of the blondes took a plunger and inserted into her anus and with that her anus was lubricated with ky jelly, As a matter of fact, so much ky jelly had been inserted that it was dripping out her anus and onto the floor.
"you look like a bigger slut," the manager said. She then took her purple dildo and forcefully shoved it into her anus.
It was painful but not as painful as Priyanka was expecting. Thank goodness for hte lubricant Priyanka thought otherwise she wou'd've made me bleed. the manager was then pumping into her shithole like crazy while at the same time fondling with her tits. AFter a few minutes of fucking her shithole like crazy, the manager took out the dildo. She then looked at PRiyanka who looked like an exhausted bitch.
"I hope you learnt your lesson u little whore. Do that again and i'll make sure u'll regret." the manager said

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so what do you guys think

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so hey was the last story not good i kind of need a new idea if possible

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write a story about how she becomes a slut in bollywood

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