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Old 8th November 2006
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Secretary, the boss and his wife

"You planned this..." he gasped, the sudden realization knocking into him.

"Fuck me." she said, her fingers pulling his dick free of his pants. He hadn't even realized that she'd managed to undo his button and zipper. A short gasp, "Damn you're big... fuck me fuck me with your huge cock."

Renuka, the sexy secretary, the perfect worker in the company, seducing him, asking him to fuck her, Arjun wondered if he was dreaming. Surely the most accomplished and beautiful employee at the firm wouldn't want anything to do with him? And yet, as his dick touched her already wet pussy, he decided that it had to be real. No dream had ever felt this good, this tight as it enveloped his dick. She moaned as he began working himself back and forth in her pussy, pushing himself deeper and deeper with each thrust. Kicking her legs up she managed to wrap them around his waist, forcing him to push all the way inside her. He was so big that it was slightly painful, especially since their position made it harder for her pussy to relax and accept him, but she liked it rough. It made her tense her pussy up around him, and he gasped as she clasped him like a velvet glove.

They started fucking, her magnificent tits flopping up and down in his face as he stabbed her with his dick, slamming her hips up against the wall with every thrust. Burying his face in her breasts he started sucking on the flesh, finding her nipple with his mouth. Renuka gasped and her pussy rippled around him as he began sucking on the pert bud, the sudden sensation around his dick made him bite down on her involuntarily.

About to apologize, he was shocked by her moan and the way she pulled his head against her chest as the pain flared from her nipple.

"Yeeesss...." she hissed, her back arching away from the wall and against his crotch. Experimentally he moved his mouth to her other nipple and bit down, getting the same reaction as his teeth dug into her flesh.

She liked it when he hurt her.

Something let loose inside of him and he began practically gnawing on her nipples, switching back and forth as his thrusts got harder and harder, pounding her against the wall. It was as though a flood had been loosed, a flood of his intense desires, pent up for many years as he was shackled to a conservative and uninventive wife. His hands dug into her ass, gripping her flesh tightly as his finger pressed into her asshole, making Renuka squeal with delight as he really began to use her body, her asshole tightening over his invading finger. Arjun was both shocked and ecstatic at her reaction, his dick swelling up inside her with excitement as his finger pressed into a woman's ass for the first time. It was so hot and tight and dry, he wondered what it would be like to shove his dick there...

The thought was too much for him, he gasped and slammed Renuka against the wall, his dick pulsing inside of her. She squealed with passionate delight, her head thrown back against the wall with her breasts thrust out as she started to cum, her tight pussy squeezing every last drop of his jizz.

As Renuka slid down the wall, her feet finally touching the ground again, they both sighed in completion. His dick slid out of her with reluctance, wet with their juices and slightly slimy.

A small gasp alerted both of them, and they looked at the doorway in surprise, Arjun’s heart sank, his wife was standing there, looking beautiful and perfect as always, her eyes wide open with shock. Anger and hurt hadn't had time to fester yet.

Renuka moved faster than he could have imagined, jumping forward and grabbing his wife, pulling her into the room and slamming the door shut.

Arjun gasped as Renuka pulled his lovely wife into the room, Vandana's eyes were wide with shock and she barely made any noise as Renuka put her hand over the housewife's mouth.

"Well hello..." Renuka practically purred as she looked over this new acquisition, "Aren't you awfully pretty for a housewife... and check out these tits!"

Arjun made a noise of protest at the same time as his wife, Renuka ignored them both, tearing Vandana's straps off of her shoulders and letting the huge boobs flop out. They were very large and stood proud, with huge areola and big dark nipples. One of her greatest assets, Vandana was very proud of her breasts. Having them called "tits" and then having them exposed in front of this beautiful young woman who had obviously just been fucking her husband, had to be the greatest humiliation of Vandana's life. Renuka slapped one of the massive mammeries, laughing as it flopped back and forth and Vandana shrieked pain, the noise muffled by Renuka's hand over her mouth; although the housewife was much too stunned to even try to move.

"Now Renuka," protested Arjun, stepping forward. He stopped as Renuka turned to look at him, no longer the sweet secretary who had so lustily encouraged him to fuck her. There was something dominating in her eyes, something that he had never encountered before.

"You have such a beautiful wife," crooned Renuka, "I bet you guys have the most amazing sex life... I would if I was married to a gorgeous slut like this." Vandana's body jerked at the word slut and she whimpered, not knowing what to do, not knowing why her husband wasn't defending her honor. Renuka's hand went under Vandana's skirt and her eyes widened as she looked back at Arjun, "And she's already wet! How wonderful... something must be turning her on... maybe it's having these big cow-tits out for me to see."

Arjun watched as Renuka continued to molest his wife, feeling frozen in place and unable to do anything despite the pleading that filled Vandana's eyes. Part of his inability to move was certainly his shame that he was getting aroused, his eyes locked onto where Renuka's hand was stroking Vandana's pussy underneath the skirt. When Renuka leaned forward and actually kissed Vandana, pressing her body against the housewife, Arjun groaned aloud with lust.

Breaking off the kiss, Renuka looked over at him, and both of them women stared at his groin; Renuka with amused lust, and Vandana with terrified betrayal.

Renuka dragged Vandana over to where Arjun was standing, putting the housewife on her knees in front of her husband, and yanking Arjun's pants down before ordering, "Clean off his dick."

Vandana looked up at her, uncomprehending, and Renuka shoved the housewife's face into Arjun's crotch. Arjun reacted with shock and pleasure as his wife, who had never once given him any kind of oral pleasure, was suddenly licking at his crotch. He couldn't believe that she was doing it, couldn't believe that Renuka had started this... everything felt very dream like and hazy. Except the pleasure of his wife lapping away at his crotch, Renuka watching the housewife pleasure him with glowing eyes.

"Good girl," Renuka stroked the housewife's hair, her hands coming down to gently caress Vandana's breasts. After the rough treatment before, Vandana actually felt grateful that the touches were gentle. She actually started to suck on her husband's dick of her own accord, not wanting to get herself in any kind of trouble; and it was actually more pleasant than she would have thought. Arjun gasped as his wife began sucking him down her throat, she was finding that she actually liked the weighty feel of him in her mouth. And Renuka was rewarding her with the most gentle caresses that made her pussy well up with moisture. Getting excited, she felt almost as though she was in a trance, like this wasn't really happening but was just a dream.

"Good girl," crooned Renuka, and she pulled Vandana away from Arjun's hard and ready dick, spreading her own legs and pushing Vandana's face down between them, "Now eat all your husbands cum out of my pussy."

Arjun moaned as Vandana tried to pull away and Renuka slapped her across the face, taking her long nipples in each hand and twisting them hard, pulling the woman back into her pussy, "NOW you stupid cow... look at this huge udders. Eat out my cream pie you stupid slut."

Sobbing, her nipples tormented and cruelly pinched, Vandana complied, understanding that her husband was not going to interfere on her behalf. Her tongue flicked out and up along Renuka's swollen pussy, tasting the womanly juices and the bitter cum, sliding up and down and Renuka's grip on her nipples lessened slightly.

Looking up at her boss, who was fisting his dick as he watched his wife eat out his secretary, Renuka said, "I'll bet your slut wife is wet, why don't you go ahead and fuck her."

Vandana winced at the woman's crude terms, but she knew it was true. She was wet... but would her husband really?... Yes. Yes he would, she moaned into Renuka's pussy as he started roughly pushing into her pussy, not at all the gentle lover that he usually was, but consumed with lust and forcing his way into her tightness. She moaned and squealed as she was roughly stretched, her voice vibrating into Renuka's pleasure and making the younger woman pull her face more deeply into her pussy folds.

It was hard rollicking sex as Arjun raped his wife, taking out his frustrations on her helpless body, every thrust forcing her face deep into Renuka's pussy. The humiliated woman squealed and whimpered, her tongue never ceasing to pleasure the girl in front of her because as soon as it did her nipples paid the price. Renuka heaped verbal abuse upon her, squeezing Vandana's large tits and pulling on her nipples like she was milking the woman. Everything Renuka did just egged on Arjun even more, he rammed into his wife, his dick punishing her pussy as he stretched it over and over again.

To her horror, Vandana began to cum. Her face buried in another woman's pussy, completely degraded and humiliated, her husband raping her... and she was cumming. The best, most intense orgasm of her life was washing over her; her screams of pleasure were muffled into Renuka's pussy, which just set off Renuka again, thrilled in her domination of the housewife. Arjun gasped and filled his wife's cunt with cum, shocked at himself but also finding much to enjoy in the situation.

When Vandana lay on the floor, crying and shaking, not knowing how to deal with the betrayal of both her husband and her own body, Arjun felt very sorry. His wife's pussy was pink and swollen, leaking his cum and Renuka's pussy juices coated his wife's mouth.

Renuka could see Arjun's regrets, she began ushering him to the door, "Go take care your of guests Arjun, I'll take care of your wife."

Arjun was in such a daze from the events of the past hour that he allowed himself to be ushered to the door, not even realizing that he was leaving his wife alone with the instigator of all those events. As soon as he was gone Renuka turned and faced Vandana, who was looking at her with muted horror.

"Ok my little slut," said Renuka with an evil grin, "We're going upstairs to play now... We're going to have such a good time."

On the way up the stairs Renuka picked up her purse. It had an item in there that she'd hoped to use tonight, although she'd had no idea that it would be in such exciting and wonderful circumstances. She made Vandana take the back stairs so that they could go up unobserved, leading the housewife by the nipples the entire way.

Renuka was excited as she got Vandana into the bedroom, she'd bought a new strap-on dildo just the other day and hadn't had a chance to use it yet. So she'd hidden it away in her purse for the evening, thinking that she might go out after the party, or even find someone at the party to use it on. Never, in her wildest dreams, had she ever considered that she might be able to fuck Arjun and his wife as well! Oh how she was looking forward to playing with her new toy now that they were all alone.

The first thing that Renuka did was make Vandana show her where she kept her panty-hose; using them, Renuka tied Vandana face down on the bed with pillows under her hips to elevate her ass. Even with that elevation, Vandana's big boobs were touching the sheets, her nipples pressed into them. Renuka laughed and mocked the housewife, making her moo again before she made a gag out of the woman's panties and shoving them in her mouth.

"Such a sweet little bitch," snickered Renuka as she reached under Vandana's body to cruelly pinch her nipples, making the woman shriek into her gag and writhe, "And she likes it so much! I can smell how wet you are."

Vandana was wet, and she felt a flood of shame. How could she, a good conservative woman, be getting off on being abused by this younger woman? Her pussy was wetter than her husband had ever made it on his own, and her orgasm when he'd raped her had been the most intense of her life! What was wrong with her? a voice in her mind wailed as Renuka started to spank the conflicted woman.

There was no confliction there, that HURT! Vandana's ass jiggled and shook as she squirmed, trying to get away from the hand that was slapping her ass continuously. Despite the pain, it seemed to send pleasure signals to her pussy, which was getting wetter and wetter as her creamy cheeks were abused. Renuka laughed, mocking the woman's attempts to get away despite the fact that she was tied down.

When her arm was tired, Renuka stopped the spanking, blowing cool air across the other woman's heated flesh.


Downstairs at the party, still in a daze, Arjun found himself talking to the wife of the boss. She was a little drunk and being very flirtatious, he couldn't figure out what was going on with him tonight... was he wearing new cologne or something? Renuka had thrown herself at him too... Renuka! His wife! The daze cleared, and he realized that neither of the women had made it back downstairs yet, in fact all he could remember was that Renuka had said she would take care of his wife. What had that meant?

"Excuse me," he said to the buxom beauty that was clinging to his arm, unwrapping himself from his boss' wife and hurrying back to the study. It was completely empty, and he stood there in shock, trying to figure out where they might have gone.

He turned quickly to head back to the bedroom, only to find Divya standing in the doorway, smiling seductively and drunkenly.

"Why this is perfect Arjun!" Before he could comprehend what she meant, the beautiful woman threw herself forward and started kissing him passionately, her foot kicking out behind her to shut the door.


Upstairs, Renuka strapped on the thick dildo; it was 10 inches long and 2 inches around, a formidable weapon and strapped onto a very diabolical and perverted young woman. She walked around to the side of the bed, stroking the thick rubber and showing it off to Vandana; it hung and bobbed grotesquely between her slender thighs as she laughed, watching the other woman's eyes go wide with fear of the huge piece of equipment. Going back around behind Vandana, she climbed between the woman's spread legs, sliding the head of the monster up and down Vandana's sopping slit. The restrained woman struggled again, feeling the forbidding thickness at her entrance, sobbing as she tried to get away. It was too big!

Her breath left her as Renuka shoved the first few inches in, eyes bulging out at the way her pussy had to open up to receive the large girth. Already, with just a few inches inside of her, she felt as though her pussy was fuller than it ever had been in her life. A low groan as the thick rubber began to work back and forth, opening her up further as it pressed deeper into her body. Vandana thought that she was going to explode, she was starting to sweat from the strain of being opened this widely. But as Renuka worked the huge monster in and out, finally pressing all the way against Vandana's swollen and spread pussy lips, Vandana found her body growing used to the invasion.

In fact, when Renuka started really fucking the bound woman, Vandana found herself moving her hips back, trying to respond as Renuka thrust.

For Renuka, the domination was complete with Vandana really started getting into it, her pussy accepting the intruder, wanting to be abused and fucked with it. The two women were moving hard and firmly, Vandana feeling another intense and mind-blowing orgasm building in her groin, her insides quaking as she was fucked.


Although he tried to resist, the drunken advances of Divya were not easy to deny. She was very beautiful, and he couldn't hurt her, and the way she was clinging to him the only way he would be able to get her off of him WOULD be to hurt her. So it was that she managed to bear him down to the floor, despite being smaller and weighing less than him. The poor man didn't really stand a chance, and his dick was already hard as her body squirmed on top of his.

Despite her drunkenness, Divya had very little trouble getting his dick out in the air, spreading her legs and sinking onto it. The drunken harlot squealed happily as the thick meat speared her, bouncing joyously on top of it as Arjun groaned in lust and defeat. As of their own accord, his hands went up and slid into the front of her dress, finding her small breasts and squeezing them tightly. They were such a delicious handful... he'd had such an array of breasts tonight; his wife's and Renuka’s huge mammeries, and now Divya's. All of them were such a delight he knew he'd never be able to choose which he liked the best.

It was very wrong of him to be fucking his boss' wife... but she was so enthusiastic, so beautiful... and she was already riding his dick. With a groan, Arjun thrust his hips upwards and gave in.


Renuka reveled in Vandana's submission, listening to the moans that were muffled by the panties in the woman's mouth. Her eyes half-closed, the younger woman reached around and squeezed Vandana's large teats, finding the nipples with nimble fingers and twisting. Pain yes, but also pleasure as her engorged pussy shuddered with ecstacy, her body reacted to the mix of sensations with lust.

Bucking backwards, Vandana started to scream her passionate orgasm, her pussy tightening and rippling around the rubber cock that was invading her body. Renuka could feel the woman's reaction and she grinned at her victory, the orgasm that washed over her tinged with triumph, making it all the more sweet. The two woman gasped and heaved together, their pussies burning in mutual pleasure.


Divya came quickly on Arjun's dick, her slight body grinding down on top of him, pussy lips splayed against his crotch. When she came her pussy tightened like a vise, feeling even more constricting than a virgin's. Arjun gasped and heaved, his orgasm a surprise, feeling almost as though it was too soon, but her tight pussy was too fantastic to be denied. He filled her with his cum as she humped in ecstacy, her hips moving rapidly over his groin. Finally she sagged on top of him, the ripples of pleasure subsiding. He sighed and turned his head.

"Oh no..." He whispered, for in the doorway stood the imposing figure of the Dean.

"Oh no is right," Rajesh said, his dark eyes flashing as he stepped forward and lifted his drunk wife off of Arjun's dick. Rolling away, the mortified man quickly did up his pants and stood.

"Sir, please..." he didn't get any farther.

"I think you can consider yourself fired," said Rajesh in a tone that brooked no argument. Turning he stormed out of the room, half carrying his drunken wife who waved a sweet farewell to the stricken Arjun. Standing there, suddenly unemployed, Arjun's mind rushed through the events of the night, turning to the young woman who had started off the whole chain.

Renuka. He gritted his teeth. That was it, he was going to find his wife and that... that GIRL and he was going to kick her out and apologize abjectly to his wife and try to put his life back together.


When Arjun came bursting in the room, Renuka was still resting on top of Vandana, the monster strap-on still in his wife's pussy. Rage filled him.

"GET OUT!" cried the overwrought man, "THAT'S IT! GET OUT!"

He rushed forward to rescue his wife, barely noting the size of the strap-on as Renuka pulled away in surprise. Untying his beloved, he cradled her in his arms, glaring at the young woman who's fake dick was bobbing between her legs, covered in his wife's orgasmic juices.

"Get out." he said with menace, "And never come back."


Both Arjun and Renuka stared in surprise at Vandana who blushed, but continued in a steady voice, "No. I want her to come back. Whenever she wants."

Renuka's lips curved in a triumphant smile as Arjun looked crushed.

"But... but... If it wasn't for her you wouldn't have been up here and the Dean's wife wouldn't have been able to get me alone, and we wouldn't have been caught, and I'd STILL HAVE MY JOB!" Everything came out in a rush; it was too much for Vandana to follow to Renuka grasped the situation immediately.

She laughed, "You had sex with Divya? And got caught? And Rajesh fired you?"

He was shocked to hear Renuka refer to the boss and his wife by their first names. His expression communicated that shock to her easily. She laughed again and stepped forward, kissing him on the lips as if he wasn't holding his wife in his arms.

"I'll take care of it," she told him, the look in her eyes giving him no doubt as to just how she might take care of it with Rajesh. He was appalled, he'd always thought that Renuka was a sweet, innocent girl, the kind of a girl a mother would be thrilled to meet if brought home by her son. Obviously Renuka was nothing of the sort. The irrepressible young woman added, "Just make sure that you keep your lips sealed about everything that happened tonight."

"He will," said Vandana, looking up at Renuka with adoring eyes from the arms of her husband.

After Renuka left, she mused about how much fun that had been. Especially nice had been not having to hide herself from Vandana... and Vandana had given in more than Renuka had ever expected. How many other girls that she'd raped might have made themselves the willing slaves of Renuka? Might even now be wishing that Renuka would come back to THEM again, although they didn't know who she was...

Then her thoughts turned to Rajesh and his beautiful wife Divya. Renuka's eyes danced; simplicity in itself... they were old friends.

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