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Old 10th October 2010
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Maya - Escapades

This story is about Maya. And It starts from when Maya was studying for her final year BCOM in city. Maya was a good in studies and also in all household chores. She was all of 20 years and ripe. She was every man’s dream. She was 5’6”, fair, with long black flowing hair. She would normally leave her hair open and that made her look very sexy. She had a very beautiful face with expressive eyes. She could kill someone with those look in her eyes. But for boys it was her supple round 34C breasts and the sway of her ass that did the trick. Maya was blessed with perfect pairs of boobs and ass. Her ass was wide and those buns would rub each other when she walked. I just need a glance of her heavenly ass to shoot my load up the wall.
Maya was an extrovert and I had no problem getting to know her well. Infact we became very good friends. I managed to stick around her most of the time just to ogle at her gifted body. My first golden opportunity came during college picnic. We were 20 friends, 11 boys and 9 girls. We all hired a mini van and headed off the nearest hill station. It was an over night journey and we decided to sleep in the vehicle to make the most of the next day. I was sitting right at the back and Maya was in thr 4th row. I could clearly see her thighs straining her white pajama. Her churidar had a deep cut and that exposed her skin tight pajama right upto her panty line. I had already seen her white panties tightly cupping her round ass when her churidar swayed up with a breeze. I felt like getting beneath her churidar and digging my face between those ass cheeks.
Well while I was staring at her milky white pajama’s, something happened. The girl besides Maya threw up. So Maya had to change her seat to allow the girl to sleep on the seat. My heart skipped a beat when Maya turned and asked me if she could share the seat with me. I couldn’t ask for more. My heart raced as she walked down the aisle towards me. As she walked, her broad ass created a goddess like silhouette in the dimly lit cabin. She said, Sorry to bother and something else but I had gone deaf due to excitement. I didn’t say anything, didn’t even get up and asked her to get in and sit near the window. She slid in and all the while I was simply looking at her wonderful ass. It came right in front of my face, the red churidar sticking to her ass curves, right in front of me. I took a deep breath to soak in her aroma. I could just lick those buns all night. She placed her right besides me and her upper thighs stretched her white pajama and touched me. While all this happened in like 3 seconds, it felt like 3 hours.
We chatted for the next 1 hour, got down for dinner, watched a movie and then it was time to switch off the lights. So the light went off and a dim light near the drivers seat was on. I could now feel the warmth of her thighs on me. My body was burning with desire and am sure she too was feeling my body heat up. Soon she was asleep and was leaning on my shoulders. She had rested her head on my shoulders and I couldn’t sleep a bit all the while thinking what to do next. I daringly put my hands on top of her seat as if holding her around her shoulders, but not quite touching it. This way she adjusted her head and snuggled under my arm and slightly touching the side of my chest. Now I could smell her hair and also got a top view of her perfect boobs. My dick jumped up in excitement. I was wearing a cotton 3/4th and my dick strained my Jockeys. I could feel as if my balls were filled with warm juice waiting to be fed to this babe. My dick formed a tent in my shorts, so I used my hands to shift my erect dick between my thighs. I could feel my 7 inch boner warm between my thighs and my melon like balls raring to get emptied.
A sudden jolt due to a hump woke her up and she smiled and rested her shoulders on the window and moved away from me. My heart sank. But the jolt came once again and her head banged on the window pane. So I asked her that she can sleep by resting her hear on me and if she wants she can rest her head on my thighs. Now that was too farfetched but I just took a chance. She opted for the first, and rested her head on my shoulders but couldn’t get the position right. So I told her that I had no problems if she rested her head on my lap. This time she agreed. She said Ok ! , Good Night !!.
My dick started to again grow between my thighs. She lied on my lap with her face away from my crotch. But am sure she wouldn’t have escaped the sexy aromas from my warm balls through my cotton trousers. I was simply looking a her curves. Her ass formed a crest and her waist formed a trough. And her white pajama showed the perfect shape of her thighs. After 30 mins I started very uncomfortable and decided to part my legs a little. So I reached below her head and slighty lifted it and parted my thighs. I had freed a monster then. She squirmed a little but didn’t open her eyes.
My dick started to grow again simply thinking about the prospect of touching her cheeks with it. And so did I. My dick on its way up was stopped by her soft cheeks. The tip of my dick was touching her cheek right below her ears. My left had was still resting on her seat and I placed it on her waist. I thought she wouldn’t know as she was fast asleep and it was a much comfortable position for me. I slowly moved my had towards the crack of her churidar to touch her white pajamas. That’s it she turned towards me and said, “Rakesh don’t get naughty feelings, I know what’s going on down here”. I said, “I couldn’t help it down there, it doesn’t listen to my logics”. And she smiled and went back to sleep. I couldn’t control my self and my dick again touched her cheeks. A few seconds later she moved her head and my dick rubbed her ears and cheek. She turned her face up and looked into my eyes and this time rubbed her cheeks again over my dick.
I pushed my hip forward and jabbed at her cheeks, she smiled and rubbed her nose over my dick slightly and looked at me with a smile and said, “ You are impossible, bad boy. You better behave?”. That was the last straw. I moved my hands over her ass and she didn’t object. So I slowly moved up her churidar to expose those Pajamas tightly cupping her ass. She sprang up and and looked into my eyes. Not uttering a word she changed her position and lied down on my lap, but this time facing my crotch. Now my hands were caressing her soft ass over her Pajamas and the tip of my dick was touching her nose. Maya started rubbing her nose at the tip of my dick. I slowly moved my dick and placed its tip right on her lips. She rubbed her soft lips at the tip without opening her mouth. Icouldnt control and pushed her head closer to my crotch. She slightly opened her mouth and rolled her toungue over my tent.

I slightly raided my hips and lowered my pant to expose my white jockeys holding back a straininf dick. My balls were bulging out from the sides of the v-shaped jockey. I fully parted my legs and let my manly aroma hit her senses. She closed her eyes and I moved her face and dug her face into my balls. My dick towered over face forming a tent in my jockey. She opened her mouth and sucked in a part of my balls into her mouth and I gasped for breath. I forced her face harder into my crotch and squeezed her ass hard. She left out a muffled moan and gasped for breath. I said, sorry and she said its ok. By this I felt I got the go ahead to be more adventurous. So I took my balls out from the side of my jockey. And pushed her face over it.she started licking my hairy balls and quickly took one of them in her mouth and sucked hard. I could see her white face buried under my hairy balls. She quickly got up and lowered my jockey, exposing my 7 inch dick. My dick was already wet due to precum and my balls were dripping wet with her saliva. She held my dick and licked the entire shaft. She started to shag me off while now moving her tongue right under my balls. Both my balls rested on her face and she was giving me the lick of my lifetime, slightly above my asshole. She was a pro and I was sure this was not her first experience. No girl amateur would know how a man feels when licked between his balls and his asshole. Heaven.
Maya had totally submitted to my manhood and I was so engrossed in soaking in all the feelings that I forgot to expose her body. And now I was about to cum. I quickly reached below her Pajama and her panties and placed my hands on her butt crack. I slid it down to first find her puckered hole and then her wet pussy. Boy, she was flowing like a river down there. I took some f her juice on my fingers and quickly jabbed into her asshole. She tightened her ass cheeks and started to lick vigorously my balls taking them in completely all the while giving me a amazing hand job.
Finally, I gave in, I put my finger as deep as I could in her ass and shot a load right on her face. She quickly reached out to her bag and pulled out a tissue paper and cleaned her face. I asked her what about my dick. She smiled and lowered her face near my semi erect dick and licked dick and bush clean from any semen. And then she gave me a tissue. I pulled my jocks and pants up but kept my dick out slightly. I lied her down on my lap and inserted my limp dick in her mouth and asked her to sleep sucking on my dick.
All the while I thought that this girl is something else and she definitely has sexual relations with someone. And I decided to find out.

To be Continued ...

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Old 10th October 2010
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Nice story.
Number of abortions rise in Gujarat a couple of months after Navratri
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Old 10th October 2010
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Great Post

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Old 15th October 2010
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nice work . keep going.

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Old 31st October 2010
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niced start..
sex is life......

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