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Kajal- Another Sexy wife in Town

Guys though I have started this story on another forum, but i am very thankful for this site too for providing me and my friends wholesome entertainment through these years. So i have registered myself here to post my new story for wider reach and better evaluation. so guys please read and pass comments whether you like it or not. here goes......

[FONT='Georgia','serif']The events depicted in this Story are fictitious. Any similarity to any person living or dead is merely coincidental." [/font]


“ Ajju”, Kajal very adoringly asked her hubby caressing his hair with her tender fingers.
“Haan”, Ajay tired of just concluded sex session with her beautiful and sexy wife kajal.
“Aaj Hari uncle aaye the wo apna Andheri wala beauty parlour phir se start karna chahte hai, aur mujhe uska manager banana chahte hai.”
“Again Kajal? I know we are in tight position these days regarding funds but that doesn’t mean ki hum Hari uncle ka ehsaan le aur..”
“Ehsaan kyon Ajay, unko bhi to zaroorat hai unka parlour start karne ki aur unko mujhse reliable aur kaun milega bolo? And I still don’t know how much he is going to pay me.”
“Wohi to tum unse payment ki baat bhi nahi kar paaogi rishtedari mein job mein yahi problem hoti hai.”
“ Nahi but he told me ki jab bhi hum start karenge payments related papers fill up kar lenge.”
“Achcha” for the first time Ajay went a little polite. He was reluctant to see his wife going for a job. But since they shifted to Mumbai from Delhi his stars are not right , besides he has purchased a posh flat at Kandiwali consuming all his savings so far. Now they are really in trouble. Kajal is insisting for long for doing a job of some receptionist or a secretary somewhere but Ajay didn’t encourage her. In reality he was afraid that how his extremely beautiful model alike wife will fare here. Kajal an aspiring model in her college days has to submit to her fate and accept an early marriage due to her dismal family conditions( more of that later). Now when Ajay’s uncle( his father’s cousin) has offered her the opportunity she didn’t want to miss. She had done a small course of beautician earlier in her college days and utilized her knowledge by doing make ups on her friends and relatives during marriages and functions . Ajay didn’t want to say no to his uncle as he was the one who has helped them in settling down at Mumbai and also helped them cracking the deal of their beautiful flat which Ajay still think had come very cheaply to him.
“ Do you really think you can manage this?” Ajay made his last feeble attempt.
“Sure Ajay” Kajal cooed , her face was clearly showing triumph . They have married for just two years and have come to Mumbai just four months ago. Kajal who earlier wanted to be a big model and also wanted to hit a chance at bollywood now just wanted to do something worthwhile so that she can look herself with some pride and self containment. Ajay has agreed and Kajal informed to Hari uncle about the decision. Hari uncle informed that the renovation of the parlour is complete and invited her there on Monday to interview the necessary staff to be appointed.
“What interview? me?” She looked surprised but really happy to be such a authority who will decide about the appointed of some unemployed people.\
“Yes Kajal, are naye logo ko tum hi theek se handle kar paaogi. You are the whole and sole of the parlour now.” Uncle disconnected and smiled. Hari uncle 55 years old came to Mumbai when he was just 5. 50 years in Mumbai is not for nothing. He is in property dealing business for long and as soon as he saw this beautiful Kajal with his nephew Ajay, he was mesmerized by this beauty. Uncle had enough money and has also spent some on beautiful models who have turn to prostitution. But there was a risk involved in it. He knew Kajal was his relative so he had to be very patient in his approach, and the first step he took was get them a flat cheaper than they thought. Little did they knew that he had to shed few lac rupees for that. Both Ajay and Kajal were new in this city hence they don’t know that the parlour in question here had already been raided by Andheri Police two years back as earlier it was used as massage parlour and as we all know what most of these petty massage parlour do these days. But no one knew that those who were arrested that time were not the owner of the parlour they were only dummies but they could not prove anything due to smart paper work by Hari uncle. And the same papers were ready now for lovely Kajal now.
“Hey looking great honey!” Ajay whistled looking at Kajal ready with a lacy black top with beautiful denim jeans. Where her top was loosely fit over her sensuous body, the jeans was skin tight and making her already hot ass all the more appealing. Kajal winked at him and said
“Mujhe station chod do main whan se andheri chali jaongi.”
“Hey don’t be crazy, Local mein jaogi?”
“Aur kya tumhari biwi special hai kya?”
“Special to hai, but till then I will buy you your car you have to bear honey.”
“Hey did I say anything to you.”
“NO, that’s why you are such a darling.” Ajay hugged her from behind and kissed her. His dick started to grow on her ass but she snapped
“Hey don’t change the mood, no time for that.”
“Yea I know, but I think you will be more comfortable in BEST bus as it goes from right here from our building and I have seen its not much rush here. Though it will take 20 minutes more than the train but you will get the seat.”
“Okay boss” After taking bus number from him she left the house. Ajay who had to go half an hour later stayed home.

Kajal first step on the bus was not pleasant as it was a double Decker and having so much space at the entrance that she was not used to it and in the event of finding something to hold on she was held by the conductor himself. It was a lucky day for the conductor as such a beautiful girl( he thought so) came right into his arms. Some girls and guys standing side by were chuckling at her embarrassing position. She quickly get rid of herself and made her way inside and luckily found a window seat. She was blushing as well as panting heavily as if a teenage girl was kissed for the very first time. And when conductor came for the ticket he smiled at her, she was ashamed but knew it was not his fault and very sweetly smiled back at him. The parlour Hari uncle mentioned was at walking distance from the bus stand at Andheri. She reached there quickly emulating the speed of other working women around her.

The parlour was at the seventh floor of a huge residential cum commercial apartment. And as soon as she entered the arena she was mesmerized how beautiful it was. As it was just renovated, every equipment, every furniture was brand new of A one quality. There was nobody there except Hari uncle and a thin average looking girl which uncle told her that his maid at house but would now work here as peon. Her name was Radha.
“Wow uncle ji its superb.”
“Are Kajal beti tum ne apne uncle ko samjha kya hai. And now you are the incharge of this business.”
“Are uncle nahi main isse nahi sambhal paaongi.”
“Come-on Beti, don’t under estimate yourself, aur phir main hoon na tumhe back karne ke liye.” Saying this he very fondly wrapped his arm around her which she obviously didn’t mind as he was as old as her father would have been.
“Let me show you the whole thing, This is the lobby, reception and waiting hall all in one and here attached is small office where you will be sitting and you can monitor everything here on this computer as every room has a powerful camera attached, now come inside.” He still holding her by his arm took her inside. The was a big room saloon area fully mirrored and having five big and comfortable salon seats, Kajal saw her beautiful figure in embrace of the elderly Hari uncle. Hari uncle slowly removed his hand and told her about the specialties of each equipment beauty products etc. Then he took her to other room that was made for all kind of bridal and ladies make up. It had the direct entrance from the lobby so ladies did not have to necessarily enter into the saloon area. There was another room inside the ladies make up room which Uncle described as Massage room.
“Massage??? is it necessary uncle? do people come for massage in beauty parlours.”
“This is an added facility for our regular and reliable customers. We will not start that immediately but will see what demands we get later on. Beti there are many exclusive massage parlours running in the city they are in much demand, but sooner than later they become like a whorehouse that’s why I don’t like that idea.” Kajal blushed thinking of that and relieved that this one is not like that. Every room in the parlour has attached and well maintained washrooms. All in all it was a complete parlour with all the modern amenities that would now be run by Kajal.

They both then returned to the small office which was shown to her earlier and Uncle forcefully made her sit on the cozy directors seat.
“Now let us complete the formalities. Kajal fill up these forms quickly as I have to give them to my lawyer who will complete the formalities. Kajal tried to read the documents but could get only the 25% of that. One thing she understood was that she is designated as the director of the parlour and another to which she was shocked that this parlour will name as Kajal Beauty Salon and the name has already been got registered by Hari Uncle. When she looked at him surprised he just consoled her rubbing her silky hair. One thing she noted that she had to work on honorary basis for first two months on stipend of 5000 Rs. and will start getting salary of Rs.30000/- p.m. from the third month onwards. Hari uncle cleared that this would be the clause in every employees’s service condition as they will be working here on stipend for first two months and will get the decided salary only from the third month.

Then that maid came inside and informed that few people have come for the interview. Uncle gave her the list of employees to be hired initially.
02 Male hair dressers, 02 women hairdressers, one head beautician, two assistant beauticians and one male peon. Interview goes on for three hours and later many people have come, some were real fakes and idiots and some are very experienced but demanding more salary then decided by Hari uncle. In the end they have selected a mix of experience and youth. One 50 years old male hairdresser Ashfaq with 20 years of experience another is Robert a 26 years old guy from Goa who had worked with a reputed branded salon and had know how of all the modern beauty concepts. They didn’t take time to finalized the two female hair dressers they have both worked in men’s beauty salon and have enough experience of haircut of men as well as women. Nisha and Usha are sisters and they are not very beautiful but were attractive enough. They both had one thing in common that they both had heavy boobs showing lot of cleavage through their salwar suits. They couldn’t fill up the place of head beautician as they could not find a suitable one; in fact one or two had got the attention of Kajal but Hari uncle disapproved. However they could get two nice looking fresher girls as assistants Ruby and Sapna, they were not having much of experience but they looked sincere and willing to learn. Finally they selected a Peon Deepak a sharp looking young boy whose added qualification is that he also knew driving four wheelers. Hari uncle is not just a lusty old man but he is also a shrewd businessman. Kajal may be thinking that she had interviewed all the candidates but it was the influence of Hari uncle that he almost hypnotized her on every selection she made that she only chose those approved by Hari uncle.
Everyone was told to join the auspicious Wednesday (day after) Now both Hari uncle Kajal and that maid Radha left at the parlour. She has brought lunch packed for them which she served them in the office.
“Uncle what about the Head beautician?”
“Lets see, I think as long as she is not selected I think You should manage that post too.”
“Me, But How can I?”
“Trust your self Girl. Don’t under estimate yourself. I am sure you are perfect in make overs besides you have two very smart assistants they are just too good that you can rely on both of them.”
Kajal was a little circumspect but she liked the way Uncle called her “Girl”.
Lot of advertising was already going on since last month but Hari Uncle had increased the volume since last two days and convinced a Local MLA to inaugurate the parlour on Wednesday. So it was decided that the Parlour would start functioning from Wednesday. Hari uncle gave her the lift in his luxury car and dropped her in front of her building. She requested her to come inside for coffee but “Some other time” saying he went.

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“So how was your interview”, Asked Ajay to her visibly cheerful wife.
“ Oh Ajju Its really great, I am really happy.” Saying she hugged him tight and kissed number of times over his face giving him instant hardon.
“I love you Ajju.”
“Love you too, honey. It’s nice to see you so happy after such a long time.” He hugged her tight lifted her knee length silky gown upto her waist and felt her fleshy ass over her panties. He kissed her sweet lips hard.
“Babe You deserve a good fuck tonight.” Inserted his hand inside her panties and squeezed her chikni gaand. Kajal really was very happy after a long long time and she also beginning to feel the heat as she was kissed hard by her loving hubby. His fingers travelling through the valley between the marvelous globes and touching her asshole in a teasing way. Kajal’s body now shivering with excitement and she dugged her nails hard over Ajay’s shoulder. Ajay knew she was hot enough for a good fuck. But he also wanted to take advantage of the situation. He now wanted to get his long unfilled wish of getting his dick sucked by his lovely wife. So far she had not done that a little kiss over the tip was just enough for her. He quickly unzipped and pulled out his rock hard dick and tried to force Kajal down. Though excited Kajal smiled and gestured NO to him but he was adamant and applied more force to push her down. Kajal slowly went on her knees and lovingly caressed the hard dick and kissed it on its tip.
“Bas Ajju?” She knew now was the day but still asked.
“Baby do it now take it into your mouth, suck it baby it’s a long long time. Now celebrate sucking it empty dear!!” He tried to force his dick through her lips. Kajal slowly opened her mouth just a little, but that was enough for Ajay, he was so excited that he pushed hard inside her mouth almost gagging her. But then he realized quickly that it’s her first time he slowly pulled out a little and then again pushed. Kajal could not believe that she had a dick in her mouth. She had seen in movies Ajay had shown to her and she loved and excited seeing that but still she could not manage to take his hubby’s in her mouth till then. May be she was not as excited as she was that day. She started to suck on the dick like a lollypop even started to use her tongue over the dick but that was her mistake as her hubby could not take it. As soon as her tongue activated her hubby started to ejaculate. It’s too much for him. She tried to pull off but he hold her head tight not letting her go he gagged her , his dick was kissing her tonsils jerking with every ejaculation She was feeling the warm fluid going though her throat. Though she could not taste it and may be its better for her for the first time. But Ajay managed to forced every drop of his cum directly inside her stomach. After the last jerk He requested
“Ek last suck Kajal.” She sucked again like a lolly on now softer organ but the last drop connected with her tongue and then she got the taste of her hubby’s cum for the first time. And surprise surprise she liked the taste. And that relieved Ajay because now he knew that it may be the first time she sucked him but not the last. But not Ajay , not you, not me, God only knows , how many dicks she is going to suck in near future.

It was a nice inauguration function organized by Hari uncle. Ajay was also present there and felt proud that his beautiful wife was the centre of attraction there. Kajal was wearing a very expensive Saree which was gifted to her by Ajay on their first wedding anniversary. She wore it in a very sexy way well below her navel showing her creamy midriff with elan. Her blouse was so small and fashionable that at one look it looked if she had not worn any blouse at all. So much of skin showing making even her hubby excited don’t ask the condition of the other men in the room. Mr.MLA was having a towering personality that Kajal was also impressed by him. Hari uncle had told her in brief about him and also asked her to be good to him as he was a very influential man and would be of great help in future. Mr. MLA was simply stunned to see Kajal and kept holding her hand during their hand shake for a very long period. Ajay though understood his condition still felt a tinge of jealousy at that point. All the while during his brief stay Mr. MLA didn’t miss any chance to ogle Kajal’s body and remain very close to her. Kajal also was feeling very proud, it was a moment of her life and she herself kept close with MLA and also told him to come some other time for services. It was a successful start of the parlour and soon they all settled down to wait for customers from the very next day.

Everyone in parlour except Ashfaq was enthusiastic for the new job. Ashfaq who has worked like this for last many years didn’t see anything new except that he never had such a sexy incharge. He was a very intelligent man with a witty sense of humor. Whenever he was with Kajal he always crack some joke or a beautiful shayari that Kajal couldn’t help admiring. In job he could do his work with his eyes closed literally. Kajal still doing updown in BEST bus from home to office, almost every day she had to share her seat with some stranger mostly men. She is quickly getting used to of male touches during her travel. She has felt some pinching and ‘feeling up’ too. Initially she got angered by these acts but in vain but now after getting home when she took bath in her cozy bath tub she remembered all the events during the day and all the male advances towards her during travel or at parlour make her excited and few times she had also managed to masturbated just thinking of those petty events.
Every thing was going fine in the parlour, Kajal was giving everyone their due importance she would personally talk to each employee. Talk with them about their family and other things to make them comfy. She was also very polite with the customers, and feeling bold now to talk to male customers looking directly into their eyes. She also kept learning work from every one she had even made Ashfaq teach her the hair cut of men and she herself cut the hair of dummy customers, Robert and Deepak. Though first instance she made their hair cut horrible but Deepak didn’t mind as he boldly told Kajal
“Apke haath se agar ganja bhi ho jaata to vaanda nahi.” Kajal slapped him lovingly saying
“Chalu hota ja raha hai.” And soon Kajal and everyone realized that the other hair dresser Robert is a Gay. That made Kajal all the more comfortable with him or she would think him as her. Now she always make him as her dummy customer to learn new things of male cutting or shaving. Male customers often demands Nisha and Usha for their hair cut due to their bold dresses and soft female touches and didn’t mind paying extra sum for that. Whereas Ruby and Sapna were doing their bridal make ups with perfection. They were even started getting invitation for marriages. It was a dream come true for Kajal as she felt like good business woman and that too without investing a single penny on it. The man who had invested all the money was happy that his new business was started to flourish. He was in no hurry as everything was going on as per his plan. He was never an eager beaver, He very well knew that if he lose patience he might not only ruin the chances of getting her but also ruin this business. Ajay on the other hand also got himself busy in his job and these days he come so tired that he didn’t have any time to talk with Kajal and goes to sleep like log as soon as he finish his meals.

It was a lazy afternoon on Tuesday when there was no customer for long both the female hairdresser were inside the ladies makeup room with other two girls Ruby and Sapna and they were chatting and watching TV provided on the Wall. Kajal was reading a fashion magazine and also keeping an eye on LCD monitor where screen was divided into four portion showing movement of every room. She suddenly realized that both men Ashfaq and Robert were not there. She thought may be they have gone outside for something to eat or whatever. She waited for awhile but no one came. She started to call on Ashfaq’s mobile then she remembered one secret thing that Hari uncle told that day. Hari uncle had told that every employee in the parlour know about the four cameras here but no one knows that every washroom also has got hidden camera in that. When Kajal objected he said that it would not be misused it would only be used in the event of any mis-happening. He also told her a program in hidden folder through which activities of wash room could be seen. She started that programme and soon the screen now showing pictures of all the four washrooms. She quickly saw that three of them were empty and salon’s washroom had both Ashfaq and Robert there. She double clicked that room and now only one video of that room came large on monitor. She got paled and astonished to see that Ashfaq miya is caressing Robert like a girl and Robert is hiding his face on Ashfaq’s chest like his girlfriend. Kajal has never seen or imagine or heard anything like that in her life. She has heard about Gay thing and even seen the movie Dostana but she didn’t realize that any such thing happen in real.
‘To kyka Ashfaq Miya bhi Gay hai….. Sure tabhi to.” She answered herself. She again double clicked the video and it’s now zoomed 2 x into them. To her further surprise Ashfaq lowered Robert down and took out his massive dick out of his pants. Dick so huge that she saw in the BF shown to her by Ajay. But Ajay told her that these are fake dicks.
“Is that the fake one? No way?” Again she answered herself. It was rock hard bigger and very “different” than her hubby. Infact it looks identical of that hero in the blue film. But soon it was out of sight as Robert has taken it full in his mouth and sucking it moving his head to and fro in a rhythm. Suddenly she remembered her first blow job recently and she looked at the screen intently to learn if she also did the same way or not and felt that Robert was doing the job better. As a quick learner she noted the fine points there. She didn’t know when one of her hand began squeezing her left breast. She was getting exciting watching all that, she wanted to feel her pussy too but she was wearing jeans that day and it was tedious to do so in that. She was certainly feeling the heat and realized that she was getting the immense pleasure just watching these two guys having sexual activity. She also tried to fit in first her hubby in place of Robert and then in her excitement She replaced herself and imagined sucking so expertly like Robert, that big black dick of Ashfaq. It was too much for her and she started squeezing her pussy over her jeans but couldn’t get the desired effect, then she unzipped her jeans and inserted her hand with great difficulty and keeping aside her panties atlast reached her pussy. She quickly found her clit and started rubbing it softly not missing any action from the screen. But it was just too much for her, soon her body starts jerking and she got her first orgasm on job as she saw Ashfaq also cumming with solid jerks inside Roberts mouth and Robert very expertly sucking all without dropping anything outside.

Kajal quickly zipped up her pants and changed the view on the monitor and relieved to find that the four girls are still in that room. She was panting heavily, wiped sweat over her face and saw that Robert and Ashfaq came out in saloon area one after another.
“Pata nahi aur kya kya karte honge ye log!!” She whispered.
That night she eagerly waited for Ajay for a good tight fuck but Ajay came very late and when he saw her in some exciting mood he asked
“Kya baat hai romantic ho rahi ho kuch eventful hua kya today.”
“Nahi yaar par you know jab se maine join kiya hai humne kuch nahi kiya.” She didn’t tell him today’s episode.
“Haan honey I know I m a bit busy these days let’s hope it’s not for long.” And when she reached their bedroom after completing all her household chores she found him dead in sleep. She had to go for bath to cool her body down before sleep and during her bath she masturbated again remembering earlier events.

When she faced Robert and Ashfaq next day she immediately lowered her eyes in guilt but then she thought
‘what the hell what I have done to react like that, and nobody knows nothing.’
So she tried acting normal with all of them but whenever Ashfaq touched her fingers in pretext of teaching her new art of hair cutting she shivered with unknown excitement. Ashfaq also felt some change in her attitude and he liked that. He was very upset of her professional attitude earlier he wanted her to act like a woman, he wanted that woman should react to a man’s touches positively. Ashfaq though made Robert suck his cock but he was not a gay. But his experienced eyes had already judged that there is a hot lady deep inside this beautiful incharge of his.
“ Can I come In.” Kajal heard Hari uncle’s voice. She immediately got up and greeted him.
“Are uncle aap bhi kaisi baat karte hai please come and sit kya lenge aap.”
“ Are kuch nahi beti. I have come to discuss something important.”
“Kahiye uncle.”
“Beti you are managing this salon really fine but one thing is missing and quite a few people have told me that.”
“Kya uncle kuch galti hui mujh se?” She asked hurriedly.
“Are nahi beti maine he pehle dhyan nahi diya. Beti wo kya hai ki is tarah ke reputed salon mein ek dress code hona bahut zaroori hai aur abhi tak yahan sab casual dresses mein aate hai. Isse sahi impression nahi parta hai. Uniform se customers par ruwab parta hai. Kuch samjhi.”
“Really uncle actually maine is bare mein socha hi nahi.”
“Koi baat nahi, Maine mere ek dress designer dost ke through sab final kar liya hai.”
“Oh that’s Good.”
“Ye dekho ye pictures hai dresses ki jo final hui hai aaj evening mein designer ka aadmi aayega sabka measurement lekar jaayega kal sham tak dresses ready and then every one will be in uniform from day after Ok?”
“Hmmm”. She said going through with dress code, For male staff its trouser and high neck kurta in dark maroon colour and for girls it was maroon Tops and Skirts. The model shown in the picture was wearing this Skirt much above the knees showing her creamy thigh. Immediately Kajal started to imagine all four girls in that dress and agreed that they all would look super sexy in that especially these hair dresser sister they would look like south Indian sex bombs in that. Inadvertently a smile came on her lips which was closely monitored by him.
“ Aur beti tumahara bhi yahi dress code rahega bas colour of the dress will be black.” That came as a shock to her.
“Main uncle iss dress mein?”
“Are kyon nahi beti tumhe bhi to haq hai sexy mera matlab hai attractive dikhne ka. Aur beti ye mat bhulo kit tum dual charge dekh rahi ho tum kabhi bhi head beautician ban sakti ho, aur maine dekha hai tumne sabhi sections ka kaam seekh liya hai, Isliye is uniform mein tum kabhi bhi kisi ki absence mein kaam kar sakti ho.” Though she agreed with Hari uncle but still couldn’t convince herself wearing such small skirt. Even in her bedroom she used to wear gown below knee length.
“Aur beti you don’t have to wear these dresses while traveling. Just change after arriving here and before leaving for home.” Hari uncle assured her imagining this sexy bahu in that skirt.
“Ok uncleji but you said koi aadmi aayega measurement lene.”
“Haan kyon?” Hari uncle acted innocent.
“Par maine kabhi kisi male tailor ko measurement nahi diya.”
“Are stupid ye tailor nahi hai designer hai, tumne top models ko nahi dekh un sab ko males hi dress up karte hai.” Hari uncle ne Kajal ki dukhti rag par haath rakh diya. Ek to use stupid keh diya doosra use models ki yaad dila di. She thought that while saying so she had shown her ignorance to Hari uncle.
“Nahi uncle mera matlab.”
“Are beti you are in Mumbai, you are still young and still can get a chance in modeling. You know. Main to kehta hoon ki tum Mrs India contest mein bhi bhaag lena.” Hari uncle knew what to say when. This argument quickly melted Kajal and she immediately started dreaming doing cat walk on stage.
“Achca beti main chalta hoon tum sabhi staff ko inform kar do ki aaj late jayenge measurement dekar tum last mein measurement dena tumhe aaj ghar main drop kar doonga.” Kajal later informed every one about that. To her surprise no one even girls not objected to that, in fact they all said that this should have been done beforehand. Kajal relieved to hear that and thought Hari uncle was right “How stupid I was!!”

The Guy in his 40s name Hemu came for the measurement. He had blue eyes and was completely bald looks like a villain of old hindi films. He greeted Kajal obviously knowing that she was in charge there and after taking permission he took measurement of all gents including the peon Deepak. All male employees immediately left the parlour. Then he started with Usha the voluptuous hairdresser. He took the measurement of the top first Kajal was standing very close to them
“Madam Ushaji seems fond of showing her cleavage. Main inka top issi style ka hoga.” Kajal blushed but Usha’s expression were that of pride. He circles the measuring tape around her and pressed just over her boobs almost pressing her nipples.
“Itna tight chalega?”
“mmph thoda dheela.” very first time Usha felt the heat. He told her to lift her arm for measuring the length from armpit to her waist. He put his thumb over her armpit in such a way that she started laughing.
“Are gudgudi hoti hai.” Every one in the room smiled. He then took measurement of her skirt first her waist, then her ass. He kept mumbling numbers and noting down in his book and kept the length of the skirt very short.
”Thoda neeche.” Usha said
“No baby isme choice nahi hai, Hari bhai bola ladkiya sexy deekhni chahiye.

And that went on for all the four girls and after completing Hemu asked Kajal
“ab aapki baari madam.” Kajal nodded then suddenly Hari uncle entered.
“Are abhi tak tumhara hua nahi.”
“Nahi bas madam ka baki hai.”
“Acha girls tumhara ho gaya.”
“yes sir” They all said
“Theek hai tum iss sapna ke size ke do extra banana meri maid ke liye wo bhi kutch din baad yahi kaam karegi.”
“Ok Sir.”
“Ok girls tum log niklo, Kajal beti ko main ghar drop kar doonga.” All the girls wished them good bye and went.

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“Ok madam aayiye.” Hemu brought her closer and circle the tape and pressed over her boobs . She was as usual wearing a cotton Tshirt. She could feel his knuckles pressing over her boobs and nipples. Hari uncle sitting on the nearby sofa was intently watching them. Hemu increased the pressure and tighten the tape.
“Basssss.” Kajal ki siskari nikal gayi.
“Ok lift your arm and again he used his thumb to tickle her. When he measured her waist for skirt he kept himself so close to her that it looked like he was hugging her. Kajal could feel his breath over her neck and felt ashamed due to the presence of Hari uncle. He lowered the tape from her waist to her ass rubbing all through her jeans in such a way that Kajal felt sensation all over her body. These stranger male touches these days were making her excited every time. The length of skirt he measured was again very short. Kajal quick to object.
“Are thoda neeche.”
“Are nahi madam aapko bhi isme koi choice nahi hai.”
“Parr ye un girls se bhi unchi hai.”
“Yes madam yahi order hai. Madam aap special hai. You should look the sexiest here.” He whispered in her ear almost touching his lips there. Hari uncle got up and came closer.
“Kya hua beti.”
“Uncle wo I mean ye bahut short measure kar rahe hai.”
“Are beti short to tumne dekhi hi nahi hai, Ha! Ha! Ha!. Tumahre liye ye perfect hai, aur beti main tumhare modeling future ko bhi dhyan mein rakh kar soch raha hoon isliye you just don’t worry and enjoy. Tumhe phir kab chance milega aisi dresses wear karne ka bolo?”
“Haan parr…..”
“Oh Kajal beti No parr varr, its an order.” He smiled and surrounded his arm around her and to her shock gave a light peck over her cheek. Though she was shocked a bit but still managed to smile looking at Hemu. Hemu smiled back.
“Beti Hemu yahi hai tum chaho to tumhare liye koi aur dress bhi measure karwa lein.”
“Nahi uncle phir kabhi, we are getting late now.”
“Oh ok!!” So it was decided that she would wear the shortest skirt in the parlour.

Soon both were in Hari uncle’s driving towards her home. Kajal was sitting beside Hari uncle on front seat.
“Really Kajal ek baar mera parlour set ho jaye, I will see that you get a good break as a model I know many person this field I can even get you roles in TV commercials and serials too.”
“Are Uncle aap bhi, kya aap bhool gaye main aapki bahu hoon, a married woman.”
“ Arre married hone se talent khatam nahi ho jaata, beauty mar nahi jaati Kajal bête.”
“Tum to bahut hi khubsoorat ho, Ajay bahut lucky hai ye maine use pehle din hi bol diya tha.” Kajal felt very embarrassed hearing that. Hari uncle knew his talks were having the desired effect on Kajal and but also knew that due to his relationship with her , he had to be very patient with her and hence he again dropped her in front of her building and went away.

“Ajju you know parso se parlour mein dress code shuru ho jayega.”
“Achcha abhi tak nahi tha kya?”
“Stupid hota to batati na.”
“achcha kaise dress hai.”
“Skirt Top hai mujhe bhi wear karna padega.”
“Tumhe bhi? really !!, yaar maine tumhe bahut dino se skirt mein nahi dekha. Please pehen ke dikhao yaar.”
“Are abhi stitch nahi hua hai. Aur wo main ghar nahi laongi wahi par pehnoongi.”
“Achcha to ab tumhara customer ban kar aana parega.”
“Haan wo to hai and you know wahan four infact five girls aur hai.”
“yea maine dekha tha, specially wo christian girl Ruby kaafi cute hai.”
“Comeon Ajay she is barely 20 tum se 10 saal choti.”
“Kya farak padta hai yaar wo MLA tumse 20 saal bada hoga dekha kaisa lattu ho raha tha tume par.”
“Haan tum sab mard hote hi aise ho.”
“Are tum sexy ho hi itni ki vishwamitra bhi tapasya bhang kar de.”
“Achca to mera ye Vishwamitra kaun si tapasya kar rah hai jise main nahi tod pa rahi hoon.?”
“Is Vishwamitra ki tapasya abhi baaki hai.” Kajal make a disappointing face that even that talk could not bring Ajay on line.


Next day in the evening Hemu came up with uniforms. Every one at the parlour was gone just Kajal and Deepak the peon were there. Hemu asked
“Hey everyone gone, I thought they all give me trials right now so that I can alter it tomorrow morning.”
“You should have informed me earlier I would have stopped them for a while.”
“Yea my Mistake My Mistake, Chalo tum dono to check kar lo. He said in such a way that Kajal felt that she and Deepak are in same league. He gave clothes to both of them. Deepak took them and started for the washroom to change but Hemu stopped him
“Are kaha jaa rah hai yaar tu koi ladki hai, jaldi kar yahin change kar le.” Deepak bit ashamed due to Kajal’s presence looked at her. Kajal also shocked a bit said
“Arr main andar ja kar change karti hoon.”
“Are ruko madam pehle isko free kar dete hain. Arre kar change.” He almost shouted at Deepak.Deepak quickly removed his T shirt he was not wearing any cloth underneath but wearing a very thick cushion of jet black hair, those hair in contrast of his fair body were looking great. Even Kajal appreciated his rugged nice body. Hemu commented
“Wah reh mast body hai teri to, Gym jaata hai kya.”
“Kya saab ghar ke kaamo se hi ban jaati hai aisi body.” It was evident that Deepak was not ignorant of his wonderful body. He was about to wear his top Kurta or sherwani or whatever but Hemu stopped him again
“Arre phele pant pehen mujhe measure karne mein asani hogi.
“Tum logo ka ho jaye to mujhe bula lena.” Kajal said
“Come-on madam please stay here as a witness warna aapka ye peon mujh par molestation ka charge laga dega.” That brought a smile on Kajal’s face. Though Deepak couldn’t understand that. He slowly lowered his pant and now his hairy but fair body comes into full glory clad in slimmest frenchy he could fit in. That’s why he didn’t want to do that in front of Kajal. Kajal also blushed a bit seeing that show of his. But this time she acted bravely and stand there as if it did not affecting her. But in reality she was just mesmerized to his wonderful body. She could not have imagine that a lowly class peon can have such a wonderful body. His frenchy was such that showing outline of his glorious but limp dick very clearly. If looking closely one could see his jhaant ke baal from below. When he saw his beautiful and sexy incharge is also looking at him dreamily, his dick began to react and became so tight in his frenchy that it began it hurt him. Kajal could also see that change in the size. It looked like a snake caged in his fenchy. Then he slowly wore the uniform pants. It was perfect fit, Hemu was satisfied and said
“Perfect, haina madam.” He didn’t ask Deepak.
“Yes it is.” Kajal said promptly then he wore that Kurta and it was also perfect fit. Deepak also felt happy looking into the mirror.
“ Okay you may change now it keep these clothes in your locker.” Hari nodded and quickly changed his clothes right there and Kajal again got the chance to feast at his hairy body.
“You can go now ab main Madam ka trial kar leta hoon.” Hemu told Deepak. That disappointed him, though he knew that Kajal would wear the uniform from tomorrow onwards but still he did not want to miss the chance to see her in that dress for the very first time. He quickly said
“Par sir mujhe hee office madam ke jaane ke baad band karna hota hai. Kyon Madam.”
“Haan tum ruko.” Kajal also didn’t want to be alone with Hemu here, with Deepak around she felt a bit comfortable.
“Ok Ok Lijiye madam change kar lijiye aap.”
“Ok main change kar ke aati hoon.”
“Ok” Hemu didn’t object this time. Kajal went to the washroom and started changing her dress. She remembered that it was the same room where she saw Ashfaq and Robert doing oral sex.
‘What if someone watching me here.” Then she smiled that the control of this room is on her own computer. Being a body conscious lady she had always kept her whole body smooth clean, her skin always glowing and no one could find a tinge of hair anywhere on her body not over her pussy or even her asshole she give ample time on Sunday on her body. When she saw herself wearing that top and skirt she whistled at herself. She looked like an airhostess of some foreign aircraft. Her skirt is barely reaching her midthigh it has zip right behind, making her difficult to zip up. The top is so tight on her body showing each and every curve very prominently. Buttons are placed in such a way that even she had left only one button opened still she was showing nice cleavage. She usually modest on that part and usually wear shirts and T-shirts those didn’t show her cleavage at all but now so much of show making her look like sexy kitten.
“God what Ajay will say if he see me like that.” Though visibly she was happy to see herself in such a sexy dress. There was a knock on the door
“Coming yaar.” She said confidently. And came out
“Phew” Whistles Hemu like a cheap lukha of the street and irony is that Kajal smiled on that.

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“Wow Kajal I mean madam you are looking so sexy its great.” Kajal in past few days has changed and boldened so much that she didn’t mind a stranger whistling at her or even calling her sexy.

“Thanks .” She said. Looking towards Deepak who very innocently just showed her a thumbs up sign. She loved that and smiled back at him nodding her acknowledgement.

“I think this second button should be a bit higher.” Kajal aisa bol kar phas gayi as Hemu just wanted that
“Oh let me see.” He came very close to her and started setting her top holding its collar with both his hands then he inserted his fingers in both the sleeves (half) and straighten them but in the process his fingers touched the smooth arms of Kajal making his dick grow. Deepak has already adjusted his cock several times in his pants. Kajal was feeling very embarrassed due to such closeness with him. He then hold the top from below inserting his fingers and straightened again and now touched her creamy smooth midriff making her shiver. He looked at her cleavage then which is now showing more than earlier. Glimpse of her creamy globes with cute valley in between making Hemy mad
“Saala Deepak nahi hota to aaj chance le hi leta.” Then he looked directly in her eyes. Kajal knew what he could see through her top she quickly lower her eyes. Hemu bravely kept both his hand on her shoulders and said
“Look Madam ye mera roz ka kaam hai and I am sure you have got just right body like Deepak and you have got just right fittings like him. Jin logo ki body perfect hoti hai unki fittings perfect aati hai.”
Kajal got a bit relaxed and didn’t mind him holding her.
“Haan parr ye… wo.. I mean.”
“Madam iss cleavage ki chinta mat karo gajab dha rahi ho just carry karo isko don’t be cautious ki log ise dekh rahe hai just be bold ek do dino mein tum used to ho jaogi dekhna you will make me your personal dress designer.” Saying that he reached for here skirt and again inserting his fingers from below he straightened it and this time he took more time there making good connection of his knuckles with her soft and silky thighs. He also pressed her hand over her ass in pretext of adjusting the cloth of the skirt and felt good part of her plump round ass. Deepak just wanted to do that job, his dick is really aching now watching that. Suddenly Hemu said
“Oh its zip is faulty.”
“What?” Kajal shocked and tried to look behind but she could not see.”
“par maine to zip band kee thi.”
“yea zip upar tak close ho chuki hai par beech mein se nikal gayi hai look.” Saying this he quickly inserted his fingers through the slit and held the elastic of her panties and snapped. Kajal was
Dumbfounded. It happened so quickly that she didn’t know how and what she should react. Hemu kept telling
“ it’s a common fault with zips don’t worry you change it I will just put it right in a minute. But really you also get a perfect dress congratulation.”
“Thanks.” Kajal managed to smile. With that misery of everyone in the room ends without anything spectacular happening.

Next day started in a sort of chaos or to say it was like a rehearsal of a fashion show when every one was parading inside the parlour with their new stitched uniforms. Guys wearing boring uniforms ogling girls with their short dresses and ample cleavage showing. Kajal now feeling somewhat comfortable when she saw every girl there was wearing the almost same attire as she was. But it was pretty evident that she herself was the sexiest one. That change in the attire has resulted in lot of accolades from customers and every customer was happy there even women coming for makeovers had also appreciated this change. Kajal had to practice a lot to sit carefully while in that dress as it was so short that little movement of her legs and it’s a clear view of her panties through her shortest skirt. Though she intelligently chose to wear the same coloured black panties. Ashfaq miya has loved this change in the salon and she always kept an eye on the exposed cleavages of the female hairdressers Nisha and Usha. He also tried every occasion to pierce through their panties to see what coloured panties they were wearing. Soon their initially curiosity had gone and all got themselves busy in their daily job and as expected started to do good business daily. Hari uncle didn’t came for few days as he was busy in his other businesses. One day as Kajal was roaming through a fashion magazine in her cabin, Ashfaq came inside,
“Madam Aaj Usha and Nisha dono nahi aayi hai unke kisi rishtedaar ka intkaal hua hai.”.”
“Yes , Haan mujhe maloom hai unhon phone kar diya tha mujhe.”
“Haan par madam bahar ek customer ladies se hi shave aur face massage karvana chahta hai.”
“Oh use patao aur bolo aaj koi nahi hai.”
“Madam sorry maine bol diya that you are coming.”
“Oh, phir to jaana hi padega aaj.” Kajal said helplessly
“Sorry madam.”
“Are you iski zaroorat nahi bas tum mujhe help kar dena.”
“OK madam.”
Kajal came in salon and saw that it’s a south Indian man clad in white shirt and white lungi waiting for her. He was the owner of the nearby Udipi restaurant and had come before and got his beard shaved from Usha. He liked the atmosphere here and that’s why come again. He was pleasantly surprised that the extremely beautiful and sexy lady is approaching him for shave. His lund began to jerk in his lungi already.
“Yes sir kya sewa kar sakti hoon.” Kajal in her polite self asked.
“ I want shave and face massage.”
“OK” Sir. She took the shaving brush but he immediately stopped.
“No please sorry use shaving foam I m allergic to these brushes.
“Oh” She looked at Ashfaq, who smiled and nodded her to go ahead.
This was the first time she was actually attending a customer before that she was doing these things on Robert who as we all now was a gay and never looked at her in lusty ways. But now she got this Shetty who just looking at her got the erection that it was difficult for him to hide the bulge in that lungi. Kajal sprayed his face then started to apply the shaving foam and then she started to rub her fingers over his face, a current flowed through the body of Shetty, such soft touch such smooth fingers. Kajal also felt his feelings and smiled proudly at herself. She was bending in such a way that her milky cleavage was right in front of Shetty’s eyes and her globes were so beautiful that his eyes bulged out from his socket. The neat perfume oozing out from Kajal was giving him heavenly feeling. Kajal had to move around him in order spread the lather all over his face and after done with that she started to raze that. She was trained well by Ashfaq in that and she did that beautifully. She was so engrossed now that she didn’t realized that her lower part right between her legs was pressing right over Shetty’s hand which was rested on chair arm as soon as he got the feeling of her soft cloth covered choot his lund started to ache in his lungi he had to adjust his dick correctly in order to stop the pain but he did not wanted to leave his hand captured between her legs so he did that with his other hand he adjusted and straightened his dick with his left hand and that made things even worse and now the bulge was showing even more prominently. Kajal’s attention was also diverted due to his movement and she clearly saw his hand moving over his dick and then clear bulge of his cock after the adjustment. Her eyes open wide watching that and then she realized where that her pussy mound was pressing at his hand she quickly moved away and understood his position. She felt ashamed of herself. She quickly moved to other side and during that took deep breath to relax herself. After that she finished the job cautiously keeping fair distance from his body even though she could not keep the view of her ample cleavage away from him. She herself was feeling a little excited and kept glancing at his erect dick frequently. Shetty was too exciting and whenever she bends over the counter to lift any equipment he had a nice view of her back thighs when her short skirt was lifted. He himself knew how he controlled himself not to put his hand over those creamy thighs and not to push his hand right under her skirt and not to grab her sexy plump ass over her panties. Kajal did his face massage also and she was beginning to like that. She didn’t realized that in last few days she had slowly beginning to get addicted to male touches though very soft ones. She didn’t realized that she had become the voyeur or maybe she already was a voyeur deep inside but she had changed after she saw Robert sucking Ashfaq miya’s thick long black dick. Later she had to attend four more customers they all felt the same like Shetty and Kajal also liked to tease them. She started to feel confident and one customer felt so nervous at her touches that she smiled looked towards Ashfaq and even winked at him. Ashfaq smiled back. After the last one she came to her cabin felt tired she kept the head over the chair and closed her eyes tried to relax a bit when Ashfaq came inside and sat in front of her.
“Ab kya Ashfaq Miya? Again??.”
“Nahi madam ab koi nahi hai.”
“Phir?? I am tired yaar.” She said, like talking to some friend. Ashfaq liked her calling him yaar. He would love to be her “Yaar” forver.
“Wohi madam maine socha aap ko thoda relax kar doon sir pe champi aur shoulder massage de deta hoon.”
“Arre nahi I am alright.Champi se mere baal kharab ho jayenge.”
“Ok shoulder massage, bahut aarram milega tumko.” Ashafaq bhi aap se tum par aa gaya.
“Theek hai koi aaya.. I mean koi customer aaya to.” She didn’t want to get disturb.
“Aap apke computer ko dekhte raho aayega to main chala jaaonga.” She looked there was very few customers and as it was afternoon time very few customers come at this time.
Ashfaq came behind her and started to rub, pressed her both shoulder with his hands. He was an expert masseuse and soon that showed on Kajal. She felt so much relaxed actually enjoying the pressing over her body. Kajal for a time had forgotten that she had seen this man’s dick in his full glory. Whereas Ashfaq was getting good feeling of her soft body and a nice view of her boobs over her shoulder. Till now he was rubbing her over the cloth only but that was not enough for him he then ask her to lift her right arm , she did so he held her palm with his and felt it was the smoothest thing he had ever held. Then he started to rub her lifted hand from top to down towards her shoulder her top has short sleeves he was rubbing her hand softly and felt good when his hand reached near her armpit. Due to her hand’s lifted position her armpit, her smooth armpit came into the view and making Ashfaq mad. He couldn’t control himself and while completing, he very smoothly caressed her armpit slowly making her giggle. She couldn’t say anything as he demanded her left hand. He again followed the same process and in the end again rubbed her smooth armpit and making her giggle again. Kajal was feeling relaxed yet excited with his touches no man not even her hubby had touched her like that, while his rubbing she suddenly remembered his dick sucking episode and that brought instant itching in her pussy and when he tickled her armpits she felt great.
“ye gudgudi karna zaroori hai kya.” She showed mock anger.
“ Madam maine aajtak itni smooth bagal nahi dekhi, haath lagay to aisa laga jaise just abhi shave kiya hai.” Ashfaq again started to rub and press her shoulders.
“Are tumhara pala mardo se padta hai isliye , varna sab ladies ki aisi hi rehti hai.” She3 liked his appreciation.
“Nahi madam maine ladies ko bhi massage kiya hai even armpit bhi shave kiya hai par aap ‘pecial’ hai.”
“kya ladies bhi armpit karati hai tumse.” Kajal was realized surprised.
“Haan madam, Armpit to kya…….. ab aapko kya pata madam aap is dhande mein bhi nayi hai aur Mumbai mein bhi.” He purposely stopped in between making Kajal more curious.
“Achca tell me aur kya…” She stopped in between as she saw on screen one customer entered and Robert started to come their way to call Ashfaq. Ashfaq also saw that and left Kajal hurriedly but asked
“Madam kaisa laga.”
“It was great, achca bahut achcha. Kya fees hui.” Though she asked that mockingly but that was her big mistake.
“Fees, Madam fees jama rakhiye ek saath le loonga.”
“Accha ok.” Kajal laughed aloud still ignorant of what this dirty old man had in his mind.

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Number of abortions rise in Gujarat a couple of months after Navratri
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“How’z your job going?”
“Its fine everything is going on smoothly.” These days she was beginning to hide things from Ajay. She didn’t told him about the hair cut she did for men or the massage she received from Ashfaq.
“Hari uncle had a call today.”
“Acha he is not coming to parlour for two three days.”
“Yea he told me he will be coming tomorrow.”
“he was asking me to agree for a advertisement job for you.”
“Ad job but nobody told me anything.”
“Yea he told me that he would talk to you only after I agree.”
“And what did you say?”
“I finally said yes. He convinced me, it would be few small ad films and you will get 50000 US dollars.”
“50000 US dollars means.”
“Its more than 25 lac rupees.”
“What 25 lac for few Ad films, why they are paying in dollars?”
“They are an American production, the Ad films will be shown on their DTH TV.
“How I came into the picture I don’t know.”
“Actually I once told uncle about your earlier passion and also showed your old profile.”
“May be he kept that in mind, He said the company has good reputation in America. They are doing films for Asian community living there.”
“Oh but I have not thought about it.”
“Take your time till tomorrow, talk to Hari uncle and then decide.”
“What about you do I have your permission to the Ads.”
“Yea I already told you.”
It was a pleasant surprise for Kajal, things are beginning to turn now first she proved herself as a good entrepreneur as the parlour business had started to bloom and now her dream of younger days of becoming a model would now be fulfilled. She suddenly realized that Hari uncle has quite a few times had insisted her to take part in Mrs. India contest. Now she was beginning to feel that she could think about that too. And soon she was dreaming of getting the Mrs. India crown and the world is at her feet. Abrupt ringing of the alarm clock in the morning broke her dream and sleep as well.


“May I come in?”
“Yea.” Kajal didn’t even look up and then she realized it was Hari uncle.
“Oh sorry Uncle aap bhi is tarah se permission le kar sharminda karte hai.” She got up to receive him showing him her beautiful attire, showing him the glimpse of her lovely globes and her chikni thighs. Hari uncle just went mad looking at her but as usual controlled himself and sat down.

“Beti Ajay ne tumhe bataya hoga ki kal chutti ke din tum busy rehne wali ho.”
“Haan uncle, par ye achanak kaise.”
“Are beta achanak nahi shuru se hi mujhe tum bahut talented lagti ho bas small town girl hone ki wajah se tumme boldness nahi thi. And now I can see you have become bolder and smarter. It’s perfect time to you to try this job. If you find it ok the doors are open for more and if you think it’s not good then its ok. Apna parlour to chalta hi rahega. Waise mera jis hisaab se business chal raha hai I don’t want you to leave this parlour.”
“Oh no uncle this parlour has given me self pride I won’t leave this at any cost.”
“Thank you beti. Ye contract papers you fill up and sign so that I will send them to the Producer.”
“It is a long contract, Aapne pada hai kya? kya likha hai isme?” She obviously did not want to read that entire legal thing.
“ Haan as usual, that you are doing this films as per your wish, that you are not under aged, that they will use this footage outside india as and when they require.”
“Haan few fine points are also there I think you should know in advance.”
“Wo kya uncle.”
“The clause say if you breach the contact in between there would be no payment beside there can be a penalty upto Rs. 5 lac.”
“Oh okay. What else.”
“They will be shooting five ad films with you , The list of the products you can find here at page 26.” Hari uncle gave her the papers to see the products’ list by herself. First ad was of some coffee, second one was for a beauty soap, third was for a hair removal cream fourth for a lingerie product and fifth one was for condom. Kajal eyes went wide when she read the whole list.
“Uncle how could I do the ad for the I mean I mean .” She even couldn’t say condom to him. She didn’t realize that there was a lingerie ad, a hair remover cream ad also there but just the sheer presence of Mr. Condom has made her baffled.
“ Chill beti, Lingrie ad ke bare mein maine Ajay ko bata diya tha.”
“Achca” She the realized about that Ad but then said,” Yea but I am talking about this c c condom ad.
“Are isme kya burai hai iske liye to aajkal bade bade stars ad kar rahe hai. Beti 25 lac mein se 15 lac to sirf isi ke liye hai.”
“Par uncle maine kabhi simple ad bhi nahi kiye is tarah ke ad maine dekhe hai.”
“Achc kya dekha hai tumne isme.”
“Isme isme.”She realized that those ads are only indicative but never showed extreme nudity except one or two.
“Beti condom ka Ad hai iska matlab ye thodi hai ki…..” he left the sentence incomplete. Bete ye waha TV par dikhane wali ad hai plus koi bhi product dekh lo india mein bante hi nahi hai that’s why ye ads india mein dikhai hi nahi jayengi plus isse tumhe jo experience gain hoga usse tum apne aane wale career ke bare mein decision le sakogi.” Hari uncle knew ki ”CAREER” shabd ka use karke unhone Kajal ki dukhti rag par haath rakh diya hai. Kajal thought about it and then started to fill up the form. Hari uncle smiled wickedly seeing that. She blushed when the form asked about her vital statistics but soon filled them boldly describing her body curves. Hari uncle had already pasted one her stunning pic from her old profile. After done Hari uncle got up hugged her lightly though wanted to crush her tightly and kissed Kajal on her forehead though wanted to smooch those lips all day and very reluctantly said good bye. He told her that Deepak the peon of the parlour would pick her up from house in Hari uncle’s car and will take her to the destination. Hari uncle knew that Ajay would not come as he will be going for job as tomorrow on Monday it’s a holiday for parlour but working hell day for others.

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Chapter IV

“Hey Ajay tum bhi aao na kal mere saath I am a bit afraid yaar.”
“Kya baat karti hai meri bold biwi ab darne lagi.”
“Nahi yaar they said ki ak lingerie ki Ad bhi hai.”
“Yeah uncle told me that they will shoot only when you feel comfortable.”
“I didn’t even read the contract fully.”
“Baby why don’t you think that your one day shoots would fetch up money I will not able to earn in whole year. Besides you are doing just pure modeling. Don’t you always want to do that? I am not a clumsy old fashioned hubby I know you will act with some men and it’s okay with me because I know that ultimately my wife will come to me.”
Kajal was mesmerized with his talks. Still felt that the amount she is going to get for the shoot is the only reason that her hubby has become so broadminded in one day.
“Okay honey as you wish I am going to take bath. You may go to sleep, I will take time.” Kajal smiled.
“Yeah I know you will be smooth shaven when you come out. Meri help ki zaroorat ho to batana.”
“Isme tumhari nahi kisi expert ki zaroorat hai.” The face and lund of Ashfaq quickly moved in front of her eyes.
“Haan bhai main tumhari tarah expert thode hi hoon.” Saying Ajay closed the topic and Kajal went inside the bathroom.

“Hum kahan Jaa rahe hai Deepak.” Kajal sitting behind the driver’s seat asked Deepak. She was wearing her favorite jeans and sleeveless T shirt. She has also brought a bag full of her clothes and essential things.
“Ek resort hai Mumbai Pune highway par usme hamesha koi na koi film ki shooting hoti rehti hai.”
“Achcha, Where is Hari uncle?”
“Hari uncle to kal night mein hi wahan nikal gaye sab arrangements dekhne.”
“Tum Hari uncle ko pasand aa gaye ho lagta hai tabhi to tumhe apni shaandar gadi de di.”
“madam hum maalik ka kam imaandari se karte hai shayad isliye.” Kajal knew that he was very sincere. Soon they were at the outskirts of Mumbai and Kajal was mesmerized looking lush green view outside. They reached the destination about after two hours. Kajal napped a bit so she didn’t know when they entered the resort. In fact it was so huge that Kajal didn’t even know that she is inside some premises it looked to her that she was at some open park or jungle. It was a hilly area and she could see mountains with clouds’ toppings
“Lovely” The first words when she stepped out of the car.
“Lovely.” Said the producer which Hari uncle later introduced Kajal as “Johari” He was an Indian settled in America making B grade movies or small Ads he had also produced a horror movie in English which was having so much sex scenes that the film got banned in India as soon as it released. Kajal oblivious of that shook hands. There were quite a few number of men women out there and plenty of activities going on with lights reflectors wires trolley all kind of things you could see on a any shoot. The setting was beautiful. Hari uncle took her inside a mansion like building nearby and Kajal eyes went wide seeing the interiors, in fact she immediately remembered that this one she had seen in number of hindi movies, though at that moment she could not recollect the exact ones. They went inside an office like chamber. There was no body in the chamber Hari uncle lead her to a cozy sofa and sat beside her.
“Great Kajal you have come right time and looking really nice, a star material.”
Kajal blushed hearing such praise from elderly Hari uncle.
“Uncle mujhe darr lag raha hai.”
“Are daro nahi, sach kaho to aaj mai bhi nervous ho raha hoo.”
“Ky uncle aap bhi.” Kajal smiled.
“Yeah I know johari very well but that old fellow Ismail the Pakistani director, I don’t know him”.
“Pakistani Director.”
“OH no he is a Non resident Pakistani, He is American actually born in Pakistan. I saw him a very rude and strict person.”
“Oh.” Kajal looked visibly worried.
“Waise I have told him that you are new in the field and need little guidance.”
“What did he said.”
“First he was irritated that he did not want to work with new faces they take too much time.”
“Oh then?”
“But that Johari somehow convinced him that they need a new fresh face.”
“OK, what I have to do now.”
“Wait for him he is just about to come to meet you.” As soon as he finished these words, an old man of around 60 year walked in. He might be old but he was quick in his walk looked physically very fit his wrinkled skin on face and grey hair giving the impression that he is old and mature enough. By his looks and accent no one can judge him as a Pakistani as his colour was also very fair. One thing was common between him and Hari uncle besides their age that they both have greed in their eyes for a luscious woman like Kajal. As soon as he looked at Kajal he felt good but still maintained his strict attitude.
“So here you are my heroine.” He said as if he was the hero of the Ad film.
“Good morning Sir”
“Good morning baby.” He didn’t call her beti like Hari uncle.
“Hari have told me that you don’t have experience, but don’t worry when you go back tonight you will find yourself as one of the better experienced models in this field, in fact I will give you tips in between, of movie making also. So just relax and follow orders carefully OK?”
“y yes Sir.”
“Don’t call me Sir call me Ismail.”
“Sir how can I I Imean.”
“Just call me Ismail every one does, Ask Hari?” Uncle nodded.
“Ok Issssssmail.” Ismail smiled.
First we are going to shoot for the coffee Ad it will be in the bedroom at first floor there in its attach bathroom makeup man and costume girl is waiting for you so hurry up talk to them they know their job well , so do as you are told okay.”
“yes S aaa Ismail.”
“Hurry up then move your ass quick.” Kajal stunned by his rude remarks but still able to mainained posture and quickly moved out. She was so ashamed that she didn’t even looked at Hari uncle , who in fact was smiling looking at her condition.

Kajal reached for the bedroom and at the door she found a young American girl of barely 18 but her boobs are huge and she was wearing tit hugging t-shirt, Her name was Sasha. She greeted her and led her inside where she met Williams the makeup man. The bedroom was lavish one having a huge bed with a waterbed covered with a transparent sheet so the water in the bed can still be viewed She had never seen such a thing in her life before. There were almost nude paintings of men all over the walls showing their enormous dicks in every painting. They were so unrealistically huge that no body could miss staring at them for a while. So did Kajal but soon she found herself blushing. Both Williams and Sasha smiled at her obvious reaction; they both led her inside the attached bathroom. Calling it a mere bathroom was such a shame as it was huge it could be used for Jacuzzi, Spa, Treadmill was also there and few weights to exercise a large wardrobe full of clothes was also there. Kajal started to dream having such a bathroom for herself.
“Comeon Kajal make it quick let me get you ready for the shot.” Williams ruined her dream. Everyone using her first name there.
“Okay.”She said not knowing what to do next.
“Look madam actually ironically you have to be makeup less for the first shot as in this Ad it’s an early morning shot when your husband will wake you up and sharing his coffee.”
“Oh! .”She said wondering how would be her hubby in the Ad
“So I have to remove your light make up and let loose you hair and give you a look of a sleeping beauty.” She nodded and sat on the chair near the mirror. He was an expert and did just that in 5 minutes. Kajal couldn’t believed her looks, She was really looking sleepy her hair falling all over the place yet she found herself to have become more sexy in that. She was simply impressed with the talent of the guy.
“Okay Kajal you get ready with the attire I will call the director and staff for the shoot.”
She nodded and looked at Sasha who gave her a sleeveless banyan like T shirt and a cotton jockey short which was very short.
“What , Do I have to wear this.?”
“What else do you wear while sleeping.”She smiled then added
“Oh if you sleep nude then I am sorry, because this ad is going to be shown in families.” She chuckled. Enjoying her nervousness.
“Kajal, make it quick that old fellow is a, jerk.” That had immediate effect on Kajal and she quickly took them and gone for change behind a curtain made for that only. She handed over her clothes to Sasha. When she came out Sasha whistled at her
“Cute looking Kajal.”
“Thanx .”Kajal blushed as she saw in the mirror that she was at her sexiest best. The banyan like tshirt was so tight over her boobs that now she looked better endowed then Sasha. Showing ample cleavage she was wearing a flimsy pink Bra inside but that was failing to stop her nipples poking out of the thin material of the t-shirt her most of the shoulder was exposed and the t-shirt was barely reaching her midriff showing her belly and belly button. On the other hand though checkered short was short in length but it was loose on her waist and even though her ass has a good mound but still it was slipping down over her ass showing her pink panties and her creamy waist. Kajal making feeble attempt to pull it up but in vain. She told Sasha to get something else but she refused saying that it was the choice of the director and nobody repeat nobody can change that. They both came out in the bedroom. She got immediately embarrassed as there were quite a few people out there including instruments like Lights and Camera. She got a bit relaxed when did not see Hari uncle there. Ismail the director came to her with a handsome looking Guy,
“Kajal, He is Robin your hubby for the first shoot, and This cute thing is your wife Rob.” Kajal blulshed at such rude intro. Still she managed to smile and shook hands with Robin.
“Really you are beautiful Kajal.” He smiled at her visible embarrassment.
“Thanx.” She could just say that.

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“Kajal you two are going to act as hubby and wife so talk for a while so you will be comfortable during the shot” They both nodded.
“Hey wait a minute, Sasha come her fast.” Sasha hurriedly came.
“Hey you bitch what is that bra thing inside her couldn’t you see that.”
“Oh sir sir I thought it was looking fine.”
“Shut up, it’s not what you think counts here and you babe just go and remove it. Come on you stupid girl which one of you wears bra at night tell me?” Kajal first shocked when he called Shasha a bitch and then ashamed that he was asking such shameless questions in front of the crew and Robin smiling so close. The one thing that Ismail was dead right that girls don’t want to wear bra at night specially young ones they want to let loose these two pigeons at night for the comfort. To avoid further humiliation she quickly went inside the room and get rid of her pick bra and came out to join them. The loose short is not helping her cause as she had to pull it once a while to save her panties from exposing. She herself came close to Robin as he was also waiting for her as per the instruction of Ismail. The removal of Bra has made her dress sexier as her poking nipples coming into clear view of all present there. Kajal had not let anyone inside her bedroom except her hubby, but at the moment she was wearing such exposing sexy clothes in bright lights in front of so many strangers. She could see eyes piercing through and all over her creamy skin. Though it was embarrassing to her still deep inside she was feeling proud that now she got the chance of doing what she wanted most in her life. She could now dream of becoming a star. It was painful but still Hari uncle managed himself out of the shooting area, He knew that Kajal would not be at her usual self in his presence so he gave her time to relax and shed some her inhibitions to come bold and frank in front of him.

“Kajal you look really stunning.”
“Thanx, you are good too.” Kajal returned the compliments.
“Thanx Kajal, you know I am very popular in US asian community have done quite a few Ads there. And also some movies.” He deliberately didn’t tell Kajal that he has done few C class horror films there.
“Kajal you are a perfect heroine material, you don’t even look as married you will easily do the role of any college girl.”
“Thanx I have not done any movies or Ads earlier.”
“I know Director has told me, but don’t worry just be relaxed and do as you are told in casual manner. Just try to forget that you are Kajal, married and all that, just try to fill the role you are doing. It’s easier said than done but I am sure you will do it perfectly. They just talked casually poking into each other’s life here and there and soon Kajal became relaxed with Robin. Ismail came close to them and explained the scene.
“So Kajal here we are, as you both know you have to enact as Husband and wife.”
Both nodded.
“It’s an early morning scene when both of you sleeping and the alarm bell rings hubby wakes up but the wife is dead sleep. As its a Job interview for the wife hubby try hard to wake her up he push her kiss her cuddle her but fails then he gets up and makes the coffee and with the aroma her sleep is disturbed a bit then as soon he comes to the bed with coffee she is half awake and then they both take the coffee together and in seconds she is ready to leave for the interview.” As Ismail was telling the story Kajal’s face changed few shades she blushed felt scared and still felt good hearing the whole story. It’s a simple scene she had seen earlier, there was no novelty in that but yet effective she thought.
“I know you both must be wondering what’s new in that, yea its an age old concept but few things never change and that is the slogan of the company “Few Things Never Change.” It was first for her but she still was impressed with the director already.
“Now Ready? Any confusion?” He asked in his rude harsh tone
“No.” said both.
“Ok now sound Lights, Abe Bhosdike focus theek kar light ka madarchod.” He shouted that made the arena stand still for a while as lightman quickly set the thing right. But that send shiver into Kajal’s spine. She couldn’t have imagine that the director can abuse like that.
“Both of you get inside that blanket and move it all over your head and don’t move till the alarm rings.” Robin quickly dropped his pants and Tshirt he was wearing which were quickly whisked away by Sasha. He is now wearing just a boxer shorts and naked above waist. This made Kajal all the more worried but she couldn’t say anything, in fact she thought its not unusual for a hubby and wife to be sleeping like that. She was scared excited at the same time and that very first time she felt a little tingle in her pussy as well. Now Kajal felt this is the day. Her first step into her favourite job and she had to share a bed with a stranger in just skimpy clothes. It was a water bed and was so soft that she couldn’t help getting misbalanced, it took her a while to steady down Robin also felt the same, thankfully for Kajal the blanket was not transparent they both get inside and the Kajal got the first touch of Robin’s neat muscular chest. Robin was about to cover both with the blanket when veryu awkwardly the director managed himself inside and told
“Kajal you sleep sideways facing this side of the bed and Robin you grab her from behind and sleep hugging her tightly, the alarm bell is at your side so when it rings you go to stop that but Kajal will remain like that ok.” They both nodded . Kajal shifted and slept sideways bending her body as well as her knees a little. Robin came behind her and hugged her lightly. As soon as he got in the bed he couldn’t help his dick to become rock hard so he didn’t want to hug her tightly to let her feel his cock over her ass but director shouted
“Tightly Tightly teri biwi hai behen nahi.” Everyone laughed and Kajal just died of shame. Thankfully she was already inside the blanket. Seeing no choice and ordered like that he happily hugged her tightly , infact rammed his dick over her soft ass it was such a perfect pose that his flagpole just nestled between the crack of her fleshy ass over the cotton short she was wearing. Kajal immediately felt that and felt 1000 watts current flowed through her body. She could easily imagine that but her own condition was in excited mode she couldn’t blame him for that. Robin inserted his left hand under her waist and hugged her with both hands clasping each other over her navel which was exposed as her banyan has already lifted dangerously close to her juggling boobs. In fact Robin knew that and wanted to insert her both hands to grab those lovely jugs but he was an experienced campaigner, and just wanted to start the shoot now. They were both covered and director had already shouted action. There was pin drop silence as Kajal could hear herself breathing heavily. She was feeling so good under the manful hug of Robin His cock was so steady over her asshole that she did not want to move to displace it. Slowly she was coming back to her normal self and got ready for the shoot as the alarm bell rings. As told he let that ring for some time and acted like waking up he tried to shook Kajal to stop the bell then realized it was at his side he turned over and in the event he pulled the blanket took it with him exposing Kajal completely. It was not expected by Kajal and she was about to react when Directed shouted
“Don’t move Kajal, the shot is going on fine.”
‘Fine’ Kajal thought, ‘ Mujhe laga tha blanket ke ander safe hoon now ekdam exposed in broad daylight with extra lights too. Pata nahi kaisi condition hai kahi boobs to nahi dikha rahi sab ko.” She was thinking. The fact of the matter is that she was looking so sexy showing her midriff her naked shoulder with lot of milky cleavage and also little glimpse of her boobs from underneath, her loose short was not only showing her creamy legs upto her high thighs but as it was loose everyone on her back side could see her pink panty and her lower cleavage, a sweet glimpse of her ass crack too. But as the scene demands she had to stay still like that. As Robin came back after shutting down the alarm bell he did one thing nice for her and disappointing for others that he again put the blanket over both of them hugged her again from behind and said softly
“Hey honey get up now.” Kajal very much relieved with that got confident in the act and just moaned like sexy bitch
“Comeon babe utho jaldi its your interview today.”
“mm nahi sone do na” She acted very well this time. Ismail was also happy and shouted
“Kajal after this time you move your body towards Robin’s side and hug him tightly but remember don’t open your eyes for a second. It’s a good shot and you both are doing it perfectly. Kajal was enjoying the shot very much now and Robin uske to to balle balle the hi. He hugged her again but this time felt her both boobs from underneath softly caressing her naked flesh making her more excited as nobody outside could see them he first caressed them softly and then
“common honey utho please.” And while saying please he did unimaginable to Kajal he inserted his both hands inside the banyan and grabbed her both boobs , her milky firm boobs, those boobs till then were the property of her lawfully wedded hubby and now being grabbed and crushed squeezed by a fellow an almost stranger. The moment stopped for a while for Kajal as she did not know how to react as it was in the midst of the shoot and she herself in so much frenzy that instead of shouting aloud in protest s soft “ahhhhhhh” moaned out of her lips as she still had to act in sleep. Not only that ironically as per order she even had to shift her stance and now hug him from the front. She like a professional turned and hugged him saying
“Pleazzz let me sleep.” Now their faces were so close that they could feel each other’s heavy breath over each other and their face s were the only part which were exposed outside the blanket.
“Tightly Kajal he is your hubby not brother.” Ismail chirped. And Kajal acting sleepy hugged him tightly. Robin also taking the opportunity hugged her tight placing his hands just above her ass toying with her panties. He slowly shifted her loose short further down to get the feel of smooth ass. Her panty was skimpy one and at that time was just like thread over her waist and its lower part is just like a thick thread which was lost somewhere between her deep cleft of her wonderful Gaand. He inserted his both hands over her both ass cheeks and thrust them towards his crotch making her go mad and feel his throbbing cock right over her covered pussy lips. Kajal was in such an excited stage that little more rubbing could lead her to a wonderful orgasm. everyone around the room though could read her facial expression and thought what a wonderful act was that was barring Ismail who with his experience and his alliance with Robin knew what was going on inside the blanket. Kajal’s eyes were tightly shut but she couldn’t help her lips to be slightly opened giving her face “a bitch in heat” Ismail nodded Robin that its just the right time to kiss the lady and shouted
“Now wake her up softly kissing on her forehead first.”
“Honey get up” and he kissed her forehead but Kajal again acted and cuddle her body that made her pussy lips again rub his cock
“Wake up darling.” He squeezed her ass once more and kissed on her nose in fact he very lightly sucked the tip making her wild and once again his hot rod poked at her choot. And she still adamant.
Now in order to kiss her fine he had to leave her ass and he kept both his hands behind her head as the camera panned in for close-up.
“Honey please you have to go.” And then he kissed her full on her lips and as her lips were already opened he had no difficulty in inserting his tongue inside to meet hers. Kajal knew that kiss on the lips would come soon but she did not know what effect it would have on her. As soon as her tounge met his it gave her the never ending orgasm between her legs her body started to jolt and there were spasms all through her body. She herself for the first time thrusted her crotch to meet his lund. Robin could feel her orgasm through these jerks started to suck her lips furiously holding his hands tightly behind his head. What was supposed to be a mild kiss on lips and then he had to go to make coffee was now turned into a wild lovemaking thing. Everyone was having difficulty in controlling there dicks barring Sasha who was so engrossed in that scene that she didn’t know when her hand has gone inside her skirts pocket and started to rub her mound. Ismail knew that scene has gone a tad too long but he didn’t interrupt as he knew he would edit the unwanted scene. At the moment he wanted to capture every moment of this married sexy housewife in heat though he knew that the most benefitted there was Robin who was doing all sort of things inside the blanket. Yeah Robin’s dick was still poking hard but he knew as soon as her orgasm subside she will be in reluctant mood so he kept his kissing going on but dropped his hands from her head to again got inside her shorts to grab her vibrating Gaand, he wanted to feel her asshole now as he knew he might not get this chance again but he failed to do so as her panty saved her from that and then the Ismail interrupted
“Its time for the coffee now.”

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Robin reluctantly came out of the blanket with a flagpole visible to all unit through his shorts.
Director gestured cameraman to shoot his upper torso only, and the camera man experienced enough nodded likewise.

Kajal perfectly enacted the remaining act and slowly ready for the coffee she also adjusted her clothes under the blanket to cover herself decently.
“”Cut” The act was finally complete and for the very first time she saw some sort of smile over Ismail the director’s face. As she got out of the blanket, Ismail came close to her and hugged her in a very elderly manner and said
“Well done Kajal its very nice debut act.”
“Thanx sir arrr I mean Ismail.” She was so overwhelmed with that praise that she put her head on his shoulder. He smiled and tapped her shoulder on her naked skin felt her smooth skin and said
“Now go change you dress otherwise tum sabka haal Robin jaisa kar dogi.” Kajal blushed and almost ran towards the bath where she left her clothes. She changed to her favorite black sleeveless tshirt and jeans. When somebody told her that Hari uncle has called her to the editing room. A room at ground floor was temporarily made for editing. While passing through Sasha told her to be available after half an hour for makeup and costumes for second shoot and she acknowledged that.
When she reached inside the editing room it was dark and as soon as she entered Hari uncle called her. He was sitting on a cozy sofa with director Ismail and the producer Johari and there was a large Plasma screen in front of them looking at a paused scene where she could see herself Kissing Robin. It was a close up and looked so erotic that she was ashamed of herself and she was all the more embarrassed that Hari uncle is also watching that. Seeing her hesitation Hari uncle called her again and she quickly went close. As soon as she arrived Ismail sitting between Johari and Hari uncle got up saying that He had to prepare for the next shoot and went out. Hari uncle gestured her to sit and reluctantly she had to occupy Ismail’s place between them. And as she got cozy Hari uncle quickly wrapped his arm around her and said
“Kajal beti you were just too good, I just saw the whole Ad and I can guarantee that what I used to say about you is just a matter of time. Tumhe Mrs. India banane se koi nahi rok sakta.”
“Uncle isse hatiye please .” She gestured towards the screen.
“Arre beti be bold ab sharmane ki zaroorat nahi hai.” Saying he hugged her closer. Johari didn’t like that.
“Dekho I knew ki mere saamne tumhe first act me jhijhak hogi that’s why I stayed away. But don’t expect ki main sabhi shoots mein alag rahoonga. After all I also want to see my Kajal, my discovery to perform well and get applauded.” Kajal could not notice that there was no ”beti” this time.
“Thank you uncle really it was first time and I was a bit embarrassed.”
“Dekho phir bhi tumne kitna sensual scene diya hai. Us Robin ki to halat kharab kar di tumne.”
Kajal blushed didn’t know what to say, but Hari uncle continued.
“But don’t worry Final Ad would come out very clean this lovely kiss scene will be edited into seconds.” Kajal nodded and relieved.
“Bas you perform with same level in the remaining three ADs and show this Johari and Ismail that my Kajal is the best.”
“Yes I will do.” Kajal felt good after Hari uncle’s words and then someone called her to get ready.

When she reached there, Sasha told the next AD will be of inner wear company for men and women so she gave her dozens of Bras and Panties along with many night gowns and also few Male under wears and banyans to try out their fittings.
“Hey why are you giving me these?” She showed her male undies and banyan.
“Yea you also have to wear them in one shot.”
“Accha” She looked surprised. Sasha smiled and said
“Your shoot was sexy, in fact very sexy.” Kajal smiled and started to love such praise now

She quickly checked the clothes they were all perfect fit but as soon as she tried all of them she started to get worried as almost every one of them were very skimpy and she was beginning to think that how she would wear them in front of all those people.
She came out and told her worries to Sasha but Sasha assured her saying these are normal rituals in a Model’s life. Even beauty pageant contests also have to go through the swimwear round. Sasha took her to the Mansion’s backyard and Kajal was stunned to see that there was a huge swimming pool which was in fact not looked like a pool but was given a look of a beach and lot of effort had been put to spread tonnes of sand on every corner and even there was a net of beach volleyball and beach chairs for getting tan. She met with Sheila their another model she was already in her beach wear looking very sexy. In Kajal’s mind she looked like a porn star with such a curvy figure and those huge boobies. Sheila shook hands and told her to change quickly as Ismail is about to come. That has the desired effect on Kajal as she quickly went behind the cubical nearby and wore the color full Bra and Panty as Sasha had already told her. She couldn’t see herself full length there but as she came out of the cubicle She could see in everyone’s eyes that she looked great. Sasha came close and said
“Perfect” Then she adjusted her Bra strings at her back a bit and also pulled out the little bit of her panties inserted inside her ass crack. The movement of fingers looked very sensual to Kajal and it had hair raising effect on her. Sheila came with Robin and another guy both were wearing mini briefs vulgarly showing off their huge dicks through them. The other guy they told was Richard , He was black Guyanese guy his muscular body was glistening and his dick seems to be the largest one which was hidden like a snake in his briefest briefs. Kajal with all that skin show now beginning to feel comfortable. She already knew Robin but Sheila and Richard also looked very friendly to her.
“Whats the scene here?” She asked
“Here we are to play beach volleyball. Then there will be a fashion show type shoot and few others even I don’t know, Ismail keep thinking and changes the story at the last moment so let him come first.”
“But I have never played this game.”
“Don’t worry on that, we models are here just show our titties that’s all.” She winked at her and Kajal could not close her mouth over her blunt remark.
“Hey relax you have a good pair too.” She smiled.
Ismail and other unit members have finalized the arrangements around the volleyball court as they get there. Ismail came and told that there would be two teams Robin and Sheila and Richard and Kajal.
“ You will play as you know it’s the cameraman’s skill that it will make your play look real and after some time Sheila’s Bra will Malfunction and her boobies will pop out and Your team Kajal will emerge as winner as you are wearing our brand of Bra. ‘That doesn’t Malfunction’ ”
“Ohh” said Kajal relieved that she did not have to show off there.
“So first you have to play for quiet sometime to have the desired action in the camera, ok ?? then go start sound!! Action!!!!” Kajal could see Hari uncle sitting a little away from court with Johari.
She came on court with Richard whereas Robin and Sheila were on the other side of the net. Kajal could help herself looking at Richards’s dick once in a while. She was getting excited by the environment. For the first few minutes only Richard and Robin were playing shooting the ball in each other’s directions whereas both the girls were moving here and their juggling their boobs to the delight of all present there and the camera man in particular. Mean while Kajal has learnt looking at Richard how to hold her hands to make a shot and she was ready for the ball to come to her side then Robin and Sheila won a point they quickly slapped each other’s palm then hugged and then gave light kiss on each other lips, that made Kajal a bit tense as she could understand that now whenever they win a point they also have to act like that.

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