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masoom sheela ki kahani

dera frnds,
aftre a long time i am posting a story which is my favourite one. although this is quite n old story and some of you must ave read it but i believe lot of readers mustn't have enjoyed it. so its for them. and yes, it is not my story but TAKEN FROM NET.
i hope you all will enjoy reading it.

imp.note. this is not a quick bang-bang story. so those who wants to read just fucking lines please refrain from reading it. this a slow and very highly erotic fiction.

Masoom SHEELA ki kahani ……..

My name is Sheela, I am married to Vinod Agarwal who
now heads the south east region of a global telecom
company. I read with my friend Curly, stories posted
in Hindi Internet Love Stories and enjoy how the
writers narrate their experiences. Often reading and
enjoying these stories together have led us to orgasm
together. I am not a lesbian as such, but during those
moments, Curly’s hand on my choot and her licking of
my juices would give me immense pleasure. Given
opportunity it is hard to deny oneself the pleasure
of sex. It only heightens the pleasure the more you
have sex and obscenity with it. These stories gave me
courage to describe how my choot led my husband to
this high position. I am now 32 years old, have two
kids daughter 10 and son 6. I am tall, good and sexy
in appearance and like socializing and outing. We
live in Hongkong and visit India during holidays.
After coming to Hongkong, the chudai that I started in
Mumbai has continued. My husband not only knows about
the lunds which chodo me, but also often invites his
friends and business associates for a sex party. Ab
to mujhay agar naya naya lund dosray tesray din naheen
milay to maza naeheen aata. Magar mujhay itna
chudwanay ka shauq hua kaisay, yeh aaj main aapsay
share karongi.

About 14 years ago, we married in 1990 after Vinod
returned from States with Masters Degree in Telecom. I
had done my MBA. We belong to Allahabad and our
parents were old friends which lead to our wedlock.
Before my marriage, I had experience sex only once
except for that, I was not very fond of chudai with
anyone either before or after marriage. The only
experience I had before marriage was with my college
Principal with whom we had chudai few times because
again one of my class mates persuaded me. If I will
have time, I will narrate what led to my kunwanri
choot deflowered by the Principal, who had been
choding me during my two years at the college. He
lived in the Principal’s bungalow in the premises of
the College with his old servant Sia Ram. Principal Sb
was himself either bachelor or had left his wife. Sia
Ram was his main aide in arranging things and he knew
all the girls who came for chudai with Principal Sb.
He would also benefit from the opportunity as often
girls were quite keen for Sia Rams’ desi black lund.
Since I had not grown very fond of chudai by then, Sia
Ram’s few advanced did not yield him my newly fucked
choot, I knew of some of my friends who were more
fond of Sia Ram than the Principal Sb.

After my marriage, I never had any desire or may be
real opportunity to have another lund. It was after
about six years of married life that one occasion,
which I am going to describe in detail, opened the
flood gates of my desire to have my choot filled with

Me and my husband never indulged in extra sex, though
often would share sexy jokes amongst friends. Our
extreme was in watching Blue Movies at home, which
both thoroughly enjoyed. We would often joke amongst
ourselves and do role play (this was our favourite and
common game………. Me pretending to be Mrs. X or He
pretending of Mr. Y and having sex with me) for known
friends and their wives, but never had any chudai

My husband is a very intelligent, handsome and decent
person. Soon after our marriage, he got a job with a
Telecom Company in Mumbai which was set with foreign
collaboration. We lived in a small apartment in a
decent locality. Few months after I came to Mumbai, I
also took a job in a nearby school to keep myself
busy and supplement our income. My husband was very
hard working and earned quick promotions. We loved
each other and I never thought of fucking another man
while he is away to his office.

Often the ladies of the building got together and
narrated sexy experiences, stories and exploits and
tease each other. I enjoyed their stories which
would tickle me and often wet me, but I never got
involved in real chudai. Mrs. Nigam was very outspoken
and would narrate her chudai with her boss in great
graphic details. They would also play games of
fantasizing a fucking story and narrate how they would
do the chudai. One would describe how she ordered
Pizza and when the Pizza man came to deliver the Pizza
in the afternoon, she wore a see through gown and
asked the man to wait while she got money to pay. She
pretended that she does not have change and wondered
if she could pay in another way…….. and she ended up
with him choding her and now whenever she needs Pizza
she knows how to order. Another lady would narrate
that how her Bengali part time servant would chodo her
when her husband was away in the night shift. While
another would narrate how the guy in the building next
door fucks her with his huge lund and once he cheated
on her to invite another friend of his and they both
did the chudai and her choot was so swollen that she
wondered if she would be able to have it for her
husband in the night……. Stories, part true and part
imagination would go on……. Almost all of them would
narrate how their husbands fuck them and how wonderful
it would be if one had the husband of the other or
swapped partners…………… I noticed that whenever story
about Chudai with servant was narrated, it made me
shiver with orgasm. Perhaps that was my dormant inner

One day Mrs. Nigam who arrived for the afternoon
gossip session earlier than others, asked me if I
liked Lunds, and if I would agree for having chudai
with one of her friends who is very fond of choots and
particularly likes me having seen me in one of the
functions. Her suggestion to me came as a shock, as I
never had done this except with my husband and we were
now married for about six years. I really wondered if
these stories the women relate are true or just
imaginations. Mrs. Nigam for the first time sounded
very serious and persuasive. She would describe how
nicely he fucks, how he makes the women cum many many
times and how huge and hard is his lund…… Her
description would bring strange sensation to my choot.
She would even assume my acceptance and say OK, so
tomorrow come to my place and I will invite him too,
and then he will fuck both of us. Sheela, it would be
fun. So I am going to confirm, Ok meri jaan. She would
then kiss me and even caress my boobs. Even though
the thought of getting strange lunds in my choot did
always fill me with sensation, I never thought if I
could do that in reality. She was a very persuading
lady and would never give up thinking that each time
she makes me little less resistant and one day my
choot would be available to her friend.

When Vinod would come from office, we would either
spend the evening at home it he is tired or go out for
shopping and sometimes for a movie and dinner outside.
We both were quite fond of English films including
blue movies and would watch them together.

For the last few days Vinod was very busy because his
MD was being transferred back to America after
completing his 5 year contract. The MD was a very
well built, middle aged person and particularly liked
my husband. During these years there were many
occasions when families of the Executives would be
invited for office function or dinner and we would
meet each other. I always admired Vinod’s MD as a
very sexy, healthy and smart person. He too would
always play a good host whenever he invited us for
party. He lived alone in a big apartment in Malabar
Hills. I don’t know if he was bachelor or separated.
Even though we met several times, but I was never
sexually attracted, though I often fantasized being in
bed with him. Only yesterday during one of his
farewell dinners where all senior executives and their
wives were invited I had met him again. He would greet
everyone with shaking hands and as their custom is, he
would kiss on the cheeks. I also shook hands with him
and he kissed me on my cheeks murmuring in my ears,
“you are so sweet … Vinod is damned lucky”……… His
words kept on ringing in my ears as he had never
kissed me like this before in any party and had
neither murmurmed such words. During the entire party
whenever we would see each other, he had some special
message in his eyes and would find pretext to come
closer to me. While we were sitting on table and
eating he came from behind, keeping his hand on my
shoulder, leaning to ask if I needed anything. I
could feel pinch of his hand on my shoulder and his
piercing eyes deep in my low cut blouse with half cup
bra. Mrs. Nigam had done enough talking in the
afternoon to make me hot and aroused. MD’s eyes and
gestures sent cold shivers running in my spine and
tickling my choot wetting it throughout the party. I
too would seductively smile at him conveying, yes I am
liking what you are thinking….. it was sort of visual
chudai. While departing from the party, MD again
kissed on my cheeks and murmured in my ears, “like to
see you again”……. And thanks for coming to the party
hope you enjoyed it….

We returned home at about mid night, and I was very
excited and soon after reaching home, I did not even
change to the night dress, simply threw my Sari and
blouse and jumped in the bed waiting for Vinod to cool
me down. He too noticed my excitement, and fucked me
to his heart. I did not mention to him either about
the inviting eyes of the MD or the dirty proposals of
Mrs. Nigam both of which were driving my desire to
fill my choot with their lunds and Vinod was really
happy to have fucked me like he never did for quite
sometimes. Next day being Saturday (holiday) we slept
long. But Vinod had to go to office in connection with
the winding up of the affairs of the outgoing MD and
also because the new MD was expected next week. I
remained in bed visualing the MD’s lund and went to
sleep dreaming his huge lund entering my choot and I
am uttering all the dirty words in ecstasy. It was
about 11 am when I was still dreaming my chudai with
the MD that the telephone rang. After few rings, I
picked up to find that it was Miss Braganza on the
other side. She was the Secretary of the MD and
everyone knew in the office that MD used to chodo her
both in the office as well at his house where he lived
alone. I knew Miss Braganza as we had met on several
occasions, and we called her Bragy. Her phone at this
time was unusual and surprised me. For a second my
heart stopped fearing some bad news, but her tone and
welcoming words relaxed me.

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Hi Bragy (that is how we called her) surprise to hear
you….. is everything OK

Yes Sheela, everything is fine, in fact I have some
good news for you. A little while ago, the MD called
me in his office. He had connected his Digital Camera
with his PC and your picture was on the screen. He was
hungarily looking at your picture and said to me
“”Bragy, you have been so nice to me all these years
in India. Now can I ask one last big favour from me
!!!!!!!!!! “” I wondered what it was till he told
that last night he had seen you close enough and as
never before. He did not mutter words to express his
wish to fuck you for which he is prepared to do
whatever it takes. So Sheela, teri to lottery lag gai
!! Tunay kiya jadoo kia goray par ? Wooh sala to
tujhay chodnay ko pagal ho raha hai…….. Mujhay bola
main tujh say baat karon. Sheela main bolnay ja
rahi hoon ki tunay YES kar diay………….

(Her words came to me as shock and I could hardly
believe what I heard. It made me feel again that his
hands are on my shoulder and he is looking at my boobs
and I am holding his huge lund to caress it to full

Bragy, what are you talking…… why are you joking with

No, Sheela, I am not, he called me and asked me to
persuade you somehow. He even indicated that if you
oblige him, he may get a good overseas posting to
Vinod before he leaves.

I was speechless……. Oh no Bragy, I don’t believe my

Believe it honey, to tell you the truth if I had an
opportunity like this, I would not even think twice.

Bragy but I don’t know how Vinod will react to this.

You don’t need to mention it to him. After all the MD
would be gone in two months, and he wants to have
your choot once….. there is nothing to think…. This
is simply win win opportunity.

Bragy, I am nervous… ( I was so excited and myself
wanted him to fuck me, and this was something so
excitingly surprisingly unexpected, that it made my
cunt juices flow like flood water……..) For a minute I
was speechless and perhaps Bragy could only hear my
deep breath and moans…… Bragy was very experienced.
She was very fond of chudia and had been with MD and
perhaps many others. She understood what was going in
my mind……

Sheela, ok, I am going to tell him, you agree and I
will fix the time and place.

Without giving me another moment to react and before I
could say one word, she hung the phone.. Oh my God,
just a few minutes before I was dreaming of the lund
which now in reality wants to fuck me. During these
six years of our married life, I had not fucked any
other person. It was only few times before marriage,
that my college Principal had chodo me that too as a

The surprise, the excitement, the suggestion and the
offer made my heart thumping. All the time I was
debating should I tell Vinod or not, how will he react
to this suggestion. Should I not go ahead with the MD
without telling Vinod, after all it was going to be
once and that he would be gone soon and no one will
ever know. Is it cheating or an opportunity for
grabbing !!! May be some times, Bragy may tell Vinod
or he comes to know and then it will be bad….. I was
so confused…. I did not want to seek advise from Mrs.
Nigam who was always willing to suggest to any one to
jump for such opportunities. Taking Mrs. Nigam would
also mean broadcast of this relationship and she would
then again insist that I let her friend fuck me.

Vinod came early, we went out for dinner and then went
to an English movie. There were lot of love scenes,
we could see couples kissing and hugging and some even
playing with the lunds of their friends or partners
while darkness of the cinema hall provided exciting
scenes. Co-incidentally, the scene was that the Boss
was fucking the wife of one of his office Managers,
the guy would 69 with her, licking the cum of his
boss in his wife’s choot…… it was more than triple
xxx…… Vinod kept hugging me and putting his finger in
my choot and feeling the wet and willing wife.

Reaching home, we were talking about the movie, and
Vinod said, Sheela how would you feel if the girl in
the film was you ? Kissing on boobs, he was trying
to tease me….. I thought this good opening to talk
about the Bragy’s phone, but I let it go and just
smiled and said, yes it would be nice to feel the Lund
of your boss in my choot and you fucking me
afterwards…….. Vinod said, yes, it excites me to
imagine the huge American Lund tearing your choot… He
was hot and hard and still could fuck me as hard and
long as he did on the wedding night. With this
fantasy he was even more exited. I said, OK Vinod, I
am closing my eyes, I am visualizing it to be your MD
who is fucking me, how would you like that…. It
would be very exciting….. We kept on choding for
quite some times and went to sleep, naked, when at
about 10 am, the part time help boy rang the bell. I
quickly put on my gown, hurriedly closing with one
hand and opened the door with another.

Bala, the Bengali servant, who worked part time was
here to do the cleaning. He normally came early but on
Sundays, he would come at 10 am. He was quite
surprised to see me in this condition, smiled and
said, Bibiji kiya bahut busy ho, I can come later. No
no Bala, we were just sleeping. I blushed as I
realized what he meant by me being busy and when he
gave me the morning paper which he had picked from
outside, I extended my hand to take the paper without
realizing that it was the same hand hold the gown
together and I was fully exposed to his view, my
taught boobs and fucked choot with dried stains of my
husbands cum. He was stunned, and the next minute, I
realized what had happened rushed back to my room.

I was a matured married lady of 24 years, and had
never before felt so erotic and so sexy than after
these two events….. one about the Bragy’s phone and
the other about Bala seeing my choot and boobs from as
close as his lund could have touched me…..

After lunch, we sat down to watch TV, when Vinod again
started about the film we saw last night. Then I
asked Vinod, tell me honest if your MD was to fuck me
would you mind my taking his Lund in my choot ? He
was not prepared for this question, looked at me,
leaned to kiss me and said, honey, I love you so much
that any thing even the lund of my MD if it pleases
you, I will not mind……………. I thought that was the
right time to take him in confidence about Bragy’s
message. I narrated every word that I had with Bragy.
Vinod was quite for a minute, then he said, yes
Sheela, it is true that there is a very senior
position in Hong Kong and it would be wonderful if I
could get that. About MD fucking you, Sheela, I leave
it to you…….. considering that he would be gone after
few months and considering that this will be
arrangement very confidential, perhaps you may try
that is only if you really would like that. As for me
I really see no harm in any casual chudai of this
type. I leaned and kissed Vinod. So should I tell
Bragy, YES, Vinod smiled and teased me that perhaps
his Lund is as big as that in the film, so I better be

I was full of excitement and expectation, but I had
decided to not to phone my self. It was not late in
the Monday morning that Bragy’s phone rang,,,, Hi
Hell sweet Sheela, how was the weekend ?

It was fine Bragy, how are you.

I am fine. Sheela, I am sure you know about my chudai
relationship with MD as everyone else knows in the
office, and I really don’t care. Anyway, I was with
him whole of yesterday………… and everytime he would fuck
me, he would ask if I had arranged things with you…..
I would tease him to say that Sheela is scared of
your Lund.

Really Bragy, is he really big ? mmmmmm

Yes Sheela and even at this age, who aisay chodta hai
ki main to mast mast ho jaati hoon and he would go for
almost hours…..

Bragy, then you must be very sore….. poor darling
Bragy….. I wished I could soothe your choot with my
kisses…. (we laughed)

Ok, Sheela, to theek hai na. Main good news MD ko
batati hoon…………Sheela maan gai……

Tum jaisa bolo Bragy…… magar no one should know about
it…. Bragy I am nervous …. I don’t know Bragy what
to say …. My words were uncoherant and I could weakly
utter these words.

Good girl Sheela, I am sure you are going to enjoy it
and it is going to be good for you and Vinod.

I hope so….. but Bragy dear, I am very very nervous,
and I hope it is going to very discreet and once only.

Bragy knew that once Sheela has tasted the MD’s lund,
she would be begging for more of it.

Now listen, Sheela, I will come and pick you up today
at 12 am, so get ready. And yes, MD wants you to wear
the same Saree and same blouse with same half cup

My God Bragy, he even noticed the bra I was wearing

Yes who to tujhay chodnay ko mara ja raha hai …..the
way he was begging me, I had never seen him so wanting
during these five years. He had so many choots both
in the office and outside but you Sheela seem to have
done some magic on his LUND.

OK Bragy, I am still very nervous, and please make
sure Vinod ko pata na chalay. Please. Tum fikr na
karo Sheela. .

She hung the phone, I went for shower, it was already
half past ten, and I had lots of things to do. Mera
dil zore zore say dharak raha tha. Choot main halka
halka dhak dhak bhi ho raha tha. The excitement and
the apprehension and the fear and ……I started the
preparation by first waxing my choot, to make it
soft and clean like velvet (Perhaps Bragy had once
told me he liked to lick shaved pussies)….. I soaked
my body in my imported body lotion, wearing the black
laced panty and the half cup bra, dressed up,
impatiently and eagerly for what was going to happen.

I went to Kitchen to tell Bala, that he should make
the food and clean the utensils and then go away
keeping the food in the fridge.

OK mem shaheb, you are looking very good today… kaheen
special program hai kiya ?

Chal, tujhsay kiya matlab , tu apna kaam kar.

I don’t know if he had meaning in his question or was
it just simple inquiry… but it made me blush with
guilty feeling. Looking at his face, I realized only
yesterday he had seen me all naked. First time I saw
him as a man, well built perhaps well endowed too.
Before more vicious thoughts could enter my mind, I
went back to my bedroom, selected the hand bag, just
when my mobile rang. It was Bragy downstairs in her
car, waiting for me. I am on my way Bragy…. My heart
was beating fast, my face was perhaps red with guilt,
excitement and the nervousness of the fucking going to
come. Shaadi kay baad pahli baar kisi say chudwani ja
rahi thi….. aur who bhi Vinod ki marzi say …….

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I locked my bedroom, and went to stairs. Bragy was
waiting. Bragy smiled welcoming me and as we drove,
she said, she was so happy that I agreed. Bragy said
it was an opportunity any women would jump at, so you
are lucky Sheela that MD’s eyes fell on your boobs
which are his weak point and he was so mad at the look
of your boobs almost entirely visible from your black
laced bra, that if he does not chodo you perhaps he
will die . He knows that it may be very long before
he is able to get another Indian choot. Bragy drove
to the five star hotel, left the car at the valet and
we went direct to the lift as she had already
collected the key of the room so that no one sees us
accidently. We went to the seventh floor and walked
to the room. Bragy opened the door, where MD was
already sitting watching TV and sipping his whisky
waiting for SHEELA.

MD rose from his chair, smiled and embraced me in his
arms, kissing me impatiently on my ear, neck and
cleavage. He then said, Sheela, I am glad you agreed,
I am so happy and Bragy thank you for convincing
Sheela to let me have her choot. Here is my little
gift for you in appreciation of your co-operation. He
took out a gold chain and put it on Bragy’s neck…..
smiling turned to me, and said, Sheela would you like
to eat something first ? Ab meri sharam kam ho rahi
thi, main nay red lip stick lagay huay honto par jaban
phertay hua kaha, what do you mean by FIRST ? He
again embraced me and kissed me this time running his
hand on my boobs. Sir you seem to be very
impatient….. Hey Sheela, call me Jim, “TUM BAHUT ACHA
HAI”…… now tell me what are you going to do for me

What I am going to do ? I am going to make you the
happiest man today…. Then turning towards Bragy, I
said, would you like to join us Bragy ?

You go ahead, and perhaps I may join later…….

I approached JIM, kissing again on his lips and
inserting my tongue in his mouth like I had seen girls
doing in Blue Films…. I ran one hand on his buldging
crotch …….. Jim was holding me in his strong arms and
could feel his lund touching my choot…… Jim hold on
for a minute, I don’t have a spare saree……….I was
already unwrapping my saree, and unhooked my blouse,
lowering my petticoat……. I let the half cup bra and
black lace panty stay to tease Jim …… Sheela why
don’t you remove these too……….

No no no, let me first see my merchandise……… reaching
Jims pant, I unzipped and and unbuttoned to let it
drop on the floor. I put my hand inside his underwear
to take the hard lund, so eager to enter my choot. He
had removed his shirt and vest by now and was
completely naked with his rod red like burning fire..
he reminded me of the lund I saw in the film, Jim was
no less than that. Bragy was sitting watching us,
uska haath uski shalwar main tha aur wo apni choot say
khel rahi thee.

I stooped pushing Jim in the sofa, and held his Lund
in my mouth. My tongue was circling the gorgeous head
of his red shining lund. Bragy was naked by now and
stood in front of Jim for him to lick her choot. Jim
rose and poured a glass of whisky and offered me and
another to Bragy, I was reluctant as I rarely took
whisky. Jim diluted it with some water and we sipped
it. I would sip the whisky and then suck his Lund,
Jim then put his lund in the whisky and asked me to
suck it, wow, it was even better….. we now went to
the bed, and asked Jim, who is going to take the
control ? Jim was obviously very pleased that I was
co-operating more than he expected perhaps…. Bragy sat
on the sofa, naked, watching us play and obviously
she too was very pleased because she could arrange to
have the plan of his boss fulfilled.

I asked Jim to lye on his back and I rode on him,
putting the clit on his throbbing lund and guiding
with one hand started rubbing it, it was giving
immense pleasure to both of us…. Then I put the head
of the lund on the entrance of my choot and pressed
slightly for it to enter, hardly it had entered that I
started circling my hips …… he was very eager to go
all inside. Hi Jim how do you like it, tell me now
how you want it, Sheela I want to go all inside you…..
and fuck you. Really Jim, I would love you to tear my
choot apart with your huge lund. Jim was so
impatient by now that he held me and rolled on me
pinning me on the bed and there it goes, all bang and
blast, his huge Lund was in me, pressing in and out
like locomotive……. I was uttering all the obscene
words, fuck me Jim, fuck me like you never fucked
before, fuck me ,fuck me fuck, fuck…….. oh Jim you are
marvelouse……….. Jim why the hell did you deny me this
bliss for so long…… oh my mother, your lund is playing
havoc with my choooooooot… .ohhhhhhhhhhhh… Jimmmm
mmmmm you waited so long to have my choot. Vinod
is working in company for about six years now…. Yes
it is my bad luck, I never saw you close enough
except that day, when I could see your boobs, and
Bragy knows, that drives me crazy. I really feel
sorry that I would be gone in two months. I wished we
had more opportunity……. And hoh oh oh, he was pumping
hard, and I guessed he was about to come…….oh Jim, you
are killing me, please, please, let me drink your cum,
he then took his shining red lund from my choot and I
wasted no time to take it in my mouth where started
shooting his cum filling me to choking. He then took
his lund out and took the whisky glass and put the
remaining cum, floating on the whisky and offered me
to drink it……… I had already taken few sips before,
but the sight of whisky with floating cum, made me try
it……… I took few sips and then Jim took it back from
me and washed his lund in it and gave to Bragy to
drink it…………. Bragy said, Jim you know I don’t take
it neat, jim then took the glass back and asked me to
piss in the glass to fill it. We were all becoming
real wild, I pissed in the glass and filled another
glass with my remaining piss. Jim drank my piss and
Bragy drank the one with whisky………… Jim said, why
don’t you order something to eat after which we do our
second session. Bragy phoned the service for some
sandwitches and juices and sat waiting for them to
arrive. Jim continued to play with choot on the bed,
and I was playing with his limp lund. Jim was all the
time saying how sorry he was for leaving after knowing
about my choot. Then said, Sheela, is it possible
that we chodo daily till I leave ? Oh no Jim, Vinod
does not know about it, and it will be difficult for
me to manage to be away daily from house. In the
meantime the mobile rang, it was Vinod. I picked up
the phone, and he inquired if every thing was ok, I
said, yes Vinod, I have purchased everything and now I
am going to the vegetable store and would be back home
in about an hour or two and then I will phone you.
Closing the phone, I smiled at Jim, see it was Vinod,
asking where I was. He thinks I am doing shopping
but Jim I am really happy that I could get the courage
to say yes, and I was so nervous, now I am so pleased
to have lund like yours, that I wonder if I will ever
in my life have such a joyous time.

Jim was still thinking how to fuck me daily……..
Sheela, I want to have your choot daily, at least as
many times as I can, before I leave….. please find
some way….. I looked at him and said, yes Jim so would
I love, perhaps you can think of something. Then
bearer at the door knocked, Bragy got up, still naked
and went to open the door, I was too shy, I covered my
face with the bedsheet. The bearer came inside kept
the items, presented to bill to sign. Jim gave tip
and signed the paper. I was shocked that both Bragy
and Jim were naked and did not care about the Bearer.
I asked Bragy in Hindi, Tujhay sharam naheen lagi,
nangi bearay kay samnay…. Who boli, sharam ki kiya
baat hai, wo o to din raat yey dekhta rahta hai….. aur
agar tum uska lund dekh lo to tum bhi choot khool kay
uskay samnay ho jaooooooo……

Jim offered me a sandwitch, we ate, joked and laughed
and soon after we had finished eating that Jim started
getting hard, looked at me and smiled to say, Sheela,
see this naughty fellow, he too wants something to
eat……. Yes Jim, sure, you should not keep him
starved, let me kiss the good boy. I took hold of his
lund, and no sooner had I touched the shining rod that
it came to life and was hard again, eager to go for
another session of chudai. This time I decided to
give him oral, and started sucking and circling my
tongue around, closing my lips around and causing a
vacuum around the lund. This was very exciting, and
Jim was telling Bragy, see how nice Sheela does the
blowjob, she is really greatest choot I have had in
five years in India…. Bragy smiled, Jim why worry,
you can visit her any time and perhaps in their new
assignment………. She left the sentence incomplete…….

We continued to fuck and at about 3 pm, I washed,
dressed up, thanked Jim for the nice time, Jim gave me
a beautiful gold necklace, like the one he gave to
Bragy and said, Sheela before you go, promise me when
I am going to have you again ? Jim believe you me, I
am much much more eager enjoy your lund and let me
figure out how can it be managed….. We shook hands,
Jim kissed me again on my cleavage, asked me kiss his
lund before he puts him back in his pant…….. I did
it. Bragy drove me back to my house, she seemed very
pleased too. We were joking and laughing and Bragy was
teasing me all the way to give extra care to my choot
as she is going to be under heavy usage in coming
days…….. Reaching my apartment, I rang up Vinod, who
was anxious to know about my first sex experience
outside, perhaps more about his new assignment…… I
said everything was fine and I will tell the details
when he is back home. Perhaps he will have to be
contend with my description because my choot is very
very tired…….

Bala had cleaned the house and gone back. Now he would
come next morning. After my experience, my thoughts
kept wandering around so many things, including Bala,
how he stared at my naked body and how he asked if
“bibi ji arr u busy”….. and “r u going for something,
special”…. I started interpreting everything sexually
and suddenly my attitude changed. Mrs. Nigam lived
in the next block, and no soon that I had returned she
came and rang the bell. I was not in mood to
entertain anyone as I was tired and wanted to close my
eyes and think of Jims lund and nothing else.
Reluctantly I opened the door to find that it was Mrs.
Nigam. She came in, oh, Sheela where have you been, I
came here so many times, I wanted to tell you
something, but you were not here. Your servant Bala
told me you had gone somewhere with your friend. She
was all excited and perhaps bursting to tell me
something. Yes Mrs. Nigam, I had to go with my friend
for some work. Bolo kiya pet main pak raha hai ? You
know Sheela, your servant, Bala, he is great chodo.
Mrs. Bhojani who lives in the building behind mine, I
caught Bala choding her when I went to her house, she
had forgotten to lock the door, and inside what I saw
was Bala and his donkey like lund in Mrs.
Bhojani………ma, who kitney besharam hai. Main wapas
anay lagi to boli, Mrs. Nigam, ab aa gai hai to baith
ja, Bala tumhari seva bhi kar dega. Sheela I never
thought so about this boy. Has he ever done this with
you ? I was not in mood for these at this time so I
snubbed her and told her, Mrs. Nigam why don’t you go
and enjoy Bala’s gadhay jaisa lund, and leave me
alone. I am not interested. Perhaps she did not know
that I was going for another class. Not encouraged,
she left, I went to my room, and started wondering
about Bala’s lund and the event of the day………. I
went to sleep, to be awakened by Vinod’s kiss on my
chuchi…. Half asleep, I said, oh Jim, not again…… I
turned myself to other side and kept sleeping. After
making tea, Vinod , woke me again. Seeing him, I got
up, washed my face and sat for the tea. I was silent,
so was he, none knew how to start …… Then Vinod said,
were you dreaming about your adventure? beause when I
kissed your choochi, yu said, no Jim not again, did he
hurt you too much ? I blushed, oh no, Vinod,
darling, and then I narrated everything in detail…..
as my description continued, his lund started rising,
taking it out, he asked, Sheela is Jim bigger than
this ? Yes Vinod, he is much bigger than this, he
really tore my choot, if it was not for you, I would
never would have let him fuck me….. Oh, Sheela,
come on, don’t put it on me, you enjoyed it did you
not ? Yes I did enjoy but all the time I though of you
and that you would not mind it. No Sheela, honey,
don’t feel guilty, I did permit you, yes I have no
objection, it is your choot enjoy it anyway you
like………. He kissed me again. We sipped tea had a
shower thereafter, watched TV and went for an early

Next day I was wondering how to handle Jim’s request
for more fucks ? Should I tell Vinod ? Will it be OK ?
I even phoned Bragy, to thank for yesterday and said,
it was because of her that she enjoyed the day. I
said, Bragy darling please make sure Vinod does not
know about it. Sheela, Vinod is going to find it out
once he sees your swollen reddened choot, he sure is
going to ask who did that….. she laughed and then
said, hey Sheela, did you consider of what Jim asked
you. I said, Bragy, I will be very happy only I need
to figure out how. Then Bragy said, Jim was very
happy yesterday, all the time he was cursing himself
why he did not spot you earlier……… he even asked me,
Bragy what a lovely girl, why did she skip my eyes ?
I was very flattered by these remarks. And said Bragy,
would you suggest some way to come about this ? Bragy
said, don’t worry, Jim will himself figure out some
way. We chatted for sometime. She even teased me
saying, Sheela are you not going to miss his Lund once
he is gone ? My poor girl, don’t worry, I will try to
get you another one , may be you can try that now ?
Oh, no Bragy,don’t joke. I am happy with my Vinod’s.
Really Sheela, why don’t you then share his lund with
me ? I will come tomorrow for him to chodo me, will
it be ok ? She was teasing me….. hey Bragy, perhaps
someone is call waiting, so bye bye and keep me
informed if some idea comes up. No soon I had hung
the phone that it rang again and it was Vinod…I told
Vinod I was talking with Bragy and she was telling me
Jim was very very pleased. Vinod said, yes Sheela, I
can make that out, because he called me in the morning
and said there is position vacant in Hong Kong, as the
Manager has resigned is leaving soon, so will I be
interested in filling that position. Sheela, I could
understand how happy you had made him for this offer
to come so soon. Obviously I said, yes Sir, as you
consider fit. He then called me again little while
ago and said that he had spoken with the Head Office
and they accept your nomination and asked if you could
go there and meet the outgoing Manager to understand
the work and then come back to take the family and
formally join. So hun, I am so excited… Hearing
this, I thought that bastard Jim has himself managed
our chudai opportunity by sending Vinod to Hongkong
now. Bragy’s phone was next to ring, she said, Jim
wants to talk to you. I said, yes put him on, Hello
Sheela, thankyou for all the things you did yesterday.

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Don’t mention it Jim, it is OK, it my my pleasure as
well, in fact for me this was a wonderful day. As you
know this was my first experience outside our
marriage, and wow, I thoroughly enjoyed it…..Jim you
are so endowed any girl would be lucky to be with you.
I am still filled with thrill you gave and the
pleasure is so lasting….. Jim, you have such a royal

Glad you liked it…… it is all yours ha ha ha ha
….Sheela my love my desire……..

You know your husband has been posted in Hongkong, he
has to go as soon as possible to take charge. So it
now depends on you when you can send him to Hongkong
so that our chudai could continue.

I waited to sound as if this was a news though Vinod
had already told me…… Oh, Jim, I cannot believe you,
you are so sweet, I must thankyou in very special way
for this….

Yes Sheela, my lund is still hard and wanting to go in
your choot and perhaps for some special treatment
too….. he laughed

Oh, Jim I never thought you so much liked my choot,
Jim thank you, you will not find me lacking in
satisfying you, and yes I will try to pack him soon
and perhaps he can fly this week.

Today was Tuesday and I suggested Vinod to take
Thursday flight so that he spends one day in office
with one weekend to get familiarized before starting
for the taking over of the charge. I was dying to go
for Jim’s lund and wanting it as soon as possible,
though Vinod was no obstruction, we still pretended
that he is ignorant about what was going between his
wife and his MD.

The program was that Vinod would be in Hongkong for
two weeks and would then return for two weeks and then
leave permanently for his new position. We further
decided to vacate our house early next week which
happened to be the 1st of the month and shift to a
Hotel. This arrangement was great as it would work
well with Jim too and we will be able to fuck freely.
When I told Jim, he was simply delighted.

The news of our transfer spread quickly in our
compound and all the ladies started coming for asking
us for dinner and farewell. Mrs. Nigam as usual was
first…… hi Sheela, I am very happy you are going to a
nice place but very sorry we will your company….. and
when Kumarji learns about your going he will be so sad
because he was very eager to have your choot. Sheela,
meri jaan, ek baar tu uss say chudwa lay janay say
pahlay phir kahan ham kahan tum………. She made her last
effort to persuade me for the chudia. Seeing her
insistance, I said, Mrs. Nigam but I have never seen
him, I don’t even know him…… this delighted Mrs. Nigam
as she knew that this is the softening of my attitude.
Don’t worry, I will call him this evening and we will
come to your house and then if you like, only then you
can let him chodo you.. No Mrs. Nigam, don’t bring
him here, I will come to your apartment. Mrs. Nigam
embraced me kissing my boobs and putting caressing
hands on my choot.

I was regretting why did I agree to go to Mrs. Nigam,
I was carried by her persuasion, so I decided ok, I
will go but I will not do the chudai, little knowing
that once a woman takes one step, remaining steps are
difficult to with-hold. At seven pm, Mrs. Nigam
phoned impatiently reminding me , so I got ready and
went to her apartment. Compound was lit with scattered
light, most children had gone home and not many
persons were around. She lived in the next building
and it was just two three minute walk. She was so glad
to see me, Kumarji was already waiting. She
introduced me with Kumarji, Sheela yeh meray bahut
puranay dost hain, tumsay milnay ki bahut ichha hai.
Jabsay tumko meray ghar last Dewali par dekha tha, us
time say meray pechay thay. Chal aaj iski piyas
bujhaday….. Mrs. Nigam are other ladies not coming ?
No, Sheela, I did not invite anyone because I wanted
you to meet Kumarji alone. She got up saying that she
will bring tea for us went to the kitchen leaving us
alone. I was feeling very awkward as never before I
had met a strange man like this. Kumarji was a young
handsome looking person clad in white kurta and dhoti,
perhaps he was Gujrati business man. Sheelaji,
thankyou for agreeing to meet me, I had great liking
for you as Mrs. Nigam may have told you. I kept
looking at him. He was softly speaking, Sheelaji, let
me be frank, I like you, and would like if we could be
friends. But only you really like. He kept on
praising my body, my dress, my hands. Mrs. Nigam
entered the living room with a tray of tea and
biscuits etc. and she kept it on the table in front of
the sofa on which Kumarji was sitting. Mrs. Nigam
said, Sheela please pour tea for yourselves and I
will be back in few minutes. I moved to the sofa and
made tea for Kumarji, while taking tea, he
intentionally touched my hand and peeped in my
cleavage like Jim had done. I sat next to him on the
sofa and poured tea for myself. Kumarji picked up a
biscuit and offered for me to take a bite, and after
that he ate the remaining……. Mrs. Nigam appeared
again, and said, Sheela why don’t you both come to the
other room where we have TV so we could watch program
and have tea. Before I could say anything, Kumarji
rose and I had to follow him, the other room was the
bedroom where TV was playing some music. Kumarji sat
on the bed and pulled me on him, I could hardly resist
as I fell on his lap and felt his hard lund beneath.
Kumarji aap kiya kar rahay ho…….. cha to pee lo.
Mrs. Nigam came to rescue, and said, Kumarji you had
promised not do anything unless Sheela herself wanted.
So agar tum chodnay kay mood may ho, to main aati
hoon, magar Sheela ko haath na lagao. Mrs. Nigam took
her shirt and shalwar off, and came to me to help her
unhook her bra. This was driving me crazy and my
choot was already getting wet and warm. I opened the
hook, releasing her big chuchi. Kumarji had already
taken off his dhoti and kurta, and when I saw his
lund, it was no smaller than Jim’s but only it was
dark in colour and uncut. Sitting on the bed with
eyes opened, I was watching them choding, Mrs. Nigam
calling me to join. Then Kumarji rose and came to me,
saying aap sharam bahut karti ho, agar apna kapra
naheen utarti to naa utar, meray lund ko piyar ko kar
lay. Involuntarily my mouth opened and I grabbed his
lund in my lips…. Mrs. Nigam was quick to take my
blouse and saree off which I did not resist, and now I
was also naked….. Kumarji pulled me on the bed, and
without wasting any time, he pointed his huge lund and
entered in my wanting choot………… and true to what Mrs.
Nigam had said, he was a wonderful fuck. I was now
very excited and wanted his lund to fuck me, I opened
my legs, pushing with hand his lund deep inside my
choot, once it was gone, I squeezed my choot, and
Kumarji was enjoying his lund in and out…….oh oh oh oh
oh, Sheelaji oh oh I am so heavenly now, you are
wonderful………. Oh oh oh oh, mmmmmmmmmmm. Oh yes
Kumarji, aur kas kas kay chodo, aaj meri choot ki
salon ki piyas bujha day, Saro Chod…. Kumarji kept on
running like a shaft in and out for so long, I could
discharge several times…….. Kumarji then ejaculated
inside me, his white semen flowing out of my choot, he
was still holding his lund inside me. Mrs. Nigam was
obviously very pleased that she managed to persuade me
in over two or three years of effort and how much I
was enjoying the huge gadhay ka lund inside me. She
was waiting for licking Kumarji’s cock to clean. We
both ejaculated together with enormous orgasm …. He
slowly took his lund out and I lay there motionless
having been exhausted after such a fuck which beated
even Jim. Mrs. Nigam was sucking Kumarji when I got
up and took my clothes to go to the bathroom to wash
and dress up, as I had to go home and do lots of
packing etc. When I returned, I saw Mrs. Nigam on her
belly and Kumarji choding her Gand….. I had never seen
or done it, it excited me…. Kumarji, asked me join and
if I wanted my Gaand to be chodoed by his lund. If it
was not getting late, I would have tried but I waited
for them to finish. I then left for my apartment.

Several phones were in my missed call list, including
that of Vinod and Jim. First I called long distance
and spoke with my dear considerate husband, he had
just reached Hongkong and was checking in the hotel.
He teased me to take care of my choot and promised to
phone me tomorrow. I then rang Jim, he told me that my
room has been booked in the Hotel and that I could
move there this Sunday and then vacate the existing
flat on the first. I thanked Jim, and said, Jim, I am
dying to see you again, that day with you was so
wonderful, I cannot wait long to enjoy it again. Jim
was flattered. Yes Sheela, same here, I will see you
in your Hotel on Sunday at Lunch.

I was tired and was not in mood to prepare dinner and
was looking if there is anything in the fridge. It
was about 10 pm………. The events of the past days were
coming again and again in my mind. How easily I
agreed to chudai with Kumarji and Jim… I was wondering
suddenly the lunds have become such irrestible
attraction for me.

This was the first night after our marriage that Vinod
is not here. I changed my dress, and put on nightie
and (I did not wear bra or panty in the night) and
proceeded to the kitchen to find something to eat,
then someone rang the bell. Who could this be at
this time, I peeped through the hole and saw Bala
standing. I was surprised as he slept in another
apartment and I don’t know why he was here at this
time. I opened the door with surprised expression,
Bala, tum is time yahan kiya kar rahay ho. Bibiji,
Saheb bola tum akela hoga to tum bahar gallery main
so jana. Bibiji meray ko ek chadar day do. Agar koi
kaam ho to bula lena. Saying this last part of his
sentence he gazed at my almost transparent dress which
even showed the details of my boob and choot. I
brought a chadar from inside and said Bala why don’t
you sleep in the kitchen or living room there is no
fan outside and it is quite hot. Thek hai Bibiji aap
jaisa bologi waisa ok hai. His eyes were still
naughty and suddenly what Mrs. Nigam had told about
Bala and Mrs. Bhojani came to my mind. I said, Bala
if Saheb ji told you to sleep here, why are you coming
so late ? Bibiji, Bala said, I came here at about 8
but you were not home so I waited downstairs and then
I saw you coming from Mrs. Nigams house so I came. Yes
but I came more than half an hour ago. Bibiji, when I
saw you coming from Mrs. Nigam, I waited to see who
else was there. So Bala you are trying to spy on me ?
No no Bibiji, it is not that. But I want to say
something if you don’t mind. Yes Bala, what ? Mrs.
Nigam is not good lady, so you don’t go to her house.
How do you know she is not good lady. Bibiji, I am
poor man, I go to many houses for part time.

And you also go to Mrs. Bhojani, I interposed.

So, Mrs. Nigam told you about it….. see Bibiji, I am a
poor man and if any mem saheb asks me to do something,
how can I refuse. His eyes were lower as he uttered

OK, what else you know about Mrs. Nigam ? Bibiji she
is not good. She supplies girls for rich people.
Bibiji, don’t tell anyone that I told you, she entices
innocent girls and then makes them do wrong things
with men and once they do it then it become difficult
for them to stop and then she also provides the girls
to customers in Hotels and other places. I know her
since I was a small kid, Bibiji, and one more thing I
want to tell you, if you don’t mind……

Go ahead Bala, I will not mind anything. I realized
the double meaning of what I said and perhaps Bala
also as he smiled and then said, Bibiji, the Kumarji
who comes to her house is biggest supplier of women to
film and other Seths. I was stunned…………. I was silent
and scared the trap I was falling to, but perhaps, it
was good that I was leaving.

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Ok, Bala, now I want to
eat something before I go to sleep. OK Bibiji I will
make fresh roti for you and there is some vegetable in
the fridge. Aap kahan lengi, table per or bedroom
main, aap jahan per bolengi wahn per mein laga doonga.
Perhaps this was his turn to be double
meaning….. Bala, tu garam to kar phir dekhangay kahan
lagaana hai aur kahan lena hai. He went off to the kitchen.
I got up to go to wash room. As in the washroom, I saw myself in the
mirror and realized how naked I was in this flimsy
dress which was hardly hiding anything, and I was
sitting in front of Bala in this dress….. I put on
another shirt and shalwar and came in the bedroom.
Bala had brought the tray which he kept on the table
and sat down on the carpet. It was my habit to put on
TV while eating in the bedroom, so I asked Bala,
please take the remote of the TV and switch on. He
switched it on. We were yesterday watching the porno
cd and when he switched on the TV, two black men with
huge lunds appeared on the TV one entering a women
from the front while the other holding his in front of
her mouth……………. Bala, I shouted, give me the remote,
what is this you put on. Bibiji I have only switched
it on. I was blushing and very embarrassed and changed
the channel from CD to the music. There was silence
for few minutes, my mind was filled with strange
thoughts…… lots things had happened during this one
week. I had Jims lund and Kumarjis lund, and still my
choot was hungry…… Bala broke the silence, bibiji do
you want anything else ? No, Bala, thank you. The food
is very good. Bibiji ek baat aur poncho, but mind to
naheen karogi…… no Bala, go ahead I told you I will
not mind anything. Ok, bibiji, I heard sahebji is
leaving Mumbai. Bibiji you are the nicest bibiji in
the compound and I will be very sad. Tears started
rolling his cheeks. Bibiji tum mera ko bahut yaad
aoogi. I thought of teasing him, why will you temember
me, you have Mrs. Bhojani and many others…….. no
bibiji. There is no comparison. They ask me ten
times then only I go. But you are different. Really
? you mean I don’t need to ask you for something ten
times. No Bibiji, for you I can do anything…. You are
very different. Bala, do you do this with Mrs.
Bhojani daily ? (Now we were talking sex indirectly)
No Bibiji, she pays me 200 or 300 rupees for doing
this to her and once or twice every month. Do all
other bibijis pay you the same ? Bibiji I am poor
man, I take whatever they give me……… but if someone
is good as you, then I don’t expect anything. What
do you mean Bala ? He looked at me and oh, Bibiji, why
did you change the dress. Why Bala, you don’t like me
in this dress ? I changed because that was too

Yes Bibiji but it looked good…… should I bring it for
you to put it on again ?

Why you want to see me in that dress……..

Yes bibiji, if you don’t mind, bibiji I have already
seen more of you that day when you wore the dressing
gown and took newspaper from me, so why not put on
your usual sleeping dress. My half filled desire
for lund was driving me for chudai with Bala, and I
thought why not, after all in a month I would be gone,
so ………..

I smiled and said, OK Bala, if you want I will change
the dress, aaj jaisay teri marji. Happily he went to
the bathroom and brought the dress and stood there.
You go out or you want me change the dress in your
presence. I will close my eyes, you change your
dress. He pretended to close his eyes as I took off
my shirt and lowered my Shalwar and then he opened his
eyes,,,,,,,,, oh sorry Bibiji, I thought you had
changed the dress. But you look good even like this.
Bala you are becoming very naughty, Mrs. Bhojani has
taught you bad things. But Bibiji your body is much
more beautiful than her body also because she is much
older and she does it with many men so her “those
things” are not as good as yours. Bala you will have
to promise me that you will not tell anything to Vinod
Babu or anybody. Promise bibiji, I will not tell
anyone…….. he leaned towards me, took my hand and
placing his hand, PROMISE……… then he grabbed my
chochi and said aapke in mote-mote mammo ki kasam, and for more promise bibiji, he
put his hand on choot and pressing his finger on the
erect clito, here again said aur aapki is pyai si chut ki bhi kasam……… aur Bibiji………. I
smiled. Then Bala said bibiji you will have to
promise something too…. You will also not tell Vinod
Babu that he asked me to sleep here. In fact when I
had seen your cream like choot and beautiful chochis
when your gown had accidently opened while taking the
newspaper, I had decided to chodo you and this
presented good opportunity. When I saw Kumarji going
to Mrs. Nigams flat and then I saw you going there, I
started getting erection because I knew that tum
Kumarji say chudwani ja rahi ho, kyonki main janta tha ki mrs. nigam kumarji se tumhari chut chudwaye bina tumhe wahan se aane nahi dengi.
Then only I thought that I must ………….

Oh Bala tum to bahut numberi nikla, I also wanted to
have your lund in my choot when I heard you were
choding Mrs. Bhojani. I also felt jealous that Bala
is my servant and his lund is being used by others.

Acha Bala, ab tum so ja, main bhi bahut tired hoon..
Kal tera wada pura karongi. yawning I said, now is the
time to sleep, go and sleep and I also need to sleep.
I have changed the dress to fulfill your desire now
you can also change and sleep. Bibiji, I don’t change
to another dress like you people, I sleep in this
dress, only I take off my shirt in the night. OK, so
take off you shirt. Bala took his shirt out to reveal
a robust mascular chest full of hair and wide
shoulder….. I was stunned to see. I could see his
lund’s outline in his pajama which was no more covered
with shirt. My stare at his lund was bringing life in
it was getting hard. I was so worked up that I got up
from the bed, came to Bala, opened his pajama dropping
it on the floor and took his now fully erect lund in
my hand. Now Bala, this is my turn to make the
promise. Naked we lay on the bed on which Vinod had
chodoed me thousand times, but tonight the excitement
of sin was greater than ever. Without going into
games, I made Bala lie on his back and squatting on my
knees positioned my choot against his lund (this was
my favourite style …. This is how I had Jims lund
during our first chudai). Bala was fucking me like a
robot, he was strong mascular and the smell of his
sweat was very exciting. Bibiji, are you liking my
lund ? Is it better than Kumarji’s , Bibiji, I will
fuck you daily, promise me, to let chodo you daily
till you go. He was uttering all wildest things and
making me cum one after other. He came in my choot
twice filling it to trickle. I kissed on his lips,
and slept naked together like I slept with Vinod.

Early morning breakfast started not with morning tea
but with morning fresh lund of Bala…. He had inserted
it in my choot even before I was awoke and it was his
heavy pumping of his lund in my already fucked choot……
the white linen on the bed was littered with Bala’s
cum, some dry some still wet showing how many times he
fucked me that night. We both were awake now, Bala
and I looked at each other smiled, and I said, now
Bala, Mrs. Bhojani gave you 200, how much do I have to
pay you……. Bala smiled and said, Bibiji this lund is
yours for ever whenever and wherever you would want it
he will be ready to serve you. As far Mrs. Bhojani or
all other women who use my services, they ask me fuck
first in their choots and then in their gaands…… you
are the first Bibiji who has not yet been fucked by me
in your Gaand………. How about a Lund and Gaand session
before I make breakfast for you. Bala was as wild as
I and but neither Vinod nor Jim had ever fucked me in
my Gaand and I thought why not try this as well…..
Bala mera wada aaj raat bhar Gaand main chodna magar
abhi main bahut tired hoon aur abhi mujhay bahut kaam
karna hai, I held his half limp lund, planted my
kisses and walked to the wash room, as Bala put on his
pajama and shirt and proceded to Kitchen to make
breakfast ….

Our packing was done, the packing company had already
surveyed the house and next morning I had to shift to
the Hotel where I would stay till my departure to
Hongkong. Departing is always emotional. Of all the
lunds that my choot had enjoyed so far, I suppose
Bala’s was the best. I told him to stay on after
dinner so that I could have his lund all night let him
deflower my gaand to my hearts delight. Bala was
always so willing and was happy to stay for the all
night chudai of his favourite choot, though sad on my

I phoned Jim to meet in the Hotel for lunch (he knew
the menu), I showered and dressed up and proceeded for
another fulfillment for my Lund hungary choot.

Returning, fully exhausted, by about sunset, I needed
hot shower and early sleep. I had given key of the
apartment to Bala, who was already here when I
returned. I proceeded to my room for shower while
Bala was still in the kitchen, when I took off all my
dress and called him, fully naked to surprise him or
may be for his farewell gift. He really was
delighted to see me all naked, freshly bathed,
droplets falling off my long hairs, clean satin finish
choot shining with pre-cum pearls………all this was too
much for Bala, and he took no more than a few seconds
to take his shirt off and drop his Pyjama revealing
his gorgous lund, my most favourite. I held him tight
in my embrace, kissing him and feeling his long hard
lund pressing against my belly.. His body smelled his
sweat, onion and garlic which made me want more of
him. Bala, hurry and put your lund all inside my
hungry choot and virgin Gaand, and do not end choding
till morning. Bala aaj raat bhar jee karkay chod….
Mujhay tera lund bahut yaad ayaga…. Oh Bala.. teri
bibi kitni bhagwan hogi ? He too was very excited,
and said yes I will delight you so much tonight that
you never forget my lund all you life. I was holding
his lund in my mouth vacuuming it and circling my
tongue around his huge top. The taste of dried piss
and saltish sweat on his lund was tastier than any
thing in the world. Bibiji this is our last night
together so let me do some special chudai. You just
lye here and let me massage your choot before I fuck
it, this is special chudai for you. He picked my
Johnson crème and started rubbing on my choot and my
thighs and then asked me turn on my belly.. He was now
massaging my gaand and often would insert his finger
in my gaand. He had once mentioned that he would like
to fuck me in my gaand, and I too wanted to have his
lund in gaand though I had never been fucked in my
Gaand. Slowly he brought his lund near my asshole and
started circling on the entrance using his finger with
lots of oil…. With some finger fuck, my gand was ready
to take his lund, oh, Bala, jaldi kar, mujhay chod and
meri gaand bhi maar, aaj jo marji ho kar. Tujhay agar
gaand ka itna shauq hai to Vinod babu ki bhi gaand
marna……His lund was now in my gaand and because of his
experience, I did not have much of pain and now with
few jerks in and out, I was enjoying this new
experience. Bala, chod kas kay chod…… Aaj bulalay
apnay saray doston ko bhi meri chodnay ko bula ………..
maza aa gaya. No my lund is enough but if you still
need more lunds, I will all my friends put their lunds
in your choot. Bibiji you promise that whenever you
come to India, tum mera lund zaroor lena……..
yesssssssss yessssss Bala, yesssssss, abhi aur
chood, yesssss mmmmmm, mar gai bala, tera to itna acha
lund hai………khoob chod……….. Bala discharged inside my
gaand and let his lund remain there to limp, now he
was slowly pulling it out and often pushing it in…
this was so wonderful….. Bala, bala, bala, salay
madarchod tum itnay saal say idhar hai, fucking Mrs.
Bhojani and all the women of the compound but never
let me enjoy you lund. Madarchod, tum ko punish
milaga. Meri gaand phir chodo……. I never knew this
was so enjoyable….. now I am going to have Jim put his
lund in gaand also……. I was so excited that I did not
know what I was uttering. Bala said who is this Jim
Bibiji. Is he the Vinod ji ka boss ? Chup Bala, tu
jaada mat bole, Chod. Koi baat naheeen bibiji, all
Bibijis apnay saheb kay boss say chudwati hain……….
But that is American lund……

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dear frds,
this is only the half story. waiting for yr response. if i will get gud response i will post the remaining prt very early.

p.s. btw in the lateral part sheela will be fucked by all and sundry including hotel waiters and bala's frnds.

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pl updt I like it vry much!!!

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I like

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