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34 Animation Ebooks Collection
Language: English | True: PDF | All In One | 1.23 GB



For Dummies Ebooks Full Collection 2008
English | PDF | All In One Pack | 4.5 GB

A bigger and newer collection of dummies ebooks 2008


http://www.filesonic.com/file/104474...ion.part01.rar http://www.filesonic.com/file/104475...ion.part02.rar http://www.filesonic.com/file/104652...ion.part03.rar http://www.filesonic.com/file/104478...ion.part04.rar http://www.filesonic.com/file/104478...ion.part05.rar http://www.filesonic.com/file/104480...ion.part06.rar http://www.filesonic.com/file/105549...ion.part07.rar http://www.filesonic.com/file/104475...ion.part08.rar http://www.filesonic.com/file/104474...ion.part09.rar http://www.filesonic.com/file/104475...ion.part10.rar http://www.filesonic.com/file/104479...ion.part11.rar http://www.filesonic.com/file/104475...ion.part12.rar http://www.filesonic.com/file/104480...ion.part13.rar http://www.filesonic.com/file/104652...ion.part14.rar http://www.filesonic.com/file/104472...ion.part15.rar http://www.filesonic.com/file/104590...ion.part16.rar http://www.filesonic.com/file/104472...ion.part17.rar http://www.filesonic.com/file/104474...ion.part18.rar http://www.filesonic.com/file/104472...ion.part19.rar http://www.filesonic.com/file/104529...ion.part20.rar http://www.filesonic.com/file/104476...ion.part21.rar http://www.filesonic.com/file/104466...ion.part22.rar http://www.filesonic.com/file/104482...ion.part23.rar http://www.filesonic.com/file/104562...ion.part24.rar

Evil Genius Collection (34 ebooks)
English | PDF | 1016.13 MB


Drupal eBooks Collection
Publisher: N/A | ISBN : N/A | 39 Books | PDF | 589MB (HF-FS-FSn)

A wonderful collection of books about Drupal...Great resource for anybody interested in Drupal. Enjoy it!!!


Guns: All In One Ebooks Collection & Encyclopedia | 580MB
AIO ebook collection about guns: encyclopedia & survival guide

101 Things To Do 'Til The Revolution - Claire Wolfe.pdf
Encyclopedia Of Weapons Of World War II.pdf
Encyclopedia Of Modern US Weapons.pdf
Firearms Identification II - J Howard Mathews.pdf
Our Rifles.pdf
SAS Survival Guide.pdf
SAS Urban Survival Handbook.pdf
The Book of Rifles (1948).pdf
The Encyclopedia of International Organized Crime.pdf
The Mafia Encyclopedia.pdf
The Book Of Rifles.pdf
The Story Of The Guns.pdf
US Army - Identifying Ammunition MM2598.pdf
US Army - Weapon Systems.pdf


Huge Embedded Systems Books & Tools Pack Collection

Complete book list:
http://www.filesonic.com/file/100324...ack.part01.rar http://www.filesonic.com/file/100327...ack.part02.rar http://www.filesonic.com/file/100324...ack.part03.rar http://www.filesonic.com/file/100327...ack.part04.rar http://www.filesonic.com/file/100325...ack.part05.rar http://www.filesonic.com/file/100324...ack.part06.rar http://www.filesonic.com/file/100327...ack.part07.rar http://www.filesonic.com/file/100324...ack.part08.rar http://www.filesonic.com/file/100324...ack.part09.rar http://www.filesonic.com/file/100324...ack.part10.rar http://www.filesonic.com/file/100328...ack.part11.rar http://www.filesonic.com/file/100325...ack.part12.rar http://www.filesonic.com/file/100324...ack.part13.rar http://www.filesonic.com/file/100324...ack.part14.rar http://www.filesonic.com/file/100328...ack.part15.rar http://www.filesonic.com/file/100309...ack.part16.rar

Oxford English Dictionary 2010 – Rare Collection of 4

The Oxford English Dictionary is the accepted authority on the evolution of the English language over the last millennium. It is an unsurpassed guide to the meaning, history, and pronunciation of over half a million words, both present and past. It traces the usage of words through 2.5 million quotations from a wide range of international English language sources, from classic literature and specialist periodicals to film scripts and cookery books.

The Oxford English Dictionary is the accepted authority on the evolution of the English language over the last millennium. It is an unsurpassed guide to the meaning, history, and pronunciation of over half a million words, both present and past. It traces the usage of words through 2.5 million quotations from a wide range of international English language sources, from classic literature and specialist periodicals to film scripts and cookery books.

The OED covers words from across the English-speaking world, from North America to South Africa, from Australia and New Zealand to the Caribbean. It also offers the best in etymological analysis and in listing of variant spellings, and it shows pronunciation using the International Phonetic Alphabet.

As the OED is a historical dictionary, its entry structure is very different from that of a dictionary of current English, in which only present-day senses are covered, and in which the most common meanings or senses are described first. For each word in the OED, the various groupings of senses are dealt with in chronological order according to the quotation evidence, i.e. the senses with the earliest quotations appear first, and the senses which have developed more recently appear further down the entry. In a complex entry with many strands, the development over time can be seen in a structure with several �branches�.



All you need for Java Programming
English | 492 ebooks | PDF, CHM | 2.54 GB

Java Programming books for programmers who want to use the Java programming language to create applications.

This pack contains:

(O'Reilly) - Java Programming on Linux
A Programmer's Guide to Java Certification - ISBN 0201728281
Abstract Data Types in Java - ISBN 0079132707
addison wesley - a programmer's guide to java certification. second edition
Addison Wesley - A Programmer's Guide to Java Certification (2003) 2Ed
Addison Wesley - Concurrent Programming In Java, Design Principles And Patterns, 2Nd Edition
Addison Wesley - Design Patterns Java Workbook (2002)
Addison Wesley - Effective Java Programming Language Guide
Addison Wesley - From Java to C Sharp A Developers Guide
Addison Wesley - Inside Java 2 Platform Security 2Ed (2003)
Addison Wesley - Java Development on PDAs (2003)
addison wesley - java development on pda's. building applications for pocket pc and palm devices
Addison Wesley - Java Performance and Scalability Volume 1
Addison Wesley - Java Tutorial (2000) 3Ed
Addison Wesley - Java2 Platform, Enterprise Edition, Platform and Component Specifications
Addison Wesley - Micro JAVA Game Development (2002)
Addison Wesley - The Design Patterns Java Companion (1998)

More and more ....


http://www.filesonic.com/file/100305...ing.part01.rar http://www.filesonic.com/file/100304...ing.part02.rar http://www.filesonic.com/file/100294...ing.part03.rar http://www.filesonic.com/file/100304...ing.part04.rar http://www.filesonic.com/file/100304...ing.part05.rar http://www.filesonic.com/file/100304...ing.part06.rar http://www.filesonic.com/file/100294...ing.part07.rar http://www.filesonic.com/file/100303...ing.part08.rar http://www.filesonic.com/file/100304...ing.part09.rar http://www.filesonic.com/file/100301...ing.part10.rar http://www.filesonic.com/file/100294...ing.part11.rar http://www.filesonic.com/file/100294...ing.part12.rar http://www.filesonic.com/file/100296...ing.part13.rar http://www.filesonic.com/file/100294...ing.part14.rar http://www.filesonic.com/file/100294...ing.part15.rar http://www.filesonic.com/file/100301...ing.part16.rar http://www.filesonic.com/file/100304...ing.part17.rar http://www.filesonic.com/file/100303...ing.part18.rar http://www.filesonic.com/file/100304...ing.part19.rar http://www.filesonic.com/file/100293...ing.part20.rar http://www.filesonic.com/file/100304...ing.part21.rar http://www.filesonic.com/file/100304...ing.part22.rar http://www.filesonic.com/file/100304...ing.part23.rar http://www.filesonic.com/file/100304...ing.part24.rar http://www.filesonic.com/file/100293...ing.part25.rar http://www.filesonic.com/file/100293...ing.part26.rar

KeyStone Teach Java Gui : Design Java GUI Programming Language
ENGLISH | 320x240 | MP43 - 15fps |28kbps | 670mb
Genre : video training

4 titles – including the following topics:
• Introduction to GUI Programming
• OC AWT and Swing
• OC GUI Fundamentals
• OC Heavyweight vs. Lightweight
• The J Frame Class
• OC The J Label Class
• OC J Button Class
• OC The J Textfield Class
• OC Pluggable Look and Feels
• Layout Management
• Managing the Layout
• OC J Scroll Pane Class
• OC The J Tabbed Pane Class
• OC Swing Event Classes
• OC Common Event Methods
• Tree Classes and Interfaces
• Building a Tree
• Applet Methods
• Embedding Applets
• Passing Parameters to Applets
• Application to applet



OReilly Head First Series Ebooks

OReilly Head First Series Ebooks with Codes, Examples, Solutions, Answers (All-in-one)
Publisher: O'Reilly Media | 2009-2010 | 23 Ebooks (+codes) | PDF & CHM | 1.26 GB

This is a complete collection of Head First series from Oreilly Media. Head First is a series of introductory instructional books to many topics, published by O'Reilly Media. It stresses an unorthodox, visually intensive, reader-involving combination of puzzles, jokes, nonstandard design and layout, and an engaging, conversational style to immerse the reader in a given topic.

Learning isn't something that just happens to you. It's something you do. You can't learn without pumping some neurons. Learning means building more mental pathways, bridging connections between new and pre-existing knowledge, recognizing patterns, and turning facts and information into knowledge (and ultimately, wisdom). And this is what Oreilly's Head First Series provides you.

* Oreilly Head First Algebra - A Learner-s Guide to Algebra 2009
* Oreilly Head First C# 2nd Edition 2010
* Oreilly Head First Data Analysis August 2009
* Oreilly Head First Design Patterns 2009
* Oreilly Head First EJB 2009
* Oreilly Head First Excel - A Learner-s Guide to Spreadsheets 2010
* Oreilly Head First HTML with CSS XHTML 2009
* Oreilly Head First iPhone Development 2009
* Oreilly Head First Java 2nd Edition 2010
* Oreilly Head First JavaScript 2007
* Oreilly Head First Networking 2009
* Oreilly Head First Object Oriented Analysis and Design 2009
* Oreilly Head First PHP MySQL 2009
* Oreilly Head First Physics - A Learner-s Companion to Mechanics and Practical Physics 2009
* Oreilly Head First PMP 2nd Edition 2009
* Oreilly Head First RAILS 2009
* Oreilly Head First Rush Ajax 2009
* Oreilly Head First Software Development 2009
* Oreilly Head First SQL 2009
* Oreilly Head First Statistics 2008
* Oreilly Head First Sun Certified Web Component Developer 2009
* Oreilly Head First Web Design 2009
* Oreilly Head First Wordpress 2010 - A Brain-Friendly Guide to Creating Your Own Custom Wordpress 2010



Guitar Building & Repair Ebooks Collection | 180MB

This collection contains a lot of guide book teach you how to build and repair your guitar

Books Titles:

Acoustic Guitar Construction.pdf
Art Of Mixing - David Gibson (Visual Guide To Recording) (Ebook).pdf
Building Electric Guitars- M. Koch (2001).pdf
Cheap Auto-Wa.pdf
Concert Reverb Schematic.pdf
Effects - Sitar Effect for Guitar (schematic).pdf
Fret Farm Bass Guides - 4 String v114.pdf
Fret Farm Bass Guides - 5 String v114.pdf
Gourd Banjo Construction.pdf
Guitar - FretBoard Logic SE .pdf
Guitar Builders FAQ.pdf
Guitar Design Production and Repair - J. Donahue (2002) WW.pdf
Guitar Funk Box - Use 2N4401.pdf
Guitar Pickup - Make Your Own.pdf
Guitar Wiring - Humbucking Pickups, Modifications, Guitar Effects Schematics.pdf
How to build a Junkbox Guitar Amplifier.pdf
How To Build Your Own Effects Guitar Electronics Schematics.pdf
Leslie Effect Simulator.pdf
Make a guitar sound like a banjo or mandolin.pdf
Musical Instrument Amplifier Servicing [short article] - R. Johnson (1993) WW.pdf
Shure - Connecting Microphones To Mixers WW.pdf
The Electric Guitar Amplifier Handbook - J. Darr (Sams, 1973) WW.pdf
Tonepad Chorus Ensemble2.pdf
Electronic Projects for Musicians.pdf
Guitar Building Plans.pdf
Guitars Design, Production and Repair - Jim Donahue.pdf
Building Electric Guitars - Martin Koch.pdf
Guitar Player Repair Guide - Dan Erlewine.pdf
How to paint your Guitar.pdf


C# ebooks collection
| Format: PDF and CHM | 1,23 GB



A collection of Automotive Repair ebooks

Auto Repair Ebooks Collection | 53MB

My e-books collection (more than 2000 assorted e-books)

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Top Ebooks collection for Adobe Photoshop CS4
PDF | English | 623 MB

Adobe Photoshop CS4 Classroom in a Book.pdf
Adobe Photoshop CS4 for Photographers.pdf
Adobe Photoshop CS4 Layers Book Richard Lynch.pdf
Adobe Photoshop CS4 Studio Techniques.pdf
Adobe Photoshop - Every Tool Explained.pdf
Black and White in Photoshop CS4 and Lightroom.pdf
Creative Photoshop CS4 Digital Illustration and Art Techniques.pdf
Getting Started with Digital Imaging.pdf
How to Do Everything Adobe Photoshop CS4.pdf
Photoshop CS4 All-in-One For Dummies.pdf
Photoshop CS4 Bible.pdf
Photoshop CS4 Digital Classroom.pdf
Photoshop CS4 Essential Skills.pdf
Photoshop CS4 For Dummies.pdf
Photoshop CS4 for Nature Photographers.pdf
Photoshop CS4 QuickSteps.pdf
Photoshop CS4 Top 100 Simplified Tips & Tricks.pdf
Photoshop CS4 Workflow - The Digital Photographers Guide.pdf
Stoppees Guide to Photography and Light.pdf
Teach Yourself Visually Photoshop CS4.pdf
The Adobe Photoshop CS4 Dictionary, The A to Z desktop reference of Photoshop.pdf
The Adobe Photoshop CS4 Layers Book.pdf
The Photoshop Darkroom Creative Digital Post-Processing.pdf
Understanding Adobe Photoshop CS4.pdf



Collection of 50 ebooks about Windows Server 2008
English | PDF, CHM, RAR, ZIP | 1.25 G



Project Management Ebooks Collection | 94MB

This collection consists of essential books for any project manager, from beginner to adept professional.

List of e-books:

A Guide To The Project Management Body Of Knowledge (PMBOK Guide)
Advanced Project Management - A Complete Guide To The Key Processes, Models And Techniques
IT Project+ Study Guide
Preparing For The Project Management Professional (PMP) Certification Exam
Project Management Methodologies - Selecting, Implementing And Supporting Methodologies And Processes For Projects
Project Management Training
Project+ Study Guide
Radical Project Management
Software Project Management For Dummies
The Art Of Project Management
The Project Management Life Cycle
The Six Sigma Project Planner - A Step By Step Guide To Leading A Six Sigma Project Through DMAIC
Visualizing Project Management - Models And Frameworks For Mastering Complex Systems



Beginning Programming C++ Ebooks Collection + All Source Code | 140MB

Programming is the art of expressing solutions to problems so that a computer can execute those solutions. Much of the effort in programming is finding and refining solutions. Often, a problem is only fully understood through the process of programming a solution for it.This book is for someone who has never programmed before but is willing to work hard to learn. It helps you understand the principles and acquire the practical skills of programming using the C++ programming language.

Accelerated C++
Practical Programming by Example

Thinking in C++,
Volume 1, 2nd Edition

C++ Primer, Fourth Edition

Beginning C++ Through Game Programming


81 Python ebooks Collection
81 books | PDF CHM | 270MB

Home DIY Repair Guides Ebooks Collection
English | 165 Books | PDF | 91MB

A collection of useful instructions for everyday Do-It-Yourself repairs and projects.

Includes among others, repairs for:
Wall lights,
Dormer building,
Garden design,
Electrical safety,
Home security,
PVC pipes,
Waterproofing, etc.

Total Training - Adobe InDesign CS5 Essentials

Total Training (2010) | Genre: eLearning | 778 MB | Type: ISO
With Total Training for Adobe InDesign CS5 Essentials you'll learn all the key new

features that are packed into this robust design and publishing tool. Adobe Certified

Expert James Lockman teaches you the fundamental tools, tips and techniques you'll

need to create professionally designed layouts, text, tables and graphics. This

training is just what you need to quickly take your skills to the next level when

working with Adobe InDesign CS5.

1. Start Screen, Application Bar & Workspace Menu
2. Panels, Application Frame & Tab View
3. Using the Control Panel
4. Customizing Keyboard Shortcuts & Menus
5. Enabling Tool Hints
6. Customizing Workspaces

1. Setting General & Interface Preferences
2. Setting Type & Composition Preferences
3. Customizing Units, Grids & Guides
4. Dictionary, Spelling, Autocorrect & Story Editor Display Preferences
5. Display Performance & Appearance of Black
6. Document Previews, File & Clipboard Handling

Chapter 3: WORKING WITH DOCUMENTS (28 min)
1. Setting Up a New Document & Saving a Preset
2. Differences Between Web & Print Documents
3. Working with Templates
4. Replacing Missing Fonts & Updating Links
5. Using a Document Fonts Folder
6. Converting Documents for CS4 Compatibility



Photoshop CS5 for Photographers Camera Raw 6 - Lynda.com
Date: 05-24-2010 OS: Win/Mac
Photoshop CS5 for Photographers: Camera Raw 6
Author: Chris Orwig

In Photoshop CS5 for Photographers: Camera Raw 6, Chris Orwig provides in-depth

training on Camera Raw 6, the CS5 component that enables photographers to open and

manipulate images in non-destructive and now even more efficient ways. This course

covers the benefits of the raw processing, which makes it possible to more precisely

control an image's appearance exposure, shadow and highlight detail, color balance

sharpness, and more-including new workflow procedures and technical concepts and

issues. Learn the entire Camera Raw workflow, from opening and resizing, toning and

cropping, to sharpening and saving. Exercise files are included with the course

Topics include:
* Comparing Camera Raw and Photoshop
* Understanding the differences between raw and JPEG or TIFF
* Converting to the DNG format
* Opening an image as a Smart Object
* Working with the Crop and Straighten tools
* Color correcting
* Retouching blemishes
* Reducing exposure with the Graduated Filter tool
* Reducing noise and sharpening
* Creative editing in Camera Raw

File Type ISO
Unpack, burn or mount and enjoy



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Gunsmithing & Homemade Weapons Ebooks Collection | 1.33 GB

We can not stand idly by and watch as our majestic country falls farther into this pit we have dug. Now is the time for all good men to come to the aid of their country. Stand up and do what you know is right.

Don't listen to their passavist lies. Start caching weapons, stockpiling food, acquiring methods of survival adequate for you and those you are entrusted with. Do what is necessary to keep you and those you care about protected and provided for. Prepare for the worst, hope for the best. No matter what the outcome, that has always been the logical choice.



Collection books: 59 ebooks about Mac OS X

English | PDF & CHM | 1.21 GB

List of these ebooks is below.
Addison Wesley ? Cocoa Programming for Mac OS X 3rd Edition .chm
Addison Wesley ? Mac OS X Leopard Phrasebook .chm
Addison Wesley ? Step into Xcode Mac OS X Development .pdf
Apress ? Creating Mac Widgets with Dashcode.pdf Apress ? Foundations of Mac OS X Leopard Security .pdf
Apress ? Learn Objective-C on the Mac .pdf
Apress ? Mac for Linux Geeks .pdf
Apress ? Mac OS X Leopard, Beyond the Manual .pdf
Dennis ? The Independent Guide to the Mac 2nd edition .pdf
Focal ? Mac OS X for Photographers .pdf
FriendsofED ? Getting StartED with Mac OS X Leopard .pdf
Macworld ? Mac OS X Hints Leopard Edition .pdf
MacWorld ? Total Leopard, The Macworld OS X 10.5 Superguide .pdf
Manning ? Programming Mac OS X, A Guide For Unix Developers .pdf
McGraw-Hill ? How to Do Everything, Mac .pdf
McGraw-Hill ? Mac OS X Leopard QuickSteps .pdf
New Riders ? Mac OS X Leopard Killer Tips .pdf
O?Reilly ? Mac OS X Snow Leopard, The Missing Manual .pdf
O?Reilly ? Cocoa In A Nutshell .pdf
O?Reilly ? Essential Mac OS X Panther Server Administration .chm
O?Reilly ? Inside .Mac .chm
O?Reilly ? Mac OS X for UNIX Geeks .pdf
O?Reilly ? Mac OS X Hacks .chm
O?Reilly ? Mac OS X Leopard Pocket Guide .chm
O?Reilly ? Mac OS X Leopard, The Missing Manual .chm
O?Reilly ? Mac OS X Panther Hacks .pdf
O?Reilly ? Mac OS X Panther In A Nutshell 2nd Edition .chm
O?Reilly ? Mac OS X Snow Leopard Pocket Guide .pdf
O?Reilly ? Mac OS X Tiger for Unix Geeks .chm
O?Reilly ? Switching to the Mac, The Missing Manual Leopard Edition .chm
Peachpit ? Apple Training Series, Mac OS X Advanced System Administration v10.5 .pdf
Peachpit ? Apple Training Series, Mac OS X Deployment v10.5 .pdf
Peachpit ? Apple Training Series, Mac OS X Support Essentials 2nd Edition .pdf
Peachpit ? Mac OS X 10.5 Leopard, Peachpit Learning Series .pdf
Peachpit ? Mac OS X 10.5 Leopard, Visual QuickStart Guide .pdf
Peachpit ? Robin Williams Cool Mac Apps 2nd Edition .chm
Peachpit ? The Little Mac Book, Leopard Edition .pdf
Premier ? Mac OS X Power User?s Guide .pdf
Que ? Mac OS X Snow Leopard In Depth .pdf
Que ? Mac OS X Snow Leopard On Demand .pdf
Que ? Sleeping with the Enemy, Running Windows on a Mac .chm
Que ? Special Edition Using Mac OS X Leopard .pdf
Sams ? Mac OS X Tiger Unleashed .chm
Sams ? Teach Yourself Mac OS X Leopard All in One .chm
Sams ? Teach Yourself Mac OS X Tiger All in One .chm
Sams ? Xcode 3 Unleashed .pdf
Sybex ? Mac OS X Power Tools .chm
Sybex ? The Mac OS X Command Line, Unix Under the Hood .pdf
Wiley ? Cocoa Programming for Mac OS X For Dummies .pdf
Wiley ? MAC OS X Leopard Bible .pdf
Wiley ? Mac OS X Leopard, Just the Steps For Dummies .pdf
Wiley ? MAC OS X UNIX Toolbox .pdf
Wiley ? Mac OS X v 10.3 Panther, Top 100 Simplified Tips and Tricks .chm
Wiley ? MacBook Portable Genius .pdf
Wiley ? Macs All-in-One Desk Reference For Dummies .pdf
Wiley ? Macs For Dummies 8th Edition .pdf
Wrox ? Beginning Mac OS X Programming .pdf
Wrox ? Beginning Mac OS X Tiger Dashboard Widget Development .pdf
Wrox ? Beginning Xcode .chm



HTML CSS AJAX and javascript eBooks - Collection 2010

37 Issue | English | FDF+CHM | 418MB

AJAX ? Creating Web Pages With Asynchronous javascript And XML .chm
AJAX And PHP ? Building Responsive Web Applications .pdf Ajax Design Patterns .chm
Ajax For Dummies .pdf Ajax For Web Application Developers .chm
Ajax Hacks ? Tips & Tools For Creating Responsive Websites .chm
Ajax In Action .pdf Ajax On Rails .chm Ajax Patterns And Best Practices .pdf
Beginning Ajax With ASP.NET .pdf Beginning Ajax With PHP ? From Novice To Professional .pdf
Beginning Google Maps Applications With PHP And Ajax ? From Novice To Professional .pdf
Beginning javascript With DOM Scripting And Ajax ? From Novice To Professional .pdf
Beginning XML With DOM And Ajax ? From Novice To Professional .pdf
CSS ? The Definitive Guide, 3rd Edition .chm CSS ? The Missing Manual .chm
CSS Cookbook, 2nd Edition .chm CSS Hacks & Filters ? Making Cascading Stylesheets Work .pdf
CSS Instant Results .chm CSS Web Design for Dummies .pdf
Creating Cool Web Sites With HTML, XHTML, And CSS .pdf Foundations Of Ajax .pdf
Foundations Of Atlas ? Rapid Ajax Development With ASP.NET 2.0 .pdf
HTML & XHTML ? The Definitive Guide, 6th Edition .chm HTML 4 For Dummies, 5th Edition .pdf
HTML In 10 Simple Steps Or Less .pdf HTML Mastery ? Semantics, Standards, And Styling .pdf
HTML, XHTML, & CSS ? Visual QuickStart Guide, 6th Edition .chm HTML, XHTML, & CSS Bible, 3rd Edition .pdf
javascript & AJAX For The Web ? Visual QuickStart Guide, 6th Edition .chm javascript Bible ? Gold Edition .pdf
javascript Bible, 5th Edition .pdf javascript In 10 Simple Steps Or Less .pdf
javascript Phrasebook ? Essential Code And Commands .chm javascript Programmer?s Reference .pdf
Learning javascript .chm


eBooks Collection of Microsoft Windows | 2.58 GB

01. Windows 7 Resource Kit (Book & CD)/7_ResourceCD.rar [68MB]
02. Windows 7 Resource Kit (Book & CD)/Windows 7 Resource Kit.pdf [31MB]
03. Easy Microsoft Windows 7 (2009).pdf [204MB]
04. Easy Computer Basics.pdf [125MB]
05. Windows Server 2008 Inside Out.ISO [65MB]
06. 70-640 Windows Server 2008 - Active Directory Configuration.pdf [60MB]
07. 70-642 - Windows Server 2008 - Network Infractructure Configuration.pdf [54MB]
08. Windows 7 Bible.pdf [45MB]
09. Microsoft Windows 7 On Demand (2009).pdf [45MB]
10. Windows Vista Secrets SP1 Edition.pdf [43MB]
11. Windows Vista Inside Out (2007).pdf [43MB]
12. Windows 7 In Depth.pdf [40MB]
13. Windows Vista Bible.pdf [39MB]
14. Windows Server 2008 Networking and Network Access Protection NAP Jan 2008.pdf [37MB]
15. Windows Vista Secrets.pdf [36MB]
16. Microsoft System Center Configuration Manager - Admin Companion.pdf [36MB]
17. Windows XP Bible.pdf [35MB]
18. Windows 7 Secrets.pdf [34MB]
19. Windows Vista Ultimate Bible.pdf [34MB]
20. Windows Vista Deployment.pdf [34MB]
21. Windows PowerShell (TM) Scripting Guide.pdf [33MB]
22. MCTS 70-236 Exchange Server 2007.pdf [33MB]
23. Windows Simpified.pdf [30MB]
24. Windows Server 2008 Inside Out.pdf [29MB]
25. Windows Server 2003 Registry.chm [28MB]
26. Windows 7 Step by Step.pdf [27MB]
27. Mspress 70-299 Implementing Security.pdf [26MB]
28. MCTS Training Kit Exam 70-680 Configuring Windows 7.pdf [25MB]
29. Mastering Microsoft Windows Server 2003.pdf [24MB]
30. Mastering Windows 2000 Server.pdf [22MB]
31. Microsoft Windows Server 2003 Administrator s Companion, 2nd Edition 2006.pdf [22MB]
32. Microsoft Windows Small Business Server 2003 Administrator s Companion 2004.pdf [21MB]
33. Microsoft Windows 7 Your Way Speed Up and Customize Window (2009).pdf [21MB]
34. Windows 7 Inside Out.pdf [21MB]
35. Mspress 70-620 Windows Vista Client.pdf [21MB]
36. Microsoft Windows Vista Step by Step.chm [20MB]
37. Windows Vista - On Demand.pdf [19MB]
38. Windows 7 QuickSteps.pdf [19MB]
39. Windows Vista Resource Kit 2nd Edition.chm [18MB]
40. Windows Server 2008 Active Directory Resource Kit.pdf [18MB]
41. Hacking Windows Vista.chm [18MB]
42. Microsoft Windows Server 2003 Inside Out 2004.pdf [17MB]
43. Windows Server 2008 Bible.pdf [16MB]
44. Transitioning Your MCSA.MCSE To Windows Server 2008 Mar 2009.pdf [16MB]
45. Mspress 70-271 MCDST Supporting WinXP Pro.chm [16MB]
46. The Ultimate Microsoft Windows Server 2003 System Administrator s Guide.chm [16MB]
47. Windows Administration at the Command Line for Windows 2003, Windows XP and Windows 2000.pdf [15MB]
48. Windows Server 2008 Server Administration.pdf [15MB]
49. Mastering Microsoft Exchange Server 2003.pdf [15MB]
50. Windows .NET Server 2003 Domains & Active Directory.chm [15MB]
51. Inside Microsoft Windows Server 2003.chm [15MB]
52. Windows Server 2008 Hyper-V Unleashed.pdf [13MB]
53. Microsoft Small Business Server 2003 Unleashed 2005.chm [13MB]
54. Microsoft Windows 7 Unleashed.pdf [13MB]
55. Windows XP for Power Users.pdf [13MB]
56. Mspress 70-272 MCDST Supporting Applications.chm [12MB]
57. Mastering Active Directory for Windows Server 2003.pdf [12MB]
58. Windows 7 Pocket Guide 2009.pdf [12MB]
59. Windows Administration.pdf [12MB]
60. Windows 2000 and Windows Server 2003 Clustering.and Load Balancing.pdf [12MB]
61. Configuring and Troubleshooting Windows XP Professional.pdf [11MB]
62. Windows 7 Administrators Pocket Consultant 2010 Edition.pdf [10MB]
63. Windows Server 2008 Terminal Services Resource Kit.chm [10MB]
64. Mspress 70-270 WinXP Professional SP2.pdf [10MB]
65. Microsoft Windows Internals - Microsoft Windows Server 2003, Windows XP, and Windows 2000, 4th Edition 2004.chm [10MB]
66. Switching to Microsoft Windows 7 The Painless Way to Upgrade from Windows XP or Vista.(2009).pdf [9MB]
67. Mspress 70-298 Designing Security.pdf [9MB]
68. Mspress 70-291 Windows 2003 Infrastructure 2nd Edition.pdf [9MB]
69. Microsoft Windows Server(TM) 2003 PKI and Certificate Security.pdf [9MB]
70. Introducing Windows 7 for Developers (2009).pdf [8MB]
71. How to Cheat at Managing Windows Small Business Server 2003 Sep 2004.pdf [8MB]
72. Xen Virtualization 2008.pdf [7MB]
73. MCSE Windows Server 2003 Planning a Network Infrastructure Certification Passport Exam 70 293.pdf [7MB]
74. Microsoft Windows Server 2003 Insider Solutions.chm [7MB]
75. Professional Windows PowerShell.pdf [6MB]
76. Ms Press 70-284 Exchange Server 2003.pdf [6MB]
77. Microsoft Windows XP Registry Guide.pdf [6MB]
78. Mspress 70-290 Windows 2003 Server.pdf [6MB]
79. Microsoft Windows Server 2003 Administrator s Pocket Consultant.chm [6MB]
80. microsoft-internet-information-services-iis-6-0-resource-kit.9780735614208.2165.chm [6MB]
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82. Terminal Services For Microsoft Windows Server 2003 - Advanced Technical Design Guide 2004.chm [5MB]
83. The XP Files 2002.pdf [4MB]
84. Windows Vista Customization Manual.pdf [2MB]
85. Windows Admin Scripting Little Black Book.chm [2MB]
86. MS Press - Introducing Microsoft Windows Server 2003.chm [1MB]
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88. Microsoft Windows Server 2003 Security Guide.pdf [1MB]
89. Windows 2000 Commands Pocket Reference.pdf [650KB]

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Huge collection of dotNET ebooks
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A Collection of 61 Architectural ebooks
PDF | English | 1,35 Gb

I could have compressed this, to achieve a smaller size but you can choose which books to download.

1000 X European Architecture.pdf 164.79 MB
Architecture Now! v.3.pdf 161.45 MB
Architecture In France.pdf 139.16 MB
Architecture in Japan.pdf 96.31 MB
Architecture in the Netherlands.pdf 78.62 MB
Portable Architecture.pdf 70.93 MB
The Architecture of the United Arab Emirates.pdf 52.37 MB
Victorian Houses and their Details.pdf 50.24 MB
Architecture Now! v 2.pdf 49.90 MB
Marketing Green Buildings - Guide for Engineering, Construction and Architecture.pdf 32.84 MB
The Architecture of Modern Italy - Volume II.pdf 29.66 MB
Integrated Buildings - The Systems Basis of Architecture.pdf 26.64 MB
Dictionary of Architecture and Building Construction.pdf 25.26 MB
Built to meet Needs.pdf 21.53 MB
Inclusive Urban Design - Public Toilets, First Edition.pdf 20.05 MB
Urban Design - Street and Square, Third Edition.pdf 19.47 MB
The Language of Space.pdf 19.23 MB
Modern Traditions - Contemporary Architecture in India.pdf 19.11 MB
Spirit & Place.pdf 17.58 MB
Urban Design - A typology of Procedures and Products.pdf 17.54 MB
Details of Victorian Architecture.pdf 16.70 MB
Lighting Modern Buildings.pdf 15.75 MB
Architecture - Comfort and Energy.pdf 13.37 MB
Mechanics and Meaning in Architecture.pdf 13.21 MB
Childrens Spaces.pdf 10.78 MB
Taking Shape - A New Contract Between Architecture and Nature.pdf 10.43 MB
The Ecology of Building Materials.pdf 10.41 MB
The Architecture of Modern Italy - Volume I.pdf 10.13 MB
Continuous Productive Urban Landscapes - Designing Urban Agriculture for Sustainable Cities.pdf 9.86 MB
An Introduction to Urban Housing Design - AT HOME IN THE CITY.pdf 9.71 MB
Urban Design - Green Dimensions, Second Edition.pdf 9.58 MB
Beginnings - Charles Rennie Mackintosh's Early Sketches.pdf 9.38 MB
New Architecture and Technology.pdf 8.01 MB
Structure as architecture.pdf 7.92 MB
Design First.pdf 7.56 MB
Managing Quality in Architecture.pdf 7.50 MB
Space Grid Structures.pdf 6.87 MB
Understanding Sustainable Architecture.pdf 6.38 MB
Architecture in a Climate of Change.pdf 6.33 MB
Ecohouse - A Design Guide.pdf 6.16 MB
The Lit Interior.pdf 5.99 MB
Introduction to Architectural Science - The Basis of Sustainable Design.pdf 5.96 MB
Structure and Architecture, Second Edition.pdf 5.91 MB
Travels in the History of Architecture.pdf 5.86 MB
The Dissertation - An Architecture Student's Handbook.pdf 5.79 MB
Virtual Reality and the Built Environment.pdf 5.78 MB
Consensus Design - Socially inclusive process.pdf 5.21 MB
Spaced out.pdf 5.00 MB
Reinventing the Workplace, Second Edition.pdf 4.83 MB
Urban Design - Ornament and Decoration, Second Edition.pdf 4.33 MB
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Tony Hunt's Structures Notebook.pdf 2.17 MB
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Magic Lantern DVD Guides - Great Photos With Your DSLR
This new Magic Lantern DVD is absolutely essential for every proud owner of a

digital SLR! That's because being a good photographer isn't about having costly

equipment or scores of accessories, it's about knowing HOW to use them. And that's

exactly what this superbly produced, high-definition 65 minute workshop teaches:

basic, timeless photographic techniques that everyone with a camera should know. With

plenty of real-world examples shown in an easy-to-follow action format, it explains

the advantages SLRs offer over other digital cameras; the range of available lenses;

how to achieve perfect exposure and focus; and the camera's many options for quality

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and working with your built-in flash. Plus, it comes with a FREE Quick Reference

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Python 2.6 Text Processing: Beginner’s Guide

For programmers, working with text is not about reading their newspaper on a break; it’s about taking textual data in one form and doing something to it. Extract, decrypt, parse, restructure – these are just some of the text tasks that can occupy much of a programmer’s life. If this is your life, this book will make it better – a practical guide on how to do what you want with textual data in Python.

Python 2.6 Text Processing Beginner’s Guide is the easiest way to learn how to manipulate text with Python. Packed with examples, it will teach you text processing techniques and give you the skills to work with the most popular Python libraries for transforming text from one form to another.

The book gets you going with a quick look at some data formats, and installing the supporting libraries and components so that you’re ready to get started. You move on to extracting text from a collection of sources and handling it using Python’s built-in string functions and regular expressions. You look into processing structured text documents such as XML and HTML, JSON, and CSV. Then you progress to generating documents and creating templates. Finally you look at ways to enhance text output via a collection of third-party packages such as Nucular, PyParsing, NLTK, and Mako.


Java EE 6 with GlassFish 3 Application Server
GlassFish is a free, open source, production ready application server. It is the environment’s reference implementation and the first Enterprise Java server to implement Java EE6. Although GlassFish server delivers a flexible, lightweight and extensible Java EE 6 platform, it can be challenging to get beyond the basics and develop Java applications deployed to GlassFish 3 application server.



The Art of Computer Virus Research and Defense
Peter Szor takes you behind the scenes of anti-virus research, showing howthey are analyzed, how they spread, and--most importantly--how to effectivelydefend against them. This book offers an encyclopedic treatment of thecomputer virus, including: a history of computer viruses, virus behavior,classification, protection strategies, anti-virus and worm-blocking techniques,and how to conduct an accurate threat analysis. The Art of Computer VirusResearch and Defense entertains readers with its look at anti-virus research, butmore importantly it truly arms them in the fight against computer viruses.As one of the lead researchers behind Norton AntiVirus, the most popularantivirus program in the industry, Peter Szor studies viruses every day. Byshowing how viruses really work, this book will help security professionals andstudents protect against them, recognize them, and analyze and limit thedamage they can do.
Product Details

* Paperback: 744 pages
* Publisher: Addison-Wesley Professional; illustrated edition edition (February 13, 2005)
* Language: English
* ISBN-10: 0321304543
* ISBN-13: 978-0321304544

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Canon PowerShot G12: From Snapshots to Great Shots

Now that you've bought the amazing Canon PowerShot G12, you need a book that goes beyond a tour of the camera's features to show you exactly how to use your camera to take great pictures. With Canon PowerShot G12: From Snapshots to Great Shots, you get the perfect blend of photography instruction and camera reference that will take your images to the next level! Beautifully illustrated with large, vibrant photos from the author and the Flickr community, this book teaches you how to take control of your photography to get the image you want every time you pick up the camera.



CMS Design Using PHP and jQuery
Book Description
PHP and JQuery are two of the most famous open source tools used for web development. This book will explain how to leverage their power by building a core CMS, which can be used for most projects without needing to be changed, and how to add custom plugins that can then be tailored to the individual project.

This book walks you through the creation of a CMS core, including basic page creation and user management, followed by a plugin architecture, and example plugins. Using the methods described in this book, you will find that you can create distinctly different websites and web projects using one codebase, web design templates, and custom-written plugins for any site-specific differences. Example code and explanation is provided for the entire project.

This book describes how to use PHP, MySQL, and jQuery to build an entire CMS from the ground up, complete with plugin architecture, user management, template-driven site design, and an installer.


WordPress 3 Complete
Using the WordPress Content Management System, you can create a beautiful, dynamic, and amazing website. WordPress is a flexible and powerful tool that’s ideal for creating both blog and non-blog websites. You can customize the features, incorporate your own design, and even write your own plugins with ease. Its versatility and ease of use have attracted a large, enthusiastic, and helpful community of users.

WordPress 3 Complete will teach you everything you need to know both to get started with WordPress and also to unlock its massive hidden powers. This book will give you a rapid and straightforward introduction to the rich and powerful features of WordPress and will also get you up and running with WordPress quickly and painlessly. It will help you learn everything WordPress has to offer, from the ground up, so that you can build your own complete website.


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The Biggest Cooking eBooks Collection AIO eB | 420 MB

English | PDF | All In One Pack

1000 Atkins Diet Recipes
1000 Recipe Cookbook
101 Camping and Outdoor Recipes
101 Recipes from God's Garden
11000 RECIPES Ultimate Cookbook
1300 crockpot recipes
30 Minutes Indian Recipes
30 Recipes 30 ingredients
330 Top Secret Restaurant Recipes
365 Foreign Dishes
379 Sandwich Recipes
500 Delicious Diabetic Recipes
500 Recipes for Bread
a bunch or recipes
A Taste of China
A Taste of Italy
Appetizer Recipes
Awesome Restaurant Recipes
Barbecue Recipes
Beef Recipes
Betty Crocker best of baking recipes
Betty Crocker cooking basics recipes
Betty Crockers Best Of Baking Recipes
Boston Cooking School Cook Book
breakfast recipes
Cajun Recipes
Campbells Cookbook
Campbells Soup Cookbook
Camping and Backpacking
Camping Recipes
Canadian Living Cookbook
Carolinas Country Cooking
Casserole Combined
Casserole Crazy
Celeberity Pasta lovers CookBook
Chicken Recipes
chinese recipes
Chinese Vegetarian Cooking Recipes
Coleman Family Cookbook
Cook It Juicy
CookBook eBooks - AIO
Cooking - AIO
Cooking By The Book
Cooking On An Open Fire
Cooking On An Open Fire Hints
Cooking Sample
Cooking the Brazilian Way
Cooking the Cuban Way
Cooking The Middle Eastern Way
Cooking The Turkish Way
Cooking With Cannabis
Copycat Recipes
Creative Homemaking Guide To Casseroles
Crockpot combined
Crockpot Recipes 1
Crockpot Recipes 2
Crockpot Recipies
Crockpot Recipies 3
Dale Recipe Book
Dale's Recipe Book V2
Dessert Recipies
Diabetic Recipes
Dream Dinners Cookbook
Drying Fruits and Vegetables
Duch Oven Cookbooks Combined
Duchoven Cookbook
Emerils Essence
Ethnic Dishes
Every Step In Canning
Favorite Dishes
Fish %26 Game
Foil Dinner Recipes
Foil Packet Meals etc
Food Dehydration - Dictionary and Guide
For Breakfast
Generations Of Recipes
Gifts In A Jar
Gomes El Rose Salsa
Good Eats, A Treasury of Favorite Recipes
Grains And Cereals
Granny Whites Bread Recipes
Great Tastes
Greatest Recipes Of Emeril
Grill Recipes
Grillmaster- Barbecue Recipes
Guide to Cake Recipes
Healthy Gourmet Recipes
Healthy Low Carb Recipes
Healthy Recipes
Healthy, Thrifty Meals
Heart Healthy Recipes
Hillbilly Hanks Roadkill Recipes
Hotdog Recipes
How To - Dry Food
How To Prepare Delicious Meals On A Budget
Hunting and Fishing Cookbook
Ice Cream Recipes
Indian Recipes
Indian Recipes 2
Indian recipes combined
Indian Restaurant Cookbook
Insiders Recipes Master Edition Cookbook
International recipes
Italian Recipes
Italian Recipes 2
Jamie Oliver - Sainsburys Recipes
Jamie Oliver - The Naked Chef 2
Jamie Olivers Cookbook
Japanese Recipes
Joy Of Canning
KFC Cookbook
Know Your Spices
Korean Food Recipes
Le Cordon Bleu Recipe
Low Carb Recipe Secrets
Make your own baking powder
Malaysian Recipes
Many Ways For Cooking Eggs
Mastering the Art of French Cooking
Meals For A Healthy Weight
Meat Dishes
Mens Health Recipes
Mexican Cooking
Mexican Recipes
Mexican Recipes 2
My Mum's Cookbook
Native American Health Recipes
Nelson Family Recipe Book
Now We're Cooking
Old fashioned family recipes
One-Pot Meals
Pacific Islands Cookbook
Pasta Recipes
Perdue Chicken Cookbook
Pie Iron Recipes
Pies And Pizzas
Pizza Recipies
Pizzeria Recipes
Prize Winning Recipes
Prizewinning Recipes
Professional Pizza Guide
Reader's Recipes
Real Restaurant Recipes
Recipes For Special Diets
Recipes To Spice Up Your Summer
Recipes Tried And True (1894 Cookbook)
recipies off of camping site
Restaurant Recipes
Salad Dressing Recipes
Salad Master
Salads Recipes
Sandwich Maker Recipes
Santesson Recipe Collection Aphrodisiac Cooking
Santesson Recipe Collection Swedish Cooking
Sauce Recipes
Sauces And Marinade Recipes
Seafood Recipes
Secret Ingredients
Secret Recipes
Serious Kitchen Play
Simple Italian Cookery
Slow Cookin' Secrets
Souffles Recipes
Soup Recipes 1
Soup Recipes 2
South Beach Diet %26 Recipes
South of the Border
Sri Lanka Cooking
Substituting Ingredients A to Z
Survival - 60 Uses of Vinegar
Survival - Cooking - Homemade Recipes For Many Things
Survival - Drying Food
Survival - Plants - Edible and Medicinal Plants
Survival - The Seven Major Mistakes in Food Storage
Swedish Cooking
Thanksgiving Recipes
The 1918 Fanny Farmer Cookbook
The Belgian Cookbook
The Bread Baker Bible
The Cookin' Cajun
The Cooking Encyclopedia of Country Living
The Enlightened Kitchen
The Essential Guide To Baking
The Essential Seafood Cookbook
The Geezer Cookbook
The Greek Kitchen
The Jerky Chef
The Oktoberfest Cookbook
The Quilt Inn Country Cookbook
The Salsa Book
The Ultimate Grilling Guide
The Versatile Egg
The Very Best Of Emeril
The World Cookbook for Students
The Worlds Best Burger
Top 200 Recipes
Top Secret Recipes
Trail Recipes
Tried And True Recipes
Us Army Cooking Course - Basic Food Preparation Qm0333
US Army cooking course - Food Service Equipment and Operatio
US Army cooking course - Preparation and Serving of Special
US Navy - Peak Performance Through Nutrition and Exercise
US Navy cooking course - Mess Management Specialist 1 %26 C NAVEDTRA 14163
US Navy cooking course - Mess Management Specialist 3 %26 2 NAVEDTRA 14164
Utensiless Meals
Various Recipes
Various Recipes 02
Vegetable Recipes
Vegetarian Curry Bible
Veggie Works - Vegan Cook Book
waffle maker recipes
Wine And Beer Making
WOK Recipes
Zucchini Recipes


Practical Furniture Designing Ebooks Collection
English | 398 pages | PDF | ISBN-10: 1142150143 | 370.98 MBs

This is a fantastic book for those wishing to create ornamental border elements like those seen on turn of the 20th century banknotes and stock certificates. If you have a (USA) $1 in your pocket, take it out. Look at the leafy border ornaments surrounding the numeral one in each of the corners on the front as well as both of the seals on the back. This is the type of illustration this book covers. Before I found this book, I would search for books that contained a number of these drawings to trace and use as clipart. Now I have something much better – a book that clearly explains how to design my own!
List Books
A guide for drawing the Acanthus.pdf 29.83 MBs
creative design in furniture wood metal and glass.pdf 7.49 MBs
furniture designing and draughting 1900.pdf 3.48 MBs
furniture designs of sheraton.pdf 24.73 MBs
furniture designs of thomas chippendale.pdf 7.06 MBs
furniture mouldings.pdf 7.96 MBs
Hepplewhite Cabinetmaker and upholsterers guide.pdf 66.84 MBs
manual of gothic moldings.pdf 29.71 MBs
Manual of Historic Ornament.pdf 38.73 MBs
modern technical drawing.pdf 21.64 MBs
mouldings of the six periods of british architecture.pdf 32.32 MBs
mouldings of the tudor period.pdf 13.26 MBs
new universal moulding book, 1891.pdf 18.64 MBs
the cabinetmakers assistant.pdf 20.18 MBs
the planning of ornament.pdf 10.16 MBs
the practical cabinetmaker and furniture designers assistant.pdf 27.04 MBs
Torrent downloaded from Demonoid.com.txt 47 Bytes
working drawings of colonial furniture.pdf 11.93 MBs


65 Martial Arts and Survival Ebooks
Size:564.08 MB (591,479,320 bytes )

A collection of random Martial Arts and Survival PDF books. Books include martial arts styles, self defense, survival, mindset and fitness books.
27 Katas Shotokan Karate
72 Shaolin Skills Dim Mak
Aikido The Art Of Fighting Without Fighting
Army Combat Training
Bagua - Taichi - Taiji
Big Book of Combat Vol 1
Big Book of Combat Vol 2

Book of the Samurai
Capoeira Conditioning
Fighting Method
FM 20-3 Camouflage, Concealment, and Decoys
FM 21-20 Physical Fitness
FM 21-60 Visual Signals
FM 21-75 Combat Skills of the Soldier
FM 21-76 Survival
FM 21-76.1 Survival, Evasion, and Recovery
FM 22-51 Leaders Manual for Combat Stress Control
FM 23-35 Combat Training with Pistols and Revolvers
FM 3-19.1 Military Police Operations
FM 3-19.30 Physical Security
FM 3-19.4 Military Police Leaders' Handbook
FM 3-25.150 Combatives
FM 3-25.26 Map Reading and Land Navigation
FM 3-90 Tactics
FM 31-70 Basic Cold Weather Manual
FM 5-102 Counter Mobility
FM 5-103 Survivability
FM 6-22-5 Combat Stress
FM 90-3 Desert Operation
FM 90-8 Counter Guerrilla Operations
Good Ninjitsu Book
Instant Self Defense
Knife Fighting Manual
Knife Throwing Techniques of the Ninja
Kon Muay Thai (Attack & Defence)
Krav Maga Hand to Hand Combat
Kung Fu Movements
Manual Aikido
Martial Arts of the World
Medieval Combat, A 15th C Illustrated Manual of Sword Fighting
Close-Quarter Combat
Military Hand to Hand Combat Guide
NBC_14 Emergency Preparedness Checklist
NBC_15 Family Disaster Plan
NBC_16 Family Supply Kit
Nerve Centers And Pressure Points
Ninja Mind Control
Ranger Digest I
Ranger Digest II
Ranger Digest III
Ranger Digest IV
Ranger Digest IX
Ranger Digest V
Ranger Digest VI
Ranger Digest VII
Ranger Digest VIII
Speed Training
The Art of War
The Power Of The Dragon
The Underground Guide To Warrior Fitness
The Way of the Samurai
Us Military Boxing
Zombie Survival Guide


Trading EBook Collection
PDF | English | 1.98 GB

(Bus)Robert G. Allen - Real Estate Guide The Big Picture.pdf
(Consumer) Your Rights As Financial Planning Client (pdf).pdf
(Ebook - Finances) What You Should Know About Financial Planning (pdf).pdf
(ebook) The Day Trader's Bible - or my secret in day trading of stocks.pdf
(Trading) FX_Make_The_Trend_Your_Friend_In_Forex(Agostino_&_Dolan,2004,traders.com)_[pdf].pdf
- Valuation Measuring And Managing The Value Of Companies - 3Rd Edition.pdf
- Will The Banks Control On-line Banking (pdf).pdf
101 Option Trading Secrets.pdf
123 Trading Signal (Mark Crisp).pdf
17 Money Making Candle Formations.pdf
18 Trading Champions Share Their Keys To Top Trading Profits.pdf
2003 Foreign Currency Calendar(pdf).pdf
209 Fast Spare-time Ways To Build Zero Cash Into 7 Figures A Year In Real Estate (Wiley-2004) (pdf).pdf
7 Habits Of A Higly Sucsessfull Trader.pdf
A Comparison Of Dividend Cash Flow And Earnings Approaches To Equity Valuation.pdf
A Course In Miracles.pdf
A Hybrid Financial Trading System Incorporating Chaos Theory.pdf
A Survival Guide for Buying a Home.pdf
Accounting For Managers - Interpreting Accounting Information For Decision Making (Wiley-2003) (pdf).pdf
Actuarial Versus Financial Pricing Of Insurance (pdf).pdf
Adam Smith - An Inquiry Into The Nature And Causes Of The Wealth Of NationsPdf.pdf
Ahead Of The Market - The Zacks Method For Spotting Stocks Early In Any Economy (Harpercollins-2003) (pdf).pdf
Alan Farley - 3 Swing Trading Examples, With Charts, Instructions, And Definitions To Get You Started.pdf
All About Market Timing - The Easy Way To Get Started (Mcgraw Hill-2004)(pdf).pdf
Andrew Goodwin -.trading.secrets.of.the.inner.circle(pdf).pdf
Ansbacher - The New Options Market Pdf .pdf
Application Of Multi-Agent Games To The Prediction Of Financial Time-Series.pdf
Application Of Neural Networks To Stock Market Prediction.pdf
Applied Economics.pdf
Applied Quantitative Finance.pdf
Article - Finance - Wharton Business School - Finance Application Of Game Theory.pdf
Asset Valuation & Allocation Models.pdf
Asset Valuation Allocation Models.pdf
Barnett Helzberg - What I Learned Before I Sold To Warren Buffett (Wiley-2003) (pdf).pdf
Barry Rudd - Stock Patterns For Day Trading And Swing Trading.pdf
Bayesian Hypothesis Testing For The Distribution Of Insurance Claim Counts Using The Gibbs Sampler (pdf).pdf
Bernie Schaeffer - Option Advisor - Top Gun Trading Techniques.(pdf).pdf
Bernie Schaeffer - The Options Handbook (pdf).pdf
Bernstein Stock Market Trading Course.pdf
Bill M.williams - New Trading Dimensions - How To Profit From Chaos In Stocks, Bonds, And Commodities(pdf).pdf
Bill Williams - Trading Chaos(pdf).pdf
Bollinger On Bollinger Band.pdf
Bond Valuation.pdf
Borsellino Lewis 2001 - Trading Es And Nq Futures Course.doc
Brown & Jennings - On Technical Analysis (Pdf).pdf
Business Planning And Financial Forecasting (pdf).pdf
Buy A House Without Qualifying(pdf).pdf
Buying & Selling A Home (Kiplinger-2002) (pdf).pdf
Can Technical Analysis Still Beat Random Systems.(pdf).pdf
CandleStick Training-NISON Research International.pdf
Career Guide To Investment Banking (pdf).pdf
Careers In Investment Banking (pdf).pdf
Cash Flow Money System Real Estate.pdf
Charles Brandes - Value Investing Today (Mcgraw Hill-3rd Ed-2004) (pdf).pdf
Charles Kirkpatrick - Stock Selection. A Test Of Relative Stock Values Reported Over 17.5 YearsPdf.pdf
Charlie Wright - Trading As A Business(pdf).pdf
Charting In Excel.pdf
Cliffsnotes - Investing In 401k Plans (Idg-2000) (pdf).pdf
Clothing For The Naked Investor.pdf
Comfort Zone Investing - How To Tailor Your Portfolio For High Returns And Peace Of Mind (Career-2002) (pdf).pdf
Continuous-Time Methods In Finance - A Review And An Assessment.pdf
Corporate Finance Manual.pdf
Credit Portfolio Management (Wiley-2003) (pdf).pdf
Crm In Investment Banking & Financial Market (pdf).pdf
Currency Strategy - A Practitioner's Guide To Currency Investing, Hedging And Forecasting (Wiley-2002) (pdf).pdf
Curtis Arnold - Stocks & Commodities Gann.(pdf).pdf
Daniel T. Ferrera W.d. Gann's Mass Pressure Forecasting Technique.(pdf).pdf
Darrell Jobman - The Handbook Of Alternative Investments (Wiley) (pdf).pdf
David Dreman (1998) - Contrarian Investment Strategies-the Next Generation (pdf).pdf
DBZ_Joe Ross-Trading By The Min.pdf
Dearborn Trade Publishing - Secure Your Financial Future Investing In Real Estate.pdf
Dearborn-Financing Secrets Of A Millionaire Real Estate Investor(1).pdf
Deel, Robert - The Strategic Electronic Day Trader(pdf).pdf
Designing A Neural Network For Forecasting Financial And Economic Time Series.pdf
Deutsche Bank - Asset Valuation & Allocation ModelsPdf.pdf
Dictionary Of Financial And Business Terms.pdf
Don't Spend Your Raise (Mcgraw Hill-2002) (pdf).pdf
Donald Coxe - The New Reality Of Wall Street (Mcgraw Hill-2003) (pdf).pdf
Ebook - The Little Book That Beats The Market.pdf
Ed Gately - Forecasting Profits Using Price & Time.(pdf).pdf
Elaine Scott - Stocks And Bonds (Profits And Losses A Quick Look At Financial Markets).(pdf).pdf
Elder Alexander - Come Into My Trading Room - A Complete Guide To Trading.pdf
Elder Alexander - Trading For A Living.pdf
Electronic Trading Guide For Nasdaq L2(Online Trading Academy9908) (pdf).pdf
Emotion Free Trading Book.pdf
Engineering Economics And Projecto Management.pdf
Equity Derivatives (pdf).pdf
Essential Technical Analysis.pdf
Essentials Of Financial Analysis.pdf
Evolutionary Decision Trees For Stock Index Options And Futures Arbitrage(pdf).pdf
Exchange Traded Derivatives(pdf).pdf

And more ...

http://uploading.com/files/e6d4571m/...ks.part01.rar/ http://uploading.com/files/96654ecf/...ks.part02.rar/ http://uploading.com/files/6a4bda61/...ks.part03.rar/ http://uploading.com/files/m8a85b25/...ks.part04.rar/ http://uploading.com/files/716bb126/...ks.part05.rar/ http://uploading.com/files/7ae5271f/...ks.part06.rar/ http://uploading.com/files/311cmfc3/...ks.part07.rar/ http://uploading.com/files/8c758474/...ks.part08.rar/ http://uploading.com/files/a49c54b3/...ks.part09.rar/ http://uploading.com/files/b9d1925c/...ks.part10.rar/ http://uploading.com/files/b1mcd6c1/...ks.part11.rar/ http://uploading.com/files/5f5c2mde/...ks.part12.rar/ http://uploading.com/files/mac8amee/...ks.part13.rar/ http://uploading.com/files/4b3fdm7c/...ks.part14.rar/ http://uploading.com/files/m52951ae/...ks.part15.rar/ http://uploading.com/files/5mc2abe3/...ks.part17.rar/ http://uploading.com/files/e918e13c/...ks.part18.rar/ http://uploading.com/files/e1c67d6c/...ks.part16.rar/ http://uploading.com/files/8262bf6e/...ks.part19.rar/ http://uploading.com/files/1a5fdf3m/...ks.part20.rar/ http://uploading.com/files/74afd9e7/...ks.part21.rar/

Home DIY Repair Guides Ebooks Collection
English | 165 Books | PDF | 91MB

A collection of useful instructions for everyday Do-It-Yourself repairs and projects.

Includes among others, repairs for:
Wall lights,
Dormer building,
Garden design,
Electrical safety,
Home security,
PVC pipes,
Waterproofing, etc.

Magento 1.4 Development Cookbook

Magento is the fastest growing PHP-based e-commerce solution based on the Zend Framework. It is a robust CMS that provides developers the ability to enrich their store with extra functionalities using custom modules. Developing a Magento store to get the desired look and feel is not as easy as you might believe and may take hours due to the wealth of features available for you to use.

Magento 1.4 Development Cookbook provides unparalleled guidelines to develop a much faster and more captivating Magento store by writing powerful custom modules. The book covers everything from common development tasks to integrating social networking plugins into Magento.



Professional Business Connectivity Services in SharePoint

Comprehensive coverage on Business Connectivity Services within SharePoint 2010As Microsoft’s new multipurpose portal technology, Business Connectivity Services (BCS) is a brand new way for SharePoint users to seamlessly access and integrate data from any application or databases within SharePoint 2010. With this in-depth guide, a team of SharePoint experts walks you through the features of the new BCS, including the ability for users to view and modify the data from SharePoint 2010 with BCS. You’ll explore how to use BCS, deploy solutions, create external content types and lists, create .NET host connectors, and more.



The Struts Framework: Practical Guide for Java Programmers

Product Description
Struts is an open-source framework that integrates with standard Java technologies and lets developers build web applications quickly and effectively. In much the same way that Java has overtaken C++, Struts is well poised to become the framework for web application development because of its ability to address the types of issues engineers face when building large-scale web applications.

The Struts Framework: Practical Guide for Java Programmers meets the needs of this large audience--estimated today at 2.5 million Java programmers and growing. It provides the systematic exploration required by newcomers as well as the step-by-step instruction for more experienced readers eager to exploit Struts to the fullest. Devoted to the latest version of the framework (v. 1.1) and vividly illustrated with a thorough sample application throughout, this book is an essential resource for all programmers who want to be part of the next stage in the evolution of the web.


IQ Gym: Grow Your Mind
Arcturus foulsham | 2008-06-10 | ISBN: 0572034369 | 304 pages | PDF | 8 MB

"IQ Gym" is a fun way of boosting your brain power. Organized into sections, and comprising a more and more challenging array of puzzles and problems, it will give all aspects of your intelligence a rigorous workout. As well as presenting verbal, numerical and spatial challenges, the book will test your powers of logic, lateral thinking, and right vs. left brain hemispherical balance. Performance assessments at the end of each section will enable you to monitor your progress.

Download :


Alfresco 3 Records Management

The Alfresco Records Management feature set is so complete that it is one of the very limited number of systems, and the only Open Source solution, that has been fully certified for Records Management use by the US Department of Defense. Record keeping is important because accurate records are really the only way that organizations can demonstrate compliance with regulatory requirements. The amount of regulation that organizations must comply with has gone up dramatically over the last decade, and the complexity of record management has increased proportionally.

Alfresco 3 Records Management is a complete guide for setting up records programs within organizations. The book is the first and only one that describes Alfresco’s implementation of Records Management. It not only teaches the technology for implementing Records Management, but also discusses the important roles that both processes and people play in the building of a successful records program..


My e-books collection (more than 2000 assorted e-books)

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Construction and Home Improvement - Pack 6 of 19 - Electrica
This is my collection of Construction and Home ImprovementKnovel books. Pack 6 of

Collection's description:
This is a library of applied technical books and videos.These books are geared at

solving practical issues.Their subjects vary considerably and are geared at solving

the most common problems or providing information about the most useful trades. Many

of the books are DIY and/or Tips.I used quite a few of them.
Subjects include:
@Building Construction
@Fireplaces Stoves and Related
@Insulation and Weatherproofing
@Regulations and Codes
@Repair and Maintenance
@Structural and Framing

These are the contents of the Pack 6 of 19 - Electrical:
Intro to Electrical Conductors, Wiring Techniques, and Schematic Reading.pdf
(1999) Leeson - Basic training for electrical motors.pdf
(29) Wiring Electrical Circuits.pdf
(Ebook - Housing) Indoor Electrical Safety Check.pdf
(Electrical Engineering) Teach Yourself Electricity and Electronics.pdf
(energy flood) Photovoltaic Power Systems and the National Electrical Code.pdf yEnc

All About Wiring Basics.pdf
Basic Electrical Circuits.pdf
Basic Wiring.pdf
CDC - Electrical Safety - Student Manual.pdf
Code Check Electrical - An Illustrated Guide to Wiring a Safe House, 4th, The Taunton

Press 2005.pdf
DIY Home Repair Guide Fit Extra Electrical Sockets.pdf
Electrical Engineering - Handbook of Batteries.pdf
Electrical Engineering - Industrial Control Wiring Guide (Newnes).pdf
Electrical Engineering - Small Wind Energy Systems for Battery Charging (Project).pdf
Electrical Engineering Dictionary.pdf
Electrical Engineers Portable Handbook 2nd ed. - R. Hickey (2004) WW.pdf
Electrical Estimators Manual - How To Estimate Electrical Construction Projects.pdf
Electrical Grounding Techiques.pdf
Electrical installation designs- 2nd edition.pdf
Electrical Insulating Materials - International Issues.pdf
electrical wiring faq pt1&2.pdf
Electrical Wiring for Canadian Homes and Cottages.pdf
Electrical Wiring Simplified (Para Electricistas, Instalaciones Electricas, Muy

Didactico Y Pragmatico, Must).pdf
Fine Homebuilding Video - Long Electrical Runs In Closed Walls.mov
Handbook Of Electrical Design Details, 2Nd Edition (2003){Home Wiring Nec Ansi) -

Home Electrical Wiring [1-3] - Build Your Own Smart Home 2003 Mcgraw Rr Pdf (01

HouseWiringGuide (audio-video-data wiring DIY).pdf
Solar Panel wiring.pdf
Stanley Complete Wiring.pdf


http://www.filesonic.com/file/264770..._Improvement_- _Pack_6_of_19_-_Electrical.part2.rar http://www.filesonic.com/file/264767..._Improvement_- _Pack_6_of_19_-_Electrical.part1.rar http://www.filesonic.com/file/264863..._Improvement_- _Pack_6_of_19_-_Electrical.part6.rar http://www.filesonic.com/file/264777..._Improvement_- _Pack_6_of_19_-_Electrical.part3.rar http://www.filesonic.com/file/264872..._Improvement_- _Pack_6_of_19_-_Electrical.part4.rar http://www.filesonic.com/file/264772..._Improvement_- _Pack_6_of_19_-_Electrical.part5.rar

Philosophy Books Collection
528 PDF | English | 2,7 GB

Philosophy Books Collection :

- Epistemology
- General Philosophy
- History of Philosophy
- Philosophy of Language
- Philosophy of Mathematics and Logic
- Philosophy of Mind
- Philosophy of Science
- Religion and Philosophy of Religion
- Science Popularization
- Social Philosophy
- Texte in romana
- Miscelaneous

http://uploading.com/files/f37b93mm/...hy.part28.rar/ http://uploading.com/files/ab4fmd94/...hy.part27.rar/ http://uploading.com/files/568e93ab/...hy.part26.rar/ http://uploading.com/files/adad4af3/...hy.part25.rar/ http://uploading.com/files/f5m6e3c1/...hy.part24.rar/ http://uploading.com/files/9a2e91da/...hy.part23.rar/ http://uploading.com/files/23336c23/...hy.part22.rar/ http://uploading.com/files/aa8716a1/...hy.part21.rar/ http://uploading.com/files/42c2c8md/...hy.part20.rar/ http://uploading.com/files/m6cm36e3/...hy.part19.rar/ http://uploading.com/files/5a8527e1/...hy.part18.rar/ http://uploading.com/files/emc439d4/...hy.part17.rar/ http://uploading.com/files/d3152699/...hy.part16.rar/ http://uploading.com/files/7mm19maf/...hy.part15.rar/ http://uploading.com/files/f1dd296b/...hy.part14.rar/ http://uploading.com/files/debm919m/...hy.part13.rar/ http://uploading.com/files/d82md944/...hy.part12.rar/ http://uploading.com/files/1246a4ma/...hy.part11.rar/ http://uploading.com/files/ceadc9f5/...hy.part10.rar/ http://uploading.com/files/52da9d3m/...hy.part09.rar/ http://uploading.com/files/acffe8fe/...hy.part08.rar/ http://uploading.com/files/de1e75fc/...hy.part07.rar/ http://uploading.com/files/675b6561/...hy.part06.rar/ http://uploading.com/files/dcb7aec8/...hy.part05.rar/ http://uploading.com/files/a9288b62/...hy.part04.rar/ http://uploading.com/files/586342b5/...hy.part03.rar/ http://uploading.com/files/c97b599e/...hy.part02.rar/ http://uploading.com/files/c1397376/...hy.part01.rar/

C++ Ebook Collection
PDF & CHM | English | 173.71 MB


huge collection of Ajax ebooks

44 ebooks | PDF + CHM file | 280 MB


huge collection of Algorithms ebooks
100 ebooks | PDF + CHM file | 950 MB


Diet Ebooks Collection
English | PDF | 523.5 MB

Diet Ebooks Collection help you develop your own unique path to weight loss, shows you how to keep going through plateaus and how to overcome obstacles.

3 Day Diet.pdf
3 Days to Vitality.pdf
5-Factor Fitness.pdf
A to Z diet.pdf
Abs Diet Complete Book.pdf
Body Sense Natural Diet - Six Weeks to a Slimmer, Healthier You.pdf
Breaking the Vicious Cycle.pdf
Calorie Switching.pdf
Carb Counter.pdf
Carbohydrate Cycling.pdf
Conquer the Fat-Loss Code.pdf
Crack the Fat Loss Code.PDF
Cycling Approach 1.pdf
Diet Quality of Americans.pdf
Diet Therapy, and the Liver.pdf
Do-able Diet.pdf
Eat Fat And Grow Slim.pdf
Eat Papaya Naked.pdf
Eat Right for Your Metabolism.pdf
Eat This.pdf
Eat Yourself Slim.pdf
Everything You Wanted To Know About Fat Loss - Chris Aceto.pdf
FASTING The Ultimate Diet.pdf
Feed Your Genes Right Eat To Turn Off Disease-Causing Genes And Slow Down Aging.pdf
Fire Up Your Metabolism.pdf
Fuhrman Eat to Live.pdf
gl diet for dummies.pdf
Hormonal Balance.pdf
How to Survive Your Diet.pdf
Joy's Life Diet.pdf
las dietas engordan comer adelgaza.pdf
libro de perder peso.pdf
Lose a pound a day.pdf
Lyle McDonald - A Guide to Flexible Dieting.pdf
Lyle McDonald - Bromocriptine.pdf
Lyle McDonald - The Ketogenic Diet.pdf
Lyle McDonald - The Rapid Fat Loss Handbook.pdf
Lyle McDonald - The Ultimate Diet 2.0.pdf
M.DiPasquale - The Anabolic Diet.pdf
Master your Metabolism.pdf
Metabolic Diet - Mauro Di Pasquale.pdf
Miracle Makeover Become The Slim, Sexy, High Energy, Healthy Joyful Person You Alway Imagine You Could be.pdf
Novel Food Ingredients for Weight Control.pdf
NutriSystem Nourish The Revolutionary New Weight-Loss Program.pdf
Quick Start The Weight-loss Program.pdf
Qu‚ hacen los malditoas flacos.pdf
Rapid fat Loss.pdf
Rawsome! Maximizing Health, Energy, and Culinary Delight.pdf
Shrink To Fit.pdf
Shrink Yourself- Break Free from Emotional Eating Forever.pdf
Sunfood Diet.pdf
TCM A Natural Guide.pdf
Te para rebajar.txt
The China Study_1932100385.pdf
The Digestive Chemistry Diet .pdf
The Fast Food Diet.pdf
The Fat-Burning Bible.pdf
The Flexitarian Diet The Mostly Vegetarian Way to Lose Weight, Be Healthier, Prevent Disease, and Add Years to Your Life.pdf
The GDA Diet.pdf
The GI Made Simple.pdf
The Higher Taste A Guide to Gourmet Vegetarian Cooking and a Karma Free Diet.pdf
The Holistic Guide to Weight Loss.pdf
The InSide Out Diet.pdf
The Joy of WeightLoss.pdf
The Last 15.pdf
The Metabolism Miracle.pdf
The Mind-Body Makeover Project - A 12-Week Plan for Transforming Your Body and Your Life.pdf
The Obesity Myth.pdf
The Rapid Fat Loss Handbook- A Scientific Approach to Crash Dieting.pdf
The Raw Food Detox Diet.pdf
The Raw Secrets_0973093005.pdf
The Real You Diet.pdf
The Reverse Diet.pdf
The Science of Oriental Medicine, Diet and Hygiene.pdf
The Ultimate Metabolism diet.pdf
The Ultimate Omega-3 Diet.pdf
The Ultimate Tea Diet.pdf
The Weight Loss Cure They Dont Want You To Know About - Kevin Trudeau.pdf
Toda Dieta.pdf
Turn Up the Heat.pdf
Weight Loss for Food Lovers (mAnaV) .pdf
Weight Loss That Lasts Break Through The 10 Big Diet Myths.pdf
Wendy Oliver-Pyatt - Fed Up! Breakthrough Ten-Step No-Diet Fitness Plan 2002 007138331X.pdf
Winning at WeightLoss.pdf
Winning By Losing.pdf
[eBook] - HTML5 for Web Designers

The HTML5 spec is 900 pages and hard to read. HTML5 for Web Designers is 85 pages and fun to read. Easy choice.

HTML5 is the longest HTML specification ever written. It is also the most powerful, and in some ways, the most confusing. What do accessible, content-focused standards-based web designers and front-end developers need to know? And how can we harness the power of HTML5 in today’s browsers?

In this brilliant and entertaining user’s guide, Jeremy Keith cuts to the chase, with crisp, clear, practical examples, and his patented twinkle and charm.


Berlitz English™ • Language for Life
Author: Berlitz English™
Berlitz Languages, Inc. USA
Format: PDF, MP3&CUE

Berlitz English™ - Language for Life

• Level 1-2-3-4-5-6-7-8
• Business 1-2

BerlitzEnglish is the unique new program that provides language training for the real world by using real-life scenarios, in the classroom as well as in course materials. Whether you want to learn English for travel, to conduct business, to study abroad or simply for personal enrichment, you’ll find that BerlitzEnglish gives you the language skills you need to handle almost any situation.


Level 1
(Book & Audio, 24.27 MB)

Level 2
(Book & Audio, 44.81 MB)
Level 3
Book & Audio, 45.65 MB)
Level 4
(Book & Audio, 36.20 MB)
Level 5
(Audio, 13.67 MB) _NEW
(Book, 5.40 MB)
Level 6
Book & Audio, 26.14 MB)
Level 7
(Audio, 18.15 MB)
(Book, 5.88 MB)
Level 8
(Audio, 15.31 MB)
(Book, 5.66 MB)

Business 1
(Audio, 20.87 MB)
(Book, 7.79 MB)
Business 2
(Audio, 15.45 MB)

Book, 7.62 MB)



http://hotfile.com/dl/77859562/5b051...l8_cd.rar.html http://hotfile.com/dl/77859608/48839..._book.rar.html http://hotfile.com/dl/77859722/04618...l7_cd.rar.html http://hotfile.com/dl/77859783/0f9e7..._book.rar.html http://hotfile.com/dl/77859963/c8eff...fl_l6.rar.html http://hotfile.com/dl/77860013/38286..._book.rar.html http://hotfile.com/dl/77860077/d8852...audio.rar.html http://hotfile.com/dl/77860288/241f8...fl_l4.rar.html http://hotfile.com/dl/77860517/e8517...fl_l3.rar.html http://hotfile.com/dl/77860936/e77c8...fl_l2.rar.html http://hotfile.com/dl/77861112/b7f94...fl_l1.rar.html http://hotfile.com/dl/77861184/f8b79...b2_cd.rar.html http://hotfile.com/dl/77861221/89b52..._book.rar.html http://hotfile.com/dl/77861355/349c2...b1_cd.rar.html http://hotfile.com/dl/77861424/5ae1e..._book.rar.html

Django JavaScript Integration: AJAX and jQuery

You want to create an AJAX application. Why would you use Django? Why would you use jQuery? Why would you use both together? Enter Django JavaScript Integration: AJAX and jQuery – your comprehensive answer to all these questions and the only extensive, practical, and hands-on guide to developing any AJAX application with Django and jQuery.

Gone are the days when you used to lament over the lack of official documentation on AJAX with Django. This book will teach you exactly why Django is called “The web framework for perfectionists with deadlines“, how jQuery – the “write less do more” JavaScript library – is practically a virtual higher-level language, and why they both deserve to be integrated with AJAX.

This hands-on-guide shows you how to put Django and jQuery together in the process of creating an AJAX application. In this book, they are brought together in a real-world scenario, with attention to usability, to build and develop an AJAX application.


ASP.NET MVC 2 Cookbook

ASP.NET MVC, one of the latest web development platforms from Microsoft, brings the power of MVC programming to ASP.NET development. It simplifies the task of application development and maintenance for developers. However, ASP.NET MVC is filled with so many features that developers end up looking for solutions to the many problems that are encountered in their routine development tasks.ASP.NET MVC 2 Cookbook will provide solutions for the very specific problems that are encountered while developing applications with the ASP.NET MVC platform. It consists of many recipes containing step-by-step instructions that guide developers to effectively use the wide array of tools and features of ASP.NET MVC platform for web development

ASP.NET MVC Cookbook is a collection of recipes that will help you to perform your routine development tasks with ease using the ASP.NET MVC platform. In this book you will be walked through the solution to several specific web application development problems. Each recipe will walk you through the creation of a web application, setting up any Visual Studio project requirements, adding in any external tools, and finally the programming steps needed to solve the problem. The focus of the book is to describe the solution from start to finish.


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