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Old 7th July 2010
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my wife Neelam and the house servants part 1

This is a true story. I have been married for the last 10 years My name is Kapil am 42 yrs old and my wife Neelam is 35 years old she is a very fair lady height 5 feet 07 inches long hair weight 56 kg and figure 40-28-36 and nice big breasts looks a lot like Diya Mirza. Our sex life is normal although nothing great its just normal sex about 2-3 times a week a little bit of oral sex and just normal pussy fucking and we finish in 10-20 minutes. I thought we needed some excitement to boost up our sex lives however due to busy schedule of my work as i work in a MNC and my wife is a teacher we did not get time for this.
However i never expected the way our sex lives would be boosted. We had a old maid Ramya around 50 yrs old who used to cook and clean for us and also stay in the night in the servant Room. One day she came to us and said that she had to go back to her village as her Mother had passed away and she wanted leave for about 1 month as she was the only one. My wife Neelam got very worried and said how will we manage without her. I come back around 7/8 Pm in the evening and she gets back around 4 Pm in the evening. Both of us leave in the morning around 8 Am so how will we manage and how will the house work go on. She told us not to worry and that she had arranged for her husband Bhola to work at our place in her absence. Bhola was supposed to be a cook and had worked in some hotels and presently was out of job. We agreed on that but Neelam asked what about the cleaning and mopping. Ramya told us that Bhola had his cousin bother Ramu and he would do all the cleaning. Ramya requested us to keep both of them in the servant Room as they did not have any place to stay. She guaranteed that there would be no problems and if any complains we could throw them out and she would come back immediately and pay them the same amount. We readily agreed as there was no other choice. Ramya would leave immediately and Bhola and Ramu would come in the evening.
At around 7 pm in the evening we heard a knock on the door I went and opened it and two men were standing out. I knew it would be Bhola and Ramu. Bhola was about 55 years old tall and well built but very dark almost the same color of a negro. Ramu on the other hand was Younger about 35 short and fat also very very dark even blacker then Bhola. But they looked well mannered and after introducing themselves to me and my wife we showed them the servant Room and told them to start work in the morning.

They started work next day Bhola was a good cook and Ramu did the cleaning well even my wife Neelam was pleased with there work. So everyday we left in the morning after breakfast and my wife returned at 4 and i came around 7-8 PM in the evening. Like this one week passed. At times when my wife used to walk around in the gown i noticed Bhola and Ramu staring at her body also sometimes i noticed my wife neelam would look at Bhola. But i thought nothing of it it did make me a bit excited though thinking Bhola fucking my pretty wife but i never expected it would be possible.

One day in the middle of the night i got up as i thought someone was at the door. As i went towards the door i could hear Bhola and Ramu talking. Bhola was telling Ramu about how sexy my wife was and how he would love to fuck her in her mouth in her chooth and in her gaand. But then said arrey how it is possible we can only fantasize about fucking our memsaab. Ramu however had an idea. He said that madam comes around 4 in the evening and sahib around 8 we can easily fuck her for 2-3 hours. But how Bhola said she will never agree and maybe if we try we may loose our jobs and even land in jail. Ramu said donít worry i have an idea. Tommorow as soon as madam comes we will catch her and threaten her with a knife and while we fuck her i will record in my mobile camera and blackmail her so that she cannot tell anyone. Bhola was still in doubt and said nahi yaar it is not possible only 2 of us what if it gets out of control. Ramu then came up with another idea which really shocked me. He told Bhola hey you know that sweeper of the colony Kalu. Kalu was the sweeper of the colony a really big man almost 6 feet 04 inches tall about 25 years of age really black as his name and very very fat. He weighed almost 150 Kg and was the biggest and ugliest man I had seen around always chewing tobacco and pan and spitting all over the place. He hardly worked and only got the job because it was reserved for schedule cast and his Father had been a sweeper in the same colony and had died while working so the job went to Kalu and he could not be removed from the job. Bhola asked Ramu so what about Kalu. Ramu said whenever he meets me he keeps talking about my Neelam madam and how he would love to fuck her in her ass and would do anything just to fuck her for a couple of hours. Now Bhola got interested and said ok lets plan for tomorrow then. I was listening all the time. As per the plan tomorrow around 3 pm just before my wife reaches home they would bring Kalu in the house and hide him in the servant Room. Ramu will fix up his mobile camera in the bedroom as soon as Madaam comes out of the bathroom they will catch her and take her to the bedroom and keep fucking for the next 3 hours and also record everything on camera. Saying this they went off to sleep..

I was really angry and wanted to take out my pistol and shoot these two. But the thought of these 3 black ugly men fucking my wife specially in her ass kind of excited me i also had never fucked Neelam in her ass and i wanted to see how she would react to all this. So I also made up my plan tomorrow I would come back from the office early around 3:45 and there was this storeroom which we had and it had a door opening from outside. We hardly used this Room as some stores,baggage was lying and it was opened and cleaned once a month and our new servants had not seen this yet. Also this room had a good view of the bedroom as the door had big transparent glass which was a one way view. You can only see from the store into the bedroom but not from the bedroom also there was open spaces above the glass so can hear everything very clearly. I decided to see from the store what would happen i would use a stool and see and hear how may wife reacts also I will keep my pistol with me just incase things go out of control.

Next morning leaving for work I told my wife Neelam that i might be a bit late from work as I had to take someone from office for dinner. I told her that would return by around 9 PM in the night also made sure Bhola and Ramu were listening and I could see the smile on their faces. We both left for work. I was excited the whole day and told my office that had to see some relative for an urgent matter and would be leaving by 3:30. By 3:30 pm i left the office and reached Home around 3: 45 i parked my car little away from the normal place so nobody will notice. I quietly went up to my apartment and entered from the store Room. I set up the stool and had a clear view of the Bedroom and the sitting Room. I could hear some voices from the sitting Room Ramu and Bhola were talking to Kalu and discussing some plan. I had a good view of the bedroom and my pistol was in my pocket just in case.

Soon it was 4 Pm and I heard the door opening and Neelam came in. Immediately Bhola and Ramu came up to her and wished her Namaste madamji what can we get for you. My wife was very surprised she asked what happend Bhola you seem to be in a good mood today. Nothing madam but i may win a lottery soon so i am happy. My wife said Bhola donít believe in all this lottery business work hard and you will always be happy. Ok Bhola please get me some tea after that I will go for wash and you can start preparing Dinner Sahib will be late today. Bhola said we know madam but today please have some hot milk with Badam kajoo and Pista we have prepared it for you please madam. Ok Bhola since you are insisting get me the Badam shake. Bhola immediately got a big glass of the Shake and gave it to my wife who drank it up immediately Bhola that was really good ok now I am going for wash please start preparing dinner. OK madam Bhola said and both he and Ramu went to the Servant Room. As soon as Neelam entered the Toilet i saw Bhola Ramu and Kalu come out of the Room. Bhola and Ramu were also drinking the Badam Shake while Kalu had a bottle of Rum in his hand and was sipping it merely. The rum smell was so strong that I could get the smell in my storeroom. Kalu was telling them what yaar you people having milk and Ramu said arre aaj madam ko ji bhar ke chodenge to dhoodh to pina hai madam ko bhi to doodh pilaya hai.. Kalu said mein to Madam ko aaj Rum pilaonga tab dekhna kitna maza aata hain.

Saying this they quietly hid on either side of the bathroom Door waiting for my wife to come out. Kalu was on one side with his bottle of Rum while Bhola and Ramu on the other side with Bhola holding a Kitchen Knife. After 20 minutes my wife came out of the Bathroom looking fresh and in a gown and barefoot immediately Kalu caught her and gagged her mouth with his big hand. Bhola took out the knife and put it near her throat and said Madam Ji if you make one small noise we will kill you and do what we say do you understand. Neelam was terrified looking at all 3 men specially Kalu she just nodded in agreement. After that Kalu removed his hand from her mouth and Neelam started crying she said to Bhola what happened why are you doing this do you want money and jewellery please take whatever you want but please do not hurt me. Kalu said madamji we just need one thing from you and that is your 3 holes your mouth your chooth and your gaand with are big lunds inside them. Hearing this Neelam started crying more please Ramu please Bhola donít do this take whatever you like but please donít do anything to me. Hearing this Ramu got very angry he gave her a very tight slap and she feel to the floor Kalu picked her up and i could see she was bleeding slightly from the lips. Bhola pointed the knife on her neck and said anymore trouble and this will go inside your throat do you understand. Neelam nodded Kalu lifted her up and took her to our bedroom and threw her on the bed. Meanwhile Ramu fixed the Mobile camera and switched it on. Neelam was more shocked now what are you doing Ramu why you putting this camera. Madam Ramu said we will record everything so that you do not tell what happend.

Kalu was the first to approach her. Madamji please have little drink Neelam was about to protest when she got another hard slap from Kalu and she almost fell off the bed. Kalu caught her and opened her mouth and started pouring the rum in her throat. Even if one drop comes out we will really hurt you badly. My poor wife Neelam swallowed the Rum it was some really very strong brand and I could smell the stink even in my storeroom. After she had swallowed half the bottle Kalu left her. I could see she was in a daze now and was not able to focus properly. She had become high and drunk. Kalu said to Ramu and Bhola lets take out her clothes and then we will remove ours and start the fucking session. Ramu went up to Neelam and just tore out the gown she was wearing. As she had just completed her bath she was completely naked now. Seeing her body her white skin her rosy nipples big breast and nice ass and cleanly shaved cunt all 3 nearly passed out in excitement. They could not believe that they were going to fuck this lady. Neelam was still a little bit dizzy and was begging them please let me go please mujhe jaane do. Bhola came up to her and said one more word and this knife will go inside your throat he pocked it on her neck and it became red. Neelam just nodded please donít hurt me I will do whatever you tell me to. Kalu started smiling now we will start our fun.
They started removing there clothes ist one to get out of his clothes was Kalu . I got a shock when I saw his lund it was about 8 inches long and 3 inches wide even in semi erct condition. Once erect it would be atleast 10 inches how would Neelam take it in her ass. Also lot of pubic hair all around his cock and ass. He immediately jumped on the bed and shoved his Lund into Neelams mouth. Ok Madamji pleas start sucking just like you suck Lolly pop. Neelam had no choice and opened her mouth the big lund almost gagged her and she was also making awful face as if the lund was smelling very bad. Kalu started pumping in and out of Neelams mouth and I could see his Monster cock growing and growing gosh i thought it will be even more then 10 inches.

Meanwhile Ramu and Bhola were also out of their clothes Ramus lund was just like him Short about 6 inches but very fat about 4 inches. Bholas lund was about 7-8 inches all 3 Lunds were completly black just like an African man. They both just jumped on the bed and started rubbing and touching Neelam all over. Bhola had both her breast in his hands and was squeezing hem tightly. Ramu was rubbing his hands on her ass and chooth. I started noticing that Neelam was also getting excited she was now panting loudly and was sucking Kalus big 11 inch lund with more enthusiasam . Kalu was saying see Madam is getting excited let us make her more excited. He kept pumping his lund deeper and deeper inside Neelams throat. Bhola meanwhile was still squeezing her boobs and kissing and licking her neck and back. Ramu meanwhile started putting one hands fingers inside Neelams asshole and the other hands fingers inside her chooth and started moving it in aand out and started increasing his pace. Neelam was in pain but could not cry as the bing monster lund of Kalu had completely gagged her. However after a while she started enjoying it and I could see her body responding and wanting for more.

After about 10 minutes of pumping her mouth I could see Kalu getting excited and in ecstasy> He started groaning and said Madamji I am about to cum in your mouth make sure you swallow everything and not even one drop should fall out. Neelam just nodded in agreement the next minute i heard Kalu groaning uufffffffffffff maza aa gaya and I knew he was cuming in her mouth. He Caught Neelams Head and tried to shove his lund more and more inside. Poor Neelam could hardly breath. Soon Kalu was cuming and Neelam was swallowing all the cum. She kept swallowing for the next one minute. Kalu meanwhile kept his lund inside for a couple of minutes and soon I could see his lund softening . He withdrew from her mouth. Kalu told Bhola and Ramu cmon its your turn now let madamd ji give you two all a good blow job. Kalu told Neelam madamji please enjoy with Bhola and Ramu I will get some ghee from the Kitchen. Neelam was again shocked why you are getting Ghee Kalu aare madamji aapkee gaand jo marni hain ghee lagake mast mast gaaand ke chudai hogi. Saying this he walked to the kitchen to bring some Ghee.

Meanwhile Ramu and Bhola both started shoving there cocks in Neelams mouth. Ramu was saying Madamji aap aik saaath hein dono lund chooso huko bhi aur aapko bhi aur mazaa aayega. Saying this both of them shoved their lunds in Neelams mouth she had to open her mouth very wide and with great difficulty both the lunds were now inside her mouth. Ramu said Chalo madamji achi tarah Choosa or gale tak lund on lai jao. Neelam nodded in agreement and started sucking both the lunds she also caught both Ramu and Bholas lund in each hand and started massaging the lunds. Ramu had caught her hair and was started moving her head in and out so that Neelam could suck the lunds properly and they would enjoy more. Meanwhile Kalu had returned from the Kitchen and had got some Ghee in a bowl. He sat behind Neelam and took some Ghee in his hands and started rubbing the Ghee in her Chooth and Gaand. I could see Neelam getting excited . Kalu also shoved 1 finger inside her asshole and put some ghee inside and kept fingering her asshole.

Ramu and Bhola were getting more excited and they started pumping Neelams mouth faster and harder. I could make out that they will be cumming anytime now. I noticed Neelam was also excited and instead of suffering from this rape and assault she seemed to be now enjoying little bit. She was sucking there lunds with more enthusiasm and did not require and force from Ramu and Bhola. Ramu said to Bhola arre Madam ji ke muuh are baal mein apna sperm dalte hain. Pure face aur baal pe jab chi chip sperm hoga to madamji aur sexy or bilkool Randi ki tarah dekhengi. Thik hain Ramu to ek saath hein jhadenge.

Soon i could hear Ramu and Kalu groaning and I knew they would be cumming anytime now. Immediately both of them withdrew and started spraying their sperm all over Neelams face and hair. The amount of sperm they deliverd on Neelam was too much Neelams eyes cheeks lips and nostrils were covered with Ramus sperm. While Bholas sperms were on her hair eyes and forehead. After cumming they again shoved there lunds in Neelams Mouth Chalo madamji please lick and clean our lunds nicely we still have a long day ahead and bahuut chudaai baaki hain. Neelam sucked there lunds and she was closing her eyes and surely enjoying herself now. After licking for a few minutes they withdrew their lunds and were very very satisfied. Kalu told Neelam chalo madam please rub all this sperm like a lotion on your face and hair it is very good for your skin better than the lotion you use and saying that all 3 started laughing. Neelam started rubbing and massaging her face and her head. Soon the sperms had tried up and become like a nice face pack.

Now Kalu said to Ramu Ok Ramu let me fuck madamji properly first and you make good video after i finish fucking her you both fuck her together and I will make good video. Ok Ramu and Bhola said and they removed the camera from the table top and fixed it near the bed. Kalu lifted Neelam as if she was a feather and shifted her near the head of the bed. He told Neelam ok Madamji aap araam se leeto. Neelam lay down on her back on the bed. Kalu climbed on top of her and sat on her chest. Poor Neelam I was wondering how she would take the weight but somehow she was managing . kalu shoved his lund inside her mouth and started pumping. Meanwhile Ramu was behaving like a professional photographer and moving from place to place to get the best shot in his video. Neelam was enjoying sucking the cock and Kalu said Dekh Bhola tumhari Madamji ab humari randi ho gayi hai, Ab se isko roz chodenge . He continued pumping in her mouth and after a while withdrew. He turned around and put his ass on Neelams Mouth and said Chalo madamji ab humari gaand bhi achi tarah chato. Neelam was shocked and was about to protest when Bhola showed her the knife again and she just nodded in desperation. Kalu shoved his ass on Neelams mouth and sson Neelam was licking his asshole. Kalu was in 9th heaven and kept shoving his ass more and more so Neelams toungue could penetrate as deep into his asshole. Kalu was saying Madamji please lick my asshole nicely and put your tongue as deep in the hole and make sure it is clean and they all bursted laughing. After getting his asshole licked for about 10 minutes he got up. Chalo ramu /Bhola ab asli chudaai chalo hogi.

He made Neelam lie down on her back and spread her legs open. He got in the missionary position and brought his lund to Neelams chooth. Neelam was howling please Kalu do it slowly and gently how will i ever take an 11 inch lund in my cunt.Dont worry Madamji it will pain in he beginning only after that mazaa hi mazaaa. Saying this he put the tip of his 11 inch lund on her cunt and with one push shoved it all the way in. Neelam almost fainted in pain and cried so loudly that if we had neighbours close by they would have heard. Luckily no neighbours as the people living next door had gone for a long holiday. Luckily Kalu had applied Ghee on her Chooth otherwise Neelam chooth would have surely torn or be badly injured. After that Kalu put his Mouth on Neelams mouth and stated French kissing her. He was shoving his toungue inside her throat. Although Neelam was in great pain she was now getting excited and I could see her toungue also going inside Kalus mouth. Kalu now started pumping her slowly and slowly. I could see the hung 11 inch lund going in and out of her cunt and lot of juice and little bit blood was also coming from her chooth. Neelam was still yelling in pain but gradually the pain started becoming ecstasy. As Kalu increased his pace of fucking her chooth Neelam started groaning and was making sounds like uuffffffffff aaahhhhhhhhha Kalu abhi accha lagne laga hai please increase your speed now . Kalu was more in ecstasy now he was saying to Bhola and Ramu see Madamji is enjoying now and increased his pace and force and started pounding poor Neelam with full force. Ramu was meanwhile taking the full video shot while Bhola was stroking his Lund and waiting for his chance. After pumping Neelam for 10 minutes Kalu withdrew is lund. He told Neelam madamji ab aap ulta apne pait pe laitye aapki gaand ko chodna hain. Neelam was shocked and very very scared. She was begging Kalu please donít enter my asshole I have never had sex there if you do i will surely die. Dont worry madam we will only hurt you little after that Mazzaaa hi Mazzaaaaa. Saying this he flipped Neelam on her Stomach. Then he told Ramu and Bhola both of you catch each leg and spread it as far apart as you can. Ramu kept the camera on the table and it still continued shooting. Kalu was sitting on Neelams Back and putting more Ghee inside her ass. Ramu and Bhola caught each ankle and spread her legs as far as they could till Neelam was screaming in pain. Kalu said ok that is enough now keeping holding her till my lund enters her gaand after that let go the legs. Saying this Kalu put the tip of his huge lund on Neelams Gaand he put his hand on Neelams mouth and covered it hard so that she could not scream. I waited and watched how would Neelam take this lund in her Gaand it really excited me ang gave me a big hard on. Kalu was now touching her virgin asshole with his monster lund. Then without warning he gave one hard sudden push and his lund was fully inside Neelams ass. I could hear a big groan as Neelams mouth was covered her screams could not be heard. Kalu kept his hand on her mouth and started fucking her asshole. He was in ecstasy and telling Bhola and Ramu this is the tightest Gaand he had ever fucked and it was really the best feeling of pleasure in his life. Meanwhile all of them noticed there was no movement from Neelam. Kalu removed his hand and stopped pumping in her ass although his 11 inch lund was deeply buried inside her asshole. Bhola and Ramu had left her legs now. Bhola went close to Neelams face and said lagta hain Madamji Bahosh ho gai hain he seemed a little worried. Kalu said donít worry yaarabhi hosh mien late hain. Ramu go and get some hot ghee from the kitchen and Bhola Madam ka muuh khol ke rum dalo. Ramu hurried to the kitchen heated some ghee and gave it to Kalu. Meanwhile Bhola opened Neelams mouth and poured little rum inside her mouth and sprayed some on her face. Soon Neelam was coming to her senses Kalu meanwhile took the warm ghee and put it on his cock and Neelam asshole and continued with his pumping. There was a lot of blood and fluids coming out of Neelam ass. Kalu continued his fucking her ass and Neelam was soon in her senses. She was in real pain and saying Kalu please leave me please donít fuck my gaand I am in too much pain and I feel like I will die. Kalu said donít worry Madamji the pain has now passed and we have broken your gaand ab to mazaa hi mazaaa. Saying this he increased his pace of fucking. Meanwhile Bhola came in front of Neelam and shoved his cock inside her mouth and started humping . Neelam was now fully gagged and could not even scream. After 10 minutes of rigrous ass fucking Kalu started groaning and I knew he was about to come soon.. He had his full weight on Neelams back i was wondering how Neelam was taking so much weight. Bhola had also withdrawn his lund from her mouth and pass rubbing some Ghee on his lund.

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Old 7th July 2010
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nice starting...

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nice story
Sunny leone Sexy pic

Hot Pic

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Very erotic

Number of abortions rise in Gujarat a couple of months after Navratri

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please put in more comments so I can put up more stories
Prof Kapil

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really a good dick rising story

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thanks for the updates will write more

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very hot story

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Ye part khatam hogaya kya? Part2 suru hogaya.

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