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Old 29th June 2010
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Sex Story on Actress Ramya Krishnan with her pics

Hi Guys,

Sorry for a long gap... Hope u guys remember me... I used to write stories on actress simran, jyothika, some more in previous forums... Now this time i was mad with the actress or aunty Ramya krishnan... MMM.., ok Lemme start writing story on Ramya krishnan now...

So in regards to start the posting, i thought i would post some of her pics which would help us to shag our dick and cum on the screen while reading the stories..

Here comes the picsss link


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Old 29th June 2010
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I am starting to write the story now onwards,,, so as per the pic link assume the same dress and get up ramya krishnan would be coming in the story... Ok guys... Need ur response and suggestions in improving the stories..... ...

Ramya Krishnan was born in a Tamil brahmin Iyer family in Madras (now Chennai) in the Indian state of Tamil Nadu. Ramya started her acting career at the age of 13 and has an acting career spanning over 25 years.The actress married noted Telugu film director Krishna Vamsi on 12 June 2003 and has since then settled in Hyderabad. She gave birth to a boy, named Ritwik on 13 February 2005.

As we all know that she might have seen 1000s of dicks during her 25 years of cine life... But do we know whats her thirst for sex now... This story is to reveal her sex thirst and her desire towards sex...

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Old 30th June 2010
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Old 30th June 2010
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As told now Ramya Krishnan is settled in hyderabad, she was doing a serial in tamil. So she used to travel in between chennai and hyderabad. That she couldnt get flight ticket, so she booked in tatkal in AC compartment. Ramya Krishnan wore a sky blue chiffon sari with matching blouse, matching bindi (round mark on the forehead of Indian ladies) and matching sandals. Her sari was wrapped tightly round her body showing all her curves to their best advantage. The pallu (the upper end of the sari) was pulled tightly across her firm boobs. It was evident from the sindoor (vermillion colored powder) in her hair parting that she was married.

I have attached the link,, how she look.., guys look at her and see the hotty...





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Old 30th June 2010
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Once she entered the compartment, she saw a person named Raja, weight lifter. He was 6 feet tall, 95Kg and broad shoulder. They both got introduced and as ramya krishnan is a famous actress he recognised her and was talking happily to her. He got autograph and all from her.
He has watched all movies of ramya krishnan and he never missed the scenes of whenever ramya krishnan display her cute, deep round navel and cleavage to the audiences. By seeing such a sexy beautiful lady in front of him, he became hot and his heart was beating like anything.

Ramya krishnan was saying that her husband had gone abroad for two months and she had spent this time visiting with her parents and shooting. Her husband was coming back tomorrow morning and she was returning to her husband’s home to be with him. Actually ramya krishnan wanted to travel on flight, so that she could receive him, but could not get a seat. This apparently was the reason she had agreed to share a coupe with an unknown male passenger.

While they were talking the coach attendant came to make the beds. So they went out in the corridor. She stood near him. He could smell the lovely perfume she had used.

“She has not had a cock for the last two months, as her husband is away and must be feeling very horny,” He thought.

After the attendant had finished making the beds he took their order for dinner and said, “I will serve it around 9 p.m. in the compartment. Is it all right?”

They said okay and he left.

They returned to their seats. He sat down as before near the window but Ramya Krishnan instead of sitting at the far end of the berth sat down near the middle and we continued their conversation.

During their conversation he kept getting hard on from time to time. On couple of occasions he had to adjust his position to hide his hard on from her view.

At about seven he opened his ‘travel bar’. “Would you care for a drink? I am sorry I can offer only a limited choice of scotch and cognac,” he asked politely.

For a moment she hesitated then said, “Thank you very much. I would love to join you. Scotch with soda for me, please.” he poured out the drinks and they settled back to enjoy them.

While he had finished half a glass, Ramya Krishnan had emptied her glass. When he started to refresh her drink she took the bottle from his hand and poured herself a stiff drink, which she started to gulp.He advised her to drink slowly. She said, “Don’t worry, I will not embarrass you. I am quite used to drinking at parties.” he was laughing and thinking this matter whole south india knows "you r the number.1 drinking dhevidiya" and he was hoping that tonight he will get a chance to fuck this plump beauty.

When the attendant brought dinner she had had four drinks to his two. She was definitely used to drinking because the scotch had no visible effect on her. They ate their dinner. After dinner they sipped some cognac. When the attendant came to collect the dishes he asked, “When should I serve the morning tea?”

“Would tea at 5 a.m. be all right or would you prefer it earlier?” he asked Ramya Krishnan.

“5 O’clock is fine with me,” she replied.

“At seven,” I told the attendant.

At 10 p.m. she said, “I think I’ll go to bed now.”

“I will go out to smoke a cigarette and in the meanwhile, if you like, you can change into your nightclothes,” he said going into the corridor.

After 15 minutes, he returned to the compartment. The compartment was in darkness. he slid open the door without making any noise. All the lights in the compartment were switched off except the nightlight. He thought that Ramya Krishnan had gone to sleep. He opened the door softy and entered. In the glow of the nightlight he saw, to his surprise, that Ramya Krishnan was lying on the lower berth. She lay flat on her back with legs slightly apart and her arm across her face.

Dear reader you can imagine what was the effect on his cock seeing her in this posture. Even think of his if we are able to see those 36c boobs sliding out of saree., and her 1 rupeee size navel visible..., uffff while writing this itself i cummed..... See the pic link


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Old 30th June 2010
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Ok You are right he got a hard on again. He called out her name softly but she did not reply. he touched her on the arm and said, “Ramya Krishnan, unga berth mela, neenga mela padukkanum(Ramya Krishnan, the upper berth is yours, you lie there).”

“Uuunnnn,” Ramya Krishnan said shaking her head. The whisky has taken effect, he thought. Without removing her arm she said, “Uunn, neenga mela padunga (Uunn, you lie on the top).”
This remark of hers gave him the opening that he was looking for all evening but still to make sure, he asked, “You won’t mind?”
“No,” she said shaking her head.
He quickly lay down on top of her and pushing his standing cock between her parted legs, started to make fuck motions. Ufffff… guys think if you get a chance like this…., sleeping top of ramya krisnan when she is in blouse and petticoat and shaking as if you were fucking her…., Hope u could feel the soft boobs and her stomach flesh…
“WHA…,” she said surprised.
He immediately sealed her lips with his lips. At first she tried to protest but few seconds later kissed him back. Her legs opened a little more making it easier for her sunni(cock) to reach her pundai (cunt).

Antha lip kiss ipaadi thaan irunthurukkumm,,, ayyo intha aunty-a valkayila oru thadavayavathu pannaumda...



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Old 30th June 2010
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When their kiss broke, Ramya Krishnan said softly, “hey yenna panra? (What are you doing?)”

“nee yenna soonniyo atha thaney panraen (I am doing what you said. I am lying on top),” he said.

“Naan onnum intha mela sollala (This not what I meant),” she giggled.

Now confident of fucking her he started squeezing her tits and kissed her again and again. She kissed him back with the same fervor that he kissed her. Soft moans of pleasure escaped her. As she is well versed in handling men, she was able to cope up his weight on top of her.

He whispered, “Ramya Krishnan, namma ippadiyae panna sex fulla panna mudiyathu. namma ammanam agalam(Ramya krishnan, we will not enjoy fucking this way. Let us take off our clothes).”

‘vendam ippadiyae enna oluda(No, fuck like this),” she said.

“Ramya Krishnan, please take off your clothes,” he said again.

“Okay, light off pannu yennakku vekkamma irukku(Okay, but switch off the light, I feel embarrassed),” she replied.

Iruttula, namma ramya krishnan palichunnu iruppa intha mathiri
he switched off the nightlight. he quickly undressed and watched her undress in the little light, which filtered through the door curtain and the window. When he saw that she had pulled off her panties, he suddenly switched on the main light of the compartment. With a small squeal Ramya Krishnan jumped into his arms, screaming, “EEEKK, yen light potteenga? (EEEKK, why did you switch on the light?)”
“Dont act as if a good girl,, whole india knows what kind of girl u r..., still these days how many might have fucked.., Y u r acting as if first time you r doing" he said holding her at arms length.

As expected her body was very pretty and without any blemish of any sort. Her shapely tits were firm and without any sag. Her nipples were hard with excitement and pointing at him. Her choot, with her swollen clit peeping out from in between her lower lips, had a freshly shaven look.

Kissing her and running his fingers caressing her choot, he slowly led Ramya Krishnan to the berth and laid her down. In order not attract undue attention he switched off the main compartment light leaving the reading light on and he lay down next to her.

She was staring at my erect cock. “What is the matter? Haven’t you seen an erect cock before?’ I asked placing her hand on my standing cock.

“Illa naan poaarkatha sunni illathaan, negro la irunthu yellam paarthurukkaen, annaa unnodathu lenght-um breacth-um super,,, (I have seen many cock including negro's but ur's is something special good length and breadth),” she said.

He laughed taking her erect clitoris between his thumb and forefinger and pressed it.
“Ooooo,” she exclaimed bucking her bottoms against his hand.

he continued to press her clit and slowly moved his fingers into her wet pussy and started to finger fuck her. When he drew his finger outwards she raised her Pussy to keep the finger from withdrawing.

Ramya Krishnan continued to moan with pleasure while he finger fucked her. After a while she took hold of his cock and tried to pull him on top of her. He mounted her but did not attempt to enter her Pussy. Instead, he rubbed his dick up and down in her wet slit, from her clit to her fuck hole and back.

Ramya Krishnan kept muttering, “Oh Raja, oh sssssssssssss........aaaaahhhh " with her eyes closed and her hips moving up and down in fuck motion.

“Raja, yenda ippadi seendura,,, seekirama en pundaila un sunni vittuuu oludaaaaa (Raja, why are you teRamya Krishnang me like this. Please put your cock in my cunt and fuck me),” she begged. He placed he cock on the door of her dripping pussy and pushed slowly.

“Oh, oh methuva methuva en punda valikuthudaaaaa(Oh, oh little slowly, it is hurting),” she said.

Amid lot of UFF’s and OHH’s he entered her. Soon he was fully in her (He had 9 inch dick with 6cm diameter). He found her pussy to be quite tight for a woman who had been married for 25years and was used to regular fucking. Apparently as she is actresss she might have stitched her pussy tight before marriage and made it tight..
He slowly moved in and out. After a few strokes Ramya Krishnan let out a loud sigh and released her cunt juices wetting his prodder. He maintained his slow rhythm and soon her hips were moving in rhythm of his strokes.


“Shh, someone might hear you,” he said.

‘Let them,’ she panted.

Her breath was coming in gasps. Suddenly she threw her head back and her body arched pressing her pussy against his crotch. It was not long before she came again with a long sigh. Without missing a stroke he continued till he felt his seed rising and his strokes became faster and harder.

“Darling, I am about to come,” he gasped.

Just then he also spurted his cum into her fuck hole. When his sunni (cock) lost its stiffness he withdrew and lay down next to her.

Namma ramya othathu kappuram ippadithaan muchu thinareey reaction kattuva.., antha vayilla innum kanji oothanum pola irukkum


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Old 30th June 2010
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“Did you enjoy it?” he asked panting.

“Oh, it was heavenly. I have cum like this before 5-6 years back with a negro guy.., ,” she said, “I hope my bald pussy pleased you.”

“Oh yes, I love bald pussy,” he said, caressing her shaven pussy, “and it was tight like the choot of a freshly deflowered hairless pussy of a young girl.”

“Aren’t you scared to deflower a virgin? This cock yours could kill her,” she said taking his limp cock in her hands.

“I have deflowered many virgins, young and old, and none of them have died. On the contrary all enjoyed themselves thoroughly,” he laughed, “enough about me, I hope I didn’t impose myself on you?”

“Not at all, I wanted you to fuck me,” Ramya Krishnan said blushing.

“Really, tell me about it,” he said.

“You already know that I was a no.1 thevidiya, as i am married i am not getting offer from young guys like before i used too. I was looking forward to my husband fucking me. I had also shaved my pussy this morning, as my husband does not like hair on it. Thinking about my husband made me very horny,” she said moving the foreskin of cock up and down.

“While talking to you I saw you becoming hard every now and then. Seeing this my pussy started to drip. I therefore decided not to wait for my husband to fuck me but to get fucked by you tonight. The trouble was I did not know how to go about it. I thought you would make a pass at me but you did not. When you offered me a drink, I accepted hoping to drown my inhibitions in alcohol and be able to give some suggestive hints. Soon it was bed time and I was very disappointed. That is why I was lying the way I was when you came back. Then you asked me to shift to my berth without thinking and out of frustration I made that remark. I actually meant for you to take the upper berth but thank God you misunderstood me and lay down on top of me. Rest you know. I was very happy that you had taken the initiative.”
“I knew that you wanted me to sleep on the upper berth but as I had wanted to fuck you from the moment I had laid my eyes upon you, I decided to take the risk and lie on top of you,” he said laughing.

“What would you done if I had screamed?” Ramya Krishnan giggled.
“I not anyone knows that you r no.1 thevidiya and u wont say no to cock.., ,” he laughed.

“You are a sly man,” she laughed.

The conversation and Ramya Krishnan’s handling of my lund had made it stiff again. He mounted her again and they enjoyed a long slow satisfying fuck. Then they lay back to rest and fell asleep.

When he got up the train was standing at a station. He looked at his watch. He had not slept more than 20 minutes. When the train started moving again He slowly removed her arm, which was round his chest and pushed her flat on her back. Ramya Krishnan was fast asleep.

He crouched between her legs and separating her cunt lips started to lick along the length of her slit. She got up with a start and not knowing what was happening gave a small scream.

“Darling, not so loud,” He cautioned her again.

“WHAT ARE YOU DOING?” she said loudly.

“Let me do what I like. Just lie back and enjoy yourself,” he said and continued to eat her choot.

“Oh raja, it feels sooooo good, After a long time i am getting this” Ramya krishnan moaned, raising her hips and pressed her cunt against his lips.

The train and his tongue gathered speed. He licked and sucked her swollen clit. Suddenly he took her hard clit between his teeth and bit lightly on it.
“OWW, IT HURTS BUT IT FEELS SOOOO GOOD. DON’T STOP. GO ON Y…HES GO ON. I AM NEARLY THERE. OH OHHH I AAAAMMMMM COOOMMMMIIIINNNGGGGG,” Ramya Krishnan screamed and released a stream of warm cunt juice in his mouth.
“Darling, raise your legs and hold them there,” he said, continuing to eat her pussy
Ramya Krishnan raised her legs and held them aloft exposing her gaping pussy hole. He rimmed her cunt. ‘OH MY GOD, IT FEELS WONDERFUL,’ she screamed. Then he shoved my tongue in her lower mouth.

“AGHRR,” she yelped and with a loud sigh came again.

As he licked her offering, Ramya Krishnan yelled, “yennala mudiyalla da.., un kalutha poola thirumbi yennoda pundaila vittu attuda(I CAN’T STAND IT ANY MORE. RAJA, DON’T DELAY. SHOVE YOUR COCK INTO MY CUNT).”

Ignoring her plea he started to tongue fuck her. After few minutes Ramya Krishnan was on the boil again. She pressed her pussy to his mouth and placed her hands on the back of his head guiding him to her sensuous spots. She was coming non-stop like a waterfall.


I continued to tongue fuck her but she caught me by my hair and tried to pull me on top of her. “raja... yenna kuthuda plsss(Raja, fuck me now),” she said gasping for breath.

He got on top of her. “Your wish is my command,” he chuckled and placing his cock at the entrance of her choot pushed in the whole of it in one hard stroke.
He started to move his cock in and out of her dripping choot. He fucked her with long slow strokes. He kept varying the length and speed constantly and her moans of pleasure got louder and louder. Her bottoms moved in rhythm of my strokes. Suddenly she threw back her head and her back arched upwards.

He continued to fuck her with steady strokes.

“Y…HESS Y…HESSS, RAJAAAAA, I AMMM COMMMMIIIINNNNG,” she screamed and lay panting. I slowed down to give her time to catch her breath.

“OH RAJAAAA, DON’T STOP. KEEP MOVING. MAKE ME CUM AGAIN,” Ramya Krishnan panted bucking her bottoms from below.

He recommenced the fuck motion. After a few strokes her bottoms started to move, keeping rhythm with him in and out strokes. He felt his sperm rising and his strokes became shorter and harder.

“I am not too far away also,” He panted.

“FASTER, RAJA,,, FASTER AND HARDER. I AM NEARLY THERE. Y…HESSS, Y…HESSS I AMM THERE OHHH RAJAAAAAAA,” Ramya Krishnan shouted and fell back on the bed gasping for breath. At this moment he also shot his load into her cum thirsty cunt. Their lips drew together. They lay kissing and savoring the sensations they had just experienced.

“Raja, I am surprised that you licked my cunt,” Ramya Krishnan panted.

“Why? ,” he asked.

“No many people scare to lick actresss pussy,, that to married?’ she said.

“It is called cunnilingus or crudely eating the pussy,” he said,
“Did you enjoy yourself?” he asked.

“Oh it was fantastic,” she said... Meanwhile it was 5 Am... They both were hurrying and dress changing and in a minute time the attendent came. They both had coffe and ramya krishnan asked his number and got it and told she will call him soon. Now she was wearing Red saree..,

Guys want to see her after 2 heavy long fuck how Ramya is hornier in red saree...




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Old 30th June 2010
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Then he told her "Still 20 minutes there for our stop, Give me some good cock sucking, Ramya Krishnan, your lips are so fucking sexy…Suck my cock dry" he said looking at her.

Ramya Krishnan smiled and held his cock hard with both her hands at its base. She kissed his cock head gently and rolled her tongue over the pink head and soon made it dripping wet with her saliva.

“Hmmmmmmmmmm…Feels so good my dear Ramya Krishnan…suck my cock…Ramya …Ramya …” he gasped.

Slowly Ramya Krishnan opened her sexy mouth and pushed his cock into it all the way down to her throat. She held the base of his cock and stuffed it completely inside her mouth. Her sexy cheeks bulged out obscenely and her face contoured as the mammoth cock filled her mouth. He had built up a huge load and his cock oozed its cream every now and then. Holding his cock tight Ramya Krishnan bobbed her head up and down on his stiff cock. He floated in a pleasure carpet. He held Ramya Krishnan’s head and guided her on his stiff pole. Her thick lips were stretched around his cock forming a perfect circle. He massaged her cheeks, as the sexy actress was busy nursing his huge cock. Ramya Krishnan swirled her tongue over his cock head and sucked him faster.

“Ramya Krishnan…that’s lovely…my baby…you know how to suck a cock as everyone know u r the best sucker in cine industry.., though ur teeths are hurting my penis its good..,…” he complimented and gasped.

Guys hope u know ramyas krishnan teeths.., she this pic link,,, but still anyone would love to get sucked by her..


Ramya Krishnan slurped on his cock hungrily and shoved his cock all the way up to her throat. His cock became even stiffer inside her mouth and doubled their pleasure. Drools of saliva dripped out of her mouth as she bobbed her head up and down very fast on his fat cock. Ramya Krishnan’s sexy mouth was stretched beyond limits and her cheeks bulged out as the cock moved in and out of her mouth. He held her head with both his hands and forced his cock all the way to her throat. He was building up a huge load.

“That’s it my Ramya Krishnan…suck my cock…harder and faster…Ramya …Ramya …Ramya …my sexy hot fuck…” he went on grunting her name.

Ramya Krishnan was an expert cocksucker and she was proving that to him. Ramya Krishnan puckered her cheeks to increase the friction between her lips and his stiff cock. The cock head rubbed over her palette and her gums and her teeth. He loved every move that she was making and he just held her head and enjoyed.

“Ramya Krishnan…Ramya …suck it hard Ramya …suck it faster…Ramya …yes…aaaa” he panted.

Ramya Krishnan closed her eyes and sucked his cock madly, taking the whole stiff cock deep inside her mouth and pulling it out to its tip. Her tongue swirled over his cock head lapping up his oozing cream. He clutched her head very tight and whimpered as he felt the pressure build up in his stiff cock.
“Feels good Ramya …keep sucking it…I want to erupt in your sexy mouth…suck it harder my dear Ramya Krishnan…” he grunted and forced his cock deep inside her mouth.

Ramya Krishnan began to suck violently to milk his cock in her mouth. he pulled her face so close to his crotch that his cock went straight to her throat. His stiff cock pulsed and throbbed violently inside her mouth. Ramya Krishnan bobbed her head up and down very violently and he lunged his cock inside her mouth. She held the base of his cock and pressed it hard to release his pressure and soon he erupted like a fiery volcano deep inside her mouth. The first spurts of his cock juice went straight to her throat and she gulped it down. His cock spewed its juice in torrents and soon the sexy Ramya Krishnan’s mouth was filled with his cock cream.

“Ramya Krishnan… aaaaaaaaaaaassssssssssiiiiiiiinnnnnnnnn nnn thevidiyamunda” he gasped as he reached his climax and filled Ramya Krishnan’s mouth with his hot cock cream.

He held her head tight and moved his cock in and out of her mouth. His cock was still stiff and Ramya Krishnan kept her lips very tight over the stiff rod. He kept fucking her mouth harder and harder and reached his climax again. Thick fresh cream sprayed out of his cock and he forced that over Ramya Krishnan’s white teeth.

“Ramya Krishnan my love…show me your teeth and open your mouth…yes darling that’s it” he said and rubbed his cock all over her teeth.
Ramya Krishnan stretched her thick lips wide and showed his her fine row of teeth and her rubbed his cum all over it. Her teeth and her gums were covered with his thick cock cream and spilled out of her mouth and wetted her Blue saree. He forced his cock again into her mouth and fucked it harder and deeper this time and Ramya Krishnan drank his cum till the last drop. Her sexy thick lips, her gums, her white teeth were all covered with his thick cock juice. It was a magnificent sight for him to see and enjoy. He pulled his cock out of her mouth and rubbed it all over her cheeks and around her lips. Ramya Krishnan still held the base of his cock and squeezed his balls as the cock moved all over her sexy face.

Then she cleaned herself up.Then they got down at stop and ramya krishnan started in car towards her home.. Meanwhile she was thinking of her fuck with that guy and going.....

Ok guys, show your innovative thoughts give me suggestion,, how u want me to take this story from now onwards.....

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Old 30th June 2010
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Superb story.

Number of abortions rise in Gujarat a couple of months after Navratri

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