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Old 24th June 2010
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Fucking beautiful neighbor aunty (real Story)

This is a true story. It happened around 5-6 yrs back. I was studying in my second yr degree.I had a beautiful neighbor aunty. I used to shag on her every day. Let me tell about her figure.After her pregnancy she gained some weight and sex in her face. Her name is Pallavi, Married with a 2 yrs daughter. She had 36-32-36 a big lady.. I wanted to suck her boobs hardly. I was looking her at the time of washing cloths and other household works. She used to tie her nighty
up to knees while doing works. I saw her cleavage many times. I had crush on her. Later my lust for her grown more and I thought to fuck her by some way.
It was usual that I was going to their home and she was coming to our home for some chit chats. I travelled with her to her mother home too. But never did anything like that. And in our houses always our family members were surrounded us. So I was not getting any opportunity to try her.

Finally that day came. I went to her house for asking something. That time she was working in kitchen. I just went behind her and pinch her ass. She turned to me and gave a shocking look at me. I thought she will complain to my parents or her husband. So I left from there quietly. After 2 days of this incidence, she came to our house and asked my mother to send me to her house to take some items from the roof. Nobody was there in her home, I took some utensils for her and
get down. Then suddenly she catch my hand and asked me why I behave last time like that. I was afraid, so I told her sorry and I never do such behavior with her. Then she smiled at me and told I have to do such more behaviors with her and kissed my forehead. I was in heaven hearing that. I hugged her and started smooching her. She too hugged me and was pulling me towards her breast. I put my hand on her breast and press them smoothly. By the time my Mom called
me. So suddenly we suppurated and I left from there. That night I didn’t sleep dreaming about

After 2 days, she came to our house and asked my mom to send me with her to her native that’s
her mother house for 2 days. Because before also I went with her I didn’t get any excitement. As
usual next day evening we planned to travel. She left her daughter with her mother in law giving
a reason that she is going to native for some legal works and it will be difficult to take daughter.
And we are about to stay there one day. Her husband dropped us to bus stand and he left. After
few minutes our bus came and we got seat nearby. Because it was a public place, I controlled
myself and was sitting normally. Then she whispered in my ears.. “do you know y I took this
time with me…??” I just nodded my head. Then she smiled and told she will show me heaven.
Still I was confused….!!!!

We reached her mother house at 8.30pm night. We refresh ourselves and finished dinner. I had
some chats with her mother and we prepared to sleep. There was two rooms in her house. One
her mother was using and other one for guests. Usually when I go I was sleeping at hall and
they were sleeping in rooms. But this time reasoning the coldness outside Pallavi made me to
sleep in her room. It was about 10 o clock we put off lights and slept. Suddenly I feel something
moving my chest. I was shocked when I see Pallavi playing her hand on my body. It was dark in
that room. Only from street lights there was little light. I asked her what she is doing? She told
this what she was going to show me heaven. By that time I was understood everything and
hugged and thanked her for giving me this chance. But I was afraid thinking if her mother
awakes it will be big problem. So I put my doubt on her. But Pallavi told because her mother is
taking sleeping pills she won’t awake at night. This gave me some courage and we started
kissing each other. Because it was first experience to me I was little confused. I wanted to eat
her full body. So I started licking her face and come down to neck. She was enjoying a lot. While
licking her face and neck I was pressing smoothly her boobs and in between pinching the
nipples. I started sucking her lips and tongue. She told it’s a new experience for her. Her
husband never did like that. Hearing that I get excited and smooched for long time.

Then I unzip her nighty and put my hand inside. Oh it was like heaven to play with her boobs.
Slowly I get over her and started to rub my face to her cleavage. She was pressing my head to
her boobs. Then I lifted her nighty and started kissing her foot and thighs. Slowly I came upto
pussy. When I touched her panty it was little wet. I removed her panty and started rubbing the
pussy. Because it was dark I dint get clear picture of her pussy. But it was little hairy and wet.
I kissed her navel and come up, Removed her nighty. She wore little loose bra.. I took out her
right boob from bra and start kissing it. Slowly I started sucking it. She started moaning that
time. I get little harder and sucked it hardly. Her left boobs were enjoying my hard pressings.
Then I come to her left boob and started sucking it and pressing right boob. She get seduced
and was pulling me to her. She removed my t shirt and started rubbing her hands on my back.
By the time my cock was hard and ready to give a fuck. I removed her bra and started sucking
the boobs and rubbing the face between her cleavage. At a moment I was out of breath in
between her breast. She feel my cock getting harder and told me to remove the Bermuda. I was
not wearing anything inside. When I removed it she shocked. She told I didn’t expect this much.
Hearing this I jumped on her and started kissing her. Then I thought to fuck her. So I come
down and took my cock to insert in her pussy. Suddenly she get up and asked to put condom…
But we both forgot to carry condoms with us as I was not aware of the plan and in excitement
she forgot to carry with her. I told its not a problem. If I fuck her once or twice there will not be
problem. But she didn’t agree. She wore her panty and told me next day we will continue. But
I wanted to cum out. I told her I will fuck her on panty. ..!!! I sleep over her and started rubbing
my cock to her pussy. Even panty was there I was feeling the heat from her pussy. I started
pressing her both boobs very hardly and was rubbing my cock to her pussy. She was moaning
slowly and was pushing me to her. I speed up the pressing and rubbing and in 10 mins I come
out. I released her boobs from my hands and just laid down near her. But she was pressing her boobs herself by one hand and was rubbing her pussy from other hand. I asked her again can I
fuck her now…
but she denied. And told me that she too want to cum. So to lick her pussy. I went down her
pussy and started licking it and finguring it. After 10-15 mins she too cummed. Then I come over
her and started kissing her. We both hugged each other and went to deep sleep….

The story not yet finished… I fucked her next 2 days continuously. If u want me to post it…
please comment on my story. If liked will post soon….

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Old 24th June 2010
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