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Bipasha and Katrina (Lesbian Catfighting)

Bipasha and Katrina (Catfighting)
Loser will fucked by the Winner

It is a fake story and it is nothing to do with the reality. Its only fantasy not real.

Story begin

Bipasha finally admits her dislike towards Katrina Kaif
Bollywood beauty Bipasha Basu has spoken to the media about her problems with fellow actresses.
Bipasha says, “We should realize that women are transparent creatures and we can’t be friends with anybody.
“Yes there is a problem between Katrina and me. But there could be reasons for that. It could be because of our boyfriends (John Abraham and Salman Khan) but that never affected our work. We didn’t speak during Race but that never stopped us from shooting.”

“I could walk up to other actresses and do that; but no, I can’t do that with Katrina. There is awkwardness between Katrina and me. We don’t talk to each other,

After one week later Bipasha and John went in pub at the end of weekend. The atmosphere was great electrifying everyone dancing on beat and drinking. As couple straight went to the dance floor and started to dance. Bipasha was fully enjoying the company of John in fact she always do and she don’t tolerate if any female let her eye on her boyfriend. Suddenly people are talking something “they are here they are here” As Bipasha asked John who is here John replied

“Katrina and Salman. Suddenly Bipasha’s mood went off she leave the dance floor and sit aside John relies that why Bipasha’s mood was off. Salman and Katrina both come to the dance floor and starting to dance and enjoy the atmosphere. Bipasha don’t like Katrina she hate her more then she ever because Katrina was the one who take away the spotlights from her and Bipasha hate turn more aggressively when Katrina give a comments about John that she like doing work with John. Bipasha never tolerate other female let eye on John and she wants to do something which disgraces Katrina in simple words she just want to punish and humiliates Katrina. “Ohhh I just hate that bitch and her boyfriend, I hate her lot” told Bipasha to John. She is not worthy for the fame which she was getting all those years she is a slut and I hate her more than I ever do I cant explain that how much I hate her If I was a male I will certainly Rape her” said Bipasha in angry ton. “Ohhh darling Chill out why are you thinking such bad staff She’s just do nothing to you and she also not personal with you she is only doing her work hard work to earn top place in bollywood there is nothing you and I can do about it in fact she is kind of good girl I know because I worked with her. I don’t know why you hate her more” said John to Bipasha. “You… you what I say to you, you like her don’t you? and you want to dump me for her” Bipasha angrily shout to John. “No no darling I love you more than every” John replied humbly. Then why are you taking her side. Suddenly John change the topic “Darling is anything which I can do to calm down your anger”. Ok I will bring you drink just wait for me and cheer off don’t be angry you have very pretty face anger only destroy your beauty, ok darling just keep smiling. You don’t know John whats I am been though said Bipasha to John. After saying that John take of for drink. When John reached at bar tander he saw Salman was already their and ordered the drink. “Ohhhh Salluu bhai, ohh Johny my buddy how are you fine Sallu bhai and enjoying the party”. Why don’t you join us Johny, me and Katrina will love your company” asked Salman. “No thanks Sallu Bhai I am with Bipasha” with Bipasha so she is here too. “where is she” asked Salman. “She is sitting over their” oohhhh Bip how are you my girl”, Salman asked from distance to Bipasha, but Bipasha ignore Salman. Salman notice that Bipasha was in angry he asked John “why is she angry?” what is the reason? asked Salman to John. “Nothing Sallu Bhai just a personal matter”. Is she upset of seeing Kat and me here said Salman. “No no Sallu Bhai ye baat nahi hain” “tu phir keya baat hoo suckti hain common admit that I can tell to look her face she don’t like us”. Ok Sallu Bhai I admitted she don’t like Katrina, tell John to Salman in fact she is obsessed with Katrina. That’s it, “mairy saath bhi yehe kuch hoo raha hain Katrina also dislike Bipasha and all the time she was saying bad things about Bipasha”. “Bipasha is this Bipasha is that blaaa…..Blaaa…..blaa..bla” explain Salman to John. In fact Johny my buddy I am sick of hearing that said Salman to John, me too Sallu bhai, I cant take it anymore replied John. “Please Sallu bhai is there anyway that we could end this Sallu bhai” asked John to Salman. Salman replied uummmmm…..I have an idea. Ok then tell me. “ommmm but forget it……. you don’t like my plan Johny boy forget it, no no Sallu bhai please explain”. Ok ok be patient first let me finished my dirnk… Well Johny boy do you like catfighting? Catfighting?.... whats with catfighting Sallu bhai? Silly boy I mean women wrestling. Woman wrestling, ohhh I get it. I will love to watch both of these ladies in catfighting tell Salman to John. In this way both of them settle their differences and we also watch exclusive catfighting which most of the people in the world only dreamed off. Imagine Bip and Kati face to face and we are the only two who are watching the show, is that wonderful Johny boy, yes Sallu Bhai Zaberdust. But Sallu Bhai how would you arrange that, John keen fully asked. Oil is on the wood we only have to light it just leave it to me Johny boy and follow my instructions. After that Salman explain his plan to John. Few minutes later they both take their drinks and went to their respective tables.
“Here is your drink Bip my darling” what took you so long John I am waiting for you long are you with Katrina” asked Bipasha. Oohhhh my darling I not gonna lie to you, you are right I am with Katrina. And she grabbed me and starting to kiss me and touch my dick. She said dump Bipasha because she is a dry bitch a whore. She is not good with you. Bipasha I cant tell you that how many wrong words she spoken about you in fact she is really jealous from your image and don’t want to see you happy. She is saying if bipasha came front on her that she will kick her ass surly. After hearing these words Bipasha face turn red and she was in full anger. On the other side Salman also use this formula on Katrina and Katrina also turn red in anger how dare that bitch talk about me, I am gonna kick her ass right now after saying these words she stood up and directly went to Bipasha’s table and Bipasha was also coming towards Katrina. They coiled face to face both of them are in full anger.
So you want to kick my ass you bitch, said angrily by Bipasha to Katrina. Koi shuck Bipa…. Sorry… you are not bipasha you are a bitch. Said Katrina. When the fight was about to start they are both getting into physical action John and Salman both grab their Girlfriends. Salman said “ohhh common you both are professional don’t react like this “Salman chorr doo mujhy main iss bitch ka face noch loon ge” said angry Katrina. Chor doo Sallu iss ko main bhi tu daikhoon iss main kitna dum hain” said Bipasha both Salman and John take them a side away from public. Bipasha and Katrina end this nonsense right now we are grown up we should not settle this issue like this” Rehney doo Sallu main too iss Kuteya se kabhi bhi nahi baat kerna chati. “In fact I want to hurt this fucking bitch” tum keya mujhy hurt karoo ge main too tumharee gannd phar doon gee you behen ki tukki” Salman mujhy chor doo main iss issue ko hamisa ke leye khutam kerna chati hoon” right now. No no this is not right the place to settle this issue. If you are both very keen to settle it like this then we will settle it but not here and not today Said Salman. Ok here is the plan next week at Bipasha Fitness Jim four of us will meet and you two both settle your dispute there in wrestling match and it will be submission wrestling no kicking, no punching, no pulling hair or slapping just submission in other word it is like Kabuddi ok you two are agree with it. Both Bipasha and Katrina said yes and agreed on that. One more thing after that match who win or who lose you two ends this rivalry like good professional 1st shacking hand and then hugging. Ok any question…….no then it is on said by Salman Sallu Bhai “DUS KA DUM nahi DO KA DUM” said John. After that John whispered in Salman’s ear “Sallu bhai tussi great hoo”.
All four of them leave the pub on way back while driving Salman said “Kati my darling are you not afraid of little bit” no Salman I am not afraid of that bitch you see what I will do to her. Inside Salman was very glad and can’t wait for the next week when he will go to witness most electrifying catfighting in the history.
During the week Bipasha and Katrina both of them post upon all shooting schedule for week and gave their much time to the practice for the match.

After one week all four meet at Bipasha’s fitness Jim at 9:00 PM. No one was their at that time only these four were their.
Bipasha wearing skin tight black trouser and half sleeve shirt and Katrina was in her black panty and braze. And they are face to face each other.

Ok girls here is the rules no slapping no punching, no hair pulling or kicking just submit the other to tap out or give up and it will be two out of three fall who get 2 tap out first be the winner.
Yeah I know you don’t have to explain it to me because I am gonna win and then I will fuck and humiliate this bloody bitch “if I win then we both will fuck her me and Salman in front of her boyfriend” said Katrina to Bipasha. Kaun Bipasha are you agree on it. Yes I accept your challenge but if I win then me and John will fuck you right now in front of your boyfriend” said Bipasha to Katrina. Salman said girls you gone to far it is just a simple match no one get fucked after the match don’t be silly” Salman Shut up it is not complicated who ever win get the upper hand and the loser will become sex slave for the night Katrina said to Samlan. Just watch Salman I am going to beat that Bitch then me and you will double team on her to fuck her all the way. Said Katrina to Salman. Salman was not happy with the stipulation. But John was happy with it “Sallu bhai kerney dainy jo ye dono chati hain” if it going to end this way then be it don’t interfere.
The two sex symbols of bollywood stared at each other with hate in their eyes. Both actresses, was physically fit to fight. Bipasha is 5 feet 8 inches tall; her black hair accentuated her brown body. Her nipples poked through her skin tight sleeveless T shirt as her rippled, hard flat stomach on her 27in waist moaned to be sucked. Katrina is also 5 feet 8 inch tall beautiful woman long black shiny and straight hair that enhanced the beauty of her eyes and a soft, tight, smooth body in black panty and braze. The two women watched each other, the arousal in each at exploding point.
Ok girl take your position when I say go match will start Salman was referee in it. Their mouths mere millimeter from each other as they faced off. “I don’t want to beat a dried up whore like you” said Katrina to Bipasha. “But anyhow if you wanted then you will certainly get it Bipashaaa Bitchhhhh…!” “You don’t have to show petty on me just pray for yourself! Imagine after match John and me fucked you” said Bipasha. Dream on Bitch said Katrina to Bipasha” “You dream on fucker shout Bipasha.
You wouldn’t even know how to give a man a perfect orgasm said Katrina to Bipasha” “Like you can, you skinny bitch! Shout Bipasha and slapped Katrina across her face and the two women grabbed on to each other, fighting and swearing. Their hard breasts slapped each other as they both scratched at each other, biting and pulling hair and Salman was saying no hair pulling no slapping we decide that was against the rules but both of them are in full anger they are not listening to Salman. Bipasha kicked Katrina away and then jumped on her ducking her under her body. Katrina then pulled on Bipasha by her navel and pulled her down as the two women proceeded to cuff each other. Katrina wrapped her legs beautiful shiny legs around Bipasha. The duo fell back against the mat and Bipasha down and Katrina was up on her hold her Arm behind her body. Katrina grabbed Bipasha’s arm tightly locking it behind she said tap out bitch you don’t have any other way but Bipasha was determine she reverses the arm lock and put Katrina in that position of tap out. Bipasha increases the pressure and lock it very tightly now Katrina was in pain and Bipasha pressing hard Katrina down and she try to reserve it like Bipasha but failed to do so and the pain was increasing she don’t have any other way oohhhh……. my arm….uuuhh…uuuhhhh.. uuuhhhh……. Ahhh…. I give up I give up. Ok Bipasha let her go she tap out said by Salman Bipasha just lose your grip. Bipasha let go Katrina’s arm which earn her one point now she’s only have to score another point to win this battle. As Bipasha was thinking it was not that difficult I can easily beat her. As Bipasha let go Katrina. Katrina was in pain uuuhhhh….. My arm you bitch now you done it you piss me off now I will slaughter you “whore” Now starts next round said by Salman Girl take your positions, John was enjoying the match sitting aside clapping for Bipasha. Both of them collided again with anger Katrina grab Bipasha’s head and squeezed into her pussy with her pretty legs around on her neck she grip her tightly now she get the advantage. Bipasha’s neck was in the grip on Katrina’s pretty long shiny legs. She wrapped her legs around Bipasha’s neck and Bipasha was trying to loosen the grip but this time Katrina lock her legs very tightly and starting to chock Bipasha’s neck. Now Bipasha was in trouble because Katrina was chocking hard which blocking the air for Bipasha and its hard to breath for Bipasha and she couldn’t do anything except for tap out. So Bipasha tapped out, Salman said now Kati my darling she is tapped out let her go you get the point. Katrina loosens her leg around Bipasha’s neck. Bipasha’s face became red and she was breathing heavily. Bipasha thinks she just underestimate her competitor Katrina also knows some professional moves. Go Bip go you can do it encourages by John which feels good to Bipasha now she think that she has to be careful because it’s the sudden death who ever point first win the match and she don’t like to lose certainly not to Katrina. Now I am gonna finished this once and for all and me and Sallu will fuck you in hardcore style in front of your boyfriend you Rundi of Bollywood.
After hearing this which increases the anger in Bipasha and she shout “Oh, you bitch!” Then slapped Katrina which spun her around Salman said Bipasha if you violet again I will disqualify you which make enable Katrina to win the match. At that time when Bipasha was diverted to Salman Katrina suddenly hugged her from behind grabbed her tightly. Now I got you bitch you have no way to gone Katrina shout. First Bipasha tried to loosen the hand grip to Katrina but she failed because she was holding in tight. Then Bipasha bent her hands backwards through from her legs and grabbed Katrina’s one leg and she pulled by powerfully Katrina fall down on mat losing her grip on Bipasha. Bipasha quickly jumped over Katrina the two women leaned against the mat as they slurped on each other’s neck and breasts rubbing each other. Suddenly, Bipasha was able to lock butterfly arm lock to Katrina from behind which and increases her pressure which directly was on Katrina’s slim neck. The force of Bipasha’s submission was so strong that Katrina was screaming ahhh….. ahhhhhh….. I give up….. I give up. Salman was disappointed with the efforts of Katrina and he was very sad with her and John was jumping in air and saying darling we won we won you are amazing. Katrina was crying with tears and looking towards Salman.

Salman has no choice to sit back and watch Katrina’s fucked by John and Bipasha.
Now you are my sex slave for the night you will do whatever I told you to do understand you bitch, whore said Bipasha to Katrina. “Now said you are a slut” said Bipasha to Katrina. “I aaam….. a…. slut” you are a whore. I aaaam…. a……. whore. You are fucking bitch which deserve to fuck badly. I aaam…. fucking bitch and I deserve to fuck badly” Katrina was crying in tears coming out of her graceful eyes and saying these words.
Now John Darling lets fuck this bitch in front of his poor boyfriend. Are you with me John, asked Bipasha to John. I will always with you replied by John. John was also very excited because it’s the first time he will gona fuck this pretty woman and he always want to fuck her more than bipasha in fact he fantasies and masturbate many time in his mind fucking Katrina now this time it is not fantasy its real and its going to happened and it far better than his fantasy because in his fantasy he don’t have bipasha with him now Bipasha was with him to help him while fucking this beautiful bitch.

TO BE Continued………………………
stay tunned for next part in which Bipasha and John will fucked Katrina in front of Salman.

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Katrina’s Punishment
Bipasha was very happy like just she won the world cup. She was staring at her trophy and thinking she got all the night to settle all the differences with Katrina. And Katrina was crying with the tears looking at Bipasha with innocent face may she took pity on her and let her go but Bipasha was not that kind of person who took pity on her enemies. “Please mercy Bipasha I admit you are right and I was wrong please let me go” said Katrina to Bipasha. Bipasha shout in anger and said I am not a saint. After saying that she brought wine bottle and glasses.
She poured wine in three glasses and one given to Salman and other two Bip and John. “Chaise to my victory and what I am gona do to this bitch in next few hours and to Salman who gona watch all the activity while sitting back” celebrating Bipasha.
Bipasha leaned in and snarled at the beaten Katrina “get up slut and move that skinny ass of yours over to here” Katrina stand up as Bipasha order her to do lap dance steps to please her and her boyfriend. As Bipasha played one of the song on stereo “Kiss me Kiss me zara zara touch me touch me” and order Katrina to dance on the music. Katrina started to dance on the music.
Katrina began to move to the music and she started by getting out of her heels. She had done many lap dances and other performances live on stages as well as back stages in front of producers and directors to please and this is piece of cake for her, but now she is front of her angry enemy. She began to run her hands over her body, rubbing her juicy breasts and running down her hands on her ass and spank it bending. Her nice slim and long legs were nicely shown and made sure to extend them as much as possible. These were the tricks she knew worked on guys and she just hoped that would work on Bipasha.

Bipasha was actually enjoying the show watch with John and Salman was not enjoying because at the position at which he was sitting no one else want to sit. Having some fun & punishment for Katrina had been the last thing on her mind. She wants to celebrate this night much as she can. Bipasha and John watched with great interest as Katrina did her little grind to the music, moving her body on the beat of the music. She wasn’t overly smooth, but pretty damn sexy.
”Common bitch take off your panty and braze slowly slowly” order Bipasha to Katrina.
After hearing these words Katrina’s feels little embarrassment, but she couldn’t do anything about it. She had never had to go to this extreme before and it is very shameful for her. Sleeping with producers and directors to get leading roles. this was that different to do it someone like Bipasha and John. But one thing making her hot to know she was turning on someone as hot as John. Maybe this wouldn’t be so bad for her after all.
Katrina started to remove her Panty and braze after few moment she became fully naked. This sight was very attractive for John as his eyes and mouth were wide open and he was stunned by the sight. Bipasha notice that and slap John on face and said” never seen a woman naked before. “ooohh no honey I just mmmmmm……. What mmmmm….. Just do what I say understand.
Bipasha turn toward Katrina and said “oooooo those fruits of yours Katrina looks beautiful” Bipasha said as both Bipasha and John go near to dancing Katrina and joined the dance. Katrina was dancing middle of them and as John grabbed her from hips and presses his lower stomach against beautiful ass.

Katrina was doing what she was told; moving her body so she could give her breasts and body a sexy shake for both John and Bipasha’s lustfull eyes. Bipasha responded by slipping her hand into Katrina’s ass and caressing herself. She looked at Katrina with a strong look that forced her to go on and John was hugging her form back his both hands were on her sexy tight breast.
“Nachoo Katrina John aur mairey bahoon main jhoomoo” Said Bipasha. “John tum bhi keya yad karoo ge” ke tumhree girlfriend ne tumhry leye kia kia keya hain” said Bipasha and kissed John now both of them running down their hands on different places of Katrina’s sexy naked body. Both John and Bipasha’s warm hands touching every part of Katrina’s sexy naked body making it hot for her.
“Very nice,” Bipasah praised. “Good girl, no doubt your body is very pretty and that’s why you stole away the spotlights away from me” said Bipasha.
“Now play time is over Johny now get to the real business and fucked this bitch real hard in front of her poor boyfriend, oohhh look at him he don’t know what to do right now but one thing, he is not allow to leave until he watch entire fucking of her slut girlfriend” Said Bipasha. are you ready you fucking slut, Katrina replied in angry “then fuck me” and get it over just finished what you wanted I am already tired of your sick games.
“Fuck yeah “I want to hear this from your mouth, but I am not gonna let you go that easily, this would be the longest night into your life also in your boyfriend Bipasha smirked.
“Mmmmmm you are getting wet for us you naughty little whore,” Bipasha said by touching Katrina’s pussy. “common first you take off the cloths of Johny. Katrina follow the order and take off entire cloths of John. Now John was fully naked with 7 inch dick which was erecting towards Katrina’s hot pussy. What are you staring did you never saw a dick in to your life, you’ve got work to do you filthy bitch. Stop staring it just suck it you bitch Bipasha ordered Katrina. Katrina comply the order and straight away started to suck the dick. Suddenly Bipasha shout you bitch you don’t have manner you just straight away suck the dick you didn’t honor it. First say hello to it and then say I am a slut bitch whose goanna suck you make you wet then kiss it with love and then suck it.
As Katrina kisses the John’s dick he shakes little bit and then she sallow John dick in to her mouth and started to suck it. It was very pleasure full for John because in his life he never got good sucking not even from Bipasha. John was moving “oooohhhh Katrina just suck it suck it” ohhh baby are you enjoying it asked Bipasha to John. “Oohhh I am fucking loving it she is a such good sucker of the dick” said John to Bipasha. “Are you listening Sallu what is John saying your slut girlfriend is such a good sucker of the dick, I bet she didn’t suck your dick like this way did she Sallu tell me” asked Bipasha to Salman. Salman was feeling shame, in such shame his face was turn red. As Katrina was sucking John dick harder and harder and John was moaning ooohhh… ohhh.. ahhh… honey she was giving me perfect bless I never though that I would enjoy as much and Bipasha started to press her nipples and squeezing her breast. After that Bipasha started to spank Katrina’s beautiful ass. You bitch you slut you always takes advantage of your sexy body and Slav many individual before. Bipasha spank Katrina’s ass many time and her ass become reddish with Bipasha’s slaps, Bipasha finger prints printed on Katrina,s white milky budd. Oh Johny you just thanks me because I am the one from whom you get this enjoyment. After five of six minutes of sucking Bipasha order Kartina to stop and she stopped sucking the dick. Bipasha took off her cloths and become fully naked her brown and fitted body was quite giving good looks to John.
“well bitch, you know what to do,”
Slowly but surely Katrina hooked her fingers into Bipasha the first glimpse of another woman’s pussy was just a couple of inches from Katrina’s mouth. Bipasha had a very neat trimmed dark pussy and it is millimeters away from Katrina. She never looked pussy as close this before.
Attentively Katrina inched closer to her conqueror womanhood, “look at me” barked Bipasha. Looking up into my eyes, Katrina’s was shocked when another slap landed on her cheek. “listen up you fucking bitch, I want my cunt treated nice, now show me what a pussy eating bitch you are.” Shout Bipasha. Honey be gentle to her after all she is just fully cooperating with us” said John to Bipasha. Oooh John you don’t know whats I am been through due to this bitch. Now it is my time if you don’t like it then you are allow to join the seat with Sallu Bhai and just watch” Said Bipasha strongly. No no darling I didn’t meant that said John. After that she grab John head and start to kiss him and with other hand she grab the Katrina head from hairs and guided Katrina’s head towards her pussy. Katrina’s only option was to comply with her sex owner obvious desires. Pocking her tongue out it didn’t take long for it to reach Bipasha’s pussy. For her first time as a lesbian, Katrina licked slowly from bottom to top of Bipasha’s cunt up slowly to her clit.
“mmmmmmm” escaped Katrina’s lips running in Bipasha dark pussy “good girl more effort I want more effort bitch” shout Bipasha, Katrina raised her hands to grasp Bipasha’s firm ass, pulling her forward Katrina buried her face into the proud woman’s pussy. Licking hard Katrina began to eat her first cunt. And Salman was witnessing all this and his dick started to erected by seeing such good lesbian scenes his erected dick make a tent in his pants so he unzip his pant his dick came out and he started to masturbate it.
“Fuck bitch, that’s some good eating my dirty bitch, fuck bitch lick me” Bipasha was moaning ooohh… ooohhh…… ahhhhh… ooooh….uuuuhhhh….. oooohhhh Johny she is just a good licker than you, you never licked my cunt like her moaned Bipasha. I never thought that woman would be the good licker as compare to men. As Katrina was on her knees eating her first cunt and Salman was masturbating and hoping that Bipasha will call him to join but it looks like she wants Salman only to see.
Bipasha order John to fuck Katrina right while she was eating Bipasha’s pussy. John gladly comply the order and grab Katrina from hips and lift her from knees to feet and then he put his dick on Katrina’s beautiful pussy. Bipasha, looking down and said” well bitch, get going”. Katrina sighed and unwillingly continues and John shove his dick gently in Katrina’s pussy at that time Bipasha barked Johnn…. Show no mercy to her. John quickly shoved entire his cock into shopping pussy of Katrina. Katrina scream out loudly aaahhhhhhh……. and Salman shout “oye John Kuti ke puter aram se ker ye tairy maa nahi hain jisy tu jaisy chahey merzi kery ga be gentle to her” after hearing this John strop for a moment. Hey you asshole how dare you talk to my boyfriend like this shut up and be quite don’t interfere” Bipasha shout loudly to Salman. Common Johny he will not interfere again go on and fuck this bitch hard for me Bipasha said to John.
Katrina was in bent position eating Bipasha and taking John dick together. Bipasha shout to Salman look your slut bitch she is licking my pussy are you enjoying it common Sallu. Salman feel so humiliated led his head down. John again shoved entire dick into Katrina and started to stoke gently, if feel so good to John because John never had pleasure like this before with other girls. He slept with many female but they never give him this kind of pleasure which he is getting from Katrina’s pussy not even Bipasha John was moaning oohhh…. Katrina you are soma dam hot ohhhh…. Baby just keep giving me and she was licking hard Bipasha’s cunt and Bipasha was also in pleasure because her cunt never treated like this before.
Katrina mouth was teasing on Bipasha pussy, sucking it. More and more pleasure John getting from Katrina more and more he increases tempo of his stroke at that time he is fucking Katrina very hard stroking her hard, that’s it Johny fuck her hard make her scream I did not hear her scream right that time John was fuck her so hard that he never fuck someone like this hard and Bipasha was encouraging John. Bipasha as organism was building in Bipasha from Katrina’s lick. Bipahsa moaned ooohhh…. Uuuhhhh…uuuhhh…ohhhh… her breath become heavy she was breathing hard common keep doing it bitch as Bipasha was howling like a bitch oooohhhh…. Ooohhh…common oohhh…uuuhhh… common aur josh se more efforts oohhh… uuuuuhhh… I am going to cum, oooohhh.. I am going to discharge, Bipasha cunt flooded with cum and she discharged and her cum was in Katrina’s whole face and few part spread on Katrina’s lips. After that Bipasha take a sigh and she calm down and her breathing become normal. You like my cum you filthy bitch now lick and sallow it and don’t you dare to vomit it do you understand bitch” Bipasha shout. She licks and sallow entire cum of Bipasha. Now John was alone fucking hard Katrina he was stroking very hard at every stroke which also give quite good time to Katrina and she started to enjoy the fucking which she was getting from John in fact John was fucking better as compare to Salman and Katrina was thinking in her mind to dumping Salman. Katrina was moaning ooohhh…ohhhh..uuuuhhh…uuhhhh…ooohhh… and John was receiving pleasure from Katrina which he never got from any women and he was thinking that Salman is very lucky to have such awesome girlfriend. ooohhh… oooohhh.. I am gonna cumm uuuuhhhh…… John honey don’t cum inside her cum on her face order Bipasa to John few minutes later when John was going to discharge he pulled his entire cock out side of Katrina’s pussy and discharge cum on pretty face Katrina. Bitch now eat this cum Bipasha ordered Katrina and she comply on her command now Katrina take deep breath and stood up for leave then Bipasha suddenly grab her hand and said bitch where are you going night was not over. Katrina replied Night was not over but you and your boyfriend both have done and there is nothing you can do look at your boyfriend he is laying their like dead dog he can not do anything. “Bipasha shout bitch what if he can not carry on but I can” “how would that possible I already suck your entire cum and now you are fully dried out said Katrina to Bipasha.
I am fully dried out but my sprit is not dried out (I am down but I am not out yet) wait for me I will back John don’t let her leave.
Not knowing what was in for Katrina. After five minutes later Bipasha came back and wearing a black leather cock which was almost 10inch long and three inch thick and it is fit around her waist just like her own. All of their eyes went wide at the sight of the artificial cock which was hanging between Bipasha’s legs. “What is that Bipasha Salman said in horrifying voice” you jerk are you blind what is it, it’s a dick a big dick from which I will fuck your bitch girlfriend and during that if you made any noise I will shove this dick into your ass do you understand Salman what I am saying” shout Bipasha. John did say anything and Katrina started to cry with tears. Bipasha it is enough for me please forgive me and let me go I don’t deserve this kind of punishment” Said Katrina. “Shut up bitch and be quite, nothing can change my mind ok” shout Bipasha. “John please yar tum he kuch karoo” Salman requested John. “Sallu Bhai main abh kuch nahi ker suckta kaun ke Bipasha ka Ghusa ab uss waqet hee cool ho ga jub woo Katrina ko fuck kary gee you heard what she said Sallu Bhai”.
Bipasha came close to Katrina’s and her dick was front of Katrina face. Katrina was sitting on the mat looking up towards Bipasha with innocent face hoping that she will take pity on her and will let her go. But Bipasha eyes were shooting fire and she wanted to do all the nasty things with Katrina after all she won the battle with very great difficultly. “Tell me bitch If you won the match, then you take a pity on me” asked Bipasha to Katrina. “Yes if you ask for it then I will certainly do it” replied Katrina, then you are an idiot don’t took pity on your amines in your life if you want to be successful in your life like my self replied Bipasha. Now honey take this dick into your lovely mouth Bipasha ordered Katrina“ isse apny moo main daloo aur zor zor se choosoo aur iss terha choosoo ke tum coockbar icecream kah rahi ho aur uss waqet tuk choosoo jub tuk main na rokoon” Katrina do so She started to suck the cock in her mouth and started to suck it. When Katrina suck the dick Bipasha grab Katrina back side of her head and started to stroke her she started to throat fucking Katrina. All her life Katrina only sucks the dicks of producer financers and lucky directors and actors also Salman but no one ever fuck her mouth. Bipasha was standing beside Katrina and stroking her dick in and out side of Katrina pretty mouth. After few moments passed the cock became fully wet with throat fucking then Bipasha looked down at Katrina and said now bitch ready or not here I come to fuck you. Bipasha was on her both knees and Katrina was on her back lying front of Bipasha. “Please Bipasha it is too big I cant take this big cock” Katrina took many cocks of many persons in her life but she never took big cock like this before. “Hey Bitch are you forgotten our deal who ever loses will be sex slave for night and you are loser and I am winner said Bipasha to Katrina. I love to fuck you like a man and I specially import this cock from Europe, to fuck you. Bus tumhy starting main thora sa pain ho ga after that you will used to the pain. After that Bipasha spread the legs of beaten Katrina and put Katrina’s legs on her shoulders like old fashion way and placed her cock on Katrina’s cunt. Bipasha pushed slightly then guided the head of her dildo to the lips of Katrina’s vagina and told her here it goes. Bipasha pushed with great power and force, head of the cock into Katrina’s cunt she cried Ohhhhhhhhhhh Bipasha please stop, “ I cant take it ” Its to big, I cant take it.
Bipasha looked down at Katrina and said, “well ye tumhy pehly soch na cheye tha, and she pushed the entire dildo into Katrina’s pussy with another powerful stroke and Katrina scream out loudly ahhhhhhhhhhh. Now Bipasha 10 inch black cock was fully buried into Katrina’s pussy at that time Katrina was crying and her eyes become reddish with pain and she started to screaming and crying like a child “ohhhhhh aaahhhhh mmmmm Bipahsa bus karoo please isse baher nikal loo I cant take the pain John and Salman both are watching in fact they watch many porn movies but never watch such intense scene in their life. Bipasha was hit the deck perfectly and she was enjoying seeing Katrina crying and begging. After four or five minutes later Katrina use to the pain and strop crying, Bipahsa put her hands on Katrina’s juicy boobs and started to squeeze them ohhh Katrina these are very firm tights I am loving to squeeze them after saying that she put one of Katrina’s boob in her mouth and started to lick and suck it. It was first time that Bipasha was in lesbian sex and she never licked boob before and now she is licking the boob of her anime and beautiful anime. She was fully enjoying that time fucking and licking. After few moment passed Katrina also started to enjoy the fuck and begin to buck her hips wildly at the dildo, taking every inch of it into her sopping vagina. Bipasha said Katrina “how dose that feel bitch Ill bet none of your malefriend had ever fucked your cunt like this before had they? Oooh no, Bipasha. “I started to like it Katrina moaned. Please do it gently, when you stroke aggressively it hearts but when you stroke gently lick and suck my beast It feels wonderful, Well I am not here to give you pleasure bitch I am here to give you much pain that you never had in your life. After that Bipasha was stroking Katrina more aggressively “ ooooohhh…. please gently, stroke gently aaahh……aahhh……..aaaahhh….. oohh……..ooohh……ooohh……ooohh oieeeeeee aaaahh….. Bipasha increases the tempo of her strokes and fucking more hardly which make it more difficult and pain full for Katrina. Here Bipasha was enjoying fucking her rival and her rival was in great pain she was not enjoying the hard fucking of Bipasha. Bipasha could feel her own orgasm building, as she continued to slam her artificial cock up Katrina’s sopping pussy, deep into her belly.
Take my dick fully inside your cunt you bitch said Bipasha in anger”! aicha lug raha hain said Bipasha? Tell me It feel good to you?
Bipasha spread her hand on Katrina’s breast they are very tight and firm with she take both of those jugs of Katrina in her hand and beginning to squeeze them again. With stroking harder and harder Bipasha licking the pink nipples of Katrina which actually giving joy to Bipasha. She began to lick and suck Katrina’s nipple more aggressively. Bipasha didn’t accept that sex Katrina would give her quite enjoyment.

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ooooooooohhhhhhhhhhh ohhhyeeeeeeee aaahhhhhh aahh… ohhh….ooohhh…. aaahhh…. Aaahhh…. Are you not done yet” asked Katrina to Bipasha. Shut up you bitch shouts Bipasha and ordered her to bend down face front to the mat as she wanted to fuck her ass in doggie style. “No I can’t take that in my ass if it enter in my ass then it certainly will injured me please Bipasha I cant comply on that please try to understand. Bipasha slaps on Katrina’s face and grab her from hair “you slut you dare to refuse me and she pushes her down and ordered her to bend like doggie. Katrina was down on four in front of Bipasha. Katrina was in crouch position Ass arched upwards Bipasha.

Bipasha was preparing to ride on this horse like a jockey.

"Please, Bipasha, aisa na keroo!" I can not take this kind of pain nahi ker sakti please don’t do it. Shut up you Rundi harmzadi gushti ” few moment ago you are enjoying the fucking with John haaa Bitch now tasted the pain.
After saying that Bipasha put her cock on innocent Katrina’s ass hole and spread wide open her budd and start to push into Katrina's ass. Katrina tried to resist the violation but nothing could have stopped Bipasha's now. Katrina was crying as eventually the muscles of her entrance were forced to yield more and Bipasha 's cock was bigger than that.
Please I request you at least pore some oil on it. As Bipasha put the head of cock on Katrina’s hole and said ready or not here I come and she pushes it with great strength at one stroke it went half inside of Katrina’s ass and she howled in pain ooohhhhh… and she started to crying in pain aaaahhh…..mmmmmmmm…….aieeeeeeee…. please Bipasha I cant take it more but Bipasha was not in a mood of listening. And at 2nd stroke she pushed it with more force and buried whole 10 inch cock inside of Katrina’s ass now Katrina howled again in pain ooohhhhhh and her breaths becoming hard. She was screaming in pain aaaaahhhh……aaaaahhhhhh ooohhh……ooooohhhhhhhh aaahhhhh…….aaaaaahhhhhhh…… ohiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii. John yar main tu Bipasha ko bohot innocent sumajta tha but ye tu bohot zalam nikli said Salman to John” yes Sallu bhai I first time watch Bipasha in hyper anger”. Katrina was screaming in pain but screams & crying of Katrina make Bipasha feel so good and she think now she is getting the revenge from her. Bipasha was stroking harder and harder which causes more pain in Katrina’s ass and she cried more loudly. Bipasha saying you slut you deserve this and you bought this on yourself.
Bipasha was grabbing Katrina from hips and stroking her hard every time she storks she said you bitch you deserve this and Katrina was crying and begging Please Bipasha stop it I can not take it anymore it is enough punishment for me. Katrina was requesting to Bipasha to stop fucking her from ass immediately but she didn’t listen to her instead of stopping she started to stroke her more aggressively. Katrina Fast, even strokes that gradually forced more and more of her cock into Katrina's Ass. The hardness of Bipasha’s stroks increases the pain.
Bipasha increased the tempo of her stroke, making Katrina scream in pain with the shock every time the large cockhead hit the roof of her ass, driving her insides deeper into her own body oooohhhh……aaahh…ahhh…aaah… uuuhhhh….mmmmmm…... Katrina was screaming in pain. The deep penetration was very pain full for Katrin. After few minutes later Bipasha grab her from hair and she was fucking her more furiously at that point Katrina’s face and eyes was red showing that she was in hard pain. Bipasha was now riding this pony and it was running to fast.

Katrina hadn’t expected to be punished sexually like this by Bipasha, but Katrian had come looking for control she ended up in plenty of sticky messes trying to settle her struggle for dominance.
At that time Bipasha fucking Katrina hardly with full power as her body become fully wet in sweat “That’s it,” Bipasha said. That’s what I want it.
Now said I am your bitch please fuck me hard ordered Bipasha to Katrina “main tumhree kuttia hoon please fuck me hard said Katrina in painful voice.
Saying that earned Katrina an extra hard stroke from Bipasha.

This night Katrina remember for long time as she could feel her pussy and ass suffering the pain of Bipasha’s strap on. 10 inch dick was pulling and pushing in and out of Katrina’s ass frequently, after eight minutes of hard fucking Bipasha saw that John dick started to erected. John come here and shove your dick inside her pussy she called John. “Sallu bhai I am just following orders nothing personal” John said to Salman and went back to Katrina where she was fucked aggressively and she was in much pain John came and said ok darling lets do it all three of them now standing on their knees Katrina was center Bipasha was behind Katrina and John was front of Katrina. John shoved his entire cock softly in Katrina and started to fuck her now Katrina was fucked from both side

Now couple was fucking Katrina, and John suck her nipples as double penetration was very pain full for Katrina. Her movements slowed a little and Bipahsa could feel John take over. He began to give her rear end a serious fucking, pounding in and out as Katrina was grinding her ass against Bipasha’s dick and Bipasha said that it Johny keep on moving. The combined movements were creating friction between her clit and John skin,
John and Bipasha were both fucking hard this bitch. The couple were grunt and groaning and were covered with sweat. Katrina cries becoming more louder and louder which was disturbing Bipasha and annoying to her. She saw Salman was holding his dick in his hand and masturbating.
“Hey Sallu come here and make your self useful” Bipasha called. Salman quickly respond on Bipasha’s call and said what I have to do? “Well Sallu I don’t like her screams make it stop” said Bipasha to Salman. Salman shut Katrina’s mouth with his hand. Bipasha barked you stupid idiot use your dick to shut her mouth you asshole” ok my fault don’t be angry with me Bipasha” said Salman to Bipasha. After that Salman shove his dick into Katrina’s mouth and started the throat fucking. Now screams of Katrina was stopped and three of them fucking Katrina from every side. Now everyone enjoying the moments except for Katrina, she was in great pain in fact she never fucked in three some style. After few minutes later
John and Salman were both about to approach orgasm . All three of them were grunting and groaning and covered with sweat. Katrina’s cries were blocked by the Salman dick but her body language was telling that she was crying.
After 10 minutes of fucking John yelled uuuuhhhhh…..aaahhhh…. and cummed in Katrina’s vagina now Katrina’s pussy was filled with John cum. Salman was only minutes behind John, his hips driving his cock with such ferocity and he howled out once aaahhhhhhhh……… and cummed in Katrina pretty mouth both Salman and John lie down motionless in front of Katrina. Bipasha was also very tired and exhausted and could not carry on so she decided to stop. She pulled out her entire cock inside of Katrina’s ass and also lay down exhausted.
To be continue…………………

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Bipasha’s enjoyment and change of view
After that Katrina stood up to gather her staff to leave the building but Bipasha shout out loudly, “you bitch where you think you are going I am not done yet” Abh keya kuch kene ko baqee hain aur kitna mujh ko fuck karoo gee main tum se hath jor ker bintee kerti hoon bus karoo” requested humbly by Katrina to Bipasha. Bipasha yar tum aur kitna karoo ge bus karoo said John to Bipasha. Ok ok I know its enough but one last task after that she will free to go, told Bipasha to John. Well Katrina bitch after your hard fucking I am kind of tired each of my body muscles was etching. Just give me a good massage then I will let you go. Ok I will do it after that It will over ok said Katrina to Bipasha.
Katrina go over to that locker open it you will find a bottle of lubricant in it. Katrina went there and return with lubricant bottle in her hand. Bipasha was laying down straight naked on the mat.
Katrina put oil on her hands and started to massage Bipasah’s tired body with her soft hands. This massage was giving extra pleasure to Bipasha. Katrina massaging Bipasha’s body. “you are giving me a quite massage it feel that my tiredness will be over” said Bipasha to Katrina but Katrina never replied her and resume doing what she was doing. Katrina rub started to rub Bipasha’s shoulder neck arms ribs and her legs with her soft hand after that Bipasha turn over face front to the carpet and Katrina started to massage her back. As Katrina massaging Bipasha’s back, “you are not bad after all just forget what happened moment ago I was in anger”. Bipasha told Katrina to massage her breast now.

Katrina took some oil on her hand and warm it by rubbing it in her hands and started to work on Bipasha’s both breast. When Katrina put her warm oily hands to Bipasha’s both breast it felt very pleasure full to her oooohhhh…. Nice girl keep on doing said Bipasha in swift mod. When Katrina rub her hand on Bipasha’s nipple it felt even more better that she could not control her emotions and moaned ooohhhh…..aaaahhh... Bipasha suddenly looked at Salman and John they are both looking them with great interest in fact they never watched this kind of hot scene in their life. Now Bipasha was appreciating Katrina’s efforts and Katrina was rubbing Bipasha breast from upside to downside and Bipasha could not control her feeling she started to moan. Now Katrina started Bipasha, with one leg on each side, but not putting any weight on her. Katrina’s warm hand was easing the tired Bipasha’s body. After that Katrina worked lower and lower on Bipasha’s body and legs.
Katrina massages every part of Bipasha’s body. After that Bipasha body was in peace she said to Katrina now you are free to go. Katrina said to Bipasha can I asked you one thing, Bipasha said ask. Katrina said forget it you will mind it Bipasha said no just ask “sayad main maan jaoo” can lick you nipples said Katrina to Bipasha. “Ye bhi koi pochny ke baat hain” said Bipasha to Katrina after that Katrina smiled little bit and started to lick Bipasha’s firm tight brown nipples and Bipasha was moaning her body was moving with the licking “aaahhhh…. Uuuuhhh….uuuuhhhh ooohhhhhhh Katrina suck them please suck them choosoo inhee pora pora suck karoo aaaahh….aaaahhh….aaaahhh I am feeling better with your licking’’ Katrina was also enjoying licking and sucking of Bipasha’s tight and firm breast and she suddenly slipped her one hand on Bipasha’s pussy when Katrina hadn touched Bipasha pussy she shocked ooohhhh…. Katrina it feels wonderful. Watching this hot sight both Salman and John dick erected once more and they both started to masturbate quickly. “Sallu Bhai main ne tu aisa socha he nahi tha ke ye kuch daikhny ko milley ga oohhhh…. Sallu Bhai tusi great ooo. Bipasha was moaning oohhh…oohhh…aaahhh… and she was in deep pleasure and grabbed Katrina’s head and started to press her head again her breast. Bipasha breast never lick and suck this like this passion before and she was enjoying a lot saying ooohhh… Katrina doesn’t stop doing this I am dam loving it. After Katrina done with Bipasha’s breast she spread her legs and slipped her hand down to Bipasha’s pussy, she started to rub gently and softly Bipasha pussy lips. After that Katrina slowly pushed two of her fingers between juicy dark cunt of Bipasha and began to rub her cunt. She could feel her pussy juices starting to flow heavily now over her fingers, Katrina inserted one more finger into Bipasha’s vagina. At that point Bipasha’s emotion running wild she was moaning loudly in pleasure oohhh….oooohhhh….uuuuuhhhhh Katrina you special to me right now“auger mujh ko maloom hota ke tum itne aichy hoo tu main Kabhi na tum se fight kerti”. Katrina knew that Bipasha was about to best moment at any second, and could not take much more finger fucking. She removed her fingers from Katrina’s pussy and she lowered her head to Bipasha’s cunt, she covered Bipasha dark attractive pussy with her mouth. When Katrina put her lips on Bipasha’s cunt she scream in joy aaaaahhhh……uuuuuhhhh…….. uuhhhhhhhh…… “Katrina keep it up I am fucking loving it”. No one ever show such affection to me before said Bipasha to Katrina. Nice to see them going along with each said Salman to John. She parted her swelled cunt lips with her tongue, and began to lick her straight away.
Katrina gently sucked her cunt into her mouth, as she nibbled on her cunt, Bipasha began to buck her hips against Katrina’s mouth. Bipasha cried out loudly, Oooohhhhh…… Katrina that feels so good”. Suck my cunt, suck it make it dry” Please don’t stop. Well Katrina wasn’t about to stop, she continued to lap at Bipasha’s pussy. Bipasha hands were on the back of Katrina head and pulling katrina’s face more closer to her cunt. Bipasha cried out loudly, Ooooohhh… I am going to cumm. As her flood gates burst, Bipasha howled one last time oooohhhhh…ohyehhh…. Aaaaahhhhhh… and breath hardly, and cummed on Katrina mouth and her filled mouth with a river of hot Bipasha’s cum. Then Bipasha take a deep breath this that first time that she had this kind of fun in her life in fact after that she changes her mind towards lesbian sex first she thinks that lesbian sex is pathetic now she changes her view and thoughts. She was thinking that girl should try to enjoy in every way like she did moments ago. There was nothing for Katrina to do now but to suck her pussy dry, which she did, swallowing every mouthful of cum that she gave to Katrina and she also enjoy suck and tasting her cum. Katrina felt Bipasha body go limp. She finished lapping up every precious drop of her love juices.

TO be continue……

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Bipasha’s Apology
After that Bipasha lie there thinking how wonderful experiences that she had in last but she also feels sorrow for Kartina for her rude behavior that she used moment ago to punish her. Katrina licking spell bound Bipasha and her of view about Katrina had changed and she now think that John was right at all. Katrina is a good woman and she was wrong about her. Bipasha was thinking how she will apologies to Katrina. She don’t know why she was feeling so guilty but Katrina creates some kind of charm on her that she never keep her out of her mind. She asked John to help her in this matter but John and Sallu said “you make this mess by yourself now you clean it by your self”. Bipasha said ok I am the one whose gonna clean it and make her image clear in Katrina’s eyes. Well boys woman had to do what she had to do and she immediately went to Katrina. At that time Katrina was in shower first Bipasha think she waits for her outside when she finishes the shower then she will apologies to her about her rough actions but she said why not to join her in shower, after that she went straight in bathroom without knocking the door or any permission. When she entered the bath room Katrina face was opposite to her and she didn’t notice Bipasha to come in. In front of Bipasha Katrina was naked taking shower and her white and soft body was shining with the hot water drops. Hot Water was dripping on her head from down to her sexy budd, from her budd checks to her legs. Bipasha thinks once that Katrina got a great sexy body “Kaash mairee body bhi iss tehra ki hoti” suddenly Katrina turn around and notice Bipasha was standing next to her and she said “what you want right now you did what you did and right now I will not fulfilled any of your wish because you let me free”. Ooohh no no I am not here to came for this in fact I came here to apologies to you about my rough actions” Bipasha said humbly to Katrina. “you fucked my anus and pussy like a mad donkey and you came here to apologies for that, I begged for mercy but you never shown little bit and now you want apology what kind of person you are? Katrina said in anger. After listening that Katrina saw in Bipasha eyes that she was in shame and wanted to sorry her. Bipasha bow down her knees in front of Katrina and said “main ghutne take ker hath jor ker tum se maafee mangti ho please mujhy maaf ker doo and I will not leave here until you forgive me” Bipasha was on her knees like a man purposing to woman to marry him. Katrina realizes that Bipasha was felling sorrow for her behavior now If I did not forgive her then I will be same as her. Katrina stood there for few seconds then smiled and grabbed Bipasha from her arm and said stand up I accepted your apology after that Katrina hugged Bipasha tightly oohhh Katrina you are such good girl I never though that you forgive me that easily and accept me as your friend, Katrina break the hug and lean forward her head close to Bipasha and there lips millimeters away from each other and she said I am more than your friend and put her lips on her covered her lips with her and started to kiss each other Katrina forces her tongue into Bipasha mouth and she started to suck her tongue. Both to hot ladies was sucking and licking each other tongues and lips the kiss was so passionate that Bipasha never thought that Katrina was so passionate for her. Bipasha tightly hugged Katrina and presses her body hard against her both of their breast was pressing hard with each other and their lips jointed like it wont be apart. After 4 or 5 minutes later Katrina ended the kiss by breaking the lips locks and looks deep in side of Bipasha’s eyes and said honey now suck my pussy because its hungry for your mouth suck it like I had sucked your moments ago. Out side the bathroom both Salman and John were waiting for their girlfriends. Sallu Bhai ye maafy zayada lumbi hoo gae hain main ja ke check na karoo” Salman said no Johny leave them what’s they are doing, common lets play a game of checker. Inside Bipasha was sucking and licking hard Katrina’s pink pussy and Katrina was in deep pleasure having touched by Bipasha tongue. Bipasha tongue touching the lips and mouth of Katrina pussy and she was moaning in pleasure this is the first time that Bipasha was licking the pussy and she was feeling so much pleasure by licking and sucking she never though that lesbian sex was the second name of sexual pleasure specially when your partner is like hot as Katrina after 7 or 8 minutes later Katrina howled loudly aaaahhhhhhh……… John Bipasha again punishing Katrina……, relaxed Sallu Bhai that was not a scream of pain it was scream of joy they are having good time together. It seems that Katrina forgive Bipasha and they are going along each other. Katrina pussy juice flooded on Bipasha lips and mouth and it was delicious for Bipasha because it was the first time that she was tasting the hot woman cum and she eat every drop of it. After that they both take a shower and came out side, they are walking side by side smile were on their faces holding each other hand and came to John and Salman who were playing checker. Salman let go Its to late now drop me home said Katrina to Salman. Before leaving tell me both of you “Bipasha and Katrina both of you now don’t have any hard feeling for each other if you have any hard feeling then spit out right now because after that I don’t want to hear anything from you about against each other told John to both Bipasha and Katrina. No no, now we are good friend and never quarrel with each other in life said Bipasha. But In the eye of the public and showbiz we are rival but in reality we always will be good friend more than good friend said Katrina and kissed Bipasha’s lips. It’s nice to see you girls going along with each other. After that Salman and Katrina leave Bipasha escorted them to the door and when they were going Bipasha weaved her hand and signal Katrina to call her she smiled and get into the vehicle.

Katrina’s Surprise
After three days later Bipasha received call from Katrina. Katrina said are you free at this weekend Bipasha, “no John and I have some plan but if you asked then I will refuse John not to come because now you are more precious to me honey. So honey at this weekend I will come to your place and we both have good time together all night long” said Katrina to Bipasha. Bipasha was spell bound and cant wait for the weekend.
Before one day of weekend Katrina again called Bipasha and said, “Honey I have an urgent shootout at Singapur, one of my upcoming movie I tried to post upon the shooting but failed to do so and I am apologies for that” Bipasha said its ok we will have fun after when you came back from your shooting. Katrina said no Bipasha you must have fun at this weekend don’t spoil your weekend because of me I arranged everything for you. What’s arrangement you made for me asked Bipasha keen fully. One of my closest friends will visit you at weekend you should have fun with that person. Oooh Katrina you are so nice you care about me lot, lot more than John. Katrina tell me who is that lucky person is it Sallu, no no Sallu is not worthy for you” said Katrina to Bipasha. I can’t tell you about her because it’s a surprised for you but you know her very well in fact she is also actress and worked with you in movies couples of time before, you don’t believe it when I told her about you how passionate she become to meet you in person at weekend and she always desired you said Katrina to Bipasha. Ok Katrina honey I will have to wait for one more day to meet your surprise ok bye take care and thanks for everything.
Bipasha was thinking who could that be she was thinking many of actress worked with her in past, ok I will see tomorrow. At that day Bipasha made dinner and bought wine for her upcoming guest. About 8:00pm her apartment door bell rang and she went quickly to open the door to see who it was, when she open the door when she open the door her eyes and mouth become wide open and she shocked at few moment to see.

it was the former miss universe Lara Dutta the actress who got the hottest ass in universe. Hello darling surprised to see me here….. well I am your surprise.
To be continue…………

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Bipasha and Lara Secret "SOHAAG RAAT"

Disclaimer: It is a fake story and events that occured in this story are also fake and it is nothing to do with the reality. Its only my fantasy which i made in my mind and explain it to you.

Stroy Begin

About 8:00pm the door bell of Bipasha’s apartment rang, and her heart beat and her breathing become more faster and she became excited to find out who is it. She went quickly to open the door to see who it was, when she open the door her eyes and mouth became wide open and she shocked & paralyzed for few seconds.
It was the former miss universe Lara Dutta the actress who got the hottest ass in universe.
“Hello darling surprised to see me here” said Lara dutta….. Well I am your surprise. “Aunder anney ko nahi kaho ge”
Breaking the silence Bipasha said why not please come in, Bipasha said to Lara in shaky voice.
Lara was wearing white short skirt which was skin tighten with her body which makes her cuts and curves more visible and prominent and she was giving quite amazing looks specially her pretty ass she was looking a bombshell and she was arousing Bipahsa.

[size=4]Uploaded with

While Bipasha was wearing black maxi. Bipasha watched Lara many time before from distance, closely on TV and in reality and she also worked with her in few movies. Lara never sexually appeal her before but now at this time she was sexually appealing and teasing her. She was looking so sexy and her body was like a Russian vine bottle wrapped in white silk cloth and it will give a quite taste to anyone male or female.

As Lara came in she shacked the hand of her partner for the night and both lady kissed each other cheeks.
“You have nice place here Bipasha I really like your apartment” said Lara to Bipasha. “Thanks for the compliment” after saying that Bipasha became silence. “Don’t you ask me to sit down” said Lara to Bipasha. ohh I am sorry, please take a seat” Bipasha said in shaky voice. What s wrong Bipasha why are you shaky are you not glad to see me hear or I am appealing you extra ordinary asked Lara to Bipasha.

NO no that’s not it replied Bipasha. Then what is it don’t you want to tell me asked Lara to Bipasha. It just aaa… “I never though that you will be a Lesbian” said Bipasha. Lesbian? Who told you that I am a lesbian, never jump to the conclusion before the time, look honey I am not a lesbian in fact we….. I mean Katrina and me we are not lesbians. We just enjoy the life in every way; mmmmm…… you can say that we are bisexuals. “Just ignore it, it is complicated I also don’t understand sometime, right now my throat is dry are you going to get drink for your guest” said Lara to Bipasha. ohhh I almost forgot silly me I will get it.

As Bipasha was making the drinks Lara was staring her with half nasty smile on her face and that nasty smile and the sexy way Lara was looking at her it make hot for Bipasha and she was feeling that moisture was generating in her pussy.

Uploaded with ImageShack.us

Lara’s way of staring to her was very sexy and her face expression making Bipasha more horny she was never aroused by this in her life by anyone only giving her looks of eyes. The sexy way the Lara was looking her, first Bipasha was shy and hesitate to make eye contact with Lara who was looking her with lustful eyes but after few seconds Bipasha hesitation broke and she makes full eye contact with sexy Lara, both of their eyes connected with each other and they both were looking deep inside each other eyes. Suddenly Lara speaks oohh Bipasha you got very beautiful and big eyes I always want to look deep in those eyes. Bipasha smile little and bring the drink for Lara and put front of her on the table. As Lara pick the glass and said “chaise for new beginning of relationship and she take the vine in slight slow-motion when her lips touches the glass it give sex waves singles to Bipasha and she became more horny and wishing that she was that glass which Lara was touching with her lips. “Suddenly Lara speaks in very sexy tone don’t worry honey your time will also come and at that time you will be in my hand in the place of that glass and my lips will touches your body. These words of Lara make Bipasha hotter and hotter.

Bipasha was didn’t know what Lara has done to her she was totally spell bound of her sexy movements. The feeling and the excitement was rising time after time inside Bipasha she became very aroused and could not wait for long to go bed with this sexy female. The feeling deep inside Bipasha’s belly was inching her and it was increasing above of the wall of Bipasha’s stamina she was losing her self control.

“I heard that your cooking is very well are you going to taste me you’re cooking” said Lara in sexy voice. Why not in fact dessert is almost ready let’s go and enjoy the meal. After that both ladies went to the dinning table and have dinner together. After dinner they both sat in TV lounge and started to talk with each other. “The dessert was very delicious Bipasha you know that you can win hearts from this kind of dessert like you won mine” said Lara to Bipasha after saying that Lara stood up and walked toward Bipasha and stand next to her. Bipasha was looking up to Lara with shyness, Lara bow down putting her both hand of Bipasha’s shoulders and leaned her face closer to Bipasha’s and softly speaks in very romantic tone” honey can you do me a favor, Bipasha asked named it, “well honey my neck muscles are little bit tired can you relax them please” requested Lara to Bipasha. Ok I can see what I can do. After that Lara turns her back towards Bipasha and sat in her lap.

Lara skips over and sits her silk cloth-clad ass on Bipahsa’s legs.When Lara’s sexy round budd cheeks touches Bipasha legs, immediately heat waves singles transferred in her body and she became more horny and could not controlled her emotions and moaned ahhhhhhhh. At that point Bipasha was felling that she was in heaven she was at her best moment and feeling that Lara will make her cum by only sitting in her lap. She was feeling her love juice was flowing in her pussy and making her pussy fully wet. Bipasha was in her dream of pleasure but Lara woke her up by saying what happen Bipasha what are you waiting for aren’t you easing my neck muscles. Ohh Yes I am on my way after saying that she touches Lara neck with her hand. Lara skin was very soft and silky like butter and olive oil and Bipasha’s hand slips for some time on her skin. Bipasha started to massage her neck muscles with her both hand while Lara was sitting in her lap, and her lap was carrying Lara’s body wait she was round about 66kg or more. That moment was very pleasure full for Bipasha because the woman who’s got the prettiest and sexiest ass in the world was sitting in her lap and she was enjoying every single moments.
Your body is so soft and sexy and also very fit” praised by Bipasha. “Oohhh God…. at least you speak little bit I though that you never speak” said Lara to Bipasha and she smiled, “from the time I had come here all the time only I speak you only answered, you are very shy with me all the time now you has break the shyness and I am glad for that. As Bipasha was slowly and softly massaging Lara’s neck she whispered in her ear how many girlfriends do you have Lara?. She replied “lots of, after hearing that Bipasha was in surprised, but I only slept with two females before in my life and you are going to be the third one”. One is Katrina, “and the other one” asked Bipasha ardently to Lara. “Well one was my fellow costar Priyanka Choopra” told Lara to Bipasha.

“It means Priyanka is also lesbian or bisexual” asked Bipasha to Lara. No she is not she is just a straight girl and only like men but we accidentally have sex at that night. After shoots out we went to bar and have drink together and drinks lot, the wine turn us and when we woke up in morning we were both naked in bed into each other arms that all I remember it was only one night stand. After that Priyanka told me not to tell anyone about this night because at that time we both were beginning on our career and we don’t afford any scandal which threatened our career and it was the time when homosexuality forbidden in India. So we don’t have any reason for taking our relationship to the next level. Now you heard my story tell me about your self what about you Bipasha how many girlfriends do you have? I am not good in making friends with female but after sex with Katrina I know my true sexual identity and I want to make many friends spically female friend I am looking forward to make one more friend definitely tonight replied by Bipasha by looking deep in the eyes of Lara, and Lara smiled in sexy style why not I am also looking forward for this relationship.

Suddenly Lara whispered do you like me or love me Bipasha. Bipasha said both. Do you like my body whispered in sexy voice by Lara. Yes very much replied by Bipasha. So tell me what part of my body you liked most Lara asked. Aaaaaa……. Your entire body Bipasha replied. Well honey now I am here sitting in your lap, what are you planning to do with me tonight asked Lara to Bipasha.
Aaaaaaaa…. Many things replied by Bipasha. Then why are we sitting here in this room and wasting time, take me to your bedroom and show your appreciation to me said Lara who was sitting in the lap of Bipasha. After that Lara reluctantly sliding over Bipasha's lap lifting her budd up but Bipasha pulled her back in her lap and holds her tightly both of their lips only quarter inch away from each and both of them looking deep into each other eyes. Slowly distance of quarter inch between their lips ended and their lips collided with each other and slowly Lara and Bipasha French kissed. When Bipasha’s lips touch soft and lushes lips of Lara she never felt better in her life they are both kissing each other so passionately like both of them are hungry for each other love and passion for many decades. Bipasha forces her tongue in the mouth of her new lover and Lara started to lick and suck the tongue and lips of her new passionate girlfriend. The kiss was so passionate that it lightened the fire inside them and makes both ladies fully wet inside. Bipasha was touching every part of Lara’s hot and soft body with her hand and kissing her passionately both of them moaning. The passionate kissed ended after five minutes, Lara was the first one to break the lip lock and said to in sexy tone “oohhhh I am feeling very horny Bipasha, the way you kissed me with passion no one ever kissed me like this in my whole life before. Bipasha said, the way you make me hot no one in my life did such thing to me before.

to be continue.....

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Stroy continue........

Take me to your bedroom and make your love to me Bipasha”. Bipasha nodded her head and said ok lets go. Lara again sliding over Bipasha's lap lifting her budd up but Bipasha pulled her back again in her lap and said I will carry you to my bedroom my sweat love. After that Bipasha lift Lara in her lap and carry Lara in her lap to her bedroom.

On reaching to the bedroom Lara who was in the lap of Bipasha, said “Bipasha I am feeling that I got newly married and my husband is carrying me to our new house and today is my weeding night. “Well honey its your lucky day today is your wedding night and I am going to be your husband for the night and you will be my wife for the night and right now your name is not Lara Dutta it is Lara Basu or miss is Basu and I will fulfill your every desire for the night” replied by Bipasha who was carrying Lara to her bedroom. Ooohhhh Bipasha I am so passionate and aroused to hear this.

Bipasha led Lara down on her feet. And grabbed Lara from behind as Bipasha hugged her wife for the night both of their bodies was pressing hard against each other Bipasha holding Lara from back her breast was pressing hard against Lara’s back and Lara’s sexy curvy round ass pressing hard against Bipasha lower stomach area and that time Bipasha started to kissing Lara’s neck area and running her hands on different part of Lara’s body which make Lara moaned in pleasure aaahhh….. oooohhhhh… Bipasha. Then Lara started to rub her curvy ass against Bipasha lower stomach area on her cunt, from up and down ward from left to right which was making hotter condition for Bipasha. Lara hypnotizes Bipasha by using her ass and she started to moaned “ooohhh Lara keep doing this mujhy bohot aanud mil raha hain”

Suddenly Lara turns around face front to Bipasha and pushes her to the wall and hugged tightly and put her lips on Bipasha’s.
Lara kissed Bipasha’s lips and forces her tongue into Bipsha mouth to suck it and Bipasha was running her hands on sexy body especially on her ass she started to massage & squeeze Lara’s ass while she was busy kissing and sucking the lips and tongue of Bipasha. As Lara hot tongue entered Bipasha’s sweet lushes’ mouth, Bipasha pulled her close to her body and could feel Lara’s hotness that running in her body. Lara’s body was on fire with passion. They both continued to kiss deeply, their tongue thrusting in and out of each other mouth. This moments are quit amazing for both ladies because both of them was never take part in such great passionate sex before..

While kissing Bipahsa slipped her hands to Lara’s back and unzip her dress and make her semi naked Lara broke the kiss and also unclothe Bipasha. Both females were in their panty and braze. Lara was wearing white undergarments Bipasha ordered her to unclothe those but Lara said you do it your self. As Bipasha raised her hand toword Lara she slip away and said not that easily Bipasha first you have to catch me and I am not going down so easily. As Bipasha started to play with her partner she tried to catch her many time but she slipped away and tease her Bipasha was also enjoying this game because it was making her more aroused. But after few disappointed attempts Bipasha manage to caught Lara and she hold her tightly and said give up Lara said ok I give up then Bipasha quickly unclothe her. After that Bipasha said now it is your turn to unclothe me and I am not going to slip away. Lara grab Bipasha and simply unclothe her. Both sexy and attractive ladies become fully naked in middle of the room and both of them staring each other bodies. Bipasha was staring naked Lara and this site was quit amazing for her because Lara became more sexy due to her prominent cuts and curve.

Bipasha though that Lara posses the most amazing and sexy body in world. Both ladies were fully naked middle of the bedroom hugging and kissing each other aggressively both of their bare bodies were pressing hard against each other. Suddenly Bipasha show her strength and pushes Lara to the wall and press her hard against her to the wall by using her body and then she lift Lara in her lap and Lara wrap her legs around Bipasha’s waist and arms against her neck. Bipasha was licking and sucking Lara’s boobs and Lara was holding her tightly and making Bipasha face press hard against her boobs and Lara was moaning ooohhh..Bipasha please suck them please suck them hard lick my nipples and made them pink. Lara 36 sizes breast was in the mouth of Bipasha and she was sucking it aggressively and she was squeezing other breast with her hand. At that time Lara was screaming and calling out Bipasha’s name in pleasure. Suddenly Bipasha led her down to feet and take hold of Lara’s both nipples between her thumb and forefinger, She rubbed it until it was so hard while Lara was moaning softly ahhhh…..ooohhhh….uuhhhh. Bipasha gave Lara’s breast the treatment, until both of her nipples were hard and fully tight. Lara was fully enjoying kissing and rubbing that she was getting from her one night crowned husband. Bipasha was continued to touch Lara’s breast, as she kissed her on the cheek and ear. Bipasha softly whispered in her ear, are you enjoying my company, Lara moaned and say ooohhhh yess Bipasha I never thought that you will give me extraordinary treatment and turning my body into the flames of fury.

Bipasha turn Lara and hugged her from back and take her to front of huge mirror which was in her room and said look in the mirror Lara, we are perfect pair and we both made for each other. After hearing these words Lara became hornier and said to Bipasha please don’t let her go, hold her more tightly. Bipasha’s breast pressing hard against Lara’s bare back and Lara’s curvy bare budd cheeks pressing against Bipasha’s cunt, and Bipasha’s one hand on Lara’s breast and other on her cunt rubbing them softly.

Bipasha taking Lara’s hand in her, and lead her to the bed and pulled Lara to her, and again she covered Lara’s lips with her lustful lips as their lips lock and both of their tongues were inside each other mouth for another 3 minutes. After breaking the lips lock Bipasha take good look at her new naked & sexy wife for the night. Lara was looking so sexy & beautiful ever than she had imagined.
Bipasha was looking deep in side of Lara’s eyes. “What are you looking at” asked Lara to Bipasha. “You are so beautiful and sexy Lara and I didn’t imagine that we end up like this and I can’t take my eye off you” replied by Bipasha.. Lara was rolled on the bed face front to the bed and ordered Bipasha to spank her ass. In front of Bipasha Lara was lying naked

Bipasha gets her first take a good look at Lara’s bare ass and gives Lara's bare ass a few gentle rubs making her smile little bit. "You have such a great ass Lara," Bipasha says stroking those brown ass cheeks of Lara making the former miss universe moan in pleasure aaaahhhh..ooohhhh. Bipasha slap her gently as hand bounces off her asscheek.

"Did that hurt Lara?" Bipasha said with concern but Lara just shakes her head and said no so Bipasha lifts her hand and delivers 3 quick spanks to Lara's bare ass.
"OOhhhhhh," Lara’s moan as her ass shakes from the impact while Bipasha continues to spank Lara's ass making her brown tan mix with reddening cheeks. Bipasha strokes Lara's ass crack making her shiver with pleasure then goes back to the hand spankings, 10 more loud shots to the sexy curvy ass then Lara said it is enough and Bipasha stopped.

After that Bipasha laid down covering Lara’s hot body with her. Lara’s back press her body against her body and kissing her back. Suddenly Lara turns around and smiles back and pull her top over her head letting her own naked breasts out into the open. Bipasha and Lara embrace in the middle of the bed, their lips touch and slowly Lara and Bipasha French kiss. The two lover breasts rub against each other as their nipples softly rub together and both women moaning thought their kiss. Lara breaks the kiss first stroking Bipasha's black silky hair out of her face. C'mon it is time to get in serious business Lara says in a dominating tone and led Bipasha head down to her breast.

Bipasha buries her face into Lara's boobs making the sexy actress moan out loud aaaahhh…. "No more teasing Bipasha I want you, I want you now," Lara says with a fire in her eyes. Bipasha smiled then rolls herself on top of Lara, their tits crush together. Bipasha pushes her face forward and sticks her tongue down Lara's throat making the Lara as Bipasha kisses her hard. Lara response to this hard kissing by rubbing her tits across Bipasha's boobs making their hard nipples touch sending waves of pleasure though them both. Breaking off the kiss

Both of their bodies are close to each other and press hard with each other and both of them feeling each other heat. Then Bipasha turn Lara front of her and both of their boobs pressing hard to each other. Bipasha’s both hands were on Lara’s sexy budd rubbing, pressing and spanking it. Lara take Bipasha’s one hand moved her hand from budd to her cunt. With both hands Bipasha sild Lara’s cunt.. After that Bipasha put her both hand on Lara’s sexy breast and started to rub them she rubbed it harder and harder which give pleasant feeling to Lara and she response with moaning aaahhh ooohh Bipasha that’s feel so good. Bipasha started to lick Lara’s juicy nipples and Lara was moaning and moving her body in rhythm.
After give extraordinary treatment to Lara’s breast Bipasha spread Lara’s legs and she slipped her hand down to her pussy, she slowly pushed her fingers between her juicy cunt lips and began to rub her cunt. She could feel her pussy juices starting to flow heavily now over her fingers. At that time Lara was full of pleasure moaned oohhh….oooohhhh…oooohhhhh Bipasha
Bipasha starts to slide down Lara’s body her tongue out licking in between her tight. Moaning as she feels Lara's cool breath next to her Lara rubs her own boobs. Already halfway to cumming before Bipasha started licking Lara starts shouting out aaahh…ahhh…aaahhh…ooohhhyehhhh…. Oooohhhhhohhhhh and pulling on her own nipples as her orgasm build. "Bip fuck more Bip lick me out ohhhh…. Bip," Lara ends up screaming as Bipasha's tongue flicks against her cunt and she loses her control and moaning in pleasure aahh….aaahhh…. ooohhhh…ohyes…..oooowwwwww. Lara was moaning ooohhh Bipasha keep it up I going to cumm at any time please don’t stop make me cumm. After 10 minutes hard liking Lara pussy burst the flood of hot cum.

Cum covers Bipasha’s mouth she lick up whatever amount cum she can gain from shopping pussy. Bipasha suck every drop of Lara’s hot cum after that Lara stopped moving and become calm Bipasha know that she become fully satisfied and there is nothing left in her vagina to suck of lick. After that Bipasha leaned forward her cumm cover mouth close to Lara and said “ look Lara what your cumm has done to my face look at it now it is your liability to clean my mouth” my pleasure Bip I will clean your mouth after saying that Lara put her lips on Bipasha and started to lick her hot cum mixed with Bipasha’s saliva. After few minutes both lick and suck entire cum and lie on bed.

After few minutes later Bipasha said to her new lover now it is your turn to make her cum Lara said “with pleasure honey” if you want me to cum you then I certainly will. But first I want to suck your tight fruits because they look very delicious. After that Lara grab Bipasha both breast and started to massage and rubbing them. She massages her breast until I became fully tight and then Lara leaned forward her face close to Bipasha tight fruits which were motivating her to suck. When Lara’s tongue touches the nipple of Bipasha she felt shocked wave running in her body and she shacked little and then she grab Lara’s head and press hard against her breast. Ooohhhh Lara please suck those please suck them make them colorful oohhhh.. Bipasha was moaning while Lara was licking and sucking her breast. When Lara fully done with Bipasha’s breast she said now are you ready? Are you ready to cum. Bipasha nodded her head and said yes dear please make me cum. "Do you want me to help make you cum," Lara softly asks, her lover nods her head.

The sensation was so strong inside Bipasha that she didn’t wait for Lara to come and lick her cunt. She pushes her down and put her pussy on the face of Lara. Lara picks her up and she lies down on the bed with Bipasha's pussy above her face.
"Bip do you want to lick me as well?" Lara is able to call out softly from under Bipasha's cunt. Lara gets a verbal answer from Bipasha's don’t ask just do it. Then she started to suck on Bipasha's throbbing cunt.

to be conti............

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Stroy conti...........

Lara tongue moves fast over Bipasha's shaved dark pussy. Lara makes sure she has licked up all pussy using her tongue like a hard dick she rams it into her pussy and Bipasha started to moaning out loudly and calling Lara’s name in joy. Bipasha's cry of pleasure sounds so good to Lara so her tongue shove the dripping wet pussy above her harder and faster determined to get more cries of bliss aahhh…..aaaahhhh… aaaahhhh..ooohhhh. Laraaaahhhh…. Laraaahhhhh…..Laraaaahhhh. Before this Bipasha’s cunt only once licked by woman and that was Katrina, and she felt that no one ever lick her pussy that good before but Lara was far better than Kartina in licking of pussy.
Bipasha was riding on the face of her wife of the night and Lara was licking her pussy so hard that it was very difficult for her to breath easy. Using her hands to hold Bipasha's hips still Lara moves her head forward sending her tongue further up her lover's pussy flicking against Bipasha's G-spot nearly bringing the house down as Bipasha screams out loudly aaaahhh…aaahhh… ahh… oooohhhh… Laraahhhhhh….. Bollywood actress was total heaven as her number one girlfriend gives her pussy the best licking of her life and all she can do to thank Lara is yell out her name louder and louder ooohhhh Laraahhhh……Laraaahhhhhh……Laraahhhhh….. As she feels the tip of Lara tongue flicks her G-spot. At that moment Lara knows how much Bipasha loves this and she also knows that she has one last trick to make Bipasha's orgasm perfect. Lara's right hand lets go of her hips and travels over Bipasha's bruised and sore asscheeks then her index finger was quickly inserted up her rectum. It all happens so fast that Bipasha has no idea what happened but on the edge of the best orgasm of her life she feels sometime crawling up her ass and before she knows what's happen Lara shoves her finger up her ass.

"Ohhh Laraahhh," ooohhhh….Lara I love you oooohhhh…. Laraahhh… I really care about you…oooohhhh…Laraahhhh…. I want to spend my whole life with you oooohhhh… Lara I never felt better in my life before ooohhhh…..Lara I am going to cum please don’t stop oohhh aaahhh….ooohhh.. Bipasha shout one last time and her yell of can be heard for miles as Bipasha's cums down Lara's tongue, into her mouth and all over the Lara's sexy face coating it with layer of cum.

Bipasha moans as she lies still while slurping noises can be heard from under her as Lara makes sure none of Bipasha's cum goes to waste. Once she has swallowed all of the Bengali sweetheart’s juices. After that both ladies lay down on bed holding each other and started to share the hot woman cum by French kissing. After that both sexy ladies rest little bit in each other arms.

Suddenly Lara speaks “honey you have a special surprise for me aren’t you giving me that surprise? “What Surprise? Bipasha asked curiously. “Katrina told me that you have special surprise for me” Lara said to Bipasha. Bipasha think for a while then she answered oohhh yes yes I almost forgot honey you just wait here for me I will be back with your surprise and you are gona love it. After Bipasha got to her feet. "You get yourself ready for when I get back..." She hurried out of the room.
Lara was excited and thinking what could that be is it another individual or something else but she didn’t know exactly. After few minutes’ later Bipasha return to her bedroom to find out Lara was on her back, naked, with two hands between her thighs, fingers
in her wet pussy and said close your eyes because it is a surprise. So Lara closed her eyes

Bipasha smiled and go near to her special girlfriend. She reached out and close to her and said now open your eyes. When Lara opened her eye she was totally shocked her eyes pop out and mouth wide open. It was a huge rubber black dick in front of her eyes. Bipasha was wearing a strap-on which was almost foot long, very thick, as fat as a fist - covered with veins and had a small hole in the rounded tip. The straps
that held it to Bipasha’s body went around her waist and
up, it was a heavy duty harness, Bipasha placed her dick in the hand on Lara and said

"Suprise!" “It is beautiful where you get this? Asked by Lara surprislly. Ohhh honey I import it from Europe for Katrina but now it is for you and I can fuck you with it like a man, better than your Nepali’s boyfriend ever did!" Bipasha challenges Lara." Oh yeah.... then you have to Prove it!" Demanded by Lara. Bipasha stepped in front of Lara, dildo standing proud in front of her mouth. "First you have to suck it!" Lara opened her mouth and started sucking on the end of the cock, She gasp, imagining this thing in her cunt. She couldn't wait. She continued to suck on the tip, licking the shaft, sucking the sides of the dildo, reaching around and gripping Bipasha's budd. Bipasha pinched her own nipples, lifting her tits up by them, shaking them. Lara continued sucking, trying to make it wet for her pussy.

She spat it out, "I want you to put that big hard cock of yours
right inside my wet cunt!" She stated. Bipasha dropped to her knees and placed the tip of
the dildo against Lara's pussy lips; Lara reached down and fingered the lips, parting them with her fingertips so that Bipasha could slide in slowly. As Bipasha slid the tool into Lara's pussy which was already wet, as dildo slide in slowly she moaned in pleasure oooohhhhh…. Bipasha watched the amazing look on Lara's face. Pain, pleasure, excitement, surprise all was mixed up... Lara could feel her pussy being stretched to the limit; she wrapped her legs around Bipasha's middle and pulled her closer, deeper. Moaning, breathing hard, sweating, Lara was dizzy with the feelings. Once close enough, Bipasha leant forward, her breasts pressing up against Lara's, their faces
closing together, mouths an inch apart.

They looked deep into each others eyes as Bipasha pumped the dildo slowly in and out of her sexy parented wife’s pussy. Tongues flicking out, rubbing against one another, saliva flicking into each others face. "Aaahhh……oooohhhhh……ahhhhh…Bipasha Fuck me" ooohhhh…..fuck me aahhhhhh….Ordered Lara. "Fuck me hard oooohhhhh….!" Bipahsa pulled Lara's legs up onto her shoulders and pushed forward against them, pushing the dildo all the way deep into Lara’s cunt and Lara shout out loudly Bipasha’s name and challenging her to fuck her hard. ooohhh…Bipasha I am loving it fuck me hard ahhhhh..She moved her hips back and forth, faster, harder, and deeper stroking her artificial dick in Lara’s cunt. As Bipasha was stroking Lara hard she watched her face twisted with both pain and pleasure, Lara was fully enjoying the fast and hard stroke and she was fully responded the strokes of Bipasha and moaning and screaming out loudly which makes Bipasha more hornier and she strokes more hard and deeper.

"You like this better than your Nepali’s boyfriend ha Lara answered me?" oohhhh yeh you are fucking me far better than him you are better than all those males who fucked me in past.

Lara’s both hands were on her breast, and she was bucking against Bipasha's cock, reaching down and gripping her bottom, pulling her budd-cheeks apart, tossing her head back and Bipasha was slamming Lara’s pussy with the rubber sex toy, her eyes shut as she felt the waves of orgasm flowing through her. She came hard; screaming it out, "Fuck
yes oooohhh…..ooohhhh!" Bipasha continued pumping, the base of the strapon
bumping against her clit, the rhythm bringing her
toward her own climax.

Lara's high pitched girlie scream surprises even her but her lubed with cum pussy had all 10 inches of her festive strap on inside of her. Tears of joy run down Lara's face as Bipasha was quickly moving the strap-on in and out of her cunt every single stroke hitting the most sensitive part of her vagina area and making her howl and scream in pleasure and pain. Bipasha wants to repay Lara for her fantastic climax and when she looked up and saw a strap-on already with female juices over it Bipasha didn't have to think twice. Wildly Lara moves up and down rubber cock goes deeper and deeper inside of her and she feels her orgasm rising.

Keeping up the fast pace Bipasha knows the end is near as Lara's body is shaking beneath her so she carries on waiting for her best lover/friend to cum. Lara's howled one last time aaahhhhhh…….aahhh….oohhh…. and was as loud as Bipasha's with the same result a torrent of cum explodes from Lara's pussy covering the Bipasha’s strap-on also covering her hand and wrist with her pussy juice. Lara was breathing hard trying to get air back in her lungs as Bipasha rolls off her and crawls up to her face holding the cum covered cock. In front of Lara's eyes Bipasha and Lara both licks and sucks the dick until it is clean of Lara cum then both lies down next to each other.

“So do you like my fucking darling” asked Bipasha to Lara. Oohh yes dear I love it you fucked me far better than my boyfriend replied by Lara. This was the first time that Lara was fucked by a woman using strap-on and it was one hell of experience for her and she will not forget it in her life.
“Katrina was right that you fucked like a real man and you got the man strength said Lara to Bipasha and both of them smiles looking in each other eyes, kissed and hugged each other. For half an hour both ladies take rest in each other arms.

After half hour Bipasha feel the heat of Lara body again, she started to run down her one hand on Lara’s bare curvy ass. “do you like my ass honey” asked Lara to Bipasha. “Yes it is very attractive honey” replied Bipasha. “ do you want to fuck my ass” asked Lara to Bipasha. “Well honey I depends” Bipasha replied. “do me a favor honey” what is it my sweetheart, any favor I will do my best to fulfill that”replied Bipasha in soft and tender voice.
"Please Bipasha I need your dick in my ass," Lara begs with Bipasha. “Honey are you serious because it will cause lots of pain because your hole is short and smaller than your vagina and it is not a normal dick you are talking it is 10 inch long” said Bipasha to Lara. “Leave the pain to me you just prepare your self to fuck me from my ass” said Lara to Bipasha and she was in surprise to hear that.
After receiving orders from Lara Bipasha stands up and go behind Lara. Lara gets on all 4's sticking her ass up. In front of Bipasha Lara was on her all fours, bending like a sexy bitch and this sight was amazing for Bipasha because watch Lara in doggie position increased her level of horniess and she became arouser the temperature of her body was increase inside. Bipasha again confirm from Lara who was bending like doggie in front of her” "You want this cock in your ass Lara," Bipasha asks while stroking the Lara's budd and putting the head of the strap on right next to her asshole. Lara nodded her head and said do it. After receiving director order from her wife for the night Bipasha dropped to her knees to match her level of hole and placed the head of
the dildo on Lara's asshole. Before this Bipasha has once fucked Katrina from back by using same strap-on and she screams like she was going to die because it was very pain full for her and after that her ass hole swelled red but she notice one thing about Lara that her asshole was bigger than Katrina. It seems that she has several anal experiences before, that why she was asking for anal fuck with confidence. “Before I fuck you first tell me how many time this ass is fucked before” asked Bipasha to Lara. I did not remember the count but around about 10 or 15teen time or more. Did you enjoy it? asked Bipasha. “Ooohhh yes honey a lot more than straight fucking” replied Lara in lustful tone. “Now this one you will also enjoy it darling” said Bipasha who was behind of Lara on her knees. “Oohh honey please start the process because I hate waiting” said Lara to Bipasha.

Bipasha put the head of her dick on Lara’s unlubed wheal and then she pushes in hard in the tunnel of Lara making the former Miss Universe scream out loud aaaaahhhh……. Ooooohhhh…..Bipashaaaaaa as the head of the strap-on goes deep into her asshole. Waiting until Lara stopped screaming and then slowly Bipasha pulled the strap-on out and drove it back in again more harder force which again causes pain in Lara’s ass and she screamed in pain aaahhhhh……oooohhhhh….Bipashaaaaa. Bipasha pulled out her cock and said, Lara are you alright it ok with you that I carry on fucking. Lara nodded her head and said please carry on the process just don’t get distracted from my screams you have to concentrate on fucking. Bipasha again put the round tip on Lara’s ass and shove it in full thrust this time the stroke was so power full that it shaken Lara and everything which came in its way and Lara scream and cry more loudly aaaahhhhhhh...oooooohh…Bipashaaaaa my ass. The impact of Bipasha dick was so strong that Lara’s eyes became redish due to the pain and tears of pain and pleasure coming out of her eyes and she started to cry. Lara's ass was being tortured by Bipasha's dick and the sexy ass female was screaming out loud and calling the Bipasha’s name every time the dick goes deep inside her anus. However after 10 hard shoves Bipasha saw that her dick was running very roughly in the tunnel of Lara and her hole became fully red from outside due to the hard stroking and she was cry and screaming in pain so she takes her rubber dick out of Lara’s ass and she think that Lara’s ass need lubrication. Bipasha leaned her mouth forward near Lara’s hole and starts to lick her asshole. When Bipasha’s tongue touches Lara inner hole she moved in pleasure aaaaahhhhh….. oooohhh Bipasha you really care about me ooooohhhh that’s why I want to spend my whole life with you. Lara loves feeling Bipasha's tongue inside of her anus. The licking of Bipasha was just like medicine on wounds, Bipasha gives Lara's ass a few good long licks getting the inside of her ass wet then starts to push the strap on into her ass as this time instead of crying or screaming Lara moaned in pleasure ooooohhhhh…..aaaahhhhh……ooohhhh Bipasha I am feeling much better now. Now that her ass is lubed up it is easy to slide the 10-inch rubber cock inside of Lara's ass. Bipasha starts to fuck Lara's ass digging her hands into Lara big thick asscheeks holding herself steady. Lara’s was ordering Bipasha to fuck her hard very hard and Bipasha was fucking and stroking Lara with full power and monition by grabbing her from hips. “Do you like that? Haa Lara do you liked to being fucked from ass? Do you like big dick in your ass answer me Lara? Oooh yeh ahhhhh….aaaahhh….aaaahhh…ooooohhh yeh Bipasha I want you to fuck me hard with your dick please fuck me Lara was moaning at that time because that moments were very pleasant full for her because it is the first a big dick like this was in her ass and it is the first time that she is fucked by a female with strap-on. Lara was never enjoyed ass fucking before. She is not only loving being fucked in the ass but the fact her idol was doing it just makes it so much better for Lara allowing her to move her hand back and rub her own dripping wet pussy. Bipasha was enjoying banging Lara's sexy and pretty ass it feels so good to fuck and with her hands digging into Lara’s asscheeks and she was fuck and slapping Lara’s ass same time with harder and powerful strokes. Lara wishes she had given out more anal sex in her life.

Organism after organism was building inside of Lara and she knows that climax was near and she ordered Bipasha not to stop or slow the stroking her ass. Bipasha was stroking her pretended wife so hard that her body became fully wet in sweat and it was dripping out of her face. After 10 minutes of hard fucking Lara could not hold on any more as flood gates burst and she scream and howled out loudly one more time. Sweat runs down Lara's forehead as she feels her own pre cum running down her own fingers as she fingers her dripping wet pussy. Looking up Lara sees her in full-length dress mirror Bipasha was behind her, eyes closed in delight fucking her ass and this picture was enough to send Lara over the edge. Lara's primal scream wakes Bipasha up from her own dreams to see that Lara was cumming all over her bed as she cries out Bipasha's name oooohhhh…..Bipashaaahhh….ahhhh…..Bipashaaahhhh. Bipasha waits until Lara has finished before stroking her own pussy, which was soaking in her own juices. She quickly works 3 fingers inside of her and pumps away before silently cumming all over her long fingers.
So did you enjoy it Lara? Bipasha was tired and exhausted and lying motionless on the bed and Lara hugged her and said you fucked me better than ever and I always will thank you for what you did to me tonight. After that Bipasha fall asleep. Lara removes the strap-on from Bipasha waist.and brings the bed cover up and over tired Bipasha's body. She wraps her arms around Bipasha's body pulling her closer before resting her own head down onto the bed then they both fall asleep in each other's arms. It was the first time Lara has three climax(cummed) in same night. And this night Lara will remember for all her life like a wedding night(Sohaag Raat).

EARLY NEXT MORNING Bipasha wakes up suddenly to find Lara was not lying next to her and the strap-on she had on has been taken off. Bipasha went to the kitchen to find Lara was their wearing one of her nightgown cooking breakfast.
"Good Morning Bipasha you slept like a child last night ?" Lara asks in her normal self gaze at her fucker. "Yeah Lara," Bipasha answers sleepily, "Last night just felt so good I feel that I became complete. In all my life I feel something was missing but last night I found out what was missing." Lara smiled and said last night when you are fucking me inside my heart I really admit you my husband at that time and we should meet each other in future to know better each other, our likes and dislikes and should develops this relationship to the next level. We are in showbiz so we should not published our relationship but in reality you and me had great future together said Bipasha. After that both sexy ladies have breakfast together after finishing breakfast Bipasha escort Lara to the door, Now tell me Bipasha you and I become close friend more than close friend and I will like to keep this relation for long time and no matter what happened we will be one. Yes darling now we both are same and never be apart in life” said Bipasha to Lara. So tell me Bipasha when we will be our next meeting held”. Very soon my love and I am waiting for that moment said Bipasha to Lara and embrace her by giving kiss on her forehead, then she watched her leave from behind Lara turn around one last time and give cute smile to her lover

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and wave her hand signaling goodbye and enter in an elevator Bipasha closed the door.

The End…….

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