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Desperate House wives (Jaithani & Davrani’s Affaris)

Desperate House wives (Jaithani & Davrani’s Affaris)

Hello I am Rizwire and I bring to you next episode of Jaithani and Davrani affairs.
In previous episodes Ranoo and her Jaithani “Rahila” adopted different methods to please eachother sexually. They both explore these new kind of methods from internet and sex every night to please each other. In last episode Rahila introduced 8inch candle and she fucked Ranoo with it. In this episode Ranoo’s Jaithani “Rahila” introduce a new kind of sex toy to Ranoo.

Story begins.

After many sexual encounter Ranoo and Rahila both are satisfied from their sex life and they were became very close to each other share everthing and thought with each other. After few months later Ranoo’s Husband return from abroad on one month vocation and Ranoo was not happy to see him because during this period of her husband stay she can not have sex with her Jaithani and this situation was not favorable to both Rahila and Ranoo because they will have to keep their distance from eachother while Ranoo’s husband was their. So Rahila told Ranoo to stay away from her in this period.
One night Ranoo’s Husband take Ranoo outside for dinner they take dinner outside and after when they return Ranoo’s husband demand sex from Ranoo. Ranoo cleverly rejected him by saying that she is in period and remains in it for a week. So her husband become more patient and wait for week. After week he again demands sex from Ranoo. Now she had no more excuses and then she agrees to give a good time to her husband. Ranoo husband was very keen for this moment to fuck her because he came back after a year but he did not know that now Ranoo became someone else sex slave. As Ranoo take all of her cloths and become fully naked in front of her husband and said “ye loo ker lo jo tum kerna chaty ho” by seeing Ranoo naked her husband become fully horny he stood up and hugged Ranoo tightly and press hard against Ranoo’s body with his body. His 6 inch erect dick was touching Ranoo’s cunt. He immediately lift Ranoo and push her on to the bed and put his lips on Ranoo’s lips and then he put his penis on Ranoo’s vagina and push it with one stroke his 6 inch dick entered into Ranoo’s vagina. It was not little bit pain full for because she was used to the bigger cocks and her husband cock was not bigger and it was also not as firm as it should be. Ranoo’s husband was stroking hard on Ranoo but Ranoo was motionless feeling no pain after 15 seconds her husband cummed inside of Ranoo’s vagina and fully discharged and collapsed on other side on the bed. Ranoo said in her mind “bus saly haramee tum mein itna he dum tha, areey tum se tu zayada dum wali tu mairee Jaithani hain jo mujh ko pori terha tu satisfied kerti hain” waisy bhi iss saly ke lory main itna dum nahi hain jithani mairee Jaithani mein hain” Mairee Jaithani he meire asel husband hain ye sala hijraa to bus naam ka husband hain”. In the morning Ranoo take a bath and went to kitchen for breakfast where Rahila was already standing their waiting for her. Rahila asked Ranoo what happened last night she replied nothing my husband cummed within a minute and she did not enjoy it all. Because her husband dick was small and not firm and she enjoy large and firm dick. If fact she did not enjoy his company and she never will after saying that Ranoo tried to hugged Rahila but Rahila pushed her aside and said be patient Ranoo. Rahila was thinking that Ranoo don’t like her husband now it was up to her to make her happy. Other day when Rahila surfing on internet she browse some lesbian picture in those pictures one woman was fucking other by using strap on. Rahila search about strap on and find that this kind of sex toys were not available in this region. Then she decided to make one of her own so she bought some lather from market and stitch later on the front of her underwear and made a hole in it and pass her candle in that hole and connected with four lather straps so that it can hold on tightly on harness. She use new yellow color candle of 10inches long on that. Now she made a strap on to please her Davrani. She didn’t tell Ranoo about this she wanted to give her surprise.
During the stay of Ranoo’s husband they have sex only twice and Ranoo didn’t enjoy at all she was only waiting when her husband will leave the country. Ranoo was waiting for that day very eagerly. Now that day has come when her husband was going to abroad and she was very glad. Ranoo’s mother in law her daver and davrani was going to escort Ranoo’s husband to the airport. Ranoo husband insisted Ranoo to come with him to escort him to the airport but Ranoo said that she was not feeling well and can not go with him to the airport and she will stay home. When they leave only Ranoo and her Jaithani was at home Ranoo closed the door and see off her husband and came back to her other husband i.e her Jaithani. She entered in her room “Rahila darling meri jaan kaha ho tum aoo mairee bahoon mein leput jao” said Ranoo. Rahila came behind from curtain naked and strap on hanging on her waist. Ranoo was surprised to see what Rahila was wearing “ I specially made it for you mairee peyari sexy gannd wali Davrani” Rahila darling ye tum ne specially mairy leye banay hain said Ranoo. Rahila replied yes. “ohh Rahila darling I love more then I ever “tum ne ye sub mairy leye keya, tum ko mairee kitnee fiker hain aik woo mairee namurd husband jissy mairee koi perwa he nahi hain”. Please darling fuck me with your strap on fuck me because I am hungry for your affection please Rahila darling and they both hugged and kissed. Ranoo put her mouth on Rahila and rolling her arms on Rahila’s neck hold her tightly pressing her body hard against her and Rahila put her both hand on Ranoo’s sexy ass and lift her and Ranoo rolled her both legs against Rahila’s waist and Ranoo was in mid air in the lap of Rahila and kissing each other very hard. No one is at home expect of us Ranoo told Rahila just feel free Rahila darling they will come back after one or two hour. Then Rahila started to unclothe Ranoo with no time Ranoo became fully naked. Now both of their naked bodies pressing hard against each other and they are kissing each other passionately.
“ohhh Ranoo darling tumhy nahi patta ke ye aik month maira kaisy guzra hain main ne pora aik month bister per aikly jaag jaag ker guzara hain I missed you every night said Rahila.
“Mairy bhi yehe haal tha main tumhree intnee addicted ho gai hoo ke main tumhry baiger aik pul guzarna bohot muskil ho ga ya tha pichla aik month aik saal ke baraber guzra hain. Rahila turn around Ranoo and hugged her from behind and pressing her breast hard against her back and her dick was touching Ranoo’s naked and curvy budd and both of their lips were jointed and both of them licking and sucking each other tongue from mouth.
As Rahila’s dick touching Ranoo’s naked body she said “I have a great feeling about that thing which is holding on your waist Rahila darling” said Ranoo. Rahila lifted Ranoo and carry her in lap to the bed and throw her on bed. Rahila put her body on top of Ranoo’s body and started to kiss Ranoo’s entire body. She kissed every inch of Ranoo’s body and Ranoo was lying their moaning.

She pushed Ranoo hard against the bed, hands on either shoulder, supporting herself up above Ranoo. She smiled wickedly, eyes roving Ranoo naked body.

"oooohh Ranoo darling you're so hot." In a swift motion she lowered her face to Ranoo’s breasts, biting and sucking hard on Ranoo’s both nipple.

Ranoo tighten her breast. Rahila was gonna give Ranoo an orgasm just by sucking her breast.

"Mmm, you like me to suck your breast, yes Ranoo I love to suck your breast and fuck you ?" she said, words humming against Ranoo soft, sensitive body. She moved to Ranoo right breast, massaging and kneading the other with her hand.
"Ranoo, you're wet for me already my sweet sexy ass Davrani?" Rahila said.

Ranoo didn't respond, her vision was clouded with lust and sex. Rahila was gonna drive Ranoo crazy and kissing Ranoo’s body madly and Ranoo needed Rahila body.
Rahila kissed her way down Ranoo neck, passed her chest, down to her flat stomach. She licked at the downy train that led to Ranoo pussy.

"Please?" Rahila darling make me cumm by using your candle.

"It is not a candle it is my cock, You wanted my cock Ranoo darling very badly, "

"Yessssssssssss," I didn’t here what you said yess Ranoo moaned and cry out loudly.

Rahila raised herself above Ranoo so they were face to face again, their mouths balanced inches apart. "You want my touch Ranoo darling?" "Yes." Replied Ranoo.

"You want to me to fuck you like a real man haa Ranoo?"

"Yes, please, Rahila darling?" Ranoo moaned.

Rahila raised herself, straddling Ranoo legs on her knees.

Down under A 10", strap-on hovered between both of their legs.

Holding her watch, Rahila took her large, hard yellow cock in Ranoo’s hands and told her to oil it. Ranoo lubed up Rahila dick with oil and then raised herself to her level, straddling her lap. As Rahila licked Ranoo’s ear, taking the lobe in her mouth, biting it slightly. Ranoo breathed hotly against her now-wet skin. "I'm gonna fuck you, you know," Rahila said, placing her dick on Ranoo’s needful vagina.

Ranoo said this is bigger than the pink one. Rahila said Ranoo darling it is 10 inch long “10inch then it would give more pleasure to me " Ranoo said.
Rahila lifted Ranoo’s both legs and put them on her shoulders and put her dick on Ranoo’s Vagina’s lips and started to rub it against Ranoo’s lust full vagina. For few minutes she was rubbing gently her cock on Ranoo’s Vagina and then she entered hard into Ranoo’s pussy in the same motion Ranoo screamed out loudly uuuuuuuuhh Rahila please gently “arm se karoo main ne itna bahra pehley kabhi nahi try keya” please go easy with me. Rahila said ok then she pushed gently and inserted half way down Rahila pushed deep softly until their skin pressed together and it was all way in Ranoo deserving vagina.

Rahila took Ranoo breast in her mouth and sucked hard as from down she began pumping Ranoo’s pussy and Ranoo was screaming in pleasure howling loudly aaaaaahh uuuuuuhhhh ooooohh aaaaahh Rahila darling please fuck me fuck me hard please I am at your mercy”. Ranoo threw her head back and grabbed blindly for her tits. Ooooohh Rahila darling, fuck. Harder," please “aur power se stroke karain please fucked me I am hungry for you love please fucked me harder deeper fucked me badly. Rahila increasing the pace and power of her strokes after stroke which was more pleasure full for Ranoo. Because she was hungry for this kind of sex for one month.

Rahila lifted Ranoo hips, driving her cock deeper inside of Ranoo Vagina and pushes her cock harder and harder deep inside of Ranoo’s hungry vagina and Ranoo was howling loudly cry out loudly aaaaaaaahh ooooooooh uuuuuuhh ooohh yes. After few moment Rahila pulled out almost all the way out, so just her tip rested against Ranoo’s lips.

"No, please," Ranoo moaned. "Give it to me, abhi issey baher na nikkly abhi aur kairn please Rahila I am begging you fucked me more as Ranoo was crying for more."
Then Rahila again shoved all 10 inch cock inside Ranoo’s lustfull wet vagina in one hard push which shaken bed and Ranoo every thing and hit very furiously into Ranoo’s vagina and she screamed out loudly ouchh aahh Rahila aram se please itney zor se na stroke karoo ke main behoos ho jao. Rahila started to fuck her again with a hard, fast motion she was forwarding and backwarding slammed inside of Ranoo’s again this time very harder than before. She was stroking her harder and harder.

"You like that, Ranoo darling?" you asked for it and now you will get what you want "You like my new toy to fuck you badly."

"Oh yeah I do. Fuck me harder. Harder Rahila darling fuck me I love it."

"You like it rough, Ranoo?" Yes Rahila darling I like hard and rough.

Rahila reached beneath Ranoo, lifted her hips, and stuck her unlubed finger inside of Ranoo’s asshole. Ranoo breath with pleasure. As she drilled in Ranoo’s pussy and ass, deeper and deeper. Rahila entered another finger.

"Harder—"With her free hand she slapped Ranoo ass.

"Harder, you fucking—"Rahila was also enjoying it because she liked to manhandle Ranoo and fuck her like a guy full authority. As Ranoo thrusts increased to a frantic pace.

"Rahila darling tum enjoy ker rahi hoo na”? You like taking my sweet, vagina hole like a guy? Fucking me like a man?" asked Ranoo to Rahila.

"Yes!" Rahila said “main tumhy chiektey chilatey daikh ker bohot enjoy ker rahi hoon mair peyari Davrani, aur main ye feel ker rahi hoon ke main tumhree husband hoon. Tum mainree husband he hoo Rahila darling. Ranoo tighten her legs, trying to hold off the tide of pleasure approaching fast, trying not to cum until she made her cum, too.
"You like fucking me like a man? You like drilling my sweet little pussy like a man? Look at it, Rahila darling, look at your big cock in my pink pussy. You like taking me—"

"--Taking--take me! Aaahh! aaahh Take me!" aaaah I am always yours take me as your bride please take me to fuck, take me please take me Rahila darling fucked me like a groom fucked her bride. Rahila was stroking very hardly as her entire bed was shaking with her strokes she was fucking Ranoo so hard that her bed was also screaming with Ranoo.

Ranoo was screaming loudly in pleasure aaah aah aah ah oooh aaahh uuuh uuh uuh uuuuuh as her orgasm came, releasing pussy juices unto Rahila yellow dick and bedsheets. Hips pounding into Ranoo pussy, forcing her cock into Ranoo harder and harder. Ranoo bucked against her, her pussy exploding, cum rushing to coat her big, fat, yellow cock. As Ranoo orgasm burst through her head, blinding her with pleasure as Ranoo scream out loudly ekkkkkkkkkkhhhh aaaaaahhh and she totally cummed on Rahila’s dick and bed. It takes Rahila 15 minutes to cumm Ranoo. Ranoo was lying on the bed resting with Rahila breathing hard after hard fuck of Ranoo vagina. Rahila never dominate Ranoo like this before and Ranoo never challenge Rahila like this before this encounter exhausted both females. After 20 minutes Ranoo kissed Rahila’s lips and said “Rahila darling, my husband, now fuck me from behind please I want you to fuck me from my ass my ass is hungry please fuck me. Rahila said “as you admitted that I am your husband now it’s up to me keeping you happy and fulfill your all desires”. Ranoo now it is turn to fuck your ass now it is time to “tumhree meithi gannd pahrainy ka tu teyyar ho gao it would be lot more pain full said Rahila. “I am not afraid of pain Rahila darling pain is temporary but pleasure is for remember for life time said Ranoo after all you are my Jaithani, No no no nooo I am not your Jaithani I am your husband Rahila made correction of Ranoo’s words. Now it your husband duty to fuck you hard.

Rahila flicked Ranoo onto all fours and pulled her to a kneeling position like doggie. Rahila began to rub the across Ranoo's hole. Ranoo quietly moaned and said “Rahila please lubricant your dick and my hole first then it would be easy for me to suck more and more of your dick. So Rahila pick up the lube bottle and started to lube her dick and Ranoo’s hole together. Rahila spreed Ranoo’s budd hole wide open and started to poring oil in it. After that she started to spank and massage Ranoo’s ass. Rahila spank Ranoo’s budd until it became fully reddish. After that she put her dick on Ranoo’s round ass and press gently forward “oieeeeeeee aaah Rahila darling please go easy with this time it is my ass not my cunt. Now Rahila was gently stroking Ranoo to enter her dick into to Ranoo’s ass inch by inch "Oh my" Ranoo managed to say as she felt the pressure increase because Rahila was increasing the pressure of her strokes. "Oh yes" said Rahila in reply as she gradually increased the pressure as the head of the cock slipped into Ranoo’s ass halfway and Ranoo was showing little resistance ooohh aaahh oieee Rahila darling please go easy with my ass it is very sensitive. Rahila suddenly push hard with power which enables her entire dick to enter in Ranoo’s sexy ass. Ranoo scream out loudly aaaaahh Rahila what are you doing I already told you to fuck me softly. Rahila said sorry Ranoo but her dick stuck in the ass so she pushed hard. Rahila began stroking Ranoo softly and gently and Ranoo was enjoying soft strokes from Rahila ohhhohhhohhohhhohhhohh Rahila darling aram aram se kerti rahoo mujhy bohot maza aa raha hain. Ranoo was moving opposite to Rahila both moving together as Rahila’s both hand of Ranoo’s beautiful curvy ass and she started to spank gently her ass. “Ranoo tell me did you enjoy ass fucking more than your pussy? Ranoo replied “yes my beloved husband” I want you to fuck me from my ass it is more pleasure full to me as compare to pussy. Few moment passed Ranoo ordered Rahila now to increase the tempo of her stroke and increase the force. Rahila increases the tempo of her stroke and Ranoo was challenging Rahila by saying harder please harder now I can take the baiting of your cock please fuck me harder. Rahila’s dick was sliding in out of Ranoo’s hole; the pleasure and the pain were mix together as her hole gratefully opened to receive Rahila’s dick. As Ranoo was enjoying ass fucking she felt Rahila's groin rest against her ass and felt Rahila's breasts rest against her back as Rahila whispered in her ear “Ranoo baigum now on I am your husband and you are my wife/bevi/pettni and I will take your responsibility do you accept me as your husband? Do you Ranoo? “oohh yesss I do, I do, replied Ranoo, and you Rahila “do you accept me as your wedded wife, do you “yesss Ranoo I do, I do more than ever,.

Ranoo began to love the feeling of perfect union with Rahila as her dick slide deep into her ass. Ranoo felt the familiar tension building deep inside her body as the orgasm started to build. Rahila was riding on Ranoo, and banging frantically thrusting banging Ranoo. "Cum for me my lovely sexy wife" Rahila muttered as she drove into Ranoo's body each stroke pushing her forward.

"Ooooooooooooooooohhhhhh" Ranoo screamed as the orgasm ran through her body from the tip of her nose though to her toes. Spinning her round and Rahila continued to stroke into Ranoo's beautiful curvy ass. As orgasm after orgasm ripped through her.

"Mmmmmmm! That feels so good Rahila, fuck me hard with your cock, aaaaaahh please fuck me uuuuhhuuhhuuuhh ooohh oooh ohh oooh ohhhhhh!" Rahila yor are my real husband please fuck me like a man make me suffer make me bleed. Ranoo was pleading.

Rahila grabbed Ranoo's hair with her one hand and she used her other hand to spank Ranoo’s pretty ass and started to fuck Ranoo in hardcore style
"Oooohhhh don't you worry, mairee payaree sexy sweet wife, I'll fuck you, I will fuck you like a man, I will make you suffer, I will make you bleed, I will fuck you whenever wherever you wanted and will fuck you really hard that you will not depended on any male again that’s is my promise!" Rahila was stroking harder and spanked her firm ass at the same time. "Such a great sexy ass you have Ranoo tumhary husband ko to tumhry pass rehna chaheye Ranoo replied I don’t want to hear about that asshole right now. You are my husband and please concentrate on fucking. Ooooohh aaaah aaah aaahh oooohh oooohh ooooo ooohh ooohohhhhh mmmmmmmm I deserve to receive a good fucking from you Rahila darling because I am your wife and you are my husband.

At that time Ranoo was moaning and wriggle even more louder “ooooohhh aaaahhh mmm oooohh oooh ohhhh common Rahila darling fuck me hard”, Rahila had a good hold on her hair, not letting her up except to catch her breath every now and then. Ranoo was nearing an orgasm. Rahila was pounding Ranoo with hand made strap-on
"Oh yes! Fuck me Rahila! Pound my ass my ass is specially for you!" Ranoo screamed, overcome by yet another orgasm.

"What my sweet wife wants and she will gets!"
They both gotten into a good rhythm alternating their thrusts Occasionally.

Ranoo was screaming and moaning and calling out for Rahila to fuck her harder all at the same time. She felt like one constant orgasm she never having her holes roughly pounded like that before. Rahila was tired and she pull her cock out of Ranoo’s ass Ranoo roar what are you doing who said you to pull things off it is not over until I say so Rahila darling my beloved husband please resume.

Rahila grabbed Ranoo’s waist and shoved her entire dick into Ranoo’s cute ass in one powerfull push which shaken Ranoo and she screamed oieeeeee ahhhh Rahila please do it again Rahila again pulled her entire dick out then pushed in one power full stroke and entire her cock berried into Ranoo’s sex ass Rahila repeated this step for 6 or 7 time which was quite pleasure full to Ranoo and she was moaning and crying loudly. Rahila resumed pounding her ass, please Rahila fuck me I was so close of cumm when you pulled your dick off " said Ranoo. The Rahila was again fucking desperate Ranoo.

Rahila increased the tempo of her stroke on Ranoo, making Ranoo scream again in pain with the shock every time the large cockhead hit the roof of her ass, driving her insides deeper into her own body Ranoo was crying in pain & pleasure Ahhhhhhh ohhhhh uuhhhh “Uhhhhhh Rahila Please gand maroo mairee porey zor se mujhy bohot aicha lug raha hain. Pleas harder deeper more harder more deeper apni pori power dekhao pori power lagao fuck me badly please fuck me like a man.” YESSSSSSSSSS!!!” ohhh yesssss.
After 15 minutes of tight fucking, Ranoo’s organism fully build inside of Ranoo and she cried and howled loudly one last time and cummed drip onto Rahila’s bedsheet.
When it was over both were barely able to move specially Rahila because she never done hard work like this before, lying their on bed holding each other close, their arms and legs tangled together.
Suddenly door bell rang and Ranoo said they are back from airport hurry up Rahila dress your cloth. Rahila said “Ranoo i am totally exhausted please you go on and open the door if any one ask about me tell them I am asleep. Ranoo quickly dress up and went out side to open the door. After that Ranoo came back and slept with Rahila.
After that night Ranoo really don’t need a man to please her sexual needs. She found a perfect individual to act as her husband. And Rahila was feeling very great by using strop on. She was feeling the power inside her that she is really became man for Ranoo. She always desired to fuck Ranoo like a man.

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