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Desi Lesbian Sex story

Sameena’s Punishment

All the characters and places in this story are fictional and they don’t exist in reality.

Story Begins.

As I mentioned in my previous story Sameena was female of 37, 5 feet 4 inch tall with breast size of 36 with very sexy body. 2nd character of this story is Mrs. Subhani age 43, 5 feet 8 inch tall large female with breast size 40.
Sameena had affair with GM of her organization Mr. Zahoor Subhani this information leaked to Mr.Zahoor Subhani’s wife Mrs.Subhani. Mrs. Subhani dislikes Sameena she wants to get even with her by punishing her. One night she called Sameena at her home for meeting.

Sameena arrived at the Subhani’s residence as Mr.Subhani was not at home. Only Mrs. Subhani was at home.
Hello Mrs.Subhani how are you I am fine what about you Sameena I am find too. So why you called me it is important asked Sameena to Mrs.Subhani. Yes it is very important, infect I want to discussed few things with you Sameena. Why not Mrs.Subhani. Sameena I came to know that you have cross the certain limits and you have an affair with my husband asked Mrs. Subhani to Sameena. Sameena replied in hesitation nooo no Mrs. Subhani I don’t have any affair with your husband. You lie to me you bitch shout Mrs.Subhani. But Sameena said she telling the truth. “tum aisy nahi manoo gee. Main abhi Zahoor ko call kerti hoon aur uss ko batati hoon ke woo abhi ke abhi tum to job se nikal de” No don’t Mrs.Subhani please don’t do it ok I admit that I had an affair with your husband but don’t fire me please. So that you admit that you had sexual relationship with my husband. How is it to feel like have sex with my husband ask Mrs. Subhani Sameena replied in hesitation feel great in fact your husband is very kind person. Doing sex with my husband feels you great ha shame of you Sameena and my husband is so kind but I am not kind I will punish you for that. In my way I want to punish you bitch so that In future you never do such act like this.
“Uh uh Sameena …my rules now,” You are at my home and I am the one who can get you the Job, Mrs. Subhani smile. She was going to give this bitch the punishment for sure and she want to play with her like predator with its pray “Now why don’t we get up to my bedroom? Said Mrs.Subhani to Sameena I think there’s something that you can do what you do often in front of my husband in many time in past.” Instead of doing it front of Zahoor you do it front of me.
Mrs. Subhani then led Sameena upstairs to her bedroom. Sameena seemed a little nervous, but not too frazzled.
She was wearing a tight dress revealing backless blouse and tight back.
On arriving on bedroom Mrs.Subhani said “Ok Sameena,” as she sat herself down on the Sofa. “Take your cloth off for me.”
“What?” Sameena asked, a little surprised.
“You heard me bitch,” Mrs.Subhani smirked. “Take your cloth off for me. I don’t think you don’t understand what I am saying. Besides, I want to see your hot and sexy body Sameena which you showed many time in past to my husband. Main bhi tu daikhoon tum main aisee kai baat hain ke Zahoor mujhy chor ker tumhy se apni hawes pori kerta hain. “Main tumhee nunga daikhna chatti hoon” said Mrs.Subhani.
Sameena didn’t seem sure of what to do, so she just stood there for a moment. Mrs.Subhani decided to give her a little help by putting out.
“Perfect,” Mrs.Subhani said.
She couldn’t believe that this is her punishment, but Sameena knew she had to get it. She’d been with a lots of man & woman in her day to build up her currier, so why not with a Mrs.Subhani too?
If she could just get through this and get what she wanted then it would all be worth it.
Then Mrs.Subhani Played a Mujra song of DVD and order Sameena to dance on it “Nachoo Sameena Ajj Mairey Samnee Nachoo” .
Sameena began to move to the music and she started by getting out of her heels. She had done a few mujra(Lap dance) in front of GM, director & CEO and she’d seen more than her share from her time, so she sort of knew what she was doing. She began to run her hands over her body, rubbing her juicy breasts and running down her hands on her ass and spank her ass. Her legs were nicely shown and made sure to extend them as much as possible. These were the tricks she knew worked on guys and she just hoped that would work on Mrs. Subhani too.

Mrs. Subhani actually was enjoying the show. Having some fun & punishment for Sameena had been the last thing on her mind this night, but since the opportunity was being offered to her, why not take it? She watched with great interest as Sameena did her little grind to the music, moving her body slowly. She wasn’t overly smooth, but pretty damn sexy for an amateur.
Sameena’ face burned with a little embarrassment at Mrs.Subhani’s catcalls, but she couldn’t pretend she didn’t also like it. She had never had to go to this extreme before. Sleeping with hire authorities then submitting to her rival but this was that important and it felt good to be doing this for someone like Mrs. Subhani. It was making her hot to know she was turning on someone as hot as Mrs.Subhani. Maybe this wouldn’t be so bad after all because she is a bisexual. Sameena just felt the superiority of the other woman over her; whether it was her currier or the bulging boobs that were on display; Sameena knew she was submitting to someone superior.

“Mmmm those tits fruits of yours Sameena look beautiful,” Mrs.Subhani said as she pulled off her cloths and get naked and made sure Sameena saw her rubbing herself through her dampening red panties.

Sameena did as she was told; moving her body so she could give her breasts a sexy shake for Mrs.Subhani’s appreciative eyes. Mrs. Subhani responded by slipping her hand into Samina’s ass and caressing herself. She looked at Sameena with a strong look that forced her to go on.
And that Mrs. Subhani began to dance with Sameena and they are both fully naked. “Nachoo Sameena mairee bahoon main jhoomoo” Said Mrs.Subhani. Mrs.Subhani hug her and began to run her hand on Sameena’s sex tools. Mrs.Subhani warm hands touching every part of Sameena’s sexy body making it hot for Sameena.
“Very nice,” Mrs.Subhani praised. “Good girl, your ass is very pretty. I always desired to fuck you. At that time when Zahoor introduce to you at party at our house.
Sameena mooned in sexy voice and said “then fuck me”
Sameena knew if she pleased Mrs.Subhani i right now then her currier will be safe.
“Fuck yeah “Main tumharee hontoon se yehe sunna chatee thi” said Mrs.Subhani.

“Mmm you are getting wet for me you naughty little bitch,” Mrs.Subhani said as her pussy got just that much more aroused. “Get your ass over here and sit on my lap(idher aoo aur aur apni gaand maire goad main rakhoo aur baith jao) said Mrs.Subhani to Sameena and suck my tongue and lips . You’ve got work to do.” Sameena Sat on Mrs.Subhani’s lap and they both started to suck each other tongues and lips. Mrs.Subhani began explores Sameena’s sexy body by passing her hand on different parts of Sameena’s body by pushing her nipples kiss her breast and kissing her lips and when Mrs.Subhani kisses Sameena’s lips she put her tongue in Sameena and Sameena started to suck her tongue and put her tongue in Mrs.Subhani’s mouth said “Sameena you Ghusetee Kutti Main tumhee saaza daina chatii hoon taa ke ainda se tum maira haq pe daka na daloo” after saying that Mrs.Subhani lift her and throw her on to the bed face toward bed and began to kiss her neck, back and starting spanking on her ass. You bitch you hoer you are taking advantage of your sexy body. “tum ne bare baroo ke sath soo ke apny muqsed poree kai hain per tum ne bohot bharee ghulti ki ke mairy masoom husband ke sath apna muqsed pora kerne ke liye sooee. You bitch Mrs. Subhani spank Sameena on ass many time and her ass become reddish. You do that again, no Mrs.Subhani I won’t do that again I swear. After that Mrs.Subhani ordered Sameena to get over on bed.
By the time Sameena got over to the bed, Mrs.Subhani had lay herself back and spread her legs and order Sameena lick her pussy “Chatoo iss koo.

Sameena still couldn’t believe she was doing this, but this was too important for her to suddenly develop a case of the nerves. Besides Mrs. Subhani certainly had large and powerful body like lollywood actress “SAIMA”. It wasn’t like she didn’t want to eat her pussy. The situation could be a whole lot worse when you thought about it.
Mrs. Subhani loved to be aggressive in the bedroom and she was going to make sure she got everything she wanted from Sameena.
“I said get to it!” Mrs Subhani repeated as she grabbed Sameena’s hair and pushed her down. “Get your face in there! You want your fucking job back or not “Sameena? Daikhtey hain tum mairee phudi kaisey chattee hoo”

Sameena was loving how nasty Mrs Subhani was acting and she responded by beginning to lick off her Phodi. She tasted Mrs. Subhani’ s phodi and after her tastebuds gave her their seal of approval she really began to work her with her tongue. She began licking Mrs. Subhani’s slit up and down with vigor and enthusiasm, eliciting an immediate reaction from her lover.
“Yeahhhhhhh ohhhhh yeahhhhhh Sameena …” Mrs.Subhani moaned and said Sameena tum phodi bohat aichee tereha chattee hoo tu aisa lagta hain ke tum loray bhi isshe terha suck kerti ho gee. ab daikhtey hain tum mummee kaisey chosste hoo come on mere mummoo ko choosoo said Mrs.Subhani. First do massage on them after that you have to lick & suck them.
Now in front of Sameena there is massive huge size breast which sizes ‘’40’’ and those are very firm and juicy as Sameena thinking that Mr. Subhani was very like to have bombshell wife like her. Sameena always want to lick & suck these types of breast now the day has come to make her wish come true. Mrs.Subhani put her huge jugs on Sameena’s face.
Then Sameena put her both hand on Mrs.Subhani’s breast and beginning to massage them for some time then she stated to lick the nipples. Mrs.Subhani’s nipple was pink color and they are very straight & tight. When Sameena put her tongue on to Mrs.Subhani’s nipples she moaned in joy and said ohhhhhhhhhh ahhhhhhhh Sameena ohhhhhhh you are licking it very well its giving me joy and I feel like that I become teenage girl lick them harder with your tongue ahhhhhh Sameena you are such a car key after all Zahoor choice was always good to chose you for his slut now you are my slut. After few minutes later Mrs. Subhani ordered Sameena to suck her breast in her mouth. So Sameena comply and started to suck huge breast of Mrs. Subhani one by one. At that Mrs. Subhani was screaming in joy and said “Sameena itna mazy ka tu kabhi Mr.Zahoor ne bhi nahi choosa tha jitna tum choostee ho aur zor se chosoo” after hearing these words Sameena stating to suck and lick her breast more aggressively “ahhhhh ohhhh yes oh yes Sameena keep it up don’t stop faster. When Sameena done with breast Mrs.Subhani lower forward and put her lips on Sameena’s lips as she covered Sameena’s whole lips with her and she put her tongue inside Sameena’s mouth where Sameena is also doing same to Mrs. Subhani. Sameena is thinking if this is her punishment then she break the rules everyday to get this kind of punishment actually she is enjoying her punishment but she was not showing to Mrs. Subhani that she is enjoying it she was just pretended that she is feeling shame and never do that act again after few moment their lips & tongues separated and Mrs. Subhani said Sameena that you are the best kisser she ever has that way my husband like you most.

Now again Eat phodi! Said Mrs. Subhani you love this don’t you? I’ll bet you were.
“Yessssss…yes I did,” Sameena groaned as Mrs. Subhani tugged her hair again and pulled her from her pussy only to push her back when she heard the answer she was looking for. Sameena had to admit to a lot of lustful feelings for Mrs. Subhani and she had definitely felt a lot more than usual when she saw Mrs.Subhani.
Sameena was so lost in her desire for Mrs. Subhani that the story was secondary to her now. She loved how Mrs. Subhani ’s heat felt against her tongue and face. Mrs. Subhani’s bush tickled her nose and it all just made her wetter. Mrs. Subhani knew just how to fuck Sameena face and just what to say to her.
’”Chattoo iss ko apni payri zuban se Sameena!” Said Mrs. Subhani . “Ohhhh tum bohot sexy rundi ho’’ you r so fucking hot, bitch! “Tumhey bari increments meli hain aur main janti ho ke woo sarey ke sari tum ne kaisy hasil keye hain” Koi aisy high authority ka individual tum ne nahi chora jis ka tum ne Lund na liya ho”. Ohhhhhhhh common on common aur josh se chatoo iss ko main bus discharge hone he lagi hoon after ten minutes Mrs.Subhani cunt flooded with cum and she discharged and her cum is in Sameena’s face and few part spread on Sameena,s lips. Tumhey mairee cum aichee lugee batoo mujhee asked Mrs. Subhani. Sameena replied with enjoyment and said very much. Now eat my cum.
After Mrs. Subhani fully satisfied then she said now it is the time to give you real punishment. Sameena surprised and thinking what she did moment ago was not her real punishment. Mrs. Subhani turned toword her woodruff and taken a long and narrow box from the bottom of the bag. The box was about one feet long by one wide, in that box there was a one foot long Four inch tick cock(Lund) made of rubber and it had straps on its back.

"I had this specially bought it for your punishment Mrs. Subhani said as she untied the straps and put
it on her waist and belt buckle now Mrs. Subhani with the huge cock want to fuck Sameena and Sameena is surprised and shocked that she had never took cock bigger like this before.

Now suck it suck it Sameena like you sucked other cocks said Mrs. Subhani to Sameena. Mrs.Subhani grab Sameena from her hairs and put his rubber cock in her mouth. Choosoo iss ko ye wahid cheese hain jo tum ko tumhare job wapus dalaa sukti hain” Said Mrs.Subhani “Zor se aur Zor se Rundeeyo ke Rani aur zor se Rundi number one. After sucking the rubber cock for 5 or 7 minutes it becomes fully wet then Mrs. Subhani said "Isn't it wonderful?" Sameena did you like my cock to fuck your cunt.
Sameena answered “Mrs. Subhani Main itna lumba nahi le sukti”. Mrs.Subhani scream in anger and said Sali tujhee job chayee ke nahi auger tumhye job chaiyee tu ye laina ho ga.
After that Mrs.Subhani ordered Sameena to lift here legs so that the penetration will become easy.
"No! Please, please Mrs.Subhani please, no! "Main ne itna lumba kabhi nahi liya”
”Ajj Laina pery ga”said Mrs.Subhani "Oh yes!" said.
In all this Sameena was just pretended that she will not take it actually she was dying to take a big cock she always wanted to take big dick as she can and it is her obsession.
Mrs.Subhani stood above and spread her muscular legs wide, allowing Sameena an unrivaled view of her smooth and wet cunt. She took the massive cock and put it on the lips of Sameena’s cunt and Sameena is going to take most of the big cock she every take.
Mrs.Subhani pushed the rubber cock into Sameena’s cunt, and push with full pressure Sameena scream in pain “aaahhhhhhhhhh aieeeeeeeeeee please aram se Mrs.Subhani. “mujhy bohot derd ho raha hain please go easy on me “ahista ahista se keroo ye bohot painfull hain”
At first stroke Mrs.Subhani put four inch inside and second stroke she put eight inch inside Aaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh haaaaaaaaaaaa sara chala gia kia tum ne sara ander bhaig deya’’ how dare you called me tum you bitch Mrs. Subhani talked in anger and after fourth stroke she put whole 12 inch inside to Sameena’s cunt. At that point Sameena screaming in pain her tears dropped from her eyes she never felt any pain like this before aaahhhhhhhh uhhhhhhhhhhhh ouchhhh aaahhhhhhhhh maire phodi aram se maroo keihee mairee phodi phutt na jaee mujhee bohot der lug raha ha. At first Mrs.Subhani is stroking slowly slowly but after few minutes passed she increase the temp of her stroke. Sameena is screaming in pain inside she is enjoying the pain that she in not revealing her joy to Mrs.Subhani. Ahhhhhhhh Mrs. Subhani ohhhhhh ouichhhhhhhhhhh ahhhhhhhh main mer gai please mujhy maaf ker dain main ainda se Mr. Subhani ker turf nazar utha ker bhi nahi daikhoon gee please forgive me. This sight is quite enjoyable for Mrs. Subhani that she is torturing Sameena and she is crying in pain and begging for mercy. After a couple of moments of tittie-fucking, Sameena enjoying the pain/pleasure that she was feeling in her cunt as the tied cock was pulled in and out frequently

“Maira lund apni choot main pora loo rundi gushti said Mrs.Subhni in anger”! aicha lug raha hain said Mrs.Subhni? Isee poree tahra loo aur full enjoy karo harmzadi said Mrs.Subhani”
Mrs.Subhani spread her hand on Sameena’s breast they are very tight and firm with ‘’36A’’size she take both of those jugs of Sameena in her hand and beginning to squeeze them. With stroking harder and harder Mrs.Subhani Licking the brown nipples of Sameena which actually giving joy to Mrs.Subhani. She began to lick and suck Sameena’s nipple more aggressively. Mrs. Subhani didn’t accepted that sex Sameena would give her quite enjoyment and that why her husband also fuck Sameena offently
Inside Sameena she is feeling pleasure actually she is feeling pleasure that she never had in her life she never though that Mrs. Subhani will give her exceptional sex. Now Sameena is fully enjoying the deep penetration of Mrs.Subhani. She is moving her body according to tempo of strokes.
She is saying in her heart Aur zor se pora ander bhaig do pora ander janee do zor se pora pressure lago zor se ahhhhhhhhhh ohhhhhhhhhhh aaahhhhhhh’’ Sameena said to Mrs.Subhani that she is a slut and she deserved to punish like that so punish her. Sameena mooned in enjoyment and challenging Mrs.Subhani to punish her more and more. “Zayada aur zayada zor se ooooooooohhhhhhhhhhh ohhhyeeeeeeee aaahhhhhh” please punish her. Now Mrs.Subhani is surprised to see that instead of screaming and crying in pain Sameena is asking for more this is not the goal of Mrs.Subhani to give pleasure to Sameena.
After few moment of fucking Mrs. Subhani said now to work on plan B. Sameena wondered what plan B. Mrs.Subhani ordered Sameena to bend down face front to the bed as she wanted to fuck Sameena in doggie style. Mrs.Subhani thought that would give Sameena more pain and she bagged for mercy.
When Sameena bend front of Mrs.Subhani her ass is giving very sexy look as Mrs.Subhani though that her husband was not guilty but Sameena is outstanding she can salve any men she want to by using her sexual figures. Mrs.Subhani ordered her to lift here ass and take her head down Sameena do so.
In front of Mrs.Subhani, Sameena is in crouch position Ass towords to Mrs.Subhani.

To becontinued....................

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Great efforts. Keep it up.

Number of abortions rise in Gujarat a couple of months after Navratri

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nice story plz continue buddy............................

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2nd part conti.....

Mrs.Subhani grab her from her hips and put the rubber cock on her cunt and said are you ready, Sameena nod her head and said yes do it. The rubber cock of Mrs.Subhani is already is wet with Sameena’s cum and her cunt is also wet so it was not painful for Sameena. Mrs.Subhani pushes her 12inches cock in side Sameena’s cunt in one powerful push instead of crying in pain it is very pleasure full for Sameena as she howl in pleasure oohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh Mrs. Subhani. She want that this moments last for ever. It was all hot and it was all exciting. She was already dripping onto Mrs.Subhani’s rubber cock and Sameena began to really enjoying doggie style. She mooned in pleasure and told Mrs. Subhani that it is very pain full to her please let her go I am begging you. Mrs.Subhani said now I got you, you sexy bitch now tell me whose the boss around here you are Mrs. Subhani please don’t punish me more.

Sameena passion went on top when angry Mrs.Subhani grab her from hairs and began spanking her ass while she fucked her in doggie style. At that point Sameena moving in pleasure & joy to opposite to Mrs.Subhani with every stroke she moves opposite to Subhani which give extra power to the cock to hit more harder and deeper. After few moment passed of tight fucking Sameena howl oooohhhhhhhhhhhhhhh aahhhhhhhhhh Mrs.Subhani you are the best and discharged and flood of cum coming out of her Vagin. Then Mrs.Subhani notice that Sameena collapsed on bed monition less she pulled her dick from Sameena’s cunt inch by inch. Mrs. Subhani ordered Sameena to clean her cock as it become covered with her cum. You bitch clean it with your tongue. So Sameena suck the cock in her mouth and started to clean it after few minutes of sucking cock become clean as it was new. Then Mrs.Subhani though bitch like Sameena this is not enough she want to give her more punishment so she said” Abh main tumharee gand marna chati ho”

Sameena realized that it would be more painful because hole of Ass is smaller than the hole of cunt. As she remembered a client from Peshwar who is Phatan he fucked her ass with his 9 inch long hard solid cock. That night was very pain full for Sameena but now in front of her it is not 9 inch cock but is 12 inch long rubber cock around the waist of an angry Punjabi juttni who want to destroy her ass.
"Please, Mrs.Subhani, aisa na keroo!" main itne pain berdasht nahi ker sakti please don’t do it. Shut up gushti ” Mrs.Subhani think now she got the upper hand. “tohree dair pehlay tu tum mazay ley rahi thi abi tum tukleef ko bhi chukhoo.
After saying that Mrs.Subhani put her cock on Sameena’s ass hole and start to push into Sameena 's ass(Gand) and brought her superior strength to bear. Sameena tried to resist the violation but nothing could have stopped Mrs.Subhani's fast, harsh force. Sameena was crying in pain as eventually the muscles of her entrance were forced to yield and Mrs.Subhani 's cock was inside her!
Please thora sa oil laga lo iss terha asani se ander jai ga aur mujhee derd bhi kum ho ga. At least if you don’t want to use oil use your spit on it . Mrs.Subhani spit on Sameena’s Ass and her cock and put the head of cock on Sameena’s hole and push it with great strength at one stroke it went half inside of Sameena’s ass where Sameena was crying in pain ahhhhhhhh ohhhhhhhhhh ahhhhhhhhhhhhh ouchhhhh please Mrs. Subhani iss se zayad under na baighi ga but Mrs.Subhani don’t listen any dam word Sameena said. And 2nd stroke she pushed it with more force and buried whole 12 inch cock inside of Sameena ass now Sameena howl again but this time it was not in pleasure this time it was in pain. She scream in pain ahhhhhhhhhh ooohhhhhhhhhhh aaahhhhhhhhhhhh ohiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii Main mer gai please iss baher nikal loo main iss se zayad berdasht nahi ker sakti please but screams & crying of Sameena make Mrs.Subhani feel so good and she think now Sameena is getting the punishment what she deserve for. Mrs.Subhani push it more harder and harder.
as Sameena crying and begging Please Mrs. Subhani stop it I can not take it anymore it is enough punishment for her. Sameena requesting Mrs. Subhani to stop fucking her from ass immediately but she didn’t listen to Sameena instead of stopping she started to stroke her more aggressively. Mrs.Subhani Fast, even strokes that gradually forced more and more of her cock into Sameena 's Ass. The hardness of Mrs.Subhani's cock forces increase the pain, although it remained very painfull, and Sameena. “Aram se stroke lago ahista se mujhy bohot derd ho raha ha main itna derd bear nahi ker sakti please aram se karoo main app ko request kerti hoon. But Mrs. Subhani is doing what she wants to do.
Mrs.Subhani increased the tempo of her stroke on Sameena, making Sameena scream in pain with the shock every time the large cockhead hit the roof of her ass, driving her insides deeper into her own body. The Punjabi Juttni Mrs.Subhani started to fuck Sameena more aggressively every time here huge cock hit stroke Sameena scream in pain Ahhhhhhh mer gai Main mer gai Mujhy chor doo jany doo please Mrs.Subhani main tumsee request kerti hoo please mairee gand phutt gai gee mut karoo please said Sameena. Sameena realized that more pain she is showing to Mrs.Subhani more she is doing it and she is not going to stop until Sameena’s ass were not injured. Sameena had a plan as she challenges Mrs. Subhani that she is enjoying the fucking and wanted more and more. So Sameena pretended to enjoying the pain as pleasure, and move her body with every stroke and challenging Mrs.Subhani to fuck her harder and harder.

“Uhhhhhh Please Mrs.Subhani Please gand maroo mairee porey zor se mujhy bohot aicha lug raha hain chod doo mujhy loot lu jot tum lott sukti ho main ajj ke ratt tumharee hoo sirf tumahree hoon mujhee apni bitch bana loo main sari umer app ke sath rahna chatti hoon please don’t leave me I love you. Please harder deeper more harder more deeper apni pori power dekhao pori power lagao fuck me badly please fuck me” Sameena mooning in pain and pleasure which she is getting from Mrs. Subhani deep penetration. After hearing these words from Sameena Mrs. Subhani surprised & amazed what she is a witness right now? She could believe that an average female only take 8 or 9 inch cock but Sameena is taking the full 12 inches and enjoying it. She thinking that Sameena is not an average woman because an average woman can not take this kind of pain Sameena is special. “Gushti Randi…Kutti” Mrs.Subhani swore as she spanked Sameena between every word. “You get what you came for, huh slut? You get the dirt you wanted? Now you’re getting what sluts like you deserve. You’re getting your whore ass spanked! Kia tumhee muza aa raha ha batoo mujhy”
“hann…I’m loving it!” Sameena exclaimed. “I’M FUCKING LOVING IT!!!”
Mrs. Subhani said no matter what happened she will punish Sameena tonight and that’s the last thing she do. So she continued to fuck Sameena more aggressively hardly, Mrs.Subhani itnee zor se Sameena ke gand mar rahi thi ke Sameena ki cheikhoo ke sath sath sath bed ki cheikhee bhi nikel rahi thi.
Mrs. Subhani hadn’t expected to be challenged sexually like this by Sameena, but Sameena had come looking for control and the two of them had ended up in plenty of sticky messes trying to settle their struggle for dominance.
“Fuck me Mrs. Subhani fuck me” Sameena begged. “Fuck me hard! I deserve it! I so fucking deserve this! Punish my ass with your cock! Give me the fucking that no one ever give me in my life. I need! Fill me up!”
At that time Mrs.Subhani fucking Sameena hardly with full power as her body become fully wet in sweat “That’s it,” Sameena scream. That’s what I want it.
’’main tumhree kuttia hoon I am your bitch please fuck me hard.
Saying that earned Sameena an extra hard stroke from Mrs.Subhani.
Suddenly the bed on which Mrs. Subhani fucking Sameena brakes which also break Mrs.Subhani courage and she was it was drowned out by the sounds of Sameena ' orgasmic cries.
After 25 minutes of Sameena Ass fucking Mrs.Subhani is fully tired not being able to continue the fucking. By the force which she fucked Sameena take her all energies out now she is totally exhausted collapsing on bed taking deep breaths and saying Sameena you are more then a women you ghustii, bitch Sali rundi. Tujhy chodna aik bandy ya aurt ka kaam nahi hain tumhry leye to doo doo ha hona zaroree hain.
This night Sameena remember for long time as she could feel her pussy and ass creaming the strap on as inside her is in great pain but she also enjoyed fuck of her cunt and it was the most pleasant thing happened in her life she’d ever experienced rolled through her head and her body shook in joy. Mrs. Subhani ordered Sameena putt her self together and get out of her house now immediately. Sameena dressed up and leave the house. Now Mrs.Subhani is thinking how she explained to Mr.Subhani how his favorite bed was broken.

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Number of abortions rise in Gujarat a couple of months after Navratri

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