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Old 26th March 2010
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Neha Dhupia Fucked!!!

Guyzz i am a little debut at stories and here i m posting ma new story....abt bitch neha dhupia....plz rep

I am the Driver of the Bollywood Celebrity Neha Dhupia. I was lusting over her from the very first day I had seen her in the movies. Luckily I got her job and was watching her very closely. Whenever I got chance, I peeped at her and enjoyed the view of her special body parts which her fans can only dream of. I specially liked her really BIG and HEAVY breasts which jiggle with her movement. I also liked her VOLUPTIOUS hip. I don’t think my cock ever got limp from the day I joined her job. When she was with me, watching her gave me hard on and I remained hard with her thoughts when she was not near. While driving her to any place, I adjusted the rear view mirror at her boobs and watched those ROYAL WATER MELONS. Whenever we entered a bumpy road, my eyes remained fixed at her boobs and I watched her breasts jiggle and move up and dow with every bump of the car.
I used to go just crazy to squeeze those big mountains, to suck them, lick them, eat them. I wanted to kiss and squeeze those big butt-cheeks of hers. My only dream was to get her boobs and ass fuck her. One day, she went to a Shooting, dressed in a pink Ghagra-Choli. The dress was tight and showed all the curves clearly. Her boobs were trying to come out, tearing the choli. She was looking more beautiful and sexy than ever. When she danced, her butt and breast jiggled wildly. All the while I was watching her movement and my hard on was very much painful for me. Today I was just mad in lust. While driving her home, I was looking at her from my rear view mirror. She looked so HOT that I just couldn’t take my eyes off her. She also noticed that, but tried to ignore me. But suddenly she asked me, "What the hell you are looking at?" I didn’t try to control my tongue and answered, "I am looking at you." Even I was surprised at my reply as I knew this could be my last day at her service. I looked at her and saw her looking at me totally stunned. She was speechless for a while and finally she told me angrily, "Watch your mouth or you are gonna be in trouble for your comment." But at that moment, I was not in a position to bother about my job. Her threat did not disturb me at all and I still kept looking at her. But somehow this started to excite her because I saw her looking at me and smiling naughtily.
I was getting aroused more and more. I saw the little grin on her face and thought of trying my luck. I took a deep breath and gathered the courage to put my job and life on the line. I remarked, "You know something, Ma’am? You are the most beautiful lady on earth." I stopped for sometimes and finally expressed my feelings, "And the most beautiful thing about you, are your lovely breasts. I have tried to control my feelings from the very first day I joined your job, but now I can not do so anymore." By then she was intensely aroused and without saying a word she undid her middle buttons on her Choli and to let me catch a glimpse of her lacy white bra. I again looked at the rear view mirror and now I was stunned and speechless. I had the biggest hard on of my life. I was motionless for about one minute and if that was not a free road, I would have had an accident. She had a naughty smile on her beautiful juicy lips. I immediately held the break and asked her to sit beside me in the front. She obliged. She came from the rear and sat next to me. Immediately I put my hand on her blouse and into her bra, tweaking and pinching her nipples while I drove with one hand. It was like I was in some kind of half consciousness and half dream. Because it was hard to believe that I was finally feeling and playing with the biggest boobs of Bollywood. I accelerated the car almost running over people as I drove to my house. We arrived at my house. After parking the car, I almost ran out and came to her door. I pulled her out a bit roughly and quickly took her inside so that no one can see her. I was very turned on and excited and was shaking with anticipation.
Inside I put her on the bed and held her big boobs from over her dress, all the while remarking how gorgeous they were, slapping and playing with them. I then took off my pant and underwear, threw them away. Holding her hair in my hand, I jerked her face towards my pulsating cock saying, "You have teased it so bad. Now its pay back time." I stuck my hot hard dick in her mouth, moving it in and out gently at first but then real fast. She began sucking my penis hard, I was jerking it in and out of her mouth, this time she almost choked on it. She was enjoying every minute of it, sucking my lollypop all the way. Suddenly she got up from the bed, pushing me away. Next she commanded, "If you want me to remove my dress, Beg me. Beg like a servant. Lick my feet like a doggy." Blinded by lust, I immediately fell on all four and started licking her pretty feet and sucking her beautifully painted toes. Off went her Cholie and my mind was blown. Neha Dhupia had a creamy body complexion and her gigantic breasts were threatening to jump out of the tight prison of the white satin bra, which appeared to be one size too short.
With those BIG boobs, she looked busty. One third of her tits and a massive cleavage were exposed. I put my hands on them from over the bra and began pumping hard. My each hand was not covering one full breast. I was surprised to find out how soft those BIG COCONUT sized BREASTS were. I started kissing and nuzzling her throat and kneading the juicy and creamy tits with my both hands. The nipples became harder. It was too good to stop. She was moaning loudly. I moved down to her white belly. I moved my tongue in her big deep Navel. I licked her whole belly with special attention to her beautiful Navel, while pulling the knot of the Ghagra. But she stopped my hand. Seeing my condition, she laughed loudly. My cock was throbbing wildly. She held it with her creamy soft hands and ordered me, "Take off all your clothes." I immediately obliged and was totally naked now. The next step was off course removal of her salwar, for which I was forced to adopt a prostrating posture on the bed keeping my buttocks high. My asshole was totally exposed and at her mercy. Calling me a bad boy, Neha Dhupia inserted her middle finger right up my ass hole. With her other hand she started toying with my cock. After few thrusts with her finger she withdrew and to my utter horror struck my bottoms with all her force. "Beg for a peek of my cunt, you bastard", she said in a totally charged tone.
I started begging like a road side begger, "Please.. Ma’am.. please show your cunt.. please show your beautiful pussy… and after that you can even kick my butt if you want to.." She gave a last quick squeeze to my cock and started opening the knot of her salwar. I turned around and had a look at Neha Dhupia . She was standing now only clad in a white bra and matching panty. Unable to fight with my desire any more, I leapt on her and tore off her bra. Her big, ripe, milky, water melon like breasts jumped out of the bra. She had large pinkish-brown nipples. As I started sucking her boobs like a maniac, Neha Dhupia heaved a sigh of lust, "Oh BHG, Pump them. Suck them!" I started slapping each, one by one, making them jiggle wildly. Then with my mouth, I began to ravage them. Her moans and occasional screams of pain were driving me even wilder. She was moaning with pleasure, her whole body was trembling in excitement. I caught hold of her waist and hips and hugged her very tightly, her boobs pressing against my chest. Then she looked into my eyes, her eyes filled with lust. I kissed her on her lips. It was a full kiss, our lips biting each other. She was kiss me roughly. Then we got separated. I looked at her tits. They were moving up and down while she was breathing heavily in lust. I started pressing her boobs again. I crushed them on my face. I kept interchanging my attention between her two breasts, kissing, sucking licking and chewing them. She moaned with delight, grabbed my hair and pulled down my head in the direction of her pussy, which was by now hot like a fireball out of hell. "Dear, suck me", was her next order. Her moist panty soon disappeared from the scene, exposing her throbbing cunt. This was my first look at her hole, which had been wet and available for me to explore. Her golden-black pubic bush was dense and love juices were already dripping.
Opening of her cunt was hidden behind the thick jungle of hair. I pushed my tongue through the pubic fields. The first touch of my tongue with the outer lips of her cunt sent an electrical shock through both our bodies. The saltish taste of her love juices was loveable. I started licking her creamy vaginal lips forcing my tongue on to her inner flesh. She was becoming wetter by the minute, flooding my mouth. Neha Dhupia 's moaning and sighing moved onto a higher pitch. I told her to turn around and suck my cock in a 69 position. Neha Dhupia agreed readily and swallowed the whole length of my pulsating cock in her warm and wet mouth once again. It was sensational. I felt my cum boiling in my testicles. She gurgled and pressed her face against my hard cock. I started lapping her pussy with greater favor and she in turn started giving me the blow-job of my life. Both of us were panting like animals. Chewing her dark pinkish pussy was a great turn-on and with a great shudder I released my hot load on her pretty face. She also came at that very moment. My cum was splattered all over Neha Dhupia 's face and she swallowed the whole lot and also licked my cock clean. Relieved for the time being at least, I pulled Neha Dhupia 's beautiful naked body towards me and buried my head between her magnificent boobs. She whispered in my ear, "BHG Dear, I want you to fuck me the whole night long. You have awakened the sleeping volcano. Now you will have to make it COOL!" On hearing this invitation, my cock once again started to gain momentum. I started with gentle kisses on her juicy soft lips. Her hands were sliding all over my body and she started scratching my back with her long nails. Her erect nipples were thrust into my chest. I took her tongue in my mouth and started sucking it. She returned the gesture. Slowly my hands moved down as well and I cupped my hands on her quivery and naked ass cheeks.
I parted her big soft buttocks and felt for her ass-hole. It was shut tight but my finger managed to enter the hot spot. It needed some lubrication. I turned her around, spread her buttocks, exposing her ass hole. I began licking her butthole like a hungry dog. She was shivering in excitement. Then I started licking the area surrounding her asshole also. I inserted one finger inside her asshole. Proper lubrication of my saliva ensured smooth entry. Neha Dhupia was moaning with pleasure. When one finger started to move easily, I lubricated another one and made it two at one go. A little sigh from Neha Dhupia was the only resistance to an otherwise perfect entry of my dual-finger tool. Now the moment of truth arrived. My bulging cock was raring to have a go at Neha Dhupia 's butter like ass. I placed my dick on the tip of her ass hole. Then with a sudden thrust I pushed it in. Her big hips felt so great against my abdomen. A huge cry came out from Neha Dhupia 's pretty throat, "Oh! You have torn my ass. Go away!" Without bothering for her protest, I continued my piston like motion. As I was fucking her from rear, her boobs were moving back and forth. The sight of her boobs jiggling like crazy turned me on even more, I kept slapping her ass hard and grabbing and pinching her tits every chance I got.
Neha Dhupia was really turned on and unleashed a volley of abuses at me, "You bastard, you mother fucker, come. Fuck me hard!" Her screaming abuses made me quicken my pace. There was tremendous heat in her rear hole and the inner walls crushing against my cock made me come again. I pulled out my cock at the last moment and this time splashed my hot love juice all over her soft buttocks. Neha Dhupia 's body was still rocking from the force of my thrusts and after getting discharged I fell on top of her. Bathed in a mixture of sweat and cum, we found comfort in each other's arms. Holding Neha Dhupia 's nude body close to mine was a great tonic. We lay there for a while before Neha Dhupia whispered, "Darling, my pussy is still hungry and waiting for your dick to fuck her." Then she took the cock in her cozy little mouth. A couple of hearty sucks by her were all my cock needed to bring it back to life. It soon started exploring depths of her throat. She told me to lie down on my back. I did so. The only vertical thing was my throbbing cock. Neha Dhupia moved on top of me and slid the eager tool in her thirsty vagina. As soon as the entire length of my cock disappeared in her pussy, Neha Dhupia closed her eyes with pleasure."Ooooh! it is so gooood darling", she hissed. She was riding on my throbbing dick and I also started pumping from below. I leant her over me and started eating away at her beautiful big hanging breasts, biting really hard and sucking even harder. Her up and down movement continued for a while before we changed the posture.
Now it was the more regulation style with me on top of her. Pulling her legs up, I entered her and started fucking her hard and mercilessly, holding her legs on to my shoulders. She was moaning and screaming really loud from the mixture of intense pain and pleasure. Speed was the name of the game as I banged my cock time and again against her pussy. Neha Dhupia was enjoying it like anything. I bit one of her nipples and she withered with pain but didn't say anything as the pleasure of getting a grand pussy fuck was too much and she was eager to savor every moment of it. Then both of us stood up and I forced her to take my cock in a standing posture. She was so wet that my tool slid inside her hot cunt in a jiffy. I rammed her till she came like a fucking whore all around my penis. It was too much for me as well. I pulled out my cock, pushed Neha Dhupia against floor and came all over her boobs.

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Here postin new story abt whore purbhi joshi who cums in comedy circus mahasangram!!!...

Im a maintanence boy on a famous tennis club.Purbhi Joshi.the

young actress is a member of that tennis club.She will be there at

the weekends.on a saturday night,she was about to leave after

practice.She asked me to bring a cup of coffee.At that time all

left except the me.I am a teenager.I had a crush on Purbhi Joshi like

everyone.oneday Purbhi Joshi beaten me with her slipper bcoz that i hit

on her accidentally.So i decided to take revenge on her.I brought a

cup of coffee and gave it to her.I closed the court's door without

her knowledge.While she was drinking I removed my dresses one by

one.Purbhi Joshi saw this and got shocked.She suddenly got up and tried

to leave that place.I caught her hand.she got terrified.She told

me"fucker!wat r u doing?leave my hand".I replied with a

smile"simple!to fuck u".She tried to run.But I caught her on her

hairs and pulled her down.I gave her a hard slap and continuously

slapping her.Poor Purbhi Joshi was fainted.she was semi-conscious.I

pulled her to the back of the toilet.That was a hidden place with

bushes.so no one could see anything.

I removed all of my dress except thr underwear.Purbhi Joshi was

pleading to leave her and asked sorry for that incident.But I

threatened her wheth a knife on my hand.She became quiet and simply

laid down.She was wearing a sleeveless Tshirt and a skirt.Slowly I

started laying on her.I kissed on her lips.Purbhi Joshi pleaded me

"no!ill give u money.Leave me"but he ignored that and kissed

violently on her lips.Then I started to crush her boobs from

outside.Purbhi Joshi tried to get up but I gave a hard slap that made

her to faint.I felt her magical boobs from outside.I then started

to press them.It gave me a lot of happiness.I asked Purbhi Joshi to kiss

me.Due to fear and knowing that she is helpless she started to kiss

me.I then started to press her silky thighs.I pressed that hard and

bite her fat thighs.Purbhi Joshi cried when I bite that,but I kept the

knife on her throat,so she kept quiet.

Then I removed her Tshirt.I got shocked because Purbhi Joshi was

not wearing a Bra.I got more tempted by directly seeing her

boobs.It was like two mountains.I surprised to see that even at

this small age she got bigger boobs.I placed my hand on her belly

and started to feel the softness of it.I was drawing on her

belly.Purbhi Joshi though protesting,her hormones inside her body

started to react.she started to cooperate with me by kissing me and

pushing my face on her boobs.I inserted my finger into her navel

and started to tingle.Purbhi Joshi gave a deep breath and her fucking

body went up and down.She understood that hereafter she cant

protest.her body betrayed her.I knew that She was in my control.I

removed her panties too.

I sucked her beautiful boobs.Purbhi Joshi started

moaning"mmmmm.ahhhhoooooo".I started biting it."Purbhi Joshi!supera

irukudi onnoda boobs.apdiye mango madiriye irukudi

pundamavale.epidri ipadi perusakkuna.daily yaravadu onna

kaayadipaanga pola?"Purbhi Joshi smiled and touched my cock.There was an

electric shock on my body.I removed my boxers.my cock was its in 90

degrees.she was also full nude.I sucked her boobs to my extent and

started to lick her pussy.I pushed my toungue into her hairless

pussy.Purbhi Joshi shouted"ahhhh!1ooooooo!mmmmammmmmmmmmmmaaaaaaaaaa" I

explored her pussy with my tongue meanwhile i inserted my finger on

her navel and tingling it.Purbhi Joshi couldnot do anything.She pushed

my head on her pussy.i was doing both these things.May be it was

too much for her.She shouted"pleaseda ennoda thoppullendu kaiya

eduda.ennala mudiyala.I smiled and told her "punda!moodri "She kept

on moaning "thoppulla maatum vidadha!onna kenji kekaren!"I stopped

and asked to kneel down in front of me.

She knew what was next and very eager to do that.I

ordered"ennoda poola sappudi Purbhi Joshi!nalla sappanum okva?"I hold

her hairs and Purbhi Joshi began to suck my dick.Ahhh.I was in

heaven.The young beautiful Purbhi Joshi was sucking my cock.I held her

hairs tightly and began to mouth fuck her.She was sucking like a

professional.on one hand she was playing with my balls and on the

other hand she pressed my ass.A volcano was building inside

me.Purbhi Joshi started sucking vigorously.I shouted"Purbhi Joshi!epidri ipdi

sappara.sema super.innumm sappudi

mundaAHHHHHinnummmmmmmmmmmsapuddddddddddddddddddde eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

eee sannnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnndhyaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa" .She licked

my cock like an icecream.She was spitting her saliva on my cock and

sucked it.Then she bit my dick that made me to moan loudly .Then

only I understood she is a professional cock sucker.In industry she

is famous for her boobs and blowjobs.How many

producers,directors,heroes she would've sucked.That Purbhi Joshi is

sucking mine.Definitely its a gold day.She gave me a good

blowjob.And i stopped.
I told her to lay down and to my surprise,herself opened her legs

wide.She told me"come on!fuck me with ur black cock.please i want

it inside my pussy."Me,with a cunning smile told her"U fucking

bitch.Til now i did these for U.But now Ill take my own

revenge.Hearing that She became terrified.I made her doggy

style.She understood what was coming and pleaded me to leave

her."Vaaya moodri thevidiyamunda!Inniku onnoda Kundiya

kilikaren.inime nee enkita eduvum panna mudiyadu!(Stop that fucking

prostite.Ill ripe ur ass apart now).I hold her strongly and with

some efforts i pushed my big cock into her asshole.She screamed

"ooooooooo opleassssssssssssssssssseeeeeeee.you are tearing me

apart.I beg u.Forgive me plssssssssssssssssss!"But im not in a mood

to forgive her moreover i penetrated into her ass.After some six or

seven strokes i pushed fully into her ass.I enjoyed it very

much.She was nearly dying.Purbhi Joshi started crying."AHHHHHHHHH

mudiyala daaaaaaaaaaaaaa.Vitrudaaaaaaaaa thevidiya payyaaaaa.ennoda

kundi kiliyududaaaaaa ammma

aaaaaaaammmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmhhhhhhhh hhmmmmmmmhhhhhhhh

mmmmmmhhhhhhhhhhm!I fucked her with full force and revenge.With one

hand i held her hairs for support and with the other hand i

inserted two of my fingers into her hairless cunt.

She began to moan and breathing deeply.I was fucking her

ass with my cock and her pussy with my fingers.Purbhi Joshi was

crying,moaning at the same time due to pain and pleasure.I brutlly

fucked her ass.Suddenly I felt a strange feeling on my cock.Its

something hot.Soon i knew that the fucking slut Purbhi Joshi has

shitted.She cant control.so she peed.But i didnt stop.I continued

fucking her she was shitting.My cock was coated with Purbhi Joshi's

shit.some shit was falling out of her ass while i was fucking.She

moaned heavily and started shouting"mmmmmmmmm!comeon!push

deepermmmm.I inserted two more fingers into her pussy and pushed in

and out very hard.She let out a big moan and leaked out huge amount

of cum on my hand.i licked that and polished her cum onm Purbhi Joshi's

own face.I took my cock out of her butt.It was coated with her

blood and shit.Purbhi Joshi's face is full of her cum.I had some of her

shit on my hand.I brushed that on her own face.She was crying.Her

face is full of coated with sum and shit.Then ordered to suck my

cock which was covered with her shit.She denied.I pressed her nose

so she opened her mouth for breathing.I pushed my cock into

Purbhi Joshi's mouth.She

screamed"oooooooofffffffffffmmmmmmmmmummmmmmmmumuu mummmmmmm"I

fucked her mouth and took it out.Purbhi Joshi vomitted and laid there


I told her"Its not over Purbhi Joshi.I am not fully

done.Immediately i parted her legs apart and pushed my dick into

her pussy.She let out a scream.I started fucking the booby actress

Purbhi Joshi like an animal.""Ahhhjh Purbhi Joshi unnoda punda sema tighta

irukudi Epidri ivalo supera irukka?onga appane onna daily oppan

polairuke?m,mm vaaadi thevidiya munda..kundiyanalla

aatudeee.meanwhile i was pressing her boobs and fingerfucking her

navel.Purbhi Joshi could do nothing except moaning.I shouted

loudly"Sandhyyaaaaaaaaa!Kanji varududeeeeeeeee oatha thevidiya

mavaleeeee.She pleaded"no its my fertile time.u will make me

pregnant.Plsssssssssss daaaaaaaa kanjiya mattum ulla vitrada.leave

me enna vitudu vitudu".I told her "vidanum avlodhana idho

vidaren.Kanji varududddddeeeeeeeeee Purbhi Joshi!fucking bitch prostitue

Sandhhhhhhhhhhhhhhyyyyaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa a Vangikkko take my cum!"I cummed loads of seeds into her

unprotected pundai.I can see a bulge in her belly.Purbhi Joshi was

crying but couldnt do anything..Definitely Purbhi Joshi will become

pregnant.Ithana naala Purbhi Joshiva paathu kaiadichutu dhan

irunden.inniku othuten.Finally I gave Purbhi Joshi a deep french kiss

and left.

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plz rep guys

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super. continue.

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superb dude
Sunny leone Sexy pic

Hot Pic

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ok..guys now i m posting a story on
DIYA MIRZA!!!!....so go on and add rep...

This is the true story about my colleague named Diya. She is not too beautiful but average girl. Her height is 5’ 3’’ and fair in complexion. Aik din wo office aaee to boht well dressed thi main chonkay us ka colleague tha or kafi frank b tha is liyay usay kaha k aaj kya kisi k sath date pr jana ha k itni tayar ho kr aaee ho, us na kaha han jana ha tumaih kya. Main na kaha k ham mr gay hain jan phla haq to mair ha. Wo boli kya ool fool bkty ja rahay ho. Aaj mairi sahaili ki shadi ha us pr jaoon gi.

Main gaoon ka rahny walla hoon is liyay main nay yahan pr rahnay ky liyay aik ghar rent pr liya hooa hay. Mairy sath 3 or lrkay b rahty hain jo k college students hain or aksar weekends pr apny ghr chay jatay hain, us din b main akila tha or bitha 1 xxx movie daikh raha tha. K mairy cell pr Diya ki call aana shuro ho gaee main nay call sunni or itni raat ko phone krnay ki wjah poochi to us nay kaha k please mujhay aa kr mairi sahaili k ghar say pick kr lo. Un k relatives main koe mrg ho gaee ha or main is waqt akaili ghar nahin ja skti. Us waqt rat ky 11:30 ka waqt tha main na kah k main aa raha hoon. Hum aksar aik dosray k sath khana khany or ghoomay b chlay jaty thay mgr sham k baad kbi b aisa atafaq nahin hoa tha ya pahli dffa thi.

Main na Diya ko wahan sa pic kiya ta k usay us k ghar drop krdoon. Us din wo brri khobsurat lg rahi thi. Main nay mokay say faida uthanay ka soch. Ya khayal mairy zahan main phli bar aaya tha. Main nay apnay zahn main aik mansoba bna liya or gari ko apnay ghar ki side waly rastay pr mor diya. Jb gari ghar sa thora sa aagy nikal gaee to main nay gari main lga hoa choor switch dba diya jis say gari band ho gaee. Diya nay mairi trf daikha or kaha k isay kya hoa ha. Conkay sardi ka mosam tha or main nay gari ka heater lgaya hoa tha. Main nay kaha dikhta hoon k isay kya tkleef hoee ha main gari say bahir nikla or us ky bonat ko khol kr us pr jhuk gaya thori dair baad main na Diya ko kaha k ya to msla ho gaya ha heater ki wjaha say tarin short ho gaee hain, or is waqt raat k 12.oo bjay kon sa mechanic milay ga. Wo b boht praishan ho gaee. Main nay kaha agr mind na kro to thora sa peechay maira ghar ha, wahan jatay hain sardi b bohat ha. Diya majboor ho gaee thi is liyay or koee chara naheen tha.

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Magr main nay usay or ziada zoor say jhkr liya or apnay lun ko undar bahir krna shroo kr diya us k mun sa cheenkahn nikal rahee thin thori dair baad main nay apni speed ziyado kr li ab usay b mza aany lga tha. Tqreeban 10 minute k baad mujay ahsas hoa k main chootnay wala hoon to main nay aik he jhtkay main apni sari mani us ki gaand k under hi nikal di or us k uooper he lait gaya. Hum dono k saray jisam pr pseena hi pseena tha. Thori diar baad maira lun chota ho gaya or Diya ki gaand main say khud bakhud bahir nikal aaya. Ham dono wheen pr so gay. Subha 8:30 pr mairi aankh khuli to main nay Diya ko wheen pr sotay paya mira lun aik bar phir khra ho gaya main nay apnay lun ko us k mun main dalla to us ki aankh khul gaee us nay dobara maira lun choosna shroo kr diya or is dfa main Diya k mun main he choot gaya. Is raat k baad main or Diya jb kbi b mood hota hum yahi khail khailtay hain or kbi kbi shaher say bahir b chlay jatay hain or apni life ko enjoy krtay hain. Or kissi ko b hamary is relation ka pta naheen ha.

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Here's a story of


It was a weekend, and I was lazing around. I was lying on the large
sofa and watching the TV and I heard footsteps coming from the
staircase that comes down into the living room from our bed rooms.
Bipasha was running down the stairs as she was shouting at me, I
have a shooting today, would you drive me there if you are free?

I turned to look at her. She was in a tight low waist jeans that
hugged her form and a white top that ended far above the waistline of
her pants. She was lithe and tall. Her five feet seven inches form
did not have an once of extra fat anywhere. She did yoga regularly
and aerobics to keep fit – which was a demand of her profession. Her
hair was straight and fell below her shoulder. She had large brown
eyes, high cheek bones and a rather broad mouth with full lips, which
made her unconventionally beautiful. Her skin was flawless and smooth.

I had never been to a shooting, and agreed to it immediately.

`At your service ma'm.' I replied and asked her when do you want to

Right now. And you better get ready and you have only two minutes to
do that.

I rushed to my room. I wore a cargo pant and an old navy T-shirt and
a nike sneaker. "Sis, I am ready… Come one" I shouted as I made my
way to the garage.

I reversed the car and by the time I brought it to the portico my
sister was already there standing with a small shoulder bag. "That's
got my make up kits and a spare pair of clothes" she said as she
jumped into her seat.

"Where to?" I asked.

"In a farmhouse, in the outskirts of the city "– she said and passed
on a slip of paper with the address of the location.

We kept chatting sweet nothings as we headed to her location.

"What is the shooting?" I asked.

"It is a music video. I m the lead."

"Do not tell me you sing as well." I said.

"No, I will be acting it out with someone doing a playback. Thank
God!! The listeners are spared!!" I joked and got a playful punch on
my shoulder!!

It took us about an hour to reach the location. The whole team was
ready. I was made to seat with other which included the director and
the crew. No one bothered to talk to me, and I too did not bother to
introduce myself. The director called Bipasha (Bipasha is the Indian
word for elder sisters) and was explaining her the song and
sequences. I was quizzically looking at the set up, the cameras and
the lights.

The set was quite well done. It had an artificial fountain, a man-
made rock and a man-made waterfall. There were trees and a sprawling
lawn. It was quite a beautiful set.

A while later, Bipasha came out of the green room, which was
somewhere in the farmhouse. She wore a white saree, wrapped very
tightly around her, well below her navel. It showed her wash-board
flat tummy. She had a backless choli (blouse) which was very low cut,
showing her cleavage through the thin material of her saree. She had
on lots of silver bangles and necklace. She was in a single word
looking gorgeous. I looked at her appreciating her beauty and she
smiled at me, and proceeded to the center where the lights were
focused. The cameraman was ready and so were the spot boys and other

The music started playing in the background and Bipasha started
dancing to the music. The choreographer was showing her the steps,
and telling her with gestures how to dance to that tune.

The shot is ready. The choreographer announced and the clapper boy
came and signaled the beginning of the shotting. The director shifted
himself near the cameraman. I saw some hose pipes and a water pump,
and guessed they will be making artificial rain possibly.

The music started and Bipasha did started swaying to the music, making
lip-movement as if she was singing. She was provocatively swinging
her hips and then halfway, as the song progressed, the shower on top
started off to create rain. It was quite a hot song, and Leens did's
movements were quite suggestive and erotic. As it started raining,
her saree was getting wet, and the think material was becoming
transparent. It almost became see-through. One camera was placed a
rail which was moving, another was on a crane, high up and one was
right in front. The three cameras were recording. Bipasha was
moving and swaying, and then with her back to the camera was swaying
her hips – sidewise and back and forth. I could see her white panties
under the now transparent saree. Her back was fully bare. A strong
only held her blouse together. Then she swirled around and faced the
camera. Her breasts were now in full view, under the transparent
saree clinging to it. The blouse was very very low cut and left most
of her breasts bare.

The director suddenly shouted "Cut" and said, "great shot Bipasha, now
get ready for the next one. This time the bar-girl costume".

"Thanks," my sister replied and went off to change. When she came
out, I was stunned. I refused to believe it was my own elder sister.
She had a very very small leather skirt which came just below her
hips. A top which is no bigger than a bra. All the jewelry was gone.
She had some fluorescent paints on her hair and arms. She had on a
high-heeled stiletto.

The choreographer came again and explained her the shot, herself
dancing as the music played. Bipasha practiced with her once and
then rehearsed the movements herself with the music. The director was
also explaining her something.

All were ready for the take 2.

The music started off, this time louder and it was really raunchy
with fast beats. Bipasha did started dancing to the music. Swinging
herself to music and tapping her feet, swirling around and throwing
her legs and moving her arms. Her gyrations were very provocative. In
one part while facing the camera she was moving her pelvis with her
eyes half-clsed, back and forth as if she was screwing someone. She
had her legs spread a bit and jiggled her tits and swung her hips.
She danced with the music till it lasted.

"Fantastic Bipasha. It is still better. You are wonderful."

Thanks, Bipasha did said and came to a chair in front of me and sat
down facing me.

"How did you like it?" She asked me.

"Fabulous" I replied and was trying keep my eyes off her. As she sat
on the chair – which was quite low, her skirt rode over her thighs.
Her legs were spread a bit and I could see her panties inside. It was
light pink.. "Any more shots left?" I asked.

"No, it is over for the day. Let me go and change, and then we shall
go back. " She came back after a few minutes, said bye to all the
people in the unit and walked upto the car and I started off.

The image of my elder sister was flashing in my mind continuously as
I was driving. Her titillating dance in the rain, her provocative
dance in miniskirts had me disturbed. Much against my wishes, my cock
was hard, and howsoever I tried to get myself distracted, I failed. I
was driving silently, when Bipasha did asked, What happened to you? Why
are you so dull?"

I gave a nervous smile as I said, "Nothing".

"To see me dance like that got on your nerves?" She asked.

"Not exactly, I have seen even more provocative dances, I have in
fact seen few nude shows, so that is nothing," I replied defensively.

"say that again – provocative – I mean you found my dance
provocative? " she interrupted me.

Yeah, sort of. I replied. "When you get soaked under rain and show
your body, or dance in a revealing costume leaving very little to
imagination – what do you call it?? "

Bipasha was silent. And then slowly whispered, "Did it turn you
on? I mean, did you find my dance sexy…."

"Any man would get excited when you see a pretty lady in such pose
and making such suggestive movements," I said in a matter-of-fact

"Tell me straight, did you get excited? I do not want a generic reply
from you like that>" Her voice was sort of firm.

"Well, kind of… I did get excited" I said in an apologetic tone.

"Even if it was your own elder sister, you still got excited?" She
asked again.

"So what if the person is one's own sister? Do not act so naïve Bipasha.
Any man will get excited when you see someone so sexy. I am no
exception." I retorted. "And do not tell me that you do not know
anything about birds and bees, at your age and being in this

She laughed. "Well, cool down. I am so much used to ramps and people
looking at me that I did not think it would upset you to see me like

"I am not upset, not at all. Rather I am proud of you. I am proud to
be your brother. It is fine with me what you do in your profession. I
would not mind telling people when they appreciate you in this video
that you are my sister." I reassured her.

"So sweet of you darling." She replied before becoming quiet for a

We reached home. Our parents had not returned. It was late afternoon
by then. I did not know what to do to fight the boredom. I was
thinking of going out and hanging with my friends, when Bipasha did
shouted from upstairs, "Hey, what about hitting a disco tonight".

"I do not mind, or rather that would be great." I replied.

"Yep. We shall go at about eight" She said as she came down and sat
by my side on the sofa.

"Dublin would be good," she suggested.

"Yeah, that is a cool place, I love it. I have been there few times."
I replied.

"I used to go there with my boy friend, before we broke up." She said.

"I did not know you broke up with your boyfriend." I said sincerely.

"yeah, about a couple of months back," she replied, " he was so so
possessive, it was very stifling to be with him. You know, in this
profession, at times, you got to be a bit liberated, you know what it
means, and he would not let me go out with any one. And to top it
all, when I told him that once a director wanted to sleep with me for
making me the lead lady, he called me names and left for good"

I was stunned to hear such things from my own elder sister. I asked
her, "You mean you have to sleep with the director for roles?"

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guys...rep for other half of d story!!!...

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Nice story. Plz post other half at the earliest.

Number of abortions rise in Gujarat a couple of months after Navratri

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d other part....

"Most times, yes. Director, or financer or the producer – they are
all one. And with so much of competition in this line, you have no
other go. And what is wrong in it? I would not mind if my boyfriend
sleeps with someone. So why should he mind if I sleep with someone?
Moreover, I sleep with someone not for fun – but for necessity."

"But do you have to do all this? We are quite affluent, and no one
needs your money. Why do you have to sleep with people?" I said with
a bit of protest for her questionable morality.

I want to make it big in this world. And believe me, almost everyone
uses sex as a tool to climb up the ladder. And, do in Rome as the
Romans do. I do the same. And mostly, it is just a quickie with those

Her revelations was again making me horny. To know that she sleeps
around with people, like a wh*** had a telling effect on me, and my
cock was standing up.

I looked at her. Well, she had what you call an hourglass figure. A
perfect 36 breast, a slim waist and wide hips. Who can resist such a
beauty? When I looked at her, I was almost inspecting her from head
to toe. Her proud breasts were firm, and her nipples were faintly
making themselves conspicuous through her top. Her flat belly and her
sexy belly button were left uncovered. There was a small tattoo
around her belly button.

She broke the silence again. "What are you thinking? Does it bother
you when you know that I am sleeping around?"

"Well, I am not sure, but I guess it depends. Not every man can
tolerate if his girl-friend sleeps with others." I replied.

"In which age are you living my dear brother? Do you mean you do not
fool around with your girls? You do not sleep with them? Look, today,
one needs space and one needs independence. One should do what he or
she thinks is right. And I have no guilt feelings that I have slept
with so many people. I would not mind if my husband sleeps with
someone, after I marry; as long as he lets me do what I need to
do." "That is perfect." I agreed with her. "It depends on what kind
of understanding you have with your spouse."

"Actually, once he went with me for a shooting. After the shooting, I
went in to change. When I went into the green room, the producer was
waiting. He started feeling my breasts and promised me that he would
cast me in his next production if I give him a blow job. And I sort
of equated it – a simple blow-job would give me such an opportunity.
I did not resist him and gave him a blow-job there itself. When I
returned, my boyfriend asked me what took me so long. I was very
honest and truthful to him, and confided in him everything. In stead
of appreciating my truthfulness he dumped me. I also told him to fuck
off!!" She was talking quite animatedly.

Hearing all these accounts of her escapades, my cock was stiff. It
was hot like iron and I was shifting my position and trying to push
it down.

Bipasha understood it.

With a naughty smile on her lips she asked, "So I have got you all

I did not say a word, just looked at her and then smiled.

"Are you getting enough here?" she asked.

"What?" I asked as if I did not understand..

"Pussy!" she replied and pointed to her quim.

"Not really. After I returned from the States, I am in a perpetually
excited state. I had plenty there. But here – girls are too cold,
almost frigid and so stupid and conservative. The last tine I got
laid was when I got one escort – a Russian girl, when no one was
home. And she was great, and gave good head and even let me have anal
sex. I tried to contact her later, but understood she had left for
Russia. And never had luck with any one neither in internet nor in
office." I said and got up to the fridge to pick up a drink.

"Shall I get you a drink?" I asked as I took out a pack of six
bacardi breezer. "Oh yes" she consented, "But let me change and come."

I kept the two bottles on the coffee table and was waiting for her.
She came down wearing a pair of white bicycle shorts that looked like
a second skin and a loose short top. She came to the sofa, lurched
and bent down to pick up the bottles. As she did so, she gave me a
lovely view of the fantastic ass she had. I did not see any
pantylines, and was thinking if she was wearing any undergarments at

We started drinking and very soon polished off three bottles each.
Three bottles of Bacardi breezer had taken out some inhibitions from
me. And it must have been the same with her.

"Honestly, had you not been my own elder sister, you would not have
been safe here," I said in mock seriousness.

"Am I still safe?" As she said so, her hand crawled upto my thighs.

I took my arm and placed it on her shoulder and she snuggled close to
me. As she came closer, her breast was placing against my body.
Slowly and tentatively I slipped my hand down until it rested on her
big tit. I was right, she did not have a bra inside her top. I
brushed my hand against her nipple over her top and her nipple
responded by standing up. She turned her face towards me, and as she
looked up at my eyes, I kissed her on her lips.

That kiss spoke a million words. That kiss expressed all the desire,
all the passion and all my love for her. She opened her mouth and our
tongues fought and we did not realize how long we were kissing.

I was in a state of euphoria, and came back to my senses when I found
my zipper was undone and my sister's hand was trying to make my cock
free. I got up and pushed my cargo and underwear down. My cock stood
up. My cock is of average length, but it is thick, really thick. That
is what all my girlfriends had said. Even Sabrina, who was such an
experienced call girl had to lubricate her asshole with anesthetic
spray before she took it in her butthole.

"It is beautiful", My sister said, as she lowered her head to it. She
first kissed on the bulbous head and licked it with her tongue. She
flicked its opening with the tip of her tongue and then slowly and
slowly took it into her mouth.

I caught her head and started giving jerks wanted to push my cock
down her throat. She patted my thigh hinting me to stop, and she
started moving her head up and down. Every time she lifted her head
and brought it down, more of my cock entered her mouth. She was
sucking gently and at times, using her teeth and rubbing her teeth on
my cock taking me to heaven. She alternated between licking and
sucking hard on my d**k. It was just heavenly and I was wondering how
luck all those guys were whom my sister gives head. He took the balls
in her hand and started squeezing it as she applied suction pressure
on my cockhead and her tongue was caressing the tip of my cock. Even
very professional whores I have slept with were not as adept at
giving head as my sister is.

"You are doing it great Bipasha" I said amidst pants,"You are the best.
No one ever gave head like you do. It is incredible. You are

Hearing this, she increased her suction, and was now sucking me hard
as her lips went concave. I tried to reach for the hem of her top and
lifted it over her tits. She raised her head and in one swift
movement took off the top. My cock was glistening from her saliva.
Once she had her top off, her big firm, shapely and large breasts
came into my full view. The nipples were medium-sized and erect. The
areola was of a chocolate color and I could not resist my mouth from
feasting on them. Like a man who has been craving for female flesh
for long, I started squeezing them hard.

"Go slow, my sweet brother," she cooed and I reached for the waist
band of her tight lycra bicycle short. I pushed it down and was
stunned to see the smallest panty ever designed underneath. It was
just a string of cloth around her waist and another string went from
her waist between her ass cheeks, and lost their visibility. A small
almost transparent triangular piece of cloth just covered her pussy.
If it is to be pushed even a millimeter one could see the upper part
of her pussy lips. In any case, the almost transparent pink panties
did not hide her treasure, and I could clearly see her bald pussy.
There was a wet spot in her panties. I got up and got rid of all my
clothes and threw them on the floor over her top and shorts. I bent
sideways and caught her at her waist and lifted her turning around in
such a way that her head was down and her legs were up. As I lifted
her up she wrapped her legs around my neck bringing her cunt right on
my mouth and she pulled me cock to reach it with her mouth. Holding
her, I fell back on the cushioned sofa, and we were in a perfect
sixty nine.

I pushed the panty aside and licked along the length of her cunt. I
licked all around her cunt and then started slow sucking it. I pushed
my tongue into her cunt, which was dripping with her juice.

She started moaning, "Aahhhh… aa hhh …mmm …aaa hhhh.. hhhmmmm…." As
she increased her pressure on my cock. I started reciprocating her
sucking by lifting my pelvis and fucking her mouth. I parted her cunt
with my fingers and reached for her clit, it was already engorged. I
flicked my tongue on it and started lapping it. I aws sucking,
licking and tenderly biting her clit. My hand was roaming on her
lovely butts, and caressing it gently, I started massaging her
asshole. I took the mixture of my saliva and her pussy juice on my
finger and started lubricating her asshole. I was applying my spit,
saliva repeatedly on her asshole till it became slippery and then
slowly and ever so gently pushed my index finger into her asshole.
She was expecting it when I was massaging her asshole, so she relaxed
her sphincter. With her sphincter relaxed I could now fuck her
asshole with my finger quire easily.

I had my finger totally in her asshole, and was sucking her pussy
hard as she started coming. She started pushing her pelvis as hard as
she could on my face and I was sucking her as hard as I could – as if
there would be no tomorrow. Meanwhile she bit me lightly on my cock
and sucking its head, started jerking it from the base with one hand
and with the other started doing what I was doing to her asshole. She
licked her finger and pushed it in. I have never had anything in my
ass, and it was a bit painful. But that state of excitement was too
much to care for this. She started fingering my asshole as I did
hers. But after her finger entered my asshole she found my prostate
and started massaging it from inside my rectum.

Ohh,…. Yeahh,…. Bipasha…. Bipasha…. You are the best…. The best
cocksucker in the world…… oh… Bipasha… yes, I am coming…. I am coming….
Make me cum… Bipasha, my darling Bipasha … my sexy Bipasha …. My lovely Bipasha …
make me cum in your mouth … I want to come in your sexy mouth…….
Bipasha… oh… my Bipasha did…. Suck me … suck me harder my Bipasha……

As my cock spurted out its jism, she started shivering, her thighs
clasping my head tight and her cunt forcing itself on my mouth and I
knew her time has reached too to reach the climax. I increased my
speed of sucking and fingering her ass and continuously flicking her

With my cock still in her mouth, she could not utter a word, but made
throaty noise and her whole body tensed up. I while later she took
her mouth off my cock and got off me and stood near the sofa near my
head as I was on my back – my face inches from her pussy. The panty
was still there, but pushed to a side. There was a look of pure
ex=cstacy on her face.

You are the best Bipasha – I complemented her.

You are great too. – she reciprocated " So far I was giving head to
give people pleasure, but this time, you gave me heavenly joy eating
me. This was the best cunnilingus I ever had. No one made me cum like

She sat by my side and started playfully jerking my limp cock. This
is a beauty. She said. I am sure it will fit me fully and well. She
was chuckling. She bent over again and took my cock in her hungry
mouth and started sucking it. Her nude charm, her uninhibited
sexuality and her open display of her sensuality and sex appeal made
me hard again in no time.

"Let me ride you this time," she said and without waiting for any
response from me, climbed on me, placing her legs on either side of
my waist. She caught my cock in one hand and slowly descended on my
cock, make way into her lovebox by pushing her panty aside. My as she
descended her pelvis – my cock entered the taboo passage, which was
so warm, so slippery and so tight!! I felt as if it is meant for my
cock alone. I screamed with joy as I entered her. "That is it Bipasha,
it feels so good, it feels so nice… I feel so great to be inside you
… inside your warm pussy… your pussy is so tight …" I said as I
started jerking my pelvis and giving strokes from below. She was
riding me with equal speed, and was going up and down with her tits
jiggling and moving. They looked like water-filled balloons, taut and
firm. I reached for them and grabbed them, and she went on slowly
increasing her speed. She undulated her pelvis and I could feel her
cunt muscles contracting and gripping my cock like a viece.

"You not only have a tight pussy, you know how to use it," I said

"Your think cock fits it so well.. It is just right for my pussy. I
hate to have wicks in my pussy. I like to have such thick and hard
cocks always." She said and went humping me.

"Have you ever been gangbanged?" I asked her as she went on fucking
me,"Or have you ever tried threesomes or more?"

"No, never. But would not mind sometimes. I know it would feel great
to have cocks stuffed in all your holes. But shall tell you the
truth, I have not even tried anal sex ever." She said as if she was
giving her teacher her progress report.

"There will be plenty of time and opportunity for that." I said as I
went on increasing my speed. She was now bending forward letting me
play with her mammaries and also rubbing her clit as she bent
forward. We went on like that for quite a while, and as I was
pinching her nipples while shoving my d**k deep into her from below,
she announced she is coming. Her movements became faster and faster
and she started moaning and throwing her head and then collapsed on
me with my rock hard cock still in her pussy as her pussy flooded
again with her nectar.

Beads of sweat was glistening on her forehead. Some streaks of her
hair were plastered on her forehead because of sweat. But there was
look of sheer joy and happiness on her face. Her lovely eyes were
twinkling. I lifted her putting my hands under her ass and then
slowly made her lie on the huge sofa by my side. I made her lie on
her abdomen and went to her feet. I raised her hips and now, she had
her head on the sofa lifting her ass, as she positioned herself o her
shoulder and knees. I made her spread her legs. Her great posterior
was thrust up, and her fantastic ass was facing the ceiling. The
think strong of her panty was peeking out from between her fleshy ass
cheeks. I pulled hard on it as it snapped off. The flimsy thin and
small piece of cloth was torn and gone. I started licking her pussy
kneeling right behind her. I fingered her clit and pushed in three
fingers into her well lubricated pussy, which was gaping open after
our fucking and reached her asshole with my mouth. She never expected
my mouth on her asshole. I started licking and sucking her asshole. I
pushed my tongue into her asshole and made sure it is well oiled for
future action. Making sure her asshole is slippery, I started
fingering her, and then pushed in two fingers. I alternated between
my mouth and fingers on her asshole and after w while it was sopping
wet. Knowing that it is time for me to take her anal cherry, I knelt
right behind her and placed my cockhead on her asshole. I reached for
her clit to excite her further and take her mind off the possibility
of pain as was about to bugger her. While massaging her clit, I
pushed my cock slowly. It felt tremendous resistance. I stopped for w
while, and started fingering her cunt. Then again, slowly and slowly
asking her to relax, pushed my cock.

Aaaa hhhhh… it hurts….. it pains… your cock is…. Too thick….I cannot
take it… my small asshole will be torn … you are tearing me apart….
No…. no… stop…. It….

But before she could finish it, I had my cockhead inside her asshole.
As my cockhead made the most glorious invasion of its lifetime, into
my beautiful elder sister's virgin asshole, I stopped for a while.. I
was feeling grand having been able to bugger my sister, my lovely
Bipasha. I slowly and tenderly massaged her pussy and suddenly felt her
sphincter relax. As it relaxed, I pushed my cock deeper. It was the
tightest hole my cock ever had entered. It caught my cock from all
around and fitted it so very well that the pleasure from the friction
was incredible. I started moving my cock in and out slowly. I took
some of her pussy juice from her dripping pussy and rubbed on my cock
when it came out. I went on applying spit and saliva on it in
between. Now, we have started on a perfect rhythm and started moving
in unison. I gained speed and started fucking her ass.

"It feels like I am in heaven…. " I grunted…." I never could have
imagined fucking your asshole would be so great…. It is the best
piece of ass I have ever experienced. It is just meant for my cock….
Mmm…. Aaa…. Hhhmmm…" I went about fucking her tight asshole and now,
she was cooperating by giving backward thrusts. I knew she was
enjoying it as well. As I f**ked her ass, I reached for her pussy and
started fingering it.

I feel great too… - My sister was uttering," It feels fantastic, I
never knew taking it deep into ass will be so much joy… it feels
different… I feel as if something is filling me completely, totally.
I feel as if everything in my body has been filled up.. it feels out
of the world… it feels sooooo goooooood…… yes, fuck me you fucker…
drive that fat cock into your sisters ass…. Come on… fuck me… fuck me
hard… sticll harder… yes, give it to me… give your cock… bury it deep
in my ass….. do my ass… yes…. Take me… to heaven…..

Her entire body tensed up… I knew she will be coming again. I felt my
balls tightening and I gave one last powerful thrust to bury my cock
right unto its base into my sisters ass. As it started spurting the
hot juice I gave the last strokes. She tightened her rectal muscled
and as I was giving my final strokes, her rectal muscled and anal
sphincter tightened around my cock as tight as a hand can hold. She
milked my cock of the last drops of semen as I came gloriously in my
sister's asshole..

We collapsed on each other, and I took her in my arms as she kept her
head on my broad chest. I held her to me, and she was caressing my
chest with her nimble fingers and sucking on my nipples. With the
other hand, she was caressing my balls and cock.

In few minutes, my sister's manipulations brought my cock to life.
Her expert hands which had given hand jobs to many people brought
back life into my cock. This time, she lied down on her back, and I
went between her legs in missionary position. We went on fucking each
others brains out till we both climaxed.

A while later, as both were completely spent, we went up, had shower
together as we washed each other. She brought out her clothes to show
me,"Tell me my lover boy, which one do I wear?" I went through all
her clothes, and chose a black net top, which will show her bra and
cleavage to full glory and a ultra small shining latex skirt, which
will show her ass cheeks and panties even if she bends slightly. She
smiled, and picked them up and wore them over a black quarter cup
strapless bra and black semi-transparent g-string.

I wore a pair of chinos and a T shirt and as feeling proud to be
escorting a very sexy and beautiful lady, went with her to the disco

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