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Old 23rd March 2010
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“Do you love me?” the words startled me if not shocked. I thought I was

imagining to have heard it. It can not be real. Sitting on the long stone step

by my side, she put her legs into the water of the small river. Often, she

raised her left and right legs alternatively and splashed the water playing

merrily. The lower portion of the sari covering her legs became completely

drenched in the water as if she did not mind it. Yet, sometimes she pulled

the lower portion of the sari up to her knees showing her beautiful but

medium complexioned nude legs and gold anklets for no apparent reason or

purpose. As I withdrew my eyes from her face to stare at the small waves as

if I had not heard her question, I became aware she turned her face to look

at my face intently and asked “Jai, didn’t you hear what I had just asked you

or are you pretending so?” “Kavya, please give me a minute” I told her still

looking at the waves. “It is wonderful for a man claimed to possess

knowledge in psychology and sexology to need time to do some serious

thinking before answering a simple question” she quipped with a smile. I

looked back at her face. I knew instantly the smile on her lips was a forced

one brought with a little effort. Ever since I met her that afternoon, I knew

she was not in her usual joyful spruce self. It did not require much knowledge

in psychology to know an ocean was roaring and churned in her mind. ‘What

was wrong with this young lady?’ I wondered. I was indeed surprised when I

got a phone call from her six days ago. She was not asking me if it would be

possible for me to come down to her place but was earnestly but firmly

requesting me to be with her that day. She had added I might have to stay

in her house and could leave the next evening. My initial curiosity turned to

anxiety as in spite of my repeated persuasions, she was not willing to give

out the reason or purpose. Her behaviour was really intriguing. Kavya had

assured me it had nothing to do with anything I had asked and she was quite

fine. Kavya was my cyber friend and an admirer of my stories. We were in

regular contact through chat and e-mails. A year ago, during my visit to my

native place in Kerala, she had invited me to her house. I did go to her place

and we spent a couple of hours in presence of her parents and had lunch

with them. I was very happy to know her marriage has been fixed to be

solemnized a couple of months later. Both of us had a talk in privacy too but

it was within the boundaries of decency. Since our acquaintance had

originated through my erotic stories, we had an informal discussion on sex

too but limited within ethics. I think she initiated the discussion on sex more

because she was going to get married soon. However, I was pained to know

she harboured many taboos and myths on sex. But, sadly nothing I could

explain or educate her could convince her to change or erase her wrong

notions! Though she had requested me to attend the marriage, I regretted

my inability to come down again within two months as I would not get leave

due to pressure of official work. I could now guess something was wrong

with Kavya, in all probability she was in some problem or emotional turmoil

and she wanted my help. It was summer vacation and I could not get

rail-ticket for my journey to her place at a short time. I traveled by air

reaching there that day in the afternoon. She did receive me at the airport

and drove straight to her house. She negated my suggestion to have lunch

from a hotel telling the lunch had been kept prepared by her. Excepting a

few exchanges on our welfare, she did not talk anything. The eerie silence

throughout our journey in the cab to her house was disconcerting. I knew for

sure something was seriously troubling her. What was it? Yet, I did not ask

her. May be she wanted time and privacy to tell it at her house at an

appropriate time. “Are your parents at home or do they know of my coming?”

I asked to break the ice. The later part of my question she would answer

would tell me if she was keeping any secrecy about my being with her in her

house if her parents were away. “No” she said. “Did you mean to answer to

both my queries with your ‘No’?” I asked. “Yes” she preferred to reply in

monosyllables. I pulled the reins to my wild thoughts when we reached her

house. She led me straight to a small room with a single-bed cot, obviously

meant for a lone male relative or guest. “Jai, wash your hands in the

attached bathroom and come to the adjacent dining room for lunch. The time

is already 2.30. Since you came by flight, I think there is no need to take a

bath” she said. I was thinking all along while I was changing my dress and

washing my hands and face. ‘What was going on in her mind? What was she

up to? Why she wanted me here that too spending the night?’ In normal

course, I would have thought she wanted to have physical intimacy with me

taking advantage of her parents being away. But there was no reason for me

to think in that line. In the initial periods of our acquaintance and friendship

three years ago, she had an amoral interaction with me though I knew for

sure it was not more than a flirt or infatuation. Besides wide age difference,

she knew I was a happily married man and I was not going to desert my

family for anything. Her husband, working in USA, was to take her after

arranging her visa. Later, I came to know; though everything seemed to be

fine with Kavya and her husband on the surface, there might be some

undercurrent her husband did not take her to USA on one excuse or the

other. I had a hunch though she tried to keep a plain smiling face, there

were dark clouds of melancholy she was trying to cover. Changing to blue

jeans and a black full sleeve shirt, I went to the dining space. Kavya was

laying the table with bowls of several curries and rice. She looked gorgeous

in a yellow colour sari with blue borders and blue blouse. She wore traditional

gold mangalsutra with black beads and a light blue necklace and similar ear

ornaments. A deep red colour bindi adorned her forehead. The long chain of

jasmine flowers she tucked to the hairs and placed over her right shoulder to

the front made her more pretty and ravishing. “Come, Jai. Please sit down”

she invited me pulling a chair. I sat on it. She served food to both our plates.

It was a sumptuous lunch. Washing our hands, she led me straight to her

bedroom. I observed the big room with a double-bed cot at the centre.

Though it was not rich-looking, I could observe the touch of class of nice

interior decoration everywhere to give elegant looking. I guessed the door at

the far right corner led to the attached bathroom. She made me sit

comfortably on the bed with a pillow placed on the back-rail for support. She

sat in front, facing me on the bed but without leaning on the bottom-rail.

Looking at her innocent, beautiful but gloomy face, I decided to break the

ice. “Kavya, if you do not mind my telling so, I have been observing a shade

of melancholy on your otherwise charming face. Is there anything worrying or

troubling you? Can I be of any help to you? I apologize to you if I am poking

my nose too much into your personal affairs if you felt so” I said. I found her

taking a deep breath and releasing it in the form of a long sigh. It was a

clear sign of my touching an emotional spot in her mind. Were her long, deep

eyes moistening? She wiped her face with the pallu of the sari for no

apparent reason and released one more deep sigh. I noticed she avoided

meeting my eyes but looked down on the mattress. “Thank you, Jai, for your

kind offer of help” she broke the silence at last. “I knew you could very well

guess there must be a real, serious purpose of my calling you here. Yes,

there is and I need your help particularly since you have good knowledge in

sexology and psychology….”. She paused to clear her throat and went on

“Jai, I shall explain everything to you clearly without any shy or shame and

also without holding back anything. Please do not interrupt me while I am

saying. At the end of it, you can ask me any questions if you wished to”.

“That sounds fine, Kavya” I assured her. She took one more deep breath and

started “At the outset, let me tell you whatever I am going to say to you

now are not known to anybody. Let me clarify, not even to my parents or

close friends. Well, just after my marriage, I believed everything was going to

be fine with my life. You knew my husband was working in USA and he would

take me to there after six months after arranging visa formalities. But to my

great dismay, I discovered everything was not fine with him. Perhaps, that is

one of the reasons I am still here. Now the question is if he is at fault or I

am, I don’t know”. I wanted to ask something but stopped short as I

remembered her asking me earlier not to interrupt her till she completed. She

continued “The problem had started right on my bridal night. You know, Jai, I

belong to a highly orthodox family with conservative upbringing. My husband,

Ravi is his name, is also from such a family. But since he had already spent

several years working in USA, his culture and habits had changed a lot. You

can call it my inability to adopt or imbibe an alien culture hitherto uncommon

to me. You knew I didn’t have much knowledge about married life, to be

specific, physical relationship and sex.

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Old 23rd March 2010
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I was shocked when he forced me into several ghastly sex acts in the first

night itself which I have not even heard of. I thought he was a sadist when

he forced me to suck his manhood and drink his cum. You know, I had rushed

to bathroom twice to vomit with my intestines coming to mouth! Then he

made my vagina bleed when he penetrated it forcefully. He was enjoying

pleasures happily pumping inside me for several minutes while I was crying

and writhing in excruciating pain….” Her eyes became filled with tears and

she mopped them with the pallu of the sari once again. Then she went on “I

was more shocked than astonished if these were the so-called ‘sweet’

pleasures a lady enjoyed in sex with her husband! I tolerated till he emptied

inside me. I thought it was the end for the night! But it was not to be! After

fifteen minutes or so he forcefully fucked me from behind, I mean through my

anus, bleeding there also. Instead of discharging there, he poured his cum

into my mouth and forced me to drink it! I requested him feverishly not be

brutal and savage! He was not prepared to listen and became annoyed. This

time I vomited on the bed itself soiling it. He was angry and became abusive!

It hurt me very much! I cried and cried and cried. My nightmare did not end

there. He continued to fuck me in several positions throughout the night! My

body was literally torn to pieces, aching and bleeding! I must say he was not

a man but a beast! I spent the whole night sleepless! I was almost limping

when I went out from the room the next morning! My aunt and other females

laughed and made fun at me! “ She paused to take her breath and went on

“The things continued in next two consecutive nights. My weeping requests

to make delicate approaches fell on his deaf ears! He never did any foreplay

and when I requested for it to make me aroused; he squeezed both my

breasts with brutal force that some secretions came out from my nipples.

Once he ejaculated on my bosom and face and smeared the cum all over

there. On the third night, he took me to the bathroom and tried to urinate on

to my face! He was becoming furious when I refused to obey. I became

totally shattered!” “He did not touch me in the following few nights. I

thought he had changed himself. But I didn’t know it was for the wrong

reasons. When I lovingly hugged him one night, he pushed be away

demanding I could expect love and sex from him only when I changed my

ways suiting to his liking. So, for next ten days or so, we slept on the same

bed but without touching each other. Unable to bear this pain, I agreed to

his ways. When I tolerated everything he did to me in bed, yet he demanded

more. He complained when I remained passive and demanded to be

participative. How can I derive pleasures from something which I hate to,

Jai?” She paused for a few seconds and went on “After the expiry of leave,

he went back. He called me on phone once a week and sent me enough

money every month. But, he carefully evaded my requests and pleadings to

take me with him, for one excuse or the other” After a long pause, she asked

me “Jai, how can I save my marriage if you think it is on the rocks?” I was

studying every word she had uttered thoroughly. It did not need much time

to realize that it was a very simple case though it looked complicated! So, I

was thinking of the simplest way to explain the situation she should not feel

complicated. “Jai, you are not telling anything. Do you think I am at fault?

Am I to be blamed for this situation? If so, what do you advise me to do to

correct it?” she asked earnestly. I brought a look of affection and admiration

instead of sympathy on my face. Smiling broadly, I said “Kavya, in the

beginning, I must tell you this is a very simple problem. I assure and reassure

you it could be corrected easily. There is absolutely nothing to worry of. But

it needs the cooperation from both of you. Because, to some extent you are

at fault, to some extent your husband is at fault, and to some extent both of

you are at fault. Sorry, I should not have used the word ‘fault’ as it is not

the correct word to describe it. It is ‘ignorance’ or ‘lack of knowledge’. So,

both of you need counseling sessions. I shall tell about it later”.

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nice story...

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nice hai bhai
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I paused and continued “I am telling you this much only to put your mind at

rest. I shall explain the reasons for this predicament later in the evening,

because I want your mind to absorb what I had told you just now. Please

have full faith in me. Let me assure you once again, both of you will be fine

for ever sooner than you think it possible”. I was more than happy to see the

responsive expression on her face my words had made reaction in her mind.

She smiled broadly for the first time, moved towards me and kept her hands

on my either shoulders. Her cheering up was not artificial. “Jai, I am indebted

to you for your kind words. In fact, I do not know how to express my

sentiments for your kindness and offer of help” she said almost shaking me.

“Think nothing of it, dear. It is my pleasure. I am not consoling you just for

the sake of it, but I am promising both of you will be totally fine for ever. All

you need is to call me once again when your husband comes here next on

leave. I assure you will be going back with him”. In a rare gesture of

emotions, she touched my feet weeping uncontrollably. I placed my hands on

her hands and made her sit straight. “Hey, Kavya, don’t behave like a baby. I

swear I will make you both reunite happily even if that would be the last

thing I will ever do successfully in my life”. She smiled once again through

her tears. In another emotional gesture, she hugged me tightly to express

her gratitude. We lay on the same bed relaxing, keeping two feet distance

between us. We talked about everything under the sun. I was happy to see

she became joyful and merry, perhaps encouraged with my assurances and

promises. At half past four, she went to the kitchen. I followed her. We

again talked while she prepared some delicacies including stuffed potato

bondas. We took coffee and snacks together. “Jai, I want to take you to a

nice place. Do you want to change your dress while I do mine?” she asked.

“How far is it from here? Or, are we going to visit some of your friends?” I

asked. “No, no, nothing of that sort. It is only three minutes walk from here

within the area of this house. You would love to see that place. Only you

and I would be there. I suppose we can talk sitting over there” she

suggested. “Then I need not have to change dress” I said. While I waited in

the drawing room, she went to her bedroom. Within ten minutes she joined

me. She looked gorgeous and radiant in the orange colour sari and matching

blouse. “Kavya, you look very beautiful in this dress” my admiration was

genuine. “Thank you, Jai. But did you mean I look only beautiful in this dress,

or do I look beautiful as such?” she asked with a broad grin. “You are

beautiful alright, dear” I told my frank and honest opinion. “Thank you once

again” she responded and pulled me up by my right hand. She bolted and

locked the front door and we came out through the rear door. She locked it

from outside. Then she guided me through the backyard. The path was a

narrow one with thick plantain trees at either side dotted with tall coconut

trees. We walked for nearly three minutes through the passage way when I

was wondering the way would never end. Then I thought I heard faint

giggling of water. With one more minute’s walk through some left and right

turnings, suddenly we reached near a small river. The river was nearly full

with crystal-clear water splashing and splattering, hitting some high and low

rocks as if the river was greeting us with a big applause! “Wow…what a

beautiful place” I admired. “Hmmm…you said it” she said. She led me to a

spot near the bank with long, wide stone steps leading to the river. I

guessed it must have been made for convenience to take bath in the river.

“Let us sit here, Jai” she said selecting the fourth step. I knew she selected

this particular step knowingly the water level almost reached it and purposely

she wanted to keep our legs into the waters. I liked it too. Sitting side by

side, I looked around the area as well as the river. It was one of the nicest,

lovely spots I had ever seen. That was the beauty of villages in Kerala

blessed with natural beauty in abundance!

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Pointing her finger at the vast paddy fields spread like a thick green blanket

on the other bank of the river, she said “The whole area and cultivation

belong to us. So, nobody comes to the river at this place from both banks.

Directing her finger to another spot, she told “We have an old farmhouse

over there which can not be seen from here. We use it as a barn to store

rice after harvest”. The evening was pleasant and I could see the western

horizon being painted red with the sun preparing to go down to set. The

atmosphere and ambience was serene and clam except for the music of

waters. We talked for a few minutes enjoying the nature’s beauty when she

suddenly turned our conversation “Jai, I hope, now you would be prepared to

tell me about what you wanted to explain”. “Hmmmm…” I responded without

looking directly at her face. Then I started “Kavya, actually the problem is

attributable to several factors, namely, ignorance or lack of adequate

knowledge in matters of human anatomy, sex organs and sex, orthodox and

conservative upbringing, taboos, myths, inhibitions and repugnance to some

sex acts, male chauvinism, domination, a little of sadism, lack of

understanding, patience, communication, etc. I think I need to give you

some lessons to educate you as well as to dispel some doubts, taboos and

inhibitions from your mind”. I paused and went on “The urge for sex is a basic

instinct in all living organisms and a biological need for procreation. It is

nothing to be ashamed of. Sex is something to be practiced and enjoyed

leisurely and conveniently than in a hurried or haphazard manner. Therefore,

it is essential the couple creates an ambient and amoral atmosphere for the

same. Their minds and bodies should be totally free and not pre-occupied

with any other thoughts or worries. Foreplays are the most important part in

the art of lovemaking, but in a majority of cases, surprisingly ignored by

males. Neglect of it for prolonged period can often cause frigidity in women

as they are unable to get cent percent sexual pleasure, satisfaction and

attain orgasm. No woman on earth would like her husband to, straight away,

push her on to bed, insert his penis into her vagina and fuck. She likes him to

get her desires aroused, body and mind tuned, and erotic feelings instilled

into her, notwithstanding the fact that she is already into the mood of

having sex. What a man or the couple does for the same is exactly known as

“Foreplay” which is a prelude to intercourse. Though there is no definite

timeframe for the foreplay, it is desired a man should engage himself in doing

the foreplay with and to his wife for at least 20 to 30 minutes, on an

average basis. The more time he spends doing foreplay, the better. A man

gets sexually aroused very soon whereas it takes much time for a woman.

The purpose of foreplay is also to help the varying sexual graphs of both

male and female coincide and meet within an average timeframe so that both

of them derive sexual pleasure and satisfaction as well as reach orgasm

almost simultaneously. The various foreplays include looking at each other’s

nude body admiringly, hugging and caressing, kissing, squeezing, licking and

sucking of erotic parts on the body like lips, breasts, clitoris, vagina, penis,

testicles, etc.” I continued “Among Indian parents, there is a tendency to

tell or teach their babies and children that their genitals are dirty parts and

therefore, should not be touched or fingered. Though their motive is to divert

the attention of their children from touching their genitalia, they do not

realize a truth they are doing a Himalayan blunder which will have

far-reaching consequences in the later stage of their children. This wrong

wisdom imparted by their parents goes deep-rooted in their subconscious

minds carrying to their married life to believe that human genitals are dirty

things and should not be touched with hands, let alone with mouth. There

was a time and still there are sections of people, particularly in higher castes

of community harbouring several wrong notions, such as necessity of male

chauvinism and domination in the art and practice of lovemaking, taboos and

sins such as considering Fellatio and Cunnilingus – means, oral stimulation of

male and female genitals respectively – as dirty and forbidden things. Fellatio

and cunnilingus play a very important role in the arousal and stimulation for

sex in male and female both. These practices are not at all to be despised. It

gives maximum pleasure to both. Studies revealed that there is no other

method to arouse sexual desire in both men and women than fellatio and

cunnilingus. I reiterate, there is nothing, absolutely nothing wrong in

whatever a couple does during sex-play provided it does not give discomfort

to both. Yes, the couple has to take care to keep their sex-organs in clean

and hygienic conditions before oral sex. Similarly, their mouths must also be

cleaned before it to avoid infection by passing harmful germs into each

other’s body. No harmful effect was observed in consuming the vaginal

secretion as well as the seminal fluid by each other. At the peak or pinnacle

of sexual ecstasy, lovers swallow each other’s secretions not because it is

having any taste, but they just do it for each other’s pleasure. Indian

mythological studies suggested predominance to the pleasure of and

satisfaction to the female. To a great extent, it is correct also. If the

husband dominated and finished his sex-act quickly after reaching orgasm, it

will leave his wife unsatisfied. The wife will not feel happy and satisfied out

of such lovemaking. A good husband must always try to give all pleasures to

his wife – whether or not the methods adopted by him give pleasure to

himself. Also, the husband should try to ensure the wife reaches orgasm first

then he can have his or both of them can have it at or around the same

time” I paused to take my breath and continued “During sexual intercourse,

for the first time, the virgin wife would feel pain when her tight vaginal hole

and canal was penetrated by the husband’s hard erected penis, particularly

when her hymen got broken. It may cause a little bleeding also. This is quite

normal and no medical attention is required. But the husband must be caring,

understanding. He should make delicate approaches not to pain or hurt her

much. However, after one or two coition, the pain will be replaced with

pleasures and the wife would really enjoy sex. So, in a nutshell, it is a matter

of knowledge, understanding and patience which, unfortunately are missing

in your case. I shall teach both of you more deeply on the subject during my

counseling with you both” She was observing me with wide eyes in

admiration while listening to me attentively.

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Then she interrupted “Jai, you are a master and have thorough knowledge in

sex” she appreciated me. “Thank you, Kavya. But what surprised me the

most was though people are very brilliant in their academic or professional

studies, yet they lacked basic knowledge in the art of sex leading to several

problems and incompatibilities in their marital life. Any way, I am sure with

one or two sittings with both of you, I am sure your problems could be

solved for ever” I said affirmatively and confidently. “Thank you, Jai. I will

surely call you and inform you in advance when my husband comes back

next” she said with a smile. “Please do it” I said in a tone of request than an

advice. It was strange but suddenly silence prevailed between us. I found

her moving her legs up and down splashing water. Still looking at her legs and

waters, she asked “Would you mind, Jai, if I asked you something?” I was

expecting her to ask some doubts or questions about sex to know more

about it. So, I said “Surely not. Please ask”. In fact, I was encouraging her

to ask anything without any shy or shame. It was at this time she dropped

the bombshell in the form of a question “Do you love me?” “Where are you

lost, Jai? You wanted one minute to answer, but you have already taken

more than ten minutes now”. What she told made me to come back to my

senses. “Hmm..Kavya, at the face of it, your query seems quite innocuous

but difficult to answer if you expect me to reply honestly. In fact, I need to

choose the right and correct words to reply. It is true; I had developed a

strong fancy for you. But I don’t know if I can call it love. You know very

well, I am a married person and I am not going to desert my family for

anything. So, I do not intend to make any strong bondage with any female in

life inasmuch as it is going to create any hurdle or problem in my life. I do not

believe in polygamy (Having more than one spouse at a time) either. I might

have made few slips, but I have corrected them as well. You know very well

I am not a cheat or scoundrel or opportunist. To play with the life of a girl or

lady is not in my blood. I respect a lady’s feelings, sentiments and emotions.

I might have had physical intimacy with a few women; but it does not mean I

am a philanderer ready to bed with every willing woman. My association with

my female friends is without any strings attached. I do not want to cause

any problem, danger or trouble in their lives because of their friendship with

me. I hope you understand it” I said. “My dear Jai, I knew you very well. You

need not have to tell all these to me” she said with a big laugh and quickly

added “I am not going to request you to marry me. I did not mean to

embarrass you by asking that question. I might be at fault by choosing the

wrong word ‘love’ for your feelings towards me. Perhaps, I had wanted to ask

you if you are soft feelings towards me”. With a smile, I replied “If that is

what you meant by asking, then my reply covered that also, didn’t it?”

“Yeah, sure. Thank you” she said returning the smile. There was a sudden lull

between us. But I was sure, she did mean more than ‘soft feelings’ to

describe my feelings for her. I could very well read it from her facial

expression. May be, she was scared if I felt offended if she asked what she

had in her mind explicitly. And, I felt a sudden urge to discover it. “Kavya, if

you can take my asking you so as an encouragement, why can’t you do

away with the smoke-screen and come out and say what exactly you

wanted to ask me?” I asked looking deep into her eyes. I found her fumbling.

To camouflage her emotions being churned heavily in her mind, she moved

her legs rapidly splashing the river waters. While doing so, once her sari

came drawn above her knees revealing her lovely legs and a little of thighs.

Though she quickly drew the sari down and covered the nudity of the legs, I

had a hunch she did so deliberately to attract my attention. “Jai, I know you

knew psychology well. I know too you could read what is going on in my mind

very well. But you are naughty because you want me to utter it and you

want to hear it from my own mouth. Okay, I shall tell you…..” she paused for

a long moment while I deliberately avoided my eyes from her face to make

her feel at ease. She said “Jai, please excuse me for going to tell it explicitly

in an unashamed way. I have only heard about the real pleasures in sex. But

so far it remains only an imagination to me as I have never experienced it

though I am a married lady. Naturally it is the utmost desire of any female, or

for that matter any married lady, to enjoy such real pleasures. I wonder if

you could give me those once, at least once….” she stopped here. There

was no need for her to tell more or explain further! Well, it was all something

which I had expected, but hoped against hopes! As I remained looking at the

waters, she quickly said “Jai, I am sorry if I antagonized you. Even if you do

not agree to my wishes, please do not see me as a bad woman. I hope you

do understand a lady’s emotions as you had just said so. But, but, your eerie

silence is killing me, Jai” Suddenly, I stood up and climbed down to one step

into the water. Then I stood in front of her. I saw she avoided looking at me,

may be she was scared of my possible furious reaction! “Kavya…..” I called

her lovingly. She did not respond and kept her head bent looking down.

“Kavya darling…..” this time my call was sugar-coated! For a split of a

second, she raised her head looking at my face and soon she kept her head

again bent.

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I didn’t know if she could read anything from my face at a short time. “Kavya

darling, I don’t want to answer to your specific question by words. Instead, I

want to tell it by an action. I hope you can translate it to words..…” I said. I

bent down and took her left foot in my right hand. It was wet and covered

with her drenched sari. I watched her whole body suddenly shiver with the

touch of my hand on her foot. As I raised her leg a little more, she placed

her hands on the step at her back for support and balance. I brought my

free left hand and slowly drew her sari up. I slowly lifted the sari deliberately.

I merrily watched her leg coming nude inch by inch. Though I did not look at

her face, I knew she must be wondering what I was up to or what was

coming to her! When I drew her sari up, above her knee, reaching her

sensual thigh, suddenly she bent forward and prevented my attempt to lift it

further. I did not want to embarrass her further. Slowly I bent forward. While

she curiously watched me, I touched my lips on her glittering wet foot. As

expected, she tried to jerk her leg free from my touching it with my mouth. I

held the leg with both of my hands tightly. “Jai, what are you doing? You are

a man and I am a lady. You should not touch my foot and kiss it.

Please…Jai…..” she was pleading me but I could easily distinguish an erotic

tone mixed in her voice. I behaved as if I never heard what she had said. I

brought out my tongue and slowly started licking her wet foot. My tongue

did not stop at one point but it moved slowly licking every millimeter of her

foot up. By the way a glass surface was being painted slowly with a soft

brush; I moved my tongue up on her leg licking all the way. Her body

wriggled and she often shook her leg, obviously out of titillations and tickling.

I knew she was experiencing some extreme pleasures as the soft wet hairs

on her leg stood straight and bristled. Besides, I knew she was trying to

suppress a moan by keeping the back of her right palm over her mouth. Yet,

I could hear a faint sound emanating from her mouth. When my licking

tongue reached her knee, she became alert by placing her left hand on it as

if not to allow my further invasion. For fun, I applied force and attempted to

lick her thigh. She shook both of her legs. Also, she caught my head with

both of her hands and pushed it away. In the melee, her sari got displaced.

Though I was doing a sensual act of licking her nude leg, yet I was

embarrassed when I got a clear view of her black panties, though for a short

time only due to her struggling with me. She knew I saw her cunt area; she

too was perplexed and blushed. She became coy and her face became

reddish out of shy and shame as it was too premature to be exhibitive. I left

her leg and stood straight for modesty as well as to save her from further

embarrassment. “I hope, Kavya, what I did just now would tell my answer to

your expression of desires” I said with a smile. “Thank you, Jai. You are very

sweet and kind. I love you for that……” she was about to get up. She could

not do it nor could she complete her sentence because she was in for

another surprise. I bent down, carried water in both of my hands together

and splashed it on her. I did so repeatedly several times. Predictably, in no

time, her clothes, body and hairs became completely wet. Worse, more than

her lower part, the dress on her upper body became see-through and I could

see the contour of her sensuous bosom. “Jai darling, you are not only

naughty but childish too” she opined with a smile. “If I am so, then you are

responsible for it” I replied merrily. True, ladies often make fool of

themselves, fumbling with everything they do when they are in an

embarrassing and confused state. She stood up quickly. In all probability, she

forgot my presence as she took the pallu of the sari away from her left

shoulder, apparently to squeeze off the water. In the hurry, it slipped from

her hands and fell down. Then she suddenly realized my standing in front of

her. She knew too she made her bosom bare with her breasts partially visible

through the wet blouse. She should have turned keeping her back to me to

save her from the predicament. Instead, out of stupidity, she bent down to

collect the pallu from her feet. This made her partially fair breasts to bulge

and roll out of the bra-cups and blouse. ‘Ssshhhhhhh…..’ a long exhale breath

escaped from my mouth through between my lips like a whistle. I was

mesmerized by her sudden captivating appearance in front of me almost in

semi-nude. I could clearly see the upper part of her bosom with halves of the

boobs bulging out giving a deep cleavage! I wondered if she had bent a little

more down, they would have rolled out in full. A little of the nude portion of

her lovely belly, hands and legs naked up to knees sent thousands of volts of

electricity through my body. The coy smile in her wet face and cluster of

drenched tresses were making me dizzy. I stood staring at her with my

mouth turned to a big O as if I had become a stone statue. I felt a sudden

urge to rush at and hug her tightly. “Kavyaaaaaaaaaaaaa…..” I knew my call

was more than prolonging without any purpose. “Ummmmmmmmmm…?” she

responded in the same way looking up at me questioningly. ”I am sorry…but I

can’t stop myself from telling this. I had never looked at you in an unethical

way nor have I seen you in a sensual manner before. Having seen you now

so, I must say you are most beautiful, ravishing and seductive too” I said

with genuine appreciation. She suddenly turned keeping her back to me.

Then looking back over her left shoulder, she said “I am very happy to hear

that. Thank you very much, Jai”. Strange are the ways ladies often behaved!

Just a few minutes ago only she had expressed her desire to be intimate with

me. I knew too in another few hours, I and she would be lying nude in the

bed with my measuring the height of the hills and the depth of pits in her

body! She knew too I would be mauling and leveling the hills and plugging

and filling her pit with my manhood! Yet, she became shy and unwilling to

remain a little exposed to me now! There was no reason for me to wonder, it

was all because of her feminine nature and culture. She was squeezing out

the water from the sari bending a little forward when I walked around her

and observed standing in front of her. Then she saw me, stood straight,

smiled and attempted to turn back. At that moment, I placed by hands firmly

on her either shoulders and prevented her from moving or turning.

“Jaaaiiiii….leave me now…..”. Was it a request or her moan I heard? “Not

now, any way” I said. “Hmmmm….somebody will come here and see us both

this way” she was deliberately lying for an escape route. “Somebody will?

How could you be so sure, darling? You had told me earlier the place at both

banks of the river belongs to you and nobody will come here” I asked her

with a grin. “Oh…Jai…how can I say that…I am terrified to stand in front of

you this way” she said suddenly crossing her hands across her chest.

“Terrified? Am I a tiger or lion to pounce at and kill you?” I asked with a loud

laughter. “Ummm…when you look at me this way, I am not able to get the

correct words” she muttered with a coy smile. “Come what may be. I am not

going to leave you as you are now. Nature has created this scene for us.

This particular moment was waiting for us in our lives” I said looking at her

with a little greed. “You are naughty, Jai. What do you want to do with me

now?” she asked with an ogle at me. “I want to do this….” I said and pulled

her suddenly to me. I wrapped my hands around her. I held her tightly in a

hard hug while my mouth rammed into hers in a crushing, hot and deep

passionate kiss. In fact, I gave no time for her to realize what was coming to

her. But I was pleasantly surprised to hear a deep ecstatic moan of

‘Ahhhmmmm’ while she fought to arrest my lips in her mouth. Out of the

sudden sensual pleasures, her eyes remained closed. Her breasts remained

crushed on my chest. I knew she stood on her toes to reach my height and

fight with my mouth! I knew I was to make slow, delicate and tender

approaches and advancements to make her feel at ease and relaxed; that

too in an open place, particularly due to her expressed bitter experience with

her husband. But I was pleasantly surprised by the way she sealed my mouth

crushing her lips into mine rather than allowing me to suck her lips. This

encouraged me. She was shedding her inhibitions faster than expected. We

were vying with each other for supremacy to kiss each other. May be her

dam of desires was brimming and overflowing for having barricaded it for

many months now.

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May be the wall of the dam became cracked. May be the volcano inside her

body was fuming about to erupt. May be it had already developed cracks

flowing the lava between her legs. I had an urge to find it by exploring my

hand between her thighs. But I checked it soon as it was too early to be

adventurous! After all, I was not her husband nor was I like him. Instead, my

hands which hugged her tightly went caressing her wet back. They spread

over the nudeness, my fingers fiddling over the smooth flesh like on a

harmonium keyboard. “Hhhhhhhhhhhhhmmmmmmmmmm…” I knew she was

trying to suppress an erotic moan through her clenched teeth. I knew my

whole efforts would be focused on making her extremely hot, burning with

desires and bursting out in the open. I wanted to make her behave like any

other woman with lust and libido, by shedding her inhibitions, by coming out

of the barriers of conservatism and to enjoy sex to its pinnacle like any lady

did in this world. More than anything, I wished to make her wild, expressing

her desires and fantasy orally speaking to me explicitly even if in a dirty

language! My open hands pressed at her back hard, pinning more and more

to me. Her ravishing boobs got sandwiched between our chests. I bent down

to observe the boobs trying to escape through the upper portion of her

blouse, almost spilling out. I wanted to cup them, fondle, massage, squeeze

and suck them. But I checked my urges. No, it was not the right time. I

should not do anything in a haphazard way but slowly arouse her to instill

sexual urge! Moving down, my hands reached her large but well-shaped

buttocks. I gripped them hard and pressed them to my groin. I smiled to

guess if there were no clothes on our bodies, my hard erect penis would

have driven itself into her cunt! My hands then pampered her asses often

exploring into their valley in between! “Haaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhmmmmmmmm”

this time her moan was erotic and more distinct. As if she placed her foot on

a live electric wire, she stepped back from me liberating her body from my

clutches! She stood two feet away from me looking coyly at the ground. I

knew she came back to her senses. I knew too she had remained

agglutinated to my body losing her conscience and unaware of the

circumstances for a few minutes. Looking at the western horizon and around,

she told “Jai, the sun had set and it is becoming dark around. Let us go

back” “Sure” I agreed though I would have loved to make love to her in the

open near the river bank as well as in the river itself. I decided I would make

it, but the next day. I went near her and wrapped my right hand around her

back. We walked together. I smiled to see she leaned her body and rested

her head on my right shoulder. I held her tightly and lovingly as we walked.

On the side of the way, in the dim light, I saw something. Without her

noticing, I bent, collected it in my left hand and thrust it into my trouser

pocket. We reached the house and went to the bedroom. She took two

bath-towels. She placed one on her left shoulder. Giving the other towel to

me, she said “Jai, go to your room and have a bath while I bath in this

attached bathroom”. “Hey….can’t I join you in this bathroom itself?” I asked

with a suggestive smile. She blushed and said “No. You are very naughty”

“Uuummm…no…I won’t go…I will sneak in with you” I persisted. “Darling, you

are crazier than I thought. Go there….” She said and gave me a push. She

walked towards the bathroom door and opened it. She had not noticed I was

stealthily following her. As soon as she entered the bathroom, I too struggled

to enter quickly. She obstructed me and laughed loudly. In the melee of

struggle, my right hand pressed on her right breast. She recoiled quickly

blushing! “You are naughtier than I thought, darling” she said, gave me a

heavy push and bolted the door from inside. I would have loved to bath with

her. So, I was a little disappointed. But I knew I will surely get the chance. I

should not rush anything. As if reading my mind from the other side of the

door, she opened the door by a few inches and looked at me through the

gap. “Darling, you will have the whole night for what you wanted to do” she

said with a giggle, winked at me and quickly shut the door before I could

rush at her. “Hmmmm….I will eat you from head to foot as a punishment for

not letting me in” I said. “I won’t stop you, darling” I heard her replying.

Then I heard the sound of tap water running. I went to my room. Standing

under the running shower, I thought of her. She too must be under the

shower, nude in full, right now. In dress, she looked like any other lady, a

little pretty but nothing to describe in superlative. But I instantly recalled

that she looked sensual and sexy with the wet clothes stuck to her like a

second skin giving a titillating appearance. But in nude she must look very

sexy, seductive and voluptuous. I think her breasts might be 34 sizes. I knew

my penis was erecting on the very thought of making love to her while

sucking and squeezing her twin assets! She too might be thinking of the

night ahead with me. I knew my prime objective was to give her all sexual

pleasures and satisfy her in bed. With my knowledge and expertise, I could

very well make her fully happy. That was one thing in life I was sure of. After

bath, I changed to casual attire and joined her in her bedroom. I stood

transfixed to the floor for a few seconds gaping at her. She was dressed in

cream colour sari and blouse with broad golden and orange borders usually

worn by brides in the first night in some parts of Kerala. One gold necklace

with red beads with matching ornaments adored in her neck and ears.

Between her right wrist and elbow, she wore several gold bangles whereas in

her left, she wore orange colour glass bangles. She had tucked a long chain

of jasmine buds coined together in the middle of her tied hairs. “Why did you

stop there, Jai?” she asked me deliberately, knowing well why I did so.

“Kavya, you look very beautiful and ravishing now. I never saw you so

radiant and cute. I find you are dressed as if for your bridal night” I said with

an appreciating smile. “Thank you, Jait, you felt so. After all, it is going to be

my first night. Right?” she asked. “Hmmmm…” I nodded. “Jai, you can watch

TV while I prepare dinner. Everything has been arranged earlier, so it won’t

take much time to cook” she said. “No, I will come with you in kitchen and

watch you cooking” I said. I was not a fool to while away the time watching

the TV while I was alone with a willing seductress in the house. “Ummmm…do

you want to watch cooking or watch me?” she probed with a meaningful grin.

“You know the truth. Okay, to be honest, I want to watch you” I said.

“Come…” she invited me. Together, we went to her kitchen. She was right.

She had already made the paste ready for making masala dosa and kept the

coconut grated for making chutni. On one burner of the gas stove, she

started making dosas on a non-stick pan. I went and stood behind her and

placed my hands on either side of her hips. Did she take a deep breath or

made a sigh when my hands touched her body? I didn’t know. Slowly my

hands moved up, went beneath her sari and caressed her belly. I got

pleasant feeling running my palms all over her well-shaped, soft stomach, the

two folds of flesh at the sides like two waves as well as the navel.

‘Hhhhaaahhhh’ she moaned softly. I was careful not to invade or explore

other areas of her body. I was aware I was being gripped with desires and,

of course, erotic feelings and my manhood was struggling to stand erect

under my clothes. I knew too if I did not check my mounting urges, I might

end up making love to her in the kitchen itself. While she was spreading

paste on the non-stick pan on the burner, I bent forward, leaned on her

back and rubbed my mouth on her nude back below her nape. While doing so,

I hugged her upper body covering her breasts. The touch of my lips as well

as the unshaved chin and cheeks made tickling and titillations in her.

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Her whole body from head to foot shivered and shuddered and a long

‘Aaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh’ moan emanated from her

mouth in a erotic tone. Soon I was kissing and licking on the nude portion

repeatedly and madly. With my every kiss and lick, she moaned

“Aaahhh….Aaaahhhh….Aaaaahhhhh….Aaaaaahhhhhh’ in extended tones

rhythmically. Unable to put reins to my urges, my hands covered and cupped

her breasts and I gave a soft squeeze to her melons.

“Uuuuuuuuiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii iiiii” her moan was a suppressed hoot now. “Jai,

you won’t get anything for supper tonight as the masala dosas might get

burnt and spoilt if you play like this…” she muttered in an erotic voice enough

to suggest she was not only enjoying the pleasures but encouraging me

indirectly to continue with what I did. “Who cares for the masala-dosas

when the most sweetest delicacy is in front of me right now?” I replied

honestly. “Hmmm…you would starve then” she said turning to the mixer-

grinder to paste the grated coconut to make chutney. While she was working

the grinder, I remained glued to her back the way a male toad remained

mounted on a female toad. Her back had become wet with my saliva spread

by my lickings. Once I attempted creep my fingers fiddling with the lowest

hook of her blouse to open it. She sensed it and gave a slight slap on my

hands. I withdrew them. Later, I replaced my hands on her stomach again.

This time, the middle finger of my right hand was exploring the depth of her

navel. “Hmmmmmm…” she moaned softly. My right hand slowly moved down

her navel, inch by inch, advancing to the cunt. She was quick to understand

my motive for she slapped on my hand and pushed it away.

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