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Old 3rd April 2005
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keshavarti keep on going..............

reps to u

Bade bade Soorma .....
Ghus gaye BURR ma

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Old 3rd April 2005
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Real sexciting hairy stories... great job... carry on buddy...

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excellent stories....go...on

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repped you for the efforts!
Latest UPDATE: Feb 2010:: Original Story - Fashion Show, Forced Public Stripping, Mild BDSM

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Thank you very much friends. Here comes the next one.


I am a 20 years old Indian boy. My name is Ananta . My home town in
India is Calcutta. My uncle, Nanigopal is a suucessful lawer at
Calcutta. My aunt, Aruna is a singer and a teacher. I have one
cousin too. Rubina, my pretty cousin is 25 years old. She lives with
her husband at Delhi. My uncle is 50 and my aunty is 44. Rubina and
I are the most precious things to my relatives. They love us more
than themselves. Naturally, they were very sad when my cousin got
married and I left home for studying in engineering at Bombay two
years ago. Aunty cried for months and wrote me letters full of words
how she misses me and Rubina and how she is looking forward to the
days when I will come home. Uncle was gloomy too, but he didn't let
us know that.

Anyway, When I came home this summer, my parents were very happy.
After a week of huge happiness, we all started missing Rubina, my
lovely and sexy cousin. I have not seen her for last 2 years. Several
pictures of her that I saw in these 2 years only makes me feel that
she has become more prettier and sexy after marriage. Before
marriage, she was pretty alright, more cute than sexy. She is very
tall, a hefty 5'10", has long black silky hair, two large saltry eyes
and is extremely fair for a bengali girl. Everybody at her college
used to think that she is panjabi, not a bengali. She was very slim
and thin as well, only weighed 110 lbs before marriage. In contrast
of her slender figure, she had a heavy pair of tits and a big ass.
Even though I have never seen Rubina naked, I knew by my heart that
she is stunningly sexy inside. Her tits were about the size of a pair
of big oranges, not huge by any means but round and tight. Suddenly,
I felt very horny thinking about the pretty face and the sexy body of
my cousin. I was so hot that I had to jurk off instantly. That night,
I dreamed about how I like to kiss Rubina's juicy lips, suckle her
nipples and ram my big cock in her wet cunt. I jurked off hundreds
time. They were the strongest orgasms of my life. Before going to
sleep I decided to go to Delhi to visit Rubina.

Aunty was very elated to hear that I am ready to Delhi and bring back
Rubina to stay with the family for a month. She called Rubina and
told her about my coming. Rubina was very excited too. I took the
plane to Delhi the next day and reached Rubina's door with erected
cock. But my steam got out when I found that her husband's family is
very conservative and would not let her go with me without the
permission of the head of the house who was out of town. Besides,
Rubina looked very sad, gloomy and depressed. She was wearing very
conservative clothing with thick dopatta (shwal) over her head and I
could hardly see her face, let alone her body. Her aunty -in-law does
not let her go out as often as she likes, or dress as every modern
girl of her age does. Rubina has to sit around most of the day at her
room and do lot of household chores for her aunty -in-laws. So, going
home with me was a great escape for her, she was very excited before
learning that it is not going to happen soon without the permission
from her uncle-in-laws. She started to cry. I was very upset too and
felt more urgency to move Rubina out of her confinement.

Finally, after one day the man of the house came because he had to
postpone his visit to his village home for some grave reason. I urged
him very passionately how my family missed Rubina and pleaded to let
her go with me to visit my parents. He reluctantly agreed, but for
only two weeks. I had no options to refuse, so I yielded. The next
morning, the family driver of the house drove Rubina and me to the
railway station as I missed the plane because of the delay. Rubina
was silent. She didnot say any words to me. When the driver saw us
take our seats in the first class compartment we reserved and left,
only then there was a shred of smile on Rubina's face. First things
she said, "I shall go to the rest room." I noticed that the
compartment was rather small, had only one long seat and a overhead
bunk and a window. It was hardly 5 ft wide and about 7 ft long. Our
bags and stuff had taken all the bunk, so we will have to share the
only seat for the next 24 hours. The entrance of Rubina to the
compartment snaped me from my thought. I was enthralled and
speechless looking at Rubina standing before me with a big smile.

She has removed all clothes that she was wearing and now wearing a a
tight fit salwar kamiz. It was a semi transparent shimphon kamiz and
was shockingly feroza colored. All her inhibition from the
conservative clothings were gone now. She was a damn sexy fuckable
cousin now. She still have those long hairs which she let fall
freely. She was wearing heavy make ups on her face, dark mascara on
eyelids (also feroza) and very hot red lipstick. Her pauty lips
seemed to me two fresh orange loves to suck on. Obviously she was not
as slim as she used to be. She gained some weight. But most of the
weights have accumulated on her tits. They are huge now. From two
shapely apples they had become two huge cocoanuts. Still amazingly
tight. I could easily make out the trace of her flowery bra through
her see-through dress.

That bra must have been made of some very strong elastic material,
because her salwar kamiz was almost exploding at her chest. Every
thread of the kamiz were stretched to their fullest. To make things
worse (or better), the kamiz was very low necked, so a considerable
portion of her tits were bursting out of her kamiz clearly showing
the deadly cleavage.

Very reluctantly I moved my eyes from her tits and looked down. Her
white and fair belly with the deep naval was visible through the
kamiz. No she does not have any or very little fat on her abdomen.
She was wearing a skin tight salwar of the same feroza color and a
long high heel. In fact she is even taller than me with these high
heels. I do not remember how long I ogled my cousin like that. May be
it a was only a few seconds, but to me time has stopped counting. And
my old hard on has come back with enormous vigor. It was so hard that
it ached and it made a visible tent over my pants. I had no control
over it. My cock only dreamed about a sweet slim cousin who is just
sexy. But this new sex bomb that Rubina has visibly become was really
unaccounted for.

It was difficult not to notice the reaction her return has created on
my cock and Rubina noticed it. She smiled at it and said, -What
happened to you? Have not you seen a girl before? I was back to
reality and only managed to say, -No, I mean yes, I have seen many
girls but not as beautiful as you. I never thought you become so
pretty and beautiful lately. Rubina smiled again and said, -Ok, you
don't have to flatter me. I can not get chance to dress like this
often. My husband gave me this kamiz last year, but never got the
chance to wear it. It seems a bit tight as I have gained weight. But,
don't worry I am happy to be able to go home and meet my little dear.

Then she did something which she always used to do when I was a kid
and I hated it then. She pinched my cheeks with her fingers like I am
only two years old. I only protested saying, -You know your dear is
little no more and he does not like to be pinched by his cousin. -No,
my dear. You are still my little dear who likes to hug his adorable
cousin and always will be little too me. I was imagining the
consequences of a close hug at this stage. With her bulging tits and
my exploding cock it might be disastrous. To escape more
embarrassment I decided to pay a visit to the food compartment for a
change. It was a very hot day, about 100F outside. Winds was blowing,
but it was still very hot. I started to sweat a lot.

I got a pepsi for me and bought one for Rubina too. When I got back
after 15 minutes, Rubina was reading a film magazine with some sexy
photographs of Madhuri and Urmila. Rubina was sweating too. Her
transparent shimphon kamiz was virtually pasted to her body. My cock
came back to his usual hard on again. Apparently, the pepsi could not
cool it off. Rubina took the pepsi and began to drink. Then we began
to chat about aunty and Uncle a lot, my study and so. And off course
hindy movies. Rubina asked, -Do you watch a lot of movies, Anu? -Not
a lot. But watch the good ones. -What are your favourite heroins? -I
think most of them are very good looking. I like Madhuri a lot. And
Kajol and Karishma. - So you like Madhuri, ha. Why? do you think she
is sexy? I blushed at this question, but answered, -Off course
Madhuri is sexy. Kajol is more pretty than sexy. But Kareena is all

Then I realized that Rubina looks very similar to Karishma, only a
little taller and has at least double sized tits. But both of them
have almost cousin like faces. Rubina was a bit amused at my view
about Kareena and said, -Do you know that lot of people say that I
look very similar to Kareena Kapoor. May be I am not as pretty as
she is, but you have to agree that we have familiarity. -Rubina di
(cousin in bengali), don't be modest. You have some trace of
Karishma's face, but you are far prettier than Karishma. If you went
to Bombay without getting married, You would have been the most
beautiful hindy film star of modern time. -Wow, hold it dear. Don't
get carried away. Only tell me one thing. Since, you think Kareena
is very sexy, do you think your cousin is sexy too. I was stunned at
this question, could not think much to arrange my words, but
expressed my true feelings, -Rubina di, if you knew how sexy you are,
you would think twice traveling alone with a young boy even if he is
your dear. You are the sexiest girl I have ever seen, far more sexier
than Kareena or Urmila. Rubina pinched my cheek once again and
said, -Don't act older than you are Anu. You are still a little dear.
She started to laugh loudly then and said, -Off, it is very hot that
makes me sleepy. Would you mind if I take a little nap. -Off course
not. but where? since, we are left with only one seat. -Don't worry I
will put my head on your lap and lie easily.

Without giving me any chance to oppose she put her head right on my
bulging cock, raised her feet on the seat, closed her eyes and began
to sleep. Now I was really in a tough situation with my rock hard
cock. With the worm touch of her body on my legs, her silky hair on
my hands, sweaty and bare white snowy flesh of her tits just 10 inchs
away from my nose and above all, her very strong perfume mixed with
the husky smell of a sexy sweating lady made my cock trying to jump
out of her confinement. The thing it needed most at this time is a
fresh air and several brushing of hand strokes and it will burst into
flood of ejaculation. My cock was rather big, a hefty 10" when fully
erect and very fat too. It was trying to virtually lift Rubina's head
off the lap. Then the weight of her head gained on the cock and it
backed down a little before jerking her head up once again. Rubina
seemingly was deep in sleep, oblivious of the yo-yo effect my cock is
playing on her head.

Rubina was breathing heavily now with rhythmic motion of her huge tit
mounds. Beads of sweat have gathered on her neck, shoulder and her
exposed tits. Her skin was so fair that I could see her blue veins
running through her white tit flesh. I greatest impulse was to right
away dive my noze in those deep white cleavage and tear away her
flimsy kamiz. But I had to restrain my animal urge. The smell of her
sweat seemed to increase as she is sweating heavily now. I don't
know, may be, people sweat more when they are in sleep, but the smell
of her sweat was very strong and husky and sexy. It was a kind of
saltry smell that makes one to feel slobbering the body that
emanating such a smell with tounge like a dog. Then, Rubina raised on
of her hand to my shoulder and grabbed my neck like a child grabs her
mom. Her hand felt very worm and this position made half of her left
boobs be pasted on my chest. The touch of her soft tits was
unnatural. Above all, now I could see her wet armpit through her very
transparent kamiz that was pasted to her armpit and left no cover to
conceal what is inside.

To my utter surprize, Rubina had some black hairs on her armpit. As
everybody knows that armpits sweat a lot and sweating makes them
smell, Rubina's husky odours were mostly coming from her armpit. The
wet black hairs were so sexy that I was about to collapse. I always
thought armpit hairs are very sexy. Hardly any modern girls entertain
hairs on their armpit anymore that was the tradition for Bengali
ladies for so long. I once read an erotic book that says that Bengali
women always were proud of their thick hairs on the armpits. It was
considered an out-of-fashion or prudish conduct if any lady shaved
them at that time. Very few women who knows what is cool have ever
shaved their armpit. But now, almost everybody shaves their armpit
leaving the great tradition of Bengali culture. Anyway, I was hot
like fire with the sight of my cousin's sweaty and smelly armpit from
so close. My cock had almost become numb, still like a rock and

Somehow, I could not resist anymore but move my nose as close to
Rubina's boobs as I practically can. They were only 2 inch away from
my nose and they too were smelling husky with sweat. I then moved my
noze closer to her armpit. Oh god, I have no way to describe the
pungency or erotism on that smell. It will hardly suffice to say that
right now if the sexist girl of the world like Jennifer Lopez,
Salaunty Hayek or Brittney Spears come to me and offered their cunt
to fuck them, I would gladly trade the opportunity for a chance to
lick Rubina's sweaty armpit and the snowy flesh of her tits that were
bare. I had no idea how long it has been. It may be an hour, two hour
or just a minute. My cock was still hard like steel and will explode
the very first chance it will get. Rubina, meanwhile, rearranged her
body a little, now her juicy pauty lips with bloody red lipstick were
only a few inches away from my mouth. Her lips looked so kissable
with some beads of sweat over her lips, I brought my lips almost over
hers and was about to kiss her, then suddenly she opened her eyes and
found my face just inches away from her. I was very startled, but
Rubina didn't care.

She asked, -How long did I sleep? It is very hot today. I need to
change my kamiz it is almost wet. She the asked me too take down her
suitcase and bring out a new kamiz for her. But the key could not be
found anywhere. She must have forgotten them while leaving in hurry.
It was a big break for me. Now when I think about the incident it
still puzzles me at what would have happen (or not happen) if the
keys were not lost. Rubina was sweating so much but she had no way to
change. She finally said, -Atleast, I will have get rid of this nylon
bra. It is killing me in this hot day. I did not have the time to
realise my luck. But Rubina added, -Just do not look at me while I am
changing, my little dear. It won't take long. It would be better if
you close your eyes. I did close my eyes and after a minute she
uttered, -Ok, its done. you can look now. Oh God, what did I have to
look on then. Her flowery bra is gone and also her dopatta. Her
creamy tits were clearly visible through the semi wet shimphon kamiz.
The tits were amazingly holding up their shapes, very little sagged
out of their bra prison. But they have increased in size even more.
Now they seemed atleast like two big round volleyball. There are a
lot of sexy statues at the Konark temple with very tight, round and
perfect boobs. But I have never seen any as sexy as Rubina's. Her
nipples were not very big, but seemingly become erected by the
brushing off rough shymphon kamiz. And her nipple were potruding like
two cute little grapes on a cake toppings. The breasts are little
pinkish and dark around the nipples. I can even make out some blue
veins through her kamiz. It was one of the most sexy sights of my
life. My cock was at the end of its restrain and I felt the need of
the strongest ejaculation of my life.

But Rubina completely unware of the effect of her almost naked body
on me, said, -You are a good dear Anu. Let me sleep a little more.
Then she looked at my face. Probably seeing the sweats on my face or
something, she said, -Why are you still wearing that wet shirt of
yours. Put it off. You will feel good. I removed my shirt and my well
worked out body was in full view. I saw node of approval at her eyes
seeing my body. She only said, -You worked out lot, Anu. Thats good.
I like strong males. Then she dropped herself on my lap and laid down
like before and closed her eyes. This time not only 25% of her bare
tit flesh, but another 75% of her tits underneath the transparent
kamiz was visible too. The sight of the sweaty nipples potruding like
mini cocks was too much for me. And her armpits, they were still
smelling like crazy. Speaking of armpit, My armpit was full of hair
too. I only shaved my armpit once in my life and that was at my boy
scout camp 3 years ago. I had atleast 4 to 5 inches long hairs on my
armpit. When wet with sweat, they came out of my armpit like hairs of
Himalayan saints. I usually washed my armpit good, but for the last 3
days I was on the roads, so did not get the chance to clean them. My
armpit was smelling too. With my shirts off, I can smell it now. I
was kind of worried that the armpit odor might draw Rubina away from
me which I would not let happen by any means.

But my solace was in that Rubina was sleeping deeply then and was not
aware of any thing else. But I must admit that my armpit smelled a
lot, but Rubina's armpit was not lagging far behind when comes to
tickling the nostril nerves. She was smelling pretty heavily herself.
But her odors made me dying in desire to lick all over her body and
suck clean the sweats from all over her body. My cock already started
dripping with precum juice and I could feel wetness on my pants. But
I had no control over it. It is beyond the wildest dream I have ever
have. My sexy cousin whom I desired for long time was lying on my
laps with her semi exposed tits and sweaty armpit hair within inches
of lusting toung or nose is not something a boy like me dream even in
his dreams. And it is reality. I only prayed that I do not come in my
pants. Because then Rubina woul know how bad I am and would go away
from me forever. Anyway, Rubina then turned side wise and directly
pasting her tits on my belly and her lips on my bare flesh. Seemingly
she was sleeping. When I saw a little stream of sweat from my left
armpit started to run sliding my bare flesh directly towards my
cousin's open mouth, I was frozen. Now what shall I do! If the salty
sweat got into her lips, she would surely taste the bitter sweat of
my armpit with all those unclean armpit smell. But I was dumbfounded
and without any idea what to do.

Eventually the stream of sweat gets more sweat on its way and falls
right into Rubina's partly open mouth like a waterfall. I closed my
eyes and was waiting for her shocking reaction. But when I opened my
eyes what I saw was too great. Rubina is awake and smiling while she
is licking her lips that were just being wetted by my sweat. She
smiled vey sexily and said, -I never thought you smell so manly Anu.
My God, you have really grown up. You even taste like a sexy young
man. Would you mind if I lick the sweat out of your body, because you
are sweating like hell. I will just lick your body clean. She did not
wait for my reply. I guess she already knew the answer. So Rubina put
her toung right on my belly and with a big sweep run her toung over
my bare flesh. I was in heaven. She then moved upwrads with sweeping
my body with regular strokes. Each of them making me desiring to fuck
her even more. She then reached my nipples and licked one of them
while touching another with her long nails. She uttered, -Omm, dear
you taste so sexy. I should have licked you way before. Now, show me
your armpit that makes such a good smelling sweat.

I was shocked realizing that my armpit sweat and smell did not
offended her, rather it made her wanting more of them. I just raised
my right arm exposing a big bush of sweaty hairs and stopped
thinking. Rubina right away plunged her noze and tounge into my
armpit. She first took a big sniff and then run her toung very fast
on my whole armpit. The tickling she caused me was very very horny
and I just raised the other arm and her second hand reached there
fingering the hairs there. Then she swapped the armpit and did the
same licking and sniffing manure on the other armpit. After some
minutes of random licking, Rubina finally raised her head with still
licking her fingers full of my armpit swell. She said, -It was simply
refreshing too lick a yound armpit full of sweaty hairs. You never
shaved there dear? -Only once. Why? -Because, I hate the ladies and
especially guys that shave their armpit. The guys look silly without
them and ladies lose their dignity and faminity with clean armpit. I
am glad you have such a full grown hairy bush on your armpit. I
really enjoyed licking them. At this point I managed to say, -I am
glad you liked my armpit hair. I could not help noticing that you
have hair in your armpit too, Rubina di. -Off course I have. Aunty
taught me well that a lady should never shave her armpit. At this
Rubina looked at my bulging pant and said, -Dear, do you like to
smell my armpit too. -Please, didi, let me taste your fantastic
armpit hairs. -I knew you would like them, because we are same blood.
Rubina raised her arm and brought her sweaty and odorous armpit close
to my nose. I just put my tongue on her wet hairs there over the thin
layer of cloths. Rubina then moved her armpit away and said, -Let me
remove my kamiz, so that you will lick it directly. Since I licked
your armpit without any obstruction it would not be fair to give you
mine like this.

So she unbuttoned her kamiz and within flashes Rubina my khanki
(horny) cousin was half naked with her huge volleyball like boobs
swaying. I actually had seen them over the kamiz already, they only
looked a little fairer without the kamiz, but with same size and
attraction. Only her nipples became more erect and more dark. She
raised her arm and asked me to stand up and lick her armpit. I was
dumbfounded by my luck, but did get on my feet and put my toung on
one of her armpits and began to lick them. Her hairs there tasted
something like a very strong wine, but too much sexy. My cock is now
got even bigger with some additional room while I am standing. After
some licking and sucking at her armpits, Rubina said, -Oh, Anu it is
so great that you liked my armpit hair. My husband does not actually
care for them, but I kept them hoping for a day like this. -Rubina
di, I am very happy for you. Your armpits tastes like elixur from
heaven. I will do anything to have a chance to lick on them. -You can
lick them whenever you want. Only you have promise you let me lick
yours first.
I love to sniff hairy & sweaty armpits of Indian women!!!

The woman in my Avtar is old Kannada actress Aarathi. Always her armpits used to be wet with sweat!!! I am sure she has a bush in her armpits. Even today I jack off thinking of those curly bush and the strong musky smell from there!!!

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excellent dude

want more....more....and more.....

repped u +12

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One more hairy woman story for your pleasure!!!


An English missionary came to the village of my
grandmother's one time when I was staying with her. He set up
a podium with a lectern at the front of the villager's stage. He
told us that he was going to teach us the word of Christ. But his
speech always turned out to be about how Indian's mistreated
the homeless people without money. Every time he tolled us
that it was shameful how we treated our poor, the villagers
snicker, chuckle or laugh. He ranted that it was shameful that
we would laugh at the poor. He finally stormed of the stage in

He did not know that in our language the word we use to
refer to the female anatomy that English speaking countries call
a "pussy" is pronounced the same as the word English use for
the homeless without money --"poor". That was why members
of the village found his speech so amusing.

The same summer that my aunt had taken me to bed with
her, my grandma and my aunt were invited to a wedding in a
village a days travel away, so I stayed at Grannie's with a couple
of house servants.

Not long after they left the woman that was the village
barber came to the door. Her name was Janaki and she was at
least 40-years old. She asked for food. I was happy to give her
some food. And we started talking as I got it for her.

She asked me if I had started growing pubic hair and
menstruating yet?

I told her that I had reached puberty at age 11 and
admitted to growing hair.

She told me that I would have to shave that then or the
hair would cause perspiration to stain my school clothes in the
crotch of my panties and under the arms of my blouse with a
yellow stain.

I wanted to find out what it was like to be shaved like my
aunt was. So we drew a bucket of water and went to the
outhouse under a tree where it was cool.

She asked me to remove my blouse.

I was shy and tried to cover my breasts with my hands,
but she made me raise my arm over my head to expose my
underarm. She shaved it quickly and turned me and lifted the
other arm so that she could shave it too. This being my first
time to be shaved under the arms it tickled me terribly. I was
dancing around on my toes and it felt like I needed to pee.

While she shaved me she was brushing the backs of her
hands and her palms over my young breasts accidentally. My
little black nipples were as hard as rocks.

Then came the important part of her work. She asked me
to hike up my skirt and keep it above my waist while she shaved
me. I was reluctant to lift my skirt because I stopped putting
panties on when I visited Grandma's so that my aunt could play
with me when she wanted to do it.

I finally lifted my skirt for her and she looked at my cunt
for awhile and admired it. She ran her fingers through my hair.
Then she wet her hands in the water and wet my pubic hair. She
used a jasmine scented soap to lather up the hair. Then she
shaved me very carefully. It felt so good when she pulled my
labia down so she could scrape all hair from my lips.

When she was done I wanted to drop my skirt but she kept
washing it then drying it then applying scented oils to the skin.
She told me that she had shaved every pussy in the village and
had never seen a prettier one. She told me she wanted to kiss it.

I leaned back against the wall of the coconut palm walls
of the outhouse and thrust my cunt up to meet her mouth. She
attacked it ferociously. I was at my wits end from the thrill. She
lay me on the floor of the outhouse and spread my legs wide and
ate my pussy. Here I was with my dress gathered around my
waist and a mad, 40-year old woman sucking my cunt at the
same time she was squeezing my breasts like balls that we
played with at school.

I thought she had gone mad and was begging her to stop
before a servant found us. Nothing would stop her. Soon I gave
up all hope of stopping her and my feet were pounding the mat
on the floor. When she slipped a finger into my asshole I just
gave up and climaxed in her mouth.

Fortunately the compound was very large and no prying
eyes were around. I have to admit that she was a connoisseur at
eating pussy. I felt like I had been hit on the back of the head by
an iron bar when I came.

She quietly picked up her tools and left. I lay there for a
few minutes while I recovered. I was dressed and recovered
before Grandma and my aunt got home. My aunt was in for a
surprise that night when we went to bed.

We did not see each other much after that. But when I
visited my Grandmother she always dropped by to shave me and
beg me to let her eat my pussy. So she shaved 3 or 4 times a
year long after I was married off to a man who's horoscope was
in-line with mine.

-- * --

I had to live with his family and my parents had to spend
80 percent of their life savings from their teaching jobs to feed a
wedding party of 800 people. To Indian men, marring a virgin
is very important. The white sheets should be stained. And in
southern India proper women do not shave and they cover their
arms at all times. Only whores from Bombay ride trains and
busses with sleeveless dresses and shaved armpits. The men
ogle them like pinups. So after the wedding was arranged I let
my pubic hair grow.

The wedding started by us drinking milk from the same
glass. Then sharing a ripe banana. We were in a nuptial suite
on our wedding night and he lifted my sary up after we drank the
milk and ate the banana. He reached into my panties and felt the
hair. His grin showed he was pleased with what he found. He
lay me on the bed and undressed himself and me. I had seen my
father nude before so the sight of a male member was no
surprise to me, but his was dark and had an ugly purple head on
it. He spread my legs wide and guided his cock into me with
one hand. He thrust his hips into me hard. I was dry and it hurt
when he did it. To make sure I bled on the sheet I managed to
reach under my leg like I was going to hold them open and with
a metal thimble with a spike on it I scratched the lips of my cunt
to make it bleed.

When he came inside me he rolled over onto his back and
snored in a very short time. I almost cried thinking that this was
going to be my life. He was pleased with himself in the morning
to find a red bloodstain under my ass on the sheets.

I was soon pregnant with my first child. When my time
came they called the barber Janaki because she was the local
midwife too. She had no formal training but learned her trade
from her mother as they had done for centuries. She was there
for all of the post delivery treatment.

In India post delivery treatments are important; it is done
in a very specific way. We are bathed in a tub of hot water for
an hour at a time for 60 days. The elderly women of the village
take charge of the care of the new mother and baby during that

Janaki was famous for her skill in treating new mothers.
On the fifth day when I returned to my grandmother's home
from the hospital she came to take charge of my care. No men
are allowed in the home of the mother for 60 days. The idea I
believe behind this is to prevent the man from causing the
mother to become pregnant for a couple of months.

Janaki bathed me and washed me every day and massaged
me for hours every day with oils and herbs. I had been shaved
in the hospital so I was very smooth. She was free to do
anything she wanted to me in the name of treatment.

Every day she would come to Grandma's at about 7 pm,
with oils and leaves. The sun was going down and it was
cooling off from the day's heat. She would help me to a special
room set up for us. She would strip me completely nude. She
would apply oils from my head to my toes very slowly. There
was no rush in her work. It was a labor of love. She would
massage me and apply a medicine in a paste form to my pussy in
the belief that it would shrink the opening faster. She would
chat with me, telling me all the gossip of the village. She would
knead my buttocks like she was kneading beard and apply
sandalwood and tamarind paste to my body every day.

Then I produced a lot of milk. My child could not drink it
all. The doctor advised me to milk my breasts so that I would
not stop lactating. This was the best news Janaki ever heard. For
the rest of the time after the baby was feed, she would take my
nipples in her mouth and suck all the remaining milk out of me.

She was not shy about her treatments. She would even
press my breasts in front of my mother, telling her that she
didn't want them to get hard. After 20 days she put camphor
and some other things in a bowl over a fire and had me straddle
the bowl so that my pussy would inhale the fumes and get
fragrant for her nightly administrations to my pussy with her

-- * --

Not long after the birth of my first child I had completed
my studies to become a computer technician when my
Grandmother got ill and had to go to the hospital. I was sent to
one of my uncle's home to tell them to go straight to the hospital
to see their mother.

When I arrived and told them the news my aunt asked me
if I would stay with her daughter Mini while she went to visit
her mother in the hospital. I could not refuse their request.

When they left I waited for Mini to arrive home and tell
her what had happened and that I would be staying with her. I
was pleasantly surprised to see that the skinny little girl I
remembered had grown up to be an attractive college freshman
going to a distant university. She was home on vacation. I was
immediately attracted to her sexually. But I had to be careful
how I approached her or I would be in trouble.

We did not have to make supper because her mother had
been making it before she had to leave. I tried to talk to her
while we ate about college, boys and just about everything.
Mini answered in monocyclic words. At first I thought I was
boring her, but I soon understood that she was just shy. She was
a bookworm. As the evening drew late I closed up the house
and locked the doors and windows, turning out the lights as I
went through the rooms. I decided to make my first move.

When I entered her room she was on her bed reading a
book by Mills and Boone. I stood there in front of her and told
her, "It was very hot, I have to changes these clothes and take a
bath." I removed my blouse and stood there in my bra and
panties. It was my plan to leave my blouse near her in the
pretence that I had to check the lock on the kitchen door. I left
the door to her bedroom open a little as I left. But I just walked
back quietly and watched what she did. She lifted my blouse to
her nose and smell the fragrance of my jasmine perfume and

I was overjoyed that she was interested in my smell and
was sure that I could seduce her. I simply walked in before she
could hide what she was doing. I went right back to talking as if
I did not see her nose in my blouse. She could not look me in
the eyes. I began to brush my hair lazily looking in the dressing
mirror over my shoulder to see what she was doing.

I had not shaved my armpits in months and they had a
dark thick mat of hair. I watched her giving me furtive glances
at my armpits trying not to let me see what she was looking at. I
took my time and pulled my ponytail over my shoulder so my
back was visible to her. I took great pains removing my bra. I
rubbed both my tits after they were free. I was watching Mini in
the mirror. From the look on her face she liked the sight of my
white breasts with my black nipples in the mirror.

I turned to her and asked, "Have you started wearing a
brassier yet?"

At first, Mini could not answer me, but she finally
managed to say, "No."

I said, "Let me check to see if you are ready for one!" I
reached for her blouse before she could object. I pulled it out of
her waistband of her skirt. I had it unbuttoned in no time and
pulled it back to expose her small little breasts with her black
nipples. I reached for them and took both of them between my
thumbs and fingers and toyed with them. She just sat there with
her breasts rising and falling as she breathed. I pulled the
blouse off her arms and tossed it to the foot of the bed.

I laid her on the bed and placed her arms over her head. I
put my mouth on her hard little nipples. I sucked both tits until
she was bucking up and down on the bed. Then I buried my
nose in her armpit and smelled the sweat in her hair. I licked
her armpits until she was begging me to stop, but when I tried to
pull my head back she pulled me back to her armpit. I turned
her over on her tummy to remove her skirt and panties. I pulled
her hair up over her head and kissed the back of her neck at the
short curly hairs and reveled in the salty taste of her sweat. I
worked my way down her white back as I pulled her skirt down
with her panties. She kicked them off her legs in her hurry to
get nude for me. I followed a trail of sweat down her back to the
two dimples on her hips. I could not resist planting a wet kiss on
the swell of both cheeks of her ass.

Then I turned her over and looked at her cunt for the first
time. What a thrill I got. Her fine black hair started just below
her navel and spread out as it went down until her cunt lips were
hidden behind a fine mesh of black hair. I wanted to find her
clitoris with my finger but her legs were held tightly together.

I took another tact and put my face right over the crack
and blew air on it. I followed that by sticking out my tongue and
licked the hairy crack with the tip of my tongue. I reached for
both nipples and pinched them both gently. Soon her legs
relaxed and I parted the labia with my tongue. I did a tap, tap on
her love button with the tip of my tongue until the only parts of
her touching the bed was the back of her head and the heels of
her feet. She was clawing my back with her fingernails.

I put both hands under her ass and held the cheeks as I
sucked her clit into my mouth like I would soft ice cream. Her
body was covered in sweat as she had probably her first orgasm.
She was screaming out things like fuck me, fuck me, stick your
nasty tongue in my pussy you bitch. She finally relaxed and fell
asleep in my arms.

I let her sleep for a couple of hours, but the fire in my cunt
was driving me crazy. I kissed her on the mouth as I pinched
one of her nipples until she was awake. She looked up at me
with the sweetest smile on her face. She looked like an angle at
just that moment.

She went right for my full breasts and sucked them like
my baby had been doing for years. She was thrilled to find I
was still lactating and drank my warm milk like a baby. When
my breasts were empty she went for my skirt. I knew that she
would be inexperienced and she would take too long to make me
cum. So I stood by the bed and dropped my skirt and took off
my panties. Mini was looking at my hairy cunt like she had
never seen one in her life.

I got on top of the bed and straddled her head and lowered
my cunt to her mouth. She reached up with her mouth to meet
it. I was facing her feet and took both nipples in my fingers as I
rode my crotch against her mouth. Her tongue was out and she
tasted my salty clitoris, my cunt and my smelly asshole. I rode
her until I climaxed in her mouth. I could feel the juice flow
into her mouth and that greedy little girl drank every drop.
When I dismounted, her face was covered in a film of my pussy
juice. I had no idea that I could produce so much liquid. We
showered together and got ready for bed. We slept together that
night. When my uncle and aunt got home in the morning they
scolded us for sleeping until 9 AM.
I love to sniff hairy & sweaty armpits of Indian women!!!

The woman in my Avtar is old Kannada actress Aarathi. Always her armpits used to be wet with sweat!!! I am sure she has a bush in her armpits. Even today I jack off thinking of those curly bush and the strong musky smell from there!!!

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One more story for all of ya!!!


It was a rainy day when I alighted at Bombay for the first time. I was
married to a wealthy businessman from Goa. Rainy days at Bombay are
hell. You see all beautiful Victorian buildings and Manhattan like sky
scrappers in pictures, films and all other booklets about Bombay. But
you happen to land at Bombay on a rainy day, your dreams will die
first. I
was also like you only, totally upset with the ugly black mud, the
full of potholes, train traffic totally disrupted. My husband took a
and we reached a flat complex. But the ground was full of water and
children were playing in the mud water. I could not distinguish
road, playground, and campus. Everywhere it was flood like situation.

My husband was wearing loose pants and as soon as he paid for the
taxi, to
my astonishment he removed his pants and put it into a cover. He was
wearing his country made shorts and I felt greatly disappointed
seeing him
behaving like an illiterate. But he took his big briefcase on top of
head and walked to the building in front of us like a coolie. He gave
me a
hand symbol to stay where I had been. He somehow reached the steps of
buildings and there was water up to his waist level. Then he returned
took me like a child and carried me in his hands and walked once
again in
the water and reached safely. Then he began to walk to the top floors
through the staircase. There was a large crowd of people sitting at
steps, some cooking chappathis using stoves and some were mixing wheat
floor using cooking oil and making breads. I found all these things
embarrassing. I had to live among these disordered folks. I cursed my
and accompanied my husband with my big luggage. At last I reached 4th
floor of the building and my husband took a key from his purse and
the door. I too followed him inside my new residence.

It was a one bed room flat. My husband's business was not a
flourishing one
at that time. There was a portico type room first with little
Then we entered to the bedroom cum drawing room. There was a double
with a good bedspread. It was evident that it was newly purchased
after my marriage was fixed. Anyway I was relieved to see that I did
have to sleep on floor. Then there was a kitchen and adjacent to the
kitchen was a bathroom and latrine. My husband was wearing the same
and he opened his wardrobe and showed me several sarees and churidars
had bought for me. They were most of out of fashion. It was evident
that my
husband was not aware of current trends or fashion. Then he took a
of rum hidden inside one cabin and poured it into a glass. He mixed
it with
some water and drank it in one gulp. He did not care about my
presence. I
asked him to show me where he has put oils etc. I was planning to
take a
bath first. The long train journey in a second class compartment was
tiresome for me. I took a gown from my luggage and proceeded to take
There was no shortage of water. I tried to bolt the door. But the
door was
jammed and it was not closing well. I put some oil on my hair and
it well. Then I removed all my clothes and threw them into a bucket
and put
some soap powder into it. Then I rubbed the rest of oil on my breasts
opened the shower. I took some five minutes under the shower and then
apply soap on my body. I took extra caution to lather my pussy, ass,
breasts and my underarms so that my husband would not feel repelled
by my
body odour. I was expecting him to explore my body on that night. We
not get much privacy after my marriage to fuck good. I was totally
disappointed by his performance so far. It was nowhere coming near to
anticipations and fantasies which I gained after reading and hearing
a lot
about sex after marriage.

Sex before marriage is a taboo subject in India. After I was
satisfied that
I was clean and fresh smelling I opened the shower once again. I
loved the
heavy shower wetting my whole body. I fantasized about being a model
for a
bathing soap, jumping and dancing under a waterfall, which was a
soap ad at that time. I came to my senses, when my husband grabbed
me. I
did not know when he had opened the door and joined me under the
shower. He
smelled heavily of rum and smoke. I felt vomiting when he kissed me
his big moustache rubbing all over my nose and his bad breath. But I
not show any reluctance from my part. Like any devoted wife of an
man, I too had got my coaching from elders to obey my husband, cook
food for him, behave like a slave to him and be ready to take him to a
prostitute if he asked me so.

He then took me out of bathroom and placed me on the bed. I told him
I was
wet and I had to dry myself. But he was not going to hear any of my
He was intoxicated with his rum and I looked at the bottle which was
on the table. It was almost empty. I wondered how did he manage to
drink it
without any snacks or food. His penis was looking angry at my pussy.
It was
now very thick and I wondered how could he insert that big penis into
pussy. During my masturbations I was able to insert only three
fingers into
my pussy while I was at maximum heat. I did not have to wait much. I
felt a
pain at my vagina for an instant and then he was inside me like a
entering its den. I felt terrible pain, but after my husband began
inside my pain was subdued and I felt something ticking inside my
folds. Soon he found his rhythm and was breathing heavily and was
sounds like an animal. He was taking in his native language which was
Konkan and no one could understand it other than his family. Even
after ten
years of marriage I still could not recognize a syllabi of that
The language has no script, so we can learn it only by speaking!.

He moved about three to five minutes in me. I was laying like a pinned
animal with a big pole inserted into my pussy. My husband's heavy
body was
crushing my slim figure. My bones were going to be broken. His belly
pressing my pelvis and I found it very ticklish. It felt like a big
full of water being pressed to my belly. As his belly was covered with
small hairs it felt very ticklish to me. I loved the feeling better
the pleasure I received by intercourse.

Thus we started our married life far away from our relatives and soon
found the rhythm of life and adjusted with the life at Bombay. My
starts early in the morning at 8 am and used come back around 10 pm.
So I
was left alone at my flat and started learning computer classes and
with my
accountancy and law background it was easy to get a job. I changed
jobs at
different companies and decided to try for a government job. All the
private jobs were paying much but they were exploiting us to maximum
extent. In government jobs salary is comparatively less but we don't
much to perform anyway. I got pregnant soon after my marriage and
my girl promptly after 12 months of my marriage.

When we both started earning we sold our old flat and bought a new one
which was at the ground floor and rooms were more spacious. But it was
still an one bed room flat. But it was in good locality and railway
was near so that my husband can commute at ease. One morning after I
said good bye to my husband and put my daughter at her school, I was
relaxing after all morning chores were over by reading news paper and
sipping a cup of tea. There was one knock at the door and I looked
the peep hole and saw a dark lady standing at the door. I opened the
and asked her what was the matter. She was obviously looked like a
woman, wearing the traditional Maratti( Local people of Bombay is
as Maratti) dress viz a long sary worn with an edge taken between the
and inserted into the channel between the buttocks. This style looked
awkward to me first but it helped them to move faster carrying load
on the
head. When they move it was nice to see their buttocks moving like a
grinder up and down right and left. Most of the Maratta woman had big
buttocks too. They had enormous breasts and the upper part of the
and cleavages were open for everybody to ogle.

The lady standing before me was saying something in her native
which I could not understand. Then she changed to Hindi and told me
she came to my flat to enquire about whether I need to shave my
This was news to me. I have never heard about barbers for ladies and
visit flat to flats!?. I told her that I did not understand her
She then smiled at me showing her pearly white teeth that she was a
who visits flats and shaves armpits of ladies. In cities ladies were
sleeveless blouses and shirts showing the armpits. The armpit hair is
considered as a taboo somehow in history. We never see a film actress
a dark pit under her arms. It is prerequisite to shave them and keep
smooth as possible. Recently one actress had declared in an interview
the most discomforting thing for her is that she cannot grow hair
under her
arms. Only in Italy woman does not shave their armpits. In western
countries ladies wax their underarms whenever possible. But waxing is
painful and expensive technique.

An average India woman cannot spend a fortune each month on doing
waxing or
going to beauty parlours for getting them shaved wherever they
please. So
those who want to wear the sleeveless blouses steal their husband's or
brother's shaving set and shaves it themselves. But shaving is an art
it is to be done with care and at peace. There is great difficulty
when our
right arm is to be shaved as the left hand may not be flexible as our
hand. But in cities where there is a will there is a way. Everything
delivered at your doorsteps.

So coming back to the story, the woman told me about how she shaves
ladies in our flat complex, then I also thought I may try it for the
time. I invited her in and closed the door. She then opened a case
and took
a sharp knife and some soap out. I was shocked to see a knife for
purpose since I was expecting a safety razor. But she told me there
nothing to worry and it would be a smooth experience. I then removed
blouse and sat before her in my bra. She opened my arms and looked at
pit growth. I could feel the smell of sweat and perspiration from my
armpits. She touched my pit and put her fingers to her nose and
sniffed for
an instant. Then without applying any soap she used the razor sharp
and in an instant I saw some soft hair falling down. She repeated the
to me left hand too. And within two seconds she had done first round.
she shaved once again on both underarms so that the surface got
smooth. She
then touched there with her fingers and searched for any stubbles.
She said
the work was finished and I asked her about fee. She said it was only
rupees. It was a paltry sum. Then she took my pit hair fallen on the
together and put it in a plastic cover. I asked her what does she
want with
it. She then told me that my pit hair was so soft and she had liked
smell on them. She told me that she had collected it to sniff at

I was stunned by her bold remark. Then I gave her two rupees and she
left. I was thinking about her taking my pit hair home to sniff at!.
It was
totally ridiculous. Then I too started wearing sleeveless blouses and
understood the need for shaving our pits as people would look at our
body parts and may ogle at good pits. The armpits of women can make
men go
crazy. Each men is in search of a good armpit. The armpit hair makes
think about pussy. It is an aphrodisiac to many men. The maratti
woman came
to my house next week and knocked. But I told her that I like to have
grown in my pits and I do not plan to go sleeveless everyday. She was
with a sullen face.

I felt pity towards her making a living by shaving other women's
pits. It
looked a pathetic job to me, so out of pity I used her service
and I gave her food which was left balance of previous day's dinner.
expressed her gratitude and told me that nobody had given her food
from our
flats and most of the time she was starving. This open remark made me
compassionate to her. I then made some household activities like
bedsheets, taking wheat to flour mills to be done by her and used to
her some money.

This went on for an year and we became friends. Her name was
Poornima. She
would take my daughter to the adjacent park and would baby sit
occasionally. My husband did not like anybody from outside visiting
us. He
was of opinion that all the local people are cheats and thieves. He
me for encouraging woman to come and chat with me. But I told her
that I
had nothing much to do in the afternoon and perhaps I could learn
language by chatting with her. He was pleased about me learning native
language and he told me that it would give us an added advantage of
considered as a local family and it would be helpful when riots etc
which occurred most of the time during festival seasons.

My husband went for a conference at Bangalore and told me to take
care of
myself for a week. He was planning to visit his parents in the return
and it may take one week to come back. I gave him a go ahead sign and
was left home alone with my kid. Then rain started out of season. My
got a few holidays declared by the government. On one night, the rain
falling continuously from the evening and I had cooked food for me
and kid
and was reading a book. Then I heard a knock at the door. I was afraid
about some unexpected guest or intruder and looked through my
peephole. It
was the Maratta woman standing at my door steps completely drenched
in the
rain. I opened the door and asked her what was the emergency. She
then told
me that she may not get train to go to her place and everywhere flood
situation has raised. She begged me to allow her to stay at my
She said she would sleep in some newspaper and start in the early

I considered the situation and decided to give her shelter. She could
murder me as I had a revolver hidden in my house. She was drenched
and was
smelling awful. I asked her to take a bath first if she want to stay
at my
flat. She walked cautiously without wetting my floor and I gave her
an old
cotton sary to wear. She then asked me if I could spare some mustard
oil to
her. I gave her a bottle which I sparingly used. The mustard oil is
for cooking fish, and as a massaging oil which was preferred by North
Indian people. It had a strong smell and therefore I did not like it.
it can warm our body within instant if we rub it on us.

I then retired to my room and started reading the paper. Soon I heard
folk song being sung by the maratta woman. I was curious to see what
her such glorious mood. When I reached the kitchen I could see her
mustard oil all over her body standing in the bathroom and singing
She was completely naked and she was jet black all over. Her body was
glistening with oil and sweat. She was standing against me and I
could see
her hands busy applying oil on her back and buttocks. Obviously she
using the chance given to her to the maximum and about quarter of the
bottle was empty. Her hair was put above her head as a bunch and she
only a red string with some locket attached to it at her waist. She
had put
on leg on a platform and was massaging her big buttocks
alternatively. With
in a flash her round ass was in full view. Her ass was even more fair
rest of her body, but areas near her ass cheek was brownish black.
She did
not have any hair on or around her ass cheek. I was little surprised
most of the Maratti women hardly shave anywhere. They think that hair
their ass, around pussy and even armpits are sexy which really is.
But I
was quite surprised not seeing any hair on her ass. But I was not to
disappointed. Rather Purnima's clean ass mounds made a stinging
feeling in
my cunt. Then she bent down to take some more oil giving a broad
display of
her ass hole to my eager eyes. Her ass holes was a blackish brown
spot in
the middle of very fair skin. The ass cheeks were reddish and
was clean shaved. I was putting my hands into my panties and rubbing
pussy now. Purnima then did some thing very strange. She brought on
of her
finger with long nails near her ass hole and started scratching her
cheek. She then inserted the finger inside her ass hole only a little
and poked her ass for some long 30 seconds. She then brought her
finger out
and smelled it holding it before her nose. I could not clearly see
her cunt
as she was standing. But I could tell that her cunt was also
shaven. Purnima then raised both of her hands over her head for
oiling her
hair. I was watching the big blotch of wetness from sweat at her
She had a big bush of black hair on both of her armpit. I had never
something so sexy in his life. She was shaving every woman's armpits
these flats I wiped my tongue and lips imagining how delicious and
sexy it
would be to lick the sweat out of her armpit hair. Purnima seemed
of my presence and the effect of her nude body on me. But I was yet
to see
her frontal nudity from my angle of view. But I managed to get an
over all
idea about her black tits. Her tits looked bigger than I was expected
I see under her bra now. Then she moves sideways and started rubbing
on her big black breasts. I had never seen any tits so beautiful in
life, not even in porno movies starring Negro women who are famous for
their biggest globes of breast meat. They were fair, full, little
with jet black nipples and very large. They seemed to be lager than
appears from outside. I could imagine myself touching Poornima's tits
both hands and licking her nipples. Purnima then started pouring
water on
her body and wiped all the sweat from her body with a towel. She
raised her
armpit again and wiped the sweat from there too. She then brought her
close to one of the armpits and smelled it. She looked satisfied with

Then she began applying soap on her body. She used half of my toilet
within a few minutes and used it to remove all oil she had just
She was not using shower but taking water from a bucket using a mug.
she had forgotten to close the door too. Perhaps she was used to bath
open as her hut in a slum area could not offer much privacy. I had
women from the slums shitting near railway tracks sitting on the
tracks and
covering their face using their sary. Very near to them men may be
doing the same thing. And trains may be passing within five minutes
when a train approaches they just jump from the track and soon after
gone they will once again continue shitting sitting on the track!. I
never imagined they were such courageous people. Life in a Bombay slum
takes away all of your shame, self respect etc and soon you become an
animal, unabashed about your privacy, nudity and interested only to
more money. I could see her black body from behind and I did not get a
clear frontal view of her nudity. If she had a white skin she would
be more
beautiful than me. As she wears ugly clothes and chew tobacco and
appeared as if taken a bath her real beauty was concealed before

I thought it improper to stand there and watch her nudity while
taking a
bath and came back to my room. I could feel my pussy getting heated
up and
begging my hands to masturbate. I looked at my daughter. She was
peacefully. After some time Poornima appeared from the bathroom with a
smile on her face. She was humming another folk song in her native
language. I could recognise some terms and could guess it was a song
dirty slang. She was wearing only the cotton sary, which I gave to
her. She
was not wearing any blouse or brassieres. She wore the sary in a
round way
fashion so that it would cover her breasts from a frontal view. But I
see her breasts and most of her backside by a side view. The way she
could not cover her side view and I could see her breasts and I loved
moment of it. I was flabbergasted to notice her teats. She had very
and long nipples. It was sticking out of her sary like a small
finger. Most
of the Maratta women have taut and long nipples, which always protrude
out. I could not control myself any longer. I was damn sure that if I
there watching her semi nude body I might go mad and will rape her.
So I
proceeded to the kitchen and took some chappathis and poured some dal
over it and put some red chillie pickles and offered it to her. I
took some
bread and omlette for me. We started eating it, I was sitting on
chair and
she preferred to sit on the floor.

She was occasionally looking at a shelf nearby and smiling at me. I
not understand her message. I asked her what was that. She then
caught my
attention towards a bottle of rum which was kept by my husband for
his use.
I never drink such strong liquors and I hate the smell of rum. She was
begging me for some rum from my husband's store. I could not deny her
request. I knew that rum was the most cheap liquor and my husband
might not
scold me if he find out that I have taken from it. I opened the shelf
took the rum bottle and poured a half glass of rum and added water to
it. She grabbed it from my hands and greedily drank it in one gulp.
then asked me for one more helping. I poured another half glass of
rum and
started adding water to it. But she took that water bottle away and
it raw!. My god, she is a drunk it seems!. Anyway I put the bottle
away and
she got the message that she was not going to get anymore rum. She
then sat
silently and ate the food. Then she took my plates and washed them
well and
put them on the shelf.

I gave her a mat to sleep and one sheet for her to cover herself. She
the cover on the mat and lay over it. She put her hands above her
head and
I could thus see her armpit bush and my head started spinning seeing
bushy pit. I asked her, ""Poorni,, you have not shaven your armpit
why did you grow hair on your armpits while you are shaving every
woman and earning a living with the money". Poornima smiled at me and
" I'll never shave hairs on my armpits. Only my pussy and ass will be
shaved. My husband won't permit me to shave there. He liked the smell
of my
bushy armpits". She then asked me, "Madame have you shaved your pussy
ass by the way?". I was stunned at her question. I told her that I
had been
shaven when I was admitted for delivery.
I love to sniff hairy & sweaty armpits of Indian women!!!

The woman in my Avtar is old Kannada actress Aarathi. Always her armpits used to be wet with sweat!!! I am sure she has a bush in her armpits. Even today I jack off thinking of those curly bush and the strong musky smell from there!!!

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I still remember it as a most painful experience. There were about
women fully pregnant in a room and a nurse came with a razor for
us. She did not bother to apply any soap and shaved us raw. We were
experiencing shaving for the first time and thought it was customary
hospitals not to apply soap and wet hair. But the lady next to me
complained to her that she does not know how to shave and why did she
applying soap. But the nurse was very arrogant and replied that it
was not
her duty to shave women's pussies. "You are coming here for delivery
having a forest between your legs. What do you think we are here
for?, you
should have shaved good and come prepared. I don't have time to soap
bloody pussies and pleasure you with shaving. Lay there still or you
be hurt", saying this she removed part of her bush with a scissors and
shaved and she was writhing in pain. The others soon learnt a lesson
did not say anything and suffered the atrocity of the inexperienced

I replied her that I prefer a bit of bush on my pussy and I did not
any hair near my anus. I then changed to my night dress and lay myself
along with my kid. The bed room light was on. Since Poorni was drunk
tired she started sleeping right away. I could not get sleep and I lay
there thinking about the shower scene I had just viewed and I looked
at the
floor and looked at Poorni. I could hear her low snoring sound. Her
part of dress had fallen around and I could see her breasts naked.
Her head
was turned on her right side and I was looking at her from her left
side on
my cot.

I could not resist the temptation to look at her big breasts once
clearly. So I moved silently to the mat and with slow moves removed
upper part of cloth covered her fully away. I stood apart and looked
at the
beautiful view offered to me by Poorni in her sleep. Her big breasts
well rounded and as heavy as two footballs. Since she had applied
oil all over her body there was a glistening sparkle on her breasts. I
looked at her big nipples. I could not resist the temptation to touch
them. I had to do that otherwise I die, I thought. I put my hands on
breasts and looked at her face for response. She did not move a bit.
...encouraged I began moving my hands over her beautiful round big
breasts and
I took her large nipples in my hand and measured the length. The
were iron hard as I thought. I looked once again to her face to see
they became hard because of my touch. Was she awake, but I did not
see any
response. Her breathing was as normal as it was. Then I desired to
her armpit more closely. I moved her hands a bit away from her body
moved bit by bit until it was wider enough to feast my eyes on her
armpits. As if she had read my thoughts she scratched her hair in her
and without much move from my side I could clearly see her armpit
hair. It
reminded my like a perfect black pussy. The hairs were sprouting
and were reaching almost her breasts from the roots situated at the
portion of her armpits. I remembered her words about her husband
at her armpits and not permitting her to shave her pit hair fearing he
might loss the natural odour of her pit. I wanted to sniff at it and
it myself. But I still was not getting courage for sniffing. I did
not know
how many men had violated her in her life, in fact I did not know
about her sex life so far.

I moved to the kitchen and opened the fridge for drinking some cool
water. Then I saw the rum bottle and without thinking much I poured a
one into a glass and added water to it. I took it and gulped in one
the taste was bitter. I was getting courage. I had one more drink and
returned to my room. Poorni was sleeping in the same position. Her
pits were inviting me. My mouth was watering at the sight of her upper
nudity before me. She was so plump and I kissed her on her armpits and
sniffed her smell from armpits. Her husband was right there was
peculiar about her armpit smell. It remembered me of a garlic flower
and it
was stimulating me. Then she moved sideways closing her armpits. I
away and looked at her backside. It was black but so smooth like Naomi
Campbell's smooth body. I touched her backside and I felt I was
butter. The mustard oil had a bad smell but the skin was made so soft
loved the touch of her flesh under my hands. I lay close to her. I was
getting my head heavy. The problem with rum is that it hits directly
to our
heads and vanish in the same pace. I was getting enough courage to
further. I did not mind even if she awake and I was ready for some
explanation. My blood was boiling at the sight of the nude black woman
lying close to me. I moved close to her and touched her nipples from
behind. I loved the feeling of getting her nipples iron hard in my
and I started massaging those big breasts from my angle and I
suspected her
body temperature had increased. Then I longed for one view at her

Every woman craves for the view of another woman's pussy and tits. It
due to curiosity more than streak of lesbianism. God had created all
as bisexuals, there will be no person from either sex who had not
experience a caress or a seductive look from a close friend or
relation of
same sex. I was in such a frenzy and I was not going to stop. I
really need
a view of her black pussy. I knew she was drunk and could offer no
restriction. So I tried to remove the remaining clothes from her body
and I forced her to lay on her back so that I can get a full view of
frontal nudity.

I was getting bolder. I put my hands into her lap and took away the
edge of
her dress put inside her waistline string. I moved her dress from her
and she was laying spread-eagled fashion before me. I looked at her
pussy. She was keeping her legs crossed preventing me an inside view.
should apply pressure to part her legs and it might obviously wake her
up. I could see only the upper part of her pubic triangle. It was
shaved and looked so smooth. I wandered over her upper triangle and
smoothness of the part interested me. How could I resist my
temptation to
part her legs and peep at her labia. I brought up some courage and
tried to
move one of her leg away from the other. Her big thighs were so
creamy and
I felt as if I was touching a buttered surface. Even if she looked
ugly and
not bathed most of the time, her private parts were superb. Her creamy
thighs were dark but so soft and there was no hair on them. I kissed
inner sides of her thighs. That was a better idea than to apply force
she slightly parted her legs and continued to sleep as a child. Now I
see the rose coloured opening of her vagina. I moved my nose up to her
vagina and inhaled her smell. She smelled heavily of sweat, soap and
mustard oil. I did not dare to insert my tongue into her pussy. Then
moved once again and lay with her backside facing me and prevented the
celestial view of her frontal nudity to be. But I was not to be
disappointed since she was now offering the sexuality of her full back
uncovered to my feasting eyes. Her buttocks looked like two black
hill tops
and they were tightly spaced so that the channel between them could
accommodate even a piece of silk between them. I loved to see her
butt. The backside of her butts where the thighs start was doubly
than her other parts. Somehow her extreme blackness there attracted
me. I
put my hands over there and cupped her buttocks. I felt like I was
a finely powdered wheat flour using a generous amount of cooking oil.
was the feeling, I loved it.

I kneaded her fat black buttocks like that for some time. I parted
her butt
and looked at her asshole. It was so small for a big lady like her.
Now I
was satisfied with my explorations and decided to stop and go to
sleep. I
moved to my bed and looking at her nude body laying below on the
floor, I
hiked my dress and inserted a finger into my vagina. It was wet with
love juices. And I started masturbating slowly. I rubbed the upper
edge of
my vagina till my rosebud clit was enlarged and I took it like a
button and
rolled it between my fingers. Then I closed my eyes and dreamed about
standing in a shower with my barber Poornima naked and fully coated
oil. I loved the fantasy and soon inserted more and more fingers into

I then felt a kiss on my pussy and opened my eyes and found that
was sitting on the floor naked and her head was touching my thighs
and she
was kissing on my pussy. 'Madame, I was looking for eating your pussy,
please allow me, I just love it' she said in her language. I was
happy and
offered her my body. She took my cunt hair in her throat and moved her
tongue on my cunt. Then she told me, 'Madame, I will shave you first,
cannot keep your long hair in my mouth, if you allow me to shave your
I can please you to the maximum.' I was getting impatient, I nodded
She then went to the bathroom as naked as she was born and returned
soap and a mug full of water. She parted my legs wide and applied
soap on
my thick cunt hair using a brush. When it was a good lather she used
sharp knife on the surface and started doing her job. She was an
expert in
cunt shaving. I think she is better there than at armpits. When she
my pelvis and pubic mound she asked me to sit in bed keeping my head
high. She then put a pillow under my buttocks and carefully began to
my outer labia and after ten minutes she told me that it was
done. She took a small mirror from the table and put it to view my
Wah, she was a lovely barber, my cunt was as hairless as my daughter's
pussy. I moved my fingers over it and felt the smoothness. Then she
some dettol( deodorant) into the water and washed my pussy without
my bed. Then she dried my vagina using my own night dress. She then
my thighs up and she too joined my bed and kissed my pussy.

She was looking into my eyes lying between my legs. She had a laugh
of a
victorious person. She put her long tongue outside and used it as a
penis and inserted into my vagina. It was a feeling like your whole
was stuffed with a soft but thick flannel, which moved inside
touching all
my nerves and my pussy was writhing for some free space. She used her
tongue to create a whirlwind in my whole vagina and I was clenching my
hands on the pillow's sides and I felt I am going to die. It was like
I am
taken to Mount Everest and was going to be dropped into the valley
like an
ice ball. She then put her thumb finger to top of my vagina and
rubbed my
clitoris and never stopped her tongue's movement for one instant. At
last I
felt two or three orgasms building up inside me and they happened
like a
wave created when you throw a stone into a still pond. I never in my
experienced such a batch of consecutive orgasms.

She then lay there silently for some time and I moved to downside and
kissed her.As our lips touched, she slipped her tongue into my mouth
and I
could feel my clitoris begin to throb as though it were psychically
to my tongue. With just one kiss she made me come alive; what I
thought was
dead, broken now pulsated with desire.

I kissed her deep as I allowed my hands to explore her body. No
longer in a
drunken frenzy, slowly I made my way towards her bare breasts tasting
one at a time. I could feel her loving gaze on me as I made my way
between her legs.

We made love again and again that night. I had had no idea I could
feel so
much. This was more than flesh on flesh. My Soul seemed to be dancing
around the room, free at last. My body tingled with desire and the
between us, once filled with tension and anxiety now sparkled with

Thus I became addicted to pussy eating and I bet my lesbian barber is
best women who had loved me and will remain the same. My husband was
surprised to see my pussy hairless. He was also excited by the view
of my
bald pussy. He asked me why did I do it. I told him that I was
getting a
feeling that sweat and perspiration had condensed at my pussy and the
may offend him and decided to shave and grow hair afresh. He told me
would like such surprises. I was feeling guilty to cheat on him in his
absence. So I gave him a good fellatio and after that he fucked me.
He told
me that he was getting a feeling that he was fucking a minor girl and
loved it. He then asked me to shave once in a while and thus shaving
improved our sexual life.

The barber Poornima sneaks into my house like an ardent lover
whenever she
saw my husband going for a tour and I have never disclosed my amorous
adventures with my same sex to him. I know no husband would like to
that. It will bruise their ego and why should a happily married wife
her life committing such blunders. God created us to enjoy sex and in
whatever form available to us. SO DEAR FOLKS WHY WAIT, MAKE LOVE AS
I love to sniff hairy & sweaty armpits of Indian women!!!

The woman in my Avtar is old Kannada actress Aarathi. Always her armpits used to be wet with sweat!!! I am sure she has a bush in her armpits. Even today I jack off thinking of those curly bush and the strong musky smell from there!!!

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Not much encouragement. Friends, after reading stories and shagging, please don't forget to rep me. That only encourages me to continue this labour.

Here is one more for ya......


We had walked a lot and were carrying so many carry bags. When we
the lobby of the hotel our companions were sitting there after taking
dinner. The dinner was served at the restaurant itself. We were free
order the menu we prefer. We put all our bags and things in the room,
proceeded to take dinner. The restaurant was lonely and magnificently
decorated. Malasree is an expert in ordering delicious food and she
used to the five star arrangements. She ordered chicken hot and sour
with lot of pepper, roasted lambs, nan, bread, noodles and chicken
Manchurian. The food was delicious and heavily decorated. We ate is
leisurely discussing office gossips, jokes. Mala was a jovial
she could make any dull person into a charming one. When the dinner
over she asked waiter to give her some ice cubes as she want some in
she feel some head aches to apply on hear forehead. I found her
request a
little out of place, as there were no symptoms of a headache in her.
then gave a generous tip to him who gave ice cubes in a cellulose
basket. We then retired to our room.

The room was chilling as we had forgotten to switch off a/c when we
for shopping. She then opened her bag and took a bottle of French
wine. She
told me that it had become a habit for her to have some light drinks
dinner. She poured the wine in plastic cover and put it in midst of
cubes. It was a fast way of making wine chilly, when it was
cooled she poured it into two glasses and offered me one. The wine
was so
sweet and I did not feel any symptoms of kick. She was sipping the
slowly. But I drank it fast and she offered one more helping. I
accepted it
and by the time she had finished her glass, I had taken thrice the
she had. She then removed her sary and blouse and put a camisole
from her
bag. I could see her thighs naked. I too removed my sary and blouse
and put
a night dress. Mala then moved to my bed and said we should sleep
together. She then sat close to me and started asking questions about
sex life.

"Dear Alisha, do you miss your husband and daughter too much".

I said I am used to the absence of my husband as he would be busy with
travels. Since my daughter is staying with my mother I was out of
tension. The wine was taking its effect on me. I felt my head becoming
heavy and I was traveling in the air. Mala moved closer to me and put
hands on my shoulders and began to move her fingers through my hair
slowly. She was placing her face so close to my ears that I could
feel the
warm air of her breath. She smelled of Yadlee perfume and her breath
clean. I loved the closeness of her face near my face. She was just
touching my face here and there and moving her fingers idly on my
feeling the strap of my brassieres.

"Dear, do your husband fuck you everyday, do you feel lonely ", she
me. I told her that my husband makes love to me almost thrice a
week. He
is not a sex maniac like some other hubbies who are eager to lift
wife's skirts whenever possible.

"Do you suck his penis, dear?.", I was shocked to hear such a bold

"Yes, he makes me such him before inserting his penis into me, I just
him harder that's all".

"How did you learn sucking, dear?"

"My husband used to bring porno films to home and we watch them
On one day he lead my hand to his penis and asked me to shake him. I
did it
but he was not satisfied. He began to touch my face and tried to move
towards his penis. Then I got hint and began to take it between my
Thus I started cock sucking. I did it to him when I was on my periods
he was in a mood. ", I said.

"Does he suck your cunt?", Mala was eager to ask.

"Yes, he will do it to make me wet, so that he can put his penis at
ease. He has not so far made an orgasm to me with sucking my vagina",
told her frankly.

By this time she was putting her hands into my night dress and was
my backside. It felt it very ticklish to me, she then lowered my night
dress and kissed on my backside. Soon one hand came to open a button,
another button and soon I was laying next to her wearing only my
and panties.

"My husband does not fuck me much, I think he is loosing interest in
fucking. He drinks heavily most of the day. He used to have parties
everyday. He comes to sleep at 11 pm, then he will be heavily drunk. I
think his heavy drinking makes his sexual potency low", Mala said
about her
sexual life.

Whenever two ladies get in friendship, they used to discuss about
sexual life. Its quite natural too. She cannot discuss it in her
house. The relatives may think she is not modest. Sex is a taboo
subject as
far as normal Indian families are concerned. They boast to be the
land of
Kama Sutra and other sexual books but in the present era due to Hindu
Muslim militancy in India, sex has become a taboo subject. Muslim
extremists are asking for banning internet, video shops etc. They are
making women compulsory to wear purdah(black veil showing only your
out). Hindu fanatics have started covering nude statues and idols
were constructed in the famous temples using dirty clothes. One women
minister asked to ban Fashion TV in India, in which no bare pubis is
shown. Now they are not showing lingerie sessions in broadcasts in
Recently they burnt theatres showing a film 'Fire' based on lesbian
relationship between two co-sisters whose husbands neglect them and
one of
them is impotent. Thus the only way for Indian women to know and
about sexual life is by intimate talks between friends.

"My husband is interested to see my nudity whenever we are together.
asks me to dance in nude and bath together. Sometimes he will
before me, seeing my nude body", Mala was continuing.

"Dear I am fed up dancing every night with my fat body before him. I
been longing to be place myself into his place and watch somebody
else to
dance for me", Mala said.

"You want to see men dancing nude before you?". I asked her. I had
there are some strip clubs in Bombay where women can go and see men
clothes off for them. If Mala was so interested I could offer her my
to locate the place.

"No dear, I am fed up with those muscled guys and their monster
penis, I
hate them, I was talking about seeing a naked woman dance for me",
amused me with her wild desire.

"Please dear, can you dance for me, naked, please I will do anything
you, dear please", I was stunned to see her bold request. But the
wine was
spreading to my nerves, my body was getting heated up. I soon became
elevated into an adventurous mood. Mala was kissing me fervently and
begging me to dance for her. I then moved from the bed and Mala
guessed my
half heartedness to fulfill her wish. She did not miss the
opportunity and
switched on the channel music in the room. The room was soon beaming
the music of Vengaboys. I loved the song 'Brasil' very much. I
started to
dance my hips and shoulders as if doing a solo number. I was wearing
my bra and panties. I soon got the rhythm of steps and started dancing
fast. If it had not been the wine inside me making bolder, I would
not have
agreed to dance. I had learnt dance in schools but that was the end of
it. Mala put two pillows one on the other and put her head higher so
she can watch me comfortably. Soon I forgot that I was a junior
employee to
her and that we were there to attend a training. She raised her
above her waist and was putting her hand inside her panties. She was
looking intently to my body and at the same time she was slowly
rubbing her
pussy. Her unabashed acts boiled my blood. I was eager to make her
more and
more wet by my performance. I snapped my bra open and throw to Mala's
bed. I did not allow her to view my tits fully. I shielded them using
hands and palms. I occasionally gave her a flash of my erected
Mala removed her camisole and reached to take my brassieres thrown at
her. She took it in one hand and started sniffing it. She acted
biting on
its cups and at the same time with the other hand she moved her panty
one side and showed me her dark pubis. She was moving the side of
left and right so that I could get a flashing view of her crotch. She
fingering her pussy too. She licked inside of my bra cups and
reached one
hand to her backside and made her bra open. Her mammoth breasts were
released from the tight cover and they began celebrating their
freedom by
dangling left to right as per her administrations at her own pussy. I
took my hands away from my tits and made them dangle like a Brazilian
dancer. Soon my breasts were coated with sweat and I was moving them
in a Samba dance. I was making Mala mad. She started taking her big
breasts and lifted them up so that she can touch their nipples with
tongue. Soon she succeeded with much effort in taking her own nipples
her mouth. She bit them and they were looking at me like black
bullets. I
was metamorphosing into a club dancer with prime aim to seduce my
client to
maximum satisfaction. I raised my hands up and show her my armpit
hair. I
know she was crazy about my hairs. She imitated me by taking her
hair and pulling them so as to convey me she had longer hair in her
pits. I
then reached the hem of my Panties and started removing it slowly,
inch by
inch. Mala was enjoying the spectacle. She never thought about her
wish fulfilled with such ease. I was sure that she would do anything
me. I was acting like a slut. I showed her my hairy pussy and I put
finger into my furrow and sucked my finger. I tasted my own juice. It
good, and fragrant. Mala yanked her panties away and with one hand
her breasts with the other hand she began to explore her pussy. She
acting blatant. She inserted one finger into the vaginal hole, then
another and then one more. Soon she progressed to insert four of her
fingers into her pussy hole and was frigging herself violently. She
lifting her fat buttocks from the bed and was using her thumb finger
to rub
on her clitoris.

I too yanked my panties away and danced there stark naked. My body was
coated with perspiration and glistening with sweat beads. I was
moving my
pelvis upper and upper teasing Mala. She responded moving her fingers
into her pussy. Then she searched for something under her pillow. I
surprised to find her taking a white dildo from under the pillow. It
double the size of my husband's erected penis. I was seeing a dildo
the first time in real. She switched it on and first applied the edge
her nipples. Then she moved it into her armpits and then she moved it
her valley between breasts again she applied it to her areola. She was
touching the edge of her nipples once again. The she sucked the dildo
for a
while and inserted it fully into the vagina. I stopped my dance and
with astonishment disappearing into her pussy. She was making animal
sounds. She applied it to her clitoris and it got erected. With one
pinching her clitoris she moved the dildo to her asshole. She moved it
around her anus for some time, again she put it into her vagina. She
it inside and out until she achieved her peak. She then jumped out of
bed and carried me in her arms and deposited me in the bed spread
eagled. Without wasting an instant she jumped over me as lay there
my face and lips.

I was lying there tired after my dance and my head was spinning with
of wine. I was taking the role of a passive partner in the lesbian
relation. I knew by my experience that Mala was a skilled lover and
could take me to paradise. My expectations soon came true. Mala
pleasuring me from my forehead. She kissed on my forehead then she
my eyebrows and then put her lips on my eyes. I shut my eyes, soon I
her lips lingering on my nostrils and she sucked the sweat deposited
between my nose and mouth. She acted like tracing a moustache which I
had on me. I came to aware that this was an erogenous zone and then
took my full lips in her mouth. She chewed my lower lips without
me. She knew how to press maximum with her lips without hurting me.
then moved to my throat, shoulders and she raised my hands above and
keeping her fingers intertwined with her fingers buried her mouth to
my armpits.

She seemed like my saltiness at my pit growth and pulled some hair
into her
mouth. This hurt me and I then said a 'Ha' sound and she began
pressing my
breasts using her large pendulous breasts. I liked the contact of her
massive boobs on my comparatively small breasts. She moved her
breasts in a
circular movement so that our nipples and areolas touch each other.
trick was its effect on me. My nipples got aroused and she was
touching my
teats using her engorged teats. This went on for hours and she was
my pussy using her massive thigh keeping one leg between my legs. She
lifted one of my legs and lay on me in a XY fashion. Her pussy hairs
touching my pussy hairs and I felt I was getting some sponge bath
with her
hairy pussy filled with her pussy juice and orgasmic wetness. I
tried to
take her legs between my legs so that she can rub my pussy with more
pressure. She understood my idea and used her left knee on my pussy,
as if
she wanted to insert her big knee cap inside my vagina. Soon juices
started flowing from my pussy and I was sure that Mala came to know
that as
her kneecap was slippery. She then left me and proceeded to open her
bag. I
was frustrated by her abrupt stop and looked intently what was she
doing. She took a black strap on dildo and wore it around her
She tightened her belt and now she looked like a man with dangling
breasts. She took me to stand near a table with my arms firmly placed
the table. She grabbed my tits standing behind me and started milking
me. She inserted her finger into my mouth and I sucked it. She then
me at my throat and took a bottle nearby. She poured her oil into her
and applied it on my anus and to my pussy folds. She was squeezing my
breasts in a brutal way, I felt very much submissive under her
weight. She
then asked me to put one of my legs on the table. I obeyed her. I
understood that in this posture my pussy was wider. She then applied
oil again on my pussy opening and on her artificial penis. Then she
to invade my cunt hole slowly using the tip of her dildo. At first I
felt a
little pain, then she moved the tip in and out repeatedly. After some
minutes my pussy walls loosened and she pressed her penis into me. She
began moving slowly, I felt my pussy fully accommodating the penis.
she started moving inside me. She started fucking me like a man.
Unlike my
previous human fucking experiences it was different. The penis never
limp and was whirling in my pussy. It touched every inner corner of my
pussy hole. She was fucking me like an expert man. After some time she
moved me to face her. I saw she lifting me upper and I crossed my legs
around her waist. It looked like I was attached permanently to her
with my pussy welded to her dildo. She scratched my back with her long
nails and moved in speed. I was getting choked in my pussy with her
dildo. She fucked me for five minutes in that position.

Then she put me sitting on her lap and inserted my vagina slowly
around her
dildo. She supported me below my breasts and at the same time
massaged my
breasts. I was seeing heaven. I lost count of orgasms I achieved
and bigger. She bit my back occasionally. She was mad as an animal.
she took me to bed and lubricated my rectum using oil. Then she
her prick into my asshole and fucked me until I saw stars.

We lay there nude on the whole night. I never felt such exhausted in
whole life. I thanked god for making my husband with much smaller
penis and
making him ejaculate within 5 minutes in the whole life. In the
morning she
bathed me and urinated on me. She said piss in the morning has its
medicinal values and it diminishes our blood pressure. She then told
me she
want to see me hairless. She shaved my pussy, legs and armpits at the
evening. It was another fucking festival with two bald pussies. On the
third day she spent hours eating me after applying honey on my pussy.
I did
the same to her. Even without applying honey her pussy was sweet. I
dozing most of the time in my classes. Fortunately our lecturers were
and did not notice my inattention. On the last day we had class up to
afternoon. I left early to my home to take my daughter. Malasree gave
me a
small box before saying good-bye. In the flight I opened and for my
astonishment it was a valuable diamond ring. We are still in touch.
has asked me to inform her when my husband is away so that she can
come and
stay with me at Bombay and enjoy our mutual explorations. I look
for that golden occasion. Meanwhile we are going to meet next month.
has been selected as the chairman of promotion committee. I am sure I
get promotion this year.
I love to sniff hairy & sweaty armpits of Indian women!!!

The woman in my Avtar is old Kannada actress Aarathi. Always her armpits used to be wet with sweat!!! I am sure she has a bush in her armpits. Even today I jack off thinking of those curly bush and the strong musky smell from there!!!

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