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Old 8th February 2010
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GENELIA fucked for d first time...

geneliaa....oh.... the name itself can make any one get wet in their pants. What a horny bitch she is and the most important thing she was still virgin and had never let anyone go into womenhood holes that is her pussy and ass..
She often uses vibrators of small size to fulfill her desire. .

geneliaa was getting ready to South Africa shooting schedule for her forthcoming movie. She was looking extraordinary blonde with a white designed sleeveless low neck top and a matching white tight midi. Her tops were exposing her stiff chest and the midriff line while her skirt was sticked to her skin showing her bulges, hollows and curves.

She looks great in white, pink and black dress due to her shiny wheatish skin. She was already late and was in a hurry, suddenly her mobile rang and she saw her boyfriend (point to be noted that she never allowed him to touched her body even, he was allowed to just kiss her on lips just to greet when they meet) calling her.

She attended the phone and said immediately that she was already late and will call her back, but he wanted to meet her before she leaves as the shooting trip was of 15 days and he can not wait so long without seeing her. Finally she agreed for just a minute meeting and drove her car to his house.

genelia's Boyfriend was waiting outside the house as she reached there. She even not got off the car, just slided the glass of the car and gave a long lip kiss to him. He said thanks genniethis is enough for this long 15 days separation and asked her take care of her health and body.

Neither he nor she knows that this 15 days will be a hell for her sexy body. She said bye and went driving the car very fast to the airport where the crew members were waiting for her to come. Unfortunately she met with an small accident in tension of getting late and missed the flight.

A call ranged again and that was the producer of the movie asked her to come by the next flight which is at late night as the place where the shooting is scheduled is allowed for only one day by the government of south africa.

From now the bad time of geneliaa started. She changed the ticket to next flight which was mostly crowded with Black peoples. Everyone was staring at genelia's cleavage and she was feeling uncomfortable by this.

But by anyhow she has to reach for the shooting, so compromised herself. It was 2 o'clock in the midnight when she reached south africa and no one was waiting from the crew to pick her up.

She was really frustrated by the black mens staring at her like wolfs. She tried to contact the crew members but no one can be connected. The situation become more worst and she felt shivering a little, suddenly a soft voice came from behind "Hello! Miss".

She turned around and saw a tall white guy of age about 30 standing in front of her smiling. Without allowing her to think he said "Miss i think i know u,u r GENELIA…right.. ..she relaxed as somone knows her and could help her out. So with a hot smile she said "Yes... and she need some help". He introduced himself as Atul and asked what is the problem.

She explained her the situation and told him that she want to make a call to their crew member. He said in a childish way miss u dont know that in this country the signals to mobile are cut off in the night after 12 for the security reason.

Do you have a hotel landline number? genelia shook her head sideways saying No! Atul with a wicked smile said then you have to wait untill morning and then u will be able to get connected to them.

Then he asked where she will stay? She said that she is coming here for the first time and dont know anything so please help to accomodate in a nice hotel. Atul said ok i will arrange a taxi to a Big hotel at a distance of half an hour travel from here and went to call a taxi.

After a few minutes he came back with a tall dark black guy of about his same age. He was looking like ghost with big lips and was staring her like anything from top to bottom. His crotch was bulged huge as he was not wearing any underwear and was hanging to his knees.

Geneliaa was scared of his look alike and hesistated. Atul said dont worry miss he is my friend Kalu and i explained him everything. He will drop u to the hotel. genelia looked at kalu again, he was staring at her breast and then with some hesitation she said to white man "Atul can u accompany me to the hotel, i will pay u money".

Atul laughed mysteriously and said miss " i am not in need of money, i am ur fan from the day i saw you in boys and helped u out of the situation that's it".

If you really want to give me then give something which will be a sign remembrance that we both can never forget each other. genelia could not understand the trick he played and asked what is that thing? Atul said ok i will tell u once we drop u to the right place.

Then they went to taxi for the travel, genelia noticed that the taxi has black glasses. She then sat on the back seat of the taxi and atul on the front seat.

Kalu started to drive the car an traveled his way, after a few seconds the car entered a small mud way inside the jungle. geneliaa got afraid and asked Atul where he is going.

Atul replied in a cool manner dont worry this is the short root and if we go by road it will take more than two hours to reach the place. The car was moving slowly, not even a single light or sign of humans in the way. Atul started talking to genelia to indulge her in some other thoughts.

He started collecting all the details how long she will stay here and everything. geneliaa while talking noticed that Kalu adjusted the cars rear mirror and staring at her. From the mirror view he can view her clevage, her white nylon panties could be seen clearly from the rear mirror.

genelia noted that and closed her legs tighly and sat in a side way so that he cannot see her cleavages. Kalu dont know english so he told something to atul with a lusty smile. Atul turned around to face genelia and said miss why are you so scared, there is no one among us three.

So sit comfortably and let kalu enjoy your body as he never seen such a sexy peice of flesh.

genelia shocked on the words of Atul, but she behaved as she didnt hear anything and asked Atul "it is more than half an hour but still no buildings are visible". How much more time it will take to reach the hotel ?

Suddenly the kalu stopped the car and it stopped with a loud sound of breaks. genelia saw from the opened window that it was a plain ground looks like some old park with round tables of low heights with some benches. Around the benches she also saw some stripped clothes torn in pieces and it was all ladies clothes. She was totally scared and her heart beat was on high. Atul and Kalu both got out of the car, atul said miss come out we have some work here with a different smile staring at her.

She realise the circumstance and got of the car. She used to practise martial art, so as soon as get off the taxi, gave a nice kick to atul on his stomach. The kick was with a great power and atul hold his stomach and sat on the bench in that place. geneliaa looked like tigress with a strange face of anger, shouted you bastards give me the car key or else you will have to bear more pain.

Kalu was very cool and continued staring at her cleavage, which made geneliaa feel that she was a female. She felt little shy and started adjusting her exposed body parts. By the time Kalu moved towards her slowly, suddenly she saw him coming near and raised her leg to kick him.

But he just holded her with his left hand and gave a hard punch on her upper abdomen. A loud voice came from her mouth aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa aaaa... and she felt on the ground holding her stomach.

Tears began to flow from her eyes with a sivere pain and blood oozed by the side of her lips. Her body was shivering like anything, crying due to sivere pain and she was totally fainted by the hit, almost half died.

now both Atul and Kalu started laughing loudly on the pity situation of geneliaa. So sexy lady how u feel now atul asked. Kalu went near and grabbed a bush of her hair from back and made her stand.

She could not stand properly but was forced to do so and then kalu licked her blood by the sides of her lips. Atul said dont again misbehave with us, Kalu hitted you on upper abdomen thats the reason blood came from ur mouth.

If he hits you on your lower abdomen the blood will come from your lower mouth and that also he loves to drink. So behave like a good girl and do whatever we say. I told you in the airport that you should give something which we both can never forget, so give us a nice fuck of your three holes. genelia was scared of another hit from kalu so not said anything inspite of her will to say no.

Now atul asked kalu to remove her clothes, he was still holding her hair firmly not allowing her to make any movements and torn the clothes like paper with just one pull. geneliaa was now in her white lace decorated nylon bra and panty.

She was looking stunning in her inner garments. genelia was still suffering from pain and could not resist anything but only some half eaten words were coming out her mouth saying p........leas.... l...eve me......no.....but nothing stopped them. She saw both the guys got big bulge in their pants on seeing her half nudity. Kalu said something to her but she could not understand, Atul translated the words said by kalu.

Sexy bitch he is asking to hold her prick with your soft hands, do it or else he will hit you hard. She immediately hold his big anaconda in her right hand over the pant. She can feel the rigidness, length and thickness of that hot rod and swallowed her breath. Kalu closed his eyes with pleasure moaning aahhhh.....mmmmmm....

Then again atul asked kalu to remove her undergarments without hurting her. He unhooked her bra, removed and throwed side ways. Both of their eyes were sizzling like stars seeing those hard and stiff pairs of melons with deep reddish aerolas and erected big red nipples.

She hide her boobs with her hands, kalu got angry and folded his fingers to give her another punch. As he moved his hand back to give force she cried no...... please .... and took her hands off her breast.

Kalu stopped his hand and again both of their eyes sizzled. She turned her face side closing her eyes but an order came again open ur eyes lady and watch our eyes. After some time kalu said something in his language and some argument between both of them went a while.

Suddenly atul said to him to remove her panty too and he snatched it and throwed it away. Looking at the bulgy mound covered with trimmed public hair with a reddish pussy they got lost of themselves for sometime.

geneliaa can feel the size of the cock in hands growing bigger and heart beats increased. Her hard stiffened breast going up and down with her deep breaths.

She was seeing the pair of both the eyes as ordered, it was getting lusty than before.

Both of them were fucking her complete nude body from top to bottom with thier eyes. Atul said " oh fucking sexy lady u r still virgin i guess".

Kalu told me when he saw your firm breasts, i did not agreed but it looks true.
Tell me lady r u virgin, i cant believe a lady from film industry could be, tell me the truth.

genelia cried yes, i am still virgin, please dont do anything , leave me.... please. Atul again asked which holes u r virgin, dont tell lie as kalu has techniques to find out which are the virgin holes of a women.

She kept silent, kalu shouted he and she answered i am virgin in my both front and back holes.

Then with a wicked smile he asked what about ur mouth sexy . She replied i used to blow the persons in the film industry to get the movies signed and they cum by my mouth sucking itself.

Atul looking at her mouth and sexy fat lips really you can make cum with your mouth itself. So lady the deal with us right now here is that you will first suck our cocks deep in your mouth, then we will fuck your both the holes atleast once. But i dont know how many times kalu will fuck you, normally he fucks a sexy girl about ten times without break. Saying this atul removed his pants and underwears, his 12 inch white cock of almost 5 inch fat cock was in full erect.

Kalu removed his pants too and was shocked to see his black anaconda of a foot long and thickness same as that of atul. genelia was scared of this two monster cocks as she had never expereinced cocks of average sizes in her holes. She often masturbates with small vibrators and definitely such big anacondas will kill her parting her into two half.

geneliaa begged them saying i will suck your cocks for whole day if you want, I a sure you can feel the same pleasure but please dont spoil my virginity. I am going to be married to my lover, i have never allowed him to fuck me till now. Please for god sake leave me, please......Atul said if we leave you for god sake than what we will eat lady.

Also if you got experience of having sex with us you can make nice sex with your lover too. So stop pleading but you can cry as we like you cry more and u will be once we enter our sticks in your virgin holes.

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Old 8th February 2010
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007austin has many secret admirers007austin has many secret admirers
Genelia was one her knees as she could not stand due to severe pain in her stomach due to the punch of Kalu. They both were in front of her face with the monsters in their hands. Atul asked her to hold and kiss his cock, she did as said. The kiss of her hot, spongy lips made him moan offf.... damn hot ur lips are he cried with passion.

Take it in and suck it nicely lady, while Kalu was looking at atuls face expression. He made to hold her other hand his big monster cock and started fondling her stiff nipples. Atuls cock was so fat that she struggled to take half inside but she was professional in blow job and managed to take a 3/4 th deep inside her throat and with other hand she was masaging kalua big cock. Slowly both the male hands cupped her both the lemons and started squeezing it hard. geneliaa wanted to cry with pain but no way for the sounds to go out from her mouth. Her eyes were red and tears rolling through her chin.

She was sucking in complete rythm bearing all the pain, atul suddenly with a quick push inserted his full length in her throat. Her eyes bulged out and face become red, after giving some strokes inside her throat he realesed his first thick load in her throat which went in her stomach directly.

Atul was moaning argghhh... ah..... oooofff... what a sexy blower she is and kept his cock inside for sometime, then took out, a long stream of his sperms and her saliva hunged from her mouth to his cock. His cock didnt remain still in the same erection. Kalu was happy that atul had finished as he was waiting for his turn.

As soon as atul removed his cock, he just went in her mouth with his monster. She could not take it fully as it was an abnormal size but kalu was forcing hard holding her head from the back. She waved her hands in no signal but kalu want that to go in her complete.

She cried bitterly but sounds were muffled only her .nnnnnn........m.mmmmmmm....annnnn........ were coming out.

Atul was squeezing both her boobs hard with his hands watching her sexy face and sexy moanings coming out of her mouth. genelia inspite of her severe pain moved her head here and there trying to pull her head away but all went in pain. Kalu won in the struggle and his monster cock was completely in her throat with a loud cry from his mouth yeahhhhhhhhh......

Her throat was swelled upto her chin and eye balls dropped out from the eyes, she kept beating the ground with both the hands. Kalu was still for a while without any movement and then slowly pulled out his cock.

She gasped some air and coughed a while, crying plea.......ad again kalu pushed in completely. Then he started moving his hips like flash in and out with great force and speed. She holded his laps and he was riding hard and hard in her mouth. Her body started shivering again but no pity in any of those eyes, nicely face fucked and shooted his loads after loads in her.

All she could do is to swallow them, Kalu was happy to realease his first shot and started giving jerks again without any stop. Atul said in his language, enough kalu she will be with us for 15 days and we have other virgin holes in her body. Kalu took out his cock and made her lick to clean the sperms in his cock. It looked more big than before.

Then they made her stand and took one melon each in their mouth. They bitted, nibbled and chewed it like small babies drinking milk from the breast. But these babies have got big strong teeths which hurted her but she could do nothing except crying with pain.

While sucking the breast each of their hands caressed her both the virgin holes which made her moan some pleaurable feelings. After a few minutes of sucking they stood up and touched her boobs with their fingers.

Her breast was swelled with some marks of their teeths and was jiggling like those big boobs of actress manisha koirala. They laughed and said now your boobs look good, her hard boobs were made soft as milk cream.

Atul said now we are going to the second round of the deal. In this round we allow you to make the choice that is which cock in which hole, you can tell this. geneliaa was scared of taking any of this in any holes as she was not mentally pepared fro such long ones.

She had felt the erected cock of his boyfriend and it is not more than 7 inches. But here both of them were almost double the size of his boyfriends cock. A harsh voice came from Kalu and she replied immediately atul you take my front and that guy my back.

She guessed that definitely if kalu put his one in her pussy it will will be tored and no one can fit his cock again in that. So she accepted the atul cock in her pussy and allowed kalu in her tight asshole. Now they both were happy as they also wanted the same holes to be ploughed by them first.

They again made her stand, widened her legs, atul knelt in front between her spread legs and kalu went back, knelt in between her legs.
Atul holded her thighs apart and inserted his mouth in her sexy juicy virgin pussy and started licking it. At the back kalu holded her tight ass cheeks and aparted and started licking her asshole.

genelia was completely aroused of this action as she used to do this with her vibrator till the day and for the first time she had the feeling of the two different tongues in her secret parts. All her pain was dissappeared and her both the hands started fondling heads of those licking dogs. She was moaning in pleasure ummmmmm.....unhhhhhnhnnhnnnnnn....oh.....mmmmmm... .do it.....ooh la....la......nice.... and her pussy began to flow with her hot juices. Atul was eagerly swallowing all of this virgin sexy lady.

He was abusing her bitch you are soooo... tasty that i will eat your pussy and then told to kalu in his language that she is ready for the first ride. They then inserted one finger in the tight holes and made it fully lubricant so that she could not get hurt in the first time itself.

Then they inserted two fingers inside her holes and fingered for some time. She screamed with little pain oeeeeee..... ma........... dont .....a..a......a..a.a.a..a..a.

Both of them finished their job and stood in front of her. They watched her face and eyes now become lusty. No one can forgot what happens if the sexy bitch geneliaa gets lusty. They made her lean with her hands on the table in the park and atul spread her legs wide opened.

He went and take the position in between her legs with his erected long cock in the hand. Kalu got on to the table in front of her and slided his cock in mouth and started squeezing her swelled boobs hanging down. She was ready for everything now and started sucking kalua long black cock nicely. Atul placed the head of his cock in the opening of her virgin pussy.

Holded her waist firmly and pushed his cock with a wild force. He made a harsh sound aaaaaarrrrrrrrrrghhhhhh.......due to the solid tightness of her virgin pussy. At the same time GENELIA made a loud sound aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa. ..........rrrrr....r..r.r..r..r.. with her mouth stretched upto her ears inspite of the big cock in her mouth. Atuls cock was completely in her juicy wet pussy. He holded for sometime, blood oozed from the side walls of her pussy.

genelia wa gasping air bearing all the internal deep pain for the first time. After a few seconds he pulled his cock out completely, blood started flowing from her pussy. Then he again inserted it completely in and started moving his hips to and fro in a slow and steady motion. By the time kalua= also started ramping her mouth slowly. The sounds like ummmmmm..... anhh...... were coming out of her mouth. She had totally lost her conscious of what she was doing, this first time fucking in her virgin pussy was really making her go crazy and started moving her hips to and fro in rythm. After fucking her slowly for 15 minutes he saw her vagina has was stretched nicely fit for his big monster so he pulled it out.

At the same time kalu also pulled his cock from her mouth and get down from the table

They changed their positions, geneliaa thought that now he will put his cock in her vagina but he was in a mood to fuck her tight virgin shithole. Atul inserted his cok in her mouth which was mixed with his precum and her juices, she loved that mixture, ate all and started sucking with great pleasure. Kalu parted her ass cheeks bent down and licked it again for sometime, inserted his two fingers and gave a finger fuck... geneliaa realized that he is ready to dig her ass, she saw with pity in the eyes of Atul. Atul noted her position and convinced her dont worry sexy lady, he is a nice ass fucker.

Just a little pain in the starting and then you will be in heaven. He continued believe me if he inaugurates your asshole . then you can easily take any size of cocks in that tight hole. She pleaded with her eyes as her words were blocked by atuls cock. She turned her head and waved his hand saying please no...... but kalu enjoyed her afraid eyes and laughed loudly, hold her waist tightly with his big hands, placed the head of the cock right at the opening of her virgin shithole. Atul was squeezing and fondling her boobs while fucking in her mouth slowly to make her arouse. Juices were flowing continuosly from her vagina. Kalu started pressing her waist towards his cock and his cock to her asshole. With a loud shout aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaann....arrrrrrrrrrr......he slided his cock inside her with one thrust.

geneliaa cried with pain at the same time aaaaaannannnnnnnnnnnnnn........ her mouth wide opened, her eye balls bulged out and black round went up showing complete white balls of eye turned to red with pain Due to the sivere pain she just bitted atuls cock in her mouth and he two panted in pain aaaaaa.aa............ u bitchhhhhhh.............. The area was filled with a loud sound like a bomb blasted.

Kalua did not showed any pity and started going in and out while atul had a hold in her mouth.

Tears were flowing continuously from her eyes some blood oozed from her asshole. A pinching pain in her ass walls made her almost unconscious but the forceful strokes of kalu was not allowing her to go unconscious also. Her eyes were half closed like someone fully drunken.

Kalua kept going in and out his full foot length cock, after fucking her for half an hour slowly he found the walls of round small butt hole was relaxing and got stretched. At the same time genelia started moving her ass and sucking atuls cock in passion.

She started moaning in pleasure again which made satisfied both of the guys that she is now ok. So they both pulled out their cocks out suddenly, genelia cried ooooeeeee...... She looked at them with lust that she wanted more.

Kalu and Atul looked each other and smiled , then kalu lifted her on his shoulders and went to the taxi, openend the back doors. Atul laid on his back in the back seat of the taxi holding his cock straight and asked genelia to take in her pussy. She leaned on his breast facing her and inserting his cock in her pussy herself .

She wanted the nice fucking to be continued so she moved her hips up and down fucking herself. Suddenly a hands from the back that is of kalu holded her both the hanging boobs, she turned and gave a smile to him. He placed his cock in her stretched asshole and inserted deep in her.

She wanted to scream but was muffled by the mouth of Atul under her. He locked her mouth with his mouth and started sucking it harshly. Kalu started moving his hips back and fro quickly, as he settled down to rythm Atul started his ride stroking his back up and down.

In a fraction of minutes all of them were fully drowned in passion river making sounds ummmmmm...... anhhhhhhhhhh......n.....i.....cc......e.........fu ck.........hard morrrrr............. Both of them increased their high speed and stroking with full force. The speed made her scream like bitch eeeaaa... ann.......haaa.....oooooooo.... mmaaaaaaaa...anhhhhhhhhhhh mmmmmmmmmm.......ummmmmmmmm...unnnnnnnnaaaaaananan ..........eeeeeeee....oooooeeeeeeee.............ya aaaa...... her sexy voice was giving them more poer and their cocks began to grow in her virgin holes ready to be filled.

After 45 minutes of fucking they both shooted their heavy gallons of loads in her holes. She moaned ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh....... dont t.....ake..... out.....please..........unnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn anhmmmm ....... They took their cocks out and saw their cums oozing out of her holes mixed with her virgin holes taste. Kalu took the oozing cum of his from her back swallowed some and spit some in her mouth, she also swalloed those. On seeing this atul also did the same.

All of them liked the taste of the virgin mixture of sperms. Atul was tired enough and same was the status of genelia, but kalua cock didnt loose its rigidness and he was ready for another shot. This time he wants to drill her sweet little pussy. genelia was not pepared to take his in her pussy but she was forced and fucked nicely by kalu.

. After that till the morning kalu fucked her asshole and pussy each four times continuously without any break. Atul fucked her each hole twice, she was lying in the back seat of the taxi unconscious after getting fucked whole night

In the morning she got conscious and started wearing her dress. She took new panty but was not allowed to wear anything under her midi. She asked them now what u want, u have taken all my virginity. Please let me go to my place. But Atul said just to sit in the car quite and she cant escape from them for the 15 days she had planned the tour.

She begged them, cried but nothing solve their stone heart. She was taken more deep in the jungle and after sometime they reached a place where she saw some people.

They were all black like kalu and she saw that they were not civilized at all. No one have weared underwears and their unerected dicks throbbing to their knees can be seen clearly. She felt that she was in real danger now but tried to call anyone to help her.

She was about to shout she saw the peoples were happily waving the hands to kalu and atul. She saw some girls standing by the roadside, they were looking like from different countries. She saw some abnormal things going around, the mens were sucking pussies on the road itself, girls were sucking cocks and many asian girls were having group sex in the open. She was very much afraid and shouted where the hell you are taking me.

The car entered a big shed in which there was a stage arranged and lots of chairs were arranged downside of the stage.

Many peoples all blacks men and women were sitting in the chairs, looks like eagerly waiting for something. On one side of the shed was a sofa on which a black ugly aged man with some white girls massaging his cock, kissing him and he was squeezing their breasts, fingering in their pussies. Atul and Kalu went directly to him and said something, he ordered them. They took me to the stage and the peoples sitting their were staring at me like hungry dogs.

Then atul started to speak on the stage, he anounced genelia as a new fresh girl from India, she was unmarried and her virgintiy was just breaked by us yesterday night. .You can know from kalu how much tasty her assets are.

Kalua= started to tell something in his local language and the peoples sitting their got happy and everybody was licking their lips seeing her. Even the women sitting were licking their lips staring genelia with their lusty eyes. The males sitting in the hall were rubbing their erected cocks bulged in their pants, they were commenting each other pointing at their bulged crotch.

geneliaa asked atul what is this, please let me go my place. Atul replied ok now i will explain you what you have to do for these 15 days. You are our slave now and we are sale you here in auction, whoever will mention highest amount will fuck you and then the lower one and then more lower.

Like this the people sitting here including women will enjoy you in that bed (lying by the side of the stage) in front of everyone. She got shocked on hearing this, they almost 75 peoples sitting there. She cried No....................! please........ Atul continued, wait lady after that you will go to each street one day and get customers to here and allow them to fuck in front of our boss ( the ugly man in the sofa). In between this we will fuck you if you are free without customers and also you have to drink the cum he shoot on seeing your fuck. Be careful that if you leave a single drop of his cum on the ground, the ordeal will be increased for more 15 days.

Hearing all this she got unconscious and fell on the ground, some water was sprayed on her face and she woke up. She cried to leave her, but saw warned by atul if she did not obey them she will get a punch in her lower abdomen now. He said you will piss and shit here without your control if he hits you in lower abdomen. geneliaa said no please she will do all they said as still she was having the pain in her stomach due to the previous punch.

Then she was asked to strip of their clothes on stage itself. Looking at kalu she stripped her clothes. All the men sitting at their slided their pants to knees, holding their black big cocks in their hands and massaging softly seeing her nude on the stage. geneliaa saw that scene and her heart came out her mouth, different sizesof cock of ages 20 - 70, each bigger, broader than the other but not smaller than a foot. She thought of herself after all these things happen to her, she will be one on the streets like other women she saw while coming.

The auction started for her pussy, the highest said person was about 65 years old, fat, dark black and his cock was very fat with a foot long erection. She was taken by that fat guy to the bed, made to hold the bed with her hands and facing the people sitting their. He went from her back, licked her pussy and inserted his cock head. She cried ooeeeee.....maaaa.a......... mar gayieeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee........ leave meeeeeeee aaaa u bastards........ but he kept on inserting and within minutes it was completely in her pussy. He started moving his hips without any delay, went harder and harder as she cried more.

genelia cried please remove out dont shoot inside me please......., a sound came from atul they will all give their cum in your mouth and you should swallow them all. After some five minutes of hard fucking the guy removed it and inserted in her mouth, it flooded loads and loads, she swallowed as much she can but some fell on the floor which she was ordered to lick and clean. Seeing all these some of the guys sitting masturbated over there itself. The boss was ready for his load, genelia was asked to take that too. He was having a very fat and the longest cock, he spurted loads of cum like water from the tap.

Her mouth was full of his cum and she was not able to swallow those. She struggled a lot to eat them all and was almost fainted on thinking that this will continue. She knelt on the ground pleading the boss to allow her to go but a pair of hands grabbed him and took her to the stage. It was the second highest amount said person, he lifted her in her hands and inserted his long cock in her. He fucked in a speed like anything, she cried with the pain of his strokes and speed.

Like this it continued about thirty persons fucked her pussy, some thirty fucked her shithole and made her bleed.

The womens asked her to suck their black dirty pussies and asses. They inserted in her pussy and ass big sex toy and fucked, enjoying her sexy horny face expressions. She was almost dead, shivering not able to stand even but everyone enjoyed her again and again.

They enjoyed her in different angles and poses, she was made an expertise in all the poses. After the whole day fuck she was left on the stage nude for some time. Then in the night she was asked to go the first street and get the customers.

In that area all the rich persons fucked her in auction. Now she was allowed for the middle class peoples on the street, then she will be allowed to fuck by the lower class peoples for free. This was the rules for the girls brought by atul and kalu to that place. The total collection on the first day were almost equal to the ten movies payment of genelia.

The boss was very happy and said something to atul, then atul reminded genelia she would be watched by his men and not try to escape as if she does that she could be brutally raped by the whole town at once, she was safe untill she is under their control.

As a reward, Atul said she would be released how much fast she makes the same amount of money which she made on the first day. After the instructions, genelia was given an drugs injection to get the strength for next trip of her fucking caravan.

genelia was allowed to wash off and said to wear the same white dress without the inners. Her nipples were portruding on her tight tops and her public mound was bulged with some black shades visible outside of her lowers.

After that genelia and as a prostitute she left the place to the street. Within minutes, she began work, selling her cunt and her ass like a common whore. The men flocked to the sexy horny bitch genelia and was fucking her one after the other paying the money. She lost the count after twenty the number of men who had fucked her.

Atul took the money and charged thousand dollars for her cunt, and 2000 for her ass as the blacks over their loved to drill the back door of the white girls. genelia was not even allowed to remove her clothes, the persons simply pushed the top up and the skirt out of the way to have access to her tits, cunt, and ass. genelia thought she could be feel shy no more until five persons wanted her at once and atul cut them a deal of $50000 dollars.

The first one lay on his back with his cock sticking straight up and genelia mounted him. She was then pushed over as he held her long nipples while a second one pushed her skirt over her ass and plunged his cock deep into her ass.

genelia did not mind the ass-fucking anymore because it had been used so much, but the experience of two cocks at the same time made her groan with pain again. She made harsh sounds from her throat arrrnnnnnnn.......mmaaaa.a.........no........aaaa. ..... her peppy voice made the persons crazy. Impaled in her ass and cunt, the third now shoved his cock into her mouth while her hands were wrapped around the two cocks left.

Once in place, they began to fuck genelia in rhythm making her body bounce from side to side as her ass, cunt, and mouth were pounded and she tried to jack-off the two on each side.

As the one in her ass announced he was cumming, the others joined in and soon genelia felt their seeds in her throat, deep in her intestines, and her cunt. The two with the hand-jobs just sprayed the sides of her tits and sucked her boobs .

Her final humiliation was the photo of the experience atul took as they finished, before they removed their softening cocks from geneli's body. As the five members left atul said to genelia if you get fucked in groups you can get more money quickly and you will be realeased soon.

After that she was allowed to gang bang by ten men at a time all her holes filled with big dirty black cocks. Sometimes she was gettting fucked in sleep or unconscious stage. Her holes were still tight for the men over there but genelia had nothing left to escape from there.

She was almost fucked by each an every boy, men and slut women over there. Finally before taking her to airport atul, kaluaa and the boss fucked her threesome. She was almost sick, her skin got fainted, her boobs size were increased and was no more stiff as they were before.

Her pussy and asshole were wide opened to take any size easily, moreover she got addicted to the fuck in her holes. After the return she allowed her boyfriend to fuck her daily in her holes. He too enjoyed it.......

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it's ok
People with high ego and unnecessary attitude deserves the standing ovation of the tallest finger...

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THODA sa thrrk
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This is a repeat..... It was kareena kapoor story exact same thing... except heroin name changed...... a couple of months bak same stoty kareena kapoor was posted...

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^ ^ ^ xactly, wanted to tell the same thing
already seen

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It was one busy film shooting day in mumbai.. The hero of genelia's movie shahid and genelia struggled hard to get the song scene perfect. The close encounters during the filming process kindled an uncontrollable fire of lust deep inside shahid. The smiling face of genelia turned him on over and over again and his cock became hard as a rock inside his tight jeans. During the break he moved over to her and said,

“genelia, I am very horny for you and want to have sex with you now”

“What?” genelia asked in surprise.

“Yes my dear, your smile turns me on, can you give me a quick suck at least with your hot mouth?” he asked.

With much persuasion genelia agreed and they both moved to a secluded cabin where they used to change their costumes. shahid leaned on the wall and pulled down his pants and released his cock from his underwear. His cock was very hard and throbbed and swayed like a snake. It was tanned dark brown and huge. The cock head was pink and was of the size of a small apple. His crotch was hairy and his tight balls were masked with them.

“Come on genelia…I can’t wait…come and suck my cock as you usually do” he gasped holding his throbbing cock in his hand.

Like every other Indian movie actresses genelia was a fan of big cocks too and she hungrily devoured shahids huge cock with her beautiful eyes. She was wearing a long sleeveless silk gown and her smooth arms and her shaved underarms turned shahid even more and wild. She moved close to him and knelt before his throbbing cock.

“Give me some good cock sucking, genelia, your lips are so fucking sexy…Suck my cock dry” shahid said looking at her sexy girl friend.

genelia smiled and held his cock hard with both her hands at its base. She kissed his cock head gently and rolled her tongue over the pink head and soon made it dripping wet with her saliva.

“Hmmmmmmmmmm… Feels so good my dear gennie…suck my cock… geennie… geenie…” shahid gasped.

Slowly she opened her sexy mouth and pushed his cock into it all the way down to her throat. She held the base of his cock and stuffed it completely inside her mouth. Her sexy cheeks bulged out obscenely and her face contoured as the mammoth cock filled her mouth. shahid had built up a huge load and his cock oozed its cream every now and then. Holding his cock tight genelia bobbed her head up and down on his stiff cock. shahid floated in a pleasure carpet. He held genelia’s head and guided her on his stiff pole. Her thick lips were stretched around his cock forming a perfect circle. He massaged her cheeks, as the sexy actress was busy nursing her boy friend’s huge cock. She swirled her tongue over his cock head and sucked him faster.

“genelia… that’s lovely my baby you know how to suck a cock…” shahid complimented and gasped.

She slurped on his cock hungrily and shoved his cock all the way up to her throat. shahid’s cock became even stiffer inside her mouth and doubled their pleasure. Drools of saliva dripped out of her mouth as she bobbed her head up and down very fast on his fat cock. genelia’s sexy mouth was stretched beyond limits and her cheeks bulged out as the cock moved in and out of her mouth. shahid held her head with both his hands and forced his cock all the way to her throat. He was building up a huge load.

“That’s it my gennie suck my cock harder and faster… gennie… geenie… geniie my sexy hot fuck.” shahid went on grunting her name.

genelia was an expert cocksucker and she was proving that to shahid. She puckered her cheeks to increase the friction between her lips and his stiff cock. The cock head rubbed over her palette and her gums and her teeth. shahid loved every move that genelia was making and he just held her head and enjoyed.

genelia closed her eyes and sucked his cock madly, taking the whole stiff cock deep inside her mouth and pulling it out to its tip. Her tongue swirled over his cock head lapping up his oozing cream. shahid clutched genelia’s head very tight and whimpered as he felt the pressure build up in his stiff cock.

“Feels good genelia keep sucking it I want to erupt in your sexy mouth suck it harder my dear gennie…” shahid grunted and forced his cock deep inside her mouth.

genelia began to suck violently to milk his cock in her mouth. shahid pulled her face so close to his crotch that his cock went straight to her throat. His stiff cock pulsed and throbbed violently inside her mouth. genelia bobbed her head up and down very violently and shahid lunged his cock inside her mouth. genelia held the base of his cock and pressed it hard to release his pressure and soon shahid erupted like a fiery volcano deep inside her mouth. The first spurts of his cock juice went straight to her throat and she gulped it down. His cock spewed its juice in torrents and soon the sexy genelia’s mouth was filled with his cock cream.

“gennnieeeeee” shahid gasped as he reached his climax and filled genelias mouth with his hot cock cream.

He held her head tight and moved his cock in and out of her mouth. His cock was still stiff and genelia kept her lips very tight over the stiff rod. He kept fucking her mouth harder and harder and reached his climax again. Thick fresh cream sprayed out of his cock and he forced that over genelia’s white teeth.

“genelia my love show me your teeth and open your mouth…yes darling that’s it” he said and rubbed his cock all over her teeth.

genelia stretched her thick lips wide and showed his her fine row of teeth and she rubbed his cum all over it. Her teeth and her gums were covered with his thick cock cream and spilled out of her mouth and wetted her costume gown. He forced his cock again into her mouth and fucked it harder and deeper this time and genelia drank his cum till the last drop. Her sexy thick lips, her gums, her white teeth were all covered with shahid’s thick cock juice. It was a magnificent sight for him to see and enjoy. He pulled his cock out of her mouth and rubbed it all over her cheeks and around her lips. genelia still held the base of his cock and squeezed his balls as the cock moved all over her sexy face. genelia cleaned herself up and they both went to continue with their film shooting schedule.

In the evening shahid and genelia both went out for shopping and dinner together and returned to their cottage at night. genelia decided to stay with shahid. shahid was just waiting for this night and he immediately hugged his girlfriend and kissed her sexy thick lips.

“You are too quick shahid” genelia responded.

“genelia thanks for that wonderful blow job today” he said and sucked her juicy lips.

genelia was hot with desire too and wanted shahid’s cock deep inside her horny cunt. She already knew how hard and huge his cock could go. Though they have not fucked many times she wanted it every second. shahid pulled the saree from genelia’s body and quickly removed her blouse and bra. Her luscious boobs sprang free and her nipples were hard as a stone. He pushed her on the bed and covered her swollen nipples with his hungry mouth. He sucked and nibbled them again and again.

“Unngggggaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa… aaaaaaaaaaaaaa” genelia wailed in pleasure.

In great lust shahid pulled down her panties and cupped her cunt as he went on with sucking her juicy boobs. genelia had a shaved cunt. It was smooth with thick pouting lips. Without wasting much time shahid moved his hungry mouth over her smooth belly and reached her cunt. He spread her cunt with his fingers and clinched her clit between his lips. He was in a great hurry to suck and fuck genelia.

“Aaaaaaauunnggggggga ssshhssshaaaaaaaa” genelia grunted and gasped when his tongue circled over her erect clit.

shahid stabbed his tongue deep inside her cunt and swirled it in circles.

“Uunnggguungsshhaaaaa” genelia wailed and wailed in pleasure after pleasure.

shahid kept her cunt spread and tongue fucked her for a long time. The thought of shahid sucking her cunt was enough to send genelia to a wild orgasm. Her body jerked as she erupted to one of her wild orgasm.

“Want to suck my cock again genelia?” shahid asked.

genelia just smiled and said,

“Fuck me with that now shahid…just fuck me really hard and rough”.

genelia was very horny and wanted his cock badly. She raised her legs high above her shoulders and bends them down to her chest. This opened up her horny cunt and her juicy butt splayed open revealing her puckered black anus. Holding her hips shahid pushed his erect cock into her gooey cunt inch by inch. Her thick cunt walls spread wide to accommodate his huge cock.

“"Aaaaaaarrggggghhhhhh," genelia wailed loudly as the thick cock speared her juicy cunt.

Her thick cunt lips and her warm cunt walls closed around his cock and it inched slowly inside her cunt.

“That’s very big and it makes my cunt very tight” genelia gasped amidst her loud moans.

shahid supported his whole body on both his hands that he placed on either side of her. He arched his hips and forced his huge cock all the way inside genelia’s horny cunt. Soon he was fully inside and his hairy crotch rubbed over her smooth pubic mound. The feeling was tremendous and genelia held his hips and pulled him further close to her. He hugged her tight and kissed all over her sexy face and sucked her lips. He began to fuck his sexy genelia with long and deep strokes.

“Aaaaaaaaaaauungggggggggg” genelia grunted loudly in ecstasy and moved her hips up to meet his hard thrusts.
shahid started stroking very fast and was rubbing genelias boobs with his hands...and than with d loud moan...shahid loaded all his cum inside genelias sexy pussyy...both stayed in d same position for some time...and than shahid took out his penis...and genelia started suking it again......within few minutes shahids dick was full erect again...shahid told genelia to stop....genelia was surprised..

shahid turned her around and said let me fuck your ass now....genelia was worried bcoz she ddnt like anal sex....but she was too horny to say anything...shahid put her tounge inside her asshole and started liking it...and his hands were crushing d boobs of genelia...genelia was enjoying d feeling,den shahid inserted his finger inside her hole...genelia was moaning in pleasure....shahid continued finger fucking for some time..and than inserted his dick inside genelias ass..genelia moaned loudlyyy...aaahhhhh...shahid was stroking her really fast...and d tight asshole of genelia was making her moan in pain.shahid kept on stroking he...and finally loaded all his cum inside genelia"s ass..genelia loved d feeling of cum inside her ass....they both were really tired after this hour long fucking session..they slept naked for few mins...and finally wore their clothes...and genelia left shahids room ..and went into her room..

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People with high ego and unnecessary attitude deserves the standing ovation of the tallest finger...

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ho ho fire tornado

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visit my thread
fake indian desi celeb karreena hansika motwani etc
new concept of story

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