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Old 31st January 2010
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1. Carrol
By rachrutu (Disqualified for including sex scenes)

4. The Power of Words
By mr.boob (Disqualified for not being romantic story)


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In an effort to help pay for our new house, Carrol and I decided to rent out two of our bedrooms. We chose two college students that seemed like responsible young men. Mark was 19, tall and well built, and Kevin was 20, with an average build. Carrol is 35 years old with the body of an 18 year old. A well stacked firm bodied 18 year old had that is. 5'4" tall and 110 lbs, Carrol has a 38- 26 - 34 figure with D sized tits. Her blonde hair is waist length and her eyes are a captivating green. Sex with her has always been great, and with her reaching her sexual peak, she was almost insatiable. One night after our boarders had moved in, we were in bed and I suggested a fantasy that I had held for some time. As I slid my cock into her from behind, I muttered how it would be great for her to have another cock to suck at the same time. She seemed very receptive to this fantasy and she went wild during that session.

One day, about two months after our boarders arrival, I came home early one Friday afternoon. I was going to surprise Carol and take her out for the weekend. It turns out, I was the one who was surprised! Not finding anyone downstairs, I started walking upstairs to find Carrol. The I heard her saying "Oh yes Mark, that feels so good! God, you are big! Yes baby, give it to me!" Then I heard Mark in a husky voice "Carrol, you're the best fuck I've ever had. Oh God, you really know how to use that cunt!" I quietly went to the bedroom door and peeked through the partially opened door. There was Mark on top of Carrol, fucking away. My view was unimpeded and I could see his huge cock gliding in and out of her hot pussy, glistening with their juices. Carrol continued moaning out her passion with Mark rapidly fucking her. In his hands were both of her big tits, and he was pinching those thick erect nipples that I so loved sucking on. I wondered how often this had occurred. "Oh God Carrol, I'm gonna cum! Where do you want it baby?" Mark bellowed out. "Fill my cunt baby! Shoot that sperm all the way up my cunt baby!" I noticed Mark's balls tighten and he began thrusting extra hard as he shot his cum into Carrol's hungry cunt. She screamed out in orgasmic delight as Mark's cum blasted into her slut cunt. Finally, he rolled off of her. "Oh God Mark, you're a fantastic lover. Almost as good as Ronny!" she said. This was an ego boost, for when I saw the size of his cock, he was far bigger than I am. Now, semi hard after cumming, his cock appeared to be ten inches long and very thick. Carrol moved around on the bed and began to take his cock into her mouth. "You want more Carrol?" Mark asked. Carrol answered "Always!".

I was amazed at how he started growing again, and watched in awe as she began to swallow his thick dick. She pumped his shaft and soon he was at his hardest. "Where do want it this time lover?" Mark asked. "I want you to fuck my asshole" Carrol replied as if she were ordering a pizza. She got on her hands and knees and Mark mounted her from behind. She took his cock and guided it to her little brown bud. Carrol loves to get ass fucked, and I have no problems with that! I watched as he slowly began to enter her, stretching her tight asshole out with his big cock. Finally, the head of his dick pressed inside of her. She gasped and moved backwards to feel more of him in her. "Come on Mark! Fuck me, stop teasing me! I want to feel your balls slap against my cunt!" God she was acting like a whore! My cock felt like it would burst just listening to her. I watched as the sweat dripped from her brow. She was hot! Mark began to fuck her in earnest now, his hips moving faster an d faster. She thrust back to meet his every thrust and soon his balls were slapping at her cunt. "Oh god! Mark! Fuck me! Harder! Faster! Yes, do me baby!" she cried out. His strokes were almost a blur as he pulled out at least eight inches, then rammed it back into her. "Fuck! I'm gonna cummmmm!" she screamed. With that, her body convulsed and she came. For a long time too. Finally Mark began to shoot his sperm deep within her asshole. "Oh shit, I can feel your hot cum blasting up my ass! Yes lover! Fuck me! Use me! Oh God yes!"

I went back downstairs and outside. I opened the car door, then slammed it extra hard so they'd hear me "come home". I made a lot of noise downstairs, and called out "Carrol, you here?" I walked upstairs and heard the water in the shower. Mark's door was closed and I walked into our bedroom, then into the bathroom. "I'm home honey" I said nonchalantly. "In the shower Ronny" she said. When she came out, she was looking guilty and I looked at her puzzled. "What's wrong Carrol?" I asked innocently. She replied "I'll tell you later." I was amused by this, and couldn't wait to hear what she had to say.

Later on, we went out to dinner then to a club downtown for some dancing and drinks. As we sat at our table, she began. "I don't know how to say this." she began, "First, let me say I love you more than anything else in the world. But I've cheated on you. I fucked Mark four times since he moved in, today the most recent." I looked in her eyes and said "Did you enjoy it?" "God yes!" she replied, seeming confused at my response. "You don't act mad though. What's up?" I told her "Carrol honey, I love you. That goes above everything else. Remember the fantasy we discussed a while back?" She nodded her head. "Well, I have no problem with it at all. I'd love to watch you though. It would be a real turn on to see his cock gliding into your cunt and ass." Carrol's face flushed, though I'm sure it was more because of her excitement than embarrassment. "Let's head for home and see what develops." I said.

We arrived back at the house and were glad to see Mark's car in the driveway. Kevin had gone for the weekend to visit a girl he had met. Mark was watching TV as we entered the house. Carrol went upstairs to change into something sleazy. I started talking to Mark. "Carrol told me that you two have gotten together a few times". His face registered panic and I told him "Relax Mark, I'm not upset with anyone about this. As a mater of fact, it turns me on. Do you enjoy fucking my wife?" He was still flabbergasted and he stammered "She's the sexiest lady I've ever had. Yes, I do enjoy her". "Then come upstairs with me and enjoy her some more!" I told him. He followed me as if in a trance. Carrol's cunt has a way of making a man feel transfixed. We entered the bedroom and Carrol was lying on the bed naked. "I couldn't decide on what to wear, so I wore nothing!" she told us. "Now come over here and make me feel like a satisfied woman!" she commanded.

Her legs spread wide, I could see her pussy was already soaked. I knelt at her head and fed her my seven inches as Mark went to work licking her hot wet cunt. She moaned as his tongue ran across her clit, and I felt her body shudder. She took me down her throat, and my cock got even harder. Seeing another man eat her delicious cunt was very thrilling for me. Her mouth worked my cock over so well that I unexpectedly came, shooting my sperm into her throat. "God baby, I was totally unprepared for that!" I told her. Still, my cock remained hard. Mark began to kiss his way up her body, stopping at those big beautiful tits, paying extra attention to her big nipples. The head of his cock brushed against her cunt lips, eliciting a long sigh. Finally, he began to kiss her throat and he started his entry into her velvet like cunt. "Oh yes Mark, fuck me! God you're cock is so big!" she moaned. I watched as the head of his big cock parted her lips and began it's entry. The blood engorg ed shaft kept sinking further and further into her as she cried out her passion. "Oh Mark, that feels so good! Yes baby, fuck me! Oh shit, I want it all in me, now!" He thrust the entire length up her cunt, his balls slapping at her ass. This was such a turn on for me, seeing my wife taking someone else's cock in what was once, only my cunt. It was thrilling to say the least. I watched as her body writhed all over the bed, sweat forming all over her body. Mark began to pound into her, making her cry out in ecstasy "Oh Mark! I'm gonna cum! Yes! Fuck me! Oh God, I'm such a slut! Yes! Oh fuck!" With that, her cunt burst open like a floodgate, her cum pouring out of her in a fury. Mark also began to cum, more because of her excitement driving him over the edge.

Afterwards, he rolled off of her and Carrol asked me "Ronny baby, will you eat me out now? Please!" I couldn't deny her and I crawled between her legs and started licking her sloppy cunt. Mark's cum began to dribble out, and she thrust her cunt harder into my face. My tongue slowly began to enter her cunt, and I tasted and felt his sperm. It leaked into my mouth and I sucked it out of her. God, but he came a lot! I was amazed at the amount of sperm in her sloppy cunt. Carrol had me lie on my back, and then she straddled my face and began to fuck it. I kept sucking her cunt and soon she was staring to cum. The rest of their combined cum, along with the orgasm she was now having, drained into my mouth as I sucked her. Carrol cried out "Oh God yes! Ronny, I love you! Oh fuck, eat me baby, suck all the cum out of my whore cunt! Yes baby, eat my slutty pussy! Oh fuck! I'm such a whore!" Yes, she was such a whore! And I loved it! Finally, her orgasm subsided and she slid off of me. My cock was rock hard at that point, and I rolled her over. I began to rub my cock against the tight little asshole, deciding that I was going to have it regardless of anything. Soon, I had the head worked into her, and Carrol started groaning out how good it felt. Mark had gotten in front of her and was beginning to pump his cock into her throat. We kept on fucking for about an hour and then Mark moved under her and began to enter her cunt. I could feel his cock move into her pussy, only a thin layer of skin separating our cocks. Carrol squealed in ecstasy as we fucked her hard. About twenty minutes later, we both burst into her at the same time. After we finished cuming, we all collapsed in a heap on the bed, exhausted. I awoke the next morning feeling the bed rocking. I opened my eyes and Mark was fucking Carrol again! Oh to be young and horny!
Carrol and Mark fuck almost every day, and on the weekends, I join in with their fun. Carrol uses him just as he uses her, and they both realize that it is only a physical thing. Next week, Carrol is going to try to seduce Kevin, and we're talking about her being fucked by all three of us. Hopefully, that's another story to be told!


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This is my story.Dont know what title i needed to give for this so am not planning to do the same. This is my true love story and not copy pasted from any.So i dont know you guys could enjoy this one in the very true manner but am sure one who truely had been loving a person or ever tasted true love once in a life could enjoy this one.

A december morning in which i stepped out of my bus and was walking through the misty way and my eyes got stucked on her.. angel like beauty who was destined to be my sweet heart for life. I have a seen a cute little butterfly on her hand which hesitates to fly away. I know, it would also be in a same condition not to left of the beauty he got attached to. She was in her jogging dress. Dont know why but i started to follow her through all the way she went. I followed her till her house without giving a chance for her to find me behind. I dont know what i was thinking at that time but i had transformed to a teenage chocolate boy. She went inside her house. I had been glued to her wall for some time.
Its my vacation time and i was in my way to my uncle's home. Reaching there he enquired me why was i so late and i managed it with some lie. I t was my first time in that coony and my uncle said that it was his neighbour's daughters birthday today and he wanted me to join the party.

I went up with him for the birthday celebation there i had seen her in a light pink dress enjoying her little time with children around there, playing with them and enjoying with them. There i could see the innocence and the purity inside her smile, i could see a girl whom every man wish to have in her. Then the party bagan and i was somehow managing to take a spot near to her that i was mad with her presence but didnt had th gutts to go n talk to her. I stand next t her and after the kid cut her cake my uncle cam eand introduced me to her. Dont remember how i was reacting to the situation tat i was literally opening up my mouth and was looking to her eyes which were calling me to take a deep search on to it and take my treasure back.

Dont know how but we became friends and she asked me to compose a song for her dance competition and this made our friendship get strong. But i didnt have the courage to open up my love to her. One day i asked her to give an evening only for me. She said ok and came for me on the next evening to one of our famous beach restaurant. I had arranged a nice table for her with only candle lights lit up up create a mood for the evening. She came and seated opposite to me.I said i had a thing to talk to her and she replied to me that she also got a thing to say to me. So i asked her to say her part first. Suddenly the world gone upside down as the thing she was about to say is that her parents have arranged a marriage for her and after one month she would be a wife and be taken back with himto US. All she wanted to ask me is that could i be a special friend of her life as she doent have one in her life.Then she asked me to tell what i have got for her. I somehow said some lie to her and wrapped up the evening and went back home.
After a day she rushed to my home and asked me to take her somewhere else from there were no one could find us. I was puzzled at the situation but still i dont know what was my thoughts at that time as i grabbed her hands and took her to a hillstation far away from there where no one could find us. On our way she told her family problems as her father and mother are not together but not divorsed and her mother said that for her engagement scheduled next month her father wont be there. She needed her father to be there with her so she fought with her mother telling a lie that she is in love with me and she is gonna run away with me.

I dont know why but i was happy for that time as even as a lie she told that she is in love with me. Yes, I heared that from her mouth. I took her to a resort of my friend there and i could see another face of her. I havent seen her enjoying and laughing this much ever before. Suddenly she aked me the question "Do u love me". I was stuck for a minute and i asked back "do u love me?". She replied back " from the first time u had been following me on that morning itself i was in love with u".... I was in cloud nine for the moment and i replied back that i too loves u from the first day i met u...
But my happiness didnt gone too well as her mother called me on my mobile and asked if i culd talk to her. I left my girl to be outside and came back to my room. Thee i came to know hat her parents are not seperated biy her father aws an ailing patient of blood cancer and doctors had given only an years life for him. Its his last wish to see her daughter to get married to a good boy of status and saying this she began to literally cry aloud through me phone. I said to her that she said a lie to u and we werent in love and i promised her to give back her tomorow morning itself. Then her mother asked me not to tell about her father to her. I said i wont. As i was hanging down the phone i can feel my heart getting seperated from me.
When i returned back to her room i cant afford to make her cry but i said all about her father and what happened between them. Then i told her that what i told all about my love to her was a lie and i was just planning to make fun of her. She cried a lot that night and i was feeling loosing my self away.

Next day i returned her backto her mom and i left that house immediately. On y way outside i once turned back and i could see her looking at me , expecting something from me. Then i returned to my home on the same day itself and after a month i got a mail from her telling that coming 15th is her marriage and she needs me to be there for the function. I bought her a beautiful present for her marriage and lef to there on 15th morning itself. Buy to my surprise there was marriage going on there buut it wasnt her marriage but that boy to whme she was engaged to and another girl. There her parents came to me and to my surprise my mom and dad and my uncle was there and thee were about to give me a surprise as she herself said everything to her parents and they said ok to her and her parents talked to mine and there were about to give a little shock and a punishment for not telling the truth to love of my life. hen i had seen her near a corner of that hall with her wet eyes and when i reached near to her she hugged me tighty and i took her out of there to the woods that i had seen her first on that misty morning... Thee i whispered to her ears that "In a december morning my eyes got stucked on her.. angel like beauty who was destined to be my sweet heart for life. I have a seen a cute little butterfly on her hand which hesitates to fly away. For an insant i had wished that IF I COULD BE THAT FLY.. IF I COULD BE THAT FLY"...............................
...oru naadu nannavanamenkil aadyam annattile kunnumel shantha nannavanam...

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I like to leave notes for my sweetheart. It is a nice little surprise for her when she founds them. Generally what I like to do is make a small card by folding over a small piece of paper. I usually write a little teaser on the front followed by three periods. Inside the sentence is completed with a heartfelt expression of love. I hope you all will enjoy reading this love notes to my sweetheart.

This are the lovely note which I Always use to show my love to my lovely wife Ishita.

This love note is very happy thought, and it is so true :-

This is one of my favorite love notes to my sweetheart :-
1. “ I LOVE YOU …. I LOVE US ” .



After we talked on the phone for the first time, I remember hanging up the phone and saying to myself, “ WOW, She is amazing!”. This love note is a reference to that first phone call :-

I love hugs:-

One of several notes I have left on the bathroom mirror :-




A lovely love note for my sweetheart :-

How often does a guy use the words beautiful and relationship in the same sentence ? :-

My sweetheart is always on my mind. I wrote this love notes to tell her I am always fondly thinking about her :-


A love not so simple, yet so true. :-

This romantic love note expresses my drive to tenderly love and romance her :-

A romantic love note :-
1. “ I AM … SO LUCKY ” .

This romantic love note is not anything that I hadn’t said before, but who doesn’t like a reminder? :-

This romantic love not is a short e-mail I sent my sweetheart at work in hopes of brightening her day . :-
“ YOU ARE …..


Some sweet love notes to my lovely sweetheart :-
4. “ I CHERISH YOU ” .
8. “ YOU … INSPIRE ME ” .
10. “ I …. ADORE YOU ” .

This romantic note has a double meaning . It not only expresses that I want that I want to be with her forever , but also that she forever holds that what I long for ( her love ) . :-

This romantic note simply expresses my pride in our relationship. :-
“ I LOVE ….. OUR LOVE ” .

This romantic note sounds like a good start to a very nice love . :-

A romantic note expressing a very simple truth . :-

This is one of several romantic notes that simply express my longing to be close to my sweetheart . :-

Now why I love and wrote this lovely love notes, that’s because of it gives me the lovely memory to my sweetheart and also it tooks a big roll to rejoin our broken relationship. HOW? Read it….

BACKGROUND:- Sadly, not every relationship lasts for ever. After a fight, my sweetheart broke off our relationship. I kept hoping we would get back together, but she was never interested. After spending a number of months coming to terms with break up. I was ready to rejoin our relationship. The next day I called her to suggest that we get together for dinner. She couldn’t because she had been seeing someone for the past couple of months. Wow! I certainly didn’t see that one coming! So instead of going to dinner, we ended up talking on the phone for the next two hours. Despite her new relationship, she sure didn’t act like she was over me. The next day I received a phone call from her. She asked that I not call her since it was disruptive to her new relationship. Since I planned to respect her request that I not call her, I decided to write her this heartfelt goodbye letter. I think its not only a goodbye letter, but it is also a wonderful letter to my sweetheart. I think it speaks beautifully to the love I had for her.


I seems odd to start a letter with dear ishita rather than My love, sweetheart or princess. Which I normally love to write and many time I have written on the love notes but now things changed quite a lot I am confused what to start a letter.

Do you remember the love notes which I always give it to you to show my love. Do you remember our phone conversation two years ago? You said that when I met your family, they would want to know my intentions. Then you asked me, “What are your intentions?”. Do you remember my answer? I boldly stated without hesitation, “ My intention is to marry you!”. I was never shy with you. My goal was the love of a lifetime and a lifetime of love together. That is not much to ask is it? That is me, swinging for the fences and expecting good things. It will always sadden me that I did not get to share that life with you.

You may have thought, in the last few months, that you had forever missed out on that life with me. That was not true. If at any time, you boldly stepped forward stated that you wanted nothing more than a lifetime of love with me, you would have received a seemingly unending hug and a shoulder wet with my tears.

Instead, You have made some relationship decisions that have troubled me. You are a good and trusting person, but I think you are also vulnerable due to the unresolved sorrows in your life. I am saddened that my wasn’t able to do more to heal your wounded heart.

So, this is goodbye. I will miss you Faire Princess, just as I have in every moment in this last 790 days that I have been away from you. My heart never really satisfied unless I was holding you in my arms. I have loved loving you and being loved by you. You have grabbed hold of my love and embraced it like no one else ever has.

Please give me a call when life allows you to enjoy a warm hug, a good meal and one of our loving heart-to-heart talks on the couch. I will look forward to that day…. If it ever comes.

Goodbye My Love,

A days after I sent her my goodbye letter, with those love notes which giving me ishita’s memory. The next day she called me and we talked for almost an hour on the phone. My love notes and goodbye letter seemed to make an impression on her and it seemed she wasn’t quite ready to say goodbye. She suggested that we talk some more than night over dinner.

When we met for dinner, it was the first time we had seen each other since the break up. It was clear we both felt that we were meant to be together. She broke off relationship with the other guy and we have been together ever since. So, in the end, my goodbye letter turned out to be more off a “ Hello again” letter.


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A group of frogs were traveling through the woods, and two of them
fell into a deep pit. When the other frogs saw how deep the pit
was, they told the two frogs that they were as good as dead. The
two frogs ignored the comments and tried to jump up out of the pit
with all their might. The other frogs kept telling them to stop,
that they were as good as dead. Finally, one of the frogs took
heed to what the other frogs were saying and gave up. He fell down
and died.

The other frog continued to jump as hard as he could. Once again,
the crowd of frogs yelled at him to stop the pain and just die. He
jumped even harder and finally made it out. When he got out, the
other frogs said, "Did you not hear us?" The frog explained to
them that he was deaf. He thought they were encouraging him the
entire time.

This story teaches two lessons:

1. There is power of life and death in the tongue. An encouraging
word to someone who is down can lift them up and help them make it
through the day.

2. A destructive word to someone who is down can be what it takes
to kill them.

Be careful of what you say. Speak life to those who cross your
path. The power of words... it is sometimes hard to understand
that an encouraging word can go such a long way. Anyone can speak
words that tend to rob another of the spirit to continue in
difficult times. Special is the individual who will take the time
to encourage another.

Disclaimer : All the postings of mine in this whole forum is not my own collection. All are downloaded from internet posted by some one else. I am just saving some time of our forum users to avoid searching everywhere. Am not violating any copy rights law or not any illegal action am not supposed to do.If anything is against law please notify so that they can be removed

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Red face

“Sorry Soumya, kal toh mujhe wapas jana hi padega!”

Aaj bhi kabhi hum dono beach par tahalne jate hain toh lagta hai jaise gahri neeli aankhon wali Soumya 'usi' patthar par baithi huyi mujhe ektak nihar rahi hai; theek usi tarah jaise uss din 'wo' mujhe dekhti rah gayi thi, “ Main tumhe hamesha ke liye toh nahi rok rahi. Kuchh din ki hi toh baat hai!”

Bahut kashish thi uski aawaj mein. Mujhe laga tha agar kuchh der aur uski aankhon mein jhankta raha toh main apna faisla badal doonga, “ Tum sab samajhti ho yaar! Jana to padega hi, noukari ka sawaal hai!” Maine najarein churate huye kaha tha.

“Okay! No problem, chalo chalte hain!” Usne meri ankhon mein dekhkar madhur magar mayoos aawaj mein kaha aur uski ankhon mein aansu aa gaye. us ke gore gaalon par ludhak aaye aansu bolte huye se lag rahe the... Unmein Jindagi ke bache sare pal mere sath gujaarne ki lalak thi. Main lachar tha.

Hum khade hokar patjhad mein jameen par gire sookhe patton ko pairon tale roundte huye chupchap ghar ki taraf badh chale. Patton ki 'wo' charmarahat aaj bhi kabhi kabhi mere kaano mein goonjti hai.

Downtown apne aap ko naye mousam ke liye taiyar kar raha tha. Yeh woh jagah thi jahan maine pahli baar apni manzil ko mahsoos kiya tha; apne pahle pyaar ko!

Company ki taraf se mujhe kuchh mahine ke liye Downtown se kareeb 250 km door ek jungle mein project se pahle site planning ke liye bheja gaya tha . Shuruaat ke kuchh din boriyat bhare the; Apna kaam niptaya aur ghar jakar net surfing shuru! yeh sab aise hi chalta raha jab tak maine Somaya ko nahi dekha tha. Soumya! Aaah! usne toh meri zindagi mein aakar jeene ke maayne hi badal diye the.
Pahli nazar mein hi mera dil uss neeli aankhon wali ladki ke kandhon tak lahrati sunahari julfon mein atak sa gaya tha. Usko dekhne ke baad jungle ki tanhayi se bhari meri jindagi mein achanak rumaniyat si aa gayi; achanak sab kuchh bahut pyara lagne laga. Uss mallika-e-hushn ka kuchh pal ka deedar hi mujhe ajeeb se romanch se bhar deta tha. Roj jab jab mouka mile, usko dekhte rahna aur fir ghar aakar swapnil si uski yaadon mein doob jana; Bus jaise yahi ek kaam rah gaya tha.
Ek din achanak jab wo mere paas aakar najarein jhuka kar khadi huyi toh mera dil dhadakne laga. Mujhe laga shayad wo mere roz roz usko ghoorne se pareshan ho gayi hai.
“Sorry... Main toh bus yunhi...!” Mere munh se bad-hawasi mein nikla.
Meri halat dekh kar uske honton par meethi si muskaan tair gayi. Uske hont achanak gulaab ki pankhudiyon ki bhanti khil se gaye, “ Mera naam Soumya hai!”
Dheere dheere hum ek doosre ke kareeb aane lage. Beach par 'usi' patthar par baithkar hum din dhalne ka inzaar karte. Hum dono ko kuchh kahne ki zaroorat nahi thi ab. Aankhon hi aankhon mein kab ke hum sab kuchh kah gaye the. Hamein ahsaas tak nahi hua ki hamari dosti gahri hoti huyi kab amit pyar mein badal gayi... Ek din 'wahin' humne pahli baar ek dusre ko honton se sparsh kiya tha. Soumya ke liye yeh sab kisi pariyon ki kahni ki tarah tha par mere liye soumya ek aisa 'panna' tha jisko maine apni zindagi ki kitab mein hamesha sahej kar rakha, aaj tak bhi alag nahi kar paya.
“Main jald hi wapas aane ki koshish karoonga, Soumya!” Maine wapas aate huye kaha tha...
Meri ankhon mein dekhte huye usne ek gahri saans li, “ Shayad hum ab dobara na mil paayein… cancer last stage par hai, bus ginti ki hi saansein bachi hain ab....!”
Maine bhawuk hokar usko baahon mein bhar liya.. par kuchh bol na saka. Bolta bhi to kya bolta! Dil mein utha dard bhara tufaan mann mein bhagwan ke prati sawaal paida karne ke alawa aur kar hi kya sakta tha. 'Wo' deta hi kyun hai jab usko 'chheen'lena hota hai. Sochte huye meri ankhon mein anssu aa gaye aur main rota gaya; rota gaya, mere pass bolne ko kuchh tha hi nahi.
Agli subah main wapas Downtown chala aaya . Din mein office ke kaam mein khud ko vyast rakhne ki koshish karta, par raat ki tanhayi mein Soumya ki yaadein mujhe gherkar mere dil ko chhatpataane par majboor kar deti . Khud mera dil hi mujhse sawaal karta ki aakhir main usko chhodkar wapas kaise aa gaya. uska dard ab mujhe apne seene mein mahsoos hone laga. Mujhse ab aur bardasht nahi ho raha tha. Main use ek baar aur dekhna chahta tha; batana chahta tha ki main uss'se bahut pyar karta hoon aur hamesha karta rahoonga...
Aur ek din Subah 5 bajte hi main Soumya ke ghar ke liye nikal pada. Uske ghar pahunchne par mujhe sadma sa laga.. 'Uss' soone pade ghar ke bahar khada dekh mujhe padosiyon ne bataya ki Soumya hospital mein hai. Mere liye Soumya ki ek jhalak dekhna nihayat jaroori tha... Main wahan se badhawasi mein paidal hi hospital ki aur bhaaga. Dusri baar bhag raha tha; pahli baar sachchayi se darr kar aur doosri baar uska saamna karne k liye!
Main bhagta hua hi ICU tak pahuncha tha. Uska chehra dekhte hi mujhe apne dil ki dhadkan lout'ti mahsoos huyi. Usne mujhe dekha aur hulke se muskura di. Usi muskaan ne toh meri jindagi badli thi. Maine kuchh der usko aansuon se nam ho chuki aankhon se taktaki bandh kar dekha aur fir bharraye lahje mein mere munh se nikla, “ i'm sorry”.
Wo ek baar fir muskura di, apna sir hila kar mujhe apne paas bulaya aur mera hath tham kar dheere se boli, “Mujhe pata tha tum aaoge!”
“Somaya tum aise nahi ja sakti, tumhe kuch nahi hua, tumhein mere sath jeena padega.... mere liye....plz” Main lagataar ro raha tha.
Woh kuchh der yunhi meri ankhon mein dekhti rahi aur phir apni meethi awaz mein dheere se boli “ main apni jindagi jaroor jiyungi , par tumhare jitna lamba jeewan nahi hai mera!”
Hum dono bebas se ek dusre ki aankhon mein dekhte rahe. Soumya ke ghar wale sath hi the. Woh mere baare mein sab jaante the.
Lakh koshish karne ke bawjood mujhe HO se sirf 15 din ka 'off' mila. Sara sara din main Soumya ke paas hi rahta. Uss ka hath thaame us'se batein karta; jokes ,songs, sunata rahta. Jab woh neend ke aagosh mein chali jati toh main apne pahle pyar , jiski jagah koi aur kabhi nahi le sakta, ko sote huye dekhta rahta. Tab mujhe Soumya ki kahi baatein yaad aati aur mera dil bharbhara uth'ta “kuchh log apni zindagi bina pyar kiye hi guzaar dete hain. maine apni zindagi mein kum se kum pyar toh pa liya; payar jo tumne mujhe diya... main kitni khush kismat hoon na...?”
Meri chhutiyan khatam ho chuki thi , par main uske sath hi tha. Soumya ko hospital mein ek mahina ho gaya tha. Sardiyan shuru hote hote uski halat aur kharaab hone lagi.. bolne mein bhi takleef hoti thi usko! Main jitni der uske sath raha uska hath nahi chhod paya. Uski aloukik aankhein mujhse kuchh na kuchh batiyati rahti thi. Saturday ki 'uss' raat hum kafi der tak jaagte rahe. Bus itna hi yaad hai ki sone se pehle wo meri aur dekh kar muskurayi thi.
Achanak mere kaan cardiograph ki 'uss' bhayawah beep ki awaz se fat se pade. Tabhi Nurses aur Doctors ki team ne Soumya ko gher liya aur use bachane ki ji jaan se koshish karne lage . Mujhe room ke bahar bhej diya gaya. Main bahar khada hokar Soumya ke chehre ko dekhta hua khoon ke aansoo rota raha...
Aur fir mera sab khatam ho gaya. Soumya humein chhod kar chali gayi,hamesha ke liye.
Mujhe kuch samjh nhi aa raha tha ki main kya karoon. Soumya ek din 'chali' jayegi ye sabko pata tha par 'dil' ab bhi maan'ne ko taiyaar nahi tha ki bhagwaan itna nirdayi ho sakta hai. Meri laal ho chuki aankhein baar baar Soumya ke honton par 'bus' ek baar aur wahi 'muskaan' dekh lene ko tadap rahi thi.. aaah!

Doctors se 'Soumya' ko le jane ki permission lekar uske parents usey ghar le gaye, main bhi unke sath hi tha…
Monday ko Somaya ke parents ne mujhe unki beti ka aakhiri waqt tak sath dene ke liye 'thanx' kaha aur mujhe ek 'letter' dekar bataya ki wo unhe Soumya ke pillow ke neeche se mila tha. Letter par mera naam likha hua tha. Main unke saamne mook bana khada raha. Main toh unke samne apne dil ka dard bhi bayan nahi kar saka. Mujhe apne andar sab kuchh khali khali sa lag raha tha; sivay meri aankhon ke... 'wo'toh aansuon se bhari padi thi….!

Char saal baad ab main apne humsafar ke sath ek baar fir Soumya ke chhote se khoobsoorat shahar mein hoon. Meri transfer yahin ho gayi hai.. Hum dono aksar Soumya se milne beach par jaya karte hain. 'Wahan' bus usi ki baatein hoti hain jo shayad kabhi khatam nahi hongi. Patjhad ka mousam aate hi ek baar fir 'unn' yaadon ki hariyali mere dil mein ek tees, ek tadap si paida kar deti hai. Wapas aakar main kabhi Soumya ki aakhiri nishani uss khat ko padhna nahi bhoolta…
“Hello Sweeto!
Ye meri kismat hi toh thi jisne mujhe tumse milaya; ab ye bhi kismat hi hai jo hamein juda karne wali hai. Par mujhe koyi afsos nahi… Tumse milkar maine Jindagi mein 'wo' sab kuchh pa liya Jo tumhare bina shayad 100 saal mein bhi main haasil nahi kar pati…. Mujhe 'Pyaar' mil gaya. Ab aur kya chahiye bhala!
Mujhe pata ki bhagwan isi dunia mein rahtein hain or woh sachche dil se maangne wale ki har murad poori kartein hain. Par unhone pahle hi itna kuchh de diya ki mujhe 'aur' maangte huye sharm aayi.
Mujhe is baat ka gum nahi ki main tumhare sath poori zindagi nahi bita payi; tumse shadi kar ke tumhare paas nahi rah payi. Iss baat ka dukh jaroor hai ki tumhari permotion hone par tumhare chehre ki 'wo' bachchon jaisi khushi mein nahi dekh paaungi. Par itna toh chalta hai na yaar! Jo khushi maine tumse milne ke baad payi hai; wo kya kam hai! Iss 'Pyaar' ne mere sab gumon ko mujhse door kar diya hai. Tumne mujhe jeene ka tareeka sikhaya, Khushi ke 'kuchh' beshkeemti pal diye , Tumse milne ke baad main saalon baad fir se hansne lagi. Tumne mujhe apni zindagi ka hissa banaya ; ye kya kam hai yaar!
Main tumhara intzaar karoongi. Tumhari har khushi, har gham ko main ab wahin se dekhoongi. aur mujhe yakeen hai bhagwan humein fir se milaye ga!



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Aksar kaha jata hai,insaan ko ik baar pyaar karke jarur dekhna chahiye.
aaj Har insaan pyaar karke dekhna chahata hai,sub kar rahe hai,sayad isi wajeh mujhay bhi karke dekhnachahiye ,magar suchai mai pyaar sirf ik dard hai
Ik aisa dard jiska sayad hi koi ilaaz bana ho, ya Sayad mai hi itna khush naseeb nahi hoon,
Baat un dino ki hai jab manay ik Institute join kra, padai ke sath 2 wha hum sare dost masti karte,ladkiyo ko chedte,aate jate peecha karte,comment maarte,wha ik ladki aksar hume dikhti hum uska bhi mazak udate,Dikhne mai wo bahot khubsurat thi,sayad hum jalan ke maare uska mazak udate,kyu ki wo hamari dost nahi thi.Time beet ta gaya,hum sub bhool gaye us ladki ko,phir achanak wo ladki hamare Class batch mai agai,
yai wakai surprise tha subke liye,hum frnds mai shart lag gai,aakhir usay pataega kon.Mai ik khush mijaaz.masti karne wala ladka tha,teachers bhi meri baat sunte thay.sayad yai baat usko bhi achi lagne lagi,hum dheere2
sath bethne lage,mai usko joke sunata,wo sare kaam karta jisse wo impress hoti chali gai,baat aakhir shart jitne ki jo thi.
Mai aksar uska ph: no: mangta rehta lekin wo kabhi deti nahi thi,ik din chupke se mnay uski diary mai se uska no: pad liya
yai baat manay usay jate waqt batadi,wo bahot hi naraz ho gai mujhse ,aur call na karne hi hidayat di,aur chali gai,mujhay laga tha mai shart jeetne wala
hoon,magar wo tow naraz ho gai,sayd isi gusse mai manay usey message kara ki


uske baad mai ghar ki taraf chal diya,uski call aati rahi,lekin bike chalane ki wjaeh se mai attend nahi kar paya..5 call ke baad uska ph: nahi aya
2 din baad subah achanak se uska message aya CALL ME FAST..mai khush ho gaya, manay usay phone kara,usne kha


itna sun mai to khushi ke maare uchal pada ,laga aakhir formula kaam agaya....
Agle din institute gya,saamne wo sharmai hui khadi thi,mai usey side mai le gaya,aur uska hath pakad bola ILOVEYOU tum bahot achi lagti ho mujhay
wo Bhi sharmai gai,,aur kaha ki wo bhi mujhay pasand karti thi phle se lekin batane ki himmat nahi thi..
Aakir mai shart jeet gaya,.Dosto mai rob jam gya mera.din beet te gaye wo mere liye khana lati apne hatho se bana ke,mere liye notes banati
wo sub karti jo mujhay acha lagta,magar mere dil main uske liye pyaar to tha nahi,mai ussse peecha chudane ki kosish karne laga.
ik din Wo class mai thi or manay us din chutti kar li , manay usay jhoot mai ph: pe keh diya ki meri shadi teh hogai,yai sun wo ph: pe hi rone lagi
Mujhay saaf sunai de rha tha,class ke dusre student usse chup kara rahe thay,Na jane kya hua us din uska rona sun ,mai wakai badal gya
Jo mjhse itna pyaar karti hai,mai usay dhoka de rha hu? jisne mujhpe viswaas kara,uska dil tod rha hu ?
Mujhay nahi pata kya hua,usi pal se mai usay bahot chahane laga,bilkul apne bache ki tarah rakhne laga,usay chod ke aana,lejana.baarish mai
bigte hui milne jana ,chot lagne ke bawjood milne jana,bus sirf wo hi dikhai deni lagi mujhay 4 saal beet gaye humay,ik saath rehte -rehte .Ik din
mujhay uske sath uske kisi rishte daar ne dekh liya,yai baat unko pasand nahi aai,uska ph: aya ki uski shadi jabarsti kara rahe hai
mai bahot roya akele mai,apne dost ke kande pe sir rakh,mujhay laga sub kuch chin gaya mera..Tab ehsaas hua kitna pyaar karta
hoon mai usay,.....Agey kya hua sayad mai bata na pau....

Meri likhi kavita se sayad apko sub samajh ajay,main kin haalato se gujra hoon

Haan hoon mai pyaar mai,uske inizaar main
kya mil payegi wo,yai sochta hoon main

kyu akele mai rehta hoon,kyu uske liye rota hoon
hai yai kasi uljhan yai ,sochta hoon main
Jisne diya janam,kar lu kya bagawat unse
mita du unke sapne,yai sochta hoon main
tod dunga apne sapne ,khamoshi se sub seh lunga
maar dunga jazbaato ko,tanha reh lunga mai
dudh ka karz ,chuka saka na koi
per apna farz ,nibha jaunga main
mana is janam mai,na de ska sath tera
agar sucha hai pyaar,toh phir aaunga mai
mangunga dubara mohlat khuda se,baan ne tera saya
phir laut aaunga mai..............
haan hoon mai pyaar mai,uske intizaar mai..

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Meri Kahani Meri Zubani

Ye un dino ki baat hai jab main 12th standard mein pad raha tha.
Main aur mere dost roz ki tarah college khatam honeke baad college se baahar nikal kar bus ke liye wait kar rahe the,
Ghar jo jaana tha aur padhai bhi karni thi pareeksha dene ke liye jo do din baad se shuru ho rahe the.
Tabhi hamare saamne se ek ladkiyon ka group jaane laga. Lekin hamein unmein koi dilchaspi nahi thi isiliye humne unki
taraf dekha bhi nahi.

Ek ek karke mere saare dost chale gaye , mere ghar ke raaste se guzarne wali bus abhi tak aayi nahi thi isiliye main pani
puri khane ke liye bus station ke ek dam nazdeek chala gaya kyunki hum bus station se kuch door tahera karte the.
Bus station mein sirf ek hi ladki bus ke liye wait kar rahi thi saath mein kuch ladies bhi thi . Aur maine dekha ki wahhan
pani puri nahi thi . Isiliye main chup chap vahaan baith gaya.

Thodi der mein ek bus aayi aur us bus mein vo ladki chadh gayi. Mujhe dekhke usne ek smile di aur main samjha ki vo mujhe
bewakoof samajh rahi hai.
Maine use kuch nahi kaha kyunki main tab ek accha student tha aur in maamlon mein padna nahi chahta tha.

Do din baad mere exams shuru hue aur main paheli shreni mein pass hogaya .
EAMCET exam likhne ke baad mujhe ek Engineering college mein seat milgayi aur mere papa bhi khush ho gaye.

Main college jaane ke liye tayaar hogaya aur socha ki thoda scent bhi maarloon to accha hoga
College pahoonchne ke baad mujhe do senios ne pakad liya aur mera bio data poochne lage, bio data batane ke baad main
class mein chala gaya.
Class ke andar kadam rakhne hi wala tha ki maine ek ladki ko paheli bench mein dekha aur uske side mein jaakar baith gaya
kyun ki saari benches bhari padi thi
Usne mujhe apna naam bataya aur introduce kiya to main bhi apne aap ko introduce kiya

Baad mein usne bataya ki vo vahi ladki hai jisne mujhe dekhke smile di thi 12th standard ke exams ke do din pahele

Maine usse poocha ki "Tab tum ne mujhe bewakoof samjha tha kya ?"
usne jawaab diya ki "Mujhe tum cute lage, isiliye" vo sunne ke baad main last bench mein chala gaya.
Thodi der tak main soch mein pad gaya aur khwaabon mein kho gayaaaaa Aankhein khuli to dekha ki
saamne lecturer khada hai Aur tum logon ko pata hoga baad mein kya hua hoga

Lekin us raat ko main so nahi paya because of those words, Vo baat mere dil mein chubh gayi thi jiske kaaran poori
raat main so nahi paya

Main bata nahi saktha ki mujhe kaisa lag raha tha vo baat sunke. Poori raat main uske baare mein soochne laga.

Doosre din main college pahooncha, main jaakar usse poochne laga ki tumhara matlab kya tha usne bataya ki vo meri
dost banna chahti hai lekin maine poocha ki tum mere baare mein jaanti ho kya

usne muskuraate hue jawaab diya ki vo mujhe 10th class se jaanti hai par main use nahi jaanta
Aur kuch baatein bhi hui jo mujhe yaad nahi varna likh deta
Do saal guzar gaye aur hum bahot acche dost bangaye aur mujhe ab vo acchi bhi lagne lagi thi kyunki mujhe usse pyaar
hogaya tha
Aakhir mein do-teen hafton ke baad maine use propose kiya jiska vo do saal se intezaar kar rahi thi .

Maine bahot waqt leliya tha use propose karne ke liye kyunki main dar raha tha ki hamari dosti toot na jaye

Mere propose karne ke baad usne sar hilaya aur mujhe gale se laga liya Hum khoob ghumne lage, college bunk karne
lage jiska asar mere internal exams par pada.

Vo mujhe subah shaam sms bheja karti thi aur main roz raat ko ghanto usse baatein kiya karta tha phone mein

Lekin hamari kahani ko kisiki buri nazar lag gayi, abhi kuch ek mahine pahele uska engagement hogaya aur main kuch kar na

Main 4 din tak gumshum rahene laga baad mein mere doston ne mujhe samhaal liya

Aur ab main phirse aise kisi chakkar mein padna nahi chahta isiliye padhai mein dhyaan laga raha hoon

Aasha karta hoon ki sabhi ko meri story pasand aayegi aur mere character ke baare mein sabhi ko pata chalega

If any of my posts seem to be mischief i.e, discomfiture or annoyance then shut the fuck up and stop following 'em.

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Paper dene k bad sab bahar nikal rahe the aur sab bahut khush the aur hon bhi kyun na aj sabki schhol life ka antin din tha. Sab paper dene k bad paer discuss kar rahe the lekin wahan koi ek tha jise paper k alawa bhi kuchh aur baton ki fikar thi wo man hi man soch raha tha ki bolun ya na bolun; 14 sal se jis ladki ko wo pasand karta tha jise apni jeewan sangini banana chahta tha, jiske sapne har rat dekha karta tha usse aj pyar ka ijhar karne se bhi wo bahut dar raha tha aur aj hi kyun dar to wo pichhale 4 sal se raha tha jab se use ehsas hua tha ki ab wo ladka bada ho chuka hai aur wo kisi ko chahne laga hai.

Paper dene k bad usne apne dil ko majboot kiya aur apne dil ki awaj suni- ravi aj nahi to ho sakta hai kit u kabhi bhi na bol sake bol de ravi aj to bol de. Kismet uske sath thi wo ladki uske pass ayi aur poochha “Rajeev(ravi) kaisa raha paper”.

“ Achhchha tha aur tumhara kaisa gaya”
“Badhiya tha aur batao ab age kya karne ka plan hai”
“Maine pharmacy k liye apply bhi kar diya hai tum to eng karogi na”- ravi ne us ladki se sawal kiya.

“Han lekin papa bol rahe hain ki kota chali jao ek sal IIT-jee ki tayari kar lo but meri tayari achchhi hai mai isi sal koi achchha college pa jaungi mp pet k through hi, lekin agar papa ne kaha to jarur jaungi kota” . ladki ne mushkurate hue jawab diya to ravi ko laga ki ye shayad sahi mauka hai.

“Richa ghar kaise jaogi cycle leker ayi ho kya” ravi ne mauke ki najakat dekhte hue poochha.

“nahi papa chhod gaye the bhai ata hoga lene k liye, tab tak wait kar lungi”

Richa intezar karne lagi aur schhol khali ho gaya 15 minut tak intezar karne ke bad jab richa k bhai nahi aya to usne socha ki chalo ab koi nahi ayega age se auto kar lungi.

Kareeb 100 kadam chalne ke bad uske kano me awaj ayi- mai ghar tak chhod dun tumhe jitna time tuhe auto se ghar pahuchane me lagega utne me mai pahucha dunga”

Richa ne peechhe mud kar dekha to ravi mushkurata hua stationary ki dukan me khada tha. “Tum gaye nahi abhi tak” richa hatprabhy sa ravi k chehre ki taraf dekhkar boli.

“Yar aj ghar me gadi khali thi to mai le aya. jab maine dekha ki sab chale gaye hain aur tum intejar kar rahi ho tab bhi mujhe laga ki tumse pooch lun fir maine socha tum bura man jaogi to maine nahi kaha ab batao ghar chhid dun kya” ravi jhepte hue bola.

Kuchh der richa sochati rahi fir kaha “ek shart per aj ham dono wahin fulki khayenge jahan bachpan me khaya karte the tum to shayad bhool gaye lekin mujhe aj bhi yad hai ham kesari fulki (panipuri) wale k yaha fulki khaya karte the”.

“Mujhe sab yad hai richa lekin is bar paise mai nahi dunga hamesha mai hi deta hun”

“Theek hai mai de dungi paise ab chalo bhi mujhe ghar bhi jana hai jaldi” kesari kidukan me fulki khate hue bhi ravi ko lag raha tha ki wo bol de lekin fir bhi aisa nahi hua dono ne fulki khayi aur paise ravi ne hi diye.

Paise dene k bad richa ravi se ladne lagi – “tum kya samjhte ho apne ap ko jab bat hui thi ki paise mai dungi to tumne kyun diye”

“Wo mujhe achha nahi lagta na ki mere smne ladki paise de aur waise bhi jab 12 sal se mai paise de raha hun to aj ek din tum kyun do shayad ham sath me last time yahan khade hain mai kal ganv chala jaunga aur fir wahan se te hi Bhopal.”

Itna bolne k bad dono kuchh nahi bole ravi ne gadi start ki aur richa k ghar ki taraf chala raste me richa ne chuppi todte hue -“kaha sam ko mandir aoge na”

“Han aunga”

Richa ko ghar chhodkar ravi apne ghar chala gaya use apnea p per bahut gusssa aa raha tha kyun wo sab kuchh chahte hue bhi nahi bol paya. Ghar me din bhar gumshum pada raha sham 5 bajne ka intejaar karte hue.

5 baje jab wo mandir gaya to richa use mandir k gate me hi khadi mil gayi.

“Kab se khadi ho yahan” ravi ne utsukta se poochha aur baki log kahan hain.

Mandir wo jagah thi jahan wo sare dost milte the almost roj sham ko wahin garden me baithte the koi jaye ya na jaye ravi roj wahan jata tha kyunki us garden pe kai tarah k fool the aur wahan sham ko kafi chahal pahal bhi rahtee thi.

“Mujhe aye 10 minut ho gaya ghar me time pass nahi ho raha tha to yahin chali ayi chalo aj baki ladke to ayenge nahsab cricket khelne gaye hain ladkiyan bhi shayad hi ayen” richa ne kaha aur uska hanth pakad kar use ander kheech le gayi

Garden me baithate hi ravi ne sawal dobara--- kiya kab ja rahi ho kota.

Abhi kuchh decieded nahi hai shayad abhi do mahine lagenge. Aur dono wahan kareeb 1 ghante baithe rahe bole bhi nahi bhi bole lekin ravi ko to kuchh aur ho bolna tha jo wo chahkar bhi nahi bol pa raha tha.

1 ghante bad richa boli chalo mai ab jaungi time ho gaya.

Theek hai mai bhi ab nikalta hun .

Gate se pahuchane se pahle richa ne ravi ko roka. Aur kaha (Rajeev)ravi tium pagal ho, mai pagal hun ya ham dono pagal hain .

“Kyun aisa kyun bol rahi ho”

“Aisa isliye kaha ki maine aj sari ladkiyon ko mana kiya ki aj koi yahan nahi ayega. Ki mai aj tumhare sath akele yahan rahungi to shayad tumhari soti hui buddhi jage but tum ho ki”

Itna bolte hi uski ankhon se halke ansu nikal aye

Ravi ne use sambhalane ki koshish ki kyun ro rahi ho aur ankhon se ansu pochh.

“Door raho mujhse 4 sal se mai wait kar rahi hun kit um kuchh kahoge kuchh kahoge lekin tum ho ki kuchh bolte hi nahi” isse ache to tum pahle the jab bachpan me bola karte the ki tumse shadi karunga, aur mai tab se hi sochti thi ki tumhare sath hi jindagi bitaungi.”

“Richa rote nahi mai ye kab se bolne wala tha bol nahi paa raha tha mai aj se nahi bachpan se hi tumhi ko chahta hun” ravi k muh se finnaly wo nikla jo wo kab se bolna chahta tha aur aj tak nahi bol paya tha.

“Chup raho aj bol rahe ho tum jab kal tum chale jaoge mai kahin aur chali jaungi fir pata nahi kab milenge”

"Ham jarur milenge richa ham jarur milenge tum jao kota mai Bhopal jaunga kismet rahi to jaldi milenge"

Aur wo dono ghar na jakar wahin baith gaye dobara 9 baje ravi ne richa ko ghar chhod diya

Us din k bad ravi 2 mahine ganv me raha aur fir Bhopal aa gaya station me richa use chhodane ayi thi.

1 mahine bad hi richa bhi kota chli gayi

Ravi tab bhi usko milne Bhopal station gaya tha.

Ek sal bad richa ka selection ek ache college me ho gaya. Ab tak dono ne mobile bhi le liya tha aur dono baten bhi karte the

Lekin samay ne karwat li. Kuchh aisa hua jo nahi hona chahiye tha richa k father ki death ho gayi us samay use sahara dene k liye ravi wahan nahi tha iske bad richa toot si gayi ab uski family me only uski mom aur uske chhote bhai the.

Ravi chhte hue bhi kuchh nahi kar sakta tha kyunki abhi bhi wo kewal student tha. Richa is ghatna k bad apni hi dunia me kho gayi uski jindagi me ab shayad pyar ki jagah nahi rah gayi thi usne ravi ke call uthane band kar diye. Aur finally apna number change kar liya.

In sab baton ko 4 sal aur beet chuke hain ravi aur richa dono achhi jagah job per hain lekin ravi k aj bhi itni himmat dobara bhi nahi hai ki wo fir se apne pyar ka ijhar kar paye aur shayad ab ummid bhi kam hai ki ab richa use fir propose karegi. Ravi ne bhi dil ko tasalli de li hai.

Lekin wo chah kar bhi ab kisi ko pyar nahi kar sakta kyunki use aj bhi itejar hai ki shayad uska bachpan ka wo innocent love use milega jo ki sachha tha uske bad to kewal affair hi hue jinme dil ki jagah tan ki jaroorat jyada thi.

Jab bhi ravi apne ghar jata hi to roj sham ko mandir k garden me jata hai 1 do ghante baithta hai aur apni jindagi k sabse khoobsurat 4 ghante yad karta hai. Kewal isi ummid me ki richa use milegi

I love you richa
ham jarur milenge

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Hello Friends, I tried my hand in writing in a previous contest too. This is my second attempt on writing. Last one was in English, this time I am trying in hindi just to fulfill a wish of writing a story in hindi.

I am not gud with words, nor am I gud with writing, this is just a recollection of some memories !!

Baat tab kee hai jab ham Lakhnau University me padhte the. Hamara naam shareefo me kam aur badmasho me zyada tha. University se pehle hamne boys school me padhai kee thi, isliye ladkiyon se milne ka zyada mauka nahi mila.

University me hamari jo reputation ban gayi, usme ladkiyo se dosti karna kamzor kee nishani mana jaata tha.

Nateeja ye hua ke 2 saal tak ham ladkiyo se aur ladkiya hamse door hee rahe. 3rd year me hamne choti-moti thekedaari bhi shuru kar dee. Hamare campus se laga hua ek Arts College tha. Us college me ek nayi building ke construction me kuch kaam hamne bhi le liya.

Sardiyo ke din the, ham aur hamare dost bahar lawn me baithe the. Ladkiyo ka ek group hamare bagal se guzra, ek ladkee ke haath me ek bade hee khubsurat see painting thi.

Mere muh se nikla “wah kya cheez hai !!”

Turant hee us ladki ne palat kedekha, aur jo mujhe dekha to sir jhuka ke chal dee. Mai bhi chakkar me pad gaya ke ye kya hua?

Ek dost ne kaha “bhai use laga ke tumne uske oopar comment kiya hai.”
Asal me un dino ham rehte bhi aise hee the, badi daadhi – bikhre baal, gale me 2-2 maala, shirt ke 3 button sardee me bhi khule hue, sleeves oopar chadhi hui to ye natural tha ke shareef ladkiya hamse door hee rahengi.
Agle din wo ladki fir nazar aayi to hamne use gaur se dekha, wo kisi shayar kee ghazal jaisi sundar to nahi thi par kisi bhajan jaisee saadi aur pavitra zarur thee. Ab hamare dil me jo feelings aayi wo pehle kabhi nahi aayee thee.

Dil ne kaha jao use sorry to bol do, dimag ne kaha ke uske paas bhi na jaana. Dil-Dimag kee isi kashmakash me 4 din beet gayi.

Ittefaq se 5ve din jab ham Arts college kee parking me apni bike se utare to dekha wo bhi waheee khadee thee aur kuch pareshan lag rahee thee, ab hamse na raha gaya to pooch baithe “koi problem hai kya?”


“Are bata do, ham aapko khaa thodi na lenge”

Ye sun kar wo hamaree taraf aise palti jaise khaa hee jayegi, gusse me uske gaal aur bhi laal ho gaye the, usne bade kathorta se kaha “Dekhiye mister, mai abhi pareshan hun, mery scooty puncture hai aur aapko har waqt badtameezi ka nasha chadha rehta hai, mai in sab se door hee rehtee hun, bhagwan ke liye mujhe maaf karo”

Ab saale ko hamare sar pe to aasmaan hee toot pada, karne gaye the bhala aur ulta daant padne lagi. Hame turant charo taraf ghum ke dekha ke koi sun to nahi raha.

Bhagwan kee daya se koi nahi tha, hamne fir himmat jutai aur kaha “dekhiye ham aise waise nahi hain, ham to…. Meri baat puri bhi na hui k eek aur bouncer aaya “hame pata hai aap kaise hain, aap raah chalti ladkiyo ko dekh ke comments pass karte hain, aap gunde hain aur aapme tameez naam kee cheez nahi hai”

Ab hame samakh aaya ke kaise ghabrai hui billi sher ko bhi panja maartee hai !!

Ek akhree koshish kee “Are ham aapse yahi to kehna chahte hain ke us din hamne aapko kuch nahi kaha tha, ham to aapkee painting kee tareef kar rahe the, bhagwan kasam ham jaise bhi hain, ladkiyo ko kabhi galat nazar se nahi dekha “

Ab wo kuch confuse see ho gayi aur boli “job hi hai , abhi mai pareshan hun, plz mujhe aur pareshan na keejiye”

Itne me hame parking stand ka chotu dikha, hamne use awaz dee aur kaha jao madam ka tyre banwa lao.

Uskee bhi majbooree thi ke wo mana na kar sake. Hamaree sharafat thee ke ham use akela wahan chhod nahi sakte the. To dono kuch faasle pe khade rahe aur idhar udhar dekhte rahe.

Itne me hamara ek dost wahan se guzra aur hame dekh ke bola “Ka bhaiyya, tum bhi shuru ho gaye, Mubarak ho”

Ham apne aslee rang me aa gaye aur 2-4 gaaliyo ke baad kaha “bhaago saale nahi patak ke maarenge”

Wo to haste hue chala gaya par idhar madam ko fir mauka mila au boli

“Yahi hai aapkee shrafat?”

“are nahi , ham dost aapas me aise hee baat karte hain”

“Gaali de kar?”

“Ab kya Karen, bhagwaan ne hame zuban hee aisi dee hai”

“To fir university me padhne ka kya fayda hua?”

Ab is par hamare paas koi jawab na tha.

Utne me chotu scooty le kea a gaya, usne paise dene kee koshish kee par chotu ne kaha “bhaiya se paise nahi lete “

Wo ek baar fir muskurai aur kaha “waah kya sharafat hai”

Hamne kaha “are nahi aisa nahi hai’

“Mujhe der ho gayi hai, thnx for ur help” aur nikal gayi…..

Uske jaane ke baad dil me bada achcha achcha sa lagne laga, sham ko dost ikattha hue aur beer khuli to us dost ne poocha “kya bhaiyya, aaj bade khush ho, bhaujai mil gayi ka?”

“Abe nahi yaar, wo to bas us din ke liye baat clear karne gaye the”

“Achcha? Badi der tak akele me baat clear kar rahe the, ka ka clear kar diye?”

“Dekho yaar hamse bakchodi na karo”

“Are gussate kahe ho, ham to yahi keh rahe hain kee zindagi me pyar muhabbat bhi zaruri hai”

“Abe chutiya hee ho tum, hamse koi pyar karega kya?”

“Are kahe nahi karega? Tum koi lule-langde ho ka, bas thoda dadhee wadhee bana lo to sab theek hai”

“abe mare lappad ulat jaoge, ham daddhi kahe banaye be”

Yahi sab karne me raat ho gayi aur sab khaa-pee ke so gaye.

Subah uthne pe raat kee baaten yaad aa gayi to laga kee shayad hame bhi pray hone laga hai. Magar fir khayal aaya kee nahi hame ye sab nahi karna. Aur ham taiyar hokar campus nikal gaye aur dopahar ko Arts college pahuche , kaam dekhkar wapas lawn me baith gaye. Tabhi wo ladkee fir dikhai dee, aisa laga ke wo hamare paas aana chahtee hai par hamaree mandali dekh ke ghabra rahi hai.

Ham to is pyar wyar me anadi the, par hamare dost samajhdaar nikle, ek ne kaha “jao naam to pooch lo”

Hamne bhi socha naam poochne me kya harz hai, uthe aur teer kee tarah
pahuch gaye uske paas. “Aap kuch kehna chahti hain?”

“Haan, kal theek se apse baat nahi kee uske liye sorry aur aapne jo hamari madad kee uske liye thanks”

Jise kabhi kisi ne thanks na kaha ho, use ek ladki thanks kahe to uska kya haal hoga ye bataya nahi jaa sakta, ham to ekdam pighal hee gaye.

Muh se khud ba khud lafz nikalne lage
“Ab aap saamne hain to kuch bhi nahi hai yaad,
warna hame kuch aapse kehna zarur tha !!”

Ab uskee hairaanee dekhne layak thee, mano keh rahee ho university ka gunda aur shero-shayari ?!

Usne bas itna hee kaha, “aapse sher kee umeed nahi thi, par achcha laga, shayad aapme sach me sharafat hai. “

“Apko ham kaise yakeen dilayen ke ham wakai shareef hain”

“Apki dadhi aur roller up sleeves dekh ke to koi bhi na manega, agar aapko yakeen dilana hee hai to dadhi saaf kara deejiye aur kapde zara dang se
pehna keejiye, mai maan loongi”

Ab to hamari halat aur bhi kharab, karo to museebat, na karo to museebat !!

Maine kaha “Mera naam ****** hai”

“Aap to pure arts college me mashhoor hain”

“Aapka naam kya hai ?”


Wah wah, kya suhana naam hai !!

“Bas yahi kami hai aapme, taareef bhi karte ho to lagta hai gaali de rahe ho,
Achcha mai chalti hun, class ka time ho gaya hai”

Us din se hamne arts college jaana hee band kar diya, kaam bhi khatam ho chuka tha aur darr tha ke usne ab jo dadhee dekh lee to zarur hee gaali degi.

10 din beet gaye aur hamare andar ek ajeeb see bechaini hone lagi. Finally ye decide kiya ke Arts college kee parking ke saamne waali chai kee dukan me baith ke use ek baar door se he dekh liya jaye.

Chutti se pehle hee ham morche pe jaa date aur ciggerate sulgai hee thi ke saamne se madam aate hue nazar aayi. Ab jab aamna – saamna ho hee gaya tha to bhaagne kee gunjaish kahan?

Hamne kaha – Namaskar, usne kaha- hello

Ham fir sharminda hue ke yaar ladkiyo se to hi-hello hee karna chahiye.

"Achca to aap namaste karne se khud ko shareef saabit karna chahte hain!”

“Nahi-nahi, bas hame ladkiyo se baat karne kee aadat nahi hai na”

“Theek hai, pehle ladkiyo kee baat to maaniye, khud ko appearance me shareef banaiye”

“kya aap hamare saath chai piyengi?”

“ thanx par mujhe derr ho rahee hai”

Aur wo chali gayi

Ab to ham bilkul hee kaboo se bahar ho gaye, agle din subah hee dadhee saaf karai , achche se tayaar hue aur Archies Gallery pahuche, ek khubsurat sa gift aur ek chota sa frndship card liya, card pe likha

“Dil de diya hai unko, dekhe wo kya karenge ,
Dil ko rakhenge dil me, Ya dil se juda karenge !!”

Is baar ham chutti se 1 ghanta pehle hee ja dhamke, chai kee pyali se hee man hee baat karne kee practice karte rahe.

Fianally wo nazar aayi to ham uskee scooty ke paas ja pahuche, hamne kaha


Wo ekdam hee shocked see meri taraf dekhne lagee aur boli “maine to aapko pehchana hee nahi”

“Apne hee to kaha tha, dadhi saaf kara do”

“Oh my god, that’s so nice of u, maine sapne me bhi nahi socha tha aap use itna seriously lenge”

Maine dil me kaha, saale sab aashiq chutiye hote hain, aur aaj se mera bhi naam us list me likh do”

Aur tabhi maine realize kiya ke hame wakai pyar ho gaya hai !!

“Chai peene chale?”

Usne sharmate hue kaha, “aapke is dhaabe pe?”

“Nahi, Royal Café chalet hain”

“Okay, aap chal ke mera wait keejiye, mai 5 min baad aaungi”

Ham wahan mile aur tea-sandwich ke saath baate kee, jab wo jaane lagee to maine use wo gift aur card diya, wo fir se hairaan reh gayi aur boli “Sorry, mai ye nahi le sakti, but we can be frnds.”

maine kaha "frndship me gifts ko mana nahi karte”

Wo for muskarai aur thanx keh kar gift apne bag me rakh liya.

“Fir kab milogi?”

“Jab aap chahe, college me aa jaiye, I have to go now, bye”

Agle din uske college jaane kee meri himmat nahi hui, kya pata wo card padh ke naraz na ho gayi ho !!

Agle 7 din tak meree yahi haalat rahi, Roz subah taiyaar hota aur fir ghabra kar ruk jaata aur fir beer baaji chalu ho jaati.

Aakhir doston ke chadhaane par maine bhi socha kee mil to lun ek baar, aar ya paar ka pata to chal jaye.

Wo din tha bhi bada achcha march ka maheena tha, hawa me mahek thee, charo taraf holi ke taiyaree chal rahee the, festive atmosphere tha, ham bhi ban than ke chal diye apnee kismet ka faisla sunne ke liye. Raaste me ek kameene ne hamare oopar rang bhara gubbara de maara, uski ma, bahen, beti sabko pukarne ke baad hame dhyan aaya kee shirt kharab ho gayi hai.

Ham fir wapas hostel ke liye chal diye, shirat change kee, bal thekk kiye aur is baar to hamne bike ko plane bana diya aur toofaan kee tarah, uske college pahuch gaye.

Hame dekhte hee wo stand ka chotu dauda hamaree taraf “are bhaiyya kahan the aap, wo didi to roz yahan chutti ke baad bhi ruktee thee aur shayad aapko hee dhoondhti thi, aaj bhi yaheen thi abhi 10 min pehle hee gayi hain”

Hamne fir us gubbare waale kee ma-bahen ko yaad kiya tabhi chotu ne apne jeb se ek envelope nikala aur hame diya “wohi scooty waali didi ne diya hai, kaha tha kee aap kabhi aayen to aapo de dun”

Ab to aisa laga ke hamare dil kee dhadkan holi ke nagadon se bhi tez ho gayi hai, kaan aise garam hue jaise hame holika me daal diya ho, kaanpte hatho se hamne wo envelope liya aur chotu se kaha jaa ek ciggerette le aa.

Cigg jalane ke baad kuch shaanti aayi to bhi lifafa kholne kiee himmat na hui. Aakhir kuch der idhr-udhar bhatakne ke baad ham Gomti river ke kinare pahuche aur wahan baith kar lifafa khola. Jaise jaise shabd saamne aate rahe, hamaree saanse ukhadne lagee, aankhe bheeg gayi aur jism thanda padne laga.

Usne likha tha :

Dear *******
Maine kabhi socha bhi na tha ke oopar se itna sakht dikhne waale is shaks me andar itna komal dil bhi ho sakta hai. Aapse baate karna mujhe bahot achcha laga, aapme wo saree khubiya hain jo kisi bhi achche insaan me ho saktee hain, aapke card ke jawab me mai aapse bas itna hee keh saktee hun ki –

“Jab bike na the, koi poochta na tha
Tumne mujhe khareed ke, anmol kar diya”

Magar mere bhi kuch majbooriyan hain, mai ek aise parivaar se hun , jahan ladkiyon ka ghar se nikalna bhee mana hai, ye mere ghar waalo ka mujh pe bharosa hai jo unhone mere painting ke shauk ko aage badhane kee ijazat dee hai, agar mai unhe bata kea apse milu, to ye mumkin na hoga, aur bina bataye milna unke bharose ko todna hai.

Agar aapne mujhe wakai pasand kiya hai to mere ye pareshanee samajh kar mujhe maaf karenge. Meree bhagwaan se yahi kaamna hai kee aapko jeevan me saaree khushiyan mile.

Maine kai din tak tak aapka intezar kiya, par shayad aapke naa aane ka kaaran mai samajhti hun, aaj mai Delhi jaa rahee hun, fir shayad milna na ho sake, isliye aakhir me itna hee kahungi

“Wo afsaana jise anjaam tak laana na ho mumkin
Use ek khoobsurat mod dekar chhodna achcha “

Bas yahee afsos rahega kee apse mil kar ye sab na keh saki.

Aapkee dost


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