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Old 24th January 2010
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Nice story

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Old 24th January 2010
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Old 24th January 2010
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Old 24th January 2010
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"I want to come inside you didi". I pleaded. "I am dying to make love to you. I want to fuck your pussy."

She smiled, and realizing I was about to come, left my cock for a while. She pushed me on my back.

I lied flat on my back with my head on two pillows. Amrita didi placed her knees on either side of my face and descended her pussy to my lips.

Her hair tickled my thighs as her face came down and took my cockhead into her mouth. She licked it few times and rested her hands on my thighs and pushed them apart. As I spread my thighs, she went down and took my balls in her mouth. My balls contracted. She was trying to suck my balls and pushing my nut in the scrotum with her tongue. It was a heavenly feeling. I felt as if I had passed out and gone to heaven. She slowly and tenderly bit my cock and it twitched. "You should shave your pubic area. That will look clean and edible." She said.

"I will, if that is what you want and what you like..." my muffled voice uttered as I was lapping at her pussy. She started taking my cock deeper and I could feel her lips on the base of my cock. My whole cock in my sister's mouth -- the feeling and the sensation was driving me crazy and my cock jerked. Didi's experience told her I was close. The moment she realized that, she got up, turned around and went towards my legs. She positioned her knees on either side of my waist facing me, caught my erect cock in her hand and her pelvic descended down. Her pussy was just touching my cock tip, and I tried to push up. But she has me in her grip and did not let me in. She rubbed my cock along her labia and then gingerly placed it at the gateway to heaven, my sister's love channel. I closed my eyes in bliss and in anticipation. I could feel warm wet velvety tunnel engulfing my cock slowly and slowly. I wanted this feeling to last for ever. If I had to even die at that moment I would not have any regrets.

With my eyes closed my whole body feeling the exquisite joy making love to my sister, I mumbled, "It feels so good... great .... I wish it lasts for a thousand years ..... I feel I am in heaven..... Didi, it feels so good ..... you really know how to fuck. I would not mind if I die now... while I am inside you... I am inside you didi.... Feel me... I am there .... Deep inside my loving and lovely sister......"

She bent down and kissed me lightly on my eyelids, my forehead very lovingly. Her affections reflected in her touch. She held my face and brought down her mouth to mine and gave me a soulful kiss. We remain locked like that. Our lips glued to each other, my cock inside her pussy. My naughty hands worming their ways to her hanging breasts. She rotated her hips to make my cock fit in properly. She shook her hips and then descended completely with my cock fully embedded in her. She bent forward and her breasts smashed against my chest. As madly we started kissing each other, her pelvis started moving up and down. The friction of her tight pussy was bringing in a sensation of joy I never felt in my life. Her well trained and highly practiced cunt muscles were milking my cock tightly. She knew how to tighten her vaginal wall around my cock and it took me to the seventh heaven. I reached for the hanging breasts of my sister and started playing with them. I was fondling her large hanging boobs and pinching her nipples and rotating them.

My sister increased her tempo. As she raised herself, she tightened her vaginal wall, giving my cock tight friction and as she descended, she had her pussy relaxed. Her juice was flowing freely and my cock was slick with her juice. Her tempo increased and she went on like a bucking bronco riding a horse. And I started responding to her movements by raising my cock in unison as she came down on my cock. We got into a perfect rhythm. She was too adept at adjusting her movement to any situation and any cock of any size. My cock fitted tightly in her pussy and we started together now, in a flurry. I was sometimes squeezing her breasts and sometimes, holding her big butts helping her in moving up and down. When I have a hard push, "I am coming didi..." I announced. She again bent forward, kissed me on my lips and smashed her breasts on my chest; and was grinding her pelvis making my cock go in and out fast.

With one mighty push, I entered right unto her hilt and saw my cock completely buried in her, and it jerked feverishly. My whole body tensed up, and I could feel my semen going out through my cock and splashing her inside depths. She was rotating her pelvis and squeezing my cock with all her force with her vaginal muscles. As the first spurt entered her pussy, she again went straight and went up and down on my cock one last time and then rested her pelvis on my cock. As my cock continued spurting its juice in her pussy, her two hands reached her back. One cupped my balls hard, trying to squeeze out all my sperm and the other suddenly entered my asshole, which was wet with her secretions flowing down. I had learnt to relax my sphincter from the previous encounter. Her attack on my asshole made my cock even harder and I felt it growing still bigger inside her cunt. She manipulated her finger inside my ass thus massaging my prostate, and squeezing my balls -- and I had now blown all my semen in her pussy. I gave one final push timing with the last spurt and was panting for breath with my mouth open.

She too ground her pelvis and held me tight and announced..... " I am also coming with you... again...."

"I gave you all my semen which was stored in me all these years didi. I love you. You are the best fuck I ever had." I said earnestly.

She kissed me lovingly bending forward and without disengaging herself lied on me.

We were caressing each other and were lying like that for a while. Both spent, drained, happy and content.

I was leisurely playing with her tits and my other hand was moving over her butts. My cock was still semi-hard and inside her pussy. My fingers felt her rose bud asshole and massaged it.

"I heard anal sex is the most exciting for a man," I inquired. "I never had a chance to do it."

"Most men find it that way as anus is very tight and fits very snugly on the cock. In fact, no one can last long in ass, they all come quickly. But it can be painful for the lady if she is not experienced." She remarked.

"But you are quite experienced in anal sex, and I could feel how easily my fingers got in". I replied.

"Yes, I am quite used to anal sex and can relax my sphincter easily. I get anal orgasms if my clit is massaged simultaneously. But it has to be lubricated first. Not everyone licks it and makes it lubricated with saliva. Secondly, saliva dries up quickly too. It is better to apply Vaseline and then perform anal sex. I prefer that way." She continued, "when I get cornholed, I want my clit to be played with. Its with clitoral stimulation I reach my orgasm when I am having anal sex." She said in a matter-of-fact tome.

"What about blow-job? How do you find it? Does it excite a lady or it is only for the man's pleasure." I asked sincerely.

"The recipient is always having fun. When you suck me, that is cunnilingus, I get orgasm very quickly and the orgasms are very intense. The same is for the man too. A sixty nine serves for both. And I have seen if a man's prostate is massaged when he comes, for which I usually poke my finger into his asshole and press forward to press on the prostate, the man comes like a geyser." She was sharing with me her knowledge and I was getting practical and theory lessons in sex.

My cock was getting harder in my sisters cunt now and was now filling her fully. She could feel it and started moving her pelvis slowly backward and forward. "Your cock does not seem to deflate..." she laughed.

"When I am inside the sexiest lady, and enjoying a taboo relation; it is making me so excited, even the mere thought that I am making love to my sister is keeping my cock hard; and you are so sexy and sensuous and know how to please a man so well, that there is no chance my cock will go limp ever. I am sure if you walk by a morgue, the cocks of the dead and buried men also will stand up..." I laughed.

I was now jerking my pelvis from below. But this time, I thought of taking the initiatives. I held her by her shoulder and turned her and placed her on the bed, she was lying on her side. I pushed her onto her stomach, and now she was lying on her stomach with her ass up in the middle of the large bed.

I lied by her side and raised my leg and put it across her hips, my cock resting on her butts. I started playing with her butts and traced a line from her pussy applying a little pressure right unto her butt hole. Soon later, I climbed down a bit so that my face was on her butts. I placed my face on her ass, my nose getting into the crack of her ass and I started licking her entire butt crack. I licked her golden butts and massaged her thighs and cupped her pussy. While cupping her pussy, I licked her butt hole, and started sucking on it. I was putting as much saliva as my mouth secreted into her butt hole and was probing her butt hole with my tongue. As the assault of my tongue continued on her butt hole, my sister spread her legs giving me full access to her pucker, knowing what was in my mind. Seeing her butt hole all lubricated I entered one finger, and this time, it just opened up. I was encouraged and pushed in three fingers straightaway. Her butt went rigid, but soon she relaxed. I took some more saliva on my palm and put it on my rod. As her sphincter opened up, I got up on my knees placing my knees on either side of her thighs and pointed the tip of my cock at beautiful brown star of her anus.

"Go slow; remember rectum does not have secretions like vagina." She cautioned.

I pushed slowly but firmly and saw my bulbous glans disappearing in her butt as her sphincter relaxed letting me in.

It was tight as a vice. Her ass caught my cock in an iron grip and it was so warm, so tight and so incredibly naughty. I was beyond myself.

"Didi, this is the best....... No wonder one cannot hold on for long in such a tight fuck-hole. You are fantastic Didi and your ass is so tight, yet so receptive. It is better than even making love to your pussy." Sis raised her pelvis allowing me to go in. I could not control myself, and pushed hard. She screamed, but by then, my cock was buried deep in her rectum. I stopped there allowing her time to relax.

I slowly raised my pelvis bringing out cock right unto the mushroom head and then slowly entered again. Very carefully, not to hurt her, I started thrusting in and out as slowly and tenderly as I could and I remembered what she told me earlier -- I was cupping her pussy and fingering her clit.

She tried to crawl on her abdomen towards the side box of the bed, and I went with her as if she was carrying me on her back. She opened the drawer and took out a cylindrical object -- a pink transparent mid-sized vibrator. It had a base below where there was a switch. She held it in her hand and took it towards her pussy. She found it difficult to put it in her pussy. I took it from her, she understood and complied by raising her pelvis, this caused my cock to get completely buried in her ass, and I could meanwhile maneuver the dildo into her pussy. I switched it on and it started off with a buzzing noise.

The switch of the vibrator possibly ignited some switch in my elder sister. She started humping against the dildo and simultaneously letting me hump her asshole. Her sphincter relaxed and tightened alternatively. What she had earlier prophesied was coming true -- no one could last long in her ass without coming... I reached under her armpit to play with one of her breasts as with other I was pushing the dildo into her cunt. I filled her cunt right unto the cervix with the dildo, and simultaneously increased my tempo.

I could not take it any more. I fell on her, my cock still in her rectum, and nuzzled my face at her neck kissing her and fondling her breasts from both side. She was rubbing her pelvis against the bed, to keep the dildo in place and I was going in and out of her tight asshole.

"Didi... there I am... coming in your tight asshole. ..... This is the best place to deposit my cum.... I want my cum to get lost inside your body ... in your tightest hole.... The most pleasure giving orifice of your body... take me in Didi.... Take my cum.... OHHhh .... Aa hhh .... I am ... coming......." And my cock erupted like volcano hot lava in my sweet sister's glorious asshole. As I was coming, she started whimpering. Her hand reached below and she caught hold of her dildo and was pushing it in and out rapidly. And then her body stiffened under me as my last drops squirted into her rectum. She clutched the bed sheet with her hand and bit into the pillow. I gave her breasts a hard squeeze and both signaled a mutual orgasm and collapsed on the bed side by side. I pushed my arm under her neck bringing her head onto my shoulder. She rested her head on my shoulder and caressed my hairy chest and, exhausted, satisfied, and satiated -- we slept.

We got up after a couple of hours. Took a shower together, and cleaned the room of any evidence of our incestuous love-making. At about 9.30pm parents returned from their work, and we all had dinner. We came upstairs to go our respective rooms, but stopped in the corridor as our eyes locked. There was mischief in her eyes, and expectation in mine.

Let our parents sleep. I shall come to your room.. She promised and vanished to her room. I came to mine, took off my clothes and did not bother to wear my shorts expecting my sister would be joining me. I was so much at peace with myself, and so much full of happiness that I even did not bother to think what happened was right or wrong. My mind was empty after the prolonged lovemaking with my sister. I do not know when I fell asleep.

I was in deep slumber and did not know if I was dreaming. There was an immense feeling as if my cock was being sucked. Wet slurping engulfing my cock and my cock was being bathed in warm saliva in a hot mouth. Sometimes, the cock-head was being sucked hard and sometimes, my cock was being deep-throated. My balls were being tickled. If it is a dream I do not want to wake up -- I was thinking to myself. Let me sleep ......

The pressure on my cock was increasing rapidly, and I could feel a strong sucking pressure on my cock and something was bobbing up and down on my cock -- a warm mouth as it was reaching her throat. Then I felt my cock sliding out, till only its head was inside her mouth and I could feel sweet sensations of someone softly nibbling on it,

Mush as I wanted to sleep and enjoy this dreamy sensation, a rush of adrenaline or testosterone woke me up. In the dim light I saw Amrita didi sitting near my feet and was giving me a blowjob.

"Didi, you are so wonderful.....I am falling in love with you, it feels really good. If this is the way I can wake up every day, I will think myself very lucky." I whispered.

"Hmmmm.... "That is all she could say as she did not leave my cock and started fondling my balls.

"Please turn around; I want to eat you as well. Come on top of me." I panted.

"Hmmmmm...." That is all she said, and without taking off her mouth from my cock she turned around crawling on her knees and positioned herself over me, and lowered her pussy to my mouth. Needless to say, she was completely nude.

We indulged in a sixty nine. I started sucking her pussy. I had already learnt the art of pussy licking by practice that afternoon. I was patient this time. I lapped up her cunt from top to bottom and licked her right unto her asshole. For some reason I never felt it was dirty to lick her asshole as in the heat excitement earlier I had done it, and I was finding it exciting as it made me enter her intimate orifice.

She was silent all the while, other than her groans and she started rubbing and pressing her pussy to my mouth. At times I was slow, soft, kissing and licking her pussy and giving her vulva a tongue bath; and at times I was trying to fuck her pussy with my tongue. My hands were on hear butt, and I was trying to spread her ass cheeks apart when I fucked her pussy with my tongue. I was trying to lick the insides of her pussy by moving my tongue in. Meanwhile, my sister was sucking on the bulb of my cock and holding the base of my cock was rhythmically jerking it.

This went on for a while, neither of us was in a hurry and we wanted to enjoy every bit of it, every second of it.

Her pussy was getting wetter and my mouth was receiving a good lot of her honey. My jaw, my face was getting wet as I went on lapping her juice.

Her pelvis now started up and down movement, and she was fucking my mouth. She increased her speed and force and as she did that, I pushed my fingers in her pussy and took her clit between by lips. When I flicked my tongue on her clit and started sucking it, she went out of control. She was making animal-like grunting noise, as her mouth was stuffed with my cock. She now started bobbing her mouth on my cock, and I started reciprocating as if I was fucking her mouth. I started now fucking her pussy with my fingers -- three at a time, and moving them in and out as hard and as fast as I could, and slowly bit her engorged sensitive clit.

That took her over the edge, and she held my balls tight and sucked on my cock while jerking it with the other hand. I was getting smothered by her pussy when her whole body started jerking. Copious hot fluid discharged from her pussy that soaked my nose and face as I kept sucking and nibbling at her clit. When my cock started jerking and ejaculating, she just kept my cock crown in her mouth and milked the shaft of my cock and squeezed my balls, making sure my balls have been emptied.

We stayed in the sixty nine position for some time, and then she turned around and slept by my side. I turned on my side, and she spooned herself, pushing her ass to my crotch. I positioned my softened cock between her ass cheeks and wrapped my left hand around her catching her breast. I buried my face in her silky hair and took in the wonderful fragrance which was a heady mix of perfume and her feminine smell.

"Tomorrow I shall set up a website for you in geocities. You need to look at the photographs and then we decide which ones we put there." I started the conversation.

"Ok. We shall do it after our parents leave for work." She asserted.

"Obviously," I reassured her. "I am sure you can make a lot of money in a short time, and then build up your business in a big way."

"I too hope so. I do not want to do it for long. I want to stay very selective". She added.

"Since when you are into this?" I inquired. "And how did this idea come to your mind?"

"I started about two months back. You know my friend Rachna, don't you? She provides escort services. I once saw her with someone in a hotel and she confided in me that she is an escort. She got into this more to fight out her boredom as her husband stays out of the country half the year. But then finding it too lucrative, she got hooked into this." She replied. "I felt very apprehensive when I went to my first client. But my previous relationship with Vicky -- my boyfriend -- had made my inhibitions diminished. We had swapped with few boyfriend and girlfriend couples in the past. That made it a bit easier to sleep with someone unknown. But initially I was a bit scared, no doubt. But now, I have learnt how to tackle different clients."

"Does anyone -- like Rachna or Vicky know you are into it?" I asked..

"No, I have not told anyone else. You are the only the person who knows this secret of mine." She replied in the negative.

"How many clients can you service a month?" I asked to work out a business plan.

"Well -- five days a month is out of question!! But I possibly go out once or sometimes twice a week. But then I have been in this for only two months and Patel was my tenth client."

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Nice hot story.

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"So you must have made a couple of lakhs (It is a typical Indian expression for hundred thousand) by now, that is good money." I said thoughtfully.

"Around that. But it is easy money. Only once I had a difficult customer, who after having sex wanted his partner in a threesome with me. And he was offering me double the amount." She stopped.

"Did you do it finally -- threesome?' I asked.

"Yes, and it was not bad, I think it was rather fun. I had done it before during one of the orgies Vicky took me to. Moreover, I have a high sexual drive and I do not get satisfied that easily. I am multi-orgasmic. The threesome actually satisfies me sexually." She was giving me a description of her sexual exploits. "You saw the dildo today, that keeps me company otherwise, particularly when I am home. And I have few of them in different sizes and shapes."

"You can dispense with the dildo; you have a live one now." I said and my cock was regaining its life. It was again getting harder and I started moving behind her, trying to hump her ass.

"Once you have a website, I am sure you will be very busy and you will get plenty of cock to keep your pussy happy." I explained.

"Not really. In the past, I do not think I got my big O with any one excepting during the threesome. These guys are usually old and they come too quickly. Some of them even have erectile dysfunction and some of them get spent after a blowjob. Every time I have to get back to my good old dildo." She complained.

I was pushing my cock into her butt crack and she was stiffening her butt muscle which was trying to clamp my cock.

My hand was now playing with her breasts more actively and I was squeezing her breasts and enjoying the wonderful feeling of the soft flesh in my hand.

"We can work it out. May be you can go out fifteen days a month. And once a day. That would make you over four lakhs (hundred thousand rupees) a month." I thought for a while," And if we can get some foreigners who pay in dollars, it would still be better."

She was now pushing her ass back at me and I was moving my cock between her warm ass cheeks.

"And as such we shall charge extra for additional services like threesome or anal sex. But you got to be careful about AIDS." I gave my expert opinion in a business-like voice.

"Excepting oral sex, I insist that the man must use condom. I play it safe. And I do not have any ulcer or cuts in my mouth. So it is safe sex always." She assured me. "And mostly I choose elderly men with family. I make it sure those guys are forty year old or more. That is much safer, though sexually frustrating. They leave me high and I have to always feign I am coming."

Without telling her anything, I just got up and went to her room. I knew where she had the vibrator. I brought it and picked up the Vaseline jar from the medicine cabinet.

"Where did you go leaving me?" She inquired.

"I want you to have a threesome now..." I chuckled.

"Oh... you went to bring the dildo... "She said as if reading my mind. "Trust this time you got Vaseline."

"Yes ma'am, am fully prepared this time...." I too laughed.

She reached for my cock, which was obviously at its full-mast, caught it and asked, "And which hole does this gentleman want?"

"Well, this man needs all your three holes, but now it needs to come in your tight pussy." I replied.

"You can alternate though, if you do not want to miss my bunghole. Usually I do not allow anyone to fuck my pussy after fucking my ass. They can, if only they change the condoms. But in your case -- you neither have to use condoms; and I do not care when you fuck which orifice of mine." She gave a few jerks to my cock. "I think horniness runs in our family. Only today you lost your cherry and your cock seems to be hard always. That is good. I need it like that when I get back from work." She pulled me by my cock to her mouth and gave it a kiss. "But tomorrow you are going to shave yourself down here. I like it clean."

"I will." I promised to her.

"But I am not sure how that large dildo will get in all the way in my rectum. Actually there is a thinner beaded dildo in the other drawer which is for anal masturbation" She murmured.

"This dildo is just an inch longer than my cock. If my cock can get in fully, I am sure with proper lubrication, the dildo can enter fully. Anyway, I shall go slow and shall stop if it hurts." I wanted to get her ass banged with the large dildo.

I knelt on the bed behind her. I kissed her pussy and then her asshole. I thought of rimming her asshole first before applying Vaseline so that it opens up for my adventure. I tried pushing in the tip of my tongue into her asshole. Her receptive sphincter opened up immediately as I pushed my tongue in. I knew from my experience she loves anal rimming, and I wanted to give her all the pleasure of sex. After rimming it wet, I took out a glob of Vaseline and applied on her asshole.

"Try with your finger first, and when it gets used to, do my ass with the dildo." She guided me.

As instructed, I pushed in a finger and then two, and applied some more Vaseline. Now her ass was opened up, and I could see the brown passage opening up to a fairly circular hole. Hen it could take three of my fingers, I knew it was the time for the dildo to invade her inner depths. I started fucking her ass with my fingers and my other hand was playing with her pussy and clit. I was kissing her lovely fleshy buns.

"Didi, I was really horny imagining you having sex with others; and when I saw you changing your clothes, I was excited and it did not matter to me you are my sister. I am very happy about what happened with us, but I did not ever imagine you would let me make love to you. I did not know what I was missing. You are not only beautiful, but your body is smoking hot and you know how to satisfy a man." I confessed. I was still fucking her ass with my fingers, and it had become slushy and her pussy was also wet with my ministration of her clit and fingering of her pussy.

"Honestly I even did not know how I let you fuck me. I was in a bit of a shock when I saw you there and that you came to know what I was doing. In addition to that, Patel left me excited and horny. I was halfway to my climax with the vibrator when you came in. Moreover, when you knew that I am sleeping around, and I have tasted so many cocks, I found another willing cock in you. My horniness and open sexuality erased any hang-up I could have in having sex with you. And as one thing led to another, I let you fuck me in all my holes. I needed it that moment as much as you needed." She confessed.

"It is nice that it had to happen. Now, not only we can have fun together, I shall help you make more money as well. And sex with you is so much different from the sex I had with my girlfriend. She was passive, uncooperative and frigid. She even did not give me a blowjob -- forget about anal sex!! Whereas sex with you is complete and I ejaculated much more than I ever did in you." I took out my fingers from her asshole now, and took the vibrator. I applied a generous amount of Vaseline on it and placed it at her chute. It slid in fairly easily, without any resistance with very little force. I first pushed in a little and fucked her asshole pushing it in a bit and taking it out. Gradually I inserted more of it, and in no time, the vibrator was half way in. I started flicking at her clit with the other hand. Suddenly, I felt the dildo is being sucked into her rectum. She was giving backward thrust to take the dildo completely in.

"Yes didi ... the dildo is in .... Your asshole has swallowed the entire dildo." I complimented her.

"Now, get two pillows and place them under my hips so that my pussy is lifted up for you to get in and my asshole is also accessible from top." She commanded.

I did what she said, and now, she arched her hips up, and her asshole filled with the vibrator was almost resting on the pillows. Her pussy was exposed for my penile entry. I positioned myself properly between her folded thighs. She arched her pelvis up, exposing her pussy and it was slippery and wet to take me. In one mighty push, all of my thick seven inches were inside her.

It was a bit difficult for me to fuck her pussy and asshole at the same time. She realized this. "Let us change to doggy style." She suggested. I disengaged myself from her. But the vibrator was still there. She changed her position and knelt in a doggy style arching her bums up. This was better I thought. Her asshole was now up and the pussy was still exposed for my penetration, and it would be easier to fuck her pussy with my cock, and dildo her asshole at the same time. I thought to myself. The vibrator was almost completely inside her rectum, but for the base which had the switch. I went on my knees behind her ad rammed my cock in her pussy. Her pussy felt even tighter in this doggy style and it appeared so erotic. I also had an access to her hanging boobs as she rested on her elbows and knees. I drove in my cock and started moving in and out. I flicked the switch of the vibrator on and started fucking both her holes at the same time. Fucking doggy style increased the friction on my cock. Her pussy was tight, and fitting my cock like a glove. I also did not forget to manipulate the dildo in between.

"I can feel the vibration of your dildo on my cock." I told her of my discovery. The vibrator was sending tingling pulses to my cock. I could feel as if there was something else from top, as my cock was pounding in.

"Yes, that is how it feels in double-penetration. My first threesome during an orgy with Vicky was painful as I was not that experienced and both Vicky and her friend were a bit rough. But you are doing it so well, quite tenderly." She encouraged me.

That was music to my ears, and my pace increased with her compliments on my sexual prowess.

"... yes... fuck me... keep fucking my pussy.. Ram the dildo in... yes ... do it ... do it hard. I want it hard and fast now ... I want it rough ... fuck both my holes ... yes ... harder .... Pound into me ..... fast ... move faster .... Give my pussy your cock ... give it fully ..... yes ..." she was panting.

I reached for her breast through under her armpits and started squeezing them. She started rotating her delectable ass and her whole body began moving forward and backward. As she thrust backward, I pushed in forward.

"Fuck my pussy, rub my clit, yes ... that is it ... that is the way to do it ........ you are doing fine ........ I love it .... I am loving it ...... fuck me brother .... Fuck me .... Come inside me ..... come in my tight pussy ...... faster and harder ......" her voice was incoherent and she was gasping for breath.

"Take it in ..... I am going to come inside you ..... Take it didi .... You are great .... You are really a great lay ............. You fuck so well ......." My velocity doubled. Her pussy started contracting and my cock was getting squeezed by her pussy walls. Her pussy was now flooded with her come and our convulsive and rapid movements made the bed shake and creek.

"Yes... aaahhhh... I am going to come ....." she was shaking her head. I dug in deep into her pussy and left playing with her pussy. In stead, I caught the dildo and started fucking her ass in unison with fucking her pussy. I took the vibrating dildo out completely and shoved it in fully. There was no resistance to its movement in her bunghole. Simultaneously I fucked her cunt, with long and hard strokes.

"I am also coming ... I am fucking my sister ... I am fucking your pussy ... I am coming in the forbidden pussy ... take me .... I am fucking your ass and pussy .... Yes... I am coming..... I am going to deposit my sperms in your womb... take it ....Ohhh ... what an incredible feeling .... You are making me come.... My sister is making me cum in her pussy". I slurred and stepped up my momentum, my cock vomited out all my jism in her pussy. I gave few more strokes as my cock started erupting, and impelled my cock fully in, and I ejaculated.

Mixture of liquefied Vaseline, her pussy juice was wetting her thighs. My cock went limp and popped out of her pussy. She collapsed on the bed and I took out the vibrator from her ass. Her ass was wet and sloppy and it still remained gaping open even after I took out the dildo. The area around her pussy and ass was soaking wet.

I too lied down on the bed by her side and held her to my chest. She shook a little and then came closer and lifted her leg and put it across my waist and placed her face on my chest. I kissed her lightly and we passed out spent, exhausted and satisfied.

After a while she spoke, "Not very often I get the chance to fuck to please myself. This was one such fuck."

"Are not there male escorts, do not ladies require escort services?" I inquired. "In that case I also can join in the same trade. We can participate in foursomes, group sex and even swap with other couples."

"I am not sure, but definitely there will be ladies who would like to have sex -- there must be a lot of unsatisfied females whose husbands are busy making money. We shall try in the internet and see. Now, let us go to sleep.

"Many men have fantasies for women in sexy lingerie, women playing with sex-toys and we can buy those things for you. You can charge them extra for this." I was mentally picturing my sister in baby-doll nighties like fashion TV models. She was no way inferior to them. Rather she had a suppler and fuller body than many of those flat and skinny models.

"And you look better than many of those FTV models. You are sexier with larger breasts and fuller and bigger butt." I complimented her lovingly. "I am quite proud to have you as my sister and fucking partner."

"I always use sexy under garments. But when I go to hotels, I have to dress conservatively; cannot afford to make hotel staff suspicious. I cannot go to them in baby-dolls or similar sexy wear." She replied.

"You can carry them in your bag or else, if we can line up clients properly, say have two of them in a day for special services like sex-toys or lingerie fetish, you can check into a hotel and stay there for a day. You need to serve two clients in a day and you can make enough money to cover the cost of the hotel. Secondly, this service will not be a regular one; it will be at a very high price and will be available for very selected client." I proposed.

"That sounds fine. But where do we get sex-toys? Other than few dildos, which I got from Rachna, I have no more sex-toys.... I do not think you get them that easily here." She replied.

"We shall try the internet or may be the once fly down to Bangkok and buy every thing from there and come back. Bangkok being the sex-capital of Asia must have stores selling everything." I suggested.

"Yes, that sounds wonderful. We can see new places. In fact some of the lingerie I bought was from the market of imported items. I shall show you next time -- some of them are very naughty." She smilingly told me.

"I do not want to see them like that. I want to see you modeling them." I replied as my hand rubbed her back and roamed down to her ass and caressed it.

I was getting surprised with myself. My cock was again beginning to show signs of life, and getting up. It was pushing against her lower belly and she pushed herself forward. "Will you never be satisfied? Your flagpole is hoisted up again." She said.

"When I have a horny sister lying by my side in her birthday suit, what do you expect of me?" I gave her butts a squeeze." I want to fuck your ass now ... please... I want to come in your tight asshole. And it is so slippery and open now with a load of Vaseline already applied, I am sure we shall need no preparation. And can let the vibrator fuck your pussy. Double fuck again ... I want you to have as many orgasms as you can have tonight."

"Then do it quick, I need to sleep. But my clit is still very sensitive from that maddening session of fucking we had. When it is so sensitive, you just have to fondle it lightly." She was teaching me techniques of fucking.

I got up and made her lie on her stomach and I spread her legs. I placed the two pillows under her butts. I picked up the vibrator which was lying on the bed. She herself lifted her ass several inches giving me an access to her pussy. I ran my fingers in her pussy and felt it was still as wet. I patted on her clit and then fingered her for a short while and slowly inserted the dildo. I did not have to waste time on preliminaries. The dildo went in like a knife going through butter and as it went in fully, I switched it on and a humming sound filled the room. Hardly had I switched on the vibrator when she started undulating her ass.

I positioned myself between her spread thighs and held my cock at the opening of her asshole. It was already prepared and loose from the previous ass fucking and I could enter her asshole quite easily. Her asshole was still warmer and tighter than her pussy. Her breasts were heaving up and down as she breathed. I knelt between her spread legs and right below the pussy where the dildo was in was her asshole inviting me. I propelled myself into her asshole and the vibrator was shagging her pussy.

Pretty soon we were humping each other meeting each others thrusts and got into a wonderful rhythm. I could see her hand coming down and going below her abdomen. I knew she must be attending to her clit; as my two hands were attending to her mammary and nipples.

This time my fucking was slow and tender. I was giving slow yet deep thrusts. Taking out my cock almost to the tip and then burying it deep in her asshole. And when my cock was deeply buried in her asshole, my cock could feel the presence of the vibrator which was vibrating strongly.

After a while of continued mutual movements, she started lifting her ass up. That signaled she is getting ready to come. When my cock entered fully my thighs were hitting her butts and the feeling was out of the world.

When I realized she was getting close to cumming I knew I had to go fast. She always loved fucking to be harder and faster. I accelerated my movements. As her butt hole was open and slippery, I had no problems in fucking her ass with rapid thrusts.

I felt her ass firming up, her butt muscles becoming tight. That gripped my cock tightly and the feeling on my cock was even more delightful.

"Fuck my big ass.... Fuck me... harder ... do not slow down or else I will bobbitize you shall chop off your cock .... Come on brother, come like a king, give me your seeds and fuck hard.... Yes .... Squeeze my titties hard.... Go on .... Keep doing it......" she panted.

"Take it didi .... I am going to come in your ass .... your ass could be so tight and so good to fuck ... I will fuck you always ..... take it .... Yes ... I am coming now....." I brought down one of my hands to her clit and started rotating my finger on her hard knob.

That brought the climax... she was throwing her legs and arms. She was now giving mighty pushes upward to engulf my entire cock. My cock started throbbing and she tightened her sphincter. She had immense control, which must be due to a lot of practice on her asshole and pussy. I gave few more thrusts as my cock filled her rectum with its juice. I continued with her clitoral stimulation, as she came and her pussy was leaking warm fluid onto my hand. I fucked her with the dildo a few times and pushed it as deep as it could go. Her juice trickled down the dildo.

I deposited the last drops of my sperm in her rectum and stayed in for a while. When both of us were spent, I took the dildo out slowly licked her juice from it and my limp cock came out of her asshole. Completely satisfied, we both lied down side by side caressing each other tenderly.

She spoke first, "Let us go to sleep now. Tomorrow we shall work out our business plan."

To be continued...after replies...

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Thelordoftherings is a pillar of our communityThelordoftherings is a pillar of our communityThelordoftherings is a pillar of our communityThelordoftherings is a pillar of our communityThelordoftherings is a pillar of our communityThelordoftherings is a pillar of our communityThelordoftherings is a pillar of our community
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Thelordoftherings is a pillar of our communityThelordoftherings is a pillar of our communityThelordoftherings is a pillar of our communityThelordoftherings is a pillar of our communityThelordoftherings is a pillar of our communityThelordoftherings is a pillar of our communityThelordoftherings is a pillar of our community
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