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"Excuse me miss, can you come with me?" the security guard asked Deepika
Padukone as she stood in line at the LA airport with her mother.
The guard wasn't all too impressive, being of average height and build. He
was dressed in a typical security outfit, but had nothing to go along with
it. No gun, no cuffs, not even a night stick. Deepika, however, was something
more to behold. She was dressed casually, wearing low cut blue jeans and a
tight brown tee that showed off her smooth stomach and wonderful breasts.
Her hair was cut short and styled wildly, part of her new "rock" image. She
had all her weight shifted onto her left hip, accentuating her curves even
"Is there something wrong, uh, John?" she asked, glancing at his ID tag.
"It's just a random search. Sorry to inconvenience you, but I have to." She
sighed and followed him out of line, her mother right behind, not wanting to
be separated. John asked her to just wait while they work this out.
Deepika sat her bag on the search table and the security agent began to dig
through it. "You know, I'm quite a fan of yours." She smiled at that, but
looked quite impatient. He got down to the bottom of her bag and found her
underwear. There were two bras and matching thongs. John gently rubbed them
in between his fingers, the thought of them having touched her most sensual
parts getting him aroused. "To be honest, I wasn't supposed to pick you, but
I just couldn't pass an opportunity to meet you."
"What? Ugh, that's crap. I can't believe this, another obsessive loser."
This caught John off guard. He certainly didn't expect this kind of
reaction, and for a moment panic set in. Before she could raise more of a
fuss, he reacted. Eying something in her bag, John grabbed up a pair of
tweezers and thrust them in Deepika's face.
"Is this yours? Please come with me." John grabbed her arm and pulled her
into a closed search room as she quietly protested. He led her in and locked
the door. With no window, they'd have total privacy. "I'm going to have to
perform a more thorough search. Please remove your shoes, pants and shirt."
A look of shock shot over her face at this.
"Excuse me? This is bullshi-"
"I'M SORRY miss, but I have to do this to protect my country from any
enemies, both foreign and domestic." He never spouted such bull in his life.
All John wanted was an eyeful of that gorgeous body.
"Fine!" She kicked off her sandals and sighed as she began to pull her
shirt over her head. John stared intently; he was in utter heaven. Deepika
Padukone was stripping right in front of his eyes! Her tight abs
stretched as she raised her arms, and soon John finally laid eyes on a lacey
black bra holding up those luscious mounds of flesh. She tossed the shirt
onto the metal table in the middle of the small room, and proceeded to
unbutton her jeans. The unimpressive guard took in as much as he could as
she slid them down to her ankles and off her feet. She had those small bumps
on the side of her hips where her pelvis bones protruded. John longed so
much to run his hands over them on the way down those lovely legs. Hugging
those amazing hips was a black thong that rode right up between her perfect
bubble butt. She stood there looking back at John for a bit, all the while
he stood gawking at her amazing petite body. "Getting a good look?"
John snapped back to attention and had her put her hands on the table, in a
pat-down position. He moved up behind her and took in another eyeful of her
ass. He ran his hands along the back of the bra, moving forward and around
to her breasts, gently feeling them through the lacey material. It was
obvious Deepika was getting really pissed off. "Just checking for contraband,"
John quickly stated to justify copping a feel. John took in a deep breath
and could smell a fruity body spray on her. "I need to check for any hidden
items," he said, unhooking her bra and sliding it down over her shoulders.
Deepika could be heard muttering "God damn it" under her breath as this
stranger checked inside her bra. Satisfied that nothing was being smuggled
there, the guard bent down so he was eye level with her round ass. Hooking
his thumbs in the sides of her thong, John slowly worked them down to her
ankles, enjoying every moment of this. All of the sudden he stopped. "Holy
shit, she was shaved!" he thought to himself. The thongs were a bit kinky,
but in the least bit never expected this. Temptation flooded over him as he
began to grow stiff in his pants. Deepika's pussy was a light pink, and looked
very tight. So many people all over the world would kill to be in this
position. He had come this far, why not go all the way? John leaned forward
and gently flicked his tongue over the lips of her pussy, a small taste
reaching his tongue.
"Whoa, what the fuck?! Fuck this!" Deepika yanked up her panties and bolted
for the door. John quickly pursued, but she got to it before he could stop
her. She jostled the handle, but the door wouldn't budge. Realizing that it
locked from the inside, she started screaming. "Help, someone get me the
fuck out of here!"
John walked up behind her, a look of amusement on his face. "These rooms
are soundproof. We interview probable terrorists in here. You don't get out
unless I let you out. Do you want out?"
"Of course!"
"Okay then, calm down. I'll let you out on one condition: I'm going to fuck
you in any way I want. And before you respond, consider this. Your mother is
still out there. If I could get you into this situation, imagine where she
could end up. I could send you right back to India, or worse. How about Laos
or Cambodia? Hrm?" A look of defeat washed over Deepika and she sighed. "Good.
Now go back over to the table and take off your panties." John watched her
slide the thong back down her legs and step out of them. He gently picked
her up and propped her up on the table. Goosebumps spread over her thighs as
her butt hit the cold table. "Now remember to do everything I say. I'm going
to kiss you and it better be damn good."
With that the bold fan approached her and locked his lips with hers.
Enjoying the strawberry gloss on them, he brought his hands up to explore her
luscious breasts, beginning by gently squeezing and kneading them. He parted
her lips with his tongue and pushed forward to find hers. They met and
danced in dizzying spirals. A tingle shot through John's body, his cock
throbbing more and more from the sensations. Deepika felt something too, but
pushed it out of her mind. John then pinched her tiny protruding nipples,
feeling them become hard in his fingers. Deepika may not have been enjoying
this, but her body sure as hell was. The question though was just how much?
Wanting to find out, John broke off the kiss and worked his tongue down her
long neck. He moved his mouth to her right breast and placed a few kisses on
it. "God, I love your tits!" he exclaimed as his mouth latched onto her
nipple, sucking and nibbling on it. He switched to her left breast, his
hands resting on the starlet's smooth thighs. "Do you like me sucking you
your tits?"
"No I don't!" She blurted, gaining some confidence back.
"Yes you do!" he quickly retorted, exuding some authority and watched the
confidence fade as quickly as it came. "You love it when I suck on your
"I love it when you suck on my tits," she replied with the crushed sound
back in her voice. There was a smile of victory on John's face as he
proceeded down her tight tummy, tonguing her belly button. With
encouragement from her inspector, Deepika eased herself down and lied back on
the table. John kneeled down and grasped her left ankle, thinking to himself
about just how long he had admired these legs, and now here they were, in
the flesh, his to do with as he pleased. He began by rubbing and massaging
her calf, the muscles of her leg clinching under his hands. Next came in his
mouth, kissing and tonguing the length up to her knee. Deepika felt her legs
being pushed apart, and John saw his prize up ahead. He moved up the inside
of her tender thigh, finally reaching the goal, and inhaled the sweet smell.
It was becoming more obvious that Deepika's body was reacting more to this
stranger, but this was just the beginning. John's tongue ran up the bald
lips of her pussy, and a small chirp escaped from her lips as the warm
tongue grazed over her clit. John smirked, realizing she was losing her
ability to resist. He parted Deepika's pussy lips and darted his tongue inside
her, tasting the sweet nectar. It wriggled around, exploring the inside of
her walls. Deepika couldn't stop a heavy sigh as she felt a surge of pleasure
come from the pearl John was sucking on. He looked up and saw her, eyes
closed and face clinched; trying to deny the joy he was giving to the young
actress. He continued to dine on her sweet peach, taking in every site,
experiencing every sensation, memorizing every moment. Finally he decided it
was his turn. John stood up and removed his shirt. Deepika sat up gaining back
her resistance now that the guard had left her sweet spot.
"Get up," John ordered as he moved to the edge of the table. "Now take my
dick out." She kneeled down and undid the belt buckle and unzipped his
pants, already bulging from a hard-on. She slid them down along with his
boxers, causing his dick to spring free. There it was, his hot seven inches
hovering so close her face. "Now what do you want to do?" She simply stared
up at him blackly, not wanting to respond. John repeated himself with more
emphasis. "What do you want to do?"
"I want to suck your dick." John smiled at the quiet response, but he knew
he could get more out of her.
"Beg for it."
Deepika looked shocked for a moment, but suddenly something welled up inside
her and she lost control. "Please John, may I suck your big cock?" It
sounded sincere to John, but he thought it must just be acting. He gave her
permission, and man did she suck his dick. She took the tip into her mouth
and sucked down on it. The feeling shot down his cock and up his spine,
driving the bold fan wild. She slid farther down the shaft, her tongue
working on the bottom of his cock.
"Look up at me." John gazed into her sparkling brown eyes as her full,
puckered lips took in more of him. She worked herself up and down it at a
mild, steady pace. After every few strokes she'd pop the dick out of her
mouth and run her tongue up and down the shaft and flick it across the tip.
Then she'd shove his meat right back in her mouth. It wasn't too long before
John's balls were on the edge of bursting. He was so tempted to let his
sperm splatter on the back of her throat, but decided against it. He just
had to have more. "Whoa whoa. okay back up on the table." As they switched
positions again, John tore the rest of his clothes off.
Deepika didn't seem to be fighting any more. John turned to find her lying back
on the table, her legs spread, waiting for him. John moved in between them,
his dick hovering inches away from her hole. It was time to mind fuck her
some more.
"Do you want me to fuck you Deepika?" he asked with a sly sound in his voice.
"No." It was a lie, but some small part of her still felt wrong about what
was happening. John started to rub the tip of his cock over her clit and in
between the folds of her pussy, just slightly parting them.
"Now now. come on. Beg me to." John continued to tease her with his cock
while awaiting a response. It was all that was needed to push out any last
vestige of resistant left in Deepika.
"Yes! Fuck me now! I need that big dick!" That's all John needed to hear. He
glared triumphantly as he plunged his dick into her now dripping cunt. They
moaned simultaneously; John from the sensation of her pussy squeezing around
his cock, and Deepika from John's tool sinking into her, opening her up. She
brought her legs up and wrapped them around him as he grabbed her hips and
pushed in as far as he could. Slowly he pulled out and pushed right back in.
Steadily he increased his pace until the sound of his balls slapping her ass
could be heard, making a perfect harmony with her squeals and moans of
pleasure. Her tits giggled and glistened with sweat. Pure ecstasy was
written on Deepika's face, and she squeezed her legs around her new-lover
tighter and tighter as her orgasm built.
"Ohhh. oh John. fuck me! Fuck me! YES!!!!" She threw back her head and
arched her back as her body began to convulse. John wrapped an arm around
her and pulled her tits to his waiting mouth. He never let up, continuing to
thrust into her and suck on her tits, making her orgasm as intense as
possible. Deepika lost all conscious thought, drowning in a sea of pleasure.
This total stranger, coercing her into this situation, was now giving her a
mind shattering orgasm. After an amazing two minutes, she finally calmed
down. John gazed over this amazing site. Deepika's eyes were shut. She breathed
heavily, her breasts rising and falling with every breath. Her whole body
sparkled with perspiration. Yet still he wasn't done.
John lost nothing of his hard-on. He pulled out and told her to get down and
bend over. Deepika willingly did as ordered, leaning completely down on the
table making her ass point out at John, her toes barely reaching the ground.
He inserted himself again and went right back to a feverish pace. Deepika was
getting right back into it as well. John watched lustfully as her luscious
ass swayed in time with the thrusts. John wasn't content, and decided to
once again turn it up a notch. John firmly grabbed both of her ass cheeks
and spread them wide. He pressed a finger into her asshole. It immediately
clinched at the intrusion.
Deepika turned her head over and protested. "Hey wait a minute! I'm not into
that! Stop!" John just shoved her back down and stuck another finger in.
Trying to loosen her virgin ass, he worked them in, out, and around. Content
with his preparation, John put the tip of his dick to her ass, but she
continued to struggle. John reverted back to the forceful guard and firmly
reminded her of her mother, and she stopped. Deepika admitted to herself that
she was really into the guy, but had never done anal sex, let alone any
interest in it. John spat on her tight hole and pushed his way in. The tip
popped into her anus and Deepika yelled at the further intrusion. Still pinning
her down, John leaned forward and laid into her, his cock sinking further
into her ass. Finally going in as far as possible, John slowly pulled out
and sank back in, just as he had with her pussy. Deepika couldn't believe the
new sensations from this. On one hand, it was agonizing having her hole
forced open and invaded. On the other, though, was the orgasmic feeling of
John's dick buried deep into her backside. Deepika's protests turned from
grunts of pain to groans of pleasure as she got used to, and actually began
to enjoy, the anal assault. John continued to quicken his thrusts, slamming
Deepika into the table. She reached down and started to finger her cunt,
getting right back into the moment.
John was near the edge, and could feel his load begin to swell up. He
couldn't last too much longer. With her ass vigorously squeezing his cock
and her building moans, it took everything in his power not to blast deep
inside her. Deepika orgasmed again, pussy juices running down her legs. Hearing
her scream was just too much. John pulled out and yelled at her to turn
over. He hopped up on the table and straddled her chest, his dick sitting
between her gorgeous mounds. John squeezed her tits together over his
burning cock and furiously pumped into them. Deepika was going mad with passion
now. "Oh God yes! Come on me! Blast me with your hot jizz!"
With a grunt John finally released all the pressure that had built up. The
load was humongous, the first four squirts splattering up and down her face.
The rest shot over her throat and tits. Finally drained of everything, he
climbed off her and put on his clothes. Deepika just lay there, exhausted from
it all. Cum ran down her face into her hair as John initialed her paper to
let her back in the US. Thinking it would definitely come in handy later,
John wrote down Deepika's address.
He walked out of the room, proud and amazed he just had a mind blowing fuck
with his favorite celebrity.

The End

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Really nice dear. .

Plz write more abt actress. .
The DieRy
Kahani Likho
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nice fantasy abt Deepika

Pl. cintinue abt other actresses
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It was a glorious balmy summer evening in Sydney as I attended a lavish charity dinner at the famous Sydney Opera House. I
was there escorting my long time friend and recent Miss Universe winner Jennifer Hawkins. Jennifer and I had known each other
for most of our lives.

Growing up and going to the same school together I was one of the first people to recognize her natural beauty and gave her
the confidence to go out and make it for herself, long before Indy, and even before she ever thought about being a Newcastle
Knights Cheerleader. Wanting to thank me for our years of friendship, she treated me to the extravagant event.

As expected the dinner was attended by boring old stuffed shirts and Australia’s elite. I was sure Jennifer and I were
probably the youngest couple there. Bored out of our minds, we stepped out onto the patio and enjoyed the view of the Sydney
Harbour Bridge, and Harbour, when I then noticed some activity in the corner of my eye.

While Jennifer went to refill our glasses, I looked over to see what all the fuss was about and was immediately floored!
From across the gallery I spotted the most exquisite creature I had ever laid eyes on. Making her way towards me, she was
flanked by minders and security, with photographer and reporters close in toe. As she passed my way we briefly made eye
contact and exchanged a friendly smile.

“My God, who the hell is that?” I said out loud.

Hearing me, one of the nearby camera men, who was reloading his camera replied, “Gorgeous isn’t she. That’s Aishwarya Ria,
one of Bollywood’s most famous leading ladies...”

She was one of the most exquisite and elegant women I had ever seen. The woman exuded femininity, sophistication and grace.
Dressed sexily but tastefully, she was clad in an elegant tight body hugging evening dress which showed off her ample
cleavage, her hour glass figure, and her tight round butt. With her flawless dark skin, long slender legs, and open heeled
shoes, she stood at almost 6 foot tall.

Inside, I watched as she worked the room, chatting and mingling with various dignitaries. Slowly working her way towards me,
I finally found myself ease dropping into one of her conversations. Listening to her speak I was more than impressed as I
found her to be extremely intelligent, polite, courteous, and cultured. Turning to face me, we stopped and stared into each
others eyes for a moment before I then introduced myself.

Gently shaking her hand, we then began to chat and flirt with each other and we soon found ourselves breaking away from the
rest of the crowd. I was instantly impressed with her, and her sexy English/Indian accent was amazing. She was the epitome
of beauty, and as others soon mingled around us I made the decision to stick out from the rest and speak my mind.

Out of the blue I told her, “Hmm yeah, you’ve gone a bit hardcore with the make up there haven’t you?”

The others all fell silent and looked at me in absolute shock horror. I could tell Aishwarya herself was a little taken back
by my comment but wasn’t in the least upset. If anything she flashed me a curious look and seemed intrigued by my comment.
As I went on to explain, we watched the others squirm awkwardly and leave – not wanting to have anything to do with me or my
explanation. I didn’t know it at the time, but Aishwarya had a notorious reputation for being short tempered and mean.

“Don’t get me wrong,” I casually explained, “You’re still one of the most beautiful women I’ve ever seen, honesty,”

I couldn’t believe it, hearing my compliment she actually started to blush a little, and with a nod of her head she directed
her minders who were constantly standing just a few feet behind her to go away, and give us some extra privacy.

She then grinned, “Go on,”

Seeing her reaction I added, “You can’t be serious? Are you telling me you’ve never heard someone tell you that before?”

“No, of course I have,” She smiled, “it’s just you’d be surprised how rarely I actually hear it.”


“Yes I know,” she replied as she slowly moved towards the large window – holding a glass of champagne and looking out at the
spectacular view of Sydney Harbour.

“Even though I know what most people are thinking when they look at me, I guess a lot of them just find me intimidating, and
are afraid to approach me let alone tell me what they really feel. Unlike yourself of course,”

“Well it’s true, and I’m glad I made an impression,” I stated.

“I’ve gotta tell you,” I added, “I’m also glad to see that you’re actually as intelligent as you are beautiful… quite a

Smiling widely I could tell there was a definite attraction growing between us. Flirting openly with each other, I actually
started to think I might have a chance with this beauty. A minute later Jennifer appeared, and after introducing herself we
were all then ushered into a large foyer, away from the prying eyes of the cameras and press and where we could all be
ourselves and have a few more drinks before commencing dinner.

Once there, we all mingled some more and it was then Aishwarya was asked by a minder to go over and briefly meet a few more
VIP’s – including the Prime minister. Not wanting to seem disappointed, I simply smiled and prepared to step away, but not
before I was surprised and rewarded by her turning back towards me and saying, “I’ll be right back, so don’t go anywhere.”

Handing me her glass of champagne she then flashed me this extremely seductive look which made it abundantly clear to me that
not only would she be coming back but if I played my card right we’d be leaving the event later together as well.

As she made her way across the room almost everyone stopped and admired her – including myself. I couldn’t believe my luck,
Aishwarya would by far be the most exotic and ravishing woman I had ever picked up. She really was the most beautiful woman
in the room. I watched from a far as she was then introduced to the PM, and from across the room we exchanged a few knowing
glances at each other. Watching us, Jennifer snuck up behind me.

“Hey! Man, she’s definitely got a thing for you if you ask me. You’d have to be blind not to see it,”

As Jennifer and I laughed together, I then got a little anxious as I watched Aishwarya being led and introduced to a group
of senator’s From Canberra – a group of politicians I loathed and had a few dealings with over the years. Catching sight
of me and Jennifer together we both knew they were talking about us.

Glancing over every now and then I watched as Aishwarya’s facial expression slowly changed. By the look on their faces,
particularly hers, I knew she had found out about my occupation, and was more than a little shocked and disappointed. The
truth had finally come out. The truth was I was a pornographer, and a fairly successful one at that.

In Australia I was infamous for being the largest producer and distributor of triple x material in the southern hemisphere
– and the only reason I was even permitted to attend or step anywhere near the lavish event was because of Jennifer and her
status. Of course being crowned Miss Universe had its privileges, and one of them was to allow her to invite who ever she
wanted to escort her.

Seeing the reaction I was getting from Aishwarya’s circle from across the room I could tell I was fucked. All the great work
and progress I had made with her over the last hour had taken all of just 10 minutes to fall apart.

As dinner was then announced, everyone slowly made their way into the lavish dinning hall. Suddenly Aishwarya looked
concerned and seemed to want to confirm where she was sitting. I suspected she didn’t want to be anywhere around me or
have anything to do with us.

As luck would have it, not only were we seated at the same table, but placed only two seats away from each other – with
Jennifer separating us. From the moment we sat down, Aishwarya completely ignored me and didn’t even look in my direction
let alone speak. Meanwhile Jennifer and I couldn’t stop laughing at the incredible awkward situation we suddenly found
ourselves in. The girl just looked pissed off, badly, and yet the angrier she got, the hotter I thought she looked.

Checking her out a few times during the L’Entrée, Jennifer bumped me under the table playfully, warning me not to look at
her. Getting a few dirty looks from the Indian goddess, I just shrugged it off and tried to enjoy myself while Jennifer then
smiled and winked at me, lending me her support. I think Aishwarya probably felt like I had somehow lied or deceived her.
But the truth was, I just hadn’t gotten around to telling her what I did – truth be told, she never asked.

It wasn’t the first time I had been given the cold shoulder because of my lifestyle. I was use to it, but this time I really
felt bad. This girl was amazing and I actually thought there was some strong chemistry. Resigned to my fate I simply ordered
another glass of Drambuie and dismissed it.

As expected, after Dinner we all sat around for a few minutes chatting. It was then I noticed Aishwarya wouldn’t speak until
she heard me say something, and only then she would deliberately take every opposite view point I had – as if wanting to
make a point and starting an argument with me. It was obvious right away that now we don’t get along at all as she even began
to make a few snide comments about me, but not directly at me.

Then in an uncharacteristic outburst I was just in the middle of a conversation with someone from across the table when she
suddenly jumped in.

Turning to look at me she said, “You know, we have people like you in India, and do you know what we do with them? We feed
them to the tigers!”

Not wanting to argue with her I replied, “Ohhkay, I think it’s time I go outside for a little break, Jen”

And with that I politely excused myself and got up from the table before Jennifer kissed me on the cheek and flashed
Aishwarya a dirty look. Taking two steps away from the table I was just about to walk away when all hell broke lose.

As I stepped away, Aishwarya then turned to Jennifer and said “And you, how can you associate yourself with a man like that?”

Like me, Jennifer wasn’t known to be one for pulling her punches and went right off, telling her to mind her own business.

Jennifer exclaimed, “Listen, here in Australia we’re not as close minded as some,”

“What! How dare you!!” Aishwarya replied, “And what the hell is that suppose to mean?”

“Oh, I dunno?” Jennifer mocked, “Use you’re fucking imagination…”

The entire table gasped with Jennifer’s crude language. I don’t’ think anyone had ever expected some as beautiful as Jennifer
having the mouth of a sailor.

“Did you just swear at me?” Aishwarya protested, before looking at the other guests, “Did she just…”

With that Jennifer also got up and we both walked away from the table just as it was starting to get interesting. Outside, I
lit up a cigarette and tried to calm my nerves while Jennifer then went on the hunt looking for the first waiter as she
wanted to get pissed. We couldn’t believe Aishwarya’s behaviour, and just as I was thinking about it, a moment later
Aishwarya appeared from inside – apparently wanting to talk to me.

“Ah fuck, here we go,” I said to myself.

She apparently wanted to confront me – acting as though I had somehow lied to her.

Aishwarya spoke, “Look, I’m sorry but I cannot believe someone like yourself could or would ever want to be into that,”

“Into what?”

“Into... that seedy world... that, pornography!”

She then began to talk down to me, as if preaching and trying to convert me.

She continued, “Didn’t you ever want a different life for yourself?”

Rolling my eyes I replied, “Didn’t you?”

Carrying on with her moral speech, she was really starting to get on my nerves, acting all high and mighty.

She then said, “You know, sex isn’t everything,”

“Yeah well, then I guess you’re just not doing it right,”

“Excuse me?” Aishwarya raised an eyebrow, “Look, I was generous enough to come to talk to you, and try and talk some sense
into you, and you…”

“HEY!” I let loose, “Don’t do me any favours okay, mind your own fucking business and worry about yourself!”

Aishwarya’s face was priceless, and she had a look of absolute shock.

Leaning in I continued, “Listen, you walk around here like you own the fucking place… but you got a look in your eye like you
haven’t been FUCKED in years!”

Aishwarya looked so shocked and stunned, I wasn’t quite sure what she was going to do? I doubted anyone had ever spoken to
her like that, and she seemed to have lost the power of speech. Enraged, without warning she then slapped me sharply and
squarely across the face.


In the background I could hear people gasp loudly, before her minders panicked and rushed over, wanting to drag her away
from me and calm her down.

Without reacting I then calmly replied, “Okay. Feel better?”

Hey, it wasn’t the first or last time I had been slapped by an incredibly beautiful woman. Meanwhile, Aishwarya raised her
hand to her staff and shooed them away. Then she just continued to stare at me with absolute distain – waiting to see what
I was going to do or say to her slapping me. Considering I had already been slapped, I thought I really didn’t have anything
to lose and spoke my mind.

I then ask her flat out, “Let me ask you something... sugar tits, when was the last time you got fucked!”

Seeing her horrified look, I smirked, “I rest my case.”

She stood there speechless for another moment before she finally found the power of speech and threatened me – her voice low
and shaky, “How... dare... you... speak to me in that way!”

And with that she slapped me again – hitting me in the exact spot she did just a minute earlier.


“Wow,” I thought to myself, “That one kind of hurt,”

People all around us just watched in awe until finally one of her maidens had the courage to come over and attempt to finally
pull her away from me.

“Please, please Ms Ria, you two are causing a scene... we have to get you back inside...”

Flashing me a very evil look, Aishwarya was ushered back into the Dinning hall just as Jennifer reappeared with our drinks.

Seeing the commotion and watching Aishwarya being pulled back inside Jennifer asked, “What was that all about?”

I told her, “I dunno, the girls got a hard on for me or something,”

“Oh? Okay,” Jennifer shrugged, and with that we enjoyed our glasses of champers.

A few minutes later, while Jennifer and I were chatting and enjoying ourselves on the balcony, Aishwarya suddenly appeared
once again and walked towards me. It seemed the Bollywood actress hadn’t got everything off her chest yet and wanted to
argue some more.

Spotting her, I told Jennifer, “You have got to be kidding,”

Jennifer looked around and then huffed in frustration. Aishwarya ignored her and spoke directly to me.

“Look, I just want to apologies about earlier,” she said, “to both of you,”

Fed up with her, and with nothing to lose I spoke my mind again.

“For the love of god, what is it that’s bothering you? What... do... you... want?”

Slightly drunk, Jennifer giggled (knowing what I’m like) which caused me to chuckle as well. Spilling her champagne, Jennifer
quickly walked off laughing, leaving us alone again. And again, Aishwarya stood silent in front of me – shocked at my
behaviour and apparent lack of manners. Laughing and smiling at Jennifer from across the patio, Aishwarya groaned.

“You rude brute. I have the decency to come over and apologies to you, and you…”

“Well who asked you to?” I interrupted her.

Again she went silent, and finally replied, “I have NEVER met anyone like you. You disgust me!”

I took another swig from my glass and enjoyed the view – being painfully obvious that I didn’t want her company. Looking back
I noticed her still standing there staring at me?!?

I then said, “Are you still here? What the fuck do you want! Leave me THE FUCK alone!!”

Shocked once again, I did her a favour and walked off while she just stood there. For a moment I thought she was going to
cry as her eyes welled up with rage. It was obvious to me she had gone through life pretty much getting everything she wanted
– and here I was, not only unimpressed, but dismissing and rejecting her. Seeing the way she was acting it was clear to me
she really liked me – well at least before she found out about my occupation.

Later that night, Jennifer and I head back to the hotel suite. Relaxing and having a few more drinks, we were just fooling
around and laughing when we suddenly heard a knock at the door. While lying on the sofa and catching my breath [we had been
wrestling around as usual], Jennifer went up to answer the door – still dressed in her outfit, she was barefoot and half
drunk. Giggling hysterically, Jennifer opened the door and then burst out laughing after finding none other than Aishwarya
Rai standing there.

Jennifer drunkenly laughed, “Oh, you’ve gotta be kidding me… Matt, it’s for you!”

Jennifer then opened the door wide and invited Aishwarya in – before stumbling away from the door and looking around the
living room for her shoes. Finally finding them, Jennifer then decided to leave and give us some privacy.

Before I could say anything she drunkenly mumbled, “Well, If you guys need me I’ll be downstairs at the bar… making some
guys wildest dreams come true!”

“Ha! Okay, just be careful baby,” I said and with that Jennifer smiled and staggered towards me.

“Of course, but I could say the same to you,” Jennifer beamed, and with that she pecked me on the lips.

As Jennifer left and closed the door behind her, Aishwarya stood silently in the living room, apparently ready to continue
right where we left off. Rolling my eyes I got up and went to the bar to make myself another drink. I was already way drunk,
but if I was going to listen to anymore of her shit I was going to need a lot more alcohol.

I asked her, “So, how the hell did you find me anyway?”

In her sexy accent she explained, “Oh don’t be so pompous, I’m staying at this hotel too… down the hall as a matter of fact,

Hearing her slightly slur her words, I looked over to see she too was pretty plastered – a lot more than when I last saw her
. Her beautiful blue-green eyes were red and slightly blood shot.

Making myself a drink I sarcastically smiled, “Well isn’t that comforting,”

Aishwarya drunkenly mumbled, “So are you going to offer me a drink or are you going to be rude, as usual,”

I shrugged my shoulders and asked her, “Well what would you like dear? Help yourself…”

I then walked back to the sofa as she huffed in disgust and unsteadily made her way towards the bar – indeed helping herself
. She had obviously already had way too much to drink.

Watching her unsteadily go to the bar I told her, “But if you ask me, it seems someone’s already had their fair share for
the night…”

“Oh please,” she replied, swaying in the non existent breeze, “I know exactly what I’m doing…”

Getting her drink she slowly made her way to sit beside me on the sofa. Reaching down she then unbuckling her heels and
kicked off her expensive shoes.

Glancing at me she then said, “Well I’m sure YOU don’t mind,”

Aishwarya was apparently making herself at home and beginning to open up and feel a lot more comfortable around me.

Watching her kick off her shoes and relax next to me on the sofa I asked her, “Feel Better?”

“Yes, thank you,” she keenly replied – smiling widely at me.

This girl was incredible, and a lunatic!

One moment she was pissed and upset with me, and the very next minute she was smiling at me seductively. As we sat there in
relevant silence for a few minutes watching the early morning TV together, she soon began with her tirade and continued to
rattle on and abuse me. Not having the will power or energy to argue with her I soon found that the best way to really get to
her was to just ignore her completely.

Listening to her own voice for a few minutes, Aishwarya finally got frustrated and started tapping me on the shoulder, and
being extra annoying. Not getting an adequate response, she then started to push and kick me with her bare feet. It seemed
the more drunk she got the more irritating she was as well. Finally having enough, I suddenly grabbed her foot and pulled it
around my body as I turned and leapt on her, pinning her to the sofa!

“Stop... fucking... doing that!!” I told her – staring her right in the eyes.

Seeing the precarious position we were both now in, she defiantly whispered, “No... get off me,”

“Or what?”

“Or I mi... mmpphhhh!!!”

And with that, I interrupted her by kissing her hard on the lips. Kissing her for what seemed like ten minuets, I pulled away
and looked into her eyes and for the first time ever I sensed a total vulnerability and helplessness from her. It was as if
for the very first time in her entire life she had finally and wholeheartedly put down her guard and allowed herself to
enjoy the moment, the kiss.

Kissing her again, this time she looked away, but I then continued to kiss and gently nimble at her cheek, ear, and then
neck. Still holding her foot and ankle in my hand, I slipped my hand further up her tight dress to reach and caress her
thighs – which stirred something deep inside her and caused her to whimper slightly.

Seeing her body respond to my touch I then whispered into her ear, “Do you want me to stop?”

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