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Old 24th November 2009
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stranger_women is a pillar of our communitystranger_women is a pillar of our community
We are a typical Punjabi joint family. My wife is 27 years, 5.2'
height with 34C 28 36 figure. We have been married for more than 10 years now. I was 34 when their affair started. We have only one daughter and she was just 2 years old then.

I was working in a private company. My wife was a kind of shy and introvert person. Our sex life was normal with once a week sex. She was a kind of just lie back and enjoy. We ware very happy until I lost my left hand and one of my legs in a horrible car accident. After the accident I lost my job and not getting any other because my expertise was in the field of field marketing. No employer wants a marketing guy with one hand and one leg. At last my step brother told me to come to his office and do some paper work as I was spending all my time in my home and getting bored.

My elder step brother was in the medicine whole sell business. His business was running properly and his income was incising day by day. After I lost my job my brother was bearing the expenses of our entire family. I was totally dependant on him. He was a smart guy from the childhood. He was good in his studies too where as I was a last bench student all the time. He never gave me any importance because he always treat me like the foolest person on earth. He was better than me in every aspect of life except one thing my wife.

Everything was so normal when once at around 9 am I was having my breakfast. Suddenly I saw my wife signaling flying kisses to my brother from the kitchen. My brother is 4 years elder than me, married for more than 8 years with no kids. His wife recently left him and started living with her parents. However seeing this fly kiss I just pretended as though I know nothing and went to work as usual with lot of things running on my mind. I had mixed feeling of jealousy, hatred and aroused as well. I had to go to the toilet once to even masturbate just thinking that how my brother would be having sex with my wife - if ever they did. I finally made up my mind to remain silent and wait and watch how far this fling was going.

Things did not come into my notice even after my hardest of tries to catch them in action. Either they were too cautious or it was their luck.

But my friend Sunil’s wife Putul was my neighbor and my childhood friend. She was very frank in front of me as we ware friends and was one of my well-wishers. One day Putul came to my house and told me that my wife and my brother ware having an affair. She told me that she only knows some information but promised me that very soon she will take out all the information from my wife. She was my wife’s friend too and they generally used to go to cinema hall every week to watch movies. One day Putul again came to my house and told me everything she knew from my wife.

That night I asked my wife about this. First she tried to deny the fact but at last she broke her silence.

Hiding her face in her hands she told me that actually she had already fucked my brother and that they have been doing it regularly. Then later she told me the whole episode right from the day one how things brewed up. She told me every thing because she knew I could not do any harm to them because I am not only a handicap man but also totally dependant on my brother. May be she thought that was a good moment to confess because this kind of affair always come out. My wife disclosed to me that she had been fucking brother since a year now. My brother is very romantic kind of person and misses no chance to pass comments on my wife. He use to wear shorts and exercise in from to my wife, sings romantic songs and buy gifts for my wife.

Once he even gifted a golden necklace with locket shaped heart. My wife told me that she replaced mangalsutra with his necklace and wore it instead. I remember this and when I had asked her why she changed it she said that mangalsutra is too heavy and this she had bought to wear in the house. Soon she got more concerned about herself in the house - about her looks and dresses. She use to keep her hair dry and loose, wear lipstick and her dresses became low cuts once as she told me that my brother use to insist my wife to do so.
She started asking me to bring sexier flimsy bra and panties. So coming back to the story - she said that once when he was passing our room (I was not there) he called my wife from the window of our bedroom. My wife came closer to the window, he looked deep in my wife's eyes and told her that he loves her and even gave her a love letter describing how much he likes her. However, she had rebuffed his move saying that it's not proper to think like this as she is his younger brother's wife. She told me that he was too insisting and soon started making calls repeatedly telling her not to misunderstand him and that he finds her very beautiful and he loves her very much.

Once he even dared to hug my wife from behind while she was dressing up in our bedroom and kissed her on the neck while cupping her breasts. My wife head was spinning after this incident and she use to get wet just thinking about it. My wife started fantasizing about my brother and was slowly making up
her mind to get laid by him. Because after the accident I was not able to fulfilling her and she became very hungry from the inside also. She told me that she actually felt his cock on her ass when he hugged her from behind and got mesmerized by its dimensions.

Then after a week or so she wrote a letter tilling my brother that she also loves him and that she finds him very attractive and handsome. They would then smile at each other while crossing or even steal kisses whenever the opportunity came. My wife told me that my brother would never miss an opportunity to fondle her breasts or grab a handful
of her ass. Both were looking for an opportunity to find them alone so that they can fuck to their hearts content. Finally after couple of weeks when nobody was there in the house my brother came while my wife was in the kitchen. He went to the kitchen and hugged her tightly from behind and started pressing his cock over my wife's ass. Slowly he brought his hands up and cupped both the breasts of my wife. My wife gave in and turned her head and offered herself for a lip kiss. My bro wasted no time and kissed her lips softly at first then their tongues were exploring each others mouth. My wife was his cock on her ass and she out of sheer inquisitiveness brought her hand back and held my bros cock over his pants and gauged it proportions. She told me she was taken aback at its dimensions and was to mesmerize that she held it tightly in her fist for good amount of time. After sometime my brother bro held my wife by the wrist and led her to our bedroom. He made my wife lay on the bed on her back and then lying by her side both hugged each other tightly, moaning and saying I love you to each other. She told me that my bro was pressing her tits real softly and slowly while their groins were mashing against each other. After sometime they separated and looked into each other eyes and whispered I love you to each other. My wife told me that she felt like a teenager girl who has found her first love. Soon my brother started pulling her top and my wife was left in the bra. My bro cupped her tits and pressed slowly kissing whispering I love you to my wife all the time. While kissing his hands moved to the knot holding her pants and she was fiddling with my bros pants. Soon my bro did away with his pants and my wife held his cock in her hands weighing and rubbing all the time.

She told me that it was much bigger and thicker than mine. Upon asking she told me about 3 inches longer and 1.5 inches thicker. So, that makes 8" long and 3" thick. While my wife was playing with my brother cock he has inserted two fingers inside my wife's cunt which was overflowing with her ecstasy juices. My wife said she never felt so aroused earlier. She said that what ever they did during the course they never stopped kissing. After my bro had kissed my wife to his hearts content and had fondled her body completely he slowly lowered himself kissing her neck. His one hand had engulfed my wife's right breast while he brought his mouth to her left breast.

Very delicately he held my wife's left breast in his other hand and kissed the big brown nipple. My wife felt like she was in seventh heaven. After he has kissed its entire softness he took the nipple in his mouth and sucked it nice and hard yet very delicately. Then he changed his mouth to the right breast and kissed and sucked it too. In between these sucks he would lower his hand to my wife's cunt and insert a finger or two and fuck her for sometime. He got little apprehensive that somebody might come my bro did not waste much time soon inserted laid himself in between my wife's both legs. Separating the legs further apart he positioned his mammoth cock over my wife's cunt mouth. My wife held his cock in his hand and kept it in front of her love hole. Now all set my bro inserted his cock slowly savoring the taste of my wife's cunt. My wife told me her cunt felt full jammed and her cervix pushed.

After the cock was fully in my bro fucked her frantically. My wife also humped her pelvis to meet his thrusts and held him tightly whenever she came. My wife said that she came so many times that she lost count. Soon my bro was also overwhelmed and soon flooded my wife's cunt with his cum. My wife said she felt so much cum flooding her cunt that she was overwhelmed with the juices she had released. Then my bro came he kissed my wife goodbye and left. My wife also got up and dressed herself. She said she felt wonderful and had she known that my bro was such a nice fuck she would have had her suhag raat with him. As soon as the session was over he immediately left.

Then started many more escapades of my wife. Both having tasted each other could not wait for the next fuck. So without waiting for the opportunity they started having sex when everyone slept in the night. My wife told me how they managed to fuck the second time. So, later that night my bro was watching TV late at night as sleep was far away from his eyes. When everybody had slept my wife got up and went to the toilet signaling my bro to follow. He followed and my wife entered the toilet first leaving the door open. Soon my bro followed and locked the door. Both hugged each other tightly kissing and exploring each others body. Soon my bro lifted her nighty and found that my wife was wearing nothing beneath. Seeing my wife fully nude for the first time he went crazy and squeezed her tits nicely. Slowly he circled my wife’s nipples while tweaking the other nipple between his fingers. Later he sucked on to my wife's left breast like child sucks milk out of mother's mummeries. My bro spent lot of time playing and sucking the tits alternation between the two. My wife told me that my brother paid lot attention to the sides of her tits kissing and complementing the curves of her tits all the time. My wife was holding his head in
both her hands and pressing his mouth to her tits. Then he lowered still further and delicately inserted a finger in my wife's cunt. My wife had to separate her legs to make way for the digit and a moan emanated from her mouth. Then taking the finger in his moth he complemented the taste of her juices.

Then he inserted two fingers and rubbed the thumb on her clit. My wife said she felt like completely was on the seventh heaven. She was fondling my bros head in his hand and lost count to as to times she came. After some time my bro got himself undressed. Seeing him naked my wife was mesmerized by my bros muscles, chest and above all the big manhood. My bro guided my wife's hand to his cock and prompted her to hold his tightly and move her hand up and down his big cock. Later he guided one hand to cup the balls while other was still moving on his cock. Then he asked my wife to sit down and kiss this cock. As though hypnotized she shat down immediately and kissed the mushroom shaped purple head. She said its beauty and size and the two balls that hung below the beautiful cock engrossed her. Then my bro also sat down and kissed her on lips and told her that she loves her very much. Still kissing he told my wife to suck his cock. He got up and asked my wife to open her mouth. Holding the cock from its base she immediately opened her mouth and started sucking the big mushroom head slowly. Slowly my bro held her head and with slow motions started fucking my wife's mouth. I asked her that she had never
sucked my cock. She answered that with the beauty and size of my bros cock she could not resist herself moreover my bro loves her very much and if he wants her to do that then she can't deny. After some few more stroke he came in my wife's mouth. As he came he held my wife's in his arms and hugged her tightly kissing my wife and twisting his cum in her mouth. They held on to each other for a long time and my wife's tits mashed against his chest. After some more kissing and fondling my brother regained his erection and he whispered in my wife’s ear that he wants to fuck. She said its not possible in the toilet as there in not enough space. She told him to her bedroom after some time. My wife came over to our room and hugged me and kissed but I did not move as I was fast asleep. Still assuring herself she moved aside and lied down waiting for my bro to come. We used to sleep in two separated bed. In one bed I used to sleep and on another she and our baby used to sleep. We have separated our bed because I had to sleep keeping my crutches on my side.

Soon my brother came and my wife signaled him to lie down beside her in her bed.
He immediately did that and soon they were kissing and fondling each other without making a noise. Because of the two mosquito nets in two different beds it was herd for any one to see through the mosquito-nets and understand what was happening on the other beds . Soon he got on top of my wife and my wife guided his cock to her cunt's mouth and lowered herself a bit. In went the big cock head splitting my wife's cunt. My wife took the cock bending her back like a bow to adjust the size till their pubes entwined. Keeping his cock inside without any movement both enjoyed the union while my 3 years old baby was sleeping beside them.

Slowly bro brought his cock out only to penetrate again with much more vigor. My wife said she was in seventh heaven and lost count to number of times she came. It was her over ecstasy moment. Her cunt muscles were squeezing his cock each time she came as though it had found a long lost love. Bro in the mean time was kissing her all the time with one hand squeezing her tits alternating with each other. She was moving her hands on his back and hugging him tight upwards so as to maximize the penetration. She said she wanted this to last fore ever but then after a long half an hour fucking my bro jolted and came in floods inside her soaping cunt. She was feeling his cock fucking her cervix so as thought
fucking a cunt inside cunt. They held each other for long and after some time she could feel his cock growing inside again. Soon he was bucking and started fucking again. My wife never asked him to stop as she said that she was madly in love with my bro. They fucked again this time changing position to doggy style, sideways and then intermittently stopping to kiss and fondle each other and whispering I love you. When it was over it was 4 AM in the morning and that been over 4 hours of fuck. All this had happened with me sleeping on the other bed. She told me getting fucked without making a noise was a pure fun for them.

In this one year she never remembered an week when they did not fucked. After we had over first child I her told her put copper T and she refused outright. She never allowed me to cum inside. However I remembered the day a year back when she told me that she feels sorry for me and that she if feeling to put CT. I was overjoyed but little did I know that she wants to put CT coz se wants my bro to fuck and come inside her.

I was shocked to hear her that they both madly love each and if pose problem to there union then she wont be able to live. So the situation was such that if she be deprived of fuck from my bro for even a single day then it’s impossible. I was really very turned on by her idea and it aroused me. So now starts the fuck sessions of my bro and wife after its been known to me.

So now a days every night I got the drawing room and watch TV while my bro would be fucking my wife in my bedroom and on my bed. I had to do that because my wife loves it and I was totally dependant to my brother financially. Everyday the fuck session would start at 11Pm and last till 12:30AM. In those times I had to keep my baby too. I had to wait with my erect cock. After 12:30 my wife used come to our drawing room to say that they are finished and I can now enter in our bedrooms.

Everything uses to happen spending a few words. Then after entering in to bed rooms I used to sleep with her taking her in my hand. We used to spend half an hour chatting and discussing our daily problems and future plans. Some time I would kiss her and find semen in her mouth too. So it was obvious that my bro use to cum both in cunt and mouth. Sometimes her tits would also be covered with dried cum and most interesting was she never bothered to clean. Slowly I would squeeze her lovely tits which are bloated due to my bros rigorous treatment. I would suck her tits and find taste of my bros semen there too. Then I should lower my hand to her well stretched and fucked cunt and insert one or two fingers and find cunt oozing cum. All this while my wife would just close her eyes and whimper with low groans. Probably she is getting excited thinking of me (her husband) playing with her who had been just freshly fucked her lover. Actually she was enjoying being the wife of two men.
I don't know about her but yes it was tremendous turn on for me to find my wife drenched in my bros cum. I hate my bro a lot, probably too jealous about his plus points physicality and financially. Sometime when I would separate her clinched thighs which she never separated thinking my bros cum should spill out. I also do this when I am all ready to fuck her and without much waste of time my smaller cock enters the deflated cunt. I enjoy the feel of my bros cum in my wife's cunt which is all wet and flowing. Just feel of his is so high that without much fucking I come her cunt. Then my cock would come out and immediately she would clench her legs together. Without saying word I would go to my place and sleep. These become a routing and almost reflexes.

My bro started giving lot of gifts to my wife. He would give dresses, flimsy nightyes, lacy bra and panties and sometimes ornaments also. They were least bothered about me. Even some time in my presence he would call my wife and take to the other room for fucking or chatting like husband wife. In the dinner table I found that my wife serving the best foods to my brother. Presently they have started kissing in front of me. My wife wastes no opportunity to get fucked. Now a days my bro use to take her to long outings and definitely fuck her marathon. Just few days before my wife told me that they have decided to have another baby so I have to stop fucking her for few months.(end)

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copied from net and edited for better arousal
I hope you will like this true incident that occurred between my mom and her friends. My mom, Sarita, a complete bombshell. She is fair with black hair. In short she is 38/24/38. Perhaps she was the fantasy of men. She used to dress in the normal Indian fashion ie: a saree, blouse. My father was from Bangalore. But my mom was born and brought up in Mumbai. After her marriage she started living in Bangalore. We had a joint family in Bangalore. But last year my father got a promotion and transferred to Mumbai. We got a very big apartment from my dad’s company. My mom was very happy to return to her home town. She was now enjoying her liberty because the conservative environment of our joint family in Bangalore is not here to bind her. There was no “Bohu don’t do this, or Bohu you should do that” order from our grandfather and grandmother. After 6 months of our shifting in Mumbai, one day my father told us that he have to go to Dubai for an office tour. It was a 20 days tour. My father was worried about us but mom told him that she will manage. It is just about a 20 days matter.
Mom had 2 friends who were used to be her boyfriends before marriage. Exactly 2 days after my father went to Dubai, I heard that her friend's Sharad and Kamat were going to visit. They ware coming from Puna. Actually they both worked in a FMGC company with my mom before her marriage. They are still working in the same company as a marketing manager. They travels a lot as a part of there job. Mom told me that they have a meeting in Mumbai so they will stay with us for 5-6 days.
It was my summer vacation in my new school so I used to just watch TV and pass my time. I noticed mom was pretty happy knowing that her friends were going to come. I always knew that they were mom's old friends and were always interested in mom even after her marriage. I had seen them on my 15th birthday party last year when mom had invited them in Bangalore. They were always eyeing mom but had no chance to get near her as dad and other family members ware around. I knew they were coming for mom but I did not want to interfere too much in mom's business.

Finally the day came when they came. Mom greeted them. They were pleased to know that dad had gone for a trip. I showed them their rooms and also kept their luggage in their rooms, as mom showed them our newly decorated house. By mistake I dropped a handbag of mom's friends and the items in the bag popped out. I quickly gathered the items to place them back and was shocked to find a pack of condoms. Immediately my doubt why they were here was clear. I understood that they knew that my father went to Dubai for his office tour. I used to be in the house always to keep an eye on them. I noticed they were getting frustrated for not getting mom. I was obvious that they did not want me to know that they wanted to fuck mom. One day they decided to go for a picnic at the Seaside. We agreed but we had to make plans for an evening as mom had some work in the morning. The Seaside they choose was a bushy and quiet area with lots of trees. It would take about 4-5 hours to reach there so we left early. We reached there by 4 pm. Mom was looking quite sexy wearing a white blouse and yellow saree. We put up two tents one for mom and me and one for Sharad and kamat. Then we sat around the wood fire to keep the insects away. Sharad put on the radio he had brought along while kamat invited mom for a dance. Mom looked at me once and seeing a gentle smile from me she moved on to kamats arms for a dance. I watched kamat moving his hand on mom back and occasionally touching her butt. Mom loved it but was aware of my presence. Suddenly Sharad brought me a large peg of whisky and said, "let's enjoy". I knew his intention was to put me to sleep and njoy with mom. I was surprised to see that mom did not protest and tried to ignore the fact that they are offering her tinge son a large peg of whisky. But I said no to him.

After some time he prepared a soft drink for mom and removed another bottle for himself and kamat. They offered me some soft drinks also. I was surprised to see that mom was asking Kamat something pointing to my drink. Kamat whispered but I herd that he was saying “just 2 pill, don’t worry.” I pretended to drink and emptied the glass behind. Then I pretended to look sleepy. Soon it was 10:00 pm and we had to come home. Sharad and kamat helped me to the car as they thought that I was sleepy. They asked mom to sit in the front with them as I had occupied the whole seat behind. I pretended to be deep in sleep and watched quietly from behind. After driving the car for 20minutes or so Sharad stopped the car in a bushy and quiet road side area. They went to pee together leaving the car behind. After they have returned to the car they started chatting with mom. I was getting surprised, why they were not starting the car. Suddenly Sharad placed a hand on mom's sholders. Slowly moving down to the top of her breasts which her blouse could not cover. Mom gave a naughty smile and whispered “at last you guys came to the point…….I have started to think that you people became gentlemen in those years”. They all started to laugh together. Suddenly mom turned towards me. She wasn’t feeling comfortable with me around, kamat understood and decided to return by the Seaside. After reaching there they stopped the car and got outside together leaving me in the car. They started to find a quiet and safe spot by the Seaside. I got out of the car and followed them. Kamat collected few coconut branches and made a bed of the branches. Sharad had already begun to kiss mom. Mom also participated freely. Kamat pulled her saree off leaving her in her white blouse and lower part. Mom said “I am feeling very excited because I have not slept with any one other that my hubby in all these years after my marriage. Sharad continued to kiss mom all over her body, while kamat unhooked the blouse and lower half. Kamat said “remember Sarita, those days when we worked together…….OHO…how much we enjoyed together na?” Mom said “yeah…I remember all….You know I was planning to meet you people as soon as we came to Mumbai. But I am not getting any chances. But last week when my hubby went to Dubai I thought why don’t we old friends get together and have some fun. My cock had become very hard as I watched from the bushes. Mom was left in her white bra and panties. She took off Sharad's and kamat's shirt and pant. Mom was looking very sexy. Her breasts were growing inside her bra. Both the men removed their underwear’s and revealed their huge cocks. Then they removed mom's bra and panties. It seemed mom had lately shaved her pussy and kept it ready. Kamat carried mom to the bed of leaves he had prepared.

Mom said "I was waiting for you both for so long". Sharad kept on kissing mom more deeply. Kamat sucked her right breasts and played with the other one. Mom's nipples were looking really amazing erect and firm. Kamat was squeezing her breasts as if he was squeezing a water balloon. Then Sharad started sucking her breasts also. Both of them were planting some deep kisses all over mom's white milky breasts. Occasionally they would finger fuck her.

Mom was giving out light moans "aaah ooooaahhhhhh". Mom took both their cocks in her hands and started pushing its skin up and down. Then Sharad started to work on her pussy while kamat gave mom his cock to be sucked. Mom took in the entire cock. Sharad was still playing with her pussy mould. Sharad took his cock and stuffed it in her wet pussy and started pushing in and out. I was a really hot sight watching mom's breasts jiggle around. Mom and Sharad were giving out loud moans

"Aaaaaahhhhhaaaa….. Ummmmmmmm……. Ufffffffffffffffffffffff".

Mom was saying " Take me, take me deeper". Kamat waited patiently as Sharad fucked mom. Then after fifteen minutes sharad let his load in mom. He was so exhausted that he fell to the side, mom had her eyes closed. Kamat wanted to have mom now so he turned mom decided to take her from behind. Moms also liked his idea. Soon he too fucked mom and filled her with his cum. Mom was really exhausted.

After a while all of them dressed and headed to the car. I had masturbated 2-3 times. I too quickly dressed and went to the car.

In the running car also mom molested both of their cocks while chatting and laughing with them. Next morning mom looked pretty happy. She had worn a nightly without a bra inside. Kamat and sharad were also very happy. I have not told my dad about the incident when he returned because mom requested me not to tell him that Kamat and Sharad had spent few days with us. I just knew how disparate my mom was before her marriage.

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Old 24th November 2009
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stranger_women is a pillar of our communitystranger_women is a pillar of our community

It was ten at night and the Holi party of our office friends Sutapa and Dilip was in full swing with everyone having a great time. My wife Poroma, who was a mother of two, never a great drinker at the best of times, was well gone after three hours of partying and I knew she would suffer for it the next day, but what the hell. Sipping my drink I looked around the room eyeing up the women and comparing them to my gorgeous wife, I may be biased, but there was no comparison, Poroma was the most attractive women in the room though the mother of two was in her upper thirties. Poroma caught my eye as my gaze passed her way and grinned, grinning back I walked over to the group she was with, Mohit, our marketing manager, Rasmi, Mohit's wife, our hostess Sutapa and Dilip and Rahul whom I hated most.
I was working in that M.N.C for 10 long years. But the guy Rahul joind just 8 months back in our organization and became my greatest competitor in office. He was very very smart, good looking and handsome. He joined with a reference of our senior V.P. In his 8 months he performed and showed that he was better than me in every possible ways. Just last week before the party, he got the promotion which I was aiming for the last 3 years. The reason why I hated him most was very simple. I knew that I don’t have the capability to compete with that guy who was at list 10 years younger than me. He also knew that very well. That’s why he never gave me any importance or respect in any issues where both of our cooperation was needed.

As I approached I took stock of my wife's beauty, she had shoulder length fine black hair that shone even in the low light in the room; my eyes moved down to her face, her ice blue eyes sparkled as she laughed at something that was said, her pert nose sat above lush, ripe lips that just begged to be kissed. Letting my eyes rove down over her shoulders, which were all but bare, the only covering being the thin
Straps of her black evening dress. My eyes paused at her bust, for those who like statistics Poroma is 5 foot 5 inches tall and a shapely 36C-26-36 and her breasts were more than a generous handful, even for my large hands. Sighing I let my eyes slide down over her body admiring the cling of her dress to her shapely figure and the swell of her hips, my only lament was that the dress hid most of Poroma 's legs,
But I had the memory of their slender shapeliness. Despite being married to her for over 15 years I still felt a surge of arousal just looking at my wife and at 38 I thought she had never looked better.

"Ranjeet," my wife's soft lilting voice greeted me as I joined the group, "you just have to see what Rahul found on the Net." Rahul grinned as he held out some sheets of paper, raising an eyebrow I took the pages and glanced at them, then read then more closely. I'm Not sure why Rahul had brought the printout, but it was a story he'd Picked up somewhere on the Internet called 'Poroma's Choice' by someone Calling themselves HILMS. The story was about a guy and his wife at a Party who get involved in an adult party game, the wife ends up as the Subject of 'Dus minute mein Swarg', which basically meant a man tried to get her to so excited within ten minutes that she says 'Fuck me'.If she does say this, she has to do whatever the man wants for an hour. Though I only skipped over the story I was both amused and a little turned on by the concept. "Interesting, " I commented with a grin as I handed the pages back to Rahul, "but a little far fetched." "That's what I said." Poroma laughed." You have to admit though," Sutapa laughed, "the character names are An amazing coincidence. "

"A big coincidence. " Rahul smiled tongue in cheek. On that note Rahul went off to circulate around the room while the Rest of us chatted and joked, the story quickly forgotten in the Exchanges of banter and ribald comments. From time to time I saw Rahul Showing off his story out of the corner of my eye, but didn't pay him much attention. I guess it was about half an hour later that Rahul Rejoined our group wearing a huge grin and for a few minutes just stood listening to our chat with his grin growing broader.
"Why the huge grin, Rahul?" Sutapa eventually asked. "Oh, nothing really," Rahul replied, "just a comment someone made." I sensed that he was waiting to have the rest of it dragged out of Him, but I was not going to give him the satisfaction of asking. Though it seemed my wife was intrigued and asked him about the comment. "Well since you asked," he said with his smile turning to a full blown Laugh, "a couple of guys said they thought that the woman in the story Wouldn't have lasted the ten minutes in real life." Inwardly I groaned, Poroma was always one for a verbal challenge, but especially so when she had been drinking, it was a foregone conclusion that she would take up the chakravyu that Rahul had laid down. "Rubbish," Poroma laughed "if anything the woman would last longer, especially if she was resisting the urges." "You think?" Rahul grinned back. "I'm not so sure myself." Sutapa looked at me and rolled her eyes as Rahul and Poroma got into An animated, but friendly discussion centred on whether or not a fictional female would have lasted less than or longer than ten Minutes. People noticing the conversation and its topic came over to join us, some just to listen, but one or two of the men made comments more or less agreeing with Rahul's point of view. Of course this only Made Poroma dig her heels in even more to defend her position. "Well," Rahul eventually said, "there's only one way to prove the Point, that's to put your money where your mouth is Poroma." Needless to say every male in the room immediately got his drift as did a number of the women, but v looked puzzled. "What do you mean?" she asked. "I mean that the only way to settle this" Rahul spoke softly "would be To put the situation to the test for real." "You mean..." Poroma gasped. "I mean I take the role of the guy and you take the role of the Woman." Rahul spoke into the sudden silence in the room. "Same rules, Same penalty as in the story so the incentives are the same to encourage you to hold out or for me break you down. Of course you could always admit I'm right and wimp out." I cursed under my breath as Rahul threw out the last comment, at the same time I began to wonder if Rahul hadn't been setting Poroma up for This situation, everyone knew how doggedly she defended a point of View. What he was proposing was an area Poroma and I had discussed during sex, but had never considered it as a reality and I quietly wished for Poroma to tell him where to stick his suggestion, though I did feel a bit of excitement at the idea. Poroma frowned and looked at me; one look in her pensive eyes told me that she had drunk more than enough to take up the challenge. "Ranjeet?" she said softly."Hey," Rahul objected, "it's not up to him; you're the one so adamant that the woman could hold out longer not Ranjeet." I gave Rahul a glare and my wife a shrug to indicate that it was her decision; around us everyone seemed to be holding their breath in anticipation of Poroma 's answer. My wife thought for a few moments then I saw her shoulders straighten and knew what her answer was going to be. "Okay," Poroma spoke firmly, "you're on." "You understand what I mean?" Rahul said pulling the story sheets out of his pocket. "I get to have my way with you for ten minutes." Here he read from the paper in his hand. "I can touch or kiss you, but I can only use my mouth and hands. If I can get you to say, 'Fuck me,' Before the ten minutes is up, then you must do anything I tell you for The next hour." "Yes, yes, I understand." Poroma responded.

Rahul grinned almost triumphantly and moved across the room to the couch, the couple that were already there quickly got up to give him Room. Sitting himself in the centre of the couch Rahul looked up at my wife with a raised eyebrow as though challenging her to back down. "Okay, who has a stop watch or timer?" Rahul asked as Poroma crossed the room to join him. As Poroma sat beside him one of the men produced a watch with a count-down timer on it, Arjun had the man set it for ten minutes then
Appointed Sutapa as the time-keeper. "One thing," Rahul said as Sutapa took the watch, "you don't start
The time going until after I start." "Okay." Sutapa replied.

"And no distractions, " Rahul added, "the watch has an end of time alarm so no need to count out the time." "Now just a minute," Poroma objected "you were the one that wanted to do this as it was done in the story, so Sutapa should count down the minutes like they did in the story." "Not feeling so confident?" Rahul smirked. "Don't you think you can Resist without the interruptions? " "Of course I can." Poroma replied sharply. "Oh what the hell, do it your way." "Mind you," Rahul said slowly, "I should get a bit of a head start seeing as the characters in the story were already turned on by having been playing a sex game, I mean fairs fair, I'll be starting from Stone cold." I couldn't believe the guys gall, not that I could blame him for trying for every advantage, but he had been the one that had been so adamant about doing things exactly as per the story. Around me there were mutters of accent to his comment, it seemed most, if not all Those watching agreed that Rahul should get a 'warm up' period. Poroma looked around nervously then her eyes came to rest on me, all I could Do was shrug. "How long a head start?" Poroma asked turning to look at Rahul.

"I thought ten minutes." Rahul grinned, obviously sensing he was about to gain another concession. "sod off," Poroma said firmly, "that doubles the total time. Two minutes." "Hmmm," Rahul frowned, "hardly a head start. Seven minutes might work; After all you haven't been excited by playing a game have you." "Maybe not," my wife responded, "but it's still too long. Four minutes." "Four?" Rahul sighed. "Well make it five and we have a deal." "Oh alright, five minutes but," Poroma agreed, "no touching under Clothing, on top only." "You're on." Rahul laughed. "We'll have a drink first then get at it. Sutapa change the stopwatch to fifteen minutes and yell out when the First five are up, okay." "Okay Rahul." Sutapa replied as she fiddled with the stopwatch in her Hand. Drinks were passed to Rahul and Poroma and while they sipped at them The others chatted and joked about what was about to happen, I heard One or two of them making bets with each other as to how long my wife would last. Sutapa was standing right in front of the couple on the couch and about three feet away from them and I placed myself at her shoulder. From this position I could not only watch events unfold clearly I could also keep an eye on the stopwatch. Fixing my gaze on the couch I noticed that Rahul seemed to be taking a hell of a time finishing his drink, Poroma had downed hers in one gulp and was already working on another. Then I noticed that Rahul had an arm along the back of the couch and that his hand seemed to be resting at the back of Poroma 's neck, a slight movement of her hair told me that the crafty Sod was gently rubbing at the erogenous zone on her neck. I was tempted to tell Sutapa to start the stopwatch, but held back since Poroma didn't seem to be worried about his touching her.

At long last Rahul finished his drink and put the glass aside, I felt my body tense with both nervousness and excitement as he turned slightly in his seat to face my wife. Someone took the empty glass From Poroma as she licked her lips nervously and watched Rahul turning to face her, he grinned at her then leant forward until his lips were a scant few millimeters from hers. Poroma tensed in anticipation of his
Kiss, but Rahul just hovered there letting the tension mount, a glance To my right told me that Sutapa had not yet started the stopwatch; Clearly she was waiting for the first touch. A minute passed with Rahul's lips hovering over Poroma 's he was looking into her eyes and though she tried to avoid his gaze her eyes kept flicking back to his with uncertainty growing in them. Nor was Poroma the only one feeling the tension, the people around me seemed to hold their breath waiting for that first touch of skin on skin. When Rahul finally closed those few millimeters between his lips and my wife's he did it so slowly that the kiss was seconds old before we realized that the seduction had begun in earnest. I had to nudge Sutapa to start the stopwatch as a collective sigh seemed to fill the room. Poroma sat there with his lips pressed softly to hers, her eyes were open and looking around as she avoided looking into his eyes. Yet despite herself, as though drawn by some magnetism, her eyes drifted To his and fixed there, when this happened Rahul increased the pressure of his kiss a little more. Again, despite herself, Poroma began to respond to his kiss, it was only a slight return pressure, But it was enough of a positive sign for Rahul to move on. kissing her more firmly Rahul opened his mouth a little and although I could not
See it I somehow knew that he was pressing his tongue to my wife's Lips in a demand for entry. When Poroma 's chin moved I knew that she Had given way to Rahul's demanding tongue, I don't know what my wife was feeling, but a tingle of excitement ran through me at this first sign of submission. That excitement grew when I saw Rahul put his Right hand over Poroma 's shoulder, with slow stroking motions he slid It down onto her right breast which he gently began to rub and squeeze Through her clothing. A quick glance at the stopwatch in Sutapa's hand show that barely a minute had passed.

A pin dropping in the room would have sounded like a cannon going off, Even the music that had been playing seemed muted to almost nothing And from where I was standing I could hear Poroma 's breathing Quickening slightly under Rahul's attentions. Rahul started to pinch At Poroma 's nipple through the thin material of her dress which made Her breathing a little heavier. My mouth went dry when I heard the Sound of a sudden intake of breath from Poroma as Rahul's left hand moved onto her lap, his fingers pressing into the material over her pussy to rub gently at her mound. My eyes flickered from point to point as I watched Rahul's actions with my wife; her eyes were still open as they kissed, but they seemed locked to his as though she was Transfixed by something in their depths; his right hand squeezed and teased her right breast and nipple; his left hand pressed more firmly Into her groin to rub at her pussy. I glanced at the stopwatch Convinced that more than five minutes had passed, but was surprised to see that Rahul still had half his warm up time left. Then I heard Poroma give a gentle sigh and her legs, which up to that point had been firmly together began to slowly open giving Rahul more freedom to stroke at her pussy. Of course with Rahul being able to Arouse her pussy with greater freedom meant her legs parted further And so on, the point came where my wife was sat there with her legs Spread wide while Rahul rubbed at her through her dress using his whole hand. I watched the material of Poroma 's dress dimple to the Shape of her pussy as Rahul pressed his fingers firmly into her, his actions making her breathing heavier and louder. Then I nearly jumped out of my skin when the silence was shattered by a soft 'beep-beep'. "That's the five minutes head start," Sutapa spoke barely loud enough to be heard, "Ten minutes left to get Poroma to say the magic words."
I noticed that while she spoke Sutapa had paused the stopwatch; Though Rahul hadn't broken his stride at all. For the first time in more than five minutes Rahul parted their lips and while his hands Stayed busy at her breast and pussy he leant close to her ear and spoke softly to her. In the story the husband had never heard what was being whispered, but in the silence that had once again fallen on the
room Rahul's words came to me clearly. "Want to save us all some time and say it?" he crooned in her ear. Poroma shook her head in the negative and Rahul grinned as he spoke again. "You won't make it and you know it," he said softly, his breath puffing against her ear, "especially now that I can get you undressed. Come on, say it, you're so hot now after just the warm up, how will You feel after a few more minutes of serious attention. Say it, you know you want to, you know you are going to eventually."

My wife shook her head again, but I could see the hesitation in her movement and the uncertainty in her eyes. With a smile Rahul went back To kissing Poroma and she returned his kiss within a few seconds of
Their lips touching. Deep down I knew that Rahul was right, my wife Was not going to be able to hold out for the full ten minutes, already She was showing all the signs of being fully aroused and much more
attention would have her on the verge of a climax. Drawing a deep breath I glanced at the stopwatch to see how much longer Poroma would Have to hold out, the damned thing was still paused and I nudged
Sutapa who was so enthralled by events she had forgotten to re-start the timer. When I looked back at the couch Rahul was sliding his right Hand up to the top of Poroma's dress, the material stretched as his
hand slid under it and back onto her breast. Now it was bare skin on bare skin and I could see the material moving as Rahul played with my wife's boob and teased her already hard nipple. At the same time his left hand slid down Poroma 's leg until it came to rest at the hem of her dress, which was a point just above her knee with the way the material had already rumpled. Rahul's hand slid up Poroma 's stockinged leg gently rubbing in small circles as it rose up her thigh, the material of the dress gathered and slithered up her leg as his hand rose higher. "Hhhhhuuuhhhh. ....mmmm" A stifled gasp from Poroma told me when Rahul's Hand had reached her pussy and I had no doubt that under the
concealment of the material he was rubbing at her pussy in earnest, perhaps he even had his fingers under her panties and in her pussy.... "Mmmmmmmmmmm, so wet." Rahul parted their lips and spoke softly while Looking deep into Poroma's eyes. "Sure you don't want to say it?"Poroma shook her head and muttered the word 'no' so low as to be barely Audible to Rahul let alone to me. Undeterred Rahul put his lips to hers once more while his right hand slid out from under the top of her dress, with a gentle yet firm motion he pushed the thin strap from her shoulder and down her arm. Poroma bent her arm lightly, surrendering to the inevitable and the strap flopped loose, and then Rahul's hand was back at the top of her dress. As Rahul pushed the material of her dress down to reveal Poroma 's breast to everyone I glanced at the Stopwatch, a minute and a half had passed; Rahul had eight and a half Minutes left and I began to feel a little hope that he was moving too slowly to achieve his goal. For a few moments Rahul seemed content to Tease Poroma 's now bare nipple and to press his fingers into her heavy boob flesh, but then he parted their lips and his head moved down over Her chest. I looked up at Poroma 's face as Rahul sucked her nipple into his mouth, her eyes were wide and fixed on what he was doing to her,
For a brief moment she looked up at me before looking back down to Rahul. In that brief moment of eye contact my faint hope that Rahul Was moving too slowly died, Poroma 's eyes had held a look of excitement bordering on orgasmic.

For what seemed like ages Rahul sucked and nibbled at my wife's nipple, at the same time his left hand seemed to be moving faster under the material of her dress. His right hand had moved from Poroma 's
breast and was now behind her, I couldn't see what his hand was doing, but the gradual loosening of her top told me he was opening the zip at the back of the dress. Then his right hand came back into view as it slid onto her left shoulder to push the strap off her shoulder and down her arm, once again Poroma bent her arm to free the strap and the whole front of her dress just slithered down to her waist. Rahul's head moved to across her body and he sucked in her left nipple while his right hand came back over her shoulder to her right breast. A quick glance at the stopwatch in Sutapa's hand showed me that a bare ninety seconds had passed and my wife was already half naked and rising to a climax, she could not last another seven minutes. (END OF PART 1)

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Rahul suddenly sat up, his hands and mouth leaving Poroma 's body; he grinned
down at her heavy breathing and dreamy eyes and spoke. "Lift up." He ordered softly. As though in a dream Poroma leant up and in one swift motion Rahul pulled the dress from under her, down her legs and off. I gazed wide eyed at my wife's body as Rahul returned his hands and mouth to her breasts and pussy, now we could all see his hand rubbing and pressing at her panties, his fingers pushing the material into her slit. Then his hand moved to the side of her flimsy panties, Rahul's finger's slid under the material pushing it aside as two of his fingers sank into Poroma 's pussy. Poroma 's reaction to this intrusion was gasp loud enough to be clearly heard around the room and to arch her lower body
slightly as though to draw his fingers deeper into her. I could tell from the tension in my wife's body, the glaze in her now half closed eyes and the flush of her face and breasts that Poroma was about to
climax and I expected her to cum any second. Rahul must have sensed this too and it was not part of his plan to let her climax, clearly he was aware that once she'd peaked there would be a period of calm before she would be aroused to ecstasy again. Just as Poroma began to squirm in pre-orgasmic bliss Rahul moved his fingers away from her pussy, though he continued to gently suck at her nipples and tease her boobs for a moment before leaning up. As Rahul looked at my wife as though judging her level of arousal I glanced at the stopwatch, another minute had passed though I would have sworn it had been longer. My eyes flicked back to the couple on the couch as Rahul reached down and tugged at Poroma 's panties, without hesitation Poroma raised her lower body to allow him to slide the damp material down her legs and off. Now my wife was dressed in nothing more than a suspender belt, stockings and high heel shoes, she was a gorgeous sight that would have had me instantly hard if my cock wasn't
already rigid. Leaning over Rahul kissed Poroma while his right hand teased her right nipple and his left rubbed gently at her pussy lips, and then he parted their lips and put his mouth close to her ear.
"Feels good doesn't it." He said softly in her ear. Poroma responded with a hum of pleasure while pushing her pussy up at Rahuls's moving hand, her face was flushed and I could see her lower
lip caught in her teeth as she tried to hold back against the sensations flooding over her. "It can feel even better," Rahul carried on, "so much better, all you have to do is say those two little words. You know you want to. Will you say them Poroma?" I don't think my wife could trust her voice because her response was a slow hesitant shake of her head in the negative, Rahul smiled at her response. Then he sank his fingers into her pussy while his mouth went back to her nipple, I watched him finger fuck her slowly until once again Poroma was right on the point of coming. With a grin Rahul sat up, leant over, kissed my wife then slid off the couch to kneel between her open legs. Poroma was breathing hard and heavy as Rahul leant forward to plant a kiss on her pussy while his hands slid up her body to her boobs. A glance told me that another minute had passed, there was only five minutes remaining and once again I felt a faint hope that my wife might hold out. My wife groaning drew my eyes back to what was happening Rahul was gently blowing on her pussy, his warm breath exciting her, but still not making her climax. Sitting up Rahul reached up to pull Poroma 's face down to his and their lips locked in a
kiss of pure passion, his body was pressed to her pussy as they kissed and I could see my wife making little humping motions against him. Laughing Rahul parted their lips and leant back. "Oh no," he grinned down at her while teasing her nipples, "you don't get to cum that easy. Not until you say the magic words. Will you say them?" Poroma bit her lips and shook her head 'no', but her motion was even
more hesitant than before and my faint hope faded once more. "We'll see." Rahul grinned as he lowered his head. He ran his tongue all the way along Poroma 's slit in a slow, tantalizing motion and she groaned in pleasure, her lower body pushing up to try and get her pussy tight to Rahul's mouth. For a moment he let her push her pussy against his mouth then he moved back so that just the tip of his tongue was touching her flesh. Rahul's hands were busy teasing, tugging and twisting at Poroma 's nipples while he tormented her with his tongue. With almost a feather-light touch Rahul circled his tongue around Poroma's clitoris then passed it over her sensitive bud. "OHHHHHHH... .. GGGGGGODDDDDDD. ....!" Poroma groaned out at this. Other than a brief 'no' these were the first words Poroma had spoken
since they had started and I knew it was a sign that her resistance was fast crumbling. As did Rahul, once again he circled her clit with his tongue then licked at it a little more firmly which made my wife
groan out again. Her whole body seemed to be trembling as she hovered on the very edge of an orgasm, an orgasm Rahul was denying her with consummate skill. My eyes flickered to the stopwatch then back to the action on the couch as my mind tried to understand how a mere minute could have felt like five times that long. "Mmmm, no, no." Poroma started to intone through her groans of frustrated pleasure as Rahul teased her clit with his tongue. There was less than four minutes remaining now and Rahul was playing
my wife like a musical instrument, a touch here, a stroke there, a lick or a suck and his actions were driving her crazy. So crazy that she was squirming and writhing to his every touch, desperate to climax
but being denied that release by Rahul's careful movements. Even when he let his tongue push into her oozing hole he did it so slowly that it merely added to the sensations flooding over Poroma without pushing her over the edge into climax. Leaning back Rahul let a brief moment pass so that Poroma would edge down the slope of pleasure she was on then slid a hand down to her pussy. Sliding two fingers into her Rahul began to finger fuck Poroma with slow, gentle thrusts that pushed her
right to the very edge and each time she trembled on the verge of cumming he would stop moving.
"Say it." Rahul whispered to my wife. Her negative response was barely a single jerk of her head and as she made this response I looked at the stopwatch, there was only two minutes left to go, but could Poroma emulate the character in the story and hold out. Rahul had masterfully kept my wife on the very edge of climaxing for almost five full minutes and I felt sure that Poroma would have to crack soon. As I watched Rahul leant forward again to use his tongue on Poroma 's pussy once again part of me was willing her to hold on, to suffer the exquisite torture and deny Rahul his victory, but at the same time part of me was willing her to crack and say the words 'fuck me'. Mixed thoughts churned around in my head as I watched Rahul playing with my wife's body; watched the effect his caresses were having on her and listened to her ever louder cries of passion. Time seemed to be standing still as my eyes flickered between the scene on the couch and the stopwatch Sutapa was holding, there were ninety seconds left when Poroma gave a low, guttural cry of sheer frustrated desire. Rahul knelt up, his fingers taking the place of his tongue at Poroma 's pussy, looking into her glazed eyes he smiled, finger fucked her firmly for a few moments then held his fingers still as Poroma responded with a muttered comment none of us could make out. "What was that?" Rahul asked softly. I glance at the stopwatch, there was a scant minute left to go, my eyes went back to my wife's face which was a picture of ecstatic torment.
"What did you say Poroma?" Rahul asked again. The breath froze in my chest as I waited in dread and excitement for my wife to reply to Rahul, my eyes flickered to the stopwatch to see forty seconds left then back to the tableaux of Rahul and my wife. Rahul moved his fingers in Poroma 's pussy once, twice then a third time and my wife cried out. "Fffffuck me!" she gasped out in a low, trembling voice.
"Louder, so we can all hear you." Rahul chuckled at Poroma. "FUCK ME YOU ARSEHOLE FUCK ME!" Poroma cried out loudly. Rahul own and I lost. Whatever else he was Rahul certainly knew how to keep a woman from cumming, every time Poroma showed signs of going over the edge he would pause in his motions and wait for her to calm a little, then he would press on. That was his main tactics.
I thought, that was the end of the story. (END OF PART 2)

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Poroma went to toilet while everyone was silently congratulating Rahul. Everyone was laughing and discussing about the matter. After few more minutes the party started again and everything seems to be normal. Suddenly I found Rahul was saying something to Sutapa and Sutapa said “ok ok I am arranging” and went to upstairs where there bedroom was. I was thinking about what Rahul was asking to her. More than 15 minutes passed by and Poroma was not coming out from the bathroom. So I went to the bathroom to check for her but bathroom was empty. I was puzzled….where is she. Suddenly I found that there was another staircase after the bathroom for going to the 1st floor of the house. After reaching the 1st floor I started to find her. There ware total 4 rooms in the 1st floor and I found her In the last room. Well…..she was inside the room with Rahul. The door was closed but the window was slightly open. By the time I reached behind the window to see what was going on inside, Rahul already had buried his cock in her to the hilt. Poroma was threshing her head and literally crying out for release. I understood Rahul is literally taking her trophy and Sutapa went to upstairs for arranging her bedrooms for them. For one moment I thought I will break door of the room, step inside and kick that bustard Rahul in his ass, and put a stop to those events, but a hand on my arm stopped me before I could take the first step. It was Sutopa. “Poroma went into this with her eyes wide open Ranjeet,” She said softly as I looked at her restraining hand then at her face, “she won’t thank you for showing her up by breaking things up.” “Christ Sutapa ,” I gaped at her, “I can’t just stand by and let her be used like some little fuck toy.” “Of course you can,” Sutapa half smiled, “and you will. Look, Rahul is a bastard, but he won’t hurt her, not much anyway.” “Come on Sutapa ,” I protested, “what if it was you there, how do you think Dilip would react?” “He reacted the same way you will. Why don’t you calm down and just enjoy what is happening.” Sutapa said softly. “You …?” I spluttered in surprise. “Yes, me.” Sutapa grinned. “Rahul pulled the same trick on me also, only I didn’t last half as long as Poroma. Ranjeet, believe me, it made sex between Dilip and me much better. It’s only an hour Ranjeet, and an hour you will relish in the future.” “For god shake Sutapa he is fucking my own wife who is the mother our children” I said looking to her face. It is just a fuck Ranjeet. Think of it like a shake hand. Two unknown people is trying to join there sexual organ together to know each other better. There body is connected to get some pleasure only nothing more. Rahul is not marrying your wife or taking her away from your children. Let them have some fun together. Don’t you understand Rahul is like a sex god. Poroma is finding that there are men who can fuck her better than you. Her love for you or the responsibility towards your children will not be decreased by this incident. I knew there is a possibility that this incident may not end here and Rahul may screw her again and again. You have to take it sportingly. Now don’t disturb them and enjoy. After giving me some more lecture she got back to downstairs. “You know,” Rahul commented as he held his cock still inside my wife, “an hour seems hardly enough to really appreciate a bitch like you.” I could not believe my ears, the man was openly angling to increase the time he had with my wife from an hour to God alone knew how long, nor could I believe that I was going to let him do it. Although this had hit me instantly I was not sure that Poroma was really aware of what Rahul was saying, her whole attention seemed desperately focused on achieving a climax. When Poroma gave no response to his comment Rahul slid his cock in her pussy slowly until it was all but out of her pussy, Poroma writhed and struggled in an effort to get his cock back into her, but with no success. With a little sob of frustration Poroma lay still and looked up at Rahul , her eyes pleading with him to finish her off, grinning down at the now subservient woman beneath him Rahul slid his cock all the way back into her yearning depths. “What do you say Poroma,” Rahul spoke softy as his groin pressed to hers, “should we make it longer than an hour?” “Yes, anything,” Poroma sobbed softly, “only please fuck me properly!” “Oh I will, I will. You will be well fucked by the time I’m finished with you.” Rahul laughed. “But first let’s talk time. Perhaps we ought to make it 2 hours.” Poroma nodded a wild yes, her lower lip caught in between her teeth as she struggled to climax. “I didn’t hear you.” Rahul said. “Yes, two hours, yes.” Poroma half gasped and half sobbed. “Hmmm, well I’m not sure,” Rahul mused while making a slow withdrawal of his cock, “can I do everything I want in two hours? I don’t think so. Let’s make it three shall we?” “Yes, anything, only please fuck me!” Poroma pleaded with him. “Anything?” Rahul grinned while pushing his cock slowly back into Poroma’s yearning pussy. “In that case how about this. The time is almost twelve thirty; you do whatever I want until seven in the morning, that’s a little over six hours. Still not enough in my view, but I don’t think you could stand any longer. So Poroma, what do you say, will you be my wife until seven?” I held my breath as I waited for my wife to answer, though deep down I already knew what she would say. “Yes!” she wailed and I let the air sigh from my chest. “Yes what?”Rahul asked firmly. “What you said,” Poroma gasped out, “I’ll do whatever you want until seven in the morning.” “That’s like a good girl.” Rahul crowed. “And now for your reward.” With that Rahul began to fuck Poroma in earnest, his cock started sliding in and out slowly, but in a few heartbeats he had picked up the pace and that was all it took to make Poroma climax. Climax was too mild an expression for what hit Poroma as all the pent up excitement crashed over her, it started with a shudder that became violent jerks of her body, at the same time she was almost screaming out the bliss she was feeling. This orgasmic explosion just seemed to go on and on, throughout all this Rahul continued fucking her with hard, heavy strokes that just seemed to make her ecstasy increase even more. Rahul was clearly enjoying the sensation of fucking my wife and seemed to be doing everything he could to draw out that pleasure, but despite himself his thrusts became ever harder and faster until their bodies were virtually crashing together. With a groan Rahul pushed hard into my wife and I watched his buttocks clenching as he came deep inside her, by this time Poroma’s movements had become weak and almost listless but when Rahul ’s seed filled her she gave a yelping cry then shook violently again.

“Oh am I going to enjoy this.” Rahul puffed as he leant back on his heels, his cock slithering wetly from Poroma’s pussy. My wife’s pussy was oozing sperm. Rahul took some liquid from there and spread over her face. Now his thick sperm coated in her lips and chin, and some even glistened on her throat and boobs. Panting and shivering in post orgasmic pleasure Poroma lay on the bed taking Rahul in her top. After laying 10 minutes over there, Rahul , once again sporting an erection, stood over Poroma, he seemed pleased at the well used look she wore and as she looked up at him questioningly. He gave a little laugh. “You’re not done yet my darling.” Rahul spoke meaningfully. “There’s one hole that hasn’t been used yet.” Poroma’s eyes widened as she realized which hole he was referring to, but though we didn’t do it more than 4-5 times in our entire married life my wife was not an anal virgin. As the realisation reached her eyes Rahul grinned even more and nodded down at her as though confirming her thought. “Assume the position like a good little bitch.” Rahul chuckled. Poroma sighed then moved onto her hands and knees, her bum facing Rahul as she looked over her shoulder awaiting his pleasure. “Damn you’ve got your wife well trained Ranjeet.” Rahul laughed as he moved closer to my wife. He stuck his cock in her pussy to gather the juices there then withdrew it, a moment later Rahul was pressing his cock to Poroma’s small puckered anus. As he applied pressure Poroma hung her head between her shoulders and gave a small groan of pain, then she yelped and I saw Rahul ’s cock surging all the way into her back passage. There was nothing gentle about the way Rahul fucked her arse, his thrusts were fast and almost drove her to the floor with their power. Despite this Poroma managed to hold her position and, to my surprise, was soon moaning in pleasure which made Rahul laugh then thrust even harder. “You like it hard don’t you my little bitch.” Rahul commented breathlessly. “Yes.” Poroma gasped back even though his words had not been a question. “I bet you never let your husband fuck you hard and mercilessly.” Rahul grunted as he picked up the pace even more. “No.” My wife responded breathlessly. I blushed at her reply, even though it was true that I had always treated her lovingly her admission was humiliating and Rahul ’s response even more so. “Well you sure love having a real man fucking you,” He laughed. “it takes a real man to handle a woman like you. Perhaps we’ll get together again after this just to keep you satisfied.” Thankfully Poroma made no response, but that may have been simply because she was too busy climaxing to talk. While I thought about his comment that they get together again Rahul began to groan, moments later his cock was thrust deep inside Poroma as he filled her bowels with his cum. For a few moments after cumming Poroma remained still, clearly savouring the sensations of my wife’s arse around his cock, then, after a few idle thrust “Okay,” he sighed moving away from Poroma. I understood they may get out right now. So I came out from the window and entered another room. I hard Rahul saying “let’s go get cleaned up.” I wasn’t too happy to see Poroma and Rahul leaving the room together, but I had little choice in the matter. A few minutes later Rahul returned without Poroma, grabbing his discarded clothing he quickly dressed then headed to the telephone. I again went behind the window. I made an attempt to hear his phone conversation. Although I couldn’t make it all out I got enough to realize that Rahul was making arrangements for a two day trip near a seaside area, But I couldn’t make out the location. As he finished his call I found some one is coming so I again took shelter in the next room. Oh my god….it was Poroma, still naked, reappeared. Seeing Poroma Rahul grinned and instructed her to put on her dress. Puzzled Poroma did as instructed then stood there waiting for whatever was to come next and when Rahul spoke I felt my face go white. “Okay my baby,” Rahul grinned, “We’re going for a little ride to my apartment, we will spend the night over there and tomorrow we are going to a seaside for a two day trip.” I came down to the ground floor of the house where the party was going on. After few minutes I found they ware coming down together. They came and went outside without saying me or anyone anything. I was so surprised that I could not stop them. When I herd the sound of Rahul’s car I realized that they were really going.
I could not understand what was going. I returned back to my home.I have tried to call her in her mobile. But her mobile was switched off. But I got one sms in my mobile where she said “going for a trip with Rahul……… I will explain to you everything when I will return. (END OF PART 3)

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That was a Sunday evening when Rahul ’s car stopped outside the house, a tired and disheveled Paromita got out and as the car moved away she turned to face the house. Moving away from the window I waited for my wife to come in. “Ranjeet!” Paroma gasped in surprise as she saw me waiting for her in the middle of the living room. “Have a good time?” I asked cruelly. “Do you want to start a fight right now………look I am very tired as well as hungry. I need to take a shower also. I will discuss about it later” She answered. After the dinner I was waiting for her in my bedroom. She sat in the bed quietly and then asked “are you angry”? I said “yes”. “Why” She asked again. I said because my wife fucked the man I hated most. She suddenly became very angry and said “Rangeet you were there in the party all the time. You saw how I got stuck in the situation. Rahul tricked me and you know I have tried my best to resist him. I lost because he is not an ordinary man……. he is like a sex god. He can seduce and take any woman in his bed. I was completely taken by his charm. I was doing what he wanted me to do.” “But you went for a 2 day trip with him without giving me any information…how could you do that” I told her loudly. “Yes I did but……..don’t you understand I was acting like his slave that day”. “So what is your plan now” I asked her quietly. Look Rangeet I am requesting you to take the matter sportingly. You know how much I love you and care for you. Give me some time to recover from the effect of his charm, I am promising you that you will get full control of your wife very soon”. “You mean it is not over yet. You are going to meet him again” I asked my wife being completely surprised. “Look Rangeet our affair has just started…….It is not possible for me to stop seeing him right now.” “So you will again let him fuck you” I asked her looking it to her eyes. “Yes …….I will definitely get screwed by him many more times in your absence. But don’t loose faith. I love my husband and my children. I will be completely yours very soon. Please give your wife few more months dear.” I was stunned and I could not answer. “We are just fucking each other and having fun……..there is no love or any kind of bond between us other than sex…….I promise you, the attraction I am feeling about him will not last long” She confirmed me again. I was completely helpless. I could not do anything other than allowing my wife to fuck him. I knew that in my absence Rahul was coming in my house and regularly fucking her in my bed. But she did stop seeing him. It took eight months and I got complete control of her just like she said. I was very happy getting my wife back. But in those eight months our sex life was improved tremendously, just like Sutapa said. Every time I imagined that my wife getting screwed by Rahul in my absence and my wife screaming in pleasure, I became very very horny and we had wild sex. One year passed by. One day she went to the supermarket to buy some garments. When she returned I found that she was very very excited as well as horny. That night when I asked her about that she said she met someone in the supermarket. That guy was very very sexy and he took her in a nearby coffee shop. Later he dropped her in front of our house in his car. He also took her mob no. She asked me “if you give permission then I can go ahead”. I asked her “what is in your mind”. She came to me and hugged me tightly and taking her mouth in my ear she said in a husky voice “mera mon me sirf eak hi bat hai” I asked again “what” she answered “ohi ….heaven in10 minutes

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The white wife lay beneath the black stranger in his bed. Her legs were spread wide and her hands gripped his muscular arms. The black stranger's cock was beginning to push ever so slowly into her married pussy. The guilt she felt in the betrayal of her husband of twenty-four years was easily pushed aside by the compelling need to feel the large black cock inside her body. The mother of two had married her childhood sweetheart at the age of eighteen and had never experienced a cock other than the 4" cock of her husband. At least until now...

By all means this was not new territory for the large black man. He routinely had several white wives that he could depend on for servicing his sexual needs on demand. He would meet them at the local mega mart and seduce them over a period several weeks. The large black man knew that once he let the prospective white wife lover know when he would be back next, they would almost always show up. Like this wife, he especially like the ones that were somewhat shy and most likely hadn't taken a cock other than their husbands. This was simply a try-out of sorts where he was concerned. As he pushed his cock to the halfway point in the married woman's pussy he was evaluating the married woman's tightness, her scent, and her willingness to receive him, among other things.

The white wife gasped as the black stranger's cock pushed the rest of the way into her vagina and came into contact with her cervix. Her husband, who was at home with the children as another man's bare cock became fully buried in his wife's pussy, had clearly never reached this area of his wife's womb. "Oh my god" she whispered.

The black stranger began working his magnificent tool in and out of the white wife's pussy. The white wife was moaning constantly. She began to visualize the cock that was giving her such pleasure. It was then that the white wife realized that the strange cock pounding against her cervix was completely bare. "Oh no" she managed to verbalize in between moans. The white husband always placed a condom over his 4" cock before entering his wife. The black stranger ignored the married woman and increased the speed of his thrusting, causing the white wife to forget about the possibility of insemination.

The black stranger was nearing orgasm. It had only been a few minutes, but he had not had sex for a few days, so his strong cock and large balls were filled to the point of bursting with baby-making seed. The large black man was now pounding the cervix of the white wife over and over again with the head of his cock. Only for a brief second did the white wife come to her senses. "Pull out" she managed to request in between one of lover's thrusts, but it was too late. The black stranger slammed his cock fully inside the white wife one last time and held it against her cervix has he shot his sperm over and over again into her body. The warmth of the sperm and the feel of his cock caused something within her that had never happened before. She began having a cock-induced orgasm. The white wife wrapped her legs around the waist of the black stranger and pulled him in tighter as the black man's semen continued its assault on her womb. The white husband was only able to give his wife an orgasm with his tongue, but it had been eight years since he last ate his wife's pussy, so she wanted this moment to go on forever.

The white wife expected the black stranger to remove his cock immediately following their copulation. The white husband always removed his condom-clad cock immediately in order that the condom wouldn't slip off his tiny cock inside his wife. The black stranger had other ideas. He began kissing the white wife as he lay upon her. She was taken back at first, but quickly began enjoying the feel of the black man's tongue probing her mouth. The large black cock inside her had softened but was still far too large to slip out of her now soaked vagina. As they kissed in the afterglow of their first sexual experience together the black stranger began sliding his soft cock back and forth within the pussy of the white wife.

The white wife had been so mesmerized by the black stranger's tongue probing her mouth that she hadn't realized his cock beginning to regain its strength until once again the enormous black cock made contact with her cervix. Her soft pale legs instinctively wrapped themselves again around the large black torso of the stranger. The white husband, who had been told by the white wife that she would be working late, had tired of waiting and now was in bed by himself. As the white wife prepared again to receive the black stranger's seed, the white husband took the opportunity of his wife being away to begin masturbating his tiny cock.

The white wife had gained much more confidence. The low moans from the first coupling were now replaced with shouts of "FUCK ME HARDER" and "OH GOD THIS FEELS SO GOOD". The black stranger would not deviate from the missionary position during this evening. He knew that the married woman would not be accustomed to taking a cock a her mouth and he knew that her virgin asshole would have to wait until later meetings. The black man liked the way this married pussy felt around his cock. He liked the way the white wife returned his kisses with passion. He wanted to eventually taste her sweet pussy, so for now would simply work at pleasuring the white wife as best he could in the missionary position, which he know would be most familiar to her.

The second coupling of the white wife and the black stranger would be a much longer and more satisfying coupling than the first. The black man was again thrusting his thick hard cock against the white wife's cervix over and over again as they lay joined in the black man's bed. Meanwhile the white husband lay naked at home in the marital bed with his tiny 4" cock pointed upwards as he stroked it with his all to familiar hand. The white wife's pussy was overflowing with her juices and the thinning seed of her black lover's first orgasm. The white husband's cock was slick with his own pre-cum and saliva.

The black stranger had been fucking the white wife for over a half hour now. The huge black balls again were filled with the seed that would soon be searching for the white wife's eggs. The black man felt the rising urge deep within himself. The white husband, at home, was fighting to maintain his 4" erection without success. The white husband's cock had deflated and while now soft began simply oozing his cum onto his belly. In another house, on the other side of town, fate happened that the black stranger's cock at the same time began shooting its seed full force into the white wife's womb. "OH GOD, CUM INSIDE ME!" the white wife screamed. She followed with "OH YES, FUCK YES" as she felt spurt after spurt of the black stranger's hot sperm invading her body once again.

Eventually on both sides of town it was all over. The white husband lay on his back with a small pool of his useless sperm on his belly. As he dipped his finger into the pool and brought it to his own mouth to savor the taste of his own juices, on the other side of town his wife reached down between her legs and brought the combined juices of herself and her black lover to her lips as the black stranger finally withdrew his cock. The white husband scooped up the small pool of cum with his hand and poured it into his own mouth. He hurriedly them jumped up and put his pajamas back on fearing that his wife would return and catch him in his depravity.

Later that night when the white wife returned home to her white husband following her tryst with the large black stranger, nature would take its course. The white husband did not recognize the scent of the white woman's infidelity with the black stranger, but his body subconsciously did. As they joined each other in bed, the white husband inexplicably began kissing his wife. It had been years since they had sex on a weeknight, but the pheromones present with the wife as a result of the coupling between her and her black lover were drawing in the unsuspecting white husband. His mouth tasted the mixture of his wife's sweet saliva mixed with that of the black stranger. His cock began to stir.

The white wife didn't worry about the white husband finding her black lover's sperm inside her because he hadn't eaten the her pussy in years. They didn't realize the power of nature. The white husband sat up and removed the white wife's nightgown. Instead of putting on a condom however, the white husband laid back down halfway up his wife's body and began kissing her tits. Slowly the white husband lowered his kissing down her abdomen until he reached her trimmed bush.

The white wife was now terrified, but was afraid if she denied her husband that he would be suspicious. The white husband slid further down and forced his wife's thighs apart. The scent released between her legs intoxicated him. The white husband moved forward and extended his tongue between the white wife's pussy lips that had been stretched apart by her black lover less than one hour ago. The white husband pushed his mouth up against the white wife's pussy and began to lick and suck with all his might. The white husband was eating the black stranger's sperm, but because it had been eight years since he last ate his wife, the white husband failed to recognize that he was eating another man's cum.

Now relaxed, the white wife began enjoying the workings of the white husband's tongue on her clit. The white wife recalled the feeling of the black stranger's cock within her. The white husband regained his 4" erection and was rubbing it against the sheets as he unknowingly swallowed mouthful after mouthful of cum that his wife had received from the large black cock. The white wife began to feel yet another impending orgasm. Her black lover had already caused her to orgasm five times earlier. The white wife was thrusting her pussy up and down against her husband's mouth. Her excitement was causing the white husband's small cock to begin to twitch. Together they came. The white wife, dreaming of her black lover's cock and orgasming again while her husband's worthless cock squirted its useless seed onto the sheets beneath him.

This scene would be played out over and over again during future evenings. The white husband would forever be oblivious to the fact that a large black stranger was giving his bride her much needed sexual fulfillment. The white wife would secretly seek out her doctor for the morning after pill as well as birth control pills for her future sexual activities, but would continue to make the white husband to use condoms for their rare sexual activity. The large black man had become a part of yet another couple's marriage. This leaves only one question. Is this your wife?
(The End)

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My name is Rohan and I am from India. I am happily married with my wife for last ten years. We have two beautiful children. We live in a Mumbai suburb. I work for a big engineering company. My bhaia and Bhabi live in Nasik, a place not far away from Mumbai.

I had a great time when I used to live in Nasik as a kid and then as a young man. Both my parents were dead in a motor accident when I was just 16. My Bhaia and Bhabi were very loving and caring and they look after me. My Bhaia used to work for a small company as a clerk. He is retired now and my Bhabi was always a housewife. She is a very good lady and I always was very close to her. My Bhabi was married to my Bhaia when she was only nineteen and my Bhaia was then twenty nine. I was born when my Bhabi was twenty.

My Bhaia was not health conscious his food habits were not good and he used to drink on a regular basis. But my Bhabi always avoided oily food and the daily chores kept her fit. I was a happy go lucky guy. I was good in studies and also on the play ground. Much of my time was devoted towards cricket and cycling.

As I grew up I often used to fantasize about making love to my Bhabi. She was the only woman in my life who was present all the time around me. I did have a huge crush on a girl who was my classmate. Her name was Anuradha, I could never propose to her till I left the school. But she was friendly to me and we used to talk and exchange notes sometime. I did not see her for a long time after she left the school.

I passed my secondary school (SSC) and opted science for higher secondary school. I was determined to become an engineer.

Everything went on as normal till I was in my third year of engineering I was 20 and my Bhaia was 50. My Bhaia suffered a stroke and was paralyzed. He was in the hospital for a week. Fortunately because of his relatively young age he regained some control over his limbs. His right side of the body was affected. He could no longer use his right hand and walked with some difficulty. He would (and still) limp and drag his right foot while walking. His speech is slurred. But otherwise he is ok. I spent a year massaging his legs, hands and back to stimulate the muscles and encourage the recovery. But despite of best of my efforts and extensive physiotherapy he could not recover completely. But anyway he doesn't have any other problems as he has given up drinking and eating oily food. He also goes for a walk everyday to keep fit.

This story is of those turbulent days when my Bhaia was brought home from the hospital.

Back To Home

I opened the door of the taxi to help my Bhaia move out of it. I pulled him out and supported him while walking towards the door of our house. Bhabi was walking next to him. I helped him get into his bed so that he could rest.

"That's it Bhaia. You rest till evening then I will give you a massage."

My Bhaia did not say anything he was too shocked because of what had happened to him.

He was about to cry.

"Don't worry Bhaia you will be alright."

I put up a brave face but I was also worried. There was always a danger of another stroke. I walked out of the bedroom and signaled my Bhabi to follow me. We went in our living room.

"Look Bhabi this is a serious situation and we must do our best to help him come out of this."

"I know Rohan."

"Follow the strict diet which doctor has prescribed and try to keep him happy."

"Ok" She said in a low voice.

The emotional trauma had drained our energy.

A few weeks after my Bhaia started some physiotherapy and I continued to massage him daily. There was some improvement in his leg but not in his right hand. This continued for months. My Bhaia took a retirement as he could no longer perform his duties. He was now getting some pension which was not enough for us to survive. This was because he did not complete his full service period. We were surviving because of some savings which my Bhaia had. Now I was totally devoted to my Bhaia and Bhabi. I had to help my Bhaia do household work, go to market for grocery, vegetables shopping etc. I also helped my Bhabi for cooking and cleaning.

My life was totally changed. I was cut off from my friends. I mostly stayed indoors after attending my collage. My Bhabi knew this and she felt very sorry for me.

One day my Bhabi asked me

"Rohan why don't you go and play cricket with your friends?"

"I can't do that Bhabi"

"Why not? Your Bhaia is now ok you can go out now."

"But I want to stay with you Bhabi, who knows when I am needed here"

"That's true but the playground is not far away from our home. I can call you if we need your help Rohan."

"No Bhabi I don't want to get into it."

"Oh Rohan you are such a good boy. Now everything is on your shoulders."

"It's ok Bhabi I will take care of everything."

My Bhabi looked in my eyes proudly.

As months passed my Bhaia's bank account was almost exhausted and we were now feeling the pinch. We had to ration everything, food, water, electricity everything. I realized this rationing is not going to help us for long. I decided to do some part time job. Luckily the owner of the company where my Bhaia worked offered me a part time job as a token of gratitude towards my Bhaia's service. I used to work five hours everyday between 7 pm to 12 am. He gave me a job of keeping records of the goods transported from the warehouse during that period.

It was very difficult for me. I was attending collage, doing home work, doing a part time job and also attending my Bhaia everyday. Those were the most painful days in my life. I often used to come home very tired and sleep as soon as I lay in my bed. During this period I went even closer to my Bhabi. She was so proud of me and would often kiss my forehead. She would often come in my bedroom in the morning and move her fingers through my hair to wake me up. Sometimes I would even get a kiss on my cheek in the morning.

I passed my engineering and got a job as an apprentice in a company. This company produces spare parts for automobiles. I was appointed as a trainee supervisor on the shop floor. The salary was not very good but now I was much relaxed as I need not study anymore. I was more interested in doing a job in Mumbai. But I decided to get some experience before moving to Mumbai.

Now I had more time for myself. I again started to have fantasies of making love to my Bhabi. Sometimes I used to feel guilty but those fantasies would come again and again.

My Bhabi was really beautiful. She was strongly built with broad shoulders. Her black eyes and dense black hair were really defying her age. Her breasts were quite big and the roundness of her bottom made her look more desirable.

As years went by my sexual frustration also increased. I was now twenty four and still virgin. My Bhaia and Bhabi did not talk about my marriage because they were worried if I moved out they will be left to fend themselves.

I am disciplined

One Saturday my Bhaia had gone out for a walk. I was sitting in the living room watching morning news. My Bhabi came with two cups of tea and offered me one and sat besides me sipping her own cup. I always felt good when she sat beside me like this. On the news channel they were showing some murder case because of some sexual reasons.

"This guy should be hanged" said my Bhabi.

"That's not fair Bhabi. He is just a suspect, not yet guilty"

"I know I know but he must be the one"

"Bhabi but he could have also done this because of some frustration"

One thing led to another and our discussion went on and on and finally it took a dramatic turn when I asked her

"Bhabi can I ask you one thing?"

"Anything dear, go on"

"Bhabi it is very personal"

"Ok no problem ask me"

"Bhabi how is Bhaia?"

"What is so personal in this? You know he is good now"

"Not that" I said.

"Then what?" she asked

"I mean how is he in ... in the bed?" I chew my tongue as I asked her.

She did not reply and seemed crestfallen.

"Bhabi don't misunderstand me Bhabi."

She looked at me confused what her dewar wants to know.

"I just want to know if Bhaia can perform after his stroke that's all Bhabi, and I am sorry if I have offended you."

Her tension eased as she realized what my concern was.

"Its nothing Rohan"

"Means?" I asked

"I don't know how to talk about it with you."

"Its ok Bhabi I am sorry."

"No Rohan why you should be sorry? You are grown up and as like my son you have the right to ask. But I don't know what to tell you. I always wanted to talk about this with someone." Her vice cracked.

"Tell me Bhabi may be you will feel relieved." I said.

"Rohan your Bhaia can not do anything after the stroke"

"Oh no Bhabi."

"Yes Rohan , few months after his stroke I tried, but could not get him going. He can not get "it" up."

"So how do you.. I mean uh I mean" I wanted to ask her how she satisfies herself.

"When it becomes unbearable I do it myself." she knew what I wanted to ask.

I was getting turned on by all this talk.

"It must be very hard on you Bhabi. It has been four years now."

"Yeah but what can be done" she finished her tea and kept the cup on the table.

"Bhabi it has been four years for you, but for me it has been ages"

I was turned on by the nature of talk between us. I kept my cup on the table and moved near her and put my arms around her. I pulled her towards me and I tried to kiss her lips. She immediately got up pushing me away.

"What you are doing Rohan?" She was furious.

"I just.."

She slapped on my cheek. She had never slapped me that hard ever before.

"Bhabi I just"

"Shut up Rohan. I always thought I don’t have children….. so what…. you are like my son. I talked about your Bhaia's disability and my frustration because there is nobody with whom I can talk on this issue."

"I am sorry Bhabi, please forgive me." I hung my face in shame and walked towards my bedroom.

I was devastated by the insult and shame. I did not go out of the room as I did not have courage to face my Bhabi again. I did not even go out to have lunch. My Bhaia asked me to come out for lunch but I told him that I was not hungry he did not ask me again and left. I was praying that Bhabi should not tell anything to my Bhaia.

In the evening my Bhaia went out for a walk. My Bhabi came in my room. I was lying head down on the bed. She came and sat on the edge of the bed and moved her hand over my back.

"Get up Rohan. You must be hungry. I have brought some thing for you to eat"

"I am not hungry" I said keeping my head down. I had no courage to look at her.

"Don't be silly. Forget what happened and get up now," she said affectionately.

She was moving her hand over my back and that touch was very assuring. Eventually I mustered enough courage and turned around. I was still avoiding an eye contact with her.

"Forget everything Rohan. Have this"

She offered me a cup of tea and a piece of cake. I took the cake and finished it in a flash as I was too hungry. My Bhabi laughed.

"See I told you. You are hungry you can't hide anything from me. Wait I will bring some more cake for you," she said and went into the kitchen.

She came back with a few more pieces of cake. She was now smiling. This gave me enough encouragement to finally face her. I looked in her eyes.

"Bhabi I.."

"Shhhhh" she kept her finger on my lips.

"Its ok Rohan. Actually I am feeling sorry that I slapped you. You are now grown up"

"I am sorry Bhabi. You are so beautiful you always turn me on"

On hearing this she blushed.

"Rohan don't talk like that."

"Bhabi just as you I am also frustrated. What happened today was because of this frustration. I will not let it happen again Bhabi. may be it's time to look for a bride for me. I wish I have a wife like you"

She looked at me. I saw she looked worried.

"Ok have these," she gave the cake to me.

"Rohan I am sorry dear I slapped you."

"No Bhabi it is your right. But please don't tell Bhaia"

"Off course I won't let him know anything." She assured me.

"Ok dear we will talk later on this."

She smiled and turned around to leave the room. I could not but watch her beautiful bottom sway as she moved out. I was aching to make love to her but the taboo of incest was coming in the way. I brushed off the thoughts and moved my attention towards the cake. I was much relieved now and after eating I moved in the living room to watch TV.

That night I had dinner with my Bhaia and Bhabi and retired to my bedroom early.

And it happened

I was not able to sleep because of the events accrued during the day. I was also thinking of ways to seduce my beloved Bhabi. But slowly I drifted towards sleep. I woke up when I heard the noise at my door. Somebody was trying to open it. I got up from my bed and walked towards the door and stood there a few feet away. Finally the door opened and my Bhabi walked in!

"Ugghh" she kept her palm over her mouth as she saw me standing there. She was stunned.

She then moved inside and pushed the door and without turning around slid the latch to lock it from inside. My heart began to pound as I could imagine what she was up to. We both were standing where we were, confused and not sure what to do. I was confused because she slapped me for my advances, but the same woman has now herself come to me. She was confused because she did not know how to react.

"Bhabi" I whispered.

"Shhh slowly your Bhaia may wake up." And she walked towards me.

I also walked towards her. We were now very close to each other face to face. Not knowing what to do, I tentatively put my hands around her waist and again dropped them down. I was totally confused. She also placed her hands over my chest and pulled them back. We were riding in the same boat. We wanted it to happen but we were not sure how to start it. Finally I gathered enough courage and placed my hands around her waist and pulled her towards me. I broke the ice and the result was very sweet because my Bhabi also put her hands around my back and hugged me tightly.

"Ohhh Rohan" she whispered.

"Bhabi I can't believe this" I whispered.

"Rohan in the evening you said I turn you on" she whispered.

"Yes Bhabi yes"

We were both moving our hands over each others back. She was rubbing her face against my chest planting small kisses. My breathing had increased and my dick was rock hard. My Bhabi was also breathing heavily. Her breasts were pressed hard against my body. I lifted her chin. It was dark and I was not able to see the expressions on her face. I slowly placed my lips on her lips and kissed her. She moaned and increased her grip around my back even further. Her soft beautiful body was pressing hard against me. It was dark and only the moonlight coming through the semi transparent windows provided some visibility. She looked towards me, her beautiful big eyes were shining in the moon light. She pulled me towards her by grabbing my hair and placed her lips on my lips and kissed me once twice thrice and then slipped her tongue inside my mouth. I had never been with a woman before and this was an attack on me which I had never expected. My Bhabi was filled with lust and she was frantically sucking my tongue. She was moaning with pleasure and rubbing her body against mine. Her soft body and her sweet smell was driving me mad. My heart was pounding and my dick was aching.

"Shhhh ahhhh Rohan I want you inside me Rohan" she whispered.

"Bhabi it's feeling so good"

"Shhh Rohan don't raise your voice your Bhaia will wake up"

"Ok" I said in a low voice and we moved towards my bed.

My Bhabi lay there on her back. I was on top of her on all my four. She was now in between my limbs.

"What if Bhaia wakes up Bhabi?" I asked.

"Don't worry he won't wake up so easily. I have given him an extra pill today. But keep your voice low." She whispered.

She was breathing heavily and her breasts were rising and falling with her each breath. I moved down and kissed her. Then I placed my face in between her breasts and started rubbing it against them. She began to moan with pleasure. She grabbed my hair and pressed my face hard against her breasts. I was now kissing her breasts frantically. I slowly moved my hands behind her back to unhook her blouse. Suddenly she pushed me away.

"Don't Rohan, don't remove it. We don't have time. It takes time to dress up again" she whispered.

She then pulled me towards her and kissed me and pulled my shorts below my waist. I quickly got rid of those along with my underwear. I pulled my T-shirt over my head and totally bared myself. She again pulled me towards her and moved her palms over my shoulders my chest and my nipples.

"Wow Rohan you are so strong" she whispered and pulled me over her. She put her arms around my back and pressed me hard against her.

"Shhhhhh aaaaahhhh Rohaaaaannnn" she moaned in a low voice.

My dick was paining now as it had gathered blood from all parts of my body. My Bhabi was holding me tight against her, moaning, twisting and turning in the bed. Suddenly she released her hands and bend her legs in the knee. She then raised her bottom and pulled her sari and petticoat above her waist.

My heart began to pound frantically as my Bhabi was now asking me to enter her. The very thought of entering her was driving me crazy. She was filled with lust and was breathing heavily. I lowered myself over her. She quickly put her arms around my back and pulled me tightly over her.

"Lagade Rohan…..do it" she whispered and spread her legs.

I wanted to remove her panty so I lay my hands over her waist trying to locate it. She was not wearing any panty.

"I have already removed it before coming here." She whispered in my ear.

So my Bhabi was determined to do this. This somewhat eased my hesitation. I placed my dick in between her legs. She quickly placed it on the entrance of her pussy by holding it in one hand and parting her pussy lips by the fingers of other hand.

"Come Rohan get inside my body" she whispered in my ear.

I slowly pushed my dick inside her moist pussy.

"Ohh maaa" I moaned with pleasure.

"Ssssss Aaaaaahhhhhh" My Bhabi moaned as I went in.

I began to move in and out of her pussy. She would raise her waist with my every forward movement. She was moaning with pleasure and I was too excited to see my Bhabi moaning with my dick inside her. We were both breathing heavily and our hearts were pounding as never before. Her pussy was now wet and soapy and yet it was giving my dick a tight and cosy embrace. Our churned love juices were flowing out of her pussy wetting my balls.

"Thora jor se Rohan……. Faster…… " she said in a hoarse voice.

I increased my rhythm. She seemed to enjoy that. I could see the pleasure on her face. Her eyes were closed and she was clasping the bed sheet in her hands.

"Aaaaahhhhhhhh Ssssssssshhhhh Aaaaaahhhhhh"she moaned.

"Ohhh maaa it feels so good Ssssshhhh Aaaaaaahhhhhhh"

I was now moving frantically between her legs. Her breasts were swaying up and down trying to get out of her blouse. My bed was cracking creating small sounds. Her glass bangles were colliding against each other creating a sound 'cling-cling-cling' All these things were advertising what we were doing. But fortunately the door was closed and the noise generated was also not too loud.

"Aaaahhhhh Rohan Sssshhhh Aaaahhhh" she spread her legs wide apart while moaning.

"Bhabi I can't hold Bhabi Sssshhhh Aaaahhhh."

"Rohaaaaan I am Coming Rohan Ssssssshhhh Aaaahhhhhh"

"Ohhh Bhabiaaaa ssssssssshhhh Agghhhhhhhhhhh"

I came shooting my semen inside her.

"Aaaiiiighhhhhhh Ssssssshhhhh Aaaaahhhhhhhhhhh" she screamed in a very low voice.

She arched her back, raised her waist forcing her pussy towards my dick. Waves after waves of ecstasy ran through our bodies. She champed her legs against my bottom pressing me deep inside her. Her pussy was pulsating and so was my dick. I was still spraying inside her pussy and her pussy was happily accepting the filling. I lay on top of her. Her eyes were closed and face clearly showed the pleasure. We were in that position for some time. After a while she opened her eyes and kissed me gently.

"Wow Rohan that was mind blowing"

"For me too Bhabi. In fact this is my first time."

"Oh dear you have to wait for this so long" she giggled.

"Bhabi you are fantastic"

"You are a good lover honey" she said.

"You too Bhabi."

"Wow Rohan after four long years I finally got what I wanted" and she kissed me. She looked satisfied and relaxed.

"I never had such an orgasm before" she said

"Bhabi this is not the first and last time?" I asked her.

"No honey I will sneak in whenever I can." She smiled

"Wow Bhabi that's great." I whispered and kissed her.

"Ok honey I should go now before your Bhaia wakes up and finds out"

"Ok Bhabi." And I pulled out of her.

She immediately went out of my bedroom and rushed towards the bathroom. I watched her beautiful bottom sway as she walked out. I was in heaven, still lying naked on the bed. My fantasy had become a reality. Till it happened I have never imagined it will happen.
(To Be Continued On Page 3)

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It was always good to go on picnics. I loved it when I got to tag along. When I was taken along it was a picnic or else it was a company outing where kids of the employees were not allowed. My father worked for this big MNC and he was in senior management. They always had these get together and company outings.
My father would take my mother and go for the outings. Whenever it was informal I would also go. It was during gone of these outings that I came to know what was really happening there. My mother was a simple house wife who adjusted well with living my fathers lifestyle of having guests over and organizing things for parties and stuff like that. She did her house chores and didn't want to spend too much time outdoors. She was sexy in a homely way, like she didn't wear anything exposing but had a good figure. She was on the fatter side with big ass and huge boobs which were always concealed in her sari. Very rarely did anyone get a glimpse of her cleavage which was really deep.
All that said I never had any sexual thoughts about her but like all adult males, I too wouldn't have missed a chance to see her naked. Up till now I had never ever got a chance. This one day we had gone on an outing with my dad's boss regional manager Mr. Sharma, territory manager Mr.Vicky Malhotra and my father's colleague Sunil and Deepak uncle. Sunil uncle’s wife Nidhi aunty was also there with us. We left for the farm out of town; this was the company farm, more like a trekking area. We reached there and I helped mom get the things out in a clearing right in the middle of the jungle. Nidhi aunty spread out the sheet and we all settled on it.
Just when we were about to sit I saw Mr. Vicky brush against Nidhi Auntie’s ass. She didn't notice it and I thought it was by mistake. Then all five men got the beers and started boozing. Mr. Sharma was very courteous and offered my mom the snacks. After a while came the big problem, there was no water and firewood; apparently someone had forgotten to get it along.
As junior guys Sunil uncle Deepak uncle and my father got up to go get the water and collect some wood. My mom said they should take me along too so that there will be help in getting the wood. I was not ready to go with them but my mom suddenly got very angry and said that’s why she don’t like to take me in these outings because I don’t obey her. I don’t understand why mom force me to go with them. So off we went, My father, Sunil uncle and Deepak uncle and me. We were all looking for wood and water from the nearby stream. Nearby still meant a one hour walk.
I really didn't want to walk so much and wasn't so enthusiastic about it so I just walked slowly and was lagging behind. Half way I had lost them, they were in their own world, talking business. I walked back taking a long route back. I came up on to the clearing from the other side and saw only Nidhi aunty and Mr. Vicky Malhotra was there. But My mom and Mr. Sharma was not there.
I was surprised, to see that Mr. Vicky was laying on the lap of Nidhi aunty and they were chatting and laughing for something. Suddenly I heard rustling sound in the nearby bush. I crept slowly sideways, not going into the clearing at all. I came up around the bush, hiding behind it, and what I saw could have killed me with a heart attack. My mom was lying on the other sheet we had got; her sari was all pulled up to her waist along with her petticoat. Her legs were spread out and her knees were pulled up giving Sharma the best position to lick her big cunt. I couldn't believe it that my demure mother was lying naked getting her cunt licked by another man than my father. Sharma was a big man but was still lost between my mother's huge thighs. I moved back till I had the view from right behind Sharma, facing my sleeping mom. Sharma had spread her engorged outer lips with his probing tongue. He licked her slit, open now, inside her inner pink cunt lips, ran his tongue all around the fleshy hole a deep red on the outside, pink on the inside. He swallowed her flowing juices, running from her pussy and wetting his face.
My mom had one hand on his head and the other one she had in her mouth to stop herself from making too much noise. She had her eyes closed and was lost to the world. Sharma pulled himself up, wiping the wetness from his face. He was on his knees when he opened my mothers blouse and pulled her up to un-strap the bra. I couldn't see her nipples till one rolled to the side.
Sharma was covering the view. I had to shift position again to get a better angle. Sharma had her nipples aroused by pinching them, the brown areola stood hard. He then started sucking them like a baby, cupping her breasts underneath, pulling them up to press against his face. He sucked and played with her breasts for at list 5 minutes. He was literally rolling in them. While licking he raised his ass a bit, put his one hand down and held his cock. He was positioning himself to enter my mom. He shuffled a bit, put his cock in her wet entrance and waited a second just to be sure he was going the right way.
With his hairy chest resting on my mom's big boobs he swiped his cock head up and down her pulsing cunt lips. He spread them slowly. Then he moved the large black head down and entered her slowly, sliding inch after inch of his dick into her moist fuck hole. He kept moving forward until he was buried all the way into her cunt, his pubic hairs smashed against hers, till his balls were resting in the crack of her fat buttock cheeks.
He started riding his cock into her, pulling it back, pumping it in, slow, long, steady strokes. Then as my mom started moaning, lifting her ass up to meet his thrusts, he fucked her faster, making loud sloppy sounds. “FLOP, FLOP, FLOP, FLOP”. I could see his cock coming out glistening with her cum and again get lost in the pink hole. Her cunt had become a tight ring around his fat cock. He rested his shoulders on her and put both his hands below her ass cheeks, gripping her ass and lifting her more to smash his groin into her. His hands were small for her big ass.
He was still fucking her vigorously when I saw Mr Vicky was now playing and molesting Nidhi auntie’s breasts under her blouse sitting in the other sheet placed on the clearings.
Meanwhile Sharma had his ass tightened he was unloading his seed into my mom. This turned me on more seeing my mom take in someone else's cum into her pussy so willingly. My balls were about to burst. I had to control, then I saw Mr. Vicky was already removing his pants on the other side. Then he came near the bush with Nidhi aunty. Time was running out for them. My mom she was adjusting her dress. Mr. Sharma also putting his pants and adjusting it in the right position. Mom was laughing and saying to Mr. Sharma that this time he fucked her longer than the previous picnic. Mr. Sharma answered that after fucking her for all these years he was getting expert to handle her properly. Then Mr. Sharma said to Mr. Vicky to come behind the bush to take the position and said they are now ready to go to the clearings. Nidhi aunty asked my mom that she had the fun or not mom answered fucking anyone other than her husband was always gives her tremendous pleasure.
Nidhi aunty laid in the same position like my mom was and removed her sari and petticoat towards her waist. She also opened her blouse and removed her breasts. Then she said “don’t waists much time sucking my milk because time is running out. You should remember that in previous picnic you could not fuck me properly because of lack of available time.” “Yes your husband almost caught us that day” Mr. Vicky replied. Then he again said “don’t worry this time I will fuck you directly without wasting any time but you have to make me one promise that you call me in your house one day and let me enjoy your milk as long as I want.” Nidhi aunty said “Ok baba Ok, my son is just one year old and I should have milk in my breasts for another one or two years. I will arrange something for you and feed you as much as you wish”. Mr Vicky did not waste any time and entered her quickly. Nidhi aunty was already wet because Mr. Vicky was fondling and playing with her boobs when my mom and Mr. Sharma were fucking behind this bush.
Mr. Vicky started humping without hesitation, thrusting his cock in to her wet pussy. Within a minute he started pounding like an animal. Nidhi Aunties boobs were bouncing in every direction. Her eyes were closed but she was moaning very loudly.
Suddenly My mom called Mr. Vicky from the clearings saying “Mr Vicky she is moaning very loudly and our husbands may come by anytime.” Mr. Vicky and Nidhi aunty ware not in a mood to listen this advice. They ware really enjoying their fucking. Nidhi aunty was now sitting on top of Mr. Vicky’s hard cock and going up and down to take his road in and out. Vicky grabbed her flabby ass cheeks, shaking up and down. He raised himself up and caught one of the big nipples which were flopping about. He licked and sucked her nipples as she fucked him harder and faster. He had to leave her ass and grab the boobs to keep them from bouncing about. Nidhi aunties belly and now ass cheeks made a big flopping sound as she humped herself on him.
then suddenly she was started cumming heavily; Mr.Vicky was also shooting his cum into her pussy. She just fell exhausted over him, breathing hard. They didn't waste much time getting up and straightening themselves, I ran in to the woods and wanked my cock , I didn't need to do much , as soon as I touched my engorged cock I was erupting. I herd mom saying to Mr. Sharma “why don’t you send my husband in a office tour and come to my home one day. You come in the afternoon when my son will be in the school and we could enjoy some hard fucking session. Mr. Sharma promised my mom that he will arrange a tour very soon to send my father for an office tour for few days. This was too much for me. I returned much later to the clearing, till then my father was back and everyone was just starting to eat. Things were back to normal. No one would know till today.(end)

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stranger_women is a pillar of our communitystranger_women is a pillar of our community
Rural women are doubtlessly hotter than the make-believe horny urban bitches. This is a true experience I encountered during one of my medical tours. My name is Mukesh Khanna. I work for a reputed multinational NGO as a doctor. My organization gives medical support to urban underdeveloped villages in India. For my organization I have to visit some of the north eastern zones of India for giving temporary medical support to the govt. health centres. I am 27 years old with a strong heavy macho physique. Most females in the city of Delhi admitted to me that I have a strong sex appeal. This way I had lots of chances to enjoy sex with numerous young sexy urban biches. Once as usual I was travelling to a place called ------ in ------ which has large coal mines. In those parts the common transport are jeeps (other than the buses i.e.). When I got off from the train I realized I had lost the address and phone numbers I needed for references to reach my destination venue. I felt completely isolated in the unfamiliar place. The guy who had been travelling with me all the way from Delhi alongwith his wife and a just-born baby offered to help me out. He said I could come to his house and stay until I could locate my destination. I accepted his offer and joined him in his jeep. I was told it was about 2 to 3 hours drive to his house. His name was Lakhan Seth and his wife was Juhiya or something like that (I couldn’t understand their pronunciations properly). Lakhan Seth and his few other male friends sat in the front seats along with his wife and kid. I sat in the back side with all the luggage and goods. There was a partition between where I sat and the others in the front. We couldn’t see each other. Lakhan Seth seemed pretty inconsiderate towards his wife because a little later I smelt a lot of smoke from bidis which the men must’ve been smoking. Juhiya didn’t seem comfortable with all that smoke while bearing a child in arm, so she was told to sit in the back seat with me. Lakhan Seth didn’t seem to even bother letting his wife sit with a stranger in the partitioned back seat. Juhiya came and sat next to me as there was no other place with loads of parcels stuffed together with me. There was very little space for the two of us, hence terribly uncomfortable. Juhiya squeezed herself in whatever little space was there between the door and me. From the brief association with her, I noticed Juhiya was a shy and dominated woman. But she had a strong passion in her big wide beautiful eyes. She kept her entire body from head to toe covered under the saree so I could only see her eyes. Yet her overall figure confirmed that she was well-shaped inside. Even in the train I had noticed she had to frequently breastfeed the baby. Each time she secretly opened her blouse and bra to feed the baby my eyes tried to get a glimpse of her tits from any possible angle. I felt myself like another baby wanting to desperately suck on her nipples. When she sat sticking close to me, it was first her buttocks that pressed deep into my hand which was placed exactly under her buttock. Neither of us could avoid the situation due to lack of space. Knowing the helplessness, she didn’t seem to mind. But the heat from her ass was burning my hand and eventually the soul, sending a powerful temptation of lust for her. My mouth was watering and whole face was sweating. Juhiya noticed that and giggled a bit and looked the other way. I felt provoked by her laughing at me. So I tried to move my hand so as to feel her ass even more. This turned her on too. But being the typical shy and fearful village woman she didn’t say or do much except for closing her eyes tightly encouraging me to do more. I squeezed her ass nicely. Just then the baby cried again for milk. She looked embarrassed wondering how to feed the baby in front of me. I simply turned my face in opposite direction to make her feel comfortable. She covered her head and whole upper portion with the saree and carefully opened the blouse buttons and also the bra. I could see a shadow figure of her bare tits thru the thin saree material against the strong outside light. I felt possessed by an evil spirit forcing my hands to pull away the saree to get a mouthful of her huge balls. But due to the child I had to control myself. Yet at the slightest jerk of the jeep I tried to brush my hands or elbows against her most sensitive parts. She was getting the message and seemed to agree in co-operating with me but at a later time. Later when we reached their house I saw that Lakhan Seth owned a reasonably big bungalow. He said he runs a transport company and own quite a few trucks therefore has to often go outstation. He tried to convince me that even if he may not be there with us his wife will see to it that I am
comfortable and fulfil all my needs. My mind had other wilder ideas about fulfilment of needs and waited eagerly to know when he had to leave for such an outstation trip and for how long would he be away. Next morning he told me he had to go to Madras and it might keep him away for nearly 15 days. Once again he gave lots of instructions to Juhiya that she should look after me very well and see to it that I am not deprived of any necessities. Saying so, he left Juhiya and me alone with the harmless kid. My mind could think of nothing other than the desire to have sex with Juhiya. I eagerly waited for any opportunity to see her in any sexy positions. My eyes were on high alert. The first day in their house, Juhiya served me a good wholesome breakfast but all the time her head and the whole body was fully kept covered under the saree. My desperation was growing to see her intimate parts. Immediately after serving me breakfast the child was crying. Juhiya ran to her baby to feed it. The child was lying in the main hall at the entrance. Their house is in a quiet isolated area so I think she was used to breastfeeding the baby even in the open room. Keeping her self covered fully in the saree was the only precaution she used to take. She didn’t know that the bright light from the doorway behind her gave me a nice shadow view of her luscious balls freed from captivity of bra and blouse. There was a stairway leading to some rooms upstairs. I quietly tiptoed to an upper level from where I could see her bare breasts more clearly. She didn’t know about it. I could hardly sleep that night. My dick was giving me too much trouble and my mouth kept imagining that it is the mouth of the baby sucking on Juhiya’s tits. The whole night I was looking out for any chance to see her somewhere in the house or to catch her doing something private. I was given a room upstairs and Juhiya’s room was downstairs. Time passed and it was 5am already. I kept looking for Juhiya. Then I saw her walking out of her room lazily stretching her body. She had not imagined I will be waiting looking out for her so early in the morning. That’s when I saw her with the saree falling off her shoulder carelessly. She was preparing to go for a bath. In the villages they usually don’t have bathrooms inside the house. It is usually located in the backyard or any other part of compound. These people had it in their backyard. It had three walls with a large bush in front instead of door and there was no roof. From my room upstairs I could see everything clearly inside the bathroom. I was peeping from my window when she looked up towards my room to see if I was there watching by any chance. I quickly hid myself. Then after a few minutes I peeped again. She seemed convinced that I may be still sleeping. Holy cow! It was the most memorable sight for me to see her slowly taking off the saree and then all the other clothes one by one. I saw her fully naked only for half a minute. After that she tied her petticoat above the boobs. I suppose that’s the traditional way for women to have bath in villages. She was pouring water all over her body and enjoying the fresh feeling. When she was applying soap she had to lift the petticoat for the insides. Those were the few other quick glimpses I got of her private areas. It was still little dark so I couldn’t see it all in much detail. But even that was hot enough to kindle the fire of desire in my body. I felt every nerve in me burning like coal from the mines. Juhiya had hardly finished her bath when the baby started to cry again. She looked angry that she can’t even have a proper bath because of the baby all the time crying. I saw her leaving everything as it was and running to her room in only the petticoat. In her room I heard her shouting and giving gaalis to the kid for being such a nuisance. To shut up the child’s crying I think she had to feed the baby again. I took opportunity of this moment. I quickly ran downstairs straight away barging into her room to ask if the baby was okay and if I could help in any way. Juhiya was shocked to see me suddenly and I was shocked to see that Juhiya had dropped down the petticoat and was sitting full naked since she didn’t expect me. We both were so shocked with the unexpected shocks. My throat ran dry. I was speechless. Since I had asked if there was any way I could help, she laughed shyly and said “What can you do? Can you feed my baby when I’m busy with something else?” I just smiled but didn’t move away from there. Instead I went closer to her and sat down on the floor. She was on her bed with legs down. I touched her legs gently and said “Now you have double responsibility. I am also thirsty for that milk. So now you have to breastfeed the baby as well as me”. She laughed again shyly. Then she held me by the arm and said “Saabji, please don’t sit down. Come, sit up on the bed”. As I sat on the bed she quickly pulled a bed sheet to cover herself. I pulled the blanket away again and threw it far off. There was nothing else nearby that she could use for covering her body. She simply made a gesture with her hand to say “Wait till the baby goes to sleep”. I was very pleased she agreed to my proposal. I was dying to get
my hands and mouth and dick to attack her body juicy body which was fresher after the bath. I was getting so desperate that I wanted to actually throw the baby out of the window. But I had now choice. It was not my baby. So I had to wait. After half an hour the baby was fast asleep. My eyes had not moved from her hardcore sex-bombshell of a body. She slowly looked to see what I was upto. I crawled on the bed and lie down putting my head in her lap. It was very warm. I kissed her navel and the whole stomach portion. There was lot of hair on her pussy like a dense forest. I brushed my fingers thru the mini jungle wet as if it had rained in the forest. They were her sexy juices, the first sign of orgasm and a green signal to take off to the seventh heaven. I helped her lie down as well and then licked up the whole frontal parts of her body. Later turned her over and did the same with the full back side. I specially enjoyed licking the ass and the cunt. Since she was already a mother of one child she also had good experience in sex. But her desperation for my dick told me that her husband did not satisfy all her sexual needs. Maybe because he was more busy earning money and not caring for her so much. She grabbed my dick violently and started madly biting on it like a bitch. It was painful for me but I didn’t want to disappoint her. With her continuous sucking on my dick suddenly there was loads of ejaculation flowing like a river. I let her drink quite a bit. The rest I poured all over her tits, stomach and pussy and spread it then licked it up myself for a long time. She opened her pussy flaps widely and begged me to quickly push in my dick which she dying for. We fucked and fucked for the next couple of hours. We practiced various styles in the following few days. After a week I remembered I had business to attend to. Juhiya had made me forget everything.
The day I had to leave she looked very sad. She requested me “why don’t you take me with you”. I told her that I like to take her with me but I don’t want your baby. She said I know how to get rid of my baby.I asked her how? She said she will give the baby to one of her close relative who is desperately looking to adopt a baby. I asked about her husband also. But she said she will manage him. I went to Delhi leaving her. After few days she send me a telegram saying that she is ready to leave. I went to the village to take her with me. She was waiting in the station. I asked her about the baby. She told me that she already given the baby to her relative and they are very very happy to get the child. And her husband also supported the idea as he was looking for a male child. I asked her how she managed her husband. She said her husband Lakhan went to Jharkhand today morning. After he was gone she wrote a letter to her husband explaining the reason why she is leaving him and requesting him not to search for her. Then she came to the station. I asked her how you know your husband will not search for you? she said she knows her husband very well. Her husband will be very happy to get rid of her. Because he can remarry again and try for a boy with his new wife. Now we are leaving happily as a husband wife and she gave birth of a beautiful boy

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