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Old 23rd October 2009
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Nice collection of erotica.

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Old 24th October 2009
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Sex with Bhabhi

My aunty with a married son, her daughter-in-law whom I used to call Ranju Bhabi was a damn sexy lady, I always dreamt of having her one day. One day I went to auntie house to see her, she was not there and had gone off to her daughters house so I decided to stay back and gossip with bhabhi, she was looking gorgeous as ever in her blue sari and sleeveless blouse after some time of chatting of here and there she went off to her kitchen to make tea for both of us..i also accompanied her and stood by the door of kitchen watching her making tea, her back was towards me as we continued our chatting. I could see her milky white waist and her anklets in her feet that made me horny..

I thought of taking a chance and placed my hands around her waist from behind and embraced her, she was taken aback by my action and screamed Bhaiya what r u doin? And started to resist, I kept embracing her and whispered her in her ears bhabhi u r so pretty and sexy that I
cant control myself anymore so plzz let me taste u, she struggled agasint me and said No bhaiya plzz leave me Now I kept my left hand on her waist and started to move my right hand over her body and placed it lightly on her left boob over her blouse.

She now shuddered and gasped slightly.now I turned her towards me and simply pressed my lips over hers, she tried to scream but my lips over her red juicy ones muffeled it now she started to pinch my shoulder and beat my chest as I kept kissing her, I sucked her lower lips and tried to part her lips but she did not part her lips so I shifhted my lips from her to her now bare shoulder and arms as her pallu was now lying on the floor exposing her blouse covered boobs. I kissed her shoulder licked her neck as my hands played with her boobs and one around her back held her close to me.now I shifted my lips on to her boobs trying to suck it thru her blouse bite her nipples above it.she screamed nooooooo..while pulling at my hairs try ing to pull my lips away from her boobs. But she seemed feeble against my lust.

i then picked her up in my arms and took her to the bed room, she tried to get off while she kicked her legs in a futile manner..as I reached her bedroom I threw her into the bed..and myself got up and with a swift movement removed my t-shirt, she tried to get up but I was too fast for her as I grabbed her by her arms and set my hot lips on her belly button sucking at it and biting her waist. She kept saying no no no plzz bhaiya leave me..i didnt give a ear to her crying and kept myself steady at devouring that sexy and hot body.

As I was kissing her navel and waist my right hand wandered down to her calf and lifted her sari as my moved my hands upwards..and caressed her smooth sexy thighs..the feel of her thighs against my palm made me more horney as I shifted my lips once again to her neck licking and biting it. Now as more and more I was caressing and kissing her, she also became heated up and aro used by a unfamilier hands and lips upon her naked skin..i now decided to denude her and take her full, so I got up and looked into her eyes, as I reached for the hooks in her blouse as I touched it she grasped my hands and tried it push them off I just brushed her hands aside and unhooked her blouse and spilit it open to expose her golden tits barely covered by her lacy black bra.

i reached her back unclasped her bra pushed it up realeasing her tit from their prison and set my lips on her lips as now my hands cupped her tits with my palm..now bhabi understood that she have to give in anyway and enjoy it with me only so she I guess decided to give in and didnt
resist as I sucked her lower lips again and try to part her lips..she now parted her lips and I thrust in my tongue inside her trying to suck her with mine, now she cooperated fully to my hot kisses and sucking as my hands tweaked her nipples I could feel her nipples harden unde r my mercyless palms and she in turn caressed my forearms with her, moaning softly.

Now I sat up again and set my attention to her saree and petticoat..i slowly unwrapped her sari and unknotted her petticoat from her slim waist and pulled them down her sexy legs baring her silky legs against my lusty stare and hot lips and my naughty hands. Now I made her sat up slid down her open blouse and bra thus leaving her nude sexy hot body with her panty just on her. She looked really hot and wanting..so now I set my lips on her thighs and as I did she gasped at my touch of my hot lips on her naked skin.I started to lick and suck at her thighs as she grabbed on the wooden board above her head..and her face opened in a moan I went down to her toes licking and sucking at them played with her anklets with my lips and teeth, now I went up to the naked and hard tits and set my lips on them, now she just arched up her tits against my mouth as my tongue twirled around her nipples and bite them and suck them hard, she now massaged my back with one of her hands while the other grasped at the bed
sheet..she moaned became louder as my set my lips and mouth to feed freely upon the tits.. now I kissed her once again and held her panty by the rim and pulled it down her lgs leaving her in the bed totallly ungaurded against me..i also got up undressed fully as she watched my cock
spring free from it bondage..now I set myself between her legs as I parted her silky legs and set my lips upon her bush she crooned and arched her back..i parted her clit and pushed my tongue up her clit..i went mad at my touch of tongue as she grabbed my hairs and pushed it further
down her silky hot thighs and grabbed my head with her thighs..i went slurp slurp on her clit and she soon came in my mouth..then I went up kissed her now juicy and hard but wanting lips and as soon as I placed my lips upon her she thrust in her tongue in mine and started to k iss me
passiaonately..all the time her slim finger were playing at my back and with my hairs..i kissed her neck and bit her ear lobes,,she cried out ohhh..then I told her bhabi..now I m goin to hurt u..she said bhaiya it was ok from out but plzz dont fuck me and spoil me..i told her dear no one will come to know and moreover now I m too hot to leave u untouched so be prepared..so I parted her pretty and silky legs and lay on top of her,

I positioned my rod agaoinst her hole..and pushed it as I kissed her nipples..she cried bhaiya plzzzzzzzzz dont dont do. ahhhhhhhhhhbut
I entered her half she bit her lips in pain..i withdrew again and pushed hard to reach her end..she arched her back and cried out ohhhhhhhhhh.goddd. now I embraced her and kept my lips onto her nipples and kept sucking her titts as I fucked her in slow rythem and got her moving with
me..she soon started to enjoy the ride as she kept on moaning and locked her heels with anklets around my back and dug her nails at my back and kept scratching me hard as I incraesed my speed or ramming her.

Now I was fucking her madly as her mouth opned in a torn moan and she kept screaming. ahh. ahhh ahhh.. and I kissed her lower lips and chin and neck and licked her sweat from her forehead and neck and she too masaged my back with her hands.

now I was bout to come but she came earlier as she clutched at my back and dug her nails painfully and tightened her legs around my back..and arched her back as she moaned loudly ohhhhhhhhhhh goddddddddd..i too soon came in her and pumped my come in her as her cunt also milked my cum..i rammed her few more times roughly and hard then lay on top of her..kissed her lips and she responded quickly grabbing my cheeks with her hands..i asked her bhabi did u enjoy..she said yes u were better than my hubby and this was the best sex I ever had..i asked dear do u want more of it..she smiled shyly..so I got off from her naked bod y..again kissed her on her legs and licked her whole body with my rough tongueshe became hot again and moaned loudly..then I picked her legs up my shoulder and now entered her cunt hole in a single stroke..she gasped loud and held on to the side of the beds as I rammed her hard, she moved with me and kept holding on to the side..crying and gasping in short breaths.. ahh..ahhh a..hhhhI fucked her hard and rough as I kept my hands on her waist to guide her all the way I reached down and sqweezed her boobs kissed her legs as she locked her heels around my neck,, now we both came together..and after my final strokes. I fell on top off her.

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Old 24th October 2009
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Punjabi Kudi Sheetal Aur Aapka Sexy Ravi

Ye h kahani sachi hai,main aapka sexy sam aapke liye naya exp. Laya hoon.mere ghar ke pados mein ek pariwar rahta tha. Unki ek ladki thi. Uska naam neelam tha. Uski
Umar lagbhag 17-18 saal ki thi. Woo eekdam mast cheej thee uske boob
30-32 size ke the or wo thodi si moti the apni body se wo poori jawan
Ladki lagti thee unke ghar par ek computer bhi tha. Nilam bahut hi
Sexy thi. Main use chodna chahta tha woo bhi mujhe ate jate apne ghar
Ki chat par se dekhti thee or mujhe dekh kar muskurati bhi thee lekin
Koyee mauka nahin mil pa raha tha.

Ye us samay ki baat hai jab nilam ke parents 5-6 din ke liye kaheen
Chale gaye the. Ghar par kewal nilam hi akeli thi. 2sre din nilam
Apne ghar ke bahar darwje par mujhe khadi dikhai di mi ne use dekha to wo muskurai or mujhe bulaya jab main uske paas gaya to wo boli ki aap ko agar computar theek karna aata ho to plz... Hamara computar deekh do na plz,, or mujhe ghar me aane ka ishara kiya ne mujhe ghar
Bulaya. Main school ja raha tha isliye maine shaam ko aane ke liye
Kah kar school chala gaya. School se wapas aane ke baad main nilam
Ke ghar 5 baje shaam ko pahuch gaya. Maine call bell bajayee to nilam
Ne darwaza khola. Usne kale rang ki skirt aur pink rang ki t-shirt
Pahan rakhi thi. Usne andar kuchh bhi nahin pahan rakha tha. Uski
Choochiyon ke dono nipples bahar se hi mahsoos ho rahe the.

Main ghar ke andar gaya. Wo mujhe computer ke paas le gayee. Maine
Computer ko on kiya aur check karne laga. Nilam chaye banane chali
Gayee. Or mi computar ko on karke chak karne laga. Maine ek folder ko
Khola jo nilam nilam banaya tha . Us mein bahut saari adult pictures
Ki files thi. Main un pictures ko dekhne laga. Us me net se download
Ki hui bhoot sari sexy pic thee. Mi un pic ko dekne laga. Thodi der
Baad nilan chaye le kar aa gayee. Us samay computer screen par jo
Photo thi us mein ek aadmi ek ladki ko doggy style mein chod raha
Tha. Wo mere bagal mein baith gayee aur boli, "plz. Ye files band kar
Do. Ise mat dekho." maine kaha, "bahut achchhi picture hai." nilam ka
Chehra sharam se lal ho gaya. Maine kaha "bahut achchhi picture hai.
Plz. Mujhe dekhne do. Wo boli, "plz. Ravi band kar do ise."

Maine kaha, "main koi galat kaam thode hi kar raha hoon. Aakhir tum
Bhi to ye picture dekhti hogi. Tum bhi jawn ho aur main bhi. Tumne
Kabhi try kiya hai." wo chup rahi to maine phir poochha. Wo
Boli, "main abhi tak kunwari hoon. Maine kabhi kisi se nahin karwaya
Hai." maine us se jhooth bola aur kaha, "maine bhi aaj tak kisi ladki
Ke saath kuchh nahin kiya hai. Ghar par bhi koyee nahin hai. Chalo,
Aaj hum dono ise try karte hain." usne inkar kar diya to maine
Poochha, "kyon?" is baar wo kuchh nahin boli aur usne apna sar doosri
Taraf ghuma liya. Maine uske chehre ko pakad kar apni taraf ghumaya
To usne mera haath jhatak diya. Maine phir poochha, "hum dono hi
Kunware hain aur aaj achchha mauka hai. Tum bhi jawan ho aur main
Bhi.ghar par bhi koyee nahin hai. Humein try karna chahiye."
Wo ek dam chup rahi. Maine uski janghon par haath phirana shuru kar
Diya to usne mera haath pakad liya. Usne apni dono janghon ko ek
Doosre par rakh kar jor se daba liya. Maine uski janghon ko sahlate
Huye apna haath uski janghon ke beech ghusa diya. Mera haath seedha
Uski chut par laga. Usne neeche bhi kuchh nahin pahan rakha tha. Uski
Chut ek mulayam aur chikni thi. Usne is baar mera haath nahin hataya.
Main samajh gaya ki mera kaam ban jayega. Maine uski chut ko sahlana
Shuru kar diya to uski sansein bahut tez chalne lagi aur uska chehra
Ek dam lal ho gaya. Wo kuchh nahin boli.

Thodi der tak uski chut sahlane ke baad main utha. Maine use god mein
Utha liya aur bedroom mein le jaane laga to usne apna chehra mere
Seene mein chhupa liya. Bedroom mein le ja kar maine use bed par lita
Diya. Maine uski t-shirt aur skirt utar di. Uske kapde utarne ke baad
Maine bhi apne saare kapde utar diye. Mujhe nanga hote dekh usne apni
Aankhein band li lekin uske chehre par muskurahat thi. Uska
Sangmarmar sa gora badan ek dam nanga mere samne tha. Mujhe josh aane
Laga. Main uske hothon ko choomna shuru kar diya. Thodi der tak
Hothon ko choomne ke baad maine dheere dheere uske chuchiyon ko, pet
Ko, janghon ko aur phir uski chut ko choomne laga.

Wo ek dam garam ho gayee aur siskariyan bharne lagi. Mera lund bhi
Khada ho kar josh se ek dam lohe jaisa ho gaya tha aur jhadne wala
Tha. Maine apna lund uske muh ke paas kar diya aur choosne ko kaha.
Wo kuchh nahin boli. Maine uske muh mein apna lund ghusane ki koshish
Ki to usne apna muh idhar udhar karna shuru kar diya. Thodi der na
Nukar karne ke baad aakhir mein usne apna muh khol diya. Maine apna
Lund uske muh mein dal diya aur wo use choosne lagi. Main uske upar
Let gaya aur maine uski chut chatni shuru kar di. 2 minute baad hi
Main uske muh mein jhad gaya aur usne mere lund ka sara paani nigal
Liya. Lund ka saara paani nigal jane ke baad bhi usne mera lund
Choosna zari rakha. Wo bhi ab tak bahut josh mein aa gayee thi aur
Uski chut se bhi paani nikalne laga. Maine bhi uski chut ka saara
Paani chat liya. Wo ek dam namkeen aur kuchh kuchh khatta tha.

10 minute mein hi mera lund phir se khada ho gaya. Main bhi abhi tak
Uski chut ko chat raha tha aur wo bhi apna chutad utha utha kar maza
Le rahi thi. Hum dono bahut josh mein aa gaye the. Main uske upar se
Hat gaya aur use doggy style mein hone ko kaha. Wo kuchh nahin boli
Aur chup-chap uth kar doggy style mein ho gayee. Usne apna sar takiye
Par tika diya. Main samajh gaya ki wo chudwane ke liye ek dam bekabu
Ho rahi hai. Main uske peechhe aa gaya. Maine uski chut ko pahila kar
Apne lund ka supada uski chut ke beech rakh diya. Wo kuchh nahin
Boli. Maine apna lund thoda sa andar dabaya. Uski chut bahut tight
Thi aur kewal mere lund ka supada hi uski chut ke andar ghus paya.

Maine thoda aur dabaya to wo pahli baar boli, "plz. Zara dheere."
Main samajh gaya ki wo ek dam josh mein aa gayee hai. Maine apna lund
Thoda aur andar dabaya to wo siskariyan bharne lagi. Mera lund uski
Chut mein ab tak 2" ghus chuka tha. Maine apna lund uski chut mein
Dheere dheere andar bahar karna shuru kar diya. Usne bhi apna chutad
Peechhe ki taraf dabaya aur siskariyan bharne lagi, ufff... Sam...
Dheere... Plz. Dard ho rahaaaaaa hai..... Uyeee.... Mmaaaaaaaa......
Aaaaaahhhhh... Rukkkkkkk..... Jao....... Main ruk gaya. Wo
Boli, "sam, main pahli baar karwa rahi hoon. Zara aaram se dheere
Dheere karo. Bahut dard ho raha hai." maine kaha, "tum ghabrao mat.
Main dheere dheere aur aaram se hi karunga. Main janta hoon ki tum
Abhi tak kunwari ho aur tumhari chut ek dam tight hai." maine dheere
Dheere apna lund uski chut mein andar bahar karna shuru kar diya.
6-7 minute tak chodne ke baad use bhi aur jyada maza aane laga. Wo
Boli, "sam, tum apna lund thoda sa aur andar dal do. Main tayyar
Hoon." maine thoda sa aur dabaya to mera lund uski chut mein 3" tak
Ghus gaya. Wo phir boli, "bas, ruk jao plz. Dard ho raha hai. Abhi
Itna hi andar dal kar chodo mujhe." uska seal toot chuka tha aur wo
Ab mera lund apni chut mein aaram se andar le rahi thi. Maine use
Dheere dheere chodna shuru kar diya. 2-3 minute mein hi uska dard jab
Kuchh kam hua to use maza aane laga. Wo boli, "raja, thoda aur andar
Dal kar aur tezi.... Se chodo... Mujhe." maine thoda aur andar dabaya
To mera lund uski chut mein 4" tak ghus gaya. Maine apni speed ko
Badhate huye use chodne laga. Wo apna chutad aage peechhe karte huye
Mera saath de rahi thi.

5 minute tak chodne ke baad wo bahut jaya josh mein aa gayee aur
Boli, "sam, aur andar dalo apna lund meri chut mein. Khoob tez chodo
Mujhe. Ab rukna nahin, poora lund andar ghusa dena. Main ek dam
Bekabu ho rahi hoon aur mujhe bardast nahin ho raha hai." maine apna
Lund thoda aur andar dabaya to mera lund uski chut mein 5" tak ghus
Gaya. Maine use dheere dheere chodna shuru kar diya.

Thodi der tak chodne ke baad maine ek zordar dhakka laga diya. Mera
Lund uski chut mein 6" tak ghus gaya. Wo chilla uthi lekin usne mujhe
Rukne ke liye nahin kaha. Maine ek final shot laga diya to wo bahut
Tez chillane lagi. Mera poora lund uski chut mein ek dam zad
Tak ghus chuka tha. Wo boli, "sam, tumne aakhir mujhe aaj ek ladki se
Aurat bana hi diya. Maine apni chut mein tumhara poora lund andar le
Hi liya. Bahut dard ho raha hai. Thoda ruk jao, tab chodna." main ruk

Thodi der baad jab wo shant huyee to usne mujhse chodne ke liye kaha.
Maine nilam ki chudayee shuru kar di. Pahle bahut dheere dheere uske
Baad maine bahut tezi ke saath chodna shusru kar diya. 5 minute tak
Use chudwane mein thoda dard hua lekin uske baad wo ek dam shant ho
Gayee aur use maza aane laga. Usne apna chutada aage peechhe karte
Huye mera saath dena shuru kar diya. 2 minute baad hi wo boli, "aur
Tez chodo, mere sam raja. Zor zor se dhakke lagao." maine apni speed badha di
Aur bahut tez tez dhakke lagane laga. Wo ab apni chut mein mera poora
Lund aaram ke saath andar le rahi thi. 2 minute bhi nahin beete ki wo
Phir boli, "sam, mujhe kuchh ho raha hai. Lagta hai meri chut se
Paani nikalne wala hai. Khoob zor zor se dhakka lagao." main samajh
Gaya ki wo jhadne wali hai. Maine bahut hi tezi ke saath uski
Chudayee shuru kar di.

Wo boli, "aaaaaa... ...... Main.... Aaaaaa... Rahi.... Hoon....
Aur tez .... Aur tez..... ." uski chut se paani nikalne laga aur mera
Saara lund bheeg gaya. Main bhi bina ruke use aandhi ki tarah chodta
Raha. Lagbhag 20 minute tak chodne ke baad main uski chut mein hi
Jhad gaya. Is dauran wo bhi 3 baar jhad chuki thi. Lund ka poora paani uski chut mein nikal jane ke baad main hat gaya.

Hum dono thak gaye the. Kuchh der aaram karne lage.

15 minute baad wo boli, "sam, plz. Ek baar aur karo na. Mujhe bahut
Achchhi lag rahi thi yeh chudayee." usne mera lund choosna shuru kar
Diya. 10 minute mein hi mera lund ek dam tayyar ho gaya. Maine use
Bed par lita diya aur uske chutad ke neeche 2 takiye rakh diye. Uski
Chut ek dam upar uth gayee. Maine uski chut ke beech jaise hi apna
Lund rakha to wo boli, "sam, mujhe bahut maza aaya tha. Is baar tum
Apna lundek hi dhakke mein poora andar dal do." maine apni sasein rok
Kar apne ko thoda tayyar kiya aur poora zor lagate huye ek karara
Dhakka mara. Mera poora lund sansanta huye uski chut mein ghus gaya.
Wo bahut tez cheekh padi.

Maine bina ruke uski chudayee shuru kar di. 2 minute mein hi wo apna
Chutad utha utha kar mere har dhakke ka jawab dene lagi. Maine apni
Speed aur badha di. 5 minute ki chudayee ke baad wo jhad gayee. Uski
Chut ek dam geeli ho chuki thi aur mera lund bhi uski chut ke paani
Se ek dam geela ho chuka tha. Main ruka nahin usko chodta raha. Room
Mein phach-phach ki aawaz goonj rahi thi. Is baar maine use bina ruke
Usko choda aur uski chut mein hi jhad gaya. Lund ka poora
Paani uski chut mein nikal dene ke baad main hat gaya aur uske bagal
Mein hi let gaya.wo bhi thak kar choor ho gayee thi aur ek dam nidhal ho gayee thi. Wo
Bed par hi padi rahi.

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Old 24th October 2009
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Girlfriend ki friend ko Choda

Hello readers , mera naam raja hai.meri umr 22 hight 5.9 aur lund 8"hai meri gf shalu 20 saal ki hai aur hight5.3 sawli si aur mai ek doosre se bahoot pyar karte hai pooja (jiski hight 5.7 figur bhi bahoot jabardast hai uske bade bade boobs must si gand) shalu ki best frend hai ,mai aur shalu alag alag city me rahte hai isliye hum sirf phin pe hi bat kar paate hai kabhi kabhr hi mil paate hai jab who mere(apne ghar ) city me aati hai ya fir jab mai waha jata hoon hum dono phon sex kar liya karte hai jab bhi man karta hai , aur ye baat usne pooja ko bhi bata ke rakhi hai ki hum log phon sex karte hai .. Ek baar mai bahoot dino se shalu se mil nahi paaya tha sirf phon sex hi chal raha tha usi beach pooja ko kuch books ki jarroorat padi to usne mujhse kaha maine kaha mere pass books hai par kaha rakhi hai dhyaan nahi hai dhoondna padega to usne kaha thik hai dhoondh lo fir call kar dena mai lene aa jaoungi .. Fir mai is baat ko bhool gaya . Fir ik meere ghar me koi nahi tha to mai bf ki cd laga kar dekh raha tha acanak doar bell baji maine tv band karke dekha pooja mere ghar aa gayi aur mujhse books mangne lagi maine kaha ki dhoond ke de donga usne kaha tumne dhoond liya aur de diya chalo abhi dhonndo us din mere ghar me bhii oi nahi tha maine kaha chalo satha me dhoohndte hai usne kaha cahlo hum dono mere room chale gaye aur mere study table mai books dhoondhne lage na chate hue bhi 2-3 baar uske bade bade boobs mujhse takra gaye par usne dhyan nahi diya ..books dhoond ke hum dono wapas haal me aagye usne pucha kab ja rahe ho shalu se milne maine kaha abhi to kuch aur din nahi ja sakta much kam hai to usne pooch aur life kaisi chal rahi hai maine kaha kaun si life yaar life me to ab ek hi kaam dhyaaan me rahta hai to usne jhtke se kaha kya sex to maine kaha haan yaar pahle to phon se kaam .ho jata tha par ab to realy me hone ke baad hi chain aayega mai to pahle se hi garam tha maine usse kaha aur tera kya haal hai tera boy frnd to yahi hai top usne kaha hai to par hum log ye sab kaam nahi karte mine majak se kaha kun kya uske paas nahi woh mujhe ghoorte hui boli aasi baat nahi par hum log shadi ke baad hi ye sab karenge mai bola haan yaar shadi ke baad hi thik rahta hai satha me din raat raho to jab man akre tab kar sakte hai ..justfun801@gmail.com

Maine usse aise hi kah diya yaar pata nahi aaj kal kun bahoot jayda sex karne ka man karta hai to usne kaha control karo thoda bahoot to sabhi lagta hai par sab to aaise nahi bolte rahte na maine kaha par mujhe aajkal bahoot jyada man karta hai aur mai abhi bahar ja bhi nahi sakta to usne kaha ki agar kisi callgirl ke paas jaoge to woh to bewafai hogi maine kaha waha to main jauoga bhi nahi to fir haath se kar liya karo uske moohn se ye baat sunkar mai hairan ho gaya maine kaha tujhe kaise pata ladke hath se karthe hai usne kaha kabhi kabhi mere bf ko jyada sex karne ka man hota hai to mai use phon me sex ki baate karti hoon aur woh haath se kar leta hai maine kaha par mai ahbi kya karoon to usne kaha ki shalu ko phon lago aur kaho ki problam hai fir tum haath se kar lena maine kaha maine use phon lagaya par woh shaed coolege me hai .phon band hai maine pooja se "can u help me " to usne kaha mai ye sab tumhare sath kaise kar sakti hum to sif ache frnds hoon maine kaha yaar bahoot jyada problam hai 'please' to usne mana kar diya maine kaha sirf tum salwar utar ke thodi der khdi ho jao tum ye samjh lena ki dress change kar rahi ho ur mai tumhe dejh karhaath se kar loonga mera kaam bhi ho jayaga fir bhi usne mana kar diya mai uske paas baith gaya aur uska haath pakad ke bola pls yaar baat samjh usne kaha ki koi aagya to maine usse kaha ki koi nahi aayega sab abhi abhi hi bahar gaye hai kareeb 2-3 ghante ke baad hia aayenge woh meri haalat pe daya khate hue boli mai sirf salwar thoda neeche karoongi aur kurta toda oopar uthaungi maine kaha thik hai usne kaha par mujhe choona bhi mat maine kaha bilkul nahi choonga . Aur woh thdi door khadi hookar salwar ka nada kholne lagi aur kurte ko uthane lagi uske jali wali white bre aur pink color ki panty kya lag rahi thi meralauda to tan se khada ho gaya maine kaha kya main yahi pe muth maar loon usne kaha thaik hai par mere samne nahi aur woh palat gayi uske palte hi uski gannd dikhi diye to mere to dimag ke 12 hi baj gaye par maine kaha maine kaha peche se kya dehoon tumhare peeche sirf panty hi deekh arahi hai upar ka saman to kuch dikh hi nahi rah hai usne kaha thik hai mai tumahre traf mooh kar leti par mai apn face kurte se dhk loongi maine kaha thik hai usne aisa hi kiya thodi derr maine haath chalate hue kaha yaar maja nahi aaraha hai kuch sexy baante bhi to karo usne kuch kahne ki kosish ki aur uske face se uska kurta neche gir gaya aur usne mere haath me mea lund dekh liya woh bhi thodi garam ho gayi aur mujhse boli par sexi baaten mai tumhare sath kaise karoon mai sirf apne bf ke sath karti hoon maie uske paas gaya aur uske pet ko choote hue bola ki abhi mujhe hi apna bf samjh lo uske pet choote hi woh mujse lipat gayi aur boli ki nahi pls mujhe kuch mat karna mai ye sab sirf tumhari prbolm ke liye kar rahi hoon mane uske gale ko chomte hue kaha ki ab chod bhi yaar agar hum dono me sex hota bhi hai to koi galat nahi hai hum dono jawan hai fir usne kaha ki lekin mai sab apne bf ke satha hi karana chati hoon maine kaha main bhi to shalu se.bahoot par kart par aise majboori ho gayi hai ki itna kaha kar mine use fir ik kiss kar diya woh boli agar aalok(pooja ka bf) ko ya shalu ko pata chal gaya to maine kaha kaise pata chleha tere mere siva ye baat kisi ko bhi pata nhi chalegi aur dheere se uske boobs ko sahlane laga woh sihar uthi aur deri se kahne lagi "par ye sab" aur maine use kiss karte hue kaha kuch bhi nahi hoga aur use dhere se bed par bitha diya aur uske kurte ko pura utar diya sirf white jali wali bra me ooper ka bhag to jase chandan sa chamk raha kya gori gori baahne thi aur maine kurte ko side me rakh diya usne apne dono haath se apne boobs ko choopane ki koosish kar rahi thi amine uske dono haath ko hatakar use gale se laga kar kaha paagal dar mat kcuh nahii hoga fir usne bhi mujhe lipta liya aur kaha tum baat kisi se kahoge to nahi , maine kaha hum dono ke alwa kisi ko pata bhi nahi chalega aur uska salwar bhi utar diya ab woh mere samne sirf bra aur panty me thi aur kuch jijhak rahi thi mera lund to pahle se hi baahar tha manie apna tshirt aur paint bhi utar diya ab maine uuske boobk ko sahlte -2 kiss karna chaloo kr diya woh bhi garam ho kar mujhe

Choomne lagi maine dhier se uska bra bhi utar diya aur uske bade bade boobs dekh kar mai porri tarha se unpe jhapat pada aur behisab choomne laga woh bhi garam hookar mujhe choomne lagi maine use boobs se laker pet tak choomte choomte uski panti bhi utar di uski gulabi chood ke ooper chote chote baal dekh kar maine poocha shave ki thi kya usne kaha haan kuch din pahle hi ki thi aur mai uski chood chatne laga woh siskiya le rahi thi "ahhha aah " maine usse poocha mera choosege to woh dere se muskura di mai samjha gya ki iska matlab haan hi hai aur maine uke mooh ke paas lund le gaya aur kaha ab choos bhi le koi dekh raha thode hi hai aur maja bhi to aayega usne hasnte hue use mooh me le liya aur must choosne lagi mai uske boobs ko sahla raaha tha fir maine kaha ki palt ja mai tera choosta hoon tu mra choosna woh maan gayi hum dono 69 posison me ek doosre ka chosne lage kreeb 5-7 minut ke baad maine use leta diya aur kaha ab mai tujhe choodonga to woh boli dekh ke mai pahli baar chuda rahi hoon dhere se maine kaha ok i'll take cr of u.aur woh chup chap let gayi aur mai cream ki botale le aaya aur thoda sa uske chhod pe aur thoda ssa mere lund pe lagaya uski chood se itna pani aa raha tha ki cream ki jarrorat hi nahi thi chood ke pani ke sath cream thoda sa paani-paani hogaya fir maine apn lund uske chood pe rakha aur uski boobs ko pakde hue bola ke dekh shuru me thoda dard hoga par thode der me hi maja aayega usne kaha ki thik hai par tum dhere dhere hi ander dalna maine deher se chood ke ooper lund rkha kar dhkka dene laga jasie hi lund ka oopri hissa ander gaya woh chhekh padi ''mummy ahhh ahh ahh chod de raja bahoot dard ho raha hai' maine lund ko thoda aur ander dalne ki koshish kito woh aur siskiya lene lagi"ahhh ahh hah dhere se raja" aur usne mujhe jor se pakdte hue kaha ki thda dhere main bhi uuse aur jor se lipata gaya aur dhere se lund ko aur andar daal diya woh siskate hue mujhe aur lipta li aur uske mooh ko mai choomne laga aur main dhere dhere lund chalane laga aur thode der tak dard sahne ke baad uski " ahhhah hah ah " ki awaj bhi kam ho gayi maine uske boobs ko kiss karte hue poocha ki maja aa raha hai ki nahi mujhe apne oor khinchti hue boli ki bahoot maja aa raha hai aur woh bhi chud utha utha ke chudane lagi thodi der karne ke baad achnak mera lund bahr aa gaya maineuse fir se chood me daal diya aur chudai chalo kar di hum dono ko bahoot maja aa raha tha aur kareeb 12-15minut ke baad maine jhadne laga to maine kaha ki ander hi jhad jaon to usne kaha tumhari marji maine kaha thik hai ander hi jhdaonga tabhi to poora maja aayega aur maine speed bada di aur thodi der me bahoot jor se jhda aur mai ekdam se usse lipat gaya hum dono thodi der tak waise hi pade rahe fir humne dekha ki uski chood se khoon nikal raha tha woh khoon dekhkar rone lagi maine use samjhte hue kaha ki pahli baar me kai ladkiyon seal tootne ke karan khoon aata hi hai aur fir mai use batroom le gaya aur uski chood saaf ki aur fir dono ne apne kapde pahne aur woh mujhse boli kisi ko pata to nahi chalega na nahi to mai to mar jaongi mainekaha are pagal kisi ko kaise pata chalega aur use fir ek kiss kar diya woh bhi mujhse liptate hue boli lekin hume aisa nahi karna chaye tha maine kaha jo ho gay so ho gaya ab sochne se bolne se kuch badal to nahi jayega dosto mai aise hi aur ek mauke ki talash me hoon kuon ki pooja ki chood abhi must tight hai aur maja bhi bahoot ayaa use chodne me.

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Car Men Choodai

dosto men aap ko aj garib par bohot sexy hot girl ki real story suna raha hun ji ka nam sadia tha sadia mujhe bazar men mili thi men bazar apni choti car core kay kar gaya tha or apne dost ki shop ka bahar khada tha sadia usi shop men khadi saman ly rahi thi or mujhe dakha ja rahi thi men bhi use dakhne laga woh mujhe apni tarf dakte hun muskurai men samajh gaya ka chidya jal men phanse gi or woh to phasne ka liya taiyar thi sadia aakali us shop par aai thi us wakt shop par or bhi ladiz mojud thi un ladiz ka jane ka bad men shop men andar ja kar kursi par badh gaya or dost ne parda khanch kar age kar diya or sadia ko mane apna pas bathne ko kaha to woh nahi bathi or chali gai sadia sundar body ki maaalik thi par kaad 5 fit tha or body bhari hoi thi men dosry din bhi dost ki shop par gaya or apne dost se malum kiya ka woh aai ya nahi dost na kaha nahi aai men 4 5 din laga tar dost ki shop par pohncha 5 din woh mujhe dost ki shop par mili man use dakh kar khus ho gaya or shop men ja kar parda dal kar us ka haat pakda or apne pas bhitha liya sadia ne kuch nahi kaha or mare pas baath gai or men us sy puchne laga us din Q chali gai thi or itne din ka bad mili ho to woh kuch nahi boli or hasny lagi men us ka face ko dakhne laga phir us ne apna mobil number mujhe diya or chali gai mane raat ko us ka number par call ki to woh call recev kar ka kuch nahi boli mane kaha ap Q nahi bol rahi hen men wohi hun jo aap ko shop par mila tha phir us ne mujh se baat ki 1 manth mobil par batan karte rahy phir us ne apne ghar ka pata diya or men us ka ghar pohuncha to sadia bohot garib ghar sy thi us ka walid nahi tha waldah or 1 bhai jo mazdori karta tha men us ka ghar pohuncha to us ghar se thoda fasle par khada ho kar call ki woh apne ghar ka dor mar aa kar khadi ho gai meny use car men aakar bathne ko kaha woh nahi mani or mujhe khud milny ka kah kar jane ko kaha men wahan se chala aaya sham ko sadia ki call ai or us ny mujhe milny ka kaha to men wahan pohunch gaya sadia mara intizar kar rahi thi meny car ka darwaza khola or woh car men baath gai ham dono 1 hotal men gai wahan khana khaya or phir car men bath gay ab jab ham car men batha hi tha ka sadia ny apna haat badha kar mara land apne haat men ly liya or apne narm narm haatu sy mara land par masag karna lagi mara land us kahat lagany se masti men aa kar khada ho gaya sadia mara land or taz pakad kar apni tarf khachne lagi mane jaldi jaldi car chalai or shahar se bahir nikali or sun san jaga par lay ja kar car rok di mane apni pant otari or undrw bhi nikal diya ab mara land sadia ka haat men bilkul naga tha sadia mara tarf jhoki or land ko mun men la kar choosne lagi 2 mint choosne ka bad mane usy hataya or car ki pichli sit par chala gaya or sadia ko bhi ane ka kaha sadia mary pas aai or mane us ka kapda otar diya or us ki sex sy bhari hoi body par kiss karne laga boobs pakad kar apne mun men lay gaya ham dono piyar men gum 1 dusry sy lipty hua kiss kar rahe tha man use pani god men dithay apna land choot or gand par ragad raha tha or pori body gardan boobs lips ankh gal par kis kar raha tha phir mane usy thoda sa opar kiya or usy lita kar choot men zabn dal kar andar bahar karne laga woh masti men chur mara sar ko apne haat sy choot ka or karib karne lagi us ka mun sy awaz nikal rahi thi aah o0o0o0o0h o0o0o0o0h uummmm yes haaaan haaaan jo men sun raha tha us ki sex bhari awaz mujhe or mast kar rahi thi mane apna sar choot sy hata kar boobs par rakha or choomny laga or land us ki choot men rakha jo gili ho rahi thi men apna land choot men dalny hi wala tha k sadia kahny lai junaid apna land aa ram sy dalna bohot mota ha many kaha jan fikar nahi karo men aaram sy karun ga or tum bhi thoda bardasht karna or mane apna land us ki chooti choot men topi hi rakhi thi ka woh ak dan aaah kar ka apni choot nichy dabai or apni kamar or mun ko upar karty hua aaaah karne lagi mery haat us ky sholder pakdy hua tha mane usy apne taraf khach liya or 1 or jhatka mar kar 3 nich andar kar diya sadia ki tadap dakhi nahi ja rahi thi or mujh se ruka nahi ja raha tha many 3 jhatka laga tar mary or pora land andr otar diy sadia jhatkun sy hil gai thi woh mary liya bohot bardasht kar rahi thi or mary nicha tadap rahi thi thodi dar men usy saqun mila to apne phir jhatka marna shuru kar diya phir to sadia bhi mara sath dany lagi 3 mint laga tar jhatka marny ka bad sadia jhad gai or mara jhatka us ka pani sy jhatka or taz hony lagy or men boobs pakad kar tazi sy apny mun men lay kar choosny laga 2 mint choodny ka bad mara pani bhi nikal laga or man apna land choot sy nikal kar pyt par rakh kar lat gaya or mara sara pani pyt par hi nikal gaya thodi dar ka bad men otha or kissing karty hua kapdy pahan liya phir many car stert ki or sadia ko ghar choor diya aab aksar ham dono chodi karty han many us ka liya famhoss bana rakha bana rakha ha

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Bhabhi ki Chudai

Yeh us samay ki bat hai jab mai 20 sal ka tha. Bare bhai ki shadi sirf ek sal hi hua tha. Hum do bhai aur ek bahan hai jiski shadi pahake hi ho gayee hai. Mere mata pita bahut hi dharmik bichar ke hai aur hamesha dharma karam me lage rahate hai. Mere bare bhai ka readymade kapro ka karobar hai aur aksar wo apne kam ke silsile me dusre sahar me tour par jate rahate hain. Mai tab Graduation mai parh raha tha.

Meri bhabhi mujhko bahut chahatee thee, kaunki ek mai hi to tha jise ki bhabhi se batcheet kar saktee thee khas kar jab bhaia business ke kam se office ya tour par bahar jate thee. Meri bhabhi bahut pyar se humara khyal rakhtee the aur khabhi eh ahsas nahee hone deti ki mai ghar par akela hun. Wo mujhe pyar se lala kah lar pukartee the aur mai humesha unke pas pas rahana pasand karta tha. Wo bahut hi sundar thee, ekdam gori chitti lumbe lumbe kale bal kareeb 5'5" aur figure 38-24-38 tha. Mai unkee chuchee par phida tha aur humesha unkee ek jhalak pane ke liye betab rahata tha. Jab-bhi kam karte waqt unka anchal unki chati par se phisal kar neeche girta tha ya wo neeche jhuktee, mai unkee chunchee ki ek jhalak pane ke koshish karta tha. Bhabhi ko is-bat ka pata tha aur wo janbujh kar mujhe apnee chunchee ka jalaba dikha detee thee.

Eh bat tab hua jab mere bhaia kam ke silsile me shadi ke bad pahalee bar bahar gaye. Ma aue babuji pahale se hi tirth yatra par haridwar gaye hue the aur kareeb ek mahine bad lautne wale the. Bhabhi par hi ghar samhalnee ki jimmedaree the. Bahia mujhe ghar par rakh kar parahi karne ki salah di, kyunki examination najdeek tha aur sath hi me bhabhi ko bhi akelapan mahasus na ho. Agle din subah ke 10 baje ki bus se bhaia chale gaye. Hum dono bhaia ko bus stand tak bida karne gaye hue the.

Bhabhi usdin bahut hi khus thee. Jab humlog ghar pahunche to unhone mujhe apne kamare me bulaya aur kaha ki unhe akele sone ki adat nahee hai aur jabtak bhaia wapas nahee atee, mai unke kamare me hi soa karun. Unhone mujhse apni kitab bagera waheen la kar parhne ko kaha. Mai to khusi se jhum utha aur phtaphat apni table aur kuch kitabe unke kamare me pahuncha diya. Bhabhi ne khana pakaya aur hum dono sath sath khana khaya. Aaj wo mujhpar kuch jyada hi meharban thee aur bar bar kisi na kisi bahane se apni chunchee ka jawa hume dikha rahee thee. Khane ke bad bhabhi ne hume phal khane ko diya. Phal dete waqt unhone mera hath masal diya aur bare hi madak ada se muskura diya. Mai sharma gaya kyunki eh muskan kuch alag kism ki thee aur usme shararat jhalak rahee thee. Khane ke bad mai to parhne baith gaya aur wo apne kapare change karne lagee. Garmi ke din the aur garmi kuch jayada hi tha. Mai apna shirt aur baniyan utar kar kebal pant pahan kar parhne baith gaya. Meri table ke upar diwar par ek shisha tanga tha aur bhabhi ko mai us shishe me dekh raha tha. Wo meri taraf dekh rahee thee aur apna kapra utar rahee the. Wo soch bhi nahe saktee the ki mai unko shishe ke andar se dekh raha tha. Unhone apna blouse khol kar utar diya. Hai kya madmast chunchee thee. Mai pahalee bar lace wali bra me bandhe unke chuchee ko dekh raha tha. Unki chunchee kahi bari bari thee aur wo bra me sama nahe rahee thee. Adhi chunchee bra ke upar se jhalak rahee thee.

Kapre utar kar wo bister par chit let gayee aur apne sine me ek jhinee se chunnee dhak liya. Ek pal ke liye to mera man kiya ki mai unke pas ja kar unki chunchee ko dekhu, phir socha eh theek nahee hoga aur mai parhne lag gaya. Lette hi wo so gayee aur kuch hi der me unka duppatta unke chatee se sarak gaya aur sanson se sath uthtee baithtee unki mast raselee chunchee saf saf dikh raha tha. Rat ke barah baj chuke the. Mai parahi band kiya aur batti bujhane hi wala tha ki bhabhi ki surilee awaj mere kano me pari, "lala inha aaoo na." Mai unki taraf barha, ab unhone apni chunchee ko phirse duppatte se dhank liya tha. Maine pucha, "kya hai bhabhi?' Unhone kaha, "lala jara mere pas hi let gaoo na, thori der bat karenge phir tum apne bister par ja kar so jana."

Pahale to mai hichkichaya lrkin phir man gaya. mai lungee pahan kar sota tha aur ab mujhko pant pahan kar sone me dikkat ho rahee thee. Wo meri pareshani tar gayee aur bole, "koi bat nahee, tum apni pant utar do aur roj jaise sote ho waise hi mere pas so gaoo. Sharmao mat. aaoo na." Mujhe apne kan par yakeen nahee ho raha tha. Lungee pahan kar mai ne light band kar dee aur night lamp jala kar mai bister par unke pas let gaya. Jis badan ko maheeno se niharta tha aaj mai usi ke pas leta hua tha. Bhabhi ka adhnanga shareer mere bilkul pas tha. Mai aise leta tha ki unki chunchee bilkul nangee malum de raha tha, kaunki thora sa hissa hi bra me chupa tha. Kya haseen najara tha. tab bhabhi bole, "itne mahine se akele nahee soee hun aur ab adat nahee hai akele sone ki." Mai bola, "mai bhi kabhi kisi ke sath nahee soya." Wo jor se khilkhilaee aur bole, "anubhav le lena chahie jab bhi mauka mile, bad me lam aaegaa." Unhone mera hath pakar kar dhire se khinch kar apne ubhre hue chunchee par rakh diya aur mai kuch nahe bol paya lekin apna hath unke chunchee par rakha rahane diya.

"Mujhe yehan kuch kuja raha hai, jara sahalao na." Maine bra ke upar se hi unki chunchee ko sahalana shuru kiya. Bhabhi ne mera bra ke cup me ghusa kar sahalane ko kaha aur mera hath bra ke andar kar diya. Maine apna pura hath andar ghusa kar jor jor se unki chunchee ko ragarna shuru kar diya. Meri hathelee ki ragar pa kar bhabhi ke nipple kare ho gaye. Mulayam mans ke sparsh se mujhe bahut acchha lag raha tha lekin bra ke andar karke masalne me mujhe dikkat ho rahee thee. Achanak wo apni pith meri taraf ghuma kar bole, "lala yeh bra ka hoock khol do aur theek se sahalao." Maine kanpte hue hathon se bhabhi ki bra ki hoock khol diya aur unhone apne badan se use utar kar neeche dal diya. Mere dono haton ko apne nangee chatee par le ga kar wo bolee, "thora kas kar dabao na." Mai bhi kafi uttejit ho gaya aur josh me akar unki raseelee chunchee se jam kar khelne laga. Kya bari bari chunchea thee. Karee karee chunchee aur lumbe lumbe nipple. pahalee bar mai kisi aurat ki chunchee ko chhu raha tha. Bhabhi ko bhi mujhse apne chunchee ki maalish karwane me maza araha tha. mera lund ab kara hone laga tha aur underwear se bahar nikalne ke liye jor laga raha tha. Mera 8" ka lund pure josh me aa gaya tha. Bhabhi ki chunchee masalte nasalte hue mai unke badan ke bilkul pas aa gaya tha aur mera lund unki jangho me ragar marne laga tha.

Achanak wo bole, "lala eh meri tango me kya chuv raha hai?" Maine himmat karke jabab diya, "eh mera hatiyar hai. Tumne bhaia ka hatiyar to dekha hoga na?" Hath laga kar dekhun? Unhone pucha aur mere jabab dene se pahale apna hath mere lund par rakh kar usko tatolne lagee. Apni mutthee mere lund par kas ke band kar lee aur bole, "bapre, bahut karak hai." Wo meri taraf ghumi aur apna hath mere underwear me ghusa kar mere phar-pharate hue lund ko elastic ke upar nikal liya. Lund ko kas kar pakare hue wo apna hath lund ke jar tak le gayee jisse supara bahar a gaya. Supare ki size aur akar dekh kar wo bahut hairan ho gayee. "Lala kahan chupa rakha tha itne din" unhone pucha. Maine kaha, "eheen to tha tumhare samne lekin tumne dhyan nahee diya. Bhabhi bole, "mujhe kya pata tha ki tumhara itna bara hoga, chote bhai ka laura bare bhai ke laure se bara bhi ho sakta hai, eh mai soch bhi nahee saktee thee." Mujhe unki bindas bole par ascharya hua jab unhone "laura" kaha aur sath hi me bara maza aya. Wo mere lund ko apne hath me lekar kinch rahee thee aur kas kar daba rahee thee. Phir bhabhi ne apna petticoat apni kamar ke upar utha liya aur mere tane hue lund ko apni jangho ke bich le kar ragarne lagee. Wo meri taraf karbat le kar let gayee takee mere lund ko theekh tarah se pakar sake. Unki chunchee mere munh ke bilkul pas thee aur mai unhe kas kas kar daba raha tha. Achanak unhone apni ek chunchee mere munh me thelte hue kaha, "chuso inko munh me lekar."

Maine inki left chunchee apne munh me bhar liya aur jor jor se chusne laga. Thore der ke liye maine unki chunchee ko munh se nikala aur bola, "mai humesha tumhare blouse me kasi chunchee ko dekhta tha aur hairan hota tha. Inko chune ki bahut icchha hotee thee aur dil karta tha ki inhe munh me lekar chusu aur inka rus peeun. Par darta tha pata nahee tum kya socho aur kanhee mujhse naraz na ho jao. Tum nahee jantee bhabhe ki tumne mujhe aur mere lund ko kitna pareshan kiya hai?" "Acchha to aaj apni tamanna puri kar lo, jee bhar kar dabao, chuso aur maze lo; mai to aaj puri ki puri tumharee hun jaisa chahe waisa hi karo" bhabhi ne kaha.

Phir kaya tha, bhabhi ki hari jhandee pakar mai yuy para bhabhi ki chunchee par. meri jeev unke kare nipple ko mahasus kar rahee thee. Maine apni jeev bhabhi ke uthe hue kare nipple par ghumaya. Maine dono anaron ko kas ke pakare hue tha aur bari bari se unhe chus raha tha. Mai aise kas kar chuncheeon ko daba raha tha jaise ki unka pura ka pura rus nichor lunga. Bhabhi bhi pura sath de rahee thee. Unke muhh se "oh! oh! ah! ce, ce! ki awaj nikal rahee thee. Mujhse puri taraf se sate hue wo mere lund ko buri tarah se masal rahee thee aur maror rahee thee. Unhone apni left tang ko mere kagh ke upar chara diya aur mere lund ko ko apni jabgho ke bich rakh liya. Mujhe unki jangho ke bich ek mulayam reshmi ehsas hua. Eh unki choot thee. Bhabhe ne panty nahee pahan rakhee thee aur mera lund ka supara unki jhantoo me ghum raha tha. Mera sabra ka bandh tut raha tha. Mai bhabhi se bola, "bhabhi mujhe kuch ho raha aur mai apne ape me nahee hun, please mujhe batao mai kya karon?" Bhabhi bole, "tumne kabhi kisi larkee ko choda hai aaj tak?" Maine bola, "nahee." Kitne dukh ki bat hai. Koi bhi larkee isse dekh kar kaise mana kar saktee hai. Shadee tak aise hi rahne ka irada hai kya? Mai kya bolta. mere munh me koi shabd nahee the. Mai chupchap unke chere ko dekhte hue chunchee maslta raha. Unhone apna munh mere munh se bilkul sata diya aur phusphusa kar bolee, "apni bhabhi ko chodoge?'

"Ka ka ka kyon nahee" mai bari musjkil se kaha paya. mera gala such raha tha. Wo bare madak andaz me muskura di aur mere lund ko azad karte hue bole, "theek hai, lagata hai apne anari dewar raja ko mujhe hi sab kuch sikhana parega. Par guru dakhshina pure man se dena. Chalo apni chadhee utar kar pure nange ho jaoo." Mai palang par se uter gaya aur apna underwear utar diya. Mai apne tane hie hue lund ko lekar nang dharang apni bhabhi ke samne khara tha. Bhabhi apne raselee hoton ko apne danto me daba kar dekhti rahee aur apne prticoat ka nara keench kar dhela kar diya. "Tum bhi isse utar kar nangee ho jao" kahate hue maine unka petticoat ko kheencha. Bhabhi apne chutar upar kar diya jisse ki petticoat unki tango uter kar alag ho gaya. Bhabhi ab puri tarah nangee ho kar mere samne chit pari hui thee. Bhabhi ne apni tango ko faila diya aur mujhe reshmi jhanto ke jangal ke bich chupi hue unki raseele gulabee choot ka nazara dekhne ko mila. night lamp ki halkee roshni me chamakte hue nage jism ko ko dekhkar mai uttejit ho gaya aur mera lund mare khushi ke jhumne laga. Bhabhi ne ab mujhse apne upar charne ko kaha. Mai turant unke upar let gaya aur unki chunchee ko dabate hue unke raseele hont chusne laga. Bhabhi ne bhi mujhe kas kar apne alingan me kas kar jakar liya aur chumma ka jawab dete hue mere munh me apni jeev thel diya. Hai kya swadist aur raseele jeev thee. Mai bhi unki jeev ko jor shor se chusne laga. Humara chumma pahale pyar ke sath halke me tha aur phir pure josh ke sath.

Kuch der tak to hum aise hi chipke rahe, phir mai apne hont bhabhi ki nazuk gallon par ragar ragar kar chumne laga. Phir bhabhi ne meri pith par se hath upar la kar mera sar pakar liya aur use neeche ki taraf thela. Mai apne honth unke honto se unki thodi par laya aur kandho ko chumta hua chunchee par pahuncha. Mai ek bar phir unki chunchee ko masalta hua aur khelta hua katne aur chusne laga. Unhone badan ke nichle hisse ko mere badan ke neeche se nikal liya aur humaree tangee ek-dusre se door ho gaye. Apne dayen hath se wo mera lund pakar kar use mutthee me bandh kar sahalane lagee aur apne bayen hath se mera dahina hath pakar kar apni tangoo ke bich le gayee.

Jaise hi mera hath unki choot par pahuncha unhone apni choot ke dane ko upar se ragar diya. samajhdar ko ishara kafi tha. Mai unke chunchee ko chusta hua unki choot ko ragane laga. "Lala apni unglee andar dalo na?" kahati hue bhabhi ne mera unglee apni choot ke munh par daba diya. Maine apni unglee unki choot ke darar me ghusa diya aur wo puri tarah andar chalee gaye. Jaise jaise maine unki choot ke andar muaina karte mera maza barta gaya. Jaise hi mera unglee unke choot ke dane se takraya unhone jor se siskari le kar apni jangho ko kas kar band kar liya aur chuta utha utha kar mere hath ko chodne lagee. Unki choot se pani baha raha tha. Thori der bad tak aise hi maza lene ke bad maine apni unglee unki choot se bahar nikal liya aur sidha ho kar unke upar let gaya. Bhabhi ne apni tange faila di aur mere farfarate hue lund ko pakar kar supara choot ke muhane par rakh liya. Unki jhanto ka sparsh mujhe pagal bana raha tha, phir bhabhi ne humse bole, "ab apna laura meri bur me ghusao, pyar se ghuserna naheeto mujhe dard hoga, ahhhhh!"

Mai kaynki nausikhiya tha isiliye shuru shuru me mujhe apna lund unki tight choot me ghusane me kafi pareshani hue. Mai jab jor laga kar lund andar thelna chaha to unhe dard bhi hua. Lekin pahale se unglee se chudwa kar unki choot kafi gilee ho gaye thee. Bhabhi bhi hath se lund ko nishane par laga kar rasta dikha rahee thee aur arsta milte hi mera ek hi dhakke me supara andar chala gaya. Isse pahale ki bhabhi sambhle ya asan badale, maine dusra dhakka lagaya aur pura ka pura lund makhhan jaise choot ki jannat me dakhil ho gaya. Bhabhi chillaii, "uiiii iiiiiii iiiii maaaaaa uhuhuhhhhh oh lala, aise hi kuch der hilna dulna nahee, hi! bara jaleem hai tumhara lund. Mar hi dala mujhe tumne dewar raja." Bhabhe ko kafi dard ho raha lagta hai. Paheli bar jo itna mota aur lumba lund unke bur me ghusa tha. Mai apna lund unki choot me ghusa kar chup chap para tha. Bhabhi ki choot pharak rahee thee aur andar hi andar mere laure ko masal rahee thee. Unki uthi uthi chunchean kafi tezi se upar neeche ho rahe thee. Maine hath barha kar dono chunchee ko pakar liya aur munh me lekar chusne laga. Bhabhi ko kuch rahat mili aur unhone kamar hilani shuru kar dii.

Bhabhi mujhse bole, "lala shuru karo, chodo mujhe. Lelo maza jawanee ka mere rajjjja," aur apni gand hilane lagee. Mai tahra anaaree. Samajh nahe paya ki kaise shuru karun. Pahale apni kamar upar kiya to lund choot se bahar a gaya. Phir jab neeche kiya to theek nishane par nahee baitha aur bhabhi ki choot ko ragarta hua neeche phisal kar gand me jakar phans gaya. Maine do teen dhakke lagaya par lund choot me wapas jane bajai phisal kar gand me chala jata. Bhabhi se raha nahee gaya aur tilmila kar kar tana deti hui bole, " anaaree ka chodna aur choot ka satyanash, are mere bhole raja jara theek se nishana laga kar thelo nahee to choot ke upar laura ragar ragar kar jhar jaooge." Mai bola, "bhabhi apne is anaaree dewar ko kuch sikhao, jindagee bhar tumhe guru manuga aur lund ki dakshina dunga."

Bhabhi lumbee sans leti hue boli, "han lala, mujhe hi kuch karna hoga nahee to dewrani akar kosegee ki tumhe kuch nahee sikhaya." Mera hath apni chunchee par se hataya aur mere lund par rakhtee hui bole, "isse pakar kar meri choot ke munh par rakhho aur lagao dhakka jor se." Maine waise hi kiya aur mera lund unki choot ko cherta hua pura ka pura andar chala gaya. Phir bhabhi bole, "ab lund ko bahar nikalo, lekin pura nahee. Supara andar hi rahane dena aur phir dobara pura lund andar pel dena, bas issi tarah se karte raho." Maine waise hi karna shuru kiya aur mera lund dhira dhire unki choot me andar-bahar hone laga. Phir bhabhi ne speed barha kar karne ko kaha. Maine apni speed barha dee aue tazee se lund andar-bahar karne laga. Bhabhi ko puri mastee a rahee thee aur wo neeche se kamar utha utha kar har shot ka jawab dene lagee. Lekin jayada speed hone se bar bar mera lund bahar nikal jata. Isse chudai ka silsila tut jata. Akhir bhabhi se raha nahee gaya aur karwat le kar mujhe apne upar se utar diya aur mujhko chit leta kar mere upar char gayee. Apni jangho ko faila kar bagal kar ke apne gaddedar chutar rakhkar baith gayee. Unki choot mere lund par thee aur hath meri kamar ko pakare hue thee aur bole, "mai dikhatee hun ki kaise chodte hai," aur mere upar let kar dhakka lagaya. mera lund ghap se choot ke andar dakhil ho gaya. Bhabhi ne apni raseeli chunchee meri chatee par ragarte hue apne gulabee hont mere hont par rakh diya aur mere munh me jeev thel diya. phir bhabhi ne maze se kamar hila hila kar shot lagana shuru kiya. Bare kas kas kar shot laga rahee thee meri pyari bhabhi. choot mere lund ko apne me samaye hue tezee se upar neeche ho rahee thee. Mujhe lag raha tha ki mai jannat pahunch gaya hun. Ab position ultee ho gayee thee. Bhabhi mano mard thee jo ki apni mashuka ko kas kas kar chod raha tha. Jaise jaise bhabhi ki mastee barh rahee thee unke shot bhi tez hote ja rahe the. Ab bhabhi mere upar mere kandho ko pakar lar ghutne ke bal baith gayee aur jor jor se kamr hila kar lund ko tezee se andar-bahar lene lagee. Unka sara badan hil raha tha aur sanse tez tez chal rahee thee. Bhabhi ki chuncheea tezi se upar neeche ho rahee thee. Mujhse raha nahee gaya aur hath barha kar dono chunchee ko pakar liya aur jor jor se masalne laga. Bhabhi ek sadhe hue khilari ki tarah kaman apne haton me liye hue yhee aur kas kas kar shot laga rahee thee. Jaise jaise wo jharne ke kareeb a rahee thee unki raftar barhti ja rahee thee. Kamre me phach phach ki awaj gunj rahee thee. Jab unki sans phul gayee to khud neeche akar mujhe apne upar kinch liya aur tango ko faila kar upar utha liya aur bole, "mai thak gayee mere rajjjja, ab tum morcha sambhaloooo."

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Mai jhat unki jangho ke bich baith gaya aur nishana laga kar jhatke se lund andar dal diya aur unke upar let kar danadan shot lagane laga. Bhabhi ne apni tang ko meri kamar par rakh kar mujhe jakar liya aur jor jor se chutar utha utha kar chudai me sath dene lagee. Mai bhi ab utna anaaree nahee raha aur unki chunchee ko masalte hue thaka thak shot laga raha tha. Kamara humaree chudai ki awaj se bhara para tha. Bhabhi apni kamar hila kar chutar utha utha kar chuda rahee thee aur bole ja rahee thee, "ahhh aaahhhhh unhhhh ooohhhh oooohhhhh haaaaaan haaaaai meeeere rajjjjja, maaaaaaar gayyyyyye reeeee, lalllllla choooood re choooood. Uiiiiiiii meeeeeeriiiii maaaaa, phaaaaaaat gaaaaaayeeee reeeeee aaaaaaj to meri choot. Meeeeera to duuuum nikkkkkal tuuuuune toooo aaaaj. baraaaaa jaaaaaleeem haaaaaire tuuuumhaaaaaara laura, ekduuuum maheeeen massssssala peeeeess diyyyyya reeeeee." Mai bhi bol raha tha, "leeeee meriiiii raniiii, leeee leeeee mera laura apniiiii okhleeeee meeeee. Baraaaaa tarpayyyyyya hai tuneeee mujheeee. leeeee leeee, leeee meriiiii bhabhiiiii yeh lund abbbbb teraaaa hiiii hai. Ahhhhhh! uhhhhhhhh kya jannat ka mazaaaaa sikhayaaaaa tuneeeee. Mai to teraaaaa gulam hoooooo gayaaaa."

Bhabhi gand uchal uchal kar mera lund apne choot me le rahee thee aur mai bhi pure josh ke sath umkee chuncheon ko masal masal kar apni bhabhi ko chode ja raha tha. Bhabhi mujhko lalkar kar kahati, lagao shot mere raja", aur mai jawab deta, "yeh le meri rani, le le apnichoot me". "Jara aur jor se sarkao apna lund meri choot me mere raja", "yeh le meri rani, yeh lund to tere liye hi hai." "Dekho rajjjja meri choot to tere lund ki diwanee ho gayee, aur jor se aur jor se aaaaeeeeeeeee mere rajjjjjjja. Mai gayeeeeeeeeeee reeee," kahate hue meri bhabhi ne mujhko kas kar apni bahon me jakar liya aur unki choot ne jwalamukhi ka lava chor diya. Ab tak mera bhi lund pani chorne wala tha aur mai bola, "mai bhi ayaaaaaa meri jaaaaan," aur mene bhi apna lund ka pani chor diya aur mai hafte hue unki chunchee par sir rakh kar kas ke chipk kar let gaya. Yeh meri pahali chudai thee. Isiliye mujhe kafi thakan mahasus ho rahee thee. Mai bhabhi ke sine par sar rakh kar so gaya. Bhabhi bhi ek hath se mere sir ko dhire dhire se sahalate hue dusre hath se meri pith sahala rahee thee.

Kuch der bad hosh aya to maine bhabhi ke rasele honton ke chumban lekar unhe jagaya. Bhabhi ne karwat lekar mujhe apne upar se hataya aur mujhe apni bahon me kas kar kan me phus-phusa kar boli, "lala tumne to kamal kar diya, kya gajab ka takat hai tumhare lund me." Maine utter diya, "kamal to apne kar diya hai bhabhi, ajtak to mujhe malum hi nahee tha ki apne lund ko kaise istimal kaise karna hai. Yeh to apki meherbani hai jo ki aj mere lund ko apki choot ki sewa karne ka mauka mila." Abtak mera lund unki choot ke bahar jhanto ke jangal me ragar mar raha tha. Bhabhi ne apni mulayam hathelion me mera lund ko pakar kar sahalana shuru kiya. Unki unglee mere andoon se khel rahi thee. Unki najuk unglion ke sparsh pakar mera lund bhi jag gaya aur ek angraee lekar bhabhi ki choot par thokar marne laga. Bhabhi ne kas kar mera lund ko kaid kar liya aur boli, "bahut jan tumhare lund me, dekho phir se phar-pharane laga, ab mai isko chorungee." Hum dono agal bagal lete hue the. Bhabhi ne mujhko chit leta diya, aur meri tang par apni tang chara chara kar lund ko hath se umethene lagee. Sath hi sath bhabhi apni kamar hilate hue apni jhant aur choot meri jangh par ragarne lagee. Unki choot pichlee chudai se abhitak gili thee aur uska sparsh mujhe pagal banae hue tha. Ab mujhse raha nahee gaya aur karwat lekar bhabhi ki taraf munh karke let gaya. Unki chunchee ko munh me daba kar chuste hue apni unglee choot me ghusa kar sahalane laga. Bhabhi ek siskari lekar mujhse kas kar chipat gayee aur jor jor se lamar hilate hue meri unglee se chudwane lagee. Apne hath se mere lund ko kas kar jor jor se muth mar rahee thee. Mera lund pure josh me akar lohe ki tarah sakth ho gaya tha. Ab bhabhi ko betabi had se jyada barh gayee thee aur kuhd chit ho kar mujhe apne upar kinch liya. Mere lund ko pakar kar apni choot par rakhtee hui bole, "aaoo mere raja, second round ho jaye."

Maine jhat kamar utha kar dhakka diya aur mera lund unki choot ko chirta hua jar tak dhans gaya. Bhabhi chiilh uthee aur bole, "jeeo mere raja, kya shot mara. Ab mere sikhaye hue tareeke se shot par shot maro aur phar do meri choot ko." Bhabhi ka adesh pa-kar mai dune josh me aa gaya aur unkee chunchee ko pakar kar humach humach kar bhabhi ki choot me lund pelne laga. Unglee ki chudai se bhabhi ki choot gili ho gayee thee aur mera lund satasat andar-bahar ho raha tha. Bhabhi neeche se kamar utha utha kar har shot ka jawab pure josh ke sath de rahee thee. Bhabhi ne dono haton se meri kamar ko pakar rakhha tha aur jor jor se apn choot me lund ghuswa rahee thee. Wo mujhe itna uthati thee ki bas lund ka supara andar rahata aur phir jor neeche kinchtee huee ghap se lund choot me ghuswa letee theen. Pure kamare me humaree sans aur ghapa-ghap, phach-phach ki awaj gunj rahee

Jab hum dono ki tal se tal mil gayee tab bhabhi ne apne hath neeche lakar mere chutar ko pakar liya aur kas kas kar dabochtae hue maza lene lagee. Kuch der bad bhabhi ne kaha, "aaoo ek naya asan sikhatee hun," aur mujhe apne upar se hata kar kinare kar diya. Mera lund 'pak' ki awaj sath bahar nikal aaya. Mai chit leta hua tha aur mera lund pure josh ke sath sidha khara tha. Bhabhi uth kar ghutno aur hathelion par mere bagal me baith gayee. Mai lund ko hath me pakar kar unki harkat dekhta raha. Bhabhi ne mera lund par se hath hata kar mujhe keecnhte kar uthate hue kaha, "aise pare pare kya dekh rahe ho, chalo ab uth kar peeche se meri choot me apni lund ko ghusao." Mai bhi uth kar bhabhi ke peeche aakar ghutne ke bal baith gaya aur lund ko hath se pakar kar bhabhi ki choot par ragarbe laga. Kya mast gol gol gadde dar gand thee. Bhabhi ne jangh ko phaila kar apne chutar upar ko utha diye jisse ki unki raseeli choot saf nazar aane lagee. Bhabhi ka ishara samajh kar maine lund ka supara unki choot par rakh kar dhakka diya aur mera lund unki choot ko chirta hua jar tak dhans gaya. Bhabhi ne ek siskaree bhar kar apni gand peeche kar ke meri jangh se chipka dee. Mai bhi bhabhi ki pith se chipak kar let gaya air bagal se hath dal kar unki dono chicnee ko pakar kar masalne laga. Wo bhi mastee me dhira dhira chutar ko age-peeche karke maze lene lagee. Unke mulayam chutar meri mastee ko doguna kar rahee thee. Mera lund unki raseeli choot me aram se age-peeche ho raha tha.

Kuch der tak chudai ka maza lene ke bad bhabhi bole, "cahlo rajjja ab age utha kar shot lagao, ab raha nahee jata." Mai utha kar seedha ho gaya aur bhabhi ke chutar ko dono hathon se kas kar pakar kar choot me hamala shuru kar diya. Jaisa ki bhabhi ne sikhaya tha mai pura lund dhire se bahar nikal kar jor se andar kar deta. Shuru me to maine dhire dhire kiya lekin josh barhta gaya aur dhakko ki raftar barhtee gayee. Dhakka lagate samay mai bhabhi ke chitar ko kas ke apni aoor keench leta taki shot tagara pare. Bhabhi bhi usi raftar se apne chutar ko age-peeche kar rahee thee. hum dono ki sanse tej ho gayee thee. Bhabhi ki mastee pure parwan par thee. Nage jism jab apas me takrate to ghap-ghap ki awaj aatee. Kafi der tak mai unhee amar pakar dhakka lagata raha. Jab halat bekaboo hone lagee tab bhabhi ko phir se chit leta kar un par sawar ho gaya aur chudai ka daur chaloo rakha. hum dono hee paseene se lathpath ho gaye thee par koii bhi rukne ka nam nahee le raha tha. Tabhi bhabhi ne mujhe kas kar jakar liya aur apni tange mere chutar par rakh diya aur kas kar jor jor se lamar hilate hue chipak kar jhar gayee. Unke jharne ke bad mai bhi bhabhi ki chunchee ko masalte hue jhar gaya aur haften hue unke upar let gaya. Hum dono ki sanse jor jor se chal rahee thee aur hum dono kafi der tak ek-dusre se chipk kar pare

Kuch der bad bhabhi bole, "kayon lala kaisee lagee humari choot ki chudai?" Mai bola, "hai bhabhi jee karta hai ki jindagee bhar issi tarah se tumharee choot me lund dale para rahun." "Jab tak tumhare bhaiya wapas nahee aatee, yeh choot tumharee hai, jaise marzee ho maze lo, ab thore der aaram karten hai." "Nahee bhabhi, kam se kam ek bar aur ho jai. Dekho mera lund abhi bhi bekarar hai." bhabhi ne mere lund ko pakar kar kaha, "yeh to aise rahega hi, choot ki khusbu jo mil gayee hai. Par dekho rat ke teen baj gaye hai, agar subah time se nahee uthen to paroseon ko shak gayega. Abhi to sara din samne hai aur age ke itne din humare hai. Jee bhar kar mastee lena. Mera kaha manoge to roj naya swad chakungee." bhabhi ka kahana maan kar maine bhi jiid chor dee aur bhabhi karwat le kar let gayee aur mujhe apnese sata liya. Maine bhi unki gand ki darar me lund phansa kar chuncheeon ko dono

Do NOT post or request any information that might jeopardise your account security. This includes, but not limited to - private chat invites, sharing of personal contact number, Email Id, Skype Id, FB profile, etc. Xossip will not be responsible for ANY issue (including phishing/hacking, etc.) that these acts might bring. Please See this for more information.


hathon me pakar liya aur bhabhi ke kandhe ko chumta hua let gaya. Neend kab ayee iska pata hi nahee chala.

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Nasili Choot

Hi iss ke doston, Faulad jaisa land walon aur kamsutra ki devi garama garam chut walion ko mera sex bhara land se chut aur gand ko fata-fat sata-sat pelta hua namaskar. Main sexy raj, Jodhpur ka rahne wala hoon aur 27 saal ka, height 6 ft., hathiyar 7” lamba aur 3” mota, topa massroom ke chhate jaisa bara aur gulabi, gora, handsome aur sexy navyubak hoon aur bahut hi private on special demand PLAY-BOY ka kam karta hoon. Main apne achhe achhe dealing ke bare men nam badal kar jaroor likhta rahoonga. Aap log mail se bhi manga sakte hain. Main apko apni pahli PLAY-BOY kaise bana ki kahani likha tha, aap logon ko bahut hi pasand aaya, a lot of thanks, mujhe kafi mail bhi mila, isliye aap sabhi ko dhanyabad. Main subah subah 5 baje ke lagbagh sair par nikalta hoon. Main sair kar raha tha. Tabhi dekha ki ek jagah acchi colony men ek jawan kuttiya ke pakaure jaise phoole hue chut ko ek tagra land wala kutta jiv se chat raha tha aur kutiya madhos hui ja rahi thi. Main idhar udhar dekha to dekha ki samne wale ghar ke khirki se ek jawan aurat is najare ko dekh rahi thi aur apne phoole hue chati ko masal rahi thi, main ek jagah chhup kar sara najara dekh raha tha, kutte ne chalang lagate hue kuttiya ki chut men apna hathaure jaisa land dal diya, kutiya bhaun bhaun karne lagi, kutte ne khub jamkar kutiya ko chodne laga, aurat ke munh se siskari nikalne lagi, uski aankhe band hone lagi, tabhi main ne khirki ke pas jakar dhire se kaha, kya aap bhi aisa chahti ho? Usne aankh kholi aur turant khirki band kar li. Maine socha ki dar gayi hogi, Main kute aur kutiya ki chudai ka najara dekh raha tha. Tabhi us ghar ka gate thora sa khula. Usmen se ek naujawan aurat jhanki, main turant uske paas chala ******************************.
Maine uska naam poocha, usne chand kanwar bataya, mere se puchha aap kaun ho, yahan kya kar rahe ho, mai ne bataya main yahin rahta hoon aur sair par nikla hoon. Maine kaha ki aapko ye chahiye kya? Usne kaha meri shadi abhi 2 mahine pahle hi hui hai, aur mera pati mujhe satisfied nahin kar sakta hai. Main ne apna pura parichay diya ki main ek PLAY-BOY hoon, agar aap meri service lena chahein to main aapko special discount de sakta hoon, kyonki maal bahut hi acchi thi, mera bhi man dol gaya. Usne jhat se apna darwaja band kar liya. Main kya karta chala gaya. Main ab roj sair karne udhar se niklne laga, uske ghar ke pas rukta bhi tha. 10 din baad usne apne ghar se ek parchi feki jis par uska cell no. Likha tha, main ghar aakar use phone kiya aur dher sari batein ki, kafi nakhre ke baad wo ham se chudwane ko taiyar ho gayi, use mana men mera pasina choot gaya, maine deal sirf 500 men final kar diya. Ghar najdik hone ke karan, usne usi raat ko 11 baje mujhe bulayi, Main taiyar hokar 11 baje uske door ka bell bajaya, usne turat hi darwaja khol diya, mere andar aate hi darwaja band kar liya.
Mere se aage chalte hue apne bedroom men aayi, mera to haal bura tha, magar ghar men koi nahin tha, idhar udhar ki batein karne ke baad, usne mere tane hue land ko dekhne lagi aur pas aakar baith gayi, maine signal pate hi uske gardan ko pakar kar uske honth ko chusna suru kar diya, french kiss karte hi wo machal uthi, kya jawani thi? Maine use 15 minute tak khoob chusa, honth ka palida bana diya, phir dheere se maine apna haath uske private jagah par pherna suru kar diya, mujse raha nahin gaya maine fata-fat uske sare kapre utar diye, kya sangmar-mar jaisa sarir tha, chand boli aap apna kapre mujhe utarne do pls., phir usne mere sare kapre uttar diye. Aab main apna khel suru kiya, uske pure badan ko apne jiv se sir se pair tak chatne laga, wo madhosh ho rahi thi, tarah tarah ki awajen nikal rahi thi, maine uske unnat chuchi ko apne munh se jakar kar chus chus kar phula diya, uski chuchi daharein marne lagi, chand boli ab mat tarpao raja, aa jao, main ansuna kar diya, phir main uske chut ki taraf dekha, maa badaulat aaj tak aisa chut maine nahin dekha tha, ekdam gulabi, tight aur pura neet & clean. Maine use kashmiri seb samaj kar jor jor se uske BUR ko kutte ki tarah chatne laga, tabhi chand ne aaahhhhh hhhhhaiiiii mmmmmerrrrrreeee rrrraaaaajjjjjaaaa Mmmmmmaaaaarrrrr dddddaaaaallllloooooo. Karte huye apna pani chor diya, mai kutte ki tarah chatne laga, kya swad tha, jisne chakha hai wahi janta hoga, main uske boor kha jana chahta tha, main uske bur ko chat chat ka lal kar diya.
Aab maine apna tana hua hathiyar uske munh men landa chaha to wo mana karne lagi, maine kaha rani apne pure paise mere se assol lo, baad mein kuchh mat kahna. Phir wo sarmate huye mera ghore jaisa land apne munh men lekar chusne lagi, mera land to ser jaisa chigharne laga, idhar main bhi uske madmast chut ko 69 position men chat raha tha, 15 minute bad main uske bare bare najuk aur kathor chuchi par apna sara maal gira diya, chand bhi jhar chuki thi, phir uthkar dono bathroom men jakar dhoya. Wapas aakar maine uske chuchi ko phir se sahlane laga, chand bhi mera land ke sath khilwar karne lagi, kuch hi der mein ham dono apne garma-garam jawani ke saath chudai ke jang ke liye apna apna hathiya lekar taiyar ho gaye, phir kya tha chand kutiya bani aur main kutta, apne land ko uske gore gore nasili chut par nisana sadh kar aisa jhatka mara ki uski phuri deh bhukamp ki tarah dol gaya aur chut ki darar phatne lagi, ghamandi chut ka samna pagal hathi ke land se hone ja raha tha, wo chilla uthi, main nahin mana uske chut me pelta raha, maine kaha randi pahle chudwana nahin chahti thi ab dekh kaise main tere chut ko bhosra banata hoon.
Har 5 minute ke baad chodne ka style change karta raha (doston ye bahut hi private baat hai, agar aap 5 minute men style change karoge to jaldi nahi jharoge aur sustane ka mauka bhi mil jayega, aajma kar dekhna). Uski to haalat patli hole lagi kyonki lagbhag 30 minute se main use kutte ki tara, ghore ke land se dhaka maar maar ka chod rahat tha, uski chut sooj gayi, is bich chand 3 bar jhar chuki thi, wo boli bas ho gaya, main bola mera to abhi nahi hua, phir maine use kaha ki agar bur ka halat kharab ho gaya hai to apni gand men le lo, kafi na nukur ke baad wo mani, maine uske gand ki khub chatai ki, phir apna land uske rasili madmast gand ke ched par rakhkar dhire dhire ghusane laga, wo chillane lagi, maine kaha dhiraj rakho bahut maja aayega, main bhi ruk kar uske chuchi ko dabane laga, phir jor jor se chodne laga, wo bhi ab mast hokar mere se gand marwane lagi, maine uski gand ki aisi chudai ki, ki usne apna pani 2 bar chor chuki thi, ab kahin jakar mere land ne uske gand mein holi ki pichkari ki tarah apne land se virya ki pichkari mara, wo sisssskkkkkaaaaarrriii bharne lagi, chand nihal ho gayi. Us rat maine use 3 baje tak chodta raha. Phir 3 baje apna paisa jo khus hokar usne 1000 rupye diye the lekar ghar chala gaya.

Lagbhag 4 mahine baad ekdin wo city bus mein mili, wo garbhwati thi, maine use puchha to wo boli, main to nihal ho gayi, maa banne wali hoon, aapka upkar sada mere upar rahega, maine kaha iske maine aap se paise liye the, chand boli paisa to mera pati bhi kamata hai, magar jo sukh aapne mujhe diya hai, wo ab jivan bhar yaad rahega. Main computer par time ki kami ke karan likhne men thora kamjor hoon magar chut aur gand par apne land se likhne men ustad hoon, jisne likhwaya hai wahi janta hai.

Do NOT post or request any information that might jeopardise your account security. This includes, but not limited to - private chat invites, sharing of personal contact number, Email Id, Skype Id, FB profile, etc. Xossip will not be responsible for ANY issue (including phishing/hacking, etc.) that these acts might bring. Please See this for more information.


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Doston, ladki ko seduce karke chodne mein bada maza aata hai. Bas seduce karne ka tareeka theek hona chahiye. Maine apni ghar ki naukrani ko aise hi seduce kar khoob choda. Ab suno uski dastaan. Mera naam hai Vijay Chudakkad. Mere ghar mein ul zalool naukraniyon ke kaafi arse baad ek bahut hi sundar aur sexy naukrani kaam par lagee. 22-23 saal ki umar hogi. Sawlaan sa rang tha. Medium height ki aur sudaul badan, figure uska raha hoga 33-26-34. Shaadi shuda thi. Uska pati kitna kismat wala tha, saala khub chodta hoga. Boobs yaani chuchiyan aisi ki bas daba hi dalo. Blouse mein samata hi nahi tha. Kitni bhi saari se woh dhakti, idhar udhar se blouse se ubharte hue uski chuchiyan dikh hi jaati thi. Jharu lagate hue, jab vah jhukti, tab blouse ke upar se chuchiyon ke beech ki darar ko chupa na sakti. Ek din jab maine uski is darar ko tirchi nazar se dekha to pata laga ki usne bra to pehna hi nahi tha.

Kahan se pahanti, bra par bekar paise kyon kharch kiye jaiye. Jab voh thumakti hui chalti, to uske chutar hilte aur jaise keh rahe hon ki mujhe pakdo aur dabao. Apni patli si cotton ki saree jab voh sambhalti hui saamne apne bur par haath rakhti to man karta ki kaash uski choot ko main choo sakta. Karari, garam, phuli hui aur gili gili choot mein kitna maza bhara hua tha. Kaash main ise chum sakta, iske mamme daba sakta, aur chuchiyon ko choos sakta. Aur iski choot ko chuste hue jannat ka maza le sakta. Aur phir mera tana hue laura iski bur mein daal kar chod sakta. Hai mera lund ! Maanta hi nahin tha. Bur mein lund ghusne ke liye bekarar tha. Lekin kaise. Yeh to mujhe dekhti hi nahi thi. Bas apne kaam se matlab rakhti aur thumakti hui chali jaati. Maine bhi use kabhi ehsaas nahi hone diya ki meri nazar use chodne ke liye betaab hai. Ab chodna to tha hi. Maine ab soch liya ki ise seduce karna hi hoga.

Dhire dhire seduce karna padega varna kahin machal jaye ya naraz ho jaiye to bhandaa phoot jayega. Maine usse thodi thodi baaten karna shuru kiya. Uska naam tha Aarti. Ek din subah use chai banane ko kaha. Chai uske naram naram hathon se jab liya to lund uchhla. Chai peete hue kaha, "Aarti, chai tum bahut acchha bana leti ho". Usne jawab diya, "bahut acchha babuji." Ab karib karib roz main chai banwata aur badhai karta. Phir maine ek din office jaane ke pehle apni shirt press karwai. "Aarti tum press bhi acchha hi kar leti ho." "Theek hai babuji," usne pyari si awaz mein kaha. Jab biwi idhar udhar hoti, tab main usse idhar udhar ki baaten karta. Jaise, "Aarti, tumhara aadmi kya karta hai ?" "Sahab, voh ek mill main naukri karta hai." "Kitne ghante ki duty hoti hai ?" Maine pucha. "Sahab, 10-12 ghante to lag hi jaate hain. Kabhi Kabhi raat ko bhi duty lag jaati hai." "Tumhare bachhe kitne hain ?" Maine phir pucha. Sharmaate hue usne jawab diya, "Abhi to ek ladki hai, 2 saal ki." "Use kya ghar mein akela chor kar aati ho ?" Main puchta raha. "Nahi, meri boodhi saas hai na. Voh sambhaal leti hai." "Tum kitne gharon mein kaam karti ho ?"

Maine poocha. "Sahab, bas aapke aur ek niche ghar mein." Maine phir poocha, "To kya tum dono ka kam to chal hi jata hoga." "Sahab, chalta to hai, lekin badi mushkil se. Mera aadmi sharaab mein bahut paise barbad kar deta hai." Ab maine ek hint dena uchit samjha. Maine sambhalte hue kaha, "Theek hai, koi baat nahi. Main tumhari madad karoonga." Usne mujhe ajib si nazar se dekha, jaise pooch rahi ho - kya matlab hai apka. Maine turant kaha, "Mera matlab hai, tum apne aadmi ko mere paas layo, mai use samjhaoonga." "Theek hai sahab," kehte hue usne thandi sans bhari. Is tarah, doston maine baton ka silsila kaafi dino tak jaari rakha aur apne dono ke beech ki jhijhak ko mitaya. Ek din maine shararat se kaha, "Tumhara aadmi pagal hi hoga. Arre use samajhna chahiye. Itni sundar patni ke hote hue, sharrab ki kya zaroorat hai." Aurat bahut tez hoti hai doston. Usne kuch kuch samajh to liya tha lekin abhi ahsaas nahi hone diya apni zara si bhi narazgi ka. Mujhe bhi zara sa hint mila ki ye tasvir par utar jayegi. Mauka mile aur main ise dabochun. Chudwa legi. Aur akhir ek din aisa ek mauka laga. Kehte hain upar vale ke yahan der hai lekin andher nahin. Ravivar ka din tha. Biwi savere hi maike chali gai thi. Hamare dono bachhon ko bhi saath le gayi thi. Keh kar gayee thi "Aarti aayegi, ghar ka kaam thik se karva lena." Maine kaha, "Theek hai," aur mere dil mein laddo phutne lage aur laura khara hone laga.

Voh aayee, darwaza band kiya aur kaam par lag gayee. Itne din ki batcheet se hum khul gaye the aur use mere upar vishwas sa ho gaya tha isi liye usne darwaza band kar diya tha. Maine hamesha ki tarah chai banwai aur pite hue chai ki badhai ki. Man hi man maine nischay kiya ki aaj to pahal karni hi padegi varna gaadi chut jayegi. Kaise pahal kare ? Aakhir mein khayal aaya ki bhai sabse bada rupaiya. Maine use bulaya aur kaha, "Aarti, tumhe paise ki zaroorat ho to mujhe zaroor batana. Jhijhakna mat." "Sahab, aap meri tankha kaat loge aur mera aadmi mujhe dantega." "Arre pagli, main tankha ki baat nahi kar raha. Bas kuch aur paise alag se chahiye to main doonga madad ke liye. Aur bibiji ko nahi bataoonga. Basharte tum bhi na batao to." Aur main uske jawab ka intezar karne laga. "Main kyon batane chali. Aap sach mujhe kuch paise denge ?" usne poocha. Bas phir kya tha. Kudi pat gayee. Bas ab aage badhna tha aur malai khaani thi. "Zaroor doonga Aarti. Isse tumhe khushi milegi na," Maine kaha. "Haan sahab, bahut araam ho jayega." Usne ithlaate hue kaha. Ab maine halke se kaha, "Aur mujhe bhi khushi milegi. Agar tum bhi kuch na kaho to.

Aur jaisa main kahoon waisa karo to ? Bolo manzoor hai ?" Yeh kehte hue maine use 500 rupai thama diye. Usne rupai table par rakha aur muskurate hue poocha, "Kya karna hoga sahab ?" "Apni aankhen band karo pehle." Main kehte hue uski taraf thoda sa badha, "Bas thodi der ke liye aankhen band karo aur khari raho." Usne apni aankhen band kar li. Maine phir kaha, "Jab tak main na kahoon, tum aankhen band hi rakhna, Aarti. Varna tum shart haar jayogi." "Thik hai, sahab," sharmate hue aankhen band kar voh khari thi. Maine dekha ki uske gaal laal ho rahe the aur hoth kaanp rahe the. Dono hathon ko usne saamne apni jawan choot ke paas samet rakha tha. Maine halke se pehle uske maathe par ek chota sa chumban kiya. Abhi maine use chua nahin tha. Uski aankhen band thi. Phir maine uski dono palkon par baari baari se chumban rakha. Uski aankhen abhi bhi band thi. Phir maine uske gaalon par aahista se baari baari se chooma. Uski aankhen band thi. Idhar mera lund tan kar lohe ki tarah khara aur sakht ho gaya tha. Phir maine uski thodi (chin) par chumban liya. Ab usne aankhen kholi aur sirf puchte hue kaha, "Sahab ?" Maine kaha, "Aarti, shart haar jayogi. Aankhen band." Usne jhat se aankhen band kar li. Main samajh gaya, ladki taiyar hai, bas ab maza lena hai aur chudai karni hai. Maine ab ki baar uske thirekte hue hothon par halka sa chumban kiya.

Abhi tak maine chua nahi tha use. Usne phir aankhen kholi aur maine haath ke ishhare se uski palkon ko phir dhak diya. Ab main aage badha, uske dono hathon ko saamne se hata kar apni kamar ke charon taraf ghumaya aur use apni bahon mein sameta aur uske kaanpte hothon par apne hoth rakh diye aur choomta raha. Kas kar chooma abki baar. Kya naram hoth the mano sharaab ke pyale. Hothon ko choosna shuru kiya aur usne bhi jawab dena shuru kiya. Uske dono haath meri peeth par ghum rahe the aur main uske gulabi hothon ko khub choos choos kar maza le raha tha. Tabhi mujhe mahsoos hua ki uski chuchiyan jo ki tan gayee thi, mere sine par dab rahi hain. Bayen haath se main uski peeth ko apni taraf daba raha tha, jeebh se uski jeebh aur hothon ko choos raha tha, aur dayen haath se maine uski saree ke palloo ko niche gira diya. Dayan haath phir apne aap uski dayeen chuchi par chala gaya. Aur use maine dabaya. Hai hai kya chuchi thi. Malai thi bas malai. Ab lund phunkare maar raha tha. Baye haath se maine uske chutar ko apni taraf dabaya aur use apne lund ko mehsoos karwaya. Shaadi shuda ladki ko chodna aasaan hota hai. Kyonki unhe sab kuch aata hai. Ghabraati nahi hain. Bra to usne pehni hi nahin thi, blouse ke button piche the, Maine apne dayen hathon se unhe khol diya aur blouse ko utar pheka. Chuchiyan jaise kaid thi, uchal kar haathon mein aa gayee.

Ekdum sakth lekin malai ki tarah pyari bhi. Saari ko khola aur utara. Saaya bas ab bacha tha. Voh khari nahi ho paa rahi thi. Main use halke halke khichte hue apne bedroom main le aaya aur lita diya. Ab maine kaha, "Aarti Raani ab tum aankhen khol sakti ho." "Aap bahut paaji hai sahab", sharmate hue usne aankhen kholi aur phir band kar li. Maine jhat se apne kapde utare aur nanga ho gaya. Lund tan kar uchal raha tha. Maine uska saaya jaldi se khola aur khich kar utara. Koi underwear nahi pehna tha. Maine baat karne ke liye kaha, "Ye kya, tumhari choot to nangi hai. Chadhi nahi pehanti." "Nahin sahab, sirf mahina mein pehanti hoon." Aur sharmaate hue kaha, "Sahab, parde khich kar band karo na. Bahut roshni hai." Maine jhat se pardon ko band kiya jisse thoda andhera ho aur uske upar let gaya. Hothon ko kas kar chooma, hathon se chuchiyan dabai aur ek haath ko uske bur par phiraya. Ghungrale baal bahut acchhe lag rahe the choot par. Phir thoda sa niche aate hue uski chuchi ko munh main le liya. Aha, kya ras tha. Bus maza bahut aa raha tha. Apni ek ungli ko uski choot ke daraar par phiraya aur phir uske bur mein ghusaya. Ungli aise ghusi jaise makhan main churi. Garam aur gili thi. Uski Siskariyan mujhe aur bhi mast kar rahi thi. Maine cherte hue kaha, "Aarti raani, ab bolo kya karoon ?" "Sahab, mat tadpaiye, bas ab kar dijiye." Usne siskariyan lete hue kaha. Maine kaha, "aise nahin, bolna hoga, meri jaan." Mujhe apne karib khichte hue kaha, "Sahab, daal dijiye na." "Kya daloon aur kahan ?" Maine shararat ki.

Doston chudai ka maza sunne mein bhi bahut hai. "Daal dijiye na apna yeh laura meri andar." Usne kaha aur mere hothon se apne hoth chipka liye. Idhar mere haath uski chuchiyon ko masalte hi jaa rahe the. Kabhi khub dabate, kabhi masalte, kabhi main chuchiyon ko choosta kabhi uske hothon ko choosta. Ab maine keh hi diya, "Haan raani, ab mera yeh lund teri bur mein ghusega. Bolo chod doon." "Haan haan, chodiye sahab, bas chod dijiye." Aur voh ekdum garam thi. Phir kya tha, maine lund uske bur par rakha aur ghusa diya andar. Ekdum aise ghusa jaise bur mere lund ke liye hi bana tha. Doston, phir maine hathon se uski chuchiyon ko dabate hue, hothon se uske gaal aur hothon ko chooste hue, chodna shuru kiya. Bas chodta hi raha. Aisa man kar raha tha ki chodta hi rahoon. Khub kas kas kar choda. Bas chodte chodte man hi nahi bahr raha tha. Kya cheez thi yaaron, badi mast thi. Uchal uchal chudwa rahi thi. "Sahab, aap bahut acchaa chod rahe hain, chodiya khub chodiye, chodna band mat kijiye", aur uske haath meri peeth par kas rahe the, Tange usne meri chutar par ghuma rakhi thi aur chutar se uchal rahi thi. Khub chudwa rahi thi. Aur main chod raha tha. Main bhi kehne se ruk na saka, "Aarti raani, teri choot to chodne ke liye hi bani hai. Raani, kya choot hai. Bahut maza aa raha hai. Bol na kaisi lag rahi hai yeh chudai." "Sahab, rukiye mat, bas chodte rahiye, chodiye chodiye chodiye."

Is tarah hum na jaane kitni der tak maza lete hue khub kas kas kar chodte hue jhar gaye. Kya cheez thi, ekdum chodne ke liye hi bani thi shayad. Doston man nahi bhara tha. 20 minute baad maine phir apna lund uske munh mein daala aur khub chuswaya. Humne 69 position li aur jab voh lund choos rahi thi maine uski choot ko apni jeebh se chodna shuru kiya. Badi ajeeb baat hai na. Koi dusri aurat ko chodne mein bara maza aata hai. Khas kar dusri baar to itna maza aaya ki main bata nahi sakta. Kyonki ab ki baar lund bahut der tak chodta raha. Lund ko jharne mein kaafi samay laga aur mujhe aur use bharpur maza deta raha. Kapde pahanne ke baad maine kaha, "Aarti raani, bus ab chudwati hi rehna. Varna yeh lund tumhe tumhare ghar par aakar chodega." "Sahab, aap ne itni acchhi chudai ki hai, main bhi ab har mauke mein aapse chudwaoongi. Chahe aap paise na bhi do." Kapde pahanne ke baad bhi mere haath uski chuchiyon ko halke halke masalte rahe. Aur main uske gaalon aur hothon ko choomta raha.

Ek haath uske bur par chala jaata tha aur halke se uski choot ko daba deta tha. "Sahab ab mujhe jaan hoga." Keh kar voh uthi. Maine uska haath apne lund par rakha , "Raani ek baar aur chodne ka man kar raha hai." Kapde nahi utaroonga. Doston, sach mein lund khara ho gaya tha aur chodne ki liye main phir taiyar. Maine use jhat se litaya, saari uthai, aur apna laura uske bur mein pel diya. Abki baar khachakhach choda aur kas kar choda aur khub choda aur chodta hi raha. Chodte Chodte pata nahi kab lund jhar gaya aur maine kas kar use apni bahon mein jakad liya. Chumte hue chuchiyon ko dabate hue, maine apna lund nikala aur use vida kiya. Kaisi lagi yeh vardaat, sach sach batana.

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