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Old 3rd September 2009
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Well, I did and she did. I nursed her and she jerked me. She must have given me two gallons of her milk but I know it was really much less. In turn I shot load after load of my cream from her masturbating me. There were even a couple of time she jerked me even though I hadn't nursed her. I was in heaven but then thought about Dad coming home and began to fill with dread. Finally late Sunday night Dad came home. Mom kissed me goodnight right after and said we'd have a nice talk the next day.

"Good morning Ed," Mom said as I entered the kitchen. She was fixing breakfast. Her short robe was partly open at the top and I could see the tops of her large breasts.

"Morning Mom. How was your trip Dad?" I asked trying to sound normal.

"Real good son but I have to leave again this weekend to wrap up the details. Your mother said you were a real help while I was gone."

"Uh, well yeah I guess." I almost choked on my orange juice.

"Good because I'll be counting on you being every bit as helpful this weekend." Dad finished his coffee, kissed Mom and waved as he left for his office.

"Mom," I finally managed to say, "What did you tell him? I mean he doesn't know about you know..."

"Don't worry son. He doesn't know anything. Now if you're finished eating would you like something to wash it down?"

She was standing next to me exposing one milk filled breast. I opened my lips and took in the dripping thick nipple and began feeding. Mom pressed my head firmly to her breast and I felt her other hand moving lower. Since she was standing I knew she couldn't be reaching for my crotch so I managed to turn my head enough to see what she was doing.

Her legs were open and she had her hand inside her robe. It was moving and I knew she was rubbing herself. I pulled back releasing her milk giving nipple.

"Mom for some reason I never thought that you would have needs, too. I mean here I've been nursing from you and then enjoying you making me cum. Should I be doing more for you?"

"I'm not sure that would be such a good idea son. It's enough I let you nurse me then for me to get you off."

"Well yeah but it's not like I was hitting on you or anything. I just thought since you've been so good to I should return the favor."

"Actually I wouldn't mind if you wanted to make me feel good. Tell you what; let's go to your room. At least there I can lie down a be comfortable."

Once we were in my room Mom dropped her robe and for the first time I saw her naked. Wow, she was so sexy looking all I could do for a few minutes was stare at her. Not only did she have a pair of really big boobs but her waist was still rather narrow meeting her flared hips. What really caught my attention was the total lack of pubic hair.

"Your father likes me clean shaven. I hope you like it, too. Now why don't you take off your pajamas and we'll lie down. My breasts are full and starting to hurt. Don't worry about your sister, she's already had breakfast."

I was kinda nervous at first since it was the first time we were both naked and on my bed to boot. Soon enough I was back to suckling her milk as she guided my hand between her legs. What I found was a warm wetness and Mom held my wrist showing me what she wanted.

"There rub me right there. Mmmmm, that feels good. Now raise your finger up a little higher and feel the hard nub just above my slit. Yeah, that's my clit and it's very sensitive."

I was doing like she said and found it very exciting. My organ was throbbing and touching her belly. Mom told me about slipping two fingers inside her slit while using my thumb to massage her clit. She started moaning and then wrapped her fingers around my swollen shaft.

"Oh baby you're making me feel so good down there. Just keep nursing and feeling me between my legs. I can tell you like touching me because you're harder than normal. Now keep doing that with your fingers and you will make mommy cum. Would you like to cum with me?"

I moaned into her breast as my fingers moved in and out of her hot wet slit. Her hand slowly pumping me started moving faster and Mom started breathing real hard.

"More, Ed, more with your fingers and faster. Yeah, do it harder. I'm going to... oh my I'm cumming."

Mom took a deep breath and held it while I felt the hot gooey liquid gushing from her slit. Her hand really starting pumping me hard and fast I and felt my orgasm rushing up my long thick tube. Just as my thick juice erupted I clamped my lips down real hard on her milk squirting nipple and sucked hard.

Most of my hand was covered with her bodily cream as my young seed pumped onto her belly and thighs. For several minutes we both moaned and kept moving our hands until the explosion of our mutual orgasms subsided. We didn't move just lay side by side panting in the after glow.

"Wow, Mom, I don't think I've ever cum that hard before."

"The same for me, son. You really have talented fingers for a boy that's never done this before. Are you alright with what we just did?"

"Alright... alright? I don't think it could ever get any better. Uh, would you like to do this again?"

"Yes," Mom said laughing. "I'd love to have a repeat but not right now. You have chores to do and I have the house to clean."

We went about doing what needed to be done. Mom cleaned and I mowed the front and back yards. We did say anything more about that morning but in the afternoon I did nurse Mom again only this time we kept our hands to ourselves. I wasn't disappointed because I was sure we would do it again the next morning.

The rest of the week went by quickly. Every morning after Dad left Mom and I would undress and lay on my bed. I would nurse her, play with her slit and she would jerk me off. Not once did we fail to bring the other to a mind blowing orgasm. In fact a couple of times I got Mom off twice before I shot my load.

We didn't have our mother/son time Friday morning because Dad was leaving and Mom had to take him to the airport. I was upset at first but remembered we would have the rest of the day and the weekend for our mutual masturbations and my nursing.

"Come on, Ed, it's time to take care of your mother. My breasts are so full they are leaking and my bra is soaked. Besides they hurt and I need your help." She took my hand and we went to my room.

We quickly undressed and instead of laying side by side Mom had me on my back. She placed her knelt over me and cupped her huge milk filled and leaking breasts over my face. Using her hands she began to knead them and almost instantly her milk was spraying from her thick hard nipples all over my chest and face.

"I've been wanting to try that for a few days," she laughed seeing my shocked expression. "Besides I'm so full I needed a quick release. Now put your lips around my nipple and drain me."

Mom leaned over and my lips latched onto one dripping nipple. I sucked and was rewarded with her hot sweet milk. Trying to reach her slit I found it pressed to my belly and I could feel her wetness on my skin. Mom reached back and took my organ and began pumping it. She moved her hips up and down my belly moving lower and lower all the time. Suddenly I felt something hot and wet on the tip of my organ. Then there was more heat and more wetness and it was all over my shaft. I felt Mom moving her hips and I realized she had place my organ inside where I normally put my fingers.

"Yes," she hissed loudly. "Yes it feels just as good as I thought it would. I've been wanting to feel you inside me all week and now I have you."

I was shocked and didn't know what to do or think. There is was nursing from my mother's breast while she had put my organ inside her slit. Now she was moaning and moving her hips lifting and lowering them on me. It suddenly hit me that Mom and I were having sex.

"Mom are you sure this is what you want?"

"Yes, Ed, this is what I want. Feeling your lips sucking out my milk and fingering me just wasn't enough. Now I have you feeding on my milk and your cock on my cunt. You're big and thick just like your father and now I'm going to teach you how to fuck."

I'd never heard my mother swear before and her using such language shocked me almost as much as her putting me inside her body. While my mind was spinning my body was responding. Hearing her talk dirty inflamed my sexual desires and I started lifting my hips to meet hers coming down. Quickly we found a rhythm and soon it was like we had been lovers for years.

"But what about Dad? I mean don't you love him anymore?" I managed to pant.

"I love your father very much but he hasn't been taking care of my needs lately. Since your sister was born and my tits filled with milk he doesn't want that much sex. Now stop talking and suck and fuck."

Having always been a very obedient child I natural did as I was told. My lips returned to the swollen milk filled boob while my hips pumped up and down. The feeling of Mom's hot wet pussy filled my brain. I listened as she moan and groaned. Over and over I felt hot liquid flushing down my shaft and soaking my pubic hair. I knew she was cumming and felt my own very close. I needed air and released her nipple.

"Mom I'm going to cum."

"Yes cum for me. Let me feel your nice big thick cock filling my cunt with your hot creamy cum."

That did it for me as my cock grew thicker. I felt the blast of my orgasm erupting into her tightly clinching pussy. Again and again I felt the hard spurting until my heavy balls grew empty. Mom whimpered her final orgasm and her body fell on mine. We lay still until we could slow our rapid breathing.

"I'm sorry Ed but I couldn't help myself. Don't think I'm some kind of slut but that was the best sex I've had for many months."

"What's to be sorry about? It was the best sex I've ever had you know I've never had sex before. Does this mean it was our last time?"

"Not if I can help it. Now I think we'd better get cleaned up. Your sister will be waking up soon and I need to take care of her."

We spent the rest of the weekend fucking and sucking when not doing things around the house. I suppose at this point I could say we lived happily ever after or that never happened again but I'd be lying. What did happen a few weeks later almost caused me to have a heart attack. Let me explain.

Dad had left in the morning as usual and Mom led me to my room. We were naked on my bed only by now I was on top. My lips were sucking milk from Mom's tit while my hips were pounding my cock deep into her cunt. We were so wrapped up in fucking we didn't hear the front door. Neither of heard or saw Dad as he stood in the doorway of my room.

"What the fuck is going on here?" he shouted.

Instantly I went limp and rolled off Mom. She screamed and tried to cover herself but it was to late, the damage was done. Dad stalked into my room and Mom pleaded with him to listen.

Well, she told him everything including her lust for sex and how she wasn't getting it from him. I kinda felt sorry for Dad as he stood there hanging his head.

"I'm sorry sweetheart," he said softly. "What with things at work and the baby I just lost interest. You know I love you but your boobs always so full of milk it kinds turned me off."

"Well, dear, I love you, too. But I still have needs and there's not much I can do about my milk. They can't stay this way forever but I can't wait until they dry up, besides I like having them nursed and having sex at the same time."

"Dad, are you still mad at me?" I thought it time I said something.

"No, son, I'm mad at me. I can see now what your mother means. Do you think we can come up with some kind of solution?"

"We might if you're willing to go along with what I have in mind."

"OK, shoot."

"Well, I love nursing Mom's big tits and I really don't want to stop. Besides I've read it a woman keeps nursing she can still produce milk for two or three years and maybe more."

"So you're saying you and your sister will keep her tits drained so it doesn't bother me?"

"Something like that but..."

"Yeah, but you don't want to stop fucking her, right?"

"I'll stop if you tell me but I like what we've started and don't want to quit."

"Well I gotta admit seeing you and your mother humping made me mad at first, but then it sorta excited me, too."

"I didn't think that was a banana stuffed inside your pants," Mom quipped. She reached to Dad's pants and opened them. As she pulled them and his shorts down his thick cock bobbed in front of her face. "I know how much you like getting your cock sucked and I've never been much for swallowing, but if you can see your way to letting our son keep my tits drained and still let him fuck me I'll take your cock all the way down my throat and drink your cum."

"This I gotta see," Dad exclaimed.

Mom got on her knees with me behind her. By now my cock had come back to life and was slipping deeply into the hot wet cunt of my mother. I watched as she took Dad's thick cock and press her nose into his pubic bush. While I humped her from behind Dad held her head and fucked her mouth. It was such a turn on I started blasting Mom's cunt full of my cum about the same time Dad shot his load down her throat. Mom, for her part, gushed pussy cream all over my cock and I could see her swallowing Dad's cum.

It was just after I graduated from high school that Mom's big tits finally ran out of milk. I sure was disappointed but you can imagine my relief when our fucking continued. Well it went on until I left home for collage. I get back home often for a weekend and by the time I head back to collage I'm well fucked and sucked. Mom really knows how to take care of her men.

NB: The original story is Mother's Milk
by Trog
Copyright© 2003 by Trog

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Old 6th September 2009
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Stan sat on the couch watching TV with his mother. He was back home from college for a spring break visit. His father, Wayne, as usual, was away on a business trip to Europe and wasn't expected back for another whole week.

Just then, his little sister, Wanda began to cry. Wanda was in a little bassinet at the end of the couch where his mother, Glenda sat. Watching his mother, he saw her get to her feet and lean down over the bassinet to pick Wanda up. Wanda had been an accident that had came along around three months ago. His mother was thirty-eight and having another child hadn't been in her plans. But at least Wayne made enough money she could stay at home and raise Wanda.

Picking up the little baby, she looked over at him and smiled, then sat back down on the couch. Stan saw her reach up and slowly begin to unbutton her gown as he turned back to the TV, feeling a little self-conscious about the fact she was going to nurse the baby in front of him. Out of the corner of his eye, he saw her slowly peel open her gown, revealing her big, milk-laden breasts. They were perfect in his eyes as he slowly turned to openly gawk at them. His mother's eyes met his briefly, but she made no attempt to cover them as she lifted the baby up to one of her breast.

Stan had never seen anything so sensually erotic as a jolt of excitement fired off down inside his cock. He felt it slowly begin to harden and stiffen as he stared at the breast that wasn't being occupied by his little sister. It was exquisite!

The heavy udder was tipped with a perfect circle of dark, pebbled flesh and jutting out of its center was the most beautiful nipple in the world. It was a deep, ruby-red color; the color of a ripened pomegranate seed as it jutted out almost a full inch. It was easily as big around as his little finger as it proudly thrust itself out into the air. Just then, to add to its eroticism and hasten the erection of his penis, a big drop of white milk slowly oozed out of its tip. The stark whiteness of the milk drop contrasted sharply with the ruby redness of the puffy nipple, as the drop grew larger and larger, then finally dripped down onto his mother's gown.

What a waste, Stan deliriously thought, glancing down at the wet stain the drop had left on his mother's gown. Another drop began to form to replace the earlier one as Stan gawked on in a stunned daze.

His mother seemed to be ignoring his obvious attention as she lovingly looked down at the baby in her arms who was hungrily suckling her other breast.

Stan's heart was pounding, his mouth filled with great clumps of cotton and he was having difficulty breathing. He had never felt anything like it before. His palms were sweaty and his fingers were trembling. It was as if he had just taken an overdose of adrenaline.

Then he found himself slowly leaning toward his mother. As he did, his shaking hand slowly lifted up off the couch. It was as if it had a mind of its own as it drifted toward his mother's exposed breast.

As it did, he saw her turn her head toward him, her eyes following his trembling hand as it drifted closer and closer to her breast.

Amazingly, she made no effort to stop it!

Then, his fingers brushed over the soft, smooth skin of her breast. Stan had never felt skin so soft, so smooth, so warm and giving as his quivering fingers slowly made their way over toward the big, jutting nipple. She still made no move to dislodge his fingers. In fact, if anything, he thought he felt her ever so gently thrust her breast out at his exploring fingers. Another jolt of excitement fired through his swollen cock as his fingers brushed across the nipple!

The protruding pap was hard and swollen, yet soft and giving to the touch as he ran a fingertip across its milky tip, wiping away a big drop of her milk.

Lifting his fingers up to his mouth, he lazily licked the sweet elixir off them. He saw his mother was staring deep into his eyes with a strange look in her hazel eyes. It was the same look he had seen in her eyes as she stared down at the little baby.

Wondering if she would let him, he slowly leaned forward again. But this time, instead of using his hand, he lowered his head down. Ever so gently, he brushed his lips over the perfect smoothness of her breast as they sought out her exquisite nipple. Then, as they touched the swollen nub, he opened his mouth and eased his lips down around it. Closing them around the puffy hardness of her nipple, he began to gently suck as a trickle of her sweet, warm milk flowed out into his mouth. Sucking harder, he was rewarded with more and more of the sugary elixir as he felt his mother's hand curl around behind his neck and gently press him against the soft pliancy of her beautiful, milk-laden breast.

His lips became more insistent as he sucked harder, pulling more and more of her sweet milk into his hungry mouth.

Could this really be happening, he feverishly asked himself? It all seemed to be playing out like a well-scripted play. It seemed so natural and spontaneous. It was as if he had been swept back to his infancy. Back to a time when he had feasted on her delectable treasures, drinking down their precious, bounteous gift to him. But now the sensual eroticism of the act was nourishing other feelings inside his reeling brain.

Suddenly, almost without warning, Wanda backed away from his mother's other nipple. As she did, his mother turned slightly and dislodged her other nipple from his insistent lips. Not a word had passed between them as Stan leaned back away from her, staring down at her spit-covered areola where his mouth had just been. He saw that the beautiful ruby-red nipple was still oozing out a small trickle of her stark white milk.

Watching on through a fog of arousal and excitement, he saw his mother push up to her feet. Then she gently draped Wanda across her shoulder and began to pat her on the back as she padded across the room toward the baby's room.

When she disappeared into the baby's room, Stan quickly reached down and repositioned his now fully erect penis trying to find a comfortable position down in the tight restriction of his pants. Finding a somewhat less restricting position for the swollen monster, he turned his attention back to the TV. Although he was staring at it, he saw nothing but the image of his mother's perfect nipple that had been indelibly seared into his brain. Big, puffy, swollen and hard, its ruby-red hue would be locked into his memory banks forever, haunting him with its perfection every time he looked at her.

He waited, not knowing what would happen next...if anything! Would she even come back to tell him good night after his childish act of stupidity? Would she make him leave for stepping over the bounds of morality? A nineteen-year-old boy suckling on his thirty-eight-year-old mother's breast...why that was such sacrilege!

Several minutes later, he heard the door to the baby's room close. Turning, he looked over and saw his mother looking at him. Her gown was still unbuttoned and gaped open, leaving about half of her big, heavy breasts exposed to his lecherous stare.

Time seemed to stand still as they stared into each other's eyes for the longest time. It was almost as if she were trying to make up her mind about something...

Finally, he saw her shoulders lift and her breasts heave up and down as she took a deep breath and then started for the couch where he anxiously sat. Watching her pad toward him in her bare feet, he could see her gown rustling making its opening expand and contract, giving him brief snatches of her big breasts as they heavily bobbled under the thin material. Her jutting nipples could be easily made out as they proudly jutted out against the thin material of her gown.

She stopped directly in front of him, blocking his view of the television. Looking down at him with the same look she had given him earlier, she leaned over and took hold of his hands in hers. Gently, she pulled him to his feet. Once he was standing, she dropped his hands and stepped to the side. Stan didn't know what to do as he stood looking at her in stunned confusion as she leaned down and crawled onto the couch. Slowly rolling over onto her back, she scooted up the couch until her head was resting on its arm. Staring down at her pretty face, framed by her long, flowing black hair, he waited to see what she would do next. Then, as they stared into each other's eyes, she reached up and lazily peeled open her gown to expose her big, gravity-flattened breast to his leering eyes.

Stan was in a fevered state of excitement, but didn't know what she wanted him to do. Then, she slowly curled her hands around the heavy treasures and lifted them up toward him as if she were offering them up to him.

As he stood transfixed, he saw her eyes glance down at the crotch of his pants. There was no way she couldn't notice his obvious arousal as his big cock jutted out against the crotch of his pants.

Then her eyes lifted back up to his.

"Come...drink..." she whispered.

Like a man who had been poleaxed, Stan dropped to his knees beside the couch. Shuffling up the floor, he stopped when he was even with her beautiful breasts. Her big, ruby-red nipples were still pointing straight up into the air, hard and swollen as he leaned down over her. Still cupping her big heavy breast in the palm of her hand, she lifted it to him as his lips closed down around the perfect nipple.

"Mmmmmmmmm..." she murmured out as Stan began to gently suck on the jutting nub.

Gently flicking the tip of his tongue back and forth over the tip of her nipple, he felt it begin to issue forth a flow of sweet, warm mother's milk. Sucking harder, he swallowed down the first mouthful of the wondrous nectar that had flowed out of her bounteous breast. He was in an ecstatic daze as he gently suckled on his mother's breast...

As he suckled, he felt his mother's hand curl around behind the back of his head as she gently pressed him against her soft, pliant breast. Then, he felt her other hand on his hand. Clasping it in her hand, she slowly lifted it up to her other breast. Now, with his hand resting on her other breast, she released it.

Stan continued to suckle one breast while his fingers found the jutting swell of her other nipple. It, too, was hard and swollen and a little stream of warm, sticky milk was oozing out of its tip. Softly pinching his fingers around it, Stan began to slowly twist and tweak it between his fingers and thumb.

This continued on for the longest time as Stan feasted on the sweet nectar flowing from her breast while his fingers teased and torment the other nipple. His fingers were coated with a sticky film of her sugary mother's milk as Stan finally felt the flow of milk issuing out of the slowly he was sucking begin to wane. He continued to pull and pluck at the puffy nipple with his lips, trying to coax out the very last of its liquid treasure. As he did, he felt his mother's hand on his hand again. Then, gently, but forcefully, she pushed his hand down off her breast. Moving off her breast, he found his hand now resting on her upper belly. But his mother's hand didn't stop there! It continued to push at his hand forcing it lower and lower down over her heaving belly.

Lifting his milk-coated lips up of her milk-smeared breast, he looked down and watched his mother's hand push his hand lower and lower. He saw that her gown had somehow gotten scrunched up during the shuffle and its bottom hem was draped across her upper thighs, leaving her long, shapely legs bare from there down.

As she forced his hand down, he watched her legs slowly part as she opened herself to him. Feeling his hand transverse the last sloping slope of her underbelly, he felt it drop down between her legs. Now the only thing that separated his fingers from her pussy was her panties and the thin layer of gown. His fingers were now only a couple of inches away from the bottom hem that lay draped across her thighs.

Frantically wondering if he should really dare, he turned and looked up at his mother's face. Looking for a clue, he saw her ever so slightly nod her head up and down. Yes! Yes! His frantic mind screamed to him! She wants you to touch her! Touch her in her most secret of secret places! Touch her in the very core of her womanhood! To touch her at the very center of her femininity!

Looking back down at his hand, he slowly inched his trembling fingers down the last two inches to the hem of her gown. Easing his fingers under her gown, he slowly moved them up, searching for her panties.

Then, a searing jolt of electricity jolted through his cock making it jerk and twitch. His fingers had touched her...but not the slippery smoothness of her panties, but the soft, giving touch of bare flesh! She wasn't wearing panties! His fingers were touching bare flesh...touching the soft, bloated lips of her pussy.

Trying to recover from the shock of finding her pantyless, he moved his fingers higher and slowly ran them up the juice-filled vestibule between her gorged pussy lips. God, her pussy was literally covered with hot, wet juice! She was wetter than a country lane after a rainstorm! Why was she so wet, he feverishly asked himself? Surely he didn't make her that hot! Did he? There had never been anything sexual between them...at least as far as he knew, but she was certainly reacting differently tonight...

Then, he felt his fingers find the juice-slickened opening of her vagina. Ever so gently, he eased a finger down into the clutching tightness of the little opening. He could feel the warm, moist mush of her pussy close down around his finger as her eased it down into the clutching socket of flesh.

"Ummmmmmmmm..." his mother softly murmured as he began to slowly slide his finger in and out of her.

Still slowly working his finger in and out of her, he added a second finger and leaned down over her. His lips found her soft full lips as he gave her a soft, lingering kiss...

As they kissed, another spasm of electricity tore through his cock as he felt her fingers brush down the front of his pants. She was touching him! Touching him through his pants! Touching his cock with her fingers! His cock was so hard; he could drive nails with it as he felt her fingers fumbling against his cock.

Then another jolting sear of excitement ripped through it as he felt her fingers find it and pull it out through the opening of his pants.

Her hot fingers were all over his penis! Touching, exploring, measuring, plucking, picking at it as her tongue stabbed into his mouth. Frenching him with her tongue, she clutched and groped at his rock-hard cock while he eased a third finger down into the clutching tightness of her cunt.

Pleasuring each other with their hands, they kissed for the longest time before they finally broke, gasping for breath.

"So big..." she whispered, clutching at his eight-inch prick.

He had always been proud of his larger than life-sized penis, but to have his mother's hand wrapped around it as she praised its size was beyond belief. Was he bigger than his father, he sickly wondered, dropping his mouth back down onto the big, swollen nipple jutting up at him? It was still oozing out a tiny stream of her sweet mother's milk as he tried to coax out even more.

After a few moments, he felt her hand lift off his cock, leaving it impatiently jutting straight up into the air. He felt her fingers on his hand, pushing, forcing his hand back and dragging his juice-covered fingers out of her drooling cunt.

Lifting his mouth up off her breast, he leaned back to see what she would do next.

She quickly dropped her hands down to the bottom of her gown and pulled it up over her heaving belly. As she did, she exposed the forbidden treasure that lay between her outstretched legs.

Staring down at her pussy, Stan ran his hands down to his pants and unsnapped them. Then, he quickly shoved them down his muscular thighs and grabbed hold of his jutting penis. With his hand wrapped around it, he forced it back through the opening of his shorts and frantically shoved them down, too. Now he was naked from the waist to his knees with his giant prick proudly jutting up into the air.

"Yes..." his mother softly hissed, spreading her legs even wider for him.

In a frenzied state of excitement, Stan lurched up to his feet, letting his pants and shorts go slithering down his legs to his ankles. Fumbling and stumbling, he flopped down onto his knees between her outstretched legs as she held her arms up to him, welcoming him down into the forbidden cleft between her legs. Welcoming him down into the place where no son ever had the right to go.

Then her hands dropped down to his jutting, bobbing cock, forcing its stiff rigidness down, and guiding its evil, tapered head down to the oozing hole below it. As she led the giant down to her own defilement, she gazed up at him with a distant, unfocused look in her brown eyes. It was almost as if she were looking right through him.

The moment Stan felt the tip of his penis find the opening of her vagina, he groaned and slid all eight inches of hard, hot meat down into her waiting emptiness.

"Oh, God! Oh, God! Oh, God," he groaned out.

He was in her...his cock was inside his mother's cunt...he couldn't believe it! He was actually fucking his mother!

Wallowing in the sheer perversion of the moment, Stan felt his mother's inner thighs rub against his hips as she lifted her feet up into the air. Then he felt the rounded softness of her heels dig into his ass cheeks while she began to hump herself up at him, begging him to fuck her.

Lurching into action, Stan began to pound his prick down into her pussy with deep, thrusting strokes. She gave no quarter, hunching herself up at him with the same ferocity as his pounding attack. Their bodies clashed together, their bellies slapping together with loud, obscene sounds. They were both grunting and straining as they fucked and the whole room was filled with the sick sounds of their lovemaking.

Mother and son...man and woman, they fucked like animals in the street. Nothing was held back as they fought and clawed their way toward victory and the finish line.

Never had Stan felt such emotion, such passion, such fury as he felt now. And the gravity of what they were doing was heavily pressing down on his shoulders. He was fucking his mother! The woman who had brought him into the world! The woman who had nurtured him...and nourished him with her own essences...giving of herself totally and without reservation...just as she was doing now, but with such a sick, obscene, unclean difference! And he was taking it...taking from her that which should never be taken from one's own mother, he sickly thought. But there had been no stopping it! It was just as he had earlier thought. It was as if they were actors on a stage...actors in a sick, depraved play...each of them following their lines and acting on cue as they rushed toward a calamitous final curtain call.

Stan's big cock was pistoning in and out of his mother's hot cunt, sending her juices flying everywhere. Murmuring out her pleasure, she thrust herself up at him, taking all that he had to give and begging for more as she pounding her heels into his bounding ass urging him on.

Stan was amazed by the sudden transformation of his mother. Soft and loving only moments earlier, she had changed so rapidly. She was now a wild woman...a hellion...taking more than he had ever imagined a woman was capable of taking. She was the leader...leading him down the path toward to the total destruction and devastation of the innocence that had once existed between them.

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The burn down inside his flopping balls began as he pumped his peter in and out of the hot, unforgiving tightness of her cunt. He wanted her to come first, but that seemed doubtful, he frantically told himself as he found himself rushing toward a monumental upheaval of an unprecedented magnitude. It was as if every nerve, every fiber, every atom in his body was crying out, gathering itself for the colossal eruption!

Then, as he hammered his cock into her hot pussy, he felt its hot mush begin to tighten around pistoning peter. It clutched tighter and tighter, adding more and more friction as it began to clamp down around him in anticipation of its own implosive denotation.

Her eyes were clenched shut, her face contorted into an agonized grimace. Her heels were digging into his jerking ass, kicking him harder and harder as she grunted out with effort. With her back arched, she was thrusting her breasts up against his chest, painting it with streams of the hot, sticky mother's milk that was flowing from her swollen, puffy nipples. Both of them were covered with her clinging white milk as their bodies wetly rubbed together in sick tandem.

Fighting to hold back the impending explosion, he could feel her clutch on his cock growing stronger and stronger.

Suddenly, just at the moment he felt a spasm of electric pleasure jolt through his cock as it lurched and spewed out a giant gush of hot, creamy cum into her cunt, she began to quiver and groan. Straining against her, he thrust his jerking, spurting peter down inside the tight clutch of her spasming cunt as it furiously milked it. The pleasure, the ecstasy of it all, he giddily thought as his penis spewed out its milky, seed-filled semen into her hungry pussy. Her nails were painfully dug down into his skin and her heels were dug in beside them, holding him imprisoned down inside her convulsing cunt as she came and came and came. Hot gushes of her pussy-juice were spewing out around his cock, covering everything with its hot stickiness. On and on it went for what seemed like hours before he felt her finally began to relax down around him, her cunt loosening its death-grip on his spurting giant. Then he felt the searing jolts of pleasure ripping through his cock begin to weaken and grow farther apart until at last they stopped altogether...

Stan couldn't move! He was numb from the waist down! All the fiery electricity that had ripped through his nerve endings had burnt them to a crisp. Lying atop his mother, he rested his weight on his knees and elbows as he stared down into her lovely face...

"God...Mother..." he finally groaned out when his breathing had returned to some semblance of normalcy.

"My...Baby..." she murmured out, slowly caressing his hair with the tips of her fingers.

They didn't speak for the longest time after that as Stan leaned down and gave her a long, soft, lingering kiss on the lips.

At last, just as he broke the kiss, he felt his defeated warrior, now soft and limp, come slithering out of her cum-filled cunt. As it did, it was followed by a gush of thick, white goo that splashed down onto the couch between her legs.

Staring down at her lovely face, Stan saw her looking up at him with a soft, faraway look in her eyes.

"I'm sorry that I let that happen," she said, so softly that Stan was barely hear her. "But it was wonderful..."

"Awesome," he grunted, finally able to move as he rolled off her and inched back down until his face was even with one of her heavy, gravity-flattened breasts.

Reaching out, he cupped the breast and brought it to his mouth. The beautiful nipple protruding from its darkened tip had softened and shrunk down to only a portion of its earlier size.

Closing his lips around it, he began to tease it back to hardness...

NB: The original Story is Nipples
by BarondeSade©

Copyright © 2008, BarondeSade. ALL Rights Reserved.

No portion of the story may be reproduced for profit without the express, written permission of the author...

An erotic fantasy from the pen of BarondeSade...

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Amazing stories!!!!
Repped u for urs efforts



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Never in a million years did I think something like this could ever happen. Totally by accident I became obsessed with seducing my own son, and I ended up becoming his lactating fuck toy.
Let me start at the beginning. My husband Ethan is currently serving a two-year tour of duty overseas. And just before he shipped out, he left me the most wonderful present: the kind that takes nine months to make.
Having a baby at 37 was a little scary, especially when your first child was already in high school. But E. J. was a real trooper; I guess we both saw this new addition as a way to keep ourselves busy and distracted while Ethan was gone.
There was one way that E. J. couldn't help me much, and that was at feeding time. I'd breastfed my first son, and I wanted to do the same for my second. The problem was, for some reason this time around my C-cup breasts didn't seem to want to produce quite as much milk, and I was a little worried that I wouldn't be able to keep up with my baby's needs.
So I spoke to my doctor, and she gave me a clean bill of health. She said it was probably just nerves, and she told me to have a subliminal MP3 made. I could listen to it while I slept, and the hidden messages would help me to relax and deal with the stress.
I called the company she recommended, and told them exactly what I wanted. They helped me put together my personal mantra, and said I should play it every single night. It worked just like they promised; in fact, the problem was that it worked too well.
Looking back now, I probably should have made it clearer that when I "desired to breastfeed my son," I meant just my newborn son. And that when I found breastfeeding to be a "pleasurable experience," I certainly didn't mean sexually. But as it turned out, my husband had been gone for a very long time, and E. J. was the closest thing to him, and one thing led to another.
It started slowly. I began to notice that my breasts were still tingly, even after the baby had fed. I figured it was because of the extra milk I was starting to produce, so I took to wearing cotton nipple pads just in case.
I also noticed another 'tingling' lower down, but put that down to missing my husband. I began taking care of my needs after everyone else had gone to bed. But I really surprised myself when I started picturing E. J. in my fantasies instead of Ethan. At first it happened once, but as time went on it happened more and more, and for longer and longer each time.
Then came the moment of truth. I actually made myself come, while thinking about my son instead of my husband! And when I was done, my nipple pads were soaked through and I needed a shower. It was in the shower that it occurred to me to try and see if I really could seduce my own son.
The very next day I stopped wearing the pads—or a bra—and switched to thinner, lighter-colored blouses. E. J. definitely noticed, and when he asked me about it I told him it was because my breasts felt sore. Which was true, but not for the reason I said.
Every so often I caught him staring at my chest, especially when some of the milk leaked out, wetting the fabric and making it more see-through. Whenever that happened, I couldn't help but smile to myself, because my plan was working.
Step two was to start to feed the baby in front of him. The first time it happened, I wanted it to look unplanned, so I pretended I was too tired to get up off the couch. In reality, I was leaking like a sieve, and not just on top. I'm sure E. J. could smell my arousal, even if he didn't know what it was.
I unbuttoned my blouse, and my older son turned his head away in embarrassment. It was so adorable! The baby latched onto my nipple, and I sighed with a mix of relief and arousal. The noise startled E. J. into looking over; then his face flamed red and he dropped his eyes.
I couldn't have asked for a better opening. I said, "It's okay to look if you're curious, E. J. He's your brother, and breastfeeding is the most natural thing in the world."
His face was still bright red, but my permission seemed to help him relax. I invited him to sit down on the sofa next to me and even to ask me questions. Which he did, questions like how did it make me feel, and what happened to the leftover milk when his brother was done. I have to admit that even though I wanted to encourage him, his interest still managed to make me blush a little.
Even so, when I switched his baby brother over to the other side, I 'forgot' to tuck the first breast back inside my blouse right away, which gave E. J. plenty of time to gaze at the dark, wet and swollen nipple. When I saw him squirm on the couch and shift his leg over, I knew I was making the kind of progress I was hoping for.
For the rest of the week, he kept looking over at me whenever I picked up the baby, and I could tell that he was hoping for a repeat of the experience. But I kept him waiting all the way till Friday, because I had a pretty good idea of what was going to happen when we did. It turned out I was right.
This whole time I was faithfully listening to my subliminal MP3, usually while fingering myself to a climax, not realizing how much it was feeding my desires. Getting all the way to the end of the week was hard enough; I honestly don't think I could have held off any longer anyway.
That evening I showered right after dinner, and put on a fresh outfit: my thinnest white blouse and a nice skirt. I also added just a hint of makeup, because I didn't want to make my son too suspicious. The stage was set; now to spring the trap.
This time I made sure to sit on the couch right next to E. J. while he was playing a videogame. After a few minutes the baby began to fuss, and I could feel my nipples harden and start to leak. With a polite "Excuse me," I unbuttoned my blouse and let my son—both my sons—have what they were waiting for.
E. J. was trying to be casual; he kept stealing glances as he pretended to be playing his game. When the game was over, instead of starting a new one, he shyly asked me, "Is... is it okay if I watch you again, mom?"
I nodded and leaned back, stretching the gap in my blouse wide and causing my other breast to pop out. I felt so shameless, so free! This was what the past four weeks had been building up to, and I was ready.
So was E. J., I could tell. When I exposed my breast, his eyes went wide, and I felt his gaze like a physical thing. His tongue flicked out to wet his lips, and the rhythm of his breathing changed. This time he didn't squirm; he just spread his legs slightly, making room for the lump I could clearly see forming. I hummed softly, trying to disguise my moaning.
And again, when I switched his brother to the other side, I didn't bother to tuck my breast away. I could feel my nether region leaking again, and this time I was pretty sure that E. J. had figured out what that odor meant. And it didn't seem to bother him at all.
"I want to breastfeed my son. I desire to breastfeed my son. I enjoy breastfeeding my son. I will produce more than enough milk to breastfeed my son. Breastfeeding my son will be a relaxing experience. Breastfeeding will help my son bond with me. I will feel pleasure from breastfeeding my son. I will have no concerns about breastfeeding my son. If I have to, I can breastfeed in public. I can even breastfeed while others are watching. Breastfeeding is natural. Breastfeeding is enjoyable...."
E. J. told me later on that I was whispering my mantra over and over without even realizing it, and loud enough for him to make out some of the words. That was the key that helped me figure out what happened to me. But by then, of course, it was much too late.
This time, as the baby finished, I made no move to button up or even cover up. Instead, while I finished burping him, E.J. said, "Mom, you look so beautiful."
I smiled. "Thank you, dear. That's so sweet of you."
He smiled back, then looked away. I knew he was working up the courage to ask me something, and I was pretty sure what it was. So to encourage him, I said, "Yes?"
"Mom, um...."
"What is it, E. J.?"
"Um, uhn. Can I, can I find out what it tastes like?"
The trap was sprung. My smile grew bigger. "Of course. Let's just put your brother to bed."
He turned off the TV and followed me into my bedroom. I'm sure he tried to stay behind me to hide his erection, and that it was making him walk a little funny. Whereas I had nothing left to hide; as soon as I laid the little one down in his crib I took my top off completely.
"There. That'll just get in the way," I said as I leaned against the headboard, propping a pillow behind my bare back for comfort.
E. J. was still staring at my naked chest, but he hadn't come any closer. I knew he was probably having second thoughts, so I said, "Do you still want to do this, baby?"
"Yeah, but," he muttered, looking down at the floor, "only if it's okay with you."
"It's okay with me, my darling son. You know how much I love you, and your baby brother hasn't changed that. Now come here, and get that taste I promised you."
That seemed to convince him. He crawled onto the bed, into my lap, and put his mouth over my nipple. At last! The moment he began to suck, I felt fresh milk start to flow. And fresh juices elsewhere. I didn't even try to stifle my moan.
"Ahnnnnn. That's it, E. J. Don't stop. Please."
"It tastes so good, mom! Warm and sweet." He went back to suckling, and I pulled his head hard against my breast with both my hands.
As E. J. continued to suck, my nether region began to throb. The harder he pulled, the better it felt. "I will feel pleasure from breastfeeding my son," I whispered to myself, and it was true. My hips started rocking, and my panties under my skirt were totally soaked.
"Ohh!" I said. "Suck harder, E. J., just like that. Now bite it gently, ahh!" I heard him hum his agreement. "Yes, baby, I'm almost there... pull harder, drain me dry, if you love your mommy keep going!"
And just when I felt the thick sluggishness that meant the breast was running dry, the combination of his suction and my built-up sexual needs were finally enough to push me over the edge. My lower half contracted, then exploded! I felt thick liquid flow right through my already-soaked panties and onto the hem of my skirt, which had somehow gotten hiked up in all the excitement.
I could hardly believe that I came just from my son suckling at my breast! But as happy as I felt, deep down I knew that we weren't even close to being done yet. I pulled E. J.'s head away from my breast and up toward my face. His lips were still wet, so I licked them, tasting my own milk for the first time ever.
And I didn't stop there. Before I knew it, I found my tongue pressed inside his mouth, followed by his tongue inside mine. As we kissed, like lovers instead of mother and son, the last of my reservations fell away and I knew what I was going to do.
At this point some of you must think I'm a terrible mother who can't even control her own urges! All I can say in my defense is that my confused and lonely body obviously took all those subliminal MP3 messages to mean something more than I thought. And it probably didn't hurt either that based on our ages, we were both at our sexual peak.
As we squirmed on the bed kissing, I slid my hand down to the front of his jeans. Sure enough, the bulge I felt—and his moan when I felt it—told me that E. J. was ready too. I rolled him away from me and stood up next to the bed. As I unzipped my skirt and slipped off my wet panties, all I said was, "You too."
He got the message, humping up his hips off the bed and sliding out of his jeans and underwear in one wild motion. As he kicked them onto the floor, I reached over and helped him pull off his shirt. Then I lay back down and pulled my naked son on top of naked me, guiding his mouth to my aching breast.
As he eagerly drained it, I felt the familiar tingle return to my lower half. I hugged E. J.'s shoulders, and felt his other hand reach up to fondle and play with my other breast. I twisted and arched my back, biting my lower lip to keep from moaning too loud. But I couldn't stop my lower half from rocking and pressing into my son's hard body, over and over.
I had been without a man for over a year, and nothing could hold me back anymore. "Breastfeeding will help my son bond with me," I thought to myself. So true!
I pushed my son away from my breast and rolled him onto his back. His manhood stood straight up into the air, a slightly smaller version of my husband's. I swung myself over his hips and gently guided him inside me, to where I needed him the most.
He yelped and exploded almost immediately, bucking his hips upward. That was no surprise; I was actually a little surprised that he hadn't already come sooner. Fortunately I went back on the pill to help settle my hormones after childbirth, so there was no danger of an accident.
E. J. stayed hard inside me, which I also expected. Thank goodness for the stamina of youth! I pulled him back up to my waiting nipple to finish the job he started. He did so in record time, sucking and pulling and nibbling and making us both squirm. It was the first time in a month that I was properly drained, and to be honest that felt almost as good as the sex itself.
Speaking of which, when E. J. was finished I rolled us over, putting him on top of me. He took to sex like a duck to water, hitting all the right spots inside me at just the right speed. I came again in record time, screaming into a pillow so as not to wake the baby. He followed soon after, flooding my nether region for the second time in fifteen minutes.
Not that that stopped us, or even slowed us down; we romped merrily away for the rest of the night. And for many more nights after that, believe me!
In fact, within a week, E. J. moved into my bed and began sleeping with me every night. Not that we did much sleeping, especially at first. I stopped listening to my subliminals, since I didn't need them anymore.
Instead we both made it a point to be open to each other at any time. Now we sleep naked, wear very few clothes around the house, and shower together whenever we can. And whenever E. J. wants a quick snack, or a quick romp, he knows I'm available.
I should be ashamed at how easy I've become. I love looking at my man of a son naked, and I know he feels the same way about me. Sometimes we'll have sex in the living room while the baby is down for his nap. Once or twice we've even made it in the kitchen, when E. J. would lay me down on the counter and eat (and drink!) his fill.
But that's all about to change, for two reasons. The first is that my little one has just passed his first birthday, and he's ready to switch to more solid food. More importantly, my husband Ethan's tour of duty is finally up. He'll be coming home at the beginning of next month.
But as much as I've missed my husband, and he's missed his family, I don't know if I can give up the deep bond that E. J. and I now share. And I just may have come up with a way where I won't have to. I've already let Ethan know that as a coming-home present, I ordered him a special MP3 to help him deal with any nightmares and lingering combat stress he might have.
What I didn't tell him was that I also had a few extra subliminals added, to help him get used to the idea of a more relaxed dress code around the house. And not to be jealous or suspicious of how much time E. J. and I are spending together. And to make sure that when he goes to sleep for the night, he stays asleep all the way through the night.
That should give me and my son all the time we need, and help set up the groundwork for letting Ethan in on our special secret someday. Here's to accidental incest, and the joys of lactation.

NB: The original story is
Dear Clubhouse Letters: Lac-cidental Incest
by Born Blitzed (BornBlitzed@Gmail.com)

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For as long as I could remember I had wanted a brother. Sisters were fine and I had one, but there was nothing like another boy around. I had almost given up hope when Mom announced one night she was pregnant. You can imagine my shock and surprise at the news. Mom wasn't a spring chicken anymore at thirty four. Here I was at the ripe old age of nineteen, Mom was only fifteen when I was born, and finally it looked good in my favor. A few months later an ultrasound confirmed the baby was going to be a boy.

Time seemed to fly as Dad and I fixed up the spare room making it very macho all around. The walls were blue with pictures of camping and sports all over. Our job was finished none to soon as my new brother Jack came home. Things were really looking up when tragedy struck us to the quick. Dad was killed at work barely a month after Jack was born.

Connie, my older sister, did what she could to help but she had her husband and kids to take care of so she wasn't around all that much. Still she did manage quite a bit since she lived only a few miles away.

Life was getting back to normal at last. Mom didn't have any financial worries because of Dad's insurance and money they had saved. I was working and going to collage at the same time at still lived at home. It made sense and my expenses were almost nil.

I got home late one Friday night after being out with a group of guys from work. Mom was still up and Jack was being fussy. She was wearing her satin robe slightly bent at her waist changing his diaper. With her back to me I couldn't help but notice how nice her buttocks looked as the silky material covered her backside. My eyes slid lower and noticed her legs below the hem of her robe. It stopped just above her knees leaving most of her legs exposed. As she stood up she turned and was startled.

"Oh, Ken, I didn't hear you come home."

I don't know why but I was suddenly seeing my mother differently. Maybe it was just a son's pride but I found myself thinking she was really a very good looking woman and quite arousing to boot. By now Mom was almost thirty five and still looked much younger. Her long dark brown hair glistened in the light falling straight down her back just below her shoulders. She had the deepest green eyes I'd ever seen and perfectly matched the green of her satin robe. My breath caught in my chest as I saw how well the fabric clung to her body. The top was slightly open at her neck and it was nothing to see the cleavage of her well formed and large breasts. She had quickly regained her slim figure as evident by how narrow her waist was with the tie of her robe cinched firmly. I noticed two dark spots where her breast were hidden from sight and quickly averted my eyes. I knew she was leaking and was about to nurse Jack.

"Didn't mean to scare you Mom. I thought you would be asleep by now," I quickly said.

"Well I would have but your brother has other ideas. Probably a good thing, too, because I have to feed him."

"OK, Mom. Nite and I'll see you in the morning," I said quickly making my way down the hall to my room. I lay on my bed, butterflies churning in my stomach. I really wasn't sure what was going on, but my body was telling me something. For the first time I had seen my mother not in the way I always had growing up, but in a much different way. I mean she aroused me. Yeah, I was sexually excited just seeing her wearing her robe. Well seeing her cleavage I knew had a lot to do with it. That had been the most I'd seen of her breast flesh in my life and I liked it. I began to wonder if there was something wrong with me lusting after my own mother like this.

I woke in the morning still with the same painful erection I had gone to sleep with the night before. It was all I could do to get up and make my way to the bathroom without hurting myself. Once inside I shed my clothes, turned on the shower and stepped inside. Instinctively my soap filled hand began to slowly stroke my rigid organ. Visions of the night before and seeing Mom's massive cleavage and the wet spots in the front of her robe aroused me to new heights. I began to have thoughts of wanting to see them unfettered, naked before my eyes. I wanted to touch and feel them, to once again suckled from her nipples as I had at Jack's age. I began to envy him and his drinking of her breast milk. My hand fairly flew up and down my throbbing shaft as my swollen testicles tightened, the sperm deep inside boiling until it raced up and was released. I watched the thick long streams of my seed being wasted against the shower walls only to slide and mix with the water flowing down the drain.

After my brief sexual interlude alone I dressed and went to the kitchen. I knew Mom would be fixing breakfast and I was famished. Turning the corner I paused to watch her at the stove. She wasn't wearing her robe this morning, just her two piece baby doll nightgown. Again I was so taken with how she looked. It wasn't the first seeing her like this but it was the first time I stopped to take note. The bottoms of her night wear allowed her legs to be exposed well up on her thighs and they looked so very good. While I had seen her wearing this before it was the first time I noticed how her breasts pushed the front out so far the bottom didn't quite cover her stomach.

"Morning Mom," I said quickly sitting in my chair. While I had just masturbated seeing my mother like this was having an effect on me.

"Good morning Kenny," Mom said turning and coming closer with my plate. "Here, eat hearty because something tells me you're going to need it." Instead of coming around the table she leaned over and put the plate in front of me.

While the low cut bodice of her top allowed me a nice view of her cleavage when she bent over I was afforded and much better look. The top, being loose to begin with, fell open and I was looking at most of her naked breasts as they dangled before me. Contrary to what most will think or say I wasn't instantly erect, but seconds later I certainly was. It seemed Mom held herself like that for the longest time as if she was letting me look as much as I wanted. I finally realized what I was doing and forced my eyes to my plate. Without a word I feverishly downed my breakfast and went to the backyard to start my Saturday chores. Nothing was said about the incident and I was glad. It was also the last time I got even close to seeing that much of my mother for several weeks.

Jack was two months old and really becoming a problem. I was beginning to find gallons jugs of milk in the fridge and didn't understand why. I finally decided to ask Mom what was going on and she sat me down to explain.

"Jack, it seems, has decided he doesn't want to nurse all that much anymore. So I've had to start buying milk for him."

Now I'd had sex education in high school but for some reason the full implications just didn't sink into my mind. I simply excepted her explanation and let it go. It wasn't until a week later I realized that there was a real problem.

"Hey Mom," I said coming home only to find her crying. "What's wrong?"

"Oh, Kenny, I was hoping you wouldn't have to know. Jack's not nursing at all, in fact not for the last three days. I've been doing everything I can think of but my breasts are so full they hurt."

"Gee, Mom, what about that pump thing you brought home from the hospital?" I asked in all innocence.

"I don't want to sound crude but that thing sucks and not very well. I've had to use my hands and try to force the milk out, but it's not working like I was told."

My mind began spinning as strange thoughts raced around inside my brain. Dare I suggest something? Could I muster up the courage? Would Mom accept my offer or would she get mad and call me perverted.

"I don't suppose there's anything I can do to help is there?" I asked figuring that would be the least offensive.

"There is, but I can't ask it of you. No, we can't, we shouldn't, it's so wrong but tonight I'm desperate. Kenny, come with me to my bedroom and I'll let you help me. Tomorrow I'll see the doctor and find another way."

I couldn't believe what Mom was saying. She wanted me to go with her and relieve her pain, namely she wanted me to suckle from her large milk filled breasts. Nearly tripping over my own feet I followed her. Mom stood silently beside her bed as she slipped off her nightgown. My eyes went wide seeing her naked save her panties. Her large breasts had little sag even though they were obviously heavy being filled with her milk. White drops of liquid had formed on each thick nipple and her breasts jiggled as she lay on down on her side. She lifted one arm in invitation and I was eager to accept.

Mom gently pulled my lips closer to her breast and they opened without my thinking. Slowly she pressed me closer and my natural instinct caused me to suckle, drawing from her body the life giving nourishment as she had done so many years before. I was ecstatic tasting of her and feeling the warm liquid as it easily flowed into my greedy mouth. As her one breast was all but drained I shifted to the other full one, all the while Mom gently caressed my head and made soft cooing sounds. I had heard her making the same sounds when she had nursed Jack and thought it was what she had done with me as a baby.

The time taken to nurse her dry took most of half and hour, but it was just about the most enjoyable time I could remember. Having finished we said our goodnights and I raced for my room. I possessed a rather large bulge in my shorts that stood well in front of me and I could only hope Mom didn't see it. Once securely in the privacy of my own room I doffed my shorts, filled my hand with baby oil and quickly commenced to masturbate. Even I was surprised at how quickly I climaxed not to mention the about of sperm that ejaculated from my organ. Exhausted, spent and sated I easily drifted off to sleep.

Over the next few weeks Mom and I repeated our first performance and always in the evening after Jack was down for the night. She would lead me to her room, remove her nightgown while keeping on her panties and lay down. I would snuggle in close and begin nursing. After each time suckling her I would race to my room and relieve myself. I was becoming frustrated and didn't know why.

In the middle of the third week of our nightly rendezvous I decided to become more bold. This time, having noticed how Mom's breathing always seemed to increase, I lay with my lips to her breast drinking her milk. My hand moved down and began rubbing the bulge in my crotch. While it felt nice there was something lacking. As I cautiously lowered the zipper of my pants I felt Mom moving her arm. There was enough distance between us neither could feel by touch what the other was doing so I proceeded. My pants finally open I carefully extracted my throbbing organ and began to slowly stroke it.

Mom must have felt the change because now her bed was moving unlike it had before. Even though I was trying to stroke myself slowly it still caused movement. As I sensed a different motion of her bed I raised my head to shift from the empty breast and firmly clamp my lips to the fuller nipple. While doing just that I glanced down and saw my mothers hand moving rapidly inside her panties. I knew what she was doing and said nothing as I again began to suckle her. The weeks before had taught me just when one of her breasts was about to become empty and I felt the familiar feeling once again. It was about the same time as I felt her body moving and just knew she was coming very close to an orgasm. Fervently I suckled harder as my own stroking of myself increased. I was at a point where I couldn't stop. Moments later, just as Mom groaned loudly, I felt my own release and ejaculated. Because we were laying so close almost facing each other a lot of my sperm gushed out and landed on her stomach. Some managed to spurt high and hard coming very close to the bottom side of her breasts.

Without a word I quickly rose from her bed and fled to my room. I was physically relieved but emotionally my mind was in a turmoil. I had just masturbated and climaxed while nursing my mother. Just as certain I was sure she had also climaxed because of the moan she gave out. I was mortified and almost didn't come out of my room the next morning. Hunger convinced me it was foolish to deny what I needed.

The next couple of days were very quiet around our house. Mom and I didn't speak, but not because we were angry with one another. It was, I had to assume, because both were ashamed of what happened that night. Mom was obviously in great discomfort and I longed to go to her, but my shame wouldn't allow it. Finally after three days Mom came to me.

"Kenny, I'll forget the other night if you will. Please come with me to my room. I've done the best I can but it's not nearly enough. I'm so full and really hurt. Come, my son, and nurse from me."

How could any son who loves his mother refuse her plaintiff plea? Together we went to her room and, as usual, Mom removed her nightgown. By now just the sight of her large firm milk filled breasts was becoming a normal sight for me, but still I couldn't help from becoming aroused. The major difference in this night was I was wearing only my boxer shorts as we lay on her bed. After a few minutes suckling the milk from her breasts my hand moved down and removed my erection from the slit in my boxers. As usual it was hard, thick and throbbing as my fingers curled around the hot shaft. I was nursing with my eyes closed slowly moving my hand up and down when I felt fingers touching mine. They moved around my fist and moved as it moved. I felt a cool soft touch on the bulbous head coating it with the clear fluid that always oozed from the small slit centered at the tip.

I had been with a few girls that seemed to live for the time when they could wrap their fingers around my shaft and I cautiously removed my hand from myself. The fingers sliding over the tip of my erection smoothly moved down and curled themselves around my shaft. For only a moment my mouth ceased with suckling as my mind told me Mom was holding my hot hard organ. Her hand, slicked by the oozing fluid from inside, moved easily up and down my shaft feeling much better than my own. I moaned and once again began to suckle her pulling from her large firm breast her milk.

Feeling her hand stroking me was a new height in sexual arousal, one I wasn't willing to have stop anytime soon. I began to become bolder as my hand, formerly encompassing my erection, moved to her thigh. Her skin was hot to my touch and her only flinch was to shift slightly and allow her leg to move away from the other. The movement caused my hand to rest lightly on her stomach as my little finger felt the elastic of her panty. I hesitated for a moment then moved my hand lower. Easily my fingers slipped inside the waistband as the tips touched her pubic hairs. Without waiting I allowed them to move lower until I felt the warm wet heat coming from inside her body.

Mom grunted as my fingers touched the large swollen nub I knew was her clitoris. Her fingers tightened around my turgid shaft as her hips shifted closer to my hand. I was finding it very difficult to keep my lips working to suckle her nipple as she gripped my organ every tighter. My fingers moved further down slipping quite unexpectedly between the soaking wet folds of her vagina. Quite unintentionally my long middle finger entered her body as her hand began moving more rapidly along my shaft. By this time I had shifted from her right breast to the left and in doing so she was now laying almost completely on her back. Still she continued to stroke me as I began to explore the new hot depths of the inside of her.

Again and again I felt her hips raise almost thrusting onto my hand forcing my finger to move ever deeper inside. For a reason unknown to me I began to rub the hard nub of her clitoris with my thumb bringing about more thrusting and louder moans from Mom. Her breast was empty yet neither of us was willing to stop just yet. Mom's hand moved ever faster and I plowed my finger hard into her body. Suddenly she went rigid, her body nor hand moving for several moments. Finally she grunted, her body shook and I felt a tremendous hot liquid flooding covering my finger and hand. As she began to slowly relax her hand moved again only this time faster and harder. I knew just how close I was, but couldn't speak. My breathing was ragged, my erection pulsing. Moments later, my testicles sucking up tightly to my groin, I felt the sperm rushing up my shaft. Great gouts of my hot seed erupted only to land on Mom's breasts and stomach. She continued to pump me as more and more of my young hot seed covered half of her body before I finally was all but finished.

My first feeling, after the sexual release I needed, was shame at what we had done. I quickly withdrew my finger and hand from between her legs and even more quickly raced from her room. Alone in my bed I cried. What, I wondered, have I done? I just brought my mother to climax with my finger as she had done the same to me with her hand. My mind said there was not way I could face her the next morning as I drifted off into a very troubled sleep.

The next morning I was still very troubled. I showered, dressed and waiting as long as I could before knowing I had to face Mom. Sitting in my chair after quietly slipping into the kitchen I looked at her. She was fixing breakfast and, surprisingly, presented a very erotic sight. Being Saturday morning she had dispensed with her normal almost to the floor terrycloth robe and instead wore her baby doll nightgown with one major exception. Every time she had to bent over I saw only the barest hint of her naked buttocks. At first I couldn't believe she was so nearly naked, but after a couple of times seeing her naked cheeks I found myself admiring them. Both were perfectly shaped and without even the slightest hint of fat so common with a woman her age. Don't get me wrong ladies. I'm not trying to say most thirty five year old woman has an ugly buttocks marred by the sight of cellulous globs pock marking their skin, but seeing Mom's buttocks made me think of a woman ten or so years younger.

The skin was smooth and from what I could see very firm. I was reminded of her breasts except her buns didn't have nipples. Thought of lust suddenly leapt into my mind and took all my energy to keep from jumping up behind her filling my hands with her sexy looking backside. I began to wonder if last night had really happened or was this the beginning of a something new in our lives.

"Good morning Kenny," Mom said happily bringing my breakfast. As she had done, was it really only a few weeks ago, Mom leaned over the table to set the plate before me. Automatically my eyes went to her chest as her top fell open allowing me an unobstructed view of her bare breasts. "I hope you slept well."

I'm sure I must have muttered something but was finding it very difficult to make my tongue work. Still my eyes remained glued to the sight of her unfettered breasts bobbing inside her baby doll top. We ate in silence neither having much to say. All the time I kept sneaking peeks at how her breasts moved with her every movement. It seemed to me that most of the time her nipples were hard as I often saw them poking at the front of her top. Finally breakfast was over and I was about to leave just to be away from her and my self induced shame.

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"Don't go yet Kenny," Mom asked softly. I sat back down and looked at her. "What happened last night was very strange," she began looking deeply into my eyes. "I should be ashamed of what we did but I'm not. Since that first time when you climaxed and I felt your hot seed hitting my body I've thought of little else. Knowing you were starting to masturbate made up my mind and I wanted you to climax at my hand, not yours. I enjoyed making you climax just as much as you giving me my orgasm. I don't know about you, but I don't want us to stop.". I was speechless to say the least. Here was my own mother telling me she liked what we had done sexually to each other and wanted more. Now I ask you, what red blooded AMERICAN boy, lest we forget Pearl Harbor and 911, wouldn't? She closed her eyes as her head lowered. Mom couldn't have heard me leave my chair as with all the stealth of a radar invisible bomber I moved behind her. She must have sensed me because her head lifted as she kept her arms folded on the table top. Looking over her shoulder I almost gasped at the expanse of her cleavage filling her baby doll top. My hands lay softly on her shoulders and she sighed lightly leaning her head back further. I lowered my lips to hers as they opened to accept my offered tongue.

Her womanly aroma rose to fill my nostrils bringing about a new and heightened arousal deep within me. It was the musk of a woman with desires and needs. I inhaled deeply taking in the smells of her body still only an hour from sleep. Her odor was sensual and I had yet to encounter anything from within her body, just her aroma. Mom must have cleansed her mouth because it tasted so sweet and fresh even in the morning. I reveled feeling her hot breath escaping her lips to fill my waiting mouth. Her tongue lashed back to mine as we dueled inside the mouth of the other. Mom's breathing was coming quicker as I could barely see her chest rising lifting her large firm milk filled breasts. My hands glided down her front and inside her top cupping and gently feeling her fullness. A wetness coated my palms as she began to leak her milk. This was the first time I had actually touched her breasts and I wanted more of them. Still keeping our lips locked tightly together I helped her to stand, then we were forced to part mouths.

Hand in hand we went to her bedroom, said nothing as we resumed our passionate kissing. As my hand again returned to her milk filled breasts I felt hers groping around the front of my pajama bottoms. Inside I was fully erect and she quickly found the object of her desires. I moved only enough to lift off her top before wrapping my arms around her now naked body crushing her to me. Moments later we were laying on her bed as my lips, leaving hers for the time being, found her turgid milk oozing nipple and I began to suckle. Mom's hand had slipped inside my pajama bottom only to engulf my throbbing organ inside her fist. She was slow and gentle with her stroking as my own hand slide between her open legs to find her warm and wet sex. I finished draining one breast and moved to the other as we still caressed the sex of the other. As I was about to drain the second milk filled breast of my mother her body went stiff and she climaxed. Her milk was now gone as my own orgasm overtook me and I released my hot sperm onto her body. Spent we lay relaxing and regaining our breaths.

"Mom that was every bit as good as last night," I managed to pant as my breathing finally began to slow.

"You don't know just how good that feels Kenny," Mom replied. "It's almost as good as the real thing."

I paused for a moment to digest her words. Not even thinking I raised my hand, the one that had a finger inside her, and began licking and sucking it. It was the first time I had tasted of a woman and found it to be wonderful. Done cleaning my finger we lay close as I idly caressed and fondled her large firm breasts. In turn Mom gently cupped my testicles as they renewed themselves. Before long, being still quite young, I was growing erect again. Our heads moved apart and we looked into the eyes of the other and all we could see was lust.

No words were spoken and none needed as Mom lay on her back. She lifted her legs in invitation as I moved between them on my knees. Looking down I could see she was wet and ready, the moisture glistening on the folds of her vagina. She lightly held my organ and guided me to her. I saw the thick head slipping inside her hot wet folds and gasped in the delight. Never had I felt such heat and the tightness was more than could have been dreamed. Slowly, so very slowly I slipped deeper and deeper inside my mothers body. I wanted it to last, to savor the feeling of her scalding hot sheath as it gripped my pulsing erection. It seemed like was sinking forever into her before I felt the meshing of our pubic hairs and I knew I was fully inside her. We lay still for a long time just loving the erotic feeling. I couldn't resist looking as I lifted my body with my arms. Seeing us so tightly coupled nearly caused my climax, but I managed to keep it at bay. My eyes moved upward to take in the sight of Mom's large breasts laying quietly on her chest only slightly flattened yet they still stood up proudly. The look on her face was one of great pleasure, of ecstasy even lust but not that of a wanton woman. Her lips were slightly parted, her eyes hooded as she smiled at me.

"Now my dear sweet Kenny. Take me. I feel you so very deeply inside my body and I want to feel you making love to me. You are filling as I've never been filled before and simply want to have your hot seed bursting inside. Please, my dear sweet son, take my body hard and fast and make me feel a woman again."

We began slowly at first as we built upon the sensual feelings we were having. Slowly we started moving, me lifting my body until I was almost out of her, then lowering myself back deeply inside. Over and over we moved, Mom lifting her hips to meet mine and pulling back as I withdrew. Our passion was building as we moved more quickly until we were at a fever pitch. We grunted and groaned, our bodies coming together with loud lewd slapping sounds as we pumped and pounded. Again and again until we both came the moment of truth, out climax.

I was very much ready to pull back and not ejaculate inside her, but Mom held me very close and tightly. Her words of love and desire filled my ears as she begged me to fill her with my hot seed. Nothing more could have stopped me as my organ swelled thicker and harder. My testicles pulled up tight forcing my sperm up and it quickly erupted to fill her scalding cavity. Never in my life had I heard my mother scream, but she did that night. It was long and loud and I was very much surprised Jack wasn't awaken.

The remainder of the day was spent almost normally. I did yard work while Mom cleaned house and washed clothes. After supper we sat close together watching TV then it was bedtime. I was just about to crawl wearily into bed when Mom walked into my room. She said nothing, just crooked her finger in a beckoning manner. Her nightgown fell to the floor as she stood proudly naked beside my bed. I watched with my mouth open as her naked firm buttocks swayed invitingly towards her bedroom and I followed. I never spent another night alone in my own bedroom. You see the next day I moved all my clothes to my lovers bedroom. I still call her Mom but only when we're in public.

The original story is
Milk Duds Ch. 08
by Troglodite45©

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Gently lowering Tina down into the crib, Barbara covered her and stood watching as the baby lay sleeping. She hoped that the baby would sleep all afternoon and give her a break. Turning to leave, Barb pulled up the flap of her nursing bra and fastened it, covering the big, swollen nipple that the baby had just been nursing from. Walking out of the room buttoning her blouse, she was thankful that her breast had finally stopped swelling so much. They had been big before Tina had been born, but now they were titanic melons that always seemed to be getting in the way. Like two huge, milk-filled balloons, they sloshed and flopped about heavily as she walked. Even with Tina and occasionally her husband, Cecil, nursing on them, both of them couldn't keep up with her abundance of milk and she had to use a milk pump to relieve the engorgement on occasion. Tugging her blouse together, she could barely button it as her monstrous bosom jutted out against the material.

Now that Tina had, had her lunch, Barbara decided that it was time for her own lunch. Deciding to fix herself a sandwich, she stopped at Mike's room to see if he would like one, too. Mike was Cecil's son from his earlier marriage and had lived with them for the three years of their marriage. Eighteen, he was in high school but was out for spring break and spent most of his time just loafing around doing as little as possible.

"Mike," she said, knocking on his door and pushing it open a little, "is it okay to come in?"

"I guess so," he said, his voice filled with sadness.

"What's wrong?" she asked him, stepping into his room to see what was wrong. "Are you sick?"

"Naw," he sniffled, "I'm not sick."

"What's all this sniffling about then," she asked again, walking over to where he sat on the bed.

"I just miss my Mom," he sobbed.

"Oh, you poor Baby," she cooed, sitting down beside him and holding her arms out to him.

His sniffles broke into a full blown sob as he reached for her. She pulled him to her chest and hugged him lovingly until he finally stopped crying. But after the tears had stopped, he made no effort to move away from her. Knowing how homesick he must feel, she didn't rush him. After a few more moments, he slowly lowered his head down onto the sloping pillow of her bosom and snuggled down against its softness.

Surprised by the unexpected act, she didn't know what to do. She didn't want to push him away and make him feel unwanted, but at the same time, she was becoming extremely uncomfortable with the situation.

At last, she felt him slowly stop hugging her. Thinking he was about to move away, she was shocked when she felt his hand move up and tentatively touch one of her gigantic breasts. She was too stunned to react for several seconds as he rested his hand against her breast. At last, she felt she needed to put a stop to his unwanted advances.

"Uhhh, I was just going down to fix me a sandwich," she stammered, gently moving his hand away from her breast and standing up. "Uh, would you like for me to fix you one?"

She could feel the warmth of the blush on her cheeks as she looked down at him.

"Uh, oh, sure, yeah," he stuttered as his face turning red, too.

"Well, it should be ready in about ten minutes," she told him, turning, hurrying over to the door and stepping out of his room.

Wow, she thought to herself as she hurried down the stairs. What was that all about? Was Mike actually trying to feel me up? Surely he wouldn't do that, she mumbled to herself as she flounced down the stairs, feeling her gigantic bosom heavily tugging at her chest.

As shocked as she had been by Mike's unexpected advances, she found herself strangely disturbed by the way she felt about what had happened. Trying to rationalize her feelings, she knew that Mike was a younger version of his father. So wouldn't it stand to reason that she would be physically attracted to him also? After all, hadn't that been what had drawn her to Cecil in the beginning? And that physical attraction to him had blossomed and turned into love. But as of late, that love was beginning to be tested.

It wasn't her fault that Cecil spent almost all of his time out on the road. And since the pregnancy, he didn't seem as interested in her as he had been before the baby came along. Before she got pregnant, he was always groping her and telling her how much he loved her. And their sex life was good. Very good. He tried to get her in bed every chance he had, but now, now she rarely got him into bed. She hated to think it, but she thought he was getting some on the side. He wasn't very careful about it either. She had recently been finding lipstick stains on his shirts, but he always had some kind of lame excuse, but lately she was beginning to wonder more and more. She had no real proof of his infidelity, but she was becoming more convinced of it. But even if she did catch him, she didn't know what she would do. The slow realization of his infidelity had given birth to a small but insistent resentment that she was being taken for granted . . .

While his alleged infidelity was one matter, she still had feelings, too. She was only thirty and in her sexual prime. And it had been over a week since . . . no don't go there, she told herself.

Stop thinking about it, she angrily berated herself. It will only make things worse. But being groped by her stepson most certainly didn't help the situation. In fact, the more she thought about it, the less depraved it seemed. If she didn't watch out, she just might let some extremely wicked thoughts about Mike creep into her mind.

She knew that she shouldn't be thinking about Mike, especially in that way. But what the hell, she was locked up with him almost twenty-four hours a day now that school was out for spring break. She spent a hell of a lot more time with him than she did Cecil. Mike seemed to always be hanging around. She also knew how randy teenage boys could get. As horny as she was, she could only imagine how horny he probably was. He didn't date as he was still romantically involved with his girlfriend back in his biological mom's hometown. They wrote back and forth and Mike occasionally visited the girl. But his involvement with his girlfriend hadn't stopped him from groping her had it, Barbara told herself.

What would have happened if she hadn't stopped him? What would he have done then? Down deep inside her heart of hearts, she knew that she couldn't let anything like that happen. But at the same time, it gave her a perverse little buzz to imagine what it would be like doing it with an eighteen year old again. What the heck, she was horny and he was available, she sickly reasoned. No one would ever know . . .

Then suddenly, another evil thought popped into her mind. What a joke it would be on Cecil, if she got revenge for his supposed infidelity by fucking his own son. Talk about poetic justice, she laughed to herself. Cuckolding the old man with his own son.

But what about Mike? She shouldn't even be thinking about using him in that despicable, revengeful way.

Yeah, right, Mike would hardly reason that he was being used, she laughed to herself. She imagined that he would gladly sacrifice his dignity for a piece of pussy. Hadn't he just proved that when he groped her? Smiling to herself, she let her mind mull over the delicious irony of it all.

Could she?

Giving her mind free rein, she wondered if Mike was equipped with the same equipment his father came equipped with? Cecil had a big eight-incher and he sure knew how to use it when he finally did get around to it.

Was Mike a virgin, she giddily wondered?

Standing in front of the refrigerator with her hand on the handle, she stared off into the distance without moving. She didn't hear Mike walk into the room.

"What you thinking about, Barb?" Mike asked, stopping in the doorway.

"WHAT IN THE, UH, Oh, nothing, nothing," she said trying not to blush, but failing miserably as her face lit up like a neon sign. "You frightened me."

"Sorry," he mumbled, "What are you blushing about? Your face is as red as a beet."

"Never you mind," she told him, turning and putting the finishing touches on his sandwich and angrily setting it on the table as she shoved it at him. "Here, just eat your sandwich."

"Uh, I'm sorry, Barb," he muttered, "I didn't mean to make you so mad?"

"Don't worry about it," she said emphatically.

"You're still mad at me for, uh, uh, touching, uh, you know what just happened in my room, aren't you?" he stammered, picking up his sandwich, "I just got carried away and forgot myself, I'm sorry if it made you mad."

"Never mind," she shushed him, taking a tiny bite out of her own sandwich.

"I'm sorry," he apologized again. "Please don't be mad at me."

"Don't think another thought about it," she said, reddening even more, "I've already forgotten it."

"Okay," he grinned, "I just don't want you to be mad at me."

"Enough," she blurted out, "you're forgiven. Now hush and let me eat my lunch in peace."

"Sure . . . I'm sorry," he mumbled, taking his sandwich and clomping out of the kitchen.

She sat alone, eating her sandwich and pondering about Mike. She couldn't really be considering anything with him . . . could she? The recent lack of affection from Cecil was having a troubling effect on her. One the one hand, it had created a void inside her that needed to be filled. She longed for his touch. She wanted to feel wanted again. Needed! And not in just a sexual way, either. She needed someone to share her thoughts and feelings with. In a nutshell, she was lonely.

But on the other hand, she was pissed that he was probably fooling around on her. Maybe it was time to get it all out in the open and get it over with. He had to know how she felt and know that if he didn't change his ways, things were going to change. That was all well and good, she told herself, but it was only Tuesday and Cecil wouldn't be back until at least Sunday night, so she had plenty of time to brood over it. And plenty of time for her to get herself in trouble if she didn't watch it. But what else could she do? It wasn't something you discussed over the phone. It had to be a face to face confrontation.

But that said, back to Mike . . . what should she do about him?

Just as she finished her sandwich, she heard Tina crank up again. Getting up, she trudged up the stairs to the nursery. As she passed Mike's room, she saw that he had closed his door. Tina was howling like a child abandoned as Barbara walked over to the crib. Reaching down, she felt her diaper and found that she had wet herself. Quickly changing the baby, she picked her up and felt a twinge of amusement as Tina instantly grabbed at her breast and pushed her face into it. It seemed the child was always hungry, she thought as she laid her down in the crib again. Then Barbara quickly unbuttoned her blouse to bare the child's oversized milk larder.

As she was unbuttoning her blouse, she decided that she had, had enough of the confining constriction of her nursing brassiere for the day. Quickly reaching behind her back, she unfastened the ugly, white brassiere. As she did, the mountains of milk-filled flesh spilled forth in a wiggling, jiggling paroxysm of pink flesh. It felt great to be rid of the squeezing restriction of the brassiere, she grinned to herself as she scratched the quivering mountains.

Maneuvering the bra straps around and down under her elbows and out through the armhole of her blouse, she pulled the brassiere off and hung it on the crib. Picking up the baby again, she lifted Tina's mouth up to one fat, overfilled breast and watched her find the big, ripe nipple with her lips. Barbara could feel Tina's little mouth working and sucking on her nipple as her tiny hands clutched and squeezed the mountainous udder. Then she felt a tingle behind the nipple and the milk began to flow from her breast. Barbara enjoyed the feel of the baby's mouth pulling and sucking on her nipple as the baby's toothless gums massaged and tweaked it mercilessly.

But as Tina's little mouth sucked and pulled on her nipple, the tugging and pulling on it was also having another unsettling effect on Barbara. It was sending tingling tickles of pleasure down to Barbara's clit making it throb and pulsate with arousal. She knew that her clit was swollen as its sensitive head was rubbing against her panties with every tiny movement she made.

This is ridiculous, she told herself, unable to stop herself as she eased her hand down inside her shorts. Cradling the baby against her breast, she quickly found the swollen, aching nub of tender flesh with her finger as Tina continued to tease and torment her nipple. Her big, swollen clit was so swollen and sensitive, her finger felt like sandpaper as she rubbed it back and forth across the nub.

As she stood pleasuring herself, she couldn't stop the image that popped into her fevered brain. It was Mike. Mike, naked and staring at her as he slowly stroked his hand up and down the enormous penis sticking up out of his hairy groin.

Trying to control the images that kept bubbling to the surface, she held Tina close to her breast as the baby suckled her. While Tina was hungrily pulling at her pap, she noticed movement out of the corner of her eye. Not letting on that she had noticed it, she waited for several moments before she turned slightly and sneaked a glance at the door. She felt a rush of heat spread out over her body as she saw Mike peeking around the door. She was still stumped about what to do about him, but she saw little harm in letting him watch her nurse Tina. She pretended that she hadn't seen him and let him watch her suckle Tina. Then, after several moments, she eased Tina away from her breast, letting it flop back down on her chest. Bare and exposed, it jiggled and quivered softly as she let Mike get an eyeful of her big, bare breast before moving Tina to her other breast.

It felt as if Mike's eyes were boring holes through the big, soft cone of flesh as she felt him ogling it. She wondered what he thought of her big, productive nipple as it grew even bigger and harder. As much as she tried to disregard it, she was becoming aroused as much by his presence as she was Tina's hungry mouth . . .

Finally, she felt Tina stop sucking on her breast. She was full. Quickly lifting her to her shoulder, she gently patted her back. Barbara's big, pendulous breasts jiggled and shook wildly as she patted the baby's back. Mike had an unrestricted view of both of them as she made no effort to cover them from his gawking eyes.

Finally, she heard Tina give out a contented little burp. Smiling at the infant, Barbara lowered her back down into the crib. Ignoring her naked, dangling breasts, Barbara straightened up the baby's crib. Leaning over the crib, she could see her huge, pendulous breasts dangling down openly bumping into each other as she watched Tina's eyes slowly grow heavier and heavier. At last, Tina slipped off into sleep.

As she had been leaning over the crib, both of her gigantic breasts had been openly displayed for Mike's viewing pleasure. Even after Tina was asleep, Barbara continued to hover over her, giving Mike an encore viewing of her breasts. But at last, she slowly stood up. Still pretending that he wasn't there, she took her giant breasts in her hands and massaged the big pillows of firm, pink flesh for his benefit. As she squeezed and kneaded her breasts, little streams of milk leaked out of the jutting nipples and ran down her swollen mammaries. There was so much of the frothy white milk, it trickled down onto her flat, hard stomach. Releasing her breasts at last, she slowly ran a finger through the rivulet of milk. Catching a few drops of the white liquid on her finger, she brought it up to her mouth and made a show of licking it off her finger. Then suggestively, she slowly sucked her finger into her mouth, enjoying the slight saltiness of her rich milk and wondering what her show was doing for Mike. Then deciding to give him a real thrill, she gently lifted one great, swollen breast. Lifting it up to her mouth, opened her lips and sucked the great swollen nipple inside. Standing there facing the door, she gently sucked on herself, filling her mouth with her own milk. Finally, she let the great udder flop back down to her chest as a dribble of milk trickled down her chin and back onto her breast. Then, she slowly began buttoning her blouse.

After she buttoned her blouse, she tarried around doing little things to give Mike plenty of time to leave without being caught. After several minutes, she stepped out into the hall. She was still undecided about what to do about Mike and her growing arousal.

He had long since departed, she laughed to herself. Heading back to her own bedroom, she had to pass by his room. As she did, she saw that he hadn't closed his door all the way. Curiosity got the best of her and she had to stop and sneak a look into his room. The way the door was open restricted her view to only the lower half of his bed, but it was enough. She was shocked by what she saw . . .

As she peered through the tiny opening, she could see Mike lying on the bed with his pants down around his ankles and his hand wrapped around a huge, hard cock. She couldn't believe that he had had time to get to his room and get his lovely cock out. Suddenly, it dawned on her. He must have had his penis out when he was watching her. The thought of him watching her and masturbating sent sparks of excitement arcing through her warm, wet pussy. And now those sparks were intensified by watching her stepson's hand jerking up and down on the massive column of meat jutting out of the hairy pit of his belly. Stunned, she saw that he definitely wasn't lacking in the organ department. In fact, she thought the boy's cock outdistanced his father's in both size and length from what she could see. It looked longer and thicker that Cecil's but she couldn't be sure from the angle she was seeing it.

Unconsciously, her hand had crept up to her womanhood. She was rubbing herself through her shorts without even knowing it as she watched her stepson jacking off. She could feel tiny beads of perspiration breaking out on her upper lip as the heat inside her vagina grew. Suddenly, she heard Mike groan as a great geyser of satiny, white cum spewed out of the tip of his cock. The stream of creamy boy-milk shot up in the air at least a foot before splashing back down onto his belly. She could hear him gasping for breath as his cock erupted again and again, spitting more and more of his virile male seed up into the air before it splattered down onto his stomach. But he didn't stop. His hand just kept jerking up and down the thick barrel of his cock. Then finally, he quit stroking himself and let go of his cock. When he did, it flopped back down onto his stomach like a huge, pink worm. It had ended just as quickly as it had begun. Fascinated by his thick, pink prick, she watched it rapidly began to shrivel back to normalcy.

Her own heart was racing and there was a roaring in her ears as she stumbled back away from the door. It felt as if all the blood had left her legs and flowed into her aching pussy. Her legs were so wobbly, she almost fell flat on her face as she staggered down the hallway to her room. She finally made it to her room and closed the door.

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Leaning against the door, she tried to regain her composure and catch her breath.

After several minutes, she stumbled over to her bed and flopped down on it. Rolling over onto her back, she lifted her hips and inched her shorts down enough to expose the forest of cunt hair hiding her womanhood. Poking her finger through the kinky bush of fuzzy hair, she quickly found her jutting clitoris. Gently at first, she began to rub the tiny ball of nerves as it sent a thrill racing up her spine and into the waiting pleasure receptors in her brain. As pleasant as it was, the receptors needed more and soon she was feverishly rubbing the tiny little knot of nerves. Her breath was coming in gasps as she rubbed faster and faster. She could feel control slipping away as she raped her clit with her finger. But she didn't want it to end this way. She wanted more. She wanted a man. At last, just as she was teetering on the edge of an orgasm, she was able jerk her finger away.

Slamming her fists into the bed, she jerked her shorts back up and lay there looking up at the ceiling as she panted to catch her breath.

Looking over at the clock sitting on her nightstand, Barbara saw that it was already four o'clock. Well, do I do it or not, she asked herself? She didn't know if she had the courage (or stupidity) to try it. Part of her said it wasn't stupid while the other part of her said she was crazy for even thinking it. She was torn between two choices. One leaving her unfulfilled and angry at her husband, but safe from all the other consequences. The other choice offering her sexual fulfillment, a chance at some attention, and maybe a sensitivity that was lacking in her marriage now, albeit from a boy. But with the second choice also came the risk of exposure, and ridicule, if they got caught.

Still unable to decide, she thought that maybe a little wine would help. Not only would it help her relax, it would strip away her inhibitions. She knew that she shouldn't do it while still nursing Tina, but she knew that it would probably make Tina sleep better tonight, too. If she should get up the courage later on, that might come in handy.

Then she knew. She knew the wine was just an excuse. It would deaden the guilt she was feeling. Suddenly, she realized that she had already made up her mind and was putting her plan into motion. Getting up, she hurried down to the kitchen and went about preparing a meal that she could later pop into the microwave. As she purposefully moved about the kitchen, she sipped on a glass of wine. Finally, around six o'clock, she had everything ready. Working on her third glass of wine, she poured another glass for Mike and slipped back up the stairs. Knocking on his door, she waited with the memory of him masturbating filling her mind and sending trickles of sexual electricity up her spine.

Finally she heard him turning the door knob.

As the door opened, she was surprised to see that he was only wearing a pair of jockey shorts. Unable to keep her eyes from dropping down to his groin, she saw the impressive bulge of his giant dick jutting out under the thin material. God, she thought to herself, even resting, it was huge.

"I just came up to ask if you would like to join me for dinner in about an hour," she asked him, forcibly pulling her eyes up from his skimpily clad manhood to find him blushing.

"Uh, Well, Uh, sure," he stammered, taken aback at her friendliness after their earlier misadventure. "Uh, sorry about the shorts . . ."

"That's okay, it's just me," she smiled at him, offering him the glass of wine, "here's a peace offering for the earlier, uh, misunderstanding. Okay?"

"Uh, what? Uh, uh, well, uh, thanks," he muttered, amazed at her warmness.

"This is our secret," she said, pointing to the wine as she took a sip of her own, "I wouldn't want anyone to think that I was contributing to the delinquency of a minor."

"I won't tell anyone," he grinned back at her, "that's for sure."

"Good," she smiled again, turning and starting for her room, "I'll see you in an hour then."

Not knowing what to think of her actions, Mike stood watching the sexy sway of his stepmother's lovely derriere as she strolled down the hall.

Feeling only a little tipsy from the wine, she closed the door behind her. Smiling mischievously to herself, she set her wine down and quickly stripped her blouse and shorts off. Standing in front of her mirror, she admired her curvaceous body. She had a face of a model and could easily have been pictured on the cover of almost any women's glamour magazines or on the inside of men's cheesecake magazines. Her breasts were the only thing that had kept her from pursuing a modeling career as they were just too big and she couldn't bring herself to have breast reduction surgery. How could she take away from what she had that most women craved?

Filled with milk, as they were now, they were huge. She was so top heavy, she looked like she would tip over at any moment. Dolly Parton's definitely didn't have anything on Barbara in the looks or breast department. Running her hands down over her body, she traced the magnificent swell of her gigantic breasts, down under their precipitous jutting overhang to the flatness of her tight, hard belly, over the rolling curve of her soft, firm hips and down to the perfect arc of her legs. She was indeed a beautiful woman, even if she had to say so herself.

Hurrying about, she showered and dried off before deciding what to wear for the illicit liaison she was planning. Should she be daring and wear almost nothing, she wondered? It might get Mike too excited. She wanted him, but she also wanted to be loved and treated in a gentle loving manner. She was all mixed up at what she really wanted from him. She wanted a loving lover. But a lover who would respect her at the same time. She didn't know if she could pull it off. She would have to really work to make sure that he didn't think it was a purely sexual thing between them. Finally, she decided that she would dress daringly, but cover it up with a gown. This way she could let him see as little or as much as she felt was needed.

After pulling on a pair of sheer, almost invisible panties, she tugged on a pair of fishnet hose, attaching them to a frilly black garter belt that encircled her slender waist. Picking out a quarter-cup brassiere that matched her panties, she pulled it on and secured it. To call it a brassiere was somewhat of a misnomer. It was actually little more than a platform on which her gigantic tits rested. It didn't even cover the hard, jutting nipples that stuck out proudly waiting for the boy's touch. Searching throughout her closet, she quickly found the gown she wanted and pulled it on. It covered her from her neck all the way down to her feet. With it on and buttoned up, there was very little of her flesh exposed, but at the same time, it exuded a sexiness that at the same time was very modest. Slipping her tiny feet into a pair of high-heeled pumps, she paused before a mirror to give her hair a few strokes before she departed the room.

Stepping out into the hall, she quickly sped down to Tina's room and hoping that the wine would work, she gave Tina her supper. Making sure that she was full, she even gave her seconds after she had burped her. Waiting until the baby had gone back to sleep, she finally left and started downstairs. Walking by Mike's room, she saw that his door was ajar again, just like earlier in the day. Quietly stepping up to his door, she peeked inside and saw him standing in front of his dresser naked as the day he was born. Her eyes quickly sought out his manhood and found it was thick and heavy as it hung down between his legs. It looked like a big, juicy pink sausage that was ready to be devoured. And if she had her way, she would dine on it later in the evening. As she stood watching him and anxiously anticipating the evening, she felt her clitoris tingle with excitement.

Finally tearing herself away from the view, she rushed downstairs and threw everything into the microwave. It was perfect timing as she was just putting the finishing touches on the table when Mike strolled into the room.He had even dressed in clean jeans and T-shirt. Maybe he had somehow sensed the importance of their clandestine meeting.

"Wow," he exclaimed, seeing his stepmother's flowing gown and the feast spread out on the table, "what do I owe you for all this?"

"I hope that you enjoy it."

"You sure look pretty tonight."

"Oh, now," she blushed, pouring them another glass of wine. "I just thought I would dress up a little for our dinner. Do you really like my gown?"

"It's gorgeous," he whistled, complimenting her as he took his glass of wine from her.

"Here's to us," she toasted them, tinkling her glass against his glass.

"Here, here," he agreed, not knowing what else to say as he took a sip of wine.

"This is to a new beginning for us," she smiled at him.

"Uh, I'll drink to that, uh, I guess," he said, still puzzled by her friendliness, "but, what kind of new beginning are you talking about?"

"Oh, I just want us to get to be better friends," she went on, her smile growing softer, "and get to know each other better."

"Oh," he grinned back her, "I think that would be nice. I would like to be your friend."

"I'm glad you do," she told him, sitting down, "because I want to be your friend, too."

The meal passed quickly with several nervous smiles and attempts at small talk that evaporated into the nervous excitement that permeated the room.

"Just leave the dishes for a while, there's no one here to see them except you and I," she smiled at him, reinforcing their isolation from others and bringing a degree of intimacy to their closeness. "I would like for you to do me a favor."

"Sure," he hastily agreed, "just name it. I am at your command."

"I need for you to get a box down for me," she told him, walking over to the door and standing in it so that the light behind her outlined her voluptuous figure beneath the flowing softness of her gown. "It's up in my bedroom, so you'll need the ladder from out in the garage. You get it and I'll meet you in my bedroom."

"Uh, Okay," he gulped, admiring the suggestion of nakedness beneath her gown as the light flooded through its sheer thinness.

"I'll, uh, get the figure, uh, I mean, I'll get the ladder. It's right out there in the garage. I'll just go get that, uh, ladder, out there in the, uh, garage, uh, I'll do that right now," he went on and on, trying to keep her standing in the door.

"That's a good idea," she laughed, turning and walking away from him so he could leave.

She had spent some time earlier in the day preparing the ladder for its part in her evil plan. It would be the catalyst to propel them into their illicit affaire d'amour.

At last Mike came lugging the ladder into her bedroom room.

"Over here," she told him, pointing up into the closet.

"Okay," he said, setting the ladder up where she had indicated.

"It's the box in the back of the shelf," she told him as he started up the ladder. "You're such a dear for getting it for me . . ."

"I'll find it, WHOA," he yelped as the ladder creaked and started to wobble.

"Oh, watch it," she blurted out grabbing at him to keep him from falling. But it was not just pure happenstance that one hand grabbed his butt while the other struck his swollen cock before it also grabbed a hand full of his firm, hard ass.

The bolts she had loosened earlier were not in danger of letting go, but they definitely made the ladder wobbly.

"I'll hold you so that you don't fall," she smiled up at him as she held his tight little ass in her hands, "go ahead and find the box."

"I, uh, I think I have it," he said, lifting the box and turning to hand it down to her.

As he turned, her hands moved from his tight behind around to his bulging cock.

"Careful, I don't want you to fall," she cautioned him, feeling his manhood twitch and jump under her hand, "just bring it down with you."

Her hand pressed against his throbbing cock as he started down the steps. She could tell that he was moving as slowly as he could to prolong their moment of intimacy. But as he took one step down, she moved her hands and took the box.

"Wait there for just a moment while I see if this is the right box," she told him as she set the box down on her bed and opened it.

He stood on the ladder watching as she peeled the box open and reached inside.

He couldn't believe it when she pulled out several frilly negligees and other unmentionables.

"Yep, this is it, but I think there may be another one up there, too," she smiled up at him, walking back over to the ladder. "Would you see if there is another box up there?"

"Sure, I'll look, but I don't think there is," he exclaimed, hopping that she would use his penis for a hand hold again.

Turning around, he felt her hands on his butt as he looked around on the shelf.

"I don't see another box," he said.

"Well, look on the other side," she directed him.

Turning around to look in the other direction, he felt both of her hands on his penis again. He could hardly breathe as he felt her hands squeezing and holding on to him through his pants. Not seeing any box, he still pretended to look as she continued to fondle his manhood. Then, finally, just when he felt he had procrastinated as long as he dared, he felt a rush of cold air on his cock and realized that she had unzipped his pants. He didn't know what to do as he felt her hand on the bare skin of his throbbing penis. He was embarrassed that he hadn't worn any shorts but was now glad that he hadn't when he felt his throbbing manhood spring out of his pants.

"My Goodness . . ." she exclaimed, feigning surprise and delighted to see him so hard and ready, "I seemed to have accidentally opened your pants."

"Uh, oh, uh, what th . . ." he sputtered, a seed of doubt springing into his mind.

How could it have been an accident, he woozily wondered? But, just maybe it had been an accident and now here he was standing in front of his stepmother with his big, stiff cock pointing straight at her.

"I'm sorry that I, uh, accidentally, uh, unzipped your, uh, pants," she blushed up at him, "my ring must have caught on the zipper clasp."

"Oh, fuck, oh, God, oh, Bar, Mom, uh, oh, Hell, I'm sorry," he squirmed trying to reach down, close his pants to hide his aching manhood from the scathing stare of his stepmother, "I'M SORrrrrriiiee."

"Why, you didn't do anything wrong," she consoled him.

"But, I . . ." he blushed as he reached down to his cock.

"No, wait," she told him, "don't cover it up yet."

"What, uh, whuuuu . . ." he mumbled.

"Why is it so hard?"


"I didn't make you this way, did I?" she innocently asked, tenderly running her finger along the puffy underside of his erect, twitching penis.

"Oh, my, God, Barbara, yes—yes—" he gasped, "but I'm going to have a heart attack if you don't stop that."

"Oh. Oh, this is exciting, isn't it?" she cooed, gently wrapping her hand around his jerking maleness and lovingly stroking it. "I can't believe that I made you this hard. And it is such a lovely penis, too. So thick and so hard. And it's so big . . . why I believe that it's even bigger than your father's . . ."

"Do you, do you, do you really mean it?" he incredulously asked, so excited he was barely able to breathe, "you mean, you mean that my, uh, my, my uh, my, uh, my cock is bigger than Dad's?"

"I do believe so," she smiled up at him, "and prettier too."

Helpless to stop her, he now knew that what had happened was no accident. She had probably put the box up there on purpose. And the whole dinner and search had been leading up to this moment. He still couldn't believe his luck as he watched his stepmother lovingly stroking his swollen manhood.

"I thought that you might not be able to make it hard again, after this afternoon," she grinned up at him mischievously as she watched his face turn bright red, "I didn't think you would ever stop coming. But, I would bet there's plenty more inside it now. Right?"

"Oh, God, you saw . . ." Mike grunted out, staring down at her in mortified shame.

Holding onto his rigid penis as it stuck straight out, she bent forward and kissed the gigantic purple cockhead. Watching his whole cock jerk and jump with excitement and expectation, she opened her mouth and slowly encircled his ripe readiness with her hot, soft lips. Sucking him inside the warm, wetness of her mouth, she held his cock inside her mouth for a moment, then began to slowly twirl her tongue around the bulging hardness of his sensitive cockhead. The way his cock was thrashing about, she knew that it would only be a matter of seconds before he would erupt in her mouth if she didn't stop.

"AHGGHHHH, STOP, MOM, PLEEES, OR IM GUNTO CUMMM IN YR MUTH," he growled out, knowing that he couldn't hold it back much longer.

Hearing the excitement in his quavering voice, she locked her lips down around the thick, rubbery shaft of his cock and sucked as hard as she could. That was all it took to trigger the explosion she knew was coming.

Sucking and pulling on the boy's spewing cock, she took all he could spurt. Time and time again, she felt his cock buck and spit creamy gusher after creamy gusher of thick, rich semen into her mouth. As it did, she hungrily gulped it down, swallowing it as fast as she could so she wouldn't lose a drop of his precious offering. Licking and tonguing the great cockhead, she coaxed out more and more of his pearly white milk until at last he had emptied himself into her mouth.

Still holding him in her mouth, Barbara felt him slowly deflate and begin to shrink back to normalcy. With one last little nip at his rubbery cockhead, she let him slowly slip out of her mouth. Leaning back, licking her little tongue around her lips, she admired the heaviness of his half-hard cock as it hung down between his legs.

"That was a tasty treat," she grinned up at him, licking her lips, "maybe I can have some more later tonight. Think so?"

"Oh, God," he gasped, leaning back on the ladder trying to keep from falling off as he now had no feeling in his legs, "you could do that all night long."

"There are a few other things I would like to do first," she said, slowly backing away from him and letting him struggle down to the floor.

"Now that I have taken advantage of you," she smiled at him, "I will give you a choice."


"I know that what I did was wrong but I couldn't stop myself. I guess the future is up to you. If you want to tell your Dad what happened, I'll take all the blame. But . . ." she paused for effect to heighten the suspense . . .

"But what?" he asked her as he leaned back against the ladder watching her.

"If you feel the same way I do, there is no need to tell your father and we can enjoy his future trips as much as he does. We can be the Mommy and Daddy when he is gone. And we can do all sorts of Mommy and Daddy things. I'll leave it up to you. All you have to do is say what you want."

"Really?" he blurted out.

"Really," she smiled, "If you want to . . ."

"I do. I want to be the Daddy," he giggled.

"And I will be the Mommy," she laughed softly, "if you are sure that you can keep it a secret from your father."

"I promise . . ."

As he stood gawking at her with a shit-eating grin spread across his happy face, she walked over to the bed and sat down. She saw that he was staring at her with lust-filled eyes. Admiring his dangling manhood, she noticed that it was already starting to thicken and harden again.

"It will be very difficult to keep it a secret from your Dad," she told him, "but as much as he is gone, maybe we can do it. Do you think we can do it?"

"He won't find out from me," he said. "but I might get jealous of you sleeping with him when he's home."

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"We can worry about that later, not now."

"Okay," he mumbled.

"Okay, then," she smiled, "are you ready for our nuptials?"

"Nuptials? Don't they have something to do with weddings?"

"Well, yes, it does," she laughed, "the wedding and then what comes after the wedding . . . like, you know, what Mommies and Daddies do on the wedding night."

"Oh, I get it," he grinned enthusiastically.

"Then, why don't you take off all your clothes so I can see all of you," she said softly, reaching over and poking through the box that he had brought down from the closet.

Leaning down, Mike hastily stripped in a matter of seconds and then stood awaiting her next command.

"I love the way your great big cock hangs down all thick and heavy," she smiled at him, "if I had known how pretty he was, I would have invited you in here much sooner."

"You're embarrassing me," Mike said shyly, trying to cover his growing maleness with his hand.

"I'm sorry, I didn't mean to make you uncomfortable. I was just telling you how I felt," she explained to him.

"Uh, this is all so new, uh, I'm still kind of embarrassed being naked in front of you."

"Why don't you crawl up here on the bed," she told him, patting the bed by her, "and I'll prepare you for the next event."

The swirling excitement of the moment was obviously evidenced by his rapidly hardening penis. By the time he had crawled up on the bed and sat down beside her, it was already half-hard and trying to lift its big purple head up into the air.

"My, My," she exclaimed, "He's getting big and hard again. And so quickly. I'm impressed."

Blushing, Mike saw that Barbara had four pairs of handcuffs in her hand and a wicked smile on her face. While two pair seemed normal sized, the other two pair were bigger. Big enough to fit around a man's ankle, he giddily thought.

"I'm going to find out if you really trust me," she told him.

"Trust you?" he choked out.

"Is it okay if I handcuff you to the bed?"

"Uh, I, uh, I guess, uh, I guess so. Sure," he said hesitantly, but his cock jerked and jumped with approval. "But you're not going to hurt me, are you?"

"Only if you want me to," she laughed.

Reaching over, she snapped one end of one cuff to the bed and reached for his arm. Snapping the other end of the cuff around his wrist, she quickly moved around to his other arm and then to his legs. He didn't protest and she quickly had him fastened to the bed. With his arms spread out and his legs spread-eagled, Mike suddenly found himself completely at his stepmother's mercy.

"Now," she declared mischievously, taking his bounding cock in her hand, "I can do anything I want to your magnificent pud."

She heard him gasp as she quickly bent down over him and sucked him back into her hot, wet mouth. Taking his big hairy balls in her hand, she roughly squeezed them and threateningly tickled her long, red fingernails over them as she licked and slurped on his stiff manhood. She could see that he was enjoying the wickedness of her mouth on his cock again. But this time she didn't want to bring him to the point of ejaculation so quickly and she slowly let his cock ease back out of her mouth.

"I thought that I would put on a fashion show for you," she told him, letting go of his cock and pushing up to stand up by the side of the bed. "That is if you would like for me to."

"I can't wait," he groaned, eagerly awaiting her next move, already regretting the restriction of the handcuffs.

Leaning over, she grabbed one of the big pillows at the head of the bed and roughly shoved it under his head. Then with a lewd smile on her lips, she stepped away from the bed and began to leisurely untie her gown.

"How do you like this little outfit?" she finally asked him, letting the wispy gown slither to the floor to reveal the frilly nothings underneath it.

She thought he was going to have a heart attack as his eyes almost bugged out of their sockets. She watched his eyes dance around as they flitted up and down her scantily-clad body before locking on her huge, wiggling tits.

He couldn't believe how big and beautiful they were up close. The big, ripe nipples that he had admired from a distance were even bigger up close. They were puffy and wrinkled and he could even see the tiny holes where all the milk came out.

Now it was all out in the open. He had lusted after his stepmother from the first day he had seen her, but he hadn't let it show. He couldn't. She was his father's wife. So to hide his true feelings, he had pretended to be disinterested to the point of aversion.

But now, now that he saw how she felt toward him, it was all different now . . .

Then his eyes quickly flew from her gigantic tits down over her flat, flawless tummy, taking the sexiness of the black garter belt that was attached to the top of her fishnet hose by the long, lacy garters. Her panties were so thin, he could see through them like they weren't even there. And there it was. Finally, for the first time, he saw the treasure trove he had been dreaming about for so long. It was partially hidden by a forest of kinky reddish-blond hairs, but he could make out the outline of her big, puffy cunt lips pressed against the silky transparency of the panties. He had finally seen her secret cave of forbidden pleasures and now his cock was bouncing up and down wildly as it grew even harder.

After an eternity, he was finally able to tear his eyes away from her cunt. He swept his eyes down her long, perfectly shaped legs with their wonderful curves and sweeping lines that went on and on before they ended at her tiny little feet inside the stiletto heels. He had never, ever, seen anyone so beautiful and it was almost more than he could endure. It was so overpowering, he almost came again, just watching her.

"Well?" she questioned him, turning around so he could see her backside too.

"Unhhhhhh . . ." he choked out, his mouth unable to form words as he ogled the rounded perfection of her beautiful butt through the sheer panties.

"Do you like?" she quipped again, "Or has a pussy got your tongue?"

"Yes—Yes—Yes—I like—I love" he hissed, pulling against the confining handcuffs, "you're the prettiest woman in the world."

"Oh, that's nice of you to say," she grinned, sauntering over to the nightstand and turning on the DVD player. "I like some music to dance by."

"Dance?" he muttered, gawking at her in reverent awe.

"Yes—dance," she smiled, "it's free—part of the fashion show . . ."

As the slow seductive beat of the music grew louder, she slowly began to sway to the beat. Her body swayed and moved suggestively to the rhythm of the music as Mike gawked on in shock. The sinuous undulations of her body had a mesmerizing effect on him as he lay imprisoned on the bed. Turning, she started toward him, hypnotizing him with her sensuous dance as she slithered across the room like a snake on the hunt for prey. Back and forth swayed her hips as she crept ever closer and closer to him. Finally, she was at the edge of the bed, her pussy only inches away from his face. Reaching down to herself, she began to gently rub her clitoris through the thinness of her panties as she took hold of his steel hard cock with her other hand. Playing with herself while she stroked him, she stared deep into his eyes. Smiling wickedly, she slowly stroked him until she could see that he was about to erupt again. Laughing evilly, she let go of his cock and watched it dangerously bob and dance. She could see that he was dangerously close to another explosion.

"I'll be back in a moment," she whispered, picking up her gown and the box he had retrieved for her. "I hope you like the next outfit as much as you did this one."

"Argghhhhh," he grumbled, his mouth as dry as cotton as he watched her delectable ass quiver and wiggle as she crossed the room and disappeared into the bathroom.

It seemed like hours before she finally came strolling back into the bedroom. She had her gown on again. Slowly, she seductively sauntered across the room and stopped in front of him once again. Reaching over to his bounding penis, she lifted it and gave it a few rough strokes before she released it once again.

"Your lovely cock is certainly easy to wake up," she grinned at him, "but I am going to wear it out tonight before I am through with it."

He almost came again, just hearing her obscene threat as she stood up and untied her gown. He couldn't wait to see what she wore, or didn't wear, underneath her gown this time.

Teasingly, she slowly took her time undoing the knots of the ribbon holding her gown together. She could see what an effect it was having on him by the way his cock was bounding up and down again. It was so hard and taut, it jutted out a good two or three inches above his belly bobbing up and down with each throbbing beat of his heart. His eyes were the size of saucers as he ogled her, waiting for her next costume to be revealed. Smiling, she knew that his balls must be aching by now. All this excitement and there was nothing he could do about it. The thrill of power was exhilarating, she thought to herself.

After a painfully long time, she finally let her gown slip to the floor and watched Mike's eyes bulge out again as he ogled her next outfit.

It was almost nothing, yet it gave the appearance of an Indian Princess dress. It was just two rings of beaded tassels. One ring was fastened around her neck and hung down over her great, pendulous breasts and the other ring encircled her tiny waist with its tassels hanging down over her hips and pantiless pussy.

Mike fully appreciated the beauty of her gargantuan breasts as they jutted out through the strands of beads, pushing the tiny tassels aside and compressing them between the massive mountains of pretty pink flesh.

The bottom skirt of tassels hung down covering her belly and hips. Until she moved. Then, the tassels jiggled and gave him an enticing glance at what lay underneath.

Stepping back away from the bed, Barbara moved to the center of the room and began undulating to the sound of the music once again.

It was then that Mike got the full benefit of the costume as the tassels swayed and swung this way and that giving him occasional glimpses at the wonders underneath them.

"Well," she hummed as she danced for him, "do you like this one, too?"

"Anything that you wear is pretty," he gurgled, "but I want to see you without any clothes on."

"You're too much," she blushed, loving to hear the words, knowing it had been so long since she had heard them from her husband.

"I Love you," she whispered to him as she swayed to the music.

As he watched her dance, Mike groaned. He was so happy, he felt like crying.

One big, lone tear escaped and trickled down his cheek.

"Oh, Baby, don't cry," she cooed, quickly shuffling over to the bed and sitting down beside him. "Why are you crying?"

"I'm just so happy," he spluttered.

"I'm glad you're happy," she smiled, lifting his aching cock once again and tenderly running her hand up and down it.

"Oh, No, Mommy," he grunted, trying to control his excitement, "I—I—I--think I'm going to cum."

"Not yet, Daddy," she whispered, dropping his primed penis and leaning over and kissing away the tear. "I have one more outfit to show you."

"I, I, I don't know if I can hold it," he groaned.

"Try real hard," she told him.

She could feel her own urgency growing as she stood up and looked down at her love-prisoner. She could almost feel the boy's rock hardness inside her hungry wetness as she watched his iron-hard penis bob up and down with excited anticipation. It had to be dangerously near eruption again.

That was something they would have to work on, she evilly thought. She would have to teach him how to hold it. Hold it and keep from coming until he satisfied her own sick needs first . . .

Turning, she hurried out of the room and quickly donned another negligee before slipping her gown on again and rushing back into the bedroom.

Heading directly back to the bed, she stood before him again. Reaching up, she untied the ribbon holding her gown together. As she gown wafted to the floor again, she heard Mike gasp out loud.

She wore a sheer, sheer top that hid nothing from view. Even if it hadn't been so sheer, he would still have been able to see her exquisite breasts as they extruded out into the open through slits in the front of the frilly corset. The great, heavy jugs spilled out through the opening like two huge, pink melons ripe for picking.

Below the corset, her waist was encircled by a lacy whirl of flowery silk that extended down the side, over the swell of her hips to a delicate pair of white nylons. Mike remembered seeing a pair of panty hose like the ones she wore in the Frederick's catalog he had hidden away in his room. They were called garter belt pantyhose and they left her whole underbelly bare with the soft, tawny red of her curly forest exposed and naked.

Looking up at her hungrily, he feverishly awaited her next move. He didn't have to wait long as she smiled and pitched a little leather strap down onto the bed by his hip. Then, she slowly lifted one long, beautifully proportioned leg up, spreading it from the other and resting her stiletto-heeled pump on the bed. Balancing on one foot, she rested her other foot on the bed and slowly spread her legs farther apart. Reaching down between her legs, she slowly spread the coppery forest of curls apart to reveal the dripping wetness of her puffy-lipped vagina.

Mike's heart almost stopped beating as he got his first up-close glimpse of the beautiful, pouting lips that rimmed the open, gaping wound between her legs. Then as he watched in fascination, she eased one long finger up into the steaming, soppy wetness of her cunt.

Watching Mike gape at her lovely cunt, she started to reach down and stroke him. But as she did, she saw that his cock was already jerking up and down excitedly, primed to explode at any second. She knew that if she touched him, he would erupt and wastefully send his hot, syrupy load of cum shooting up into the air for a second time.

Grabbing hold of the head board, she crawled onto the bed and quickly straddled him. She slowly scooted up until her slobbering trench was just above his open mouth. She could feel his hot breath on her hypersensitive woman-slit as she held it above his mouth. Then she lowered herself down and felt his mouth hungrily attack her throbbing cunt. She couldn't believe how eagerly he attacked her waiting pussy. She thought there would have been some hesitancy on his part, but he went at her passionately. Reveling in the feel of his lips and tongue on her pussy, she took his head in her hands and pulled his face up into her slavering gash as he devoured her like a starving man at a feast. Excitedly, his mouth flew all over her woman-place. Licking and lapping at the soft, floppy vaginal lips, tonguing around the insides of her seething gash as his lips and tongue roamed all over her cunt until at last it found her jutting clitoris.

Feeling the hard, little rose bud under his tongue, he assaulted it with a fury she couldn't believe. It was as if his tongue was on fire and setting her aflame everywhere it touched her. Back and forth, back and forth went his tongue slashed, raking her clitoris roughly, surprising her with his ability and knowledge of the female anatomy for one so tender in age. It was almost more than she could stand as he flicked and stroked her clitoris with his tongue, thrusting her toward her reward. She could even feel him sucking on the little woman-dick as he strove to please her. Back and forth went his tongue again and again as the tight little bundle of nerves grew more and more sensitive.

Knowing that it would only be a matter of moments before she was swept away on a wondrous journey of climatic ecstasy, she glanced over her shoulder to see his rock hardness sticking almost straight up in the air. The way he was eating her and his obvious excitement indicated that he was enjoying it just as much as she was.

All at once, she felt wave of lust wash over her just as her soul was consumed by a gigantic fireball of pleasure. The spasms of joy and delight burst over her, quickly rendering her helpless as she felt her entire being engulfed by the blow-torch like burst of ecstasy. Her vagina was quickly wracked by convulsions of such intense pleasure, it caused the muscles surrounding her vagina to cramp up. As they cramped, she felt the contractions spreading out over her body until her whole body was shaking and quivering uncontrollably.

"Oh, FUCK, OH, FUCK, Oh, fuck, OFUCK," she moaned out as she ground her pussy into her stepson's devouring mouth, wishing he could suck her whole pussy into his mouth, "Commmmnnnn . . ."

Keeping his mouth glued to his stepmother's cavorting pussy, he sensed more than saw her being consumed by her orgasm. Mashing his face into her wet, hot softness, he felt his breath being taken away, but he continued to eat at the delicacy she offered. Sucking and licking, he felt her writhe and shake until he didn't think she would ever stop.

Finally, she gasped and quickly moved her hypersensitive clitoris back away from his ravenous mouth. Groaning in delight, she plopped her dripping womanhood down on his chest.

"Oh, Heavens, THAT WAS WONDERFUL," she groaned when she was able to speak again.

Then, she leaned over and gave him a soft kiss on the lips. She could still taste herself on his lips.

"I love to eat you," he drooled, unable to keep his eyes off the twin melons dangling down in front of him.

"Would you like another kind of snack?" she asked, leaning forward and lifting one of her big, obese breasts and guiding the bulbous nipple into his mouth.

"Muueeesssssssss," he grunted as he sucked the big, rubbery knob of her nipple into his mouth.

The instant the big, pink nozzle was stuck into his mouth, it began to trickle out a stream of thin, watery milk. But as he sucked, it grew richer and richer until it was thick and creamy. Thick, creamy, delightful mother's milk flowing from his mommy's tit into his mouth. Momentarily surprised at the gusher of milk filling his mouth, he quickly began to suck and pull on the swollen pap as his mouth filled with the juice of her breast.

She watched him as he suckled her and a frothy patch of bubbles formed at the corners of his mouth. As he hungrily pulled on her, she could feel her breast slowly grow lighter and lighter. After several moments, she forcibly pulled her nipple from his mouth.

"Mommy has to save some for Tina," she said, watching a stream of her foamy, white juice trickle down his chin.

"Lucky Tina," he groaned out, longingly staring at her big, milk-filled breast.

"Now it's time for Daddy to give Mommy some of his milk," she crooned, taking hold of the headboard and pushing up onto her feet.

"I love the taste of your milk," he blurted out enthusiastically, "it tastes good."

"Oh, Mommy's little Baby," she gushed out.

Swinging around, she dropped to her knees beside him. With her knees brushing his hip, she reached down to the leather strap she had tossed onto the bed earlier.

With a mischievous smile, she lifted it up into the air and stretched it out.

"Uh, what's that?" Mike anxiously asked.

"One of your father's cock rings," Barbara smirked, slowly lowering the strap down toward his cock. "It will keep Daddy nice and hard so Daddy can make Mommy happy again."

"Oh," he foolishly muttered.

Holding the strap with her fingers, she eased it under his big, dangling balls as they hung down in their big, wrinkled sac of flesh. Pulling the ring of leather up, she wrapped it around the hairy base of his big, hard penis. Then pulling it tighter, she finally snapped one of the shiny, silver snaps together to imprison his twitching cock in its restricting hold.

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