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Old 3rd April 2006
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Hi to all of you.After going through this wonderful site Im posting a story. Hope you all like it. If you like it pls rep me.

This is a story of Aarti, a sexy women who loves sleeping under men whoever they may be.Her only criteria was that the man who sleeps above her should satisfy her fire. Aarti was 39 years lady but looked 32-33 years old.She had maintained herself,keeping herself fit by exercise & dieting. Aarti had a figure of 34-28-36.She always wore transperent chiffon saris with sleeveless blouse which had a big low neck.Anybody standing in front of Aarti could clearly see her sexy cleavage. The only place on her body where flesh was visible were her boobs & a little plump ass and she made full use of both that assets.Aarti had many affairs before & after marriage.After marriage it was easy for her to get fucked by anyone as Aarti's husband was working in army & he was home for a month or so in a year.Aarti had a young daughter of 19 years.Her beti, Pooja was also as sexy & good looking as her.Pooja wore modern clothes & she had developed in a sexy young lass who no doubt had broken many hearts & made many guys shag their dicks.Aarti was a least concerned mother who never paid attention to Pooja clothes and activities.Seeing her mother's least concern Pooja too was only interested in fashion & boys.

One day Aarti received a call from Pooja's college informing her that she was called to meet the pricipal.Aarti anyway was least interested in Pooja's academic career.Both Aarti & Pooja lead a independant life.But being a mother she had to do her duty she decided to visit her principal.So the next day she went to Pooja's college.Aarti had wore a dark purple sari,tied just at her navel level,a tight sleeveless blouse with deep neck.Her shoulder lenght hair were tied with a clip.It looked as if she was going to marriage party rather than to meet her daughter's principal.

It was 4.00 PM when Aarti went to Pooja's college.When she inquired about the principle with the peon,the peon eyed her from head to toe & led her to the principal's office.The peon went in & told the principal Mr.Zaheer Alam about the visitor.Zaheer was a smart man of 42 years,6' height, broad chest & a good physic.He told the peon Imtiyaz to send Aarti in & also instructed him that nobody should disturb them as it was a important meeting.Imtiyaz came out & again eyeing Aarti told her to go in.Imtiyaz was wondering what will be Zaheer's reaction when he sees this sex bomb.

Aarti knocked the door & slightly opening it said."Kya mai andar aa sakti hoon?Mai Aarti,Pooja ki maa,apne mujhe bulaya tha."

zaheer Alam seeing such a sexy women in the door was tounge tied.Looking this gorgeous sexy lady in the dark purple chiffon sari with tight boobs & sexy lips he refused to believe that she was Pooja's mother.He was trying to fill Aarti's sexy image in his eyes mainly looking at her boobs. When Aarti looked at him & knocked the door again Zaheer coming to his senses said,"Aaiyae aaiyae Aarti ji,aap Pooja ki maa hai?Mujhe laga aap uski behan ho isliye zara hairan tha.Waise Aarti ji, maine bulaya tha aapko Pooja ke baare mai kuch baat karne.Aao aandar aur baitho."

While sitting Aarti's pallu dropped a bit to show Zaheer her white heavy chest enclosed in the tight purple low necked blouse.Aarti saw Zaheer seeing her cleavage but she didn't mind it.She put back her pallu & feeling nice to hear such a compliment said,"Shukriya lekin haan mai Pooja ki maa hi hoon.Bolo kya baat karni thi aapko meri beti ke baare mai Sir?"

Zaheer looks at her chest & the cleavage showing throught the chiffon sari & said,"Aap zara apni beti per dhyan dijiye.Pooja studies mein kamzor hoti jaa rahi hai."

Aarti seeing Zaheer eying her cleavage didn't mind it instead bent a bit making her pallu move a bit from her left boob & said,"Sir woh to pehle se kamzor hai padhai mai,lekin sports mai acchi hai.Last year kabaddi mai uski wajah se college ko gold medal mila tha yaad hai na?"

Seeing this lady acting so openly made Zaheer happy.He looked at Aarti's left boob & said,"Sports mai to woh acchi hai isme koi shak nahi Aartiji,par woh sirf padhai mai hi kamzor nahi balki woh ghalat sangat ki taraf ja rahi hai." Yahan Zaheer thoda hichkichate bolta hai,"Mera matlab hai ki woh un ladkiyo ke saath ghumti hai jinka chal chalan thik nahi.Mai kuch girls ko punish karnewala hoon,aur Pooja ka naam bhi punishment list mai hai.Maine un ladkiyo ke parents ko bhi bataya hai yeh sab aur aaj apko bata de raha hoon.Aap chahe to usko thik kar sakti hai,mujhe aise girls nahi chahaye mare college mai."

Aarti felt good when she saw Zaheer seeing her boob.She also found Zaheer a good looking handsome male making her cunt itch,nipples stand & her boobs harden a bit.She thought maybe something can happen if she wants to.Judging from Zaheer's it was now a question of Pooja's career too.If she could patao Zaheer then maybe Pooja won't be punished & also she herself could also be rewarded by Zaheer.Aarti then decided that she wanted something to happen between Zaheer & her.She decided to carry on with the the game a bit more so she scratched her chest above the blouse as if it was itching.Looking deep into Zaheer's eyes she said,"Aare Sir Pooja ab bachi thodi hai,apna bhala bura woh acche se samajhti hai.Bhale woh un girls ke saath rehti hai jinka chal chalan thik nahi hai lekin meri beti ka chal chalan to thik hai na?" Aarti now put her both hands on the table & bends on them pushing her boobs up giving a good view to Zaheer & said,"Meri beti ne aisa kya gunah kiya hai jiske liye aap usko punish karnewale ho Sir?"

Zaheer saw the behaviour of Aarti & felt that she was trying to seduce him.He was a hot blooded EDITED man who had lost his wife 4 years back.Thought he had kept his libido in check he had 2-3 affairs with young teachers from his college but he never thought to act smart with any of the student's mother for so long.His college affairs ended when the young teachers went away after marriage or got good jobs elsewhere.But seeing Aarti's act today made him try to go for Aarti.He decided to take the bait as Aarti was surely worth taking the risk. Zaheer got up & went behind Aarti.Seeing her broad open white back & sexy waist made him more hot.He stood just behind Aarti & said,"Aarti ji yeh pucho ki Pooja kya nahi karti?Class bunk karti hai,un ladkiyo ke saath ghumti hai jinke affairs hai aur kai baar ladko ke saath late tak canteen ke piche akeli rehti hai."

Aarti stood up turned & faced Zaheer.Her white over whelming cleavage & one boob from over the blouse could be seen.She looked down & saw Zaheer's pant was up showing that Zaheer too was hot because of her act.They both were within a touching distance of each other.Smiling a bit Aarti said,"Aare class to sabhi bunk karte hai,class bunk kiya to kya hua?Aur agar woh ladko ke saath baate karti baithti hai to isme uspe action lane ki kya zaroorat hai?"

Seeing her like this Zaheer decided to take matters in his hand.He caught Aarti by her arm & took her to the sofa.Aarti didn't resist Zaheer catching her arm.Making her sit on the sofa zaheer sat near her & getting close to her face said,"Yahan baitho Aarti ji,aap kyun nahi samajhti mai kya kehna chahata hoon?Pooja wo sab karti hai jo ghalat ladkiya karti hai. Mai ab usko rusticate kane wala hoon,phir jo hoga woh aap aur aapki beti dekh lena.Mare pass aur koi aur chara nahi hai."

Aarti was also hot & decided to go along.She put her hand on Zaheer's thigh & said,"Sir mujhe aap yeh batana ki woh un ladko ke saath aaisa kya galat kaam karti hai?Aur Sir aap usko rusticate mat karna please." Phir apne hooth daato se halke se chabate Aarti kehti hai,"Zaheer ji aap chaho to uske harkato ki saza mujhe dena.Aap bolo mai kya karu jisse aap meri beti ko college se rusticate nahi karange." Feeling this sexy lady so near to him Zaheer was very hot.He caught Aarti's face in his hands & said,"Aapko kya saza doon?Khubsurat aurato ko mai kabhi saza nahi deta,balki unhe pyaar deta hoon." Then putting his lips on Aarti's lips zaheer started kissing her.Making Aarti stand zaheer removed her pallu from over her shoulder & let the pallu down.Keeping kissing Aarti, Zaheer then removed her sari from the petticoat totally & threw it away.Then holding Aarti a bit away with both hands Zaheer said harshly,"Lagta hai sali chinal maa ki chinal beti hai Pooja,bol kya saza du tumhe chinal.Tu bhi teri beti jaise chinal hai,mujhe sab khabar hai."

Aarti never thought that Zaheer would do it all so fast but she was happy about it.Still showing a little shame she covered her chest with both hands & said,"Shiiiiiii Zaheer ji aap kitni gaandi baat karte hai.Aap aisa kyon kehte hai aap ki Pooja ek waise maa ki waise beti hai?Meri beti bhi kya aisa bartav karti hai Zaheer ji?Aap kehte hai ki aapko sab khabar hai iska kya matlab?"

Zaheer ab Aarti ke haath uske sine se hatake Aarti ke nipples ko dono hatho ki ungliyo se masalne laga.Aarti aahe bharte khadi thi.Aarti ke nipples se bahut khelte Zaheer ne Aarti ko garam kiya aur phir blouse ke sab hook kholte Aarti ke dono mammo ko halke masalne lagta hai.Doosre haath se Aarti ki petticoat ka nada kholke Zaheer usse niche giraya.Ab aarti Zaheer ke saamne open blouse aur pink bra panty mai khadi hai.Zaheer Aarti ka blouse utarke bola,"Ab jaise tu bindhast hoke ab mujhse nangi hui waise hi teri beti bhi usko boyfriend ke saamne nangi hoti hai to tum maa beti ko chinal kyon nahi kahu?Rahi baat meri gaandi baato ki to sun saali teri jaise aurat ko galliya sunke chudwane mai hi maaza aata hai yeh malum hai mujhe.Mujhe khabar hai teri beti uske yaar ke saath kya-kya karti hai."

Aarti ab besharam hoke Zaheer se lipat jati hai.Zaheer usko chumte uske badan ko masal raha hai. Aarti khud uske shirt ke button kholte kehti hai,"Zaheer ab aap jo chahe woh saaza do mujhe,lekin meri beti ko rusticate mat karna.Aap kehte ho ki meri beti bhi aaisa karti hai,kya yeh such hai zaheer ji?"

As Aarti opened & removed Zaheer's shirt,Zaheer too opened Aarti's bra hook & removed her bra.He was amazed to see Aarti 34D size boobs standing upright without any sag.The nipples were pointed dark brown in colour & the aurola were like a 2 rupee coin.Licking & kissing her aurola & nipples Zaheer said,"Saali Pooja bhi ek randi hai bahut chudwati hai,uski chut dekhi to nahi magar mujhe pata hai uska chakker hai ladko se aur woh khub aaish karti hai.Sun Aarti ab jab tu itne pyaar se mujhe samjha rahi hai to teri beti ko rusticate nahi karunga balki teri jawani se Pooja ko saaza na dane ki poori keemat wasool karunga." Aarti ke mamme masalte aur choomte Zaheer uski gaand per haath pherta hai.

Aarti apni eyes band karke Zaheer ki pant kholke usse niche karke Zaheer ka lund pakadti hai.Usse abhi bhi yaken nahi hota ki Pooja kissi ladke se chudwati hai.Woh Zaheer ki underwear niche karke uski aankho mai aankhe daalke uska nanga lund bina dekhe sehlate kehti hai,"Nahi nahi Zaheer meri beti aaise nahi hai,aap jhoot bol rahe ho.Kaun ladka hai woh jisse meri beti ke physical relation hai." Zaheer apni pant pairo se nikalke Aarti ke mamme masalne lagta hai to Aarti aahe bharte kehti hai,"Uuuffff zaheerrr aaramse masal na mare mamme,dard hota hai.Ab mai poori keemat de rahi hoon to pyaar se karo na,dard kyon de rahe ho?"

Zaheer bhi Aarti ki panty utarke usse poori nangi karta hai.Ab dono ekdum nange hai.Aarti Zaheer ka lund dekhke thodi daarti hai par khush bhi hoti hai.Zaheer ka 9" lamba aur 4" mota katela lund usse bhaa jata hai.Jaise Aarti Zaheer ka lund sehlati hai Zaheer Aarti ki bina jhaat wali nangi chut dekhke khush hota hai.Jab woh ek ungli Aarti ki chut mai ghusata hai to Aarti ki gilli chut Zaheer ki ungli khaa leti hai.Zaheer ki ungli Aarti ki gilli chut mai ungli karte uske mamme chus raha hai aur udhar Aarti Zaheer ka garam lund sehlake usse pyar karti hai.Aarti ki chut ungli se chodte Zaheer kehta hai,"Sali Aarti teri jaise garam maal ko to dard ke saath chodna chahaye,isse hame bhi maza aata hai aur thumhe bhi.Ab teri randi beti ki baat gaye bhad mai,pehle mujhe Pooja ki garam maa ko jee bharke chodne de,baad mai teri beti ki baat karange raand."

Zaheer ab Aarti ko sofe pe bithake uske saamne khade hote apna lund Aarti ke chehere pe ghumata hai.Aarti uska lund pakadke chumke kehti hai,"Uffffff Zaheer tera yeh to bahut mast aur bada aur lamba hai.Mujhe dard to nahi dega na tu?" Zaheer lund Aarti ke lips pe rakhte bolta hai,"Saali chinal tujhe kabse dard hone ka daar hai?Kya pehle baar itna bada lund dekha hai tune raand?Mujhe laga tu badi chudakkad aurat hai aur aaise bahut lund chus chuki hai kyon?Chal saali behanchod chut chat mera lund harami." Zaheer ki galliyo se Aarti ki chut aur garam hoti hai.Usne kai lund se chudai ki thi lekin Zaheer jaise kissi mard ne usse itni galliya ya pehle se hi dominate karke garam nahi kiya tha.Aarti ab Zaheer ke lund ko muth maarke chusne lagti hai.Zaheer ka lund poora halak tak lake usse chuste woh Zaheer ki gotiya bhi masalti hai.Zaheer ne Aarti ka sir pakadke ab uska muh apne lund se msti mai chodte kehta hai,"Haan aaise hi chus mera lauda raand,saali teri behan ko chodu chinal.Aaaaahhhhhh chus mera lund aur gotiya bhi masal harami raand.Sali teri chut badi garam lagti hai isliye itne jaldi mujhse chudwane tayyar hui tu.Zaheer ka lund chuske Aarti usse muh se nikalke woh gilla lund apne chehere pe ghumate kehti hai,"Uuummmmm bada mast lund hai tera Zaheer,tera EDITED lund choosne maaza aa raha hai mujhe.Haan Zaheer mai badi garam aurat hoon aur tare jaise garam mard ke saamne yeh raaz mai chupa nahi sakti mare raja.Tera yeh lund dekhke mai badi khush hui Zaheer.Dil karta hai yeh lund hamesha chusti aur usse chudwati rahu."

Aarti ne phir Zaheer ki gotiyo ko chusa.Aarti se gotiya chuswane mai zaheer ko bahut accha laga. Zaheer ki gotiya chusne ke baad Aarti ne phir lund muh mai lake usse masti se chuswate apna muh chudwake lane lagti hai.Ab Zaheer se raha nahi jata,woh apna lund Aarti ke muh se nikalke usse uthake niche zameen pe carpet pe litake uski taange kholke usme baithke lund Aarti ki garam chut pe rakhte kehta hai,"Behanchod randi dekh tujhe kaise chodta hoon.Teri behan ki chut chodu harami raand sali tu aaj mera lund lake zindagi bhar usse yaad karti rahegi." Aarti besharam hoke Zaheer ka lund apni chut pe rakhte kehti hai,"Haan chod dalo meri garam chut Zaheer,jabse tujhe dekha mera apne dil pe kabu nahi raha.Mujhe aaise chod ki mai teri gulam banke rahu raja.Aaise hi mare badan pe aake meri chut apne tagde EDITED lund se chodo."

Zaheer Aarti ki dono taange uthake choot ko 2 ungli se khole lund dabane lagta hai.Aarti ki chut usse tight lagti hai isliye lund aur zara dabake lund ki topi andar ghusake bolta hai,"Gandu sali sali teri chut to abhi bhi badi tight hai,lagta hai Pooja ke baap ne tujhe zyada nahi choda hai." Zaheer ka mota lund ghusne se Aarti ko zara dard hota hai.Zaheer ki kamar pakadke woh bolti hai, "Zaheer ab aaramse daal nahi to meri chut phategi.Haan yeh baat barabaar hai ki mera pati mujhe jyada nahi chodta hai lekin yeh baat tujhe kaise pata chali?Aaaaaaaaahhh zaahheerrr meeerrrrriiii chuuutttttt gayyyyeeeeeee.Mujhe bahut dard ho raha hai Zaheerrrrr mmaiiiiii maaarrrrr gaaaayeeee meriiiiiiiii chut phaaaaaatt gayeeeeeee Zaheeeeeerrrrrrr."

Zaheer Aarti ki baato pe dhyan diye bina ek dhakka aur maarte aadha lund Aarti ki garam chut mai ghusata hai.Dono haatho se Aarti ke mamme masate woh kehta hai,"Nahi phategi rani,teri choot abhi bhi badi tight aur jawan hai,bade sambhal kar rakhi hai tune isse." Aarti ko dard hote hi rehta hai aur woh apni kamar sofe mai dabake Zaheer se door hone dekhti hai to Zaheer uske mamme zorse dabake bolta hai,"Behan ki chut teri chinal nakhre mat kar saali chinal,zara chut utha utha kar dhakke le andar." Zaheer Aarti ki gaand mai haath daalke usse uthata hai aur ek dhakka aur maarke poora lund Aarti ki chut mai ghusate usse tight pakadke rakhta hai jisse dard hone ke baad bhi Aarti uske haatho jaa nahi sakti.Aarti niche machal rahi hai lekin Zaheer ne usse tight pakda hai isliye kuch kar nahi sakti.Zaheer 8-10 dhakke marke Aarti ki chut poori tarah kholta hai jisse ab Aarti ka dard bhi kam hota hai.Zaheer ab Aarti ki chut chodne lagta hai.Aarti Zaheer ke muh mai uska ek nipple date chut uthake chudwane lagte bolti hai,"Uuuuuffffff Zaheer tera EDITED lund bada tagda hai,meri to saas hi band kar daali tune.Lekin ab jee bharke chod mujhe raja."

Zaheer niche se Aarti ki gaand uthake pakadke usse chodne lagta hai.Aarti bhi Zaheer ko jakhadke usse chudwake lake bolti hai,"Zaheer aur chod mujhe,maza aa raha hai tare EDITED laude se,le chod le Pooja ke maa ko aur dono ki hawas poori karo.Bol Zaheer kaise hai teri student Pooja ke maa ki chut,pasand aaye tujhe raja?" Zaheer ab masti se Aarti ki chut ko chodte clit ko lund se ragadta hai,uski gotiya Aarti ke gaand se takrati hai.Aarti ke mamme masalte woh bolta hai,"Aarti saali hawas bujhane hai to dil aur gaand kholke chudwake le raand.Teri jaise garam aurat ko aaj pehli baar chod raha hoon.Behanchod badi lajawab chut hai teri Aarti.Mujhe meri student Pooja ki maa bahut pasand aaye isliye aajse tu Pooja ki mom bhi hai aur meri meri randi bhi samjhi?Behan ki chut saali Aarti,tujhe meri rakhail banake rakhunga."

Aarti chudai se madhosh hoke aapni chut utha uthake chudwake le rahi hai.Uske zoro se hilte mamme Zaheer berahmi se masal raha tha.Zaheer ke jhato mai se haath ghumate Aarti kehti hai,"Uuufffffff Zaheerrr mai teri randi banne tayyar hoon lekin mai teri rand kaise banungi?Mai to ek shadi shuda aurat hoon.Tu mujhe randi kaise banayega?Aur samjho bhi ki agar mai teri randi bani to teri raand banke mai kya karungi?" Zaheer ab lambe lambe dhakke maarke Aarti ko chodte bolta hai,"Behanchod sali,shadi shuda hui to kya hua,tu meri rakhail hai.Aajke baad mai jab chahu tujhe chodunga.Tujhe chahaye to mai paise bhi dunga aur tare hijade pati ne ghar se nikal diya to tujhe aur teri beti ko mai sahara dunga.Tu hamesha meri daasi banke rahegi aur mera lund tare nange badan ka maalik hoga yeh yaad rakh."

Aarti Zaheer ke muh se itni gaandi baat sunke aur hi msti se chudwa ke lane lagti hai.Usse accha laga jab Zaheer ne usse rakhail banane ki baat ki to.Woh Zaheer ko chumte boli,"Haan Zaheer mai tare EDITED laude ki randi hoon,ab tu jab chahe mujhe bula aur mai aake tare is lund ki daasi banke tujhse chudwake lungi.Rahi baat are pati ki to usse meri in harkato ke baare mai kuch pata nahi isliye tu uske baare mai koi chinta mat kar.Aur zorse chod mujhe mare Zaheer raja."

Ab dono jism ghamasaan yudh kar rahe hai.Aarti ki garam chut ko Zaheer ka kadak lund badi berahmi se chodte uske nipples chuske mamme masal raha hai.Aarti Zaheer ko kaske pakadte chut chudwake le rahi hai.Zaheer bhi josh mao usse chod raha hai.Zaheer ka lund Aarti ki chut mai poori gehrai tak jake takra raha hai.Ab Zaheer ko ehsaas hota hai ki woh zadnewala hai to woh Aarti ko aur kaske pakadte chodte bolta hai,"Ahhhhhhhhhhhh behannn chhhhoddddd raaaanddddd yehhhhhh leeeee saallllli EDITED lund ka paaaaaaniiiii.Kaaaasaaamm seeeee kya cccchhhhhhuttttt haiiiii teriiiii."
Aarti ki chut Zaheer ka lund randi ki tarah chodte zadne lagta hai.Udhar Aarti bhi jhadta shuru hoti hai.Kaske Zaheer ko bahoo mai bharte zadte-zadte woh kehti hai,"Aaaaaaaahhhhhhhh uuuuufffff maaaaaaaaazzzzzzzaaaaaaaaaa aaaaaayaaaaaaaa rajaaaaaaa aaaaaurrrrrrrr ggghhhhhuuuuuusssssssaaaaaa terrrrrrraaaaaaaa luuuuunddddddddddd."

Zaheer poori tarah lund Aarti ki chut mai ghusake zadta hai.Aarti ki chut Zaheer ke lund ke paani se bharti hai.Woh dono haafte-haafte ek doosre ki aagosh mai dhile hoke late jate hai.

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Let the dead rest in peace!
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2dead2 has hacked the reps database2dead2 has hacked the reps database2dead2 has hacked the reps database2dead2 has hacked the reps database2dead2 has hacked the reps database2dead2 has hacked the reps database2dead2 has hacked the reps database2dead2 has hacked the reps database2dead2 has hacked the reps database2dead2 has hacked the reps database2dead2 has hacked the reps database2dead2 has hacked the reps database2dead2 has hacked the reps database
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Old 23rd November 2010
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shreyash111 is beginning to get noticed
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repped u, more such stories.

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Old 23rd November 2010
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love smart is a pillar of our communitylove smart is a pillar of our communitylove smart is a pillar of our communitylove smart is a pillar of our communitylove smart is a pillar of our communitylove smart is a pillar of our community

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