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Old 2nd August 2009
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Me (Rinku) fucked by young studs in a taxi.

Part 1
This happened on the day of the railway strike.
Mohit my husband, Ritu my sis-in-law & me had gone for a play.
On the way back we found the city buses chocked with people. I suggested taking a cab but my thrifty husband disagreed. We argued & eventually got into a major argument. Ritu was a silent observer of the whole thing.
Finally Mohit’s will prevailed & we managed to get into an overcrowded double decker city bus.
Mohit helped Ritu find a seat & they sat next to each other right in the front of the upper deck.
I was left standing on my own at the rear of the upper deck.
It was so crowded that I was pressed against a well dressed young man. I could smell his sweat as well as his deodorant.
Another man was pressing against my own back.
“Sorry!” he mumbled when I looked back at him. He was smart & was well dressed in a tie. I smiled & he said “it’s too crowded today!”
I nodded & smiled & looked away only to see Mohit & Ritu chatting & laughing gaily at the front of the bus.
Suddenly I felt a hand brush against my thigh & felt a hard bump on my butt.
“What do you think you are doing?” I asked the man behind me.
He smiled & mumbled “Sorry!” again. He had a very attractive smile & I smiled back.
Even as I turned I felt his hot breath on my neck & heard him whisper “you are very beautiful!”
I blushed but did not turn around. I glanced at Mohit & saw he was sitting with his arm on the back rest behind Ritu. They were sharing a chocolate or something.
I decided to share something too. 
I gently leaned backwards & let my bums rub against the crotch of the man behind.
Then I turned & flashed him a sly smile & said “Sorry!” as I turned I slipped my pallu on the edge of my shoulder so that from behind he had an unobstructed view of the curves of my back & bums.
Gently I pulled my pallu lose so that it was perched precariously on the edge of my boobs. Since the man was much taller he had a good view of my cleavage because of my low cut blouse.
He bent a bit & took a whiff of my perfume & whispered “you are not just beautiful, you are sexy & hot too!”
I pressed my bums a bit more on his crotch. The bump in his pants was getting bigger & harder. I smiled to myself.
“What’s your name sexy?” he asked me.
“Rinku” I answered “what’s yours?” I asked him.
“You can call me DK!” he said.
I smiled again.
Just then the last seat of 3 people was vacated & I nodded to him.
He smiled back & as I turned towards the seat he tapped the man against whom I had been pressed asked him to come to the seat.
I was surprised & asked “Who’s he?”
“This is CK & this is RInku?” he answered.
CK offered me his hand & squeezed my soft palm in his.
They sat on either side of me.
They lifted their briefcases & placed them on their knees so that our upper bodies were hidden behind the bags.
“So you are brothers, DK & CK?” I asked in jest.
“No, DK is short for dick & CK is short for cock!” he laughed & both of them placed their palms on my thighs.
I spread my legs a bit as both of them began squeezing my inner thighs.
“Do you know what Rinku is short for?” CK asked.
“What?” I asked.
“Rinku is short for slut!” he laughed as he said that & put his arm around my shoulder.
He began caressing my neck. It was such a turn on that I forgot my anger at being called a slut.
DK too had begun to elbow my boobs & I was really being turned on.
I looked around to see if anybody was watching. Everybody was looking towards the front.
I slowly placed my hands on their crotch & rubbed their cocks from above their trousers.
“Fucking bitch!” groaned DK.
“Umm…!” CK was enjoying with his eyes closed.
“I wish we could do something more!” I said just almost to myself.
“You want something more, bitch? We will give you much more!” said CK with a dirty grin.
“How? My husband & my sis-in-law are still in the bus!” I said as DK suddenly got up & pulled me by my arm.
“Hey! What are you doing?” I hissed in an angry whisper.
CK got up too & covered us from other people’s sight. They quickly guided me down the stairs towards the exit.
The 3 of us got out of the bus. I saw traffic jammed up on either side. It would be another 2 hours before we moved out of downtown. The guys had also reached a similar conclusion but what they were up to I couldn’t imagine.
Quickly we moved behind the bus & towards a taxi waiting along the footpath.
We got inside with CK & DK on either side of me.
“Where are we going?” I asked them.
The guys grinned & DK instructed the driver “roll up all the windows & just follow that bus!”
“Why follow that bus? What are we going to do in here?” I asked really surprised.
Both he men were grinning lustily. They flung their bags next to the driver & then pulled away my purse dropped it on the front seat.
I smiled at them & dropped my pallu exposing my cleavage.
Both of them sighed at the sight of it. CK placed his hand behind my head, turned my face towards him & kissed me full on my lips. I reciprocated & let his tongue enter my mouth. I licked his slimy tongue & moaned as he bit on my soft lips. A mixture of our spit was drooling down the corner of my lips & dribbling down my chin.
In the meantime DK had unhooked my blouse & let it dangle around my elbows. He began kneading my boobs with his hands & then he buried his face in my cleavage & licked the top of my exposed boobs.
As soon as CK & I parted our lips, DK grabbed me by my hair & planted his hungry mouth on my quivering lips.
CK took a few deep breaths, unhooked my bra & peeled it off my boobs along with my open blouse.
“Wow! Just look at those jugs! Just perfect!” he exclaimed & tossed my bra & blouse besides the driver.
I saw the driver glance at my bra & felt the taxi jerk & stall. I looked in the rear view mirror & saw the driver ogling at my naked boobs, each of which was being fondled by one of the guys.
“What the fuck are you staring at? Just look ahead & drive!” I scolded the driver as the 2 men besides me guffawed loudly.
“Come on Rinku! It’s not his fault it’s your fault. You are a damn hot slut! I am sure he’s got a hard on already! Who wouldn’t?” said DK laughingly.
“Yes slut! Why don’t you check out if he really has got a hard on?” CK said naughtily.
“Oh shut up!” I retorted but the guys were caught up in the idea & urged me to do it.
Finally I relented & slowly reached out & placed my hand on the driver’s thigh & towards his crotch.
Suddenly he grabbed my hand & pushed it inwards & jumped in surprise.
My hand had fallen on his throbbing cock! He already had it out of his pants.
“Bastard!” I mumbled as I withdrew my hand. All 3 men were laughing at my surprise.
“Sir, where did you find such a hot prostitute?” questioned the driver.
“In the bus!” answered DK.
“I am not a prostitute…!” I replied in anger but didn’t say anything further as the driver turned around & ogled at the 2 men fondling my naked breasts. He grinned as he shook his head; he had made his point.
“She’s not a prostitute, she’s a slut!” CK wise cracked & they all laughed.

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Old 2nd August 2009
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Part 2
DK was busy squeezing my boobs kissing my nipples so CK began pulling out my tucked in sari. He tugged it loose & then pulled me towards him. As I lay at an angle DK slipped of my sari & petticoat in one action. He plucked it from my ankles & threw it in the front seat.
Both of them caressed my naked thighs with one hand & began undressing with their other.
I was getting wet too & decided to pull off my panties.
“Wait!” said CK just as I tried to pull down my panty.
Surprised I looked at him. He pointed towards the driver.
The driver’s shoulders were moving slowly & it was not difficult to guess what he was doing.
CK tapped the driver on his shoulder & said “why don’t you do the final honors!”
His eyes almost bulged out of their sockets as he quickly turned towards me.
I wanted to protest but somehow this game was turning me on.
Here I was sitting naked wearing only my tiny panty surrounded by 3 total strangers.
As I watched the driver placed his palms on my knees. I stretched my legs towards him & he slowly groped his way over my thighs towards my bums. He squeezed my bums & grabbed at the elastic band encircling my waist.
DK & CK were staring in between my legs as my shaven pussy was exposed slowly.
I stared as the drivers rough hands scrapped against my thighs as he gently pulled my panties down to my ankles.
So far I had held my thighs together so that none of them had seen my tight shaven twat but as soon as the driver removed my panties from around my ankles CK & DK grabbed one thigh each & spread me wide open.
“AAa….ooww!” I yelped with pain as they stretched me wider.
“Oh fuck! Look at that pussy! She’s looks so tight & she’s shaven too!” the driver exclaimed.
“Rinku, you are such a sexy bitch!” DK sighed.
I saw that only DK had stripped naked while CK had worn his shirt again.
“You don’t like what you see?” I asked CK.
“Rinku, don’t worry even a blind man will get a hard on if you are around! It’s just that DK gets the first fuck since you are his find!” said CK.
“First fuck! You guys are planning to fuck me here?” I asked in surprise.
“What did you think we came here for; a quiz contest?” DK asked in disdain “haven’t you ever been fucked in a car before?” he asked.
“No! Tonight will be the first time!” I said shamelessly & surely second & third time as well I thought to myself. I had already decided to let the driver have a go at my body; in fact his lewd actions were turning me on the most.
I looked in the rear view mirror & saw him staring at me & I smiled back.
The driver grinned & shoved my clothes off the front seat. I saw CK move into the front seat & then realized why he had kept on his shirt & trousers.
The way the 2 men had handled it so far I was sure this was not their first time!
I didn’t have much time to think as DK lifted my leg & placed it above his shoulder, my other leg rested on the floor of the cab. He pulled me towards him & I sighed loudly as his erect cock brushed my lower lips.
He bent forward & kissed me on my lips. I had barely begun sucking on his lips when he slid downwards leaving a trail of spit from my lips towards my boobs.
He sucked on my already erect nipple & fondled my breasts.
I moaned as I arched my back upwards in growing lust.
“The bitch is hot!” said the driver & I felt my pussy quiver at the sound of his voice.
I was lusting to be fucked by that unknown driver.
“Aaah!” I was awakened from my lusty craving to find that DK’s lips had reached my shaven twat.
His slimy wet tongue was running along my tight pussy lips.
“Fuck me DK!” I moaned in pleasure.
In reply he lifted my bums a bit & kissed my pink asshole.
I had my nipples in between my fingers & was rubbing them vigorously.
CK reached back & caressed my naked thigh.
I looked at him & smiled.
Then DK turned his attention to my pussy again. He parted my vagina & flicked his tongue lightly inside it.
I exploded in raw passion & pushed his head deeper in between my thighs. At the same time I thrust my crotch upwards. My juices were flowing hard & fast & DK lapped them up expertly.
I was bucking around my hand alternating between pressing his down & squeezing my own boobs.
DK shoved his finger inside my ass as he licked me to the first of many orgasms that night.
“What a whore you are RInku!” he mumbled as he licked my twat.
“Yes! I am a whore! Fuck me! Fuck me hard!” I moaned.
I heard the driver say something & that drove me wild.
He would bang all of my holes that night I would make sure of that! But I had to get through DK & CK to reach the driver.
So I reached forward & grabbed DK’s cock & rubbed it on the back of thigh & bums.
“Oh baby! Yesss! That’s great!” DK groaned as I stroked his cock back & forth.
I had in the meantime inserted my middle finger inside my cunt.
“Fuck me!” I moaned.
“DK, stop fooling & fuck the bitch! We also have to fuck her!” CK complained.
I felt elated that CK had included the driver in the list of my fuckers!
DK bent forward & as he kissed my lips I placed his dick head on my wet twat. I rubbed my wet finger all around his shaft as he readied to fuck me.
He pushed my knees towards my boobs & I grabbed the back of my knees & spread my thighs apart.
He leaned against my legs & shoved his ramrod erect penis inside my vagina.
“AAAaa…aaahhhH!” I closed my eyes in ecstasy. He placed his palms on the back of my raised thighs & began thrusting in & out.
“UUummmm! AAaaa…hh!” we moaned & groaned as he quickened his pace.
“Ahh! Aaaaaaa! AAaaaahhh!” he was fucking me in short hard thrusts. He would withdraw his cock only half way & thrust it harder & faster.
I watched as his hairy crotch scrapped against my smooth glistening wet pussy.
He was fucking me in short bursts & I realized he was close to an orgasm. But I wasn’t; I wanted more!
“Wow! The slut is not even worked up!” the driver commented as he glanced backwards at me.
The sound of his voice was enough to make me cream. I clutched my boobs with my hand & crushed them hard. I sucked the fingers of my other hand & smeared the spit all over my cheeks & boobs.
“Fuck me hard!” I screamed as I felt my body race towards another orgasm.
I was thrusting upwards trying to cram as much of DK’s cock as was possible inside my pussy.
DK too began banging me harder & faster & I saw he was about to cum & I panicked.
“Don’t dump your sperm inside me, please!” I begged him as I struggled to remove his cock out of my vagina.
He was still fucking me hard & glared at me as I tried to interrupt him. He pushed away my hand as I tried to stop him.
I was desperate & I whispered “take my ass! Fuck my butt & dump your load in there! Please!”
He was almost about to end but my offer was irresistible.
Quickly he pulled out his cock & lowered it. I had meanwhile taken a glob of my spit on my fingers & applied it to my dry anus. I had just about managed to smear it on my asshole that I felt his prick on it. He parted my bums with his hands & shoved his throbbing cock inside my asshole.
“AAAAaaaaaaaa…oooowwwwwww!” I screamed in agony. He seemed to enjoy it a lot & removed his cock from my anus completely.
This time I dipped my fingers in my flooded pussy & spread the juices around my asshole. I took another glob of spit & applied it on to his cock before he could shove it back in.
But it was of no use at all “OOOOoooooouuuucwwwwww!” I screamed again & again as he butt fucked me.
I was drenched with sweat & my hair was sticking to my face as he continued to fuck my ass.
My thighs were cramping due to the awkward position I was in & also due to his weight on my body.
Suddenly he stopped & thrust deep inside my anus.
The pain was unbearable as he pushed deeper & deeper.
Then with a grunt he let go & I felt his hot juice spread inside my ass.
He gave a few weak thrusts to empty his remaining jism & slowly withdrew his cock.
I looked at him as he lifted my finger & shoved it inside my widened asshole.
I wanted to suck his cock but CK intervened, “Wait, you cock hungry whore! You can suck us clean after all of us have fucked you!” he said.
All of us including the driver! I felt that pleasurable feeling run up my spine again. I was lusting for the driver to lay his dirty hands on me again.
I lay on my side as CK clambered back from between the front seats. He stripped & DK dressed & crawled forward.

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Part 3
Now I was CK’s bitch.
I turned & watched him caress my naked back & then run his palm on my naked bums.
‘Thhwaacckkk! Thwaackkk!’ CK spanked my naked bums.
“Oowwwww!” I yelped in pain as my bums turned deep pink.
CK grabbed my hair & pulled my face close to his.
He kissed my lips roughly, probed my mouth with his tongue & bit on my cheeks.
I tried to prevent him from biting my cheeks as any marks from such love bites would be a dead giveaway when I went back home.
But CK was in no mood to listen & twisted my hands till it hurt.
I let him do as he wanted & stopped fighting.
He bit me on my neck & shoulders as he moved his thick drooling lips towards my boobs.
He chewed on my nipples & drew blood with his hard bites.
“Aaaa…hhh!” I moaned & he went wild. He kissed & bit me all over my naked body.
Finally he reached my pussy & treated it as roughly as he had treat6ed my boobs & nipples.
I was groaning in pain & moaning in sheer lust as his tongue flicked inside my pussy & his teeth dug into my lower lips.
Then he made me stand up. I had to bend forward in between the front 2 seats.
My naked unsupported boobs dangled down & the driver licked my nipples till CK pulled me back towards him.
Just the sight of the driver licking my tits brought on an uncontrolled orgasm.
I would surely have squirted my juices if CK had not yanked me back at that very moment right onto his erect penis.
“Yaaa…Aaaaaaah!” I screamed as his huge ramrod erect cock rammed deep inside my pussy.
He held onto my boobs with one & with the other guided my body up & down by holding my slim waist.
I leaned forward with agony but he pulled me back with my boob.
I was bucking up & down, my naked breasts bouncing in all directions & my hair flying all over the place.
I placed my hands on the ceiling of the cab as CK grabbed both of my boobs in hands & began squeezing them.
Suddenly he placed his hands on my thighs & began thrusting harder & harder upwards into my pussy.
I had never been fucked like this before & was enjoying it very much.
Just then I noticed the driver staring at my heaving boobs in the rear view mirror & my pussy exploded in another orgasm.
I felt CK tiring & was worried that he would cum inside me but he slowed before he ejaculated & plucked out his cock from my pussy.
He pulled me onto the seat & pushed me into a doggy position.
I braced for another round of butt fucking.
I reached back & held my bums apart for him to fuck my ass.
“AAAaaaaaaaa…..!” I screamed & yelped as he drove his huge cock hard into my asshole.
He grabbed my hair & leaned on my back as he fucked my butt harder & harder.
I felt some more movement behind as CK continued to fuck my butt.
Suddenly he removed his penis & flopped onto the seat.
He yanked me around & I saw that DK too had come onto the rear seat.
I dropped to my knees with my legs in between the front seats & faced the two men.
I didn’t need to be told what I was supposed to do.
I leaned forward & wrapped my lips around CK’s soggy wet cock.
“UUUMMMMmmm!” he moaned as I sucked his huge shaft from top to bottom. I sucked on his hairy balls & then licked his penis clean with my tongue.
DK had in the meantime placed my hand around his cock & I had begun stroking it too.
Soon I was sucking the two cocks one after the other. My hand would be rubbing one man’s cock while my mouth was busy on the other’s cock.
Suddenly CK moved right to the edge of the seat & turned my face towards his cock.
I barely had time to open my mouth when his hot thick jism splattered all over my face. He kept squirting in bursts.
His hot sperms covered my face & dripped down my nose. Some of the thick gel had fallen on my hair & I felt it trickle down my scalp leaving a sticky warm trail.
I licked off the last drops from his cock & turned my mouth towards DK’s cock.
I was just in time as DK exploded & dumped his hot load straight inside my gaping mouth.
He held my head & forced his cock deep inside my throat. I gagged as his cum flooded my mouth & almost chocked me.
“Eat it, bitch!” he ordered & I obeyed.
I gulped down as much sperm I could but almost half of it flowed out of my mouth.
“Rinku you slut, don’t waste it!” CK said. I wiped the cum from my face & began feeding it o myself.
I finished the sperms stuck to my face & then wiped my boobs where the cum had dripped. I sucked my fingers & swallowed the sperms slowly.
Both the men were wiping their cocks on my silky brown hair. I waited till they had dried their cocks on my hair & then began licking my hair.
“What a slut!” DK mumbled & lay back on the seat.
I looked at CK to find he too was lying back & resting.
I kept cleaning my face, neck & boobs by wiping the sperms off & feeding them to myself.
Suddenly I felt a hand caress my bums. I turned & saw the driver fondle my thighs.
I smiled & nodded at him, inviting him to come & fuck me.
I felt my pussy get wet again as he began driving the car towards the edge of the road.
I too sat in between the two young studs who had fucked me so nicely & rested my aching body.
I must have dozed off because when I opened my eyes I saw that DK & CK were both dressed completely.
As soon as the taxi reached the side of the road, the two men got out.
I sat in the rear seat naked & watched the men get out.
I smiled & nodded as CK said “I am sure you will pay the driver handsomely, RInku!”

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Old 2nd August 2009
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Part 4
The driver had a dirty smirk on his face as he leeched at my nude body. I was sitting naked in the centre of the rear seat shamelessly.
To my utmost surprise he started the car & asked “Where to, madam?”
“You don’t want to fuck me?” I blurted. All of the erotic images floating in my mind came crashing down.
I had had multiple orgasms just thinking about this man & he didn’t show any interest in my body.
Dejectedly I reached out for my clothes which were still lying on the front seat.
He caught my hand & said “No! Sit naked!”
My pussy convulsed with sweet sensations at his touch & gruff voice.
“Just tell me where you liv.. I mean where you want to go!” he said as his face reddened at the mistake he had made.
‘This guy is planning to hump me later too.’ I thought to myself & smiled.
I placed my hand on his shoulder & slipped it below his shirt.
His sighed as I tickled his nipple & bit on his ear lobe.
He too reached back & fondled my naked thighs. I opened my legs wider so that his fingers would find my throbbing pussy with ease.
He turned to look at me & I planted my lips on his mouth & kissed him.
He grabbed my boobs & dragged me forward in between the front seats.
I was flailing as he ravaged my lips with his mouth. I was on my back, my loose hair falling all over the gear stick; my legs were splayed over the back rest of the rear seat. He chewed on my quivering wet lips & his hand squeezed my erect nipples hard.
I was moaning as I climaxed & my twat spilled another load of my juices all over my thighs.
Suddenly I heard a familiar tune. My cell phone was ringing.
I struggled forward to reach my purse & was surprised to see my mobile phone lying on the dashboard.
The driver reached for it & gave it to me “who is it?” he asked.
I looked at the name flashing on the screen & said “Mohit! My husband!”
He gauged the panic in my voice & smiled an evil smile as he said “put in on loudspeaker!”
I nodded, placed a finger on his lips motioning him to keep quiet & I sat up in the rear seat as I received the call.
“Rinku?” Mohit’s voice sounded very angry.
“Yes Mohit!” I replied afraid if he would notice the tremble in my voice.
“Where the fuck are you, you bitch? You are not in the bus?” he asked. I glanced at the driver & noticed he was enjoying the whole situation.
“I a…! ooohhhh!” I gasped in mid sentence.
The driver had grabbed my thighs & had buried his face into my crotch.
“I what?” Mohit retorted.
I bit on my lip & kept my mouth shut. I saw my breasts heaving & my thighs trembling as the driver’s tongue pushed me towards another orgasm.
“Rinku?” Mohit asked his voice dropping as if he was straining to pick up some sound from my end.
Somehow I controlled myself & replied “Y-Yes, Mohit! I am here!”
The driver peeked up at me & winked. I shook my head & tried to push him off.
The driver inserted a finger in my pussy & placed his lips on my nipples.
I gasped in ecstasy & then gathering my emotions replied in a low trembling voice “Mohit, there was no place in the bus & a few men were trying to take advantage so I got off & took a cab. I wanted to call you but…”
“Since when did you mind being taken advantage off, RInku! I am sure you must have tried to feel them before they tried their stunts.” he abused me. I saw the driver grinning as he heard the conversation quite clearly. His lips were sucking nosily on my nipples while his hands groped around my bums.
“Listen Mohit, I didn’t do anything like that & anyways you were wrapped up around Ritu…!”
“Shut up Rinku!” he snapped at me & continued “we have almost reached home you better get here fast or you will have to spend the night outside!” he disconnected the phone before I could answer.
“Aaaaaahhhhhhhhhhh!” I screamed as my pent up emotions broke free.
I slipped sideways onto the seat & the driver climbed up over me.
“Oooh….ooohhhhh!” I gasped as his sweaty chest rubbed against my erect nipples.
He grabbed me by my hair & kissed my face all over. His teeth bit my cheeks while his nails dug into my naked back. His knees were planted on my thighs pushing them apart.
I readily spread my legs wide apart & felt his erect cock fall onto my soggy wet pussy.
That brought forth another round of passionate sighs from my body & some more juices flowed from between my thighs. I myself was surprised at my slutty behavior.
This was the third stranger I had allowed to mount me in the last two hours & I was still hungry for more!
The driver had his fill munching on my lips & boobs. Then he lifted me by my bums & pushed me towards the front seat. I was surprised as I was expecting a good hard fuck.
I was a bit scared as any passerby in front of the car would get a good look at my naked back.
But I did as he made me do the most outrageous thing I have ever done in my life.
I was squatting with one leg each on the two front seats & facing the rear seat where he sat & watched.
He nodded & I stared at his puzzled at what he wanted me to do.
He pointed at the gear knob which was sticking up & said “Fuck with it, Rinku!” his voice was hoarse with excitement.
I was quivering with excitement too. I had never even thought of this.
I placed both my hands on the back rest of the front seat & lowered myself onto the odd shaped grip of the gear stick.
My pussy was so wet that the handle slipped smoothly inside my tingling twat.
“AAaaaaaa…hhh! Ooooommmmmmmm!” I moaned in shameless pleasure.
I looked at him & saw that he was stroking his black cock in his palm.
I was overcome with passion & began swaying up & down on the gear stick.
The ridges on the handle were driving me crazy & added to that was the sight of the driver stroking his big cock opposite me.
I moaned & humped myself harder & harder.
My juices were actually squirting even with the shaft deep inside my pussy.
I was screaming shamelessly as my juices coated the gear stick.
Suddenly he grabbed me & pulled my face towards his cock.
Still fucking my pussy on the gear stick I bent forward & took his cock in my mouth.
He held my head down & fucked my mouth.
He thrust his cock deep in my mouth & I gagged & choked on it.
I bent lower & sucked his hairy balls.
Now it was his turn to groan & I turned my attention to his big cock.
He placed his palms below my boobs & fondled them as he fucked my mouth.
I was enjoying this very much but I wanted him in my pussy.
I stopped sucking him as I felt him stiffen up. I kissed him on his lips & kept rubbing his prick so that he wouldn’t cum too soon.
He too must have realized that he was very near to ejaculation as he pulled me back again. I was on my side with one leg on his shoulder & then I screamed “AAAaaaaaaaaaa….ooowwwwwwww!”
He had banged his huge penis hard inside my asshole.
He fucked my ass for just a few minutes but it hurt like hell.
I screamed again & he thrust harder.
He removed his cock with equal speed & I was sure my asshole was bleeding by then.
He barely gave me time to catch my breath when he shoved his enormous cock into my ravenous pussy.
This was what I had been craving & pulled him towards me.
He fucked me hard & I reciprocated his thrusts.
When he was thrusting in I too was pushing towards him, when he pulled out I moved backwards.
We went on like this for a long a time & I cumming hard when he shoved deep inside my twat & emptied his hot gel inside my pussy.
He squeezed my tits as he pounded inside me with weakening thrusts, but I felt him empty his full load inside me.
I had been bred by this unknown cab driver.
We waited for a few minutes caressing each other & then I sucked his cock again.
He squirted a few remaining blobs of sperm onto my face & hair.
He lay back as I ate the thick gel from my face & licked my hair clean.
Then he quietly slipped on his clothes & got into his driver’s seat & began driving.
I told him the destination & we reached there soon.
Before I dressed he tossed me his cell phone & I fed my number into it & also gave a missed call to my number.
As I was about to get off he said “Rinku, what about my payment?”
I laughed & said “haven’t I paid you well enough for the ride?”
“Not for the ride Rinku darling, payment is for the breeding!” he said with a wink.

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really hot hot hot!

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Old 2nd August 2009
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koppust is an unknown quantity at this point
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repped u for the gear stix fukkk

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great .....keep fucking ....
sex is life......

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just superb

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nice job mate

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