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"Go ahead and take her to the master bedroom Bruce," Carol added as Daddy started to lead me away. "She can lay down there as long as she likes."

Daddy led me upstairs and into the master bedroom, and continued onto the master bathroom. The room was gorgeous, and I was a little jealous of the big vanity and all of the mirrors.

"So," Daddy said, pulling my ass back against his body. "My baby girl doesn't like being teased, huh? Like you teased Daddy all day while you were trying on clothes, baby? Like the tease of Daddy having to watch you walk around this party with your nipples on display for everyone to see like a naughty little girl?"

"But Daddy," I started to protest.

"Don't but Daddy me," he said urgently, unzipping his fly. "No more teasing, my little toy, you are going to give Daddy what he really needs."

Daddy bent me over the vanity, pulling the straps of my dress down over my shoulders so that my nipples were exposed. As I watched us in the mirror, Daddy pulled my short skirt up, pushed my still vibrating panties aside, and drove his cock deep inside me with one stroke.

I let out a small cry as I felt Daddy's big cock stretching me, and he quickly shushed me. His hands went to my nipples and he roughly played with them, pinching and pulling as he fucked me from behind. The sight of Daddy fucking me combined with the feeling of the panties vibrating against me and his tool drilling into me was too much to take. I felt my pussy start to spasm and clamped my lips shut as my orgasm started to explode within me.

"Good girl," Daddy purred. "Oh my sweet little girl, Daddy is gonna fill your hot pussy up with his seed. Oh baby, I'm so close."

As Daddy fucked harder into me, I watched us in the mirror, my pussy clenching on his cock, loving every thrust of him inside me. Out of the corner of my eye I saw Tom's reflection in the mirror. He was in the bedroom behind us and our eyes briefly made contact. He didn't look mad though -- he looked very much like he was enjoying what he saw.

"Oh Daddy," I whispered, still making eye contact with Tom, "cum in me Daddy. I need you to cum in your baby."

My words must have done the trick, because Daddy grabbed my hips, thrust his cock as deep inside me as he could, holding it there while he spurt his seed inside my body.

When he was done, Daddy and I helped clean each other up, and went back down to the party. Daddy agreed no more vibrating button for the rest of the night, and I tried to keep my mind away from thinking that my own Daddy's cum was leaking from me as we made small talk with his friends.

As we were leaving, Tom wrapped me in a hug. "How you doing, sweetheart he asked? Did your father take good care of you?"

I saw the teasing gleam in his eye as I responded, "Yes actually, he gave me exactly what I needed," and gently kissed his cheek goodbye.

As I walked away, I wondered if Tom would keep our secret. I looked back and saw him standing there staring back at me. I think I even saw him touching himself a little as he watched. I blew him another kiss before hopping in the truck, feeling pretty safe that he had no desire to stop what Daddy and I were doing.

Daddy leaned over to give me a kiss on the forehead and asked if I had a good time. "I did Daddy, I had a very good time," I responded, snuggling closer to Daddy and relaxing into his touch as we drove home to enjoy a night alone, just the two of us.

Old 24th July 2009
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Hi I am Pooja from India. I am 21 years old and still unmarried. I love to show off my body to the elder ones like uncles and dads friends. I knew I was attractive; the boys in my college would stare at my firm breasts and long legs as I wore my short knee length skirt and blouse to college. I love seducing men, especially older, mature ones. In my inner mind I wanted dad to see me in these clothes but I never thought of going beyond that. I really loved to show off my body and I did that to our servants too. The first thing you would find out is I never wear any underclothes, no bra or panties ever. Haven't had any on for at least ten years. My tits, which are 34 B's have a slight sag to them, but not real bad, have nipples that when I really get excited can get to almost a ˝ inch long and hard as pieces of rock. My ass is 36 not the best looking but people stare at it while I walk. I've been shaving my pussy completely for the last few years and keep it as smooth as possible. Depending on how I'm positioned my inner lips sometimes peek out . I am aware of my slit with two prominent outer mounds and a slight bump where my clit is. I have a tight belly and my legs are pretty good.

We have two male servants who are about 28 and 20 yr of age. One is Basheer and another is Krishna. They work for us for a long time and have seen me grow. Today I felt something different when they looked at me in my new dress. The younger, Basheer was staring at my naval and then breasts alternately and he admired my dress.

"Madam! This dress is nice and you look beautiful." That was all he said. I felt I should show him some of my goodies and the thought made me wet. I bent in front of him to pick up something, which I dropped on purpose. As I did this by heavy breasts peeked out of the top and he had a nice view of my boobs. I am sure he must have seen my bra too. Then I turned around and showed him my solid ass, which looked prominent, as I had bent. Out of the corners of my eyes I saw him staring at me. I straightened up and looked at him. He was still staring at the swellings of my breasts and exposed naval. I smiled at him. He smiled back but he was very much excited. I looked at his pyjama and saw that his lund had swollen to huge dimensions and was towards the left side of his pyjama. As he was not wearing any underwear the shape of the lund was clearly visible. He looked at me looking at him and knew what the matter was. He hurriedly adjusted his lund so that it stayed parallel to his body and pushed it below the nada. But I had seen enough of his lund and knew it must have been about 6-7 inches long and thick too.

I did not go any further on this and left the room, making him stare at my back as I walked. When I was alone in the afternoon, the though of Basheer looking at my body made me all wet and I had to put my hand inside my panties to rub my pussy. I knew I was an exhibitionist and wanted to expose my body to others.

My dad showed special interest in my clothes and loved me to wear skimpy clothes. I don't know why he loved that but I also liked to wear the clothes dad bought me. Dad had brought me some cut off jeans and cotton top when he returned from a business trip in Europe. I felt very shy when I wore the dress. The cut-off jeans were fitting well below my naval showing my belly button and flat naval. The top was low cut and showed about half of my hard 34" breasts. It was also semitransparent and showed my black brassier clearly. My breasts looked prominent in the outfit and my ass too looked great. The top was a bit short below and showed some part of my stomach too. When I looked in the mirror my pussy started to get wet and I felt some spark passing through my body. Never the less, I decided to wear it for the party dad had thrown this evening.

I put on the clothes and paraded before my dad and he loved it. " Pooja! You look lovely in this outfit and I am proud of you. The dress fits on your body nicely and I am sure my friends would love it. You are such a sweet girl!" saying so he kissed me on the cheeks as fathers do. I felt shy and could not look into the eyes of my father. But he did nothing more and asked me to help him for the party in the evening. I was very conscious of my dress but decided to wear it for the party.

Dad had called his friends for the party who were all in the age group of 50 to 60. I wondered what I should do in a party of such older men. But at the same time the thought of wearing such revealing clothes excited me. So I put on the clothes dad had bought me. I was wearing a low cut tot that just showed a little bit of cleavage, and a cut off jeans with no panties I applied a darkish lipstick to my pouting lips put on big circular ear-rings and all my jewellary. The chain hanged from my neck and fell deep in the cleavage of my breasts. I knew this looked attractive. I did not apply any makeup. I looked into the mirror and looked satisfied at my reflection.

Dad called me and said that his friends will be arriving at about 6 pm and that I should be ready to receive them. He looked at my dress and said, " Pooja! You look wonderful in this dress and I am sure my friends would love to see you. Make sure you serve them drinks. They are important for my business." With this he left to make preparations for the party. Both our servants were busy too and Basheer was looking at me with anticipation but I did not want to go any further so I ignored him. Krishna too was looking at my assets hungrily and that excited me.

The first to arrive was Mr. Bob. He was about 60 but looked healthy. He was actually white American. He was in India on official tour. He had white hair and white beard and wore round glasses. I received him and welcomed him. He was glad to be received and extended his hand for me. I shook his hand and requested him to take a seat. He looked at me from top to bottom and said, " Wow Pooja! You look wonderful. That top you are putting on is very nice. Come sit with me for a few minutes." So I sat next to him, a bit away from him. He pushed his body near me so that his thighs touched mine and started asking me about my college and things like that. Every time he talked he used to pat my thighs and caress them. He pushed his elbow against the side of my breasts and rubbed it there. I felt excited and wondered what my dad would say. Just then my dad entered and saw us sitting. He said hello to Mr Bob and sat next to him. This made Mr.Bob shift towards me and his body was touching mine. I felt awkward but could not do anything. Mr. Bob was rubbing his thighs against mine and I knew he was getting excited too. My dad asked me to serve him drinks so I had to get up.

I made sure that as I handed him his drink I leaned over real low to give them a nice glimpse of my tits. By the looks on his face, he was seeing plenty too. Even my dad was looking. An electric current ran through my body as I saw Mr Bob looking intently into my top to see a pair of tits spilling out. Even my dad was looking at them and he watched Mr. Bob looking too. As this was going on the doorbell rang and I ran to open the door, shaking my ass as much I could. There were three of my dads friends looking at me. I wished them and asked them to come on in. I showed them my dad's room and walked them there. I made it a point to sway my ass as much as I could and I knew the guys must be watching it. My dad welcomed them and they all sat chatting. I was told to serve them drinks so I went to fill them up. I called Basheer for help and he was glad to oblige.

While I was filling the glasses Basheer was putting snacks in the dishes and he stood close to me. He was looking into my top and trying to peek at my breasts. I ignored him and after filling the glasses took them to my dads room. They all saw me walk in and I could trace their eyes following my body, looking me up. As I bent to serve them the drinks, one of my dad's friends, Manoj looked at my peeking breasts. I felt shy at the old man staring at me so boldly but knew he must be sex starved. So I shifted to next one and he too followed the same ordeal my dad was looking at me with pride in his eyes.

He said to his friends, "I think my daughter looks wonderful. Do you like her dress? I bought it from England. Look at the fitting! Its wonderful."

His friends admired me and I felt shy in front of the old fellows. But I wanted to tease them more so I purposely opened my top 2 buttons and again served them drinks. This time their eyes popped out looking at my assets. Dad didn't say anything and so I decided to go further. I called mr. Bob to look at my drawings. This was some pretax and I wanted him alone with me. He was ogling my body in the privacy we had. His eyes roamed from my firm tits to solid ass. When I showed him my first drawing, he smiled at me and praised me a lot. While looking at the drawing we stood very close and his body almost touched mine. I felt excited so I shifted my body close to him till his arms touched my sides. He felt the heat of my body and shifted more towards me, pressing his body onto mine. I saw him peeking into my top to look at my breasts. This was big turn on for me and I really wanted him to look.

I asked him , " How is my drawing? Did u like it?"

He was so absorbed in looking into my top that this question startled him. He moved his eyes from my breasts with great difficulty and said, " Hey Pooja, they are beautiful. You have nice breasts."

" Ohh uncle! I was talking about the drawing and you are praising my breasts?" I said sternly. This must have hit him so he said, " sorry to look at your breasts like this. But I really could not resist. You are so tempting nymph! Please don't tell your dad about this.

" How can I Uncle? I wont tell. It's your honor being a guest to my dad. Did you like what you saw?"

"Ohhh they are really wonderful. Will you please show them to me? I promise not to tell anybody. I will give you nice present for this. Please show your breasts to me."

" Ohhh how dirty you are Uncle! I am your daughter's age and you are asking me to show you my breasts? How can I? What if my dad walks in? No I am sorry." I said firmly (pretending to be firm).

"ohhhh Pooja! Don't get me wrong. You look so beautiful that even your dad wont be able to look away from your body. So how you expect me to?"

"Its Ok uncle! If that pleases you I will show you my breasts. Ok?"

Saying so I got up and stood before Mr Bob with my hands above my head. This made my breasts go up and look prominent. I thrust my breasts at him and licked my lips, looking directly into his eyes. The old fellow was all red with excitement! I then caught both of my breasts in my hands and showed them to him.

" Look uncle! See my breasts. Are they Big? And Nice? Come on Uncle tell me. I am showing them to you!"

"Yes baby! They are really nice and may be firm. They look really wonderful. Can you show them naked? Please I am dying to see them in flesh!"

" Ok here I go." Saying so I caught my top at the bottom, with both hands crossing each other. I then slowly removed the top, showing him my naked stomach, sexy naval and then Ohhh the breasts. I removed the top and threw it to Mr. Bob. He caught it and put it to his mouth, smelling it and then licking away at the chest area. I was amazed at this and did not know a female of any age could do such wonders to men. I felt proud of my feminity. As soon as I removed my top my breasts jumped out breathing in the fresh air and sensing the gaze of the old man. Mr Bob's eyes bulged out and his stare focused on my breasts. My breasts were hard and nipples were erect due to all the excitement.

I saw mr Bobs pant bulge and the bulge went on becoming prominent as he looked at my twin assets. I caught my breasts in both the hands and squeezed them showing him the proud nipples. He got up and tried to catch them in his hands but I moved away from him and he looked frustrated. I told him not to touch me unless I tell him to. He kept quite and stood looking at me. I moved away and unbuckled my cut off jeans letting it move down from my solid ass. I had to move my ass to take it down and I removed it and kept it on the bed. My ass cheeks bulged out and I turned around to show them to the old man. He looked at them and hurriedly unzipped his pants, fishing out his cock. I looked at his cock, I had seen a grown up cock for the first time and kept staring at the wonderful thing.

It was about 10 inches long and 2 ˝ inches wide. I could see prominent veins running all over the length of the cock and it looked really nice. Mr Bob was now holding his cock in his hands and rubbing it.

"come on Pooja you showed me yours now see mine! Look at it! Ohh I want to touch you. Come here and let me look at your pussy. Show it to me!" he said.

I was afraid of the old man. I did not want his cock in my pussy. Besides dad could walk in any moment. This made me back out and I gathered my clothings and started to dress. He was angry at me and said, " NO Pooja! Don't do this to an old man like me. Teasing me and then backing out! Let me just look at you and finish. Let me take out my sperm. Here I go. Look at it. Ohhhhhhhhhh! Ahhhhhhhhh! Baby! YES!"

Mr Bob was rubbing his cock hard and moaning. I watched him as he jacked off in front of me. I forgot to wear my clothes and just looked at him. Ohhhhhhh! My pussy was flowing with juices and it made my panties wet! As I was looking at Mr. Bob, I heard my dad's voice. He was talking to his friends and they were all coming to my room!

I hurriedly took my clothes and started to put them on. Mr Bob too put his cock back in his pants. It was just in time! My dad and his two friends entered my room and dad went to show them my drawings. My heart was beating faster and Mr Bob looked all flushed. Dad must have noticed this because he asked him if he was alright. What could he say? After sometime we all went to the dining hall for dinner.

Mr.Bob sat next to me for dinner and his eyes were looking for glimpses of my boobs. I think dad was watching us with interest and I did not dare to give him lift. While we were having dinner, I felt a feet brush against my leg. It was notorious Mr. Bob! He was feeling my legs with his naked feet. I felt his feet caress the legs and tickle me. I could not believe this was happening under my fathers nose. I kept quite and he grew bolder. He shifted slowly towards me and cut down the gap between us. Then his left hand slowly sneaked towards me and onto my thighs. He moved his hands over my knee and rubbed it. Then I felt his fingers poke through my pants and onto my naked thigh flesh. I moaned with excitement and dad looked at me, staring strangely. I got scared and looked back. Dad smiled at me and said, ' Pooja! What's the matter? Are you ok? Ohh may be Mr. Bob pinched you! He is notorious old man. Aren't you Mr. Bob?"

"Ohh Mr. Kapoor! You are right. Pooja is very charming girl and and I cant keep quite sitting next to her. She was teasing me in her room so now I am pinched her for that."

"Ohh dad! I just said that I like old men looking younger. And Mr. Bob does look younger for his age"

"Thanks Beti(daughter)! For the compliments to this old man. And for that I am going to take you to the market after the dinner and give you some gift. Is it ok Mr. Kapoor."

"Yes you can take her but you have to drop her back ok?"

the conversation ended and the old man continued titillating me with his expert fingers. I was excited with the idea of going with this old man and teasing him more. So we finished the dinner and Mr. Bob called me to come with him. His driver brought the car and we both sat in the back seat. I had loved the attention that this old man was giving me. I forgot about his age, and was actually getting quite turned on by him.

As the car moved ahead, he shifted towards me and his thighs touched mine. He was very much excited and did not bother if the driver was looking at us in the rear mirror. I couldn't help but stare at his crotch through his pants and saw how big it grew. I crossed my arms and leaned over just a little so he had a great view of the cleavage that my top was showing. I think that I could tell that the bulge in his pants actually got a little bigger. When I realized this I could feel my pussy starting to get moist. The thought that this man wanted me drove me crazy. And I couldn't help but tease him a little more. I was aware of the driver watching us and that made me more excited.

Mr.Bob made his move and started to caress my breasts. I told him not to do this as the driver was watching but he just winked at me and pushed his hands inside my top, touching the breasts over the naked skin. I felt by breasts grow a little at his touch and relaxed in the seat, resting against the back of the seat. He pushed my top a bit up and lecherously grabbed my breasts in his palms and kneaded them hard. A thin moan escaped my throat and I looked in the mirror. The driver was watching us! He was looking in the mirror and smiling at us. I was shy and tried to cover myself telling Mr.Bob that the driver was looking in the mirror.

"Don't worry Pooja! He has seen many things happening in the car so just neglect him. This makes it more exciting isn't it?"

"Ohh Yes! It sure is!"

And the things continued. Mr. Bob unzipped his pants and took out his rock hard cock. I kept staring at it and wondering how it would feel in my hands. But I was afraid to do it. Mr.Bob solved this. He took my hand and placed it on his cock. Ohhh God! It was very hard and hot too. I felt as if I was holding a hot iron rod. I caught his cock in my fist and pressed it. The old fellow moaned a little and pushed his ass up urging me to rub it little more. He instructed the driver to drive on to some secluded road so that our little game could go on. As I was rubbing his cock he slid his hand inside my pants and started to search the goal, the cunt. The pant was tight and would not allow his hand in so I quickly removed the button holding it and loosened it. His hand found my mound and he began to rub it slowly.

Ohh Readers! This was the first time for me. I was touching a cock and allowing to touch my cunt for the first time. He found my hole and entered his finger in. Ohh god it felt sooo wonderful! I saw that the driver was looking at us and his hand moved rhythematically, rubbing his own dick. Mr. Bob pushed my top up and exposed my breast. He then put his mouth to it and started to suck it in. his mouth worked on my breast like a vacuum pump and he managed to take some portion of it in his mouth. I was rubbing his cock slowly and he was thrusting his ass in rhythm. This all was so explosive that I came very hard… moaning loudly and murmuring.. Ohh dad yes! I said DAD!

He looked surprised but continued his ministrations. He was now finger fucking my overflowing cunt and I was enjoying it. We had wandered on the secluded road for much longer time and Mr. Bob instructed the driver to return to the market area. I rubbed his cock fast now and suddenly his cock twitched in my hands and I felt it pulsate. He was coming! Thick jets of come spurted from his piss hole and trickled onto my hands. Ohh what a sensation! This was real turn on! Mr. Bob took out his handkerchief and cleaned the mess. He then handed me the hanky to keep as souvenir of the memorable incidence. The driver too was coming and I felt the car jerk away for a few moments as he came and then it went on smoothly again. Well that was it. Mr. Bob thanked me and told me that he was happy with the little girl, Beti(daughter).

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Us nay aik baar mery taraf dekha to mainay nazerin ghuma leen yeh, dekh ker woh muskuranay lagi or apna kaam kerkay chali gai.Ab aaj kay baray main sari baat main nay cafe se ja ker kerni thi. Jab mainay yeh dekh liya ke woh net per aa gai hay to main cafe chala gaya or us se baat kernay laga. Woh aaj ke baray main batanay ke liyay betaab thi, us nay bataya kay kis terha bhai meray breast ko dekh rahay thay. Esa lag raha tha ke woh abhi mere mummey ko pakarrna chahtay hain. To main nay poocha .... "tum kiya chah rahi theen us waqt". Sonia ne kaha ......"meray dil mein ajeeb si gud gudi ho rahi thi aur main to yeh chah rahi thi ke bhaiyya uthain apnay bed se, aur mujhay utha ker apnay bed per lay jain or phir jo woh chahtay hain woh sub kuch karain.: Main bola ...."kaha ke ab tum ko koi eitraaz to nahi hoga ke ager tumharay bhai tumhari chudai karain toh?" Sonia Boli........."Ab jo hoga dekha jayega aur tarkeebein sochnay lagi ke bhaiyya ko kaisay apna jism aur apni jawaani dikhayee jaye".

Yeh sub meray liye hairani wali baat thee, yahan aik baat aap ko bata ta chaloon ke hum dono ke room baraber baraber hain or beech main aik window hay jo ventilation ke liya hay garmiyaon main us main perda parra rehta hay or sardi main band kerdetay hain. Khiar aaj main kafi mood bana ker aaya tha jab main gher aaya to woh net chor ker sonay ki tayyari kernay lagi thi. Main nay beth tay hi kuch sexy sites open keen or un ko dekhnay laga.

Achanak room mein kharraaka hua aur meinay peechay murr ker dekha to Sonia kharri thi hath mein doodh ka glass liye. Us ne mujhay sites minimize kartay huay dekh liya aur smile ker di. Meinay heiraan ho ker usko dekha kyunke us ne us waqt ek bareek pink color ka pajama pehen rakha tha jis mein se uski khoobsurat lambi gori taangein saaf nazar arahi theen aur uske ooper us ne ek fitting wali white t shirt pehen rakhi thi. Us ne mujhay is tarah ghoortay huay paya to kehnay lagi "........bhai ye pajama mein aj hi bazar se laai hoon, color kitna pyara hai hai na......." Aur meinay aankhein phaarr ker usay dekhtay huay sirf ser hila diya. Meinay poocha "...........doodh kyun laai ho, pehlay to kabhi tum doodh nahin laai..........." Sonia us ne sharmaatay huay ajeeb andaz se mujhay ghoora aur kaha "...........mera to khayal tha ke doodh sab larkon ko pasand hota hai............" Maine b jhat se kaha ".........mujhay bhi doodh bohat pasand hai, rozana pilaao gi na........" (yeh keh kar main sonia ko ek aankh daba kar sexy ishara kiya). Aur us ne sharmatay huay "haan" mein ser hilaa diya.

Khair woh apnay room mein chali gai aur mein samjha ke kal parson tak meri behna raazi ho hi jayegi aur mein phir se computer per dirty sites dekhnay laga aur sonia ko fantasize karnay laga. Kuch der baad mujhay ehsaas hua ke koi or bhi meray saath shamil hay dekhnay main kyunke mein perday main halki si aahat mehsoos ker chuka tha. Mager mainay apna kaam jari rakha aur ahista ahista se apnay lund ko apni shorts ke under haath daal ker masalnay laga. Mujhay ek ajeeb sa ehsaas hua ke mein is tarah gundi tasveerein dekh raha hoon aur apnay lund ko hath laga ker mazay le raha hoon aur ek larrki, woh bhi itni khoobsurat jis se mein itni dher sari gundi baatein ker chuka hoon aur jisay mein behen keh ker pukaarta hoon parday ki aut se mujhay dekh rahi hai.

Kuch der ke baad meinay computer off ker diya. Aur phir meinay parday ke peechay dekha. This time is amazing for me. Main kya dekhta hoon ke meri sister so rahi hay gheri neend aur us ki t shirt is terha ho rahi thi jesay sotay main ooper charh gai ho. Jis ki wajha se us ka khoobsurat peit gora sa pyara sa aur uski sexy si naval saaf nazar arahi thi. Us ne ek taang seedhi aur ek taang usi taang ke ooper terrhi ki hui thi jis ki waja se us ki bareek pajama mein se uski gori round ass nazar arahi thi. Uski bund (gaaand) is tarah se dekh mein pagal ho gaya. Aur is khayal se bhi ke abhi to ye jaag rahi thi aur abhi kaisay acting ker rahi hai sone ki aur ye pose isne especially meray liye banaya hay.

Main kafi der is nazaray ko dekhta raha, magar main abhi is khail ko aur aagay berhana chahta tha. Phir main uth ker us ke kamray main gaya or us ke paas beth ker ghor se usay dekhnay laga. Mager us nay koi harkat nahi ki kuch der baad main uth ker wapas aagaya next night main phir sexy sites laga ker beth gaya. Ke achanak woh meray room main aagai jesay kuch dhoond rahi ho, aur aatay hi apni nazrain monitor per gaarh deen, main nay thhora dernay ki acting ki aur jaldi say sub minimize kernay laga. Yeh dekh ker sonia muskuranay lagi aur kehnay lagi

Sonia : "bhaiyya aap yeh kiya ker rahay thay yeh to bahut buri baat hay,main mummy ko bata doongi ke ap yeh kaam kertay ho".

Mein : "Sonia agar mein tumhein bohat bhari rishwat doon to tab bhi batao gi kya."

Sonia: Haan agar rishwat waqaai bhari hui to na batanay ka socha ja sakta hai."

Mein : "Tumhein rishwat mein kya chahiyyay."

SoniaSexy smile dete huye)...ummmmm meri samajh mein nahin aa raha hai... mein soch ker bataaoon gi....

Meray mun se be-ikhtiyaar nikal gaya ........"ok to ye bataao ke doodh pilanay ki kya rishwat lo gi."

Sonia ne kaya "........apko pilaya to tha aaj". Meinay kaha "........mein tumharay doodh ki baat ker raha hoon." Woh ek dum se sharma gai aur us ne neechay floor ki taraf dekhna shuru ker diya. Us ki nazrain neechi hi raheen us waqt mujhay us per buht piyaar aaya or main nay nay haath berrha ker apni bahon main bher liya aur is ke saath hi main nay apnay honth us kay honthon per gaarrh diyay. Is se pehlay mainay kabhi kisi larrki ko haath nahi lagaya tha mager aaj laga raha tha is liyay meray ander kuch ziada hi josh tha. Aur kuch waisay bhi samaaj ki ye wali deewaar giranay mein kuch zyada hi excitement thi. Hum ne qareeb koi 5 min se ziada French-kissing ki. aik doosray ki zaban ko moon main daal ker choostay rahay aur saath hi mera haath us ki t-shirt kay ander chalta raha--chalta raha us kay nipple mery unglion main thay, phir mainay usko baahon main bher ker bed per lita diya woh bilkul halki phulki thi bachon ki terha. Lita ker bhi main us ko kiss kerta raha kabhi lips to kabhi chin to kabhi neck, meray hont us ke pooray chehray per thay aur to kabhi gardan say hota hua us kay breast ko choom raha hota woh ahista ahista aawazain nikal rahi thi aah oh kism ki mainay us ke ooperi hissay ko us kay kapron se aazad kiya or aik khoobsoorat nazara dekhnay laga, ke kiya cheez hay.

Aur phir mainay dono breast ko hathon main lay ker masalna shuroo ker dia kabhi dabata to kabh choosta to kabhi chat-ta us din jo maza mujhay mil raha tha woh shabdon mein main beyaan nahi kiya ja sakta, phir mainay us ka patla sa night pajama neechay kiya to us ki choot nazer aanay lagi. Pajama uternay ki wajha se woh kaafi sharma rahi thi jis per mujhay or bhi piyaar aanay laga or main ne us ko apni aghosh main bheench liya aur aik baar phir kissing kernay laga is terha us ki sharam kuch door hui to main us ki choot se khailnay laga. Us ki choot buhut tight or chhoti si thi aur uski gori rangat ki waja se bilkul pink thi aur us per naram naram golden rang ke jhantey bhi thay jis wajha say woh aur bhi sexy lag rahi thi..mainay apni ungliyon ko us per phairna shuroo kiya to woh machalnay lagi. Uske mooh se sissskariyan nikalne laggiii.....aaaahjhhhh ...ohhhhhhhh.. bhaiyaaaa......sehan nahi ho raha ha.......uuuuuuuufffffffff......haiiiiii.....

Phir mainay us ki choot ke hontho (labia) ko ungli ki madad say khola to ander ka gulabi hissa nazer aanay laga. To mainay apni ungli us main daal di or us ko ahista se harkat denay laga, jis per woh aur bhi ziada machalnay lagi. Aur boli ke ....aaaah bhaiyya .......aaahhh ohhhh ab berdasht nahi hota. Mujhay us ke jism se khailnay main bahut hi maza aaraha tha aur main chah raha tha ke ziada se ziada us ko time de sakoon aur aaj ki raat ko yaadgaar raat bana doon. Phir main apna mooh us ki choot ke paas lay gaya to mujhay aik suhani si smell lagi mager us smell main bhi maza tha aur apnay hont us ki choot per rakh diyay to woh tarrap uthi aur apnay hathon se mera sir pakar liya aur mere sir ko apni choot par jor jor se dabane lagi.

Jab tak main apni zaban us ki choot main daal chuka tha. Mujhay aik ajeeb terha ka test mehsoos hua mager kion ke main jazbat main tha ke mein apni choti behen ki choot ko dekh, soongh aur chaat raha hoon, is liyay woh bhi acha lagnay laga or main ne aur taizi se us ko chatna shuroo kerdiya. Aur us ki aawaz main ahista ahista se taizi aati ja rahi thi. To mainnay kaha ke bus soniaaaaaaa meri jaaann...... thora sa saber karo asal maza to ab aay ga tum ko jab main apna ye lund tumhari is pyari si choti aur tight choot main daloon ga. To kehnay lagi ke aaah bhaiyyaaaa ......ohhhh sehan nahi ho raha hai...aaa..h.h.h..hh.hhh....jaldi karo naaa....jo karna hai mujh se berdasht nahi ho raha.

To mainnay bhi apni shorts utar diya. Mera laura bilkul tana hua khara tha jis ko dekh ker us nay apni aankhon per haath rakh liya to mainay kaha ke yeh kiya baat hui tum bhi to dekho warna maza kesay aayega aur mainnay us kaa haath pakerr ker apnay lun per rakh liya to us ne bhi apni grift mazboot kerli aur ghor se laure ko dekhnay lagi jaisay koi bacha kisi naye khilonay ko dekhta hai hairat aur khushi aur sharam bhari nigaah se. Jub mainay us ko kaha ke is ko apnay moon main lo to us ne mana kerdiya ke bhaiyya yeh mujh say nahi hoga lekin aap keh rahay ho to bus main aik baar is ko kiss ker layti hoon aur phir us nay buhut hi piyaar say meray lund ki topy ko kiss kiya aur sath hi ek lamhay ke liye apni zuban hi usay lagai.

Jis say aik mujhe ek suror jaisa hasil hua. Aik baar phir mainay us kay honton per apnay hont gaarr diyay or sonia ke mammon ko masalnay laga phir main ne apna lund us ki choot ke honthon per buhut aaram se rakha ke woh mery apni behen hay aur jab mainnay thora sa apna lund ander dala to woh dard se karahnay lagi. Aur mera lund bhi aagay nahin ja raha tha. Coz uski choot bahut hi zyada tight thee.... Meinay apna lun sonia ke mun ke pass kiya aur usay kaha ke is per bohat sara thook lagaao, us ne heirat se meri taraf dekha magar kuch na boli aur mooh se dher thook meray lund per laga ker apnay soft goray hathon se saray lund per chuper diya, aisa us ne do baar kiya. Jab achhi tarah meray lund per thook lug chuka to mainay kaha ke ab mein ander daaloon ga to tumhari seal toot jay gi or tum ko thora sa dard bhi hoga aur main tum ko takleef main nahi dekh sakta kya tum is ke liye tayyar ho.

To us ne kaha kay bhaiyyaa..... jab yahan tak aa gaye hain to phir baqi kya bacha hay ab jo hoga dekha jay ga aap apna kaam karo to mainnay phir aik jhatkay saay apna lund under uski nazuk choot mein daal diya jis_say woh aadha ander chala gaya aur mery behen ki cheekh nikaltay nikaltay reh gai ke mainay us kay moon per apna mooh rakh dia tha. Aik or jordar jhatkay ke baad mera lun poora ander ja chuka tha mujh ko buhut mehnat kerni perri kion ke us ki choot aik dum tight thi ab main ne kuch is terha ki setting bana li thi ke mera lund us ki choot main tha aur us ki tangain meray shoulder per aur main us ke mummon ko dabata hua us ke honthon bhi choos raha tha is terha mujh ko eik saath kei mazay aa rahay thay aur mery sex ki taskeen bhi ho rahi thi. Ab mujh ko kuch thakan mehsoos ho rahi thi to main seedha ho ker late gaya aur us ko apnay lund per beth ker ooper neechay honay ka kaha, ab us ki sharam bhi nikal chuki thi aur woh kisi expert ki terha behave ker rahi thi, itni tasveerein jo dekh chuki thi jo meinay usay bheji theen. Jab woh ooper hoti to us kay mammay halkay say sukertay or neechay aatay huay zor say hiltay, yeh aik behtreen aur bahut hi pyara nazara tha.

Mainay apna haath us kay mummon per rakh diya aur us nay apni garden peechay daal di esa kernay se us kay mummay ooper ki taraf khinch gaye to mainnay nipples ko ungli or angoothay say maslna shuroo kerdiya esa kernay se us ki hilnay ki speed aur taiz ho gai aur mujhay us ki choot main say pani niklata hua mehsoos hua to main ne apna lund bahar nikal liya, ab main bhi chootnay hi wala tha is liyay main bed per kharra ho gaya aur us ko kaha ke mere lund ke upar muthi marey, toh us nay bed per ghutnon ke bal beth ker apnay donon narm pyaray nazuk hathon se muthi marni shurro kerdi or saath hi lun ko chatna bhi shuroo ker dia shayad ab woh jhijhak mehsoos nahin ker rahi thi ke achanak mere lund main say garam garam virya (semen) nikal ker us ke chehray per pari aur kuch zaban per bhi gai jis per us ne bura sa mooh bana ker usay saaf kiya to mainay foran apnay hont us ke honton per chipka diyay aur is terha us ka mood bhi acha ho gaya.

Us ke baad hum kafi der aik saath laytay rahay nangi halat main us ka sir meray seenay per tha aur uska ek hath meray lun per ahista ahista massage ker raha tha. Aur mera haath us ke mammon per. Is terha hum ne poori raat main kai baar yeh khail khaila. Us din ke baad se mery sister ne meri pyaas bujhanay main koi kasar nahin uthai. Aur is tarah mery sex ki pyaas ka bhi behnon ki taraha khayal rakha jaisay woh mera doosray kaamon mein ehsaas karti thi bilkul ek behen ki tarah. Aik baar us ne apni ek saheli ko bhi raazi kiya aur aik baar hum teenon ne bhi rang raliyaan mil ker manaaein Is baat ko 2 sal ho chukay hain. Ab mery behen ke cousin kafi barray hogay hain or us ki gand bhi kuch bhari ho gai hay jis se us ki khoobsoorti aur sexy figure aur bhi achi ho gayi hay.

Woh mujh se kehti hay ke bhai meray mammay aap hi ki wajha se barray huay hain. Aur ab hum bilkul aik jaan ki terha hain. Aur mein ab her summer mein ek maheena ke liye lahore jata hoon aur woh her winter mein 20 days ke liye karachi aati hai aur hum phir se ye behen bhai ke pyar ka khel kehltay hain aur baqi ke din inhi yaadon ko yaad ker ke apni pyas khud apnay hathon se bujhaatay hain.

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I came home after school with a friend of mine
Her name is Samira. She is a real cute ****** girl with
long black hair and blue eyes. She and I are pretty
popular in our class because we are pretty. she came home with
me so I could show her my sticker collection.

I told Samira to wait in the living room while I got
my sticker book. When I returned Istopped near the door shocked to see
my daddy had her on his lap and was rubbing her.
"Oh baby, I know I'm an old man, but I just love your
pussy. It feels so hot and excited. Is your
pussy excited for me Samira?"
"uncle this feels so weird! I don't think we
should be doing this. I mean, my mommy says its wrong
when someone touches you down there."

"No baby, its all good! Men love touching you between
your legs. I'm gonna rub your pussy until it gets you
so excited you'll beg me to fuck you."

"What is fuck, uncle?"

"Fucking is when I stick my big hard cock up that
excited pussy of yours. I'll ram it in and out
and then spew my nasty cum all over your cunt. MMmm
mmmm mmm."

"Daddy! How could you!!?" I yelled . I couldn't believe it! He had managed
to seduce my best friend Samira .
He placed his free hand just under the hem of her dress
against her soft fleshy thighs. Her skin felt soft and
her thighs felt warm against his cold hand. He started
working his hands up her warm quivering thighs enjoying
the feel of her soft skin. samira was in such a state
of confusion that she didn't even realize that the man
was working his hand up under her skirt.

"No...Stop. Please.... NO!! Don't!" She screamed.

samira didn't know what to do she was confused and
consumed with fear. daddyl was enjoying the control he
had over samira. He told her to stand still while he
slowly lifted her dress above her hips.

"Agggghhhhh," he exhaled when he saw her
pale white ass cheeks. What he loved most was the black
panty that she was wearing. daddy was in the zone now
and there was no turning back for him. Her soft sexy ass
cheek was just begging to be fucked in his eyes.

it was enough to frustrate a girl to tears.
The room was illuminated by a soft lamp in the headboard of his four-poster. It took my eyes a moment to adjust, but through the slightly ajar door, I was able to see Daddy sitting on the bed. His eyes were closed, which was lucky, for he would have been facing me otherwise. His taut, hard boy was naked, but I couldn't get a glimpse of the mystery between his thighs because his latest evening distraction was on her knees, bent forward, obviously giving him a blowjob.


Except he didn't look pleasured. Daddy's face was contorted in grim frustration, and I realized that samira on her knees was struggling to get up. Daddy's powerful hands held her there as he flexed forward, thrusting himself deep into her throat. She was helpless to do anything more but take it, while he fucked her mouth, grunting and ramming like a madman, ordering her to suck him, suck him…suck him harder.

Finally, with a roar of anger, Daddy yanked thesamira up, and rose to his feet, dragging the girlwith him. She had to bend awkwardly as she extended upward on her knees, but he twisted his fingers in her hair and began to thrust harder, forcing himself deeper into her throat. samira gave a few muffled wails, and began scratching and hitting at his thighs - it was no use. He was driven, thrusting with all his force, but it did no good. I could see in his face that for whatever reason, he wasn't going to cum.

Daddy must also have realized it wasn't going to work, because all at once he pushed samira to the floor in disgust, and as she collapsed in a crying heap, I finally saw my father's massive cock. It stood forward, its weight tugging it down slightly, pulsing with the blood that engorged it.

My breath caught in my throat. He was longer and thicker than I imagined a man could be. . The monstrous organ glistened from pre-cum that had oozed forth, and the saliva of the young woman's mouth. I felt myself trembling at the very idea of taking that magnificent cock inside my pussy, of giving Daddy the gift of my tight, hot little box. My clit swelled from the very idea, and I had to slip a finger into my panties just to stoke my aching button.

Daddy had dropped to his knees and was struggling with the young samira. She resisted him meekly, but eventually there was no denying him. He roughly turned her over onto her hands and knees and grabbed her hips in his fists.

"uncle, you're hurting me!" She wailed in a high, squeaky tone. "Let me go."

He delivered a hard slap on her round ass. When she continued to struggle, he grabbed her around the stomach and began spanking her full force. His open hand came down again and again and again. Each stinging slap resounded through the room like a gunshot. This was not love-play. Either she was going to behave, or Daddy was going to get rougher. I rubbed my clit a little faster.

"Please." The girl whimpered. "No more."

It had been the barest sound, but somehow he'd heard me. And Daddy's merciless gray eyes snaked to the door. I flushed ten shades of red in that moment, standing there, caressing my own clit while I watched him with his sex slave. I wanted to run away, but something in his eyes pinned me to the spot. He didn't look away, and I didn't dare look away from him.

Without looking at samira , Daddy grasped her hips and drew her back. With his other hand, he pressed down on her neck until she was staring at the floor. He did this so that there was no chance of her seeing me. And as he rammed his gigantic prick into her, he was looking straight into my eyes.

"That's it, baby Girl." He urged hotly. "Rub your clit for me. Let uncle feel how tight you are." samira on the floor complied, reaching between her legs to rub her own throbbing sex, but she had no way of knowing it was me Daddy was talking to. He was fucking this samira on the floor, practically raping her like a wild animal, but as his eyes bore hotly into mine, I realized it was me he was really fucking. It was my body he was forcing his way into…and my fingers worked frantically against my clit, playing with my hot, wet cunt. I'd never been so excited. My legs were trembling, and I had to slump against the doorframe to support myself.

"No, uncle, please! Don't!" Sameera screamed, struggling against the force of her uncle's lust as she felt the engorged head of his cock push between the slippery lips of her vagina and then tear through her hymen to fill her cunt with its hot hard length.

samira had begun to cry out. He was going too hard, he was hurting her again. She wailed protest after protest…he was ripping her in half, it hurt…it hurt…it hurt…but Daddy was like a driven lunatic…thrusting, ramming… harder… harder... harder. All the while those smoldering gray eyes boring into me, somehow transferring that violent, animal lust to me instead of that poor samira on the floor.

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Very nice collection

very erotic story all of them

kya sabhi kahaniya aapne khud likhi hai.


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(yeh story meri ek e-mail reader ne bheji thee, jo mein apko pesh kar rahi hoo, luv u all...guddiya)

hi friends mera nam hai seema or main 19 saal ki hoon ghar main or mere papa hi hain, jo ki 40 sal k hain .ye kahani nahi haqiqat hai jo aaj se 2 mahine pahle hui or jisme mujhe bahut maja diya . mere nai nai jhante(bal) chut pe aane hi suru hua the.ek din papa kahin gaye hua to maine socha kyon na aaaj jhante kat li jayee main kenchi le kar apne kamre main aa gayi or nangi hoker apni jhantee katne lagi,mujhe bahut hi jor ki khujli chal rahi thi jhante katne k chaakkker main kamre ka gate bandh karna hi bhool gayi main apni jhante katne main mast thi or chut ko khujla rahi thi. ki tabhi main dekha ki koi meri payari chut pe hath phere raha hai main buri tarah choonki tabhi maine dekha ki ye koi or nahi mere apne papa hai main sharma gayi papa bole aree sumi(seema)mujhko bol diya hota main tumhari jhantee kat deta..? or wo bole chut k bal kenchi se nahi razor se saaf karte hai thodi der main unhone razor laker meri pyari si muniya ka mundan kar diya wo ab abhut hi khoobsurat lag rahi thi papa ne jhuk kar usko chuum liya main sharma gayi.

main kaha aap bahar jaoo main kapde pahn loo wo bole nahi beta aaj tumko kuch sikhana chahta hoon tum jawan ho gayi ho .. maine kaha kya sikhana hai wobole chudai karna, main boli thik hai papa aaj hamko chudai karna sikhiye ,papa ne meri han sun kar mujhe bahoon main bhar liya orburi tarah chumne chatne lage mera badan pighalne laga ek ajib sa nasha mujh pe chaata ja raha tha .papa meri gori gori gol gol chunchiyon ko masal rahe the itni jor se ki main chikhi aaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhh itni jor se nahi papa aaram se meri siskiya kamre main gunj rahi thiaaah seeeeeee owwwwwwwwww pppaaaaaaaaaappaaaaaaa kya kar rahe ho tabhi papa ne meri ek chunchi ki ghundi muh me dal kar coosne lage main jaise aasaman main udh rahi thi dusri chunchi ko papa masal rahe the main apna hosh khoti ja rahi thi mere hath khud bakhud papa ki pain ki zip pe chale gayee wo jagah mujhe kuch sakht mahsoos hui maine papa ki zip khol dali muje laga jasie koi saap hai main uchal kar kudi. papa bole sumi ka hua main boli papa apki paint me saap hai jaldi se paint nikal do papa ne paint khol di or underwear main aa gaye tabi maine dekha

papa ki underwear aage se phooli hui hai maine papa se kaha papa saap apki undewear mian gussh gaya hai usko bhi nikalo pap ne jhat se usko bhi nikal diya ab papa ek dum nange the unka 10 inch ka mota gulabi lund hawa main lah ra raha tha main papa se boli ye kya hai papa bole are sumi isko english main penis or hindi main lund kate hai or majedar bat ye hai ki tum isi lund ki wajah se peda hui ho.aao isko chukar dekho maine usko apne mulayam hatho main pakada, mujhe achacha laga maine usko piche ki or khincha to uski chamdi niche aa gayi or uska supada dikhane laga papa ne kaha maja chati ho, main kaha han ,wo bole ki to isko icecreame ki jaise chooso main papa ki baat mani or choosne lagi papa k muh se aahe nikalne lagi aaaaaahhhhhhhhhh meri beti siiiiiiii kya jadoo hai tumhare gulabi hotho main maja aa gaya or jorse poora muh main lo siiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii uuuuuuuuuuuuuffffffffffffff main bhi maje se usko choos rahi thi jitan jyada choosti woh utna hi tanta ja raha tha ki tabhi, papa ne apna lund mere muh se nikal liya mujhse meri payari chiz cchin gayi papa ne kaha ab main teri chut ko choosoonga main sharma gayi papa ne mujhko godh main uthaya or bed pe lita meri tange chodee kar di or mere hotho pe kiss kiya or phir merei gulabi muniya ko chatne lage unki jib mujhe tadapa rahi thi meri siskiyan phir susru ho gayi ahhhhhhhhh ufffffffffff siiiiiiiiii auuuuuuuuuuuu mumiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii ohhhhhhhhhhhhhh aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhh siiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiaii papap kya maja aa raha hai papa jorjorse chosne lage tabhi unhone choosna bandh kar k meri tangoo ko apne kandhe pe uthaya or apna mota lund meri chut pe raghad kar kaha ab teri chut ko chodunga or itna keh kar ek jabardast powerful jhatka mara meri sans atak gayi main boli mmmmaar dala reeeeeeeeeeee meri chut phat gayi uffffff papa mujhko nahi sikhani chuadai apana lund bahar nikalo papa ne meri ek na suni or meri chunchion ko maslte hua dhire dhire apne lund ko aage picche karne lagee mujhe thoda aram aya or ab maja bhi aa raha tha papa bole beti maja aa raha hai ki nahi, maain boli papa bahut maja a raha hai jara jor se chodeiye meri chut mian, papa ne jor jor k jhatke marne suru kar diye papa ka har jhataka mujhko maja de raha tha min siskiyan le rahi thi pppppppppaaaaaaaaa aaj tak mujhe kyun nahi choda choode papa chodo aaahhhhhhhh faddalo siiiiiiiii uuuffffffffff maro jorse jahtke siiii aaaaahhhhhhhhhh papa ne apni raftar badha di niche se main apne chutadoo ko hawa mian uchal rahi thi ki tabi meri chut se kuch nikalne ko hua main paapa se boli papa meri chut se kuch nikalne wala hai papa bole sumi woh tumhari chut ka chutras hai main bhi jhadne wala hoon papa bole, mera virya pina pasand karogi ya phir chut main hi jhad jaoo main boli chut main phir kabhi aaj to pila do tabi meri chut se jor ki pichakari choothi main boli siiiiiiiiiiiiiiii aaaaaahhhhhhhhhh main toi gayiiiiii papa mujheeeeeeee sambhalooooooo papa ne mere hoth chussne suru kardiye or meri chuchiyon ko maslane lage tabhi papa uthae or apne lund ko aage piche karne(muthiyane) lage or mere muh pe ek jordarpickari choothi main us garam ras ko pine lagi such main bahut hi majedar taha papa apne lund ko muthiyate ja rahe the or ras nikalta ja raha tha maine papa k lund k virya ki ek ek bundpi gayi maja aa gaya papa uthe or bole sumi maja aaya main boli haan papa par ,ek wada kijiye wo bole ki kya, main boli ki aap mujhko aisee hi chodenge or rozana chodenge papa na han mian han milayi or hum nahane chale gaye ,

to dosto kaise lagi meri kahani 'papa ne chod diya' umid karti hoon aapko pasand aayi hogi agli bar meri chudai papa se or woh bhi blue film ki style me tab tak bye my hot friends

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I was feeling very dull when I reached my chachu's (paternal uncle's) house. He was married but had no children. My chachi was in her thirties and a little fat. Chachu was almost ten years elder to her and was in good shape. He was tall and muscular. I was meeting them after six years and the moment i saw him I wondered how big his cock must be. He was attractive and sexy.

From the locality where they were living and from the look of the house, I could tell that their financial condition was not very good. When I reached there, I was covered in a traditional chaader (shroud). They did not greet me well but knew that they had to endure me as I did not have any other place to go. When, however, I removed my chaader and chachu's gaze got fixed on my 34D sized tits, I saw his expression changing from annoyance and irritation to a warm welcome.

"My melons can do wonders even when they are fully covered," I laughingly thought.

I bent down to pick up my bag and my deep neckline showed all my boobs except my nipples. "Oh, this bag is heavy." I said to chachu without straightening up.

Chachu gave a big grin and came forward, "Let me help you."

Chachi was also observing my boobs as well as my attitude and apparently was in deep thinking.

As chachu picked up my bag, I also straightened up with a slight jerk so that my boobs bounced a little.

"Where will she live? If I remind you, we have only one bedroom in which the two of us live." Chachi said to chachu who was taking my bag in his bedroom.

"Oh, we will find some way out." Chachu said.

"And who will pay for her food?" chachi snapped.

"She is a grown up girl and can earn," chachu laughed.

I could see his eyes appreciating my tits when he said, "grown up".

"Yes, I'm grown up and can help you earn," I said with a smile.

"See?" chachu said approvingly.

The household was strange but to my advantage, so I did not feel it hard to adjust. The last one year that I spent in the boarding in the company of Farhan and his friends had made me feel comfortable with my body as well the body of all kind of men. I had enjoyed sex; rather I had loved it specially when I had it with more than one man at a time. A cock in my mouth, one in my pussy and another in my ass. Men taking turns fucking all my holes and covering my boobs and filling my pussy and ass with their cum. I had loads of my hardcore pictures and videos which we used to watch in our free time and which lead to more passionate sex.

When I was coming to my chachu's house, I thought that I'll miss all of this but when I saw chachu's lustful gaze on my tits in the presence of chachi, I knew I'll have some fun even in this poor house. To my surprise (which was very pleasant) I saw that chachu was quite careless with his dress and so was chachi. It was summers and the couple did not have air conditioner. So, they frequently took showers and came out of the bathroom naked. Chachu used to wear only a theband (a wraparound) could not hide his erection. Sometimes he sat in such a way that his massive cock was out of his tehband, sometimes erect and sometimes like a sleeping snake. Chachi either wore a bra and a shalwar or sometimes even removed her bra. She let chachu fondle with her tits even in my presence but I did not find her enthusiastic about sex. Whenever chachu took her tits in his hands and rubbed his face on the tits or took them in his mouth, she was never in the show. On the other hand, I used to become so turned on that my pussy became wet instantly and my tits hard.

This kept on happening in front of me for a whole day. I was getting frustrated. This was a very conservative society and no one appeared semi nude or nude in front of nieces or fondled with his wife's boobs in full sight of anyone with a teasing laughter.

It was my second night in the house. The room was occupied by the couple and I was lying on charpai in the courtyard of the house. The room was lit and the door was open. The couple was watching TV. I could see clouds on the sky. It was more than fifteen days that I had no sex and it was my second day that I saw a man with erection, trying to make out with an unwilling woman. My frustration was mounting. I wanted to get rid of my clothes and a man on top of me (the more men, the better, though), filling my holes, taking my tits in his mouth, teasing and biting them.

"Chachu seems encouraging and if I stay topless or even naked, he would not mind." I thought. I was, however, unsure about chachi. I wondered what kind of woman she was who did not spread her legs even after so much fondling of her tits.

I looked inside the room. Chachi had unclipped her bra and chachu was lustfully looking at them. Then chachi took of her shalwar. She was not wearing any panty. Chachu put a hand on her mound. She took the remote control and switched off the TV.

Chachu removed his tehband and he was fully naked. His cook was semi hard. He started fingering chachi's pussy.

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"You said that Ayesha would be willing to use her body for earning but I do not see that she has any such intention." She said annoyingly.

Due to open door I could not only see them clearly but I could also hear them.

"Oh, she has all the good intentions." Chachu said laughingly while still fingering her.

"Did you see her the first day she came? She showed me all her boobs as if asking me to play with them and knead and pinch them."

"But after that she has not done any such thing," she was clearly irritated. "She has those big tits and they are useless if she keeps them only for her husband and not for our advantage."

"Give her some time. Her tits and her cunt are too good to be left only for one man who will be her husband. And from the look of her, I can tell you that she is not a virgin. So, first it will be my turn and then every such man is allowed to take ride who can pay well," he laughed.

With this dirty talk about me, I was so turned on that I took of my kameez and shalwar. Only a bra and panty was left on me. My breathing was getting heavier and my panty was getting wet. My pussy fucked by my own chachu; this was a great turn on.

"You know I'm no more interested in sex and you have not touched me for the last so many months even when I paraded nude in front of you. But from the day your niece Ayesha has come, you leave no occasion to fondle my tits and I can see your erection." I heard chachi say.

I heard chachu's hearty laughter. "You are right. From the moment I have seen her melon sized boobs, I want to fuck them. I wonder how they will look like naked. And what amazing pussy she must have. MMMMMMMMMMMM. I so much want to fuck her pussy and her ass. And I want to put my cock in her mouth to fuck it hard."

This was too much for me. I could not hold myself any longer. I got up from my charpai and headed toward the only bedroom.

Chachi joined the laughter. "Yes, fuck her hard. Pound her pussy and rape her if she is not willing."

"MMMMMMM," chachu took his erection in his hand. "Yes, I want to rip her pussy."

"Then what are you waiting for. I'm standing here and my pussy wants to be fucked hard." I said.

They were surprised to see me there as they thought that I must be sleeping outside and more surprised to see me semi naked.

"Ayesha .........." Chachu looked at my nudity with amazement.

"Yes, I'm here and willing to be fucked." I unhooked my bra to expose my massive tits.

Chachu got down from the bed and came close to me.

"You tits are amazing," he took them in his hands lovingly.

"So is my pussy," I said, putting my hands on his hands pressing my tits even more.

He kissed me and I kissed him back. With one hand he kept on pressing my tits and the other reached inside my panty which was completely wet by now. His hand kept on exploring the folds of my pussy. I took his erect cock in my hand. Then he withdrew his hand from my panty which was covered in my cunt juices. He wiped his hand on my tits, took me in his arms and put me on his bed.

"Rip her pussy," chachi helped him put me on the bed and then removed my panty and spread my legs.

Chachu did not hear. He was busy licking my love juices from my tits. Chachi inserted her two fingers in my pussy. She seemed very good in fingering a pussy as it was sending waves after waves of sensation in my body. Chachu was still busy with my tits taking one in his mouth and biting it and kneading and pulling the other one.

"AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH," I was moaning loudly.

"Yes, bitch, louder." Chachi who didn't respond to any fondling of boobs by chachu for the last two days had suddenly become so enthusiastic.

Chachu changed his position. He put his cock in my mouth and put his mouth on my pussy.

"Yes, eat her pussy," chachi was breathless.

Then suddenly she left the room. I was too busy with mouth fucking and pussy eating to notice her absence.

"Get aside, see what I do to her," after some time I heard chachi's excited voice.

Chachu kept on fucking my mouth. I had taken his big cock all in my mouth and was feeling its vibration inside when I felt something big and massive entering my pussy hole.

Chachi was laughing aloud and kept on inserting whatever it was, in my pussy. My mouth was filled with chachu's cock so I could neither speak nor see what was happening between my legs. Then chachi started fucking my pussy with that object. I had so many familiar and not so familiar feelings inside and out of my body.

A throbbing cock in my mouth, balls touching my chin, hands and mouth kneading and biting my tits and something going in and out of my pussy. I came again and again.

Chachu took his cock out of my mouth. "Take this cucumber out of her pussy."

So, it was a big cucumber fucking me. As soon as chachi took out cucumber from my pussy, chachu put his cock in.

"Oooooooo, she is tight." He was slowly inserting his dick in.

I knew my hole was tight even when it was fucked so many times by so many men and even by a cucumber.

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Chachu started fucking me deep and hard.


"Rip her pussy, go deep," chachi was constantly encouraging him. "Yes, be hard on this bitch".

With each of chachi's words, chachu fucked me with more and more passion. Then without any warning, he came and filled my pussy with his hot cum wad after wad. After emptying his balls he fell on top of me, sweaty and breathless.

Chachi was the one who really enjoyed the whole scene without very actively participating in it.

"Did you fill her cunt well?" she was teasing chachu, laughing. Then she pushed him aside. "Let me see how good you filled her." She started examining my pussy. I was breathless and tired so I did not stop her. She started licking my pussy.

"MMMMMMMM, you taste so good."

I did not respond. My naked tits were bouncing with my heavy breathing. She took my left tit between her thumb and forefinger.

"Lovely tits," she pinched it.

"Oooh," I felt pain.

"We are not done yet," she laughed.

I was so tired that I closed my eyes without saying anything. Suddenly I felt something coarse entering my pussy.

"What is this? What are you putting in my pussy?" I opened my eyes and asked.

"I told you we are not done as yet." She laughed.

I got up slightly to see what was entering my pussy. This time it was a big carrot.

Chachu laughed and got up. He was getting hard once again.

"Just one carrot? Put two." He said, laughing.

"Come on, help me," chachi said.

I let them do whatever they wanted. Soon I had two carrots in my pussy and my tits were clipped with pegs used for drying clothes and my ass was in the air for once more erected cock of chachu.

Chachu spread my cunt juices on my ass hole and his cock and entered the only hole that he had not fucked as yet. On the other side, chachi was very enthusiastically fucking my pussy with two carrots. Then she left carrots in my pussy and came and sat on my mouth. I started eating her pussy. She was quite wet and I licked her long and deep.

"Bite me." She asked me.

I bit her clit and she cried loudly. "Yes, bite more". This time I took a pussy lip in my teeth.

"AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH," she moaned very loudly.

This was a new experience for me. My pussy had two carrots, my ass had a cock fucking it hard, my tits were clipped with pegs and I was eating a pussy, biting it now and then. I came again and again.

Chachi left my mouth, spread her legs and put cucumber in her pussy and a carrot in her ass. She was fucking herself with those vegetables hard and deep.

Strangely it was a great turn on for me. Following her movements, I also started fucking my pussy with the already inserted carrots. We were moaning loudly. Chachu came in my ass and filled my bowels with his cum.

At dawn all three of us were breathless and tired and were lying over each other. Then chachi got up and started licking the carrots that fucked me. We all laughed and licked and ate those carrots.

"Now you don't need to sleep outside. You can share our bed. And you don't need to keep on wearing clothes all the times." Chachu laughed, lightly playing with my tits which were turned red by now.

"Yes, but on a condition." Chachi said.

"What condition?"

"That you'll use your amazing tits and tight pussy to improve the conditions of this house."

And we all laughed.

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