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ASHA Chapter 3

After some discussion, Maya agreed to ask her husband to spend an hour playing the tape in Asha's room. Asha smiled to herself. The priest had succeeded in persuading her mother to let her father be with her in her bedroom. That was what Asha wanted.
As the priest was leaving Asha whispered to the pujari, "Thank you, but why didn't you suggest 2hours?"
The priest turned back and told Asha's mother, "Actually, an hour of mantra might not be long enough. To be very safe I would suggest Asha's father stay with her for 2hours."
Asha's mother agreed, "All right, I'll ask my husband to spend 2 hours with Asha. Must the mantras be played for 2 hours also?"
"Yes, play the tape loudly. Remember. Tell your husband to play the tape loudly." Asha was delighted with the priest's suggestion. She could make plenty of noise with her father and her mother couldn't hear them because of the loud tape.
"I will come again next week," said pujari, and walked off. He stopped some distance from the house and called, "Asha, please come here. I forgot to tell you something."
Asha went to him. The priest said softly so that Asha's mother couldn't hear, "I have kept my side of the bargain, and persuaded your mother to let your father spend 2 hours with you in your bedroom. You must keep your side of the bargain."
Asha replied softly, "I will, pujari. I'll give you a good time when you come next week." Then she went back to the house.
"What did the pujari say?" asked her mother.
Asha lied, "He told me to call him anytime if I have any problem."
"That's very good of him."
"Yes, mom, he is good." She smiled to herself because her mother didn't know what she really meant.
After the priest left Asha helped her mother to cook. She kept thinking how she had had two orgasms already that day. First with Kunwar and then with the priest. Would her father give her one more that night?
After lunch Asha slept for an hour, and woke up refreshed and her body mildly tingling with sensations. The orgasms had been good for her, she thought. She and her mother were in the hall when they heard her sister, Rina, and brother-in-law, Gopal, come into the house. Excited, the four of them greeted each other smiling and babbling.
Maya and her elder daughter chatted excitedly and went into the kitchen., leaving Asha in the living room. Gopal gave Asha a big hug. He was a 47 year-old Science teacher, and because he played games he had a good body, big and strong. Asha liked her brother-in-law.
Gopal continued to hug her, caressing her back and pulling her tighter to his chest, so that her big breasts were pressed against his chest. He whispered, "You are gorgeous, Asha. You have grown to be so beautiful, and so delicious."
Looking at her brother-in-law sideways with a coy smile she asked, "Do you like me, jije (brother-in-law)? In special ways?"
He hugged her tighter and gasped, "Yes, Asha. I like you extra special."
"Then can you be extra nice to me?"
"What do you mean?"
"Come up to my bedroom and teach me some science."
"What about your mom and your sis?"
"Leave that to me."
Asha went to the kitchen and asked her mother, "Mom, since I didn't go to school, may I go to my room and study? I don't understand some things in science and the science test is next week."
Her mother suggested, "Why don't you ask Gopal to help you with your science. He is a science teacher, you know?"
Asha asked her sister smiling jokingly, "Is it all right, sis? For your husband to teach me?"
Her sister, Rina replied, "Of course, Asha. You two go ahead. I have so much to talk with mom."
Asha came out of the kitchen, took her brother-in-law by the hand and whispered, "Come, jije (brother-in-law). Let's go to my bedroom. You can teach me some science."
In her bedroom, she hugged her brother-in-law and started to kiss him on the mouth. Gopal was surprised. He didn't expect his sister-in-law to kiss him, but he responded. They kissed passionately, sucking their tongues, and exploring each other's mouth with their tongues.
Asha dragged him to her bed and flopped on it, still hugging and kissing her brother-in-law. She lay on her back and he was on top of her.
"Unbutton my blouse and kiss my breasts, jije."
Gopal was so excited that he did as he was told. His fingers nervously unbuttoned her blouse and pulled it open.
"Remove my bra, jije."
With Asha's help he removed the bra.
Looking avidly at her big breasts, her-brother-in-law exclaimed, "Magnificent! So big! So round! So gorgeous!"
"Taste them, brother-in-law. Find out whether they are also delicious," said Asha smiling.
"I'd like to but I don't know whether I should. You are my wife's sister, and what if she finds out?"
"Don't worry, jije. We won't tell her."
"Are you sure it's okay?"
"Yes, I'm your wife's sister. Still a child you know? Only 15 years old. So, you must be nice to me."
Before he could say anything else, Asha pulled his head to her chest, guiding his mouth to her left breast. The excited Gopal kissed, licked and sucked the delicious globe of flesh.
Asha panted, "Yes, that's good... suck harder, jije... suck harder... suck both boobs."
Gopal sucked both breasts, sucked and sucked. The way he had sucked Asha's sister's breasts since marriage.
"Are my boobs as good as my sister's?"
"Hmm, yes... in fact, better... so young, so firm and so delicious," he spoke against her breast and continued to suck.
An aroused Asha squirmed, her hands caressing her brother-in-law's cheeks as he sucked her breasts. "Please remove my panty, jije."
"What?" He was surprised.
"I said remove my panty. Please."
He hesitated. So, Asha pulled her skirt to the waist and removed her panty. Pushing his head down she ordered, "Go down and kiss me there, jije."
Gopal dragged his body between Asha's wide open naked thighs until his face was over her young naked loins. Her full shapely thighs and naked loins excited him some more.
"Do you like what you see, brother-in-law?" she asked smiling.
Her brother-in-law looked at her loins with wide eyes. He exclaimed excitedly, "Lovely! What gorgeous thighs! What lush loins!"
"Are they better than my sister's?"
"Your sister was 18 when I married her. She was and is wonderful! She has very hot thighs and very hot cunt."
"How are mine, dear jije?"
"Well, you look hot, but I can only tell for certain after finding out how hot you really are."
"Then what are you waiting for? My thighs and this (pointing to her cunt) are waiting for you. Find out whether they are hot enough for you."
Her brother-in-law caressed her smooth supple thighs, working his caresses down her inner sensitive thighs towards her loins. "Lovely thighs! Hot flesh! Young and hot!"
Asha's thighs quivered with excitement. She knew she had very good thighs. They were exceptionally shapely and tender.
"Yes, your thighs are much more exciting than your sister's, Asha. I like your hot thighs." His caresses continued, stimulating her some more.
"Thank you, jije. You can kiss and lick them. I'd like that."
Her brother-in-law now kissed and licked and sucked her inner thigh flesh, again and again, all over her inner thighs. Asha shook and shuddered with delight. "Yes, brother-in-law, yes. I like it. Lick and suck some more. Suck my flesh close to my cunt. Please."
She pushed his head lower and nearer to her cunt. His big warm mouth took in a lot of inner thigh flesh close to her cunt and sucked the flesh again and again."
He sucked her inner thighs, both her inner thighs, for several minutes, while Asha kept moaning and encouraging. Then he stopped.
"May I touch your cunt, Asha?"
"Of course you may, jije. I'm your wife's sister. So you have a right to my body."
He caressed her cunt with his right hand. His fingers ran along the wet cunt opening, fondling her cunt lips. After several seconds of wild stimulation, Asha urged, "Go inside, brother-in-law."
"Use your finger... inside?"
"Do you really want me to do that?"
"Yes, brother-in-law, yes. Put in your middle finger. It's your fattest and longest finger. Please, jije."
Her brother-in-law caressed her naked cunt for several more seconds, running the fingers along the wet slit and rubbing her swollen clitoris again and again. Asha squirmed with stimulation. Her thighs shook violently.
"Go in, brother-in-law. Please..."
He inserted the tip of his middle finger inside her cunt. He didn't go deep; just about an inch. The finger played there.
"Go in deeper, brother-in-law."
Her brother-in-law's finger went in another inch and teased, "Enough, Asha?"
"No, not enough, jije. You have a long finger. Push the whole finger inside, please..." pleaded a squirming Asha.
Not wanting to make his young sister-in-law plead some more, Gopal slipped the whole length of his thick long middle finger inside her warm wet cunt.
"YES, BROTHER-IN-LAW, YES, YES, YES..." moaned Asha.
"Do you like it, Asha?"
"Your cunt is younger and tighter than your sister's. What a hot 15 year-old cunt!""
Asha whispered, "Move your finger, brother-in-law. Move it in and out."
Her brother-in-law started to push his finger in and out slowly. Asha yelped with joy and jacked up her hips to welcome the thrusting finger.
"YES (inward thrust), YES (inward thrust), OOO (another thrust), OOO (thrust), AHHH (deep thrust)... AHHH (another deep thrust)... ' she kept yelping like that for some time as her brother-in-law kept thrusting his finger in her hot young juicy cunt.
Suddenly he withdrew his finger. It was coated by her creamy juice.
"NO! NO! Don't stop! Please..." pleaded Asha.
"Do you like something more exciting, Asha?"
"Yes, please, yes."
"Do you like my mouth there?"
"YESSSSSS!" She was delighted by the suggestion. "Tongue me, brother-in-law. Tongue my cunt. Quick."
Wrapping his arms around her gorgeous exciting thighs, her brother-in-law lowered his mouth to her young hot cunt. She squirmed and shuddered as the tongue licked along the length of her wet slit, ending on her swollen clitoris, where the tongue lingered and lashed the swollen bud.
""YES, YES, YES, GOOD, VERY GOOD, YES, GOD, YES, YES..." Asha kept moaning endlessly as the tongue repeatedly licked her cunt slit and repeatedly lashed her throbbing clitoris for quite a while.
Then he stopped, looked at Asha and said smiling, "Very hot cunt, Asha! Young and hot. I like your cunt."
"Tongue me inside, please. Slip your tongue inside, please." Her face was etched with wild passion as her sexual stimulation was intense.
Her brother-in-law cupped her young round buttocks and slipped his tongue inside her convulsing juicy cunt. Asha could feel that his tongue was very long and very thick. He plunged his tongue in and out, each plunge-in was deep.
Her hips jacked up each time her brother-in-law's tongue plunged deep into her boiling cunt. She kept yelping YES, GOOD and so on.
Just then they heard knocking on the door. Her brother-in-law stopped tonguing her cunt. He looked frightened.
"Who's that?" asked Asha.
"Bring your brother-in-law down to eat something," said Asha's mother. She was outside the door and couldn't come in because the door was bolted from inside.
"Jije is still teaching me. We will come down when he has finished."
"All right, but make it soon." Asha heard her mother go away.
Asha looked at her brother-in-law, smiled and urged, "Fuck me, brother-in-law. Fuck me with your tongue."
He resumed his tonguing of his young 15 year-old sister-in-law. More vigorously and more deeply he plunged his tongue. She shuddered and shook violently, yelping all the time, "YES, YES..."
For ten minutes her brother-in-law's long fat tongue fucked her cunt. Eventually she lost control. Violently her body rocked and she screamed, "YYEESSSSSSSSSSS..."
Her orgasm was extremely wild and intense. Her cunt erupted, spewing endless quantity of thick creamy cum for a full minute. Her brother-in-law's mouth and its surrounding area were smeared with her hot cum.
As Asha panted, trying to catch her breath, he said, "You are absolutely hot, Asha. Hotter than your sister. Hotter than any girl I have..." He didn't finish the sentence. Asha just smiled. He must have had many girls. After all he was 45 years old when he married her sister. Surely he wasn't a virgin!
"Are you happy I'm your wife's sister?" she asked coyly.
"Of course, of course. I'm glad I married your sister. Lucky me!"
Asha caressed her brother-in-law's crotch area and asked smiling, "Need any help?"
"Do you mean you'll let me fuck you?"
"Yes, but not now. I want that to be loving and prolonged. So, it has to be next time, when we have enough time for a long fuck. But now I can to masturbate you. Lie down on your back."
"We have to go down, Asha. It's already ten minutes since your mother asked us to go down."
"We'll take another few minutes. We'll go down after I have helped your cock to explode." As she spoke she unbuckled his pants and asked him to remove it. Soon he was naked and was lying down on his back.
"Gosh! You do have a big cock! No wonder my sister fell for you."
"Actually I fell for her. She didn't know then that I had a big cock."
Asha knelt close to his hips and using both hands caressed his balls. "Big balls too! Must have a lot of juice."
Her brother-in-law's cock became longer and fatter with arousal. Asha wrapped her fingers around the fat cock stem. "My oh my! It must be 8 inches long. So fat! My fingers can't go completely around your cock."
"Do you like it, Asha?"
"Yes, jije. I like your cock very much. You must share it between my sister and me."
"What a hot sister-in-law! Only 15 years old!"
"Do you like me young?" She started to stroke his hardening cock. It began to throb and shake in her young soft fingers.
"Yes! Yes! Oh God! Your hands feel so nice on my cock."
.There was knocking on the door. They heard Asha's sister calling out from outside the door, "Asha, come down. We are waiting for you and Gopal."
"Soon sis. We will come down soon. After brother-in-law has finished."
"Hasn't he finished teaching you yet?" her sister asked.
"No, he hasn't finished yet. When he has finished we'll come down." If only her sister knew the meaning of her words!
"Okay, but hurry it up."
Asha answered, smiling to herself about the meaning her words would carry, "Yes, I'll get him to finish quickly."
She heard her sister go away from the door. Asha's hands stroked her brother-in-law's massive cock vigorously. His legs and thighs shook in fits. Rapidly she pumped his cock and after several minutes, her brother-in-law stiffened, and climaxed, yelping, "AHK (spurting sperm in a loop into the air)... AHK (spurting sperm again)... AHK (spurting sperm again)..."
At least ten times his cock shot out his sperm. Each time the spurted sperm rose up into the air and descended on his belly and loins. Asha continued to pump his cock until it stopped ejaculating.
"Liked it, brother-in-law?"
"Ye-yes... oh. god... wonderful," he panted.
"You have a very good cock, jije. I'm sure my sister enjoys it very much."
"Ye-yes... she does... she likes my cock."
"I too like your cock, brother-in-law. I too want to enjoy it. Can I jije? Can I also enjoy it, since I'm your wife's sister?"
"Ye-yes, ye-ye-yes..." He was still panting, but more slowly now.
"How can we get together again brother-in-law?"
"On Saturday afternoons your sister goes to a nearby neighbour's house for bahjan singing for 2 hours, from 3 to 5 pm. Can you come to the house at that time?"
"Yes, I will try my best to come."
"Don't let anyone play with you, Aha. If you need fun, come to me. As your brother-in-law, I'll take care of your needs."
Then they dressed and went down to meet Asha's mother and sister. Her mother asked, "What took you so long?"
Asha replied, "Jije taught me so much. I enjoyed it."
Her mother told Gopal, "Sorry she has bothered you, Gopal."
"No, aunty, no bother. I enjoyed myself too... teaching her."
"Thank you, Gopal. That's very helpful of you."
Gopal suggested, "If she needs more help in her science she can come to our house on Saturday afternoons."
Asha's mother said, "It's not nice for Asha to trouble you. I'm sure you and Rina would like to be together on Saturdays."
Rina, Asha's sister, said, "It's okay, mom. On Saturday afternoons I go to a friend's house for bahjan singing. Gopal is usually alone in the house with nothing to do. If Asha comes he can keep himself busy teaching Asha science."
Asha's mother asked, "Would you like that, Asha?"
"Yes, mom. Jije is a very good teacher. I'll appreciate it very much if he can spare some time for me."
Asha's sister said, "Of course, he can spare the time. Come on Saturday at 3 pm, Asha."
Asha was delighted. Her own sister was encouraging her to come. If only her sister knew what her husband and she would be doing!
After eating the food that Asha's mother had prepared, Asha's sister and brother-in-law went back to their house. Asha went to her room and lay down to sleep. She realized that she had climaxed three times already that day! With Kunwar, the priest, and her brother-in-law. Would her father give her another orgasm that night?

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That evening, after dinner Asha's mother told her husband, "The priest was here this morning."
"What for?"
Asha's mother didn't tell him everything that the priest did, she merely said, "He said Asha might be in danger of being affected by spirits."
"Nonsense!" he said. Asha was standing behind her mother and signaled to her father to listen.
Her mother insisted, "Don't laugh it off, ji."
"What else did he say?" asked her father.
"He has left a tape of mantras. He wants you to play it loudly in Asha's bedroom for 2 hours when she goes to sleep."
Asha made signs to her father from behind her mother. Her father started to understand what all this could mean. He and his daughter could be alone together for 2 hours! He was delighted.
He pretended that he was yielding to the arrangement for Asha's good. He and Asha exchanged knowing smiles when Maya wasn't looking.
Asha told her parents, "I'm going to my room to do my homework."
Her mother asked, "At what time will you be going to bed?"
"At 10, mom."
Her mother gave the mantra tapes and the player to her father and said, "Go to her room at 10, ji. Play these tapes... play them loudly until mid-night. You are to hold her hands while she is lying down and wear this talisman."
Pretending that he was being casual about it, although his heart was beating fast with anticipation, he said, "All right, May."
Maya urged, "Don't forget, ji. Asha will be waiting for you."
Asha told her father, "Yes, papa, remember to come. I'll be waiting for you." She went up to her room, smiling happily in anticipation of what she and her father could do for 2 hours in the privacy of her bedroom.
Just before 10 o'clock, Maya was sitting in front of the TV with her son, Dinesh. She told her husband, "Dinesh and I are going to watch a film on TV. You'd better go to Asha's room now. She must be waiting for you."
"When will you be coming to bed?"
"The film will finish well past mid-night. So, you have enough time to play the mantras. Remember, play it loudly for 2 hours, at least."
Prakash took the tapes and the player and went upstairs. First he went to his room, removed his underwear and wore only his pyjama bottom. Without any shirt he went to Asha's room. When he entered the room, he saw her standing beside the bed. He was surprised to see what she was wearing.
Asha was wearing one of her old school blouse that opened down the front. She had removed the buttons and left it open down the centre, the edges just about covered the nipples of her braless breasts. The beautiful big breasts pushed out the blouse, displaying excitingly a wide expanse of the inner halves. The sides of the blouse could easily move this way and that way to completely bare her breasts.
Asha had modified her skirt also. She had used a pair of scissors to cut off three-quarters of the lower part of the skirt. This reduced it to a micro-mini skirt. In addition to that she had slit it over her right thigh all the way to the waist band and left the zip undone on the left side. This allowed her skirt to slip down well below her hips, exposing the upper edges of her buttocks at the back, and exposing the upper part of her pubic mound in front. She did not wear any panty.
Asha smiled at her father. "Like this outfit, papa?"
Her father exclaimed, "Gosh! You look so sexy! Where did you get this dress?"
"This is my old school uniform. Instead of doing my homework, I have been modifying this dress... especially for you, papa."
"Thank you, darling. You are a delicious and voluptuous daughter!"
"In that case be nice to me, papa."
"This arrangement... that I spend 2 hours with you here. Is this your scheme?"
"Yes, papa. I managed it with the priest's help."
"Why should the priest agree to do this?"
"I think he likes me, papa. So, when I asked him he agreed. May be he is hoping that some day I would return the favour by being nice to him." She hoped her father would believe her lie.
"Don't allow yourself to be seduced by him, Asha. Remember you are my daughter, and you are mine."
Her father set up the tape to play the mantrs loudly.
"Could mom hear us?"
"No, she's downstairs with the TV loud... that's how she likes the TV volume... she can't hear us."
"Come and kiss me, papa."
As her father approached her she could discern his balls and cock smacking against the loose pants. In fact his cock was gently lifting up the cloth. She smiled at him, letting him know that she was looking at his crotch area.
When he got near, a giggling Asha darted this way and that way, facing her father, as if she didn't want to be touched. Her open blouse swished about exposing her big bouncy boobs. Her slit skirt opened out exposing her thighs and private part. She giggled and adjusted her blouse.
Asha could tell that her father enjoyed ogling at her exposed boobs and thighs. He took up the game. Smiling, he pretended to chase her saying, "I'll catch you, I'll catch you. You naughty wench!"
Asha giggled, laughed and smiled coquettishly as she step right and left, right and left, making sure her blouse and skirt opened up, and making sure breasts jiggled and bounced delightfully for her father to see, and her father could get glimpses of her naked loins.
"Catch me, papa. Catch me if you can." She danced about out of his reach. Her father could have caught her if he wanted to, but obviously he didn't want to. Now and again she covered up her boobs with her blouse, but as soon as she let go the blouse opened out. He was enjoying seeing his daughter's voluptuous body exposed now and again, and her boobs bouncing deliciously.
After a while, Asha decided it was enough. She now stood still, closed her blouse and smiled invitingly at her father.
Her father got close to her and put his hands on her bare hips and smiled at her. "Thank you, darling, for not wearing any bra. And thank you for wearing an open blouse."
"I know you'd like me like this, papa."
"What a good daughter!"
"Be good to me, papa. Kiss me." In spite of the three orgasms that she had already had that day, she was still hungry for more.
Her father embraced her young hot body and they kissed. They kissed passionately, sucking at each other's mouth, lips and tongue. They hugged and caressed their bodies as they wallowed in their passion for each other.
After a while her father's mouth descended to her chest. The blouse parted outwards, exposing her big breasts. His mouth started to kiss, lick and suck her breasts. She placed one hand on the back of his head. With the other hand she caressed his cheeks.
Her father now knelt in front of her, holding her by her buttocks, and started to kiss and lick her exposed body below her navel, Slowly, licking and sucking her tender flesh he moved his hot mouth right down to the edge of her pubic mound.
"Do you like my body down there, papa?"
"Yes... hot and exciting! Young and delicious! You are born to thrill your papa."
"Every inch of my body is yours, papa. Kiss it, lick it, and suck it, papa. Enjoy yourself, papa. I'm your daughter."
"I want you to enjoy yourself also, Asha."
"Yes, papa. Everything you do to my body gives me pleasure, papa. Stimulate me, papa."
As her father kept stimulating her by licking and sucking her flesh close to her pubic mound, Asha moved back and lay back on the edge of the bed. She raised her legs and opened out her thighs. Her skirt opened out and exposed her naked loins to her father.
Her father wrapped his hands around her full supple thighs and lowered his mouth to her naked cunt. He started to lick along the moist slit, running the rough tongue along the entire length and ending his tongue on the throbbing clitoris, which he licked and sucked.
Her father's tongue continued to lick along the juicy slit again and again. He continued to lick and suck her hot swollen clitoris again and again. Asha continued to moan and urge her father.
Asha's moans increased as the sexual stimulation intensified. Her thighs shook with thrill. Her juices flowed and smeared her father's face.
After a few minutes, her father stopped.
"Can you also help me?"
"How, papa?"
Her father pulled her up to stand beside the bed. Then he lay backwards on the across the bed. Asha saw his cock lift up the pants. It was a massive tent. She knew what her father wanted?
She smiled at him and asked, "Do you like me to play with your cock, papa?"
"Do you mind?"
"No, papa."
"Thank you, darling."
Smiling seductively, Asha caressed his balls and cock through his pyjama. As she did so, she kept looking at her father and smiling mischievously.
"You like me to do all this to you, don't you, papa?"
"Yes, darling. You are a wonderful daughter."
"What if mom finds out, papa?"
"Oh NO! we must never let her find out."
"You want to have sex fun with me, don't you papa?" Her hands fondled his cock and balls.
"Yes, yes."
"You want to have fun with your own daughter, don't you papa?" Her hands stroked his massive cock.
"Yes, darling."
"You want to have fun with me secretly, without anyone knowing, don't you papa?"
"Yes. Don't you like that also, Asha?"
"Of course I like that, papa. I too don't want anyone to know. I want fun with you, papa. I want sex with my own father."
"Good daughter."
Asha opened the pyjama and inserted her right hand inside. Her young soft hand played with the monstrous cock, touching it, tapping it, rubbing, clasping it, etc. she felt her father squirm and his cock swell, elongate and harden.
"It's getting bigger and harder, papa."
"It likes you, Asha. Please be nice to him."
Asha now took her father's cock and balls out into the open.
"You have a monstrous cock, papa. Son long and so fat!"
"Do you like it, darling?"
"I'm frightened by its size, papa. The head is also so big!"
"You will like it, Asha. It can give you plenty of pleasure."
"Really, papa?"
"Yes, it will, darling. I promise you. Kiss and lick the head, dear."
Caressing her father's balls with her left hand and holding the cock by the stem with her right hand, Asha now started to kiss and lick the bulbous spongy cockhead.
"Thank you, Asha. Thank you for being so nice to your father's cock."
"I love you, papa. I want to love your cock too."
"If only all daughters love their fathers as you do, what a wonderful world this will be... at least for fathers and daughters."
"It's the fault of fathers, papa. You fathers don't teach your daughters. We teenage daughters are young and always frightened of fathers. But secretly we daughters want sex fun, but are afraid to ask."
"Yes, papa. When we are young, fathers should hug, cuddle, caress and stimulate us often by touching us here and there. Sooner or later we will get so stimulated that we will want more and more to satisfy our sex hunger."
"You are wise, Asha."
"Not all daughters are bold like me, papa."
She now concentrated on licking the head of her father's cock. It jerked and jerked, swelling and hardening more and more.
Continuing to lick she hissed, "YESSSS, PAPA, YESSSS..."
Slowly she opened her young mouth and wrapped the lips around the bulbous spongy cockhead.

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"Thank you, Asha. Thank you for being so nice to your father's cock."
"I love you, papa. I want to love your cock too."
"If only all daughters love their fathers as you do, what a wonderful world this will be... at least for fathers and daughters."
"It's the fault of fathers, papa. You fathers don't teach your daughters. We teenage daughters are young and always frightened of fathers. But secretly we daughters want sex fun, but are afraid to ask."
"Yes, papa. When we are young, fathers should hug, cuddle, caress and stimulate us often by touching us here and there. Sooner or later we will get so stimulated that we will want more and more to satisfy our sex hunger."
"You are wise, Asha."
"Not all daughters are bold like me, papa."
She now concentrated on licking the head of her father's cock. It jerked and jerked, swelling and hardening more and more.
Continuing to lick she hissed, "YESSSS, PAPA, YESSSS..."
Slowly she opened her young mouth and wrapped the lips around the bulbous spongy cockhead.
"Sorry it has stretched your lips, Asha. But your young sweet mouth has taken in the cockhead... good, girl. Now suck it, darling."
Asha's tongue licked the cockhead while her mouth sucked it again and again and again.
Asha continued to suck, more and more vigorously. Her father was shaking and shuddering with intense thrill. As he did so, he slid down the bed and stood upright. Asha had to slide down and kneel in front of him, to keep the cockhead in her mouth.
Her father now held her by the back of her head and started to slowly slide his cock inwards and outwards in her mouth. He fucked her mouth rhythmically and smoothly. Each thrust in of his cock elicited a yelp of "ASHA" from her father. He kept fucking her mouth and yelping, "ASHA... ASHA... ASHA... ASHA... ASHA... ASHA... ASHA..."
Asha felt his cock fill her mouth and hit the back of her throat each time it went in. She kept sucking and kept looking at her father's face. His face was a mask of wanton pleasure. She liked it; she was happy she was giving her father pleasure.
After several minutes, her father gripped her head, forced his big cock deep into her mouth, and comvulsed, shooting jet after jet of thick creamy cum into her mouth. Asha felt the hot cum fill her mouth.
Asha was amazed that his cock could ejaculate so much cum. Some of it escaped her mouth and trickled down the corners of her mouth. Suddenly her father pulled out his cock from her mouth. It was still long, fat, hard and totally smeared with his cum.
Asha smiled at her father and exclaimed, "So much of cum, papa."
"I'm holding back a lot more, darling."
"Do you mean you haven't finished completely?"
"That's right. Look at papa's cock. It's still hard and there is a lot of cum to come."
"Why didn't you give me all to swallow, papa?"
"You would like that, wouldn't you?"
"Yes, I like its taste."
"But you will like it better inside you, darling. I want to fuck you."
Her father made her lie back across the bed. "Bend your legs and open out your thighs, Asha."
She did as she was told. Her father removed his pants. Standing naked he held her thighs, and got nearer. "I'm going to insert my cock inside your cunt, darling. All right?"
"Papa, you are so big! Do it slowly. Don't hurt me. Please."
"I won't hurt you. But you must relax. I'll do it slowly and go in inch by inch. Tell me whether you like it or whether you want me to stop."
"All right, papa. Teach me fucking, papa."
Her father's fingers gently opened out her excited moist cunt lips and inserted the tip of his big cockhead in the opening. Her cunt lips wrapped themselves around the big cockhead.
Then her father leaned over her, kissed her on the mouth and asked, "The tip is inside your cunt, Asha. How do you feel?"
"Nice, papa."
"Do you want papa's cock to go in a bit more?"
"Yes, papa."
Her father exerted some pressure and the whole cockhead slipped into her cunt.
Asha gasped, "Ouch!"
"Why, darling. Is it painful?"
"No pain, papa. It's merely tight... your cockhead is so big... I am being stretched."
"Relax, darling. Your cunt has to receive a lot more of my cock."
Her father kissed her again and slowly pressed his cock to go in deeper. Asha put her hands on her father's bare buttocks and kept pulling him tighter.
"Yes, papa. I can feel your cock going in. It feels nice, papa.It feels very nice."
Her father slowly withdrew his cock a bit and slid it in again. Asha felt a jolt of thrill. She jacked up her hips to enable her father's cock to go in deeper.
"Do you like this, Asha?"
"Yes, papa. Go in deeper, papa. It feels nicer the deeper it goes."
"Hope you'll bear the pain when my cock bursts through your hymen."
"No hymen, papa. I have burst it while masturbating. You cannot give me pain. You can only give me pleasure, papa."
"Wonderful. I'm glad you are ready for fucking."
"Fuck me, papa. Show me what fucking is all about."
Her father cupped her firm round buttocks and pushed his cock farther inside her cunt.
Asha's legs shivered, hips jacked up, and she moaned, "YES, FUCKME, PAPA. GO DEEP."
But her father withdrew his cock a bit.
Her father thrust his cock into her juicy young cunt more vigorously.
"YES, PAPA. I feel so nice. Are you completely in, papa?"
"No, darling. Another 4 inches to go."
"Plunge all of your cock inside, papa."
Her father lowered his mouth to her left breast. Sucking it fiercely, he plunged his cock. The whole length of his monstrous cock got lodged in her young cunt.
"YES, PAPA. Your cock is deep inside my cunt. I can feel it."
Her father kissed on her mouth and as he did so he spoke, "Wonderful! You are only 15, Asha. But your cunt is so good for my big cock!"
"Are you happy I'm your daughter, papa?"
"OH YES! I'm a very lucky father!"
"I'm a very lucky daughter, papa. To have you for a father... with a big cock and willing to fuck me."
Her father started slowly to fuck her. His cock slide in and out rhythmically.
Matching his fucking rhythm, Asha jacked up her hips, and kept yelping, "YES, PAPA. FUCKME... FUCKME... FUCKME, PAPA. FUCKME..."
As her fucked her he kept lifting up her buttocks for each thrust. As he increased his deep thrusts she kept urging her father, "FUCKME... FUCKME... FUCKME..."
"Do you like fucking, Asha?"
Steadily and deeply her father fucked her. She was wildly aroused. The sensation was maddening. She knew something wild was going to quake her body. Her father was fucking her at break-neck speed. She fucked back eagerly, yelping and moaning loudly.
Suddenly he froze, held her tight and exploded, screaming, "ASHA... ASHA... ASHA... ASHA... ASHA... ASHA... ASHA... ASHA... ASHA... ASHA... ASHA... ASHA... ASHA... ASHA... ASHA" Each ASHA was accompanied by one shot of his sperm.
Simulateanously, Asha screamed, "PAPAPAAPAAAPAPAAA..." Her orgasm was the wildest she had ever felt. This was her first orgasm induced by fucking. This was heaven compared to masturbation. Her cunt burst, pouring out copious cum, flooding her convulsing cunt, which was already being flooded by her father's ejaculations. Her body shook and shuddered violently with thrill. She loved fucking!
Father and daughter kissed wildly as they rode out their protracted orgasms. Eventually, they separated and lay panting beside each other.
"Asha, my dar- dar-darling dau-daughter. You are wonder-fu-ful for fucking."
"Tha-thank you, pa-pa. I li-like fuck-fucking, papa."
"You are built for fucking, Asha."
"Can you fuck me often, papa? I like fucking very much."
"Of course."
"Is this your first fuck, Asha?"
"Of course! You don't think I've been fucking around, do you?"
"I'm sorry. I'm surprised that you are this hot! You are only 15, you know?"
"You have made me hot, papa."
"Don't let anyone have sex with you, Asha. You are my daughter. I alone must take care of your sexual needs."
"All right, papa. But I want to fuck a lot, papa." She hoped that her father wouldn't take note of the implications of her words. There were others waiting to fuck her. And she wanted them to fuck her.
Father and daughter wanted to fuck some more. But they heard Asha's mother and brother come up the staircase. They quickly dressed up. After kissing her, her father switched off the light and went out of the room.
Asha was very satisfied. It had been an eventful day. Four orgasms! With the shopkeeper, the priest, her sister's husband and her father. The one her father gave her by fucking was the best. He had fucked her. And she had loved it. She decided that she would want plenty of fucking from that day onwards. She hoped that the next day would be an enjoyable day also.
The next morning, Asha got up very early while everyone else was asleep. She bathed, put on her kurti (long shirt) and wore her pyjami (long skirt). Deliberately she did not wear any bra and did not wear any panty. Quietly she left the house and walked to Kunwar's shop. She felt aroused with the thought of seeing Kunwar.
Before she reached the shop she removed her pyjami and held it in her hand. She was wearing only her long kurti which managed to cover her bare buttocks and loins. When she arrived at the shop she found Kunwar wearing his pyjama (long loose pants). He put his arms around her, told his wife to mind the shop, and took her to the back room. Asha was surprised that his wife didn't seem to bother about them. That was perhaps she didn't look at them.
Loud enough for his wife to hear, Kunwar said, "Come, Asha. Let me give you the milk you need."
"Yes, give me your milk," said Asha, smiling to herself because of the suggestive meaning in her words. Did Kunwar's wife hear her also? Asha didn't bother.
As they walked towards the backroom, Kunwar's right hand got under her kurti and caressed her bare buttocks.
Asha asked in a whisper, "Like me this way, Kunwar? Without pants and panty?"
"Yes, thank you. I see that you are not wearing your bra also."
"Can you see that?"
"Yes. Look at the way your big breasts are pushing out your thin kurti. They are partially visible too."
"I have dressed specially for you, Kunwar."
"You are a hot young schoolgirl, Asha. I like you like a daughter."
"Then be nice to me, Kunwar. I like you like a papa (father)."
They entered the room. Kunwar closed the door and switched on the light. Asha looked at the bed. Kunwar sat on the edge of the bed and pulled Asha to stand in front of him between his thighs. "Kiss me, Asha."
She bent down and, holding his face, kissed him on the mouth. As they kissed hotly, Kunwar caressed her bare bottom with one hand and fondled her breasts with the other.
Asha loved the sexual arousal Kunwar was giving her. She pressed her leg against his loins and rubbed his big hard cock. He started to moan, "Hmm... hmm... hmm..."
His hand while fondling her breast slowly opened out the kurti in front. His hot mouth crept eagerly to her bare breasts. Big, round and firm her boobs stared at his face. He started to suck them one at a time.
Asha wrapped her hands around his head and hugged it to her bosom. "Do you like them, Kunwar papa?"
""Hmm... hmmm..."
He sucked vigorously, sucked and sucked. Asha shook and shuddered with wild arousal. Her leg rubbed harder against his cock. After a while, Kunwar stood up and made Asha sit on the edge of the bed. He now stood in front of her between her thighs. Her shirt had crept up, exposing most of her thighs.
Kunwar put one hand on her shoulder. His other hand directed her face to his crotch area. His aroused hard cock was pushing out his pyjama. He watched while Asha looked at the outline of his cock through the thin fabric.
"Like them, Asha daughter?"
"May I find out? May I play with it, Kunwar papa?"
Smiling at him, Asha opened the pyjama and inserted her right hand inside. Deliberately she rubbed his naked cock with her soft young hand. It was a monstrous cock: it was long, it was fat and it was hard with a big cockhead. Smiling at Kunwar she touched the cock again and again, gripping it for a moment, stroking it for a moment, and squeezing it for a moment.
Kunwar was shaking and shuddering with delight. "YOU ARE A WONDERFUL GIRL, ASHA. I WISH YOU ARE MY REAL DAUGHTER."
Continuing to fondle him, she said, "But you have a daughter, Kunwar. Shilpa is about my age, isn't she?"
"Yes, Shilpa is 14 but my daughter will never be nice to me like you."
"Of course, she won't be nice to you now... in fact she won't know how to be nice to you. You have to teach her how to be nice to you. It's all up to you, Kunwar. You have to teach her how to be ice to a man."
"Do you think so?"
"Yes, Kunwar."
"Have you been taught by your father? Is that how you know how to be nice to me?"
Asha panicked. There could be trouble if he knew the truth. So, she lied, ""Oh no! I have taught myself... from books, and films. The important thing is that I am bold but your daughter might not be. So, try teaching her slowly."
"Are you sure it will work, Asha?"
"Yes. At 14, I'm sure Shilpa craves for sex fun. She's too young, and our culture is too strict for her to have boy friends or men friends. So, be her boyfriend, Kunwar. Help your daughter to enjoy sex."
"I'm afraid, Asha."
"I know, but think about it. No risk no gain, Kunwar. Meantime, I'll be a like a daughter to you."
Asha pulled his cock and balls out of his pyjama. "You have a very big cock, Kunwar papa." She examined his cock. It was at least 8 inches long, too thick for her finger and thumb to encircle it completely. And it was hard. The cockhead was particularly big. With the foreskin pulled down, it glistened with a purplish glow.
Kunwar caressed her face and stroked her young moist lips as he asked, "Yes, Asha, it is a big cock. Have you seen a man's cock?"
Asha lied, "No, only yours. Saw it last time also."
"Do you like it, Asha?"
"My cock. Do you like it?"
"I think so. I'll have to find out if it's good to me."
"It likes to be kissed and licked, Asha." He smiled at her, caressed her face, and drew her mouth close so that his big spongy cockhead brushed against her full moist lips. He placed the tip between her parted lips and drew it left and right, from one corner of her moist lips to the other.
Asha knew that she could not spend too much time with Kunwar. Otherwise her mother would become suspicious as to why she took so much time to buy the bread and milk. So she wanted to hasten her fun with Kunwar. She licked the head with her tongue. He groaned. She took the head into her mouth and sucked it vigorously.
"TERRIFIC! GOOD! VERY GOOD!" Kunwar was shaking with extra stimulation. He liked the way Asha sucked his cockhead.
After a while Asha stopped sucking. "I can't stay too long, Kunwar. I have to go home before my parents become suspicious."
"But you can't leave me like this, Asha."
"In that case, fuck me, Kunwar papa."
"WHAT?" he asked in surprise.
"I said FUCKME!"
Quickly she lay on the bed, pulled up her kurti, and opened out her thighs, bending them at the knees. Kunwar got between her thighs and started to lick her cunt, plunging his tongue in and out.
Asha's legs shook and she started to moan, "YES! YES! LICKME, TONGUE ME... FUCKME WITH YOUR TONGUE, KUNWAR PAPA."
Kunwar cupped her firm young buttocks and, drawing her loins closer, tongue fucked her. His long tongue kept plunging deeply and rapidly in and out of the young girl's hot cunt. Her juices were flowing and her body rocked and rolled.
But Kunwar had other ideas. He stopped tonguing her cunt and placed the tip of his cock at the entrance of her cunt. "Can I fuck you now, Asha?"
Lifting her hips, Kunwar plunged his cock into the young girl's hot juicy cunt.
Kunwar started to fuck her rhythmically sliding his cock in and out. Asha jacked up her hips in matching rhythm, fucking back.
"You like to be fucked, don't you, Asha daughter?"

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Kunwar fucked as fierecely as he could. After ten minutes he was unable to control his cock. Asha too was being overwhelmed by her sexual ecstasy. Screaming wildly and fucking fiercely, they reached their climaxes. Asha twisted her body this way and that way as her cunt went berserk with her cumming. Kunwar's cock shot jet after jet of scalding thick sperm into her young cunt. They clutched at each other and kissed madly, as their bodies shuddered violently and as their orgasms went on and on for two minutes.
Finally, Kunwar rolled off and lay beside her, panting. His cum coated cock was slowly drooping. "FANTASTIC FUCK, ASHA! YOU ARE SO YOUNG! BUT YOU FUCK SO WELL! THANK YOU, ASHA DAUGHTER."
Asha got off the bed, adjusted her kurti and got into her pyjami. "I have to go, Kunwar. I have been here too long."
Kunwar said, "Please don't let anybody play with you, Asha. You are my darling now. Whenever you need sex, come to me."
She realized that her brother-in-law, her father and now Kunwar had said the same thing. Each of them wanted her for himself only. High hopes! She wanted fun with any man whom she fancied.
However she said, "All right, Kunwar papa."
She took the bag of bread and milk and, before leaving told him, "Why don't you go to your daughter Shilpa's room and wake her up by kissing her on the mouth?"
Before he could say anything, she left hurriedly by the back door.
When she entered her house, her mother was in the bathroom. Her father and brother were in their rooms. Luckily nobody saw that she was braless and panty-less under her dress. She left the bag of bread and milk in the kitchen and went up to her room.
Before she left for school, her father hugged and kissed her on the mouth. Her mother raised an eyebrow but didn't say anything. Her brother Dinesh just giggled. That was enough to start Asha thinking about Kunwar's fuck that morning. The thinking started to arouse her.
In school she met her boyfriend Rajesh. As they chatted she kept thinking of his father, and wondered what his father would do with her that day. That got her more aroused.
Mid-day she had lunch with Rajesh and her parents in their house. They talked about mundane things. After lunch Rajesh went to play cricket with his friends. Mrs. Manish went to the kitchen.
Mr. Manish looked at Asha and smiled. He asked in a whisper so that his wife couldn't hear. "Shall we go to the bedroom?"
Pretending, she asked in a whisper, "What do you want to teach me today, sir?"
Just then Mrs. Manish came in and told her husband, "Asha will have to go back to class soon, ji. Quickly take her upstairs and teach her."
"Yes, I have very important things to teach her," said Mr. Manish and took Asha upstairs.
As they climbed up the staircase, he put his hand around her narrow waist and whispered, "I missed you yesterday, Asha. I have been waiting eagerly for this moment."
"Really, sir?"
"Yes, last night I couldn't sleep. I was thinking of you, and longing for your company."
"Really, sir?"
"Have you been thinking of me?"
"Yes, sir."
"When you were in bed?"
"Yes, sir."
"Did you long for me to be with you in bed?" Asha just smiled.
They entered the bedroom. Mr. Manish closed the door, gathered her in his arms and kissed her on the mouth. It was a wet and eager kiss. Asha allowed him to kiss her for a few seconds before responding. Slowly she kissed back, putting her hands around his neck.
After a while she stopped kissing him and said, "Our clothes will be crumbled, sir."
"What do you suggest, dear?"
"You had said that you will buy something for me to wear."
"Yes, I have bought some outfit for you."
"Then let me wear them, sir."
"Will you promise to wear only what I give you?"
"I promise, sir."
He went to the cupboard and brought some items of clothing. He turned his back to her and said, "I won't look at you. Remove all that you are wearing and give them to me first. Then I will give you one item at a time to wear."
Asha removed her school uniform, including her bra and panty, and gave them to Mr. Manish. He stood with his back to her.
Then he handed a blouse for her to wear. "The bra, sir?"
"No bra, dear. Wear the blouse alone first."
What a blouse! It had short puffed up sleeves but nothing very much after that. The back was bare. In front it was wide open and the outer edges came down the outer sides of her breasts and clasped beneath her bosom, like two supporting cups under her breasts. All of her big breasts were bare. The underside seemed to lift up the breasts slightly. This caused her breasts to thrust out amazingly, displaying prominently her cute reddish nipples and aureoles.
Asha liked the blouse. She had always wanted to expose her breasts to men. But at that moment she felt she ought to make a mild protest. "It's not much of a blouse, sir. It leaves my breasts completely uncovered."
"But since I am your boy friend's father, I want to see whether your breasts are good for my son. So, I'm sure you want to show me your boobs, don't you, Asha?"
Yes, but not for the reasons that he had mentioned. She wanted him to see her boobs. She couldn't say that, could she? So, she kept quiet. Mr. Manish now handed her another item to wear. "Wear this panty, Asha."
What a panty! It was all strings. It left her buttocks bare. It was made so short that the so called waist string wasn't at the waist. It went around her body at the mid-pubic area. In front, only a 2-inch by 4-inch strip covered her loins. Covered it but didn't conceal it because the fabric was gossamer thin. Her cunt opening and cunt lips were completely visible.
Asha smiled to herself. Mr. Manish was a naughty man. But then she liked naughty men. However, she said, "The panty shows everything, sir. It's too small and too thin!"
"But it's good for you, Asha, and good for me, as I will be your father-in-law. I want to see whether you are good for my son. So, I'm sure you want to wear like that for me, don't you?"
Yes, I want to and I like to show you my cunt. But she couldn't say that.
Instead she asked, "Is that all that I have to wear, sir?" She smiled to herself. She hoped that Mr. Manish would realize that she was willing not to wear anything else.
He handed her a skirt. "Here is a wrap-up skirt, Asha."
Asha wanted to look naughty. She asked, "Do you really want me to wear it, sir?"
"Well, what do you think, Asha? Don't you think you should wear the skirt?"
"I leave it to you, sir. If you don't like me to wear it, then I am willing, sir, I am willing not to wear the skirt."
"Really, Asha?"
"Yes, sir. I won't wear the skirt. I want you to be happy, sir. Since you are going to be my father-in-law, I want to please you, sir."
"Wonderful girl! You are so good to me. I love you, Asha."
"Your son also loves me, sir."
"I know. He loves you because you are his girl friend, and I love you because you are going to be my daughter-in-law."
"I am a lucky girl, sir."
"I am the lucky one, Asha. Probably the luckiest father-in-law to be."
"It's nice of you to say that, sir." Asha realized that she was quite aroused sexually by what was happening.
"May I also wear something simple, Asha?"
"Yes, sir."
He handed her some items of outfit. "Here are three items, Asha. Choose one of them for me to wear."
Asha looked at the items. One was a pair of loose pyjama with an opening in front that had no buttons. Another was a pair of loose shorts with a similar opening in front. Asha knew that both would allow the cock to come out of the opening easily.
The third item puzzled her at first. She looked carefully. It was a cylindrical pouch made of thin cloth.
"What is this, sir?"
"Which one, Asha?"
"The smallest one. What is it, sir?"
"It's an item that I can wear. It will cover my manhood and nothing else."
"Oh, I see!" Asha realized that it was more like a condom. He would be practically naked if he put that on alone. Only his cock would be covered. The cloth was gossamer thin. That meant that his cock would be visible. His balls would be bare. He would be practically naked!
"Which one shall I wear, Asha? The pants, the shorts or the pouch?"
Asha wanted him to wear the cock pouch alone. But she was shy to say it. Yet, she wanted to hint to him that she wouldn't mind it if he wore the pouch alone.
"Any one is fine with me, sir."
"May I wear the shorts?"
Asha was disappointed. She didn't want him to wear the shorts. She wanted him to wear the cock pouch. She decided to be a bit bold. "If you like to put on the pouch alone, it's fine with me, sir."
"You want me to put on the pouch, don't you?"
"If you like to, it's fine with me, sir."
"All right, it will be the pouch then."
Asha felt happy and more aroused to hear him say that. She heard herself say, "Thank you, sir." She blushed realizing that she had let him know her wish.
Asha heard him remove his clothes. After a moment he asked, "May I look at you now, Asha?"
"Yes, sir."
They turned to face each other. They looked at each other's naked body with interest. Asha saw a wild hairy naked man. His huge hairy balls were bare! They hung swaying gently. His mighty big cock was let into this clinging condom-like fabric that was as thin as gossamer. The cock was completely visible. It stood erect at 45 to his upper body, swaying, jerking, and moving as if it was a live animal. Asha liked the cock.It was as big and exciting as Kunwar's and her father's. The sight of it stimulated her some more.
Meanwhile Mr. Manish gloated over Asha's naked figure. "SO BEAUTIFUL! SO WONDERFUL YOUR BODY!"
"Thank you, sir."
He came near and took both her hands. "SO SHAPELY! SO CURVACEOUS! SO SEXY!"
"Thank you, sir."
His hand caressed her bare flesh. "SO YOUNG! DELICIOUS FLESH!"
"Thank you, sir"
His hands cupped the under swell of her naked breasts and gently squeezed them. "SO BIG! SO ROUND! SO FIRM!" His fingers and thumbs rolled her hard nipples. "SUCKABLE TITS!"
"Thank you, sir."
Mr. Manish embraced her and kissed her wetly and hotly on the mouth. Very aroused, Asha kissed back passionately, caressing his hard back. She could feel his huge hard cock rubbing against her body. She liked Mr. Manish's body.
After a while he stopped kissing her. He sat on the stool at the dressing table. His transparently sheathed cock stood erect.
""Sit across my thighs, Asha."
Suddenly she felt shy. He guided her to sit straddling his thighs. Her thighs opened out. Her inadequately covered cunt was right in front of his monstrous cock.
Caressing her bare hips and tummy, Mr. Manish said, "You are the most beautiful, and the most voluptuous 15 year-old girl I have ever seen."
She placed her hands on his bare hips. "Am I good enough to marry your son, sir?"
"I have to find out."
"What do you mean, sir?"
"I have to make sure whether you are good enough for me... as a daughter-in-law."
Asha knew he wanted to have fun with her. She just smiled.
"May I, Asha?"
"What, sir?"
"May I find out whether you are good enough for me?"
Smiling, Asha nodded.
"May I also find out how hot you are... as a daughter-in-law?"
Again she nodded smiling.
"Do you also want to find out?"
"Find out what, sir?"
"Whether I am good enough for you... as your father-in-law?"
Smiling back, Asha nodded.
"Would you also like to find out whether I am hot enough for you?"
The talk alone got them both very aroused. Smiling she nodded.
Fondling her breasts he said, "But we don't have enough time. We have to go back to school soon."
"You are the Headmaster, sir."
"What do you mean, Asha?"
"You can phone the school, sir. Tell your Deputy Headmaster that you have something urgent to do, that you won't be able to go back to school, and that he should take charge of the school."
"Brilliant idea.But what about you?"
"You can ask your Deputy to inform my class teacher that I have been excused from school today for personal reasons."
"What a clever girl you are!"
"Thank you, sir."
"All right, I'll I phone the school." He kissed her on the mouth and they got up. Hugging her close to his body he went with her and took his mobile phone from his trousers that he had removed earlier.
Before phoning he told her, "Please hold me."
She was facing him with her hands on his hips. "I am holding you, sir."
"I mean, hold this, Asha." He took her right hand and placed it on his cock. "Wrap your fingers around the stem... yes, that's right. Hold it tight while I phone the school."
Asha's fingers couldn't go around the fat cock stem completely. She gripped his cock stem as best as she could and rhythmically squeezed it as Mr. Manish phoned the school and delivered the message that he wanted to deliver. The cock kept throbbing and jerking in her soft hand.
Mr. Manish put the phone away and said, "There. That's done. We don't have to go back to school."
Squeezing his cock stem, Asha said smiling, "Thank you, sir."
"Do you prefer to go back to school or do you prefer to be here with me."
Squeezing his cock she said smiling, "I prefer you, sir. I prefer to play with you."
"What shall we play, Asha?"
She released his cock and moving away said giggling, "Let's play Catch me if you can, sir."

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Mr. Manish yelped and darted forward, pretending to catch her. Giggling she in turn darted this way and that way, pretending to avoid him. Her big bouncy breasts jiggled delightfully and his sheathed cock jerked randomly. He kept watching her bouncy breasts and she kept watching his mighty jerking cock.
Pointing to her bare bouncing breasts Mr. Manish said, "BIG AND BEAUTIFUL!"
Pointing to his cock she said, "BIG AND NAUGHTY!"
He caught her, hugged and kissed her on the mouth while she squeezed his hard cock. Then they darted about again, he chasing her and she avoiding him. Again he caught her. This time he sucked her right tit.
"You are naughty, sir!" said Asha playfully and squeezed his cock again and again. She loved this stimulating fun. She was glad he was going to be her father-in-law.
After a while they separated and darted about again. For a third time Mr. Manish caught her near the edge of the bed. He knelt in front of her and buried his face between her thighs, his mouth seeking her loins.
"Oh, you naughty, sir," she said. Giggling she raised her left leg, exposing her loins to his mouth. His tongue licked the transparently covered cunt. She let him for a few seconds. Then she turned and flopped on the bed, face down.
Mr. Manish held her legs and looked at the buttocks and thighs. Her naked buttocks delighted him. They were young, round and delicious. The full shapely thighs added to her sexiness. He fitted his long hard cock in the crevice of her buttocks and lay on her back. His hands went under her body and cupped her big breasts, the thumbs and fingers squeezing and rolling her tits.
"Do you like my body, sir?"
"Hope your son will enjoy it, sir."
"But I want to enjoy it first, Asha. May I? May I enjoy it first?"
"Of course, sir. I want you to enjoy me... to find out whether I am good enough to be your daughter-in-law." She was so aroused!
"Oh God! What a willing desirable young girl!"
Mr. Manish rubbed his cock against her buttocks, gently jabbing inwards again and again. At the same time his hands fondled her breasts. Asha enjoyed the stimulation for a while. Then she crept higher on to the bed, turned over and lay on her back. Her buttocks were near the edge.
Mr. Manish held her hanging legs, bent them at the knees and opened out her thighs. Asha's loins were in full view, her cunt opening and cunt lips visible through the tiny gossamer fabric.
"DELICIOUS, ASHA!" he smiled at her.
"Do you like it, sir?"
"YES! May I find out whether it's delicious?"
"Yes, sir. Taste it, sir."
Wrapping his arms around her full thighs, he lowered his mouth to her loins and started to lick the cunt slit through the fabric. Asha's hips jerked up with thrill.
"Like it, Asha? Like the licking?"
"Want some more?" He continued to lick and lick.
"YES, SIR (lick)... YES (lick)... YES(lick)... YES (lick)... THAT'S NICE (lick)... YES, LICKME LIKE THAT, SIR (several licks)... YES, LICK AGAIN, SIR (another series of licks)... AAGAIN (lick)... AGAIN (lick)... CONTINUE LICKING, SIR (vigorous licking again and again)."
For five minutes she urged him to lick. The gossamer fabric was thoroughly wetted by his saliva and her juices. Her body rocked with thrill.
Asha wanted more. "Move my panty aside and lick me inside, sir. A tongue inside my pussy gives me more pleasure, sir."
Surprised at what he had heard, Mr. Manish stopped licking and, looking at her, asked, "How do you know? Has anyone tongued your pussy? Has my son done it to you?"
Asha realized her mistake. Inadvertently she had said that she had enjoyed tonguing of her cunt. Although true she couldn't let Mr. Manish know that. She attempted to deny it. "OH NO, SIR! No one has done it. Certainly not your son. I only PRESUMED that it might give me more pleasure. I'm sorry for saying it wrongly, sir."
He thought that a girl as young as her must be innocent. She couldn't have had any sexual experience with anyone else. Mr. Manish believed her.
"Oh, I see." He pushed her tiny panty to one side and started to lick her naked moist cunt slit. The tongue swept along its length again and again and ended at the upper end by lashing against her swollen clitoris.
Her body twisting, her cunt boiling, Asha urged, "YES, SIR... LICKME, SIR... YES... LICKME... LICKME... LICKME SIR... GOOD SIR... GOOOD..."
Slowly and surely the tongue was going deeper and deeper as it swept along the length of her young cunt. Her pussy convulsed with stimulation.
She held his head against her loins and urged, "THRUST YOUR TONGUE IN AND OUT, SIR. I ENJOY IT WHEN IT MOVES INSIDE, SIR."
Mr. Manish wondered whether she meant what she had said. Had she actually enjoyed tongue fucking? She couldn't have. She was probably getting mixed up with her words.
He started to thrust his long fat tongue in and out. Asha's hips jacked up at each inward thrust. What a cock-like tongue!
Mini orgasms started to shake her body "AHK... AHK... AHK... ORGH... AHH... OHHH... OHHH... YEZZZ... YEZZZ... SIRRR... SIRRR..."
Mr. Manish wanted to do more than tongue fuck this young sexpot. So, he withdrew his tongue from her overly juicy cunt.
"Why, sir? WHY?" Disappointment was written all over her face.
"I need some help, Asha."
"What help, sir?"
Mr. Manish moved her to sit up on the bed against the headboard. Then he knelt over her near naked body. Asha saw his massive cock swaying in front of her face.
"Do you like this fellow, Asha?" he asked, holding his cock in front of her face.
She nodded.
"Show him that you like him, Asha?"
. She knew what Kunwar had wanted. She knew what her father had wanted. So, She knew what Mr. Manish wanted but she pretended. "What do you want me to do, sir?"
Caressing her face, he placed the tip of the sheathed cock on her parted lips. "I want to see how good you are at kissing, licking and sucking my cock, Asha."
She knew she was good at cock sucking. Kunwar had liked her sucking. Her father had praised her also. But she lied, "I have never done this before, sir."
"I know. But you have to learn to do it, Asha. Then only you can be a good wife to my son."
She placed one hand on his bare hip, held the massiva cock stem with the other hand and kissed the visible cockhead through the gossamer fabric. Mr. Manish caressed her cheeks and urged, "Lick it, Asha."
Asha kissed and licked the big bulbous cockhead. The gossamer thin fabric enabled her tongue to make intimate contact with the cock flesh.
The fabric over the cockhead became thoroughly wetted with her saliva. She paused to ask, "Am I doing it right, sir? Do you like my licking?"
"Yes, Asha. I like it very much. You lick so well! You will a good daughter-in-law for me."
Asha licked some more and then asked, "Do you think your son will like my licking?"
"Yes, but only when you marry him. But now, take care of my cock, Asha. You have to take care of your father-in-law first."
She smiled cheekily at Mr. Manish. "NAUGHTY FATHER-IN-LAW!"
Then she took the big cockhead into her mouth. Her lips were stretched and wrapped themselves around the hard spongy knob, still sheathed by the gossamer fabric.
"GOOD... GOOD... YOU LIKE COCK, DON'T YOU?" Mr. Manish caressed her cheeks.
Asha moaned, "Hmm," and started to suck the cockhead. She sucked and sucked.
As Asha sucked more and more vigorously, she deliberately bit her teeth into the gossamer fabric, tearing and shredding it.
No, Mr. Manish I have already sucked other men's cocks, including my father's. But she couldn't tell him that, could she?
She continued to work her mouth on his cock. The fabric covering the cockhead was torn away. She was now sucking the naked cockhead. It throbbed and swelled in her mouth. She felt some semen seep into her mouth.
Mr. Manish kept moaning, "AHK... AHK... AHK... AHK... AHK..." Slowly he pushed more of his cock into the sucking mouth. In slow rhythm he fucked her mouth. Asha continued to suck, feeling the cockhead hit the back of her throat now and again.
After a while he spurted three massiva shots of come into her mouth and withdrew his cock. Asha swallowed the cum and looked at Mr. Manish. "Why, sir. Don't you like my sucking?"
"You suck so well, Asha. I can't control myself. I have given your mouth some cum to swallow. The rest I am keeping for your body."
She knew what he meant. She lay on her back, resting her head on the pillow. She bent her legs at the knees, opened out her thighs and smiled at her boyfriend's father. "Do you want to find out whether I'm good enough for your son to fuck?"
"Yes, darling. Yes. May I fuck you?"
"How else would you know whether I'm good enough for your son to marry me?"

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What a hot girl! Mr. Manish got between her thighs and inserted the tip of his cock at the wet entrance. "When I go through the barrier, it will hurt, Asha. Please bear it for a while. Soon after that you will enjoy my cock."
"It's been ruptured, sir. I am ready for pleasure, sir."
"What? Has anyone fucked you before?"
"No, sir. I ruptured it by masturbating." That was true, but she couldn't tell him about the men who had already fucked her, especially about her father.
Mr. Manish held her by the waist and slowly pressed his cock into her wet hot cunt. Asha placed her hands on his back and pulled him closer to her. "Fuckme, sir."
He pushed his huge cock more and more in, withdrawing a bit and pushing it in a bit more each time. "Do you like it, Asha?"
"Yes, sir. I like your this. Your cock feels nice, sir."
"Remember, Asha. Never let anyone, including my son, fuck you, until you get married. Let me take care of your sex needs. We will fuck for the net few years until you are ready to marry Rajesh."
It was the same request that had been made by her brother-in-law, Kunwar, and her father. She smiled to herself. Each of them wanted her for himself only. But she had other ideas.
"All right, sir."
Mr. Manish leaned over and kissed her on the mouth for a while. Then his mouth sucked her left tit.
Asha urged Mr. Manish, "Push it in some more, sir. Fuckme, sir."
He raised his head, smiled at her and pushed his cock deeper into her hot cunt.
"I can't believe you are so hot, Asha. So young... only 15... but you have a lusty attitude to sex."
"I like you, sir."
"Because you are my boyfriend's father, sir. Also because..."
"Also because of what Asha?"
"Because you have a strong body and a big cock. I like big cocks, sir." Deliberately she had said cocks in the plural.
Mr. Manish thrust his cock deeper into her cunt and asked, "What? Cocks? You mean you like all big cocks?"
Yes, but she couldn't say that, could she? She found an explanation to fool him. "I was thinking of your cock and my boyfriend's cock, sir. That's why I said cocks."
"I see. But for the moment... in fact, for some years, you have to enjoy my cock only, Asha. I think it's big enough for you."
Jacking up her hips several times she urged, "IN THAT CASE, FUCKME, SIR... FUCKME PROPERLY, SIR... SEX ME, SIR... PLEASURE ME, SIR."
Mr. Manish started to fuck her. Slowly and steadily he started to thrust his cock inwards and outwards, looking at her. "Like the fucking, Asha?"
Jacking up her hips to receive each thrust, she kept urging, "YES, SIR, YES! FUCK ME, SIR... FUCKME FASTER AND DEEPER, SIR... I LIKE TO BE FUCKED FASTER AND DEEPER, SIR."
Again Mr. Manish wondered. She was speaking as if she had experienced fucking already. But then she had said she had never been fucked. Perhaps, in her sexual excitement, she wasn't careful in the choice of her words.
Mr. Manish found his cock harden and throb wildly. He had never felt this aroused and hot for a long time. "God, Asha! What a hot, fuck loving, 15 year-old schoolgirl!"
"Like fucking me, sir?"
Thrusting his cock rhythmically, he yelped, "YES1 YES! YES!"
"Like fucking your son's girlfriend, sir?"
Fucking more furiously, he answered, "YES! YES! YES!"
Continuously Asha fucked back and continuously she urged Mr.Manish to fuck her. It was a wild sight. A big older naked man and a voluptuous young naked girl fucking wildly, their bodies rocking and shuddering, their voices urging and grunting, their faces contorted by passion.
For a long time they fucked. It was unbelievable that they could fuck and fuck and fuck so wildly for so long. Eventually, they raced maddeningly towards their orgasms.
Asha climaxed, her cunt erupting violently to pour out endlessly her hot thick cum. "SIR SIR SIR SIRRRRR... I'M CUM CCUUMM CUMIIINNGG CUMMIIINGGG CCUUMMMIIIINNNNNNGGG... SSSIIRRRR..."
Simultaneously Mr. Manish, thrust his monstrous cock deep into the young girl's cunt, froze, and exploded. "AHK (spurt of sperm)... AHK ( spurt of sperm)... AHK (sperm shot)... AHK (sperm shot)... AHK (sperm shot)... ASHA (sperm shot)... ASHA (sperm shot)... ASHA (sperm shot)... ASHA (sperm shot)... ASHA (sperm shot)... ASHA (sperm shot)..."
It never seemed to end, the number of times he shot his sperm into her convulsing cum flooded cunt. Asha rocked violently, shivered feverishly, and screamed unintelligibly as her orgasm continued and as she felt her boyfriend's father pump his cum into her cunt.
Eventually when their orgasms started to subside, they kissed lustily and lovingly, until their climaxes subsided. They still lay together with his cock inside her cunt.
"OH Asha! WHAT a wild fuck!"
"Am I good, sir? For fucking?"
"Yes! Yes! You must be the goddess of fucking!"
"You must the god of fucking, sir!"
"Was I good, Asha?"
"Yes, sir. The best fuck I have had."
"What? Have you fucked before?"
"No, sir. I mean the best first fuck, sir."
"Oh, Asha. You don't know how to use the word best!"
"I had better go home, sir."
Asha wore her school uniform, took her school bag. Then she took the skimpy blouse and panty that she had worn and asked, "May I take these home, sir?"
"Why, Asha?"
"As souvenir, sir."
"All right. I have bought more nice ones for next time."
"Thank you, sir."
"Tomorrow is Saturday, and there is no school. Still, you can come to the house, Asha. In the afternoon, Rajesh will go to play cricket. So, we two can play."
"I'm sorry, sir. I have promised to go to my sister's house tomorrow afternoon."
"But it will be more fun here with me, Asha."
Asha smiled to herself. Poor Mr. Manish didn't know that she was going to have fun with her brother-in-law. "I know what you mean, sir. But I have promised my brother-in-law that I would visit him tomorrow."
"All right, Asha. We will resume our fun on Monday."
"Take a rest during the weekend and build up your strength, sir, so that you can handle me on Monday."
"You are really a hot young schoolgirl, Asha."
"You are also a hot man, sir. I like you. I want you. You are good for me."
"We will do the 69 and doggie on Monday."
"What are they, sir?"
"I will lie naked on my back. You will lie face down on top of me in the opposite direction. Your face will be over my cock and your cunt over my face. Simultaneously you can suck my cock and I can tongue fuck your cunt. That's called 69."
"I see. What is a doggie, sir?"
"You kneel on your hands and knees and I fuck you from behind. We fuck like dogs do. That's doing the doggie."
"Yes, sir. We will do them on Monday."
After kissing Mr. Manish, Asha left the house and went home. She didn't say goodbye to Mrs Manish because she was taking a nap, according to Mr. Manish.
That night after dinner, Asha sat on her father's lap as the family watched TV. Her mother sat with her younger brother Dinesh on another sofa. Now and again her father would kiss her on the mouth, and his hands would touch her breasts and inner thighs. Asha wasn't sure whether her mother saw all that but ignored or whether she didn't see.
At 10 pm her mother said, "Ji, take Asha to her room and put her to bed. And do what the priest had said. Remember to do it for 2 hours." Asha liked the meaning in the words: do it for 2 hours.
Her father got up and taking her by the hand said, "Come, Asha. Let's go up to your bedroom and do what mom wants us to do." Father and daughter knew the true meaning of what he had said. They smiled at each other as they went up the staircase.
In her bedroom, Asha and her father started to hug and kiss lustily. Even as they kissed he started to remove her clothes and she helped to remove his clothes.
"Whole day, I haven't been able to concentrate on my work. I have been looking forward for this moment, Asha."
"To have fun with your daughter, papa?"
"Yes, darling. How about you? How has the day been for you?"
This morning I was fucked by Kunwar. In school I was fucked by my boyfriend's father. But she couldn't tell him that, could she? Instead she said, "I have been busy and active, papa."
"With your lessons?"
"Sort of, papa. I have been active doing things and enjoying them."
Her father thought that she was referring to her lessons. "Good, girl."
By now both of them were naked. Her father went to play the tape reorder. Asha followed him, hugged him from behind and wrapped her hands around his big cock. "Is this fellow ready for me, papa?"
With the music playing loudly, her father turned around to face her. "Yes, darling. Look at him. He has grown big. He wants you. Why don't you kiss him, lick him, and suck him?"
"Why don't you kiss me, lick me, and suck me, papa?"
"All right. Let's do that together." He guided her to the bed.
"You mean we are going to do the 69, papa?"
"How do know about that, Asha?"
She couldn't tell her father that she heard about it from her Headmaster. "I don't know, papa. May be I heard it from someone."
"You have heard naughty things, Asha. But I like you to be naughty with me."
"Lie on your back on the bed, papa."
Asha then knelt over her father in the opposite direction. Her naked cunt was over his face and her face was over his naked erect cock. "Is this the right position for doing the 69, papa?"
"Yes, you seem to take up the position like an experienced girl, Asha."
"My sexual instinct, papa."
Her father held her by her hips and started to lick along her wet slit, making sure his tongue lashed her clitoris each time.
Asha guided her father's cockhead into her mouth and started to lick and suck the big spongy knob.
Both of them started moaning as they worked on each other. Slowly her father started to thrust his tongue in and out of her hot young cunt. Yes, he was fucking her with his tongue! Asha loved it.
She in turn doubled her sucking pressure, taking more and more of the cock into her mouth. They moaned and grunted loudly as their sexual pleasure intensified. Even as she sucked, she realized that her father was thrusting his cock inwards and outwards in her mouth. Yes, he was fucking her mouth!
A rhythmic pattern started. As his tongue plunged into her cunt, he also thrust his cock into her mouth, hitting the back of her throat. "Argh," she moaned at the double fucking of cunt and mouth.
As he withdrew his cock slightly from her cunt and started to suck her clitoris, he also withdrew his cock slightly and Asha started to suck his cock. "Ahhh," her father gasped, at the double sucking of cock and clitoris.
This was repeated again and again, double fucking of mouth and cunt followed by double sucking of cock and clitoris. "Argh" and "Ahhh" were repeatedly alternated, getting louder and louder. Their bodies shook and shuddered with overwhelming sexual thrill.
After several minutes, Asha felt her father's cock stay thrust deep in her throat and shoot jets of cum against the back of her throat. The cum started to flood her mouth and she swallowed as much as possible. "AHH... AHH... AHH... AHHA... AHHAA..." her father grunted.
At the same time her orgasm burst her cunt walls, flooding her cunt with a steady rush of hot young cum. "ARGGG... AHRGG... ARGHH... ARGHH... AHAHRGG..." Ashaa gurgled, even as she swallowed her father's hot sticky cum...
For two minutes they climaxed and grunted, wildly thrilled by their sexual outbursts. Eventually but reluctantly her father pulled out his tongue from her cunt and his cock from her mouth.
"Shall we do it again, Asha?"
"Afterwards, papa. Now do the doggie for me, papa."
A surprised father asked, "How do you know about the doggie?"
She couldn't tell him that her Headmaster had told her about it, could she? "I have heard of it, papa."
"You seem to have heard a lot of naughty things, Asha."
"But I haven't done them, papa. Do the doggie, papa and show me how good it is."
Her father told her, "Remain kneeling, Asha." He crawled out of her, knelt behind her and held her by the waist as she was on her knees and hands. Her smooth round bare bottom looked so delightful. Her gorgeous full and shapely thighs excited her father some more.
"Ready, Asha? To be fucked like a bitch?"
"Yes, papa. Fuck me like dogs do."
Her father guided the tip of his cockhead into the wet entrance of her cunt. "I am ready to enter, Asha."
"Go in, papa. Push your cock in some more."
"You like this, don't you?"
"I don't know yet, papa. You have to show me how good it is. But I like fucking, papa."
He pushed his cockhead right inside. It stretched her cunt lips and they clung hotly around the bulbous knob.
"Yes, papa, it feels very nice. Go in some more, papa."
He pushed in some more. "You are every father's delight, Asha. Fathers dream for daughters like you."
"You are also every girl's delight, papa. Daughters dream for fathers like you."
Her father thrust his very fat cock deeper. "YES, THAT'S GOOD, PAPA. IT'S SO TIGHT! BUT I FEEL SO NICE! I LIKE THE FEEL OF YOUR COCK, PAPA."
Her father slowly withdrew a bit. "NO, PAPA, DON'T PULL OUT!"
Her father thrust in again, deepening the huge cock into her young hot cunt.
Her father held her by the waist and with a grunt thrust the rest of his cock all the way in.
Asha shuddered and yelped, "YES! YES! FUCK ME DEEP! FUCKME, PAPA!"
Slowly and steadily her father started to thrust his monstrous cock inwards and outwards. Asha's body rocked forth and back matching the rhythmic thrusts of her father's cock.
Asha kept yelping as her father fucked her, "YES PAPA (fucking thrust)... FUCKME (fucking thrust)... YES PAPA ( fucking)... FUCKME PAPA... YES PAPA..."
Her father now cupped both her big breasts with his hands and started fondling the firm exciting flesh, rolling her hard nipples with the fingers now and again."
"Is papa good for you, Asha?"
"YES, PAPA (fucking continued)... I'M SO GLAD YOU ARE MY FATHER (fucking went on)... FUCK ON, PAPA (her father kept fucking)... FUCKME FAST, DEEP AND HARD, PAPA (her father kept fucking her hard and fast)... SHOW ME HOW MUCH YOU LIKE TO FUCK YOUR DAUGHTER... SHOW ME (her father kept fucking vigorously)"
"Do you like doggie fucking, Asha?"
For many minutes her father fucked her. Asha kept urging her father to fuck her faster, harder and deeper. She kept thrusting her bottom backwards at each inward thrust of her father's cock.
Father and daughter were in heaven. They couldn't believe the wonderful pleasure they felt. Her father was amazed that fucking his own daughter was so wonderful!
But it couldn't go on forever. Surely it was more than ten minutes of fucking. Her father went berserk, pumping her cunt at an unbelievable rapidity. Asha in turn was going insame with sexual excitement. What pleasure! Being fucked by her own father! She loved it!
Suddenly her father thrust his cock deepest, held her tight and exploded, shooting and endless stream of scalding cum into her young cumming cunt. He yelped at each shot of cum, "ARG(sperm shot), ARG(sperm shot), ARG(sperm shot), ARG(sperm shot), ARG, ARG, ARG, ARG, ARG, ARG, ARG, ARG, ARG, ARG, ARG, ARG, ARG, ARG, ARG, ARG(final sperm shot)..."
It took them quite a while to end their climaxes. Even after that, they held on panting, her father's cock still buried in her cumflooded cunt.
Slowly and reluctantly her father released her body. They fell on their backs on the bed, still panting and gasping for air.
Asha was comparing this fuck with the earlier fucking that day by Kunwar and Mr. Manish. "Th-thank you, pa-pa. Best fu-fuck of the day."
Her father didn't know what hshe had meant. He thought that she was comparing the doggie fuck to the one he had given her earlier. "I'm glad you liked it, Asha."
"Yes, papa. I like to try fucking in all the different positions, papa."
"Yes, darling. We will fuck in all the positions described in the Kama Sutra."
"Please fuck me some more, papa."
"What an insatiable daughter!"
"If you can't cope with me, I'll have to look to other men, papa," she said, smiling cheekily.
They fucked two more times before an exhausted father left her room.
Before he left, Asha said, "Tomorrow morning, can you please go to Kunwar's shop? To get the milk and bread, papa? I want to wake up late."
Her father agreed, thinking that he might have exhausted her by fucking her four times

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Asha was delighted that her sex life was getting better by each day. That day itself she had been thrillingly fucked six times by three men; four of them by her own father. The next day would be Saturday. She started to think about her sister's husband. He was 47 and looked virile. She desired him.
Saturday morning Asha woke up late. She was well rested. Thinking of all the fucking of the previous day, she got aroused.
After lunch, she bathed and put on what Mr. Manish had bought for her, and which she had worn for him the previous day: the skimpy blouse (that didn't cover her breasts) and tiny panty (that was gossamer thin and measured only 2" by 4") Over that she wore her pyjami and kurti. Her bare breasts were fairly visible through the thin kurti. So, she put a shawl over her shoulders and pinned it to her kurti so that the front of the shawl remained covering her chest. She took a science book and a note book and arrived at her sister's house well before 3 pm.
Her sister Rina greeted her. "Come in, Asha. I'm glad you are early. I don't want to be late for our singing session."
"Where is jije?"
"Upstairs, he just woke up from an afternoon nap. He is bathing. He wants to be fresh to teach you."
"It's very kind of you, sis. To let him teach me."
"Don't say that, Asha. We are sisters. I want you to learn your lessons well for the sake of your future."
"I'll study hard, sister. I don't want to disappoint you."
"Important thing is that you mustn't disappoint your brother-in-law, since he is going to spend every Saturday to teach you."
"I won't, sis. I promise you. He is my brother-in- law. I will do my best not to disappoint him." Asha smiled to herself. She was thinking to herself, "I'm not going to disappoint him in bed, sis."
Just then Gopal appeared at the top of the staircase. He was in his pyjama and kurta.
Rina said to her husband, "I must run along, ji. I don't want to be late. Asha is here for her science lessons."
"Hello, Asha,"
"Hello, jije."
Gopal told his wife, "You go ahead, Rina. I'll take care of Asha."
As Rina left the house, Gopal called out, "Come up to the study room, Asha."
Asha waited until her sister had left the house and had walked some distance away from the house. Then she said smiling, "Come and take me upstairs, jije."
Asha watched her brother-in-law come down the staircase. She liked his body. He was 47 but had a hefty body. The pyjama and kurta didn't conceal his muscular frame.
"Thank you for coming, Asha. I have been waiting so eagerly for this moment."
She threw her books on to the floor. "I don't need these now."
Then she approached her brother-in-law. "I also have been looking forward to seeing you, jije. Take me upstairs, brother-in-law."
He reached her, gathered her in his arms and they kissed eagerly, wetly, lustily for a while. He took her hand and started to lead her up the staircase.
"No, jije. Carry me upstairs," she smiled.
"Gladly, darling." He wanted to carry her by placing his hands under her, but she had other ideas. She jumped at him, wrapping her hands around his neck and wrapping her legs and thighs around his body. He cupped her buttocks to support her and her crotch was smack against his crotch. She could feel his hardness against her loins. Obviously he wasn't wearing any underwear!
Asha smiled cheekily at her brother-in-law. "I can feel you. No underwear? You naughty, jije!"
"Don't you like that?"
She didn't answer him. Instead she locked her mouth onto his and they kissed lustily as he carried her up the staircase. She kept rubbing her crotch against his hardening manhood through their clothes.
When they reached the top of the staircase, Asha broke the kiss and spoke into his mouth, "Don't take me to the study room, jije."
They continued to speak into each other's mouth.
"Why, Asha?"
"No, jije. I don't need the study room. I need the bedroom."
He spoke back into her mouth, "But what about your science lessons."
"I'm not here for science lessons, jije. I'm here for bedroom lessons."
"Are you sure?"
"YES! Take me to a bedroom, jije. Please..."
Gopal didn't want to waste time in suggestive talk anymore. He carried her to the guest's bedroom and let her down. They started to kiss. As they did so, Asha removed his kurta. "I want you naked, jije. I want to see what my sister has been enjoying these two years."
After removing his kurta, Asha caressed his bare chest. "Very manly, jije. Broad, hairy and strong! Good body, jije."
"Thank you, Asha. It belongs to your sister, you know."
"Yes, I know. But as I'm your sister-in-law, it also belongs to me, jije."
Asha now knelt in front of her brother-in-law, inserted her right hand inside his pyjama, and fondled his big balls and huge cock. "Big balls and big cock, jije."
"Like them, Asha?"
"For size, yes. For fun, I don't know yet. I hope to find out this afternoon."
"Your sister likes it, she enjoys it."
"I am more demanding, jije. It takes a lot to satisfy me."
"How do you know that you are more demanding? Have you had sex with anyone else?"
"No, jije. I know that through masturbation," she lied.
Asha now pulled her brother-in-law's cock out into the open. It was a huge cock. It was long, it was thick, it was hard, and it kept jerking and swaying as if it had a life of its own. Luckily all the men so far had big cocks.
Asha cupped and caressed the huge cockhead. "It's like an usually big plum, jije. Looks delicious."
"Find out whether it's delicious, Asha. Taste it."
Holding the stem with both hands, Asha started to kiss the head all over at first, and then she licked it all over. The cock jerked and throbbed. Her brother-in-law caressed her cheeks. "NICE! VERY NICE! THANK YOU."
Asha now took the bulbous knob into her young mouth and started to suck it. She had gained enough experience sucking the cocks of Kunwar, Mr. Manish and her father. So, she sucked expertly. Her brother-in-law was delighted.
Asha sucked his cock for a while. Then she stopped and asked, "Doesn't my sister suck your cock?"
"No, Asha. She says it's dirty to do that."
"But you do like your cock to be sucked?"
"Yes, before marriage I used to persuade young school girls with favours to suck my cock. I would promise them extra marks during tests and exams. Many young school girls had sucked my cock.Your sister is young, only 20, but she won't suck my cock."
"Don't worry, jije. I'll suck your cock regularly from now onwards."
"Thank you, Asha."
"You are welcome, jije. Just keep your big cock ready for me whenever I come here."
Asha resumed sucking his cock. She took more and more of the cock into her mouth. It seemed to elongate more, thicken more, harden more, and throb more. Asha didn't want him to explode in her mouth this time. She let the saliva coated cock out of her mouth and stood up.
"I feel warm wearing all these clothes, jije," she said coyly.
Her brother-in-law understood her. "Let me remove your kurti, Asha."
When he removed the kurti, he was delightfully surprised. Her so-called blouse didn't cover her big round breasts. the big boobs thrust outward boldly. He ogled her big chest, licking his lips. "Like them, jije?"
"Yes, they are bigger than your sister's."
" Yes, I know. Now remove my pyjami, jije, darling."
He knelt in front of her and loosening the waist band removed her pyjami. Another surprise! She was naked except for the teeny weenie fabric which covered only her cunt slit and cunt lips. It was gossamer thin. He could see her cunt slit and cunt lips!
"Like me like this, jije darling?"
Her brother-in-law stared in amazement at her near naked body. "SO SHAPELY! SO YOUNG! SO VOLUPTUOUS!"
"Better than your wife, my sister?"
"Do you want to enjoy my young hot body, jije?"
"Then, remove your pyjama, jije."
"If I do that, I'll be naked. I'm not wearing any underwear."
"I know that already, when I played and sucked your cock. Remove your pyjama. I want to enjoy your naked body, jije."
"Then you remove it, Asha," he said laughing lightly. As she approached him, he darted away. His hug erect cock was out of the opening of his pyjama and swaying about as he moved. Asha darted towards him, and managed to garb his cock now and again, but he managed to get away each time. And she let him. She liked this chasing and grabbing game.
Asha kept chasing, kept laughing and yelping as her hand tried to grab his naked cock. "NAUGHTY COCK! NAUGHTY COCK!"
Her brother-in-law enjoyed seeing her big bare breasts swaying about with her exertions. "BEAUTIFUL BOOBS! BOUNCY BOOBS!"
Eventually they caught up with each other. He fondled her breasts, she stroked his cock, and they kissed wetly, passionately. They were hot for each other. Gopal moved her towards the bed. Her legs hit the side of the bed and she fell back. He grabbed her baer legs and adjusted her body so that she lay with her buttocks at the edge of the bed. He stood between her full shapely thighs and dropped his pyjama. He was naked. His monstrous cock was staring at her young loins.
Asha smiled at her brother-in-law." Tongue me, jije. Lick me first."
Her brother-in-law bent her legs at the knees and opened out her gorgeous thighs. His mouth descended to her thinly veiled cunt and started to lick, wetting the small fabric and exciting her cunt lips.
"AHH... YES... YES... THANK YOU, JIJE... NICE... LICK SOME MORE, JIJE... YESSSS..." she kept urging him. He concentrated on giving her a good lick.
Suddenly, Asha reached forward and pulled away the tiny panty, exposing her naked cunt to her brother-in-law. "LICK ME INSIDE, JIJE, LICK ME INSIDE, PLEASE, PLEASE..."
Groaning, "Hmmm," he licked the wet channel of her cunt. His tongue swiped the entire length of her young wet fleshy slit and at the end the swipe his tongue lashed her clitoris. He did this again and again and again.
Asha's body shook with thrill, her legs quivered with sensation and she yelped encouragement, "YES, YES, GOOD, GOOD... JIJE... JIJE... LICKME, JIJE... , VERY GOOD, LICK ME, LICK ME... SOME MORE..." On and on she urged him.
Suddenly her brother-in-law started to thrust his long fat tongue in and out of her juicy cunt.
Her brother-in-law thrust his tongue in and out of her convulsing cunt in a steady rhythm. Asha jacked up her hips to receive his thrusting tongue. He had such a long fat tongue! It was almost like a cock. Her inner cunt walls were exuding creamy juice which smeared her brother-in-laws around his mouth.
Gopal didn't want her to orgasm yet. He pulled his tongue out of her cunt.
"WHY, JIJE? WHY HAVE YOU STOPPED? Am I not as good as my sister?"
"No, darling not that. It's just that my junior wants to play."
Asha understood what he meant. Smiling, she spread out her thighs and pulled her brother-in-law closer. His cock was erect and swaying.
"Yes, I can se that, jije. Let me guide the eager fellow." She took hold of his massive cock and spoke to it. "All right, big brother-in-law, go in and play." She guided the tip of the cock into the entrance of her hot young cunt.
Her brother-in-law held her hips and started to press the cockhead in, saying, "Thank you, Asha. I hope you will like the way he plays inside you."
"Yes, jije, please make sure he plays well... I enjoy a good play."
A surprised Gopal asked, "Has anyone played inside you before?"
Asha realized the mistake she had made. Quickly she lied, "Of course, no jije. You are the first."
Too aroused to bother arguing, her brother-in-law, with his cockhead inside her tight entrance, leaned over and kissed her on the mouth. They kissed, licked and sucked eagerly.
"FUCK ME, JIJE. FUCK ME, PLEASE. I NEED IT!" She realized that by saying, "I need it," she was saying that she had experienced fucking before. So, she added, "I need to know how good fucking can be."
As their mouths locked in a sucking kiss, her brother-in-law thrust his cock deeper, eliciting a moan of hmm from her. She could feel his cock swell and throb against her inner cunt walls. Good cock. She loved it.
Slowly her brother-in-law withdrew his cock and thrust it in again. Asha moaned and jacked up her hips. Her thighs wrapped themselves around his body and kicked his back to encourage him to thrust again.
Gopal moved his mouth to her chest and started to suck her right breast.
Asha placed her hands at the back of his head, guiding and caressing it. "YES, JIJE... SUCK MY TITS AND FUCK ME... MOVE YOUR COCK IN AND OUT, JIJE... PLEASE... PLEASE FUCK ME..."
Her brother-in-law responded. Steadily and rhythmically he kept plunging his monstrously swollen cock in and out of her over stimulated cunt. Her body shook, her thighs quivered, and her hips jumped up each time he plunged his cock inside her fuck hungry cunt.
Her brother-in-law sucked her tits harder, switching his big mouth from tit to tit. At the same time he cupped her buttocks and kept plunging his over bloated cock deep inside his her cunt. Rapidly he thrust. Deeply he thrust. His cock hit her inner cunt walls with ruthless ferocity.
Asha's face was contorted with intense passion. Her head rocked this way and that way. Her body shook by her brother-in-law's violent fucking thrusts. Her hips rose and fell, matching his fucking. And she kept yelping.
On and on her brother-in-law fucked. It never seemed to end. Asha didn't want the maddening pleasure to end. Five minutes, ten minutes, fifteen minutes... They fucked on. But eventually their bodies lost control. Their climaxes exploded!!!
Gopal held his painfully bloated cock deepest in his wife's sister's pleasure giving cunt and yelped ARG at each shot of hot sperm into her. "ARG, ARG, ARG, ARG, ARG, ARG, ARG, ARG, ARG, ARG, ARG, ARG, ARG, ARG, ARG, ARG, ARG, ARG, ARG, ARG..."
Asha went berserk with pleasure. Her body rocked as if shaken by a demon. Her cunt erupted spewing lava hot creamy cum with no end in sight. She screamed unintelligibly, "AAAAHHHH, URGHHHHHHHHRRRRRR, ARHGORRRHORRRR, AAAHHHRRRHHHORRRRRRRR, AAAARRRRRR..."
After a prolonged orgasmic ecstasy, their bodies slowly quietened. They held each other and kissed in gratitude for the unbelievable pleasure.
"Asha, my dear. You are absolutely wonderful!"
"You are absolutely wonderful, jije. Fantastic fuck! I loved it!"
"You are the best!"
"What about my sister?"
"She is good, no doubt. But your young body is amazingly good for fucking."
"I envy my sister, jije. She is able to enjoy such marvelous fucking on a daily basis."
"Yes, Asha, we fuck often. Your sister loves fucking."
"I too love fucking, jije. Please fuck me again, doggie style."
So, they fucked two more times, once doggie style, and the second time he lay on his back and she mounted him and rode him. Both orgasms were as wild as the first one. They were cathing their breath when they heard Rina come into the house. Quickly, they dressed up, quietly rushed to the study room and sat at the study table.
Rina entered the study and greeted them.
"Hello, sis."
"Why are these on the floor, Asha?" asked Rina. Asha saw that her sister was holding the book and note-book that she had thrown on to the living room floor before she asked her brother-in-law to carry her to the bedroom.
"They are mine, sis."
"Why? Haven't you been studying any science?"
"Yes, I have, jije has been teaching me here."
"You mean without your science book?"
Gopal came to Asha's rescue. "I was the one who asked her to leave the books downstairs. I used my own books to teach her."
Innocent Rina believed her husband. "Has she been a good learner?"
"Yes, Rina. She has learnt a lot today."
Rina now told Asha, "Good. Learn as much as Gopal can teach you."
"I will, sis. Jije is a good teacher. I enjoy his teaching."
"Good. Come down. Have some sweets before you return home."

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