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Stories I like _ Collected from '97

Bhavani Aunty's Visit (M/F con, F/b con, M/F nc anal)
Written by Takatak
Bhavani aunty was Amit's mother's sister. She used to stay in Gujarat, but after her divorce she got shifted to Mumbai. She was very beautiful 35 year old well built lady. She had come over to my house to stay over for a few days. She was always dressed provocatively. Her Salwar Kameez used to be tight fitting clearly displaying the curves within. Also when she wore saree it was always with a low cut blouse. As a whole she was a hot piece. Amit found her very seductive but then he thought she was her aunt and he was not supposed to look at her from sexual angle. Many times while she slept in the afternoon, Amit would look at her thighs which got exposed due to her saree getting raised. Also her buttocks attracted his attention when she was sleeping on her stomach.
That day Amit returned from his school at around 1:00 p.m. He was supposed to go to his friend's place to study as he was told that no one would be at home. Amit thought he would snick into the house after school for sometime to scan through his father's collection of nude pics on the computer. So he had silently kept the house keys in his school bag. He entered the house and threw his bag in the corner and marched towards the hall where the computer was kept. While he was doing so, he crossed his parent's bedroom, he heard some sound. He casually walked to the door and slowly opened it to find nothing. But to his shock, Bhavani aunty was on her knees in front of the bed. His father sat on the bed, had his pant unzipped and his penis was sticking out. Bhavani was shaking the 8 inch prick. Amit got scared. He wanted to run off. So Amit ran to the door. But then he thought they had not seen so why not observe what they were upto.
He silently made arrangements in the kitchen to hide in the cupboard in case of emergency. He quitely opened the door of the bedroom a bit and kept watching inside. Chirag(Amit's Father) had his eyes closed and was enjoying the pure sensation of Bhavani sucking on his penis. Bhavani was very skillful in her operation. She was taking the pint penis head in her mouth and giving heavy jerks from the base. She then started taking in more and more till she had the whole of his penis in her mouth. Chirag smiled and patted her head as she gave him a deep throat.
Chirag thought about his wife and said,
"Your sister is still an ametuer in this field. Why don't you teach her some tricks?"
Bhavani releasing the penis from her mouth said,
"Why should I bother to teach her? If I do so then you won't even care for me!!"
Chirag said,
"You are my butterfly. You are great. You add spice to my sex life".
Bhavani started moving his penis and made lapping motions as if she was licking a choco bar ice cream. Chirag said,
"Okay, now do the strip dance for me"
Bhavani stood up and moved back from the bed. She started to gyrate her hips. She slowly let go of her saree from her shoulder and started to unwind from it. She moved like an orbiting planet displaying her full breast in her blouse. Her blouse showed distinct points indicating her erect nipples. She threw the saree on the bed and then slowly atrated unbuttoning her blouse. After she had removed three buttons, the blouse became compeletly loose and she moved it out of her arms. This feat exposed her round white globes of milk with dark brown nipples. She moved and carressed her hands on her tits and made moaning sounds. She held her tits by the nipples, shook them in circular motion thereby giving a rippling effect. Chirag's prick was rock hard. He was shaking it while watching her undress. Then Bhavani pulled down her ghaghra. She was not wearing panty. Her dense pubic triangular hair got exposed. She moved her hand on the thick jungle and then turned around. She bend down pushing apart her legs. Her buttocks were heavy and very tasty.
Chirag saw her small puckered hole along with the lips of the fuckhole. The cunt was all wet. Bhavani stood up. Chirag approached her, stood in front of her and kissed her on the lips. He moved his hands on the tits, on her smooth back and finally rested them on her buttocks. Amit's prick had stood up looking at all this. He had never known what forbidden fruit was like before this. Bhavani slept on the bed. Chirag stood between her legs. He spread her legs far apart and applied his penis at the cunt. He pushed in his prick slowly at first but then rammed it all the way in. Bhavani gave out a scream of delight. Chirag slept on her and kissed her lips. Holding her shoulders he started his up down movement in the cunt.
Bhavani was enjoying this to the fullest. The pleasure of foolong around with her sister's husband always turned her on. Chirag started panting with all the exercise. Amit on the outside was going crazy watching all this. Chirag held her tits and pressed them hard. Bhavani said,
"Are you enjoying?"
Chirag said,
"Very! This is second time in my life after the first with you at the time of my marriage that I am throughly enjoying"
Bhavani added,
"Even I, though I had many partners the best upto now is you and only you"
Chirag kept on humping Bhavani for some time and then he was very close to orgasm. Bhavani said,
"Please withdraw, I would like to taste your juice"
Chirag was shocked. "I thought that Indian ladies don't do forbidden things unless they are prostitutes"
Bhavani said,
"Don't be mad. All women like to do this but only they are scared to spoil their image. Also they have to be forced to do so"
Chirag could not hold any more and so he withdrew, Bhavani took his prick in his mouth. The jets of sperm erupted from the eye of the prick and all this clearly vanished in Bhavani's mouth. Bhavani smiled but cursed internally. What an useless husband my sister has got!! He can't even fuck for 1/2 hour.
Chirag said,
"Don't worry I would finger you till you cum"
Bhavani said,
"That even I could do !! Would you do something I tell you to do?"
Chirag said, "Well Yes sure?"
Bhavani said,
"Can you rim me and then blast my ass?"
Chirag was zapped. He could not believe what he heard. He said,
"You want me to fuck you up the ass. Ho My!! I always wanted to do it. Can I?"
Bhavani turned and slept on her tummy and spread her buttocks. Chirag observed her small asshole with anxiety. He asked,
"Have you done it before?"
Bhavani replied, "That was one of the reasons for my divorce. My husband felt disgusted to do it and I won't go without it"
Chirag sat on the bed. Bhavani stood on her hands and knees and moved behind shaking her butts to where Chirag was sitting. Chirag nuzzlled his face into the crack of the big bum and smelled her hot asshole. He slowly probed her butthole by sticking the tip of his tongue on the periphery. Soon he was encircling her asshole which sent out delightful screams from Bhavani. Getting positive response, Chirag further oushed his tongue inside her ass and started salivating. This lead to his saliva wetting the outside of her hole. Chirag withdrew his tongue and lapped her asshole slowly for sometime. Bhavani suggested that he use his fingers to loosen her a bit for the action.
Chirag obidiently took his middle finger and started pushing in her butt. It was difficult for him to get the finger more than his nail inside. He withdrew from her ass and dipped his finger in the wet vagina and accumulated some of her juice and slid it up to her asshole. After some initial difficulty, Chirag slid half of his finger in. He frigged her like that for sometime. Bhavani was moaning with pleasure. Ever since she was raped in her ass by her husband's best friend once, she had coaxed her husband to do her in ass. Now she was experiencing what she had on that dreaded night but only that today she wanted it done. Bhavani had used different Lady's finger up her ass to satisfy her craving bum but it did not help.
Chirag was now fully erect. He stood in between her legs and held his penis. he touched her cunt and pushed his thingy fully inside and got it coated with the juice. He withdrew and then held the head of his penis at the asshole. Bhavani got ready. Chirag pressed hard. Bhavani gave out a scream. The penis was too big for her ass. Chirag stopped. Bhavani said,
"Don't stop. Push in slowly"
He again increased pressure and was able to slip in the head of his penis in. Bhavani screamed and orgasmed. She shivered all over. She looked back and pulled her ass checks apart to relieve some of the pain. Chirag was enjoying this tightness of the hole. He kept on pushing inside. When he was about to ram in fully,,,
The door bell rang. Amit ran to the cupboard. Chirag pulled out his penis & started putting on his pants and shirt while Bhavani accumulated her clothes and ran into the bathroom. Chirag opened the door to find Sheena (his wife).
She came in and inquired, "Why are you sweating so much?"
Chirag made up a story that he had fallen asleep on the bed and forgotten to put on the fan. Chirag stalled her from going to bedroom as the fan was working full blast. Bhavani came out of the bathroom, turned off the fan and opened the cupboard slid inside.
Chirag then told Sheena, "We need to go to bank immediately. One of our check has bounced which I had drawn in your name". So they moved out of the house.
Inside the cupboard Bhavani felt uncomfortable. Then she felt a small had touching her thighs. She was shocked but did not scream. As soon as she heard the door close, she jumped out of the cupboard and opened it completely to find Amit. She said,
"What are you doing here?"
Amit got scared and said,
"I am sorry. Please I won't do it again"
It struck Bhavani that Amit would have seen everything. Amit was only 13 and might know what she and Chirag wwere upto. She said,
"What did you see, when did you come in the house?"
He replied that he had seen everything. Bhavani said not to utter a word of what he had seen. She would help him anyway. Just then Amit's parents came in the house.
During dinner, Chirag was continuously looking at Bhavani. When Bhavani stood up next to him to take salad, he watched her buttocks from the side and was fully aroused. In fact he had not lost his erection from the time he withdrew. Amit also saw that Bhavani aunty took chance and brushed her father's pants when his mother had gone to kitchen. Also when everybody was seated Bhavani had placed her leg in the groin of Chirag for sometime. Chirag was controlling hard not to make any sounds and eat calmly.
After dinner, while Sheena went in the bedroom, Amit went to his room. Chirag held Bhavani by her buttocks clad in the saree and said,
"Oh! I want to fuck your ass"
Bhavani said,
"You can't with Sheena around. And tomorrow I have to leave for my place"
Chirag said,
"I would die in this state"
Bhavani replied,
"Don't act dumb. All girls have ass and so all girls have asshole. Take Sheena's asshole today. I will make it upto to you next time we meet"
Chirag got scared and said that Sheena would divorce her for that. Just then Sheena came out. Bhavani jokingly ran to the hall. Soon Sheena and Chirag retired into the bedroom.
Sheena had observed that Chirag was in a very aroused state all the evening. She asked,
"Why have you been in this way?"
Chirag said,
"My friend had called up to tell me that he had experimented some new kind of pose and style to add spice to his sex life and both his wife and him went crazy after doing it. I say can we try it?"
Sheena replied, "How did they do it?"
Chirag said,
"HO!! nothing much, my friend had just made love to her wife in the doggy style and then he ejected his sperms on her buttocks."
Sheena shyed and said, "You have done that before only that you have always come in me"
Chirag said, "That is the whole point, I want to withdraw and puke my semen on your ass. That itself has aroused me as to how I would have to control"
Sheena agreed. She raised her night gown and removed her panties. She stooped with her hands taking support of the bedpost. Chirag came behind her and raised her gown to her waist. He observed the medium sized buttocks of his wife. He kissed them and then undid his pants to present his erect dick. Sheena was sure that Chirag was definitely as excited as he was when they had married. Chirag placed his penis at the cunt and rammed in fully. Sheena grasped the bedpost and moaned loudly as the unlubricated penis fully slid in her. He held her buttocks firmly and started humping her hard. On his withdrawl he strected her buttocks and observed her small asshole and let go of them on his pushing rythm.
Chirag pumped faster and then withdrew. Sheena turned around, Chirag said,
"Sorry, I am not not ready yet"
He again mounted her from behind and gained speed. Soon Sheena was envelopped in her mind shattering orgasm.....
Bhavani was also in an aroused state as she had already experienced the shattering orgasm of just a penetration in her ass. She wanted to have a dick up her ass. She slept on her bed. She raised her night gown and slid her finger in her panty. She frigged her cunt and then slowly fingered her anus. Slowly she inserted her finger in her ass. She moaned and started shivering. She was experiencing pleasure which she could not describe. She got so engrossed that she did not hear Amit come in her room. Amit said,
"Aunty why are you doing such a dirty thing"
Bhavani said,
"Oh! there is nothing wrong in touching your privates. I enjoy doing it"
Amit asked,
"What was father doing to you with his peepee?"
Bhavani said,
"He was just helping me reduce the scratching feeling I was having in my privates."
Amit asked,
"You are still feeling itchy down there?"
Bhavani said,
"Yes, your father only reduced the itching in here" she pulled her panty down a bit and called Amit closer to her. She touched her cunt lips. Amit was very excited to watch her aunty in this state. "But he did not help me to reduce the itch in here" and touched her asshole. Amit shivered and touched her asshole delicately. Bhavani held his hand at her ass and rubbed it up and down. Amit kept his other hand on her cunt and started rubbing her cunt lips. Bhavani moaned with pleasure. She told Amit,
"Don't tell anybody about this!"
She reached for his penis in the payajamas. She was delighted to find an erect member of normal thickness. She rubbed his penis and Amit came in his payajamas. Bhavani raised her nightgown and threw it aside. Her tits caught Amit's attention. Bhavani encouraged him to press them. Amit started pressing them with all his might and this sent pleasure signal all through Bhavani's body. Bhavani had completely undressed. She then pulled down Amit's payajama and held his 5 inch erect member. It was still rock hard even after his first orgasm. Bhavani moved his foreskin and then let go of it. She said,
"Would you like to enjoy what you just felt again?"
Amit nodded. "Then do what I say!!"
Bhavani slept on her back and took Amit between her legs. Bhavani kept a pillow under her buttocks and then said,
"Do you see that small hole down there."
Amit anxiously touched her asshole and nodded. Bhavani said,
"Push your private in it. Then move it in and out"
Amit slowly tried to fit his penis in her ass. Bhavani felt a little pressure and then she felt the head of the penis had sliiped in her ass. She gasped and started gyrating her hips. Amit's penis slipped out. Bhavani held it at her asshole and wrapped Amit in her legs and pushed him from behind. Amit's prick slid in and Bhavani was again in heaven. Amit was completely in her aunt's anus and was enjoying this ride to the fullest. Bhavani too was ecstatic and she orgasmed very wildly, jerking her hips high in air and taking Amit with her. Amit could not hold to the sucking sensation of his aunt's ass and Amit orgasmed for the second time that night. He withdrew to find his sticky juice in the ass of her aunt. Bhavani relaxed. Amit fell besides her and started pressing her tits once more. Bhavani smiled at Amit and said, "You are a very good boy."
As soon as Sheena was shivering and enjoying her orgasm, Chirag withdrew completely and applied his penis to her asshole. Sheena was still engrossed in her orgasm. She felt an instant pain shoot up in her ass as Chirag harshly pushed hard and entered her. Sheena screamed loudly. Chirag did not give a heed and rammed her ass holding her hips. Sheena tightened her grip on the bedpost and screamed again. Chirag said,
"Come on. Don't scream. It is not that bad"
Sheena said in a quivering tone,
"Oh you have gone... mad aahhh! It is !! hahhhhaaaa splitting me!!!"
Chirag moved and pushed till he was completely buried in her asshole. Sheena gasped. She had tears in her eyes. How can her husband treat her like a slut after all this years of faithfulness. She said,
"Please aahhhh!! Remove it from aAAeeeGGaa there."
Chirag added,
"All my friends do this to their wife and they never complain about the pain. Maybe after this when we try again it won't pain"
Sheena sobbed and thought How disgusting. He wants to do it again and cause more pain. She kept sobbing while Chirag kept humping her asshole at a very high speed. He was enjoying the tight hole with high friction. He pumped very hard and made Sheena scream more...
Amit heard the screams. Bhavani knew that her sister was royally fucked today. She told Amit, "Your father is teaching your mother to take it up her anus. It is fun you know" Amit nodded...
Sheena screamed once more. Chirag rammed hard and stuck to her and ejected his manly juice up her asshole. Sheena felt the hot fluid up her butt. She felt totally disgusted. Chirag withdrew and fell on the bed. He said,
"Ho!! this has realyy exhausted me but I think I can do you once more in the ass if you just lick me?"
Sheena stared at Chirag and said,
"I am not going to do what you say"
Chirag said, "You have to or else you can join your sister. I would divorce you. What is the idea. I need to enjoy and even you. I spend so much on you so that you remain attractive. If I can't fuck you like I want to then I might as well go to a prostitute."
Sheena got scared. She knew that her sister was already divorced and her father was finding it difficult to meet the ends. If Chirag divoced her then it would be a crisis. So she decided, in order to remain happy she would have to do what her husband told her to do. Silently, she held his penis and opened her mouth to engulf Chirag's soft penis to start the humiliation once more....

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Lucky Babu
Written by Babu
Hello readers,
My name is Babu. I am living in South India. Incest, like in the rest of the world, is a taboo in India also. And Mother-Son incest is considered the ultimate taboo. But I am a lucky boy who has a loving and horny Mother and we fuck regularly. What follows is my true story of how I achieved the ultimate pleasure of regularly fucking my own Mother, which I happily continue now also.
My Father died when I was 10 years old. I was put in a boarding school right from that time because my Mother Anandam was working as a teacher in a school some 50 kilometres away from my place. I had only one elder sister and she got married and moved away to her husband's place which was very far. My Mother was staying in our old traditional tiled house in my native place with my old Grand Mother. When I was 14 years old, my Grand Mother died and I moved back to my own house from the boarding school and joined a local school.
Right when I was in the boarding school, I was used to reading plenty of adult books and watching porno magazines which other boys used to bring to the school. Around 6 months before my Grand Mother died and I moved back to my house, I read for the first time in my life some hot Mother-Son incest stories and I was immediately attracted towards that stories because I found those very exciting. Because it was the ultimate taboo, I achieved heavenly orgasms when I masturbated reading those hot Mother-Son incest stories. Soon all my fantasies started revolving around Mother-Son incest stories only, which led me to think about my own Mother Anandam.
Here let me tell you something about my Mother Anandam. She was at that time 38 years old and was a very large lady. She was having around 5 feet 10 inches height, with massive, cucumber like boobs, a swelling belly, big, round, elephant like thighs and a mountain-like ass. She was a very energetic woman who took care of the things in my house very smoothly. After reaching home and when I started living with my Mother in our traditional house, I started having very horny thoughts about my own Mother Anandam. The fact that myself and my Mother were living together and no one else other than ourselves were in our house fuelled my erotic thoughts about my own Mother.
I started masturbating regularly thinking about fucking my Amazonian Mother. I loved watching her big asscheeks jiggle inside her saree (as if welcoming me to fuck her ass) when she walked around in the house. Every opportunity I had, I watched my Mother Anandam's saree covered body, which led to me masturbating in the night fantasizing about my Mother. Several times I watched her partially covered big boobs and big stomach which was left equally uncovered when she was wearing saree.
One day it so happened that one thief tried to get into our house by removing the tiles on the roof. But he was not successful. I woke up when a tile fell down making a shattering noise during his attempt and when I saw the thief, I yelled out which woke up my Mother and some neighbours. When lights were put on, he ran away and me and Mother checked our valuables and found nothing was stolen. This incident made my Mother afraid to sleep alone in her room in our big, traditional house, where because of the old type architecture, rooms were slightly dark due to lack of proper light. When she said that she is afraid, I immediately rose up to take the chance of sleeping in my Mother's room and assured her that I will sleep along with her in her room. When I started to sleep on the floor next to my Mother's bed, she immediately told me to sleep with her in her big bed.
I couldn't believe my ears. At last I was having a chance to sleep with my Mother in her own bed. We closed the door and both of us laid down to sleep. But eventhough the lights were switched off, I couldn't sleep. Just next to me the woman was lying whom I was thinking of fucking all these months, my own Mother. I lay awake for some time with a hardened cock inside my pyjamas. Slowly I turned towards my Mother who was lying on her side, with her back towards me and as if in sleep, I embraced her by putting my right hand over her big belly. She slightly moved and I understood that she had not fallen fully asleep. Hugging my Mother increased my lust and I slightly touched my rock-hard cock to her bulging buttocks. It was as if pressing my cock against a silk cushion. I shivered with lust. Because her ass cheeks were so fat, my cock wedged between her saree covered asscheeks easily. After keeping my cock like that for some time, I slowly started moving my cock back and forth, rubbing deeply between my Mother's ass cheeks. The fact that I am rubbing my cock in between my own Mother's ass cheeks raised my lust to its peal. I couldn't control myself longer. Shivering with lust I shot my hot load inside my pyjamas. She moved slightly again when my body shivered when I shot my load. Still hugging my Mother, I went to sleep with my lust drained.
Next day morning, she woke me up. I looked eagerly to my Mother's face. She was smiling only. I was really relieved that she didn't showed any anger in her face. I was slightly afraid whether she knew what I did yesterday night but her smile assured me. That night also I repeated the procedure and shot my load against my Mother's cushion-like buttocks. Slowly I started taking my cock out of my pyjamas and rubbing against her ass and cumming on her ass. To my sheer delight I noticed her attitude towards me change day by day. She started hugging me often. It was easy to notice that her hugs were becoming more intensive, pressing me closely to her big boobs. I also started hiding my face in between her boobs when she hugged me and smelling her sweet smell.
The next week, the ultimate happened. As usual, after the lights were switched off, I slowly took out my cock and moved my hips closer to her ass cheeks. I started rubbing my cock in between Mother's big ass cheeks. Suddenly, startling me, Mother turned towards my side and hugged me tightly saying "Babu, my darling, my sweet darling". Saying this and without giving me time to utter anything, Mother kissed me squarely on my lips. I couldn't believe my luck. I also kissed her hungrily and deeply. Mother pushed her tongue into my mouth. I sucked on my Mother's tongue like an ice cream cone. My rock hard cock pressed against her big belly. She immediately took hold of my cock in her hands and started massaging it. I was shivering with lust. My own Mother massaging my rock hard cock!!! I moved my hips in tune with Mother's caressing of my cock.
Breaking our French kiss, Mother told me "Babu, put on the light". I jumped up from the bed and put on the light. In the light, I saw my Mother lying wantonly in the bed. She rose up and started removing her clothes. Her saree fell off, revealing her melon like boobs and the lower half of body covered in her underskirt. I quickly moved to her and hugged her. Squeezing her big ass cheeks with both hands, I kissed my Mother. Squeezing her massive asscheeks made my cock twitch with lust. After some time, I untied Mother's underskirt and pulled it down. Ohh!!! the sight made me shiver with lust. In the bright light I saw my Mother's clean shaven cunt bulging out beneath her big belly. Mother's cunt was really fat and it bulged out between her thunder thighs. I couldn't control myself. I fell to my knees and hugging her ass, kissed Mother's fat, shaven cunt. "Ahhh!!! Babu, my darling", she exclaimed. I kissed and started licking my Mother's cunt. I pushed my tongue deep inside my Mother's cunt and licked her already flowing juices. Mother spread her fat thighs and held my head close to her cunt with both hands. I tongued Mother's big clitoris and sucked it into my mouth. She started pushing her cunt to my mouth and her juices started flowing freely into my mouth. After I licked for some time, Mother told me "Babu, my darling son, please get up, I need to have your cock in my cunt". I got up. Mother immediately s\laid down on the bed and spread her big thighs. Spreading her legs made her cunt also spread. Seeing my Mother's fat shaven cunt spread before me made me mad with lust. I crawled in between her thighs. Mother reached with her hand and caught hold of my jerking cock. She directed my cock to her wet cunt. Till this day I cannot forget the moment my cock head touched my own Mother's wet cunt slit. Mother fitted my cock head to her cunt hole and told me "Babu my son, push into my cunt". I eagerly pushed and my entire cock was easily engulfed by my Mother's cunt.
I was in heaven. My cock buried deep inside my own Mother's cunt, my birth place. All the fantasies which I had about my Mother rushed through my mind. At last I had fulfilled my deepest desire. I am fucking my own Mother. My rock hard cock moved in and out of my Mother's wet cunt easily. She hugged me closely and kissed me deeply. Returning Mother's kiss, I fucked my Mother deeply. Soon wet sound began coming from Mother's cunt in tune with my fucking. The obscene sound increased my lust. I fucked my Mother deep and hard. "Babu, fuck me harder" Mother whispered in my ear. I increased the speed of my thrusts. My belly banged against Mother's fat belly each time I drove my cock deep inside Mother's cunt. Mother started rising her hips each time I thrust downwards. The sound similar to a dog licking water filled the room.
My cum swollen balls slapped against Mother's big ass cheeks. "Babu, my son, fuck me faster, faster", Mother encouraged me. My own Mother encouraging me to fuck her even harder. I happily obliged and fucked her deep, each time my cock head touching against Mother's womb, where I was conceived. I was loosing control. The wet heat inside my Mother's cunt was too much for me. Cum started boiling in my balls. With a violent thrust, I buried my cock deep inside my Mother's cunt and started shooting my cum deep inside her. My cum splashed against her womb from my jerking cock. It pushed Mother also over the edge. Hugging and squeezing me fiercely Mother started shaking violently in her climax. Her hips rose up and down. We experienced the ultimate heavenly joy of cumming together. After shaking for some minutes, Mother slowly calmed down and again kissed me lovingly. She whispered in my ear, "Babu, my son, its after so many years I am having this pleasure once again". "I always wanted to do this once you started rubbing against my ass". I blushed slightly and returned Mother's kiss and said to her "My darling Mother, I am really lucky to have you, I love you more than anything". Totally naked and in each others arms we slowly fell asleep.

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Holidays at Geeta Aunty's Place
(F/f inc, M/F, mm/F inc, M/f anal inc, brother/sister anal cons) By TAKATAK
Geeta knew that this summer her sister Subhalakhmi was planning to go for a tour with her husband. That meant that the three siblings Ajay (14), Tara (13) and Jai (12) would come to her place. Prakash, Geeta's husband had to stay at Panvel as he owned a small manufacturing service shop in the industrial estate. When Prakash heard about the visit of the siblings, he was overjoyed. He had thought up and made big plans along with Geeta and now the plans were falling in place. Geeta too was excited about this visit of the siblings.
Ajay was not at all happy to go to Aunt Geeta's place. The mother was despatching their siblings to her sisters's place at Panvel so that she could go to tour the South alone with her husband. Lately the marraige had become tough to bore. There had been number of disputes between them. So to call a moratorium period, Subhalakhmi had suggested that they go alone on this tour and cool down and sort out the unresolved matters of the marraige. Tara too was not that kin to go to Aunt Geeta's place. Last time the family had gone to their place, they had got bored. Their parents and Uncle Aunty had a nice time chatting and discussing contemporary topics. But the siblings had got bored with no one to play with but themselves. The siblings packed their bags with some games and dolls to play with expecting the holiday's at Geeta Aunty's place to be waste of time.
Finally, Subhalakhmi boarded the State Transport bus along with the kids to go to Panvel. The scenery after the official limits of Bombay were over were good looking for the kids. Never they had encountered free fields lush with greenary. Jai was happy that he was going out because he was always the adventurer in the family. He had great plans of becoming a pilot and raoming the world. Jai was currently in his 7th standard was the most brilliant of the lot. Ajay was in 9th and an average individual. He was on the verge of courting with his girlfriend but this visit was a real hinderance in his path. He was sure this summer vacation would have been the time when he could have definitely convinced his girlfriend to kiss him. But !!! Tara was the most innocent 8th grader. She was always very conservative. But she had known about the forbidded fruit. Some boys in her class used to pester her because she was the most good looker in the class. She was very fair like a doll, with medium tits and buttocks. But her eyes were the most expressive part of her face. She was aware of the way Ajay sometimes looked at her. She felt no difference between his behaviour and the useless school boys.
Geeta was more than cordial in her welcoming. Prakash was at the company, but Subhalakhami and Geeta had a nice chat. Then Subhalakhami left. Geeta had a bunglow type of a house. It was two storey building. The ground floor was dedicated to make the kitchen, the hall and the rest room. The first floor had the master bedroom for the couple and a spare room for keeping extra things like bedsheets, bedding, pillows, etc. The last floor had two rooms. One room was under construction for the arrival of the couple's baby and the adjoining room was master bedrrom for the guest. This room was assigned to the male siblings, and the one under construction which was almost ready, with only wall finishing left was given to Tara. Geeta was 24 years old and four months pregnant. Ajay observed that her tummy was protuding out prominently. Geeta was fair but her figure was getting out of shape. Her breast were small, but her ass was protuding just like her tummy. Prakash had always complained to her about maintaining her figure. Geeta used to exercise and keep fit but from the time of pregnancy, the exercises were stopped. Geeta made the meals and the siblings sat in the kitchen to have the food. Geeta struck a conversation asking about their academic careers and life in general. But then Tara asked,
"Geeta Aunty, what are you expecting, Boy or Girl?"
Geeta simply said,
"Expectations are simply assumptions and I don't believe in them. What I feel is that I am happy with what God gives me."
Ajay said,
"But Aunty doesn't it feel heavy to carry something in your tummy?"
Geeta just smiled and nodded. After the food session the kids went to their respective room on the second floor.
Tara was alone in the room when Geeta Aunty came in her room and said,
"Tara don't be shy. I know you wanted to ask me some questions which you didn't because of your brothers' presence."
Tara smiled and said,
"Aunty is it true that in order to get pregnant you have to play that forbidden game."
Geeta nodded and said,
"The forbidden game of straight Sex is the one required to get pregnant. Any straight sex could make you pregnant."
Tara was a bit confused. To which Geeta added,
"There are mainly two types of sex. One is the straight sex where in the man and woman unite in the natural manner i.e. with male phallus in the female vagina. The other is called substitute sex wherein there is no contact between the phallus and the vagina but the phallus has its pleasure from other female body parts like the thighs, armpit, breast, anus, mouth, etc. The first one would definitely make you pregnant but the other one is risk free provided necessary precautions are taken."
Tara was still confused but she asked her aunt,
"Uncle loves you and so he does you all the strange things you told me!!"
Geeta just smiled and replied,
"Prakash Uncle loves me that does not mean that he would like to play the game with me only. He is free to try other females too. I think that day he was explaining our neighbours daughter about the alternate method. The girl was so excited that she forced your uncle to do some of the things to her. Unfortunately, she got married. But still, whenever she comes to her mother's place, she spends more time with Prakash then with any body else."
Tara was shocked to hear this. But she was not sure as to what was happening. She was still confused about a lot of things. How can a penis enjoy female's other body parts was out of her imagination. She worded this confusion to Geeta. Geeta told her,
"I give you an idea. Why don't you hide in the cupboard in my room in order to observe your uncle perform with me. I won't anybody know about this and it would solve all your problems."
Tara was amazed but she agreed because she was excited about this. Geeta smiled and heaved a sigh of relief, Prakash's idea had clicked on Tara. Now she told Tara to be ready after dinner, while going up, she should sneak in the room and get in the first cupboard which Geeta would keep open. Also the holes would be made at the appropriate positions so that she could observe what was happening through the cupboard. Geeta further asked,
"Tara you are quite old now. Tell me did you ever play with other girls your age?"
Tara was innocent and replied, "Yes, of course."
Geeta further probed her,
"No I mean, naked and petting eaach other...."
Tara gasped and shook her head indicating a negative answer. Geeta shied. She told Tara,
"After I see what the boys are upto I will tell you something about it."
Geeta left. Tara was really excited and her cunt was twitching. She did not understand but for the first time in her life she was feeling this way. She felt that Aunt Geeta was really good and cared for her. She wanted to relax but her blood was on fire. The vision of what she would see from the cupboard was haunting her. She would be seeing the forbidden game for the first time in her life.
Geeta silently entered the adjoining room to Tara's. Ajay and Jai were talking about her. Jaias saying,
"Ajay bhai don't you think Aunty looks much better with her tummy out."
Ajay replied,
"Yes, but I think I like the way her buttocks were sticking out. She is really good looking."
Geeta walked in and both of them were shocked. Geeta pacified their anxiety and sat and chatted for some time. Jai said shyly,
"Geeta Aunty, we were just discussing about how good your tummy looks."
Ajay quitened his brother and shook his head. Geeta knew that the boys were shy and she said,
"I know, even your uncle feels that. Do you want to observe it closely?"
Jai innocently nodded his head. Ajay was unsure as to what was happening. Geeta sat on the bed. She removed the end of her saree from her shoulder and slept on the bed. She pushed down her ghaghra and saree a bit lower to her belly. This clearly exposed her tummy. Jai and Ajay sat besides her innocently looking down at her protuding tummy. Jai took courage and touched his hand on her tummy. Geeta smiled. Ajay was feeling shy at this blatant display of flesh. He got excited and his pants started to show a rise. Geeta got aware of this. She told Ajay and Jai to press their ear on her tummy and listen carefully. They did so for somtime. Geeta was herself getting excited by the touch of these innocent kids. Ajay's pant was showing a very convincing bulge. Jai kissed her tummy and said,
"I can't hear anything in there." Even Ajay was of the same opinion.
Geeta sat up and adjusted her clothes. She said,
"You boys have to help me tomorrow. My friend had given me a method by which to young boys can help me determine what I will give birth to. Would you two help?"
Jai and Ajay both agreed. Ajay's pant was still showing the bulge. Even Jai's pant had some movement. Geeta smiled to herself and left the room. Tomorrow she would be the most happiest woman on this earth if everything goes as planned. Geeta was very excited and so she went into Tara's room.
Tara was lying on the double bed. Her frock had ridden up to her very fair thighs. No wonder, Tara had the same skin as Geeta had. It was hereditary in their family to have very fair girl children. Geeta was fascinated by looking at her thighs. She sat close to her on the bed. Slowly she moved her hand on her knees and her thighs. After getting no response, she was sure that Tara was in a deep sleep and so she gently massaged her thighs for sometime. Then she raised her frock up to her waist to expose her black panty. She was wondering how Prakash would have liked to see this.
Geeta moved her hand delicately over Tara's pussy in the panty. Tara was wet. So definitely she was excited by what she had told Tara. Geeta observed the impression of the just maturing cunt on the panty. Surely the cunt was looking fine from the panty. The slit was small and delicate and her clitoris was erect and pointed visible on the panty. Tara was really a good piece of enjoyment. Just then Tara opened her eyes with weird sensation from her privates. She was shocked to see Geeta looking and feeling her cunt. Tara just said,
"Oh!! Aunty, what are you doing?"
Geeta took the control of the situation and said,
"Tara I saw that your panty had become wet, so I just wanted to find whether it was your pee or the excitement. Surely it is excitement. I know even I used to be excited at your age. But there was no one to guide me how to enjoy. If you want, I can teach you a trick or two, provided that you do to me what I tell you to later on..."
Tara was a bit hesistant, but she agreed. The horny feeling was more dominant than her hesistant behaviour. Geeta told her to remove her dress. Tara was shocked but the excitement was tremondous. She had asked her mother a few times why her cunt had tickling feeling. Tara's mother had admonished her and said,
"Look Tara. You should not even think about the private parts before marraige. I will tell you when you get married. Till then whenever this feeling comes to you, chant God's name. Never do anything else or you would do a sin."

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Tara asked and related the whole incidence to Geeta. Geeta said,
"Your mother always ran away from good things in life. I know, I have used my hands on my body so many times that now I have lost count of it. Don't worry, it is safe and there is no sin in doing anything what is enjoyable."
Tara stood in her panty. Geeta looked at her developing delicate breast. The nipples were pink and they were erect. Geeta and Tara sat besides each other on the bed. Geeta removed her saree and the blouse. Her breast were bigger than Tara's of course. Her brown nipples too were standing. Geeta still had her ghaghra on. Her breast were really medium sized. Geeta kept her hands on Tara's small breast and squeezed them delicately in her hands. Tara moaned. Geeta kept Tara's hands on her breast and told her to press hard. Tara did the deed. Geeta closed her eyes and moaned hard. Geeta left Tara's breast and said,
"Now do it yourself. Press your breast first delicately and then with some pressure. You will enjoy it. See me do it."
Tara sat with her hands on her own breast. She saw Geeta holding her tits in both hands and pressed them. She moved her balls towards each other and against each other taking pleasure in her squeezing action. Tara got excited and did what she saw Geeta doing. She held whatever of her snmall tits and squeezed them delicately. She tried to duplicate what Geeta was doing as Geeta had her eyes closed. Not exactly, Geeta was looking from her closed eyes which she had not closed completely. Tara was on fire that Geeta was sure. Tara pulled her nipples following the lead of Geta. But then she screamed. Tara was so engrossed looking at Geeta that she pulled out more than she could take. But she was enjoying her own breast play. It was making her cunt wet. Geeta was now very horny. She saw the wet patch developing in the white panty of Tara. Geeta said,
"Okay, now for the pussy. Remove your panty, I would remove mine."
Tara slowly removed her panty only after Geeta was completely nude. She was shocked to see a dense growth of pubic hair between Geeta's legs. She observed her developing cunt which clearly showed her pink cunt lips and her asshole. Geeta sat infront of Tara and said,
"You know the girl has a small rod like thing which when fingered gives pleasure. It is called Clitoris."
She pushed her hands between Tara's legs and spread them. Her thighs were so good and delicate. Geeta's hand reached Tara's clitoris after touching her cunt lips. Tara was shocked as she felt crap developing in her belly just at the touch of a hand on her pussy. She was in turmoil as to what she was doing was good or not. But before she could decide on it, Geeta fingered her clitoris. Tara gasped and moaned at the same time. Geeta withdrew her hand and said,
"Now do what I do."
Geeta parted her legs and cleared the pubic hair to expose her cunt. She parted her cunt lips. Tara saw the dark pink fuckhole. She was amazed to see that Geeta's clitoris was much bigger than hers and was standing erect. Geeta held it in between her fingers and squeezed it delicately. Tara did the same. She could not control her emotions and started to shake her body. Geeta took some saliva from her mouth and placed it on her cunt. then with one finger doing the job on the clitoris, she pressed her other finger in her cunt. Tara did the same. When she had just started inserting her finger in her cunt, she experienced a odd very likable feeling and then the crapping feeling increased. She was no knowing what was happening. Geeta saw all the indications that Tara was on the verge of her orgasm. She got between Tara's legs and sucked hard on her cliotris. This was more than Tara could take and the spasms of pleasure overtook her and she raised herself over the bed trying to contain the feeling arising in her belly and passing down her cunt. And then it happened. Tara could feel pure pleasure and electrifying sensation right through her. Geeta took Tara under her and started to lap up whatever the virgin cunt was churning out at her first orgasm. Tara subsided. Geeta was still lapping her cunt opening the cunt lips. Geeta's tongue felt good in her cunt. It was moving in and out and sending good feelings to Tara. Then Geeta straightened.
Geeta smiled at Tara. Geeta said,
"When you were in your ectastic ride, I could not help but taste you down there. You are very good."
Geeta was getting wetter and wetter herself. She suggested,
"Tara would you help me in the similar fashion."
Geeta slept on the bed and spread her legs. Tara was not sure whether she should do this or not but Geeta Aunty was helping her enjoy herself so she had to do something for her in return. Tara stooped between Geeta's spread legs, smelling the hot cunt of a woman for the first time. She was not averse to having to do something with the same sex. She looked closely at Geeta's cunt. The cunt was having red lips and her pee hole was perky little. What Tara could not understand was that Geeta Aunty's asshole was very big. Tara just removed her tongue and touched Geeta's cunt. She withdrew her tongue in and tasted Geeta's juices. It was not bad at all. She sticked her tongue in Geeta's cunt and moved it in and out much like Geeta was doing. Geeta was in heaven. Tara was really a good learner. Geeta said,
"Tara suck on my clitoris baby. Yes... ahah Good"
Tara sucked on her clitoris. Geeta groaned. She was approaching her orgasm very rapidly. Geeta pressed her own tits hard and then she orgasmed. Her juices flowed out at Tara's face. Tara withdrew her face from the cunt. She did not want to taste that in too much quantity. Geeta moaned and sat up. Geeta embraced Tara. She gently placed her lips on Tara's and kissed her. Tara shyed. Geeta said,
"Now you know how to enjoy alone. Try it again after I am gone. Tell me dear, did you enjoy what we did here?"
Tara nodded her head. She sure was waiting for Geeta to leave her alone so she could explore her body to the full extent. As Geeta dressed up and left, Tara closed the door and was fingering her clitoris on the very next minute. She even got her finger upto the knuckle in her cunt. She was getting obstructed by her own virginity to get in more. But doing this she had already orgasmed four before she dressed up to go down for dinner.
Ajay and Jai were already sitting on the dining table chatting with Prakash. Tara sat in front of Prakash and besides Jai. Prakash looked at Tara with lust. She was so beautiful just like her mother. Prakash talked to her about life in general. Geeta served the dinner. Geeta was smiling at Tara who was smiling in return to Geeta. Prakash and Ajay were having a nice time chatting about cricket matches. Jai and Tara were engrossed discussing about the forthcoming Wimbeldon tennis. Geeta cleared the table. Geeta winked at Tara. Tara said,
"Okay everybody, I am going to sleep early today. I am a bit tired."
She wished Good night to everybody. As she moved out of the kitchen, Prakash watched her sway her hips. She was seductive in her normal walk too. Prakash's penis was bulging. Now only if Ajay and Jai moved out then he can move out of his place. Geeta observed Prakash's condition and laughed. She said,
"Okay boys, go to your room and go to sleep. I have prepared your bed already."
Ajay and Jai left saying Goodnight. Geeta smiled and said,
"I think Tara is already in the cupboard. And yes, I had a nice cozy afternoon with her. She is the best."
Prakash said,
"Did you see her walk out from here? She has a wonderful butt."
Geeta went to the bedroom. Prakash was turning off the lights on the ground floor. Geeta knocked at the cupboard and opened it slightly. There was Tara all excited and had her hand in her panty. Geeta smiled. Tara whispered,
"I am excited. Aunty I am very grateful for the tricks which you have taught me."
Geeta quitened her and closed the cupboard. Geeta undressed completely and slept on the bed. Tara could clearly see from the holes in the cupboard the whole bed. Geeta was covering her whole body with the sheet. Prakash came into the room. He was going to switch off the light when he remembered that it was not he and his wife alone today. He went ot the bathroom. After a few minutes he came out with a towel wrapped around him. The towel was showing a big projection. Tara thought of the erections which she had seen in the pants of the eve teaser boys. This was really big. Prakash sat besides Geeta and kissed her lips. He threw aside her sheet. Prakash carressed her tummy saying,
"You know I am sure she would be like you, good looking delicate."
Geeta said,
"No. He would be like you, strong, handsome."
Prakash stood between her wide spread legs and kissed her cunt. Prakash said,
"As the doctor said no straight sex from today, how some tit fucking"
Geeta saw Prakash climb up the bed and sat near stomach. He could not sit on her tummy from the fear of cruching the baby with his weight. He threw aside his towel. Geeta got ready for the ride. In the cupboard, Tara gasped when she saw the penis. It was so big. Atleat 9 inches and very thick. Prakash placed it between Geeta's delicate breast and held them and covered his penis by them. Geeta moaned. Soon Prakash was moving his penis in and out of her cleavage of the breast. Geeta held her tits and provided finger support from the top so that Prakash's prick does not slip out from the top. Prakash had already applied some vaseline on his penis in the bathroom. So he was enjoying optimum friction. Geeta had her tongue out so as Prakash charged in between her breast, the head touched her tongue and she lapped the head nice and fine. Prakash wanted to finish the treat but then he stopped and let go of Geeta. He said,
"Get on your hands and knees. I am going to cornhole you well today."
Geeta stood on her hands and knees, spreading the ass. Prakash held his penis at her asshole. Tara was shocked. She was going to see a couple fucking for the first time. But this was something she had never dreamt. A cock up the ass. Prakash pushed in and he slid in without any effort. Geeta moaned with pleasure. Geeta knew that Prakash was ass freak. He had fucked her asshole more than her cunt. So it was just as usual for her. In fact lately after her pregnancy she had started to like it up her asshole. Prakash had completely in Geeta's asshole. Geeta was swaying as Prakash was riding her at a high speed right at the beginnng. Geeta's breast and her mangalsutra both were hanging and swinging as Prakash drove his penis up his wife's ass. Prakash stooped on her body and held her hanging breast. He pressed them very hard. Geeta would have screamed but she did not want to scare Tara. She just whispered,
"Hum akele nahin hai, meri chusiyon ko itna jorse mat dabavo, mein cheekh paduingi."
(We are not alone, don't squeeze my breast this hard, I will scream)
Prakash held her breast and started to hump her more furiously in the ass. Geeta was now groaning. Tara was sure it was the same sounds which Geeta was making when she was sucking her clitoris. Prakash then still increased his speed holding her waist. Geeta orgasmed and shivered very wildly. Prakash too orgasmed and then he sprayed his manly sperms up Geeta's ass. He withdrew. Prakash took the towel and sat besides Geeta.
"You know Geeta, you have the best ass after Tara. Tara ki gaand to itni achchi hai ki mein mar mar ke thak jaun to bhi mera lend khada ho jayega"
(Tara's ass is so good that evem if I get exhuasted fucking her my penis would stand up anyway)
Tara was shocked to hear this. She was in no frame of mind to think about that big prick any where near her.
Prakash added,
"I would be very gentle with her as she is my niece. I would be very delicate in my approach. Not like I treated you."
Geeta said,
"Tara is a good girl. She would appreciate all the things you would do to her to enjoy the fruits of life."
Tara was shocked. But she heard on,
Prakash said,
"Okay, you talk to her. I am taking a holiday tomorrow. In the morning I would go to her."
Prakash went to the bathroom again. Geeta tossed on her nightgown and opened the cupboard. Tara came out. She took Tara with her and went on to Tara's room. Tara was shivering by what Prakash had said. Geeta calmed her down and said,
"Tara, this is your golden chance. Allow your uncle to teach you. You would enjoy it."
Tara was still undecided as to what to do?? Definitely whatever she had seen between Geeta and Prakash had excited her beyond imagination, but doing it with her uncle Prakash was a different question all together. Geeta kissed her head and left her. Tara was still having images of Prakash ass fucking Geeta. She was excited. She masturbated the whole night.
Geeta entered the bedroom. Prakash was already on the bed naked. He said,
"So what did she say?"
Geeta replied,
"She has not said anything. I think you would have to wait. Maybe I will show here one more scene and then she would run into you without you asking her to have her."
Prakash smiled and kissed Geeta on her lips. They chatted about the day in general and also as to what Geeta felt about the plans for the next day. Geeta was really excited about it. But then the nightly delight of sleep took them in its stride and so the next day it was morning.

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Tara was awake upto late in the night masturbating and getting scared about the morning. If Prakash uncle really comes and fucks herwhat would she do? Tara was still sleeping when Geeta entered the room. She slowly massaged Tara's pussy in Tara's panty by raising her night gown. Tara woke up with a shock. She kept her eyes closed wishing that she was only dreaming and this was not for real. But the hand was really touching her in the nost intimate way and she was enjoying it. She slowly opened her eyes to see if Prakash had really come to harass her. But on seeing Geeta's face she was relaxed. Geeta said,
"Prakash uncle had an important call in the morning and so could not come to you. I tell you what, why don't you have a bath. After that we can go shopping and buy a new dress for all of you. I will tell the boys."
Tara was more than happy. So the foursome went to roam in the market looking for nice clothes. Geeta was shocked to see that Ajay was constantly staring at Tara. Geeta was sure that he was not looking at her only from a brotherly point of view, but from the lusty point of view. Jai was not interested in that but yes Geeta had seen her still looking at her pregnant belly with facination. Anyway the shopping went good. Tara bought a new full length dress which was light pink in colour. It was a bit tight and in the trail room in front of Geeta it looked absolutely sexy on Tara. It clearly showed all the assets which Tara had and did not want to reveal. Ajay and Jai as usual selected a jeans and T shirt.
After this exhausting ride in the market in that sroaching heat, the foursome reached the house. After the lunch, Tara went back to her room. She was really tired after the night long masturbation and less sleep. Geeta told the boys to go to their room, to which Jai said,
"Geeta aunty you said you would with our help come to know what is there in your tummy. What happened to that?"
Geeta got excited. She told them to wait for her to reach their room. Geeta went for a bath and perfumed her body in all the places, particularly in between her armpits and the ass. Geeta wore her night gown and did not wear any of her undergarments. She slowly went up the stairs and opened Tara's room. Tara was fast asleep. Now she was in a fix. How can she awaken Tara to watch what was going to happen in the boys room. She decided on some arbitrary plan and kept Tara's room door wide open. She went into the boys room and kept it ajar. When she entered the room, Ajay was shocked to see Geeta in nightgown. His eyes were wide by the sight of her breast and her waist. Jai too was looking at Geeta.
Geeta sat on the bed and said,
"Okay boys the trick is that you have to use your privates on your aunty. Will you help me?"
Ajay and Jai were shocked at this statement. Geeta took this shocked state to approach the boys and started moving her hand on their penis in the pants. Ajay's penis stood up very hard. Even Jai was experiencing the erection. Geeta very adeptly unzipped Ajay's pants. The penis came out. Geeta was glad to find a five incher. She caught hold of it. Ajay gasped and his penis showed precum. Jai undid his pants, not to be left out in the game. Jai presented his four incher. Geeta held it in the other hand. She made them sleep on the bed. She said,
"You boys are handsome down here. Have you ever done to yourself what my hand is doing to you??"
Ajay nodded. Jai said,
"My friend had shown me. And I have also seen Ajay bhai do it looking at Tara."
Ajay lashed out saying,
"No Aunty he is lying about it. I was just adjusting my private so that it would not get noticed while I moved around in the house."
Geeta said,
"But the need to adjust was because you got erection looking at Tara, right?"
Ajay shyed at being caught in his own answer. Jai's penis was sweet small and could not take the fondling which Geeta was giving it. Jai jerked his body and then he encountered the same feeling which he had got used to from a month by using his hand. But getting it done from Geeta aunty was more fun. Jai did not release any sperms, but yes it oozed out some precum. Ajay was moaning as Geeta increased the pace with which she was shaking his shaft up and down. The precum was oozing out. Geeta decided that only if the boys would have spent once, could they hold on for more time to what she was about to make them do. Ajay too orgasmed releasing two spurt of little quantity of sperms. Geeta said loudly,
"Want to see your Aunty without her clothes??"
Ajay was already looking at her breast very hard. Jai nodded. Geeta removed her nightgown and voila, she was standing naked in front of the kids. Ajay's mouth dropped open at the sight of her breast. Oh how good they look. Jai was more interested in the protuding pregnant tummy and more so at the dense growth of pubic hair which was hiding the cunt. Ajay looked at Geeta as she sat on the bed again. Geeta stooped close to Jai and then without any guilt or waiting, kissed Jai's lips hard. Jai could not understand what Geeta Aunty was doing. But he liked it anyway. While Geeta was kissing Jai, Ajay bent sideways and looked at her buttocks. He could clearly see them and also the anus which was so inviting. Ajay's penis stood to attention again. Geeta smiled and looked at Ajay. She was happy to see Ajay's penis already standing. She looked at Jai's privates. Jai's penis was still semi hard. Geeta slept between them and told them,
"Okay, both of you please kiss my breast or whatever place you like, while I get your penises ready for further action."
Ajay did not require second invitation. He cupped both her breast in his hands. He was surprised by the first touch. The breast was soft and delicate. He gently kissed the sides and then gave adequate sucking to the nipples too. Jai was between her legs, trying to solve the mystrey of hairy pubic maze. Whatever he saw in between her legs fascinated him. He first kissed the cunt lips, then the cunt hole, he moved up and kissed her pissing hole and then sucked on her clitoris. Geeta was enjoying this whole exercise tremondously. Unknowingly, Jai had also ventured down and kissed her asshole. Then he moved up again to kiss her pubic hair, her belly and then her tummy. Here Ajay was doing a fine job, pressing her tits nicely. Geeta had Ajay's penis in her hand. Surely the prick was jerking its head up and down on its own accord. This was definite indication of Ajay's excitement. Geeta said,
"So Ajay are you enjoying here. I heard you were complaining to your mother that you don't like here."
Ajay said,
"Geeta Aunty, you never allowed us to play this game with you. And upto last time you were more engrossed in talking to our mother only."
Jai came and sat near Geeta's face and said,
"Aunty, you are beautiful down there."
Geeta saw that even Jai's penis was standing in full glory now. Ajay moved between her legs and had a look. He asked,
"Geeta Aunty can you turn around."
Geeta was more than happy to do so. As she gently slept on her tummy seeing to that she gave no weight on her tummy, Ajay moved his hands on her buttocks. He was spreading them and observing her asshole. Geeta got excited. So now she was ready to make her next move and said,
"Okay, boys here is the plan. My friend had said, that two persons should simultaneously insert their penises in both the hole down here" touuching her cunt and asshole, "and move it in and out. The one who come first decides what is in the tummy. If person in the cunt comes first then it is a daughter or if person in the anus come first then it would be a boy. So Ajay where would you like to put your penis."
Ajay was sure that she was using this trick just to copulate with them, but he was not sure what she was going to do. She was saying as if she was taking both of them together. Ajay shyed and replied,
"I would be happy if you let me put my private in your behind!!"
Geeta was happy to have the bigger one for her ass. She told Jai to lie down on his back. As soon as Jai did, she got hold of his small 4 inch penis and positioned it at her cunt. She sat down, taking the penis up her cunt. The excitement of fucking was very high. Jai felt the most pleasurable thing to have his penis in Geeta Aunty's cunt. The hot tight cunt was like sucking and squeezing his penis. Geeta moved her buttocks up and down a bit to start her cunt fucking. She told Ajay to wait behind her. After a few thrust of her body during which Jai's penis dropped out of her cunt, she got the setting up to what height she could rise without making Jai's penis to completely fall out of her cunt. Then she beckoned Ajay to stick his penis in her asshole. Geeta stooped close to Jai keeping her tummy away from his contact. As Jai was not that tall, his face fell exactly at her breast. Jai sucked at her hanging nipples. Ajay stood behind, parting her ass cheeks. He saw Jai's penis lodged in her cunt. Ajay, pushed his penis at her anus and in excitement he started to thrust in fast. Geeta calmed him by saying,
"Please do it with ease. I am enjoying it."
Ajay was completely inside her ass and his balls touched Jai's penis. Geeta raised her buttocks and moved down. Ajay stood steady. So as Geeta moved up, Jai's penis withdrew a bit and Ajay's penis penetrated her more and she moved down, Ajay's penis withdrew a bit and Jai's got in more. Geeta was moaning loudly as she was having a very nice time getting double penetration. Ajay could not hold any longer. Ajay started moving on his own and was now thrusting in his qunty at his own high pace. Geeta too was helping him by flexing her muscles so that he had a good time riding her ass. Here Jai, could not take any more of this pleasure and then in a very jerking fashion orgasmed. Ajay was now moaning and thrusting hard. Jai's penis slipped out as it shrunk. He got out from under Geeta and stood sideways observing, his brother fucking the anus of their aunty.
Tara had been woken up and had heard strange voices from her brother's room. As she went out to enquire, she was shocked to see from the ajar door, Ajay fucking Geeta aunty's ass like Prakash was doing yesterday. She also saw Jai shaking his small penis. Ajay then orgasmed and stuck to Geeta aunty. Geeta bent and rested her face on the bed and pressed her breast hard. She screamed to her orgasm as she felt a single deep spurt up her anus. Tara was shocked to see all this. Ajay withdrew his limp penis and sat on the bed exhausted. Geeta sat up and said,
"So Jai was first to cum and so I will have a girl child."
Jai and Ajay clapped their hands. Geeta was kaughing when she saw Tara standing by the door. She called her in. Ajay was shocked and was looking for his pants. Even Jai got embraced. Tara saw that Ajay had a bigger penis than Jai and was now getting bigger as he saw her. Geeta looked at the boys and said,
"It is alright. She is your sister. You can be in nude with each other. Also, this game I just taught you can be played. Only that you should stay away from her cunt."
Ajay was shocked but asked,
Geeta said,
"If your potent juices fall in her cunt she could be preganat like me and our society will not let her live with pride with a pregnancy outside marraige."
Ajay then added,
"But can we do what I did to you, i.e. in her behind.??"
Tara smiled and said,
"I know, Ajay bhai you always had that in mind. Even now as you say, I can see your penis becoming big."
Geeta laughed and said,
"Yes, Ajay you can take her in her behind just like you did me, butas I helped you to learn, she would be taught by uncle Prakash. Would it be ok??"

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Ajay smiled and said,
"Whatever you say aunty!!"
Tara said,
"Yes, I was undecided upto now, but with the pleasure with which you and Ajay were engaged in it was really something worth feeling. But Uncle has a really big one, it would not hurt right??"
Geeta said,
"Not at all. In fact your uncle would be very delicate and caring."
Jai asked,
"Aunty, if I kiss her between her legs like I did to you would it be okay??"
Geeta nodded saying,
"My dear, usse kahi bhi kiss karle ya chaat le, usse usko aur tujko maaza aayega. Daarne ki koi baat nahin"
(My dear, kiss or lick here anywhere, I would be pleasurable to her as well as you. there is nothing to fear about it)
Geeta got up and wore her nightgown. Even the boys dressed up. They all sat and played monopoly to pass their time. Ajay was constantly watching Tara and even she was excited about him looking at her this way. As Aunty had said all good things in life have to be enjoyed, then why not with your brother. He would be caring as well as always by her side. Even Ajay was sure that he would take care of her sister in all possible ways if she agreed to be her anal mate. Ajay was scared as to what Prakash uncle would do if he came to know what Geeta aunty had done with them. Soon the time passed and then they were sitting for dinner with Prakash now looking at Tara with renewed anxiety. Prakash knew all about it and was approving it in a very friendly manner. Geeta had briefed him about the developements and he was more than happy to know about it. So the plans had really worked out as they had be laid. Now Prakash can have his lay. Tara was blushing at whatever Prakash uncle told her. Even Ajay was smiling when Prakash asked her,
"Tara, you are the most good looking and understanding person amongst all of us."
So the things were set. The boys were to sleep in Geeta's bedroom while Prakash and Tara would be in Tara's room. The boys were happy and set out to go in the bedroom. Geeta told Tara to wear the new dress which they had bought and sit in the bed. Tara shyed and ran up to her room. Prakash kissed Geeta and said,
"You are the most understanding wife which a man can wish for. I am most happy to have you. Darling, in order to reduce the pain which Tara has to bare, please just lubricate my cock a bit."
Geeta fell to her knees. The tent was really big in his pants. Geeta unzipped his pants and his penis jumped out. She delicately held his ball and then used her tongue to lap at the head of Prakash's penis. Prakash moaned with delight. Geeta opened her mouth and took the head in completely and shook his shaft. Then she withdrew and spit some saliva on her hand and massaged his penis on its full lenght. She tickled his penis eye from where the precum was oozing with her tongue. Still further saliva, and Prakash's penis was shining with lubricacy. He kissed Geeta on her lips hard and then proceeded to Tara's room. He did not put his penis in his pants. The hot rampant penis was saluting his head in full glory. He entered the room to find Tara sitting with her face to the wall.
Prakash sat behind her. He was observing her naked back in the dress. The dress had nice low cut on her back. Prakash gently held her by her shoulders. Tara shivered. He kissed her exposed back and moved his hand on the front. He was kissing and sucking her back in the most amorous way. Then he made her stand and turn her face to him. He was still seating on the bed. Tara looked at his erect member and gave a gasp. The penis was dirctly pointing at her. Also she observed that it was shining. He gently brought his lips to her and kissed her lips. Tara blushed. Prakash saw that the dress was really looking nice on Tara and it showed her waist very nicely. He told Tara,
"Raise and hold your dress up to the waist. I would like to see my niece in her birthday suit."
Tara was very excited to deny anything. She raised her pink dress upto her waist. Prakash was excited to see her fair thighs and the black panty. Prakash touched her panty. It was wet. So this indicated that even this kid was going to enjoy what he wanted to enjoy. He raised her dress over her head. He saw her tits and was delighted. He placed her hands on his penis and drew her closer. Tara's hands became wet with Geeta's saliva. She was shocked at the feel of the first penis. It was smooth, hard and slippery. Prakash was squeezing her small delicate tits and sucking on her nipples. This girl, Prakash thought, just 14 and was looking like an apsara (gods courtesan) what would she be at 20, a royal sex bomb.
Prakash kissed her lips and Tara was delighted. Slowly she felt that while Prakash uncle was kissing her, his penis was jerking in her hands. Suddenly, Prakash pulled down her panty. Tara was shocked. She had never been naked in front of a man ever before. She tried to put her hands on her cunt. But before she could do it, Prakash had his hand on her cunt. He took hold of her clitoris and started massaging it. Tara shivered and moaned. She was enjoying this. She held Prakash uncle by his shoulders as Prakash concentrated in kissing her neck and breast. During this his hands had moved to her ass. He was squeezing her globes of ass hard. Tara was moaning. She felt PRakash spread her ass and put a finger at her small asshole. She jumped as Prakash pushed his index finger up her ass. Tara was having a good time. The finger was not moving in smoothly so Prakash withdrew it and put it in Tara's mouth. Tara licked at it forgetting that it had just come out of her ass. She tasted the forbidden place. It was not that bad, as it never struck her anyway. Prakash, now used this wetted finger of his and slid it up her ass. Tara was wriggling her ass, as she was feeling a tickling sensation up her ass. Prakash then decided it was time for her to take him up her rear. He told Tara,
"I am going to insert my penis up your anus. It might pain initially because of my size, but once I get in and start moving it, you would enjoy it more than anything that Geeta has done to you."
Trusting her uncle, Prakash made her sleep on the bed on her right side. He slept with her back facing her. He made her draw her knees to her breast so that he had full access to her cunt as well as her ass. He spread her buttock and placed the head of his penis at her anus. Slowly, he pushed in the anus. Tara was shivering. She felt her ass hole expanding to take the big eigth inch penis of her uncle. Prakash was tactfully pressurising his penis up her ass and also pushing a finger in her cunt. The pleasure of the finger in her cunt was very pleasurable. But as soon as PRakash had the head of his penis lodged in, he took saliva from his mouth and applied on the whole remaining shaft. Then he pushed in. He saw from behind, that Tara's ass was expanding and her muscles were squeezing the penis head very hard. She was tight in her ass. Tara was experiencing the pain. She was groaning. Prakash held her waist and then pushed in hard. He slipped in half. Tara was crying and saying,
"Uncle, it is paining. Please be slow."
Prakash soothed her with kisses on her back still pushing in. He gained almost three fourth of his lenght. The ass walls were very tight. Prakash was moaning at the grip and tightness of Tara's asshole. He held her breast and started slow movement of his penis in her asshole. Tara was feeling blocked, but Prakash was not going to stop. He jerked his penis in and out at a higher pace. Tara was screaming a bit at his thrust as he hit her hard in her anus. Prakash stopped humping her and said,
"Tara relax your anus as if you are going to shit. Don't clench your muscles. It would pain more instead of you enjoying."
Prakash felt himself slipping in with less pressure. Maybe what he said made sense to her. He again started thrusting slowly in her asshole. Tara was now moaning. Prakash treid and now he slipped in completely. Tara gasped. She felt that if her uncle kept on doing this she would definitely land up getting split into two. Prakash again started pushing his finger up her cunt. The pleasure was coupled with the pain in the ass. Prakash was now humping her anus at a higher speed. Tara felt odd. Her aa muscles had now relaxed and now she wanted her uncle to push it in her more. Prakash was withdrawing out till only head was in her anus and then pushing in completely. Even Prakash was shocked that Tara had already got control over her anal muscles. Tara said,
"Prakash Uncle, please push in deeper and harder, I am liking it. Ahhh aahahahahah !!!"
As Prakash started humping her faster and faster. Now Tara was screaming and enjoyinh this anal fucking. Tara was not sure, what was giving her more pleasure, the finger in her cunt or the prick up her anus, but soon she was climbing her point of no return and as the first spasms of orgasm hit her, her ass muscles clenched on Prakash's penis and Prakash who was thrusting in her hard and fast found his penis getting a very high suction pressure drawing his penis in Tara's ass. Even Prakash was a point of orgasm. He increased his pace saying,
"Tara, teri gaand sahi hai. Aaj tak jitno ki maine gaand mari hai usmeinse teri sabse acchi lagi."
(Tara your ass is great. You have the best ass which I have ever fucked from all the one I had before)
Prakash stuck to her ass and then blasted his sperms deep in her anus. Tara screamed in pleasure and then she felt the hot fluid gush into her anus. She was not sure what it was, but definitely, it was creating a great sensation up her ass. Prakash stayed connected to her for sometime. Tara felt Prakash's penis reducing in size in her ass. Prakash kissed her back and neck. Soon his penis was expanding her asshole. Tara was sure that her uncle was having another erection. Prakash said,
"Tara mera lend to teri gaand mein se nickalna nahin chahata. Dekh wohi phirse khada ho gaya aur mujhe kaha raha hai ki waapas Tara ki gaand mar."
(Tara, my dick does not want to leave your asshole. Feel it, it is getting erect saying that I should fuck your ass once more)
Tara laughed and said,
"Prakash uncle, to aur ek baar mardo meri gaand."
(Prakash uncle then take my ass once more)
Prakash was overjoyed. He started humping her from where he had left, only that now he was fucking her ass really hard with all his juices in there to help him lubricate her ass. Tara was moaning and groaning. Now she was sure that her ass getting fucked was the only thing which was giving her pleasure.
So the night was long, with Tara's ass getting a nice fucking from her uncle right upto early morning. Prakash had fucked her ass atleast five times and was now getting up from the bed. He kissed Tara's checks and left her sleeping in the bed. Tara was exhuasted with multiple orgasms all the night. She was fast asleep still fully naked, on her tummy, her ass below the fan, getting cooled. Her ass also had cum on it which had started drying up.
Geeta made the tea for Prakash and asked him,
"So how was Tara?"
Prakash said,
"She was amazing. I fucked her ass the whole night and believe me she orgasmed more than me everytime. She was made with a golden anus. I wanted to fuck her ass once more before coming down but she was sleeping and so I did not want to disturb her. How was your night??"
Geeta smiled and said,
"Well Jai fell asleep after he had my cunt. Ajay was very troublesome, he fucked my ass many times and finally when he was exhausted, he slept besides me with his face buried in my bosom. The whole night, I could feel him suck my tits now and then. It was wonderful."
During this time, Ajay woke up to find Jai sleeping on the other side of the bed. Ajay stood up to find that he was still naked. He decided to go to their room and have a bath. As he reached the second floor, he found Tara's door ajar. Just curiously he opened the door. He wanted to see that his sister was alright with after Prakash uncle had her. He was shocked to find her stark naked on her tummy and sleeping. His penis gave a start and stood up. He sat on her legs and observed her fair ass and her asshole. His sister's asshole looked much much better than Geeta Aunty's. He was no way going to let this chance go. He held his penis and pushed it in his sister Tara's asshole. He kept his hands near her shoulder. He slipped in quite easily. Soon he was humping her asshole at a high speed. The jerking motion and thrust awakened Tara. She felt her anus pulsating with pleasure. She thought that Prakash was at it again. She was about to say when she felt that the penis in her ass was completely inside, but was not reaching the depths which it was last night. Curious she turned her head. She saw, Ajay, hes brother fucking her ass. She was scared at first but his fine thrusts up her loving ass, soon made her forget that he was her brother.
Ajay was enjoying the anal passage of his sister. When she stirred to wake up, he was scared about what she would say, but when she did nothing but allow him to continue, he was more than happy. He increased his pace and said,
"Tara, kya tujhe apni gaand marane mein maza aaraha hai?"
(Tara are you enjoying getting your ass fucked?)
Tara said,
"Yes, infact I am enjoying it more by getting it fucked by you my dear brother. I know you wanted to do it from yesterday. I tell you, I enjoy it more with your handsome cock than that monster of Uncle Prakash. But Prakash uncle was very gentle and caring."
Ajay was still fucking her hard and said,
"Oh!! Tara, I wanted to do this to you not from yesterday but for months. If we had not come to stay at Aunt Geeta's place, we would have never discovered that goods things should be enjoyed. I promise you, I will be caring and gentle and always be your mate forever."
Tara moaned and groaned as Ajay was now pushing in more faster. Then Ajay slept on her kissing her back. Tara said,
"Don't act selfish by fucking my ass only. Press my balls also."
Ajay was more than happy to comply. He squeezed both her breast and then he started to riase and lower his buttocks fucking her ass nicely. Tara was enjoying this immensely. Soon Ajay climaxed and then he withdrew and slept besides Tara. Tara said,
"The holidays are going to be wonderful. But the only problem is that we have only two weeks now before we go back to home. At home, never come near my room. If mother or father sees us doing this or kissing, they will react in god know what way."
Ajay kissed Tara on her lips.
Prakash told Geeta,
"We still have two weeks for which the kids are here. Why not we sleep exactly the same way as we did last night for two weeks.??"
Geeta smiled and said,
"I know you have fallen in love with your niece's ass."
Prakash punned,
"So haven't you with the dicks of our nephews?? Ah!!"
Geeta and Prakash Kissed.
Tara told Ajay,
"Finally we and our big mouth created a big fuss about not liking to stay with Geeta Aunty. Now we have to convince mother that we now enjoy staying with her and to send us in all our holidays to her place alone."
Ajay nodded and smiled.............
Story written by Takatak

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Shall i continue i have 450 Mb of stories desi and videshi all old and gold.

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enjoywith has celebrities hunting for his/her autographenjoywith has celebrities hunting for his/her autographenjoywith has celebrities hunting for his/her autographenjoywith has celebrities hunting for his/her autograph
all are really good one...keep posting.....

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Originally Posted by enjoywith View Post
all are really good one...keep posting.....
vandu theerpa sollitha mappu...romba naanri....etho start panithen

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From:Shylock's Story Pages Mom's Sister
A Story By
My Name is Ravi. I am 23 years old now. This happened to me when I was 18. That time I was looking for a job after my college. I was staying in my Mom's sister's (Aunt) house in the city attending interviews. My Uncle is a Sales Representative. He will be out of town for at least 25 days a month. My aunt was 28 years old that time. She is really beautiful and sexy. Especially I love her boobs. Her boobs are really huge and those two can not be kept with in her Bra and Blouse. Most of the time when she is doing household work her saree can not cover her big boobs and her cleavage is always feast to my eyes. Strong and beautifully shaped thighs. Her tight ass is a bit big but goddamn sexy. All the males seeing her will definitely dreams about meeting her nude in a bed and fucking her real hard. No exceptions.
Then think about me. She is my fantasy gal. I know she is like mother to me. But couldn't resist my Instincts and always I was dreaming about her. To tell you the truth I was dying to have sex with her but always scared and think about the relationship between us. Most of my masturbation sessions in the bathroom that time were thinking about her only. I was just waiting for the right time and opportunity to have sex her. I was getting excited just by seeing her. Believe me she is so sexy and her body is well shaped.
One Friday morning I was sitting in my Bedroom and reading a Sex magazine I got it from my friend. My uncle went on a tour. (as usual). Aunt yelled "Ravi , can you help me?I have to go to the Groceries." I went down the hall to her room. She was standing with her back to the mirror, looking at it over the shoulder. All she had on was her black skirt and white bra. Aunt 's got a pretty good figure. It's complimented by her beautiful hair. She's average height (I'm a little taller now), with great legs, and large breasts. She has mostly 36D cup bras in her drawers. She is always trying to do something about her butt although it looks OK to me. She had both hands behind her back, working on the bra hooks. Her boobs were pointed straight at me as she looked over her shoulder. I stopped at the door.
"Come here and hook this will you? I'm late." She turned her back to me, still holding the ends of the bra straps. I stepped up behind her with my heart fluttering. I had seen my Aunt in her bra before but always just for a second as she crossed the hall or pulled on a sweater. Now I was standing right next to her and able to see the bra in detail. The bra had four metal hooks and one was bent down. I slipped a fingernail under it and lifted enough to get it hooked. She turned around with a blouse in one hand, and gave me a quick kiss on the cheek. She put the blouse on and buttoned it. During that brief period I was able to look right at her boobs in the bra cups. The bra was rather structured with lots stitching for reinforcing. The bottom half of each cup was solid fabric. The top half had panels of lace. I could see skin thru the lace. She disappeared down the hall and left home to the groceries.
That was the first time in my life I saw a female like that. That too my fantasy lady. That morning I had an Interview. Later in the afternoon she got home just as I did. She asked, "How did the interview go?" I said "OK, they said they would get back to me." Aunt said "Come and tell me all about It." as she walked to her room. She sat down on the bed and pulled her saree off. I was standing near the door. She stood up and walked to her closet unbuttoning her blouse. I was tempted to leave as she took it off and hung it up. She said, " Well, what did they say? What type of job is it?" "They gave me some stuff to read. They want someone to stock sheaves in the evenings." I said, not really thinking about it. I was more interested in watching her. She was now dressed much as I had seen her that morning, with just the skirt and bra on. She reached back and tried to unclip it. I held my breath. Would she really take it off while I was there? She continued to struggle with the clip, her back still to me.
"Darn, the hook is still stuck. Can you get it?" I stepped forward again, always ready to assist. It was easy to unclip the bent hook but I took my time. "Well, did you get the job?" She stepped into the recess of the closet and dropped the bra off her shoulders. I was off to the side a little so I could see the side of one breast under her arm as she reached up for a nightie. What a sight it was. Her breasts hung down some and swayed as she moved. "They look... Ah they'll call me next week." I stammered. Aunt pulled the nightie over her, covering up."That's wonderful. Thanks for helping." As I turned to go she threw the bra at me "That's one of my favorites. Can you fix it?" I looked at it for a second and said " OK" smiling at her. she laughed, undid the nightie, opening it, and retying it. She had opened the nightie wide, enough for me to see both breasts and her black panties. The breasts were tipped with wide pink circles around the nipples. They were beautiful, even for the fraction of a second I saw them. The nipples themselves were flattened into the breast. The pink rings were maybe two inches across. The boobs sagged a little and were big enough to touch together. I had to leave quickly, feeling rush of heat in my crotch.
The next day, Saturday, Aunt was home all day so I didn't even have a chance to jack off with her bra. I had played with her silky panties before but never tried her bras. The silk and nylon of her panties rubbing against my cock turned me on and I usually would cum quickly. I had to be careful not to get my cum on them. While I was fixing the hook, I felt and touched the entire bra, concentrating on the inside of the cups. Aunt had an early dinner ready for me. She was in her nightie, her hair in a towel. Her eyes were her best features, next to her tits, at least to me. Today, she had even put on lipstick. She didn't put much makeup on when it was really hot but it would be cool in the theater. I sat down to eat, thankful that she would be gone so I could jack off without interruption.
“Ravi, did you fix my bra? Can you bring it here?" Shit, she wanted it back. No problem, I could play with another bra when she left. I could see her from the back, sitting at her dresser as I walked down the hall to my room for the bra. It looked like she had on panties and inskirt over them. She was naked from the waist up, facing the mirror, doing her nails. Wonderful. I got it and walked into her room. She now had her hands up, blowing on the nails to dry them. From where I stood, her arms blocked her reflection in the mirror. I walked up behind her. Looking down over her head, I could see the reflection of the breasts perfectly. She said "My nails are wet. Can you carefully put it over my arms for me? Careful." She raised her hands.
It took me several tries to get the bra right side up and all the straps straight. All the while I was staring at her tits. I was getting hard inside my lungi. The bra finally fell in place and I hooked it without being asked. She stood up and turned to face me. "Close but not quite." she laughed. I was already looking at her tits. Neither one was in the cup. Both were half pinched out at the bottom. It looked like it hurt. She still had her hands up in the air, like a surgeon. "Could you please pull the bra down?" I hesitated a little trying to decide what to touch. I grabbed the straps under her arms and pulled. It didn't work, she just leaned into me. I pulled on the center, between the cups and on the side. She fell on me again. She was laughing now. I suddenly felt very hot as my face turned red.
She said "I'm sorry. Reach in back and unhook me and put it on right." To do this I had to put my arms around her, pressing my chest against her boobs. I unhooked it quickly. "The girls will love you." She said, stepping back. I put one hand under a breast and pushed up, pulling the cup down over it. This was the first time I had ever felt the bare flesh of a tit. It felt soft but heavy. The underside was warm, maybe moist with sweat. My forehead was sweating and my heart was pounding. I had gotten a hard-on. I was starting to hurt inside my pants, all cramped up like that. I had to leave. Aunt said. "You did very well. I'm glad you helped me... " Did she plan to talk all day? I almost said I liked touching her but instead "It's OK. I liked helping. Anytime." I mentally kicked myself. Why did I say that? Anytime, anytime, sure I'm willing to play with your tits anytime. I nearly ran out of the room as she pulled a saree.
Needless to say, once Aunt left, I got one of her bras and lay in bed jacking off. I had picked one with lots of lace on the top and satin on the sides. I rubbed the material over my hard-on, imagining that I was doing it between her boobs. I could feel the shape of her tits and smoothness of the fabric. It was great. I don't think I had ever been so excited. When I came, I shot cum all over. I pulled the bra away just in time. Afterward, sweating from the late afternoon heat, I lay replaying the afternoon in my mind. I hadn't forgotten what she looked like with the inskirt. I wondered what she would look like without the inskirt.
Sunday evening around 7´o clock suddenly there was a power failure in the house. I heard my aunt's voice. "Ravi! This power cut is only in our house. See outside. Everywhere else the power is there. I think the fuse went off in our house. Could You please fix the fuse?". Now she was in the doorway to my bedroom. I hid the Sex magazine and went nearer to her. In that darkness itself I can see her breasts clearly. I can see her as a silhouette. I got the guts suddenly and asked her "Gimme the match box" and at the same time I grabbed her breasts. I was trying to act like that was accidental. But after I held her breasts and felt those in my hand I totally lost my control. So I started squeezing her breast hard. Then I said "Sorry. In the darkness I havn't noticed that you are standing here" and tried to take my hands off her.
There was no reply from her and now she held my hands on her breasts and didn't allow me to take my hands. Now that was my turn to be shocked and I do not want to miss this chance. I hugged her and kissed in her neck. I was very much tensed up. But she was cool and kissed me on the lips. That first kiss was really brief though in my whole life that was the first time a woman kissed me. Now she held me close to her and rubbing by back. Literally I was shivering and I was out of control. Again she kissed in my mouth and asked me to relax. Now I was responding properly to her kiss. I wrapped my arms around her and held her tight. Her big boobs were on my chest and she was pressing her breasts against me. That feeling was arousing me and felt like I am going to have a ejaculation.
My cock was getting harder and harder and started hitting her body. Now she took my penis in her hand with my shorts and said " Wow! Great size. Let us go to the bedroom. I need it inside me now" and licked my ears. That drove me crazy and started working my hands on her Blouse hooks. "Ravi! Come on. We will go to the bedroom" "Oh. Yes. I want U. I am dreaming about this for a long while. Give me all U got" I was mumbling something like this and with my one hand I was keep squeezing her breast and my other hand was pressing her big buttocks. I was out of control and licking her face and ears and everywhere my face can reach on her that time.Now she held my hands and walked me to the Bedroom.
As soon as we entered in to the bedroom she started removing her dresses. I said "Aunty! Please let me do that " and unwrapped her saree first. She told me "Ravi! Even now U are calling me aunt. That sounds strange. Call me by name". I was so excited and hugged her tight from the back and mumbled her name in her ears as "Banu! Banu!" and pressing her breasts very hard with the blouse & Bra. Same time my cock became like a strong iron rod and now it was touching her tight ass. "Ravi! Let us remove the cloths and enjoy. Be patience ". Now I have unfastened her blouse hooks and she helped me to take off the blouse from her. She is only with Bra and petticoat. Now she removed my lungie and held my cok in her hand."Ravi! Before going any further U just sit on the bed." She commanded me. I obeyed to her command.
Now I am sitting on the edge of the bed. She sat down on the floor and started kissing my cock, rubbing it and caressed it. All of the sudden She took it in her mouth and twirled her tongue around it. she tightened her grip on the back of my leg trying to get a hold of herself. She moved her head in close, parting her pouty lips she pushed them down. I let out a little gasp as my Aunt's lips touched my skin, cock flexed again, some pre-cum was forming on the tip, my dick was aching, Aunt bent in closer to my thigh, her breasts rubbing againest the inside of my shin.
She was sucking hard, her wet lips pressed tightly to my leg, she pressed her tongue , she felt her breasts rubbing againest my lower leg, her sensitive nipples hardened becuase of it, she unconciously moved her other hand a little further up the back of my leg, cupping the bottom of my ass cheek. Banu started to rock her body againest my leg, her pussy throbbing with desire, she took her lips away from my swollen lump, but ran her hot, wet tongue over it, leaving a trail of saliva behind. "Ohh!" She really could't help herself, the little moan escaped from her lips as she looked over her step son's cock. "Good Ravi" she was still looking at my cock, she started to rub her hand over my bottom, feeling my hard ass cheeks. I looked down at my Aunt, I took my hand and ran it through her hair, I moved my hand to the back of her head and lightly took hold of her hair, pulling her up slightly to the level of my cock, her full, red pouty lips were barely an inch away from my cock as it jerked about, waving in front of her face, the pre-cum dribbling down the front of the full cockhead.
She did't hesitate she opened her mouth, and ran her tongue along my cockhead, licking the white sperm from it, she raised her hand and gripped my cock shaft tightly, she tugged on it, pulling my foreskin back and forth, more pre-cum appeared on the tip and again she shot her tongue out and licked away the white droplets. It was feeling great. She started sucking my cock with great favor. I was in heaven. She was doing this with great care and taste. She got my Dick in to her month fully until her throat. Her hands were working on my balls. My hands were working hard on her breasts. I inserted my hands in to her bra and tuning her nipples. "Ugghhhh!" I moaned as my Aunt ran her tongue along the shaft and back again, I pushed her head towards my dick, she opened her mouth wide and took my huge cock into her mouth, she felt it hit the back of her throat almost and she started to suck on it extremely hard, her hand pulling my fore skin back and forth as she did. She closed her eyes tight, tasting my hot prick as she ran her tongue across the bottom of it.
"Uughh Aunt! Suck It" I urged, my dick pulsing in my own Aunt's mouth, I gripped the back of her head tighter as she eagerly sucked my cock, bobbing her head back and forth in a fast rhytm. She was't thinking about anything else but sucking my cock, she gripped my cockshaft tighter, working it faster. It was to much for me, I looked down watching my Aunt suck on my hard meat, I could feel her wet saliva all over the shaft, I was meeting her bobbing head with my own small thrusts, rocking my hips back and forth. "Aunt I'm gonna cum!!" I moaned, I felt my cum-sac welling up with my spunk. Banu moved her hand from my ass, and brought it round to cup my balls, she started to massage my tight sac, her nails digging into the skin as she took hold. "Uuughhhh!" was all I could say as my sticky white cum shot out the tip of my cock into my Aunt's waiting mouth, I held onto the back of her head with both hands as I erupted. She slurped my hot cum, working her tongue over my sensitive thread on the underside as she swallowed hard the cum gushing down her throat, gripping my weaving cock with both hands now as I rocked my body in orgasm, "Ohhh...That's it!" I cried out.
Finally my cock stopped pumping out the milky jizz, but she kept sucking, her tongue licking every last drop of cum off my dick, her whole body was red hot, she felt like she was on fire, she imagined me fucking her, pushing my cock into her until she was screaming for him to stop, her pussy went crazy at the thought her whole body filled with erotic sensation's, some animal instinct was overcoming her. She took my now deflating cock from her mouth, she squeezed my cock hard, forcing the last of my sticky cum onto the tip, she ran her tongue over it, taking in the last of my salty cum. Then she stood up and looked at me, I had a contented smile on my face. Some of my cum was leaking from her mouth and sprinkled on her boobs.
I was exhilarated and grabbed her from the floor. I put her on the bed. I evenly spred my cum sprinkles on her bra and started massaging her breasts. Now I pulled her petticoat shift her hips and now I had a good view of her wet hot pussy. The pubic hair was dark and thick. I took my face nearer to that heavenly triangle. The strong sweet musk from her cunt drove me mad. I stuck my face into her pussy and took a deep breath to absorb her scent. She moaned and said " Ravi! Do it. Please eat my pussy. I have never enjoyed that ". I ran my tongue up along the slit. I felt a pleasant shock. I went mad with lust. My tongue pnightied inside her cunt. At the same time I unfastened her Bra hooks and she co operated with me to remove the bra. I was feeling her breasts and pinching her nipples. my face was focussed on her pussy and my hands were playing too hard with her nipples. I was squeezing her nipples like tuning an old radio.
Her body was responding to my hands. Her legs became wider and the smooth pinky muscles of her pussy grabbed my tongue and pulled me in. I found the clit and my tongue began licked up, around and socked on it. Her Vagina started giving me fresh juice. I lapped and socked up the love juice Banu was giving me. She started to moan. "Eat it. Huh! Great. Have it fully. " I put my mouth in her pussy fucking hole and sucked it. Her whole body was feeling that electricity. She held my hair and pushed my face fully in to her cunt. I was licking and sucking like a dog drinking milk. She became ecstatic and I did not stop eating her pussy or pressing her breast. Now she had a orgasm and filled my face with her sexy juice. I didn't give up and drunk all the juice and licked in and around her Clit, Vagina and pubic hair. "Ravi! I never enjoyed this much. I only heard about oral sex and Ur uncle never used to do this to me. U showed me the real climax. Are u ready to fuck me now? "
My reply to her was not in words. I was again feeling her breasts and pinching her nipples real hard and I focussed my attention to her boobs. I took them in my mouth and started sucking them . While doing this, I inserted a finger into her hot wet pussy. I kept fingering her and touched and pinched her clit. She held my dick in her hand and said "Oh! My God! U are ready already. Thatz Quick. Ok. Take me." My fingering went on and after a while she started to cum. I had gotten a great hard on till now. She laid on her back and told me to fuck. She got her legs up in the air and wide open. She whispered " Oh Ravi! Enough. Don't let me beg U. Get inside me and Fuck me, Fuck me hard."
I got on top of her. The lips of the pussy were pink. I felt that sweetest hole with my fingers and then slowly guided my cock inside her. her hole was hot. Her head went back with pleasure and she moaned. "Come on. Please! I can't wait anymore". I started slowly and headed up with speed and steady. It was quiet an effort though. She held my arms tight and strted to jump under me. I was moving from up to down at I same time she was holding her hip up and pressing her butt against the bed to accompany my moves. Her breast was jumping up and down with every hit.
My cock was parted her pussy and she was already wet. So my movements became easy. She was not new to sex and already her pussy was accustomed to my Uncle's cock. So we both were having great pleasure. We were sweating like hell because of our exotic and erotic sex. I began thrusting my cock in and out of her. I was shoving harder and harder. Her hot cunt felt wonderful. She was holding my butt tight and after a few moments she started " Please slow down. It hurts Ravi." That time I was acting like wild buffalo. She was begging for me to slow down but she never stopped responding to my hits. Her legs were wide open in V shape and she was hugging me real tight. Both were breathing heavily.
While I was giving a real hard time to her pussy with my cock, I was sucking, licking and squeezing her breasts. Now she began to tighten her mouth of the pussy by holding her legs together. That was hard and great pleasure to me. It became more tight now and she got her orgasm. I sensed her she was bout to cum. Her whole body is stumbling and struggling with great happiness. With in few moments I felt her juices flowing in her already wet cunt. Now her pussy became like water filled tub. So whenever my cock entered in to it strange sounds started coming. Now I exploded my cum in her. Her cunt hole was filled with her juice and mine. It started overflow. More of the juices were oozing out of Banu's pussy onto the bed sheets. I stayed inside her about 1 minute and then slowly pulled my dong out side. She was beautiful seeing her there naked. We both were damn tired and I laid down beside her.

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