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Old 23rd December 2008
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Revealing Real Aunties

Boobs Namaste To All My Friends
Disclaimer : All My Postings are not my own collection. All were founded and downloaded from internet and posted by some one else. So none of these are my own pictures. I not want to violate any copy rights law .MY ALL EFFORT IS COPY PASTE ONLY.
So, If anything is against law please notify Or PM Me,i will remove it immediately..............

I am starting a new thread which would include all types, size and fun loving aunties, stories, images etc.

I hope you would just enjoy it and really ask for more, more and more......

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Old 24th December 2008
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Men v. Women: Oral Ability

I am openly questionable about who is better performers when it comes to oral sex. Male or female? Gay or straight? I try not to question the superiority of one gender or another, but this is one area where there appears that some truth lies over who gives better head.

I am not, and never have been, a fan of oral sex. Not because of any taboo relations, at least not at the maturity I have reached, but more over the rather mundane feelings I get from receiving. Performing as always been something I enjoyed, but never felt that I did my "best work" at. "Don't use your teeth, deep-throat when possible, hold the base of the shaft, flick tongue over head and run down the seam of the member..." said the thoughts in my head as I go down on my partner. My emotional connection to the penis was so null due to the basic fact that I was so deeply concerned with not grasping his shaft with my I-teeth or gagging on the head.

Then one day, a bi-sexual partner of mine said to me, "I have found that men give much better fellatio than women." Interesting, I thought, as I pondered why this was. My immediate reasoning was due to the fact having a penis meant knowing what pleased other penises. For a long time, this has stood as the reason why homosexual relations are often more pleasing than heterosexual ones for bisexual persons.

But then I read in an article that bisexual women found men, far more frequently than women, were superior in pleasing them orally. Odd, very odd. You would think that if you have a vagina that you would at least know how and where to pleasure it, right?

Wrong. Not to diss all women, for I know for a fact that many talented tongues lie in the mouths of chicks, but I think we are forgetting a very important part of genital identification. Where a man views his penis daily, for it extends from his body at least a good five inches, a woman's vaginal area is hidden, deeply enclosed by her body. We often have to sit in an awkward position to see it, and to view its internal parts, sit in front of a mirror. Our relationship with our vagina is often left up to our fingers rather than our eyes. While most men can tell you exactly what the head of their penis looks like, a woman is more likely to rattle off the contents of her beach tote with more accuracy than how her clitoris appears when engorged. This is sad, but mostly the fault of biology.

Chances are, you partner has a better idea of what your pubic areas look like than you do. I can remember the first time I looked at myself in a mirror and cringed. I never wanted to have sex again. I thought my vagina was "ugly" and "gross." I have never intentionally looked at that closely again.

The best sex we have is when we are emotionally attached to what we are doing. Like any job or hobby, when we are most interested and concerned with the project, we do our best work. Women are not socialized to believe that phalluses are unattractive, let alone their own genitals for that matter. However, men are socialized to bond tight relations to their penis; caring about size, appearance, and pleasure of their "little" heads over the one sitting on their shoulders.

According to sexual psychoanalyst Paul Joannides, when a group of heterosexual college age men and women were placed in a room to view pornography, both gay male and heterosexual, more than half attested to the fact that they believed the "gay" actors performed better fellatio on their partners than the women in the heterosexual films. His theory is that men have such a strong emotional connection to genitalia, and have much more experience viewing and analyzing the physiology behind their penises. Gay men use their hands less while performing fellatio, and make a more intense connection with the genitalia in comparison with a woman's more intense connection with her partner as a whole.

It goes without little competition, that gay men, or men in general, are far better partners in the department of oral sensation. I feel this is directly connected with our biological structure, and a man's ability to bond a deep connection with his genitalia, that few woman are able to have with their own.

In conclusion to this theoretical basis of fellatio performance, I recently read of an experiment held at a Fraternity in Colorado. A frat brother was taken into a room, blind-folded and told that a "sexy blonde female" would be performing oral sex on him. When he came, the "woman" was removed from the room. The frat brother said it was the "best oral sex he had ever had" and that it was in no way half as good as anything he had felt with any girl at college. After being told that he had actually been pleasured by a gay man, the frat boy was shocked, and in further testing that day, could not hold an erection, let alone reach climax again.

This goes to show, that maybe the big head has a lot more to do with the little heads reaction than we thought, as well as to be said again, men are far better at giving head than the ladies.

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Old 24th December 2008
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Old 24th December 2008
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Hope You Love Her

Sexperience with a woman in train
Am now 25 but this incident happenned when I was 21. I was going from bangalore to jamnagar and unfortunately I didn't get my reservation confirmed and thought that was the worst thing ever possible considering that I had to go all the way to jamnagar. I never had any idea of the luck I was going to have.
The journey on the konkan coast till Pune was uneventful and I did manage to get adequate space to sleep also. But it all started in Pune, being an unreserved compartment lot of people got in and I was cursing my luck when a 40 year woman sat next to me. I didn't take much notice of her coz she had come in with her husband and she wasn't very gr8 looking either.
They were a Gujarathi village couple, the lady managed to squeeze in next to me. The husband without finding a seat went and sat down on the floor a couple of feet away. the train chugged out of Pune station and it was already dusk. Till then I had no intentions in my mind, I never was aware of the huge opportunity sitting by side despite the crampy spaces we were sitting in.
Three hours passed by and we were going along somewhere on the Western coast and people were slowly falling drowsy. I was tired of sitting in one position for quite long and therfore moved a little ahead for a change of position. The lady adjusted into the space created as I moved ahead.
now as time passed by I wanted to ease back but found the woman occupying a little of my space. Cursing my luck again, I eased back as much as possible without disturbing her too much. Now as luck would have it, I slowly realised that my back was almost touching her tit. That mere thought made me hot as a rod.
It suddenly dawned on me of the opportunity that was awaiting, but being my first time and having no experience with a woman earlier I was very apprehensive. But my dick started taking control and with slight trepidation, I was slowly rubbing her tit with my back. She was sleeping but I could find the response as the tit started to get hard.
I knew she was responding and getting hot, but to check her willingness I slightly moved ahead and stopped the rubbing. For a few seconds nothing happened but suddenly I found her tit touching me again, She had moved ahead and she wanted the fun to go on. I knew I had the bloody bitch.
I moved a little back and continued with the rubbing of the tit and squeezing it by applying pressure with my back. This went on for a while but we had to shift the gears, I felt her desperation but more than that I was even more desperate this being my first experience. I shifted uncomfortably to indicate a change and luckily she seemed to get the drift,
she made space and I eased back into the seat with our arms touching eachother. But the major problem was light, in unreserved compartments the lights are never put off and this meant I had to improvise and also be aware of the danger of her husband becoming aware of it. Being a 21 year old, the last thing I wanted to get in was in a brawl with a husband coz
I knew the woman would go into defensive mode and act like a victim if things seem to turn against her. Now since it was dark and slightly cold ( being the month of November, the chill was setting in), I saw the opportunity. I took out myjacket from my rucksack and as though feeling cold spread it over me and a part on her covering her right boob
(she was sitting on my left). Since the spaces were cramped it seemed natural that the jacket should spill on to her. Now with the cover of the jacket, my right hand crossed across and started exploring her body covered by the jacket. I started to get on her from the lowerside. The first thing that I touched was her midriff fold. The touch of raw flesh sent a jolt thru me.
This was my first sexperiencing of a woman. I saw that even she was getting excited and to cover her facial feelings she drew the saree on top of her head like a dupatta, but being so close I cud see her bting her lower lip. Being massaged by a 21 year old handsome was very exciting for her probably.
I massaged her midriff folds and slowly started to draw circles there, I cud feel her heavy breaths of excitement. After having my fill with the midriff, I slowly started to traverse up keeping her boob as target, but the moment I touched she shirked and moved away, I was very surprised and thought that she wanted no more.
I also drew back and waited disappointed, however after a couple of minutes she started to lean on me heavily and I felt that she wanted the fun to continue. I felt elated and began my exercise of massaging her midriff folds again, this time I traversed a little far and drew circles around her navel and dipped my finger into her navel also,
she was breathing a little bit heavily and biting her lip. But as I tried to touch her boob again she drew back and I felt that whatever the reason I will not try it again and spoil the fun that I was driving. But given the little coverage that I had and the lighting still being on in the compartment I didn't have too many chances.
As I was still thinking of new methods she suddenly got up without warning and I was actually afraid thinking that somebody has seen and she's assuming a defensive posture. But she got up and started to head for the bathroom. Though it was a gr8 opportunity to screw a woman in the bathroom but this particularly compartment was filled with people everywhere
right uptil the WCs and therefore the opportunity was shut even before it opened. I was ruing the missed chance as the lady came by. As she started to sit down, she trapped my hand between the berth bench and her back. I marvelled at her ingenuity and sensed the gr8 chance I was about to have.
To be doubly sure I just checked with a drowsy feeling of anyone having watched this. Though a couple of ppl were awake but they weren't noticing. After a couple of minutes I slowly eased my hand down and she gladly made space for my left hand to ease under her buttocks. Now with my left hand firmly placed under buttocks I started to explore the hitherto unknown territories.
As I said earlier, this being my first experience with a lady I wasn't aware exactly as to where the pussy falls when a lady sits. Though I had watched a lot of pornographic films, I never bothered too much about its disposition in their postures. SO imagine my shock and surprise when I felt her pussy right in my hand. I was like a miner striking gold in the very first dig.
My joy knew no bounds and the soft feel of the pussy between the buttocks can only be felt than described. I was in for more surprise as I found that given the typical gujarathi style of dressing, the lady even had managed a gap in the saree giving a direct access to her treasured compartment.
The entire motive of going to the bathroom then hit me, she had deliberately re arranged her saree to give us this golden opportunity. With the soft flesh of the pussy in my hands I was at the heights of ecstasy. I was already leaking very heavily with precum and it was now seeping into my jeans also thru my underwear.
Now with the treasured piece in my hand, I started to savour every moment and was feeling her entire pussy slowly drawing my index finger on the entire length of the slit. She was leaking very heavily and within no time my fingers were dripping with her juices.As I ran my finger along her slit I could feel her cunt lips expnading and contracting trying to suck in my finger.
I let it run thru the contractions and started to go deeper and deeper into the pussy. I let it run to the maximum depth possible but wasn't able to touch her end, it was all sticky and gooy wherever I felt. She was leaking like an open tap, I drew back my finger and let my middle finger also inside. With two fingers inside I started to figer fuck her slowly.
I felt heavy contractions on my fingers as I increased the pace, all the while my other 3 fingers massaging the outer lips. This went on for a good couple of minutes when suddenly I felt a gush rushing past my fingers, she was pouring thru her love hole. I know now that she had an orgasm but I wasn't very sure then and even thought she might have leaked her urine.
She contracted her pussy lips tightly on my fingers and let them go after a long time. Slowly I felt her breathing return to normal and she had a very satisfied look on her face. After soem time,She deliberately slid her head on to my shoulder and placed a soft kiss indicating her gratitude and got up and left for the bathroom (probably to clean herself).
I felt very nice to have satisfied her given the opposing circunstances. Though I felt like having myself jerked but I was very much aware that this wasn't possible given the circumstances. This play continued well into the wee hours of the morning and she had four orgasms while I finger fucked her.
In between I also made a trip down to the WC to relieve myself as it had become unbearable to hold on for me. By dawn, the train was already in gujarath and the couple abruptly got up before a stop and left towards the door. As the lady was wheeling out of sight she turned back looked at me and gave a big smile and I returned her smile.
It was a sense of fulfillment when our eyes met each other, we knew that we would never ever meet again in life and it was kind of strange that one look had so much expressed without ever speaking a word to each other. After that I didn't try to follow her out of the compartment or have a second look at her.
I still remember to this day, the amazing experience I had with her and I cannot forget the final look we xchanged. And frankly she was the door to my other experiences, as this incident emboldened me so much that I tried this luck with every female I happenned to travel sitting close and believe me am having a 98% result.
I was never aware that all females are as adventurous as I was. But the key to this is to never push the lady or girl too far and get to know their intentions very clearly before u go into the overdrive. Like as I wrote I had only 98% success but in the 2% I could retreat before it snow balled into anything major and that's the key as u have to keep ur tracks covered.
Anyways this was my first ever sexperience which I remember like a 70mm in my mind. After this I had lots more traveling experiences including one where I had hit the jackpot with a lady in the WC of a reserved compartment. Comments on this story are most welcome as that would encourage me to take the trouble of posting more experiences here

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Old 24th December 2008
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Starting... bola abhitak eek pic bhi nahin dala, aapko aap daaloo...

Cum on post it else, this thread will go to trash !
I don't have any Siggy...

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Old 24th December 2008
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see if you can get shots of women with towels tied to their hair right after a bath on friday mornings in south india ...hmm they are too sexy ... in that attire
radha krishan

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Old 25th December 2008
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I Love You Bhabhi!

I am aged 29 years living in delhi with good height and physique , I do not why but I have a natural liking towards mature Ladies (married or unmarried) from 27-28 to even 40. This incident happened 2 years ago when I was working in Rajasthan and was residing in a rented room with a small family. Husband , wife (gorgeous) and their kid of approx. 8-9 month. I used to call her bhabhie , my sweet Rajni Bhabhie aged around 32 and a marvelous figure of 38 sized tits. She generally used to be at home as she was a not a working woman She used to prepare food and did other household chores, and as such she shared much of the responsibilities in the house. Her Husband most of the time used to be busy with his wok. Many a times Rajni Bhabhi used to be alone at home, as her husband generally went away for his work.And it was only Rajni Bhabhi who used to serve me the tea & dinner . So I had more communication and interaction with her in the house.

She was an educated woman with a modern outlook and attitude. She was fair enough with good attractive looks. She was beautiful. She had an attractive sexy figure. 38D-28-36 Her breasts were eye catching and fleshy. Her breasts were in proper shape. Her hips were quite heavy. Her breasts bounced and hips shook as she walked. Ever since I got there i had my eyes on her. I had found an apparent change in Rajni Bhabhi with regard to her clothes and dresses. She used to expose her cleavage generously and also the upper curves of her breasts, whether she was in her sari-blouse, or in her salwar suit, or even in her nighty. While she used to be in my room she intentionally and cleverly let the pallu of her sari or her chinni fall down from her shoulder and remained on her fore arms, that gave me a glimpse of the exposed breasts and also the idea of their roundness, shape and size. I always wished her to come frequently to my room and remain there as long as possible. Whenever i would be around her she would expose her.
I liked such Bhabhis who smartly exposed their breasts. I had many times fantasized in my bed about having sex with her. I had masturbated also fantasizing about fucking her. Many a times I felt like grabbing her in my arms and kiss her, press and squeeze her boobs. I noticed that Chayya Bhabhi became too bold as she started exposing much of her breasts. Since I was a young man my cock used to become rock hard time and again. Once I was having some headache in my head so I went to her room for some ointment, My God ! she was breast feeding her child, her right boob was fully exposed , she was wearing a light blue color saree with dark blue blouse. She was sitting on the bed , I first got shocked but then while looking at her boobs I turned around and said I am sorry Bhabhie , I will come later on but to my utter surprise she said : Its O.K. Raj, you can come and sit , Baby has slept now. I quietly sat on a chair in front of her while she was adjusting her boob in her blouse but the whole scene was making a tent in my pant which she noticed and smiled at me.

I saw a little worry on her face , I asked her what is the matter , she told me that her breasts are full of milk and baby has already slept so she is getting a bit of problem in retaining the weight. Since I was totally new to these problems , I took it seriously and it just slipped out of my tongue that Bhabhie tell me how can I help in this time of trouble. To which she smiled again, You naughty Devar ji , will you suck me . Oh my God ! I was jam Packed on my seat , I could not sy anything, Then she asked me what do you want, I also forgot for a while why I was there, I told that I was looking for some ointment for my headache. Then she said O.K. I will not only give you that but can also put some on your head BUT you will also have to help me out in my problem which I readily accepted . Now my head was in her lap, she was opening her blouse buttons one by one and my cock was getting rock hard in the same speed and momentum. The moment her last button was opened her boobs put pressure on her black bra and they were like struggling to get free.

She went on her back and opened the hook and her right right boob was jumped on my mouth. Now I took her boob my mouth and she was putting ointment on my forehead. I said : No Bhabhie , it is not required now , your soft and hot touch of hands is more than anything for me know. Listening to this she was so delighted that she took my face in her hand and put her lips on mine. Friends and Girls ! I must say Indian ladies in this world are the most beautiful creature on this earth. Now I grank her both boobs and she was looking much relieved but by this time aroused to greater extent also. She by this time now had started moaning now . I had already stripped her blouse and bra and freed her boobs. Now i was caressing her flat stomach and her thighs & legs. The rest of the stuff you know that I must have fucked her BUT HOW !! it was the greatest moment of my life which I will tell you all my next part. Since then I fucked hot and sexy Rajni Bhabhi many times. Each time she demanded vigorous fucking from me.

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Old 25th December 2008
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Mom's Bed

I lived with my 36 year old mom in an apartment ever since a year ago. (I'm 15.) However, recently we ran low on money, and had to sell a lot of our stuff, including my bed. The evening after the garage sale we had, she asked me if I wanted to sleep with her, and I agreed. Later, She went into the bathroom to get changed, and came out with a nighty on. She bent down in front of me to put her slippers on, and I saw she only had a bra on underneath. I was getting hard underneath my shorts, and hustled into the bathroom to get changed. I came out with only boxers on, my dick still semi-hard. I got under the covers of the small bed without delay. I
was on one side of the bed, and she went in on the other. She had her back to me as we fell asleep. I didn't fall asleep, though. My dick was hard again,
extending out its full 7 inches. I looked under the covers at her legs, and wished I could fuck her. I fell asleep thinking that very thing.

I awoke at about midnight, for some reason I don't know. To my surprise, i saw my mom facing up, sleeping, but with buttons of her nighty opened up.
My stomach turned after I saw her bra. One of the shoulder straps was loose, and the cup of the bra was also loose. I could almost see the nipple of
the breast. I moved closer, in fact a lot closer to her, staring at her upper body. But, after then, the nighty was still closed. I cautiously and slowly moved right next to her, until my face was touching her arm. Then I reached for her middle, and very slowly pulled the nighty halfway open. Then all the way open. I stared at her panties,and smooth skin. Then, I looked back up at her breast through the moonlight, and set my head right next to it. In doing so, my cock pressed against her thigh, and I almost cummed right there. But instead I extended my tongue and started touching with my tongue the material of the bra. I then pressed my dick against her thigh as I kept getting hornier and hornier. Then, still asleep, she actually turned to me so she was lying down almost on top of me. My hand brushed against her breasts as I backed off a little.
I really didn't want to wake her up even though I knew she slept very
Then, I decided to remove the strap from the other side of her bra.
Slowly, I did, and I took the strap down to her arm. Then, I took the
of her bra and slided it down, this time past the nipple. I touched
slightly hardened, dark colored nipple with my thumb. I squeezed very
softly her breast above the nipple. It was very soft I bent
my head down and touched her breast, and nipple, with my tongue.
Then, to
my surprise, her eyes opened up, and immediaty she sat up, her two
breasts jiggling.

"What are you doing?" she asked in a shocked voice, covering up her
breasts with the sheet.
"Let me fuck you, please," I answered. And I immediatly wished I
You just don't say things like that to your mom.
"Come on now. Do you really want to fuck me?"
"Yes." Now I realized I wasn't going to get in trouble. After all, I
knew she had her tubes tied after I was born.
"Not right away," she said. "But maby when you are older." And with
that, she got up, and completly undressed. My eyes were glued first to
her large, pear shaped breasts and dark nipples, and then to her
It was bushy, with dark hair .After undressing, she got back in bed,
and facing me, she
went (or pretended to) go back to sleep. I immediatly reached up to
face to face, with my dick pressing against my shorts. I let my dick
free, and pressed it in the hair of her vagina. I knew she wouldn't
me all the way in, but instead I put the tip of my dick in her hair.
I moved up so close to
her that her breasts were pushing against my chest. I moved clear on
of her, her breasts pressed against my chest. I could feel as the
became harder as I thrusted my hips at hers, my dick playing in her
hair. She moaned, and opened her eyes. She thrusted her hips back at
and finally my dick ran across her vagina hole. It was wet, and I
thrusted my dick down in it. She moaned loudly and actually rolled
on top of me, her breasts now at full attention. She whispered in my
"I love you" and started kissing my neck. Her hips, meanwhile, were
thrusting against mine. My penis was so stiff I thought it would
It was almost burning with pleasure. I reached behind her back, and
grabbed her ass. It was something I wanted to do for a long time. I
squeezing her soft, tight ass with my hands and at the same time
it down, as I brought my hips and cock even further into her vagina.

I started moaning very loudly as my orgasm hit, and I thrusted with
all my
power into my mother, putting my cum deep inside her. Then her orgasm
hit, and she pressed her boobs and nipples into me so hard it hurt.
Her hips drove my ass into the mattress as she fucked me. She cried
out "Yes,
Yes!" as her orgasm climaxed. She finally slowed down her thrusting,
finally stopped. And it was all over that fast. I rolled off her, with
one final pinch of her nipples with my fingers. And I fell into a deep
i can never forget that night cause mom never gave me another chance.
god knows why??

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Old 25th December 2008
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pls start atleast now
Beautiful tamil wife Divya stripping for you.....

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Hello friends,

I am a big fan of Indian married women or as we call them aunties.I especially like those who have a healthy figure with big boobs, hairy bushes and not to mention big, round and firm ass.Yeh.thats right.i am a big ass fan.After watching some videos of aged beautiful ladies getting their beautiful ass fucked by young guys,I also wanted to have the same experience.As I was living in a colony, I had some aunties with the same age and figure I would have liked.The age group I liked is between 35-50.I expected only one experience but I got a whole lot both from the aged and young group as a bonus.But this series is only for mature women.The young experience will be another series.

The first aunty of this series is shila.She is 39 yrs old having only one son and her husband was working in the same office as my dad.As the office and the quarters are in the same compound,a lot of staff remained inside the campus with their families.My mother and shila aunty were friends and used go for morning and evening walk.Shila aunty is a teacher and she taught accountancy in a local college.As I am studying Bcomm at that time,accountancy was one of my subjects.But like the aunty,I had a weakness for accountancy also.So,when I didn’t improve,my mother asked shila aunty to look after my studies and asked me to go to her home in the morning from 10-12 for tution.As my and her college was closed for exam,I didn’t have ny problem with the timing.

So,my tution started.As expected,shila aunty was very strong in the subject and often scolded me for making silly mistakes.I didn’t want to be taught by her anything except sex.My luck smiled on for me one day.Her husband went to his village for one week and she asked me to do all the shopping .One day she sent me to buy some local grocer for some rice.But the shop was closed and I returned to her house.As I had key of her house which she gave me once in case I needed books or materials of study,I opened the door and went to the kitchen.But she was not there.Then I went to the bedroom and she was not there too.Then I heard some faint noise coming from somewhere and I found out it’s the bathroom.Knowing someone moaning ,I thought aunty may have slipped and fell in the bathroom,.I immediately went to the bathroom and want to go inside.But I stopped suddenly as the bathroom door was not locked and was slightly open.The moans are louder now and I knew now that aunty was doing something else and she is fine.I just opend the bathroom door a little and just peaked inside and was frozen for a minute.Inside was my beautiful aunty,in her full naked glory and pushing a cucumber in to her hairy pussy and fucking her self slowly with one hand.With the other hand ,she was pressing one of her boobs.I couldn’t belive my eyes as my dream woman was all there lying and doing something which I fantasized of doing for a long time.In between she was taking the cucumber out and sucking it for sometime and then putting it in her pussy.I didn’t want to let go of this chance but I wanted to make sure that she doesn’t deny me the chance to have her to my full satisfaction.I took out my mobile and recorded her for sometime.She was reaching her climax and pumping the cucumber very fast.I immediately became naked and went into the bathroom slowly.She was moaning and busy so much that she didn’t notice the sound of the door opening.I was standing infront of her having my thick 8 incher in my hand and rubbing it slowly.Suddenly she contracted and gave out a shrill and stopped.I understood she had climaxed.She then opned her eyes and she shocked to see me standing infront of her naked with my monster.She said- arun,what are you doing?I said- aunty if you wanted this thing very much then you could have asked me rather than using this cucumber.You should have the real thing rather than this artificial.She said –how dare you?I will complain to your mother.I said OK, just look at my big thing and decide whether you want this or not?She gave my big cock a look and her expression changed a bit for while and again she became angry and said-I don’t want anything.just get out of here and don’t come back.I will tell your mother what you have just said to me.I said- ok,then I will tell everyone what I have seen today.She said- who is going to believe you?I said-they will when I will show them the recording.Hearing this,she said- what recording?I said- I recorded your sweet solo play in my mobile.Her face became darkned as she knows that my mobile has the recording facility and I might not be bluffing.She still gathered some courage and said-don’t try to pull that one on me.you have nothing.I said-ok,when everyone sees it and I will also put it on the internet so that your students will see too.She said- you cant do that.I said-For that,you have to do something for me.

She took a deep breath and said-what you want me to do?I said- I will have your body to my full satisfaction right now.She said- are you crazy?I am of your mothers age and also married.how can you say that?I said-I don’t have the time to argue.Is it a deal or no?She remained silent for while and said-ok,but only once and you will tell no one.I said- yeh,but you will have to do what I tell you.She said-ok.I said-lets clean our bodies and then start.I opned the shower and applied soap to her body.i massaged her boobs and squeezed them.She moaned a little and then I also played with her pussy and also pressed her ass.Then she took the soap and then applied it to me and jacked my big cock for some time.Then we took the shower and then I told her-Aunty.get on your knees and cuck my cock.She looked at my face and sat down and took my cock in her hand.After playing it for sometime she took me in her mouth.I gave out a moan as I was having my first blowjob and her mouth felt good around my cock.She also then licked my big balls in between sucking.I just closed my eyes and moaning.She increased the speed and at the same time cupped my balls.I couldn’t hold more and said-Aunty,I am cumming in your beautiful mouth.drink my sweet cum my love.And I cummed like I have never done with masturbation.She was sollowing well.After emptying myself,my cock become limp and she let it go.I said- Aunty,you are great.She gave me a smile.

Now its time to please her.I let the lie and sucked her one boob while pressing another and alternated.She was moaning slowly.Then I gradually moved to her honeypot.I first put my tongue in the beautiful pussy and sucking her.She was moaning loudly amd pressing my head between her thighs.After sometime she released her pussy juice in my mouth which I greedily drank and kept on going until she released another stream of her love juice in my mouth.Then I lied on my back and asked her to ride and teach me.She just smile and positioned her pussy above my cock and sat down.My cock went into her pussy slowly and she felt tight.She was bitting her lower lip and the expression on her face was changing as she took my inch by inch.After waiting for sometime,she started riding me and moaning.I joined her by pumping from below.She was saying-yeh baby you are doing it right.dont be fast.Like the good chewing digest the food,a good fucking satisfies a woman.dont be impatient otherwise you will cum and I will remain unsatisfied.Give your Aunty a fucking to remember.She released her juice after sometime and fell on my chest .I hugged her and turned her sideways and entered her.After that I put her in doggy style and entered her from behing and fucked her hard.She was flowing like a river.I knew I am near so I asked her to lie on her back flat and I told her to hold her boobs together and I inserted my cock between her and fucked her for sometime.She took her tounge out and liked my cock few times and sometime sucked the purple head.the I knew that I cant hold any longer with her beautiful body,I thought its time to unload myself inside her.So entered her in missionary style and inserted myself into her.I was pumping her hard and she hugged me and crossed her legs aroud my waist.She was also moving and in no time we both came hard.I screamed- I am filling you with my juice my love.She said- Yeh baby,fill your Aunty with your baby making juice.Make her pregnant with your baby.Make her your woman,your whore,slut,mistress.After filling her,I fell on her chest and sucked her one boob.She caressed my head and said- well done baby.

We rested for few minutes in each others arm.After sometime I again played with her body and asked her to suck me.She took me lovingly in her mouth again and my cock was rock hard in no time.I said-Aunty ,what about another round?She said-whatever you say my love.Now I am your cockwhore.My hauband never gave me this kind of fucking.I asked-Aunty,thw way you sucked me,it appears that you did gave uncle a blowjob before.Is her bigger than me?She said-no honey.He is half you size and thickness.You are right,I did gave blowjob to your uncle manytimes as I love to drink the cum but he never licked my pussy as you did.These days he is having heart problems and avoids sex..I am deprived of sweet cum and that’s why I was satisfying myself with a cucumber. But now I think I wont have to do that. I said- You bet. You are making me horny again Aunty and see my dick is up again.She took it in her hand and said-Yeah.So want another round? I said- Yes Aunty, but this time I want something else.She looked at my face,supprised and asked- What now?I said-You see Aunty, A woman has 3 beautiful holes to be fucked and it one remains unfucked,Her fucking is not complete.She said- Oh yeah,which 3 holes?I said-Yes,Mouth,Pussy and Ass.So,now I want your beautiful sweet corn hole.She-No,No,you can do that.Its not good.I said-Yes,it is and I want it now.She said- But my Husband never fucked me in their and its so small.How your horse cock is going to fit in there?You will tear it with your monster and it will hurt a lot.If something goes wrong,I have to go to the Doctor and what will tell if she asks me?I said-Don’t worry Aunty.After all,you are my first love.I cant even think about hurting you in any way.I will do it slowly.She said-But I am still afraid.I said-Trust me my love.She said-Ok.I asked her to bring some vasekline which she did.Then I asked her to lie on her fours,then took a good look at her nice brown hole and started to lick it slowly.The first touch sent a shiver down her spine and she said-OOH,it feels so nice,I am getting we again.Lick it my love.My Husband would have never did this if he wanted to fuck me in there.Lick your Aunty’s Asshole well.I stopped licking and put some Vaseline on to it and tried my first finger into her.She howled-Its hurting.I asked her to keep calm.Then after pushing in and out my finger for sometime,I again put another finger with it.Then eventually three fingers went in and I know she was ripe for plucking,I mean fucking.Then I applied some vaseling to my cock and then entered her slowly.She cried- No no,you are so big.You will tear my asshole.I said- have patience my love.Then gradually inch by inch she took me in and finally she took me whole in.I waited for sometime to get her ass adjusted to my cock and started to move to and fro.Slowly I started to pick up speed and her cries began to rise and it was mix of pain and pleasure.I said- How does it feel my love?She said- Good,I never thought Assfucking is so wonderful.I wonder why my husband never did this to me.Fuck baby fuck,don’t stop,tear your Aunt’s ass with your big fucking cock.After fucking for 15mins in her beautiful ass,I knew I am going to unload myself again inside her.I held her shoulders from behind and started fucking hard and said-I am cumming my love,I am cumming.She said-Me too baby.And finally with a grunt,I shot my warm juice inside her ass and she too came on my hand wetting it.We collapsed on the bed.Then we kept hugging and kissing for sometime and then I asked her-How was the experience Aunty?She said-Just great my love.I never had this kind of experience before.You sure are a good student.I smiled and said- You are a great performer,I mean teacher too.She said-Lets clean up.We went to the bathroom to clean up and I said-Promise me Aunty,when you are in need just call me and never use the cucumber again.She said-I promise.She now is my teacher and whore.

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