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Old 7th October 2008
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Sexiest Mom In The World

I had to write and tell you my story. I have, in my opionion, the
sexiest mother in the world. Mom is about 5'4" tall, with beautiful
36D breasts, a gorgeous body, long dark hair, and deep brown eyes.
I knew she had a beautiful body because I would peek at it whenever
I got a chance. For as long as I can remember, I've fantasized about
making love with her, but I was afraid it would remain a fantasy,
since I had no idea how to go about doing anything about it. It turns
out I didn't need to worry.
Like I said before, I would peek at mom every chance I got,
when she was taking a shower, getting dressed or undressed, etc.
Recently, I even got to see her masturbating in bed or in the shower!
I would always go back to my room and masturbate after seeing her
gorgeous body. Well, one Saturday morning after watching Mom take her
morning shower, I did just that. This time, however, just after I got
naked and started stroking my cock, I was interrupted.
"Having fun?" a voice very near me said. My eyes flew open.
My mother was standing next to my bed! She must have come into
my room quietly and I was too intent on what I was doing to notice.
Now normally, I would have probably jumped or tried to cover myself,
or at least let go of my cock. In this particular case however, I was
immediately tranfixed. Mom was wearing an incredibly sexy piece of
lingere which was lacy, low cut and almost transparent. She looked
better than every wet dream I'd ever had about her combined!
"Uh, hi Mom."
"Hello there, sweetheart. Just what are you doing?" Mom
"Um, well, I..."
While I was trying to think of an answer, Mom got in bed next
to me!
"I think it's time we talked about your 'inspiration' for
what you were doing just now."
"Wh-what do you mean, Mom?"
"Do you really think I haven't noticed you peeking at me all
this time? I've known you were watching me all along!"
I was shocked! I mean, there were times I thought I saw Mom
look at me, but when she never said anything, I figured I was wrong.
"I'm sorry, Mom, I..." Mom silenced me by placing a finger
to my lips.
"Shhhh. Did I say I was upset?"
"You mean, you're not?"
"Do you think I would have come in here dressed like this if
I was upset with you?"
"Well, I guess not."
"Quite the opposite, actually. I have to confess, I loved the
idea that you were watching me."
"You did!?"
"Mmm-hmmm. The fact that my baby finds me sexy enough to spy
on is quite a compliment. Then when I realized that you went and
masturbated after watching me..."
"How did you know that, mom?"
"Simple, one day after you left my door, I followed you and
stood outside your door. I could hear what you were doing, so I knew.
That really turned me on."
"It did? Really?"
"Oh yes, darling. Thinking of you, laying in here, stroking
that beautiful cock. Knowing that you were thinking about me. Knowing
that you were imagining sliding that beautiful hard cock deep inside
your momma's pussy, fucking me with it. That is what you were
thinking about, isn't it?"
"Oh yes, mom! I always fantasize about you!"
"Mmmmm, knowing that when you came, you were imagining that
you were cumming deep inside your momma's pussy." As Mom spoke, she
reached down and gently caressed my cock. I moaned and jerked as she
touched my cock for the first time. I was so hot that a big drop of
pre-cum oozed from the tip of my cock. Mom saw it, and in one of the
most erotic gestures I've ever seen, she grasped my cock, looked
straight into my eyes, leaned over, and licked the pre-cum off
my cock.
"Ohhhhhh, Mom!" I groaned as she flashed a sexy smile.
"Mmmmmm, yummy!" she giggled. She came back up and kissed me
on the lips. She began caressing me gently. "Mmmm, such a sexy body,
and such a gorgeous cock! Of course, it should be. After all, I made
it. I think that means it should be mine, don't you?"
I couldn't believe what was happening! If I was dreaming
I sure hoped I wouldn't wake up!
"What do you mean, Mom?"
Mom flashed that sexy smile again and began kissing me,
speaking in between kisses.
"I mean <kiss> that I've <kiss> also been fantasizing <kiss>
about you, my darling. <kiss>"
"You have?"
"Mmmmm, yes, baby. I had fantasized about you before, but
when I found out you were watching me, it really got me thinking.
I began giving you better shows to get you even hotter. I knew you
were watching me play with myself, and that it would really make you
hot. So hot that you'd just have to come back here and play with
yourself. Then I could follow you and watch you!"
"You're kidding!" This was unbelievable!
"No, baby. I'm not kidding. You get so into what you're doing
that it's been no problem at all for me to slip in and watch you."
"Why did you want to do that, Mom?"
"Well if that isn't the silliest question I've ever heard, I
don't know what is! Because you turn me on too! I watch you stroking
that beautiful cock and I think about you stroking inside my pussy!
Then you shoot all that hot, creamy cum and I could almost feel it
going deep in my pussy. I got so hot I'd almost run back to my room
to make myself cum."
"Wow! I never imagined that...."
"Neither one of us has to imagine anymore, darling. That's
why I'm here. No more fantasies. It's time for reality."
"You mean..."
"I mean I want to make love to you. I want my son to slide
his beautiful cock deep inside his mother's pussy. I want to fuck you
until I cum all over it."
"Wow, Mom, I..."
"Wait. That's not all darling. There's more. I picked today
because it's a very special day." Mom said as she moved on top of me.
"Why is it special, Mom?"
"Because, my darling, I'm not on birth control, and today is
my most fertile day of the month. The absolute best day for me to get
pregnant. I chose today because not only do I want you to slide that
beautiful cock deep into your mother's pussy and fuck me with it
until I cum all over you, I want you to cum inside me."
"You mean that..."
"Yes, I want you to make love to me, cum inside me and get me
pregnant. I want to feel my son's cock throbbing inside my pussy as
it pumps his sperm deep into his mother's womb and gets her pregnant.
I want you to get your cock as deep inside my pussy as you can when
you cum so every drop of cum goes right into my womb and gets me
pregnant. I want you to keep your cock inside me after you cum so
it seals your cum inside me, so all of your sperm can swim right up
into my womb and impregnate me. I want my son to make me pregnant.
What do you think about that, baby?"
What did I think? I was speechless! Every fantasy I'd ever
had about her was coming true and then some! I was turned on beyond
"I'd love that more than anything, Mom! I've wanted you for
so long, and to know that you want me to get you pregnant...I've
never been more turned on in my life! There is nothing in the world
I want more than to make love to you, cum inside you, and get you
"Mmmmm, I'm glad to hear that my darling, because that's
exactly what's going to happen."
With that, Mom began kissing me. Not a motherly kiss, but a
lover's kiss. Deep, wet, passionate. Our tongues played together and
we took turns thrusting them into each other's mouths. When we
finally broke, I felt like I would burst with excitement.
"Oh, Mom, that was incredible!"
Mom didn't answer. She was too busy kissing and licking her
way down my body. She worked her way down to my cock and began
caressing it as she looked into my eyes.
"Mmmm, now I'm going to play with you, baby. I'm going to get
you so hot that when you finally do cum inside me, you'll flood my
pussy with enough cum to get me pregnant 100 times over! You're going
to flood my womb with a tidal wave of your sperm! You're going to get
your mother pregnant the very first time you make love to her!"
I moaned at the incredible turn on her words provided.
Meanwhile Mom did indeed begin working on me. She licked up and down
on my cock, sucked it and kissed it. She licked all over my scrotum
very gently. She massaged the area just behind it over my prostate.
She did all of them over and over in incredible combinations, getting
me so incredibly hot, but never too hot to the point of cumming.
Finally she moved back up my body, stripping off her lingere
as she went. She ended up straddling me, her wet pussy resting on my
cock, French kissing me again.
"Oh mom, that was incredible!" I gasped.
"Glad you enjoyed it baby, but that's just an appetizer." She
moved up and leaned over, pulling my head to her breasts. I knew what
she wanted and was only too happy to comply. I took her nipple in my
mouth and began sucking on it. Then I licked my way over and sucked
on the other one. I kept alternating until Mom suddenly gasped and
came! She kissed me again and slid up until she was sitting on my
chest with her beautiful pussy in my face.
"Oh baby, that was so nice. Now lick my pussy. Lick momma's
pussy, baby. Get it ready for your cock. Get momma's pussy ready to
take your beautiful cock inside it, sweetheart. Get momma's pussy all
ready to take your cum inside it and get pregnant, baby. Get momma's
pussy ready to get pregnant by her son!"
I moaned and began kissing, licking and sucking my mother's
pussy for all I was worth. I didn't really need to 'get her ready',
her pussy was already dripping wet! I loved the taste of her cum as
she rode my tongue. She began gasping and moaning, and I brought her
to three more orgasms before she slid down again. She bumped
my cockhead with her pussylips as she slid down, and she was so wet
that my cock slid all the way into her pussy in one stroke. We both
moaned our pleasure.
"Ohhhhh, baby! I finally have that gorgeous cock of yours
back inside my pussy where it belongs!"
"Ohhhhh, Mom! That feels SO good!"
"Mmmm, you fit perfectly! Like I made you just for me!"
Mom began sliding up and down on my cock very slowly. We were
both incredibly turned on, but we still wanted to make our first time
last as long as possible. She was leaning over me and I lifted my
head and began sucking on her nipples again. Mom moaned and held my
head to her breast.
"Mmmmm, that feels nice. You always did love sucking on
momma's nipples. Just think, after you get me pregnant, they'll have
milk in them again. How would you like to drink milk from momma's
breasts again, baby?"
"Ohh, I'd love that, Mom!"
"Good, because the thought turns me on something fierce! We
can do it just like this! You can suck on my nipples as I ride your
cock! I want to feel my milk squirting into your mouth as your cum
squirts into my pussy! You drinking my milk as my pussy drinks your
cum! Ohhhhh!!!!!!" Mom began cumming, her pussy squeezing my cock.
Feeling her orgasming on me nearly set me off, but I managed to hold
back. As Mom's orgasm subsided, she stopped and looked into my eyes.
Slowly, she lifted off my cock and lay on the bed beside me.
"We'll finish that way later, AFTER I'm pregnant. I don't
want your sperm to have to swim upstream. I want you on top of me.
I want you to slide your cock deep DOWN in my pussy, so that when you
cum inside me, every drop of your cum goes deep, deep, deep inside my
pussy, right up into my womb. That's the best way for you to get your
momma pregnant."
I rolled over atop my mother. I looked down into her eyes and
a flood of emotions washed over us.
"I love you, Mom."
She gently guided the head of my cock to her incredibly wet
"I love you, Son. Make love to me. Get momma pregnant."
I pushed forward, once again sliding my cock into the depths
of her pussy. We both moaned in a mixture of love and lust. I began
slowly sliding my cock in and out of her. We both looked down to the
place where my cock was pumping in and out of her pussy.
"Oh, baby, look at that. It's so beautiful. My son's cock
pumping in and out of my pussy, fucking me. I've dreamed of this for
so long. That's the way, baby. Fuck me. Fuck momma's pussy with that
beautiful cock. Make momma cum!"
"Mmmm, you like that mom? You like having your son's cock in
your pussy? Does that turn you on? Knowing that your son is going to
pump all of his cum deep inside your pussy and get you pregnant?"
"Oh, yes! It gets me so hot! I want my son to fuck me! I LOVE
it when my son fucks me! I want my son to get me pregnant! I want to
be pregnant by my son! Oh, I'm CUMMING!!!!!!!!!!!"
Mom's pussy squeezed my cock rapidly again as her orgasm
overtook her. I was nearing the end of my resistance and I began
pumping a little faster.
"Oh, baby, that's so good! You fuck momma's pussy so good!
It's your turn now, baby! I can't wait any longer! I'm ready now!
I'm fertile, unprotected and ready for you to cum in me, baby!
My pussy is ready for your cum! My womb is ready for your sperm! I'm
ready to get pregnant for you! I'm ready to get pregnant BY you! I
need for you to cum in my pussy baby! Shoot all that hot cum deep in
momma's pussy and get your momma pregnant! Your momma wants you to
make her pregnant, baby! Flood me with your sperm! Fill me up and get
me pregnant! I want to feel your cum shooting up into me, getting me
"Oh, Mom, I love you so much. I'm ready too! I'm ready to
cum inside you! I'm ready to get you pregnant! I'm gonna cum in your
pussy, mom! Your son is gonna shoot his hot cum in his mother's pussy
and get her pregnant!"
"Oh yes, baby, do it! Cum in momma's pussy! Get momma
pregnant! Shoot your hot cum deep in my pussy and get me pregnant!
Cum in me! Get me pregnant, baby!"
"Oh, Mom, I'm cumming! I'm getting you pregnant nowwww!!!!!"
I could feel my cum rising and I thrust my cock as deep as
I could get it inside Mom's pussy. We both felt it jerk and begin
throbbing inside her as it started pumping my cum into her pussy.
"Oh YES! I can feel it! I can feel you cumming inside me!
I can feel you getting me pregnant! My son is getting me pregnant!
Give it all to me! Keep filling me! Shoot it right into my womb!
Keep making momma pregnant! It's making me CUM! Ohhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!!!!"
When the first big streams of cum exploded inside her, Mom
started cumming, too. It was incredible. Her pussy was squeezing
my cock rhythmically, milking it, as if it wanted to draw as much cum
as possible into her to ensure she would get pregnant. Mom's earlier
ministrations definitely had the intended effect. I had never shot
so much cum in my life! Stream after stream of cum exploded from my
cock, and burried as deep inside her as I was, each stream was being
pumped right against her cervix and straight into her womb. Again and
again my throbbing cock pumped more and more of my cum into my
mother's body, sending more and more of my sperm on their mission to
impregnate her. Again and again her pussy squeezed my cock, in turn
causing it to pump out more and more cum. To add even further to the
eroticism of the whole situation, as we came together Mom and I
stared into each other's eyes, locked together as we orgasmed. It
seemed like we were cumming and I was shooting inside her forever.
I wanted it to go on forever.
Eventually, though, our orgasms began to subside as my cock
pumped the last few streams of cum deep inside my mother's pussy.
We held each other tightly, my cock still embedded deep inside her.
"Ohhhhh, baby! That was soooo good! I can feel your beautiful
warm cum inside me. We did a good job getting you ready. You really
did flood me! I can almost feel your sperm swimming up inside me,
getting me pregnant right now! Keep that gorgeous cock right where it
is. I want to keep every drop inside me!"
"Mmmm, Mom, that was incredible! I've never felt like that
before! I've never cum like that before! When you came with me, it
was like your pussy was milking my cock, making me cum even more."
"It was, darling. Why do you think a woman's pussy does that?
It's so that you'll shoot every drop of cum you have into me, to make
sure you get me pregnant!"
"So, do you really think we did it, Mom?
"With the amount of cum you just pumped into me? Like I said,
I can almost feel your sperm swimming around in my womb right now!
Yes, 'Daddy', I'm SURE you just got your own mother pregnant! How
does that make you feel?"
"VERY hot, Mom!"
"Mmmmm....well in that case, after we give your cum another
few minutes to soak in, we'll make sure you pump another load, or two
or three, into me! Since I'm sure I'm already getting pregnant right
now, I'll get on top next time, so you can practice sucking on my
nipples as you fuck me. After all, you have to be ready when I start
giving you milk again!"
"I love you so much, Mom."
"I love you, too, my darling."

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Thanks for sharing

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This is pasonatly awesome ( powerfull )

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Thanks for sharing.

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