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Old 29th September 2008
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Old 29th September 2008
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Love Affair with Mother

My love affair with my beautiful mother began when I was 15 years old. I
had long had fantasies about Mom, because she had a really sexy body, and I
became obsessed with sex while I was still very young. So far I had done
nothing about it except to find all the nude pictures that I could,
surreptitiously eye every woman and girl who was not an absolute mess,
masturbate two or three times a day, and talk about sex endlessly with my best
friend, whom I will call Danny here.

My amazing introduction to real live sex began in that way actually--as a
result of talking about sex with Danny. We had planned to sleep out in a tent
in my back yard on a warm summer night. As we lay in the tent, talking about
our favorite subject, girls, we became more and more hot and frustrated. We had
masturbated together, as we often did, but that wasn't enough. We speculated on
what it would be like to really get into a girl's panties, and we talked about
the schoolgirls that we would like to make it with, or even ones that we didn't
especially like but whom we thought might put out. Neither of us mentioned
older women as possibilities.

The more we talked, the more frustrated we became. Our cocks were stiff and we
had them out and stroked them from time to time. Finally Danny came up with the
idea of maybe fucking each other in the ass. Neither of us had any gay
tendencies that I know of, but we thought that maybe this would at least give
us the sensation of fucking a girl. I was reluctant, but Danny told me that I
could fuck him first, so finally I agreed to try it.

We knew that it would be pretty tight and probably painful, so I volunteered
to sneak into the house and get a jar of vaseline out of the bathroom. I
thought that I was being very quiet as I slipped into the house and, with the
aid of a flashlight, found the vaseline. But as I was heading back down the
hall, I almost ran into my mother. She grabbed the flashlight and shone it in
my face. I hid the vaseline behind me, but Mom saw the movement and made me
show her what I had.

"Oho!" she whispered. "I think I had better check up on what you guys are
doing out there. March right back out to the tent, young man."

She kept the flashlight as she made me precede her out the kitchen door and to
the tent. I was scared of what would happen if she found out what we really
were up to. I was too worried to notice that she was just wearing a thin
nightgown. As we approached, Danny stuck his head out and asked, "Did you get
it?" Then he saw Mom, and as she turned the light on his face, his jaw dropped
in shock and he faded back into the tent.

Mom pushed me into the tent and followed me inside. It was a fairly large
tent, with room for 4 people to sleep. I sat down beside Danny and stared at
Mom as she shone the light on first one of us and then the other. She didn't
say anything for a couple minutes, but just seemed to be studying our faces.
Finally she began the interrogation: "All right, boys, what's going on here?
Why the vaseline?"

"W-w-w-we w-w-weren't d-d-d-doing anything," Danny stammered. Then he tried to
say it again without stammering, but the same thing happened. "R-really, Mrs.
J-J-Johnson, we w-w-weren't d-d-doing anyth-th-thing." He sounded so funny I
could have laughed if I hadn't been just as nervous as he was.

Finally Mom said, "Are you two guys gay?"

"God, no, Mom!" I blurted out. "God, no! In fact, we were talking about girls
just now and...and...wondering what it would be like to...to...uh...you know."

"To fuck them?" Mom asked.

I was amazed to hear such a blunt question from her and especially using the
"F" word. But I definitely did not want her thinking that we were gay. I'd
rather she thought anything else. "Yeah," I replied. "That's it."

"You weren't planning to have some girls drop by, were you?"

"Oh, no, Mom. We don't even know any girls that would."

"Then why the vaseline?" We didn't say anything, just stared stupidly at her.
Mom turned the light into Danny's face. "Danny, why the vaseline?"

Danny looked so scared his hair was practically standing on end. He began his
line again, stammering and shaking. "W-w-we w-w-w-weren't d-d-doing
anyth-th-thing." Again I had the urge to laugh out loud because he looked and
sounded so funny.

Then I noticed with surprise that Mom apparently had the same urge and was
smiling broadly. "Have you guys fucked a girl yet?" she asked bluntly.

"N-n-no, m-m-m-ma'am," Danny stammered, and I said, "No, we haven't, Mom. We
were just talking about it and...you know...wondering how it would...you
know... feel."

Mom actually chuckled at our embarrassment, and I began to relax a little.
Maybe we weren't going to get into any trouble. I was hoping that Mom would
just take the vaseline back inside, tell us to behave, and leave us alone. I
would never have dreamed that she would do what she did.Mom sort of sighed and said, "So here I am, trapped in a tent after midnight
with two raving teenage sex fiends." She laughed a low little laugh and
shrugged. "Well, as they say, you might as well just lay back and enjoy it."

Then to our utter astonishment, she lay down on her back on one of the air
mattresses. She lifted her hips up and pulled her nightgown up to her waist. In
the dim light of the flashlight, Danny and I just gaped open mouthed, frozen in

"I thought you guys said you wanted to find out what it was like to fuck a
girl. I'm a girl--or haven't you noticed?" Mom handed me the flashlight. "Take
a look if you don't believe me."

I turned the light full upon her body. My God! This was no girl! This was a
WOMAN! And what a woman! I had seen hundreds of porn pictures, but none of them
was half as sexy looking as this big solid curvy woman lying there with her
bare pussy exposed to our enraptured gaze. Her legs were absolutely perfectly
formed, on the full side, with her thighs tapering to generous hips. Her
slightly rounded belly curved down to a vee of crispy looking black hair.

As we stared, Mom slowly opened her legs, and in the flashlight's full beam we
could see her pussy lips amid the hair. She put her hand on her pussy and
rubbed it a few times, then opened the lips with her fingers. "Here's where you
put it, boys. Right in this warm, wet cunt." She rolled her hips back and
forth, enticing us. Then she said to me, "Come on, Johnny. You're first."

She reached out her hand, and as if in a trance, I found myself being drawn
between her outspread thighs. Mom reached down and pried my hard cock out of my
shorts. Then she stroked me a few times, making it swell up harder yet. God,
what a feeling to have my mother's hand tugging on my engorged cock and drawing
it closer to her awaiting gaping pussy.

Mom pressed my young prick against her damp pussy lips and said, "Come on,
honey, push it right in there....Push....That's it....All the way in....Good
boy!...Now fuck your mommy, honey. Just push and pull, push and pull."

My God! I couldn't believe it wasn't a dream. I actually had my dick in my
mother's warm pussy! And she was encouraging me to fuck her! I did as she said,
pushing into her yielding softness and then pulling partly out. It was a little
awkward at first, but then it began to feel natural--fantastically natural!

"That's it, honey," Mom cooed. "That's what it's like to fuck a girl. You're
doing very nicely--very, very nicely!"

Soon I was really into it, plunging in with enthusiasm--in and out with my
cock on fire. Man, this sure as hell beat jacking off! I noticed that Danny had
the light shining on us, getting the full show. He was beginning to come out of
his shock. "What does it feel like?" he kept whispering hoarsely. "What does it
feel like?"
Well, it felt so damned good that I couldn't say a word. I just kept right on
fucking away. But not for long. My overexcited cock couldn't take very much of
this wonderful action. It soared to the boiling point and then boiled over. I
began to pant and almost whimper as my hot juice started spurting deep into my
mother's belly. My skinny ass was bouncing and jerking like mad as I got all
the sensation I could out of my fantastic orgasm. God! It felt absolutely
tremendous, the most ecstatic feeling of my young life!

Finally I collapsed, completely exhausted, and in a couple moments I rolled
off Mom's body. Immediately Danny leaped onto her and was stabbing around like
crazy with his long cock, trying to get it into her hole. Finally Mom managed
to grab hold of it and guided it to her pussy entrance. Danny started humping
like mad, just going wild. His timidity had completely vanished and he had
become a fucking machine.

Danny was just so overwhelmed by the whole thing. As he was fucking rapidly,
he cried out in awe, "I've really got it in her! I've got it in her pussy--and
I'm fucking her! I'm really fucking her!"

I noticed that Mom started moving her body more while Danny was fucking away.
I knew that his cock was bigger than mine, and I became a little jealous to
think that Mom might be enjoying his fucking more than mine. But he couldn't
hold out any longer than I did. In a short time he was panting and groaning as
he came, and then in another minute he was rolling off Mom's body, his energy
spent for the moment.

The few minutes that had elapsed, along with the vision of my mother being
fucked by my best friend, had revived my youthful cock already, and my energy
was back. I climbed back onto Mom and she took my cock and guided it again into
her love passage, now sloppy with our combined cum. I determined to fuck her
with great force this time, trying to show her that I could fuck at least as
well as Danny. Mom responded by humping up to meet my thrusts. I leaned forward
and kissed Mom on the mouth and she returned my kiss eagerly. Soon we were
kissing open mouthed.

Of course, I was able to hold out longer since I had already come. I kept
pounding it to Mom as hard as I could, and she started grunting with the force
of my thrusts. I was sure that she was enjoying this fuck much more than the
first one. I didn't know what it was like for a woman to come, so I whispered,
"Are you coming, Mom?"

"Yes, honey," she said softly. "Ooooh! You feel real good in there."

This made me feel great, but I know now that she was just saying this to make
me feel good. Maybe she was enjoying the fuck--in fact, I know she was--but I
also know that she didn't come with me at that time. But I was surely going to
come. My buildup was slower this time, but as I was able to hold out longer,
the orgasm was much stronger when it came. It just took my breath away as my
hot cock began gushing, the sensation spreading through my whole body,
thrilling me to the core. I shook and moaned as I shot a second big dose of my
cum into my wonderful mother's juicy cunt.

I hadn't got completely off Mom before Danny was right there. In fact, he
kicked me a couple times in his eagerness to mount her again. Soon he was
plunging away again, hogwild in his avid fucking. Mom began to buck with him
much harder than before. They went on and on as I watched, fucking with
abandon, both of them working hard at it. A real pang of jealousy swept through
me as I heard my mother moan, "Oh God!...I'm coming!...I'm coming! Oh,
Danny!...That's so gooood...so Goddamned gooood!"

Her hips were bucking wildly. I got down and shone the flashlight up under the
fuckers. I could see Danny's slimy cock flashing rapidly in and out of Mom's
swollen, hairy cunt lips. It was a fascinating sight--my own mother's cunt
being fucked fiercely. In my memory I can still see it as clearly as I did
then--that pistoning cock plunging in and out of my mother's eagerly responding

Then Danny came big again, lay on Mom for a while longer as they both panted
hard, and at last rolled off. I would have loved to go again, but I was shot
for the night, and my cock wouldn't grow more than semi-hard. I did caress
Mom's body tenderly and kissed her again before I fell asleep. We were all
exhausted, and Danny and I were soon soundly sleeping on either side of Mom's
well-fucked body.

I don't know why Mom didn't go back into the house. She was taking a big
chance sleeping out in the tent with us. What would Dad do if he woke up and
found her gone? God! That could have been a catastrophe. But I know that she
stayed right there, snoozing between her two teenaged lovers.

I awoke very early as the midsummer sky was beginning to turn gray. I heard
the sound of the early morning birds singing cheerily. But I heard some other
sounds too. I opened my eyes and saw that Danny was on top of Mom again and had
his cock going in her pussy. Mom was completely naked now, and Danny had a big
handful of tit. She had her knees way up, and her ass was bucking eagerly up
and down in response to Danny's feverish thrusts. Again I laid my head down
near their humping hips and stared at the sight of Danny's cock spearing in and
out of Mom's hairy cunt. In and out--in and out--thrust, thrust, thrust--fuck,
fuck, fuck. I started playing with my instantly hard cock as I watched those
greedy genitals, striving for every bit of sensation that they could get.

And now in the light of the morning, the reality hit me hard for the first
time: This was my MOTHER, for God's sake! My mother was willingly, eagerly
fucking my best friend. The cock that I was holding in my hand had also been in
that same fantastic pussy. I was a motherfucker! And my cool, proper mother was
a hot woman who loved to fuck, who blatantly offered her body to two teenaged
boys, who fucked night and morning with them while her husband unknowingly
snoozed away, alone in their bed. Fantastic!

I was getting more and more aroused. I could have come quickly by
masturbating, but I wanted to come in Mom. But Danny and Mom went on and on,
fucking and fucking as if they would never stop. Finally I punched Danny and
said, "Come on, Danny. Hurry up. I want to fuck Mom again."

But Mom spoke excitedly and harshly, "Leave him alone, Johnny! Leave him
alone!" It was pretty obvious that she wasn't ready to stop yet.

Their fucking even intensified. Mom had her hands on Danny's ass pulling him
harder into her, yanking him hard into her pussy with each thrust. Then she was
moaning and crying out softly, "I'm coming!... Ooooohhh!... Oh, Danny!... Oh,
Danny!... That's so Goddamned goooood!... Gooooood!... Oh, God! God! God!... Oh
God! Am I ever comiiiinnnng!... OOOOOOHHHHH!"

This apparently was more than Danny could stand, and he started shooting into
her as he panted and groaned. I could see cum leaking out of Mom's cunt and
dripping down her ass crack. At last they lay still, Danny still lying on Mom
as they recovered their breath.

I was eager for my turn, but to my great disappointment, Mom held me off after
Danny finally rolled off her body. She picked up her nightie and peeked out of
the tent. "I'd better get back inside before your father wakes up," she said.

"But, Mom--" I started to protest.

"Sorry, honey," Mom said, "but I'd better not stay any longer." She gave me a
quick kiss, and I was able to fondle her tits for a second before she pulled
her nightie over her head. Then she hurried into the house, and I was left with
an aching cock that was deprived of its morning fuck. Now I was really jealous.

Danny was still wiping off his cock. "Man," he said, "your mom is one sexy
bitch! What a hot piece of ass!"

This made me really mad, and I tied into him. I soon had him in a wrestling
hold that made him moan with pain. He was taller than I was and had a bigger
cock--damn it!--but I was stronger and a better athlete. I told him I wouldn't
turn him loose unless he went home right away. He didn't want to go, because he
wanted to go in and have breakfast and get to see Mom again. But I kept the
pressure on until he finally gave up. I was glad to see him leave our yard.

I lay in the tent dozing until I heard the car start and knew that Dad was
leaving for work. Then I hurried into the house. I found Mom in the kitchen and
tried to hug her, but she pushed me away. "Where's Danny?" she asked. When I
told her that he had to get home early for some reason, she seemed
disappointed, which made me even more jealous.

Mom fixed me some breakfast, and I ate while I eyed her. She was wearing
shorts, a sleeveless shirt, and tennis shoes. I imagined the goodies inside her
clothes the way I had seen them in the tent. God, I wanted her again! I just
had to have her.

When I had finished breakfast, I went up behind Mom and put my arms around
her, pulling her ass against my rock-hard prick. But Mom wouldn't cooperate.
She struggled to free herself. "Aw, Mom!" I complained. "You gave it to Danny
this morning. It isn't fair."

Mom was furious. She backed me into the counter and pointed her finger in my
face. "Now see here, Johnny, my boy," she said. "It's mine to give if and when
I want to, and I definitely do not want to give anything right now--and
probably never again to you."

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This hit me really hard. I stared at her in disbelief and intense pain. Then I
started to cry like a baby. I just couldn't help it. It was the first time in
years that Mom had seen me crying.

She softened her attitude. "I'm sorry, baby, but you've got to understand. I'm
your mother. I don't know what got into me last night...."Then she paused and
gave a hard little laugh. "Well, I do know what got into me--two young
dicks--but I don't know why I did it. It was just a sudden urge. I never should
have done it."

"But, Mom," I sobbed, "it was so good. You even said it was good."

"It did feel good, honey. I'm not denying that. But it was very wrong. I could
get into very serious trouble for what we did."

"But no one will ever know, Mom." I began pleading again, "But, Mom, couldn't
I have it just one more time. Danny got to do it again. I'm really jealous,
Mom. I think you like him better than me."

Mom put her arms around me. "Honey, I don't like anybody better than you. You
are my pride and joy. But, honey, it's even more wrong for me to do it with you
than to do it with Danny, because you're my son. It's a mortal sin--incest."

"But, Mom, I love you so much. I felt so close to you when we were doing it
and--and laying together--and kissing. How could it be wrong if we're just
showing our love for each other?"

Mom tried to explain to me, but I just wouldn't be convinced. We went on
arguing as she kept her arms around me and tried to pacify me. "Mom," I went
on, "I've just got to have it. My--my dick hurts like crazy. It needs you. Just
one time, Mom--just one time to make up for what Danny got."

Mom moved her hand down and gently grasped my cock through my shorts. It gave
an eager leap as she touched it. "Maybe I could just do it with my hand for
you. OK?"

"No, Mom," I protested. "I've got to have it in your pussy. I've just got to.
Please, Mom! Give it to me as you did for Danny."

Mom sort of gritted her teeth. "Dammit!" she said. "I'm getting tired of
hearing that." Then she heaved a big sigh, still holding my cock. "OK, kiddo,"
she said finally. "But if I do let you fuck me again, you have to do something
for me."

"Oh, God! Anything, Mom! Anything at all! You just name it and I'll do
anything to get in there again!"

"Come on then," Mom muttered, and she grabbed my cock rather roughly and
dragged me by the cock to my room. "I'm really not in the mood for a fuck right
now, so you have to do me first," she said. "Take off your clothes."

As I quickly shucked off my tee-shirt and shorts, Mom unbuttoned her blouse
and took it off. She reached behind her back and unfastened her bra, then
slipped it off, letting her beautiful big tits bounce free. God! They were
gorgeous! Then she stepped out of her shorts, leaving her with just sheer white
bikini panties through which her dark pussy hair showed clearly. She stuck her
thumbs into the top of the panties and slid them down her shapely thighs. She
tossed the panties onto a chair and stood there naked before me.

I could see her far better now than I had been able to in the tent. My cock
twitched and jerked as I looked at all that female beauty. I could see now that
she had a few blemishes: her tits sagged a little, and there were some veins
showing in her legs. But they were just minor imperfections that set off the
overall beauty of her lovely big body. I stared in adoring awe at my mother's

Mom took one of my pillows and put it down in the middle of the bed. Then she
climbed onto the bed and positioned herself so that her hips were on the
pillow, lifting her cunt up. "OK, Johnny baby, here's what you have to do for
me. I want you to kiss and lick my pussy. You have to get your tongue inside my
lips and pleasure my clit. Look, I'll show you."

Mom opened up her pussy lips with her fingers. She pointed out the nub of her
clitoris and directed me on how I was to go about performing cunnilingus on
her. "Now if you think it's too dirty for you to do, just say so, and we'll
forget the whole thing--but you don't get to fuck me unless you eat me out
first. OK?"

"OK, Mom!" I exclaimed. "Wow! I'll be glad to do it, Mom! I'll love doing it
to you. Just tell me if I don't do it right. I want to make you feel really
good, Mom."

I lowered my face to my mother's crotch, first just tentatively kissing her
inner thighs and lower belly. I stuck my tongue into her belly button. I
nuzzled into her abundant black pubic hair. I took a deep sniff of her musky
woman smell. I loved it! Mom just lay still and let me ease into the task as I

Finally I began kissing the outside of her cunt lips, which were soft and
moist, a little sticky. I reached one hand up and began fondling her breasts as
I more insistently kissed the soft lips. Then I pulled open the lips to let my
tongue inside. I began just licking the inner lips around the edges, then
stiffened my tongue and poked it into her vaginal passage as far as it would
go. I loved the tangy taste of her pussy lubrication. Mom began stirring
somewhat at that and moving her hips slightly. I kept up this licking and
probing for some time as I could feel Mom getting more and more aroused.

Now I figured it was time to get to the clit. I already knew that this was a
woman's most sensitive part, although I hadn't known what it really looked like
until now. I began touching it lightly with my tongue, licking and flicking at
it. Mom started to sigh and moan softly and her hips moved more. Then I put my
lips around it and began sucking very gently on her protruding clit. Mom gave a
great moan and began bucking her hips just as though she were fucking. I had to
get both hands on her ass cheeks so that I could control her movements and keep
my lips on her cunt.

Mom's moans and grunts increased and she was humping my face hard as I
continued to lick and suck. She put both of her hands on my head and pulled my
face harder into her crotch. I could hardly breathe, but I was so intoxicated
by her smell and taste, the feel of her coarse pussy hair on my nose, the feel
of her rapidly flexing ass cheeks in my hands, the humping of her belly--God!
It made me feel so great to be doing such an intimate thing to my mother, more
intimate even than fucking her. And I knew that she was really getting carried
away by intense physical sensations. I wanted her to have a huge cum because of
my loving lips and tongue.

And she did! "Oh, God! Oh, God!... Here it comes!...Oh, Johnny, Johnny,
Johnny!... You're making Mommy come!... Oh, Fuuuccckkkk!... Oooh!... Oooh!...
Oh, God!... OOOOOOOOOHHHHHHHH!" All at once she gave a loud scream and
stiffened up, holding my head still, jammed into her fragrant crotch. Her body
was shuddering uncontrollably, and I could tell that all kinds of things were
going on inside her spasming cunt. There was a sudden increase in her vaginal
fluids. For a long time she held my head completely still, and we were both
holding our breath as her orgasm swept over her. I knew that it was a big one,
and I almost came myself from the sheer delight of seeing, feeling, smelling,
hearing and tasting her ecstasy.

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At last Mom heaved a great sigh and relaxed. letting go of my head. I raised
up and saw that she was lying with her eyes closed, still trembling a bit. Her
smell was stronger, very stimulating. I crawled up beside her and began kissing
and nibbling at her tits. I began petting her pussy gently. Then I put my mouth
on Mom's and gave her a big soft, open-mouthed kiss. She responded, kissing me
fervently. She got hold of my cock and stroked it gently. God! What bliss to be
lying here fondling and petting with my beautiful big Mom as we kissed

I lifted up my head and asked, "Did I do it all right, Mom? Did it feel good?"
Of course, I already knew the answer, but I wanted to hear her say it.

"Oh, God, yes, honey!" she murmured. "You really made your Mommy feel
wonderful. Thank you, my handsome boy."

"You're welcome, Mom. I'd be delighted to do it anytime you want it."

"Hmmm. Well, I--I'll have to think about that awhile." We kissed some more,
and then she said, "I really love to have my pussy eaten, but your father won't
do it. He expects me to suck his cock, but he says my cunt is too dirty for him
to lick."

"Oh, Mom, that's terrible. I think your cunt is delicious. It's almost as good
as fucking you. If you really like it, why not let me do it for you every day?"

Mom laughed. "You're too damned eager... but it is a very tempting offer." She
raised herself up on her elbows. "Well, I did make a deal with you, and you've
carried out your part." A thrill shot through me as I thought of what was
coming next. "But--" Mom began, and my heart almost stopped, "you did such a
good job on my pussy, I'd like to reward you with a special treat first. Then
we can fuck. OK?"

"Anything you say, Mom, as long as I get to stick my cock into your sweet cunt
again.... But what kind of special treat do you mean?"

"Well, you licked me, so I'm going to give your cock a real good sucking. Any

"God, no, Mom! Oh, wow! What a wonderful mother!"

Mom laughed. "What a horrible mother--fucking and sucking her son and having
him lick her pussy! My God! I reckon we'll both wind up in hell! But right now,
honey boy, frankly I don't give a damn."

With that she pushed me down onto my back, straddled my legs and bent her head
down to my upstanding cock. She took it in both hands and gently kissed it up
and down its length. Then she began lightly licking the sensitive head like an
ice cream cone. Oh, God! What a sensation! If your cock hasn't been sucked by
your mother, you can't know what it's like. Then she slowly began to take my
cock farther and farther into her mouth, swirling her tongue around the ring as
she did so. I tensed my muscles and held on for life to keep from coming too
fast. I wanted this to last as long as possible.

I could now feel my cock hitting the back of Mom's throat when it was in all
the way. Then she would pull her head back, keeping her lips firmly rounded,
sliding my prick out to the tip, then lowering her chin and pushing me back
inside. Her tongue kept up its licking and swirling throughout. I could tell
that Mom had had a lot of experience sucking cocks, and she surely did an
expert job on me. I loved to watch that curly dark brown head bobbing over my
love pole. I put my hands on her head as she had done to me, and pushed her
tighter against me when she went down farther on my cock, and I fucked into her
face. Oh, God, what a sight and what a sensation!

The heat in my prick built and built, the intense aching itch spreading out
through my loins, then through my whole body. I grunted and groaned, "Oh, God,
Mom!... Oh, God, that feels so good!... Oh, Mom, Mom, Mom!... Oh, you do it so
good, Mom!... I--I'm going to come, Mom!... Look out, Mom!... Here it
cuuummmmms!... Ohhhhhhh, Fuuucccckkkk!..."

I expected Mom to pull her mouth off as I started to spurt my load of hot cum,
but she didn't. She just kept gobbling greedily, swallowing everything I put
out. My cock jerked and spewed a big gob of my fuck juice down her throat, and
Mom just kept saying, "Mmmmm!... Mmmmm!" as she gulped it all down.

At last I ran dry and stopped humping my cock at her. She kept me right in her
mouth, still sucking gently until I had lost some of my hardness. When she
finally released my cock from her mouth, she still held it and licked away
every trace of cum, cleaning my cock with her tongue. God! What a woman!

Finally she crawled up beside me, still keeping one hand on my cock. She put
her mouth on mine, and I could smell and taste my cum, just as she must have
been able to taste her juices from my mouth before. I began playing with her
tits and cunt again, and we lay there lovingly fondling and kissing until my
prick had revived once more. It didn't take long.

Then Mom got up on her hands and knees and climbed astraddle my thighs. "How
did you like that, lover boy?" she asked with a smile.

"Oh, God, Mom, you know I loved it! What a terrific thing you did for me! I'll
never be able to thank you enough!"

"And now, to complete the deal," Mom murmured, "I'm going to give you a fuck
you will never forget. Last night was nothing--this one is going to be a good
one. You just lie there and let me do it. You won't be jealous any more, I

Mom positioned her hips above my erect cock, took hold of it with one hand,
opened her pussy lips with the other, and lowered her cunt slowly onto my eager
rod. What a terrific pleasure to watch my fuck tool disappear into that hairy
cunt and to feel that warm, wet love passage swallow it up, right to the balls.
I could see my light brown hair mesh with her black curls as our bodies were
completely joined in loving coitus. Mom's big firm tits were dangling above me,
and I put a hand on each one to caress and squeeze them. Mom lowered her upper
body onto mine, lying forward to put her open mouth on mine again. She began
licking at my lips, and I opened my mouth and our tongues played with each
other as she just lay still with my rod warmly embraced by her hot pussy.

For a long time we didn't move our bodies, just enjoying that intimate
connection as we lovingly kissed. "Mmmm!" Mom murmured into my mouth. "You're a
good kisser. You taste good."

"Oh, Mom, I love you so much. You've made me feel so good. I'm sorry I acted
so silly."

"No, no, honey. I don't blame you. I'm glad you talked me into this. I
wouldn't want to miss any of this for the world."

Then Mom began to slowly slide up my rod and gently back down, lifting her ass
up until we were almost apart, then shoving my prick back into her depths. She
did this very slowly and sensually. I could feel every inch of her slippery
vagina glide over every inch of my sensitive cock. She kept her mouth on mine
as she gently fucked me. For long minutes she continued this slow fuck. Since I
had just come, I was able to hold out much longer this time. I wanted it to
last forever. Mom knew exactly what she was doing--she had me right on the
brink all the time. If I was about to lose control and start shooting, she
seemed to sense this and stopped moving for a minute or two. What bliss to be
on fire all the time and not lose it!

After a long time, Mom raised her hips until just the tip of my cock was
touching her cunt. She put a hand on my cock and held me in place as she rubbed
her clit on the head. She was using my cock like a dildo to pleasure herself,
only she was pleasuring me at the same time. After just a little of this, she
began to moan and tremble with delight, her breath coming in gasps. Then she
suddenly slammed her hips tight against mine, ramming my cock hard into her.

Then we were off to the races. Mom's ass leaped and bucked as she fucked the
hell out of me, slamming her belly against mine with a smack, then yanking her
ass up for another hard plunge. All the time she was snorting and grunting and
whining as if she were in a nonstop orgasm. God! Was I ever being fucked! I
would never have believed that such a big solid ass and such hips could move so
fast. My cock was red hot now, and that familiar feeling began radiating out to
my groin and thighs, then throughout my body. I held it as long as I could,

But as Mom's insistent pussy continued to milk me, I finally gave a big roar
and cut loose. My hot juices came shooting out into Mom's plunging pussy. The
feeling was almost more than I could bear, just sweeping over me in wave after
wave as my cock spewed its load deep into Mom's belly. Then Mom finally
stiffened up as she started coming with me. I could feel her pussy muscles
churning and grasping at my cock as she gave a screech and began shaking and
shuddering violently. We hung there together, my cock joyously emptying into
her spasming cunt, both of us quaking and moaning. God! What a great cum!

We finally collapsed, with Mom lying full upon me, almost crushing the air out
of my lungs. But damn! she felt good there! My cock was still in her, but I
could feel the fuck fluids start to ooze out of her pussy and dribble down my
balls onto the bed. It was going to be a mess. I didn't give a damn. I had had
what must be one of the best fucks anybody could ever have--Hell no! The BEST
fuck anybody had ever had! I was worn out, but I was one happy teenager. I had
the best Mom in the world--one who would give her son her gorgeous body in
motherly love. Hey, man, there's no better sex in the world than that,
absolutely none! If you haven't fucked your mom, you haven't reached the peak
of sexual pleasure.

As the days passed, Mom kept wavering. She kept telling me that there could be
no more sex between us, but then she would relent and let me feel her up while
she stroked my cock, and I got to lift up her dress and look at her ass and

Finally one day she suggested that I invite Danny over for the day. I really
didn't want to, but Mom made it pretty clear that I'd better. When he arrived,
Mom was dressed in the sexiest outfit I had ever seen her wear, and when Danny
started ogling her deliberately and then tried a feel, she didn't object at
all. We wound up naked in bed together and had a great afternoon of fucking.
Again she seemed to get more turned on by Danny's frantic fucking than by mine,
so I was burning with jealousy, but I was certainly glad to get into Mom's hot
pussy again.

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After that I occasionally got to fuck Mom alone, although she insisted on
several more threesomes with Danny. But as time passed, I could feel the
advantage begin to swing my way. For one thing Danny wouldn't eat her pussy,
and I loved to do it. All that Danny wanted to do was straight fucking with him
on top, and he only knew one tempo--slam bang. I discovered that Mom loved
variety. Sometimes she wanted a nice slow gentle fuck, and she often preferred
to be on top, using my cock to pleasure her clit. Another thing that helped was
that I was on a growth spurt, and within a year I was taller than Danny. My
cock was growing too; maybe the exercise of fucking helped. Anyway Danny's cock
was no longer bigger than mine. Gradually Danny was dropped. He threatened me
at one time that he would tell if he didn't get to fuck Mom any more, but I
pinned him down and told him what I would do to him if he tried.

Another wonderful thing was happening. As I matured, Mom began turning more
and more to me just as a friend. She began discussing things with me on an
adult level, and we became closer than we had ever been before. Finally one
glorious day Mom told me that she had fallen completely in love with me (as I
already was with her). She said that she had never loved Dad or anyone else the
way she now loved me. And as our romantic and spiritual love grew, the sex got
even better. God, the hours that Mom and I spent fondling each other, lying
together kissing and talking love, then fucking sensually and licking and
sucking each other lovingly! We never got tired of each other for a moment,
and we still haven't.

I am now 24 years old and have been my mother's ardent lover for 9 wonderful
years. She is 45 now and still as sexy as ever. I have graduated from college
and have a good job. I now have my own apartment, where Mom is a very frequent
visitor. We still find plenty of time to enjoy each other's body. Mom keeps
urging me to date other girls and look for a wife. I do date occasionally, and
I have fucked a number of lovely young ladies (and a couple not so young), but
none of them can come anywhere near the passionate sexiness of my gorgeous Mom.
And I can tell that she gets a little jealous when I date and really wants to
keep me for herself. That's fine with me. I do love my fantastically voluptuous
Mom and bless that amazing night when she came into my tent and opened her
delightful thighs for two horny boys.


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Nitu meri bahan

Mera naam akash hai. main apni kahani aapko batane ja raha hu. Main 23 saal ka ladka hu. Hostel mein rah kar padhai karta hu. Ghar mein mere papa 45 yr. old, ek bank mein manager hai, maa 43 yr. old govt. school teacher hai. meri bahan nitu mujhse 10 saal chhoti hai school mein padhti hai. chhoti hone ki wajah se wo sab ke muh lagi hui hai. sab uska khyal rakhte hai aur uski har baat maantehai. main ek sukhi parivar se talluk rakhta hu. Papa mummy dono job karte hai isliey kisi cheej ki kami nahi hai. maine kai ladkiyan chodi hai. balki ye kaha jay ki main chodne mein ustad hu. Kisibhi ladki ko jhatpat chod sakta hu. Experience hone ki vajah se main ladkiyo ko dekh kar samajh jata hu ki wo chudwaigi ya nahi. Bur ke hole ki mujhey achchhi jankari hai, maine kisi bhi ladki ki bur mein galat tarike se lund nahi daala. Bur ke hole mein agar thik jagah lund dala jay to ladki ko dard nahi hota hai chahe wo bilkut seal kyo na ho.ladkiyo ki bur jhilli fatne par bahut thoda dard hota hai, jyada dard uske pairo ko failane se hota hai. bur ki banavat hi aisi hoti hai ki bade se bada lund le leti hai. main apni chhuttiyo mein ghar aaya tha. Garmi ke din they. Hum hamesha AC on karke ghar mein khub dhamal karte they. Main nitu ko chhedta rahta tha, wo chidhti rahti thi. Ise chhed chhad karne mein ek din hua ye ki nitu bistar par andhe muh let kar kuchh padh rahi thi. Main bina awaj kiey uske paas gaya aur uski aankhein dono haatho se band kar di ki use pata nahi chale ki kaun hai.wo palat na sake iske liey main uske pith par baith gaya tha. Wo niche dab gayi thi, usne kaha ki bhaiya book niche hai fat jayga use rakhne do na. maine kaha main rakhta deta hu, par tumko nahi chhodunga.book uski chhati ke niche tha.maine apna haath book lene ke liey uski chhati ke niche daala to mera hhath uske top ke ander chala gaya. Uski chhoti chooi mere haath se lagi to main chaunka. Maine hatheli se uski choochi ko sahla diya to wo boli book niche hai. mujhey uski choochi sahlane par maja aaya, mmaine kaha aur niche kaha? Usne kaha haath bahar nikalo fir batati hu. Maine ek baar uski choochi ko jor se masla aur haath bahar nikala.wo boli kya karte ho bhiya? Maine kaha bas dekh raha tha ki kaisa lagta hai.ab to tum badi ho chuki ho. main nitu ko apni pakad se aajad kar diya. Wo uthi aur book ko shelf mein rakha aur kamre se bahar chali gayi. Main dar gaya ki use bura to nahi laga. Main uske pichhe aaya to wo papa ke kamre mein thi. Main waha gaya aur poochha ki kyo bhag rahi ho, maine koi galati ki kya? Wo gusse mein boli itna jor se kiya ki dard hone laga, aise bhi koi karta hai kya? Maine kaha ki ab jor se nahi karunga thik hai. wo boli ab karogey to dant kat lungi. Maine kah thik hai tum pahle hi daant kat lo aur mujhey karne do. Wo boli nahi ab nahi karna hai. maine use pakad kar apne haath uske top ke ander daala aur dono hatheliyo se choochi sahlane laga, pahle to wo bhagne ki koshish ki aur chhutne ki koshish ki par maine mahsoos kiya kiuski choochi ki nipple hard ho gayi.dhire dhire usne virodh karna band kar diya aur aankhein band kar li. Main waise hi bed ki taraf badha aur baith gaya aur use god mein le liya. Usne kaha kya karte ho bhaiya, plz mat karo. Maine kaha aaj mat roko, plz main jo karta hu karne do. Yah kahte huey maine uski top nikal di aur uski chhoti si choochi ko choosne laga. Uske muh se aannhhh uuuummmmhh ki awaj nikalne lagi. Nitu ki choochi chooste huey maine apna muh uske honth ki taraf badhaya aur uske komal patle honth ko choosna shuru kar diya, doosre haath se choochi ko bhi sahla raha tha. Fir mera muh uski nabhi ko choomne laga aur chatne laga, ab mera haath uske skirt ko kholne laga, wo thoda virodh ki par ruk gayi. Maine skirt niche sarka di aur uski jangho ko choomne chtne laga. Wo bilkul hi garam ho chuki thi uske muh se anh uunnhh ke alawa koi awaj nahi nikal rahi thi.fir maine uski panty mein haath daala aur uski bur ko hatheli ragadna chalu kar diya. Uski bur se ras nikal raha tha. Maine uski panty bhi nikal di aur uske nabhi chatte huey niche ki taraf badha aur bur par muh laga diya. 3-4 baar hi jibh ko bur ki darar mein chalaya hi tha ki usne apni taangein faila di aur mere sir ko pakad kar bur mein dabane lagi. Main bhi dabab dekar bur mein jibh chalane laga, aur ek haath se apna pajama aur underwear khola. Tab tak wo akadne lagi aur uske bur se ras bahar nikalne laga. Mere muh par poora bur ka ras laga hua tha, main dhire dhire bur se muh hata kar use pet aur choochi par honth ragadte huey uske honth chosne laga aur uske upar aa gaya. Maine apni shirt utar di aur uske honth chooste huey lipat gaya. Usne apni tangein mere kamar mein lapet li, kuchh hi min. honth waise hi choosne ke baad maine lund ko uski bur ke darar par laga kar push kiya, bur gili thi hi sahi jagah par lund fas kar ruk gaya.main dono haatho se uski choochi pakdi aur muh ko uske honth ko pakda aur gachch se lund pel diya. Wo ek baar dard se uchki par awaj mere muh ke karan dab kar rah gayi. Mera adha lund uske bur ki seal todta hua ghus chuka tha. Maine apna muh uske muh se hata to wo boli dard hota hai bhaiya. Maine kaha bas ab nahi hoga. Fir maine use kiss karna chalu kar diya aur choochi ko hatheli se sahlane laga.2-3 min. ke baad maine lund ko ander ki taraf dabaya to poora lund ander ho gaya.. fir maine uske poore chehre ko choomna chalu kar diya. Aur dhire dhire lund aagey pichhe karne laga. 2-2 ½ min. lund aagey pichhe karte hi usne mujhey bahon mein pakad liaya. Maine chudaaai ki raftar badha di aur lagbhag 2 min. aur dhakke lagaya hi tha wo fir akadne lagi aur jor jor se awaj nikalne lagi, maine bhi raftaar badha di aur mere lund ne dhaar chhod diya, wo bhi haanfte huey dhili padne lagi. Mere sara maal uski bur mein bhar gaya. Lagbhag 10 min. hum waise nidhal pade rahe fir use choomte aue choochi masalte huey alag huey. Fir hum baathroom nahane chale gaey. baathroom mein hum dono nahane lage, maine nitu se poochha kaisa laga nitu? Wo boli achchha laga bhaiya. Maine kaha ab tum sharmana chhodo aur khul kar baat kiya karo.usne haami bhar di aur humne ek doosre ke badan ko choomte aur masalte huey nahana shuru kiya. Uske badan ko ragadne par mera lund fir hard ho gaya. Maine nitu se kaha ek round aur chudaai ho jay? Boli thik hai. maine use waise hi fir bed par le aaya. Is baar wo khul chuki thi. Aur dubaara jam kar choda. Iske baad main aksar use chodta hu.

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Daddy & Me

I was only a couple of months past my fourteenth birthday and unlike most of my
friends, I couldn't wait for summer vacation to end. No more grade school for
me. Nope, now I would be going a high school freshman, flirting every day. My
friends joked that freshman girls were "fresh meat girls" to the upperclassmen
but rather than be concerned about it, the thought excited me. So far I'd
petted and kissed a bit but the closest I'd come to actual sex was rubbing a
boy's hard dick through his pants. Lately when I masturbated my thoughts seemed
to center more and more around losing my virginity. The question was, who would
take it?

It's not like I was worried about finding a guy willing to do the job. Although
I was not nearly as curvy and busty as many of the girls my age, I doubted there
was one who was hornier than me! It seemed all I did in my spare time these
days was masturbate and when I was at the pool my eyes always drifted to the
same place – some boy's wet crotch. It wasn't like I'd never seen a man's dick
before. In our family nudity wasn't something we flaunted but at the same time,
we didn't exactly worry about it either. Don't get me wrong, neither my parents
or I would just hang around nude or claim to be nudists. It was just that when
it was appropriate to be naked, say in the hot tub, asleep in bed, or just
walking between the bathroom and our bedrooms, we didn't go out of our way to
hide anything. Personally, I think the only reason people get all worked up
over seeing someone nude is because it is supposedly "taboo". Take away the
taboo and it's not such a big deal anymore.

Like nudity, masturbation was also something I am quite comfortable with. I
started touching myself (at least for sexual purposes) when I was almost twelve
and once I got started there was no going back. It wasn't long before my mom
was lecturing me about touching myself in public as I always seemed to have that
"itch" between my legs and at that age I didn't understand why I could take care
of it at home but not at church or school. My parents also masturbated openly,
especially my dad. My parents raised me to believe that masturbation is a
normal body function, no different than scratching an itch. Thus if my dad was
doing it when I was around, my reaction was to recognize that he was just horny
and taking care of himself, not that he was having any sexual fantasies about
me. After all, I was his daughter, wasn't I? So why would he ever think THAT?

By this time there were a number of boys I had my eye on as having potential for
being my "first". All of them were older than me as it seemed the boys my age
were too immature. If the guy wasn't a virgin, that was fine with me and if
anything, a plus as I wanted someone who knew what they were doing. Several of
my friends had already done it and none of them seemed to enjoy their first
time, mostly because it seemed the boy they were with didn't know what to do
either. That's not to say they didn't enjoy it later, of course.

The middle of summer was the perfect time to "troll" for boys. Whether it was
at the community pool wearing my favorite bikini, or just running around the
neighborhood on my bike in nothing but a pair of ripped cutoffs and a tube top,
I had learned early how easy it was to get a guy's attention. Not that I was
exactly the hottest girl so far as my appearance, but what I lacked in my bust I
think I more than made up for with my attitude. If any guy didn't think I was
looking for it, he would've had to been blind! It wasn't just the boys either.
More than a few dad's working in the yard turned their heads when I went by!

One evening I was laying in the hot tub with my parents. We were all nude, but
that was normal. In fact, other than when other people were with us, I couldn't
remember wearing a swim suit in our hot tub ever in my life! One thing I
noticed the past couple of years though, and that was how incredible the jets
felt when they were directed in just the right places. Yep, they beat the poor
shower massager hands down! My parents were talking about something to do with
my dad's work which left me bored to tears so I turned to my side and leaned
back. My favorite spot in the tub was on the side I was laying. It was molded
like a couch such that you could lay back with your head against a rubber
cushion and the jets would hit me from three sides. There was one particular
jet in the corner that I had positioned such that it directed the water straight
at me and if I spread my legs apart it would hit my pussy dead-on. It was that
jet I focused on at this moment and I closed my eyes and felt myself be almost
weightless in the hot water as the water pulsed against my horny pussy.

It didn't take long before everything else around me faded away as I fantasized
that the water against my pussy was actually the tongue of one of my friend's
brother. He was a couple of years older than me and had a great looking body –
not to mention a nice looking bulge in his tight swimsuit, a bulge that seemed
to get bigger the longer we were around him. Soon my fingers reached down to
provide an assist to the jet and I gasped when my fingertip touched my sensitive

Time seemed to stand still. Even the roar of the hot tub couldn't distract me
as my mind retreated to wherever it went while I was fantasizing about being
fucked. Every thought, every feeling was focused on my pussy as I rubbed myself
faster and faster. God I wanted to be fucked SO bad! I wanted to suck a guy's
dick and feel it growing in my mouth. I wanted to taste a hard cock and run my
tongue up and down its stiff shaft. My than anything I wanted to cry out for
him to fuck me and then be rewarded by the push of his dick as it violated my
tight virgin pussy for the first time. I wanted to feel his wonderful dick
inside of me, feel it stroke in and out of my wet pussy, going faster and faster
as he neared his climax. Then I wanted him to cum inside of me, to shoot his
sperm in me and leave it deep up inside my pussy. In simple words, I wanted to
be fucked!

As I neared my own orgasm, the feelings between my legs intensified. It was as
if his imaginary hand was actually touching me, as if I was really being fondled
and groped by my lover. Then it was like his finger pushed its way inside of me
and it was then I came. I gasped and moaned as my orgasm swept through me, my
pussy feeling hotter than the heated tub water. I cried out softly with
pleasure as his finger stroked in and out of me like a small dick, keeping me
going, making me cum harder and harder.

"Oh god that feels so good," I moaned, forgetting that my parents were next to
me. Well, not forgetting but at least not caring. It wasn't the first time
they seen me do this and I was sure it wouldn't be the last.

"Glad I could help baby," a deep voice responded, except it was real and not
part of my dream anymore. As I opened my eyes I suddenly realized that not only
was the voice real, but so was the finger up my pussy! There just above me the
smiling face of my dad!

"I take it that you're feeling good?" he asked with a grin on his face.

As much as my initial reaction was to cry out how good it felt and beg him not
to stop, it was all too surreal for me at that moment to do such a thing.

"Daddy!" I gasped, "What are you doing? … Stop it!"

"Awwwww, do you really want me to stop?" he responded softly, a sexy gentleness
to his voice I'd never heard before.

Well duh! Of course I didn't want him to stop. What he was doing made me feel
incredible! On the other hand, he was my DAD for goodness sakes! Why was he
touching ME? I looked for my mom but saw that she had apparently gone back into
the house. Leaving the two of us alone. Had she left so that my dad could do
this, or was he doing it because she had left? Did it matter?

"Oh daddy, I love you," was all I could think to say right then.

OK, so it was lame and a stall at best. What I really wanted to say was I
wanted him to fuck me. I was so horny and my pussy was screaming for something
to fill it up. It didn't matter at that moment that he was my dad. In fact, it
really didn't matter right then WHO he was. What mattered was that his dick was
hard – I could feel it against my side, and I knew where I wanted it – in my
pussy. Easy to dream about but how do you tell your own father that you want
him to fuck you? Even if I did, how could he ever want me in that way? What
would he think of me if he knew what I desired the most right then? Yeah, he
was fingering me alright, but that was a LONG ways from fucking me, just ask any
boy trying to get a piece when he's out with his date.

"I love you too baby," he said softly. Then he did something he'd never done
before, not even in jest. He bent down and kissed me. I don't mean some peck
on the cheek like the typical father-daughter thing you might see at church or
school. No, this was more like what I see him do with my mom – a full mouth
kiss with his tongue pressing against my lips, trying to ease its way into my
mouth. I was so surprised I just let my natural instincts take over and I
opened my mouth and let his tongue explore inside. My arms reached up and
wrapped around his neck, holding onto him as we shared our first "real" kiss.

"There… that wasn't so hard, was it?" he murmured as out lips finally parted.
My eyes must have been widened like a deer in the headlights as I was still too
shocked to respond. Meanwhile, I noticed that his finger had never left my

It was like I was in some dream state, everything was happening but it was like
I was out of my body and watching it rather than experiencing it for myself. I
laid limp in his arms as he withdrew his finger and reached under me to pick me
up and carry me out of the tub. Someone, my mother most likely, had laid out
the chair cushions on the deck and covered them with a couple of beach towels,
making it into sort of a bed on our deck. Thank goodness the deck was high atop
our garage and built on a hill such that none of the neighbors had a view of
what was happening – or what I thought was about to happen.

My dad gently laid me down on my back and then he laid to my right side, draping
his bare leg over me such that his crotch was tight up against me and I could
feel his erect dick pressing against my wet thigh. Holding himself up on his
left elbow, he reached across and palmed my left boob with his hand, cupping it
and gently massaging it as he leaned down and started to kiss me once more. I
could feel his wet nude body against mine, feeling a man's nakedness fully
against me for the first time in my life. Sure I had felt him before when I
would sometimes sleep with my parents, but this was different…a LOT different.

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Wondering what was going to happen next, I just laid there on the soft cushions
as my father kissed me and let his hand wander over my torso and down between my
legs once again. As I felt his hand approach my crotch, I spread my legs apart
for him so he could reach my pussy more easily.

"Mmmmmm, that's my girl," he murmured as our mouths parted barely enough for him
to speak, "You want it, don't you."

"Yes daddy," I whispered back huskily, barely able to get the words out as it
was. I wasn't quite sure I knew what "it" was, but whatever it was, I knew I
wouldn't say no.

Once again I felt his hand move between my legs, his finger exploring me and
parting my wet pussy lips to find my pussy hole. He toyed with me, barely
pushing his fingertip into me and then pulling it back out until he finally made
his way back up to my hiding clit. My back arched involuntarily and I couldn't
help but gasp as his finger found my sweet spot.

As my dad fingered me I felt him move about until he positioned his dick over my
hand which was laying to my side. It was obvious what he wanted and I closed my
grip around him, feeling his warm throbbing shaft against my palm. God, it was
the first dick I'd ever touched and it felt wonderful. I just held him in my
hand, gripping it and not knowing exactly what I should be doing with it right
about now. It was one thing to watch a porn movie where everything went like
clockwork and quite another to be doing it all by yourself.

"Mmmmmm, I like it when you hold me," my dad said softly to me with a smile.
"Have you touched a man there before?"

Of course he knew full well I hadn't. I told my parents everything, and I mean
everything, at least when it came to my sexual and social life. My first kiss,
first grope, etc. – they knew whatever I did when I was out on a date. He knew
I'd touched a guy's cock a couple of times through their jeans but never the
actual bare dick itself. Who would have ever guessed the first one would be my

As I laid on my back it was more like a dream than reality. I kept my eyes
closed as I tried to concentrate on my dad's hand as he roamed all over my
body. First he lightly touched my legs, running up and down them, sometimes on
the outside but mostly along the inside where it tickled a little but at the
same time made my pussy tremble. Then he worked his way up my stomach, using
just one finger to trace little circles around my belly button and then his
whole hand laid flat on me and rubbed me all over. Finally he moved to my chest
where my small boobs tingled from his touch. Again, he wasn't rough, but so
incredibly gentle and light in his touch. My boobs may have barely qualified as
an A cup, but they were quite sensitive and my nipples responded to the soft
touch of his fingers as he grabbed them and lightly pulled on them and then let
them snap back.

The entire time he explored my body he was kissing me on the mouth and then
around my face and neck, even my ears and ear lobes. I felt his tongue run up
the side of my neck just as he gently squeezed one of my boobs and I sighed
softly from the wonderful sensations it created all through me.

"Oh daddy, I love you to touch me like this," I whispered to him.

This went on for what seemed like hours but was probably only twenty or thirty
minutes. Actually, I didn't WANT him to stop. Nobody had ever touched me this
way before in my life. The boys who tried to grope me at school or in their
cars were always in such a rush, grabbing at me and trying to take my clothes
off. It was always about what THEY wanted, about what they wanted me to do to
them. My daddy was just the opposite. He was treating me like the little
princess he liked to call me when I was younger. He was treating me just the
way a father SHOULD treat his daughter.

Deep down I knew it couldn't go on forever. Where was my mom anyway? She must
know what we were doing since I assumed she had to have been the one to arrange
the deck in preparation for us. It was wonderful what my dad was doing to me
but he was still my DAD and other than touch me like this, what more could he
really do?

I was about to find out.

"I love you Kelly," he whispered for maybe the hundredth time by now.

"I love you too daddy," I replied, again for the hundredth time but who was

"Show me how much you love me," he said suddenly, changing the conversation

Hearing this, I opened my eyes and stared at him. He was breathing hard and his
eyes had a look in them I'd never seen before. I felt him thrust his hips into
me, driving his erect cock harder into my smooth leg, rubbing it along me as he
rubbed himself against me. Suddenly I knew what he wanted. My god, my dad
wanted to have sex with me!

My mind raced and it was like a million thoughts suddenly flashed back and
forth. Was I reading him right or was it just wishful thinking. Well, how
could it be wishful thinking when I had never even fantasized about sex with my
dad, let alone wish for it? Images came to my mind, thoughts and memories that
suddenly began to make sense when I put them all together. Memories of him
masturbating after I would start doing myself while we were watching a movie
that turned me on. I remembered how he would always need something in the
bathroom when I was in there naked, doing my makeup or hair. He would have to
squeeze by me and I remember the light touch of his dick on my ass as he slipped
by to get to the closet for something that just couldn't wait. So many of these
memories came to mind that I was startled more at my own inability to have seen
the obvious than anything else.

"Show me how much you love me." What did he want me to do? I didn't know HOW
to show him. How does a daughter please her own father, at least sexually?
This wasn't like any of the incest porn movies he liked to watch; this was
something entirely different and unique.

"Help me daddy," I finally pleaded softly, "Tell me what to do to make you

My dad smiled at me. It wasn't just that warm smile he would get when I did
something good at school or gave him a gift for Father's Day. There was more to
it this time, something I couldn't quite put my finger on but it was definitely
there. He quickly got up on his knees and took my hand, placing it on his erect

"Suck it," he said, softly but firmly, leaving no doubt that he expected me to
do exactly what he wanted.

I'd seen plenty of girls give a BJ on his porn movies and magazines but just
watching someone play tennis on TV doesn't make you a tennis pro and in the same
manner, watching a BJ doesn't qualify you to give one. I felt incredibly
nervous as I got on my hands and knees in front of him, positioning myself so
his dick was just a couple of inches away from my face.

"That's it, suck my dick," he said again, taking my head in his hands and gently
pulling me into his crotch.

I felt the head of his cock press against my lips and instinctively I opened
them slightly and the tip of his cock pressed between them. My tongue reached
out and I touched it to the tip of his dick, feeling the slit in the top of it
and then around the smooth cock head and finally along the underside of the
ridge that surrounded his dick head. Suddenly it hit me that I was licking my
first dick and it wasn't just any ol' dick, it was my DAD'S!

"That's it, lick it all over and suck on it," he instructed me.

He crotch still smelled of the chemicals in the hot tub and his cock had a
slightly funny taste from it as well, but still I marveled at the firmness and
smooth texture of his dick. I had no real idea of how a dick SHOULD taste or
feel like but somehow I'd expected something different I guess, although I doubt
I could have explained myself. I took the entire cock head in my mouth and
sucked on it. As I did, I could feel him pull my head in tighter to his crotch
and I relaxed my neck to allow him to push my head farther down on his dick. He
kept pushing it in until I fit it hit the back of my throat. I tried to stop
but he pushed my head onto his dick even harder and I felt it try to go down my
throat. Instantly I gagged and fortunately he let me pull my head off his dick.
I coughed and choked and felt totally embarrassed.

"I'm sorry baby, you did great for your first time," he said, trying to make me
feel better. It was at that point I vowed someday I would take ALL of his dick
in my mouth, even if it had to go down my throat. It wouldn't be tonight but
someday I would do it!

"Do it more," he encouraged me, "Suck my dick Kelly."

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cool buddy!!!

full story collection!!!!!1

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Actually, he needn't have bothered since I was determined to get back on that
horse (or should I say, dick) again. If my daddy wanted me to suck his dick,
then I was going to do it the best I could for him. He didn't try pushing his
cock so deep into my mouth and I found that going down about half way on it to
be the best for me. I really had no idea what to do. I must have seen a zillion
BJs with my dad but I totally blanked out every one of them and couldn't
remember what any of those girls had done to their guy while they sucked them.
It didn't seem to bother my dad, though.

"Oh god Kelly, that feels so good, "he moaned, "You have no idea how long I've
been waiting for you to do this."

Actually, I knew EXACTLY how long he had been waiting. It was like the light
bulb went off over my head and suddenly everything started to make sense. Eight
years earlier, in almost this exact same spot, I had played with my dad's dick
using only my hands until he came. At the time I had no idea what I was doing
and absolutely NO sexual awareness. My mom just wanted me to understand why he
masturbated since earlier in the day I had seen him jerking off for the first
time. While I was stroking his dick, he had started to ask me to do something
else but my mom stopped him. For the first time in the eight years since, I
KNEW what he wanted me to do. FINALLY I was fulfilling his wishes.

My dad's dick felt so good in my mouth! No wonder so many girls liked doing
this! But then suddenly he pushed my head back off his dick and I looked up at
him and our eyes met. That same strange look was there, only more intense if
anything. It was like he was looking at me in a while new way, seeing me as he
had never seen me before. Then he put his hands on his shoulders and pushed me
back onto my back.

"What do you want me to do daddy?" I started to ask him. I felt confused and
uncertain. Didn't he like the blowjob I was giving him? Was there something I
hadn't done right? It certainly wasn't like I had any experience to fall back

"It's OK baby, don't worry," he assured me, "Here… turn more on your side."

I let him position me the way he wanted as he laid down behind me and pushed
himself in tight against me. I could feel his erect dick poking me like a stick
against my bare butt, rubbing up and down my ass as he wrapped his strong arms
around me and cupped my tiny breasts. Then he reached down and lifted my leg up
and back as he pushed his own leg in between mine. Without a word between us, I
felt his dick suddenly pressing against my crotch. I looked down and my heart
skipped a beat when I saw the head of my dad's dick rubbing up and down the
outside of my pussy.

"God, your body feels so soft and smooth," he whispered in my ear, kissing my
neck and licking me with his tongue, "You are such a beautiful, sexy little

When you're just fourteen and your body is making that transition from being a
little girl to a young teenager, your self-confidence is always an issue. I
look in my bedroom mirror and see a skinny girl with hardly any boobs and just a
light covering of fuzz over her pussy while inside I feel these incredible needs
and desires. When I look at myself I wonder who could possibly see me this way
and want to give me what I wanted so desperately to have? I felt trapped, like
I was this ultra-horny sexy woman locked inside the body of a flat-chested girl
that gave no hint to the emotions and feelings within her.

The reason I say all that is to try and help people understand why I felt so
special and wonderful at this moment. If there was one man I respected and
loved more than anyone in the world, it was my dad. I don't mean like I wanted
him as a boyfriend or anything weird like that. I just feel like he is the most
wonderful man in the entire world and I would do anything to please him and make
him happy. For this man to tell me I was sexy, to lust for me and want me to
suck his cock, well that was about the biggest moment in my life!

"Oh daddy, I love you," was all I managed to say. What I REALLY wanted to tell
him was how good he was making me feel at this moment. How secure I felt in his
arms. How sexy I felt laying there with the taste of his dick fresh in my
mouth. How sensual it was to feel his stiff dick pressing against my hungry
pussy, as if he wanted to actually fuck me. I could have stayed like this

As my dad rubbed his dick up and down my pussy I could feel it tingle inside. I
wanted to reach down and rub myself but his hand went there first. OMG, to feel
him touching my clit while his cock pressed up against my pussy hole! What more
could I ask for?

My dad was grinding his crotch into my little butt as he worked his dick around
my pussy. Then he poked his finger into my pussy hole, using my wetness to make
my entire pussy slippery and easier for him to rub it. Even his dick was
getting covered with my pussy juices, letting it start to slip between my pussy
lips more rather than just over the outside. His fingers spread me apart,
making it easier for his dick to slide up and down my slit until he started to
press his dick up against my wet pussy hole and I felt the pressure increase as
he pushed a little harder.

"Daddy?" I questioned him. What was he trying to do? It was like he was trying
to push his dick INSIDE of me. OMG, did my dad really want to FUCK me? I knew
he liked touching me and playing with me, but FUCK me? My own father?

"It's OK baby, just let me do everything," he murmured gently to me, "I've
wanted to do this for a long time now."

"Daddy? Are you trying to fuck me?" I asked incredulously. Sure they did this
in his porn movies but those were just actors. I'd never heard of a REAL father
fucking his daughter before. OK, maybe in the papers and news but those were
always bad. Could a father REALLY fuck his own daughter this way?

"Yes baby, daddy want to fuck his little girl…. I want to do it SO god damn
bad," he said a little more forcefully this time/

To be sure, it wasn't that I didn't want him to fuck me. Quite the contrary. I
was just shocked and overwhelmed that HE actually wanted to do me. I had been
wanting so badly to do it and here along my own father had been wanting to do me
and I never knew it! Talk about ironic.

"Oh daddy," I moaned as his cock pressed even harder against my tight pussy
hole, "I want it too…I want you to fuck me daddy."

Little did I know at the time but I had spoken those magic words that every man
wants to hear, "I want you to fuck me." It was like it set something off in him
and no sooner did the words leave my mouth than he thrust even harder and this
time I felt my pussy open up and his cock head forced its way inside of me.
God, it like I was being split apart!

"It hurts daddy," I said in more of a whimper than a moan.

"It will be OK, Kelly," he assured me in his deep voice, "It will hurt a little
at first but don't worry, I promise it will feel better soon."

My dad's dick wasn't exactly the biggest in the world, about average I would say
based on the movies and magazines he kept around. Even so, it was like this
monstrous pole was being shoved up my crotch, stretching my pussy apart
relentlessly as he kept pushing his dick into me further. His arms squeezed me
tight into his chest and one arm held my leg up even higher to make it easier
for him to enter me.

"OK, baby, just a little more," he warned me as suddenly he thrust himself into
me with such force he drove his dick entirely into me until the base of it hit
my crotch. I cried out in pain as he took my virginity, like a knife had
suddenly stabbed me inside with the sharpest pain I had ever felt. God it hurt!

"That's my girl, you're mine now," he said soothingly to me, leaving his cock
still inside of me.

I looked down and saw the strangest sight I had ever seen – my dad's cock was
nowhere to be seen.. All I could see was the base of his dick pressed up
against me with his thick pubic hair squeezed in between us. The pain was going
away quickly as inside of me I could feel his throbbing dick as it filled my
little pussy. OMG, I wasn't a virgin anymore – and my own father was the one
to take it from me.

As the pain dissipated, my body relaxed and my dad must have felt it as he
started to move his dick inside of me. It wasn't like he was stroking it so
much as rotating his hips such that his dick moved around like it was stirring
my pussy. At first the pain started to intensify again but then as he kept
moving slowly inside of me I started to feel a sense of pleasure that I had
never experienced before. It wasn't the intense shots of pleasure that I got
when I played with my clit. This was different, more intimate, more fulfilling.
My father was literally mating with me, joined together with me as much as any
two people can ever be. My god, a part of him was actually INSIDE of me right

"Feeling better?" he asked gently as his movements changed to where he started
to pull his dick out of me slightly and then pushed it back all the way in

"Oh daddy; it feel so much better now.," I moaned, "I love what you're doing

Indeed I did. It was like with each stroke the pleasure replaced the pain a
little more. Each time he would pull out just a little bit further before
thrusting himself back into me again. He was doing it so slowly, so
deliberately, like he was trying to make it last as long as possible for both if
us. Finally it got to where his cock head was all that stayed in me when he
pulled out and then I felt the entire length of his dick push into me inch by
inch until once again I had my dad's dick buried in my pussy.

"Fuck me daddy," I begged him, "Keep fucking me."

"Yes baby, I want to fuck you too."

"It feels so good now….. so much better."

"God you're so tight… I can't believe how tight your pussy is."

Then he dropped my leg and pulled himself out of me. The feeling when his cock
left my pussy was indescribable. It was like something was missing, like a part
of me had been taken away. His cock belonged in my pussy, I WANTED it back in
my pussy.

"Daddy, why did you stop?" I whined.

I soon found out as he rolled me on my back and spread my thin legs apart before
moving in between them and over me. He was so much bigger than me it was like I
was about to be suffocated but he held himself up and off of me. I felt his
hand reach down and guide his dick back to my pussy. Without a word he pressed
himself into me. I was still so tight he had to press really hard but this time
when his cock finally moved into me, the pain wasn't nearly as intense as it had
been the first time. All that mattered to me was that he was back inside of me

"Oh daddy, I love you back in me."

I lifted my legs up and tried to wrap them around him as best I could. He
started to fuck me harder and faster, thrusting himself in and out of me like a

"Oh god Kelly, I'm gonna cum!"

When he first said it I assumed he meant to warn me that he would be pulling out
of me soon, after all, I wasn't on the pill or anything and he wasn't wearing a
condom. As much as I loved my father and I LOVED him fucking me, I wasn't
interested in bearing his child. Whether or not he felt the same way, at this
moment I don't think it mattered. My dad was fucking me and nothing was going
to stop him at this point from doing whatever he wanted, certainly not me.

"Oh fuck, here it cums baby," my dad moaned as he drove his dick into me as deep
as he could.

I felt my father's hips jerk as he pushed himself just a little bit deeper and
then I felt it. I always wondered what it would feel like to have a man cum
inside my pussy. Would I feel it at all for that matter? Now I finally knew.
It wasn't anything spectacular, just this feeling of warmth deep in my gut that
soon disappeared, only to be followed by another and then another. My mind was
overwhelmed at the thought of what each of those feelings represented. Wow, my
father was filling his own daughter's pussy with his sperm! What single act
could possibly ever demonstrate his love for me than what he was doing at this
instant? How much more could a father do for his daughter than to give her his

When he had finished, my dad just held himself inside of me, his cock still
buried all the way inside of me as he reached down and kissed me. Our tongues
met and for a few moments I had two parts of my dad inside of me – his dick in
my pussy and his tongue in my mouth. I have to say, I loved the feeling of his
dick in me the most. As our lips parted I felt him start to pull out of me but
I tried to pull him back with my legs.

"Stay in me longer daddy," I begged him, :I don't want you to leave me yet/"

"If that's what you want baby," he said with a smile as he pressed himself back
in all the way once again. His dick was softening and didn't fill me nearly as
much as it did before he had com but there something reassuring about having it
in me.

"You know, you can have it any time you want," he assured me.

"I love you daddy."

"And I love you too Kelly."

"What will mom say about this? Are you going to tell her?"

My dad grinned and I saw his look up to the second floor above us. I followed
his eyes and there in my bedroom window I could make out my mom looking down at
us, smiling.

"I think she already knows baby."

Write me if u like the stories: loveforall1001@yahoo.com

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