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Old 23rd November 2008
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Abandoned by my father, my beautiful mother Sylvia turned to prostitution to support herself. After returning from a hitch in the Army, I found her living in an expensive apartment on Park Avenue. She had built up a clientele of several hundred wealthy men who paid as much as one thousand dollars a night for her services.

After searching for a job without success, Mom recruited me to help her with her business. Her clients paid me to sit beside the bed and watch them fuck her. My first customer was a sixty year-old man who paid me one hundred dollars to watch him shove his cock into Mom's mouth and cunt. Their performance aroused me to the point that I accidentally creamed my jeans while I was toweling his jism from her statuesque body.

A few days later, another customer paid me even more to strip and jack off while I watched. I was so horny that I would have done it for nothing. After we came, Mom was paid to lick my spunk off of my chest and belly. Her tongue against my sensitive nipples and her big tits against my cock made me hard again. She earned another hundred by sucking me off. It was the best blow job I had ever had.

After Mom gave me that first blow job, I assumed that I would be getting it on a regular basis. That was not the case. When I went to her a few days later and asked for seconds, she said that she didn't think it would be proper. She had sucked me off for the money. It had been strictly business. "I really enjoyed it, but I think we should stay focused on what we are trying to accomplish," she said. "I also think you should save your energy for the orgy tomorrow night."

Mom called ten of her wealthiest customers and asked them if they would be interested in participating in a gang-bang that would begin with me fucking her for the first time. They were all interested and were willing to pay thousands of dollars to attend.

My nervousness increased as the big moment approached. I was afraid that I might not be able to get it up in front of so many people. There was also the possibility of a humiliating premature ejaculation. Would the psychological barrier of fucking my own mother be insurmountable? I tried to put all of the negative thoughts out of my mind.

Mom hired a maid, bartender and professional cameraman for the occasion. They arrived an hour early to set things up. Each of the participants in the orgy would receive a souvenir video and Mom wanted it to be top quality. Because so many people would be participating, we decided to hold the orgy in the spacious livingroom and had brought in a large bed just for the occasion.

The guests began to arrive. The maid handed them a number, served them a glass of champagne, and then ushered them into Mom's office to take care of business. I ducked into my room to wait until I was called to play my part.

I removed my clothes and stretched out on the bed. It was a struggle to keep my hands away from my slowly hardening cock. I was afraid that if I played with myself, I might get so hot that I would ejaculate prematurely. The sounds of music, laughter and the tinkle of ice in glasses filtered through the door. Suddenly it opened and a strange man was standing there. "All right, son, come on out here and fuck your mother."

I walked into the room to find that everyone, including the staff, was naked. The men took their hands off of their cocks to give me a round of applause. Mom was lying on the bed with her legs akimbo. Her only clothing was a frilly garter belt and full-length stockings. My cock was as hard as a railroad spike. Mom's bright eyes were glued to it.

"You've got to lick 'er before you stick 'er," someone said. My face was as red as a tomato as I lowered my mouth onto Mom's bush. The furry mound smelled like lilacs, one of my favorite scents. I ran my tongue up and down her slit and nibbled on the soft labia. "Work on her clit, son," someone said. I spotted the swollen nubbin at the top of her slit and swirled my tongue around it. Her thighs clamped on my head. I glanced around and saw the ten leering voyeurs slowly masturbating. The cameraman watched it all through the viewfinder of his camera. The maid, a cock in each hand, watched with a broad grin on her face.

"Suck on her tits now," someone demanded. I had given Mom's cunt enough attention for the time being. I slid up her body and wrapped my lips around one of her beautiful suckers. "It's been twenty-two years since he's done this to me," she said. Her remark brought another round of applause. Mom's nipples were soon pointing at the ceiling. I could have sucked on her beautiful jugs for hours.

"Give her a poke now," someone said. The others murmured their approval. I tried to imagine that Mom was just another whore as I slid up her body and lined my cock up with her honey-hole. The men jostled each other as they tried to get an unobstructed view of the penetration. "HE'S IN! THE MOTHERFUCKER IS IN!" Applause, cheers and whistles rattled the chandelier.

Mom groaned as I shoved my thick cock deep inside her. Her soft belly smacked against mine. She grabbed my ass and pulled me into her. Then I discovered one of the reasons Mom could charge so much for her services: she had an educated pussy. Each time I pulled out, it clamped down on my cock. None of the other whores I had fucked had been able to do that.

Mom went wild when I began to pump my cock into her at two strokes per second. "YES, THAT'S IT. FUCK ME DEEPER. FUCK ME HARDER. OH, I'M CUMMING!" Once again, applause rang out. "That's the real thing," someone said. "That bitch is cumming on her own son's cock." Getting Mom off so effortlessly gave my confidence a big boost. I wasn't prepared for what came next. With surprising strength, Mom flipped us over so that she was on top, then she rode me like a cowgirl rides a horse.

Mom fucked me for twenty minutes before we came. All the while, I was driving my cock up into her and sucking hard on her fruity tits. "OH, FUCK, I'M CUMMING AGAIN! MY MOTHERFUCKING SON IS MAKING ME CUM AGAIN." Her cunt clamped down so hard on my cum-shooter that it restricted the flow and made the orgasm almost unbearably intense.

I left Mom lying there with her chest heaving and her body twitching. The maid came forward with a smile on her pretty face and a bowl in her hand. "Wow, that was really cool," she said. "Not many guys get to fuck their mothers." The bowl contained the names of the men. I pulled one of the slips out and called out the name. The grinning winner rushed forward to claim his prize - mother-son sloppy seconds. After lapping her slit a few times to get any juice that had trickled out, he mounted her and drove his rod into my leftovers. Mom's pussy made a squishy sound as the winner drove his cock into it over and over again.

The smiling maid went to her knees and took my slippery cock into her warm, soft mouth. Watching my mother being fucked while getting a blow job soon had me ready for action. I sat next to the bed and masturbated as I patiently waited for another turn. When one of the men took Mom doggy-style, he pointed out to me that her mouth was available. The men once again applauded as I casually stuffed my cock into her mouth. Before long, a second batch of my sap was spurting into my mother.

The orgy went on until the men were exhausted. Most of them were over forty and did not have my stamina. After they left, I fucked the maid while the cameraman and bartender fucked Mom next to us. The next day, I went out and bought a nice car with the money I had made. Every time I drive it, I get a hard-on thinking about that mother-fucking orgy.

While I was serving in the Army overseas, my father callously abandoned my mother for another woman. Aside from her striking beauty, Mom had little else going for her. Without a college education or marketable skills, she had virtually no chance of finding a job, especially with the country mired in recession.

After my discharge, I came home to find her living in an expensive flat on Park Avenue. When she explained how she made a living, I was more excited than shocked. "The only things I know how to do are cook and fuck," she said. "I couldn't get a job as a cook, so..." Mom had used her beauty and her lovemaking skills to become a very successful prostitute. Wealthy men paid thousands of dollars a night for her services.

After trying without success to find a job, Mom coaxed me into helping her with her business. Her customers paid me a hundred dollars or more to sit next to the bed and jack off while I watched them fuck her. When they were finished, I toweled the cum from her body. I also acted as cameraman and made souvenir videos for her customers. Through the viewfinder of the camera, I watched her being fucked from every conceivable angle.

One jaded customer took things to a new level. After I jacked off, he paid Mom to lick the semen from my chest and belly, then he paid even more to watch her suck me off while he sodomized her ass. But that is nothing compared to what was to come.

The gang-bang was Mom's idea. She contacted her ten wealthiest customers and asked them how much they would pay to participate in a gang-bang in which I would lead the way. The offers ranged between three and five-thousand dollars. I fucked Mom for the first time in front of ten cheering men, a maid, a bartender, and a cameraman. It was the best pussy I had ever had. The next day I went out and bought a brand-new car with the money. I never failed to get a hard-on when I drove it.

You might be under the impression that I could have had sex with my beautiful mother whenever I felt like it. That was certainly not the case. She wouldn't give me even as much as a hand job unless she was paid to do it. "As much as I enjoy sex with you, we must keep it strictly business." Nevertheless, I did get more sex from Mom than most married men get from their wives.

Shortly after the gang-bang, Mom entertained twin brothers in a threesome. They paid for everything in advance, including the opening act when I shaved Mom's pussy. Dan and Stan, the twins, held her legs apart as I used a comb and scissors to cut the curly hair short. I thought Mom's pussy was beautiful just the way it was, but the wealthy twins had paid dearly to watch me shave her, and business is business. As I rubbed shaving cream into the stubble, a soft moan escaped from Mom's red lips. I felt her clitoris swelling underneath my touch. Using a disposable safety razor, I carefully shaved the area around the clit. I stretched one of the labia and shaved it inside and out. As I stretched the other labia, her pussy opened and I was able to look right up into her red fuck-hole. With each stroke of the razor, my cock got a little harder. One final stroke across the tainter and I was finished. I toweled her dry and had my first good look at Mom's cunt. It was a perfect shave. Not a single hair remained.

Stan pushed my head down onto Mom's bare cunt. "Suck on her pussy for awhile. Make your mother red hot for us. Get her so hot that she will cum as soon as we stick our cocks in her." I didn't have much experience at eating pussy. Before Mom, the only women whom I had been with were high-volume whores. She was a whore, too, but I made an exception for her. As I struggled to get my tongue up her fuck-hole, I wondered how many cocks had been there ahead of me. Hundreds certainly, perhaps even thousands. Mom had a little more than two-hundred regular customers and she took care of their friends and business associates from time-to-time.

Dan and Stan stood by Mom's head and fed her their thick cocks. "Let's see if we can get them both in at the same time," Dan said. Mom hooked her fingers in the corners of her mouth and stretched her cheeks to make a bigger opening. The grinning twins worked their cocks between her lips. Mom's pussy suddenly became very wet. Having two cocks in her mouth at the same time must have excited her. "Oh, fuck, I'm going to cum," Dan said. "You're shooting all over my cock," Stan said. "You're setting me off." They groaned as they shot their loads into Mom's mouth. If she had had one cock in her mouth, she could have made a tight seal with her lips, but there was no way she could do it with two cocks. A stream of cum poured out of a gap, spilled off her chin and ran down her chest toward my churning tongue. I closed my eyes and a few seconds later tasted cum.

The twins lay side-by-side on the bed with Mom rubbing her big tits against their cocks to get them worked up again. As they prepared to fuck her, they told me to masturbate but not to jack off. They wanted me to replace the first one who dropped out. Mom mounted Dan and impaled her pussy on his cock. She slapped his face with her tits until he captured a sucker in his mouth. "Damn, you really did a good job on your mother," Dan said. "She is nice and slick."

Stan watched for a few minutes, then, after applying lotion to his cock, he squatted behind Mom and slid his cock through her ass-hole. She went wild! "OH, GOD, YES..UHU..UHU..UHU..I'M CUMMING!" The twins gave each other a self-congratulatory high-five. My mother's beautiful face was so contorted with lust that I hardly recognized her.

I had not yet fucked Mom in the ass and had been hoping that I would soon get a chance. If only Stan finished first I would get my wish. The chances of that were good because the ass-man almost always cums first. My heart raced with excitement as I watched the two men fuck Mom using alternate strokes. When they occasionally drove in together, the intensity of Mom's orgasm doubled. I knelt at the foot of the bed where I had a perfect view of the penetration and was reminded of a two-cylinder engine. As one piston slid into its cylinder, the other pulled out.

"I guess it is for the best that we came in her mouth," Dan said. "Yeah, that's right," his brother answered. "We couldn't have fucked her this long if we hadn't." Mom was throwing herself back and forth between them as though she couldn't make up her mind which cock she liked the best. If there was any doubt in my mind about her love of fucking, the scene before me wiped it out. "Oh, no, I'm losing it," Stan said. He doubled his speed in an attempt to get in as much fucking as possible before the end, then he ripped his cock out and sprayed her beautiful ass.

I smeared lotion on my cock and squatted behind Mom's soiled ass. "Is this okay with you, Mom?" I asked. Between orgasms, she was fairly coherent at the time. "It's what they are paying for." Stan had broken her in for me and my much thicker cock slid in as smoothly as a torpedo into a torpedo tube. Her warm gut fit my cock like a glove. As I molded my body to hers, Stan's leftovers rubbed off on my belly. I moved my ass in sync with Dan's strokes. As he drove into her, I pulled out. With each stroke, our furry balls rubbed together. With only a thin membrane separating our churning cocks, I could feel the ridge at the back of the head and his bulging veins.

Mom was babbling incoherently, tossing her hair from side-to-side, and, in general, carrying on like a madwoman. "This will shut you up, bitch," Stan said as he stuffed his cock in her mouth. "It doesn't have to be hard to make an effective gag." A man had called my mother a bitch and I had done nothing about it. "How low have I sunk?" I thought. But what I was doing felt so good that I didn't want to do anything to jeopardize it, and I just continued pumping Mom's ass. Dan seemed to be coming down the homestretch. He had both hands clamped to my ass for leverage. As he picked up speed, I tried to keep up with him. Suddenly, we were all cumming! Mom's ass clamping down on my cock made it impossible to shoot into her. I pulled out and unloaded against Dan's balls.

Our cluster fell apart and we tumbled onto our backs. When Dan recovered somewhat, he pointed to the gobs of cum that I had sprayed on his balls and offered Mom fifty dollars to lick them off. Her long tongue scooped up every drop and then her red lips encircled his shaft. "I'll pay you fifty to lick that mess off of your Mom's ass," he said to me. The shiny glaze covering Mom's ass was a mixture of Stan's load and mine. After licking every inch of the beautiful golden globes, I buried my face in her ass-crack and stuffed my tongue in her fuck-holes.

Mom and I entertained the twins with a passionate sixty-nine while they played with each other's cocks. I knew what was coming next and wondered if I would be able to go through with it. The perverted twins wanted to watch me jack off in Mom's beautiful face. Could I possibly sink that low? "All right, it's time," Dan said. He showed me how it was to be done. He pushed Mom down on her knees and stood in front of her with one hand gripping her hair and the other on his cock. "Hold her head tight so she can't dodge the shots," he said.

I took Mom aside and tried to dissuade her. "Mom, I don't think I can do this."

"Don't be silly. It's only semen. I've lost count of the times that men have ejaculated in my face."

"But they do it to degrade you, Mom."

"I prefer to take it as a complement. They are paying plenty to see this. You've made more money tonight than you did in an entire month in the Army. Now let's get out there and make some more."

The twins had broad smiles on their faces as I pushed Mom down on her knees. I took a tight grip on her hair, aimed my cock at the tip of her nose, and began jacking off. Once I got started, I really got into it and even embellished my role. Mom had watched me jack off but never at such close range. "Here it comes, slut," I said. "I'm going to hose your face now." The perverts hadn't asked for dialogue, but I had given them some juicy bits. The first burst of cum hit her forehead. I tried to avoid her eyes. One especially strong spurt started on her left cheek, draped across her nose, and ended on her other cheek. I finished by giving her a thick cum mustache and goatee. "That was the hottest thing that I have ever seen in my life," Dan said. His brother wholeheartedly agreed. "Yeah, it doesn't get any hotter than a guy jacking off in his own mother's face."

They were so turned on that the immediately took Mom to the bed for another double-pronging. To satisfy their desire for variety, they had her face up that time. Dan was underneath with his cock planted deep in her ass and Stan was on top screwing her cunt with vigorous thrusts. My stomach churned when he began licking my cum off of her face. Mom began to wail as the plunging wands worked their magic. "I think this slut is cumming better facing up than she did facing down," Dan observed.

The sight of my mother being treated as a fuck-toy soon had me aroused and I began to masturbate. "OH, GOD, I'M CUMMING AGAIN!" Mom shouted. "PLEASE DON'T STOP FUCKING ME! OH, FUCK! YES..UHU..UHU..UHU..UHU..I'M CUMMING!" The brothers were very pleased with themselves. "Let's keep her going, Dan," Stan said. "Let's try to make her pass out." They succeeded. After a string of convulsions, Mom went limp between them. They continued fucking her unconscious body. When they shouted that they were cumming, my jism spurted out onto my hand.

The party with the twins was a heady experience. The memories are so vivid that I have used them as masturbation fodder many times. But that wasn't the last incredible experience that Mom and I had. "You haven't seen anything yet," she said. And, dear reader, neither have you.

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When my father walked out on my beautiful mother Sylvia, she had little choice but to take up the oldest profession. Although she had graduated from high school, she had never attended college. Without a higher education and marketable skills, her job prospects were slim.

I was serving in the Army overseas at the time. Naturally, I was very concerned for my mother's welfare. I need not have been. She quickly reached the pinnacle of success as a whore. Wealthy men paid thousands of dollars a night for her company.

At least Mom had one skill - her ability to please men in bed. I didn't have any. In the Army, I had learned how to disassemble, clean and fire a rifle but little else. I applied without success for literally hundreds of jobs. Out of desperation, I went into business with Mom.

In the beginning it was harmless enough. I was well paid to sit beside the bed and jack off as I watched men fuck my mother. I mopped their semen off of her body when they were finished with her, made souvenir video tapes for them and served them drinks during their breaks. I even kept Mom's appointment book.

Some customers weren't content to just have me sit beside them and jack off. They wanted to see incest, and were willing to pay for it. One degenerate paid Mom to lick the jacked out semen off of my chest and belly, and then buggered her ass while she sucked me off.

They are still talking about the gang-bang. Ten of Mom's wealthiest customers paid big money to participate in a gang-bang that I set in motion by fucking Mom for the first time. Then they all fucked her and left their semen inside of her. We sucked and fucked until we were exhausted. The following day, I used the money I made to buy an expensive foreign car.

I did not have sex with Mom between parties. She wouldn't even give me a hand job. "The incest is strictly business, son," she said. I believe that in her eyes, doing it only for money somehow legitimized it. When we went at it for the amusement of our customers, she loved every second.

"Have you ever heard of Ronald Baker?" Mom asked. The name sounded familiar but I couldn't quite put a face with it. "He is one of the wealthiest men in the country," she explained. "He made a fortune in commodity futures. I guess you could say he's a dirty old rich man. He was one of my first customers. Now he wants me again. He was thrilled when I told him about you. We can make a lot of money if you go with me."

"Go with you? Where are we going?"

"Oh, he isn't coming here. We will go to his country estate. Up until now you have only fucked me. At Ronald's house you will get to fuck two other women - his wife and his daughter, and you will do it in front of him. They are not beautiful but they are pretty and have voracious sexual appetites, so I think you will enjoy yourself. And by the way, Ronald has been fucking his daughter Lily for years."

So I was to become a whore just like Mom. It had only been a matter of time. Two days later, we prepared ourselves for the orgy. Mom looked divine in a red satin evening gown cut very low in front. The full-length white gloves on her graceful arms completed her ensemble. She looked like she had stepped right out of a forties-era movie. "He likes this look," she explained. "What about you?" I don't know why she bothered asking. Surely she could see it in my eyes. "You look ravishing, Mom. My God, I'm getting a hard-on."

A uniformed chauffeur picked us up and whisked us across the river to the most exclusive section of Long Island. We passed through an ornate gate and drove slowly up a long curved road. I gasped when we pulled up to the mansion. I had never seen one up close. "Very impressive, don't you think, dear," Mom said. "By the way, we are being paid ten-thousand dollars for this party so I know you'll do your best."

A genuine English butler ushered us into a lavish sitting room where three people waited for our arrival. I was very presently surprised when I saw the women that I would soon be fucking. Mom had told me that they weren't beautiful, but that was certainly debatable. Lily, the daughter, was about Mom's age. Although she was not as beautiful as Mom, she had an intangible quality that excited me. Even though Rose, the mother, was in her sixties, she was very nicely preserved. Wealthy women can afford to take good care of themselves. I couldn't help wondering if she were still capable of having orgasms. I would soon find out.

The third person in the room was a frail old man in a wheelchair. He gave me a surprisingly firm handshake and motioned me to a chair. "So you've been fucking your mother, have you?" he asked. "There's nothing wrong with that. I fucked mine plenty of times." A saucy maid in a uniform served cocktails and we chatted for awhile. Although we came from different classes, we found something in common to talk about. Ron - he insisted I call him that - shared my passion for football. How bizarre that was! I was talking sports with a man whose wife and daughter I would soon be fucking for his entertainment.

When the maid came and wheeled Ronald's wheelchair to an elevator, I knew the orgy would soon be starting. A few minutes later she came down the circular staircase and said, "He's ready." Lily and Rose led us up the stairs to the spacious master bedroom. I was shocked to see Ronald sitting naked in his wheelchair with an enormous cock in his hand. "First, we want to watch you fuck your mother," he said.

Mom asked me to undress her, and, as I did, I caressed and fondled whatever came into view. "Very, very nice," Rose said, as I squeezed Mom's pear-shaped tits. "I can see her mouth-watering nipples getting hard." I worked the dress down over her hips and let it fall to the floor. "Leave her garter belt and nylons on," Ronald said. I could tell that he was a man who was accustomed to giving orders.

After I pulled her panties off, Mom put her hands on my shoulders to prevent me from standing and pulled my head into her crotch. "Give her pleasure," Lily said in a voice hoarse with excitement. "Make up for the agony she suffered when she gave birth to you." I pushed the puffy lips aside with my tongue and licked up and down across her fuck-hole. She whimpered as I teased her clit with my upper lip. Her cunt was suddenly far slicker than I could have made it on my own. She began humping my mouth ever so slightly. I probably would have sucked her off if Ron hadn't intervened. "I want to see some cock-sucking now," he said.

"Very nice," Lily said, when she got her first look at my rock-hard cock. "Yes, it is, and he knows how to use it, too," Mom answered. "I bet Mother and I will teach him a few new tricks," Lily said. I lay on the bed and watched Mom's pretty head descend on my cock. Just as they often do in porno films, I reached down and pulled her hair back so it wouldn't block the view. The members of our little audience all had broad smiles on their faces. I reached for Mom's cunt and stuffed my fingers up it. The anticipation of a good fucking had made her slick. As I strummed her clit with my thumb, a moan vibrated down the length of my cock. Mom's hot breath blasted my shaft through her flared nostrils.

"I want to see some fucking now," Ron said. "How do you want us to do it?" I asked. "Get on top of her and fuck her like a man. And be sure to keep your legs apart so I can see your cock going into her cunt." Mom smiled and winked as I mounted her. As soon as my fucker slid into her, I knew I was going to make her cum. She threw her pelvis upward to meet my thrust and her long legs intertwined with mine. Her hands clamped down on my ass cheeks and she shimmied her tits across my hairy chest. All of these were clues that I would soon be feeling her cum-spasms around my cock. "There is no more beautiful sight than a man giving his mother a loving fuck," Rose said.

I decided to give our friends a little variety. I propped Mom's ankles on my shoulders and pressed down until her knees were against her big tits. I gripped her wrists and pinned her arms to the bed. I had noticed that Mom always had especially strong orgasms when she was restrained. I pumped my cock into her soggy pussy at two thrusts per second. The smile on her face was replaced by a scowl. Beads of sweat appeared on her furrowed brow. She sank her perfect teeth into her lower lip. "I think she's going to cum," I announced. And she did. "Oh, my God, son, don't stop. Wherever did you learn to fuck like this? OH, YES! THAT'S IT! UHU..UHU..UHU..UHU..I'M CUMMING!" Her shrieks made my ears ring. Lily and Rose were on their feet applauding. "If I could only stand I would give him a standing ovation, too," Ron said. Losing my battle to hold back my load, I blasted Mom's cervix with a dozen spurts of cum.

As soon as I rolled free, Mom reached down to squeeze her labia together. Barely able to stand, she went to Ron, straddled the wheelchair, and offered him her juicy pussy. "It's nice and fresh, just the way you like it," she said. As the old man's long tongue snaked into her fuck-hole, his hand moved faster on his flabby cock.

Lily and Rose stood at the foot of the bed and smiled down at me. "I'm very impressed with your fucking ability," Rose said. "Yes, me too," Lily chirped. "You did a very nice job on your mother. Will you do as much for us?" I promised them that I would do my best.

I watched with growing fascination as Lily stripped her mother naked. She peeled Rose's dress up over her head and then unhooked her bra. Her big tits tumbled out and sank toward her belly. Even though they drooped, they were still quite sexy. They were perfect for fucking and I made a mental note to do it before the party ended. Lily pulled her mother's panties down to reveal a well-manicured beaver, cupped it in her hand and squeezed, then dropped her head and nursed on a nipple. She masturbated her mother for a minute or two and then it was her turn to be stripped. Rose fondled her daughter's tits and pussy, then turned her around and proudly showed me her fine ass. "I think her tush is her best feature," Rose said. I couldn't have agreed more.

Mom's legs quivered as Ron lapped at her pussy. "He loves to eat a pussy that has just been fucked," Rose said. "It's his favorite treat and he'll be wanting more." Mom fell to her knees next to the wheelchair and stuffed the fat head of Ron's cock in her mouth. I could see the outline of the plum-sized head on her blushing cheek. Lily and Rose pressed up against me and offered me their tits. I took Rose's sucker in my mouth and milked it with my lips. I stuffed so much of Lily's smaller tit in my mouth that the long nipple touched my throat. While I nursed on them, they teased my cock relentlessly.

"Let's suck him, Mother," Lily said. She and Rose sucked cock every bit as good as Mom did. While one sucked, the other licked. Ron's glassy eyes were glued to the spectacle of his wife and daughter sharing a cock. "I don't know which one of these bitches sucks better," he said with a chuckle. "I'm ready to see some fucking, and be sure you keep your legs open so I can see the connection."

Lily and Rose went to their backs and parted their legs. After deciding that it was appropriate to fuck the mother first, I mounted Rose and speared her sixty-something pussy. My assumption that her cunt would be dry and slack was way off the mark. It was slick and tight. She began to huff and puff as I used my cock like a crowbar to pry open her pussy. When she lubricated, she became almost too slick. Lily rolled onto her side and offered us her tits. Her mother sucked one nipple and I sucked the other.

Rose slapped my ass hard to speed me up. If the scene had been photographed, I'm sure my ass would have been blurred in the picture. I really gave it to that old bitch! Her chubby belly slapped against mine again and again. Rose took her mouth off of her daughter's tit and shouted, "HE'S MAKING ME CUM, RONALD!" She wasn't a screamer like Mom. She just panted, moaned, and mumbled obscene jibberish. The orgasm lasted for at least five minutes, and I shot my load just as she went limp.

Lily helped her mother to her father's side. My stomach churned when Ron stuck out his tongue to catch a gob of semen. He smacked his lips and went to it with gusto. Lily supported Rose while Don cleaned her pussy. The geriatric pervert clamped his hand to the back of Mom's head and shot his load in her mouth. Mom pumped the shaft with her fist to milk out every drop, then she lifted her head and smiled at me as she swallowed.

After a brief rest, I fucked Lily. Ron wheeled himself around to the side of the bed where he could watch us in profile. Mom and Rose pulled up chairs beside him and began to masturbate him. After slurping Lily's pussy for a few minutes, I mounted her and slid my prick in. She was as hot, slick and tight as her mother had been. She responded immediately. "Pull her legs up so I can see your cock," Ron ordered. I lifted her long legs and hooked them with my arms. "I'm going to give it to you good, baby," I whispered.

I squeezed Lily's fine tits as I rammed my cock down her slick barrel. Ron said something to his wife, and a few seconds later she was on top of me grinding her pussy against my ass. It just kept getting better and better. I glanced over and saw Mom lowering herself onto Ron's enormous cock. It wasn't fully hard but, between the two of them, they managed to stuff it in her pussy. I had never been sandwiched by two women before. I felt like a king as they smothered me in their soft, warm, sweet-smelling female flesh.

Mom was sitting in Ron's lap facing him with her legs spread around the back of the wheelchair. He sucked hungrily on her fruity tits as she posted up and down on him. When he saw me watching, he said, "Your mother sure has a nice tight snatch." His daughter went wild underneath me. "THIS SON-OF-A-BITCH IS MAKING ME CUM!" she shouted. His father expressed his approval with a shout of encouragement. "THAT'S IT, BOY! GIVE THAT SLUT ANOTHER ONE." Then we all were grunting and groaning, gasping and moaning as we experienced a group orgasm. The old man managed to shoot a load into Mom's pussy as I was pumping one into his daughter. Even Rose managed to get her gun by humping my ass.

That may have been the highlight of the play, but it wasn't the final scene. I fucked Lily and Rose two more times each, once in the cunt and once in the ass. Then the party ended with me fucking Mom one last time while Lily and Rose tried to coax one more load out of Don with their tongues and lips. Just as I was blowing a load onto Mom's belly, Ron's cum bubbled out onto his wife and daughter's lips.

As Ron handed Mom an envelope stuffed with bills, he said, "I added a thousand dollar tip. We'll have to do this again real soon." Mom and I giggled all the way home in the back of the old pervert's limousine.

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turbotaurus has received several accoladesturbotaurus has received several accoladesturbotaurus has received several accoladesturbotaurus has received several accolades
After serving three years of a four-year enlistment in the Air Force, I was discharged early because of my promiscuous behavior. I guess I deserved it. I once went to a swinger club near the base and offered to take on everyone. I wanted to see how many people I could have sex with in one night. I lost count when I passed out during a strong orgasm, but I took on at least thirty-five men and six women. Some of them must have been in the Air Force because word of my shameful behavior got back to the Base Commander. I got a good chewing out for that one, but they didn't kick me out.

It was my fling with the Chaplain that did me in. I was on my knees blowing him when his wife walked in and caught us. He was cumming in my mouth at the time. The Air Force wanted to avoid a scandal so I was quietly discharged a few days later.

Before I continue, I suppose I should describe myself. I am twenty-four, five foot two, and measure 35-24-36. I am told that I bear a strong resemblance to model Rachel Hunter. I get my looks from my beautiful mother. If she had a dollar for every wolf whistle that came her way, she would be rich. She and my father got a divorce while I was in the service.

Naturally, Mom was curious about my early discharge. I told her that the Air Force was having a RIF, or Reduction in Force, and I had volunteered to get out early. She was skeptical until I showed her my discharge papers.

The first order of business after arriving home was to find a job. I got one as a salesperson in a clothing store. I had to blow the manager to get it, and do him once a week to keep it, but that was no problem. He was a nice-looking guy and I enjoyed munching on his big salami.

Mom had become quite a party girl and went out on dates two or three times a week. I began to suspect that my father had divorced her because she was unfaithful to him.

I continued to behave like a slut but tried to hide it from my mother. My sex drive was so strong that I needed to be fucked often. And what better place is there to get a lot of fucking than a swinger club? I was thumbing through the Yellow Pages looking for something else when I came across an ad for The Trapeze, a "club for like-minded adults". A quick phone call confirmed that, like many swinger clubs, single women were always welcome and their admission was free. Many swinging couples prefer threesomes with women, so there is a lot of demand for them.

I spent hours preparing for my first visit to The Trapeze. My makeup and outfit had to be perfect. Not that the clothes really mattered much. I planned on being out of them within a few minutes of walking in the door. The topless receptionist was a very pretty redhead with fantastic tits. She looked me up and down and winked. "Maybe we can get together a little later," she purred. "I think there's a good chance of that," I answered. Although I prefer men, I never pass up a workout with a good-looking gal.

Even though it was early, there was already a nice crowd in the main room. Some clubs have a rule against nudity outside the play areas. I was pleased to see that this one didn't. I spotted two topless women and one completely naked couple. I headed for the locker room and a few minutes later returned wearing nothing but a garter belt, stockings, high heels, and jewelry. I love to parade around naked in front of hundreds of strangers. I can almost have an orgasm just doing that. Heads swiveled in my direction. Eyes widened. Jaws dropped. How I love being the center of attention!

I took a stool at the bar and struck a sexy pose. After ordering a drink and paying for it with the bills I had stuffed down my stocking, I scanned the room looking for choice partners. I was soon approached by an attractive couple. The woman appeared to be in her thirties, had a very pretty face and a statuesque build. He was presentable but wasn't anything special. After chatting for a few minutes, I asked him how big his cock was. He unzipped his fly and pulled out a six-inch softie. I was sure it would swell up to at least eight inches. "Let's go," I said.

We stopped by the locker room so they could shed their clothes and then headed for the party rooms in back. The largest room had at least twenty identical beds lined up in four rows. It could have been a hospital ward if not for the dozen couples indulging in various sex acts on the beds.

My couple led me to an empty bed and we got right down to it. The woman went to her back and she and her husband pulled me on top of her. She stuffed her tongue into my pussy as I began licking hers. It was a nice, clean pussy, completely shaved and smelling of sandalwood. The man played with himself as he watched his wife and I performing a passionate sixty-nine. My lover really knew her way around a pussy and soon had me purring like a kitten.

The husband soon joined in and began fucking me doggy style. His thick cock was just the medicine my aching pussy needed. Having a cock in my pussy and a tongue on my clit is one of my favorite things. I heard someone moaning and realized that it was me. The husband (I hadn't even asked his name) was giving me a good, hard fucking and that was exactly what I needed. Sometimes I prefer a man who uses finesse, then there are other times when I need a no-nonsense fucking.

I had the wife's legs drawn back and tucked under my arms to give me easy access to her pussy. Her legs jerked whenever I hit a sweet spot. Her moans increased until they were louder than my own. She was squeezing my tits a little too hard, but I didn't complain. Sometimes a little pain mixed with the pleasure makes a very enjoyable combination. I finished the bitch off with a few swirls of my tongue around her clit. Even with my pussy tight against her mouth she made a lot of noise, enough to attract attention. We had a small audience sitting on the beds around us. I howled into her pussy as I came. My lover pumped me faster in an effort to keep my orgasm going. He managed to keep it going a little longer before pulling out.

I rolled off of her and lay gasping for air. The husband had shoved his cock into his wife's mouth and served her the load that rightfully belonged in my pussy. He was still shooting and she was still swallowing. It had been a fantastic start to what I hoped would be a long evening of great sex. When the wife finished swallowing her husband's load, she turned to me and said, "That was fun, dear. Maybe again later?" And then they were gone.

A man who had been watching suddenly mounted me. He didn't ask, but I always had the option to refuse him. I didn't. He pumped in and out a few times and shot his load. It was all over in twenty seconds. Apparently embarrassed by his unmanly premature ejaculation he hurried off into the crowd. At least he had worn a rubber so I didn't have a mess to clean up.

Then I heard something that curdled my blood. "OH, SWEET JESUS, THAT'S IT! FUCK ME HARDER! YESSSSSSSSSSSS!" Sweet Jesus was one of my mother's favorite expressions and that sounded like her voice. I gave my other potential lovers a rain check and went to see what was going on. I got the shock of my life when I found her on a corner bed with three men using her at the same time. One was underneath fucking her pussy, another was on top fucking her ass, and a third was fucking her mouth. I watched in shock as the one in her mouth shot his load. When he pulled away, Mom turned her head in my direction. Splooge dripped off her chin. When she saw me, she shook her head in disbelief. She closed her eyes and let her orgasm run its course. The two men who were fucking her finished and disappeared into the crowd.

I sat on the bed beside my freshly-fucked mother and tried to think of something to say. I decided that a joke might break the ice. "Well, now I know why I'm a nymphomaniac. I got it from you." We both cracked up. We wrapped towels around ourselves and went to the main room for a drink. As we passed through the crowd, people did double-takes when they saw us. We are so much alike that everyone assumes that we are mother and daughter as soon as they see us. Word began to spread that a mother-daughter team was in the club.

We ordered drinks and took them to a cozy booth in a secluded corner. I told Mom about my problems in the Air Force. "You got your strong sex drive from me," she said. "It certainly wasn't from your father. He had the sex drive of a tree stump. I started fucking around behind his back because he wasn't fucking me. I'm really sorry that you inherited this sickness from me."

"Don't be silly, Mom. I love being a nympho. It's the best present I've ever had from anyone. I just love to fuck."

After a long talk, we decided that as long as everything was out in the open, we might as well have our fun together. We returned to the orgy room, found a bed and laid down side-by-side. Two men mounted us almost immediately. As soon as mine ran his long, thick cock into my pussy, I knew I was in for a good fucking. Mom and I held hands as we were fucked in tandem.

After they had fucked us for about five minutes, one said to the other, "Want to switch so we can compare their pussies?" I liked my second lover better than the first one. Even though his cock was a little smaller, he used it with more skill. The head of his cock rubbing my G-spot gave me a nice orgasm. By then a large crowd had gathered to watch the novelty of a mother and daughter getting fucked side-by-side.

Mom's hand tightened around mine as she came. "OH, SWEET JESUS, THAT'S IT! YOU'RE MAKING ME CUM! UHU..UHU..UHU..YESSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS!" I came before Mom's orgasm ended. Unlike Mom, I usually don't make a lot of noise when I cum. I huff and puff and babble incoherent obscenities. Our lovers were suddenly gone and Mom and I lay shivering and shuddering. Then a chant went up from the voyeurs surrounding the bed.


Mom looked over at me and grinned. A cheer went up when her red lips touched mine. We kissed with our mouths closed for awhile, then I felt Mom's tongue swishing back and forth against my lips. Then I was French-kissing my own mother!

I lowered my head and sucked one of Mom's beautiful, round nipples into my mouth. I went back and forth on her tits for awhile, then I pulled her head down on mine. By then, I think everyone in the club, including the staff, had come to watch. Many were standing on the beds to get a better look.

"We might as well give them a real show," Mom said. And then to our appreciative audience, she said, "Folks, this is our first time. You'll never see anything like this again." Everyone applauded as Mom licked down my belly to my pussy. As she mounted me, her latest lover's cum dripped in my face. And then I had my tongue stuffed in the very orifice that I had emerged from twenty-four years earlier.

Mom was a very skillful pussy-eater. It was very obvious that she had performed the act many times. I tried to do to her pussy what she was doing to mine. I learned a few things during my first lesbian session with Mom. Thanks to her, I'm now a much better pussy-eater. When Mom and I came together, the applause was deafening.

Mom and I spent the rest of the evening sharing partners, both male and female. One of the alert staff members made a video of our performance and gave us a souvenir copy. We are so popular at the club that they actually pay us to show up. The dates that we will be there are always posted on the bulletin board. Business is always brisk on those nights. Everybody wants to see and fuck the mother-daughter swingers.

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turbotaurus has received several accoladesturbotaurus has received several accoladesturbotaurus has received several accoladesturbotaurus has received several accolades
Jack and I have been best friends for as long as I can remember. We are actually more like brothers than friends. Neither of us have siblings, so we probably subconsciously rely on each other to fill that gap in our lives. When we graduated from high school, we joined the Navy together. After we finished our schooling, we were assigned to different ships and went our separate ways.

Jack and I wrote to each other for awhile but the letters eventually stopped coming. A few days before my enlistment ended, I bumped into him in the Enlisted Men's Club at the Norfolk Navy Base. If not for that fortuitous turn of events, I probably would not have a story to tell. Because we had enlisted at the same time, our enlistments ended at the same time. Jack was as eager to get out of the Navy as I was. We celebrated a little too hard that night.

Jack bought an old jalopy for the drive home and invited me to ride along. By sharing expenses and driving, we both saved money. After an uneventful trip, Jack and I pulled up in front of my house. I insisted that he come inside to get reacquainted with my mother.

I wasn't prepared for what I saw when Mom opened the door. She had always been very attractive, but while she was married to my father she didn't pay much attention to her appearance. But after the divorce, she reinvented herself. She trimmed off a few pounds, bought some stylish clothes, and had her hair done in a trendy style. Standing in the doorway was one of the sexiest, most beautiful women I had ever seen.

Mom and I held our embrace a little longer than is proper for a mother and son. She wasn't wearing a bra and I could feel the warmth of her big soft tits through the thin material of her blouse. She gave Jack a friendly hug and invited him in. She ushered us into the kitchen and served us frosty bottles of beer. Jack could hardly take his eyes off of her. I should have been pissed at the way my buddy was ogling my mother's cleavage and ass, but I only felt a growing sense of excitement. Jack declined Mom's invitation to stay for dinner. The first thing she said after he left was, "Your friend is certainly handsome now that his skin has cleared up."

Over dinner, Mom told me all about what she called her "brand-new life". She had gone into real estate sales and had become very successful. That explained the designer clothes and the expensive new furniture throughout the house. She insisted that I live with her for as long as I liked, and that I take my time in finding a job.

Mom and I chatted as we watched TV together. Her perfume was very distracting and so was everything else about her. I got a hard-on whenever she crossed the room. She had learned how to do a "model's walk" and it really was hot. That night in bed I had to jack off twice before I could get to sleep.

Jack called the next day and asked me to meet him for a few beers at Clancy's Tavern. We shot some pool, watched some baseball, and put away a few drafts. I could tell that my friend was eager to change subjects, and he did as soon as we settled down in a booth for some serious drinking.

"Damn, Larry, your mother is drop-dead gorgeous," he said. "I remember that she was a babe when we were in high school, but she is really something now. My Mom looks a lot hotter now, too, since she got rid of Dad."

He pulled a picture out of his shirt pocket and handed it to me. I immediately recognized Jack's mother Stella, even though there had been many changes in her appearance since I had last seen her. She was at the beach clad in a modest two-piece bathing suit that showed off her curves to perfection. She had struck a sexy calendar-girl pose for the camera.

"Damn, Jack, I'm getting a hard-on," I confessed.

"That's okay, buddy. I got more than one while I was checking out your Mom. I had to jack off before I could get to sleep last night."

"Yeah, me, too. Can I keep this picture to jack off with?"

"Sure, keep it. Look, buddy, I have a great idea," he said. "Mom's birthday is tomorrow and I'm taking her out to a nice restaurant for a fancy dinner. Why don't you guys come along?"

I accepted his invitation and the four of us met at the best restaurant in town. I struggled not to ogle the blonde bombshell sitting across the table from me. The picture Jack had shown me didn't do her justice. Damn, was she hot! Mom (her name is Connie) and Stella had been casual friends for years, but that night they really bonded. By the time we finished our coffee and went to the bar for drinks, they were like best friends. As we wound our way through the tables, every head turned in our direction. I thought my chest would burst with pride.

Mom invited Jack and Stella back to our place for drinks. When Mom found out that Stella was a Bridge player, she insisted on a game. Bridge was one of Mom's favorites, too. Those two certainly had a lot in common. If Mom and Stella had any faults it was that they were a little too free with the bottle. Both of them got a little tipsy, and Jack and I swapped winks when Stella asked us if we had visited any whorehouses while we were in the Navy. It just kept getting better and better.

Our Bridge games became a regular weekly occurrence. Jack and I hated the game but we played because it gave us an opportunity to ogle our mothers. As soon as the girls had a few drinks in them, they began to flirt with us. Stella was fond of using not-so-subtle double-entendres to tease me. I had to struggle to concentrate on the game and to keep my dick from rising.

Jack and I were at Clancy's one evening having a few pints and shooting the breeze. "The next time we play cards I'm going to make a run on your Mom," he said. "Do you have a problem with that?"

"Hell, no, as long as you don't mind me making a run on yours."

We came up with a devious plan. Our Bridge games always stopped promptly at ten so Mom and Stella could watch their favorite nighttime soap. I always taped the program in case Mom missed any of it because of a phone call or other interruption. I loaded a porno tape into the VCR beforehand, and when I pretended to start recording Mom's program, I hit the play button instead. The soap opera disappeared and was replaced with a raunchy orgy scene.

"Oh, my God, I'm so sorry," I said. "I was watching that this afternoon and forgot to take it out. I'll turn it off."

But before I could hit the stop button, Stella said something that Jack and I had been hoping to hear.

"Oh, no, leave it on. I've heard about these but I've never had an opportunity to watch one. Let me satisfy my curiosity."

Sitting beside my mother watching porno was the wildest thing I had done in my life until then. The tape was really hot, and I wished that I had chosen something a little less raunchy. But it worked just the way Jack and I had hoped. Mom and Stella began exchanging comments about what was happening on the screen.

"Wow, what a mess," Mom said, after a very sloppy cum-shot.

"Yeah, that thing was like a firehose," Stella said with a giggle.

We watched the entire tape, and Mom and Stella loved it. Jack looked over at me and winked. I could see that he was terrified. I wondered if he could overcome his fear enough to make his move. He rose to his feet and stumbled toward Mom. His dick was so hard that he couldn't walk upright.

"C..c..c..come on, C..C..Connie," he stammered. Mom's jaw dropped and she looked over at me. I didn't see anger or shock on her pretty face, only the same look she gets when someone pays her a compliment.

"Don't look at me, Mom," I said.

Mom got to her feet and led my best friend to her bedroom. Stella and I sat quietly for a few minutes, and then she began to giggle.

"Well, wasn't that special?" she said. "Well, it's just you and me, Larry. I don't suppose you would be interested in screwing an old hag like me, would you?"

"You're one of the most beautiful women I've ever seen, Stella," I said. Then I took her by the hand and led her to my bedroom. She let me undress her, and I felt her up at the same time. Her tits weren't especially big, but they were just the right shape and had the right amount of sag. I finally had her down to her panties. I knelt in front of her and yanked them down. My cock nearly ripped through my zipper when I saw the full bush on her pussy. She grabbed me by the ears and pulled my face right into her sweet-smelling snatch. I ran my tongue up and down the slot and swirled it around the nubbin at the top. I hoped that my enthusiasm would make up for my lack of experience.

"Oh, yes, baby," she said. "I love that long, silky tongue. I really look forward to teaching you how to eat pussy with finesse."

She flopped down on the bed and spread her legs. I nearly broke one of mine getting out of my pants. I tried to mount her but she pushed me away.

"You wouldn't last a minute, baby, and I need a lot more fucking than that. I'll suck the first one out of you. Once we get that one out of the way, I'm sure you'll last longer."

Stella's mouth was warm and very wet. I had had my cock sucked by a few whores while I was in the Navy and a couple of sluts in high school, but none of them had been as good as Stella.

"Grab me by the hair and push my head up and down," she demanded. "I like my sex a little rough."

If I hadn't done as she asked, I probably would have lasted a little longer. I grabbed a handful of her hair and pushed her pretty head down on my cock until it hit her throat. That sent me over the edge.

"Oh, fuck, Stella, here it comes. If you don't want my load, you had better get off of me now."

I came so hard I saw stars and heard ringing in my ears. It just went on and on, and the entire time, I was pushing and pulling that slut's head up and down on my cock. She finally lifted her head and smiled at me as she swallowed my load.

"Damn, you really needed that, didn't you, hon? You should masturbate more often. It's not healthy to let your balls fill up like that. Now get over here and fuck me before your dick goes soft."

I mounted that beauty and shoved my cock into her hot, wet snatch. She immediately planted her feet for leverage and bucked up against me. She was much tighter than I expected and she had excellent muscle control. Each time I pulled back, her cunt tightened down on me as though trying to keep me inside. I was so naïve that I didn't even know that women can, with proper exercise, control their cuntal muscles.

Stella began raking her fingernails very lightly up over my back and ass. Then she wrestled me onto my back and impaled herself on my cock. I was amazed that such a petite woman could be so strong. I had never been in the woman-on-top position. I immediately saw its advantages. Stella's tits were swinging to and fro in front of my eyes. She grabbed one and stuffed the nipple into my mouth.

"Oh, you sweet son-of-a-bitch. You have a humdinger of a cock. It's been ages since I've had one as big and hard as yours is. I am going to wear you out tonight, boy."

After that outburst, Stella had her first of many orgasms. I was a little disappointed that she didn't make more noise. I wanted my buddy to hear what a good job I was doing on his mother. She screwed her eyes shut, nibbled incessantly on her lower lip, and tossed her head from side-to-side.

"Oh, fuck, Stella, I have to cum. What should I do?"

"Shoot every drop of that hot jizz into me."

I continued pounding my cock into her as my load shot out. Her slick cunt got even slicker as my juices mingled with hers. She was in the middle of a strong orgasm and was clamping down on me. She finally went limp on top of me.

"Keep it in me for as long as you can," she whispered. I managed to stay plugged in for five minutes or so, and then a strong contraction pushed me out. When Stella had said that she was going to wear me out, she hadn't been kidding. We must have fucked in twenty different positions. I didn't know there were so many different ways to fuck. The bitch made me cum six times before she rolled over and went to sleep. Stella was gone when I awoke the next morning, so my morning wood was wasted on jacking off.

Jack called me the next day. He was so excited that his tongue was tripping over his words. We agreed to meet at Clancy's after work. His eyes were glassy and he was grinning like a Cheshire cat. We grabbed a couple of mugs of beer and took a table in a far corner where we could talk.

"Man, is your mother a hot piece of ass," he gushed. "You won't believe some of the things we did to each other."

"Okay, calm down. I want to hear everything you did to my mother, starting at the beginning. Don't leave anything out."

"Well, she started sucking my dick as soon as we were in bed and she did it so good that I shot my load in about fifteen seconds."

Jack went on to tell me in graphic detail about every act he and Mom had performed. I sat there with an aching hard-on and took it all in. His story ended with a shocker.

"I fucked your Mom in the ass. Hell, she liked it just as much there as in her pussy. I didn't even ask her if I could do it. My cock slipped out of her pussy and when I tried to get it back in the tip got lodged in her ass-hole. I figured I might as well go for it so I pushed it in. Man, she went nuts."

I almost creamed my jeans when he told me about that. I vowed that the next time I got Stella in bed I would go for her ass. Then it occurred to me that the women might feel guilty about what they had done and not let us fuck them again. I needn't have worried.

We had our next Bridge game at Stella's house. When it was over, she took me by the hand and led me to her bedroom. Jack took Mom to his room. The second time was even better than the first.

"I suppose you and Jack have told each other all the juicy details," she said. He and I had agreed not to tell them about that. "No, I would be too embarrassed to do anything like that." A little while later I got my first piece of ass. A thousand fantasies had not prepared me for the feel of it. I did her doggy-style so I could watch my cock going into that beautiful, round ass. Each time I pulled back she clamped down on me. I didn't even last a minute.

"Don't feel bad, hon. All guys come too quick when they get their first piece of ass. You'll do better next time."

Stella gave me a fine education in sex that night. After hours of sucking and fucking in a variety of ways, she ordered me to jack off for her amusement. I had always wanted to jack off in front of a woman. I decorated her nipples with the small quantity of jizz that I managed to jack out.

Our sexual relationships with each other's mothers continued for several months. One evening Jack and I were at Clancy's filling each other in on the things we had done to our mothers the previous night. Right out of the blue, Jack made a shocking proposal.

"I think we should fuck our own mothers."

"No way, man," I said. "We've got a great thing going. Why should we do anything that might screw it up."

"Well, I'm going to go for mine. If you don't want to go for yours that's your problem."

Jack had already come up with a plan. I decided that the least I could do was hear him out. I had almost a full week before the next card game to consider his proposal.

The big night finally arrived. As soon as the card game ended, Stella and I went to my room to get it on. She liked to start things off with a blow job, but I told her I wanted to practice cunnilingus. I worked on her tits for fifteen minutes. By the time I headed South, her nipples were as big and hard as bullets. I buried my face in her muff and took a deep breath. She smelled like honeysuckle, one of my favorite scents. As I worked my tongue around in her pussy, I tried to remember all the little tricks she had taught me. I knew they were working when she began to moan and squirm around on the bed. Everything was going according to plan. Jack was also practicing his foreplay on Mom.

Jack and I had decided that thirty minutes of foreplay would be enough. Exactly thirty minutes after I took one of Stella's nipples in my mouth, I excused myself to go to the bathroom. Jack was already waiting in the hallway. I hadn't seen him naked since we went through Navy boot camp together, and I had never seen him with a hard-on. His cock was so hard it pointed at the ceiling. The lower half of his face glistened with Mom's sex juice.

"I got her ready for you, buddy," he said. "You shouldn't have to work too hard to make her cum. Good luck."

We shook hands and then I headed for Mom's room with my rock-hard cock pointing the way. I pushed open the door and peeked inside. Mom was on the bed rubbing her pussy. My heart raced as I walked toward her with my cock bobbing in front of me.

"Stella and I figured it was just a matter of time before this happened," she said. "Well, come and do it while we're both in the mood."

I mounted her and speared her pussy with one perfect thrust. Jack had done a good job on her. She responded immediately and bucked up against me. I forgot everything Stella had taught me about fucking with finesse and gave Mom the ramrod treatment. She began gasping and wheezing as my cock did its job.

"Oh, yes, that's so good," she whispered. "I like it hard and fast sometimes. Yes, that's it, give me more like that. YOU'RE MAKING ME COME! UHU..UHU..UHU..I'M COMING!"

Mom dug her fingernails into my ass as mini-convulsions rippled through her beautiful body. She wrapped her long legs around mine and crushed me in an embrace. Hoping to get her multi-orgasmic, I continued fucking her with short strokes. Feeling her shaking beneath me was the best feeling I had ever had. She was enjoying her fourth orgasm when I shot my load into her. I felt like a king!

Mom was just as insatiable as her girlfriend and we stayed at it until I couldn't get it up. The next morning the four of us had breakfast together, something we had never done before. Stella had that glow that some women get after they've had an especially good fucking. I could see that Jack was quite pleased with himself. No doubt my pride was showing, too.

"Well, I guess there isn't any reason we can't have a foursome now," Stella said.

We had our first foursome the following week. Jack and I had the pleasure of watching our mothers go the lesbian route. They had gotten to each other before we got to them. I'll tell you about it some other time.

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My brothers and I stood with our hard, throbbing cocks in our hands as our father scribbled on three small slips of paper and placed them in a bowl. My brother Gary drew one of the slips and grinned when he saw the word "mouth" written on it. My brother Roy drew next and got the word "pussy". Two of Mom's orifices had been taken and only one was left. Even though I already knew what was written on it, I drew the final slip of paper and read aloud the word "ass".

Our beautiful mother Gloria was sprawled naked on the bed impatiently fondling her full bush as she waited for us to make her Mother's Day a very happy one. Dad began videotaping as Roy went to his back next to her. Mom bent down and sucked his big cock for a minute or two just for good measure, then she straddled him and slowly impaled herself on it. Dad, Gary and I bent forward to watch the penetration. What a sight it was! Mom's slack labia tightened up as Roy's thick cock pushed them aside. They were soon stretched like rubber bands around the fat prick. The penetration alone was enough to start her huffing and puffing. When all of us got in the act, Dad would have to close the windows and turn on the air conditioning to muffle Mom's exuberant shrieks.

The ass-man always comes first, so I gave Roy a head start to increase the chances of everyone coming together. After carefully oiling my cock, I knelt next to Mom on the bed, pulled her cheek to the side, and squirted a thick bead of lotion across her wrinkled anus. I smeared it around, then gently worked a finger up her ass. The tight little hole responded to the invasion by clamping down. I continued sawing my finger in and out until the clenching slowed and weakened. I added a second finger and then a third to prepare her for the final assault. As I eased my cock into her tight hole, Gary was at the other end sliding his between her lips. I pressed down on the small of her back to hold her in place and placed the tip of my cock against her anus. I felt a sense of detachment as I watched the head slowly disappear into her body. It was as though I were watching someone else's cock. I sank my cock in all the way to the balls.

With the camera in his right hand and his cock in his left, Dad circled us in search of interesting camera angles. He would get his turn in the cluster when he replaced the first of his sons to come, but he wasn't in any hurry. The ass-man usually finishes first, but I felt in pretty good control and hoped to make this time an exception. Mom was working her hips back and forth between Roy and I. When she thrust forward onto Roy, her ass clamped down on my cock. We soon had a nice rhythm going with Roy and I driving our cocks into her on alternate strokes. My balls slapped against his with each thrust. I felt the heat radiating from his feverish cock-head through the thin membrane separating the two orifices.

I reached beneath her to feel her tits and found Roy nursing on one. I gave the other one some attention. The nipple was wet and swollen from Roy's sucking. Mom's moans grew louder and filled the room. She would have been much more vocal if Gary's thick cock had not been serving as a gag. His eyes rolled back in his head and his teeth clattered as he shot his load in her mouth. I heard her choke and then watched her cheeks puff out as Gary filled her mouth with his syrup. Mom held the load in her mouth as Dad stepped forward for sloppy seconds. She kept her lips tight around his cock to avoid spilling any of the precious fluid. Dad's eyes lit up as his cock basted in a mixture of Mom's spit and Gary's spunk. Gary took over on the camera and stepped up on the bed to get some shots that Dad hadn't gotten around to.

I managed to play my part long enough for Mom to have a strong orgasm. The tight tunnel sucking at my cock finally got the best of me, and I shot my load deep inside her. I was shaking like a leaf as I dismounted and rolled out of the way. I felt a little nauseous just as I always do after fucking my mother. Dad winked at me as he took my place in her ass. He chose to synchronize his thrusts with Roy's thrusts. The look on his face was the same look my dog gets when I scratch his funny spot. Mom always goes wild when the thrusts are synchronized. With no cock filling her mouth, she wound up like an air siren until Dad clamped his hand over her mouth. Father and son groaned in unison as they shot their loads. It was a picture-perfect ending with mother, father and son coming together.

Perhaps you are wondering how my family forged our forbidden relationship. First let me describe my mother. She's a tall, statuesque beauty with long legs and a winning smile, all qualities that are essential for success as a haute couture model. She strutted down many runways showing off the work of some of the biggest names in the business. Then Dad swept her off her feet and she gave up the world of glamour for a life as a housewife. As far as I know, she never doubted her decision.

Dad is a good-looking guy with an abundance of charm that I wish had rubbed off on me. He's also extremely clever and has dozens of inventions to his credit. Just about the time I left for college to study engineering, he started up a manufacturing company to produce his inventions. After I graduated from college, I went to work for him. Dad came up with the rough ideas, and then I polished them. Meanwhile, my brothers Gary and Roy were still away in college.

Mom, Dad and I went out one night to celebrate getting a patent on a very promising invention. After dinner in the best restaurant in town, we went to a nightclub for dancing. Dad isn't much of a dancer, so Mom asked me to dance with her. We kept a respectable distance apart at first, but it gradually closed as we were drawn to each other. Mom's tits soon were against my chest, and I felt her swollen nipples through the thin fabric separating our bodies. That, combined with the smell of her exquisite perfume, had a profound effect on me. At first, I moved away so she wouldn't feel my erection. Then I gave in to my lust and pressed right up against her. I rationalized my shameful conduct by telling myself that she would be flattered. She was! She even made that classic Mae West joke, "Is that your gun or are you just happy to see me?"

Mom and I were practically fucking right there on the dance floor. It's a miracle I didn't shoot a load in my pants. Dad suggested that we go to the nudie bar next door for a few drinks. We took a quiet booth in a dimly lit corner. Up on the runway, two naked girls were rubbing their pussies up against shiny dance poles. Mom reached over and squeezed my cock through the cloth of my pants. Judging by the expression on Dad's face, she was using her other hand on him. I was on very dangerous ground by then. All the teasing on the dance floor had the jism in my balls simmering. I finally had to pull Mom's hand off of my cock.

Dad excused himself to go to the men's room. While he was gone, Mom went up to the runway and stuffed a few bills in the strippers' garters. She managed to cop a few pretty good feels while she was at it. The idea of Mom having a streak of lesbian in her turned me on even more. I know that she had lived a fast life as a model, and that was probably part of the scene.

Dad came back and whispered something to Mom. He grinned up at the dancers as Mom worked his cock under the table. He did a pretty good job of hiding his orgasm. I didn't find out until we got home that he had bought a rubber from the dispenser in the men's room and rolled it onto his cock. Mom had done him right through the cloth of his pants.

When we got home, Mom took me by the hand and led me straight to her bedroom. Mom and Dad had lots of sex with each other, but slept in separate rooms for comfort. With Dad watching, she quickly undressed me and tossed my clothes aside. Then I stood naked in front of my parents with a cock so hard it pointed at the ceiling. Mom ordered me onto the bed and then tore her clothes off. Even though she was twice the age of the strippers, she was more beautiful than any of them.

She sucked my cock for a few minutes, then turned around and lowered her cunt to my mouth. She had a full but neatly-groomed bush. I buried my nose in it and savored the aroma of lilacs, my favorite scent. Dad stripped and pulled up a chair next to the bed. He didn't say a word as he watched me have sex with his wife. Mom was giving me the best head that I had ever had, so it wasn't surprising that I didn't last long, especially after all the teasing I had been through. Mom didn't miss a beat when I shot my load.

As soon as I was finished, she spun around and mounted me. "Now don't go soft on me," she said. She posted up and down on my cock to keep it hard. It worked. Each time she lifted her beautiful ass off of me, her pussy clamped down on my cock. "I can work my muscles better when I'm on top," she said. "How do you like it?" She should have been able to tell by the look of awe on my face.

Dad was jacking off hard by then. Even though I know every normal male masturbates, I had never been able to picture my father doing it. "Tell him when you're going to come so he can get his, too," Mom whispered. I started losing control then. The thought of my father timing his jack-off orgasm to mine was so kinky that I tried not to think about it. I managed to last a few more minutes before I shouted that I was coming. My orgasm in Mom's cunt was even stronger than the one in her mouth. Mom was getting off at the same time. Somehow I had always imagined her having very lady-like orgasms, and that's how it was. She whimpered and sighed, and whispered "yes" over and over again. When it was over, I glanced over at Dad and saw his watery load on his belly.

When my brothers graduated from college, they also went to work for Dad. They were initiated into our little sex club in very much the same way that I had been. Life was great for awhile, and then my brothers and I moved away to have lives of our own. Working for Dad had been great, but we wanted other challenges. His company was a big success and he could afford to hire all the engineers he needed. Three times a year, on Mother's Day, Mom's birthday, and Christmas, my brothers and I head for home to give Mom the hottest sex she has ever had.

I thought about all of that as I watched my quivering mother sandwiched between my father and brother. The three were coming down slowly from their orgasms. Dad and Roy were straining to keep their cocks up in her quivering innards for as long as possible. Curious to see which man would win the contest, I knelt at the foot of the bed alongside my equally-curious brother Gary. "Ten bucks says Dad outlasts him," he said. "You've got a bet," I answered. It was a sucker bet. A few seconds later, Roy's cock came slithering out of Mom's pussy to take a nap on his plump balls. Dad managed to last another minute until his came out of her ass with a soft pop.

After we rested for a few minutes, Mom reminded us of something that had become a family tradition. Each of us would take a brief shower of about fifteen minutes with her. We would lather up her beautiful body and she would do the same for us. This ritual served two purposes: it washed the sweat and sex juices off of us and it got us worked up for another round of sex.

As the oldest, I got to go first. Mom pulled on a shower cap while I adjusted the water to the perfect temperature. I took her hand and guided her under the warm spray. I started by gently lathering her beautiful face with my bare hands. All of the makeup that she had so carefully applied went down the drain. Next, I soaped her shoulders and worked my way down to her scrumptious tits. By the time I lathered up every square inch of tit-flesh, her nipples were as big and hard as bullets. I reluctantly left her tits and moved down her torso. Deciding to leave her cunt for last, I moved lower and gave her long, sleek legs a perfunctory wash. I did her lovely ass and then worked my way up her back to the place I had started from. Mom reached for a bar of soap but I stopped her and said, "I'm not done with you yet, Mom." I lathered up my hands and then began transferring the lather to her furry mound. "This is the part I like best, Mom." She giggled at my enthusiasm.

"All right, that's enough," Mom said. "The others are waiting for their turns." Mom soaped every inch of my body, and, like me, she saved the genitals for last. By the time she finished with my cock and balls, I had the best hard-on yet. I dried myself and went out to the livingroom where Dad and my brothers were masturbating as they watched the tape. "Damn, it's about time," Roy whined. "Did you wash her or fuck her?"

I sat down, took my cock in my hand, and watched me fucking Mom in the ass there on the big screen TV. It was far hotter than any professional porno that I had ever seen. Roy came out of the bathroom with a big smile on his face and a big boner on his belly. Greg took his turn and then Dad had his without Mom. While Dad was showering, Mom reapplied her makeup. Dad must have done a little jacking in the shower because when he returned he was as hard as the rest of us.

Mom came out of the bedroom looking like a Las Vegas showgirl. "Are you boys ready for another drawing?" she asked.

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When my best friend finally told me he had been sleeping with his mother, I was stunned. We had been going out 'double' since junior high and I knew that women were always on his mind so when for months he didn't want to go out, I thought something was up. We were seniors and right before winter vacation I told him, "Stevie, I have Linda and Dee lined up for the weekend, can you get your mother's car?"

"No man, I can't make it; I have some other stuff to do."

I said, "Are you nuts, you wanted to go out with Linda for a year and now she wants to go for a weekend and your turning it down?"

"Danny, I'm going to tell you something but if you ever tell anyone, I'll break your face...understand?"

I laughed, "Ooohh big doings in Stevie-land."

"I'm serious."

"Oh all right...what is it, you know I'm not going to say anything."

"Ok...well...I've been with someone for the last few months and...I was going to tell you sooner but...it's my mother."

"Get the fuck out of here...what are you saying?"

"We've been sleeping together Danny"

"Fuck me...whoa. Hey you're not off in fantasyland or yanking my chain are you?"

"No man...it's real."

"How'd this happen?"

"Oh man...I don't even know. One night she's telling me how lonely she is and how she can't find anyone and she starts kissing me. You know what she looks like...I mean just those tits...and before I knew what was happening ...well..."

"You went to bed with..."

"My mother, right"

"Boy oh Stevie boy; what's going on now?"

"It's intense man...we've been screwing night and day, any place and every place; she even did me in the car one day. I think she gets off doing it in places where people can see us."

"Oh man I would flip if I saw you doing your mom."

"I'll tell you Danny, I think she'd like it."

I laughed, "Ok man I'll be over tonight. What time does the show start?"

"You think I'm kidding but I'm really going to ask her. I'll call you later."

When I got home my head was buzzing. My mother and I always had a great relationship and we always kissed both cheeks hello and goodbye ever since I can remember. That night when I came in, I gave her a quick kiss on the lips instead. She looked at me quizzically but didn't say anything.

Later on, I was considering all the things that Steve and I had in common which I'd never thought about before. Both of our mothers had married and divorced while they were young, we were both the only child and they were both beautiful women. I felt strange the first time I did it, but that night I looked at my mother as a sexual being. I examined the swell of her breasts and the roundness of her ass and I would be lying if I didn't admit that I started thinking what it would be like to do to my mom what Steve said he was doing to his – even if I didn't quite believe him.

After dinner the phone rang and Steve asked me to come over. He didn't go into details but I didn't really think I was going to watch him have sex with his mother. When I got there, I expected to hear what a dope I was to believe him but that's not what happened. His mother was in a slinky dress that showed off her well-proportioned body. No sooner was I in the door than she said, "Daniel, can we trust you not to say anything about this to anyone?"

I said, "Of course" and we went downstairs to the small guest apartment they had made out of the basement. Before I even sat, Steve and his mother were kissing. Within a minute she was down to bra and panties and on her knees. I watched in awe and with an awesome boner as she sucked his cock. Steve had his eyes closed but every once in a while she looked over to watch me watching. My hand was on my crotch and when her panties came off and he started to bang her from behind I almost creamed in my pants.

When they were done she looked over at me and asked, "Did you like that?" I nodded; I could see that my watching pleasured her.

I went home promising myself that I would never do that again. It was too frustrating to watch and not participate. What stayed with me though, was the look on his mother's face as he did her. It was so much better than a porno film because the heat and the emotions were genuine. She was really feeling good.

I stayed up with my mom and I listened to music for about an hour while she read. I was watching and thinking and before long, I had to get out of there and masturbate. I kissed my mother 'good night' on her soft lips and said, "I love you".

There are many kinds of "I love you" and we always said that to each other when we left the house or went to bed. The "I love you" that I said to her that night was the 'other' one. My mother is a smart and sensitive lady and when I looked at her and said it, she knew which 'I love you' it was. She hesitated for a moment and then gave me the usual "I love you" and the usual kiss.

I tried in the next few days to act 'business as usual' around my mom but we could both feel the tension and now it was sexual tension. It seemed that we were both reluctant to talk about it so I decided to do something about it. I went up to her and kissed her fully. My heart was beating while I awaited her reaction. It was none of the ones I might have expected. She said with a soft half-smile, "Daniel, I'm not ready for this."

I smiled back and just said, "Ok mom."

My urgency to have my mother intensified over the following weeks. I couldn't look at her as I once had. Her lips were now lips I wanted to kiss, her breasts were breasts I wanted to hold, and her body was the one I wanted to possess. I didn't press her but I didn't give up either. Over months I drew my mother to me. It was excruciating. It took weeks to until she kissed me back. When I held her breast she said, "I'm not ready." When weeks past and she put my hand on her breast, I reached between her legs. Again she said, "Danny, I'm not ready."

We stayed at each plateau for what seemed an eternity to me until almost six months to the day of our first kiss I came home to find her in the bedroom, waiting for me. She said, "I'm ready for you now Danny."

I'd never seen my mother completely nude and the sight was overwhelming. Her body looks almost average when she's wearing clothes so I was surprised by how hot she looked standing in the dim light by the bed. I think it's her unusually small waist that makes everything else stand out. I told her she was the most beautiful thing I'd ever seen. I took one of her tits into my hand and it overflowed. I cupped the pear shaped softness and began sucking on the protruding nipple. She undid my pants and in a moment I was as naked as she was. She touched my cock and it jumped. I said, "I want you so much it's getting me crazy."

She smiled, "You don't have to be crazy baby; I'm here for whatever you want. I'm ready and I want you too."

I put my knee between my mother's legs and nudged them apart as I kissed her. She opened into a wide stance. I went to taste her pussy and stayed to lick and suck her as a long uninterrupted musical sound came from her open mouth. My mouth was covered with her juices when I returned to the soft lips and tongue that played with mine. At that moment, all I wanted was to be in her.

Once on the bed my mother opened for me as I approached with a raging cock in my hand. I quickly penetrated the lubricated opening of her pussy and felt the exhilaration of finally being in her after months of waiting. I pushed into the wet haven and it was perfect until...something was wrong...I felt my mother stiffen...she started to cry - talk about frustration.

After getting over myself, I tried to comfort her and find out what was upsetting her. As she cried in my arms, I figured she was having second thoughts because I was her son. That wasn't it at all. When she calmed she told me the story.

"Danny, the reason I'm having so much trouble is that...I met someone about eight months ago. His name is Jeff and he's a pilot. It started about the time we started. I thought I could handle it all but...I guess it's different this time...there are things about me you don't know but now I want to tell you" She curled under my arm and with her hand on my chest continued the story.

"I was very young when I started having sex and I developed an appetite for it. I guess a lot of my relationships have been 'unconventional'. There were times when I went out with more than one guy at a time. The things I like to do are part of the reason your father and I split up. He just wouldn't or couldn't understand. I'll tell you Danny, it doesn't feel good when your own husband thinks you're a whore. I want you to know these things because..."

I kissed her forehead and told her I thought she was wonderful. She kissed my cheek and went on.

"Well I could always 'juggle' men but with you it's different. I love you. You're my son but I think I love Jeff too...I'm so confused but I didn't want you to make love to me and not know about him."

"Thanks mom. Right now I don't know what to think about all this but I know I love you and I want you more than anything."

"That's what makes this so hard; I want you very much too. Do you think you can still love me until we sort this whole thing out honey? Do you still want to make love to me?"

I answered with my mouth on hers and she reached for my cock. I hardened in her soft hand. I kneeled to enter her again and held her legs apart by her calves. My straight cock found her pussy without guidance and reached into my mother's belly. She put her hand at the spot where I was moving in and out of her to touch the cock as it moved. She moaned a little "Mmmm...it's good Danny...good to have you in me...my baby..."

We found each other's rhythm quickly for first time lovers. Her pussy held me as I stroked and my mother began a steady stream of talk as we climbed to come. "Yes baby...I love the way you're fucking me...oh, that's good...don't stop...do me harder ...yes...I'm here for your beautiful cock...in my pussy... my baby's in my pussy...I have my boy...yes love harder, harder..."

I pumped into the wet center until she had all of me in her and couldn't wait another second to come. The first jet of cum I shot into her pussy set her off too. I was loud and my mother was louder as we found release from the long wait to have each other. As we lay spent my mother petted my still hard, cum coated rod and said, "Beautiful...my beautiful cock...beautiful cock."

After a wondrous night of lovemaking, the morning brought more questions than answers. We decided to let things evolve and I agreed to meet Jeff.

It would have been easier if on the night we all went to dinner he turned out to be jerk; no such luck. I actually liked him and we talked easily. I could see their genuine affection for each other but all through the evening I felt my mother's reassurances. Her hands touched my face and arms and when they strayed under the table, they brushed my cock. I didn't know what they were doing to Jeff.

Before dessert, Jeff proposed that we all go to his apartment. We all exchanged looks that resolved into assent. When we arrived it didn't take long for me to realize that this wasn't mom's first time with two guys. She took charge and pretty much directed who and what went where. Before any clothes came off she had both of our cocks in her hands. She rubbed us hard and then got down on her knees. She alternately sucked each cock for a minute or two until they were both straining and jumping.

I thought I would be uncomfortable with another guy doing my mother but I found myself so turned on to her that it didn't matter. All I wanted was to have her. I took her skirt down as she sucked Jeff off and when she realized what I wanted she positioned herself on spread hands and knees to give me access.

I was pumping my mother's pussy while holding and separating the rounded full globes of her ass. I'd never had a woman's ass and I wanted my mother's now. My cock was slick with her juices when I pulled out of her pussy and I pushed it past the ring and felt my mother squirm a bit while a small shudder shook her ass. When more of my cock filled her small channel, I could feel how much tighter and hotter it was than her pussy. She took her mouth off Jeff's cock to moan, "Oh Danny...oh...you're in my ass...oh..." She resumed sucking Jeff's cock with an audible, "Mmmmm...mmmm."

It was excruciatingly good to be in my mother that way and the sight of her sucking only added to it. When all of my cock was in her, I pumped her with long hard strokes. I couldn't believe how much of Jeff's was down her throat. She took all of both of us but she seemed to be at her limit by the sounds she was making. Jeff's face displayed the gratification he was experiencing as my mother sucked him and I watched him stiffen in anticipation of his climax. He held her head with a long moan and came in her mouth as she stroked his flanks. He collapsed in a heap when he finished.

As I pounded her ass she asked for more. "Harder Danny harder...Ohh... I love it hard like that...yes baby...like that...for momma...yes...yes... yes..." With each "yes" of hers my cock was buried as deep as it could go and the pounding brought us both off. I felt myself erupting into her ass and the slickness made it easier to piston in and out of her. I took hold of both of my mother's tits and I came calling to her; my name on her lips warmed me as she shook in orgasm. It was the most intense sexual experience of my life.

We went home and mom asked me to lie with her until she fell asleep. I held her naked body next to mine and we talked. "That was so beautiful tonight mom...I've never had sex that way...have you?"

"Well Danny...I..."

"Oh... mom, I'm sorry...what a stupid thing to ask you. I shouldn't make you uncomfortable and..."

"It's ok Danny. I've had a lot of experience...but this was a wonderful one. I'm so glad I was your first. It makes it special for me too...and I loved having you in me like that." She reached back and covered my cock with her hand. Within a minute it no longer fit and my stiffness found her wet pussy. My memory of that night is of spending a lot more time in her than out of her.

Over the next few months I found myself making love to my mother with no particular pattern or schedule. Sometimes she went and stayed by Jeff for a few days and others times it seemed like she couldn't get enough of me. I never got enough of her. Mother and I talked often and she always encouraged me to see women more my own age. She said, "Darling, we have a wonderful sexual relationship and a bond as mother and son that will always be; but you should have someone of your own generation to be with: someone who likes the same music and movies and books. You need that don't you?"

I said I was happy just being with her but she always brought it up. She started spending more time away so it wasn't a complete surprise when mom said, "Honey, would you be terribly upset if I married Jeff?"

I told her truthfully, "If that would make you happy, it's great." I kissed her softly and she returned my kiss with passion.

"Baby, that doesn't mean that I don't want you to love me anymore. Jeff understands that." I kissed her again flooded with the pleasure of knowing that I would make love to her again. She smiled and said, "Now go find yourself someone to share the 'other stuff' with."

That was easier said than done. I was determined to find someone who would fit in to my life without changing it. I came close with Cindy. We had 'changed partners and danced' once; and from the sex we had and all her talk about nothing being taboo as long as nobody got hurt, I took a chance. I invited her to mom's wedding and went for broke. I took her into the room where mom was changing after the ceremony and she watched as I kissed my mother the way I always did now: fully and with my hands roaming over her breasts and ass. Boy was that stupid.

Cindy just froze and had very little to say after we left. I started to explain the situation and what I was looking for in a person who could share my life but it fell on deaf ears. She was 'outta here'.

The person I was looking for turned out to be someone I had known since elementary school, Dee. We had gone out on and off for years but never pushed past the first stages of occasional sex. In my frustration one night, I told her that I had made love to my mother. She said, "I'm so glad you trusted me with that Danny, I've done things I've never told you because I didn't want you to stop seeing me. Sometimes I like being with more than one guy and I've even been with a few girls. Do you think that's terrible?"

I assured her that for me that was the best news I'd heard in months and went on to give her all the details about mom, Jeff and me. She wasn't put off, she was turned on and I was in heaven. We had the best sex we ever had that night. Her pussy was never so wet and her mouth was never so willing and I had the second beautiful ass of my life.

The first night of what would become 'The Foursome' was amazing. Dee took to mom and it was hard to get her off my mother's pussy all night. Mom wasn't complaining. Dee also found Jeff attractive and I teased her later that she had as many orgasms with him as she did with me. There's a picture in my memory that stays with me from that night: mom is on her hand and knees with me in her up to the hilt from behind, Dee is lying down and mom is sucking on her pussy, and Jeff is straddled over Dee with his cock down her throat. Incredibly we all came within a minute or two of each other.

Over the next few months, Dee and I moved in together. We lived close to mom and Jeff and miraculously it worked for a while. We met as a foursome on special occasions and made them very special. Mom and Dee had 'girls night out' and once in a while Dee enjoyed Jeff and I for a night. Then I asked Jeff to spend the night with Diane because I hadn't been alone with my mother for a while.

While I was deep in my mother's pussy she said to me, "Oh Danny this is the best isn't it? Having you in my pussy is what I want. I want you to fuck me...I want to suck you...you're what I need." As I went deeper into her belly, she began to whimper, "Danny...Oh...I thought it would be best for you and ...maybe for me too but it's not...it's not baby..." She started crying and I came out of her and held her.

"Mom you were all I ever really wanted and you're all I'll ever need." I kissed her, overwhelmed with my love for her and said, "Let's do something about this now, before it's too late."

"Yes baby...yes." She pulled me on top of her and the way she wanted me got me hard again quickly. She was as wet as I'd ever felt her and my cock searched for her end with each thrust. "Yes...fill your momma...only you baby...fill me with your hard cock...do it hard Danny...hard...hard..."

I pounded her the way she needed it at that moment and it felt good to give it to her that way. After a minute or two she was clawing at my back and the sweat was pouring off us both. It wasn't long before I let a torrent of cum explode into her pussy. She hadn't come and was almost manic. She was on my cock with her mouth sucking off both our juices.

I was amazed at how soon she had me hard and ready to fuck her again. I sucked on her clit to get her closer to her orgasm before entering her. Her honey was sweet and she was thrashing before I was done. I took her from behind this time because she always said she came quicker when she felt me against her ass. She clenched her pussy around my cock as I fucked her. I could hear from her sounds that she was almost there. Her hand went to her clit from underneath and I gave it to her as hard as she asked for it. She came with a sound as close to a scream as I had ever heard from her and I let go with more jets of cum than I thought I had left. She held me tight for a long while.

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We made softer easier love for the rest of the night between talking about how we would handle the situation. As it turned out it wasn't as difficult as we'd feared. The situation as it stands today is that Jeff and Diane are living together. The divorce is being processed and mom and I are with each other, for each other, and happy.

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Conner Prescott's mother was stimulated and surprised. All she was doing was trying on a few pairs of shoes for him. She wanted his opinion for the spring catalogue. He looked at her legs and she realized that she liked how he looked at them.

After that night she became aware and thought twice before 'modeling' something for him, but ended up doing it anyway. The white stockings, the veils, and the garter belts were all examined as she tried them for her son. He assessed each garment and talked to her about them but as far as Abby was concerned; his eyes along her legs told the story. It wasn't that she was unaware of her sexuality it was only that she hadn't connected it with her son before this. He had always connected them and the hardness in his pants confirmed it.

Abby Prescott headed a company of thirty employees that sold mail order bridal accessories. She took over when her husband died at forty. Most expected her to fail but the company had more than held its own through nine years and some tough economic times. The business was almost everything to her and she measured her personal success with it.

This had been difficult for Conner after his father's death because most of his mother's energy was directed away from him. As an only child he was lonely more often than not. He sought refuge in troubling fantasies.

He didn't know why but things seemed to be changing. Now when they listened to music together, she sat close enough for him to him to feel her breasts against his arm. Now she tried on sexy clothes for him and exposed her creamy thighs. Abby's attention was turning toward her son and it was not unwelcome. Conner's fantasies were turning toward his mother.

Although she still traveled a great deal, when she was home they began doing everything together. Abby became practiced in her 'displays'. It excited her to show him not quite enough. She knew which skirts rode up to which point on her thigh. She knew which blouse would show her braless breasts when she bent over without exposing the nipple.

On the day before his nineteenth birthday she took Conner to Cleopatra's. She used to go with her husband but hadn't been there since his death. Cleopatra's was a sex club masquerading as a dance club modeled on its namesake in Paris. 'Members' could go upstairs where they could watch or participate.

Abby and Conner drank a lot and danced a little and then she led him upstairs. He was boggled. People were crowded around some of the rooms watching others making love. Some were dimly lit and others were bathed in light. There was a room that had a foursome in it fondling each other as the music played. She led him to a cubicle with four people around it. They all had their hands through holes in the walls but you couldn't see in. After a few minutes a laughing disheveled young woman came out and he understood.

He was amazed when his mother asked him, "Do you want me to go in?"

His cock jumped as he said "Yes."

She had never done this before and became wet at the prospect. Conner stood by one wall and another young man was opposite him. Two women finished the foursome. Rhythmic drums and bass played as eight hands reached for Abby. She knew where her son stood and she faced his wall. She pulled down the top of her dress and his hands found her breasts. She swayed to the music but never changed her position as her son kneaded her tits and rolled her big nipples between his fingers. The hands on her legs and ass added to the excitement. After reaching a fever pitch she rubbed herself and came. She left the room flushed and tipsy and kissed Conner for the first time as woman that was now more than his mother.

Conner was sure he was going to fuck his mother that night - but he was wrong. She kissed him but never let him go passed that. He was disappointed thinking it was a one time crazy thing and he'd never touch her that way again. He was wrong again.

The coming days brought him more visual delights and more titillation for her. Abby took to not wearing panties and to wearing 'sweater bumpers' around the house: nipple rings which kept her nipples in a seeming permanent erection – which did the same for Conner. He was excited by her and wanted to spend all his time with her; this was when their arguing started. He asked her to go with him to a movie, to a concert, to dinner. She had to work, she had to work, she had to work.

Two weeks after 'Cleopatra's' things escalated. She was asleep in the corner of the couch with her skirt high on her thighs. Her legs were open enough for him to see more than he could stand at that moment. He went over to her and put his hand on the soft lips between her legs. She stirred as he worked two fingers in to his mother's pussy. She opened her eyes sleepily and smiled a languid smile at him. She took his hand and eased it out of her. She brought his fingers to her mouth and sucked her juice off them. She said in a whisper, "Are you ready for me baby?"

He thought, 'Am I ready? I've had a hard-on for you that could have broken off for the last two months. Is that ready enough?' "Yes momma, I'm ready, he said."

"Take me to bed then."

He carried her into her bedroom as she kissed his neck and playfully kicked her legs. He dropped her on the bed and she laughed as she bounced once and then opened her arms and legs. He unbuttoned her blouse as she smiled with her eyes closed. He finally saw the nipples she had been keeping from him. They were hard and long and circled by gold rings. He sucked one as he cupped the breast elongating it through the top of his hand. It was his ice cream cone with a candy top. He licked and ate it and the top of her tit made a popping sound as it left his lips. She laughed pleasurably when he did the same to her other tit. "Did baby find a new toy?" she teased.

They'd both found new toys; each other. She reached in and massaged his cock into a rod as he hiked her skirt to her waist. Conner didn't know what to touch first on her exciting body. He got to everything. He got in everything. He was in her hand and he stopped her before he exploded. He was in her cunt and he pulled out before he exploded. When his mother sucked his cock, he couldn't pull out before he exploded. His cum coated her mouth as she jerked every ounce he could give her.

He was panting when he was done. According to Abby, he wasn't done. It didn't take much more than feeding him her tits to get him erect again.

This time it was slow and measured. Her experienced hands and mouth took her son to the edge without letting him go over. She did all the things she had done with her husband but was even more excited by them. She'd never been as wet as when her son's thick cock entered between her opened legs. She locked her ankles on his back as he pushed deeper into her cunt.

Abby had never come without a hand or mouth on her clit but her son's body was making contact and she felt herself starting to lose control. She tried to stop herself but couldn't. She bucked into his cock as she felt him at the end of her channel time and time again. She called his name as she arched into the unexpectedly intense orgasm. It was the first time anyone had made her come before she wanted to.

In the first months the lovemaking carried him through the days and weekends when she was away; but as time went on he wanted more. Not only more of Abby's body but more of Abby. The Springsteen concert was missing something without her to share it with him. The movies and restaurants held no appeal without her.

One Saturday morning he went to the museum and spent two hours in front of one painting. It was called 'The Kiss.' They say the difference between great art and entertainment is that with true art, you're somehow changed by it; after the movie or music or sculpture you're just not the same. After 'The Kiss,' Conner was not the same. He had gone into a world where two people were one and he knew with all of him that this was what he not only wanted, but what he needed out of life.

The next day when she came home he said, "Mom it's hard for me to say this but I need you to be with me."

"I'm with you sweetheart, I'm crazy about you."

"Mom I mean more than just a day or night here and there. Couldn't you get someone to run the business? Maybe you could sell it; it would bring enough so you'd never have to work, wouldn't it?"

"Yes, but it's important to me; what would I do without it?"

"We could enjoy each other."

"Oh honey I love making love with you; you're the best. We'll have time for that."

"That's not what I'm talking about. Mom maybe this isn't the best thing for both of us. Maybe we should spend some time apart and see."

"Don't go Conner, I love having you here when I come home."

"Mom I'm sorry you don't want what I want."

Conner left that day and stayed away for a week. When he called, his mother asked him to come over for the night because she was leaving on a trip the next day. He said he couldn't. The next time he called it was another week later. Her voice was softer. "Conner baby don't you miss me? I miss kissing you baby. Come over tonight honey; I have some things to show you."

He wanted to come to her but he said, "I'm sorry mom but I'm leaving for a while. I'll be in touch soon."

He left her warm messages every few days when he knew she wouldn't be home. Each time his voice created an ache in her center. He stopped calling.

An agonizing month later her days were filled with worry and longing; his days and nights were filled with Abby. When he finally called the sound of her voice almost overwhelmed him. "Sweet Conner, why didn't you call? Baby…baby… I've been waiting; I didn't know where to get you."

"I've been traveling, thinking and…miserable."

"Oh honey…not as miserable as I am. The first week all I could think about was you not being here with me …and in me. I missed you touching me. I couldn't satisfy myself without thoughts of you. Then It wasn't only the sex, I missed you baby. I missed talking to you and seeing you; I missed sharing with you. Then I missed your presence. I realized that my head was filled with: I'll go here with Conner, I'll show this to Conner, I'll talk this over with Conner. I knew that nothing was more important than us. Conner…I did it baby." She didn't have to tell him what it was.

It was twelve years later and Abby Prescott was reading the paper when her son Conner kissed her cheek and joined her for breakfast. They didn't often travel memory lane but he was feeling nostalgic that morning. "Do you know what today is?" he asked.

Abby thought for a moment and said, "Well I know that tomorrow's your birthday."

"Actually that's how I remember; the first time I touched your breasts was the day before my nineteenth birthday at Cleopatra's. Can you believe that was twelve years ago?"

"Don't remind me" she laughed, "I'm closing in on fifty fast enough…this is where you tell me how beautiful I still am."

He got up and took her nipple between his fingers as he kissed her fully. "That goes without saying mom; you're sexier now than you ever were."

She laughed easily, "You probably think so because my tits have gotten bigger since I put on a few pounds."

He took the tits he loved into his hands and said, "I wouldn't change one ounce of you or one minute of the last twelve years."

He lifted her nightgown and went between his mother's legs. He licked the ruddy lips that still became quickly engorged at the touch of her son's mouth. She stroked his hair as he sucked on her. "Oh Conner, Conner…"

She loved saying his name. It had been her maiden name and it made him feel all the more part of her. He made her come as only he could. She had long given up trying to control her orgasms. She couldn't stop it now any more than she could when she awakened this morning to the feeling of his hardness against her ass. He had pushed into her wet center as he gave her the words of love that she always knew were true. Her cum now felt thick as honey.

She was a little heavier than that first night at Cleopatra's but not by much. Her body may have lost its edge but it certainly would still command attention if she walked into a boardroom or a bedroom: as when she walked into the boardroom for the last time to sell her company. But it was more than attention she found when she walked into the bedroom with Conner; she found forever.

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It was summer, 1966. I was just 18 and, like the country I lived in and the world around us, I felt the anxiety of transition between an age of innocence and one of awareness. Every summer my family took a trip up to the mountains for two weeks of camping. This was car-camping with propane stoves and lanterns, mosquito repellant, huge tents made of canvas, floating on the lake on inner tubes, and transistor radios for the baseball games. Every year we'd gone to the same campground, the same campsite even, and it was so familiar that the fact that it was the last time we'd all be there together didn't occur to anyone until years later.

This year, though, my family, which included my parents Sophie and Joe and myself, were joined by my uncle Frankie and his wife Marie and two of their friends Jack and Paula. Jack and Paula were from near Albany so the trip up to the lakes was a big one for them. From what I could tell Jack and Frankie were old war buddies, and my dad had been in the African campaign. That meant there was a lot of beer and reminiscing, neither of which were particularly interesting to anyone else but them.

For me, it meant a lot of time in the company of the three women, or else wandering around on my own and trying to meet the other girls who were at the campground. That wasn't going so well, mostly because the girls there were much younger. So I spent a lot of time listening to the radio or reading books, getting ready for my first year of college in the fall.

One evening, as the men began their nightly storytelling session, the women decided they'd head down to the lake for a moonlight swim. They invited me but I declined, prefering to listen to the radio for a while. I watched them go and only a few minutes later did I realize they had left their swimsuits hanging on the line. I wondered what that meant, but even at 17 I had a pretty good idea. I got up and headed down the trail to the lake, hoping at least for a peek at what was going on.

When I got to the lake I had to be very quiet and listen for them. In the moonlight I saw three figures in the water about 50 yards away and headed in that direction, stopping just before I was in earshot and hiding myself behind a rock and under an overhanging tree branch. I peered through the darkness and was rewarded with a nice view of three dark heads bobbing in the water. I heard them talking quite clearly, and was shocked to hear my mother's voice as she described her first time skinny dipping with my father.

"Truth be known, it was the first time I'd seen him naked," my mom said.

"How about that," said Paula. "I hope you weren't disappointed!"

The women laughed at this but my mom said nothing.

Marie chimed in. "I remember the first one I saw. Bill Kowalski, in the 8th grade." She giggled, "but I don't think he'd hit puberty yet...or at least, I hope he hadn't!"

Paula looked at my mother and said something that made me really perk up. "Well, Sophie, if that son of yours is any indicator, I'm sure you *weren't* disappointed in what you saw that night. Like father like son, right?"

"What?! What are you talking about?" My mom was a little upset by this, and I was very curious to hear what came next.

"Well..." Paula paused for a second, "let's just say those swim trunks Charlie wears don't hide much."

Paula and Marie laughed, and then Marie said, "You know, Fran, she has a point!"

I was a little mortified and a lot turned on by this, but my mom wasn't amused. I knew the tone in her voice meant business when she said, "Well I hardly think that's any of your concern." She turned away and swam out to the buoy. I could hear Marie and Paula giggling and Paula said, "But I mean...it must really be something!"

Of course I knew I was well endowed, but only from seeing other boys in the locker room at school. So far I hadn't had much more than a kiss or two from an actual girl, so the realization that my size was interesting to women was a new one for me.

"You know I can hear you!" My mother yelled back at Paula and Marie. She was angry now, and swam quickly to shore. "That's enough for me. You two enjoy yourselves." Still wet from her swim, she put her clothes back on and walked back up the shore to the trail, passing just feet from me on her way back to the campsite. I sat motionless as all this happened, not sure what to do.

Paula and Marie whispered to each other until my mother was gone, and then started laughing hysterically. "I mean, is she just a prude or what? Sheesh." Marie was calmer now, and said, "Oh, well it is her son we're talking about after all. And let me tell you, I don't think it does run in the family."

"What do you mean?" Paula asked.

"Frankie is no stud, bless his heart," Marie said, and held her thumb and index finger out about an inch apart.

"Ohhh, I see," Paula smiled. "Truth be known, neither is Jack."

The women began to make their way toward the shore, and I could see that both of them had really nice bodies, especially in my 17-year-old's mind: Paula was about 5'4" and a little chubby but with ample breasts, while Marie was a raven-haired knockout by anyone's standards, and her breasts seem to float even after she got out of the water they were so big. I was transfixed and felt the beginnings of an erection. After they had dressed and walked back to the camp, I released my cock from my shorts and stroked it hard and fast until I came in a jet of thick cum. I looked down at my cock with new interest, wondering how it compared with others, trying to guage its length and girth, and decided that I would measure it when I got back home the following week.

The next morning when I awoke I put on my swim trunks in our tent and quickly checked myself in the car mirror when I got outside. The outline of my penis was evident as a long bulge descending down and to the left. I half hoped Paula and Marie would be up already so I could see if they reacted or not. I went to the picnic table and my dad was making a breakfast of sausage and eggs. Everyone was there, and right away I could sense an air of tension. My mom was still mad I guess.

"Charlie why don't you go get us some more firewood," she said. "We're running low."

"Ok mom." I walked around the table and saw Marie and Paula gazing at my crotch. I got very nervous so I just about ran up to wood bin. When I got back I put the wood down and did my best to avoid looking at Marie or Paula.

That night the men started up a game of poker, which meant even more beer and lying than the night before. I sat in on a couple of hands but got bored pretty quickly. The women all joined in then, so I decided to take a walk by the lake.

There were a couple of bonfires going on the far side, so I ventured over to have a beer with some of the guys there. After an hour or so I started back, figuring the poker game would be almost over and I could get some sleep.

As I got closer to the trail back I saw a lone figure in the water. "Charlie, is that you?!" It was Marie.

"Yeah. How's the water?" I asked.

"Great! Your parents hit the sack already and believe it or not Frankie and Jack and Paula are still battling it out at poker. I lost a long time ago -- never had a gift for bluffs."

"Oh, they're still playing," I sighed. "I was hoping they'd be asleep by now."

"Afraid not, fella. Why don't you take a swim, you'll enjoy it!" Marie said.

"Umm, nah. I don't have my suit on." I really didn't have my suit on. I was wearing some loose sweatpants and hadn't bothered to wear underwear.

"Awww, come on, this is nature! I'm only wearing what god gave me, so don't be shy. Don't worry, I won't tell your folks." Marie egged me on. She sounded like she'd had a few beers herself.

"Um, I don't know." I was getting a little nervous.

"Sure you do. Don't worry, I'm your mother's age, I've seen it all."

"Oh.. Ok, but don't look!" I turned around, took off my shirt and dropped my pants and peeked over my shoulder. She was looking. "I said not to look!"

"Oh alright, you're a prude just like your mom aren't you!" Marie said. She turned away and I ran into the water and swam out to her.

"Well, you got over your modesty, how nice." she joked.

"What did you do tonight?" she asked.

"Just wandered around. There were some bonfires."

"Hm, sounds like fun. You meet any girls?"

"Girls?? No. Everyone's too young around here, or else way too old."

"Aww, a handsome guy like you, I'd think you'd have no problem finding someone."

I laughed. "Geez, Marie, I've never even had a girlfriend."

"Really? Wow. That surprises me." Marie was quiet.

"Why?" I asked.

"Oh... it just does!" She laughed and splashed water at me. "Come on, we should get back."

"Ok. Race you to the buoy?"

"You're on!" Marie was a good swimmer and managed to get to shore a full length in front of me.

"You lose, Charlie, looks like I get to hide your clothes." Marie had a mischievous look on her face.

"Hey, we never agreed to that!" I laughed too, but as we waded toward shore our bodies became more and more exposed, until we were standing waist deep. I literally stared at her breasts.

"Charlie, that's not polite," she said.

"Oh, I'm sorry Marie. I've never seen any so close up before. They're really nice."

She laughed again. "Come on, I promise I won't look."

We walked up the bank and I kept myself a half pace behind her, a little nervous. She stopped when she got to her clothes and took a half turn in my direction.

"Jesus, Charlie!" She said, and looked away.

"What?" I was confused.

"I'm sorry, I just didn't realize you were so... close behind me." Marie seem flustered. She seemed to be pausing.

"Marie, is everything ok? Can you hand me my stuff; it's right in front of you."

"Hmm... and what if I don't?" She was joking again. She reached for the clothes and I jumped in front of her to grab them first. I beat her to the shirt but she got a hold of the sweatpants and ran up the beach laughing. I chased after her and she zig-zagged out of reach until finally I cornered her and she spun around. She was still laughing as I held her arms, but this time she let her eyes drop to my cock and her breathing slowed.

In the meantime I felt her breasts rubbing against my arms and stared at them as they raised and lowered with each breath she took. My penis twitched, and began to lengthen.

"Jesus, Charlie," Marie whispered. "It's beautiful. Really."

With her words my cock sprang up, thickening and swelling hot against her stomach. She gasped and pulled back. "Charlie, please."

"I'm sorry, I'm sorry." I put my sweatpants on over my erection and walked away, mortified. Marie stood where she was.

"Charlie, I'm sorry too. Come back." She seemed confused, so I brought her clothes to her.

"Here you go, Marie." My penis formed an obscene tent in my sweatpants.

"Thank you. You know, you can't go back to the camp like that. Maybe you should go for another swim." She seemed to be serious, but I wasn't about to go back in the water.

"Nah... I'll manage." I didn't know how, yet, but I would figure something out.

"You'll manage that thing? I doubt it. You know..." Marie paused, looking at me with a glint in her eye. She reached out slowly and pulled the waistband down over my cock, freeing it again. I moaned as her hand touched my shaft.

"Charlie, this is wrong but..."

"Please," I whispered. Her hand felt so good. She ran it up to the head and slowly down, measuring each second with a soft squeeze. By the time she reached bottom I was fully erect and throbbing. She looked at me, "that's it, sweetie."

I pulled my hand over her breast and lifted it. It was so heavy, it must have weighed ten pounds by itself. I felt the nipple become firm under my palm and Marie moaned quietly. Her hand wrapped knowingly around my shaft and she began to stroke it. "My god," she said, as she applied her other hand around the base and continued jacking with two hands.

I moaned louder, feeling the pressure of my impending orgasm building up in my balls. "Marie," I said. She just moaned and said "yesss, cum for me." She pointed my cock skyward and began jacking hard. I felt the cum rising in my shaft and moaned loudly as I exploded, long streams of cum shooting out my cock. Marie just watched wide-eyed as my cock shot out jet after jet. Her hand fell between her legs and she let out a low moan.

I felt weak in the knees and took a minute to catch my breath. My cock was limp and soft in Marie's hand. She let it go and it hung down thickly between my legs. "Better now?" she whispered.

"Yes. Much."

I was embarassed about what happened but felt really good. I watched as Marie dressed and couldn't believe my luck. I put on my sweatpants and shirt and we walked back to the camp together.

The next morning there was a definite change in everyone's mood. Marie prepared my breakfast for me and brought it into the tent before I even woke up. She patted me on the chest to rouse me. "Wake up sleepy-head. Gotta eat your breakfast or you'll never get big and strong." She winked at me and walked out.

I devoured everything and lay back down, thinking of what had happened the night before. I heard everyone getting things ready to head down to the lake, and yelled out that I would be down in a while.

"Take your time, you're already as brown as can be," my dad yelled back. After 10 days at the lake I had become very tan.

I fell back asleep again and had a vivid dream of Marie doing all sorts of great things to me. I woke up a half hour later when the tent door opened and Paula came in.

"We forgot the umbrella, and that sun is coming down hard. Charlie, you're still sleeping??"

I looked at her, "Yes, I am... I had a late night."

"Oh ok, so did I!" she said with a smirk.

She started rummaging around the tent for the umbrella, bending over and giving me a nice view of her rear and the crease of her pussy. I started to get an erection, so I reached down stroked it quietly, hoping Paula would leave soon. She seemed to take a long time to find the umbrella.

"Darn, where is it? Isn't it in here?" She turned around to me.

"Um, I'm not sure."

"Can you help me find it Charlie?"

"Well, can't you find it?" I had a huge erection and there was no way I could get up yet.

"No, silly, why else would I ask you to help! Sheesh, wake up already!" She came over to me and flung me over off of the cot; I landed on my back on the sleeping bag that had fallen to the floor. My erection was enormous, thrusting out through the gap in my boxers.

Paula gasped. "My god! Charlie, you're.. it's.."

I recovered in time to pull the sleeping bag over my cock. "I'm sorry Paula!"

Paula looked at Charlie and smiled, "well, now how did that happen? It wasn't doing that when I came in here."

"I'm sorry, I just, I saw your behind and it just happened."

"My behind?? Really? You're flattering me aren't you. And that's quite a lot of flattery!" she said, eyeing the bulge under the sleeping bag.

"Are you sure you were looking at my behind and not my front?" Paula lifted her breasts up and squeezed them with a wink.

"What? No. I mean..." I didn't know what to say.

Paula looked at me, then put her hand on my stomach. "Charlie, I know where you were last night. And it's ok. I came back here hoping you might be alone and.. well.. here you are."

Paula's hand slid down and touched my cock head. "And here you are," she said again. Her hand slid over the crown and she wrapped her fingers around the shaft. She felt it for some time, guaging its girth and then lifted the sleeping bag to reveal the cock. She stared for some time, her eyes travelling its length and lingering on the thick swell near the head. I could see a red flush in her neck that wasn't there before, and a small wet spot appeared at her crotch as she kneeled next to me. "Shhh," she said.

"I watched as she stroked me, long slow strokes that showed more desire even than Marie had. She moaned and whimpered with each pulse of my cock, and her free hand squeezed her breasts and pinched the nipple.

"Oohhh," she moaned. "I just can't resist." She dove onto my cock head and began licking it passionately. I felt her tongue tease the crown and poke gently into the hole. The pleasure was almost unbearable. She mouthed the entire head and then pushed herself onto me with determination. Her lips sucked at my shaft, trying to pull more into her mouth. I felt the back of her throat and the intensity of it made me cry out. Fully half of my cock was still outside her reach but she kept sucking and bobbing on me until I felt my loins tighten.

"Paula.. Paula I'm.." I tensed. My cock swelled thick. She only pushed harder, and that was all I could take. I came in a gush inside her mouth, my legs jerking as her tongue swirled around my shaft and her throat swallowed around my cockhead. I cried out, and I felt Paula's moan resonate through my cock and balls. She was milking me and squeezing my balls for every ounce. I had never experienced such pleasure as I had the night before, and this was ten times more than that.

She suckled my cock and licked it clean for a few minutes before looking up at me again. "Charlie, this is a treasure, a true gift of nature. Treat it well."


I never had another experience with Marie or Paula. The last few days of our trip didn't afford us any opportunities, and then I was off to college so by the next year the thought of a summer vacation with my parents was out of the question. But I certainly learned a lot that week that college never would have taught me.

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As I looked in to my daughter's bedroom, my mind was racing. Her "little girl" body had disappeared. In front of me, now, was a grown woman. Her long brown hair cascaded across her small breasts. Her belly bulged slightly above the soft patch of light fur on her kitty. She stretched and revealed a lithe, muscular form that had no resemblance to my little baby girl. I wasn't ready for what I was about to see.

I watched through the partially open door as she palmed her naked body. Her body reflected in the mirror, I could see both her front and delicate rear. She cupped her small A-cup breasts and pulled on the tiny nipples. A soft moan escaped her lips as she slid a hand down her soft belly. She curled her hand and I watched in shock as I saw her fingers enter her kitty. I had never thought of my little girl masturbating. I played with my own kitty at times, but never considered that Shayne would do it, too!

Her blue eyes rolled, and her mouth opened when she started stroking herself. Light, gasping breaths accompanied her gentle thrusting. Her small, firm butt clenched with every stroke. Mewling sounds and rocking hips told me she was experiencing the glorious feelings of warmth inside her belly. Yes, those fantastic flutters the precede the release of sexual tension. I remember them well.

Shayne surprised me, again, when she walked away from the mirror and lay down on her bed. Shayne reached into her night stand and retrieved a long, thick toy from the top drawer. Placing it near her mouth, she covered it with saliva and drew her lips around it. She began to felate the toy, pushing it deeper into her small mouth. She raked it with her teeth when she pulled it out, the covered it with her lips as she plunged it back in.

Never would I have guessed that Shayne had such a talent! The glistening shaft looked so real as it entered her little face. She seemed so comfortable with her movements. Shayne took the wet phallus and made a trail down her slender body, rolling it around her stiff nipples and onward towards her small kitty. I watched in awe as she rubbed her clitoris before pressing the thick red crown against her blossoming flower.

"Yes! OH, Lance! Put it in me!" she moaned.

The latex toy began its descent into the treasure box between her creamy thighs. Amazed that her little body could accept something of that girth as it split her wet kitty wide, I gasped. I covered my mouth, hoping she hadn't heard. Her continued pushing of the toy led me to believe she hadn't. I stared as she pushed most of the `penis' inside her. It had to be at least eight inches long! It was easily as thick as her small wrists as well.

"Fuck me, Lance! Fuck me with your big prick!" She moaned and started plunging the toy in and out of her glistening slit. Lance was her boyfriend from high school. They had been together for a couple of years. He was a year older than Shayne, at nineteen, he was starting college next year. I could picture his 5'8" body perched above Shayne's diminutive 5'3" frame. His solid 175 pounds dwarfing her 98. Slowly, she pulled the toy to the fake crown. I saw her inner labia clinging to the shiny shaft.

Shayne's hips thrust up into each stroke. Her breath became deep and intense. She was fucking herself with total abandon, now.

"Harder, Lance! Fuck it harder! Make me cummm!" She was screaming softly. I could tell she wanted to really scream out, but was afraid I'd hear.

As Shayne neared her release, I was suddenly aware that my own kitty was not only dripping nectar down my thighs, but was full of my own hand! I was frigging my kitty while I watched my baby girl pound her tiny vagina with that massive stick! Never had I imagined that being a voyeur would excite me so much! I continued to look on as her hips bucked and her eyes closed. Her whole bed shook as release took her to that wonderful peak.

My own knees buckled as I followed right behind with a release of my own. Rivers of fluid ran down my thighs as I had an intense orgasm. No where in my memory was a cum as intense as this, from my own hand. I backed away quietly as Shayne stilled and lay panting on her bed with the latex penis still embedded in her tight little body.

I padded down the hall to my room to collapse on my bed. Still breathing hard, I touched my sensitised clitoris. It erupted with another cum, totally unexpected, and soaked the sheets beneath me. My mind went blank, and I must have drifted off to sleep.

I woke from a satisfied slumber sometime later. The house was quiet, as night had fallen while I slept. I walked out to the front room and turned on some small lamps, then got a drink from the kitchen. I walked in a daze, remembering what I had witnessed that afternoon. It was the most awesome feeling I had ever experienced, combined with the shock that my little baby girl wasn't so little any more. I closed the door to my room, but not completely.

I heard the front door open, and almost called out. Something in my mind told me to feign sleep at this point. I closed my eyes, and soon I felt the door open slightly and heard the soft footsteps retreat. I listened intently as I heard Lance and Shayne talking quietly. Soft music overcame their voices, and I ventured out to the stairway to see what was going on.

Shayne was dancing slowly in front of Lance, as a stripper would. His eyes were glued to her writhing form as she slowly removed her top. I could see her nipples already erect on her tiny chest. Lance's hand was cradling his crotch as Shayne continued to disrobe.

"What about your Mom?" He whispered.

"She's asleep." Shayne answered as her shorts followed her top into a small pile.

Lance removed the shirt from his well muscled chest and loosened his belt. Shayne stopped him there.

"Not yet, Lance." She said softly. "Wait for me."

Shayne pulled Lance from the couch and stood naked in front of him. I watched, hungrily, as her lips parted and she took his tongue in her mouth. They kissed hot, his hands roamed her smooth flesh, digging into her butt and pulling her nakedness tightly to his belly. Her small hands worked at the front of his jeans unfastening them. She sank slowly to the rug, pulling his pants down with her.

I retreated to my room, and found my little `friend' in my panties drawer. A small vibrator that had been all but forgotten in time. I returned to find Lance stark naked and Shayne on her knees between his legs. He stood still as she grasped his butt and pulled him towards her face. His hands held her head, tangled in her long hair. The low growl from Lance told me she had just taken his erection into her hot little mouth.

His hips thrust slowly as she took him orally. My kitty was soaked, my face flushed as I restrained myself. `My baby girl!' I thought. `How can this be?'. At the same time, I couldn't take my eyes off of the erotic sight below me. They turned slightly and I could now see his glistening penis sliding in and out of the `innocent' mouth of my daughter.

She pulled away from him and urged him to the floor. She placed him on his back and straddled his tight belly. `A fine figure of a man!' I thought, while Shayne held his erection at her tiny opening. It was massive! Not too long, but very thick. I could see, now, how that toy of hers fit so easily! I was startled at the ease and apparent experience with which Shayne rolled a condom on to Lance's pulsing erection.

As Shayne slid herself on to his slick shaft, I pushed my friend into my own body. The warmth began instantly. My belly fluttered as I felt the familiar parting of my labia to allow the rigid plastic to enter. OH! Such a feeling, as I watched my daughter impale herself on real, hot, throbbing flesh! I buried the vibrator in my kitty and turned it on. The low humming was drowned out by the music and voices below, I felt safe and relaxed in my position.

Her belly bulged as she slid all of Lance inside herself. Her eyes glazed and she began a steady, chanting moan. Lance grasped her hips and held her still as he adjusted his back. A sharp intake of breath told the she gained some further penetration by his movement. Shayne raised her knees to a squatting position and placed her hands on his solid belly for support.

"Fuck me, Lance!" she cried out. "Fuck your little slut's brains out!"

"Gawd, Shayne! You are so hot inside!" He gasped.

Mesmerised by the sight, I almost forgot where I was. My nightgown was open all the way and I was matching her thrusts with my own, driving my dildo deep each time she rode down Lance's penis. Fluids were running down my legs and the crack of my butt as the scene in front of me accelerated to fever pitch. I was close to cumming, myself, as I watched Lance pull Shayne down and rolled over.

Her legs went high in the air as Lance pounded her little body.

"YESSSS! FUCKKKKK MEEEEEEE!" She screamed, forgetting that I was even in the house.

"Here I cum, Baby!" he gasped.

"Fill it! Cum for me! Ohhhhhhhh Yes! Make it goood!" She moaned and thrust hard to meet his stiffening body.

Lance went rigid and cried out. Shayne bucked and pushed hard against him as he filled his sheath with hot cum.

"AHHHHHH!! OHHHHHH! YEEESSSSSSS!!!!!" They both screamed their release.

My body gave me up as I watched the lovers. I felt the tightening of my belly, the heat flowing through my thighs, my vaginal muscles contracting around the vibrating dildo. I came like a waterfall. Gushing my girl-cum all over my hand and the stairs. I, too cried out my release, louder than I should have.

Frozen below me, my daughter and her lover looked up at me. What a sight I must have been. Naked on the stairs, my hand stuffed up between my legs, and the vibrator pulsing inside me. I flushed at being caught. I don't know who was more shocked, Shayne, Lance or me.

"MOM!!!!" Shayne cried out. "What are you doing?!?!"

Embarrassed, flushed and breathing hard, I walked down the stairs. Shayne was still mounted on Lance as I sat down next to them.

"I'm sorry, Shayne. I couldn't help myself." I explained how I had seen her earlier, and the effect it had on me. It had been a long time for me. "You looked so grown up. So sure of yourself. I just had to watch you share love with Lance. I hope you aren't mad." I said sheepishly. "You are a beautiful couple."

Shayne thought for a moment, then quietly said, "No, Mom. I'm not mad. I saw you watching me before. I'm glad you approve of us, though." She laughed.

She slipped off of Lance with a suction slurping sound. The limp condom full of his cum flopped on to his belly. As Shayne reached for it, on an impulse, my hand reached out and met hers. Shayne smiled her acceptance, and together, we removed the sheath from his softening penis and marveled at the glistening shaft.

"It is a pretty one." I said.

"Tasty, too." Exclaimed Shayne as she covered it with her mouth, leaving me with the latex sheath full of fresh, hot cum.

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