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Biggest Incest Stories Collection Ever

Story No: 1

Amma & Me

Let me introduce myself. I’m Shekar, 5’9” and 75 kg with an average body. I never gave much importance to my body as every guy does. I was in my last year of college when we struck upon the idea of me and my mom going to our native place together. We boarded the train from Chennai and reached the village in the evening. Every thing was fine till we reached our place. We had our own house to stay whenever we go there. It was bought by dad a few years ago.

Ours was a very small house in a small village that it had more farms than shops in the locality. There were no relatives for us in that village that we had actually come to settle a dispute between our relatives regarding a farmhouse that was given to mom by her dad, that’s my grandfather.

The house we were staying was actually very small with two floors. The house was so small that it had only one room when dad bought it and had it renovated by adding a floor above. The entire top floor had just a bedroom with a parapet wall and a cloth screen to seclude a place for bath and some area for kitchen. Even the screen cloth had gone to rags due to years of neglect, leaving behind virtually nothing to cover for the bath except the hip-high parapet wall. The ground floor was mostly left unused as the food grains were stored in it. The first floor was also a single room as I said with some area left for cooking. The same area doubled as bathroom. The house didn’t have a full-fledged toilet also. The large backyard with trees, grass and bushes was used as open toilet as it is used in the Indian villages.

As we reached the house in the evening, we prepared our bed using an old foam bed that was almost eaten by rats. As the house was in the farm there was no house nearby. Only when we settled for sleep that night, mom noticed that her luggage was missing. She had lost it in the train as she had forgotten to take it in the rush to reach our place. All she had was the dirty sari she was wearing at that moment.

As we were to stay there for just four three or four days, mom decided to settle with my dress while inside and to wear her only sari whenever we were out. So I set aside a couple of my pants and shirts, and also a spare towel for her to wear and use the next day. I had brought just one of my lungi’s for my use, which I was wearing. So she had to spend our stay with my pants on.

I had a nice sleep that I didn’t know how long I slept. I was woken up by the sound of water splashing near me. I slowly opened my eyes for the new day, when I was shell-shocked by what I saw in that small kitchen-cum-bathroom.

Mom was there sitting there behind the wall washing her sari. What is there to get shocked, you may ask. For, she was sitting there, buck naked, showing her shining skin of her smooth back to me. She wasn’t wearing a single piece of dress and was there sitting on the floor on her buttocks showing off the small crack of her ass to me.

“DAMN!!” my face went white as I saw that scene… a mature woman, that too my own mom sitting stark naked before me!!!

Her hair was opened up and was covering most of her back. Her skin was wheatish in colour as mine. Her smooth back shined like polished leather in the morning diffused light. Even as she moved her hands swiftly to brush her dress with soap, I could see her loose soft breasts moving and dancing to either sides of her body. The sound she made with her bangles tingle my senses.

Within a second, my dick rose up vertically as if hoisting the flag of sensuality in me. I felt like cumming the next moment right on the bed. I could see her mangalsutra and the small golden chain she wore along her neck.

More, I could also see three birthmarks on her body, one near her right hip, the second on her fleshy left ball of her buttocks, and the third one right next to the crack of her buttocks. I jerked myself inside the blanket at the scene of her naked body. Her 46-yr old body was really doing magic on me. I waited and feasted on her nudity for nearly ten minutes when she finished her wash and stood up wringing the clothes so as the dry them.

Now she was providing the full view of her naked body from behind. By looking at her I could now say her size as 36-36-38. Her hip was large and supple with a small tyre of flesh stagnating around her hip. Her buttocks were full and round with the crack adding to her sensuality. Her thighs were large and fleshy narrowing to the legs as it would do like any other women in her forties.

All that was left for me to see was her front, that is, the full view of her breasts and her cunt. I had always dreamed about how fluffy and used, the cunts of mature old women looked like. And it was just my occasion to know clearly, what my mom had in store for me.

Just as I was thinking about it, mom provided me a real show for me to see and clarify. She turned around naked and showing me her large breasts, she bent down to dry her sari on the wall. Her breasts were so supple and large that they seemed like large ripe mangoes hanging from the trees, ready to be plucked and tasted. Her mangalsutra and chain neatly falling between her deep cleavage, I felt as if in heaven. Her belly was large and protruding with a deep navel hole in the centre. As she moved to her side, I could see her large triangular hairy twat. Her twat was really bushy with all those curly black hairs on it, which I’m sure have been there grown for almost right from the day she reached her puberty. I doubted if she ever shaved or trimmed her pubic hair on her cunt.

I was there feasting on my mom, that I never knew she would see me watching her. The next moment, I heard her let out a soft scream “Heyyy shekar…” looking at me, and then scrambling to cover her naked body with the help of my pant and shirt she had beside her to wear after her bath. From her looks, I could say, she was as much petrified as me.

It was me, who first came out of the trance.

“God, mom… I’m sorry…” I said. She stayed calm still looking at me, without uttering a word.

“Mom… I’m really sorry… I shouldn’t have seen. I’m really sorry.” I said again and again. Only after a few seconds she composed herself saying, “It’s Ok shekar… turn around, now let me dress myself.” Then she smiled a consoling smile at me indicating that everything was ok.

Even as she put on my shirt and pants, she talked just as casually as she would every time, asking me when I woke up. When I said, I was awake for the past half hour she paused for a second, or it was that way I guessed from the sounds of her bangles as they stopped for a few seconds.

“What is your hip size, shekar?” she asked me suddenly.

“Why ma?” I returned the question to her again.

“Oh... well… this pant is too tight for me and I’m struggling to put on the hooks.” She said.

“Its 36 size mom. What’s your size?” I asked her.

“Oh… its 38.” She said as she came over and sat beside me towelling her hair as she finished buttoning the shirt.

“Damn!!... Even now, she pulled me off with the sight of her body. The shirt she was wearing was in such a way that I could clearly see the contours of her large hanging breasts and a large coin size brownish areola and the nipples pointing out of the fabric. The shirt was small to her body that it barely covered her hips. It ended covering the bottom of her stomach only.

I was startled to see the pants hugging tightly to her thighs as she was wearing a fashionable tight pant. Above all I went to the extent of shrieking when I saw the zip of the pants open, to reveal the darkness of her cunt hair.

“Mom…” I called her hesitantly, “Put on the zip in the pants!” I said to her. This made her startled to as she fumbled with her fingers to manage to put on the zip, as if she never new that a pant had zip in the front.

I could see her feel uneasy, unable to move her legs with the tight fitting pants.

“Mom… is very tight?” I asked her.

“Yes…I had never worn a shirt or pants like a guy. Also this shirt is very flimsy and transparent that it shows everything inside. I feel very shy to wear it in front of you.” she said in a soft voice, but with a smile.

“Don’t worry mom, it’s just me and you here. You can wear my baniyans and briefs if you want.” Saying so, I grabbed a pair of my vests and briefs and gave it to her. She kept it aside.

“But wearing a pant and a shirt makes you more beautiful mom, as if you had gone much younger.” I said to make her feel at ease.

“Is it?” she asked with a surprise.

“Yes mom, shall I say what I think? You actually look much sexy in this dress…” I said.

“Oh, Come on… Don’t tease me like this…” she said.

“No mom, you are really sexy now. If you go out in Chennai like this, I’m sure you’d turn many young heads.” I coaxed her.

“Hmm…really? Is it how you feel now… attracted to your mom? Be frank.” She smiled.

“Well… yes... you really turned me on when I saw you today, when… when you took bath. I’m really afraid now.” I stammered.

“Why? After all, I’m your own mom.” She asked.

“But mom… even then, seeing my mom fully naked for the first time in my life makes my pulse go high…”

“Hey come on shekar… I’m your mom. And, do you know that you had seen me naked many times when you were a child. You’d pester me always that I couldn’t even spare a moment away from you. I had to take bath and even go to toilet taking you with me…” she giggled as she said.

“Oh mom, don’t say that I feel shy…” I said.

“Don’t feel shy… I’m after all your mom. There is nothing wrong on seeing your mom naked. You used to see me naked till you studied 4th grade you know. That is something around 10 yrs…” she smiled at me saying that.

“Its ok mom… it happened when I was a child. But now I’m a grown up. Now seeing women half-naked itself make me excited and feel like having sex with her. I never knew how to have sex. But when I see them, I really wanted to experience that feeling.” I confessed.

“Its ok, shekar. It’s normal for the boys of your age to have such feelings.” She said, and then after a pause said, “That means, I’m sure you felt very much like grabbing me for sex when you saw me naked in the morning.”

“Its not like that mom… how could I say you that” I hesitated.

“You are my son, shekar… if you are not going to talk freely with me… then to who will be there to help you? Come on…” she encouraged me.

I was silent for some time.

She herself continued after that. “Ok… let’s make a deal here. I’m your mom and it’s my part that my son doesn’t miss out anything. So… shall I teach about how to have sex?” Now... that was a real bolt into my heart. I was stunned hearing that.

“But you are my mom…” I still hesitated.

“I’m your mom… but I’m also a woman, isn’t it? So I think it is safer to know it from you mom than any other girl.” She said.

“How to learn from you…?” I asked her.

“We can start right now. We can make use of the time in this village. But never say anything about this to anyone…” she commanded.

“What you like in women that you think sexier?” she asked.

“Her body…” I said.

“What you like in her body? Do you like her breasts?” saying so, she slowly unbuttoned all the buttons in her shirt starting from the top.

As she opened up her shirt, I could see her breasts now, much closer than I had seen in the morning. Her breasts were now very much nearer to my eyes and I felt as if grabbing them. Her mangalsutra was falling in the cleavage of her breasts. In an impulse, my hand moved up, but I stopped soft of touching them.

“Go on… fell them with your hands. Don’t think me as your mom, but think as if I’m some whore. Then you’ll feel at ease. What you do here would never go out to anyone. Ok? So feel free.” She smiled at me.

Then she herself grabbed my hands and placed them over her throbbing mounds of fleshy breasts. She started kneading those large balls of her tits with my fingers.

“The more you knead a woman’s breast, the more she’ll get sexually excited.” She said. “Wait a minute… why don’t we remove our dress? It will be easier for us then.” Saying so, she ripped off the shirt from her shoulder and became buck naked above her hips.

“Remove your baniyan and lungi too…” she said and then continued to strip the pants out of her hips and set it aside, showing me her fluffy bulged cunt covered with hair. I could see the marks that were made at her hips by the tightness of my small pants on her large hips. I felt as if I would faint seeing her naked body very close to me. That I was seeing her naked legally with her permission made me feel more hot, and I felt very shy as I removed my dress to reveal the long dick of mine that had become hard by now.

Mom was sitting cross-legged before me showing off her mature nudity to me. She made me lie on her lap and asked me to lick her nipples and breasts with my tongue. When I couldn’t position my head easily to suck her breasts, she moved towards the walls of the room, leaning her back on it and stretching her legs in the front giving way for my head on her naked lap. I felt her lap fuming hot between the back of my neck.

With one of my hands I was stroking my penis and with the other I was kneading her breasts.

“Aaah… shekar…” my moaned aloud at one point.

“Don’t stop… continue to lick, use your tongue, use your mouth…suck my breasts and nipples hard… suck them as much as you can…” she guided me even as I could her eyes rolling upwards, enjoying the sensation.

Then she asked me to stop and laid herself on the bed facing upwards and then asked me to move and sit over her stomach.

Her stomach was large with a belly and as I sat over her putting my legs on either of her sides, she grabbed my penis with her hands and started jerking it up and down. I pushed her mangalsutra to her side and then started playing with her breasts.

In between I could see her hands move to her cunt and see her rubbing the edge of her clit with her fingers, letting out a moan every time. I played with her nipples and fleshy mounds and kneaded them hard enough that they turned red and hard in my hands. The round flesh of her breasts stuck out of her body promptly showing off her sensuality.

As I kneaded continued she punctuated my actions with her ummmphhhhs and aaaaahhhs. Suddenly she put her hands behind my back pulling me over her with my chest smashing her breasts. She held my head with her hands and asking me to make an ‘O’ in my mouth, she inserted her tongue and then licked and played with mine kissing my lips hard. By this time I could feel my hard penis squeezed hot between our stomachs.

I felt like melting inside my mother’s experienced hands as we held and kissed together. I took us minutes to come out after being entwined together. Then came the inevitable part, asking me to move aside she swayed her legs apart to show off her proud cunt. It was as if like a soft bun, but was covered by hairs.

“Mom… don’t you shave your hairs here?” I asked her out of her curiosity.

“Shave…” she asked me with a perplexed look. I understood that she had never done that on her cunt. I took a porn magazine and showed her a picture of a shave cunt saying, “Look at this… how smooth it is…”

“I never did that…” she said like an innocent girl.

“You should shave it and trim it mom, only then it will be hygienic…” I tutored her as if I’m an expert in that. I added saying, “I used to shave and trim once in a month.” Only then she looked at my pubic hair with awe to find that it was neatly trimmed.

“Shall I shave it for you mom?” I asked her. I knew she would say yes. She nodded her head.

So I took a razor and shaving cream, smearing it to bring later over her cunt. The coolness made her moan and squirm before me. She closed her eyed in shyness as I neatly shaved the whole bunch of her pubic hair on the cunt. I had shaved and trimmed mine but I never did that to a woman that I had to take extra care to shave her slowly.

I held her cunt with my left fingers and stretched her cunt to either of her side to shave nicely. Every time I held on to her cunt, I could feel her legs squirming. As I finished, her cunt was smooth and soft. I made her feel it with her fingers and she opened up her eyes to see it with delight. But years of experience in sex had made her cunt very large and bloated. It made me look with fixed eyes.

“What are you seeing without taking your eyes?” she asked me.

“Yours is very large…” I said pointing to her cunt.

“Yes.. it is because I’ve had a number of nice fucks in my life. Not even with your dad, but even before marriage.” She said with a wicked smile.

“But for that matter don’t think that I’m a whore. I had it within my family. It was really nice. You are the only person I’m saying this. So don’t say it to anyone else. Ok? I actually had my first fuck with my dad, that’s your grandfather. To be frank, I was actually raped by my father one day, when I said I wouldn’t go to school. It was during my XI std. first it was paining, but later, I enjoyed it, when my mom was not at house. So I never said this to anyone else.” She revealed a far more secret of our family.

“Now… let us not stop, speaking that. I’ll say everything in detail later. Now, fuck me hard like a whore. Let us see if this old mother can match this 20 year old son…” saying so, she grabbed me over her and then moving her legs aside she placed my dick into her cunt hole with her hands. Putting her legs over my thighs, she asked me push it in.

“Yes, shekar…push it in… “

“Do it faster… as much as you can.”

“Grab my tits and prick them… massage them… play with my nipples, pull them… beat them with your hands…” she was moaning and screaming aloud.

I fucked her pushing my dick rhythmically into her cunt. I could feel the steaming hotness inside the walls of her cunt through my penis. It was soft and slippery inside her. I balls hit the base of her thighs with full force. “Aaaaaaawwww... maaaaaaaaaa…. fuck me faster... Do it faster… don’t stop it… go on…” she was shouting at me.

“Mom… I’m going to come…” I said to her.

“Yes… me too… don’t stop... come... fill my cunt with your cum…” she was screaming aloud.

“Hmmm... yesssssssssss…aaaaaaaaaaahhhh” I moaned aloud as I burst my balls into her cunt. Loads and loads of my cum went into her cunt. At the very moment, my mom bucked her hips wildly gripping me tightly with her hands and moaned aloud. Slowly her body became calm and we could both feel our heart beating fast.

My forty-six year old mother smiled at me saying, “This is the best sex I’ve ever had in my life…” and then hugged me tightly.

We lay in each others hands for a long time that we forgot our breakfast. We slept naked together, with my dick brushing her stomach and her cunt caressing me thighs. It was evening when we woke up for snacks. I bought some snacks and after eating it together, we went for another three rounds of sex before going to sleep early morning around 4am.

The End of
Amma & Me

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Story No: 2

An Indian Incest...

I never thought I would treat my mother Indira as a woman until the day she made me realise I am the man of the house. Few months ago my dad died leaving me and my mother everything he could leave. As a result we have a house and some good cash in the bank. I am a state government employee earning a high salary. All my life I have been reckless when it came to handling house chores. I never bothered about them. I had my dad to take care of outside activities and my mother, inside the home.

So I literally lived a no-responsibility life. So when my dad left us, I guess mom had to do all the work. She might have coped well probably for a month or so as she never complained. But one day, she just bursted on me. She cursed me I am irresponsible and a no-good wonderer and this and that. She told me that I am the man of the house and I should take care of all the activities my dad used to do to the household. I felt bad for mom and from then on I started looking into household activities.

I got into this household activity groove pretty quickly as I was taking care of all the outside activities and mom never complained again. Every thing was going well. Well at least until I realised mom is also a woman. I still remember that day. I came early from work and since mom didn't open the door for me, I used the key to get in. I heard the showering noise from our bathroom so I went to my room to lay all my stuff. The shower noise stopped and heard mom go into her room. I walked out of my room and strolled towards our lounge passing mother's room. The door was not closed properly so I took a casual look. There is mom in her wet petticoat tied around her waist and naked on the top. I might have seen her naked titties before but never saw her in that position. She looked beautiful and voluptuous! Mom is an average plumpy lady. Her big boobs are bit saggy and her waist is a bit broad. Her shape is common among most housewives in India. Her sexiness was more displayed with her wet petticoat clinging onto her buttocks and her body is moist with some after shower sweat.

I quickly turned and walked away before my mother could notice and after few minutes I yelled making my presence known. Mother acknowledged and we had a usual talk.

After that sexy scene of my mother, I always visualised her half naked and with petticoat every time I saw her. My attraction towards her grew day by day and I started finding opportunities to peek on her naked flesh. I even started masturbating thinking about her. It was at this instant, I realised dad had left me another thing other than the house and cash. It was my mother and her lovely body. The best of all inheritances.

One evening we got a tamil movie on video and watched it. It was a low budget movie on extramarital affairs. It was low budget but the scenes were HOT! They never showed naked bodies but they were kissing the blouse covered breasts and lifting the saree and putting their hands inside! We both were very excited. I could notice mother breathing heavily and I could feel her HEAT! After the movie, we just discussed a little about it and went to our rooms for a much needed masturbation. Even after relieving myself a couple of times, I could not sleep. I felt frustrated thinking about the movie and my mother. I decided I had to do something.

I sought of got an idea that since I am the man of the house, sex should also come with the standard package. I need to satisfy the woman of the house sexually and she should satisfy me. That's the only thing I have not been doing from my dad's household activities....taking care of his woman. I also knew that the woman is also my mother and she will not accept me as her sex partner. I somehow had to convince her that I am willing to fill her when she needs a fill and I am sure she will not accept it if I propose to her. So the best thing would be to force her the first time. Once she gets laid forcibly, she will accept the situation and allow me to be her lover. The idea, as I was thinking, shot my whole blood of my body into my dick as I felt it acknowledging my thoughts.

I slowly got out of my room and walked to my mom's room. The door is closed but not locked. I pushed the door and went into her room. There she is, sleeping on her back with her face facing away from me. Her loose end of the saree has crumpled up covering only one blouse covered breast. Her other breast is fighting very hard to come out of the blouse. Her blouse hooks are tight and barely holding on the blouse. Her bare stomach is beautiful and moving up and down slowly to her breathing rhythm. Her legs were held together and here saree on her is twisted everywhere but fully covered. She is sleeping on a single bed as she gave me their double bed after my dad died. I sat down near her and put my one hand on her breast. It was soft and the nipple was hard. I slowly begun to squeeze her breast with my hand. Her nipple became erect and a low moan released from her mouth. She didn't open her eyes but it seems that the movie had a good impact with her. I became bold and begun to squeeze the second breast with my hand. I slowly removed the saree from the top of her and remove the saree fold near her navel.

Then I removed her saree below her body. She was gorgeous in her petticoat and blouse. I slowly raised her petticoat and glanced her pussy covered with a thick black bush. I slowly put one of my hand and hold the entire bush in my hand and caressed her pussy. I have parted the hairs and found the pathway and twisted the clit with my two fingers. My mother was in an excited state and she opened her eyes. But it was too late for her to stop me. I lay on her holding her right breast with my right hand and pressed her legs with my legs and kissed her in lips. It was not just a kiss, a very passionate tongue twisting, lip biting french kiss.

I hold her lips under my lips for more than five minutes. She was not co-operated but she was shocked, at the same time she was not in her control too. Now I became bolder and, I tried unhooking her blouse hooks but they are more a struggle than I expected. So I just pulled the blouse holding the inside of the blouse. Since the hooks were already tight, they just came off snapping and I could hear my mother moan more for every snap of a hook. I had to pull hard to snap the last hook but with that force the two end of her blouse hurled away revealing her big breasts. Her tits drooping on either end of her body. Then I untied the lace of her petticoat and remove it under her thighs.

That was the instant I felt the best in my life. My mother under me, naked and on bed. I looked at those breasts whose nakedness has fed me when I was a child and also prompted me to lust for my mother when I am a grownup. I slowly bent myself to take one of her nipple into my mouth. Mother closed her eyes , moaned, but did nothing. I licked, and sucked both the breasts. It was a great experience preying on my dear old mother's wonderful and juicy breasts. I started enjoying her naked body. I kissed sucked and licked her beautiful body everywhere I could and it was great. Then I finally turn my vision to the spot between her legs. The spot where I came to this world and where I can fulfil my lust to make myself a man to my mother. I used my legs to part her legs by pushing them outward and set myself comfortably between her legs. Mother though did not put any pressure. She just laid there with her head turned to one side and her eyes closed.

I ran my free hand over her mound and inserting my index finger into her vagina. Her vagina is still dry as I started finger-fucking her. It didn't take long before I could feel her juices oozing out as I increased my rhythm. I kept finger fucking her for a while before I decided she is ready for the ultimate reunion. Still holding her hands above her head, I leaned on her body so I was covering her body with mine. With my free hand I felt between us, took my cock, and began to guide it towards her cunt. As I reached her entrance I paused and touched her entrance my tip of the cock. I felt shivers along my spine as I unioned with my part of my mother's flesh with her flesh again. That was the time I contemplated the sin I am committing. I will be committing incest with my mother and a new type of bond between us. I am entering her cunt where there is no return. I could not wait any longer as I pushed forward. My dick entered her cunt. I pushed even harder. I heard my mother gasp, and cry a little, as I pushed inside her completely. I then held there, for a while enjoying my sexual union with my mother. I let go her hands to balance myself for a long fuck. Mom didn't even move the hands as she might have thought its all over for her. She is being ravaged nevertheless.

I withdrew my dick a bit and pushed forward again. Mother stayed still. I drew back again this time to be out of her and thrust back again. Mother gasped. Then I settled to a steadier rhythm. I had achieved what I wanted. FUCKING MY OWN MOTHER! My cock was inside her vagina and I am fucking her. I am fucking the same cunt my father has used to quench his lust and flooded it with his sperm to create me. I finally managed to spread the same legs my father has spread on the same bed. Finally I managed to MAKE THE SAME WOMAN MY DAD MADE AS WOMAN OF THE HOUSE. I am squeezing the same breasts my dad squeezed and my mother used to feed me as a baby. I am enjoying the same body I shared when I took shape in her. I am reaching the same inside of my mother where I was spawned. I am kissing the mouth that had given me guidance, sweared on me and encouraged me.

It felt great, that I am using the same woman that loved me motherly to love me sexually. I am showing my gratitude towards her upbringing by ravishing her cunt with my dick. After few more strokes, I felt my balls exploding gobs of semen I have been storing for her. I humped on to her vigorously before I came. I could not help stop but gasp as I shot my wad into her. I could feel my semen flooding mother's vagina as I reached my climax. Our sexual act is complete as I laid on my wonderful mother fulfilled and gasping for my breath. I could hear my mother too is breathing hard. Our naked bodies still connected together with my chest firmly pressing her naked breasts. My cock by now started getting limp but still inside her transferring the last remains of my semen. Mother still said nothing and laid the position. I didn't have enough guts to look at her face. We both made no moves to untangle as my exhaustion slipped me into deep sleep.

The next morning when I got up, mother is not seen anywhere. I was still lying naked on my bed. My sarong is still on the floor but no signs of my mother's clothes. For a moment I thought it might have been a dream and started looking for some evidence on the bed. I found some long strands of my mother's hair on the pillow beside mine. I got little assured and looked for some sex-liquid stains on the blanket. I did see three dried stains where the cloth was stiff. I had a chill running through my spine as I realised its not a dream. I felt a lot a guilt. I could not find enough guts to walk outside my room. I stayed there as long as I could. Good it was a Sunday. After few hours my mother knocked on the door to get me up as it is approaching noon. It was after her call, I had a bit of my confidence back in me. I quickly went into the bathroom for my morning chores. I tried to avoid my mother for another half an hour or so until she called me to eat my lunch. That day has been a horrible day for both of us. We never talked. In fact the silence continued for a few more days. Good thing I have a job to go to otherwise I would have become mad with her silence. During these hostile days my mother visited our neighbours and nearby relatives quite a lot. Possibly just to be away from me I guess. After threes days of constant silence I decided I have to put an end to this.

After our dinner on Thursday, I told her I am Sorry and never meant to hurt her! She just said its OK but after few seconds, she just burst into tears. I felt very bad. It took two more days to get back to normal. The normalcy of our mother-son physical contact never returned though! She always tried to stay farther from me and locked her room when she changed or went to sleep. We continued with our lives that way. Another Two weeks after things got normal, my mother went to a movie with her friends. I knew she was going to a movie because she asked me some money for the movie as I was going on a two day trip to a nearby village on work. When I got back the following day from my trip, things were different at home. My mother got dressed beautifully in a very nice saree and she had flowers in her hair. Normally widows never wear flowers in their hair. She is also seemed to be in a good mood. I was happy but also shocked to see her that way. There was a lot of contrast between the mother I left for my trip and the mother I am looking at right now.

She also received me well, and asked a lot about my trip. Slowly I also lost my hostility and interacted with her freely. I was glad mom is back to normal. After the dinner she insisted me to take shower and go to my room. I reluctantly had my shower and went back to my room. Then my mother ordered me not to come out of the room and lay on the bed. I tried to refuse saying I am not sleepy yet but she screamed at me to do as she says. I didn't wanted to upset my mother again. So I went to bed half-hearted. Few minutes later I heard my room door open only to see my mother well dressed in a yellow saree with a glass of milk in my hand. I was shocked to see her that way. She is all dressed up and reminded me of a bride. Normally the newly-wed brides enter the room that way with a glass of milk. For a moment I thought it can't be!!! I could not believe my eyes! I also thought it might be a prank trying to get back at me for raping her.

As she entered she locked the bedroom door, came to me and handed to glass of milk. I took it politely and drank the milk. She then told me "Your mother is now ready to become your woman if you wish to do so!" I was shocked to hear it! I also need to confess how much those words have caused a twitch in my cock. I could not believe my own mother is inviting me to fuck her! It took me few minutes to get my thoughts back on track as I could see my mother still waiting before me for an answer.

I didn't know what to do at that moment. My mother is looking like an elderly woman just married. She is proposing me to take her as my woman and my dick is throbbing for her pussy. I could not do anything but to say "YES! YES!" lifting myself from the bed to hug my mother. We had a passionate kiss as we moved on to our bed. This time we both were subtle and exploring in our lovemaking session as I opened my mother's blouse to enjoy her juicy breast amidst my mother's moans which I never expected I will hear from my mother. She didn't wear any underwear so I just lifted her saree to her waist to get access to her now wet cunt rather than removing her saree.

This time the sex was devine. As if I am making love to my woman. Until I looked at her face I never realised I am fucking my own mother. I felt as if I am fucking Rati, the love godess, herself. That's why I think they have invented the saying 'Cover the face and fuck the base!' I could also feel my mother's enjoyment of sex. The moans, the humps, and the juices. I am seeing and feeling the other side of my mother whom I never saw before. Before I realised I am fucking my mother as my woman, I already started squirting my semen into her wet cunt for the second time.

After our juicy fuck session we just laid on the bed caressing each other. Our physical bond between our legs is now free but neither of us bothered to set our clothes back to normal. My mother is still open breasted with her blouse hanging from her shoulders and her saree still lifted up to her thighs. We both were lying on our sides facing each other. It was then, we talked. Mother said "Are you happy now?" I said "More than ever! I love you mom!" Mom said "I love you too son! From today I am your woman too! You should call me INDIRA when we are alone. You can have my body too when ever you want!"

I said "Thanks INDIRA! Sorry if I have hurt you before! I think you a very sexy woman and wanted to be close to you that way too!" She said "Its alright! I was in shock to know my son lusted for me and you let me know that in a violent way" She continued "It was only yesterday I figured I will take our relationship to new heights! I felt very lonely! I realised I will be like that forever if I don't do something! Even though it was weird for me to know that you are lusting for me I finally could accept it as an another form of love towards me! I even felt proud that I am turning you on! That's why I decided I will let you have my body! You already raped me and entered me where you are forbidden to enter! I have lost my KARPU (chastity) by you and I have nothing more to loose! If I accept the situation I will be gaining than loosing! That's why I proposed!"

I said "indira, my beloved, I am happy for your proposal and I am also sorry I had to take you through the rape ordeal! I did not mean to hurt you!" Mom said smiling "I know you didn't! That's why I arranged this first night" and kissed me on the lips as I reciprocated. After the kiss she said "Do you know I am wearing the same saree in which I married your father? We also had our first night in the same saree too!" I was so excited as I looked at her saree. "You mean you are wearing the same saree my father fucked you the first time?" "Yes! This is the same saree in which your daddy took my cherry! Now I am wearing it to celebrate my first night with my son" Mother replied. "That's great Mom!" I exclaimed.

I couldn't believe it! I touched and felt the saree again. I couldn't believe I fucked my mother in her marriage dress. Indira, my lovely mother, let me fuck her in the same saree her husband fucked her for the first time. I felt I am the luckiest son on the earth! I could not wait any longer as I moved onto my mother again for an another session to show my gratitude towards her. Since then our relationship has turned into a mother-son relationship with an extra bond between our legs. Mother moved into my room which used to be her room when dad was alive. We still left the bed in her room intact in case if somebody gets curious. We are just mother and son when anybody is around us. On a normal day she is my mother by day and my woman by night. Well almost a mother by day. Except for the days our relations and friends visit us we always slept together.

Sometimes mother used normal mother-son relationship to get us sleeping together. When we have too many guests mother used to arrange a bed for us in the bunker we have at the back of the house saying we can adjust! Little they know that a mother and son can sleep together with their genitals locked! Mother used to dress like a wife awaiting her husband's return from work. It was always great to see my mother waiting for me well dressed with flowers in her head when I return home from work. She became a wife to me and I am her husband. I am Rama to my mother Indira. Now a days she also compares my style of fucking her to my fathers. She tells me I fuck her in different positions which my dad never did.

Few months later, at 43, my mother Indira got pregnant again. This time with my baby. Her son's baby. I am happy I knocked my dear old mother. My mother is happy that she still got her husband's gene pool in her stomach. We moved from our home town to a distant town, to keep certain thinks secret. The people in our new place thought that my mother conceived with my father's semen and later on he died. But we only knew that My semen has taken shape in my mother's womb. Our baby is due in six months.

The End of
An Indian Incest...

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Story No: 3

Bike Ride With My Daughter

One day my wife, her brother & my daughter (Sowmya) went to my friends marriage function in periyakulam (a village in kerala) and returned late so I had to drop many relatives since only few of us had car. Around 8. 30pm we finished dropping all and was to take the last trip when my car blew, so my friend offered his bike the only thing other than a cycle, so we took it. My wife, her brother & my daughter was only the ones left so we got on My wife sat behind me with our daughter in her lap and her brother behind. We moved slowly since it was night & I did not know the way.

After jumping few gutters my wife complained that she could not hold Sowmya due to her silk saree. It was her brother who said to let Sowmya sit in the front. I was hesitant because due to her height I may not be able to see and moreover I was sitting on the tank & I may loose balance still it was more dangerous with my wife so I agreed Sowmya was delighted since she had ridden so many times. She jumped up and we moved on, but as I had guessed I couldn't see the road clearly so I told her to lay back on me so that my view wont be blocked.

She moved back and lay on my chest, usually when she does this I move back to make space for her, but today there was no space. My man was jammed on her ass slowly my shameless cock began to bulge and I couldn't hide it She too felt it for after some time she slowly brought back and pressed to see what it was. Now my cock jumped to 90 degrees I slowly opened the zip of my pants and letting out my john told her to get up a little bit for a adjustment and as she did so I slowly moved her skirt So when she sat it was on my dick I felt all heaven as her small uninvaded pussy on me.

I looked to the mirror to see if my wife was watching and got a shock of my life. I saw that her brother was pressing on to her bottoms and he was pressing her breast and both were trying not to be noticed I watched him trying to get his hand inside her blouse and pressing her nipples. I stopped the bike in the highway and both were frightened. I told them it was time to pee for we had a long journey in front of us. And I led Sowmya to the side she pulled her skirt up and pulling down her panties sat to urinate I pulled out my dick in front of her and began to rub to & fro.

She looked amazed, for she had seen my penis before but that was unknowingly and hence it was small, but now it was steady. I looked back & saw my wife & her brother still standing there shyly I told them there was no need to be shy otherwise maybe they may pee on the ride & moreover it was night, there was no one else though it was highway. She came near me followed by her brother and pulled up her saree and brought her underwear to her knees. I found her brothers eye on her ass as she sat to pee, he came near her and pulled out his man as if to pee but he was rubbing it my wife looked up and her face turned red she looked at me but I walked away as if nothing happened. We continued our journey. I again made my daughter sit on me and pressed on her bottoms.

Suddenly I saw a theatre and pulled in saying lets watch a movie. My wife declined but I was in no mood so we got 4 tickets and went in It was a English movie and had already began but still full we managed to get seats nearby but only 2 was empty other 2 were a little far but still in the same row I moved on with my daughter telling them to sit there After some time I found my wife coming to me She bend towards me and said she couldn't sit there for some people were troubling her I said to her to go and sit there without troubling me and if anyone was patting her just take no notice.

She was stunned I saw my neighbor slowly raising his leg to her ass and she bet a hasty retreat I continued to watch the film, slowly some hot scenes came. The hero was trying to seduce her he slowly removed her dress and she was in her bra and undies, then he slowly kissed her as his hand ran to her spot pressing over the cloth and then he removed her bra to present her beautiful boobs I turned to my daughter and told her that I couldn't get the ticket for her as it was full so she must sit on my lap till the ticket checker goes.

She got up and sat on my cock I was ready for her as she sat I opened my pants and as if trying to tell something in her ear I neared her and slowly moved her panties a bit so that her ass was out and pulled her to my lap I felt my rock go to the sponge and I almost ejaculated as her hot ass plunged in me I looked to my wife and found her moving as if bit by bees her sarees pallu was down and there were many hands on her including her brothers. One of them managed to get her breast out and was pressing it hard and trying to pinch her nipples I grabbed my daughters upcoming breast and pinched her nipple over her dress, then I led her out to the bathroom and told her to urinate she told that she did not want but I forced her to try and led her to the men's bathroom and told her to go into one of the rooms but not to close the door since if the cleaner found a girl in men's room we may have to give fine she believed me and I almost felt sorry for her but the evil was strong.

I watched her lift her skirt and pull her panties and sit. This time she was facing me and I saw her pussy split open it was a tight one hardly 1 fingers could enter. I slowly entered and said that the cleaner was coming and she was not to move since her bangles would make a sound and since if he looked he had to see a male pissing----- I opened my pants and took out my john and rubbed she looked at it confused I pulled back my skin and she viewed the pink head I neared her face and she looked away I slowly rubbed it on her cheek then told her to get up and look through the top to see if he was there she got up and was to about to pull up her panties when I swept her to the top she looked out now I could see her beautiful ass I brought her a little down and licked her ass she laughed and said 'daddy' you are tickling me but I paid no heed and continued then turned her to lick her pussy now she tried to close her leg but I forced in I could see her face changing from a girl to women in passion then I put her on the closet and pulled her hair she said 'ahhhhhhhh' and before she could finish it my cock was in her mouth ramming deep in her throat She was surprised and bit a little and my cock exploded like never before and I watched it all download to my little daughters mouth.

'Hey it tastes like coconut juice' she said & I replied 'never talk with your mouth full' and she swallowed it. My man was not yet down and I began to lick her pussy then spread her legs and inserted my dick in her it was a little weak so it went in with only a little trouble but as it began to grow she started to scream with pleasure I removed her dress and pressed her small breast and licked

Nibbling her nipples I rammed on deeper I pulled out and tried to re insert but it wouldn't enter I then turned her wide opened her ass and began to lick her asshole then fingered it had and wide till it felt large then slowly inserted in it went smoothly and I fingered her pussy with one hand and pressed her boobs with the other I continued my ramming till I exploded in her then I fucked her mouth again and she sucked me dry.

We then returned to watch the film I looked at my wife she was almost naked and her hands were on 2 cocks 'well that's an improvement' I thought and continued watching the film and the fingering of my daughter by my neighbour who had his cock out and was pressing his cock to her hand then as he was to ejaculate he pushed her head down and ejaculated in her mouth while pushing his finger deep into her ass.

The End of
Bike Ride With My Daughter

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i am also very much into incest
i am fucking my mom and sister for 2 years

though i have also fucked others, mom is the best

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Story No: 4

Aunty, Mom, & Me

My name is Manoj. I am from the northern part of India. I love Literotica's site. I have read many stories here. I am about to narrate an incident that happened in my life. It is about fucking my aunt and then her helping me to fuck my own mother and finally my sister. My aunt's name is Indira; she is around 45 yrs old and the elder sister of my mother.

The first incident took place in last December. Me, my mom and aunty were coming back after seeing a relative who was in hospital. Since the bus was too crowded, there was no space between my aunt and me. When driver applied brake, my cock would touch her ass. Soon my aunty got a seat but she let my mom sit on the seat and moved close to me. Now my cock was in constant contact with her ass and she never bothered to move away from me. By this time, my dick had come in life. It was exactly between her ass cheeks. By now, I was sure that she was doing this intentionally. On next bus stop, I got a seat and I offered it to her but she declined and asked me to sit and she moved near to my seat. Now her bare belly was touching my shoulder. Once I looked towards her, my face touched the bare skin of her tummy. When I looked at her, she gave me a naughty smile. The rest of my journey I thought about her and decided in my mind to fuck her.

Aunty Indira was living away from her husband for last 5 yrs. She has a daughter and she was with her husband. Once we reached home I went to my room and undressed and wrapped a towel around my waist. Suddenly my door opened and my aunt entered.

"Hey Manoj planning to take bath?"

I said, "Yes aunty, I want to freshen up after that bus journey."

Then she said, " I am sure that you enjoyed the journey" and laughed

Suddenly she took off my towel and I was totally naked

I asked, "Aunty, what are you doing? Give me my towel."

She said, "It's not first time I've seen you like this!" and caught hold of my semi hard dick.


"You have a nice hard dick, how do you manage that?"

I was in real shock and I asked what would happen if my mom came in.

She said, "Don't worry about that, I saw her going to the bathroom to take bath and she will take at least half an hour to finish."

She kneeled before me and taking my cock in her mouth and began to suck it.

Wow man!

It was great.

She asked me, "Is this your first time?"

I said, "Yes".

By this time, my legs had become too weak to stand and I had taken my cock from her mouth and fallen on my bed. She came over my bed and continued sucking my dick. I came in her mouth very soon as this was my first blowjob. She drank all of it and with my towel cleaned my dick and her mouth giving me kiss on my cheek.

She said "Manoj, your mom will be finished her bath by now. We will continue this later. Do not close your door tonight."

I lay there for some time, finally after an hour I took a bath. By this time, my mom had called me to dinner. When I saw Aunty Indira she give me smile and while mom went inside she came over to and told me again to keep open my door. I caught her by waist and gave her a kiss on her navel.

I said to her, "Aunty I want you to wear sari while you come to my room"

She said "ok "

By this time mom had returned and asked, "What's the big secret?"

I said "Nothing mom"

Aunty Indira said, "He wants me to teach him some biology".

She gave me naughty smile.

I got back to my room and changed my bed sheet, put a new one and lay there waiting for her

I heard my mom's door closing.

After half an hour, I saw my aunty coming inside wearing a red color sari, which she had worn for her wedding.

She asked why I had turned the light off and said she wanted it on.

I asked what would happen if mom woke up and saw a light on in my room.

She said your mom is a heavy sleeper and once slept would not wake up til morning.

She sat on my bed and began to run her fingers through my hair.

She asked, "Is this your first experience?"

I said "Yes Aunty."

She said she would teach me everything and began to take off her sari. I asked her to stop.

Her face reddened.

"You do not like me.?"

I said, "No Aunty when I watch porn movies the best part I like is, girls taking off their clothes and I want to take off your clothes myself."

I got up and began to remove her clothes item by item. She was the first woman I had seen naked.

After that, I asked her to take off my clothes. She asked me whether I had seen a lot of porn movies.

I said, "Yes."

She asked if any of them were there. I said there weren't any but if she wanted I would get some from my friends.

I only had some books. She asked to take and went through it page by page.

I got behind her and began to feel her nipples. By this time, I had become stiff. She caught my dick and began to play with it. She then lay on bed and asked me to suck her cunt. I sucked her cunt for some time and she came on my mouth once.

She asked me to enter her.

However, the first three times I was not successful. She laughed and caught my dick, positioned it correctly and asked me to push it slowly. This time I entered her. I came inside her very quickly.

From that day on, I fucked my sweet Aunty Indira. She taught me everything from oral to anal. And we fucked in every part of the home. We fucked each other while watching porn movies.

One day after our session we were going through an erotic storybook and we came to a story in which a son fucked his mom. She looked up at me and asked

"Do you like this?"

I said, "Yes"

"Do you want to be that son?"

I hesitated for some time

"Yes", I Said.

I asked how we would ask mom. She said she would do that for me. And we fucked one more time.

After a week, I asked her what happened about the story. She said she is on the right track and I would get surprise in two days.

Next day at noon, she came to me and told me that she would not come to my room that night.

Hearing this I become sad.

She smiled and told me "You will get your surprise tonight"

In addition, she asked to keep the door open and dick hard.

While taking dinner, I saw mom was not there and Indira gave me dinner. She asked me to do as she said that afternoon

It was 10pm and I was lying on bed with my shorts around my ankles. I was getting increasingly hotter thinking about the woman I was going to fuck tonight. Suddenly I saw a dark figure coming to my bed.

Wow my God!

It was my mom. I pretended to be sleeping. She came over and sat on the bed, she looked at my face. She thought that I was sleeping. She turned and began to look at my dick. She never got up from there or showed any sign of touching it. Suddenly somebody switched on the light

It was Aunty Indira.

She asked, "What are you both doing?"

"If you want to do something, do it otherwise go to sleep",

And she went out of the room. I caught mom and kissed on her mouth.

I said "Mom from the first day I came to know about sex. You are my dream girl. I will take care of you from now and ask dad to fuck off"

She said she knew that what was going on between Indira and me, and she was the one who gave Indira the idea. Moreover, it was her plan to let me read that story.

I caught her and pushed her to bed.

"You bitch, now you listen to me, you will be my slut."

She has to agree to let me fuck her anytime, and anywhere I wanted. Saying this I removed her sari and panties and with one push I entered my mom's cunt.

I told mom I would call her only Radha from now onwards.

I rammed my cock into her cunt as fast as I could and she responded to my every thrust. Finally I take my cock out of her cunt and moved to her face and lips and entered her mouth, within two thrusts I came inside her mouth.

I asked her to suck it clean and since I wanted to enter her ass asked her play with my dick to get ready for seconds.

Right at that time Indira came into the room.

She asked, "Radha how is your son?"

"Didi, he has a bigger one than his dad and he knows very well how to satisfy women."

I asked Indira to suck my mom's ass to lubricate so I could enter it. She positioned behind mom and started to lick her ass. By now my dick was ready for my mom's ass. Suddenly Indira took my dick began to lick.

I said, "You bitch this is for my mom."

I asked mom to bend over doggy style and I entered her from behind. On my first thrust she gave a loud moan




"It's hurting me ahaaaaaaaaaaa"


I said, "Shut up u bitch you are my property and I will do anything I like."

After some time I took my dick out and entered her pussy.

I hold her legs and positioned it over my shoulder. With each thrust she given loud scream. I came on her pussy and Indira sucked her pussy violently for my cum. We all got up and took a bath and slept together.

Next morning mom woke me up by sucking my cock. I asked her to get on top me and fuck. She positioned herself over my cock and slowly started to move up and down.

"Radha keep it fast you bitch."

Indira woke up hearing this noise; she began to laugh seeing the position mom, and her son were in.

Radha fucked my cock like a wild animal, and she moaned like a wild dog.

Indira positioned her cunt over my mouth and sucked Radha's boobs. Once mom was finished Indira positioned herself over my cock. We fucked until afternoon. We decided to go out and have lunch. I fucked both of them in a hotel bathroom and in our car on the return.

Nowadays we fuck together and even go on holiday together. I will tell you how they convinced my sister to fuck me. That is another story.

The End of
Aunty, Mom, & Me

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These stories are excellent. Well written also.

The best incest stories will be of "Fucking aunts,
Sex with mother in laws, Daughter in law getting
scrwed by father in laws.

Please post such stories.
Keep going

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thanks yaaaaaaaaaaaar good storrie

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Good work there dude .. keep it coming ...

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verrrrrrrrrrrrryyyyyyyyyyyyyy ggggoooooddddd

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