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nice efforts badboy

reps added to u

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Superb Stories Hotman1907.

Repped you.

Post More.

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Policeman rapes housewife

It was dark and there would be no moon tonight. Time was around
9.45 P.M. Police constable Raja was standing at his usual spot under
a tree surrounded by wild growing shrubs. This was midway between a
set of residential blocks and a common toilet. Earlier in the day,
while on job, taking rounds (beats), he had visited the illegal
country bar run by a madam and had his usual fill of desi liquor
paying nothing. Being a policewala had certain privileges and this
was one. The residential colony which he was observing was built by
the Britisher's and had one to two room tenements and was spread
over a large area (possibly 100 acres). This colony was under the
Maharashtra housing board. All the residents staying there had been
in possession of those houses for many years. They were all lower
middle class workers or govt. clerical staff. Policeman Raja also
stayed with his family in a house there, which was located at one
end of the colony.
A couple of month's back, he had met Vilas Sawant, resident of the
colony, at the desi bar. He had informally met Vilas a couple of
times at the local bus stop or in the colony temple. Now Vilas was
drunk and was not in a position to go home. So as a courtesy, Raja
had helped him to his home. There he met Vilas `s wife and he was
taken in by her. She was tall, about 5'6" and slim. She was wearing
a tight salwar kameez and her body contours was quite visible. She
was 33-28-35. The way the buttocks and her slim legs moved really
caught his eye. She had thick lips and a slightly flat nose, but her
eyes had an intense gaze and Raja was blown away. That night when
she took over to escort her husband to bed, Raja tried to
intentionally touch her hand and breast, but she deliberately
avoided him and saying, shukriya, closed the door on his face. Now
he was infatuated with this lady and most of the time, tried to be
around that area so that he can see this beauty and possibly
befriend her. But she was hardly seen outside her home and whenever
he saw her out trying to purchase household goods, she was focused
on her work and never ever paid any attention to the surroundings.
Raja knew that the lady had two small children aged 8 and 6 and her
life revolved around her family. Her husband was a mill employee and
later he heard that he was also a union worker. The husband was a
quiet man and people seemed to respect him in the colony. After his
work he liked to take a couple of drinks and then go home. Now Raja
started befriending the husband and whenever possible join him in
drinks. A couple of times, he also accompanied him home and
sometimes tried to strike a conversation with the lady but was
One night while standing under a tree which had a dense foliage
around it, he was observing their house , he found the lady coming
out at 9.40 P.M. and walk towards the common toilet. He observed her
walk and was captivated by the graceful sway of her buttocks and
hips. He had an instant hardon and opened his zipper and took out
his long cock. Dreaming of her he started masturbating and after a
brief stroke, he exploded. He was surprised at the intensity of his
orgasm. He waited there and saw the lady go back to her house from
the toilet after about 5 minutes. The toilet was about 200 metres
from the house and there was a small way leading to it. On both
sides there were wild grass growing and the place Raja was standing
was like a mini jungle. There were rumors that there were snakes
there and people used to avoid that tough spot. Every night Raja
used to stand there and always observed that the lady used to go to
toilet only between 9 and 10.00p.M. Raja realized that she must be
completing her work, and once her kids had gone to sleep, she must
be attending to her needs. Slowly he devised a plan and tonight he
was set on acting on it.

Tonight Raja was dressed in civvies and he had brought a handcuff ,
a mask (with eye slit and mouth slits open) and an tape. In the
early evening, he was with her husband and made sure that the guy
was drunk. The time was 9.30 P.M. and he was waiting for the women.
Around 9.45 P.M., the lady came out carrying a lota and went to the
toilet. She passed by the place Raja was hiding and Raja remained
hidden. After 5 minutes, she was on her way back. As she crossed the
tree, Raja came out of hiding and pulled her from behind towards the
tree. The attack was sudden and she stumbled and fell flat on her
face. Instantly, Raja was on her back and before she could realize,
he had both her hands raised and had handcuffed it. She opened her
mouth to yell and instantly found a hand covering it and a tape
pulled over her mouth. Then she was turned on her back and pulled
towards the darkest corner of the shrubs/folliage. She was
struggling but realized that she was fighting a losing battle. In
the melee she had lost the lota but Raja was not bothered. Now he
was sure, he had her under his control and the only risk was if
someone entered the foliage which he was sure nobody would do since
it was dark and for the past one month, from the time he was
observing her, nobody had come. Raja had a mask on so that she would
not recognize him. It was dark and there were less chances that he
would be recognized but he did not want to take any chances. He
looked at the lady lovingly. He could see her squirming, trying to
say something and trying to slide away from him. He was enjoying the
sight. Her boobs were trying to burst out of her kameez and her slim
belly was going up and down. He could see she was breathing hard and
the chest movement showed her fear. He sat beside her and traced her
face with his hand. She started shaking her head and trying to avoid
him. Instantly, he gave her a hard slap. He said in a whisper,
Randi, aur maar khani hai kya. Maar doonga saali agar naatak ki tho.
Saali, chupp ho jaa nahi to jaan se maar doonga. She just lay there
helpless, tears running down her eye. He touched her boobs and again
she moved. Raja was enjoying the time, he again slapped her and said
saali, sudhar ja, nahi to tujhe chod ke, mein randi bana doongs.
Saali, kothe pe bitha doonga. Her hands were still hancuffed and
lips sealed. He raised her hands and took out her dress. She was
wearing a red bra and he said, uphar to sati savitri jaise dikhati
hai, under se lal lal rang se kaam chalathi hai. He pulled her bra
and it just broke. Now her boobs were open for him. He started
pressing it and slowly started sucking her nipples. She raised her
legs to thwart him but he just patted it off and said, randi.. ruk
jha tujhe aram se chodtha hoon, problem kya hai. His hands were on
her belly and navel and he was pinching it and caressing it. In the
meantime his mouth was on the nipple and breast and he could feel it
slowily hardening.. He reached down and pulled her salwar off. She
was wearing a red underwear and he laughed. Tho saali tujhe lal
cheez acha lagtha hai kya. Saali, tu bhi to lal lal maal hai. He
took her underwear off and found himself staring at a bushy curly
undergrowth. He was fascinated by it. His hand was on the hair and
he started pulling it, which caused a pain for the lady and she
reacted. Then his hand moved towards the pussy and the cunt lips was
also thick. He twirled the clits lip in his hand and entered one
finger in the cunt. It was dry. He said, ab tayaar nahin hai kya,
chod du tujhko abhi, mazaa aayega. It seemed as if she realised her
predicament and she just lay still. He removed his trousers and was
naked underneath. He sat on her chest and took his hardon and placed
it in between the boobs and squashed the boobs around it. She lay
staring up. He bend forward caught her hair and yanked it upwards so
that she could now what he was doing. She closed her eyes and he
slapped her and said Randi, dekh nahi to aur maar khayegi. She
opened her eyes and instantly he moved his lund on her face. She had
a wild stare in her eyes. Then he moved himself towards her crotch.
He started licking her cunt and chewing her cunt lips. His hands
were busy fondling her boobs and his tongue was probing inside her
cunt. While sucking her cunt he brought on finger downward and
started playing with her cuntlips. Also was trying to put two
fingers inside. He could feel her loosening up. He kept on task,
till he found that she was slowly responding by spreading her legs
wider. He went on kissing and sucking her till his hardon was razing
and he felt he would come any time. He raised himself over her body
and now was staring at her. She had her eyes closed and was slowily
shaking her head. His hardon was now poised at her cunt lips and in
one shove he entered her fully, she buckled under him. Her cunt was
tight and probably his wild entry had hurt her. He started slowly
pounding her, in and out, in and out. Also he was kissing her breast
and fondling it. He wanted to taste her mouth, so while pounding,
his hands reached up and pulled the tape of her mouth. It must have
hurt her as he could feel the ripping sound. Before she could yell,
his mouth was on her and he was kissing her. She tried to move her
face about but to no avail. Her teeth were locjked toghether but his
constant cunt fucking, pounding her underneath and the breast
fondling was breaking her resistance. Finally her mouth was open and
he started his deep probe. She had a soft moth inspite of her thick
lips and her tongue was a slimy creature inside. Raja sucked her
tongue and tried to bite it. His toungue was probing deep into her
and suddenly he felt a shudder. It was Raja releasing his sperms
into her. Raja was escatatic. Raja pumped her harder till he had
released his complete sperm and then rested on top of her, caressing
her face and breast. Raja told her, randi agar chilayegi to aur
maroonga and moo mein tape lagaaonga.
She was crying now. She said, ab chod do mujhe , mere do bache hain
aur mein shaadi shuda hoon, ab mein mere pati ke layak be nahi rahi.
Raja said, saali, ab to tujhe pati ke saath aur mazaa aayega. Tere
pati ko to maloom hi nahi padega aur tu to aur khil jaayegi. She
pleaded , bus ab to mujhe jaane do. Raja said, bas chod doonga agar
tu meri baat manegi to, nahin to mein tujhe, utha leh jaaonga aur
kisi kothe pe bitha doonga. She looked at Raja pleadingly and
started crying again and said, mere bache hain, mujhe chod do. Raja
said - theek hai aur ek bar aaram se chodenge aur phi tumhe chod
(leave) doonga. Raja raised himself and his lund was near her mouth,
He said, ab leh mooh mein. She looked helpless. Raja just slapped
her again and said randi, naatak math kar. Ab leh mooh mein. She
opened her mouth and took his limp cock. Raja said ab choos usko.
She started sucking it , slowily Raja could feel his lund reacting.
He said - randi jaldi jaana hai to jaldi khada kar mere lund ko,
nahi to poori raat yahin par mein tujhe choodonga. In the meantime
his mouth was on her cunt and was busy sucking it.. He could feel a
change in her cunt now. It looked well lubricated and he could taste
her cum. Also there was his earliem sprems flowing out. Raja was
hard by now. He had taken off his shirt and was totally naked. He
laid himself on the ground and rolled her over on top of him. He
still had the mask on and the lady's hands were still handcuffed and
raised above her head. He made her sit on his lund and he could feel
her choot totally engulfing his lund. Then he pulled her over him
and started fucking her. He told her ki randi ab theek se chood
mujhe, agar maar nahin knani hai to. Raja started kissing her
passionately and after an initial struggle she also kissed him back,
That was a big victory. His hands were on her buttocks and pressing
in onto him. His fingers started probing her anus and he could feel
the tightnedd. He tried inserting one finger but she shouted.
Instantly he hit her and said saali, randi, awaaz mat kar nahi to
abhi gaand maroonga. He put some spit on his fingers and then slowly
started rubbing the anus outlines and he inserted one finger. It
went in. She could feel the finger in her anus and his lund fucking
her. Slowly he inserted another finger and the two fingers were
locked tight in her asshole. She was mumbling something which he
could not hear and also participating in the fuck. He went on
fucking her and suddenly he could feel her buckling and shuddering.
He realized she had her orgasm, he laid her on the ground and again
mounted her from top and went into a frenzied pumping. She was
responding to it and finally with a loud moan she relaxed. Instantly
he felt a release. He pulled out his lund from her cunt and sprayed
the cum on her body. The cun lay strewn over her chest, breast and
a few shot across her face. He scooted a few cum from her body and
asked her to taste it. She was tired after the fuck and without any
objection opened her mouth. He inserted the fingers in her mouth and
she licked it. He looked at her for some time and then said, randi
ab mein jaa rahaa hoon, agar aur chodwana hai to raat ko idhaar se
aa jaa. Agar kisi ko batayi to maa kasam, tujhe chod doongs and
randikhana mein bhej donga. Ab mein jaa rahaa hoon. Agar chilai to
wapas aake saali aur choodengi. Ab ki baar gaand bhi maroongs. More
than 1 hour must have passed since they were together and being a
public place, Raja did not want any more risk. He wore his dress and
then removed her handcuff. She just lay there and finally before
going I once again pressed her boobs and told her ki maa kasam tu
saali apsara hain, tere jaise chikni ko meine kabhi nehi dekha.
Saali agar mere saath aana chahti hai toi aaja. But she just lay
there and Raja left.
Raja was feeling very satified and was thinking that the first time
was not bad. Probably if there were no problems, he would corner her
again and make her his personal slave. He realized he was addicted
to her and till he could not get over her completely, he would find
ways to fuck her.

He looked around and seeing nobody, briskly walked away. He walked a
few distance and hid himself at the side of a house, watching the
way he had come. He wanted to see what she would be doing. After a
few minutes, he saw her, dressed up and walking slowly back to her
house. Immediately he want back to the desi liquor shop and drank a
couple of more desi daroo. He was feeling very happy and top of the
world. He was sure that if there was a case he would be the first to
know as he would be writing the report. He was awaiting her report
so that he could question her on the complete details of the rape.
Humming to himself he went to his house. His grown up kids were
asleep and his wife was also sleeping. He knocked and his wife
opened the door. She was surprised to see him early. She was in a
ablouse and petticoat and he embraced her and kissed her and then
pushed her downward and said - leh muuh mein. She never argued with
him as he was very physical and could be abusive at times. So at the
door itself she took his lund in her mouth. He tasted different and
there were wet stains on it. Raja was contented, he was relishing
his wife sucking the stains of his raped victims cunt. She sucked
him for some time playing with his balls while he stood there with
his eyes closed and then when he felt his hardon, he laid her over
the table and fucked her doggie style. Her cunt was dry and she
could feel him piercing thru' her cunt walls. The friction caused
her a deep shooting pain and she moaned. Mistaking it for pleasure,
he pumped harder. She just lay there and finally Raja erupted. He
shot the sprrms in her and dreaming about the raped lady and the
next opportunity he would have to rape her, he went to his bed and
slept on. His wife got up and slowly made her way to the bathroom to
clean herself and then slept beside him. Raja was dreaming about the
beautiful raped lady while his wife was thinking about her tryst
with the inspector, who was rajas boss and the way he fucked her.
She was longing to be with him and be fucked by him. Recently he had
introduced her to XXX movies and she was just waiting for the next
opportunity to be with him and get fucked royally.


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Blackmail With Enjoyment.

Hello friends, I am Anjali Singh. I am 21 years old. I have good figure 34-26-34. I Have light brown color pointed nipples. I am sharing a incident with you. That was my final year in collage. Due to short of my attendence I was not getting my admit card.One of my friends advoice me to meet Ali Khan. He is a very good looking guy. He is also a member of collage union. My friend introduce me to Ali. He told me that he will try his best to solve my problem. He take required information about me like roll no, course , year, my phone no. etc. and told me that he will contact me as soon as he get my admit card. After few two day he give me a call at my home and told that he got my admit card but he is leaveing for delhi today for some important work and will back in 2-3 weeks. He told me to collect my admit card from his house as he is busy in his packing. He told me me his address and told me to collect admit card before evening. My exams were starting from next week so I decide to get my admit card from his house. In half an hour I reached his house. It was around 8 in morning. He receive me at his house and ask me to come inside. As I entered inside he close the door. He bring two cold drink bottles from his fridge and give me one and sit down beside me with other bottle and start drinking and chating with me. I asked him "where are about other members of his family". Ali gave me a cunning smile and told me that "No body is in his home today , all are in wedding party". I ask him about admit card then he told me boldly that "dear Anjali if you want your admit card then you have to pay for it". I ask him "what you want?". Ali is very close to my body now. He boldly one hand on my shoulder and one hand on my stomach. His breath is hot, he smile to me that in a way that he hold the card. His eyes on my big boob. Now I understand what he want. I told him "No way". Then he told me "Ok if want to waste your one year, no problem". Ali told me that nothing is wrong in doing all this,. And then he told me that is a deal "GIVE and Take". My resistence becames week. Ali touch my thigh. it is very smooth like silk. He kiss very smoothly on my cheek and shoulder and my hand and fingers. Slowly reached my lip. Now his hand hold me very firm. I loose my strength to resist and feeling hot now. Ali take out 2 brandy. I shocked. I never had liquor in my life. This is the first time that I drank the brandy I do not want to lose my face to him. Ali said It is up to you, If you are OK Everything will be OK. My heart start beating up. Ali told me its now or never, If you refuse me you will not get your admit card. My head is full of fear. Ali touch my silver lining black blouse from the shoulder like resting his hand. His hand nearing my face and my lips. My heart tremble and beat like drum. My face become very hot and red. I feel very dizzy and my hand is pulled and make me touch something very hot. My lips feel some salvia and a big face is in my front of me. I felt something touch my behind and feel my big breast are dangling. By the time I realised I am on the Sofa and Ali kissing my boobs and sucking them and pinching them over my cloths. His hand is now inside my valva and my hand wanted to stop his hands but the brandy I had, taken all my strength. I can only touch his bold head. I thought If he is going to fuck me, I have to request him to make it faster and don't put his semens into my valva. His tongue now very fast moving and make my whole body shiver. All of a sudden I pulled his trousers and take his big and round penis in to my mouth. He ushhhes OHHHHHHHHHHHHHH MYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY Bitchhhhhhhhh mydarling . Now we are still on the sofa my dress is dropped, and Ali stand up go to the fridge and took a wine, opened it and drank and pull my head and pass all the wine into my mouth and continue kissing I swallow all his wine and salvia I became more crazy and hold his big cock atleast 10" of size in my two hand and they are like Giant size full of meat. I suck it, I love it. I wanted to hold it as long as I can. I like it. Now I start kissing his Big cock and his ball and his ass holes. He was enjoying that for about 1 hour. Oh my it was a wonderful thing. I played with his balls and it is red like apples. Ali lift me up and make me sit down, Both of us are nude and my wet panty and my wonderful see through dress and the bra are here and there He sit next to me both of us are in our kneel. I wanted suddenly to make love. His hand start touching my hair and slowly down to my cheek and lips and to my shoulder and to my big round breast. He bit it and suck my brown nipples. Still both of us are on our knees. His hands went down to my stomach, I closed my eyes. Playing in my belly and finally down to my clitoris, at first one finger and then two finger rubbing and rounding and a sound like chick chick come out. I moaned and fly in the sky feeling. It is wet and full of my orgasm. He fucked me is my round Ass. I can feel that I wanted him to kiss me. I slid and lay on the sofa and push his head to my valva. I can feel a bold head in my special private part. He forced me to turn down ward and lift my legs and he is in his knee, start kissing my vagina and my ass hole and my thigh and everything. I start moaning that I can hear my voice very loud. He spend a hour on my vagina and another hour on my ass hole. I feel my ass hole become big and wider. He poured some wine on my vagina and suck like pig. This make me more horny. His hand are massaging and cubing and squeezing, pulling. Now I am very high and beg him to fuck me, he lifted me and bring me to the bed. Make all the light brighter and hold my legs a part, I was still holding his strong cock, he lift up my back and I am crying and begging him to make it soft, but he banged a big and the cock has found its way to hide in my small vagina. Oh My god, what a wonderful. He lay one me his two hand s are playing with my swollen breast , and moving to my head and his mouth is on my mouth. He bite my shoulder and the back. I shouted. He moved to front and asked me to suck his big cock. It taste like bitter, his cum is oozing, I can feel the bitterness. He moaned to all my suck. My mouth got tired and his golden hairs are in mouth. The cock got harder and he was like biting his mouth. I know his cum going to be in my mouth. He shouted, BBBAAAABBBBYYYY Hold me tight, take my cock all the way. It was like a big spoon full of Ice cream dropped into my mouth. He put his weight on me, but I can feel his cock is getting harder again. I lay back and told Ali, this is your body take it. Fuck me harder as long as you want me I am your slave. He bang me all the way, he whispered many love and joyful words, and fucked me up side down mouth, Ass, Vagina, Boob, thigh for many hours, I felt his orgasm about 5 times after that I am like a robot.. Ali told me He fucked my vagina 5 times and my ass 4 times total 9 times in 8 hours. But I don't remember anything, but he said I request him to fuck me again and again. I had tired. Ali gave me my admit card. After spending more than 8 hours I came back to my home.

****end ****

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Blackmailing Mother-in-law

Hi friends I am Sukumar. When I married I got mother in law who was not careful about her activities. She did many things unknowingly that aroused me sexually. As I had bent of mind for incest sex .I started having fantasies of fucking her.I am going to tell you my experience of how I controlled my mother in law initially by blackmaking ,terrorizing, humiliating and, thereby, sexually arousing but starving. I am sure, this will implant seeds in your mind of fucking your mother in law. All the best .

I am 27 year old. I am married. My wife is 25 years old. Her name is Kusum. After my marriage in few moths, I found that my wife Kusum was not interested in oral sex. She never enjoyed me sucking her choot. She also never enjoyed sucking my lund. I was unsatisfied as far as oral sex with my wife. As my wife did not satisfy my sex urge. I masturbated regularly fantasizing sex with females around me, in house, neighbours, in office etc. One of the women who used quickly bring me to climax was my mother in law. I used to get sexual satisfaction by fantasizing my mother in law sucking my lund and I sucking her choot, as next to my wife I have closely watched her movements, her body, clothes, whenever she used to stay with us.

My mother in law is of 43 years age and her name is Shobhna. She married in early ages. Kusum was her first child and was born when she was 18 years.Kusum being first child was pampered and Shobhna had no much control over her . I had seen it in early days of marriage.Shobhna is sexy lady. Her complexion is fair. She had pointed tits. I had checked up from the label of her bra kept for drying that she wears 38” c cup bra. The way she used to wear her clothes used to excite me. She wears very short blouse and sari 2/3” below her navel. Therefore, whenever her sari pallu is not properly in place, big portion of her body from bottom of tits to navel used to get exposed. This used to excite me fanaticizing about her tits, navel, and choot.

her sari pallu often used to get displaced exposing her body while doing many routine activities. It may be while playing with my kid, giving me tea/snacks/meals when Kusum was not around, household activities, watching TV, lying down reading. Many times while lying down and sleeping /reading, position of legs used to be such that through the gap of her sari, I could get glimpse of her choot. She never wears panty. I never found panty in clothes kept for washing/drying. As her body used to excite me, I used to watch her chupke chupke changing clothes, bathing, peeing etc. through shutters, keyholes, door gaps etc. She has dark bush and thick one. Probably she is not shaving her pussy. Her nipples were pointed and were dark brown. Whenever she was nearby my cock used to harden. I mentally used to undress her and rape her. I had fucked her in my imagination many times.

I was sure that directly approaching her for sex would have spoiled our relations and would have never been able to fuck her. I was not getting opportunity to bring my dream in to reality. The only way I could have used her is to catch her doing something, which she would not have like others to know and blackmail, terrorize, humiliate her. In the process starve her for actual sex and make her hungry for sex.

One day I got opportunity to seduce her. My wife was to go for a weeklong residential training from her office to Hyderabad. My mother in law stayed with us to take care of my kid 2 year old, Babu. I become very horny with idea that my wife is away and mother in law in house alone. I decided to anyhow fuck her in that week when my wife was away. I asked maid to take leave for one week before mother in law came in so that I could see her doing many activities which will give me chance to see her body.

When my wife went away, first thing I did after dropping her to Airport was to shag in bathroom imagining fucking Shobhna. As told you every day seeing her front not properly covered, I started getting ideas. I felt like putting finger in her navel, caressing her tits, sucking her choot. I could see her pointed nipples through her thin cloth of her blouse and bra. Her cleavage between her tits was inviting me to fuck her in her tits. As Kusum was not there, I could easily watch her without danger of any body seeing me looking at mother all the time.

One day in that week I decided to bunk office on the excuse of not well .I think it was Tuesday, just 2 days after my wife went to Hyderabad. I informed office. I was lying in my bed mentally watching nude Shobhna. It was around 10 am. Shobhna came to my room and told me she was bathing Babu and that I should keep watch on doorbell as she was expecting some one to come. I was highly excited by imagining how she will look when she gets wet while bathing Babu. This idea blew my mind. I was carefully watching her movements. When she came out of bathroom, I peeped through the door gap. As expected her pallu was not properly in place. Sari was taken up and inserted at waist level. I felt if she had taken up sari little more her choot would have been exposed .Her blouse was wet. I could easily see her nipples through wet blouse. Her boobs were trying to come out of blouse. As she bent forward to dry up Babu’s head, I could get glimpse of her gand. As I told you, she does not wear panty. I could however not see her hairy choot. As Babu got dressed up and she lowered her sari and put pallu in place. She left Babu in my room. She came to my room again after some time and said she was going for bath and once again asked me to keep watch on door. What excited me was that she was carrying in her arms her clothes , sari, petticoat,blouse etc. She had in her hand bra probably trying to do something with the hook. I was highly aroused. As Babu was with me I did not dare to see her chupke chupke while she was bathing. In fact Babu was too small to understand all this but I could not dare. My thoughts of blackmailing her and terrorizing her to make her do what I wanted were becoming stronger and stronger.

After lot of thinking I made a plan. I hired blue movie and a hindi movie cassates.Our TV & VCR is in our bedroom. Next day I left both the cassettes on my TV while going to office .I told Shobhna that I would be back late because of work. Shobhna likes movies. I was ,therefore, sure that she will try to watch all cassettes.

I could not concentrate in my office on my work. I was thinking in my mind how would I blackmail Shobhna.I came home around 2 pm. As Shobhna was alone I expected her to watch as there was nothing else to do. I opened out side door without making noise and walked to bedroom. Door was just closed not locked .I could see Shobhna watching blue movie. She had taken up her sari and playing with her choot. She had taken out both tits from her blouse. The scene on TV was one woman sucking Lund of man while man was plying with her nipples. In the excitement, I pushed the door accidentally. The door opened making sound. Shobhna was shocked, as she had not expected me to return home so early. She switched off TV using remote and sprang up from bed. She lowered her sari. She hurriedly put her tits in the blouse and adjusted her sari pallu. She quickly went out of room with shame without looking at me. I was very happy. My purpose was served.

She came again after 15 minutes . She was carrying tea for me. She gave it to me and without looking at me said “I am sorry. Do not tell Kusum about this . She will kill me.” I was waiting for this golden opportunity. I pretended to be very annoyed on what I have seen and said “You have done something, you should not have done in son in law’s house and especially when your daughter is away. I will tell Kusum about it”. Shobhna started crying .She requested me “Please do not tell Kusum .I will not have face as mother. Kusum will look down on me”. I seized the opportunity and told her. “ Mother, I will not tell Kusum, if you do what I want”. Shobhna because of great stress and anxiety about what I will do, did not bother to find out what I want, probably she believed in me. She said “ I will do whatever you want but do not tell Kusum.” I made her say this 3 times. Then I told her “ I will keep this secret if you do as I want. She agreed. I said

“ Hence forth you will wear a black bra whenever you come to our house. (I get highly aroused by black bra.} You will keep one bra strap always out of blouse so that I know you are wearing black bra or you will wear blouse of such cloth that I can see black bra through it. You will become my randi and give sex pleasure not only to me but also to any one I ask you to give.” She agreed to do so but requested me not make her do sex with others. I insisted on it. She ultimately said that “I will have sex with other than you only if you are there.” I agreed to it. I gave her Rest. 200 /- from pocket and told her to go and get black bra of her size. “ Show me new bra before you wear. I want you to serve me dinner today after Babu sleeps wearing only black bra nothing else.”

As planned I wanted to terrorise her at the same time arouse her and make horny to such extent that she offers me her body of her own.

” Shobhna I want now you to show me your body. Take out your sari”. She did . “Now take out your petticoat. She hesitated . I reminded her she has agreed to do what I want or else. She untied nada and lowered her petticoat. Black bush was visible. I asked her to come close. I wanted to move my hand over her mound but controlled.

“ I do not like hair on pussy.” I took out my lighter and put it on and took near to her mound. “ I will burn these hair.” I said. She was afraid. Covering her pussy with her both palms she said, “ I will shave and clean it”. “Tonight when you serve me dinner I want your pussy clean shaven. Use my shaving kit in bathroom. Understood?” She nodded. “ I want you to open your pussy lips by fingers and show me hole through which Kusum came out.” She opened her lower lips standing only. “ I can not see your cunt hole. Lie down. Spread your legs and then open your pussy.” She hesitated. I put on my lighter. She immediately slept down and did what I wanted. “ Good. How many lunds have entered your choot so far?” My husband’s only”.

“ Why are you wearing bra? I want to see your tits. “ She was now completely nude. “ Now hold you tits in your hands and request me to suck. “ Please suck my tits,” she requested. “ Pinch your nipples in fingers and pull them. Still more. Still more”. I could see pain on her face. “ Now release”. Pinched nipples excited me. I wanted to suck but I controlled. “ I want you to kneel like dog with your gland facing me”. She did it . “ Now request me to put my lund in your gand. She said “ Please put your lund in my gand. I sharply commented, “ You are my randi I will decide what to do with you. Sleep on floor in front of me with legs spread . Open your choot with fingers and request me to suck your clit. She obeyed and said “ Please suck my clit” she said. “ Your pussy is full of hair .I do not like choot with hair. I will think of fucking you, when you shave your mound”. “ Now walk down to the door and come back, I want to see your tits and gand moving.” The movement of tits and gand made me leak.I made her make 4/5 trips.“Now walk down to your room nude and wear other clothes. I want to fuck you in all your holes to night . Do you remember what I have asked you”. I asked her to repeat. She repeated “ I will wear black bra and serve you dinner after Babu sleeps. I will shave my pussy clean .I will show you black bra before wearing.” I smiled and said

“That’s like a good randi”. After she went I masturbated and ejaculated my cum in her bra which I made her left in my room.

I wanted to fight my conscious that was biting me that I am doing something wrong. Late afternoon I went out to bar and had 2 pegs of rum. I did not want to drink so much that I would become out control. Pegs of rum had done their job. I once again felt like humiliating shobhna more.

when I went to bathroom I found Shobhna had used my shaving kit. But she had not cleaned it properly . I could find some thick pussy hair on it . The strainer of basin had bunch of hair. I decided to exploit this.I did not see her purposely till dinnertime. At around 9 pm she came to my room show me black bra which she had bought.Seeing black bra I was excited .I asked her to lay down on floor with sari up . “ “Spread your legs and open your choot by your finger” I took out my lund which was already erect and started masturbating in her presence.

Shobhna was for the first time seeing my lund, her son in laws lund. I could see from her face that she wanted to have my lund but she was probably not sure how I would react. She remained on floor with choot opened by fingers. When I came to climax I ejaculated heavy load of cum in both the cups of bra . “ I want you to wear this bra with my cum in it “ It will be uncomfortable with sticky load in it “ she said. “ Do not forget you have agreed to what I want . You are my Randi” I ordered her to take out her clothes completely and wear black bra in my presence. I shouted in such a way she started undressing. When completely nude , she started wearing black bra. She stood before me and said “ You are humiliated me from morning . You have masturbated in my presence and aroused me. Please fuck me. My choot is flowing with juice. Nipples have become hard and long , waiting to be sucked. Sukumar ,do not make me wait any more. I am your randi use me the way you want , but I want your lund in my choot now.”

I was seeing that my attempt to make horny are working out. I still wanted her to beg me for fucking.I shouted at her for not cleaning shaving set and basin. “ Who will clean kachara from your choot? Do you expect me to do ? I made her clean them. I could see she was badly humiliated . “ You are my randi. I will decide when to fuck you . If you are horny you can masturbate . I have no objection. Now serve me diner”. It was great scene Shohna was leading me to dining room with only black bra. I was watching movement of her gand from behind. “ Shobhna has any one so far fucked you in your gand ?. She looked surprised and said “No”. “ I must give you that pleasure “

As she was serving me I watched her body closely . I did not touch her. I had different plans .After dinner was over , she cleared the table. I was watching from sofa . As she was moving her boobs were moving . I ordered her to now take out bra. The boobs now were moving freely . I enjoyed that very much . I took out my lund and started masturbating. When she saw that ,she came to me. I was highly excited seeing so close completely nude and had strong desire to fuck her but I controlled.She requested me “ Do not waste your cum. I want it in my cunt , mouth everywhere. I have done so much for you from the morning . Abhi muze saha nahi jata. Mery chudai karo.” I curtly responded “You are my randi. You can not decide what to do with your choot.Let me shag . I will decide tomorrow what to do with your choot.” When I came to climax I asked her to give her black bra that I had ordered her to take out and once again ejected my cum in both the cups. “Remember tomorrow morning when you come to give me tea you will come only in this same bra only . Now wear this bra it front of me.”It was obvious that she was not happy but did it without saying any thing.

I was sure ,what I was doing, will make her hungry for sex so much that she will become my sex slave. I shagged in my underwear and then slept nude with door closed.But internally I was aroused by her choot.On one side felt like fucking her immediately while on the other side I wanted to deprive her sex to make her more sex hungry.

Next day morning 6 am some body knocked on my door. I opened door and saw Shobhna with teacup wearing only black bra. I was completely nude. I squeezed her breast to see whether she was wearing the same bra. Yes it was same bra as cum in the cup which I had ejaculated become died and hard like starch. She gave me teacup. She found my underwear .It was wet with my cum. She felt it and smelt it . I could see excitement on her face. As soon as I finished drinking tea she embraced me with deep kiss .She was crying. “ Do not torture me any more . I am dieing suck your lund and you are wasting your cum in underwear.I have not slept whole night. I was masturbating imagining sucking your lund and swallowing your cum.I will do any thing you want. Please fuck me. Sukumar meri choot bhig rahi hai tere lund ke liye. Muze tera lund de do.” She took out her tits fro bra and pushed hardened nipple in my mouth. “ Sukumar ,You have humiliated me enough. Ab muze sah nahi jata.”

i realized that Shobhna is now in my full control. I made her repeat 3 times that she is my Randi and will do whatever I want.

“My choot is burning for your lund . Aja mere Sukumar , mary chudai karo. Fad dalo meri boor. Bahot pyasi hai lund ki.” I embraced her tightly and started feeling her body all over. I wasted my cum in gutter for this body no. of times. I told her “whatever I have done is only to get your choot for fucking. You would not have otherwise allowed me to touch.” She exclaimed “ you are real matherchod. Now fuck me till my choot tears.Suck my tits till they start aching.”

I now dcided enough is enough. I was also horny seeing her nude and begging for chudai.I sat on bed and made Shobhna kneel in front of me.I held my lund offered her “ Abhi choose le ye lund jee bharke”.I held her hair by one hand and lund by the other and pushed her face on my lund. Shobhna first licked it from out side already sticky liquid had oozed out from tip of my lund.She leaked it.Then she started swallowing my Lund . I also pushed my hip forward to fill her mouth. She stated moving her head so that lund went in and out of her mouth” “Choosneka awawj karo .Jorese aur jorse.” As the sound used to go down ,I used to pull her hair and shout “Ye randi awaj karo.” After 5 minutes I sarted getiing to climax. “ Jaldi Jaldi karo. Randi , nahito teri choot phad dallonga.” As I came to climax I suddenly took out my lund from her mouth .She was surprised. I directed my cum spurting on her breast . I exploded 2/3 time . Her tits had my cum scattered on them . I was charged with that scene . I forcibly made her lie on her back and started massaging her breasts with my cum. It was a great fun. I squeezed ,caressed ,and kneaded her breasts. I pinched very hard nipples. She moaned. I made her lick my hand covered with cum.

Shobhna was annoyed .She was not satisfied. She pulled me on her body and started pleading to insert my lund in her choot. I started moving hand on her choot .I sat between her legs and opened her legs. Her choot was leaking with her cum .I inserted my one finger in her choot. I felt it was not as tight as Kusum’s. “ Why is your choot so big?. She replied “ I had 7 children and hence my choot has widened” . I slowly started putting my other fingers, second , third …. I found that her choot was widening to accommodate my fingers. I gradually put all my fingers. Now I could fill resistance from her choot . I had funny idea of putting my fist inside. When I told her. Shobhna started requesting not to do as it will hurt. I started pushing my fist inside . I felt that if I could give more jerks it would go in. I started increasing stokes and within 5/6 stokes Shobhna screamed . I found that my fist was completely inside her choot. Shobhna started moaning . I started doing fist fucking . Shobhna was not enjoying because of pain but I was fully charged. I continued fisting her till she begged me to stop. As soon as took out fist she begged me to put my lund. I was also excited . I had never put lund inside her . As her whole was big there was no problem . I started fucking her. “ Sukumar ,fad dalo mery boor. Mery choot bahut pyasee hai tere lund ki.”. I pumped her many times h before coming to climax.. I released heavy load of cum in her choot. I remained on her for some time. She kissed me and whispered in my ear that she wants more. She wanted more of my lund. I promised to fuck her every day and went for bathroom. When returned from bathroom Shobhna was still lying on floor and masturbating with some thing. On close look ,I found it to be a coke bottle. I was not surprised as I had experienced size of her choot.I watched her pumping coke bottle intently. When she reached climax, I lifted her to bed. I wanted to thoroughly enjoy oral sex for which I had tortured Shobhna.I embraced her in 69 positions .Her choot was flowing with juice. It was giving some special smell. I ate all parts of her choot . I nibbled her clit by teeth. Shobhna was moaning and moanintng, which aroused me more.She, sucked my balls. She plyed with foreskin of my lund , tickled the tip of lund by tongue.It was great feeling. For 15 minutes, we sucked each others juice without saying any thing.I was controlling my climax as I wanted Shobhna to suck more of me and wanted to suck more of her choot. Ultimately I exploded in her mouth . She swolloed all my cum and continued to suck my now limp lund.We had to interrupt sucking as we heard crying of Babu.He had woken up. Shobhna wanted to get up . I pressed her down. I wanted more of her. I had not yet used her gand. But Shobhna was uncomfortable.She did not want Babu to see us in this position. She promised me to put him to sleep and come back to suck me. We got up reluctantly. As she was leaving ,I squeeged her tits. Shobhna said “ What is the hurry?. We have another 3-4 days before Kusum returns. You have lot of time to use my choot ,tits the way you want.You can call your friends as you wanted to fuck me. I want more of lund”.

I decided to fuck her that night in her choot and mouth till she gets satisfied , as reward for humilation she had suffered from my hands.I had to finish all possible sex activities with Shobhna before my wife returned. As Shobhna was most willing to get fucked by me I was not expecting any difficulty in making her do what I wanted.

Thereafter, in that week we fucked every night . Her big hole had fascinated me .I rammed her choot and mouth till she begged me to stop. She told me that after her husband's death 8 years ago, no body has touched her. She was happy that I am fucking her as I am from the family. She would not like to have sex with unknown person. As promised she also behaved as my Randi and did whatever sex acts I asked her to do. I must say Shobhna satisfied me more than Kusum.. I told Shobhna that you have done injustice to Kusum as I have masturbated and ejaculated cum more times by imagining sex with her than actually having sex with Kusum.

It is now 3 years bygone for our relations. I have not wasted my cum ,thereafter, in bathroom or in underwear. It has always gone in choot ,mouth of either Shobhna and Kusum and in their absence in Shobhna’s bra. I had kept her one bra with me.Whenever I am alone and sexually aroused ,I shag in it.I make Shobhna wear it when we get opportunity to have sex. It is needless to say that it is black bra.

Although I had told her that she would have to have sex with any body I want,I did not want to share her choot ,tits with any body. I became possessive of her wide choot and tits. That made Shobhna happier.She virtually behaved as my second wife in closed doors and windows. Kusum was also happy because I never used to crib about her mother for anything. She used to praise me to others that I was good son in law. Kusum really did not know what price she was paying for this. Climax of the experience was that Kusum confided with Shobhna that my sexual desire is going down now a days and I am not getting excited. It was true that matured Shobhna having loose choot and slightly sagging tits, to me, was more arousing than young Kusum having tight choot and upright tits.

Friends hope you have enjoyed this. Do let me know your reactions on surkusum@hotmail .com, I will be happy to here your experience if you had opportunity to fuck Mother in law. Let me assure you mother in law is more caring when it comes to sex than your wife
*** END ****

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Desperate For A Job.

I was in real need of a personal secretary who can manage my time professionally, as my business had grown up rapidly. I had given an ad in a local newspaper. But within a few days I was bombarded a huge number of applications. I didn’t know that we have so many ladies jobless in our country. Any way I took a few days to select few suitable candidates. This was the last day of the interview. I had short-listed three girls for the job. Erum, Amber and Huma.

Both Erum and Amber did well in the interview. Huma was the last in the list. She was about 21 years old, unmarried, very attractive girl. But in the first sight I concluded that she is quite shy and innocent. Probably this was her first job. Following is the conversation I had with Huma.

Me: Hello Huma

Huma: Hello

Me: You have passed your BA two years back but you don’t have any experience.

Huma: Sir, I could not get a job. Every company wants some experience, but unless they provide me an opportunity I can not get any experience.

Me: I agree, but to train a fresh person is very expensive, because of that we want to appoint an experience person.

Huma: Sir. I assure you that I can quickly learn the work and become productive.

Me: But it may take few months, how can we give salary to you when you are not productive.

Huma: Sir, I am in real need of a job because my father is retired now and I have a younger sister and a brother, who are still studying. I can do some productive work for you in my training months.

Me: What other productive work can you do for us?

Huma: I can prepare tea/coffee for you, wash the cups. Clean the office.

Me: You are so pretty, it is not appropriate for you to work like a cleaner.

Huma: But sir, I don’t know anything else.

Me: Yes, I can offer you good salary, Rupee 10,000 monthly. Depending on your performance it will be increased. But the question is what can you do in the mean time for us?

Huma: Thank you very much sir, she said with a crying voice. I can do anything for you.

Me: Are you sure?

Huma: I am positive sir

Me: Ok. You have to show me what you are saying.

Huma: Sir, please tell me how can I show that I can do anything for you.

Me: I stood up and came next to Huma. Put my hand on her shoulder and said, can I see your beauties?

Huma: I didn’t understand sir. She was looking very nervous. Probably because I put my hand on her shoulder.

I took a close look of her, no doubt she was very pretty. Wearing a black shirt and a cream pant with a high heel black sandal.

I slipped my hand a little and placed it on top of her shirt’s button. Can you open it for me. She was shocked. Sir I am not that kind of girl. She stood up. I can not think of this. She was crying. I offered her a tissue and said cool down. There is no problem, if you don’t want to do it. This is your choice. I am just trying to help by offering this job to you. But I also need something in return because you will not be able to contribute anything for the next three months till you learn your job. But you are asking too much sir. Not at all, I said.

See this will be between you and me and I assure you that nobody is going to know about this. But I can’t do this. She kept her eyes down. I can help you if you want. Please trust me and sit down. Huma sat down. I again came close to her. Pulled a chair and sat in front of her. I massaged my fingers in her long hair for few minutes and finally placed them on her lips. They were so sweet. I was moving my fingers from left of her top lip and moved my them all the way to the right and slowly slip my finger down and start feeling her lower lip from right to left. It was so good. I had never experience this with an innocent, virgin girl like this. I moved my hand down to her beautiful neck and push it further down to her shirt. She was wearing a high neck shirt. Nothing was visible from outside. I placed my hand on her breasts. While doing that I saw in her eyes, she was looking so embarrassed. Please be comfortable Huma. Nothing is going to happen. Sir, please don’t do this to me. Nobody has touched me before. I want to be untouched till I get married. She said with tears in her eyes. Come on Huma no body is going to tell this to the boy you are going to marry. I said while soaking her tears with a tissue. I placed both my hands on each of her breasts. They were marvellous. I tried feeling their heat although there were fabrics between our skins. I can’t not forget the feeling I had that time. I tried pressing them between my palms and her body. They were looking firm. I was sure she had a 34 C size.

I opened the top button of her shirt, nothing was visible. I opened next button. I could see her cleavage. It was like a deep valley. I touched the valley. Top portion of her bra was visible. She was wearing a black full satin bra. I opened all the button of her shirt one by one. I could see her exposed navel when I opened the last button. I opened her shirt apart. Ohhhhhhhhhhhh God. I can not express my feelings. She was gorgeous, although her tits were not exposed but I could see every curve. Satin bra was not able to hide them. I cupped both of them. Feeling them from every angle. I was in heaven. I tried squeezing them. I couldn’t believe that I was touching this pair of tits nobody had touched before. Both of her nipples were obvious. Making their exact shape in the satin bra. I couldn’t resist and put my fingers inside the cups. My skin was touching bare skin of her tits. I was feeling every inch of my delight.

I placed my hands at her back and unhooked the bra. Her cups loosened. I pulled it upward. This was a moment of lifetime for me. I had never seen a pair of tits like this before. Huma was so embarrassed that she tried to hide them from me. But I politely removed her hands just to have a complete look of them. They were not small nor very big, but firm. They hold their position and did not plunge. I must say they were perfect to suck and lick. I cupped them with my hands. But my hands were unable to cover them completely. They were larger than my hands. I could not resist and kissed them both. I had never seen nipples like these. They are like two big pink cherries firmly fixed on two big oranges. I could not resist and took one in my mouth. I sucked both of them one by one. I kept on sucking them. I didn’t want to leave them till I get her milk but that was my dream, which could not fulfil. I came down a little and started licking her stomach and then deeply her navel. I opened the first button and unzip her pant and put my hand inside. I feel her panties. It was a little wet. I push both of my hands and pulled her pant down a little till I see her panties. She was wearing black panties. It was see-through and I could see the hairy part. I touched her panties just to get a feel of her initial juice. I loved the smell. Finally I undo her pant completely. She was an absolute piece of art.

She had perfect smooth thighs.

I put my middle finger and rub it on top of her panties. Finally removed her panties. Wow the pink lips were visible in middle of growing hair. They look so delicate, any one would die to touch it. I touched it with my middle finger. Rubbed it from top to bottom. Push my finger a little inside. She started enjoying my touch. I pull her pussy lips apart and taste the middle portion with my tongue. I never had that kind of taste before. I started licking it deeply and eating every drop of her juice.

I told her to lie down on her stomach on the table. She first hesitated but I insisted and she followed. Now I could see her round ass exposed in front of me. It was hard to get a match of her. She was perfect in all aspect. Her buttock was so sexy I could not resist and started squeezing both of them. Licked them. I inserted my middle finger in her ass hole. I push it more and more inside her. She was making noise. I started moving my finger inside her and pushing it more and more in. I finally inserted my whole finger in her ass hole. That was really nice. I could not recall a moment better than this in my life.


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Ohhhh..... You really are a Bad Boy !!!

Nice stories.

Repped you.

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too long yaar n use only english words

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Thumbs down

why r the stories of that admit card n doctor repeated???

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