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Old 24th February 2005
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Good one------------------
Boobs squeezing, graving, Sucking video

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Old 26th February 2005
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gud stories but try to be more realistic( talking of the ragging story).

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Old 26th February 2005
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Old 26th February 2005
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Thumbs up

Hi People. I also love to read and write stories humilating/ blackmailing/ raping women but never found a good platform where I could share my fantasies with other like minded people. I'll contribute some hot stories which I did in one other forum but where I did not get much appreciation. If I get good comments and reps, I'll write more stories and post em here.

I am Ramesh, a businessman well setteled in Delhi. I live with my family which consists of my 40 years old wife and a son who is in 8th class now. I have a good busniess in Delhi and am also politically powerfull. Three years back I kept a servant to look after the household chores. His name was Ramu. He was single that time and was 23 years old. just a few months after he was employed by me, he went to his village to get married. I was furious but he was back within a week with his wife. His wife was around 21 years old and was very beautiful. He along with his wife Sunita, was living in the servent quarters on top of our house. I sometimes felt jealous of him as he had a real fuckable wife. She was slim but had flesh just at the right places. I would frequently ask Ramu to bring his wife along to help him in his work. I would always stare her big boobs and fine ass while she walked. Since she was just married, she would always be dressed properly and looked very beautiful. She would always tease my dick and I wanted to have her in bed with me but due to my family I was afraid. Ramu was working pretty well and honestly. But one day I forgot 10,000/- Rs on my table. Ramu went to my room to clean up the room that day. The next day Ramu told me that he wanted to go to his village for a week with his wife. I dont like servents who ask for leave so often but I still agreed. Soon after I recalled about the 10,000 Rs I had kept and went to my room to check. As I had thought the money was missing. I was sure Ramu was the culprit. I immidiately called Rao who was a sub inspector and my old friend. He came to my house with in an hour. He searched Ramu's luggage and we found the Rs 10,000/- from his bag. He was afraid and pleaded for forgiveness. But I hate robbers. Rao took him to police station. I filed an FIR against him there. When I came back I saw Sunita sitting with my wife and sobbing, asking her to forgive her husband. I was annoyed and shouted at her and asked her to go back to her room. While she was going my whole attention was on her ass which swayed in both direction and I immediately had a hardon. My wife was very religious and my sex life was very dull. The whole night I smoked and made plans on how I can make out of this whole situation. My wife also, wanted to let Ramu go as we had got our money back. The next day I went to the police Station and met Rao. He and I are very fast friends and I told him what I had in mind. He smiled and asked me what I wanted. I told him my plan. He agreed. The same day I went home and saw Sunita pleading my wife again. Ramu spent the night in jail and Sunita was helpless. I sat there and Sunita held my legs hard and started crying. I wished she had held me a little higher where my legs met. Well, I remained quite for sometime after which I said.

"Chal theek hai, tere pati ko main chuda dunga. par phir tum mujhe apni shakal mat dikhana." I noticed a sigh of relief on her face. She agreed that they would leave the house immidiately. She packed her luggage and put it in the car. I had told her that we were going to meet the police inspector so that he leave her husband. She sat quitely.

While driving I scared her too much about the situation and even told her that if Rao wants, he can keep Ramu in jail for 5 years. She was pale and red hearing this.

"Jo bhi inspector sahib kahen wohh maan jayiyo, unki baat ko mana karegi to Raamu gaya andar 5-6 saalo ke liye, samajh gayi na ?" I kept telling her and she kept nodding her head in agreement.

Finalyy aftre half an hour drive we reached Mehrauli where I have a farm house. The police jeep standing outside the house with a constable sitting in it, indicated that Rao was already there. I again reminded her about Rao and what he could do to Ramu. While going inside, I smiled at the constable and he replied back knowing exactly why we were gathered there.

With slow steps, Sunita followed me and we entered the house. There was Rao sitting on the sofa having some drinks and some snacks. He looked at Sunita and I could read his expression. He immidiately had a hardon. I sat nest to him and started talking for a while. All this while Sunita was standing in front with her hands folded together.

"Chal baith ja wahan" Rao shouted at Sunita pointing her towards her.

She was shaken by his voice. We had drinks together for five minutes during which we discussed Sunita. A few minutes later Rao spoke loudly

"Aye, idhar aa" Rao
"SAali, chori karwaati hai apne pati se, itne dande maarunga tere pati ko ki chori karna kya, harami khana khana tak bhool jayega" Rao said loudly. He was creating a fear in Sunita's heart and the effects were showing on her face. She started crying again.

"Saahib, humko chod do, uski mati maari gayi thee jo usne chori kari, hum wada karte hain yahan se chale jayenge saahib" She pleaded.

"Tera pati to gaya ab 5 saal ke liye andar. tu dhoondle apna koi aur thikana" Rao said.

"Saahib, meri to abhi 6 mahine pehle hi shaadi hui hai main akeli kahan jaungi, humko maaf kardo saahib" She pleaded

"Saali, chori karwaate hue nahin socha tha kya hoga, ab tesuye nikal rahi hai, ja ab kuch nahin ho sakta" Rao said.

I could she fear in her eyes and I felt this was the right time. I interrupted

"Chal, yaar, jaane de chod de usko, itna keh rahi hai bechari " I said

"Sirf kehne se kya hota hai yaar. Yeh kahegi aur main usko chod dunga, kuch karegi to phir suchunga" Rao said

"Haan haan, tu jo kahega yeh karegi, kyon karegi na ?" I asked Sunita and she immidiately nodded in agreement.

Rao poured himself a drink and asked her to come near. Hesitatingly Sunita stepped near Rao. Rao took a sip from his glass and offered Sunita remaining drink. She looked at me with scary eyes and I pointed her to have it. She slowly took the glass and started drinking it. She coughed in the start but she soon emptied the complete glass. Both of us looked at this innocent woman. We were getting impatient.

"Chal yeh bata, Ramu tujhko hafte main kitni baari chodta hai" Rao said very bluntly

It was too much for sunita, Tears rolled down her eyes and she remained mum.

"Yeh to kuch bol hi nahin rahi, aur chahti hai ki main iske pati ko shod doon" Rao said

I blinked both my eyes to Sunita and she got the message.

"roz raat ko" Very slowly she said. Rao laughed loudly

"To kal raat ko to tu badi akeli reh gayi hogi" Rao said. Sunita remained silent.

"Meri biwi ek mahine se mayoke gayi hui hai aur mujhe uski badi yaad aa rahi hai"Rao said it loudly and drank his last sip.

"To kya hua, Sunita aapki biwi ki kami to poora kar degi na" I said looking towards Sunita.

Immidiately Sunita backed her steps in fear and said

"Nahin nahin sahib ji aisa gazab nahin dhayiye mujh par. Gareeb ki aagroo hi uska sab kuch hota hai" She said in a husky tone.

"Dekha yaar, tu keh raha tha ki yeh maan jeyegi. Iske pati ka kuch nahin ho sakta yaar, woh to gaya andar 5-6 saalon ke liye. " Rao said.

"Nahin nahin saahib asia mat kahiye" Sunita said. Rao remained silent

"Arre ek baar bas saahib ka dil behlaade aaj hi tere pati ko chod denge." I said. In the mean time Rao loosened his belt and unzipped his pant. He took out his big dark and hairy dick which was standing errect. and pointed it towards Sunita. I was using my hands signals to ask Sunita to come and suck it. Sunita was confused, and stood tight there her eyes glued to the big dick that Rao had.

"Chal yaar yeh nahin manegi, iska ati to gaya andar "I said quickly.

"Nahin nahin" Sunita said it almost instantly and came near Rao. Shesat down and slowly held the dick in her hands. Rao felt a current goining through him. Sunita very slowly moved her hands up and down with tears in her eyes and her eyes looking down towards floor. Rao with his hands, pushed her face up from her chin. He moved in front and kissed Sunita on her lips. Her hands stopped working and her tears fell on her hands. I was enjoying the moment very much and pour myself another drink. After a few seconds, Rao released her lips and asked her to suck his dick. She had never done this before and I could see the looks on her face while taking the big dick in her mouth. The dick was too big for her mouth. She just licked the head of his dick but it aroused very much. Rao asked her to stop and move back. She did as she was asked tears still coming down her eyes. Rao asked her to remover her saree. She obidiently, removed it but very slowly adding it to our excitement. She let it fall on the floor. She was now in petticoat and blouse. For the first time, I saw her big boobs with out the saree and it was getting difficult for me to restraint my dick in my pants anymore. But it was not the right time. I just stared. Rao got up from his seat and took off his pants which was alredy never her toes. Holding his dick in his hands proudly her reahed her. She was small in height compared to Rao. Rao kept his hands on her shoulders and with his force pulled her blouse on both sides. The straps of her bra were now clearly visible. Rao bent down and kissed and licked her face reaching down her neck and further reaching down to her belly. He sat on the floor while Sunita was standing looking up on the ceiling in order to stop her tears from falling on the ground. Rao kissed her belly passionately and in one slow move, he pulled the string of her petticoat. He then pulled her petticoat down and there she stood in her white underwear in front of us. I heard a sigh from her mouth . Rao, pressed her butts and moved his hands all over her thighs. I had already druck a number of pegs and could not control myself anymore. I took my dick out of my pants too and started rubbing it. Sunita had not yet noticed me, she was stil seeing up on the ceiling. I wanted Rao to pull down her underwear so as to expose her pussy and her firm ass. He did exactly the same. He brought his face near her pussy and slowly pulled it down to her knees. She had a bush between her legs. Rao immidiately burried his face in the bush and started licking which parting her ass with his hands behind. Sunita now started sobbing loudly. Rao was busy enjoying the smell of her pussy and licking it. I was having the time of my life. A while later Rao got up and took off his shirt. Sunita stood there without moving. She now noticed that I had taken my dick out too and it came as a shock to her as she had thought I was only trying to help her. She didn't get much time to see me enjoying when Rao had completely undressed and he brought her to the sofa. He made her lie on the big sifa with her legs up in the sky split wide apart. POsitioning himself between her legs, he first undid her blouse hooks and threw it on the floor. Following the blouse went her bra within seconds making her completely naked. She was still sobbing loudly. Her tits were the best part of her body. Perfectly round and ripe with dark nipples ready to be sucked. Rao now adjusted himself between her legs and I noticed the terrified looks on her face. In one quick stroke Rao inserted his 8 inches thick black disk inside her tight vagina. Out of pain and anguish Sunita closed her eyes and I could notice the feeling of pain. Rao started moving in and out playing with her boobs which were also juggling with each thrust. Rao's dick was too big for this little girl as she was now crying more of pain than of humiliation she was going through, Her eyes were closed when I brought my dick near her face. I pushed my dick in her mouth and she opened her eyes to see what was entering her mouth. Her eyes were red now. I forced my dick inside her mouth and started moving in and out too. It felt like heaven but due to large strokes of Rao, I was not in rhythm. I just hit her face with my dick and she kept moving her face from here and there. After a few minutes Rao increased his pace and I knew he was about to cum. Knowing it was my turn next, I removed all my clothes and by the time I finished, Rao had already cum inside her. She was now pale and her crying also subsided. Rao fully satisfied got up from the sofa and sat on the chair next to it and poured himself a drink. I positioned myself between her legs now and it was my turn to ravish this beauty. SHe looked at me asking for mercy but I was beyond the stage where I could miss this oppurtunity. I pumped her slowly and sucked her boobs with full strength. It was like a dog had entered me that time. I wanted this woman for last isx months and now I had my dick inside her pussy waiting to explode. I moved in and out of her enjoying each and every stroke I made. I saw Rao enjoying the scene and noticed his dick was standing once again. I knew he was going to have another session with her and was waiting for me to finish. I increased my pace and Sunita started moaning out of pain. As I was about to cun, I took my dick out of her pussy and pointed straight towards her face and ejaculated all over her face. She was unaware of it and some of it went inside her mouth too . she coughed but had to swollow it with disgust. It was like a victory over this beauty. I got up from my seat fully tired but satisfied. She had a really tight vagina and I had not fucked up a beauty like this before. I rested myself on the chair. Sunita had thought that the ordeal she was going through was over for her but Rao had more in store for her. He got up once again and reached the sofa. Sunita was aghast. She looked at him with shock. Rao pulled Sunita up from the sofa and bend her down with her hands on the sofa. Her long hairs were falling on both sides of her shoulders. Rao spread her legs apart with his legs and positioned her in doggy style. He parted her big buttocks with his hands and positioned his hardon on her ass. I could see a terrified look on her face and she wanted to run away but Rao had full contol o her. Rao spit on her ass and positioned his dick right there. I was shocked how Rao would enter such a small hole. He slowly entered her and remained inside for a few moments. I could see the pain in Sunita's eyes. Rao pulled his dick out and moved in again. After a few strokes it became easy for him to move. She was moaning and I could hear her voice echoing in the empty room. Rao this time increased his pace earlier and when he was about to cum, he took his dick out and emptied it on her back. He massaged it and let her fall. Rao was now fully satisfied. He reached towards a towel to clean himself. I had become aroused once again and as I had never fucked a girl in her ass before, wanted to try how it felt. I gathered courage and reached Sunita again who was expecting me. I also positioned her in the same way and entered her ass. Probably, after being already fucked in her ass , her ass hole was now bigger. I could enter it easily. I had the time of my life fucking the tight hole and I could not control myself cumming inside her. As soon as I came inside her I fell on her on the sofa and remained there for a minute. My legs were heavy and with some strength I got up and reached to gather my clothes. Sunita remained there on the sofa with her back exposed to us. I took another drink talking to Rao. We were on seventh heaven while Sunita lied on the sofa motionless. after a few minutes , we got dressed and covered Sunita with a sheet. Both of us left the house and Rao, asked the constable to take care of Sunita. I saw the constable adjusting his hardon within his uniform waiting for us to leave. Rao and I left the place not knowing what the constable did to Sunita. But Rao told me that he was a bastard and he would do her the whole night. For the first time, I felt pity for Sunita but then we left for police station. Rao, released Ramu and I gave him some money to go back to his village. He was very thankful to us for forgiving him and giving him money not knowing what we had got in return.

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Old 26th February 2005
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After the incident, Rao and I became partners in crime for always. It once happened last winters when the fog was on its peak, Me and Rao went to a bar to get a little warm. He was in his uniform though his duty had just finished. We drank together and then left the bar in his jeep. It was very foggy and the cars were only visible because of their headlights. While passing away frmo a deserted road that connects Dhaula Kuan to Karol Bagh with jungle on both sides, Rao somehow managed to see a car parked on side of the road. First he, just swithced off his headlights and then saw the car for a minute. We noticed the car was shaking. It was not just parked there but some one was inside the car. Rao got out with a torch in his hands, went near the car and suddenly switched on the torch on the screen of the car. He suddenly got active and I heard some noise. I quickly got down and went near the car. Rao was asking to open the door of the car. I was worried what happened when I looked inside the car and what I saw washed away all my nasha.

There was a girl and a boy inside the car. Although they were not completely visible but I could make out that both were adjusting their clothes. It didn't take me much time to guess what was going in there.

"Darwaza khol, saale varna sheesha tod dunga... " Rao screamed.

With in moments the door opened and a boy of not more than 20 years age got out. His face was red and the girl was still sitting inside. Rao, without asking him any question, tightly slapped him on his face.

"Yeh kya kar raha hai saale" Rao shouted.
The boy in his state of fear just blurted out words that didn't make any sense. Rao had slapped him 2-3 times already and was asking him to come along to Thaane.

"Saale, chal thaane, teri saari garmi nikalunga" Rao

The boy wa explaining that they both loved each other and would soon get married but Rao was not ready to listen.

The boy even offered him money but he only was engulfing in a trap.

"SAale, tum dono ki kal photo chapegi akhbaar main aur tumhaare maa baap ko bhi to pata chale ki kya gul khila rahe ho" Rao said

When the girl inside sensed danger she came out of the car and seeing her the boy tried to push her back inside. But Rao pused the boy and let her out.

She was a schoolgirl. she was not even 18 years of age and thats why the boy didn't want her to come out.

The girl also pleaded to leave them but upon asking her, she told she was a student of 12th class in modern school. They both went on a party and loved each other.

She was not 18... but she was a sex bomb. She was fair and a perfect tota. I immidiately had a hard on.

Rao scared the hell out of them and finally agreed to talk to the boy in a corner. The boy offered Rao all his money and let them go but Rao had a different plan in his mind which only I knew. He smiled at the boy and said

" dekh saale, tujhko aur teri dost ko main ek shart par chod sakta hoon, aur ek paisa bhi nahin lunga main" Rao paused.

"Agar tu thoda humara dil bhi behla de to main tujhe chod dunga " Warna chal thaane aur main tujhe andar karta hoon.

The boy started sweating in the cool breeze. He didn't have any choice but he pleaded Rao. It was no use. Rao was very cruel. Finally after discussing for 5 minutes, The boy went near the girl and talked to her. Rao amd myself saw them for a distance. The girl was really upset and the discussion between them lasted for some minutes. The boy did his best to persuade her and finally the girl agreed as she had no other choice. She could not ruin her life aftre all.

The boy came to Rao and said
"Woh maan gayi hai lekin sirf blowjob dene ko raazi hui hai"

This is what we wanted. Once she starts giving us blowjob rest we would manage. It was decided. It was Rao's turn first. He asked the boy to drive the car and Rao sat on the back seat of the car with the girl. I drove the jeep we had come in and followed the car. I dont know what happened in the car for the next 10 minutes as I was driving the jeep but soon I parked the jeep at a parking place and entered the car. Rao was getting the blowjob. He was sitting comfortably and his pants were down till his knees. The girl was sucking him deep while Rao was playing with her hairs. The boy could see everything in his mirror and I dont know what was going on in his mind. I sat next to the girl too and she was not sandwitched in between us. I took out my tool and asked her to suck mine now. She did as she was told, I noticed she was crying.

Rao had already got horny and as soon as she turned towards me Rao unzipped her top from behind. She jumped and pleaded not to do this. She started crying but Rao slapped her too.

"saali, kutia, is launde ke saath rang raliyan mana sakti hai aur hum kya saale kutte hain" Raopushed down her top to her waist. The boy also shouted "Aapne to kaha tha ki sirf bllowjob ke baad chod denge"

Rao very quitely said" thaana yahan se bahut paas hai, chalna hai kya? ?? " Keeping a minuye pause he said, "chup chaap gaadi chala"

The girl started crying oudly and to shut her I pushed her face on my dick pressing her to take it inside.
Rao by the time, unhooked her bra and took it off. WOW. Her boobs were big and shaped. Rao threw the bra on the front seat and the boy saw it. We laughed. Grabbing both her cold boobs in his hands Rao started playing. The girl was crying but was sucking good. I parted her legs and placed my hands between her thighs. SHe was wearing a skirt and I pulled her skirt up after some resistance from her. Rao pulled her underwear down and she was bushy. She had lot of hairs on her pussy.

Rao asked her " Nath utar chuki hai kya? " she didn;t answer but kept weeping.

Rao asked the boy then" Kyon re, tune iski bajai hai kya ab tak ?"
The boy said no. So she was a virgin I thought. I had never fucked a virgin and I asked Rao if I could do her first. He agreed.

In a minute we changed positions and the girl was now in a position that she was sucking Rao's dick with her ass towards me and I was ready to get inside her. She was really weeping and the boy was not able to drive properly. Moreover the car was shaking so it was getting difficult to maintain the position. WE stopped the car in a deserted location again and I placed my dick on her virgin pussy.

She was tight and I pushed in slowly. She cried with pain and I felt a blockage. I pushed in deep and it was not there. I felt osme hot fluid which was blood. She indeed was virgin. I started nanging her deep and deep and she was now crying loudly Afraid of being caught we asked the driver to start the car aagain. He did as he was asked. I pumped her for about five minutes playing with her back and her boobs all the time. After sometime, I came inside her and she dropped like dead on the seat. I was satiated. I got properly dressed then and moved to the front seat. The boy saw me with hatred look. I took the virginity of his girl. I looked at him triumphly. Then Rao positioned him again. She was now too week so Rao lied her on her back and pushed inside her. She kept weeping andd Rao kept fucking her. I ws guiding the noy now to where I had parked our jeep. Already 2 hours had passed and the clock showed 2:30 am. Rao emptied his contents inside the girl too and within minutes we reached the parking lot. We both got out fully satisfied and let the couple go suggesting them to hire a room for such purposes.

We drove off to our houses happy and satisfied . After a few months Rao said, he saw the girl in a hospital. She must have come there for abortion . Now whose child it was we dont know


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Old 26th February 2005
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I was 21 years old when my brother got married. The first time I saw my bhabhi, I had a hardon. She was no less than any bollywood bombshell. My brother is also very goodlooking but my bhabhi was still too good for him. She had just perfect figure and was very fair. She had ripe breasts ready to jump out of her blouse and what an ass she had. The best part of her body was perhaps her ass. She was busty and when she walked her ass used to shake and I immidiately had a hardon. Soon after my brothers marriage, my bhaiya and bhabhi got setteled in noida where my brother worked. I was then in college doing my engineering. I missed that heavenly site of my bhabhi walking and her ass swaying. After about 2 months of marriage I had to undergo a two months training at a company. I talked to my brother and he placed me in his company for two months. Since I had to travel 50 KM daily to reach the company I decided to stay with my brother for these two months. I thought this way I'll also get the chance to stay with my bhabhi. The first week, I masturbated daily thinking about my bhabhi. One day while I was trying to sleep I heard some sounds from the adjacent room. It was my brothers room. I heard as if something had fallen. I went near the door and kept my ears on it. I couldn't believe my ears. My bhaiya and bhabhi were having sex. I could hear moanings of my bhabhi and the pitch potch sounds of the bed. I felt jealous of my brother. I kept my ear placed and masturbated twice then and there itself. I couldn't sleep the whole night. I wanted to have my bhabhi at any cost. Little did I know that my dreams were to come true soon.

My summer training was about to end and just one more week was remaining. I was sad because no more I would be able to hear my bhaabhi's moans. That night my brother called my bhabhi that he would be late as he had an important meeting. My bhabhi changed her clothes and wore a nighty and went to her room. At around 1 in the night there was a bang on the door. I thought my brother had come. My bhabhi also felt the same and she got up and went to open the door. While going she had to pass through my room and I again saw her swaying ass and had a hardon. I acted as if I was asleep. After a couple of minutes I heard some screams from the living room. I rushed to wards the room and what I saw swept away the floor beneath my feets.

There were three guys in the room and two were holding my bhabhi while one was closing the main door and covering the curtains. One of the guys had covered my bhabhi's face with his hand. I didn't know what to do. I was so scared that I just stood there to see what was happening. With in seconds, the three guys, picked my bhabhi and placed her on the bed in the living room. They were muscular and my bhabhi was trying hard to break free from their grip. But she was too weak compared to them. Just as I was about to rush to my bhabhi's bedroom to call the police, I saw one of the guys tearing apart my bhabhi's nighty. Hiding behind the door, I could see my bhabhi's black bra covering her ripe breasts. Something that I'd longed to see for so long. I decided to wait for a little before calling the police. One of the guys tore apart completely her nighty and threw it on the floor. I could see my bhabhi's legs shaking violently struggling to break free. The sounds of her screams muted by the hands covering her mouths filled the room. The guys changed position and now one guy was holding her hands and the other holding her legs. I had a full view of my bhabhi streatched in between. The third guy took off all his clothes in seconds and holding his errection came near my bhabhi. I could see the fear in her eyes. But to me, she felt even sexier than ever. The guy climbed on my bhabhi and forced his dick in her mouth. pressing her neck so that she can't bite it. He played with her for a minute after which, in one shot he pulled apart her bra in two and threw it. The bra fell at the door where I was standing. I was shocked to see my bhabhi's big big boobs. I was in a confusion whether I sould save my bhabhi or should I enjoy the scene. I decided the second option. The guy sitting on my bhabhi also tore apart her underwear and I got a glimpse of her hairy pussy before the guy started sucking it. My bhabhi was trying her best to break free but the three were giants. They were muslims as was clear from their clothings and the language they spoke in.

The leader of them put his dick in between my bhabhi's legs and gave in a tight push inside. It pained my bhabhi so much that her back lifted in air. The guy mercilessly pumped in and out her pussy while the other two played with her thighs and her boobs. I kept watching the rape. My bhabhi had become too weak now that her revolts were only occasional. The first guy fucked her thoroughly and got up from her stomach. The second person who was till now holding her legs took his position now. The first one got dressed and looked around the room for something. He came towards the door where I stood and I quitely rushed back to my room and acted as if sleaping. I was too scraed. I heard the door opening and thought he would kill me. He searched things and must have seen me sleeping when he came and woke me up. I got up in shock but the fear on my face showed up. He pulled me up from the bed holding the t shirt I was wearing from neck. He dragged me to the room where my bhabhi was still being raped. He threw me in front of my bhabhi. She turned her face away from me. I felt disgusted but now I could see my bhabhi being screwed from a closer distance. The guy fucking my bhabhi, saw a bulge in my pants and the three of em made fun of me. I stood there like stupid.
The guy came inside my bhabhi and it was now the turn of the third one. He too started fucking my bhabhi while the other too started questioning me regarding valueables we had in home and who was I etc. I answered them everything honestly what I knew and they found some cash in bhabhi's bedroom. One of them held my bulge in his hands and pressed it tight. I screamed and they laughed. The guy fucking my bhabhi said immidiately
"Is se chudwaate hain saali ko, dekhne wala scene hoga" and he started laughing. My bhabhi quickly turned her face towards me. Her face was red and her eyes full of tears. I was asked to undress which hesitatingly I did. My dick was hard as rock and they made fun of me.
"Saala apni bhabhi ko chudta hua dekh kar kaise khada ho gaya" . In a couple of minutes the pace of the guy fucking my bhabhi, increased and he emptied his lust inside her belly. He took it out and I saw cum around his dick. I was asked to fuck my bhabhi now or else get ready to die. I wanted to do this to my bhabhi but felt pity on her condition. She didn't want me to do this to her and probably I wouldn't have done this to her had I not been scared of dying. I climbed on her and placed my dick in her pussy which was already covered with lots of cum. I placed my hands on her big big boobs and let my virginity go by a deep thrust. The guys laughed at the sight and asked me to continue. I pumped her hard enjoying every stroke while my bhabhi screaming and crying. I confess, I enjoyed fucking her like anything and I realized that I had a fantasy for raping womens. I came inside her pussy too and pulled my satiated dick out.

The guys collected some precious items from the house and went away. I covered my bhabhi with a blanket and went to my room. My brother came the next morning at six and by then my bhabhi had arranged things back to the way they were and didn't let him know what happened. The next day she came to me and talked to me and asked me not to tell anybody what had happened that night.

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I was working overtime for the last week and had not had a shag since last sunday. I decided to visit Kancha Bai's kotha that evening, a place where I would get a good pussy to bang for the whole night. I used to visit Kancha Bai's kotha very often. Infact, I took a few of my friends there too so I was a known customer there. Kancha bai would sometime let me spend a night for free if I took a new customer to her. I was visiting that place for about 2 years and by now, I had almost fucked every girl a many times. This time, I wanted something fresh and I decided to go to someother place if I dont get a new pussy. I went to Kancha bai's and expressed my demand.

"Kya kancha bai, wohi 10-15 puraani chokri paal rakhi hain tune. sab se man oob gaya. ab to koi naya maal laao. "

Kancha bai smiled and said
"Seth, tu bilkul sahi time pe aaya hai, kal raat hi ek nayi laundiya aayi hai kothe par. Uska mama usko 10,000 main bech gaya. Abhi tak to nath bhi nahin utari. aur chamdi aise hai jaise madhuri dixit. "

I was excited, to have a virgin but I enquired

" umar kitni hai uski ??"

"Hogi koi 25-26 saal ki. Naukri ke bahane uska mama dilli leke aaya aur mech gaya. Aisa maal hai ki akkha dilli main nahin milega. bus thoda fudakti hai isliye kal se band kar rakha hai kamre main. ab dekhlo tumse sambhal main aajaye to aazma lo.."

I was too excited to hear this and was dying to have her but Kancha bai noticed my expressions and interrupted.

"Par baabu, iske main poore 2 hazzar lungi." She said.

"Yeh to baat theek nahin kancha bai, main itna purana grahak hoon tumhara aur mere saath bhi aisa karogi. " I said.

"To agle hafte aa jana na, wohi lungi jo har baar leti hoon par nath utarne ke to exchtra lagenge" She said smilingly..

I had never had a virgin girl before so I agreed but said

"Theek hai baai, par paisa main usko dekhne ka bad hi dunga "

She said " arre paisa tu agle hafte de diyo, ek baari se kahan man bharega tera is khilti kali se, ekdum nagina hai nagina. " She smiled again

Kancha Bai got up and I followed her through the narrow corridor with doors on both sides. I could hear the sounds of chirping beds and fake orgasms from inside these doors, which made me more horny. Stopping at one of such doors Kancha bai, opened the lock and pushed open the door. Quickly we entered and Kancha bai again locked the door from inside. The room was dark and she switched on the light. I saw a girl lying on the bed with her hands tied behind her back and her legs tied together. She was wearing a salwar Kameez and her back was towards us. Her legs were folded giving a good view of her big ass. As soon as she saw the lights in the room she turned back and she had a cloth tied around her mouth. She looked at me and I saw a scary look on her face. Her eyes instantly filled with tears.

She was a jewel of beauty. Too good to be at a place like this. She had curly hairs and her body was fully ripe and developed. She tried to scream and revolt but she was pretty much under control. Kancha bai asked

"Kyon, jai na ekdum mast maal, bus jara sambhalna, jangli billi hai saali, baandhte waqt do ko ghayal kar diya tha isne.

I went near her and had a closer view of her. She was really too good. And she was not only fair but she had fat at the right place. I had a good deal I thought to myself. For her I could have given Rs 5000/-

I massaged my errection in front of her and she looked the other side. Tears trickeled from her eyes making her more sexy. She was struggling to break free but she was in my custody now. I was waiting for Kancha bai to leave but she insisted that she would stay there to see that she doesn't misbehave. Kancha Bai took her position on the bed near her face and slapped her two three times. She started crying. She said to her

"chup chaap leti reh warna itni maar marungi ki saali laal ho jayegi. " she continued crying. Her sobs were echoing in the dimly lit room which was totally silent.

I took off my clothes quickly and my dick was in my hand. Kancha bai was also seeing my dick for the first time and I brandished it to her with proud. I have a big and thick prick and seeing it Kancha bai said
"Jara aaram se daalna, pehli baari hai iski"

Massaging my dick I reached the bed on the other side to show the tool I had to the girl. Lets name her shanti for the time. The fear in her eyes was worth recording. She was terrified seeing the dick and started shaking violently. Kancha bai held her arms tightly and I climbed on the bed. SHe was shaking her legs but I held her legs and loosened the rope that tied her legs together. She was not lying flat on the bed with her hands held by Kancha bai and her legs under my weight. I was sitting on her legs and still she was trying to move. Wow, What a full body she had. she would soon become a popular randi in the market, I thought. She wanted to scream but could shake her face in both the direction. I pressed her big big boobs with my hands and massaged it. She was helpless and probably thats why I teased her more. I played with her for a few minutes while Kancha bai kept asking me to take off her clothes. But I was enjoying her revolts and her screams. When things got out of my control, I inserted my hands inside her kameez and in one quick shot, tore apart her kameez. The pillow was by now wet due to her tears. Her melons were still covered under her white bra. Big and voluptuous her boobs were. I wanted to hear her screams and Kancha bai loosened her cloth around her mouth. As soon as the cloth was released she cried loudlly but I slapped her tightly 3-4 times which made her a little pale. She kept pleading me to leave her but that only added to my fun. Her face turned red as I pressed her bra covered boobs and pulled the bra with my hands. She coughed a little and kept crying. It was like a pig was being sloughtered. I massaged her boobs for a while but it was getting difficult for kancha bai to control her revolts, so I slapped her a few times which released her energy and she was a little pale. Still her attempts continued. I bent down to kiss her but she would not let me do it. I grabbed her hairs and pulled them so hard that she couldn't move now. I gave her a tight smooch. Then I was getting to aroused that I just moved back a little and pulled the string that tied her salwar to her tummy. She started shaking her legs. I pulled it with force and it was off. Only the ends were still around her ankels. She was wearing an underwear which I tore away in one go. What a pussy she had. It was hairy and anybody could tell that she was a virgin. She wanted to burry her head in the bed. I parted her llegs and burried my face between her legs. Tasting the fresh juice of her virginity and sucked her hard reaching as inside as I can. My cock was so hungry by now that it had turned blue. I was playing with her for the past half an hour. Kancha bai was also asking met o hurry up. I untied her llegs and thres her salwar on the floor. She was now totally naked. What a beauty !! Proudly I positioned myself between her legs and she was pleading not to ravish her. I victoriously positioned my dick on her little pussy. And slowly I started pushing it inside. She cried loudly and stopped only when the head of my cock was inside her pussy. I felt something blocking the way of my cock. I didn;t know what that was but not caring I continued to push inside. It ruptured and her screams were silenced. A jet of blood oozed out of her pussy. I stopped and looked at Kancha Bai questioning. She blinked and asked me to continue. I pushed even more and Shanti's mouth was wide open as the pain she was experiencing was unbearable for her. Once my 9 inches dick was fully inside her I stopped. It was very tight. I pulled it back slowly and I saw blood on my dick. I was in such ecstacy that I didn't worry and again inserted it inside her slowly. She was now not revolting and Kancha bai had loosened her grip on her. I stole her virginity. Then I adjusted my position and increased my pace. Everytime I would penetrate full length of my dick, she would cry a sob. It was rhythmatic. She had closed her eyes and lied as if she had fainted. Only sign of life in her were the cries she made during penetration. I pressed and pinched her boobs which could barely fit my hands. They were big and perfectly shaped. I was now lying on top of her and she was getting crushed under my weight. I kissed and sucked her everywhere on her face like a dog . I licked her boobs and her nipples. She was now not revolting. She lied there as a dead body. Kancha bai opened her eyes and made her see what was going on. Her eyes were red but she started crying again. I had by now increased my pace and was fucking her good. With in minuted I was about to cum. I took my dick out and sitting on her stomach I started handshaking my dick. With in seconds my dick spurted out the cum that had been building for a week. It all went on her face and her boobs. I pressed her cheeks and emptied all in her mouth. This was something I wanted to do for long but no slut would ever let me do this to her. She was choked but had to take all inside. I massaged my cum on her boobs which made the white skin to glow. She was still crying. I was lying on top of her both naked. No strength was left in her, but the night was still young. Kancha bai, left us in the room as she had promised a full night. I got up from the bed. My dick was now limp and I could see blood stains on the bed sheet. I had a few pegs and saw Shanti again. My cock started errecting again . I waited for a few more minutes after which I climbed the bed once again. This time I turned her back towards me. She had no strength to revolt now. Parting her legs as wide apart as I could, I lied on top of her again. She had long hairs and I took her hairs in my hands and pulled them. Placing my dick on her asshole I lubricated my dick with my saliva. Slowly I pushed in. I felt the vrushing pain on my dick and I could hear her screams. I can imagine the pain she must have felt. Once my dick was inside her ass I knew it was not possible for such a big cock to fuck her ass. I took it out and inserted it back in her pussy. Jumping and thrusting her fiercly I emptied all my cum inside her. By now, I was tired . I wanted to sleep next to her now but I was not ready to waste the night. After playing for some time I banged her 3 more times that night. The next day my dick was so well satiated that I can;t describe in words. I paid Kancha Bai full amount and she asked me how many times with her hands movement. I showed her an open punch and she understood. Smilingly she said,

"baabu saste main mil gayi is baar, agli baari poore 5 lungi" She said smlingly.

I laughed and at 6 in the moring left the kotha......

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After working for 2 years in a bombay based company I was shifted to Delhi. I took a house on rent. It was a middle class family and due to financial crisis the landlord decided to give his top floor on rent. Landlord was a middle age man with his wife and two daughters living with him. He wanted a family to take the house but he rented it to me as he was in need of money. He charged me Rs 5000/- per month which was too much for that filthy house but I took it on rent as I found no other place. The elder daughter was around 23 years of age and had finished her graduation. She stayed at home and helped her mother in household chores. They were looking for a good match for her marriage. The younger one was just 16 years old and was studying in school in 12th class, though she looked much younger. The elder one's name was Roopali Sharma and her sister's name was Deepti. I had an eye on Roopali as she was voluptuous and had a little dark complexion which made her look very sexy with a combination of curly hairs. I was known as a lady killer in my office and knew all tricks of seducing a babe. I started smiling while looking at her and with in a months time, we were friends. she told me she got bored all the time and I used to give her VCDs of latest movies. She started visiting my floor when ever she would come to the terrace for drying clothes. Slowly she started liking me and we were in love according to her. I also promised her that I would marry her and she was very happy that day. In return I got a kiss from her. In short duration I started touching her here and there. She would giggle and shy away but I somehoe managed to persuade her. I was the hero of her dreams. One day I asked her to have sex with me but she refused saying this is sin and all. I tried to persuade her that we would get married very soon but she kept saying after marriage , after marriage. I started neglecting her after that for a few days. She liked me so much that one say she came and askde me the reason for this neglection. I told her that I wanted her very badly and it was getting difficult for me to control my emotions. She agreed to have oral sex with me but said she would not take off her clothes. I needed only a start. She sucked my dick good that day and I triumphed one milestone. The blowjob continued for some time until one day I invited her to my room in the afternoon. I took her to my room and showed her a blue film on TV. It made her so hot that she ran away from there. I was going right on my way. The next day I asked her

"Tum bhaag kyon gayi thee kal?"

Main dar gayi thee ki main khud pe kaboo nahin kar paungi"
She said...

"Jo tumhare saath kall hua woh mere saath roz hota hai, zara socho kitna mushkil hai mere liye khud pe kaaboo rakhna" she looked at me lovingly and this was the time she was under emotional ecstacy. I kissed her tight and took her to my room. With in seconds we were on the bed and I was fucking her hard. I had a good fuck for the first time since I had come to Delhi. I knew I had her fully in control now as I had hidden a camera focussing on the bed which recorded everything. She didn;t meet me for a few days but one day I saw her and asked her to come up. She came after an hour. I talked to her fro sometime after which I wanted to fuck her again but she stopped me saying she won't do this again until marriage. I asked her to sit for a minute and I played a cassette on TV. She was terrified to see herself being fucked by me on TV. Tears started trickling down her eyes. I went behind her and pulled the zip of her kameez down. She didn't move and her eyes were glued to the TV. She couldn't believe herself. I made her stand up and took off her kameez and undid her salwar. she was now in bra and panties. She was crying but couldn't say a word. I told her to just satisfy my needs and I'll keep this a secret forever or otherwise I'll show the tape to your father and other youngsters in the colony. With terrified looks she kept sobbing. I laid her on bed and fucked her tight. This time I was a bit rough with her as I enjoy using women rather than having romanticised sex. I captured the fuck again in a camera. It was a wonderful fuck.
Now I couldn't see her for a week. The next weekend I was left alone as I didn't see her. The next day I had to pay the rent to her father. I went to her house and paid her father the money. I asked for a glass of water and her father called Roopali to bring it. She brought it and without looking in my eyes handed it to me. I told her that I've brought a latest movie and if she wants I'll give it to her tomorrow or else I'll give it to uncle. She understood what I wanted to say and she turned red. The next day I heard door bell and opened the door to se Roopali. I welcomed her and made her sit. She pleaded me to forgive her and leave her alone and I kept hearing her while playing with her soft hands. After some time, I said,

"OK, bus ek baar aur mere saath sex karlo phir main tumhaare saamne woh cassete tod dunga.. " She agreed.

I took off my clothes and then hers . I started fucking her on couch. Not known to her I had called one of my collegue Ramesh who was sitting in my bedroom. As soon as we started having sex, he came to the living room. Roopali didn;t know of her presence. He quitely came and took off his clothes. That day also I had hidden a camera in the living room. Ramesh got naked and came near us. I was lyiong on the couch with Roopali sitting on top . Ramesh touched her back and she immediately turned back and was terrified to see another man in the room. She started crying but knew she was helpless. Ramesh had paid me Rs 2000 for fucking her once. this way I would ssave myself some money which otherwise I was not able to due to his fathers high rent. Ramesh picked her up and I got up. It was now Ramesh's turn and roopali resisted but Ramesh overpowered her and fucked her hard. I captured her being fucked by another man on camera. It was tiresome for her. She knew there she was in a position from where she could not escape.

Further parts in next stories if I get good comment. I request the moderators to make this thread "Sticky"

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We are a group of three friends. You know me, and Rao (the policeman) and one more Kailash who is a rich businessman. One day we all get together at Kailash's house to have drinks. He had a good collection of XXX movie and a large screen television so we all relished the babes getting fucked while we were drinking. We had enough of it when there was a ring at the door. Kailash opened the door and saw a pretty OK girl in her early twenties standing outside with a bag hung on her shoulders and a notebook in her hands.

"Sir, hum ek survey kar rahe hain, aur agar ho sake to aapko sirf 5 minute lenge, main ek student hoon aur yeh humare assignment ka ek part hai to please"

Kailash was drunk but the girl didn;t notice it. May be when she did, it was already too late. We had heard the conversation between them and both myself and Rao rushed towards the door. Kailash was standing at the door and the girl was waiting for his reply. As soon as she saw us she sensed something fishy and turned back but Kailash gripped her hand and immidiately pulled her inside. I slammed the door and latched it. We had a new prey. She was beautiful but more than that she was sexy. She had big round boobs and a nice ass. The kind of body a typical middle class indian girl has. She was horrified to see three hungry wolves in front of her with lust in our eyes. She was lying on the floor while we all bent down to have a close view of her. She then noticed the television on which a xxx film was still running. She must have thought what a wrong time she knocked the door. She tried to get up and run but Rao caught hold of her and threw her on the sofa.

"saali, 5 minute maang rahi thee, aa hum tujhko 5 ghante dete hain" Kailash said.

She was made to sit on the sofa in between Kailash and Rao. I quickly brought a camera from the bedroom. When I returned Rao for forcing the girl to have some whiskey. He poured it inside her mouth. She was struggling to break free but she was small compareed to powerful Rao.

After a few pegs that went inside her she was getting week but she was still trying her best to break free and shouting at the top of her voice. Kailash room was sound proof so we didn't had to make her quite. I took a few snaps while Kailash and Rao played with her. She was wearing a salwar and kameez. Her duppatta was lying on the floor. She was fair and had dark long hairs. She shaked her legs vigouraously to put up resistance but Rao smooched her on her lips and her voice turned into "ummuumumummmmmooooommm" for a minute while her eyes wide open.

We forced her to see the television and she saw the fuck scene with her tears filled eyes. I was getting desperate now and took off my cock and reached the girl. Seeing my organ she cried loudly, and ffor me her mouth was open. I quickly inserted it in her mouth and pushed it down to her throat. She was choked. Wow, what a feeling it was. While I was enjoying my sick in her mouth Kailash took off his clothes and was naked. Rao unbuttoned her clothes too and carefull took them off. He pulled the nada of her salwar and there it went down. She was in bra which could barely hold her heavy boobs inside and her panties. We tore away both and she almost fainted. She was laid on the sofa and it was my turn to fuck her first. I parted her bumpy thighs and placed my dick on the right spot. In one quick gush I pushed it inside and it burted her hymen and brought hr to life again. She cried with pain and a stream of blood flown out of her pussy. She was not resisting anymore but only crying. She could not tolerate the pain while I moved carelessly inside and out. I handled her very roughly and came inside her with in a couple of minutes. She was sweating and red. It was then Rao who fucked her throughly and came inside her again. she was week and Kailash chose to screw her ass as pussy was all messed up by our semen and her blood. Her ass was too tight so Kailash applied some vaseline on her ass. It went inside easliy now. Kailash was slow in fucking but explored her to new heights. She was almost faint. Her eyes closed and lying still on the sofa for us to screw her. After one complete session she lied there still motionless. Seeing a girl throughly fucked and still lying naked I stiffened again. I took her one more time and seeing me Kailash and Rao also had another fuck with her. fearing she might die, we left her and covered her with a sheet. We tied her hands and legs so she can;t escape .After around half an hour when she got up we gave her her clothes and asked her to wash up or else we would throw her like this outside. She was quick to get dressed and left the house. We also left to our houses. that night I again screwed my wife tightly.

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I was in India at that time and my parents showed me a photograph of a girl who was the daughter of my father's friend. They wanted me to get married and were trying hard but I was in no mood and said a simple no. They forced me to atleast meet the girl once. Just to listen to my parents I agreed to see her once. We went to their house one evening and I saw the girl. She was a typical middle class girl big big assets, the kind of girls I always looked for in America but could rarely find. I immidiately had a hard on. I didn't want to get married but I wanted her. She was wearing a saree and the way she moved out of the room gave me immense pleasure watching her ass. She was tall 5'5" and very beautiful. But she was only a graduate and I was a software engineer and wanted a professional wife. After that meeting we came home and my parents asked me my views. I said I'll tell them later.

2 days passed by and I could not make up my mind. She was extremely beautiful and I wanted her too but then I could not marry her. There had to be a way around. After 2 days my parents asked me again as they had to answer it to her parents. I said, I want to meet the girl, Roopali was her name, once again alone and only then would I decide. My parents passed this message to his friend as "Beta raazi to hai par ek baar bitiya raani se akele main milna chahta hai... yeh aaj kal ke bachchon ko maa-baap ke faisle par kahan vishwas hota hai."

Although the family was a little narrow minded they agreed and I picked up Roopali from her house. She was looking exquisitely beautiful that day wearing a choodidaar salwar kameez with a tie and die work duppatta. I again had a hardon seeing her and I have a feeling that she knew what I was feeling. She smiled very naughtyly.

We were in the car and going for a drive. For the first 5 minutes we were silent, but then I initiated
"Did you like me ?? " I asked
"jee " She replied a little shy.
"Shee Roopali, I am from a community where eveyone is broad minded, although I like you very much but after marriage we have to shift to America permanently, so will you be able to adjust to the culture there. " I asked.

Continuing the talk for about half an hour, I found out that Roopali was not that narrow minded, and had even had a boy friend in the past. I was pretty much sure that she was not a virgin. Neither was I but this fact made my job easy. We had a good dinner and then a kiss on her hand and it was mutually understood that both were ready although I never comitted. The meeting was successful. One day I called her up and asked her to accompany me showing the city. I asked her to keep it a secret and not to tell it to her parents. She agreed and saying that she is visiting her friends house, she came to meet me. Today was the dooms day I was waiting for.

I had bought a ring for her and after lunch I presented her the ring, and proposed her. She was more than glad and very happy. While driving back I invited her to my appartment. My parents were both out till mid night and no one was there at home. At first she didn't agree to accompany me to my home as in India it is against the traditions for the bride to visit the grooms house before marriage but then I persuaded her saying, she need to me more broad minded if she wants to settle in America.

I brought her home where I played some light romantic song and brought some fruits and pop corn to eat. We were both sitting on the comfy couch when I held her hand and starting massaging. I told her that I'll be leaving for america the next day and will return only after 5 months for the marriage. I could see wetness in her eyes. I said, that was the reason I wanted to spend the last day with her. She kept her hand on my hand and we looked into each others eyes for some time coming closer and closer. The moment was perfect and our lips met together and stayed that way for a minute and it was when my hands reached her boobs for massaging that Ropali parted with me taking deep breaths and shocked what she was doing. I told her I would miss her for the next 5 months and so I wanted to take some memories with me for the next 5 months. She understood what I meant but it took me a lot of persuation. Finally, our lips met again and my hands again rested on her boobs but this time there was no parting back. We were in the mood of freanzy now. With out wasting any time I took her hand and placed it on my croch. It was as hard as rock. She was shy. We both stood up and I unbuttoned her kameez while she looked down on floor. In very short time, I was admiring the beauty of her both underneath the black lacy bra and panties. She looked like a statue carved out of marble. Just the perfect figure and enough flesh at the right places. Indian girls are definitely the best in the world. In america I mostly had foreigners and though they cooperate very much in bed they are not that sexy. She crossed her legs as I started to take off my clothes, her eyes glued to the spot where my legs meet. She wanted to see my dick size and I knew she was not that innocent as she was pretending to be. In a minute, I was naked and proudly showing my rock hard 9 inches to her. Her eyes were sparking seeing the organ andwhen I approached her, she held it in her hands without me asking her. It was as if a voltage of thousand volts passed across my body when she touched my hot dick with her ice cold hands. I took her in my arms and while kissing her I unhooked her bra and inserted my hand under her panty. She was exquisite. We seperated again and I pulled away her bra from her body and she placed her hands on her breasts covering her boobs. She was smiling and shy looking down most of the time with squint eyes towards my dick .I sat down in front of her and placing my head on her panty I kissed her and moved down her panty below. i was glad to see that she was hairy as I could never find a hairy girl in america. Her bush was properly maintained and was a complete dense triangle. I licked and kissed her pussy. She sighed and rubbed her hands on my head looking up on the roof in an ecstacy. I looked up and saw two huge melons with dark brown nipples hanging down freely now. Her boobs were the best part of her body I saw till now, as I hadn't seen her ass. She had just the perfect size everywhere and I could have spent 1000$ for such a beauty.

I took her to the sofa and we both sat down just below the sofa. We started kissing and licking each other everywhere carelessly as if we were in love for long. After some time I asked her to give me a blowjob which she readily agreed. I've never had a blowjob from an indian girl. They just can't accept to take a dick in their mind. This prooved she was a real slut. She gave me a good job after which I laid her down on the floor and adjusted my dick at the right spot and carefully I entered her noticing the expression on her face changing from love to pain. She sighed out muffled moans out of her mouth and I moved in slowly untill she asked me to be faster. She was enjoying the fuck very much and I was enjoying even more knowing that I had placed a hidden camera just a distance away and was recording every moment. We fucked in every positions and did 69. I was amazed at the knowledge of sex she had. She was a tigress and I wished to continue fucking her all my life but without marrying her.

Finally the show ended when I came twice that day. She received a call from her home on her mobile and she told her mother she is with her friend and will be back in an hour. I appreciated the way she lied her mother. We got dressed again and left the house. I was fully satisfied and Roopali looked tired. I dropped her a little distance from her home and she walked her home from there. I went to a bar soon after that and had a couple of drinks to mark the victory of my day. I went back to my house and played the cassette which recorded each and every moment of our love life and I could not believe myself getting another hardon watching it. Watching myself fucking a princess is the best foreplay. I jerked myself once again and went to bed hiding the cassette in my suitcase. The next day, I talked to my father on the breakfast table and when I told them I am not interested in Roopali for marriage I had a heated discussion with them. They were not in a position to argue with me. I heard my father breaking the news to Roopali's father that I was not interested in marriage for another 1-2 years and there was no point wasting the time. I smiled when I imagined what the face of Roopali would be when she hears the news. The next day I called her up on her mobile and told her that I have a gift for her. She didn't say a word but I told her how I captured the moment of love we shared on a cassette and if she told it to anybody, the cassette would be released.

I never heard from Roopali of her family for the next 2 years after which I saw her in another marriage. She was now married to a businessman and had a kid in her arms. She still looked gorgeous and was still a cock raiser. I waited for a moment when I reached her and just told her one thing

"I still have the cassette... "smiling and left.

How I called her again in my hotel room and ebjoyed her with the two friends of mine is another story so guys if you wanna read part two, vote positively in the poll of this post and I am expecting some good comments..

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