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Old 22nd November 2005
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sex stories - bhabhi,aunty, step mom etc-

Hello everyone i am starting this new thread. Iwill post 3 stories everyday please do reply

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Old 22nd November 2005
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sprabhu is an unknown quantity at this point
Here the first one

My name is Sagar, when I was 12 my mother passed away. My Dad married a very gorgeous and sexy lady, Bina of 28 years after one year of my real mom's death. First I thought she might replace her but I was wrong, she just married with my father for his money. I hated her presence from the beginning as she always rebuked me, but I always lusted for her. Let me describe her now. I am 23 and she is 38 in age, full-grown woman with a big ass and big tits but never showed interest in sex. Honestly I always wanted to teach her a lesson due to her treatment towards me. I got a chance to corner her when I came to know that she often secretly gave a lot of money to my shrabi mama without telling dad and if my dad came to know he would have killed her.

Due to her behavior I used to spend more time with my friends Mani and Shani. We all three were very bright students in our class and they new all about me. We always used to watch porno movies at my place and go for outing together. They both were Pathans and were living in the hostel. One day they were staying with me she started to scold me and asked my father throw my badmaash friends and me out of the house. I got furious on her remarks but my father made her quite. I was furious and started to abuse her in front of my friends. They asked me to keep cool and calm. After half an hour Shani proposed to watch a porno movie to divert my attention. We all agreed and started to watch the movie. That movie was bassed on a young guy who raped his teacher with the help of his friends. As we were watching the movie an idea struck to my mind and I asked my friends, "hey guys are you interested in fucking my mom?"

They both looked at me in astonishment and when they realized that I was serious, Shani said, "After hearing today, yes, but how?"

"That's nice; I'll provide you the opportunity. That will make me happy and that's how I take revenge from her."

Days passed by and one night, Dad was not in town when I came back home late night around 11:30 from dinner with friends. Mom was watching the TV and she started to scold me as usual for coming late. I did not say anything went to my room. As I came out of my room she started nagging me again and that was when I made up my mind to do what I had been wanting. I immediately called my friends and asked them to come home because that day was the best opportunity to execute our plan, as I knew dad was out for a week and she was completely insecure. I went back to my room and started to wait for my friends. They both came around 12:00. I told her that they were here for the combine study.

It was her habit to watch TV very late in the night. She was just wearing her gown and lying on the sofa at that time. We discussed our plan and waited for the suitable time. After an hour as she changed the channel to watch MTV GRIND, I asked Shani to go out to the kitchen and started to watch from the slightly ajar door.

As he went to the living room, He asked my Step Mom, "Wow aunty, You are watching Grind, May I join you?"

She looked at him and said, "Get lost from here, This is non of your business what I watch?"

He then went straight to her and said, "O h . . Why not my business, A sexy lady like you surely get horney watching Grind and must be in need of a partner?"

She stood up as she heard this and tried to slap him but he grabbed her hand and pulled her to him. As he took her from her waist she turned around but Shani grabbed her breasts and started to kiss her neck. In the struggle Shani untied the knot of her gown's belt and made her semi naked from the front. That time I asked Mani to make his entry.

He went to the Living room and saw them struggling he rushed to them and asked what was happening?

My Mom begged him for help. Mani took a look at her and said, "Wow, I never imagined how sexy you are aunty?"

As she heard him she again started to struggle Mani took hold of her and Shani removed her gown. Now she was standing crying in her lacy bra and panties only trying to hide her nakedness with her hands.

Now they both started to squeeze her breasts and bums with their hands. Now she was struggling but not shouting for help. She might have realized that no one is coming to rescue her. They both were kissing and caressing her like greedy animals.

When Mani unhooked her bra and freed her breast from confinement, We all got astonished to see that her nipples were so hard and standing out. Mani suddenly said as he watched her nipples, "Wow, Shani she has started to enjoy this Yaar. See her nipples are erect."

Shani said, "I know Yaar, remove her panty and check her moist cunt out? She must be wet for our dicks yaar."

As Mani tried to full her panties down she squeezed her legs together but he removed it in a jiff. He held her panty and showed Shani a wet patch on her panty smilingly and said, "Ah ha Shani she wanted to be fucked yaar."

Now Mani opened her legs forcefully and opened her cunt lips with his finger. He rubbed her clit and pussy and informed us, "Yaar the bitch not just wet but she's drenched . . . Look." As he said that he pulled his fingers out of her pussy making a string of her fluids.

Shani then pinned her on the sofa and Mani immediately removed his clothes. His cock was already erected and hard. He rubbed his dick on my step mom's moist cunt and started to insert his tool in my Mom's cunt. Just in few strokes he started to fuck my mom like a hungry dog.

My step Mom's cries were now changed into moans. Shani now released her and started to remove his clothes. After removing her clothes he started to suck her breasts and hardened nipples.

Mani fucked my Mom's pussy for 15 minutes then ejaculated his cum inside my mom's cunt. He asked Shani then to enjoy with this hot bitch. He turned my mom and started to fuck her in doogy style. My Mom was now moaning in pain and pleasure. After giving her thorough fuck, Shani also filled her cunt with his cum. After he withdrew his cock from her pussy she collapsed on the sofa and started to cry again. They both laughed at her and kissed her than than thanked her for the nick time. They helped her to stand on her feet and took her to the bath room and gave her a bath.

They came out naked after having bath with my mom put their clothes on and came to my room like conquerors. We all started to laugh and discussed the revenge. After half an hour my room's door opened and we saw my mom standing there. She was now putting on some light makeup and wearing her silk gown, which opens from the front, only covering her breasts and cunt.

She looked at us silently for a few moments then came straight to us and said, "Now it's my turn to take revenge."

We looked at each other and then at her silently. She slowly dropped her gown on the carpet standing naked in front of us and said, "I want all three of you to fuck me when ever I want and if you refuses I straight away go to tell your father."

She went straight to my bed lied down over, opened her legs and said, "Fuck this horny bitch Sagar."

As we heard this my friends threw me on my step mom by saying "Now you deserve to satisfy this bitch."

From that day on we fucked her almost every night and enjoy every moment with her.

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Old 22nd November 2005
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second story

My Busty Aunty

This is story of mine where i fuck my busty aunty and her pregant daughter.
Im bala living in trichy doing my engineering in a reputed college.my aunt who my the sister of my dad come to our home regularly (at lest once in a month).due to the problems with my dad she fought with our family n didn’t Come for 3 yrs.after my dad died,she felt sry with our family and visited us. my mom was also ill as my dad passed away so my mom asked my aunt to look after me till I finished my graduation.my aunt also bagreed to that.she brought me to her house. there was my uncle & my aunt
I never felt anything wrong abt my aunt in the starting.but one day when she was workin in kitchen her saree got fire n when she was in panic she removed her pallu in a hurry.that was the first scene where a got glance of her boobs with blouse.it was awesome.guys I bet u will cum surely seeing her boobs.uh it was like mt everest.saying abt her figure I think her boobs must b atlest 44 hips 38 and butt 38.she always wore sarees.
Then I would masturbate thinking of her daily atlest two times. I took the glances of her boobs, thighs when she rolled chapattis sitting in the floor and when she use toi clean the house.i was moving very closely to her in the days following that day.she was suspicious abt that.

Her husband was a drunkard.so I was sure my aunt cant hav a good sex life with her ,I was eager to satisfy her but was very very afraid. My uncle went to bring her daughter from her hubbys house as she was pregnant. (her name is ramya).i and my aunt was alone in the house.so I made a plan to seduce her. I was sitting in the sofa and I was crying
My aunt came n asked why I was crying.i asaid that I got the memory of my dad n mom our happy moment’s blab blab blab…………..my aunt was very depressed of my and shwe hugged me tightly trying to console me.what a moment it was .a sex godess hugging me.i touched her waist n continued my acting. but my plan could not work as the courier man came and my aunt went to collect the post.i was very upset n switched on the tv.the song arjuna arjuna(tamil song)was aired in which the heroine was in a falls with skimpk clothes and my cock shotted up seein it.i was the sexiest song ever shooted accordin to my knowledge.i was catchin my cock n lightly shakin it as nmy aunt was talking with courier man.i was totally hot seein that song. I was totally enjoyin it when one hand touched me from back. I turned oh it’s my aunt.

Whats this bala asked my aunt.
I was not talking a word n kept silent
I didn’t expect this from u said she n went
I was very anger n even refused to eat the dinner. at night 10 o clock the current went off.i was very afraid n slowly moved to my aunt in kitchen.aunty there’s no current im afrad I said.
What to do she shouted (she was in anger)
I started crying
She felt sorry and said to go n sleep in her bed room so that she will accompany me.
I said ok n went to bed n she followed. i turned the other side n slept.after some time I woke up becase as here was no fan (no current) I could not sleep properly.i turned the other side n saw my aunt was sleeping.suddenly the current came n the fan was swithed on.as my aunt was using thin blankether blanket moved.i was shocked.she was sleepin with bra n panty.(as it was very hot there because of power failure)my cock went to the extreme.i woke up aunty n said her to switch on the airconditioner.she woked up n said that it was not working.i said that I could see becaude it was very hot in that room.she sad me to sleep with my underwear. so I removed my dress.

I was wearing the undies which exposed my cock clearly.she saw that n asked me the reason.i said that the reason was her.she smiled. I said that shje was perfect women for all man.i added that her belly button is sexy. I asked her that I used to give my mom kisses at night and said that can I give her. she agreed and said to kiss on cheek I went near to her n fust caught her n gav her a lip to lip. I thought she would b anger but she smiled and lookin at my 9 incher.
I said that some insect was there on my undies n removed it (it was a lie) .she saw my brother which was standing n saluting her. She was amazed. I said that this cock can even f**k 10 ladies at the same time. She smiled at me again. I said that it was not a joke and added that it would rise even higher if she showed her boobs n pussy. I asked her to touch it she did it n the cock still rose upon higher she was terrified seeing a giant killer near her. as she was touching my tool I removed her bra n saw the biggest mountain in my life twice the size of all other girls who believe that they have big boobs.i said aunt ur the best boob lady.
I was massaging her tits like chapatti mould. After hours of boob massaging I opened up her panty oh it was a forest no it was a sex goddess pussy.it was the densiest bush I have seen.i said that how could she maintain a tight pussy till now she said that my uncle was waste n has never fucked in the last 4 yrs.oh it was a long time my aunt said
I said yeah but after a long fasting she was going to have a special meals that’s me ha ha ha ha.i licked her pussy n fingering it 4 an hour. My aunt was at her peek At was goin to cum.i teased her with my brother n inserted it to the heaven slowly moving up n down slowlyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy but surelyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy
My aunt said cmon bitch fuck me she was cryin n dyin for me to cum .but I was very slowly enjoyin her pussy.i finally gave her a deep thrust og ohhhhhhhhh aghhhhhhhhh mmmmmmmmmmmmmmm ooooooooooooooooo iiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii bitchhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh fuckkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk balaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa im a slutttttttt she shouted.i was at a speed of a express train on her n fucked her till all my energy went to her. My cock in her pussy hands in her boobs.after 2 hrs of fuckin I felt tired
My aunt said that she can’t have better sex than this I again got up n tried again but I cant. Her pussy was over flown because of my cum. I turned up her n was eating her ass.
After that v had a nice sleep.

The next day I woke up at 11 am and was tired and I found my aunt working in the kitchen. I said her good morning with a naughty smile. how was the night sleep she asked. I was totally tired I said.
She gave me the coffee after I drank that I went to toilet. I came back after 10 minutes and my aunty was cutting vegetables. I went near to her n jus pressed her butt from behind.
I said that she should be naughtier as she was the sex queen of the guys in her area.
She asked how to I said that seduce the post or repair man or even a strangers in a bus.
She said that she want to go to market. So we went to bus stop after a long time a bus came which was also very rush’s struggled to get in and I was standing in the steps allowing her to go inside. She went n stood inside. As the bus was very rush she was standing close to an old man. I saw the lust in the eyes of the old man seeing my aunt that close. he was first afraid that my aunt will scold he was silent. As time went the bus was fully packed n my aunt was very close to that old man. He slowly kept his hands on her butt and acted ad doing it accidently.he was cupping my aunt ass n slowly pressed it.ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh my aunt whispered. he used his two hands and tried to cover her butt n was pressing it slowly. He was trying to get into the crack and succeeded it after a long time. He was enjoying the crack. Then he slowly went little up to front side. He kept the hand near her stomach. Wow what a scene I thought. He was slowly pressing her stomach. he then went inside the pallu of the sari n reaching the awesome mountain.
Yes he slowly reached there n gave a hard press.ooooooo my aunt reacted. she was enjoyinnnnnnnnnnnnnnn.
One of his hands in her butt n other inside her pallu.he slowly removed the bottom button n went inside the blouse n he was pressing the boobs(no bra).no one was noticing it as the bus was rush. he reached the long black nipples n was teasing it. my aunt turned to his side, he could see a old man doing all the tricks. As the driver put a sudden bra he fell on my aunt (resting on her boobs) he suddenly caught her wet pussy with the sari.he caught hold of it and crushed it with hands as if a plastic bottle. I signaled aunt that the stop came. she has to come down after arranging her dresses.
I called my aunt “how was it”.
She said what “nothing happened bala”.
I said “I ve seen everything”.
He gave me a naughty smile and said he was very hot by the action of the old man.
I took here to the godown where there is no one as the stock of vegetables didn’t come.
There were only tomatoes. I pushed her into that n jumped on her.i was eager to her a tomato(my aunt) in a tomato bed.i slept above her n lifted her saree. The panty was already wet I just adjusted the panty(didn’t remove it)so that I can fuck her.
I could get a grip (as v were lying in tomato)so that I can have her.she quickly removed her blouse.i caught the boobs.
ahhhhhh awesome .
inserted my cock into her wet pussy.
She said that she doesn’t want pussy fuckin as she was tired .
So I removed my cock frm there
Inserted it between her boobs while I was tickling her wet pussy.
Her boobs was very big so that my nine inches cock was invisible inside that.
After 10 shakes I started to cum on her boobs.she took it in her mouth (4 the first time in her life she’s sucking a cock).my cock went till her throat.
She went off in few minutes.i was suckin her boobs by then.
We finished one hour of all nasty things like spread tomato juice on her ass n licking. Licking my cum and other sort of things. We took a taxi n went home.

When we came back we saw uncle n her daughter back home. Hay ramya I said.hai she replied. She was pregnant .ha-ha pregnant ladies are always beautiful I thought n smiled.
She was wearing a tight sari with tight blouse which made her look sexier. Uncle n aunt was getting ready to go to a function as ramya couldn’t go I stayed there 4 her company.
After my aunt n uncle left I was crackin jokes n chattin with ramya.i was sitting next to her n cracking jokes n took the privilege of seein her cleavage when she is bending .I also touched her thigh as if im doing in accidentally.
Slowly I put my hand on her shoulder while chattin to her n said that she was looking sexier than ever.
She gave me a lovely smile.i said that during preggy days she should wear loose fittings
Than these dresses.i said that this saree is tight n also the blose is tight n pointed my hands to her boobs n said” see here it’s so tight.”
She said that it was taken long ago.
I said that u can loosen it up. so she removed one button of the blouse.
I caught her side of stomach n sad that she is having folds there n need to exercise to look slim. I asked her to bend n stretch slowly as it is good 4 healths. She did that n I was enjoyin her curves.while she was doin it her saree pallu fell down and my pressure got up.
I could see here big stomach with the sexier navel in between.
ooooooooooooooo gr8 sight.
I said that she has big area fort storing milks. she couldn’t understand it.
I slowly touches her boobs n said her to release them from tight blouse .first she refused then I said that she will get disease if it is too tight bla blabs aa that stuff.
She slowly loosed her blouse.
She was not wearin a bra ah I could see the glimpse of her boobs.
I slowly circled her boobssssssssssssss n gav it a light press.”ahhhhhhhhhhhh” she said.
Hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm againnn I did
She told me to tak my hand.i said that massaging boobs will yield more milk. I slowly removed the blouse. ahhhhhhhhhhhhh awesome gr8. im seeing a boob of a lady second time in a day.
I began to press it n fuck it with my hands.i slowly removed her upskirt .
O gr8 i said.i made her to lie on the sofa n I slept above her and was lickin her boobs
By the time her hands was on my cock.o u want it I asked.she was silent.i laughed at her n removed it.
She saw my tool n I saw the lust in her. she wants cock more cock.
I slowly licked her body n moving down n removed her panty with my mouth.
O a pregnant lkady is lying nude in front of me.
oooooooooooooooooooo I was lucky I thought.
She had boob fuck 4 sum time n by the time my cock was at 90 degree,.
I inserted it a gave her deep thrust n this time I was more arrogant than b4 she was cryin in pain but I was continuing it.she begged to leav me but I was not listening.
This time I shouted bad words.slutttt fuck oooo slut ur sluttttttttttttttt bitchhhhhhhhhhhhhhh whoreeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee.etc etc
I stopped a moment n turned her to fuck her in ass.(my first ass fucking)ooo it was great insertin my chilli between two tomatoes.i was cuming ahhhhhhhhhhhh second time in a dayyyyyyy.this time I put the cum inside her ass .after fucking I was tired I left 4 sleep.and I was fucking both my aunt n her daughter time to time n had a gr8 time.

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Old 22nd November 2005
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3rd story


I am just going u to tell u about my first sex encounter with my chachi . my chachi name is samina she was in our joint family she is very young just 25 she had very good structure and very beautiful to. any how she was married to my uncle four years back and she had only a child of 1 year .

any how this sex encounter had happend just one month back. my chahi always gives me nudious look when ever she saw me i to was interested in seeing her body , she always picked me to shoping with her , she also asked me about girl frd any how she became free to speak with me.when there was no one in home we both would watch movies in cd , i had an intention of fucking of if got a chance and the day come we were alone in home all had gone for work even my mother had gonre to my grand ma house we were alone it was after noon i came from the college ,

i had brought a blue film cd and after having lunch i called chachi to watch a movie she came and sat on a sofa i played a hindi cd but it was the old movie she told to change the cd put some thing which is really good after that i played the blue film by seeing that my chachi got aroused she told me whats that i told its the bf she told let it be u r playing in front of me i said chachi let it be think me as u husband and just ent near her and caught her beautiful breast with my hand she was inthe nighty she told its wrong but i told its the truth i like to fuck u i just started to put my tongue into her mouth had after 2 minutes she to responded after that i slowly removed her nighty wow she was looking gordgeous in tha t i slowly removed her bra oh it was fantaastic her two beauti full oranges come out i sucked it hard after that i removed her petti coat ang smelled her pussy

oh itwas dmelling like a axe spray she removed my pant and my 9 inch was ready to come out , i the took her to my bed room i started to put my tongue into her pussy and tasted her for 10 minutes she caught up my haed and told me to suck her hard after that i took the condoms pack which i had i used it and started to pierce in it but after the adjustment it was inside her after coming i felt on her and slept for half hour . after that we always fuck each other when there is no one she told me she likes me even that her husband has a 10 inch he doesnt give him such a thing

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Old 22nd November 2005
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keep commin...nice effort

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Old 23rd November 2005
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this is ravi , 29yrs ,single from bangalore guy working fra pvt comp, ours is a joint family a bit big , conservative, well to do. to cut short ever thing , my bhabhi is a sweet & lovely lady around my age , gud luking , slim & fair with two kids, iam not interested in hers fam issues so not discussing it here, actual thing what happened is that after about her marriage they use to stay separate for 4 yrs & now due to brother work came back to home & stay together , now i was cing her & she looks at me - initially i thought that she wants to be bit closer to me as we r in same house , but after about 6-7 months her attitude towards me changed totally & she used to touch me, come close & give gud sexy smiles etc so i felt something wrong & started to avoid her but things instead of getting ok became worse as she coun't controll herself & wanted to atleast c me every time, i felt iam doing wrong , if she is so much interested i can atleast speak to her & convinse her what is happening is not good, so two months back at about 2 'o clock afternoon i came frm work early because no one at home except my bhabhi & smaller one only,

she was feeding her son i entered so after changing dress i came to hall ,still she was feeding & asked me for lunch so i said she can serve after she finished feeding. after ten minutes she went to her bedroom & came back after making her son to sleep , came near me as there were no one else she felt free in her movement & asked if iam hunger i said yes want to eat lunch, she said she din't prepare because her son kept crying so very very sorry , but i can still have some special thing if iam hungry but i should not ask what it is ,i said ok but knew frm her looks that she is already hot & horny her body oozing all sex scent & breathing was deep & heavy i could see her boobs also bouncing high & low when she breaths because she was in her nighty which was little changed so two zips at front for easy breast feeding of baby, she asked me to close my eyes & open my mouth fr that special lunch ,so i did thinking some sweet she will put ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,my god " i got fainting when thing i felt in my mouth was hot ,slippery & fleshy ,,,,oooooooooooohhhhhhhhh !!!!!!! it was her right nipple mmmmmmmmmh she then suddenly held my head tight & pressed my mouth towards her breast , that force was only enough for milk to come in jets like water from shower touching back of my throat , it got filled in a second ,i lost my sences as i came early to home to convince her but now i din't know what to do , i just gulped it full ohhhhhhhhhhhhh wat a taste ,,,,,

only those adults who have tasted milk of wife r frm other women feeding like my bhabhi can answer .......... nothing can match its taste ,,,,,,,,,,,those readers who have not tasted & ...encouraged by this don't miss a chance do taste it ......... i thought all taboo & relationship is gone so no point in just keeping quite , i started sucking heavily & felt her left boob in rt hand & sqeezing both milk pots , she took my mouth out & changed to lt breast which was looking like full moon & nipple was already dripping milk ,i took in mouth & sucked 7 chewed fr 5 mins.
she asked hw is my food fr lunch did u have such special lunch before i said it is the tastiest food i had after gaining my conciouness & saw the world because i don't remember my mom's when i was kid. she feltvery happy & took to my bedroom & became naked & asked me to do , in that situation i even din;t thought what iam doing is right r wrong , as she gave me so much energy i felt like thanking her by following her .

I took off my clothes & asked her to close her eyes & open her mouth & go on knees ,she did & i just pushed my rock hard ,hot rod deep her throat & held her head , she was a real cock sucker she moved full length licking & sucking ,biting tip & i came after 10 mins of her blows & splashed again like jet , my milk came out like shower she drank all ,now i lost all my energy & both slept on bed for half hour . i got up saw some milk coming out because i was keeping hand tight on her boob , started licking & sucking to regain my lost energy , she too woke up ,now was very fresh & giving very gud smile i thought she is very happy after long time.............. just wait fr my next poster quickly i will say what happened after gaining my energy back.

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Old 23rd November 2005
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Fucking my Aunt

Hi,this is Viki 22 yrs from Bangalore and Im writing this first experience with my aunt Suma 40 yrs, she is an avg lookingsouth Indian but with very good structure, mainly her boobs my god any guy would like to press it hard, even now (she is 40) but her boobsare in perfect shape I dont understand how, even her shapely posteriorassets , she is a bombshell in brief. For 2 years Ive been thinking tofuck her but since we are from a very orthodox bhramin family evensuch a thought is a sin, but I cant stop thinking about her bcos I getto see her every morning looking damn sexy in her nightie as we are ajoint family.

It happened one fine summer ,her kids were in Mysore asit was her native , but she remained in Bangalore as her kids went toMysore with thier grand parents and she had plans of leaving a bitlate. There was some kind of misunderstanding b/w she and my uncle forabout a year so I was sure that in last one year her sex life had takena back seat, I confirmed this when she became more intimate towards me, whenever I used to talk to her and stand close to her she alwayslooked at my dick and I behaved as if I didnt notice & this continuedfor about 5-6 months. Here came the oppurtunity to ravish her,since she had plans to visit Mysore her native place and her kids werealso there during the summer vacation Mysore,

she finally decided toleave for a 15 days stay at her native place, she asked me to accompanyher since my uncle was not ready to come with her , but Id return backin a day after dropping at Mysore, we left early in the morning at 6, Ihad booked the tickets in a semi sleeper luxury bus, since it wasweekdays I there were just 7 people in the bus & we took our seats atthe last few rows, slowly after some time she startred the topic ofthe misunderstanding b/w she and my uncle and indirectly she hinted meabout her bad sex life from a year or so.Meanwhile her hands rested onmy thighs first I thought it was normal but as she spoke I felt herfingers slowly moving towards my dick inch by inch but I didnt look atwhat she was doing but kept talking to her and pretened as if she didnothing to me, but my dick betrayed me as I grew harder and harder andformed a hump on my @jeans what I was wearing ,

she was slowly fingering my hump but when I told her I am feeling sleepy she withdrewher hand suddenly and she too slept , but I lost my sleep completlyafter this incident ,as the seat was pushed back to its fullest limitonly my aunt was sleeping but her lovely boobs were projecting fowardinviting any hands to it ,that sight was like heaven , her lovely hipswhat I saw through the side of the saree made my dick rock hard, thebus had crossed the city limits and the wind blowing from the windowhad moved her pallu exposing one of her breasts as she had taken thewindow seat ,I had a plan I intentionaly brushed my arms against herboobs a couple of times I even had pressed it a bit but not using myfingers but my arms as a whole now this continued for 15 mins ,finallyI pressed one of my hands hard on her boobs and pretended as if Islipped now my face resting on her lovely pair of boobs, now my auntwoke up and she asked me what happened I told her I tried to close thewindows but they were tight and since my aunt was sleeping it made medifficult to position myself to close the window so in the course ofpulling it I slipped ,she gave a smile and told me to close it ,

evennow I brushed my arms on her boobs even harder and closed the window ,but my aunt must have surely liked it ,she again gazed at my hard dickthat had formed a hump and gave a warm smile and went to sleep, butthis time her hands were again on my dick , she was very gentlycaressing the hump while I pretended to sleep. Guys & Gals, I hope u liked the way I express the incidents I will tell u how Ifucked her in Mysore next time , only if u tell me how this mail was asit is the first time Im writing my first experience so in case of anymistakes plz tell me where I should correct .

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Fucking with foreign stepmom

I am from New York, Ram, 22m, Nepali Guy. When i was only 10, my mother left me alone with my father and passed away. At that time my father was lecturer in nepal. When I was 12, my father got a plan from nepal government to study Phd in America. I stayed at my uncle's house. After years my father returned back to Nepal. At this time he was 38 and me 16. During this period, I had known many things about sex from friends, books, films and surroundings. I reached in heaven from the arrival of my father because he didnt return alone, but with a foriegner lady as his 2nd wife and my step mom, Sheila, very beautiful lady look like sexy godess and age only 24. At this time I was in 2nd year college.

Dad bought a new modern house with swimming pool. We three started to live in that house. From the first time I saw Sheila, I only started to think only about her. My mind wasnt convinced to say her mom. While she was at home she used to wear transparent tshirts and trousers. I easily could see her bra and panty. One evening I planned to watch my father and mom fucking So after dinner, while both father and Sheila went to their room and dooe locked. After half an hour i went near the door of them and peeped inside from the key hole of the door. I saw my father reading a book sleeping on the bed, at the same movement Sheila was just coming from the bathroom taking shower and she was in bra and panty. She sat before the dressing table and started to use night make ups, spray perfume on her body. After doing so, she went near father and rook the books from him and switched off the tube light and on the night lamps. Then she went to the bed and pulled father's trouser's and underwear also.

She started to play with father's lund with her hand and after some time started to lick the top of the lund and inserted whole lund inside her mouth. Watching that I became very hot and I also start to play my lund with my hand. I imagined that Sheeila was sucking my own lund. Then father unhooked Sheila's bra, for the first time in my life I saw lady's real tits. I was out of control; and cum started to flow from my lund watching Sheila's tits, the tits are in perfect size. Her body seemed 36,30,32. Father started to play her tits with his hand. After some time father got up and pulled down sheila's panty. Her maal was saved and very clean like icecream. Again I became more hot watching lady's first maal. Then father lick her pussy for some time and she was moaning heavily, he now ready fuck so he inserted his dick inside her pussy. This continued for another half an hour. Then I went to my room and mastubutated twice again that night and slept. Feom nest day, I started top watch only Sheila's body while I stay at home. One day father wasnt at home and she offered to have a swim together in the house swimming pool.First I refused her saying I couldnt swimbut she promised me that she would teach me swimming.

Now she was in swimming costume and I in Jockey shorts. First she dived into the pool and asked me to jump then I reached towards her and she hold me on my weist and and asked to move my hand and legs inside the water. I did so and I felt pleasure from her closeness. Now I also feel her by touching her body She was looking damn sexy in wet swimming costume ahd wet hair. We played in the pool for 2 hopurs. She said me that I can learn swimming in a week She asked me to come home soon after my college off from next day. So I would have time to learn swimming from her. I practiced regularly fro a week with her and became a good swimmer. During that period we became very intimacy and close friends. After 3 months of father's arrival, he got a letter from US that he was offered proffessor job in New York. He made a plan to go alon and would stay with Sheila till I finish my 2nd year college exam after six months.Finishing my exam me and Sheila would join him in Newyork. That was the happiest day in my life hearing father planning. On the day of father's departure to US, I and Sheila went to airport. While returning home, it was evening time, we went to a resturant and she asked a bottle of wine and snacks.

Waiter poured the wine in two glasses. Sheila asked to cheers. First I refused saying I never drank. She said "In Us at the age of 12 guys start to drink and smoke, mut u are a young guy dont hesitate if I am offering u". Thwn we started to drink. I drank quite more than my capacity and because of my 1st time I am little bit out of control. Then we went to home. She was showing the way to reach inside the house catching my right hand and she took me into father's and her room. I lies on the bed and she went to the bathroom. After she cane out of the bathroom taking shower with only bra and panty. I could see her white thighs, neval and whole body. She was looking vey sexy bond, attractive. Something ran into my dick and became to increase. She sat before the dressing mirrior for night makeups. She asked me to take a shower in the same bathroom so that I would be fresh from wine. While I was going to finish the shower she open the bathroom and looked inside. I was totally amused be her behaviour. I felt shy cus she was watching my dick. She asked me to come out of the bathroom with nude body. I also followed her command.

I was in very happy mood that my drean was going to fullfilled. I went to the bed and lied down showing my 6. 1/2" dick. She looked me with sexy eyes and came close to me and caught my dick her palm and started to play. Then I unhooked her bra and started to pley with them. For the first time I was playing with womans body. I felt extremly happy that to whom I imagined I was able to get her. Then I pulled down her panty and insert my fingure into her white snowy shaved pussy. Then we lied opposite direction on the bed, her head towards my dick and her pussy towards my head. I start to lick her pussy and she start to suck my dick. After some time I felt cumming and she drank whole my cum and she again make my dick hard by liking and sucking it, Then we lied in 69 position and I try to insert my dick into her pussy but because of unexperience I wasnt able to insert my dick into her pussy. So she held my dick and put on the mouth of her pussy spreading her thighs and asked me to press the dick into her pussy.

While I pressed my dick into her pussy then it easily entered into her pussy. I felt I reached on the moon. I was out of control with the pleasure of sex first time in the life in the early age. Then for an hour I pumped her up and down. After full satisfaction of cummingthis fucking session stopped for some time. In that night I fucked her 3 times more and made her also fully satisfy. We enjoyed same thing for 6 months in Nepal. During this time we fucked each other in every position we know, in her asshole also. After finishing my 2nd year exam we came to US and stayed with father. Now also my relation with Sheila is going on but in the day time

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good and continue the thread and stories

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