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Wife Blackmailed and fucked by Boss

Another day, and more mail dropped on the mat from the postman. Saleem picked them up, sweating, as he knew they were all notices from the credit card bills, wanting money yesterday. Saleem lost his cool again.

'How much longer are you going to take to find a bloody job, Rehana? We are bleeding ourselves dry, spending more than we earn, and still you can't get a damn job. I'm working my butt off, and what are you doing? Nothing!!' It was the start of another row between the married couple, and it had passed the point of sensible discussion. Only in their early thirties, and with 4 young children, things were desperate, and they were really almost at each other's throats by now.

'I've tried and tried, you know that,' replied Rehana. 'I've been for umpteen interviews, looked in the paper each day and I phone the agencies each day, don't I? I don't know what else I can do.' They could hardly speak to one another any more, and as for sex, well, it had been a non-starter for the last few months at least.

'Well, you want to try a bit harder, don't you, because if something doesn't come up soon, we're going to have to sell the house.........and I've put every rupee I've earned into this house,' and Saleem stormed out of the house to work, leaving Rehana in tears again, not knowing which way to turn.

Rehana was in her early 30s, and in spite of 2 children, she was still a good looking woman. Only just 5.3ft, fair very very fair, she had a real hot body, large, shapely 36 D size breasts, firm slim legs and a wonderfully tight ass. Sex with Saleem used to be fantastic and there was really nothing that she wouldn't do for her husband, but the recent stress of trying to keep a home and bring up two children had got to them both, and now they had a job to even speak in bed.

She had used to regularly go to the gym to keep her body firm and slim, but that was the first thing to go when finances became tight, but even so she still attracted leering looks when she was out shopping or taking the kids to school. She really racked her brains again to try and think of a way out of this terrible mess that was risking her home and marriage. After calming down a little, she tried the agency again, more in desperation than optimism.

'I hoped that you would give a call, Rehana. Something has just come in this morning, and it might be just ideal for you. Here's the phone number, and it's Prashanth Saxena you need to speak to. Mind you, the hours are a bit funny.' Rehana's heart almost burst with excitement as she tried to write down the number, and then she composed herself as best she could before ringing. Right now, any job would do, anything to bring some money in and make life a little easier again.

Eventually, she got put through to Mr Saxena who told her that he was looking for an office 'lady ' to help out his business.

'I want a girl who is prepared to work hard, looking after my admin and other jobs I have, and it is likely to involve two late evenings per week. How do you feel about that?' Rehana had to think on her feet......she was desperate for the work, and if this is all she could get for the time being, then so be it. She said it wasn't a problem, and agreed to go along to see Mr Saxena the following morning.

Saxena was in his mid fifties, silver-grey hair, tall and distinguished, with a strong presence and, smartly dressed in a dark suit with collar and tie, he gave the air of a powerful and influential entrepreneur. He showed Rehana into his plush office and told her about his business. Now he ran a big leisure company with branches all over India, and the companies involved night-clubs, hotels, bowling alleys, pleasure boats on the lakes and rivers, all over the place. His main admin office was a few Kms outside of Panaji on the banks of mandovi river where, he said, up to thirty or so cruisers and smaller boats were kept for hire, as part of the pleasure boat business. The main office was on the ground floor, which Rehana had reported to when she first arrived.

She was led up the plush wooden stairway to Saxena's big office, and noticed there were only 3 other doors on the landing....two for the gents and ladies, and the third was unAzlaned. She immediately was in awe of the big man as he towered over her, his deep voice and blue-eyed stare dominating the situation, as he showed Rehana to a chair opposite his desk.

'If you don't measure up to the hard work, you'll be out. OK? I pay my staff well, and there are good spin offs to working for this company. You can see the great view out onto the river, so it's a good office to work in, but I expect loyalty and I expect the job to get done. You get Wednesdays off but Monday and Tuesday you work from 9 'til 3 and Thursday and Friday, you work from 3 'til 9 in the evening. That's because boats are leaving or coming back from hire, especially in the summer, and I don't want paper work hanging about. That's what it is. You've got a nice office next to mine, and you keep my diary up to date when I'm not here. What's the answer?'

As he watched Rehana, Prashanth Saxena looked the Mus-lim woman deliberately up and down, taking in her firm breasts in the smart blouse, and her gorgeous tits inside her lacy black bra and her hips as she sat cross legged in the cream chiffon saree. She shivered at his icy look, as she had been put on the spot, but she had also been given a job offer. The thought of being late home on Thursday and Fridays wouldn't be very popular with Saleem, but times were desperate, and Rehana thought that really, she had no option but to accept the offer. Saleem would just have to help out with the baby sitting now and then. The salary being offered would make all the difference anyway.

'Thankyou, thankyou, Mr Saxena. You don't know how grateful I am to be offered a job again. I won't let you down.'

'I'm sure you won't, Rehana,' Saxena replied with a glint in his eye, casting his eyes over the shapely body again. 'Start Monday morning, be here sharp at 9, and I'll get one of the girls to sort your office out for you.'

Rehana drove the half hour back home with a song in her heart, and more excited than she'd been for a long time. God, they needed the money, and she couldn't fuck up on this now. Saleem would be chuffed as hell, and perhaps they could start being a happy, loving couple again!! She bought steak for dinner, Saleem seemed as excited as she was and they made love that night for the first time in ages.

Rehana drove her maruthi 800 over to Mandovi river bank on Monday morning, as nervous as hell but really excited to be back working again. She looked really smart, a well dark black saree, high heels and dark black blouse making her look really efficient and fetching at the same time. Saxena wasn't there that day, but one of the girls from the downstairs office showed Rehana to her new office upstairs, and she spent most of the day acquainting herself with the filing system, the computer, and all the other little things in her office. She could look out of her window at all the boats moving around on the river, make herself coffee whenever she wanted, and generally get used to the environment.

Rehana made a point of going downstairs to introduce herself to the rest of the staff at White Rock, and she was amazed how many of them, particularly the males, took the time out to talk to her and be as pleasant and helpful as possible. She also couldn't fail to notice how they all drank in her perfume and shapely figure, and her feminine intuition knew that eyes were watching her body as she moved around the office...was it surprising?? Rehana knew she was going to enjoy working here. Back in her office, she had already seen a big black book on her desk Azlaned 'Mr Saxena's Diary' and, noting that there was nothing booked for today, she was able to relax and just settle herself into the new surroundings. She was also aware that there was an adjoining door between her office and Saxena's, so that he could come and go without having to go out onto the landing.

Slowly, Rehana settled into the office routine, taking dictation from Saxena, meeting guests with appointments, taking calls for the boss, organising his diary etc etc, and she really began to enjoy her work. On Thursday and Friday evenings, she had to go down to the boat yard to collect time sheets from the dozen or so men who worked the boats, and on the Friday evening, Rehana would have to go back with the pay slips for all the men. She got to know these men and was even offered a trip out on the lake in one of the cruisers. She declined on that occasion, but hoped that she could do it at a later date. Life was good again!!

Her first pay cheque at the end of the month led to a little celebration with Saleem, a meal out at a nice restaurant, and then a wonderful session in bed where Rehana sucked Saleem into her beautiful mouth before swallowing all his pent up frustrations down into her accommodating throat. Things seemed to be back on calm, even keel again, and life looked rosy. Until a bombshell hit Rehana!

'Come into the office, Rehana, and close the door!' Prashanth Saxena sounded severe and commanding, but this was his usual attitude, so Rehana thought very little of it. It was first thing on a Monday morning, and she thought there would be a lot of business to attend to for the boss, but he sat behind his desk and just looked at her as she stood before him. His eyes studied Rehana's firm tits that were fighting the tight, red deep neack blouse that she wore and her pallu of the saree showed moreof the cleavage then it covered, and the more he looked, the harder her nipples became. Rehana began to blush, and tried to break the ice.

Yes, Mr Saxena? You look pretty serious. Anything wrong?'

'I think there is, Rehana. In fact, I know there is. Do you and your husband take me for a fool? Don't answer that, because I'm nobody's fool. For the last six months my overheads in the night clubs have risen sky high for no good reason, and it was only one of my sharp eyed accounts staff that noticed it.' Rehana had no idea what he was talking about, but he looked pretty frightening and menacing. Still, how could this affect her or Saleem? Saxena went on.

'I use an agency to clean the clubs, and they send about one hundred cleaners to do the work, but for the last 6 months, we have been paying a monthly invoice for THREE hundred cleaners. We have paid it in good faith, but we have been conned. And do you know who has been signing the invoice on behalf of the agency? Your husband, Rehana. Your husband has been sending an invoice for 200 staff that don't exist!! That's 200 by about Rs 3000 a month which is about,' and Saxena stood up behind his desk, even more threateningly. 'It's about Rs 6,00,000 a month, and over the six months, that's over Rs 36,00,000 . My company has been embezzled to the tune of Rs 36,00,000 , and your fucking husband has been sending the invoices.'

Rehana, by now, was frozen to the spot. The figure kept going over in her mind. Saleem did work for the financial company that looked after the agency, he did sign the invoices that went out, but there was no way in the world that he had acquired Rs 36,00,000 in the last six months.........they were in debt all over the place, including possibly losing the house, so Rehana knew exactly what the financial position was. But, what could she say to Saxena.

'Mr Saxena, I've got no idea what's been going on at my husband's company...he certainly wouldn't be stealing from you....' She was almost stuttering the words out as she was so nervous and frightened, and could see not only the loss of her new job, but possibly a big police investigation and.........oh God, it didn't bear thinking about. 'We're really hard up, Mr Saxena, with hardly any money at all, and it was only me getting this job that saved us from the bankruptcy to save our house from bank, and perhaps losing our house. You've got to believe me. There must be another reason why these mistakes have occurred,' and Rehana could feel the tears welling up in her eyes.

Saxena looked unsympathetic!

'Well, he's signing dud invoices, and now you're working for me. Seems a bit fishy, doesn't it? As though you both think I'm a soft touch who can be taken for a ride. Well, you're going to find out that I'm NOT a soft touch, and I'm going to get my money back, even if it means you both going to jail and end up in hell!!! Prashanth Saxena doesn't get taken for a ride, ever, and bigger people than you and your husband have tried and failed, so Rehana, or whatever your fuckin' name is, I should brace yourself for a trip to the Police , and then a few years inside the iron bars of a jail!' He stood only a few feet away from Rehana as she suddenly burst into tears, and she had no way to turn.

She had no ammunition to argue the situation, she could see her whole world collapsing around her, and she was likely to faint at any moment. Saleem would never steal from anybody, and she certainly had no idea how the error could have been made, but she knew that her nice new job was almost certainly over. She could only plead her innocence.

'Mr Saxena, oh my God, I don't know what's happened here, but I can only promise you that neither I nor Saleem would ever dream of embezzling anybody. I'm sure he only signs the invoices, and has no idea of how many cleaners are being used by the agency, but.....but...' Saxena didn't let her continue.

'I've thought about calling in the police right now, but I've decided to wait 24 hours, so you go home and think about all that money you and your husband owe me. Think about your kids, Rehana, and what's going to happen to them! They'll probably have to stay with relatives while you're in jail, won't they, Go home, and be back here sharp at 9o'clock tomorrow. If you don't, I'll have the police come round to your house. People like you piss me off.....you think you can get away with trying to shit on me..........well, you be here tomorrow. Now fuck off!'

It was no good saying anything else...Prashanth Saxena couldn't be argued with. Rehana drove home in a trance with all the most terrible scenarios going round in her head. She daren't talk to Saleem about it, as it would probably give him a heart attack, and she could only get back to the office next morning to try and face Saxena again. She trembled as she stood before him again.

'I've spoken to the Chief Executive of your husband's company, and I've told him in no uncertain terms what's been happening. I want my money back, and I don't care who goes where! If he finds out it was your husband screwing me, then I'll make sure that both he and you get punished like you've never thought about before. He's going to get his auditors in. So don't think this is over Rehana, because it's only just begun. As for you, well you're in deep shit, aren't you? You need money, don't you? You need a job, don't you?' He moved behind her as she sat in front of his desk, and Rehana shivered knowing that he was looking down on her from behind.

'Mr Saxena, I'm....I'm really very sorry for what's happened....really sorry. I can only say it was nothing to do with me, or Saleem, but, yes, we do need the money and I don't know what I'll do if you fire me. Please, please.........just let me stay on while the auditors look at the books........I'll do........I'll do anything to show you it wasn't me.........just give me a chance, and I promise.........I promise I'll be the best woker you've ever had.' She shivered again, the tears welling up once more.

Rehana didn't really know what she had been saying, she was just pleading her case, trying to keep hold of her job, hoping that in the meantime, the matter would be sorted out. God, what were the alternatives? Just then, she felt Saxena's hand gently grasp her black hair at the back. She almost jumped.

'Do you really think I should keep you on, Rehana, rather than sack you? Why should I keep you on?' and he carried on stroking the black hair, teasing and slowly pulling Rehana's head back until she had to look back and up into the ice eyes.

'Because I really do need the job, Mr Saxena, and I know you're not happy with what you think I've done, but I'll do anything you say, and prove to you that I'm a good worker and can be trusted.' She trembled again as she pleaded to this unforgiving man. He let go of her hair and walked round in front of his desk to face her.

'You now are going to show me just what a good 'worker' and loyal employee you are. You know the alternatives, and you don't want that, do you? What I say goes in this company and you owe me, big time. Any hint of disobedience or a failure to look after my interests, and I'll throw the book at you, so bringing in the police has been put on hold. What happens in this office has nothing to do with your husband, so you remain loyal to me and to my company, and you just do as I tell you, no matter what it may be, and you don't discuss anything outside here. Understand?' Rehana's breasts were heaving as the blood was flowing through her body. She could see Saxena looking at her up and down, and she almost cried with relief at the chance she was being given. She didn't care that he had stroked her hair, or watched her big breasts heaving in the tight blouse, she only thought of Prashanth Saxena letting her keep her job, at least for the time being. She went back into her office, sat at her desk, and just cried to herself for 5 minutes.

When she had composed herself, and had a black coffee, Rehana knocked on Saxena's door again to discuss his diary. He called her in and watched as she walked to his desk.

'Do you get good sex at home, Rehana? Does your husband fuck you well? You've sure got a hot body, so something must keep you in shape.' Rehana was initially embarrassed and shocked by the questions, but knew there was no way she could protest. Saxena had total control over her.

'Yes, I enjoy sex with my husband, and I try to keep in shape. Why do you ask, Mr Saxena?'

'Well, I think a woman like you, especially in the position you now find yourself, is a great asset, and I think that I, and my company, can train you, Rehana, to be an obedient little woman for whatever we need to achieve. Do you understand what I'm saying....I hope you do, Rehana!' Rehana looked coy and shy once more, as she had no doubt what Saxena was alluding to. She looked down at her knees, not able to look the boss in the eye, but not daring to argue with him.

'Yes, Mr Saxena, I understand what you're saying, but.........' Saxena sat down in his seat behind the plush desk.

'Go and lock my office door, Rehana, and come back and stand in front of the desk.' The Mus_lim mother trembled again, but went to the door and switched the lock over. She turned and slowly went back in front of Saxena's desk, blushing and wondering what was coming next.

'You always look very smart, but I don't like the conservative clothes you wear. I want you to wear something different in the future, particularly as I want you meeting clients and help me get more business. Understand?'

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'Well Mr Saxena, I thought that I should........'

'Too conservative! Undo the blouse, I want to see the shape of your skin.'

'B...bu...but, Mr Saxana.........'

'No buts, Rehana. Remove the saree pallu and Just undo the blouse. I want you to dress how I want from now on. Do it.' Rehana had never been propositioned like this before, and so blatantly, but Prashanth Saxena held her future in the palm of his hand and did she really have an option. Not if she didn't want to be unemployed, or have the police involved in the allegations. She took a huge breath she removed the pallu of the saree of her shoulders and began to undo the buttons on the black blouse.

'I really shouldn't be doing this, Mr Saxena. I think you're taking advantage of me.'

'Resign then, Rehana. I don't think you want to, do you, and besides, I'm not going to tell your husband if you just behave yourself and do as I say.' By now, Rehana had undone all the buttons and her skimpy red bra could be seen peeping out. She tried to hold the blouse together.

'Slip off the blouse, Rehana, and undo the saree totally.'

'God, Mr Saxena, you can't do this. I work here, I'm not a tart or your toy, pleaseeee...........,' but Prashanth Saxena just grinned as he sat back in his chair.

'Look Rehana. Let's get this clear. If you want to carry on working here, then you forget you are married and do not protest every time I ask you to do something. Got it? You're caught between a rock and a hard place, and you do as I fuckin' tell you. Now take off your blouse petticoat and saree, or walk out the door.'

Rehana shivered and trembled again, but slowly she let her blouse drop to the floor, and then she unclipped the cream saree from her petticoat onher navel As she let that slide to her feet and stepped out of it, she sensed Saxena's eyes scanning every inch of her body. The red bra was tiny and Rehana's 36 d Size breasts spilled beautifully over the top and wobbled seductively with each breath she took, and between her legs was only the tiniest red thong which left almost nothing to the imagination, apart from the actual lips of her bare vagina. She might as well have been naked, and Rehana could feel the tears start to form again. She looked at the floor, trying not to move, but fully aware that Saxena was enjoying, and milking, every second.

He made her turn round and watched the cheeks of her bottom clench tightly around the strip of material between her cheeks. He could see her fine, shapely legs in the high heels, and he could see the slim waist that still looked in good condition, even after two kids.

'If your clothes aren't hot enough in future, Rehana, then I'll make you strip off again, and work just in your panty. You can take the rest of the day off to go down to the mall to get some new outfits, but I want to see your assets from now on, so make sure the new clothes are hot and show off what you've got under them. Understand again, Rehana? That's the way it's going to be from now on. On this one occasion you can send the bill for the clothes to my office period.'

'Yes, yes, Mr Saxena. I understand. I really do.' She grabbed her clothes, rushed into her office, and slumped in her chair. There was no doubt that she would have to do as he said, but would she have the nerve to dress in the office as he had instructed. There was a daring feeling within her, though, that perhaps she might enjoy some new, sexy sarees more see through blouses, and if it was going to get her on the right side of the boss, then it wasn't such a hard task after all. Rehana spent the afternoon looking round the boutiques.

That night, she let Saleem fuck her, but all the time she was thinking back to Prashanth Saxena watching her take her clothes off in his office and, although it filled her with dread, it also gave her an excited tingle in her loins and it didn't take her long to come to a wonderful orgasm with her husband's lund pounding away inside her.

'That's much better, Rehana. It seems you've taken my advice.' She was in Saxena's office again, at 3 on Thursday afternoon. She had dressed and got out of the house, and driven the car over to White Rock wearing such a hot outfit. Her shoes were 4inch white heels, she was bare back most ofher back was seen in her black les blouse, and the white, chiffon saree was tight and only came half way down her navel just below it and worn tight overher big hips and they swayed as she walke dinthe tight saree the outlookof her thighs could also be measured in that saree. The top was a button down pink blouse, and Rehana had bought a stunning new bra which held her breasts up impossibly high so they looked like a hard, jutting platform. She looked stunning.

'Yes, Mr Saxena. I hope you approve.'

'I do, I do,' and he walked towards her and ran his finger down between her breasts, opening three blouse buttons as he did, so that most of Rehana's thrusting tits were now on view. 'Leave it, Rehana, leave it like that. Now get your pad, I want to dictate a letter before you go down to the boat yard.' As she sat on her chair taking the letter details, Rehana knew the saree was right up round her thighs and could probably see her elastic petticoat just trying to nudgepass her saree clips, but again the tingling came back to her and she just carried on. She felt heady, embarrassed but a little horny period.

At the end of the dictation, Rehana rose to return to her office, but was interrupted by Saxena.. 'I like the outfit Rehana, but I don't want panty. When you've typed the letter, bring it back and don't have your panty on. OK?'

'Mr Saxena, you're not really treating me with any respect, are you? I don't.......'

'No lady, no respect, but you'll just have to put up with that, won't you. Just answer this question. Do you want to keep this job, knowing what we do, and knowing that I'm going to treat you just how I want, and have you behaving just how I want, whenever I want? Go on, answer it' Rehana just bowed her head and knew full well that he was in complete control of her, and could do anything he wanted.

'Yes, Mr Saxena, I want the job,' and she turned and went back to her own room, her head down again. Of course, when she returned with the typed letter a few minutes later, she saw Prashanth Saxena grinning as he could see the wonderful breasts now free from the bra. Rehana's nipples now poked hard at the tight blouse which still had the 3 buttons undone, showing off the solid flesh of the glorious mounds.

'Come round this side of the desk,' he instructed. Rehana sidled around to where Saxena was sitting, and came close as he beckoned. As she stood by his seat, Saxena looked into her eyes and then ran his hand up the inside of the thin saree over from her navel then to her stomach and preesed the some what flat tummy of hers. Rehana closed her eyes and felt the big, firm hand on her thighs as it crept up and up her skin right to the top of her legs and then......oh GOD, she could feel her boss's hand on her bare pussy. She daren't move.

'Good girl, Rehana. I can see you're becoming an obedient woman, and it will benefit you in the long run. You keep yourself shaved, don't you?'

'Mr Saxena, is this really necessary?....... Oh my God, not there, Mr Saxena.........oh God, pleeeeeeease........,' but she couldn't move as his fingers expertly ran up and down her cunt lips and found her clit. It was starting to get hard and flower, something that Rehana didn't want to happen, but now that it was, she couldn't tear herself away. Saxena kept up the massage, feeling his 'Randhi' starting to get wet between her legs, and watching her breasts start to heave in the tight, pink blouse. Then he suddenly stopped, leaving Rehana stuck between excitement and shame.

'Yes, Rehana, as long as you obey me and my instructions, we're going to get along fine. Now, take this letter down to Shashikumar in accounts downstairs, and from now on, no panties. Understand?' Rehana turned to go. 'Oh and by the way, undo another blouse button before you go. Now, Rehana!'

Rehana made her way down the landing stairs with no underwear and 4 of her blouse buttons undone, showing an obscene amount of her tits moving about on full view. She was a complete submissive to Saxena now, shaking with embarrassment at the way her integrity and respect had been stripped from her, but seeing very little alternative. She had stripped to her panty, she had been ordered not to wear panty at all, and the boss had put his hand up her saree and openly played with her cunt, making her wet. Blackmail was leading Rehana down a very dangerous path, but Saxena could make things a whole lot worse if he wanted. She was trapped!!!

She almost ran through the accounts section, looking for Shashikumar, and this only made her tits bounce up and down without any protection. Her face was flushed and nearly everybody in the section stopped to look at the wonderful body moving quickly across the floor. There were smiles, winks, and smirks, and Rehana knew that everybody was watching her, and she got back to her office as quickly as possible. God, she felt hot and excited, as well as ashamed at her actions.

Over the weeks, Rehana got used to not wearing panty to the office, and eventually coped with the rest of the staff ogling her hot figure. More and more people tried to engage her in conversation at any opportunity, and she always caught some trying to see down her blouse or look up her navle and her ass in her tight thin sarees. Although now back to fucking Saleem on a regular basis, when she was not at work, Rehana missed the thrills that she was now getting at the office. Occasionally, Prashanth Saxena would surprise her by checking up her saree, and she just had to stand there and enjoy his hand playing with her cunt.......she had no option, and actually it was quite nice.

'No, no, Mr Saxena.........,' she moaned on one occasion as his hand was up her thin saree. It was beautifully worn thin and almost transprent, as instructed, with a V-neck blouse, and she looked delectable, but today, Saxena's finger had pushed open her cunt lips and he was pushing up inside her.......for the first time.

'You've got a hot cunt, Rehana, really hot. Pull the saree up to your waist.' Her eyes closed and Rehana shivered. This is going too far! But like a zombie on batteries, Rehana held the material and gently pulled it up to her waist, revealing her naked skin and Saxena's finger buried right up inside her. He felt good inside her, but Rehana would never say so, and then he pushed another finger inside.

'Umm, ummmm..........Mr Saxena, no, no, you can't..........God........,' and the boss just smiled as he gently pushed his digits in and out of the receptive body.

'Very good, Rehana. You're very good, aren't you? Now, you join me. You run your fingers over your clit and see how hot you are!'

Rehana certainly was beginning to feel horny and the erotic feelings were welling up in her body, but how could she give in and admit that her desires were overtaking her?

'Do it, Rehana. You have no choice, do you....and anyway, you know you want to'

She closed her eyes, and bit her tongue and then Rehana lowered one hand while the other held the saree and the petticout up. Her fingers touched her clit and it was on fire. Rob was in her cunt with his fingers and Rehana was now caressing her clit, and the scene was set! Nothing was said as both concentrated on bringing more and more relief to a body that was now aching for satisfaction.

'Say you like it, Rehana. Say you want to go on and get off. Go on chinal , say the words.' The words hit Rehana like a bullet and, far from turning her off, to think that she was Saxena's chinal made her worse, and her fingers moved up a gear to pummel her clit much harder. Saxena grinned and just kept pushing in and out, in and out, and it was obvious Rehana was going to have an orgasm.

'Lean against the desk, chinal, just lean back and finish yourself off.' Rehana did just that, and Saxena took out his fingers and watched his 'randhi' against his desk, now rubbing both her clit and up and down her cunt lips. Saxena had got Rehana to play with herself and bring herself off with her saree held right up, and it was yet the next stage of the procedure to turn this wife and mother into a sex chinal who was totally compliant. Rehana 'came' in a wonderful orgasm, her legs wobbling, her tits heaving, and her breathing almost hard, and she almost collapsed back across Saxena's desk.

At home that night, Saleem climbed aboard his wife and went through the motions of fucking Rehana, but again she thought back to the powerful way that Prashanth Saxena had controlled her body and mind, giving her one of the best orgasms she'd ever had. What was it about this man? She tried to be kind and loving to Saleem, and she made all the right sounds, but the 'Va, Va Voom' of being completely dominated by Saxena just wasn't there, even though Rehana knew that she shouldn't be involved in anything at all with her boss. She couldn't help it, she was imprisoned in this chain of events and daren't think about what the future held.

On Thursday afternoon, while Saleem was at work, Rehana chose yet another outfit for her late shift at the office. She walked through the main entrance of the White Rock offices at five to three with her head held high. It was a warm, sunny day and Rehana looked like a hot model on an assignment. She was all in red...........her strappy slippers were high heeled and red, her pleated light chifon saree was red and the blouse she wore was almost a size too small, and red. Of course, she wore no panty, and the cotton blouse clung to every curve including the fabulous breasts which were thrusting the hard nipples out magnificently. Her tummy looked slim and sexy under the saree which only came down to 4 or 5 cms below her navel..........Saxena would certainly be pleased.

Other staff stopped in their tracks when they saw Rehana, and at least two men stopped to watch her walk up the stairs to her office, hoping to see the tops of her boobs and perhaps her nipples...little did they know. Saxena immediately asked her to come into his office and told her he would be accompanying her to the boat shed that evening as he had a little surprise for her.

'Let's make sure you're suitably attired, Rehana. You look splendid. Lean over my desk....right over! I can see your tits are not assisted by a bra, but I want to make sure under your saree' Rehana knew not to argue any more, and put her hands on Saxena's big desk.

'No, Rehana. Right down, with your head on the desk.' She slowly lowered her arms and then put her head down onto her arms for comfort. She knew that the red saree was moving up the backs of her knees, and that saxena would be able to see the cheeks of her stunning ass in her thin saree.

'I'm doing what you said, Mr Saxena. I'm not wearing any, I promise.'

'Just checking,' and his hand wandered round Rehana's thighs, up and up, and then he began to caress her wonderful ass, round and round, closer to between Rehana's legs. He then ran his finger right along the lips of the waiting cunt.....Rehana was soaking.

'You're wet already, Rehana.coming to work and you're wet. You must be getting used to your role here? Now I want just to give you a little warning, young woman, of what you can expect should you ever try to avoid my instructions, or become a little disobedient. Just spread your legs a little, and arch your back

'No, no, Mr Saxena....I just.....I'm.....oh my God....' Rehana tried to bluff.

'Just do as I say, Rehana, and it won't take very long.' As he spoke, Saxena continued to stroke Rehana's bottom, and he lifted the thin red saree right up over the sexy bottom so that it rested in the small of Rehana's back, leaving her bottom completely exposed. She had obediently arched her back and her legs were now wide apart. Saxena placed his hand in the small of Rehana's back and then, suddenly, he slapped the beautiful skin with his huge hand, right across both cheeks of the waiting ass.

'Arrrrr..........., Mr Saxena, why are you........oh my God, no Mr Saxena.....the Azlans, the.........,' but Saxena crashed the second spank across the same spot and already the skin was turning a soft shade of pink. Rehana felt the shame and pain in equal proportions. After the third strike, Saxena rubbed Rehana's bottom and also felt the wetness getting worse between her legs. Rehana didn't know whether to cry or scream at the erotic pain welling up in her gand.

'Just a dozen, Rehana, and you will know that I mean business when I tell you to do something. Understand?' and the fourth crash of his hand landed again on both cheeks of the shapely ass that Rehana had pushed out for her boss. She had been spanked a few times by Saleem, but never anything as serious or forceful as this. Rehana could only close her eyes and try to stay still as Saxena pinned her over the desk with his hand.

'Mr Saxena, I...I....I understand,' and she could feel the tears start to form in her eyes, but she could also feel the erotic and sensuous feelings in her stomach and certainly the tingling in her cunt. His strength of character, and the ease with which Prashanth Saxena controlled her was a wonderful aphrodisiac to Rehana, and, in spite of her shame, she only wished that Saleem would sometimes control her like this at home. By the time Saxena was issuing the tenth, eleventh and twelfth slaps to Rehana's hot big fair gaand, she was sobbing gentle tears, but her cunt was almost dripping her juices down the insides of her thighs.

Prashanth Saxena finished by playing in Rehana's juices, running his fingers round the tops of her legs and then easing a finger right into her open cunt. She was running like a waterfall.

'Just a taster, Rehana, of what you are liable to receive in the future if your objections become too persistent. Understand?' As Rehana slumped on the desk, her breasts heaving and her bottom stinging from the impromptu punishment, she could still feel her juices meandering slowly around her vagina and thighs.

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I...I......I understand Mr Saxena. I do my best to obey your instructions, don't I, and I'm sorry I am very.........wettttt.........I'm sorry I'm wet down there,' and Rehana had to hide her face as she blushed from her embarrassing admission.

'Don't worry, I like it, and it's ideal for later,' and Prashanth slid his finger along the wet cunt again. 'Be back here at 6.30, and we'll go down to the boat yard.'

'Ideal for later, Mr Saxena? What.....what do you mean?' but he just grinned and indicated for Rehana to return to her office.

With some trepidation, Rehana knocked on Saxena's door at 6.30, and soon they were at the side of the river, walking along the tow path to the boat yard. The warm breeze occasionally blew her stomach and to show off her thighs, but the sun was still warm and Rehana could feel the sun coming through her blouse to arouse her nipples again. When they walked through the door of the work shop, all eyes turned to see the sexy, Mus-Lim woman whose tits were now definitely hard and excited. She knew most of the men on first name terms by now, and she also knew that they feasted on her hot little figure as much as they could every time she visited. Up until now, it had just been playful banter.......!

The dozen or so men gathered round as Saxena didn't visit the boat house very often, and Rehana listened nervously.

'It's been another good month, men, in the boat yard, and I thought I would come down with our sexy, little lady to give you a little reward. You know Rehana is my 'Girl Well, I've been making sure she knows her place in the office, and in the yard, so perhaps you would like to see more of her. Rehana......take off your blouse, there's a good little girl.' Rehana looked startled and dumbfounded.

'Mr Saxena......I can't do.........I can't........., what, in front of all these men? You know I'm shy and...........' but she couldn't finish.

'And you know, Rehana, don't you, that you are employed to do as I say, when I say it. There's a good little lady. Don't disappoint the men.........they'd love to see your beautiful breasts, and we can see that you're aroused already. Just do it....now, or do you want the men to witness another bout of punishment like we had in the office just now?' and his voice was as firm as ever. Rehana looked around at the watching eyes, and then down at her 'fuck me' in embarrassment. There was a deathly hush and then she slowly held the fisrt button of the red blouse and just slid her pallu of the saree from her shoulders.

'That's a good girl,' said Saxena and Rehana could feel her heart beating she unbuttoned the blouse she lifted the material up and up, higher and higher until the blouse came over her fiar tummy towards her breasts. Because of its smallness, Rehana had to really pull the blouse, and then it sprung over the big tits and there was a wonderful cheer from the men as Rehana finally took the garment over her head. She was now topless, and her breasts looked magnificent with hard, brown, long nipples poking out at the onlookers. Never before had she been so embarrassed, stripping in front of a group of men, and all she could do was stand there, trying to hold her arms over her fabulous attributes. Saxena broke the atmosphere again.

'Now, that wasn't too bad was it? But I've got a little present for you, Rehana. Come over to the work bench,' and Saxena led the way to the middle of the room where there was a huge, wooden carpenter's work bench. It was flat, about 6' long and 3' wide, covered in shavings from cut wood.
'Put a sheet or something on the bench for the lady, and then help her onto the bench.' Quickly, a sheet was laid across the bench, and one of the muscular guys picked Rehana up like a feather.

'No, no....Mr Saxena, what are you doing? Please, no, no, please, don't.......' but she saw Saxena just grinning at her and all she could do was allow the boat yard worker to lift her up onto the wooden bench. Then, as the men gathered either side of the bench, Saxena passed a blindfold to one of the men who quickly put it over the eyes of the sexy prisoner. She was unable to prevent this as her arms were held at her sides, and immediately Rehana could feel big, strong hands caressing her tummy and thighs. Prashanth Saxena just stood at the foot of the bench watching the gorgeous 'Randhi' try and cover herself and draw up her knees, but it was pointless.

Saxena had brought Rehana down to the boat house so that the men could enjoy her body. They had lusted after the prim and shy woman since she had started working for the company, and now the boss had more or less handed her to them for 'playtime.' Topless, and with no panties on, Rehana was helpless.

'Mr Saxena....oh my God, pleeeeeeeease, no, no,' but hands were on her tits, mauling and toying with the nipples, and her saree along with the peticout had been pulled right up so that her bare cunt was on view. A hand was on each ankle, slowly easing the golden thighs apart, and then Rehana felt a rasping tongue lick her cunt lips. She flinched in shock.

'Ughhh, no, no, I'm not that sorrrrtttt..........oh my God..........,' but the tongue didn't stop, it just kept going up and down the beautiful vagina. Other mouths were on her breasts, licking and nibbling at the hard nipples, a finger was pushed in and out of her mouth, and Rehana could feel herself getting wet again. Her moans increased, from disgust, shame and......she couldn't admit it, from embarrassed excitement. Fantasies were for the mind only, never to be enacted or come true, but Rehana was now in the middle of a dream that was now frighteningly real, and she didn't know whether to scream, cry or relax.

As mouths on her cunt exchanged places, licking her harder and deeper, Rehana knew that she was gradually becoming soaking wet between her legs, and she realised that her legs had been moved wide apart. Suddenly, a finger was moved up inside her, another set of fingers was playing on her clit, and then she heard Saxena's voice.

'Here, just hold this in her, and I'll do the rest.' God, what was going to happen now, thought Rehana. She couldn't see anything, but she sensed the men stop for a moment, just at the moment that she began to ache in her loins, having accepted that she just might be enjoying this terrible violation. As her thighs were held apart, suddenly a huge, cold, rubber object was moved to the entrance of her cunt. It was useless to protest again....did she want to protest? It was black, it was life-like and Rehana felt the thickness of the girth open her lips wide.

As the men and Saxena watched attentively, the huge toy was pushed gently an inch or two into the opening cunt. Saleemwas not like this, with only an average size lund to try and satisfy Rehana, and this was sooooooo different. Rehana held her breath and felt herself being opened wider and wider by the veined object.

'Ah, ah, ahhhh, umm, ummmmmmm,' and the lund-like rubber toy was gently being pushed up and down inside her. Hands still played on her breasts, and caressed her ankles and thighs, but her mind concentrated on the huge weapon as it went further and further into her body, stretching her vagina beautifully. God, she felt so full as the toy reached deeply within her, and then Prashanth Saxena spoke again.

'Just hold it inside her, as far as you can,' and Rehana squirmed a little as the toy was held right in the depths of her cunt, filling her like she'd never been filled before.

'Uhhhhh.......' and Rehana moaned deeply as suddenly she felt the soft hum of the vibrator come into play. Saxena grinned as he held the remote control in his hand. He began slowly, pointing the control at Rehana's waist, and then he increased the strength. The hands held Rehana firmly as she began to moan.

'Watch her go boys,' teased Saxena, as Rehana's body started to moan and struggle, but she didn't speak a word. The vibrator was right up her and was beginning to whirr with greater force, and Rehana's reactions were predictable. She lifted her ass off the bench and then back down again. Her bottom squirmed, her breasts heaved and wobbled, and the men allowed her to bend up her knees, although they still held them as wide as possible. The rubber toy was held firmly inside as far as possible, and Saxena kept turning up the power until he was at maximum.

'Oh my God,..... oh my God..........., Mr Saxena, Mr Ham..........Rehanat, ahhhhhhhhh.......' and words then failed her as she knew that the whole audience was going to watch her come to a crashing orgasm with only a few more seconds of this fantastic punishment. For the last few seconds, the vibrator was pushed at speed in and out of her cunt, and Rehana's bottom humped up and down on the bench, trying to get the rubber lund farther up inside her as she had now cast all care and embarrassment aside.

'Yes, yes, harder............harder, harder, inside me.........right up ins........ahhhhhhhhh,' and the orgasm from the thick pretend lund thrust all over her body, washing guilt and shame away as it lifted Rehana into another world for a few moments. Her tits heaved, her mouth lolled open, and she felt as if she had been fucked by a huge, oversized penis, but Rehana had to admit to herself that it had been one of the greatest orgasms that she could ever remember, and her body was still shivering from the effects minutes later. The men watched her subside gently, and then Saxena spoke.

'That's all for tonight, men. Plenty more occasions to play with the chinal, so you'll have to be patient. Get her down and tidy her up. Rehana, get back to my office and wait for me there.' Eventually, after being lifted off the bench, and trying to hide her face in shame, Rehana was allowed to totter back to the office, sore between her legs, but immensely satisfied and totally ashamed. She was dressed properly and had been able to tidy herself up by the time Saxena returned.

'I'm not going to ask you whether you enjoyed that, because you'll only lie. You're the office chinal now, Rehana, and you will provoke anything that I want you to. If I want you to fuck the cleaner, you'll do it. If I want you to kneel on the floor and lick the typist, you'll do it. You understand? It's because you're now the office chinal. What are you?'

'Mr Saxena, I can't say it, I really can't. I know you have a hold over me, and I can only say that I'm trying to show loyalty to the company for the trouble you think I and my husband have caused, but I'm too shy to even talk dirty, so if you.........'

'You're doing very well, Rehana, really well, but I've been training you to be the office chinal, and that is what you're going to be while you work here. Now, say it, Rehana. Say it!'

'Oh, Mr Saxena,..........oh, God,' and Rehana closed her eyes and looked at the floor. 'I'm the ..........I'm the off.....I'm the office chinal,' and the words just flew from her mouth.

'Good, that's right. That's so right. Now, go home and I'll see you at three tomorrow afternoon. Oh, and by the way, I want you wearing a dress tomorrow, one that buttons right down the front from top to bottom. Understand?' Sheepishly, Rehana nodded her head in the affirmative.

Rehana threw the car into gear and flew down the highway, knowing that she was now treading an unknown path which might never end. Could she still look Saleem in the eye? She did look Saleem in the eye, about 6 hours later when he was trying to lick his wife into another orgasm, with little success.

'Come on Saleem, harder, lick me harder, push your tongue right up into my cunt.' Rehana held her husband's hair and tried to jam his head right into her, but it was no good, her mind kept returning to the display she had put on for the men that evening. The way she had been completely dominated and controlled, the anonymous way that strange hands had been allowed to wander all over her intimate parts, including licking and fingering her cunt, and then the way such a giant vibrator had been held inside her while the men watched her reach a shattering orgasm, had been so fantastic that her husband's feeble little efforts were now making little headway in exciting Rehana to anything approaching satisfaction.

Saleem and Rehana both went to sleep feeling a certain amount of frustration, for differing reasons Rehana was dreaming, such a vivid dream, and she tossed and turned as it went on and on. She dreamt of strong hands caressing her feminine folds, while a rasping tongue invaded her pussy, and as she began to drift away in ecstasy, a sharp burst of pain caught her attention. Hands rained down on her vulnerable and outstretched backside, and it was becoming both exciting and passionate. She felt helpless, yet more alive than at any time in her life. It was unlike any other dream Rehana had ever experienced before. She dreamed of men, men with lust and adoration in their eyes, men that bent her body and mind to their will, their desires, so she was writhing in pleasure, forbidden and unstoppable. She loved it, Oh GOD SHE LOVED IT ALL!! And somewhere, soft and distant in the background, she heard Prashanth Saxena laughing at her.

Suddenly, Rehana awoke into the real world with a start. The bedroom was very still except for the sound of her heavy breathing. She quickly noticed that Saleem's side of the bed was empty; he must have already headed in to work. As Rehana's groggy eyes continued to scan the room, there, in the corner, lay her little red saree from the night before, when she had tried to entice Saleem into satisfying her insatiable body. Some hope, thought Rehana!!

Then it hit Rehana, with a terrible mental thud... It hadn't been a dream at all, Oh GOD, it HADN'T been a dream!! Saxena had put her through this degrading act at work, with all the men in the boat house, and Rehana realised that the previous evening, she had been put on the first rung of the ladder of the nightmare that would turn her into Saxena's obedient, submissive, grovelling little office chinal.

As she looked at a framed picture of herself and Saleem on their wedding day, on the bedroom mantelpiece, a powerful fright swept through Rehana. She felt like screaming and running away, repulsed by what she had been made to do at the boathouse.

What had happened? Unexplainable, unbelievable, irrational, impossible: Rehana knew she was running out of words but she hadn't found one yet to fit. How was it possible, she just couldn't understand it? Nothing, absolutely NOTHING in her life had prepared her for what had happened last night. She had allowed Saxena to spank her bottom like she was a disobedient child. She had dressed like a complete chinal and cavorted in front of all those men like a bitch in heat. Worst of all, she had betrayed her poor, poor husband, Saleem, and felt so ashamed.

Later tonight, after her afternoon shift, Rehana knew she must talk with Saleem about the cause of all this. She must discuss the enquiry into the overpayments that the company where Saleem worked had invoiced to the Saxena Company. Together she and Saleem would find a way out of this terrible situation. Together they could overcome whatever pitfalls were in their way. If last night was any indication, Saxena wasn't going to be happy with just a lustful leer and a tease any longer, and Rehana's situation was liable to get worse. She had to muster her courage and talk with Saleem. Rehana was ashamed to admit to herself that she felt herself slowly submitting to the power and control of Saxena, and she was slowly finding it harder and harder to put up any resistance.

Guilt washed over her as she remembered how last night she had fantasised and dreamt about her authoritative boss, while her modest husband vainly tried to please her in bed. Rehana would have to put an end to this before it overwhelmed her whole life, and, yes, together Saleem and she would face this injustice, Rehana tried to convince herself.

However, still the seeds of doubt crept into Rehana's thoughts as she swore she could hear Mr Saxena laughing sarcastically in the distance as she tripped over her strappy, red, high heels whilst she made her way to the bath.

Later in the day, at 3pm, Rehana pulled her car off the road into the car park at bank of the river Mandovi, where she worked, at the headquarters of Prashanth Saxena's business empire in Goa. She had pondered why her husband, Saleem, had still made no mention of any sort of enquiry into the overpayments. Perhaps he knew nothing about it, or perhaps he didn't want to worry Rehana. Either way, Rehana knew that Saleem would know how to deal with the situation, but she was caught up in the fury of Prashanth Saxena, and was ashamed to admit to herself that his domination was slowly taking control of her life. She couldn't simply walk away from her job because she and her husband desperately needed the income to keep the family solvent. She took a deep breath as she entered the offices, about to begin her late shift which would go on until 9pm.

In spite of her precarious position, and the way Saxena had begun to dominate her, she did have to admit that she enjoyed coming to work, she enjoyed the money and, if she was perfectly honest, her submissive nature and complete capitulation to what was happening to her, filled her with an exciting nervousness that had never been part of her life before. Saxena was controlling her life, dictating what she wore and, in fact, he had openly told her that he was training her to be the compliant office chinal.

Rehana knew that this should revolt her, she should call a halt to how she was being treated, but the circumstances of her position just made it completely impossible. She was trapped by Saxena, and perhaps her own secret desires. But she loved her husband and had come too close to betraying him in the most unfaithful way. So she HAD to discuss the events with Saleem that evening, even though Saxena still had the power to call in the police at any time over the alleged embezzlement of lakhs of rupees.

At home with Saleem, unfortunately, things had begun to get a little tense between the two of them. Saleem was acting as though nothing had happened at all, and yet Saxena believed that Saleem's company had tried to embezzle him out of lakhs of prupees, and he also believed that Saleem, and possibly Rehana as well, were behind the scam. Saxena, quite naturally, was not happy, and had begun to take it out on Rehana, in quite a brutal manner. Yet, at home, Saleem had not mentioned a single word to his wife. Why was this so?

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If Saleem had been trying to embezzle Prashanth Saxena's company, he had certainly kept it a secret from Rehana. If he hadn't, then the auditors that had now been called in should certainly be able to get to the bottom of the problem. But Rehana didn't know how to bring the subject up at home. She thought that as long as she exhibited a little tit and ass at the office, then Saxena would be appeased, and the matter would die a natural death. She had gotten into the routine at work, and they did desperately need the money, so for the time being, Rehana decided that it was still wise to keep the problem to herself until she could face Saleem. Last night had taught Rehana that Prashanth Saxena was gradually turning her into a chinal with the way he treated her, and she knew that he would not stop in his domination. She had to tell her husband before it was too late, she just HAD to, despite the tension between them.

Part of the tension at home was now created by the fact that Rehana wanted to be treated with more firmness, and more control by her husband. She wished that on occasions, Saleem would dominate her the way that Saxena dominated her. She loved her husband desperately, and their children, but she just wished her husband would command her in the bedroom, would be forceful in his demands, but no matter what little hints Rehana dropped, she still had that feeling of frustration after they had made love...and it had got to the point where she was beginning to feel just a little bit of contempt towards her husband's physical efforts.

As an indication of the way her life was being controlled by Saxena, she was dressed just as he had ordered the previous evening, and she knew it was flattering to her fabulous figure. It was a yellow saree, tight and very thin, and it complimented her glorious fair skin on this hot, summer day at White Rock. The blouse was also yellow with a low neck line that plunged down to reveal the big breasts that bounced as Rehana moved. She looked hot, the cheeks of her firm bottom almost visible under the yellow saree, the black high heeled sandals accentuating her bare, shapely legs, and she could feel the warm, summer breeze circulating all round her body, particularly between her legs, which only had the scantiest of thongs to protect her womanly charms from the elements. The hot, 5.3’’' tall Mus_lim Mother of two smiled as she went up the stairs to her office.After making herself a coffee, Rehana booted up her computer and started to get to work when the door adjoining Saxena's office suddenly swung open.

'Nice, very nice indeed, I'm so glad to see that you dressed as instructed. Now stand up and put your hands on the desk top so that I can inspect my chinal,' Saxena bellowed forcefully, an evil smile crossing his face. This was a sudden shock to the start of Rehana's afternoon, but she had no alternative but to rise to her feet and position herself just as instructed, leaning on the desk.

Saxena moved behind the body in the yellow saree, and his fingers slowly traced the curves of Rehana's backside down four or five inches to the hem of her very thin sareee. Rehana caught her breath as she felt her saree being raised revealing the thigs then bottom of her ass cheeks. Then, suddenly, panic hit her as she realized that she had forgotten to take off the thong that she wore to and from work.

Saxena's orders, right from the beginning, had told Rehana in no uncertain terms to not wear any undergarments while in his employ. However, it just wasn't practical to drive around in the hot Panaji heat with her vagina exposed, so Rehana had taken to wearing a thong to protect herself, and would remove it and replace it as she came and went from work...if she remembered!!! She must have been so distracted by her predicament that she forgot to go through her normal routine that afternoon.

'I am very disappointed in you, Rehana.' Mr Saxena said as he violently ripped the thong from between her legs. 'Such a disobedient chinal, and so disrespectful to her Master; this simply will not do.'

Rehana was again shocked, the abrupt pain so embarrassing as Saxena ripped the little garment from her body, and then even further humiliation as she felt Saxena grab her arms and pull them back and upwards forcing her head down onto the hard surface of her desk.

'I thought you were coming along so nicely, but it looks like I still have a lot to teach you.' His voice was firm and menacing, and Rehana shuddered as her head was pushed down onto the desk from the force of Saxena on her arms.

'Listen to me now, Rehana, and listen carefully. This is NOT a game,' Saxena warned as he slowly slid his belt from his trousers.

'Please let me go, let me up, this hurts,' Rehana begged, her voice full of fear and dread. He ignored her.

'Now, to deal with your insolence, Rehana. How dare you demand that I let you up? How dare you demand anything of me? I govern you, don't I?' Saxena did not wait for a response, but swung his belt against the outstretched and vulnerable bottom that was bent so beautifully over the desk.

'Ouch, aghhhhh,' moaned Rehana. Saxena didn't stop.

Over and over again he wielded the belt, lashing into Rehana's luscious fair big gaand until she screamed in pain.

'Aaaghhhhh, no, no, aaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhggg,' but the belt kept coming until Rehana begged. 'Please, please, agggggg, just, ohhhh, please stop, Mr Saxena.'

Rehana was terrified, how far did he intend to push her? The pain was intense, yet her body was betraying her, because somewhere in the back of her mind, Rehana could picture Prashanth Saxena's strong arm wielding the belt against her naked bottom, and the image strangely aroused her aching and stinging emotions.

Again, another shower of blows landed across her reddening bottom. By now, Rehana's ass was agony, and the blow upon blow on her sensitive behind was very, very painful. Rehana bit her lower lip, and tears started to flow down her face. Saxena was dominating and punishing the hot body, and the pain was just a terrible bi-product of the harsh lesson. Rehana opened her lips to speak.

'Sshh,' Saxena instructed, putting a finger to her lips, and continuing softly, 'Don't say another word, Rehana. I don't want to punish you again. For as long as you're in my employ, you have no rights - no rights at all, do you?' he emphasized.

'You do only what I allow you to do. If I prohibit you from wearing any undergarments, you had better comply. You belong to me completely. You will exist only to please me. It's your last warning!'

Rehana was crying openly now, as her head lay upon the desk. Saxena was silent for a few moments, listening to the distraught woman. Then he spoke, his voice soft, but so commanding.

'Rehana, I want you to beg me for forgiveness, and I want you to beg me to punish you for being disrespectful to me. I will not stop disciplining you until you do so.'

Before he could raise the belt again, Rehana wallowed through her tears,

'Please forgive me, Sir! Please punish me some more for being disrespectful to you.' Saxena paused for effect.

'OK, Rehana. That's an obedient little chinal. I forgive you. Now make me proud of my decision to keep you on instead of giving you the sack.' He was offering a little crumb of comfort as he released the pressure on her arms and allowed her to tentatively lift her head from the surface of her desk.

'Tha - tha - thank you, Sir! I promise that I'll work even harder for you and make you so very proud of me.' Rehana knew the right words to enthusiastically offer as the pain in her bottom continued its awesome radiation throughout her body.

'Now be a good girl and get back to work. I've left you some instructions in an e-mail and I expect for you to follow them implicitly. Understand? If you don't, then there will be hell to pay when I return.' And with that, Saxena strode out of her office.

Rehana tried to rub her bottom to take away the terrible pains and the stinging sensations, and gradually she moved around to her computer and opened up her e-mail. She couldn't sit down so she stood and panned over her incoming messages, and immediately her eyes were drawn to the new one from Prashanth Saxena. She read it immediately::

Good afternoon, Rehana. I hope you enjoyed the events of last evening, although I am sure you realise that at no time did I allow the men to touch you with their lunds, as much as they wanted to. However, your training as the office chinal is now beginning to reap rewards and will continue, so never forget just what the alternatives are!!'

Rehana shivered and a chill went down her spine as she painfully remembered the force of the belt which had just dug into her exposed bottom.

' I am sorry that I have been called away on urgent business, but go down to the boat yard to collect the work sheets at 6 and be back in your office by 7o'clock. The men have been instructed not to take advantage of your presence.

A number of staff have requested that you appear on their computers as a 'screen saver', or on the boat yard walls in calendar form, so I have arranged for these wishes to be granted, and a member of staff will come to your office this evening at 7, so be there! Do everything that is asked of you, Rehana, ensure you are totally obedient and comply with all requests. Any disobedience will be reported to me at a later time, and I don't think I have to say again what role you are expected to fulfil in this company. Do not disappoint me, Rehana. As we agreed last evening, you are now regarded as the office chinal, and your duties are to act accordingly. I will be by later to check on your progress and, unless you want a repeat of the scene we just experienced with the belt, do make me proud.'

That was it! Nothing more, just those chilling words and instructions in black and white for Rehana to digest. She sipped at her coffee, and tried to concentrate on other new Mails, but the words kept going over and over in her mind... 'screen saver,' and 'calendar.' What did it all mean?

Rehana collected the work sheets from the men at the boat yard and was back in her office well by 7o'clock. There had been lewd whistles, lots of smirks and giggles when she was at the boat yard by the lake, but Rehana was able to just smile a coy smile, collect the sheets and leave for the short walk in the evening sun back to her office. Her ass was still sore but had eased a little and she was now able to sit on her chair without the agony firing through her body. She almost jumped when her door knocked at dead on 7, but breathed a sigh of relief to see two of the women from the accounts office waiting. Rehana smiled.

'Come in, come in, how can I help you?' She knew the two women quite well from going down to the accounts office on occasions for Mr Saxena, and thought nothing of their visit. Smrithi was around 50 but still had a firm figure with short, dark, hair and Anusha was about 20, and had only been with the company for about 6 months. She was beautiful, with dark hair brushed neatly down her back, and long, shapely legs and a figure that was curved in all the right places. Both women were 5'6/5'7, and Rehana noticed that smrithi carried a brief case as the two women entered her office.

'I think Mr Saxena said you would be expecting us, didn't he Rehana, as he sent me a copy of the Email,' said Mrs smrithi, and then it suddenly hit Rehana that these WOMEN were the visitors that Saxena had arranged. Oh my God, she thought, what is happening, why have Anu and smrithi come to see me on behalf of Prashanth Saxena? Smrithi continued with a chilling smile.

'Mr Saxena's instructions were to take some appropriate shots of you which he will want on his desk when we're finished. OK Rehana? Hopefully, you won't object, as you know how he will want me to give him a full report when he comes in later tonight. Anu and I will organise it all for you, and in the bag are a few things that we might want to use later. No problems, then, Rehana, so shall we get started,' and she opened the bried case and began to take out a digital camera.

Rehana could only stare, open mouthed, and it took her a few seconds to take in what the older woman was saying. These two women had been sent, by Saxena, to take pictures of her for the rest of the staff to use...what sort of pictures, and why TWO women?

'What sort of pictures are they, then, Smrithi?' Rehana asked innocently, already very nervous. She had got used to Mr Saxena giving her orders, and to using her, but was she able to obey the orders of another woman acting on the boss's behalf?

'Well, he just wants some nice shots of you to brighten up the place...you know the sort, Rehana,' and Smrithi smiled that chilling smile again. 'Just touch up your make-up, Rehana, and we'll start with a few at your desk, as though you are concentrating on your work, at the computer!' Rehana didn't know what to say in return, and was very hesitant before she finally touched up her lipstick, and added a bit of gloss, and watched as smrithi set up a video camera on a tripod and opened the digital camera. My God, thought Rehana...cameras AND videos!!!

'Now just play with the mouse, Rehana, and try and look natural...keep the chair away from the desk so we can see your legs, that's it,' and Smrithi began to take shot after shot of the Mus-lim woman.

'remove the saree then the top of the blouse down to the waist, Rehana, and let your breasts hang forward towards the desk. We can see that you're not wearing any panties, and that's wonderful.'

'What...what..., let my breasts hang down?...I don't thi...' and Rehana looked astonished at the new request, but Smrithi just smiled again.

'Don't argue Rehana. It's pointless, isn't it? You know Mr Saxena has left instructions, so you just have to obey. Anusha, go round behind Rehana and help her with the buttons if she is a little reluctant,' and the gorgeous twenty year old moved around behind Rehana's desk and put her hands over the shoulders of the yellow saree took the pin of the pallu of her shoulders and ran her fingers down Rehana's breasts. Already, the nipples on Rehana's large breasts were rigid and pushing the material out on the blouse, and she felt a little tingle start between her legs as the young woman caressed her and began to undo the buttons. She also felt slightly overpowered as both Anu and smrithi were quite a bit taller than Rehana, even with her heels on'There, that's better, isn't it, Rehana?' smiled Mrs Smrithi. Rehana had never been touched like this by a woman before, and the soft touch perhaps was quite nice, and so relaxing. Should she continue to complain ?' Saxena's influence certainly spread to everyone like tentacles, and Rehana knew without doubt that he had orchestrated this.

Smrithi continued to click the digital camera as Rehana felt the buttons of her blouse being undone, right down to her waist, and then Anu gently eased the yellow saree off Rehana's shoulders and down her arms, baring the wonderful tits for all to see. As Anu moved the arms from the material, and let the saree and the blouse slump to Rehana's waist, Rehana suddenly felt another woman's fingers playing with her breasts for the first time ever. It was beautiful, so soft, so in control, and Rehana felt her nipples getting harder and harder as Anu gently pulled and squeezed them. All thoughts of protest had quickly evaporated and now Rehana began to sigh as she knew her fete was sealed. She sat back in her chair and let the dark haired young woman carry on seducing her body.

After recovering from the thrashing from Saxena, it had all changed again for Rehana. In less than 5 minutes, she had lost complete control of the situation, as she had allowed the two women to undress and photograph her, and manipulate her just as they wished. She murmured a token protest but knew it was futile.

'You shouldn't be doing this with me, you know that, but it's...it's so...oh God, that's really nice Anuuuu,...oh my God,' and Rehana closed her eyes, and could hear the camera clicking as the moments were caught for ever. Then, ever so slowly, Anusha kissed the side of Rehana's face and took the Mus_lim woman's wrists in her hands. As she pulled the wrists gently back behind Rehana, Smrithi moved to the couple and slipped a pair of metal handcuffs over Rehana's wrists, and then smrithi and Anu helped Rehana to stand up.

'No need to worry,' reassured Smrithi as Rehana stood up with a shocked look on her face. What now, she thought? Her nipples and breasts were still tingling from Anu's caresses, and she gave in and was led across towards the window of the office. Smrithi undid the rest of the buttons on the blouse, it was cast to the floor, and then Rehana was completely naked apart from her black, high heels, and her hands were cuffed behind her back.

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Now, Rehana,' began Smrithi again. 'This is where the real photos begin. She switched on the video recorder, and picked up the digital camera. 'Stay close to the window so that the light shines on your sexy body.' As she spoke, Anu slipped off her blouse, and then undid her bra, and then moved towards Rehana's body. She didn't need instruction, but just moved around behind Rehana and put her arms round to grasp Rehana's delicious breasts. Rehana could feel the topless girl right up close to her back and the feeling was so erotic. Anu held Rehana's tits for a few moments and then began to caress up and down Rehana's thighs, around her waist and then ran her fingers between Rehana's legs. She found the wetness on Rehana's vagina and ran her fingers between the lips of the opening cunt.

'Oh God, no, no...,' but Rehana was a prisoner, and as Anu ran her fingers along the soaking lips that was Rehana's cunt, the blonde woman opened her legs voluntarily. Anu found the waiting clit and her tongue kissed and nibbled at the back of Rehana's neck as Rehana began to moan and sigh. Smrithi moved the camera all round, taking in Rehana's face, her heaving tits and large nipples, and then she panned down to where Anu's fingers were exploring the open cunt.

'Ummmmm,...ahhhhhhhhh, yes, yeeeeees,' and Rehana could really feel the long, slim fingers digging into her clit and pushing open the lips of her cunt. She felt full submission and shame, wondering how she had come to be standing naked and cuffed in the presence of two office colleagues, but Rehana also felt sexual frustration now that she'd been aroused, and all she could do was sway her waist back and forth to try and get Anu to finger her as deeply as possible. She hoped that Saxena would be proud of her actions again. It was so beautiful, with Anu's soft touch delving into her most intimate parts. But Smriti was in control of events!!

'Let's put the twine round her elbows, Anu,' and the two women used a length of twine from the brief case to push Rehana's arms together at the elbows and hold them in place with the restraint. Cuffs and twine now held Rehana's arms firmly behind her, and this only made the wonderful tits thrust out further on the naked woman. Then, Joan Tiler took two rubber clamps from the holdall and clipped them to each of the protruding nipples. They were connected by a small chain!

'Oh...Oh my God, what are you doing,' pleaded Rehana, but she could only grimace as the clamps were put into place.

'Some full frontal shots, Rehana please. Look right into the camera and smile, there's a good girl. Mr Saxena wanted some shots like this, restrained and smiling at the camera.' Joan Tiler stood a few feet in front of Rehana. 'Keep your legs wide apart, that's it!'

'God you bitch, Smrithi. I don't want my photo like this plastered all round the office, and I...'

'Mr Saxena instructed to put a gag in your mouth if you resist...now, do you want the gag, Rehana, do you?' and Smriti smiled that icy smile again as she pointed the video on the tripod, and then held the digital camera ready. 'Legs open, and chest out, deep breathe Rehana, just for a few seconds.' Rehana knew it was pointless again and reluctantly obeyed the older woman.

With her arms twined behind her at the elbows, and cuffs on her wrists, Rehana stood with her feet wide apart and took a number of deep breaths. This ensured that her heavy breasts, which already stood out firmly from her body, were at maximum shape for the shots that Smrithi was taking. Even the clamped nipples stood perfectly erect, pointing beautifully at the cameras. Click, click, click went the digital as Smriti moved across the front of Rehana taking shots from every angle. She even got onto her knees to take a picture looking up at Rehana, past the bare cunt to the fabulous tits and black hair beyond.

'There, Rehana. That wasn't so bad was it?' smiled Smrithi. 'There should be enough of your frontal features to satisfy what Mr Saxena wants.' Rehana closed her eyes and thought of all those pictures roaming round the office, and the boat yard, within a few days. What else would Saxena do with them? What else would he use them for? God, she daren't think! GODDDDDD, what's tha...????

Rehana opened her eyes and found the young Anu kneeling right in front of her, and the young office girl was now wearing only a tiny pair of white panties...nothing else, apart from her high heeled sandals. Anu looked up into Rehana's eyes as her fingers gently rested across the tops of Rehana's thighs, and then she leaned forward a couple of inches and stabbed out her tongue to touch the skin just above Rehana's vagina.

'Ohhh,' flinched Rehana, but it was an excited flinch, one that begged for more, a flinch wishing for that feminine tongue to lick where no woman had ever licked her before. Rehana, in her excitement, moved forward an inch or two, and Anu licked again, this time catching Rehana's clit which was now like a hammer-head waiting to be attacked.

'Yes, yes...ye...,' and Rehana ignored Smrithi who had started clicking away with the digital again. Rehana just wouldn't be able to get enough of the young girl licking away at her body, with such a soft and caring tongue. It was a new, incredible experience in her adult life. 'Oh my Goooooood...'

Anu continued to lick the bare cunt, holding Rehana's thighs and pushing her tongue right up and down the reddening vagina. Rehana was soaking but completely submissive and her eyes closed as she gave herself totally to the young woman. Smrithi took more shots of Rehana's face and thrusting tits, and then she took a couple of full length shots of the restrained Mus-Lim woman, her nipples clamped and a young office girl licking her right between her open legs.

'Now onto your knees,' ordered Smrithi. 'Mr Saxena specifically asked for a section where you are on your knees.' Rehana was so sexually aroused at being licked by Anu, that there was now no arguing, and Rehana let the other two women ease her down onto her knees on the floor, her naked bottom in the air with knees apart, with her head resting on the plush carpet. The tingling where the clamps pinched her nipples together even added to Rehana's excitement. Smriti took more shots with the camera and then she took two items from the brief case. One was a huge vibrator and the other was a long, rubber strip with little, rubber balls positioned every couple of inches. Rehana had never seen one of these before, and her imagination could only make her gasp with trepidation.

'No, no, you can't! Not those huge toys. Not photos of me with tho...Mr Saxena doesn't want those, does he???? You can lick me some more, that's really nice, Anusha, but not thos...no, please, don't...' Rehana did her best to protest, but it was useless as Smriti obviously had a list of tasks to complete for Saxena.

Smriti left the video running and took her own saree and blouse off. They both knelt behind Rehana, and Anu began to run the vibrator round and round Rehana's wet cunt from behind. Already Rehana was excited from her vagina being licked, and now the vibrator teasing her body was pushing her to another level.

'God, you women are terrible. How could you do...oh my God, ummmmm...,' and Rehana felt the toy being pushed gently between her lips as she pushed her bottom out further to meet the excitement. 'Ummmmmmm, yes, ye...,' and then suddenly, Rehana felt the coldness of jelly cream being rubbed gently onto the hard petals of her gaand.

'No, no, noooooo...,' but Anu was pushing the vibrator deeply into Rehana's cunt now, and then withdrawing slowly, and the gentle caresses around her anus were something that Rehana was now finding very difficult to object to. Smrithi's fingers were sooooooo firm and gentle on her bottom, and when one of the fingers pushed the little gaand open, Rehana could only gasp a little breath and enjoy the feeling of her bottom being opened by another woman.

'Oh my God, oh please, no, no...just be gen...oh GOOOOOOOOOOD,' and being attacked in such a sexual manner by two women was such an alien feeling to Rehana, but it was taking her into new realms of sexual enjoyment that she could only have ever fantasised about. And then Smrithi held the other toy in her hand!! As Anu carried on pushing the vibrator in and out of Rehana's cunt, smrithi held the rubber strip at Rehana's ass and pushed at the pink anus. The first inch entered gently, and then the first little, rubber ball was at Rehana's ass. Smrithi pushed again and, slowly, Rehana's anus opened and, with the jelly making it far easier, the little rubber ball pushed her bottom open and slid inside the welcoming body.

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Aghhh, ummmm...oh my God...,' but the excitement and erotic feeling of having two orifices toyed with, was setting Rehana off on another of her true fantasies and, in fact, she was now pushing out her bottom to enjoy as much as she could. She felt incredible.

Smrithi pushed gently again and the second rubber ball moved Rehana's anus open once more, and the ball slid beautifully inside the waiting body. Rehana had never realised how her sexy bottom could be so sensitive and receptive to gentle seduction, but she loved the feelings, and no words could cover the pleasure shivering through her body.

'Umm, ummm, ohhhh...,' and Rehana let out soft little moans as she felt the wonderful toy intrude into her hard gaand. The video picked up the fantastic motions and the two women from Accounts clasped at Rehana's open thighs as they moved their toys back and forth into the restrained wife. They spent a couple of lustful minutes pushing back and forth, in and out, up and back, and the feelings going through Rehana's nervous system were out of this world. She was totally submissive, under the control of the two women and her overriding thoughts were how she wished she could be treated in similar fashion at home. God, Saleem wouldn't know where to start, Rehana mused.

'I think she's ready now Anu. Let's do her.' Having satisfied the video with more minutes of the sexy, Mus-Lim body being ravaged, with gentle tenderness, the two huge toys were eased from Rehana's body, and her arms were untied. She was lifted gingerly to her feet, and Smrithi again spoke with firmness.

'We have to cuff your wrists again, Rehana, this time at your front, and I'm going to ask you to lean right over your desk. It's not a request, because, as you know, Mr Saxena wants certain situations to arise, so please don't argue again. OK?' Rehana felt it pointless to resist any more, especially after the erotic feelings that had just permeated through her body, so she allowed Smrithi to cuff her wrists in front of her body, and then she was eased over her own desk until her tummy and breasts were laying across the wooden surface. Her cuffed arms were stretched out in front of her across the desk, and Tiler then attached the cuffs to the knob of the desk draw, so that Rehana was right across the desk, unable to move, with her legs in the high heels only just remaining on the floor at her rear.

'Now, just a few photos of your naked body, Rehana, and it should be all over in a few minutes.' As Smrithi moved around the desk, clicking the digital camera, Rehana thought of Saxena...the bastard Saxena. He had done this to her. He had brought her to this grovelling, shameful level and, physically rewarding though it might be, Rehana told herself that this would be the last. This episode would be the last time she would have to succumb to these bouts of depraved enjoyment and blackmail of her body. She was definitely going to tell Saleem this evening, brave out any arguments they might have, and just be totally honest...and then Saxena would have to cease his domination, not only of her body, but of her mind as well.

'Open you legs, Rehana, that's a good girl, nice and wide now,' instructed Smrithi.

'What are you going to do now,' pleaded the Mus-Lim woman. 'Haven't you done enough for Saxena, the shit, already?' Anger rose in Rehana's voice now, and she thought that if Prashanth Saxena were here right now, she would tell him herself, not caring what sort of vile language she would use. She felt totally humiliated, and couldn't wait to get home to Saleem to try and explain everything so that he could bring the matter to an end once and for all. Yes, it would soon be over, thought Rehana.

'Be quiet, Rehana, or it will be the gag for you!' Smrithi was relentless.

Suddenly, Rehana felt Anu behind her, between her open legs, and then the tip of a big dildo at the entrance to her cunt. Anu had slipped the elastic of the huge toy round her waist and had moved into position. Although Rehana's anger had risen, the feelings in her body were still on a high, and she felt Anu holding her hips and pushing the dildo up into her open, wet lips. She was going to be fucked by the young woman wearing a dildo and it was no use protesting...did Rehana want to protest?

The dildo was opening her body beautifully, in, out, in, out, and Anu was pulling the compliant body back into her with each thrust. Smrithi had pointed the video at Rehana and the action was still being recorded, and now Rehana was beginning to lose all control.

'Oh, ohhh, oh my God, don't...oh, don't...please, it's wonderf...ohhh!!

Out of the corner of her eye, Rehana could see Smrithi slipping off her own panties and sliding her own toy round her waist. GOOOODDDDD, thought Rehana, she's going to fuck me as well! Rehana's waist was sliding back and forth on the desk as Anu plunged the dildo into her body, and then she felt Smrithi move to her rear and Anu slid out. Straight away, Smrithi moved between Rehana's thighs and the dildo was replaced by a similar toy that went right into Rehana's open cunt, almost knocking the breath out of her body.

'Aaghhhh, um, yes, yes..., you bosdhi chinals bastards, you're worse than Saxena...do me, do me hard...no, no, you can't...ohhhhhhhhhh!' and Rehana was dripping sweat, her ass was pointed in the air, and the wonderful, wonderful assault just continued for the next five minutes or more as Anu and Smrithi kept changing places to hammer their toys into the throbbing housewife. More photos were taken as Rehana moved up onto her toes to accept the onslaught, and then she couldn't control her bodily reactions.

Oh God, oh yes, yes...I'm going to GOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOODDDDDDDD...nooooooooooooo,' and that fabulous feeling of an inflicted orgasm fizzed its way around Rehana's shaking body, moving from her cunt all the way out to her fingers and toes, her tits heaving on the desk, her legs wobbling and her open mouth puffing out great streams of air as she fought to keep control. As she slowly subsided, and her body began to lay motionless on the desk, the two accounts women stood back and admired their work. Saxena would be pleased! They had achieved their goal and carried out Saxena's instructions to the letter, and their work was completed.. Anu and Smrithi dressed quickly and collected their equipment, and then Tiler freed Rehana's arms from the restraint.

'Good girl, Rehana. He'll be pleased, you know. He'll be very pleased. You can get dressed now. See you around the office.' And with that the two women slipped out of Rehana's office and disappeared down the stairs. Rehana looked at the clock. It had seemed like hours but it wasn't eight o'clock yet. She only had her yellow saree to put on but, once she had done up the buttons of the blouse and looked decent, she just sat with a black coffee and tried to compose herself without breaking down in tears. She only just managed it. Only an hour to go, and then she would be on her way back home to confess all to Saleem.

She couldn't work, she just gazed at her computer and thought about the situation she had gotten into. She was ashamed at the way her body was responding each time it was being degraded and abused...the way it shuddered and gave in to the dominant treatment that she didn't get at home, but in spite of this, Rehana knew it must stop!

She heard the swing door go at the bottom of the stairs, and then footsteps coming up. God, who was this...no, no, it couldn't be...not back tonight? She froze as she heard Saxena's door open next to her own. She heard the person shuffle things on the desk, scrape the chair across the floor and then, like a whirlwind, Rehana's connecting door opened and it was HIM!! Prashanth Saxena stood smiling at the dishevelled mus-lim woman who, only minutes ago, was calling him all the names under the sun.

'Rehana, glad you're still here. Could you pop in my office for a minute, and close the door.' Rehana tried to look relaxed as she went into Saxena's office, closed the door behind her, and stood diligently in front of his desk. There were items on his desk and Rehana recognised them straight away. A couple of video tapes and packets of photographs.

'Had any thoughts about your situation, Rehana?' Saxena asked. She was going to be brave.

'Yes, yes I have, actually. This can't go on, Mr Saxena. I've decided to try and discuss the whole thing with Saleem when I get home tonight. I'm sure he's not guilty of anything, and neither am I, so I'm going to ask him about the auditors, and make sure he knows as much about the allegations as I do.' Saxena just smirked back at her.

'I don't think so, you little chinal. Do you know what I've got here? Do you?'

'I can guess Mr Saxena,' replied Rehana, still trying to show some strength and determination.

'Tapes of you being stripped and played with by the men in the boathouse last night, and the girls fucking you in your own office not more than an hour ago. As well as that, there are hundreds of pictures showing you acting just like you are...a little, mus-lim chinal who is quite happy just to give up her body and have the most erotic and sexual acts played out with her...and with no resistance at all. And you think you're going to discuss the embezzlement with Saleem, do you?' He got up from his seat and faced Rehana across the desk. Rehana could only nod her head and mumble a tentative 'ummm.'

'Let me make it quite plain again, little woman. I do not want your fuckin' husband told about the auditors, or any investigation that might be going on. Nothing is to be said, at all, until the matter has been fully dealt with. I don't trust either of you, understand, so if you should so much as breath a word to anybody, including your husband, then this is what I'm going to do. Are you listening, randhi bosdi'

'Ye..., yes, Mr Saxena.' Rehana's bravery was weakening.

'Good. Well, if I hear just a murmur that you've blabbed, this is what is going to happen. My staff will take copies of these tapes...and they are good, Rehana, they are very good, showing you in all your glory...Do you want me to play them to you?'

'No, no Mr Saxena...I'm sure I know what's on them...I, I..I don't need to see them,' and Rehana looked at the floor, her fingers twitching together.' Saxena continued.

'I'll go on. Copies of the tapes will be sent to your husband, to the company where he works, I'll send one to the school attended by your children, to the bank where you hold your account, and...shall I go on, Rehana?' She was already starting to sniffle, with the tears welling up in her yes, but Saxena just wanted to press home his point.

'The photos will be posted for everyone to see, Rehana. On the net, to the local paper, and to your neighbours where you live. I hope you are starting to understand me, Rehana. Are you?'

'Yes, yes, Mr Saxena, Sir. I understand what you are saying,' and she looked him squarely between the eyes, the tears now openly running down her cheeks.

'Good. Now, I run this company, and so far, I have given you the benefit of the doubt, BUT, and it's a big BUT, Rehana. Somebody has tried to take me to the cleaners financially, and I think it's your husband. Auditors are investigating, secretly, and no one is to know until it's all completed. If you talk to your husband about it before I say so, then the videos and photos will be circulated. For God sakes, chinal, you don't tell me what you're going to do. I tell YOU what YOU will do. You work here and you need this job, don't you, so just be the chinal that you are, and you might just get a few more pay cheques. Is that clear?' As he finished talking, Saxena took from his draw a tape recorder, with a microphone, and laid them on the desk. Rehana's humiliation was almost complete and her plans had been obliterated.

'I really understand, Mr Saxena. I won't talk to anyone until you allow me to. I promise. I'm really sorry that I suggested it.'

'Good. Pick the mike up, chinal, and when I switch it on, repeat everything that I say. Don't hesitate, just say the words. Oh, just before it starts, undo the dress for me. All the saree blouse petticout, chinal.' Rehana hesitated for a moment, but then undid the yellow saree allowed it to fall then the peticout elastic she pulled and wallowed it to fall onher legs then the yellow blouse all the way to the up her head, and then picked up the microphone. Her breasts were hard and fair, her slim stomach and waist on view, and her vagina was hidden in the dark shadow between her firm thighs. Prashanth Saxena switched on the tape, and pointed at the microphone. Rehana held it close to her face. She began to follow his dictation.

'I am Rehana. I work for the Saxena White Rock Company in Goa, and I am being trained to be the office chinal. My training has already begun, but there is a lot more that I need to learn. I am being taught to be obedient, to be submissive, to wear clothes as instructed by Mr Saxena, and do exactly as I'm told. I never wear underwear to the office, and I like the staff to admire my body and I show as much of it as possible.

When I am restrained or tied up, I know my body is required for punishment and corrective treatment, and I also enjoy this as part of my training. If Mr Saxena, or any other member of staff, asks me to perform certain acts for them, or clients of the company, I will do so without hesitation, and I will do my best to bring satisfaction in everything I do. I shall allow my body to be used as a common chinal for whatever purposes, and I shall enjoy performing these acts.'

Saxena switched off the tape.

More tears descended Rehana's face as she knew this was another nail that would tie her and her actions to Saxena for as long as he wanted. She just stood there shaking, her fabulous tits heaving up and down as Saxena slipped the tape from the recorder and put it with the videos and the photos.

'Now, you Mus-lim randhi. I'm glad we've got that out of the way. It's late now, and we're all alone, so let's see if you really understand! Take off the dress.' Rehana couldn't speak any further, and slowly let the saree slide from her shoulders. Then puled the petticoat and the blouseof her body She stood naked before her boss and waited for him to speak again. She watched Prashanth Saxena slip off his shirt and tie and hang them on his chair, then he reached into his draw and took out a thick elastic band. As he sat back in his swivel chair he threw the band across the desk.

'Use the band to tie your hair into a tight pony tail, bosdi . I want to see those black hair locks swept right back off your face.' Rehana took the band and soon her hair was held tightly behind her head. 'I'd like to see more make-up, Rehana, the next time you come to work. Darker eyes, lip gloss and mascara, you know the sort of thing. OK? I know our clients will love that kind of look.' Rehana nodded her head, but her spine tingled at the words 'our clients,' and her nipples grew even longer and harder. My God, he's thinking of me with clients, she thought!!

'OK, Mr Saxena, Sir. Whatever you ask,' she replied nervously.

'Now, come round to my side of the desk and let me see you properly.' Rehana gingerly walked round the desk in her heels, and Saxena swivelled his chair to face the Musl-im wife, no more than three feet away from him. 'Good, you certainly have a fine body, chinal, and you know how it is appreciated around the offices and boatyard, don't you? Now, turn round and bend over, open your legs.' Rehana obeyed immediately, and she could feel Saxena's eyes burning into her skin. She bent forward with her hands on her knees, her legs apart, and her breasts hanging down, swaying gently. She looked ripe and in the prime of her womanhood.

'Hold the cheeks of your bottom, chinal, and just pull them apart. Your gaand is ripe and shapely, chinal, and we shall give it more attention in the weeks to come. Pull the cheeks harder!'

Rehana held the flesh of her bottom and pulled the cheeks wider, still trying to remain bent over. She knew that Saxena could see her anus between her hard cheeks, and he would also be able to lust over the bare lips of her cunt which were starting to get wet again. Still finding it hard to admit to herself, Rehana had that tingling feeling again at the dominant way that Saxena just issued orders to her and she just gave in and obeyed. His voice, the masterful way he controlled her, even the most outrageous and embarrassing requests were carried out by Rehana without a second thought. She didn't have to think, she just obeyed and the feeling was so natural to the 'workign women .' In situations like this with Saxena, Rehana was like real radndi, and she knew it!

As if to try and please her boss further, Rehana began to run her fingers round her bottom, pulling the cheeks apart, then pushing them together, running a hand between her legs to feel her wet cunt. She even opened her cunt lips to let Saxena see her wetness, and then she ran her fingers down her gaand to toy with her anus. She was feeling hotter now, that sexual abandonment grabbing her mind and becoming completely obedient towards her boss. God, he knew how to handle her, how to control her emotions, and how to make her think that she was just the little woman brought to his company to bring pleasure.

'You're hot, chinal, I can tell. Now, I've had a busy day, lots of meetings, so I just want a little sucking for a few minutes. OK? Kneel down in front of me, between my knees.' Rehana obeyed again, turned round and knelt right at Saxena's feet, the feelings in her body now ready to give whatever was required.

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'Play with your tits first of all. Rub them hard, chinal.' Rehana ran her fingers all over her breasts, gently lifting them, pulling her long nipples, squeezing the milk jugs together and really giving the boss a display of her boobs that was just as exciting for Rehana as it was Saxena. 'It may well be that you'll have to give a show like this in the boatyard one evening, chinal. I'll have to think about that,' he laughed. Rehana didn't reply. 'Now, chinal, undo my trousers and pleasure me. You'd better be good, because we'll stay until you satisfy me. Do it woman.' Rehana shuffled forward a few inches on her knees, and gingerly slid her hand onto Saxena's pants. Already she could feel the hardness of his manhood under the material and another shivery feeling went down her spine. There was no doubt, this was a REAL lund waiting beneath the zip, already hard but liable to get bigger as Rehana obeyed her Master. It didn't need ages of foreplay to get it to its real size, as Rehana was used to at home, and the Mus-lim wife was now like a puppet as Saxena dominated her.

He moved his arm forward and ran his strong fingers over the black hair to grab Rehana's ponytail. He didn't need to speak as he just guided her head into his groin, knowing that the chinal would obey. She did! Rehana slid down the zip on Saxena's immaculate pants and put her hand straight in to hold the prized weapon she was brought to pleasure. God, it was prized, too...much bigger and stronger and more vibrant than she was used to. She gently pulled Saxena's lund out, and then he pulled the pony tail, making her look up at him.

'This is what you want chinal, isn't it? This is what you miss at home, isn't it? A proper lund to give you what you want, isn't it? Say Yes, Mr Saxena.' Rehana held the wonderful penis in her hand, her fingers wrapped around the girth, and nodded up at her boss. She could lie, she could tell the truth...she told the truth.

'Yes, Mr Saxena. This is what I want!' That powerful voice and the dominant attitude of Saxena enthralled Rehana and, without being told, she lowered her head and licked at the head of the rod in her fingers. Saxena still had hold of the ponytail and he just allowed Rehana to move over his prick with her tongue, watching how her tongue snaked out to touch him in the perfect spots. Rehana knew how to suck lund from the many times with Saleem, but she looked forward to trying to tame Mr Saxena's wonderful specimen. There was no comparison, and Rehana wanted it badly in her mouth.

She opened her lips, held the lund with both hands, and steered the boss between her teeth until she felt the weapon nudging her tongue and the insides of her mouth. He tasted wonderful. Saleem enjoyed his wife's ministrations too, but he could never insist that Rehana did it for him...if she felt like it, she would do it, if she didn't, then Saleem was out of luck. Now, Saxena was ordering the Mus-Lim woman to satisfy him, and Rehana felt so important as her Master controlled her actions with the perfect amount of dominance and macho power. She slid the awesome tool around her mouth, in and out of her soft lips, nibbling and sucking and licking with wonderful ease. Rehana had never held a lund like it, either in her hands or deep in her mouth.

She loved Saxena's control of her with his hand guiding her head into his groin, and she also loved the way he appeared really pleased with her experienced efforts as his lund got hotter and harder and thicker as she held him. Rehana, for once, felt proud of herself. She knelt at her Master's feet, completely naked, bringing him pleasure in the most intimate way and, as well as accepting that she was now the chinal, she also took great pleasure from knowing that she was the personal slave to a dominant male who loved her body, wanted her to please him and would correct her in her ways whenever it was thought necessary. This was so different from having to take all the decisions at home, even in bed!!! Prashanth Saxena pressed home his advantage, and possibly the next stage of his overall plan for Rehana.

As he guided her head as deeply as possible over his lund, Saxena spoke.

'You're enjoying being trained, chinal, aren't you? Being made to obey has become an exciting part of your life, hasn't it?' He squeezed the pony tail and pulled it gently back to see Rehana's eyes. He watched her eyes look up at him and Rehana nodded her agreement. He also thought he saw a gentle smile round his lund.

'Your husband doesn't dominate or order you about at home like you want, does he?' He watched her nod the 'NO' that he knew was true. 'Good girl, chinal,' and his other hand caressed round Rehana's soft face as if to say that she was in safe hands with her Master.

'He doesn't fuck you like you should be fucked, either, does he chinal? You don't get all the fucking you need, do you, lady?' Again, Saxena pulled the ponytail so Rehana had to look up at him. Dutifully, she moved her head from side to side indicating that NO, she didn't get what she wanted at home. Saxena held his lund and slid it from the accommodating mouth, and then he ran it round Rehana's face, on her cheeks, her forehead, her lips and chin, and he watched her eyes as she snaked out her tongue to try and lick when she could.

'You enjoy it much more when you are made to obey and do as you are told, don't you?' Rehana had to speak now, but she was totally under his spell by now, and had no fears.

'Yes, Mr Saxena, yes I do. I'm learning to be a chinal and I'm an obedient girl for you. Am I learning well, Sir?'

'You're not obedient at home, are you? You need strong men, and women, to satisfy you, don't you chinal, and he's not strong enough for you, is he chinal?' and Saxena still ran his lund all round Rehana's face. 'You have to take charge in bed and make him do things to you, don't you Rehana?' She knew what he was saying was very near the truth.

'Yes Sir. I don't get everything that I would like at home. It's a happy marriage, but I've found out that I want more, Mr Saxena. I'm learning that I need to be obedient and made to do things. I like it when I'm controlled so that I have to give pleasure to others without arguing.'

'You'd like bigger lunds too, wouldn't you, chinal? You loved it when all the men in the boathouse were watching you, didn't you? Did you want them all to fuck you, chinal? Don't you wish your husband treated you like you get treated here?' Rehana knew he was hitting the nail on the head with each question, and she coyly nodded her head in agreement at everything the boss was saying. God, he knew women well, especially this woman.

Prashanth Saxena had a minds eye view of this husband who, he believed, had tried to fleece all his money and he wanted to embarrass and humiliate him as much as he could. This attractive woman, who was now, quite effortlessly, being taken down any sexual road that Saxena wanted to take her, would be the key to the whole exercise. Saxena was melding her beautifully and, through her actions, he would give her husband no mercy!!

Rehana moved her lips apart beautifully and again devoured the superb lund that Saxena gave to her. His strong hand on her head was, strangely, a form of comfort to Rehana, so soft but powerful, protecting her from the outside world while she was able to pleasure him. God, this whole episode was so wrong, so alien to her less than a month ago, but her mind and body were learning such satisfaction at knowing exactly what her duties were and what role she had to play. She didn't have to make any decisions, she didn't have to guide, she didn't have to persuade, and she didn't have to worry. Saxena made all the decisions and Rehana obeyed completely, whatever she was asked to do...and she got a good salary into the bargain.

'Up on the table chinal, on your back,' Saxena barked. Rehana knew what was coming...or did she? Saxena watched Rehana rise to her feet and then sit on the edge of his desk, her legs hanging over the side. He caressed his wet prick, which was now huge and solid after Rehana's expert gobbling, and he beckoned her to lean back and lay flat on his luxury leather desk top.

'Pull up your knees and hold them, chinal. I want to see you. You know what I want to do, don't you chinal?' Rehana hesitated. 'Answer me before I have to slap you.'

'I...I know what you want, Sir.' Rehana grabbed the backs of her thighs and pulled them right up so that her open knees almost rested on her heaving breasts, and her buttocks were on the edge of the desk. She looked so inviting, so dirty and available...and she thought that this might be the moment when Saxena took the ultimate liberty with his trainee.

'I think...I think you want to fuck me, Sir.' Already, her nerves tingled, her cunt was wet and opening and, having had the fabulous specimen in her mouth and fingers, Rehana shivered with the thought of surrendering to the boss as he would feed his lund deep within her. Saxena rose from his chair, allowed his trousers to drop as he moved to the desk, and then slid his jockey shorts to his knees. He could see Rehana moving her eyes between his face and his lund which pointed powerfully at the ceiling. He was between her open thighs, and Saxena grinned as he ran his lund up and down the open lips of Rehana's cunt.

Yes, I want to fuck you, chinal, and you know that is what you want me to do, isn't it? Your first fuck at my office, but it won't be the last will it, chinal. You tell me it won't be your last!' Rehana was shaking, excited and shivering as she felt the lund moving round between her legs. Each little touch sent spasms through her body, she was completely at Saxena's mercy, but she wanted him to do it, by God she wanted him to do it!!

'No, Mr Saxena, Sir, it won't be my last time here. It won't be the last time I get fucked at your office.' She was grovelling now. 'You're training me to be a good girl, so that I fuck whenever you want me to. I hope I'm a good fuck for you, Sir.'

'That's it, chinal. I knew you'd want to be properly dealt with, so...,' and Saxena pushed his thick lund as deeply as he could go,...

'Aaaaaaaghhhhggg, ssssssuuuu,' Rehana grimaced and sucked in air. 'Ohhhhhhhh, My God, Mr Saxena!!'

'So let's see what you're like...very nice, very soft, a wonderful opening,' and he was in her, his lund embedded right into the depths of Rehana's welcoming cunt. She closed her eyes, she felt his strong hands on her hips, holding her firmly to him, and she felt that rare experience of being full to the brim with a male penis. She had seen the clock on the wall, and she knew she was going to be late leaving, but what could she do? Phone Saleem at home and say,

'I'll be a bit late, darling, the boss is fucking me on his desk, but keep the meal hot??' I don't think so. Rehana put it to the back of her mind and would worry about that later. Saxena had other ideas.

'Now, chinal, just to show you that I'm in charge of whatever you do...and your cheating bastard of a husband, this is what we'll do.' He began to ease his body in and out of the accommodating woman on his desk, pushing deeply with each thrust, and watching Rehana sigh and moan with each entry between the lips of her cunt, but with one of his hands he reached the phone on his desk and moved it close to Rehana's head.

Rehana's body was now being moved back and forth on the desk as Saxena held her and fucked her in superb rhythm, but she opened her eyes to see him tap in a number and press 'hands free.' God, she thought, he's making an open phone call while he's fucking me, and suddenly the last three digits hit her brain...it was her number...he's phoning my home...Saleem is going to speak out loud at any second...GOD, what was happening. Oh My Godddddd. Saxena suddenly spoke.

'Tell your husband you're going to be a bit late, but don't you dare switch off the phone until I give you the signal. OK chinal?' She couldn't answer, suddenly Rehana was frightened to death. The bastard Saxena. Here he was fucking her across his desk, his lund entering her like no other had done for years, and now she was about to have to talk with her husband on an open phone line as the wonderful torment continued. She had no time to think further as, 'click,'

'Hello, Saleem speaking.' Rehana's eyes opened in shock, but she tried to sound as normal as possible.

'Hi, d...darling, how are you?'

'Fine, fine...aren't you on your way home by now?' Saxena returned to holding Rehana's thighs as far back over her chest as possible while he moved his lund in and out of her stunning body as firmly but as gently as possible. He grinned all over his face as Rehana shut her eyes once more.

'No, n...no. The boss had a bit of...ughh...a bit of typing that he wanted urgently, but...but,... ummmm..., but I hope it won't take me very long!'

'Shall I put the dinner in the oven? Are you OK, Rehana? You sound a bit out of breath.'

'Ye...yes, darling. Everything's...um, um..., everything's OK! There's a fly b...buzzing round my office and...sssuuuu...and I keep trying to it!!' Prashanth Saxena was enjoying the torture, and the wonderful feeling of Rehana's cunt all around his throbbing lund. He watched the look on Rehana's face, a mixture of fright at having to appear innocent to Saleem, and ecstasy at the way her vagina was being stretched and filled in the most beautiful experience for years. The torment increased as Saxena held her legs in place but moved a hand down to find Rehana's rigid clit. He just caressed the Babu gently as he continued to fuck in and out, in and out, but he could see the effect on Rehana.

'Are the children OK, Saleem?' she managed to ask innocently. 'Ssss...ummmm, ohhhh!'

'Yes, fine darling...are you sure you're OK. You don't sound very well. Do you want me to come and pick you up?'

'No, no, please don't! I'll be...huhhh, huhhh...I'm nearly finished (and she nearly was!!), and I've got the car here, so say about half an hour and I'll be there.' Rehana didn't know which way to look or speak. She didn't want Saxena to stop fucking her so beautifully, she couldn't bare to be left high and dry as she felt this fantastic feeling surging up through her body, but Saxena wouldn't stop the call, and she just had to try and stay calm. Almost impossible.

Saxena increased his rhythm now, moving in and out more quickly, thrusting hard against the Mus-lim woman's bottom as he went into the depths of her cunt, and he knew that Rehana was on the verge of exploding. Her head moved from side to side on the desk, occasionally meeting Saxena's steely eyes, and her breathing was increasing dramatically. Saleem spoke.

'Would you like an early night, darling...you know, the two of us having an early night?' Rehana knew what he meant, and looked at Saxena. He nodded Yes, and thrust into Rehana one more powerful hammer with his engorged lund.

'Ummm, yeeees, darling. I want that, Saleem. I want a good hard fucking...ohhhhhhhhh, yes, right up me, I love that big lund right up inside me, making me...making me screeeeeam as I can feel that great big hard lund go in and out of my little pussy.' Rehana was almost delirious as the effects of the impending orgasm, coupled with speaking with Saleem under duress, were having such an effect on her emotions.

'GOD, Rehana, I've never heard you so randy on the phone before. I'm hard already,' replied Saleem. 'I can't wait for you to get home.'

Prashanth Saxena suddenly pressed the phone and the line went dead. His lund moved faster and faster into Rehana's cunt, and he looked her straight in the eye. They were both nearly there.

'You want to cum chinal, don't you. You're almost there and you want finishing off, don't you?'

Yes, yes, oh please Sir, you know I do...ummm, umm ohhhhh Goddddd.'

'Well, when you get home, and for the rest of the weekend, whatever your husband wants, you will deny him, chinal. If he wants to fuck you, and it sounds as though he does, you will not let him. Understand chinal? You tell him that he will just have to have a wank tonight while you watch, because you are no longer in the mood. Either that or we stop now. Which is it?'

'No, no, Mr Saxena Sir. Please don't stop...I'm there, I'm really there...oh my God, oh it's...I promise I won't let my husband have sex with me at all over the weekend, I really promise. I'll make him do exactly as I tell him, but I won't let him touch me Mr Saxena...Oh, Goddd, yeeeeeeeeeees,' and Rehana began to shake and shiver as the orgasm started.

Her bottom lifted off the desk, even though Saxena was thrusting little short strokes into her, her tits thrashed about her chest, her mouth lolled open and her fingers went to her cunt to try and subdue the sensational, ecstatic bombshell that was working through her body. She saw Saxena slip out his lund and hold it over the open, bare cunt in front of him, and then his wads of cum began to spurt onto the sweating mother waiting for him.

'Oghhhhhhhhh, ohhh, my God, Sir. My God. I'm still shaking, Sir.' She watched her boss finally end his spray onto her body and then Rehana lay back, almost unable to move. 'Have I been good Sir? Have I been able to satisfy you, Master?' She still looked coy and embarrassed as she lay before him, but Rehana would not have missed that fuck for the world.

'Never mind about that, chinal. We have both got what we needed, haven't we, and, yes, you are learning very quickly how to be a good chinal, but there is more to learn...much more. Tomorrow is another day, and you remain under my control at all times, but what have you got to remember tonight chinal, without fail, absolutely without fail?'

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'I have promised Sir, and I won't let you down. My husband is not to touch me in any way over the weekend, and I will obey your command. I will be at work on Monday morning to follow any further instructions you have for me. You can rely on me Sir.'

'Good, very good. This may be a vocation you are looking for and suited to, chinal. Now go home and remember I still pay your wages.'

As Rehana sat in the car on the way home, recovering from the most wonderful submissive experience, including her first time with a woman, and the best fuck she'd had in years, she knew that she would obey Saxena tonight...she would make Saleem grovel, she would teach him that she ruled him in the bedroom, and that he would learn to do exactly what she told him...and that she really was training to be the office chinal!!...

Rehana was still wearing the yellow saree when she opened her front door late in the evening, after returning from the offices at office where she worked. She was wearing no panty, and Saleem, her husband, was at the door to greet her. The day had been mind-blowing in its intensity, but the Mus-lim wife and mother would not be uttering a word about it.

Her boss, Prashanth Saxena, was firmly turning Rehana into the submissive slave, just as he had promised and, with great shame, she was finding the experience more and more exciting and stimulating. In that one day alone, she had received Saxena's belt on her big fair ass while she was laid over his desk, and she had been photographed and ravished by two female employees. Finally, Saxena had subjected her to a humiliating half hour in his office as he fucked her on his desk while Rehana had to try and talk normally with her husband on the telephone.

To force home his domination of the sexy woman, he had instructed her, on pain of further indignation, not to indulge in any sort of sexual behaviour with her husband during the weekend. Would she be able to obey the man who was coming to influence her every move, the way she dressed and the outrageous acts she was now willing to endure?

It was true that Rehana's body had been completely drained during the day, fucked hard, explored vigorously by the two women, beaten hard with the belt, as well as giving glorious 'head' to her boss, but Saleem, her faithful husband, was under the impression that his wife would be begging for sex when she arrived home from work.

'Hello darling,' Saleem smiled as Rehana entered through the front door. 'I bet you're tired, aren't you?' He bent to give his wife a loving kiss on the lips, but Rehana turned her cheek, squeezed his hand and gave her husband a little peck on the cheek. The dress, showing off her stunning tits a bit more, moved across her body so sensuously and Saleem already had the beginnings of a throbbing lund.

'It's been one hell of a day, darling,' Rehana started, 'and I'm really whacked. I'd love a long, hot shower, and then perhaps a glass of coffee, so do you think you could fix that for me.' She turned round and licked her lips, and blew her husband a kiss, knowing that he would jump to obey anything she asked. She started to undo the buttons on the little thin blouse, looking directly into Saleem's eyes as she began to go up the stairs, and Saleem thought that he was in for an evening of debauchery with his wife.

This was terrible, thought Rehana, teasing my poor husband who has waited patiently for me, and really wants to get to grips with me. She felt so awful, and so guilty, but she knew that Saxena had so much control over her and, indirectly, was controlling how her husband should behave, that she knew, just for this weekend, she must try desperately to keep Saleem at arm's length, however hard it might be. However, just for the rest of the evening, she would see just how obedient she could make her husband, just how far she could tease him before his patience snapped.

When Rehana returned to the lounge after her relaxing, hot shower, she could see a glass of coffee on the coffee table, and Saleem was sitting expectantly on the sofa. Rehana had put on a shortie negligee and no bra inside, and she knew that the start of her little plan was bound to work. Prashanth Saxena was beginning to so dominate her thoughts and actions to such a degree that she knew that she couldn't fail to obey his instructions. She loved her husband, but he didn't have the charisma, the spark, the va-va-voom or the strength of character that Rehana needed. She had come to need the domination, the clear intent and strict discipline that Saxena wielded over her, and poor old Salee mjust hadn't got what she needed in his personal make-up (or his physical pDhanpalss!).

Just to make things worse, Rehana was now going to show just why Saleem couldn't control her the way that Saxena did. She knew she could go as far as she wanted, and turn Saleem into a quivering heap.

Rehana sat down on the sofa and took a sip of her coffee. The little nightie ran up her thighs, and she knew that Saleem could see almost up to her beautiful, naked pussy. He was only a couple of feet away from his wife, and he tried to stretch out a hand to caress her shapely thigh. She moved her body just enough to evade Saleem's attempts, but gave him a big smile as compensation.

'I'm very tired, honeypie, after a hectic day at the office, so let's just relax for a while. Do you like the negligee? I bought it from the catalogue,' and Rehana ran her hands over her breasts, and down to her waist, just raising the almost see-through material just an inch or two further so that it uncovered all of her stunning thighs right to the top. She saw Saleem take in a sharp breath.

'That's really sexy, Rehana. I love it. You haven't got any underwear on, have you?' and he moved a bit closer to his wife. Rehana was still determined.

'Don't touch, Saleem, there's a sweetheart. Let me just chill out for a while longer. The shower was beautiful, and I just want to let my aching joints get back together again. Why don't you undo your pants and get your lund out so that I can see that you really like my night wear.' Saleem blushed but quickly did as he was told, unzipped his flies and grasped his aching lund. God, he so wanted to fuck his wife, but was content just for the moment to rub himself as he watched Rehana.

Rehana took another large gulp from the coffee and could see that Saleem's lund was almost at maximum strength. It was a nice, average sized lund, and it had satisfied her on many occasions during their married life, but she was being trained for better things by Prashanth Saxena, and she had no intention of allowing Saleem to get any satisfaction from her body until Mr Saxena gave her permission to do so. If she gave in and let Saleem fuck her over the weekend, she would not be able to look her boss in the eye on Monday morning, and he would see the guilt written all over her face. God, what would he do to her then.....the thought sent shivers down Rehana's spine. Much better to deny Saleem and, in fact, Rehana knew she would find it easy, as a little fumbling and a quick fuck from her husband would never be in the same league as the experiences that she had received at the office earlier that day.

'Oh Saleem, that's a lovely little lund you have, isn't it,' teased Rehana, and she continued to rub her negligee up and down her body, lifting it above her waist and then letting it drop into place again. She kept one foot on the carpet but seductively lifted her other leg so that her heel was on the sofa and her open legs were facing Saleem. 'Play with your lund some more, darling. This is so relaxing, watching you get hard as I chill out after a busy day.'

'Oh come on Rehana,' he almost begged. 'Let me make love to you. You were so hot on the phone earlier...I just want your sexy body. Let me fuck you, Rehana.'

'Don't keep on, Saleem. I just want to unwind. Just watch my body and enjoy it. Having sex these days is so quick and....and, well, it's over quite quickly now, isn't it.....and your lund doesn't always fill me right up, and I'm sure you can enjoy yourself watching me and having naughty thoughts,' and Rehana turned on the agony for her husband by taking down the straps of the negligee and letting her tits fall right out in front of him. Her nipples were taut and pointing, and Rehana licked a finger and thumb and pinched each hard nipple, pulling her breasts so provocatively. By now, Saleem was jacking hard on his lund, getting more frantic by the minute, but he didn't know what else to do.

He watched Rehana's other hand run down between her legs to run across the bare skin, the redness of her cunt lips still apparent, the wetness glistening slightly, and then he saw her fingers caress over her hard clit. He could see her lips were already wet, and Rehana held the negligee right up to her waist so that Saleem could see her fingers eventually hold her cunt lips apart, beautifully on display for his bulging eyes.

GODDDDDD Rehana, you look so good. Please, please Rehana, let me get my lund up you....I've been looking forward to it all evening,' and he slipped his pants down and made to grab his wife. Rehana was waiting for this.

'No Saleem, stay where you are. I want to see you playing with your lund. Take off your pants and shorts. I want to see your balls and legs while you wank. Just look at my body and have really dirty thoughts, Saleem. Think about all the naughty things that you would like to do to my body, and how you like looking at it.' She was really teasing him now, and torturing his body, but she remained aloof and commanding. Saleem obeyed immediately and soon he just had his Tee shirt on as he ran his hand round and up and down his throbbing member.

Rehana lifted the nightie right over her head and now she was entirely naked with her thighs as wide as she could get, and one by one her fingers entered her soaking cunt until she had four fingers pushing gently in and out of her body while her other hand toyed with her heaving breasts. God, how could any man resist this hot body that was ripe for fucking, but Saleem obediently carried on jacking his lund, watching his wife's body, and trying to control himself so that his cum would end up right inside Rehana's cunt. He was still optimistic!!

'Go on, Saleem do it,' teased Rehana continually. 'Pull that little lund for me, and think of dirty thoughts. Think of watching a great big lund up inside me, fucking me hard, filling me up and stretching me.' These words would make it so much worse for the weak husband who was obeying all that his wife said, and to hear her talk dirty made his sap rise even quicker than ever. He watched Rehana stand up and move to the middle of the carpet and face him at least 6 feet away. She continued to play with her naked body, running her tongue round her lips, and keeping her feet wide apart. She intended to really take Saleem over the top now.

'Oh, my poor little Saleem. You're such a sweet man. Just stay sitting on the sofa and think about what I said. It makes you horny, Saleem, doesn't it?' She turned and bent over, showing Saleem her bare ass and her cunt lips from behind, stroking them, and running her fingers down to her anus.

'Are you thinking of what I said, sweetie? Can you imagine watching me being fucked by other lunds, taking them in my mouth until they shoot their milky cum all over my face. That makes you excited doesn't it, honey?' It was too much for Saleem. He had never heard his quiet little wife talk so dirtily before, and it blew his mind, as well as his lund.

Suddenly, he stopped wanking and his lund exploded before them both. His semen shot from his throbbing prick, landing on his knees as well as firing across the carpet a couple of feet. It never got anywhere near Rehana, though, just as she knew it wouldn't. She had achieved her goal.

'Good boy, Saleem. I love it when you do that. I'm going to bed now, darling, so when you've cleaned your mess up, try not to wake me up as I expect I'll be sleeping like a baby by the time you come to bed. See you in the morning, sweetie-pie, sleep well!'

And that was it. Rehana slept like a log, not even giving Saleema cuddle when she woke up next morning. She got up quickly and went to the kitchen to make tea, which she put on his bedside table, and then Rehana left the house for an hour at her gym. She knew she had Saleem in the palm of her hand. He was fickle, could easily be taken in and would never dream of taking Rehana by sheer force without her consent. For the rest of the weekend, Rehana teased him unmercifully, and Saleem was forced to follow every instruction he was given, hoping that at some stage Rehana would at last give in and allow him full access to her hot, little body.

Rehana knew she was playing a dangerous game, she was full of guilt but she also knew that Prashanth Saxena would know by the look on her face on Monday just what had taken place over the weekend. The alternative was not worth contemplating, as Saxena had made it abundantly clear by his actions as well as his words that he would go to any humiliating length to keep Rehana in order.

Even on Sunday, Rehana felt so sorry for the excruciating torture she was putting her husband through, and she vowed that this was the last weekend where her feminine charms would not be available to Saleem. She even felt a little tear welling in her eye on Monday morning when she woke to find that Saleem had already left for work, but this was slightly tempered by the fact that soon she would be driving her car back to officee to see what lay in store for her today. A tingling went through her loins, as she immediately thought of the fabulous way that Prashanth Saxena was able to excite and control her with just a word from his powerful voice, or a click of his fingers.

As she showered, rubbing the soap into every part of her hard body, she remembered the way Saxena had told her to improve her makeup. She dried in front of the full length mirror, sat at her dresser and then applied dark eye-liner, mascara and lip gloss in abundance before she got dressed for work. Her face looked brilliant, so sexy, the perfume was subtle, and then the clothes......she had bought a very thin black and white dot saree over the weekend, pleated, so that it swayed when her body moved, and it hung right down on her hips, leaving her tummy bare almost to her groin.

With black, high heeled sandals, her ass and legs looked magnificentin the thin black saree worn tight onher body , and then Rehana took great care as she pulled the skin tight black blouse. It clung like a limpet to her curves, moulding beautifully around her breasts, but it only reached an inch or so below the shape of her tits, so that nearly all of Rehana's ribs, tummy and stomach were on view. Sex on legs is how one could describe her......and she knew it. Of course, as instructed, Rehana was happy to leave her underwear at home.

At the office buildings, Rehana walked from the car park over to the offices, past the boat yard, and she was inundated with wolf whistles and cat calls on the hot Panaji morning. She smiled to herself and could also see the office workers leering at her from the windows as she went through the swing doors, up the stairs and turned on the computer in her office before making a coffee.

She felt sexy and proud at the way she looked,...... but then suddenly she saw the screen saver on her computer......a full screen picture of herself, completely naked, legs apart, clamps and chain on her breasts and leaning forward looking straight at the camera. She took in a sharp intake of breath......that bastard Saxena, she thought. It was one of the photos taken of her by the two women on Friday.

Rehana realised that the whole of office would be ogling her body this morning, and it only confirmed what Saxena was doing to her.......turning her completely into the company chinal. What could she do?.....absolutely nothing!!

'Like the picture?' and the booming, firm voice came from Saxena, standing in the doorway between their two offices. Rehana hadn't noticed her boss, and turned round with a start. 'I think you look quite fetching, actually chinal,' and he was grinning as he teased his secrectary Friday about the discovery.

'That's not really fair, Sir, is it? I'm being obedient to you, aren't I, and now the whole factory can see these awful pictures of me.'

'They're great pictures, actually, chinal, but it just reminds you who is running this business, and where you stand in the pecking order. Anyway, forget that now, come into my office.' It wasn't a request, it was an order, and the Mus-lim wife obediently followed Saxena into his huge office. He came straight to the point.

'You know what I'm going to ask you, don't you?' in his strong, forceful manner. Yes, she did know!

'I do Sir, yes. I give you my word that I didn't allow my husband to touch me at all over the weekend. He wanted to, so badly, and I felt really guilty Sir, but I remembered your orders all the time, and managed to make excuses, but I don't really want to do it again, Sir.'

'You'll do as I fuckin' well tell you chinal, even if you have to do it again and again and again. This is not over by a long way, and what's going to occur this morning will demonstrate to you that I am by no means finished with you and your cheating husband.....not finished at all,' and Saxena glared at Rehana once more. She felt a little frightened at his sudden sharpness, but then he mellowed and smiled again.

'Just to check on your behaviour, take your blouse off. Let me see if he's been mauling those big tits over the weekend. Do it, lift it up!' A shiver went through Rehana's body, perhaps another thrill at the way Saxena was suddenly dominating and controlling her mind and body, taking her thoughts back to Friday and the wonderful fuck he gave her across his desk. She grabbed the hem of the black garment and slowly lifted it up over her breasts until the full, hard flesh sprung back into position, free and pointing, a magnificent sight first thing on a Monday morning.

Rehana had tits to die for, round and big 36 d size and fleshy, the nipples long and bullet like, but they were so clear, not a Azlan on them, and Saxena just drooled for a few seconds as he admired the wonderful display. Rehana felt herself getting damp, the complete surrender to her boss's orders sending such a warm feeling gushing through her body. She thought that she couldn't live now without the control that Saxena was wielding over her, and if only her quiet, introvert Saleem would just do the same every now and again, all this needn't go on. But Rehana dare not stop it.....nor would she want to now.

'Wonderful, chinal. Your tits look clean and untouched. I like it. Now your ass! Raise the saree.' Rehana let the blouse clasp against the top of her chest, leaving her tits still naked, and then she gently pulled the hem of the dot saree up and up. The tops of her thighs came into view, then between her legs, and as she went further and further, all of her waist and hips were available for Saxena to inspect. She inched her high heels apart, just to confirm to him that this part of her body was also without Azlans, and then Saxena indicated to Rehana to turn round.

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Her ass looked exceptional, as always, the whiteness of the gorgeous flesh in wonderful contrast to the fair skin, and Saxena milked the moment, admiring the fabulous, mature body that was his to do as he wished.

'I have no way of knowing if you have obeyed me or not, chinal, but certainly your body shows no sign of interference. I will give you the benefit of the doubt on this occasion, but as I said, today I will instigate something that will confirm to me, whenever I need, that you are obeying my instructions at your home.' This sent another shiver down Rehana's spine...Home? Home? Your home, he had said.

'Oh God, Mr Saxena, Sir. What do you mean my home?' she looked in apprehension.

'Never mind what I've got in mind. But you'll cooperate, chinal, have no doubt of that. I have my car coming for us at 11, and we're going for a little ride to your home. I take it no-one will be there this morning. We'll only be there for an hour or so.'

Rehana looked aghast, and stuttered to find her words.

'But....bbbut, Sir. Not ....not my home. That's private. That's for me and my family, and I don't.........,' but she couldn't finish before Saxena waved her aside.

'Don't argue, bitch. It's going to happen, so just get used to the idea. Now, I've got something for you which will keep you occupied. Lean on the desk, just do it. Lift your saree again and lean on the desk.' Rehana looked at her Master and then obeyed gingerly. She leant forward and put her wrists on his desk, lifted her saree up at the rear, and waited for Saxena to act. He had moved around behind her and taken a small box with him.

She felt his fingers between her legs, his firm fingers sliding between her lips, and her dampness began to increase. Whatever she felt about him and his actions, she could never resist the way he brought exciting shivers to her body, the way she just gave in when ever he spoke or ordered her to do something. This was one of those moments.

Suddenly, Rehana felt something ice cold between the lips of her cunt. She felt Saxena gently inserting two, smooth, hard, round balls up inside her. They were not small but they snuggled nicely into her waiting vagina, and there was a mixture of excitement and wonderment for the Mus-lim wife. It was a pair of vibrating eggs that had been put inside Rehana, attached to an elasticised thong that Saxena drew up her legs and fitted firmly round her waist and tightly against her cunt to keep the eggs in place. This was suddenly a new feeling for Rehana, a coldness, a tickling, and she could feel the eggs against her inner skin, already bringing her erotic feelings. Perhaps he wants me to walk round all day with these inside me, she thought, but suddenly there was a change.

From behind, Saxena turned a tiny switch on a remote control in his hand, and there was a soft buzz and a gentle movement in Rehana's vagina. The eggs vibrated against each other, and the feelings they sent through Rehana's body were ones of sudden ecstasy and horniness. Without touching herself at all, her cunt was being stimulated and caressed and it was.....oh God, it was fantastic. Saxena turned the switch a little higher, the buzz intensified and the vibrations inside Rehana's cunt were sending her crazy.

'Ohhh......ummm, oh God, Mr Saxena, that's......... that's.....,' and her words tailed off as she concentrated on the wonderful feelings inside her, as though she had two fingers up her, rubbing together and stimulating her whole body.

Saxena just grinned again, knowing he held this little hussy in the palm of his hand...literally.

'Stand up, put your hands on your hips, and turn round to face me. Go on. Just face me.' Slowly, his slave moved away from the desk and turned round to face him. Her tits were still uncovered, looking magnificent, her face was contorted with the excitement going on down in her cunt, and as the control was only at less than 50% maximum, Saxena knew that he could raise it or lower it at will, and keep Rehana gasping and wanting satisfaction for as long as he wanted.

'Keep your hands on your hips, chinal, and look at me. Don't look away, look at me!' He moved back to sit in his chair behind his desk, holding the remote control in his palm. Another slight increase of the notch on the control, and Saxena was looking into the gazing eyes of his submissive slave. The buzzing sounded beautiful between Rehana's legs, her body had a job to keep still, and her breathing increased so that her breasts were heaving up and down frantically, her nipples seemingly growing each second.

'Ohhhhhh....God, Sir, this is.......uhh, uhh, uhhhh..........' She started to move a hand down her tummy towards her saree, wanting to relieve the wonderful feelings in her cunt.

'Leave it chinal. Hands back on your waist.'

'Oh Sir. Can I play for just a few seconds.....oh my God,' and her ass bucked as the vibrations sizzled through her groin, but Rehana reluctantly placed her hand back on her waist.

'Good girl, chinal. That's a good girl. Did he fuck you....did your husband fuck you over the weekend?' Rehana's mouth lolled open, she had a job to stand up straight, and she did so want to play with herself to bring her body to the shattering orgasm it so desperately needed.

'No Sir, no Sir. I.....I prom....oohh, this is so goooood Sir................I didn't let him fuck me, or touch meeeeee...............weeeeeeeeeee......you must let me finish myself or, or............I'm going to wet myself, Sir. Ohhhhhh............ I've told you Sir, I didn't let my husband touch me, not at all Sir. Let me do it now, Sir, pleeeeeease, I'm nearly theeeeeeeeeeeere................,' and Rehana's voice tailed off again. Saxena moved the switch to Off and watched the heaving tits as they slowly subsided and Rehana tried to regain some normality, feeling little droplets of her juices gently running down her inner thighs!

'Now, madam. I keep the remote and you come with me. The car will be here in a minute or two.' Rehana saw the clock approaching 11, and she knew he could just turn the remote at any time he liked. 'Follow me chinal,' and the two of them went down the stairs where Saxena's personal limousine, with the blacked out windows, was waiting. Anusha, the young office girl who had been one of the two women to photo and fuck Rehana so wonderfully on Friday, was waiting at the open back door of the limo, with the chauffeur in the driving seat.

'We're taking her back to her house,' Saxena announced, 'so better put these on her, Anu, just in case she causes trouble.' He handed Anu a pair of rubber cuffs which were quickly slipped onto Rehana's wrists, pinning her arms behind her. Then she was shoved into the back seat with Anusha, while Prashanth Saxena joined Subhash, the driver, in the front. Still with the feelings from the vibrating eggs fresh in her loins, and the wetness at the top of her legs, Rehana sat with trepidation at what might be going to happen at her house. This really frightened her as it was intruding on her private life, Saxena even wanting to dominate what she did at home. She just shut her mouth and wondered!

As the limo pulled out of the office entrance, Rehana didn't notice the works van pull in behind to follow, 4 men inside with pieces of equipment on board. All she could focus on was the chauffeur watching her through the rear view mirror, his gleaming white teeth, his shining skin and his leering grin watching her. Saxena turned in his seat and spoke.

'This should control her while we're busy, Anusha,' and he turned on the remote again. The buzzing started once more and Rehana bit her lip and closed her eyes as her cunt started to vibrate. 'Enjoy, Anusha.' Anusha smiled as she turned and ran her hands over Rehana's tits, and then she lifted the black blouse up Rehana's chest to reveal the hard tits again. She leant over and began to lick at the nipples, and squeeze the succulent tits, running her fingers all over Rehana's lithe body as the blonde woman could only moan because of the restraints. The eggs in her cunt were driving Rehana wild, and now Anusha was adding to her pleasure by caressing and biting her breasts so beautifully.

'Don't let her cum, Anusha, just keep her teetering on the brink for as long as it takes. We don't want the chinal having the pleasure of an orgasm, so just control her while I carry out what needs to be done when we get there.'

Rehana shuffled her bottom on the seat as the eggs in her cunt so tortured and frustrated her. The itching and the need for satisfaction were so overpowering, but she just couldn't do a thing, and when she opened her eyes, all she could see was the chauffeur in his mirror grinning away, lusting after the big tits that Anusha continued to maul. Anusha was still sucking on her nipples, and her hand went under Rehana's thin saree to feel the wetness at the tops of her thighs, and then she gently caressed Rehana's hardened clit under the thong that was holding the toy in place. Rehana wasn't going to last much longer, as she was frantically reaching the point of no return. Then Saxena suddenly said,

We're here,' and he turned off the remote and handed it to Anusha. 'You're in charge, Anusha, but don't let the bitch cum.' Rehana could see they were in her street, outside her house, and as Saxena got out, she was suddenly shocked to see the guys get out from the works van and go up her path carrying all sorts of electrical equipment. Saxena had taken her keys and they all trooped in the front door and closed it behind them. Now, Rehana was left in the limo with Anusha and Subhash, the leering chauffeur, while complete strangers were doing goodness knows what inside her house. Thank God that no-one from the family was due home at the moment. What could she do? Absolutely nothing. She was cuffed, and was being guarded by the huge driver and Anusha, with blacked out windows so no-one could see her distress anyway.

With Saxena and the team of workers inside the house, Subhash saw his chance and joined Anusha and Rehana in the back of the car. He had taken his jacket and tie off and left his chauffeur's hat on the front seat. He was huge, his muscles rippling against his white shirt, and Rehana felt dwarfed as he moved next to her in the sumptuous back seat. She was now trapped between Anusha and Subhash, and she saw Anusha gently turn on the remote. The buzzing began again between Rehana's legs, and her white dot saree had ridden up her legs, almost revealing the little thong holding the vibrating eggs inside her.

'Hello little thing,' grinned the huge Subhash beside her. 'So you're the office chinal I've heard so much about.' He ran his big hand onto Rehana's knee and up her thigh, and Anusha was doing exactly the same thing to the other leg.

'No, no, leave me alone. What the hell are they doing in my house? Let me go so I can go.....,' but then Anusha turned up the remote some more and she and Subhash watched the Mus-lim wife and mother suddenly freeze and start to breath heavily. Subhash also began to unzip his smart chauffeur trousers.

'No, no, not here, not in the back of the car,' pleaded Rehana, but she couldn't help noticing the big, black lund that Subhash pulled out of his trousers. It was only semi-hard but still like a stallion already. He was only in his early twenties, like Anusha, and his big, white teeth grinned wonderfully at the lady beside him.

'Turn the remote up some more, Anusha....Mr Saxena said 'enjoy,' didn't he?' Anusha reached over to Rehana's tits again, ran her fingers under the beautiful flesh, lifting and holding the fabulous melons in her hands, and then she licked the nipples, at the same time moving the notch on the remote up another couple of degrees. Again, Rehana closed her eyes, knowing that the eggs up her cunt would nullify any attempts at protest she may make. She was right. After only a couple of seconds of the balls knocking together in her cunt, Rehana was putty, and she pushed her tits forward as Anusha sucked her.

Such was her state that when the chauffeur gently put his hand round Rehana's neck, she offered no protest at all as he moved her down to his groin. His other hand held his lund, pointing straight up, and Rehana opened her mouth to take him between her lips. Her head was in Subhash's groin, and now Anusha just watched and caressed Rehana's thighs and bottom.

Oh my God, thought Rehana. I can't take all of him in my mouth. He's so big, but the feelings in her body were magnificent, even though she still had her arms cuffed behind her back. The eggs in her cunt were driving her wild, hands were caressing her bottom, feeling her anus and up and down her thighs, and this handsome, young man was holding her down over his wonderful lund and she was doing her best to gobble and suck the monster. All thoughts of her house had left Rehana for the time being.

'Go on bitch, suck me, just suck on that big lund,' and Subhash pulled the black hair up and back as he held his throbbing member inside Rehana's accommodating mouth. She tried to nibble and lick and go down as far as possible, but without her hands, Rehana was completely at the whim of the young man. Every now and then he would hold his rigid lund and slap Rehana's face with it, and she would grasp back with her tongue and lips, trying to get him back into her throat. She was frantic with desire, the eggs making her feel shameless and filthy. She couldn't resist.

'Come on, big man. Put it in my mouth, down my throat. I can take you all,' and Subhash would slip his wet, rock-like lund back into Rehana's mouth and she would just carry on slurping and gobbling, letting the end just tickle the back of her throat as she devoured him. Behind her, Anusha was watching intently while caressing Rehana's exposed bottom. Her fingers went up and down the crack in the mature ass, moving aside the strip of tight thong to touch Rehana's wet gaand.

Rehana's juices were running down her bottom, and Anusha gently pushed at the soft, pink anus and gradually eased it open and slipped her finger into Rehana's bottom. She held it there, watching Subhash feed his lund in and out of Rehana's mouth, and then Anusha pushed a little more, her finger slowly disappearing into the blonde woman's ass. She could feel the eggs vibrating against her finger through the thin membrane of skin, and her finger was teasing Rehana's ass, now in as far as it could go.

Was Rehana going to 'cum?' Were they going to let her?

This experience was sure to get Rehana off if it went on much longer. The eggs in her cunt, Anusha's finger right up her ass, wiggling gently against her skin, and Subhash's magnificent lund sending waves of pleasure through her as she went up and down on his length, the monster almost gagging her. Rehana was in heaven, her body shifting positions on the seat through frustration, but still it carried on. She tried to push against Anusha's finger, wanting the young girl to screw her bottom, she bobbed her head up and down, urging the young, young chauffeur to greater efforts, but there was just nothing else Rehana could do.

'For God sakes, you two. Make me cum, please, just.......just do me. I can't......I can't........' but Subhash shoved her face down into his groin once more, her mouth once more full of raging lund, and now it was too late for anything else.

The beautiful lund began to erupt, and Rehana felt the first spurts hit her throat, but Subhash pulled her hair up and held Rehana so that the rest of his orgasm hit her in the face. Anusha turned off the remote, gently slipped her finger from Rehana's ass, and watched as the chauffeur's semen cascaded round the Mus-lim mother's face, slowly sliding down her cheeks, her forehead, her chin and down onto her big tits. He seemed never to stop, and Rehana just licked at the head of his lund, enjoying the thrills that she had given this satisfied young man.

At last, Subhash's lund stopped erupting, and Rehana's face was awash with his cum, but she still hadn't reached the pinnacle herself and did so want the ultimate feeling to wash over her own body. She pleaded unashamedly.

'God, Anusha. Is that it? Please do me some more. I'm soooo close, just turn the remote on again. Please,' but the young woman just grinned at Rehana and leant over, held the blonde face and kissed her full on the mouth, her tongue sliding down Rehana's waiting throat. The mus-lim woman's face, cum settling on her, was wanton sex, and her expression pleaded for full satisfaction. It wasn't to be!

'Not now, Rehana. Not now. You know what Mr Saxena said,' and as Rehana continued to blow with exhaustion and frustration, she saw her front door open and Saxena came out followed by the rest of the crew.GOD, thought Rehana....so near and yet so far! Subhash quickly did up his trousers and went to his door as Saxena arrived at the car.

'Been enjoying yourself, then, Subhash, have you,' and the two men just grinned at each other as the chauffeur dressed properly and got behind the wheel. Nothing was said again on the drive back to office, and Rehana sat silently, cum stains all over her face, but still with that awful itch in her cunt. Somebody needs to fuck me quickly, she said to herself, or it's my big cucumber when I get home.

At the ofice, the cuffs were taken off the office chinal, and she followed her boss back up the stairs to his office. She stood behind him silently. He turned back to her as he sat at his desk.

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'Well chinal. I can see you had a good time while I was busy,' indicating the dried cum on Rehana's face. 'I'm glad you were able to satisfy the chauffeur. He's a big boy, isn't he?' he laughed. 'Anyway, thank you for your assistance at the house, and I can safely say that the mission was a success.'

'Why, what did you do, Sir, at my house? It's not right, you know, going into my private home. What did all those men do in there?'

'Never you mind, chinal. It was private business that had to be done, and now it's done. You just don't need to talk about it, and you certainly don't mention it to that wimp of a husband of yours. Understand chinal?' and Saxena suddenly turned on the remote again and Rehana felt that wonderful buzz in her cunt.

'Oh yes, Sir, oh yes please. I've been so close all day, just turn it up...... to the top, Sir, yes please. You know....you know I obey you and.......and learn from you, don't you, but....but you must let me.......oh God, please Sir.......' and she opened her legs, right in front of the boss, and that look of ecstasy came across her face again. Saxena watched her nipples push at the black blouse, he saw her thighs tense as she tried to push her groin against the eggs, but it was all in vain. Within 30 seconds, Saxena turned the remote off again. Rehana looked crest fallen and so frustrated again!

'You want to cum don't you chinal? You want satisfying badly, don't you?' Rehana nodded frantically. What was he going to do? 'Take off the thong. Do it now.' He watched as Rehana lifted her saree and began to roll the little thong down her thighs. Attached were the love eggs and Saxena watched the sexy bitch pull them from inside her body and ease them down her legs. They were wet with the juices from Rehana's excitement and now she was even more frustrated. Was he going to fuck her over the desk again...what was her Master going to do now? She was desperate.

'I'm going to give you the rest of the day off, chinal, but on one condition. I know how desperate you are, I know how your body is aching for satisfaction, so I'm going to let you go home early, before your kids get home and before that shit of a husband finishes work. OK?' Rehana nodded, not quite understanding Saxena's motives.

'When you get home, I will let you satisfy yourself, anyway that you want, but it is an instruction, chinal, and you are to do it. Understand? You are to go home and satisfy the frustration that you have had to bare all day. If you don't, I shall be angry and you will be subjected to even worse treatment tomorrow, and you know what 'worse treatment' could mean, don't you?'

Rehana didn't need telling twice. She knew exactly what she wanted to do, and for once she smiled at Saxena, thanking him profusely. He did have a heart, after all, didn't he????

Her cunt was aching and itching all the way home in the car. She ran her fingers under her saree once or twice during the journey, and felt her clit which was still rigid with excitement, and she also slid a finger along her lips, confirming they were still soaking and pleading for satisfaction. She knew what she was going to do, and she knew what to do it with. She hoped it was still at home!........ Home! Home! My God, what had Saxena and his men done to her home at lunch time?

For a moment, Rehana thought she might go inside to find the place trashed, her clothes all over the place, Saleem's paperwork strewn on the floor....she just didn't know what she'd find and suddenly she was frightened of opening her front door.

Rehana peered round the front door when she had parked her car at home.....she couldn't see anything extraordinary. She went inside, and went into every room. It was all neat and tidy, and nothing seemed to be missing. She checked all her valuable documents...still where she had left them, and there was absolutely no sign of anything being different. It was as if no-one had been at the house at all. Then what had the visit been all about? My God, this was spooky. Rehana pushed it to the back of her mind and thought about why she had been sent home early. God, yes, yes, yeeesssss!! She could hardly wait.

She went to her bedroom and stripped off, running her fingers over her clit a few more times. Ummmm, oh my God, am I ready for this??? She raced to the trash can in the kitchen, naked except for her heels. Yes, it was still there. The empty bottle of Coke was just what Rehana was looking for. She washed it under the cold tap and then went back to her bedroom.

Back in his office, Prashanth Saxena had flicked up the huge TV hidden in the office wall, and sat in an easy chair, the control panel at his fingertips. The picture was in colour and so clear and defined. He was able to follow Rehana around her house, from room to room, zooming in and out at will.....live television at its best!

He had sent her home early quite deliberately and the closed circuit system his men had installed was working perfectly. At least 8 Pin Hole cameras had been placed all over the house, with sound attachment, and it would take a matured spy to find them. Certainly, Rehana and that shit of a husband wouldn't find them.

Saxena caressed his lund through his slacks as he watched Rehana move onto her bed and relax. She ran her hands up and down her body, playing with her tits, caressing her tummy and allowing a hand to caress across her vaginal lips and clit. The events of the day had taken her to such highs without allowing her to orgasm, but now she was alone, could take her time and she did so want to make the most of it.

Her nipples were like organ stops as she pulled gently on them and eased her shapely thighs apart. At the side of her, on the bed, was the coke bottle and Rehana occasionally ran her fingers up and down, feeling the strength and shape of the silent partner, but at the moment she played on her clit with her fingers. She recalled Subhash's glorious lund in her mouth, and the way his pent up cum had splashed all over her face, and she remembered Anusha's beautiful finger as it played in her ass-hole, bringing untold pleasure. And all the time, the love eggs had been up inside her cunt, sometimes just resting in place and sometimes vibrating together to get her juices running so frantically.

Already, Rehana had increased her excitement with these thoughts. A couple of her fingers went into her cunt and just slid gently into the first few inches, and she had to admit to herself, quite shamefully, that she now loved going to work. Every day was exciting, Saxena only had to speak and she jumped to obey. He had turned her into a chinal, as he said he would, but it was the type of domination that Rehana had yearned for, and she knew that she wouldn't have missed the experiences for the world. She tried to put poor old Saleem to the back of her thoughts, and she even admitted to herself that the way she felt right now, she might even let him fuck her tonight, if he was a good boy. But now, she wanted more...much more.

Saxena had taken his lund out of his trousers as he watched his little slave getting more excited on her bed. Only for this once was he going to let her pleasure herself, as it was specifically so he could test the equipment, and now that he knew it all worked just as he planned, he was going to enjoy the display. He stroked his lund up and down as he watched Rehana bend up her knees. He moved his controls around and the picture went right up between her legs, and then he saw Rehana pick up the bottle.

She licked the neck and then sucked it into her mouth, while her hand played with her clit and cunt lips, and even on the screen, Saxena could see her brown lips were soaking and opening gently. Then Rehana ran the whole bottle down between her legs, letting the thick glass run over her clit, and he watched her shiver with excitement. His hand on his lund increased tempo as he saw the mus-lim wife move the neck of the bottle to the entrance of her cunt, and then, gently, so slowly, Rehana pushed in a couple of inches.

Her head moved from side to side on her pillow as the wonderful feelings washed over her. Her eyes closed, she had not a care in the world right now, her mouth lolled open as the excitement in her body increased, and Rehana began to pull on her tits really hard, feeling no pain. Saxena panned the picture back a little and watched Rehana's high heels lift off the bed to point at the ceiling, and he saw her ease the bottle out to the top of the neck, and then push it back inside her again.

The sound system was perfect on the CCTV as Saxena could hear her starting to moan as she shoved this home-made dildo in and out of her soaking cunt, and he broke into a grin as he heard the little chinal muttering to herself.

'Ummm...ohhhh, ohhhhhh.......you bastard Saxena! Look what you've turned me into......a, grovelling chinal, screwing myself in the middle of the afternoon......and I LOVE it!' The bottle went in a little further, Rehana put her shoes back on the bed and she pushed her ass up as the ecstasy rippled through her loins. Her bottom lifted up and down off the bed as she began to fuck herself in earnest, now, and her whimpering became louder.

'Aghhhhhhh, uh, uh, uh,' and the whole neck was disappearing inside her as she became even more frantic. Could she get more in, could she stretch her cunt to accept the bottle where it opened out from the neck to full size? Rehana remembered the feelings from Anusha's finger earlier in the day, and her free hand strayed down to the cheeks of her ass and slid along the bucking crack.

'Oh yes, yes, yesssssssssss,' she almost screamed as her middle finger found her wet anus. The pent up frustration was now all gone and Rehana just pushed inside her ass with her finger as she thrust the red bottle into her cunt with her other hand. God, this was fantastic, nobody telling me what to do, no-one to tell me to stop, and her body was now on fire. She wiggled her finger in her bottom, bucking up and down on the bed, and she held the bottle tightly against her cunt and used all her endeavour to try and get it deeper inside her.

'Ugghh, ughhh, ohhhh.........I can't......I ca.......I can't hold on any.....any longer.....Oh yes!!!!!!!!!'

She was almost there, she was reaching the heights that her body had craved all day long, and Saxena was enjoying every second from the comfort of his office. Rehana just pushed and screwed at both orifices of her body. Her finger jammed in and out of her ass, the bottle was slamming into her cunt as far as Rehana could get it, and the orgasm was bucking her body all over the bed.

Saxena took his handkerchief from his pocket and his big lund erupted as he watched his little slave finally give in to her animal desires. Her orgasm seemed to go on and on, her body taking two or three minutes to subside after going through every conceivable contortion. Finally, Rehana slumped on her bed, slipping her finger from her ass, but allowing the wet bottle just to lay on the bed, the neck still hanging from the lips of her throbbing cunt. This had been another day that she'd never forget, and now she would grab ten minutes shut-eye before the rest of the family started to arrive home. Yes, Saleem might be in for a treat later that night......Rehana might just allow him to put his little lund inside her...!!!

Prashanth Saxena had also had a successful day. Not only had he watched this gorgeous little vixen take herself to a wonderful orgasm for him, he had installed a complex network of CCTV in her home to watch her every move from now on, and he would not only be able to control her, but it would also enable him to get his own back on her wimp of a husband by controlling him through Rehana. Life looked even grander than before.

Just to make it all work, of course, he would forget to mention to Rehana that the auditors yesterday filed a report to him. The auditors reported that the missing money was computer error, due to a malfunction of the purchase ledger data, and that a paper transaction had now adjusted the accounts so that both companies now had correct cash and bank balances. Rehana's husband, Saleem, was innocent of any accusations made against him, and the matter was now closed. Only Saxena knew this of course.

For Saxena this was good news, and he would now just be able to concentrate on making Rehana the dirtiest, most submissive chinal in the history of business perks!!! He pressed the 'Record' button on the CCTV and closed the office door behind him as he left for home!

Rehana lay naked on her bed at home in Panjai, feeling completely washed out but oh so satisfied. The empty cocke bottle lay between her open thighs, an inch or two of the neck still in her raging, wet cunt, and her huge breasts heaving up and down as she slowly came down from the earth shattering orgasm. Fucking herself with the bottle while sliding a finger in and out of her ass had been just what Rehana had needed after her day at the hands of her boss.

It's amazing how simple and innocuous the most devastating changes arrive. You just don't see them coming. On the other hand, maybe if you did, they wouldn't be 'devastating'. Rehana found herself thinking a lot about things like that nowadays as 'devastating' change had become a way of life for her. Every day she struggled with herself and her fate.

Her boss at the White Rock boatyard, Prashanth Saxena, was truly turning the mus-lim wife and mother into the office chinal, and the more Rehana thought about it, the more she realised that this was a role in her life that she just couldn't live without any more, not that she really had any choice in the matter. While Rehana felt guilty for betraying her husband, it had actually been him who put her in this predicament, or so she was led to believe. It had been going on for a number of weeks, but it had brought Rehana to life, it filled her with energy, vitality, a zest for sexual adventure that had never been a part of her married life previously. She just wished she could get over the nagging guilt she felt at having betrayed her loving husband.

If Saxena spoke, she jumped, if he ordered her to do something, she realised she had no choice and obeyed immediately. The woman in her 30s now dressed just as her boss desired, like a randhi, but a very hot and sexy randhi, and she had come to be proud of her body, the wonderful tits bursting out of the tight sarees and blouses she wore, the little sarees that showed off her fabulous navels with glimpses of her tight ass when she bent over. She now took more trouble over her appearance, her make up, her sexy black hair and her clothes, and she had grown to enjoy the admirers she saw taking long, lustful looks at her.

Yes, by accident, Rehana's life had changed round completely. From being the dutiful wife and mother, who stayed at home doing the cooking, the ironing, the washing and serving as her kids running them around town, Rehana now had vigour and excitement in her life, but best of all, her sexual experiences had taken off out of all proportion.

Her husband, Saleem, fucked her like a good and devoted husband would, but Rehana had always wanted more, harder, rougher fucking, quality fucking with stamina to satiate her. She wanted discipline, strict control and perhaps brutal treatment with her body being abused and stretched to breaking point. She knew that Saleem would never push her or dominate her to those limits, but Saxena was now inflicting just the treatment that Rehana had lusted after for years. Which made the petite mus-lim suffer from a guilty conscience as she was not only beginning to accept Saxena; she had begun to ache for his humiliating treatment. Rehana recalled the indignities she had been subjected to, indignities no woman should ever be forced so suffer, so why then was this awful throbbing between her legs beginning once more.

It had got to the point where Saxena had ordered her not to have any form of sex with Saleem over the weekend, and Rehana had agreed without question.....this was surely a sign that Saxena wielded over her a power that was solid and impenetrable.....Rehana couldn't live without it now! She loved Saleem dearly and only wished that he would sometimes be stronger with her, more assertive, but he wouldn't take the dominant lead and so Rehana became frustrated, often to the point where she treated her husband with contempt in the bedroom!

However, this evening, when Saleem came home from work and the kids were safely tucked away in bed, she vowed to let him fuck her, even though she knew it would bring her very little satisfaction and it would be over more or less before she had even got going. Despite Mr. Saxena's orders, Rehana felt compelled to show her loving husband that he still mattered in her life. Even if the awful throbbing between her legs wasn't satisfied, she hoped her guilty conscious might be appeased.

True to form, later that night, Saleem laid his wife on her back and licked his wife just how he knew she liked it. He licked and licked and licked until Rehana was really wet again, and then she told him to push his lund into her. Saleem was in her in a flash, thrashing away, but there was no devil in him, no great demands on Rehana's body, and the submissive state that Rehana wanted to experience never materialised, and it ended before it had even really gotten started when she felt Saleem suddenly reach his pinnacle and splash his seed inside her frustrated cunt.

It was all over in 5 minutes and Rehana watched him turn over and disappear into a sleeping trance, leaving her bemoaning the situation again. Still, at least she knew she was keeping her husband satisfied and she could gain some sense of satisfaction in that.

What she didn't know, unfortunately, was that Prashanth Saxena had installed 8 CCTV cameras all round her house, and the next morning he was able to watch Saleem's feeble attempts at satisfying his wife on the tapes that he played back in his office at White Rock. There were pin-hole cameras situated in most of the rooms at Rehana's house, and he was going to use these to control the mus-lim chinal, and her husband who, he believed, had at one time tried to fleece him financially. It turned out that it had all been a big mistake, a computer error, but Saxena had decided not to say anything, he was enjoying his domination of the little mus-lim chinal way too much to correct matters.

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