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Indian Erotica - Indian Incest Stories

Mom & Sis.

In my family myself, my sister and my mother are only members.My sister is 22 years old myself 20, and mom is 46.We stay together in our small house in a remote village.Father died years ago.Sister is married, no children.Her husband is working in a company in Bombay.So she was so horny, and her cunt was thirsty for a big size cock.One night as usual I went for sleeping.That time Chechi's (sister's) room light was on.Mom and sis were sleeping in one room.I used to masturbate and discharge my hot water by looking at my sister's large tits and buttocks. One day I brought one sex book, and read it in my room without noticing by others.When I read those interesting stories, I felt like to fuck my chechi somehow.I made plans to accomplish my goal. I left that book on the table so that she will notice it easily.I left door half closed, and pretend that I am in sound sleep.After some time chechi came to my room for taking her clothes, which were in my room on the clothing line for drying ( I was knowing that). My dear friends these women's under garments really makes me hard.Irrespective of mother or sister it makes me aroused.Even though mom uses bodice (old fashioned bra) it gives me erection.
I used to sniff their underwear (soiled of-course) and jack off.OnceI could notice stains of my jism on mom's bodice.After wash they apply optic brighteners like blue, this will clearly show semen stains in white clothes.I think mom didn't recognise it.Sister's panties are my favourite ones. The strong aroma of ammonia from her piss will be always there, along with the smell of her POORU OIL (cunt juice).Her panties were home made in those olden days.Usually called nickers or sheddy.These are like trousers, so the crease in the middle will be always inside the cunt slit. You can imagine the amount of pussy butter it can absorb.I often suck that portion and enjoy her cunt flavour.Even by showing her sheddy to my KUNNA (prick) it will jump up and stand like an iron rod.Since her nickers were in colour printed clothes, she did not notice my ejaculation marks, I think. So where was I ?Yeh.. Chechi came to my room.She immediately noticed the book (it's cover page was a picture of a naked woman)I slowly peeped, she was wearing only a nightie, there was nothing underneath.Big swinging breasts were easily observable.
Instantly my kunna got up.She was going through pages, and thinking that I am asleep she carried the book along with her.I got up and followed her silently.There was gap in the window of their room.I peeped through it.The sean inside was so stimulating. Chechi was sitting on the cot.Her night gown had been lifted up to her hips, and her thighs were spread.Chechi’sPOORU was fully opened like a flower.While reading the book her fingers were busy in rubbing her KANDH (clit) inside her cunt. I understood mom was watching all these fingering games of Chechi.Mom slowly got up and asked her “What are you reading?”Chechi said it is a book.Mom said let me see it.Then chechitold, it is from his room I got.Mom started going through it.Chechi was still rubbing her clit.When mom sawphotos in the book, got excited.I felt that her years prick starvingyoni is dripping water of Kama.Some photos were of son fucking mother.When she saw those, I knew her large POORU started itching.Mom said “this book is interesting mole (baby)”, and continued reading.
Chechi suddenly got up and proceededtowards bathroom.I quickly hide away.I saw chechiwas sitting in the bathroom without closing the door, and pissing.Then I also entered the bathroom in pretext of pissing.But my KUNNA was like a bayonet .But she disregarding it, continued pissing.I looked at her pussy, it is quite big in size, and her KANDH (clit) is about three quarter of an inch.She looked at my big prick and exclaimed.“ eesvra (god) what a big Kunna is your’s”I was feeling bashful.I read your book, chechi said.You likes to insert it in a POORU , is itn’t ?Why didn’t you ask me ?By saying this she held on my iron rod and started moving the foreskinto and fro.Do you like to suck on my KANDH (clit)? I nodded yes.Then come on, she sat on her buttocks, from the squat pose and lifted her legs up.I saw, she was sitting in her piss poodle, which was on the bathroom floor.Strong smell of her urine made me intoxicated.But first I pressed her tit meat like bus horn over her nigh gown.She removed gown soon and laiddownon floor and parted her thighs.I pulled apart her pussy lips and inserted my tongue and started licking.I sucked on her sweet clit strongly like a vacuum pump.Chechi shook her hips up and down violently.I was getting impatient, I jumped on her and entered in her POORU.
Her slimypussy greeted my prick warmly, so smooth it was.I was in heaven.I sucked on her both boobs, started fucking her vigorously.Like a crazy woman chechi yelled obscene things. “You son of bitch fuck me hard, you had this marvellous KUNNAand my POORUwas starving all these days, Com on pump it into chechi’s cunt you bastard. I also retorted in the same way“Poori-mole come on take it…. I will break your pooru today.I want the long clit cunt like yours.. you slut…and we kept on fucking like husband and wife without bothering anything. Finally I shot my prick milk into her pussy.We were tired.Then only we noticed mother’s presence there.We never thought we were in the bath room, while fucking.Mom had come there for a pee. She got excited.My prick was still inside chechi’s POORU.Due to her high state of stimulation, mom thrown away her mundu (women’s lower garment) and squat on the floor and shook chechi and told. “Come on stop it and get away”When I opened my eyes, what I saw was mother squatting, exposing her matured big cunt.I soon pulled out my prick from chechi’s twat and got up.We three moved to bed room naked.When mother saw my 8” cock , her POORU opened, I felt it like her cunt is smiling.Her KANDH(clit) was bigger than sister’s.Mom was watching my prick interestingly.All of a sudden she knelt and start suckingmy KUNNA.We both laid down on the cot.It was in a 69 position.Mother kept her big pussy on my my face, and her mouth was on my KUNNA.I spread her thighs, and looked at her hairy pussy. Few hairs had turned grey. Still it was spectacular. Yes my place of birth !!!!!Her cunt lips were opened, and her large clit was hanging.It was like a date fruit.It is much bigger than chechi’s.It was dripping honey, I licked on it.Slightly saltish, still it was tasty.Sucking was easy since it was too big.I drank that slimy pussy juice well.And inserted my tongue deep inside and slurped.Mom was grinding her POORU on my face.
I made her to lay on her back, and climbed on her.I looked at her pussy, and brought my gun to its lips.Oh my God! I am going to enter my own mother’s cunt .That feeling was so exciting.I felt like my Kunna is elongating by it itself and going to enter her pussy , if I delay anymore.I could not wait, I slammed my hips.Her POORU was so tight, may be because of, not in use for long time.I felt like she is younger than my sis.May be my brother in low had fucked her pussy very roughly I guessed.I pushed my cock strongly to enter her fully inside.It was so warm.I wished I could enter my full body into heruterus, and stay there for some time.It was a heavenly feeling to relish in my own mother’sbody.Her cunt was also trying to pull me inside, as is it found some of its lost part.I reached up to her entrance of uterus.I tried hard to pierce into.Mom told, forget everything baby and try to fuck like I am your wife.Then my nasty thoughts prevailed. “You bitch you are my wife, I will fuck you as and when I feel.Now come on swing your butts.Do you like that aanappooree…. And we fucked for quit long time.Since it was my second shot within half an hour, I took long to reach climax.Mom had several orgasms, before mine, I sensed.At lastmy KUNNA shot semen bullets deep into her uterus.She was hugging me hard in the final assault.She had really enjoyed it, from her face I could judge.Later on mom and sis were my wives.And I fucked them both generously and lived like husband and wives with out any wedlock.
Me & My Bhabhi
Hi. My name is Adit & I am 19 years old. Mine is a true experience which I will recount now. It was 2 years back. I was born at Naroda near Ahemedabad. I completed my Schooling there & passed with real good scores in my Xth class. Then with consent of my parents I decided to come down to Bombay for my college studies. I already had my elder brother staying at Bombay since about a year. My borhter is a Production Engineer & had landed a very good job in a MNC & had shifted in a posh flat given by the company itself. After a few months of we two staying together, we were joined by third one. My brother got married & brought my 'Bhabhi" to stay with us. She was 23 years old. They been to honeymoon for 1 week & returned to thier daily routine. Everything was fine till then. My relationship with my Bhabhi was very friendly. She would do all the work at home & I would often help her at work at home. At that time I started to have a crush on her. My brother had to work in 15 days shifts of day & night each. It all started after around a month & half of thier marraige. I liked her company very much & many times during our conversation I would get an erection. I think she noticed that a few times. I would many a times try to peep in her personal activities. I don't know whether she had caught me or not, but one fine day during our breakfast she asked me "How is my figure Adit ?" I replied "Hmm.. its good. Why ?" She said "Nothing".
I got an indication but was still reluctant to make an advance. The same night when my brother had gone to his work, she called me in her room. She said "Lets chat sometime before going to sleep" I agreed. We talked about my college & my friends & my girl friends. After about half hour she went to change to her night gown & I was lying on the bed watching T.V After about a few minutes she came from the bathroom in her regular gown. I noticed that she was not wearing a bra & I could see her beautiful boobs hanging as heavenly bodies. I immediately had an erection. She came to me & lay besides me. We watched t.v for some time without talking anything & after a few minutes I got up to go to my bed. I said "Good night Bhabhi". She smiled at me but had a peculiar look on her face. As I neared the door, she called on me & said "Adit, I dont mind if you sleep here in my room if you feel very hot in your room". The only A.C we had was in her room. I was puzzled & got nervous & told her I had some studies to do & avoided that night. I could read the disappointment on her face & that made me 100 % sure of her intentions. That night I did not sleep well & masturbated twice. I made up my mind that I should not lose this oppurtunity & would soon make a strike. Well it was the very next day itself. After a regular days college I returned at night after seeing a movie with my some friends.
My brother had already left for work. Bhabhi served me the dinner sat just besided me while I was having my food. I could see the cut through her blouse & again I had an erection. I decided today is the day & asked her "Today its very hot bhabhi. Do you mind if I sleep in your room". She promptly said yes & I could read the eroctic lines in her expression. At about 10.30 pm, I entered her bedroom. She was there laying in her gown & looking very sexy. I went besides her lay on my tummy looking at her & the t.v alternatively. We talked about the movie & something here & there. I had an erection right throughout the conversation but was very nervous to make an advance. I was still a virgin . I decided to just lay asleeep & let things go the way it want. Bhabhi turned of the lights & tv after sometime. Only a dim light was on. After about 15 to 20 minutes, when I was pretending to be asleep, I suddenly felt the best feeling of my life. I was sleeping sideways facing her Bhabhi laid one of her hands right between my thighs just touching my prick. I got an instant erection & she noticed the bulge. She lay the hands for a few seconds. I then moved my penis a little closer to her hand & positioned such that her whole hand covered my prick. The very next second she completely held my prick & started to fondle with it. She moved closer to me & now her breautiful breasts were very near my hands. She put her hands in my pyjamas after opening the buttons & I was already very wet. She suddenly stood up & looked at me & smiled.
She helped me remove my clothes & there I was lying completely naked in front of a such beautiful women gazing at my 9 & a half inch prick. She was sitted besides me. I then stood up & lifted her gown & removes it completely. There they stood. The most beautiful boobs hanging there with tight & erected nipples waiting for me to suck them. She was still wearing the panties. She immediately stood up & removed them too. I still get an erection anytime of the day when I remember her removing the panties and standing nude in front of me. I was sitting on the edge of the bed. She came closer to me & sat down on the floor in front of me. I immediately figured out the next move & came still closer to the edge of the bed to assist her. The next moment I was in heaven. She held my penis & started licking it at the tip. Slowly she started to take it completely in her mouth & after some time I was moaning high as it was full 9 & half inch in. She continued it for a few minutes. She also licked & played with my balls. Then when I was about to cum I tried to take it out of her mouth, but she insisted it on taking in her mouth. And in next few seconds I cummed & a big load of cum shot right in her mouth. She took it all in her mouth. Some dripped out of her mouth on to her chest & some she swallowed. She moaned too. Then she laid on the bed & spread her legs. I went on top of her & started to kiss her lips heavily.
I came lower & kissed her nipples & she moaned. I sucked her hard beautiful nipples heavily. I lowered more & licked her shapely tummy. She spread her legs. My hand intinctively went on her cunt & started exploring it. She moaned again. I kissed her cunt & it smelled so good I could hardly take my mouth of it. My fingers went into her cunt & I could feel her clit waiting to be felt. At that moment she moaned heavily & said yes yes yes. I then lowered my tongue spreading her cunt with my fingers & started licking her clit. I slowly increased my intensity & pushed my tongue hard against her clit & she started moaning heavily. My other hand started to explore her ass. She had got a beautiful tight ass which I think had been unexplored. My fingers started to find its way in her ass & she again said yes yes. I continued to lick her clit for some time often pressing her boobs. After a few minutes she cummed & I saw the cum oozing out of her cunt & dripping out. She asked me to take it in. I did so & it tasted very good. She laid with her eyes closed for a few moments & then got up to go to the bathroom.
She held my hand & pulled me into the bathroom. We stood under the shower kissing each other heavily. After a few minutes I again had an erection. She told me not to fuck because since I was a virgin we should not overdo. She promised for the next day. I simply pressed myself against her ass & after a few minutes she held my penis in her hand & started jerking often playing with my balls. I cummed again she drank my cum again. We went out of shower changed the bed sheet & lay naked in the bed for a few minutes. Then I said her good night & went to my room. She smiled at me & told me thanks for all. I smiled & returned her the thanks & said "Tomorrow, I want to lose my virginty" to which she promised. I the morning I woke up after the most beautiful night I have ever had. The next night was even more beautiful & since then we have had very good times together even during the day.
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Gopi's Sisters
by Mithunda

Chapter 1
Gopi was 22 years old but while all his friends in the village who were of his age, had gotten married, Gopi's marriage was in the
distant horizon. The reason was he had to work for many more years to pay off all the family debt. His father had passed away due
to pneumonia attack when he was 16 without marrying off any of his four daughters and he did not leave any money behind except
the house they lived in. So as soon as Gopi passed out of high school, he wrote the public service commission exam and got a
government job in the nearby town. This helped the family borrow money on the house and Gopi has to pay it off with his salary. He
had arranged marriages for three of his sisters - his elder sister Neha who is 24 years old now and is happily married with one child,
his first younger sister Neelam who is 20 years old now and does not yet have a child even though she is married for 2 years now
and his second younger sister Neeta who is 18 years old now and got married only 6 months back. Gopi had to not only pay off the
debts but he had also to support his mother Sonaben who was 40 and his last sister Urmila who was 16 and further see to it that
Urmila is also married well. Gopi was a normal healthy young man an he had his sexual needs. He had discovered masturbation
when he was in school and his object of fantasy during his pleasures was usually movie stars until one day he found one closer to
home. That day when he woke up from bed and went to the backyard to brush his teeth, his sister Urmi was there washing clothes.
Normally by the time he got up, she would have finished her washing and gone to school. That day her school was closed for some
reason and she got up a little late. She was wearing her skirt but had taken her blouse off to wash it and her half-sari was covering
her chest. That was how she was usually whenever she was washing. As Gopi stood brushing his teeth, she lifted up her hands to
hang a washed piece of cloth on the line and for a brief moment her half-sari was raised up revealing her samll, wonderful breasts.
Gopi was stunned at the beauty of his sister's breasts and added to it was the fact this was his first look at breasts at close quarters.
But Gopi felt guilty that he was watching his own sister's breasts and turned his face away. But that brief glimpse kept coming back
to him all though the day. When he came back from work, he could not help stealing glances at his sister who was now of course
fully clothed. For a couple of days he struggled with his feelings but was drawn more and more to his sister. The third day he got up
early and went to the backyard wanting to get a glimpse of his sister's gorgeous breasts. And he was rewarded. Then he made it a
regular habit. That morning glimpse was the highlight of the entire day for him and thoughout the day also, he would be stealing looks
at her chest hoping that her half-sari would fall between her jutting breasts revealing them seductively. He was many times granted his
wish as Urmi was not very careful about spreading her half-sari over her breasts. Ater all there was none in the house except her
brother. Then one night, he got up to go to the bathroom and when he came back to his bed his eyes fell on his sister who was
sleeping a few feet away. (As was usaul in village homes, everybody slept in a big hall together a few feet apart from each other).
Her half-sari had fallen off and her shapely breasts stood out of her chest magnificiently, rising and falling with her regular breathing.
Gopi sat there staring at them and her bare skin revealed between the lower rim of her blouse and the upper rim of her skirt,in the
dim light of the kerosene night lamp. He wanted to caress those breasts but was afraid that his sister might wake up or his mother
might be awake and see him. Then he masturbated looking at those lovely shapes and had great satisfaction. Then onwards, he
eagerly waited for the night time and the sight of hsi sister's breasts. He grew bold enough to gently push her half-sari away from her
breasts at times when it had not fallen off. He also started noticing how beautiful her face, her whole body and her movements were.
His desire for his sister increased every day. She was the only girl in his fantasies now. He started moving closely with her. He
offered to help her with her school lessons and that gave him opporutnity to be close with her for a couple of hours each day and
admire her beauty at close quarters. He also noticed gradually that his sister's half-sari was now between her breasts most of the
time revealing her firm breasts pushing out her blouse and at night, he never had to push her half-sari away. It was never covering her
breasts. He just thanked his good luck and enjoyed his sister's beauty as much as he can. After about three months, one day his
mother did something which seemed strange to him. Sonaben decided to sleep in the store room instead of the hall along with Urmi
and Gopi.
A couple of days after she started doing that, Gopi saw the opportunity this gave him and decided to touch Urmi's breasts when she
is sleeping. He thought it is worthwhile taking the chance with his sister. He spread his palm and placed it gently over Urmi's left
breast. The softness, the shapeliness and the warmth of his siter's breast sent a thrill through him. He cupped her breast with his
fingers and kept it motionless for a long time enjoying the rise and fall of the breast. Urmi did not move at all and encouraged by this
he did the same to her right breast. After what seemed hours, Urmi turned to sleep on her side and Gopi quickly took his hand
away. But he had had more pleasure in his life in that short time than in his entire life time. He went to sleep with the pleasant feeling
of Urmis's breasts in his mind. After that night, every night he would fondle his sister's breasts and masturbate afterwards. A month
later, Sonaben announced that she was going to visit her daughter Neha for a week and went out of town leaving Gopi and Urmi
alone. That night, when Gopi started his usual activity with his sister, he had the shock of his life. The moment he put his hand on her
breast, Urmi caught his hand. "Gopi, what have you been doing, you bad boy", she said. Gopi replied, "Urmi, sorry, please don't tell
mother. I won't do it again". Urmi said, "First tell me why you are doing this, Gopi. I am your sister and a brother is not supposed to
fondle and play with his sister's breasts". Gopi said, "I know, Urmi. But you are so beautiful and I am terribly attracted towards you.
I love you Urmi not only like a sister but as my girl." Urmi replied, "Oh Gopi, why did you not tell me that. I also love you Gopi. That
is why I display my breasts to you all day and let you fondle my breasts at night, even though I was aware of what you are doing
from the very first day you put your hand on my breasts."
Gopi was joyful at hearing thsee words from his sister and asked her, "Urmi can I kiss you?". Urmi said Yes and Gopi hugged his
sister and started kissing her lips passionately. Urmi reurned her brother's kisses equally passionately. After kissing for five minutes,
Urmi asked, "Gopi, do you want to put your hand inside my blouse and fondle my breasts?" Gopi eagerly said yes and Urmi
unbuttoned the lower three buttons of her blouse and gave her breasts to Gopi for caressing. Gopi gently kneaded her breast and
played with her nipples and Urmi started moaning with pleasure. Her brother's hand was warm and gentle on her silky sixteen year
old breasts. She had wanted to feel her brother's hand on her bare breasts from the first day he had fondled them and she was
feeling fully the pleasure she had expected. Then Gopi asked what he had wanted to for a long time. "Urmi, can I suck your breasts
please?". Urmi was overjoyed and said, "Yes Gopi. Let me remove my blouse for you", and she sat up and took her blouse off.
Now her young breasts were fully revealed to her brother and Gopi sat staring speechlessly at their beauty. Then Urmi gently drew
her brother's head towards her right breast and Gopi opened his lips and took his sister's soft breast in his mouth and started
sucking. Urmi let out a gasp as he pressed his lips around her nipple pressing it with his tongue. Gopi kept sucking Urmi's breasts for
a long time alternating between her two breasts. Then he kissed her again and spoke loving words to her. Urmi said, "Brother, I wish
we can be together like this always". Gopi said, "I wish so too Urmi, but at least till mother comes back we can do so", and slowly
the two lovers drifted into sleep.
The next few days, Gopi and Urmi were in heaven enjoying their intimacy and expressing their love for each other openly.
Chapter 2
But when Sonaben returned she had a surprise for the brother and sister. When Urmi had gone for her music lesson, she called Gopi
and asked him to sit by her side and started talking. "Gopi, did you and your sister have a good time when I had gone?", she asked.
Gopi was taken aback and could not reply. Sonaben continued, "I know what is going on between you two Gopi. I have been
watching you admire your sister and I wanted you to get together with her and so I started sleeping in the kitchen and then went
away for a week so that you will be able to reveal your love to your sister. Have you done that?" Gopi was happy with relief and
said, "Yes mother. Urmi also loves me mother and we both really enjoyed being together last week. I want to thank you so much for
being so understanding mother. You have made me and Urmi so happy".
Sonaben replied, "Gopi, a mother's happiness lies in her children's happiness. You have been the guardian and helper in this home
and I have been wondering how I can repay you for your sacrifices and this happened to be a good way. It will be several years
before you can marry and Urmi has to wait at least two more years until we have enough money for her marriage. So at least until
her marriage, I thought she can be your wife. Tomorrow is raksha bandan when brother and sister exchange tokens of love and
affection. That will be a good day for you and Urmi to start sleeping together. After wearing new clothes and tying the kankan in
each other's wrists tomorrow, you two go to the temple and pray in the evening. We will have a festive dinner and then you can take
Urmi to sleep with you. You two can sleep in the store room, it is more private and it has a door you can latch from inside. I will
sleep here in the hall. I have made more space in the store room so that you two can be comfortable there. You and your sister can
do whatever a husband and wife will do except that you should be careful not to make your sister pregnant. We cannot hide it. You
should have intercourse with Urmi only when she is safe. I will tell you both when it is ok and when it is not. I know it will be difficult
to refrain from having intercourse especially whn you are newly married to a young girl who is further your loving sister. But Urmi will
have to learn to give you oral intercourse and take you in her behind.".
Gopi was overjoyed. His mother was offfering his lovely sister to him as his wife. This was beyond even his wildest fantasy. But what
if his other sisters come to know about it? When he asked his mother, she said, "We cannot keep this a secret from your sisters. We
are a loving and affectionate family and your sisters know the sacrifices you have made for their marriage. So they will be only be
happy. We will tell Neelam and Neeta soon and I have already told Neha about this. That is why I went their last week. She is
happy about this. In fact she has sent a ring for you to give to Urmi tomorrow and also gave her wedding sari for Urmi to wear
tomorrow. We cannot afford to buy a wedding sari for Urmi now. I have bought a simple new dress for you to wear tomorrow".
Next day was a festival day. In the evening, Gopi wore his new dress and Urmi wore her sister's wedding sari and together they
went to the temple and prayed. When they returned, their mother asked them to sit on a new mat in the hall and gave them threads
to tie in each other's wrists. Then she gave a piece of sweet to Gopi and asked him to put in his sister's mouth. Urmi opened her
lovely mouth and Gopi put the sweet in her mouth. Then Urmi did the same to Gopi. Now Sonaben gave her son the ring that her
eldest daughter had sent and asked him to put it in her daughter's finger. Urmi extended her left hand so that her brother can slip the
ring on her slender finger. Then Sona tied her daughter's sari end to Gopi's shirt tail saying to Gopi, "Your sister is now yours to love
and protect. May both of you enjoy your union for a long time to come".
After that, she served the couple the festive food she had cooked and asked them to go to the store room. Gopi and his sister
touched their mother's feet and Gopi took his sister by hand and went into the store room. Just before entering the room, Sona went
to his son and whispered in his ear, "Your sister is safe today" and then watched happily as her son and daughter went into the room
hand in hand.
Chapter 3
After latching the door, Gopi and his sister embraced and kissed passionately. Then Urmi removed her wedding sari and put it away
and Gopi changed into pajama. They lay down on the soft bed their mother had put on the floor and kissed again. Urmi unbuttoned
her blouse and gave her breasts to her brother. Gopi lovingly fondled his sister's soft breasts for a while and then tok her left breast
in his mouth and started sucking. Urmi hugged him closer and ran her fingers though his hair affectionately as he sucked at her
breasts. After a while, Gopi sat up and took a look at his beautiful sister from head to foot. Urmi was lying on her back and had her
legs slightly apart. Her skirt had fallen between her thighs forming a vee at her girlhood.
Urmi felt shy when she saw her brother looking at the vee between her thighs. Gopi looked at her and asked, "Urmi, I want to kiss
you there. Can I please?". Urmi replied, "Brother, I am your sister and also your wife. You do not have to ask me my permission to
do anything with me. Everything I have is yours. Take me, my loving brother and husband" and spread her legs wider to give better
access to her brother. Gopi bent his head and placed his lips over his sister's pundai and pressed it hard over the warm softness.
Even through her skirt, he could smell the fragrance of his sister's girlhood and soon he could also feel her wetness. After planting
several kisses, he started untying the drawstring of her skirt. Urmi felt eagerness and shyness at the same time as her brother undid
the drawstring and started pulling her skirt down. She lifted her back a little so that he can pull her skirt off completely. Now she was
totally naked before her beloved brother/husband. Gopi was stunned by his gorgeous sister's body. There was not too much hair on
her pundai and the brown lips were glistening with her love juice. Gopi positioned himself between her long legs and put his lips on
the soft fragrant petals of her sex and showered kisses on them.
Then he parted the petals and took the little clit between his lips and caressed them with his lips. Urmi started moaning at the first
ever contact of sensitive clit with her brother's lips. It was a pleasure unknown to her so far. She pressed her brother's head against
her pundai and crossed her legs on his back. Gopi kept sucking at his sister's clit arousing her more and more. Suddenly he felt her
raise her hips and jerk several times and a gush of juice poured out of her pudenda. Gopi pressed his lips tightly against her pudenda
and sucked all the juice which tasted heavenly. His sister lay back now slightly trembling after her first orgasm. Gopi moved up and
looked at her. Her chest was heaving with heavy breathing and her eyes were closed. The nipples on her lovely breasts were hard
and she was sweating slightly. When she opened her eyes and saw her brother, she said, "Oh brother, I love you so much. You are
making me so happy. I am glad I am your wife. Tell me what I can do as your wife to make you happy". Gopi was touched by this
expression of love by his sister. He kissed her warmly on her lips and stood up to remove her pajama and reveal his chunni to his
beloved sister.
Urmi's eyes went wide when she saw her brother's stiff chunni. She wanted to take the beautiful thing in her hands and fondle it. She
sat up and took hold of it and lovingly ran her soft hand along its length. Then she brought her lips to it and kissed the head. She said,
"Brother, this looks so wonderful". Gopi said, "My darling sister, it not only looks wonderful. It is going to make you feel wonderful
too now", and pushed her back on the bed and positioned himself between his sister's beautiful thighs. Then he put his prick on the
entrance to her lovely pundai which was now almost sloppy with her love juice and slowly pushed it inside. His sister's cunt was tight
but because it was now well lubricated his prick slid inside with slight pushing. Urmi gasped as her brother's prick entered her
girlhood and caressed the sides of her sensitive pundai. In a little while, Gopi felt the obstruction of her hymen and suddenly pushed
hard and broke it. His sister jerked and bit her lips at the pain. But it passed soon and she felt more pleasure as her brother's prick
entered her pundai fully. As her brother started sliding it up and own her cunt, Urmi's pleasure started buiding up. As for Gopi, he
was in heaven, feeling his loving sister's warm cunt gripping his prick and massaging the sensitive veins.
He caught hold of his sister's thighs and pulled her towards him, burying his prick deep into her with each thrust. Urmi was thrashing
her head from side to side as he pushed and pulled his prick into her pundai. She soon reached her climax and arched her back
pushing her hips towards her brother several times. Gopi held on because he wanted his sister to remember their first union forever
by climaxing several times. He kept fucking her until she had three more orgasms and then let go load after load of his incestuous
sperm into his lovely sister's warm cunt. As she felt her brother's cum splash against the walls of her cunt, Urmi had a feeling of
fulfilment. She was now really her loving brother's wife. After releasing his love load into his darling sister's pundai, Gopi laid down
on her side and hugged her and kissed her and spoke loving words to her. He also moved down and planted several kisses on her
pundai which was now his property. After a while, Urmi shyly asked her brother, "Gopi, can we do it again?". Gopi was of course
ready and they had a wonderful intercourse again. Brother and sister did it again three more times and by the time they drifted into
sleep, it was almost morning.
When Gopi woke up, it was afternoon. He saw his sister lying naked beside him with a slight smile in her beautiful face. His saliva
had dried up on her breasts and her pundai was matted with his cum and her own cunt juice. He gently kissed her and woke her up.
After kissing some more, she got up and put on her wedding sari again and Gopi put on his dress. When they came out of the store
room, their mother greeted them smilingly and said, "Go and take bath. I have cooked nice food. Let us enjoy it". Chapter 3 Three
months went by. Sonaben had told the new couple that they should be careful during the daytime not to touch each other and behave
like sister and brother and change their role to husband and wife only after they are in the store room for the night. Gopi and Urmi
followed that rule stricktly. Meanwhile, Gopi took up extra work so that he can buy nice things for his sister. He brought sweets and
flowers every day for her. Urmi was flying in heaven in her new status as his brother's wife. Then one day, Sonaben told them she
has to go to her second daughter Neelam's place to tell her about Gopi and Urmi's marriage. When she returned, she was a bit
worried. She told Gopi, "Neelam is very angry. She says that she was in love with you before her marriage and she is disppointed
that she did not get to do waht Urmi did". Gopi said, "What can we do now mother. She is married". Sonaben replied,"I think you
have to give her the same status as Urmi. Otherwise, her anger will never go away. It does not matter that she is married. This matter
is going to be only between us. For the outside, she will be the wife of her husband. But inside she will be your wife". Gopi was only
too happy that his sister Neelam wants to be his wife but he was worried about Urmi. But when Sonaben and Gopi asked Urmi, she
said,"I love all my sisters and I will share Gopi with Neelam because I think Neelam will bring Gopi additional happiness". Sonaben
said,"Ok, I will start making the marriage arrangments. Gopi, you can compensate Neelam for not taking her before her marriage by
giving her a baby. She wants a baby and it is two years since her marriage. I will fix the marriage during her fertile period. Then you
will be able to make her pregnant on the first night of your union". Gopi thought,"What luck".
Everything went as planned and Neelam became Gopi's wife and also missed her period 4 weeks later. She was happy beyond
measure. Urmi felt bad a little but she realized that she was not publicly married and so there is no way she can get pregnant. She
eagerly awaited the day when she would also be publicly married so that she can get pregnant by her loving brother. Gopi was now
enjoying so much the incestuous pleasure of sister sex that he wanted to have his other two sisters too. Sonaben arranged for a
double marriage for him with Neha and Neeta. Gopi took both his sisters to the store room that night and enjoyed the new thrill of
making love to one sister with the other sister looking on. Also, since both these sisters were married, he made them pregnant too.
Within a year, Gopi had three daughters, one each by Neha, Neelam and Neeta. But he wanted most of all to make his first
sister/wife Urmi pregnant.
Fate played him a good hand here. A very rich landlord in the next village had a half-wit son for whom he wanted a wife. He was
ready to pay a huge sum of money for the girl who would marry his son. Sonaben, Gopi and Urmi disussed this and decided that
Urmi will go through with this, because Urmi can continue to be her brother's wife while being the wife of the half-wit outside. And
she can have babies by her brother exclusively because the half-wit husband would not understand what is going on. So Urmi got
married publicly to the half-wit and got a huge amount of property and money. Then propmptly she became pregnant by her brother.
Gopi's first child by Urmi was a boy and he made her pregnant quickly after that and she gave him a daughter. His sisters were very
happy to get pregnant by him and always one or more of his sisters were carrying his babies in their wombs.
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Seduction of my mother : Indian

Seduction of my Mother. Part I
My mother Lalitha is a 45 year old Widow. My father died of Cirrosis last year. My mother is a beautiful woman with a full body. She has a curvaveous breasts and I have had a chance to see her nipples which were dark in color. Her hips are curved and her stomach is bulging a little. The best part is her Bottoms, her ass. They must be atleast 45 in size and they flare out into the petticoat. My mother wears only saree and she looks very beautiful in the saree.
I have fell in love with her about 14 years ago and I have been masturbating fantasising about her. My father was a drunkard and I used to save my mom Lalitha from him every day night from beatings, harsh words and she would look at me with great pride and I slowly became her saviour.
Slowly I started nurturing my love for her, my Lalitha and I never could look at any girl or woman other than my own mother. She had become my Lover, and I was desperate to convey my feelings to her.
My fantasies were to see my mother undress in front of me and sleep in my room. My fantasies also were of our marriage and she will be my wife and I her husband. We would also produce many babies and my mother, Lalitha will become mother to my children.
All this came to the stage when one night we both were alone in the home I went to her room and woke her up. She woke in a daze and I walked her to my room. As soon as we reached our room I pulled her to me and tried to kissed her on the cheeks and started pulling her saree. My mother suddenly realised what was happenning and tried to pull away. I was completely out of control and I pulled her to me and started squeezing her breasts. She was breathless and her saree had come off when I pulled her saree fully so that she stood in front of me only in Blouse and Petticoat. I just stood back and looked her over. Here was my 45 year old mother in front of me in only minimum clothes and she looked so beautiful. I pushed to the bed and fell on her. My mom was struggling fiercely. I pushed her petticoat up and exposed her thighs. Mom's thighs were very thick and very soft. I just could stop any more and I put my fingers to her panties and pulled it forcibly.
My mother was crying out " Rathan I am your mother you should not do this it is not correct. It is sinful, no son will do this with his mother. My body is not for you. "
I told her " Mother I love you, I love you not only physically I am in love you as a person. I want to give you life, you have suffered a lot when that beast my father was alive. Now since he is dead, I am the man of this house and you are my woman."
Lalitha suddenly looked up and said" Rathan do you love me ? I thought you only want my body. I feel it is not correct. I don't want to spoil you at this young age you could marry a girl of your age"
I laughed and I said " Amma I cant feel any thing for any other woman except you, Everyday I think of you and I masturbate I have been doing this for last 14 years. I love you Lalitha, my mother. If you reject me I will not do anything but I will never have a girl or woman in my life.
It is my mistake that I have fallen in love with my own mother. I should had sense to see that my mother will never love me.
Lalitha my mother immediately with tears in her eyes said " no Rathan that is not true I love you. Only thing is I was loving you as my son. Now I have to think and see how our relationship will change if we sleep together."
"Amma I will give you a good life. I will always take care of you I will love you no husband will love his wife."
Rathan I don't know why I am so lucky, I find you attractive and I also feel somethings but is it correct ?"
I left her there dejected and she walked away from me to her room. Next few days we spent the time in the home in great tension. I could sense that she wanted to discuss the issue bothering us but she was having the courage to talk to me.
Slowly as the things thawed my mother again started talking with me and I also responded in kind. I started buying sarees for her when ever I came back from travel etc. She would always appreciate and drape herself in the saree and show it to me and ask me How she looked ? I always would answer " You look beautiful ".
As this continued one day she asked " Rathan I am bored being in the home always I would like you to take me to a movie. " I said why not ? Which movie ? She said she would like to go to MG Road Theatre. I was secretly thrilled, we landed in a part sex movie. In this movie a young guy will be seduced by a older woman and he becomes her lover. The lady's role was handled by a middle aged woman. I liked the woman since she resembles my mother in built and looks.
We went to the movie and as we sat through I found that mother was thoroughly enjoying the movie and she was sharing the dialogs with me and would laugh with me and occasionally put her hand on my legs and squeeze. As the interval came she thanked me for bringing her to such a nice movie. I brought a Fanta and some chips. We ate the chips and shared the bottle of Fanta. I was secretly happy to drinking from the same bottle and share it with my mother.
In one scene as the Woman finally succeeds in seducing the boy I was thrilled to see the scene. The woman let her hair loose and as she walks to boy sitting on her bed. She says " Want to see what I have hidden from you ? and she removes her saree. My erection started paining me and at the same time I could adjust since mom was sitting beside me. The woman goes to the boy and kisses him and pulls him on top of her and the scenes only shows the boy lying in between her massive legs and she pulling her petticoat up and up.
After the movie Mother suggested that we should eat outside and then go home. I liked the idea and we went to the hotel. We ate the food and then while we were going back Mom said let us do some shopping. We went to alankar plaza and there I went inside into one of the saree shops. Mom picked up a few sarees and asked me how they looked I did not like any of her selections and picked up a nice looking saree gray in color and very thin that it was almost transparent. Mother looked at the saree and then laughingly said " If I wear that saree the whole street will be behind me " I said you could wear it only in the home. She looked at me a odd way and said " Yeah I could wear it in the home and you will be there to see me ". I bought her three different colored saree like the gray one and gave it her.
I bought her a gold necklace and there itself presented it to her. She told me you may present this to me in home and gave it back to me.
When we reached home I changed my clothing and waited in my room in anticipation of the consummation of my dreams with my mother.
My mother Lalitha came a little later into my room. I looked at her with interest she was wearing the saree I had bought for her and she looked very sexy. As she had told me it was very thin and transparent that her body was very nicely visible.
I picked up the necklace and " will you accept this now ?" She said " I will if my lover puts it on me personally " I walked to her and she turned her back to me and stood in front of the mirror. I put it around her neck and tied the catch. Then I just put my hands on her back and caressed her. She was moaning and she pushed her enormous ass against me. My cock was already erect and it became even more distended when my mother's ass started wriggling against my pant. I grabbed her breasts and squeezed. They were so soft and fluffy that they kept slipping away. I put my hand around my mother and pulled her tightly to me.
My mother stared at me in the mirror as I cupped her breasts. She shouted " lower Rathan move your hands lower, touch my cunt. I moved my hands lower and pushed them inside her petticoat and into the inviting cleft between her legs. Mother gasped and " Rathan take me and fuck me like I have never been before and she turned towards me and hugged me. I kissed her madly. She passionately returned my kiss and opened her mouth.
She removed her saree slowly and I impatiently pushed her to the bed and moved her petticoat up till her panties were exposed. I put my hand to the band of her panties and pulled it down. She " Hurry I cant wait any longer " She groaned and spread her legs invitingly for me. I moved between my mother thighs till my cock hung directly over her sweet cunt.
I kissed her boobs and then her lips which parted to admit my tongue. I clung to her and kissed her with rising passion. Mom put her hands to my ass and pushed me against her and she also rised her hips. I started trying to aim my cock to her cunt hole she stopped me saying let me do this. She took my enormous cock in both hand and positioned it exactly to her cunt hole and said " Push now " I slammed immediately. " Rathan " She screamed while I was having the heavenly feeling of having penetrated the tight pussy in a single thrust. Mom's eyes bulged as I rammed fully into her and could feel the expansion of her pussy muscles. Slowly I reached the walls of her womb and started stretching them as I pushed further.
My mother Lalitha was thrashing and trembling madly " fuck me Rathan fuck me like a sooley, I am your whore I am your slut. I plunged deeper and deeper reaching the entrance of her womb the very place where I had taken birth. I knew what I was doing and I also knew the implications. The implications of sex between a mature man and a fertile woman. It can only be pregnancy for the woman. I was thrilled by the prospect that from our love there could a family. The excitement was heightened by knowing that my cock was immersed in the cunt of own mother and I was ruing the fact that I should have fucked her a long time ago.
I could not hold any longer and I started spurting my sperm into her fertile canal. She also orgasmed at the same time and as she held me tightly I was filling her womb with my baby making juices.
After the last spurts of my sperm emptied into my mother's pussy I pulled out my cock and examined myself wonderingly. Mother looking at me strangely asked me" what are you thinking " I lit up a cigarette and puffing satisfactorily I pulled my mother Lalitha to me and said " I cant believe what has happened just now " We have fucked and I have become your lover." She contentendly purred into my ears "I am your mother and your lover, I also cant believe that it was so good, I love you. " I hugged her and finished the cigarette and started cuddling her. Slowly sleep overcame me and I fell asleep with my mother in my arms.

End of Part I

Seduction of my mother - Indian Incest - Part II

Next Day
Next day morning when I woke Mom was waiting near my bed in her black saree I had presented and with a sexy smile served coffee.
As she bent to give me coffee I caught her hand and drew her to me. She fell on me and gave me smile. I asked her " amma (mother) will you be my wife?"
She turned her head down shyly and answered " I have always been unlucky in my life. I had a bad marriage, a drunk husband, poor house. I had to pawn all my jewels. Now in my middle age I have the luck of being mother to a son, who has looked after so well. You have given me everything. A woman wants a nice home, a person who will look after her, will look after honour and will love her. You are that person. I very lucky indeed to be your wife. I promise with my heart I will be your woman until I die".
I said " Amma I want to marry you and live with you forever. Lalitha " I also want to live with u forever. I want to have your children. Will you give the children"
I grabbed my mom by her hips and gave her a kiss on the lips and told her " I make love to you as often as possible so that you can become a mother to my child at the earliest. I lovingly " Lalitha my darling, my mother I said and pulled her saree which she easily parted with. Now she was shyly standing in front of me in only blouse and petticoat. Her face glistening with sweat and her breasts were heaving with her breathlessness. I glanced at her midriff which was bare. Her stomach was white and I could make a pleasant bulge and then lower her hips flowered very wide. Her ass was round and at least 40.
I pulled onto the bed and pushed her petticoat up. She cooperated by lifting her legs. I pushed until her cunt was completely uncovered. I removed her panties and then bent between her legs. She smilingly opened her legs. I could wait any longer and I pushed myself against her and entered my mother's cunt.
I cried out Lalitha my love, mom, I love you. She purred in my ears "Rathan, my husband and pushed her mouth against mine. I kissed like no son will kiss his mom. I pushed her lips open with mine and put my tongue into her and at the same started fucking her.
As I fucked her she started bucking. I pushed veryhard and she " You have reached my womb plant your seed in me. I want to be impregnated. I want to fulfill my duties as your wife. I lovingly kissed her while my hands were playing with her boobs. Lalitha, my love you are so good I have wanted to fuck from last 14 years now I have chance, Amma I love you .
I fucked her very hard and after 3 minutes I started shooting my cum into her womb. Mother " you are giving me enough for the baby to made. I hope I will have my egg ready to join your juice and she pushed further against me" I held onto her and slept.
I woke up to find the room dark. I went down to find mom in the kitchen. She looked at me and shyly turned her head and closed her face with her hands. I hugged her from behind and said I love you. She turned her face and said Rathan. I grabbed her and planted a kiss on her lips while my hands worked on her boobs. She pushed me away saying some guest are coming I should get ready. I reluctantly took bath and then came down to find mom talking to my aunt. I winked at mom and told her I am going out buy some things.
I came back 2 hrs later to find the house locked. I opened the door and went upstairs to find Lalitha in my room arranging her things. Soon as she saw me she gave a lusty smile and told I have shifted to your bedroom and from now onwards you will never sleep alone.
I smiled and handed over all the things I had bought for her. I told "Lalitha you should wear the saree with navel showing." She coyly went to come back dressed. I impatiently waited. My mother Lalitha came 15 minutes later with a tray in hand. The tray had a Whiskey bottle and packet of cigarettes. She gave a drink and I took the cigarette and started smoking. She came near and told me please tie the Mangalasutra (a thread indicating the sign of married woman). I want to have my husband do it. She turned around I had a admiring look at her spotless back going down to big ass. I pressed myself against her and tied the mangalasutra while she smiled at the me lovingly from the mirror. I looked at her face and she took the mangalasutra in her hand and reverently touched her eyes. Then she fell to me feet and asked me for blessing. I blessed her with a dozen children.
I turned her around to find the saree fall off and it revealed a low cut blouse showing her cleavage very nicely and when I looked down her navel was big on her bulged stomach. I could not stop myself from caressing her stomach and putting my finger into her navel.
I removed her saree and pulled the string of her petticoat. When they came off I could see her panty barely covering her cunt. Her cunt hair was flairing out from the panty. I asked her to turn around so that I could have look at her ass. She turned and I had her ass in the full splendor.
They were white in color and bursting out of the panty. I pulled her to me and removed her blouse. Here was my mother of middle age standing in front of me shyly in only bra and panty. I her son was also her loving husband and we joined in the incestous marriage of lust, love and need. I loved her and cherished her as my woman and she loved me as her beloved man. We both promised each other that we will be lovers as long as we live.
I took her to bed and she laid on her back and invitingly removed her panties. Then slowly she removed her bra. My mother was completely naked and she spread her legs for me to take her and fuck her. I bent on her and then lovingly entered her. We were in a unholy embrace of incest and I was my own mother and she was egging me on. She had completely accepted me as her husband and I had started calling her Lalitha more often than mom. Lalitha moved with me as I fucked her. When I drained out my cum she clung to me saying "please do not separate from me. I always want to be in your embrace. I love you my husband. I " Lalitha I love u and fell on her.

End of part II

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Another Indian mom-son story

Moms are the best.

Everybody in the Ganguli family is very happy today; their eldest daughter, sexy Uttora has passed her M.A. in Economics. Not just passed, she became first class first among thousands. Tushar Ganguli threw a gala party to celebrate. All prominent citizens of Calcutta were invited there. Tushar Ganguli is a big film producer and his wife, beautiful and sexy Rupa Ganguli is a famous singer. So they invited lot of famous film actresses and singers. Among them was the ever sexy ever horny Bengali hearthobe Aparna Sen. She is 52 now, but still is the epitome of a Bengali khanki (whore). All Bengali male dream about touching those big tits and fucking her in the ass. All Bengali female dream about being as sexy as she is. Everybody in the party were very sexily dressed up. There were lot of partially open tits, bouncing asses clearly visible through semi-transparent sarees, unshaved armpits which Bengali ladies proudly display whenever they can. But out of evrybody, Uttora and her mother looked the sexiest to Utpal, the 15 year old son of Ganguli family. Uttora was wearing a green low necked shalowar kamiz without any dopatta, a long pendant earring which is now fashion, light lipstick on her juicy lips, a blueish shade in her contact lenses and a 4 inch high heel. When she walked her rather big tits were creating so much waves that gentemen were forced to ogle her with their eyes even when they were, say, with sexy Bolywood actress Monisha Koirala.
Uttora's 42 years old momther Rupa was in a more sexy dress. She is not very pretty as her daughter is. But she compensated this by being too sexy. Even at this age, her figure is shapely. She is not slim, but that's because Rupa thinks too slim is not sexy. She is a little plumber than slim like all those new model girls, but a layer of fat on her belly or a reletavily larger boobs than usual ladies with enormously huge ass to makes her far more sexier. Tonight, Rupa was wearing a red katan saree with black blouse. The blouse is full sleeved, all the way upto her wrist. But the chunk of cloth the blouse maker wasted on the long sleevs was saved by providing only very little amount of cover for her cleavage and back. All half of her buttery fair smooth boobs were visible through it. And at the back, she had only a thin line like a bra has, the rest of the back was exposed. The creamy fair skin at her back and shoulder was enough to make many partiers to go to the bathroom for an immediate jack off. In fact, at one point even the sexy mature hindy heroin Hema malini noticed how sexy Rupa was looking at the party. So Hema put a hand on Rupa'a bare shoulder and said, " ooff, Rupa you have such a fair and smooth skin, even I find a hard time holding myself back from putting my toung on them." Rupa was clearly flattered. She only replied, "And I have difficult time to grasp how sexy you look yourself tonight." They started laughing.
Next day at school, Utpal was with his friend Shujan and Apu. They were only student of class ten, but were too matured about sex. All of them have fucked several girls from the school. But they do not like young girls as much as they do older ladies. They are very free among them. What ever they have in mind they speak free, even it contains their sisiters or mothers. Shujan had a big hard on, so Utpal asked, " Which lady has waken this monster of yours today Shujan? I bet it is Apu's khanki mom Aparna Sen. Oh God, she is such a whore." Apu just smiled at it. Shujan protested, " No, it is not Apu's mom tonight. It is your sister Uttora. Uff, such a sexy figure. My cock just sprung like a rabbit seeing her walking by this morning. I hope I could just ram my 8 inch cock into your sister's wet cunt." Utpal nodded by saying, " I know Uttora didi is a slut. She likes to see boys have hard on imagining her. But it is not her I am thinking today. My mom is far sexier than Uttora. If you have seen my mom last night, you'd hope to ram your big cock in her cunt as well."
Now Apu said, "Really Utpal, your mom will be a great fuck. Almost as good as my mother Aparna Sen. Your sister is sexy, but not even close to your mom. Ooff, My cock is talking now." Utpal just added, "To fuck my sister is not a big deal. She is always searching for cocks like a dog after the rainy season. I am thinking how to fuck my mother." Listening Utpal talking like this about his mother, Shujan was bursting in desire. Suddenly the face of his own mom came to his mind. Shujan's momther Lopamudra Lahiri is still young, only 37. She is tall and slim, has long hairs and very beautiful face. Her tits are very sharp, like a big orange from the himalaya and the ass is like an upturned pitcher. He asked Apu, " Hey Apu, you have fucked your mom. Tell us how to seduce our mothers."
Apu replied, " I don't know about seducing friends. My mom does not needed to be siduced to be fucked. She is so horny all the time. Oneday, her lover was away and she was not having enough sex. So she came to me and ask, 'Apu, have you ever considered fucking your mom. I guess I am sexy enough to arouse desire in a teenage boy like you.' I replied, 'yes mom. I always dream about fucking you. You have been fucking evrybody at Calcutta. You only never watched your only son.' My mom said sorry to me and she tore away her saree and gave me her cute tits. From that day I fucked mommi whenever I can. So you guys have to figure out your own seduction plans."
When Shujan returned home, he found his mom Lopa is cooking. Lopa was sweating for there was no fan at the kithen, her blouse was so wet that it just pasted on her body. She was stirring the Daal at the burner. Her tits were swaying like crazy. Although Shujan could not see his mom's tits over her Ghee color cotton saree and blouse, he guessed that Lopa was wearing no bra underneath, otherwise her tits would not sway like this. Seeing Shujan Lopa smiled, " You are back then. Wait a minute son, The food will be done soon. It is so hot today. Why don't you blow the hand fan for me a little bit son. I am sweating like a pig." Lopa then wiped the beads of sweat from her faces and raisded her hands to get some spice from the cabbard. Shujan's eyes got stuck to Lopa's armpit which was full of black hairs. With sweat in the armpit, Lopa's black hairs there looked so sexy that Shujan had his hard on. Then Lopa put the crusher on the counter and started crushing spice like most wife in Calcutta does. when she was pressing the crusher, her boobs were trying to just pop out of her blouse. Shujan was mad in lust watching this. Shujan hoped he could just grab his mom from behind and press her tits. Those tits must be soft like butter and big too. But Shujan only managed to go the bathroom and jack off imagining his mom.
When the food was ready after an hour or so, Shujan found that his mom took a shower and put on a new cotton saree. Her hairs are tied in a pony tail with a red scurfe. And she has put on some red sindur at the hair part. Lopa was giving rice to her son's plate, her anchol (pallu) fell from her tits. She immediately took it back to its proper place. But Shujan again found that Lopa still is wearing no bra. Shujan could even make out his mom's pink nipples under the blouse. Lopa was looking so beautiful in her freshen up look that Shujan imagined Lopa as his wife. He was thinking how nice it would be to go some other far away place with mom, marry her there and fuck mom as many time as he can before making her pregnant.
Suddenly the electricity was gone. The electric fan stopped. With in minutes Lopa and her son both were sweating. Lopa took the hand fan and started to blow at Shujan. She found that Shujan is ogling her body. She smiled at her son. She said, "I am noticing from this morning, you are devouring your mom. What is the matter son." " Mom, you are very beautiful." "Alright, I am beautiful. But you are looking 10 inch below my face all the time. How do you know I am beautiful?" Shujan was embarrassed at this hint. Lopa smiled again, " It is not good that you look at your mom's breast like that son. You should not imagine those bad things, son." "But mom, I can not help it. Today at school Apu said that his mom lets him fuck her all the time. Utpal is also planning to fuck his mom soon. I got horny imagining you from then on, mom." Lopa rebuked his son a little, "son, you should not mix with those boys. Besides, Apu's mom Aparna is a whore. She would probably fuck a dog if she can not find any human cock. I thought Utpol is a good boy. His mother Rupa is such a good friend of mine. Utpal should not think those bad things about his mom. Rupa is a good lady."
" But mom, last night Utpal,s mom wore such a sexy dress that everybody at the party thought Rupa Ganguli is a khanki (whore) lady." Lopa smiled at her son again, "son, every momther is a khanki (whore) inside. Even your mom. If you look at my tits like that I don't know how long I would be able to resist from being a whore like Aparna Sen myself ." Shujan see the opportunity and said, "Mom, you will never be a whore like Aprna. I imagine fucking you, because I love you so much. I even dream about marrying you and make you pregnant." Lopa was very happy hearing her son talk like that. She said, "You don't have to marry me to fuck me son. Your dad has done that and is not fucking me as good as I like. Let your dad be the husband and you be the son. It is not the duty of a son to impregnate his mom. But since you love me so much and desire me as much, you can caress me orally anyway you like. I would love your touch on my body. But no fucking, son. That's sin." Shujan was happy at this. He said, "Mom, you are so good." "Thank you son. Now Would you please stop talking and touch my tits a little."
Shujan just grabed mom's tits and pressed them like Lopa presses flour to make chapaatti. Lopa protested, "let me undress myself, son. You will be able to see what you are pressing like dumbells now." Lopa removed the saree, blouse, petticoat everything. Then she then gave one of her tits to Shujan's lips. Shujan took it inside his mouth in a flush and started licking them. Lopa asked her son to suck them more harder. Shujan then started sucking his mom's nipples like a calf sucks a cow milk. Lopa loved it very much. Shujan finally let his mom's tits go. They were pink from too much sucking and biting. Lopa then raised her hand over her head. Her sweaty armpit with black hair was in full view. She asked, 'Don't you like to taste mommi's armpit hair son. I know you like them. Even though your dad does not care for armpit hair that much I kept them all along only dreaming that someday, probably my son will lick them. You like it son, right?"
"Oh, mom I like your armpit hair so much. I like them better when they are wet with sweat." Shujan waste no time, but put his toung to Lopa'a armpit hair. They smell very sexy and taste sexy too. Lopa loved her son's toung at her armpit. It produced a kind of ticking which made her come once again. Lopa now tore away Shujan's pajama and bring out his big cock. It was very big and thick, far bigger than her husband's. Lopa first licked the cock wet with her toung and then took it inside her mouth. Shujan was in another world from the sucking of her mother's worm mouth. He asked mom to suck it harder. Lopa took the whole thing inside her throat. Shujan was moving his hip as if he was fucking a cunt. Lopa loved every minute of fucking Shujan,s cock by her mouth. Shujan was about to explode in her mouth. Lopa decided finally to throw away the thought of sin in mother-son fucking and decide to let her son fuck her the best fuck of her life. She asked Shujan, "son, forget what I said about not fucking me. I want you to fuck me, my dear. Your cock is too big and good to let it slip by without being fucked."
Lopa laid on the dinning table and Shujan put his big cock in mom's wet cunt. Lopa was screaming in pleasure and said, " Shujan, please fuck mommi a little faster. Push it more inside my cunt." Shujan then started to fuck his mom like a horse. Lopa came again in frenzy. Shujan could not hold his any longer and came inside mom's cunt in great amount. When Shujan brought out his cock from Lopa,s pussy, Lopa cleaned it dry with her petticoat and dried her cunt at the same time. Shujan looked at his mom's eyes and said, "mom, you look more beautiful now." "Tell me first whether you liked me or not. How was your mom to fuck, son?" Shujan began to touch Lopa's tits and said, " Mom, I got the best fuck in my life. All those girls I fucked from my class are nothing compared to you. Hope I only could fuck you like this all my life. Your tits are so good to suckle, your cunt is so damn good to fuck. I want to keep my cock inserted in your cunt all the time and suck your tits like a little boy." Lopa was very elated. She replied, 'I want you to fuck me any time you like son. It looks like I am no worse whore than Aparna Sen is."
part 2.
The next day, Shujan looked for Utpal to tell about his mother-fucking. But Utpal had his story too. Utpal started, "Remember Shujan, I told you yesterday that my mom, Rupa is far sexier than my sister, Uttora. I was thinking how to fuck mom. And you know what happened. I finally fucked my own sexy mom, Rupa Ganguli. Mom is such a horny slut, fucked me at least five times last night. Even this morning, I had to fuck her first after breakfast. When I got home yesterday, I found Rupa the slut, ohho she is a slut right, is spraying perfume to her armpit. Don't assume that mom shaves her armpit or pussy. Mom's armpit is full of curly hairs, the cunt is hairy too. But she uses some French perfume there to make it smell like flowers. When mom was spraying perfume to her armpit, she was wearing only a Saree. Her tits were clearly visible through the saree. Her back was bare too. I was hard watching mom looking like the randiest whore at Nimtoli brothel. Anyway, I sat on the bed right before mom's face. Mom did not seem to care my presence and was going on with her spraying. She was messaging her armpit hairs with her fingers when she asked me, 'Utpal, you like to say something to mommi?'
I said nothing. Only smiled, took the perfume bottle in my hand and was about to spray some more to her other armpit. Mom simply raised her other hand to show me her hairy armpit. I sprayed perfume to the hair and started running my fingers through them and said, 'Mom, Why don't you shave your armpit?' Rupa Ganguli, my whore mother patted me and replied, 'My son you know nothing. My grandmother used to say that shaving your armpit will inhibit your sexual desire. You'll understand this when you'll have a wife to fuck. Never let her shave her armpit, son. When men licks the hairs at armpit, ladies experience the best orgasoms. Now why don't you spray some perfume to my pussy too, son.' Mom raised her saree, widened her leg and gave me her hairy cunt. I sprayed some perfume there and started messaging her cunt hair too. When I touched her clit, mom was biting her lips. She only said, 'Utpal, don't do that. It makes me be horny. what will you do then?' I waited no more, grabbed her bare ass with my hands and began to squeeze them. My toung was at mom's cunt. I started licking it fast then.
Mom grabbed my hair and said, 'Utpal, your dad never licked my cunt like this before. I can not take it any more, it is too good. Please, Utpal, my son take mommi to the bed and fuck me.' I shoved her to the bed, tore away her saree, hold her tits in both hands and rammed my cock in mom's juicy cunt. When I was fucking her with vigorous nipple biting, mom was in ecstacy. She said, 'Utpal, I didn't know your cock is so big and fat. Your dad never gave me so no such good fuck. Nobody ever fucked my cunt even down at my gut like this before. I am really proud to have a son like you. You just fuck your mom and make me pregnant. I want to be the proud mother of your first child.' Listen Shujan what happened this morning. When I wake up this morning, my sister Uttora came with the bed tea. She never gave me no bed tea before. I asked her surprized, 'What makes you to bring tea for me this morning, sister?'
Didi blushed and said, 'I will give you bed tea every morning from now on. Only you will have to fuck me too. I am your sister, right? Why keeps me out of all the fun?' Then mom entered the room and said, 'please, Utpal fuck your sister a little bit too. I am thinking how nice it would be if you two are married. I will have the grand children by you too.' I waited no more, tore away Uttora's shalowar kamiz and fucked her right there. Uttora now acts as if I am her husband. Mom says she is going to sleep with me from now on, unless dad wants to fuck her. That's it Shujan. Isn't it great?" Shujan told his story too. Two friends were very happy.

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This story has been translated from a Bengali porno book.

Modern Benagali mother and her son.

It was hot summer day at Calcutta,India. Raja was tired of hot bengal summer. He could hardly stay inside. So he came out to the long cool bheranda of his family banglo. There was a big mango tree casting cool shade on the bheranda. Raja soothed himself with the gentle breeze. Suddenly, his eyes were caught at the window of his mother Purnima. Purnima is a doctor herself. The window of her bedroom was only 20 ft away from the bheranda of Raja's room. Purnima was coming from her long duty from the hospital. She was exhausted, but she never let herself look tired even in the extreme circumstances. She is a fashionable bengali lady at her early forties. She is very fair, has long curly black hair and big deerlike eyes. Purnima makes herself more beautiful by make-uping in a rather casual fashion-not too obvious, but very attractive.
Raja always liked his mom Purnima debi. He even masterbated often imagining his dear mom. Being only 17, he has never experienced any sexual relationship with anybody. Normal girls of his age does not appeal to him that much. He likes Purnima very much. He dream about marrying some lady like Purnima someday. Anyway, Raja went back to his room and brought out his powerful binocular which he got at his last birthday from his father. He hid himself behind the drape of his window and focused hard inside Purnima's bedroom and waited to see his mom undress.
Purnima was not in the room then. Raja could hear Purnima in the kitchen giving instruction to the maid. After a couple of minutes, Purnima came to the bedroom still in her apron and light white Jamdani saree. She had her hair tucked into a big khopa and wearing her thin rimless eye glasses. Raja could not hold her breadth as his mother removed her apron. She then swithed the fan to its full speed and stand under it. Raja focused to her face now. Purnima looked so beatuiful with some beads of sweat on her cheek that if, right now, sexy bolywood heroin Madhuri comes to him and asked him to fuck her, he would swap the sexy actress for just one kiss to the beads of sweat at Purnima's cheek. Purnima was still wearing very deep red lipstick on her pauty lips. She was biting her glistening full lips as she started untucking her big khopa. She let her long black hair loose which fell below her waist. Raja now focused on her partially bare belly. As a fashionable lady as Purnima was, she had her petti- coat atleast 3 inch below her naval. Raja was very excited watchting her fair smooth skin at her belly. It was not very flat, but a little bumpy. There was even a layer of fat which gathered all the sweat from her upper body. It is normal for a Bengali lady to have a layer of fat or two at her belly. It is very sexy too. Raja again imagined himself licking those sweats out of Purnima's belly. Suddenly, Purnima let her saree to fall on the floor. Raja was so excited that blood from all over his body rushed to his cock and it grew very big. With this erection, he lost the focus of his binocular. When he got it back, Purnima has finished removing her saree from her boby. Right now, she was wearing only the blouse and the petticoat. Raja waste no time and looked hard to Purnima's big brests. They were big and the blouse and bra were struggleing hard to keep them tame. Since Purnima was sweating, Raja could easily see her bra through her blouze. Purnima at this point turned around and put off her petticoat with out any notice. With in a flash her round ass was in full view. Her ass was even more fair than rest of her body, but areas near her ass cheek was brownish black. She did not have any hair on or aroung her ass cheek. Raja was little surprised as most of the bengali women hardly shave anywhere. They think that hairs on ass, around pussy and even armpits are sexy which really is. But Raja not seeing any hair on his mom's ass was not disappointed. Rather Purnima's clean ass mounds made his erection bigger and harder. Raja untie his pajama lace and let it fall on the floor. He started stroking his 8 inch cock gently which was hard like steel. Then, some hair clip from Purnima's hair fell on the floor and she bent down to pick it up giving a broad display of her ass hole to Raja's eager eyes. Her ass holes was a blackish brown spot in the middle of very fair skin. The ass cheeks were reddish and everyting was clean shaved. Raja was stroking his cock faster now. Purnima then did some thing very strange for a sophisticated lady like herself.
She brought on of her finger with long nails near her ass hole and started scratching her ass cheek. She then inserted the finger inside her ass hole only a little bit and poked her ass for some long 30 seconds. She then brought her finger out and smelled it holding it before her nose. Raja could not hold his cum anymore and shoot a big load to the floor. But his cock was as hard as it was before. He then concentrate on the eyepiecec again. Purnima has turned aroung by then. Raja could not clearly see her cunt as she was standing. But he could tell that her cunt was also completely shaven. Purnima then raised both of her hands over her head for some reason. It looked like she was streching or something. But to Raja the reason was the least important. He was watching the big bloch of wetness from sweat at her armpits. Her offwhite blouse had become transparent from all the sweat and showing clearly that she had a big bush of black hair on both of her armpit. Raja had never seen something so sexy in his life. He wiped his toung over his lips imagining how delicious and sexy it would be to lick the sweat out of his mom's armpit hair. Purnima umaware of all these, started unbuttoning her blouse. Her tits looked bigger under her bra now. Purnima finally put off her bra too.
Now she was full naked. Raja had never seen any tits so beautiful in his life, not even in porno movies. They were fair, full, little sagged with pink nipples and very large. They seemed to be lager than what appears from outside. He imagine himself touching his mom's tits with both hands and licking her nipples. Raja could not think any more, but shoot second session of cum to the floor. Purnima then wiped all the sweat from her body with a towel. She raised her armpit again and wiped the sweat from there too. She then brought her nose close to one of the armpit and smell it. She looked satisfied with the smell. She then went away from the window and probably went to the bathroom for shower. Raja was by now completely mad with desire and sex, he started to masterbate vigoruosly. Coming twice just minutes ago didnot even have any effect on his erection. He was dreaming about fucking his sweet mom Purnima and stroking with closed eyes. "Raja, what are you doing, young man?"
It was Purnima. Raja never heard her coming. He must be masterbating for quite long time. Purnima came to Raja's room to find his rajor to shave her cunt and foung her son masterbating himself. Purnima is no old fashioned prudish lady. She understands the feeling teenage boys have about sex. So she was rather shocked than mad at Raja. Raja, on the other hand, never dreamed about been in a situation like this. He could not even look at his mom. If he did he could see that his mom is only wearing the saree with out any blouse or petticoat. Raja could not think of anyhing to say. Purnima sensing her son's embarrassemnt said, "Don't feel guilty son for what you are doing. Only that it is not the best way to meet your sexual urge. Have you ever thought about seeing any girl?" Raja was relieved to hear what his mom was saying. He gathered some courage and said, "Mom, I don't like girls of my age. I like lady like you and want to marry some lady as beautiful as you." 'Oh, that's interesting. You are not going to marry soon and where would you find a lady like your mom? So what can be done mean while." Purnima smiled and said, "Unless you want to do things you like to do with your wife when you are married with your mommy." Raja could not believe his ears.
He only said, " Mom, you let me love you like my wife." "I don't know your wife, but I surely would let you love your mommy as hard as you can. Now don't talk and come to me. Let me see your big cock. It is not good to waste cum by masterbating. " Raja was entranced. He walked to his mom. His cock had become only 2 inch from the shock. Purnima hold Raja's cock in her soft hand and instatly it began to grow. It assumed its full length and widht within a minute. Purnima was very happy to see her hands causing magic to her son's cock. With out giving Raja any chance to react, Purnima took his 8 inch cock in her mouth and started sucking it very hard. Raja was not ready for this. He reached heaven with the experienced sucking of his own mom. He only managed to say, "Mommy, I might come in your mouth." He could not wait a moment after that but came with strong waves inside his mom's mouth.
Purnima swallowed every bit of fresh cum from her son's cock. She then smiled at his son and said, "your cum tastes so good, my boy" Purnima then put off her saree and became full naked. She gave one of her tits to Raja to lick. Raja licked like a baby to her mom's boob. He then sucked the other tit too. Raja was hard again. He gathered himself somewhat from the early shock and said, "Mom, you are not going to shave your armpit hair? are You? because, they are so sexy. They made me desire you even more." "So, you were looking at my bedroom all this time I was undressing. You naughty boy. I'll never shave hairs on my armpits. Only my pussy and ass will be clean shaved. Now fuck your mom good. I am so horny giving you head." Purnima then lie on Raja's bed and he inserted his cock in his mom's cunt. she asked Raja not to rush things, take deep breath and relax. Raja was fucking his mom very good especially for his first ever fuck. Purnima raised her armpit and let Raja lick her hairs there. They smelled so kinky that Raja started fucking faster. Purnima again calmed down her son and said, "Don't be too eager son. Then you'll come too early. I don't want you to come prematurely. Ralax and give me the best fuck of my life."
Raja listened and fucked his mom for long long time. By the time he was about to come inside his mom's cunt, Purnima had come atleast four times. When Raja came like floods in her, Purnima closed her eyes in content and came herself once more time.
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I had been to Bombay for a month. My son rakesh was having some business there and I had not seen that city so I accompanied him. He had prospered like hell in his business. He had booked a siute in Taj. We reached the hotel at 7 in the evening. He went to take a shower. He came and we had some snack after I had taken wash. He had an invitation for a party, "why don't you join me, mommy?" he asked me. I was more than happy. I dressed in a black silk saree and went with him. Lot of rich crowd was there. Women had dressed very seductively in party and some of them were running after my son. He was 28 , fair ,tall and handsome. One of the women even kissed him on his cheeks while leaving. We came back to hotel when it was half passed midnight. "You looked stunning in this saree, mommy." He said while changing. He was bare-chested. I couldn't take my eyes off him. He was looking so manly. "Come on rakesh..your mommy is 51 now..So many young women were chasing you there..." In fact, I was dying to hear a word of praise from my son and I didn't had to wait long. "I swear mom, you outshadowed those girls there...you have such a ravishing figure." My son was talking about my physical form. I was embarassed. "Really? What is so special about me?" I asked him like a college-girl. He stared at me from head to toe and smiled. I got very curious and wanted to pry out what was in my son's mind. "Please tell..Rakesh..." I begged.
By the time I had started getting turned-on at the sight of my son's hairy chest. At the same time I was feeling guilty as he was my son on whom I was having crush, at this age. "Mom, you look damn sexy with your saree low on your belly." He spited out. I was all flattered. My son had liked my saree style and had called me 'sexy'. Instead of getting furious I took it as a compliment. "You.....you like mommy blowing her navel!." I looked at him mischievously. He smiled back gazing at the bulge in my blouse. I looked down in shame. Next day he took me out for shoping. He made me choose a few see-thru' sarees. When we were back he said, "I want to see you in this dark blue saree when I come back". I just nodded shyly. He left for his work and I was alone in that lavish suite in Taj. So many thoughts stormed my mind. I was 49 and he was 28. He was my own son. He was looking interested in me! and me? In one mind I was trying to shut these thoughts off my mind and in other, I was liking him, his company.....his body! My son had touched the woman in me. He had talked what a woman dies to hear to. I went to the mirror and looked at myself. here I was at 49. A bit fat, ripe and a fresh handsome man, my son was sold out on me. I felt proud looking at my image in the mirror.
I said to myself, "Rajani...you still have that charm....have that appeal....have that body.... what you had twenty years back. you have wooed your own son with your feminity...you can have your son anytime...." It was 8.30 and he was to come back in half an hour. I had to get ready..... I did a light make-up and took out the saree my son wanted me to put on. I wrapped it a bit tight over my fleshy curves. It was so much transperant that my white satini belly was showing clearly. I tucked in the pleattes of saree around two inches below my navel! Just then the bell rang. I ran to open the door. "Wow mommy....what a surprise!" He put down his bag and sat in the couch. He was gazing me like mad, "How do I look? Ok?" I was getting impatient for his answer. He lit a cigarrette and looked at me, this time seriously. Now his eyes were focussed on my navel. "A bomb-shell !" He said. I blushed dark pink in my cheeks. He came to me and grabbed my corpulent body in his arms, "You are damn sexy, Rajani. I want you...please...mommy..." He was pressing me hard. I was confused but didn't oppose either, "Is this right Rakesh? I am your mother...I am scared to do this with you...."
He was rubbing his lips over my neck, my cheeks....He had even called me by my name and that had aroused me too. "Don't worry mom...I want you and you want me too... Don't you?" He slipped his hand inside my saree-pallu and caressed my lower belly, "Ye..s.....yes...ye...s, Rakesh. I want you too...you have made me young and fresh again...I can't live without you now, Rakesh..." I had given up to my son. He was handling me the way he liked. I was feeling heavenly in my son's arms. He turned me around. Now I was facing him. His manly lips so close to mine that his hot breadth was getting sprayed over my cheeks. "Kiss me mom....you want to, baby...." He let loose my hair. I was fully aroused and I flung my arms around my son's neck, "Yes Rakesh....Yes.....I want to kiss you, darling!" I glued my lips to his. He smooched me real hard making slurping sounds. I darted my hungry tongue in my son's mouth instigating him to suck on it. He sucked my tongue, bite my lips and cheeks. I dropped my pallu and stood before him...he gazed at my navel with lust.. "Rajani....my darling...my navel-queen...." He started licking my belly. I giggled shamelessly. He had cupped my bottom with both hands and had his mouth working on my bare belly... "Oh Rakesh.....ooooh.....kiss my navel.....pleeeeeease..." I wanted his mouth badly there. He cought me hard and flicked his hot tongue deep inside my navel...That triggered my libido like never before. He made my navel all wet with his saliva...I felt so horny then..
After he had turned my belly red and blue his eyes roved on the bulge in my low-cut blouse. My deep fleshy cleavage was showing. He cupped my bosom from over my blouse. Our eyes met. "Talk dirty to me, Rajani..." He squeezed me there brutally. I choked. He ignored my pleas and had my my bust crushing in his powerful hands. "Oooh Rakesh.....please.....no..noo.nooooh.." He started unhooking my blouse. The sheer sight of my son stripping me made me so hot that I smooched him real hard again and again. Now my boobies sprang in my black bressier. A dark prominent mole shinned near my cleavage. "Liked it?" I asked my son taking my hands back to unstrap my bra. My bust potruded out erotically in that pose. He burried his face in my cleavage. I threw the bressier over bed and pressed his head on my bare bosom. " I wanna watch you topless, Rajani." He sat on bed. My dark red tits had hardened in those three inch pink circles before my son. I lifted my 42C size melons in both hands .... "What a bust, mom!" I wanted him to unleash his lust for my bosom so I swayed my boobies before my son to seduce him.... finally he flicked his hot tongue over my tits... "OOhhh baby....ooh. Rakesh...suck your mommy...." I was shoving my entire bust in my son's mouth like a bitch on heat...My enormous wealth was getting molested in my son's hands and I was offering it to him willingly.
He sucked on my tits for long twenty minutes. He unlaced my saree slip. Now I was only on black panties before my 28 year old son. My ripe white flesh was oozing sex from every inch. He undid his pant and I could see the gigantic bulge in his underwear. "You take a walk around this room. I want to jerk watching you first, darling." He pulled out his tool and I was all agog. He had atleast nine inch thick penis.His tip was shining red. I walked around as he jerked looking at my full round bottom wriggling in my skimp panties. His love-pole had set my mouth watering. I took the lipstick and started rubbing it on my lips seductively gazing at my son's cock. "Suck my cock in your hot juicy mouth, Rajani....." I was just waiting for this moment. I rubbed his hot penis on my cheeks, my eyes. Then I traced the length of his pole with my tongue. His cock smelt so erotic that I went for it and tried to took him fully inside my mouth. He was very big for my mouth. He prssed my head hard on his cock I chocked but finally took him deep down in my throat. he was watching his mother dance her mouth on his pole. "You look so hot sucking me, mommy." His words fueled my hunger and I started chewing him inside my hot slippery mouth....I was looking at him all the time with his cock in my mouth...that gave me a different pleasure! When he was fully hard and erect he pulled me onto him. Now I was spread up on my son. He asked me to talk dirty again, "Rakesh, make me your doll tonight.
I am very tight and hot down there, beta, your mommy is very hot in bed. I dream of your hands running in my bush down there..This Rajani is starving of your cock..please give it to me..I'll take deep inside...please Rakesh.." "You want me to fuck you, my sexy Rajani?" He was squeezing my mature bottom lovingly. I felt his hands very sweet on my ass. "Yes Rakesh..fuck your mommy tonight, please. Tear off my little pink pussy with your giant pole. I am so horny for you, my darling son. Come on please, feel me Rakesh. I'll scream so sexy when you fuck me." I had shed all my inhibitions and had become my son's bitch. I licked his hairy chest leaving my lipstick traces evrywhere. "I'll fuck you real hard, mommy." He said. I was more than horny to hear him say that. "Yes my sweetheart, fuck me hard. I'll hold your hot cock inside my pussy all night long. Now take off my panties and give your mommy a fuck of lifetime..." He got up and made me sleep under him. I saw my son take off my panties. Now I was full nude layed on bed before him. He touched my pussy with the tip of his penis.
That hot touch on my soft delicate skin made me writhe in sheer ecstacy. He pushed hard. I chocked, "OOOOOOOH RAKESH......IT'S TOO BIG....UUUUI MAAA...OOOH." I literally felt as if my pussy was getting teared apart. With one more powerful thrust my son was completely inside me. He started banging me real hard. My pussy muscles contracting and decontracting to feel that incest pleasure....to take my son as deep as possible. It was like two volcanos clashing..He had turned his 49 year old mommy into a real hot bitch. My son was having a matured sexy woman in bed but he gave me such a banging that I felt younger than him. With tongues entangled and bellys crushing my son was fucking me. The noise of our fucking filled the room, making us both more horny. Then he increased the pace and I started screaming, "Oh Yes...Ooooh..ya....Fuck Your Rajani...Make Her Your Bitch....I am Damn sexy Rakesh..." And he empties his jism in wads inside his mommy's womb. I felt totally exhausted. My pussy itching overflown with my son's cum.... "You were so sexy, mom." he lied by my side. I went into his embrace. My lipstick had gone all astray over my cheeks, my tits were swollen, my face was swaiting and I went to sleep all naked in his arms.
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Lucky Babu

Hello readers,
My name is Babu. I am living in South India. Incest, like in the rest of the world, is a taboo in India also. And Mother-Son incest is considered the ultimate taboo. But I am a lucky boy who has a loving and horny Mother and we fuck regularly. What follows is my true story of how I achieved the ultimate pleasure of regularly fucking my own Mother, which I happily continue now also.
My Father died when I was 10 years old. I was put in a boarding school right from that time because my Mother Anandam was working as a teacher in a school some 50 kilometres away from my place. I had only one elder sister and she got married and moved away to her husband's place which was very far. My Mother was staying in our old traditional tiled house in my native place with my old Grand Mother. When I was 14 years old, my Grand Mother died and I moved back to my own house from the boarding school and joined a local school.
Right when I was in the boarding school, I was used to reading plenty of adult books and watching porno magazines which other boys used to bring to the school. Around 6 months before my Grand Mother died and I moved back to my house, I read for the first time in my life some hot Mother-Son incest stories and I was immediately attracted towards that stories because I found those very exciting. Because it was the ultimate taboo, I achieved heavenly orgasms when I masturbated reading those hot Mother-Son incest stories. Soon all my fantasies started revolving around Mother-Son incest stories only, which led me to think about my own Mother Anandam.
Here let me tell you something about my Mother Anandam. She was at that time 38 years old and was a very large lady. She was having around 5 feet 10 inches height, with massive, cucumber like boobs, a swelling belly, big, round, elephant like thighs and a mountain-like ass. She was a very energetic woman who took care of the things in my house very smoothly. After reaching home and when I started living with my Mother in our traditional house, I started having very horny thoughts about my own Mother Anandam. The fact that myself and my Mother were living together and no one else other than ourselves were in our house fuelled my erotic thoughts about my own Mother.
I started masturbating regularly thinking about fucking my Amazonian Mother. I loved watching her big asscheeks jiggle inside her saree (as if welcoming me to fuck her ass) when she walked around in the house. Every opportunity I had, I watched my Mother Anandam's saree covered body, which led to me masturbating in the night fantasizing about my Mother. Several times I watched her partially covered big boobs and big stomach which was left equally uncovered when she was wearing saree.
One day it so happened that one thief tried to get into our house by removing the tiles on the roof. But he was not successful. I woke up when a tile fell down making a shattering noise during his attempt and when I saw the thief, I yelled out which woke up my Mother and some neighbours. When lights were put on, he ran away and me and Mother checked our valuables and found nothing was stolen. This incident made my Mother afraid to sleep alone in her room in our big, traditional house, where because of the old type architecture, rooms were slightly dark due to lack of proper light. When she said that she is afraid, I immediately rose up to take the chance of sleeping in my Mother's room and assured her that I will sleep along with her in her room. When I started to sleep on the floor next to my Mother's bed, she immediately told me to sleep with her in her big bed.
I couldn't believe my ears. At last I was having a chance to sleep with my Mother in her own bed. We closed the door and both of us laid down to sleep. But eventhough the lights were switched off, I couldn't sleep. Just next to me the woman was lying whom I was thinking of fucking all these months, my own Mother. I lay awake for some time with a hardened cock inside my pyjamas. Slowly I turned towards my Mother who was lying on her side, with her back towards me and as if in sleep, I embraced her by putting my right hand over her big belly. She slightly moved and I understood that she had not fallen fully asleep. Hugging my Mother increased my lust and I slightly touched my rock-hard cock to her bulging buttocks. It was as if pressing my cock against a silk cushion. I shivered with lust. Because her ass cheeks were so fat, my cock wedged between her saree covered asscheeks easily. After keeping my cock like that for some time, I slowly started moving my cock back and forth, rubbing deeply between my Mother's ass cheeks. The fact that I am rubbing my cock in between my own Mother's ass cheeks raised my lust to its peal. I couldn't control myself longer. Shivering with lust I shot my hot load inside my pyjamas. She moved slightly again when my body shivered when I shot my load. Still hugging my Mother, I went to sleep with my lust drained.
Next day morning, she woke me up. I looked eagerly to my Mother's face. She was smiling only. I was really relieved that she didn't showed any anger in her face. I was slightly afraid whether she knew what I did yesterday night but her smile assured me. That night also I repeated the procedure and shot my load against my Mother's cushion-like buttocks. Slowly I started taking my cock out of my pyjamas and rubbing against her ass and cumming on her ass. To my sheer delight I noticed her attitude towards me change day by day. She started hugging me often. It was easy to notice that her hugs were becoming more intensive, pressing me closely to her big boobs. I also started hiding my face in between her boobs when she hugged me and smelling her sweet smell.
The next week, the ultimate happened. As usual, after the lights were switched off, I slowly took out my cock and moved my hips closer to her ass cheeks. I started rubbing my cock in between Mother's big ass cheeks. Suddenly, startling me, Mother turned towards my side and hugged me tightly saying "Babu, my darling, my sweet darling". Saying this and without giving me time to utter anything, Mother kissed me squarely on my lips. I couldn't believe my luck. I also kissed her hungrily and deeply. Mother pushed her tongue into my mouth. I sucked on my Mother's tongue like an ice cream cone. My rock hard cock pressed against her big belly. She immediately took hold of my cock in her hands and started massaging it. I was shivering with lust. My own Mother massaging my rock hard cock!!! I moved my hips in tune with Mother's caressing of my cock.
Breaking our French kiss, Mother told me "Babu, put on the light". I jumped up from the bed and put on the light. In the light, I saw my Mother lying wantonly in the bed. She rose up and started removing her clothes. Her saree fell off, revealing her melon like boobs and the lower half of body covered in her underskirt. I quickly moved to her and hugged her. Squeezing her big ass cheeks with both hands, I kissed my Mother. Squeezing her massive asscheeks made my cock twitch with lust. After some time, I untied Mother's underskirt and pulled it down. Ohh!!! the sight made me shiver with lust. In the bright light I saw my Mother's clean shaven cunt bulging out beneath her big belly. Mother's cunt was really fat and it bulged out between her thunder thighs. I couldn't control myself. I fell to my knees and hugging her ass, kissed Mother's fat, shaven cunt. "Ahhh!!! Babu, my darling", she exclaimed. I kissed and started licking my Mother's cunt. I pushed my tongue deep inside my Mother's cunt and licked her already flowing juices. Mother spread her fat thighs and held my head close to her cunt with both hands. I tongued Mother's big clitoris and sucked it into my mouth. She started pushing her cunt to my mouth and her juices started flowing freely into my mouth. After I licked for some time, Mother told me "Babu, my darling son, please get up, I need to have your cock in my cunt". I got up. Mother immediately s\laid down on the bed and spread her big thighs. Spreading her legs made her cunt also spread. Seeing my Mother's fat shaven cunt spread before me made me mad with lust. I crawled in between her thighs. Mother reached with her hand and caught hold of my jerking cock. She directed my cock to her wet cunt. Till this day I cannot forget the moment my cock head touched my own Mother's wet cunt slit. Mother fitted my cock head to her cunt hole and told me "Babu my son, push into my cunt". I eagerly pushed and my entire cock was easily engulfed by my Mother's cunt.
I was in heaven. My cock buried deep inside my own Mother's cunt, my birth place. All the fantasies which I had about my Mother rushed through my mind. At last I had fulfilled my deepest desire. I am fucking my own Mother. My rock hard cock moved in and out of my Mother's wet cunt easily. She hugged me closely and kissed me deeply. Returning Mother's kiss, I fucked my Mother deeply. Soon wet sound began coming from Mother's cunt in tune with my fucking. The obscene sound increased my lust. I fucked my Mother deep and hard. "Babu, fuck me harder" Mother whispered in my ear. I increased the speed of my thrusts. My belly banged against Mother's fat belly each time I drove my cock deep inside Mother's cunt. Mother started rising her hips each time I thrust downwards. The sound similar to a dog licking water filled the room.
My cum swollen balls slapped against Mother's big ass cheeks. "Babu, my son, fuck me faster, faster", Mother encouraged me. My own Mother encouraging me to fuck her even harder. I happily obliged and fucked her deep, each time my cock head touching against Mother's womb, where I was conceived. I was loosing control. The wet heat inside my Mother's cunt was too much for me. Cum started boiling in my balls. With a violent thrust, I buried my cock deep inside my Mother's cunt and started shooting my cum deep inside her. My cum splashed against her womb from my jerking cock. It pushed Mother also over the edge. Hugging and squeezing me fiercely Mother started shaking violently in her climax. Her hips rose up and down. We experienced the ultimate heavenly joy of cumming together. After shaking for some minutes, Mother slowly calmed down and again kissed me lovingly. She whispered in my ear, "Babu, my son, its after so many years I am having this pleasure once again". "I always wanted to do this once you started rubbing against my ass". I blushed slightly and returned Mother's kiss and said to her "My darling Mother, I am really lucky to have you, I love you more than anything". Totally naked and in each others arms we slowly fell asleep.
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Bhavani Aunty's Visit (M/F con, F/b con, M/F nc anal)

Bhavani aunty was Amit's mother's sister. She used to stay in Gujarat, but after her divorce she got shifted to Mumbai. She was very beautiful 35 year old well built lady. She had come over to my house to stay over for a few days. She was always dressed provocatively. Her Salwar Kameez used to be tight fitting clearly displaying the curves within. Also when she wore saree it was always with a low cut blouse. As a whole she was a hot piece. Amit found her very seductive but then he thought she was her aunt and he was not supposed to look at her from sexual angle. Many times while she slept in the afternoon, Amit would look at her thighs which got exposed due to her saree getting raised. Also her buttocks attracted his attention when she was sleeping on her stomach.
That day Amit returned from his school at around 1:00 p.m. He was supposed to go to his friend's place to study as he was told that no one would be at home. Amit thought he would snick into the house after school for sometime to scan through his father's collection of nude pics on the computer. So he had silently kept the house keys in his school bag. He entered the house and threw his bag in the corner and marched towards the hall where the computer was kept. While he was doing so, he crossed his parent's bedroom, he heard some sound. He casually walked to the door and slowly opened it to find nothing. But to his shock, Bhavani aunty was on her knees in front of the bed. His father sat on the bed, had his pant unzipped and his penis was sticking out. Bhavani was shaking the 8 inch prick. Amit got scared. He wanted to run off. So Amit ran to the door. But then he thought they had not seen so why not observe what they were upto.
He silently made arrangements in the kitchen to hide in the cupboard in case of emergency. He quitely opened the door of the bedroom a bit and kept watching inside. Chirag(Amit's Father) had his eyes closed and was enjoying the pure sensation of Bhavani sucking on his penis. Bhavani was very skillful in her operation. She was taking the pint penis head in her mouth and giving heavy jerks from the base. She then started taking in more and more till she had the whole of his penis in her mouth. Chirag smiled and patted her head as she gave him a deep throat.
Chirag thought about his wife and said,
"Your sister is still an ametuer in this field. Why don't you teach her some tricks?"
Bhavani releasing the penis from her mouth said,
"Why should I bother to teach her? If I do so then you won't even care for me!!"
Chirag said,
"You are my butterfly. You are great. You add spice to my sex life".
Bhavani started moving his penis and made lapping motions as if she was licking a choco bar ice cream. Chirag said,
"Okay, now do the strip dance for me"
Bhavani stood up and moved back from the bed. She started to gyrate her hips. She slowly let go of her saree from her shoulder and started to unwind from it. She moved like an orbiting planet displaying her full breast in her blouse. Her blouse showed distinct points indicating her erect nipples. She threw the saree on the bed and then slowly atrated unbuttoning her blouse. After she had removed three buttons, the blouse became compeletly loose and she moved it out of her arms. This feat exposed her round white globes of milk with dark brown nipples. She moved and carressed her hands on her tits and made moaning sounds. She held her tits by the nipples, shook them in circular motion thereby giving a rippling effect. Chirag's prick was rock hard. He was shaking it while watching her undress. Then Bhavani pulled down her ghaghra. She was not wearing panty. Her dense pubic triangular hair got exposed. She moved her hand on the thick jungle and then turned around. She bend down pushing apart her legs. Her buttocks were heavy and very tasty.
Chirag saw her small puckered hole along with the lips of the fuckhole. The cunt was all wet. Bhavani stood up. Chirag approached her, stood in front of her and kissed her on the lips. He moved his hands on the tits, on her smooth back and finally rested them on her buttocks. Amit's prick had stood up looking at all this. He had never known what forbidden fruit was like before this. Bhavani slept on the bed. Chirag stood between her legs. He spread her legs far apart and applied his penis at the cunt. He pushed in his prick slowly at first but then rammed it all the way in. Bhavani gave out a scream of delight. Chirag slept on her and kissed her lips. Holding her shoulders he started his up down movement in the cunt.
Bhavani was enjoying this to the fullest. The pleasure of foolong around with her sister's husband always turned her on. Chirag started panting with all the exercise. Amit on the outside was going crazy watching all this. Chirag held her tits and pressed them hard. Bhavani said,
"Are you enjoying?"
Chirag said,
"Very! This is second time in my life after the first with you at the time of my marriage that I am throughly enjoying"
Bhavani added,
"Even I, though I had many partners the best upto now is you and only you"
Chirag kept on humping Bhavani for some time and then he was very close to orgasm. Bhavani said,
"Please withdraw, I would like to taste your juice"
Chirag was shocked. "I thought that Indian ladies don't do forbidden things unless they are prostitutes"
Bhavani said,
"Don't be mad. All women like to do this but only they are scared to spoil their image. Also they have to be forced to do so"
Chirag could not hold any more and so he withdrew, Bhavani took his prick in his mouth. The jets of sperm erupted from the eye of the prick and all this clearly vanished in Bhavani's mouth. Bhavani smiled but cursed internally. What an useless husband my sister has got!! He can't even fuck for 1/2 hour.
Chirag said,
"Don't worry I would finger you till you cum"
Bhavani said,
"That even I could do !! Would you do something I tell you to do?"
Chirag said, "Well Yes sure?"
Bhavani said,
"Can you rim me and then blast my ass?"
Chirag was zapped. He could not believe what he heard. He said,
"You want me to fuck you up the ass. Ho My!! I always wanted to do it. Can I?"
Bhavani turned and slept on her tummy and spread her buttocks. Chirag observed her small asshole with anxiety. He asked,
"Have you done it before?"
Bhavani replied, "That was one of the reasons for my divorce. My husband felt disgusted to do it and I won't go without it"
Chirag sat on the bed. Bhavani stood on her hands and knees and moved behind shaking her butts to where Chirag was sitting. Chirag nuzzlled his face into the crack of the big bum and smelled her hot asshole. He slowly probed her butthole by sticking the tip of his tongue on the periphery. Soon he was encircling her asshole which sent out delightful screams from Bhavani. Getting positive response, Chirag further oushed his tongue inside her ass and started salivating. This lead to his saliva wetting the outside of her hole. Chirag withdrew his tongue and lapped her asshole slowly for sometime. Bhavani suggested that he use his fingers to loosen her a bit for the action.
Chirag obidiently took his middle finger and started pushing in her butt. It was difficult for him to get the finger more than his nail inside. He withdrew from her ass and dipped his finger in the wet vagina and accumulated some of her juice and slid it up to her asshole. After some initial difficulty, Chirag slid half of his finger in. He frigged her like that for sometime. Bhavani was moaning with pleasure. Ever since she was raped in her ass by her husband's best friend once, she had coaxed her husband to do her in ass. Now she was experiencing what she had on that dreaded night but only that today she wanted it done. Bhavani had used different Lady's finger up her ass to satisfy her craving bum but it did not help.
Chirag was now fully erect. He stood in between her legs and held his penis. he touched her cunt and pushed his thingy fully inside and got it coated with the juice. He withdrew and then held the head of his penis at the asshole. Bhavani got ready. Chirag pressed hard. Bhavani gave out a scream. The penis was too big for her ass. Chirag stopped. Bhavani said,
"Don't stop. Push in slowly"
He again increased pressure and was able to slip in the head of his penis in. Bhavani screamed and orgasmed. She shivered all over. She looked back and pulled her ass checks apart to relieve some of the pain. Chirag was enjoying this tightness of the hole. He kept on pushing inside. When he was about to ram in fully,,,
The door bell rang. Amit ran to the cupboard. Chirag pulled out his penis & started putting on his pants and shirt while Bhavani accumulated her clothes and ran into the bathroom. Chirag opened the door to find Sheena (his wife).
She came in and inquired, "Why are you sweating so much?"
Chirag made up a story that he had fallen asleep on the bed and forgotten to put on the fan. Chirag stalled her from going to bedroom as the fan was working full blast. Bhavani came out of the bathroom, turned off the fan and opened the cupboard slid inside.
Chirag then told Sheena, "We need to go to bank immediately. One of our check has bounced which I had drawn in your name". So they moved out of the house.
Inside the cupboard Bhavani felt uncomfortable. Then she felt a small had touching her thighs. She was shocked but did not scream. As soon as she heard the door close, she jumped out of the cupboard and opened it completely to find Amit. She said,
"What are you doing here?"
Amit got scared and said,
"I am sorry. Please I won't do it again"
It struck Bhavani that Amit would have seen everything. Amit was only 13 and might know what she and Chirag wwere upto. She said,
"What did you see, when did you come in the house?"
He replied that he had seen everything. Bhavani said not to utter a word of what he had seen. She would help him anyway. Just then Amit's parents came in the house.
During dinner, Chirag was continuously looking at Bhavani. When Bhavani stood up next to him to take salad, he watched her buttocks from the side and was fully aroused. In fact he had not lost his erection from the time he withdrew. Amit also saw that Bhavani aunty took chance and brushed her father's pants when his mother had gone to kitchen. Also when everybody was seated Bhavani had placed her leg in the groin of Chirag for sometime. Chirag was controlling hard not to make any sounds and eat calmly.
After dinner, while Sheena went in the bedroom, Amit went to his room. Chirag held Bhavani by her buttocks clad in the saree and said,
"Oh! I want to fuck your ass"
Bhavani said,
"You can't with Sheena around. And tomorrow I have to leave for my place"
Chirag said,
"I would die in this state"
Bhavani replied,
"Don't act dumb. All girls have ass and so all girls have asshole. Take Sheena's asshole today. I will make it upto to you next time we meet"
Chirag got scared and said that Sheena would divorce her for that. Just then Sheena came out. Bhavani jokingly ran to the hall. Soon Sheena and Chirag retired into the bedroom.
Sheena had observed that Chirag was in a very aroused state all the evening. She asked,
"Why have you been in this way?"
Chirag said,
"My friend had called up to tell me that he had experimented some new kind of pose and style to add spice to his sex life and both his wife and him went crazy after doing it. I say can we try it?"
Sheena replied, "How did they do it?"
Chirag said,
"HO!! nothing much, my friend had just made love to her wife in the doggy style and then he ejected his sperms on her buttocks."
Sheena shyed and said, "You have done that before only that you have always come in me"
Chirag said, "That is the whole point, I want to withdraw and puke my semen on your ass. That itself has aroused me as to how I would have to control"
Sheena agreed. She raised her night gown and removed her panties. She stooped with her hands taking support of the bedpost. Chirag came behind her and raised her gown to her waist. He observed the medium sized buttocks of his wife. He kissed them and then undid his pants to present his erect dick. Sheena was sure that Chirag was definitely as excited as he was when they had married. Chirag placed his penis at the cunt and rammed in fully. Sheena grasped the bedpost and moaned loudly as the unlubricated penis fully slid in her. He held her buttocks firmly and started humping her hard. On his withdrawl he strected her buttocks and observed her small asshole and let go of them on his pushing rythm.
Chirag pumped faster and then withdrew. Sheena turned around, Chirag said,
"Sorry, I am not not ready yet"
He again mounted her from behind and gained speed. Soon Sheena was envelopped in her mind shattering orgasm.....
Bhavani was also in an aroused state as she had already experienced the shattering orgasm of just a penetration in her ass. She wanted to have a dick up her ass. She slept on her bed. She raised her night gown and slid her finger in her panty. She frigged her cunt and then slowly fingered her anus. Slowly she inserted her finger in her ass. She moaned and started shivering. She was experiencing pleasure which she could not describe. She got so engrossed that she did not hear Amit come in her room. Amit said,
"Aunty why are you doing such a dirty thing"
Bhavani said,
"Oh! there is nothing wrong in touching your privates. I enjoy doing it"
Amit asked,
"What was father doing to you with his peepee?"
Bhavani said,
"He was just helping me reduce the scratching feeling I was having in my privates."
Amit asked,
"You are still feeling itchy down there?"
Bhavani said,
"Yes, your father only reduced the itching in here" she pulled her panty down a bit and called Amit closer to her. She touched her cunt lips. Amit was very excited to watch her aunty in this state. "But he did not help me to reduce the itch in here" and touched her asshole. Amit shivered and touched her asshole delicately. Bhavani held his hand at her ass and rubbed it up and down. Amit kept his other hand on her cunt and started rubbing her cunt lips. Bhavani moaned with pleasure. She told Amit,
"Don't tell anybody about this!"
She reached for his penis in the payajamas. She was delighted to find an erect member of normal thickness. She rubbed his penis and Amit came in his payajamas. Bhavani raised her nightgown and threw it aside. Her tits caught Amit's attention. Bhavani encouraged him to press them. Amit started pressing them with all his might and this sent pleasure signal all through Bhavani's body. Bhavani had completely undressed. She then pulled down Amit's payajama and held his 5 inch erect member. It was still rock hard even after his first orgasm. Bhavani moved his foreskin and then let go of it. She said,
"Would you like to enjoy what you just felt again?"
Amit nodded. "Then do what I say!!"
Bhavani slept on her back and took Amit between her legs. Bhavani kept a pillow under her buttocks and then said,
"Do you see that small hole down there."
Amit anxiously touched her asshole and nodded. Bhavani said,
"Push your private in it. Then move it in and out"
Amit slowly tried to fit his penis in her ass. Bhavani felt a little pressure and then she felt the head of the penis had sliiped in her ass. She gasped and started gyrating her hips. Amit's penis slipped out. Bhavani held it at her asshole and wrapped Amit in her legs and pushed him from behind. Amit's prick slid in and Bhavani was again in heaven. Amit was completely in her aunt's anus and was enjoying this ride to the fullest. Bhavani too was ecstatic and she orgasmed very wildly, jerking her hips high in air and taking Amit with her. Amit could not hold to the sucking sensation of his aunt's ass and Amit orgasmed for the second time that night. He withdrew to find his sticky juice in the ass of her aunt. Bhavani relaxed. Amit fell besides her and started pressing her tits once more. Bhavani smiled at Amit and said, "You are a very good boy."
As soon as Sheena was shivering and enjoying her orgasm, Chirag withdrew completely and applied his penis to her asshole. Sheena was still engrossed in her orgasm. She felt an instant pain shoot up in her ass as Chirag harshly pushed hard and entered her. Sheena screamed loudly. Chirag did not give a heed and rammed her ass holding her hips. Sheena tightened her grip on the bedpost and screamed again. Chirag said,
"Come on. Don't scream. It is not that bad"
Sheena said in a quivering tone,
"Oh you have gone... mad aahhh! It is !! hahhhhaaaa splitting me!!!"
Chirag moved and pushed till he was completely buried in her asshole. Sheena gasped. She had tears in her eyes. How can her husband treat her like a slut after all this years of faithfulness. She said,
"Please aahhhh!! Remove it from aAAeeeGGaa there."
Chirag added,
"All my friends do this to their wife and they never complain about the pain. Maybe after this when we try again it won't pain"
Sheena sobbed and thought How disgusting. He wants to do it again and cause more pain. She kept sobbing while Chirag kept humping her asshole at a very high speed. He was enjoying the tight hole with high friction. He pumped very hard and made Sheena scream more...
Amit heard the screams. Bhavani knew that her sister was royally fucked today. She told Amit, "Your father is teaching your mother to take it up her anus. It is fun you know" Amit nodded...
Sheena screamed once more. Chirag rammed hard and stuck to her and ejected his manly juice up her asshole. Sheena felt the hot fluid up her butt. She felt totally disgusted. Chirag withdrew and fell on the bed. He said,
"Ho!! this has realyy exhausted me but I think I can do you once more in the ass if you just lick me?"
Sheena stared at Chirag and said,
"I am not going to do what you say"
Chirag said, "You have to or else you can join your sister. I would divorce you. What is the idea. I need to enjoy and even you. I spend so much on you so that you remain attractive. If I can't fuck you like I want to then I might as well go to a prostitute."
Sheena got scared. She knew that her sister was already divorced and her father was finding it difficult to meet the ends. If Chirag divoced her then it would be a crisis. So she decided, in order to remain happy she would have to do what her husband told her to do. Silently, she held his penis and opened her mouth to engulf Chirag's soft penis to start the humiliation once more....
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