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Rachel teasingly sucked only the head, moving her lips up and down on it, flicking her tongue against the underside, while her hand stroked the shaft.

"Ohhhhhh baby, that's soooo good!" Don groaned, "Suck daddy's cock!"

Rachel moved her lips down the whole length of the shaft, taking her father's cock deep into her throat. Don thought he was going to explode in her mouth. He could feel her throat closing in on his throbbing dick as she sucked and swallowed him.

"Ohhhhh fuckkkkk Rachel! You are soooo good!" Don cried, "Daddy's gonna cum!"

Rachel pushed down further on her father's cock as his hot creamy cum flooded her throat. She swallowed hard, not missing a drop. Her wonderful mouth milked him dry, draining his balls. She licked and sucked his cock clean.

Rachel pulled back on his cock and it slipped from between her lips. Don looked at his daughter and smiled.

"Oh my baby girl, you are wonderful!" Don exclaimed, "I don't need to know where you learned to do that!"

Rachel smiled shyly as she stood in front of her father.

"Let me help you with your zipper," she said as she reached towards him.

"No honey, leave it," Don said, "let me please you, as you have done me."

Rachel's pussy twitched as she thought about what her father said.

"That's okay Dad, I'll be fine," Rachel replied.

"Honey, I insist," Don said, "help me sit forward in my chair."

Rachel did as he asked and Don was sitting on the edge of the chair.

"Now take your clothes off honey," Don instructed his daughter.

Slowly Rachel stripped for her father. She shivered as she stood before him naked. Don drank in her beauty like a man dying of thirst. Her breasts were heaving as her breathing became labored. Her pink nipples stood erect against her large aerola. He could see that her swollen pussy lips were glistening with her sweet nectar. Her bare pussy mound pushed out towards him, begging to be licked.

"Now baby, come closer, let me bury my face in your sweet pussy," Don whispered.

Rachel stepped forward, spreading her legs slightly. Her musky scent caused Don's cock to harden instantly.

"Closer," he whispered again.

Rachel moved up to her father, thrusting her aching cunt against his mouth. Her hands raked into his hair, pulling him against her wide spread pussy. Don's tongue reached out to lick and suck up and down her slit. He flattened his tongue against her and licked upwards, slightly grazing her throbbing clit.

"Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!" Rachel cried, grinding her cunt against Don's mouth.

Don circled his lips around her swollen clit and sucked it into his mouth, pulling back on it. Rachel's knees weakened as she felt her orgasm approaching.

"Ohhhhhhh Daddy!" she moaned.

"Hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm!" Don hummed against her clit, vibrations causing her hips to thrust forward as her juices erupted from deep within.

"I'm cummmmiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiinnnnnnngggggggggggggggggggg!" Rachel screamed, pulling Don's face hard against her cunt.

Don swallowed as he felt the gush of her honey filling his mouth. Her taste made him want more. He dipped his tongue in her tight hole as she collapsed against him.

Pulling away, Rachel staggered to the sofa and sat down.

"Oh Daddy!" Rachel whispered huskily, "that was amazing!"

Don licked his lips, tasting his daughter again.

"It was my pleasure, honey," he replied with a smile.

Rachel gathered up her strength and walked over to her father. Leaning down she covered his lips with hers, the scent and taste of her pussy overtaking them. Their tongues fucked into each other's mouth.

Father and daughter kissed deeply for a long time, holding each other close.

At bedtime that night, Rachel gathered the things she needed to give her father a sponge bath. She washed his salt and pepper hair, gently giving him a scalp massage, which he thoroughly enjoyed. She washed his arms as best she could. His nipples hardened as she slid the washcloth over his chest and back. Moving down to his legs, she gently washed and wiped them.

As she soaped up his cock, Don felt himself harden in her hands. Rachel concentrated on his balls as she slid her hand up and down the shaft. Then she rinsed him thoroughly and dried him with the soft towel.

Tucking her father in for the night, Rachel retired to her bed. This time it was her who tossed and turned, finding it difficult to get to sleep. Her pussy was on fire, the lips hot and swollen. Her clit poked out of its protective hood, begging for attention. Thoughts of her daddy licking her pussy till she orgasmed so hard kept her awake. She wanted her daddy's cock inside her. She wanted it now!

She went into her father's room. She stood by the side of his bed watching him. Without thinking, she pulled the blankets back and took her father's cock in her hand. Don woke up and could see his naked daughter kneeling over him, his cock in her hand. Slowly she started jacking him. Her pussy throbbed deeply. Without a word, Rachel straddled her father, pulling his now hard cock against her pussy mound. Gently she rode up and down the underside of the shaft, pressing it hard between her pussy lips. The mushroom cap rubbed against her swollen clit, causing her to moan.

Raising herself up, she guided the head of her father's cock to the entrance of her hot wet cunt. The spongy tip spread her labia wide, making its way into her velvety tunnel. Don's hips moved up against her, forcing himself deeper. He moaned as he felt her cunt muscles gripping his manhood. With her father's cock filling her wet, warm cunt, Rachel slowly rocked back and forth, undulating her hips, pinching and pulling on her swollen nipples.

Leaning down, she slid each hard nipple over her father's lips. His tongue reached out, licking each one in turn. Rachel moaned as her pussy contracted around her father's throbbing cock, with each flick of his tongue on her aching nipples.

"Fuck me sweet baby, fuck your daddy!" Don cried.

Rachel raised herself up and down on his cock, squeezing and releasing at the same time and fucked him hard. Her ass brushed against his thighs. Her juices oozed out around the base of his cock, soaking his balls. Rachel slid her hand between them and furiously rubbed her hard, swollen clit.

"Oh Daddy, I'm cummiiiinnnngggg!" Rachel screamed, her pussy grabbing at his throbbing cock, "cummmm with me! Fill me with your cum!"

Don thrust forward, burying his throbbing rod deep in his daughter's cunt. His balls contracted as they spewed hot jizz, filling her.

Rachel collapsed against her father's chest, his cock still twitching inside her.

"Oh Rachel honey, that was amazing!" Don moaned, "I love you sweet baby."

Rachel sighed contentedly against her father's shoulder, "I love you, Daddy."

For a long time, they lay together, as close as any two people can get. Father and daughter, yes, but joined as man and woman.

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Old 19th April 2008
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krish161959 is a pillar of our communitykrish161959 is a pillar of our communitykrish161959 is a pillar of our communitykrish161959 is a pillar of our communitykrish161959 is a pillar of our communitykrish161959 is a pillar of our communitykrish161959 is a pillar of our communitykrish161959 is a pillar of our community
"What did you say?" Don shouted into Rachel's ear.

"I like this song!" she replied.

The music was very loud at the club where they decided to stop off for a few drinks. They weren't too keen on the volume, but any excuse to sit close to each other was good enough for them.

Rachel had arrived home to take care of her father after he broke his arm and sprained a wrist. They soon discovered they loved each other in a much different way than a father and daughter should.

Don loved it when Rachel leaned in closer to him when she wanted to say something. Her soft tits pressed into his arm as she shouted into his ear. He could feel her warm breath on his skin, which sent shivers down his back.

Abruptly the mood changed and the soft notes of Unchained Melody filled the air.

"That's better," Don remarked, "would you care to dance my dear?"

Rachel wasted no time getting to the dance floor. She loved being held in Don's arms. She loved how he smelled. As they swayed to the music, Rachel pressed her body close to his. Her tits were pressed tightly against his chest. His thigh was slightly wedged between her legs.

Every chance she got, Rachel rubbed her pussy against him. Her heart was racing, as she felt a rapidly growing lump in Don's pants.

All too soon the song ended and another rock and roll tune followed. Don guided her back to their table and they sat down. Gratefully sipping their drinks. As they talked, or tried to, Rachel rested her hand on her father's leg. Her fingers gently massaged his muscular thigh.

Don knew he should stop her, because he could feel his cock pressing tightly against his pants. But, her hand felt so good, and besides Rachel wasn't that easily put off. So he allowed her to gradually move her hand closer to his throbbing cock.

Rachel smiled broadly when her fingers traced the outline of her father's swollen member. Mmmmmm she moaned softly although he couldn't hear her over the loud music. She continued massaging his cock.

Don followed suit and placed his hand on her knee, gently squeezing it between his fingers. Rachel was wearing a silk skirt and blouse to match. The soft material did little to hide her rounded curves. His hand slipped under her skirt and made it's way up her thigh.

Don loved her smooth skin. As his hand dipped down between her legs, he discovered, much to his amazement, she wasn't wearing panties!

She spread her legs slightly, giving him a broad smile.

"You wicked woman!" he shouted at her.

Rachel laughed loudly. Then he felt her fingers tugging on his zipper. He sat back, allowing her to continue. When she had it completely down, Rachel slid her hand inside, wrapping her fingers around his cock.

Mmmmmmmm he groaned.

How he loved his dick encased in her hand. She held it firmly and started stroking it up and down. Don gave a furtive glance around, making sure no one was watching them. Although at the moment he wouldn't have given a flying fig if anyone was!

As Rachel continued her assault on his cock, he slid one finger in between her pussy lips. Even in the dark club, he could see that her nipples were hard and erect, pressing against her bra and the thin material of her blouse. He lowered his head and took a nipple into his mouth, sucking it through her clothes. Rachel threw her head back and moaned. Enjoying the pleasure her father was giving her. This caused her to stroke him faster, with the side of her hand hitting against his balls.

He shoved his finger into her cunt as Rachel raised her ass up off the seat slightly, forcing it deeper. Then he slid a second finger in beside the first one. Rachel gasped as her father's fingers plunged deep inside her!

Don could feel his balls tightening and knew he was soon going to cum. Again he glanced around to see if anyone had noticed them. They were still safe, so he started moving his fingers faster into Rachel's wet warm cunt. This increased her stroking of his cock as she grabbed it more firmly.

Rachel leaned closer to her father and screamed hoarsely, "Daddy! I'M CUMMMMMMIIIINNGGGG! OHHHHH FUCKKKKK!!

But he already knew. Her cunt was spasming around his fingers, milking them like it would a hard throbbing cock. Don's hips jerked forward as long ropes of cum shot across the floor under the table. Rachel kept pumping his cock until there was no more. She glanced around, and with no one watching, she leaned down and quickly licked his cock clean, gently put it back into his pants, and zipped him up.

Don woke with a start, sitting straight up in bed! His heart was pounding as he tried to get his bearings.

"Oh shit! It was only a dream!" he said to himself.

"Daddy, are you okay?" came a voice from the darkness.

Don reached out and touched Rachel on her shoulder, "yes baby, I'm fine, just had a dream."

Rachel sat up in bed and hugged her father, pressing her nakedness against his bare back. They had been sleeping with each other for months now. Rachel had divorced her husband and moved in with her father, her lover.

"What was the dream about?" Rachel asked.

"Oh baby, it was about you and me, we were getting pretty crazy at some dance club," Don chuckled.

Rachel lay back on the bed, stretching out her senuous body. The blankets pulled away revealing her ample tits and Don lay down beside her. He slid his fingertips up the length of her leg, across her tummy to circle around her already erect nipples.

Rachel moaned softly as her father leaned down to suck a nipple into his mouth. His tongue flicked back and forth as he made a sucking noise. Almost like a baby breastfeeding. Don's hand moved down to cover Rachel's smooth cunt. Her legs, almost with no will of their own, spread open wide.

Don plunged his fingers deep inside and was amazed at how wet his daughter already was.

"Oh Daddy, fuck me!" Rachel begged, "fuck me hard!!"

Don moved in between her thighs and wrapped his hand around his raging hardon and teased her clit with the head. Moving it up and down her wet slit.

"NOW DADDY! FUCK ME NOW!" Rachel moaned hoarsely, pulling him closer to her.

Don's plunged forward and buried his cock to the hilt!


Rachel wrapped her long legs around her father's waist and bucked up against him. Her wet pussy grabbed and milked his cock as he thrust deep into her.

Sweat glistened on their bodies as father and daughter fucked in unison. Rachel's tits bounced on her chest and her father pounded her cunt! His balls slapped against her tight ass.

"OOOOHH DADDY! I'm cummmmmmiiiiinnnnggg! Dont stop!" Rachel commanded.

Don gave a sudden lurch and exploded into Rachel's wet hot cunt! Rachel collapsed beneath her father as her body quivered in delight.

Don covered his daughter's lips with his own. Their tongues slid together in wild abandonment. Laying together with legs intwined, they talked most of the morning.

Later on as Rachel was preparing supper, Don watched his daughter. Rachel had no idea how sexy she really was. Even dressed, Don could imagine her firm breasts pressed against the tank top she was wearing. Her long tanned legs were made to look longer with the short shorts she had on. Her firm ass filling them out just fine.

Don was so proud of her. She had been through a lot with the divorce, and he was glad it was over. He just wished she would talk to him about it. Keeping things bottled up inside wasn't good for her.

Later that night, Rachel and Don were on the front verandah rocking in the swing. Don gathered his daughter into his arms and Rachel rested her head on his shoulder and enjoyed the sounds of the night.

"Honey, can I ask you a question?" Don said.

"Sure, Dad, what is it?" Rachel asked.

"Are you happy here with me?" Don asked, with his heart pounding, almost afraid of her answer.

"Yes Daddy! Why would you ask that?" Rachel asked incredulously, "I mean you have helped me through so much these last few months."

Don looked directly into his daughter's eyes, "Well honey, we aren't in a regular situation here. You're my daughter and we really shouldn't be doing what we have been doing. People will talk. I worry about that causing you grief. I wonder sometimes if I'm keeping you from true happiness with someone your own age, who's not your dad!"

Rachel sat up and took a deep breath, "Dad, you listen to me! I love you! I love you as my father, and as my lover. I don't care what others think! If more people found true love as I have, this world would be a better place. You and I have a very special bond and I don't want to lose that. I want to live happily ever after with you. Maybe that's fairy tale thinking, but I am very content being here with you. So promise me, no more talk of me finding someone else?"

Sliding his hands into her hair, Don pulled Rachel closer. He covered her lips with his and gently sucked her tongue into his mouth. The deep kiss took her breath away.

When Don finally pulled away, he gazed longinglyat his beautiful daughter, "I love you too sweet baby, with all my heart, and I promise, no more talk of you finding someone else. The topic is closed!"

"Good!" Rachel laughed, holding her father close.

The next morning Rachel stood in the doorway watching her father sleep, sipping from her coffee mug. The sheet, which had covered him, was pulled down low on his hips. He was laying on his side and Rachel could see the curve of his tight ass. He was in great shape for a man his age, and feelings of love for him welled up inside her.

Their talk the night before cleared up a lot of things and Rachel couldn't be any happier and she knew he was too.

She heard him moan softly in his sleep and she hoped he was dreaming of fucking her the night before. Their sex was very satisfying, but Rachel wanted more. She hesitated in waking Don, knowing he was probably very tired. Rachel's pussy won out and she approached the bed. Kneeling next to Don, she allowed her hand to follow the line of his body, all the way down past his hip. How she loved his smooth skin. Leaning down she made a trail of wet kisses up the length of his body to his shoulder.

Don stirred slightly and rolled onto his back. The sheet pulled away, revealing his semi-hard cock. Rachel's breath caught in her throat as she looked him over.

God, she thought, I can't believe it's me here with my own father. The thought was so taboo but Rachel didn't care. All she knew was, she wanted him and she wanted him now!

Almost like a child afraid of getting caught with her fingers in the cookie jar, Rachel wrapped her cool fingers around her father's cock. It was so warm to the touch. She could feel it throbbing slightly. Rachel leaned forward to to take the head into her mouth, her heart racing. Gradually she moved her lips down the shaft, tightening them around the base. Don's cock grew steadily harder in her mouth. She knew he would wake at any time now.

Rachel slowly moved her mouth up and down the shaft, when suddenly she felt his hadnds in her hair, pulling her down on his cock!

"Ohhhh what a wake up!" Don exclaimed, "suck it baby, suck Daddy's cock!"

Rachel worked her father's cock up and down, moving faster on it, bobbing her head. In the dim morning light, Don could see her pussy glistening with wetness.

Fuck, he thought to himself, this woman seems to be wet 24/7!

Don was moving his hips up towards Rachel's mouth, fucking into her lips. He moved his hand in behind her and ran his fingers up and down her wet slit. He could smell her woman scent as he slid a finger into the hot, wet hole of her pussy. Her body involuntarily moved back on his hand, forcing his finger deeper. Then he added another and started fingerfucking her with great urgency. This caused Rachel to suck harder on his cock. Her mouth pumped up and down on his engorged cock.

Oh damn! he was going to cum again. He didn't know how she did it, but he loved the fact that she did. As her mouth created a vacuum along the entired length of his cock, Don pumped her cunt harder, ramming his fingers deep!

Rachel was moaning loudly around his throbbing cock, as her tongue flicked the underside of the head.

"SUCK IT BABY! SUCK MY COCK!" Don cried out.

Rachel moved down harder and forced the head into her throat, which contracted around the shaft. Rachel felt his hips jerking straight up as his cum shot down her throat. She pulled back on his cock and his cum squirt on her tongue. She swallowed hard, loving his taste.

Don's fingers fucked hard into Rachel's cunt. Then he felt her pussy gush her sweet wetness. Her juices coated his fingers and rans down over her swollen clit. MMMMMMMMM she moaned, her chest heaving.

Rachel stretched out beside her father, his flacid cock still in her hand. She pressed herself close and looked up at him and smiled.

"Good morning Daddy," she said.

Don pulled her closer still and kissed the top of her head, "good morning, baby," he answered, "that was quite the wake up!"

"That's how I want to wake you up every morning," Rachel laughed.

Don sighed softly, "I can't argue with that!"


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krish161959 is a pillar of our communitykrish161959 is a pillar of our communitykrish161959 is a pillar of our communitykrish161959 is a pillar of our communitykrish161959 is a pillar of our communitykrish161959 is a pillar of our communitykrish161959 is a pillar of our communitykrish161959 is a pillar of our community
School finally got out that night; I was handed my report card as I walked from the room. For some reason, the boys kept looking at my ass. I didn't mean to wear the skirt that I had on, it's just that I hadn't done the washing this week yet. It was my short plaid skirt, Daddy’s favorite, and one that I was only suppose to wear when he was around. I had coupled it with my skimpy white blouse that showed way too much cleavage for my Daddy’s liking. I had thought that I could get home and changed before he saw me.

I took the report card and stuffed it to the bottom of my bag, I wasn't looking forward to what my teacher Dr. Dover was going to say about me. I tried to be good, really I did, but he just got up my nose so much, I would do things just to get a rise out of him.

Like the time that he looked at me for an answer, when he knew that I was talking to the boy next to me, what was I suppose to do? I couldn't have answered him if I’d tried. I had on another little skirt that was inappropriate for school, so after class I walked past him to the front of the room, almost to the door, then dropped my pen. Well, I had to pick it up didn't I? So I bent over, but not at the knees like Daddy had taught me, I bent at my waist, and Oh my! I had forgotten to put any panties on that morning. Dr. Dover certainly got an eyeful that day. I laughed remembering that incident on my short walk home.

As I turned the corner, I noticed Daddy’s car parked in the driveway. "Oh shit" I mumbled. Now I had to not only get past him with my report card, but also in my skirt, and I knew if he saw me in that it would at least be five minutes in the corner, if nothing else. Now I had to try to get into the house without him seeing me. The way our house was set out I wasn't going to be able to even if I tried. The front Door led straight into the living room, the back Door straight into the Kitchen, which then led into the Living Room. The stairs then led from the Living Room upstairs, which is where all my clothes were, all over my bedroom floor.

I stood outside looking up at my bedroom window, trying to figure out which would be the best way for me to climb up, I hadn't had to do this for awhile as I had been a good girl for Daddy. I decided to go with the vines next to my window that led to the ground, I knew they made me itchy but I had to get around Daddy seeing me in this skirt.

The climbing was killing me and I'm sure that most of the neighbors could here me groaning and mumbling my way up. I was hoping that Daddy had the news on and wouldn't notice. I finally reached the top and was climbing in through the window when I heard "What ARE you doing young lady?"

“ Oh Daddy your home, Umm well I forgot my keys and was trying to get in to start dinner for you" I just hoped that Daddy was buying this.

“ You forgot your keys?" he looked at me really oddly.

“ Yep, sorry about that, but I'm in now so don't worry" I was trying to get him out of my room so I could get these clothes off.

“ So what? You thought you would just break in instead then"

Oh God I knew he wasn't going to leave now "Well umm yes I guess so, that's what I did didn't I?" Crossing my fingers that he would leave.

“ Nicole give me your bag, then get changed, put something on that covers your body for a change, then meet me in the Living Room please" all said in that slow steady voice that told me I was in deep trouble now.

I panicked, I knew my keys were in there, I also knew that my report card was stuffed at the bottom of my bag. I grabbed the first pair of jeans that I could find in the mess on the floor, throwing them on. Then grabbed a sweatshirt, throwing it over my head as I ran out the door hoping that I would get to my bag before Daddy did. It wasn't to be.

As I came flying down the stairs, I saw that Daddy had my keys on the coffee table, and my report card in his hand, and boy he didn't look happy. I came to a halt at the bottom of the stairs and did a U turn, trying to get back up the stairs before he noticed me. "Stop right there Nicole Jayne, turn around and come over here please" Oh god that steady voice scared the daylights out of me.

“Yes Daddy" I asked in a very low voice.

“Your keys, in your bag, your Report card, in your bag, don't you look in there or did you know about them the whole time" he looked up at me, he always gave me the chance to tell the truth.

“Were they? " I tried so hard to act surprised "Umm nope sorry didn't know they were there."

“Nicole, you saw me put the keys in your bag this morning, and the teacher called ahead to let me know that you had been given your report card and that I would be very interested in it. Why do you think I'm home so early?"

“Well I was kind of wondering what you were doing here, umm should I start dinner" Changing the subject and heading out to the Kitchen.

“Get back here and sit down, and not over there" he stopped me before I could sit down on the single chair by the door, "come and sit next to me, we have something to discuss here."

I walked towards Daddy and sat next to him, trying so hard to see what was on my report card. I could only make out my name on the top, and I truly didn't want to see the rest, then I started thinking why the teacher would have called to tell Daddy that he should see my report card. I hated that old man and his strict ways, if it was up to him, I'm sure that he would have loved to give me the strap. I tried to sit as far away from Daddy as I could, but he moved closer to me, and I knew that when he did that, if I moved away it was five minutes in the corner for me, and since I hated the corner I thought better of it.

Daddy looked me straight in the eye, not a good sign for this conversation, "Nicole, lets see what we have here" he handed me the Report card...

* * * * *

* Wayward School for Brats*

Student: Walker, Nicole Jayne
Teacher: Dr. Ben Dover

Reading | 1st Sem: D | 2nd Sem: F | Average: F
Spelling | 1st Sem: D | 2nd Sem: D | Average: D
Mathematics | 1st Sem: F | 2nd Sem: D | Average: D-
Art | 1st Sem: C | 2nd Sem: D | Average: D+
Phys-ED | 1st Sem: B | 2nd Sem: B | Average: B
Conduct | 1st Sem: F | 2nd Sem: F | Average: F
Attendance | 1st Sem: D | 2nd Sem: F | Average: D-
- - - -
Your daughter Nicole Jayne is completely incorrigible. She is never on time to class, her grades are terrible, and she is nearly always disrespectful towards me. I've caught her on more than one occasion actually lifting her skirt and showing her naughty parts to the boys in the class. This behavior is totally unacceptable and should be dealt with using swift and strict disciplinary measures. I recommend daily punishment sessions for Nicole Jayne involving numerous paddlings on the bare flesh of her tender little bottom. This is exactly what I used to do when corporal punishment was still legal. I would parade them into my office and paddle them all, each and every day. Sigh, those were the days!

* * * * *

I quite innocently looked at Daddy and said "I got a B for Phys Ed Daddy, that's gotta be good doesn't it?” He laughed at me, and I saw my Daddy for the first time that night.

“ Oh Sweetie, yes it is, but look at the rest of it, you really do have to learn to control yourself you know." he looked down at the report card, "The teacher says that you’ve been showing the little boys all your private parts, is that true? And don't you lie to me young lady"

"Well I have Daddy but, well they sorta asked for it you know?"

“ And how the HELL did they ask for it?” His voice was getting angrier as he spoke.

“ Well they Umm they er they umm Well" He lifted his finger to my mouth to hush me.

“ Baby I know you too well, you did it for yourself, you did it to see what reaction you would get, I'm right aren't I."

I looked at Daddy with big Puppy dog eyes and breathlessly said "Uh huh Daddy" then my eyes fell downwards and I could feel him looking straight at me.

“ Well baby, you know that I can't let this go, you know that you have to have boundaries, now stand up and take your jeans off" I stood and took my jeans off for my Daddy, I wasn't going to argue because I knew that would only make matters worse. "Right, now over my knee" Oh god I knew what was coming, and I also knew what was in that report card, so how much punishment was I going to have in one night?

I lay down over Daddy’s knee, lying face down across his thighs. Was it really worth me putting up a fight? I knew what was coming after seeing the Report from that nasty man Dr. Dover, then making the mistake of trying to get in while Daddy was downstairs, oh then we had the clothes incident, which he hadn't said anything about yet but, I knew he wouldn't forget. I knew that I was going to be sore by the time he was finished with me. All I could do was look at the floor and concentrate on good things.

I felt Daddy’s hand rubbing my bottom, slowly moving back and forth. He seemed to rub for a fairly long time, I'm not sure if that was because it had been awhile since my last spanking and he was enjoying this, or whether he was actually getting my bottom ready for what abuse it was about to take.

His hand left my bottom, and I could feel the breeze coming before it as his hand came back and smacked my bottom. He hit me hard and fast on my left cheek. "Thank-you Daddy," I knew what to say if I didn't want this to go on too long. Then his hand left my bottom again, coming down just as hard and fast on my right cheek. "Thank-you Daddy." Daddy gave each cheek two swats for each bad score under the “Average” column and one swat each for my B in Phys Ed. I was hoping that was it, I was soon to find out that I was wrong.

“ Now baby girl, I want you to walk over, so that I can see your glowing bottom, and get my Black Paddle for me, you know where Daddy keeps them baby. Oh and Nicole, don't you even think of running and hiding"

Damn it, he knew me so well, I didn't think I was going to make it that far, as I sort of half limped, half walked over to the drawer where Daddy kept some of his favorite paddles. I opened the drawer and took my time getting out the paddle he wanted,

"Nicole you know you’re going to get this even if it takes you 3 hours to get that paddle out, you may as well just do it now and be done with it.” He had a little laugh in his voice.

Hearing his voice made me think stupidly that he might go easy on me this time around. I took the paddle out of the drawer, holding the small black handle, that worked its way out and around. It reminded me of a Ping-Pong paddle, and I hated it. I walked back to Daddy and handed it to him, getting back over his knee before he even asked me too. "Good Girl Nicole," he actually said this with pride in his voice, just before raising the Paddle and smacking it down on my ass.

I jumped, not really being prepared for the hit. He lifted it again, lowering it with as much force as he did the first hit, I think it was the shock that got the tears running, as I truly did love to be spanked, but he seemed intent this time in teaching me a lesson.

I heard him say to me "Baby you have to know this hurts Daddy more than you, but baby you seem to be on the wrong path just lately, and Daddy needs to teach you right from wrong. The paddle is being used because of the break in, and you know that's what it was, then you did the worst possible thing" as he said this he hit my bottom again "You lied about it, you hid something from Daddy and you know he hates that."

“ I am SO sorry Daddy, I didn't want to lie, I just didn't know what else to do" I tried saying through sobs.

The paddle again hit my bottom, faster and harder with each swat. Embarrassingly I was getting wet; I was being turned on by the punishment that Daddy was putting me through. Tears left my eyes, rolling down my face, but the feeling my body was going through was just amazing.

Daddy swatted me ten times with the paddle, then he asked me "Nicole would you please get to your knees for me"

I looked at Daddy, and I knew what was to come "Oh God no Daddy, please I have learnt my lesson, really I have."

“ On your knees little one" he said it lovingly as he stroked my cheek with the back of his hand. Daddy only ever spanked me when I had done extra wrong, he never once spanked me out of anger or hurt.

I got to my knees, and before Daddy had to say anything more, I started to take his belt off with my teeth, my hands behind my back. His hands moved to my head as he watched me remove his belt. My teeth slowly opening the buckle, then threading the belt out of the loops, he looked down at me and smiled "Good girl Baby," I tried to smile back but, my bottom was on fire and I knew what was coming next.

Daddy helped me remove the last of his belt, taking it in his hand and folding it in half. He lifted me to my feet, walking me over to the chair, "lean over the back of the chair baby" he had such a soft soothing voice, a trusting voice.

I leant over the chair, holding onto the back of the chair for support. I felt the breeze as the belt headed towards my bottom, and as it hit, I let out a cry. Then again it hit my bottom, I was screaming now "Please stop, Daddy please, it hurts Daddy.” I could feel my bottom burning now and I was screaming out to him "Daddy please, what is this for, what are you using the belt for?"

“ The belt is for the skirt little girl, you KNOW, you damn well KNOW, that is for me and me only," he said this the whole time listening to my cries and watching my bottom turn purple.

Daddy gave me twelve swats with the belt, ten for the clothes and two for having to ask why. He turned me towards him and kissed my tears. Holding me tightly in his arms, as he held me we slowly slid down the back of the chair, my sobs and tears falling onto his chest. He sat there with me in his arms, kissing me gently on the head, saying repeatedly "I love you, I love you, I love you Baby."

I felt so safe in Daddy's arms, like nothing could ever hurt me, and I knew full well that the spanking's that I'd just received were to teach me to be a better person. I couldn't have asked for a more loving Daddy.

Daddy stood and lifted me in his arms carrying me upstairs and laying me face down on my bed to not hurt my bottom anymore; he kissed me on my forehead and left the room. I lay there my bottom burning, my heart pounding. Daddy walked back into the room with a glass full of ice; he walked over and placed the glass on the chest of draws next to my bed. Daddy took out a piece of ice and started to rub my bottom with it, I jumped because it actually felt so good.

“ Baby you know that Daddy would never hurt you right?" he had true concern in his voice "You do know that whenever Daddy spanks you, it's to help you become a better person?"

“ Yes Daddy I know, and I know that I did wrong and that’s why you needed to do that," I tried to take the pain out of my voice, as the ice was soothing my bottom so much now.

Daddy sat rubbing the ice along my bottom, humming a lullaby as he did this. I never felt as safe with anyone as I did with my Daddy. I knew that he loved me, and I knew that he was trying so hard to raise me to be a good girl.

Daddy lay next to me on my bed, still rubbing the ice on my red sore bottom; he leaned in and kissed me, our tongues finding their way around each other's mouths. As we moved back from each other he looked me straight in the eye, then wrapped his arms around me and held me tightly, all I could think of was my love for this man, the one man that took true loving care of me.


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Rita awoke to the sound of her alarm beeping, it was 7:30, a nice, warm Saturday in May. She hastily stumbled out of bed and headed towards the bathroom down the hall, in between hers and her father's bedrooms. Yawning, she stared at her reflection in the mirror. Her dark brown hair was standing on end from her nights sleep, and her eyelids still looking heavy. She admired the blue eyes under them, they being her favourite feature, because they reminded her so much of her daddy's.

She smiled and picked up her hairbrush and began gently fixing up her hair. She washed her face, applied a touch of lip-gloss, as most 18 year olds do, and hopped onto the scale. Rita stood at 5'5", and was very active in her softball team, which helped her to keep a low weight, the scale declaring it 123 pounds. She glanced in the mirror. She looked over her body thru the shorty PJ top and Capri bottoms. Rita looked at her tits, 34c, large for her age, and she loved them. They made her feel sexy. Rita stumbled downstairs, where her father was reading the newspaper while bacon sizzled on the stove.

Richard was a very handsome man. He had raised Rita from a tiny baby since her mother passed away from cancer shortly after she was born. He was 40 now, a bit of grey flecked thru the temples of his dark brown wavy hair. Richard was still very active with sports and kept busy with his contracting job. He had the most beautiful blue eyes that sparkled when he spoke.

He has his head down reading the paper when she walked in .She stood at the doorway and admired how good looking her dad was. He was wearing his housecoat and was obviously not wearing underwear. His housecoat was slightly open as he sat. His circumcised cock hung limp and hung passed the edge of the chair. Rita was shocked to see her dad's cock and quickly looked away. Then looked back to glance another look. She didn't know why but she had to ...

"Good morning sleepy head, get a good nights sleep?" her father, Greg, asked as he adjusted his house coat.

Yawning, Paige responded "Mmm-hmm, how about you Daddy?"

"Slept like a rock." Richard responded, smiling. He got up and flipped the bacon, and began to scramble some eggs.

Rita glanced over to see if she could see his cock again but Richard made sure he was tucked in. After all it was his daughter ... Rita again looked away and pretended to get a cup for coffee. After all he was her dad... As she reached up, her top lifted to expose her tit. Her nipples were hard and stuck out like little erasers. Rita didn't even notice .. But Richard did It made his cock stir .

"Hey sweetie, I have to go run so errands today in the city, think you can manage the house on your own?"

Rita's heart sunk, it seemed like she was getting to spend less and less time with her daddy lately, but, hating to make him feel bad, she responded in the happiest voice she could muster, "Okay Daddy, but can I go to the movies?"

"Hmmmm, I don't feel comfortable letting you go out on your own, baby. How about we go rent some movies before I go into town?"

"All right Daddy, I'm gonna go take a shower before breakfast, I'll be down in 15 minutes."

Rita stepped under the hot spray of the shower nozzle. She began lathering her body with soap, rubbing and caressing her cute little feet, her ankles, her strong but dainty calves, her shapely thighs, and slipped the soap between them, rubbing and cleaning her hairless young pussy, enjoying the feeling of the soap bar against her slit. She began moving upwards again, cleaning her flat little stomach, lathering up her young, perky breasts, her shoulders, her back, her arms. She grabbed her razor and shave cream, and began to shave her legs, and her pussy, thankful that her Daddy finally let her start shaving a few months before. Rita had seen some of Richards Magazines and noticed that some the ladies didn't have hair. She liked that look and decide that, that was the way it should look.. plus it felt nice.

The water spraying down on Rita's head began to turn cold, so she shut off the water and climbed out of the shower. She grabbed plush pink towel from the rack and wrapped her hair up in a smaller, more lightweight towel. She hurried into her bedroom, finished drying off, and dropped the towel. Standing naked in front of her closet, she pondered on what she would wear. Finally, she decided on her favourite light blue t-shirt and a white mini skirt. She grabbed a pair of clean white panties out of her dresser, and a white lace bra. She dressed herself, brushed her damp hair, and hurried downstairs.

"Better hurry up and eat your breakfast sweetie, we need to get to the video store pretty soon so I can get out of here."

Rita quickly ate her eggs and bacon, her favourite breakfast meal. She stood up, walked over to her Dad, gave him a peck and said "Thanks for the breakfast daddy, it was wonderful, shall we go now?"

Rita picked out two movies with Richard approval to each one. She handed them to her father and they went and checked it out.

It was about 3 o clock in the afternoon, and Richard was still out in the city doing this and that. Bored, having already watched her movie, Rita tried hard to find ways to entertain herself. She went into her dad bedroom, because that was where their Play Station 2 was set up. Frustrated, she couldn't find the game she wanted to play and began searching the room for her game. She opened her dads nightstand drawer and found tons of magazines with pictures of naked women touching themselves on the cover. She opened one of the magazines and sat on the bed. There were pages and pages full of pictures of people on top of each other with the guys cocks, inside the girls. She heard Richard truck pull up and quickly put the book back where it was and ran down stairs.

The next morning the same thing happened, when she came down the kitchen, Richard cock was exposed. This time she looked longer and longing at it . She felt the tingle in her pussy again..." hmmm" she thought .Her mind went back to the picture in her dads books she was looking at the day before. Richard looked up from the paper not straightening up this time. Letting his cock be exposed. Rita looked away and again reached up to get a cup. Again exposing her tit.

This time Richard said something to her. " You know hun, when you reach up like that I can see your tit.. I mean boob."

Rita pulled down her t-top and blushed " well. You shouldn't be looking" she said giggling.

They both giggled uncomfortably at each other and went on about their day.

The next day was Saturday and a bit of a sleep in for Rita. When she finally stumbled out of bed and down to the kitchen she was anxious to see her dads cock again. She knew it was wrong, he was her dad, but it was so beautiful. She stood at the door way and this time it was sticking straight out hard as a rock. Richard was smiling and said "Good morning sleepy head" He mad no attempt to hide his raging hard on.

Richard had a secret lust for his daughter for the past year or. He began noticing her filling out in all the right places, and becoming a woman, but never dared to even admit it to himself, afraid of what he might do if he came to accept it, afraid that he would hurt his baby, that he would lose control. Now he knew his daughter wanted him too ... she said so in her sleep the other night . He was in such a lustful feeling today he knew he had to act on it or it might never happen. He would make the first move and if he was wrong he would apologize and never touché her again.

"you know dad when you sit like that I can see your cock .. I mean dick" Rita mocked Richard.

Still smiling she reached up to grab a cup. That's when she felt her dads hands cup her tits. He cupped the under parts of her tits and softly pinched her nipples rolling them between his finger & thumb.

"Dad!! What are you doing ....."she turned her head to look at him but made no attempt to stop him .

" you were looking at my books while I was gone the other day ,how did you like them? Richard asked with a husky voice.

" They gave me a funny feeling ,but I liked. One on the pictures were what you are doing now ,,, I looked at for a long time wondering how it felt" Rita said breathlessly.

"I know ... when you look at the pics, you didn't put it back they way you found it .And you talk in your sleep ... you were asking me to do this to you .. and other things.... "

"Well, um, what do you want to do about that? " Rita asked .

Richard slowly guided her backwards towards the chair he was sitting on and sat her on his lap not once letting go of her tits . Richard's cock was throbbing with lust by now, his daughter was actually asking to have sex with him! His sweet, innocent, 18 year old virgin daughter. Her eyes were pleading with him, and no matter how hard he tried to stop it, he found his hand lifting up Rita's shirt.

They were both silent as the shirt was slowly discarded, each afraid that if they said anything, it would stop, that the other would back out. Richard saw the look in Rita's eyes, a mixture of want and fear and excitement. He began the suckle on her neck, nibbling on her ear lobe. Then Richard turned her around to straddle his lap .He worked his kisses way down to her shapely breasts. Rita was breathing heavily, not able to believe that this was really happening. He planted small kisses all along her breasts, and then, to Rita's delight, began licking and sucking on her nipples. Rita was squirming by now, and moaning under her breath. He alternated sucking between breasts, pinching the nipple not in his mouth, and nibbling the other with his teeth. Rita began to tremble, her hands in her Dad hair, pulling his mouth closer to her chest, moaning out his name over and over. Her body began trembling, waves of pleasure rocketing through her body.

"oh my gwadddddd" she exhaled .

"Mmmmm baby you came, had an orgasm, it's supposed to happen, don't worry, it felt good, huh?"

With a glazed look in her eyes, Rita nodded.

Richard stood her up , took hold of the top of her pj Capri's and pulled it down past her ankles. Taking in all of her body, his heart swelled with his pride, she was so gorgeous, so perfect, dressed in panties, and it was all HIS for the taking. He hooked his thumbs under her panties and pulled them down. His face got inches away from her dripping pussy when he seemed to realize what he was doing.

"Oh God, Oh God, Oh God, what am I doing? Baby I'm so sorry, I don't know what just came over me, I didn't hurt you sweetie, did I? Fuck, I'm such an idiot!"

"Daddy, NO! Don't leave, don't stop! Please! I love you, you're so handsome! You said that people who feel that way about each other have sex! Please Daddy!"

That was all he needed, he laid her on the kitchen table the second the words slipped from her mouth. His tongue was rubbing her clit, making her moan out in ecstasy. One of his large rough hands moved up and squeezed and massaged her luscious tits, toying with her nipples, while the other moved down and inserted one finger in her pussy. Richard was excited at how tight it felt, his finger barely fit in her! His tongue was going crazy on her clit swirling around it, moving in closer and closer to its tip. Taking steady stokes on it with his tongue.

Rita couldn't believe how good this all felt. So many emotions were running through her body. She felt so much love towards the man with his head in-between her legs, her only role model growing up.She remembered crawling into bed with him when she had a bad dream, and sometimes faking them to get close to him. She also felt a great deal of fear, with these new physical feelings taking over her, things she never knew she could feel.

Richard could feel her young cunt tightening around his fingers, milking at them, as her little body tensed up.

"DADDDDDY! IT'S HAPPENING AGAIN!" Wave after wave of orgasmic pleasure shot through her body.

"Mmmmm baby your cum juices taste so sweet! It reminds me of your mothers years and years back!"

Rita smiled feebly. "Daddy?"

"Yes Rita? He questioned

"Can I give you a BJ? I have a couple friends at school who talk about giving them to their boyfriends, but I'm not really positive what it is or how to do it...." Rita asked shyly

"Ah yes please! Okay baby, what you do is you lick, suck, and stroke Daddy 's cock, and maybe even play with my balls But be VERY careful not to bite, k sweetie?" encouraged Richard.

He took Rita but the hand and led her to his bed.

Richard took off his housecoat and lay back on the bed. Rita's eyes were wide in amazement at the size of her Daddy's cock, much bigger than the guys in the magazines, Rita shyly moved towards his cock. She saw pre cum glistening on the tip of his cock, and licked it off.

"Yuumm!" Rita moaned in delight, liking the salty taste.

She slowly moved her hands up on her Daddy's cock, watching for his reaction. Seeing the look of bliss on his face, she sped up a little, while cautiously taking his head into her mouth, sucking.

"Ahhhhh sweetie! Yes! Just like that!" Richard couldn't believe his little girl was sucking his cock, but she was! And shit she was great!

"Try to take more in your mouth! And play with my balls!" He guided her .

Rita took a couple more inches into her mouth, until his cock bumped the back of her throat, making her gag. But Rita is a determined young girl, and tried to expand her mouth and take in more. She managed to get 4 inches of Richards 8 inch cock into her mouth, letting her hand take care of the rest of his length. Her hands were curiously playing with his balls, rolling them in between her hand, and feeling the firmness of them. She sucked harder, and began bobbing her head up and down on her daddy's cock, with the slight encouragement of Richard's hand on her head.

He wanted to give her time to explore, not make her do too much at once, figure things out on her own. But the pressure inside his balls was building up, and he needed the release as soon as possible.

Rita felt her daddy's balls tighten in her hand, and a few seconds later her beloved daddy was yelling out.....

" Oh Gwadddddddd Oh Gwaddddddddddd!!" I am cummmmiiinnggg ...swallow as much as you can. " He begged her

Soon she felt hot spurts of gooey cum hit the back of her throat, and pulled out a little bit so she could taste it in her mouth better. Spurt after spurt came out, filling her mouth as she tried hard to swallow it, loving the taste, but some dribbled down her chin never the less.

"Ahhhh Sweetheart! That was wonderful!! You're daddy's little cock sucker, aren't you " he asked her lustfully.

Rita on nodded, still licking her daddy's cock, making sure she got every last drop of his cum. It remained hard in her mouth.

Richard wanting to go further but praying that he would have the will power not to. This was his girl! He couldn't stand the thought of hurting her. Forcing her into something at such a young age, but there was a stronger power within him, forcing in to climb on top of her and spread her petite legs and kiss her deeply on the lips, they're tongues entwining, as he rubbed the head of his cock up and down her slit.

Slowly, he inserted his head into her tight, virgin pussy. Her eyes widened, feeling a pain as he slowly slide in some of cock.

"Owww Daddy it hurts! Stop!" Rita winched as she spoke

Richard could hear his angel pleading with him, but was too overcome with lust to really listen and comprehend it.

"Shhhhh... It'll get better soon, I promise." Said Richard truly lost in lust.

With that he slid in another inch, until he reached the ever faithful barrier. Counting to three, with small thrusts on one and two, her tore through her hymen, popping her cherry. Tears being filling Rita's eyes, and she was whimpering beneath him. Richard nibbled on her neck and kept his dick still in her pussy, waiting until the pain subsided. Soon his daughter stopped sniffling, and he slowly thrust his hips. Slowly in, slowly out, his cock slick with her juices.

"MMMMM Daddy! It feels so good!"

"Oh Sweetie, just wait, it'll get even better!" With that he began picking up the pace, driving his 8 inch cock in and out of her slick pussy, nibbling on her neck and sucking gently on her nipples. Animal instincts took over, and he began slamming his cock harder and faster in her young cunt.

"Ohhhhh Baby! You have the tightest pussy I have ever felt! Gwadddd I love you so much!"

Rita was lost in a world of bliss, hearing her daddy's balls hit her slit as he slammed in and out of her, feeling his huge cock stretch her, smelling the sweet aroma of her juices and his pre cum mixing together. She was lost, completely lost, in a world of pleasure, moaning increasingly, feeling an orgasm building deep in the bottom of her stomach.

"Daddy! More! Please Daddy! Please! Don't stop!" she begged

Richard felt her legs wrap around his waist pulling him closer to his daughters body, and he came down and kissed her passionately on her sweet, supple lips. The world could crumble around him and he wouldn't stop fucking his sweet, innocent daughter. He knew he wouldn't be able to last much longer, but he wanted to give her another orgasm more than anything else in the world. He kept pounding and pounding away, loving the way her young tits bounced with each stroke. He felt her body tense up and her pussy grab onto his cock like a vice, his baby girl moaning wildly beneath him. This set him off. With a finial stroke, he let off his load into her womb, her pussy still convulsing around his cock. With a finial shot of cum and kiss on her lips, he fell upon her and rolled off, taking her in his arms, kissing her neck and back.

"Mmmmm Baby, thank you so much, I didn't hurt you too bad, did I?" he asked her breathlessly

"No daddy, it was wonderful!" was all his daughter was able to muster before drifting off to sleep in her Daddy's strong arms.


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Rob stirred as Monique crept out of bed. A dim light bathed the room, barely illuminating the rich wood of the headboard, the tumbled deep blue of the duvet and the sensuous yellows and blues in the Kashmir carpet. He snuggled into the silky softness of the cotton sheets, missing her warmth beside him. He felt pleasantly sleepy and relaxed for the first time in days.

Quietly, Monique slipped into the attached powder room, donning the clothes she had left ready the night before. Tiptoeing back in the bedroom, she went to where her husband slumbered, leaning down, and brushing soft lips across his forehead.

"Eh?" Rob mumbled.

"Shhh. Go back to sleep. I'll see you later – I have to get to the airport." she whispered.

Rob reached up sleepily, tangling his big hand in the silky strands of her dark hair. Pulling her down, his sleep softened lips captured hers. He breathed in her scent, clean and sweet and soft and his morning erection twitched. Still half asleep, he reached for her hand, placing it on the mound now pushing up the duvet.

Monique giggled. Squeezing, she grinned as he moaned. Pushing aside the duvet, she admired him as he lay still half asleep.

A big man, shoulders wide and strong, a slim waist and narrow hips and that big beautiful cock, now tumescent and full, laying twitching across his left thigh.

Leaning down, she breathed her warm breath along its length, her tongue flicking out to lap at the tip.

Rob groaned and his hand came down and pushed her head towards his groin.

Monique complied, opening her mouth and sucking the spongy head of his prick into its warm cavern. He groaned as her mouth enveloped him, thrusting his hips up and pushing his stiff prick further into the warm prison of her mouth.

Monique's mouth stretched wide as the heavy prick pushed in toward the back of her throat. Experienced, her tongue flicked at the sensitive underside, relishing the reaction as his prick jumped. Then, reluctantly, she pulled back up, her mouth leaving a glistening trail along the swollen shaft.

"Sorry, sweetie, gotta run." she said, dropping a butterfly kiss on his sweet cock.

Rob opened sleep gummed eyes and grimaced.

"What about this?" he said.

Monique grinned then leaning down, brushed her lips against his.

"You'll have to take care of that yourself." she said.

"I'll make up for it when I get home!".

With that, Monique grabbed her overnight bag and in a swish of perfume and warm woman scent, left.

Rob lazily brushed his cock with his own hand, running fingers up and down the shaft, slick with his wife's saliva. His mind wandered over various scenarios, shying away from the one he most wanted to explore.

It was several days after he and Aisling had had that incredible sex session in his office. Unexpected and unbelievably erotic, he was consumed with guilt that he had fucked his own daughter. He took full responsibility for their transgression – it was he after all who had been lusting over those heavy firm breasts, those long legs and that curvy ass. Seeing her with that boy's cock fucking her mouth had been too much and he was weak.

Rob dropped his cock as it twitched in his hand, swollen, its tip wet with pre-cum and slippery with the clear fluid.

He WOULD stop thinking of his daughter! He had apologized to her profusely the next morning, when guilt ridden and mortified he had seen her at breakfast. She put on a sprightly air, he noted, acting as if nothing was wrong.

"Don't be silly, daddy!"

"It was wonderful!" she had said grinning.

She had pushed up to him then, warm girl scent and heavy breasts loose under a tee-shirt, her long legs bare and the firm warm globes of her bottom glimpsed under the tee-shirt's edge. Rubbing those beautiful breasts against her dad's chest, she had reached to cup his erection, which despite his best intentions, was straining the front of his pajama bottoms.

Determined to be strong, Rob had pushed her away. He knew what was best, he explained, and they couldn't do this. It was just plain wrong!

Aisling had been furious.

"I'm 20 years old, for God's sake!" she had yelled at him.

"I KNOW what I want and what I want is to fuck you!"

Despite Aisling's rage, he had persevered. He had done this to her, he was going to make it right, he had decided.

Lying in bed, Rob felt a deep, intense sadness – that he would so lust after his own child, but, if he was honest, what he really regretted was he would never again feel his prick pushing up that tight wet cunt.

Groaning, Rob rolled over, his heavy prick flopping to the bed as he buried his head in the pillow and determined to forget it all.

Drifting, he started to fall back asleep, lulled by the warmth of the room, a shaft of morning sun just starting to illuminate its interior, dust motes dancing in the weak light.


The next thing Rob was aware of was the delicious, indescribable pleasure of a warm mouth sucking his cock. He had fallen back asleep and still dazed, eyes closed, grinned.

"Getting the next plane?" he asked.

The mouth on his prick ran experienced lips up and down the swelling shaft, lapping at the tip then enveloping its heavy length in a warm prison. Her mouth felt particularly tight around his cock today, an exquisite unyielding pressure which made his balls tighten.

"God, baby, that feels amazing!" he said, his voice thick.

The bed, ruffled and warm, enveloped him in the smell of the sex he and his wife had indulged in the night before. That tangy scent drifted around his face like a sweet veil of arousal. He stretched, keeping his hips still, focused on keeping that warm mouth wrapped around his turgid member.

His hips tensed and reaching down, his eyes still closed as he savoured the sensation, he tangled his hand in curls. For a moment, it didn't compute, then as he held the head firmly so he could thrust up into that delicious mouth, he gave a startled exclamation.


His eyes snapped open and he stared down the length of his naked body to see the dancing eyes of his daughter, her little mouth stretched wide with the thick shaft of her father's prick.

"Aisling!" he said, horrified and tried to pull his prick from her mouth.

Two capable hands came around and clasped the firm globes of her father's buttocks. Determined, Aisling sank her mouth right down on the delicious cock, pushing his ass up toward her mouth so the big prick sank further down her experienced throat.

Rob was lost. Groaning, watching with a mixture of horror and lust, he grabbed the red curls and began fucking his daughter's mouth.

The long shaft, swollen and red, a large vein throbbing along its length looked incredibly good pushing in and out of that soft mouth. A mixture of his little girl's saliva and precum which was now flowing out of the purple head of his cock glistened each time he pulled his stiff prick out of that sweet mouth. Then, exquisitely, the warmth and sensation of her mouth as he pushed his prick back in, deep.

Aisling gagged slightly as the thick cockhead touched the back of her throat. Then relaxing her throat, she was able to swallow and now almost the entire prick was in her mouth. Her tongue busily ran up and down the shaft, lapping at the head and inserting its tip into the slit at the top.

God her dad tasted good!

Aisling took one of her hands and ran it between her dad's strong thighs, trailing a finger up between his legs until she reached the heavy balls. Groaning around her delicious mouthful of cock, she cupped the heavy testicles which were already tight and starting to pull up towards his groin.

Carefully, she scraped the lightly furred surface of his turgid testicles, and was rewarded as she felt that great prick jump in her mouth and swell even more.

"Baby, you have to stop ... otherwise I'm going to cum." Rob groaned.

The fingernail again scraped lightly at the surface of his balls, which tightened up further, gathering and ready to push all that sweet cum up the heavy shaft now buried in his daughter's mouth.

Rob looked down and thought he had never seen anything so erotic. Aisling was crouched over him, her heavy breasts swinging and jiggling as her mouth worked busily sucking her dad's cock, the nipples engorged and stiff. Her little ass was up in the air as she knelt over him, he could see the crack at this angle.

His whole groin felt on fire, his cock felt like it was three feet long and all he could think of now was he wanted to spurt his prick right down his daughter's throat. He wanted to hold her head while he did that so he could make sure she swallowed every drop of her dad's cum.

Groaning, he pushed her head down and closed his eyes as his balls gathered and then spat their load up into the turgid shaft. Rob actually felt the cum as it filled his prick and then almost painfully erupted from the tip of his prick, buried deep down Aisling's throat.

Aisling choked for a moment as the hot, heavy jets of cum began to spurt down her throat. Pulling back slightly she began to frantically swallow all that yummy frothy white cum, but despite her best efforts, her mouth filled, ballooning out her cheeks. Cum squeezed out the tight sides of her mouth, which, stretched and pulled was barely able to encircle her dad's cock.

Rob felt like he was dying. His hand on his daughter's head weakened and fell off as his spasming prick emptied itself, his hips thrusting up. He looked down his body and watched as his hot cum dripped out of the side of his little girl's mouth, full of his cock.

As the last dribbles of cum jerked out of the spongy tip, he lay back, exhausted and depleted.

Aisling waited, savouring every drop of cum, and lapping very gently at the now extremely sensitive tip of his cock.

"God, that was SO good." she thought as the prick began to shrink and soften.

Her tongue carefully cleaned the sweet prick, lapping up every drop of cum and cleaning it thoroughly.

Rob's chest was going up and down like a bellows, his heart still beating frantically as he recovered from an incredibly intense orgasm. He lay, catching his breath as he daughter crawled up his body to lay a curly head against his chest. Encircling her, he tried to process what had just occurred.

Aisling kissed the side of his neck, then taking his hand she placed it on her swollen breast. Rob cupped that beautiful, heavy orb, squeezing gently, his fingers pinching the stiff rubbery nipple. Aisling groaned and sat up. With a lithe move of her strong body, she straddled his chest, her breasts jouncing, her wet slit trailing a glistening trail along the hair on his chest.

"Me now, daddy!" she said imperiously.

Rob looked up at her.

Putting his hands on her hips, he pulled her towards him.

The hairless slit, smoothly shaved, plump and inviting was right there. He studied it, feeling his depleted cock twitching. Her taut thighs were spread, pulling the tight lips apart and showing him the dark pink inner labia. Peeking between, at the apex of her slit where her mound began, was the impudent bright red clit, swollen and erect.

Pulling her close, Rob breathed in the smell of his girl-child, ripe and rich, sweet and yet innocent. Her entire slit glistened with her arousal. Taking a deep breath, he pulled that cunt onto his mouth.

Aisling groaned as her dad's soft tongue began to flick at her swollen clit, first laving then ever so gently nibbling. She pushed against his face, rubbing that wet slit around his mouth and nose.

Rob's hand came around and he began to caress the firm tight globe of her ass as he continued to lick and suckle the sweet cunt. A finger wandered between the tight crack, running an experimental finger to gently touch the furled anus.

Aisling jumped as her father's finger gently touched her back there. She had never had anyone do that and wasn't quite sure. Then she groaned as Rob took that swollen clit between his lips and began to suckle.

Rob's prick began to twitch as he buried his face in his daughter's crotch. Carefully, but determined, he worked his finger in her tight crack, gently flicking and pushing extremely lightly against the tight rectum. Aisling, caught up in the sensation of her father licking her swollen cunt, ignored the forays into her tight behind.

Rob felt his prick swelling as his finger probed at his daughter's asshole. Her cunt was soaking against his lips, the labia swollen and pink and scrumptious. Aisling's clit was quite large when aroused, succulent and stiff, like a tiny penis. Surreptitiously, he pushed his finger forward and pushed his finger into the swollen folds of her cunthole. She was soaking and sweet, clear juice dripped off his fingers as he slowly frigged them in and out of that luscious hole.

She groaned, making his prick swell even more.

His fingers well soaked, Rob pulled them back and then carefully pushed against the tight asshole yet again. Aisling, unconsciously, now thoroughly aroused, pushed back against the stiff digit. Rob groaned against her sweet clit as he felt his finger sink in to the first knuckle.

Aisling yelped as she felt the finger push up her rectum. For a moment, she stopped, but her dad quickly captured that succulent clit and began nibbling. Her ass relaxed a bit, as the stiff finger very gently pushed further in.

"Daddy, that feels .. different!"

"Relax, baby, just sink down on it, relax your ass. It will feel good." Rob promised.

Aisling complied. Taking a deep breath she pushed her firm ass down on her dad's finger.

"Oh Daddy!"

"It feels wonderful!"

Aisling felt that sweet deep tugging in her womb. Reaching up, she cupped her own heavy breasts, fondling and squeezing the swollen orbs then cupping the nipples she pinched them first gently, then as her arousal began to peak, harder.

Rob looked up and watched his girl play with her tits. She had her nipples in a firm grip and was pinching and pulling them away from her chest, swollen, dark brown and erect.

Impatiently, Aisling rubbed her slit against his lips, wiggling her ass on the stiff finger embedded there. Her breathing quickened.

Rob suckled the little clit and began fucking his finger in and out of the tight ass. He felt her taut thighs stiffen and her breathing became ragged. Suddenly, with a long wail she pressed down against his tongue and he felt her cunt spasming against his mouth. Thick viscous fluid gushed out of the swollen cunt hole, soaking his chest.

Rob's prick was rampantly erect again as he felt his little girl cum. Aisling pulled back, her clit too sensitive to touch as her orgasm peaked. He watched intently as her cunt hole pulsed and contracted with the strength of her cum.

Rob gave Aisling a few minutes to recover herself, then pulling her hips towards him, he began to gently flick his tongue against her clit, his finger still buried deep in her ass.

"I'm done, Daddy!" Aisling said, laughing.

"No sweetie, you're not. We're just starting." he told her.

Reaching back, Aisling grinned as she felt her dad's rock hard prick.

"I thought you were too old to come more than once." she said laughing.

Rob took his soaking mouth away from where he was avidly licking his daughter's cunt.

"I thought so too, sweetheart, but apparently, you have this strange effect on me!"

After several minutes, Rob heard a hitch in her breathing. Beneath his tongue, the sweet clit began to swell yet again.

Holding the narrow hips, he pulled his head back.

"I want to fuck you, darling. I need to bury my prick in you." he said plaintively.

"Yes, daddy, I want that too." a breathless Aisling responded.

Aisling moved her hips further down so her hips hovered just over her father's narrow groin. His prick was swollen and stiff – glistening still from his previous cum as well as her saliva. The head was purple and spongy, the slit gaping, leaking a clear fluid which ran in rivulets down the lightly furred expanse of his flat stomach.

Reaching between her spread legs, she grasped that beautiful prick at the base, ready to sink down.

Rob stayed her with his hands.

"I'll do this, babe, you enjoy." he commanded.

"Kneel so that your feet are on either side of my hips and your ass is just over me." he directed.

Aisling, legs strong and toned from running, complied.

Rob now had a perfect view of his daughter's entire slit – from the impudent clit to the sweet furled mystery of her asshole.

Taking his prick in his hand, he pushed the head gently into the swollen folds of her cunt, soaking the head and then pushing gently, but inexorably upward.

He groaned as he watched his prick sink into his daughter's tight hole.

Slowly, taking his time he pushed it up as far as it could go, actually bumping against her cervix and causing her to take a breath.

"Did I hurt you, sweetie?" he asked anxiously.

"NO. That felt great!" she said.

Moaning, Rob held the narrow hips tightly, pulling her up and off his long stiff prick. Aisling watched too as the thick member pulled out of her tight hole, glistening with her juices. With a groan she sank down on it again, loving the feel of it pushing into her, splitting her open, pushing her folds impossibly apart and tight.

Rob reached over and fumbled in the night table, ensuring that his big prick remained embedded in its sweet prison.

Grabbing the KY, he poured a generous amount on his fingers.

"What's that, Daddy?" Aisling, asked a little breathlessly.

"Have you ever been fucked in the ass, sweetie?" her papa asked.


Aisling sounded a little troubled.

Reaching up, Rob cupped her face and made her look at him.

"Would your daddy EVER hurt you?" he asked.

"Noooo." she said a little uncertainly.

"And I won't now." he promised.

With that, Rob took his gel covered fingers and gently began to spread the KY over her ass, pushing a gel covered finger in and out of her tight rectum.

Aisling was pleasantly surprised. With the gel, there was no pain at all and in fact daddy's finger felt really good fucking her up there. It felt full and sort of strange but definitely felt hot.

She closed her eyes and leaned back a little, giving daddy full visual access to his finger fucking.

Rob watched his own fingers push in and out of his daughter's tight sweet rectum. Carefully, not wanting to hurt her, he inserted a second finger, pushing slowly up and waiting as her asshole adjusted to the new invasion. Aisling groaned.

Above her swollen cunt was wet and glistening, leaking a clear arousal from the deep red hole while her clit quivered between her tight outer labia, clearly visible.

Rob pulled his fingers out with a pop and reaching, spread some more gel. Grasping his stiff, moist prick he coated it liberally with gel.

"Ready babe?" he asked.

Aisling opened her green eyes, heavy lidded and languorous. Her engorged breasts quivered, their nipples stiff and erect with arousal.

"Yes, daddy, I want you to fuck me there. Do it. Fuck me in the ass."

Holding her hips tightly with one hand, grasping his slippery heavy prick with the other, Rob directed the moist head of his cock toward the impossibly tiny asshole. Pointing the moist head of his prick, he pushed it gently at the tight muscled entrance, the slippery gel making it slide and occasionally push slightly, very slightly in.

There, the tip barely entered. Aisling squealed as she felt the thick head push the tight folds of her ass apart. She tensed. Rob reached down and began to caress and gently squeeze his daughter's wet slit. He badly wanted to thrust his big prick right up and to hell with it, but he held on with an iron resolve, allowing just the head to rest just inside that beautiful ass.

Aisling began to relax. She closed her eyes and explored the sensation of having the tip of her dad's prick right up her ass. It actually felt really sexy, she realized.

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Her legs trembled as she maintained her crouched posture, legs akimbo, slit open to her dad's unwavering gaze. Carefully, she looked down and by craning her head was able to just see the thick shaft whose head was now up her.

A wave of lust hit her at the sight of that thick red prick pushing up her asshole.

"Oh Daddy!"

With a grunt, she carefully pushed her ass downward toward her dad's groin and felt that big stiff prick sliding up her fundament.

"Oh God, oh god, oh god."

Rob literally thought he would go mad. His prick was buried so deep inside his daughter's ass, her sweet cheeks were actually resting on his groin, his balls nestled up against their firm warmth. His prick was so tightly held that it was almost painful, but a pain so exquisite he thought he would die.

It was no good, he had to thrust.

Holding his little girl's hips tightly, Rob pulled her up. The tight ass literally scraped and sucked at his prick as he pulled it out, then, with a groan, thrust it back in.

In and out, Rob shoved his thick cock. He watched avidly as that tiny asshole expanded as he pushed up, enveloping his cock in the most delicious tightness. Adjusting his rhythm, he released one of Aisling's narrow hips, and reached between the spread thighs to rub and manipulate her quivering, wet cunt.

Aisling's breath came rapidly. She had never felt anything like this before, this invasion up her most intimate parts. The feel of that big prick pushing up her ass was indescribable but unbelievably exciting. As her daddy fucked his cock in and out, her own juices, running clear and sticky down the crack of her ass, coated the glistening shaft of his prick as he pulled it out only to thrust it up again.

She felt her womb quivering deep inside, her breasts trembling and jiggling, her clit hyper extended and sensitive. She looked down, her mouth slack, her eyes glazed and watched daddy take his big hand and oh so cleverly touch and twist that swollen clit. The sensation, together with the feel of that big cock pushing in and out, brought her over.

Wailing, Aisling pressed down, pushing as much of that huge cock up her as she could get. Her cunt spasmed and contracted, its deep red hole opening and closing, a thick whitish fluid spurting from between her nether lips.

Rob watched his daughter cum and felt the sperm in his cock suddenly explode. Yelling, he pushed down on her hips, fucking his cock up deep, not caring if he hurt her, caring only that he had to empty his prick and spurt deep within that succulent ass.

Through the fog of her own orgasm, Aisling felt the long hot spurts of her father's prick emptying itself deep inside her most intimate hole.

"Yes, yes, yes, daddy, fuck me, cum in me." Aisling mumbled, breath hitching, breasts flushed and quivering.

"Here it is, sweetheart, here it is. Take all that cum, all of daddy's cum."

Rob thrust helplessly up, emptying his prick up his little girl's tight beautiful ass.

"There, there, it is. All of it. All of it up your ass." he cried.

Aisling felt the spurting cock start to slow as the last teaspoon of hot cum trickled out of her daddy's cock. Her breath came rapidly and hard as she gulped and tried to catch her breath. She felt weak and completely limp.

Leaning forward, she draped herself on her dad's chest, loving the feel of his arms as they came around her to hug her close.

Rob's prick began to soften and shrink, and pulling his baby closer, he felt it slip out of her abused asshole, cool air striking its reeking, glistening surface.

The two, father and daughter, lay exhausted yet replete. As Rob drifted off to the soft sound of his daughter's breath against his neck, he thought "I'll deal with this later."


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It was just one of those things. What happened that summer neither of them could explain. But, both of them were glad it happened. They had always loved each other, but it was as father and daughter. Rick knew his daughter was beautiful if not down right sexy. But, there was something different about her when she returned from college after her freshman year.

To him Roxy seemed flirty but in an innocent sort of way. She was wearing shorter skirts and all of her clothes seemed to fit much tighter than they had when he dropped her off at school nine months earlier. She even seemed to look at her father a bit differently.

Roxy had fun at school but got tired of being hit on. No wonder, as she was 5' 5" weighing 135 pounds with great measurements of 38-24-40. She had long dark brown hair and deep blue eyes and pouty lips. It seemed whenever she told a guy she wasn't ready to fuck she would never see him again.

It wasn't that she was a prude or saving herself for marriage, but she wanted the first time to be very special. So, she was happy to be home where she could just be herself. So far, it had been a quiet summer as her brother was in boot camp with the Marines and her mother was almost always on the road making big bucks as a consultant for companies trying to obtain government contracts. Most of the time it was just her and her daddy who were alone in the house.

Roxy got the feeling that her daddy was ogling her. She was surprised to find that instead of turning her stomach it made her feel kind of warm inside. It was flattering her even when he was clearly staring at her breasts. She noticed that every single time that she went swimming when he was home he would appear on the pool deck sitting there drinking a beer supposedly just relaxing.

For his part, Rick couldn't believe how tiny Roxy's bikini was. There wasn't any material that wasn't needed to cover a vital area. It was tight enough that not only did it show off her ass crack but he swore he could see the faint outline of her pussy lips. He knew that he wanted her in his bed but knew that it could not happen. He resigned himself to watching her and then jacking off later.

This system of teasing and ogling worked well for a couple of weeks. But, Roxy was beginning to have sexual feelings of her own toward her daddy. But, that was the farthest thing from her mind the day she decided to relive her childhood by going to the swing set to see how high she could swing. She put her hair up in pig tails to keep it from flying all over and becoming tangled.

Just as she started swinging her father walked out and saw her. To him she looked like a pixy and he became harder than ever instantly. Not wanting to wrinkle her skirt Roxy pulled it aside so that it was hanging to the sides and she was sitting bare assed on the seat of the swing as it was too hot for panties. She had just got going when a gust of wind caught her skirt and blew it up revealing her luscious ass to her father.

Rick gasped but both of them pretended nothing had happened. Rick could not help himself any longer he had to, at least, touch her sexy big ass. He casually strolled over to where his daughter was swinging trying his best to remain cool and somewhat fatherly. As he stood right beside his sexy girl he asked without emotion, "Hey, Roxy, would you like me to push you like I did when you were little?"

"Sure, daddy, you can push me if you want to." Roxy thought nothing of this request, it seemed innocent enough. Her daddy caught the swing by the chains and pulled it back. Just then the wind did him a favor and caught the bottom of her skirt and blew it up to the small of her back. This gave him an up close and personal view of her ass.

Letting go of the chains he placed both hands on her bare flesh and gave her a push. Surely this was an accident thought Roxy. She would just keep swinging and let daddy be in charge of her play time just as he had been when she was little. The skirt was stuck to her back now almost as if it was glued in place. Back came the swing again and instead of pushing on her back Rick again pushed on those glorious ass cheeks. After a couple of more times Roxy was sure that her Daddy was feeling her ass up in a sexual way.

The only way to know for sure was to test him. Roxy abruptly stopped the swing as she was on the way back to her dad. She stopped standing nearly straight up so that the top three fourths of her butt were as close to Rick as was possible. She asked coyly, "Are you having fun Sweet Daddy?"

Rick had reached out to push her again. But, when she stopped he left his firm hands on her ass just resting there. With a lump in his throat he responded, "Oh yes, my baby girl, we haven't done this in such a long time."

Roxy turned her head and looked her dad in the eyes and smiling a sexy smile cutely replied, "Daddy, we have never done this like this before."

Roxy took her hands off of the chains causing the swing to fall more revealing the rest of her rump as she giggled a small girlish laugh. She put a hand on daddy's shoulder and gave him a very sweet peck on the lips which he happily returned. Roxy pushed the swing aside and wrapped her arms around Rick's neck and kissed him again. This time their tongues met for a brief moment. Again in her best cutie pie voice she said, "You are a naughty daddy playing with my butt like that. But, your baby girl wants to play some more. Play nasty with me sweet daddy. Show your little girl how to play more fun games like that."

"Daddy can't play those kinds of games, sweet Roxy, that is wrong," Rick said knowing it was a pointless statement. Roxy had no idea how far things would go. If she had been thinking about it she would have stopped things right then and there.

Instead she stuck her tongue into her daddy's mouth and then purred, "Come on, daddy, let's play. I want to be your toy. Do anything you want with me. Come on play with your baby doll. I will do whatever you ask if you play with me"

Now, Rick's flagpole was as stiff as it could be his resistance totally melted as he put his arms around Roxy kissing her passionately. Grabbing her ass cheeks through the skirt and pulling her tight against him he said with a growl, "I will play with you Roxy, but if we get caught my marriage is over so you had better make it worth my while. Are you willing to play all of my games and do whatever I tell you to do? I won't hurt you."

"Daddy, I won't be your slave, but I will do whatever you want me to and still do even more. Is that ok, big daddy?" She reached down and ran her hand over his crotch.

Squeezing her ass hard he moans, "Oh fuck yes, Foxy Roxy, now let's go inside before the neighbors see us."

He follows her into the house watching her ass sway with each step she takes. He grabs her by the wrist and directs her to her bedroom. She has never seen her father like this before, but she has never felt like this before either. It was a strange kind of excitement sweeping over her as she didn't know what her dad would do with her which caused a tingle in the depth of her pussy. Rick kicked one of her legs out from under her which caused her to fall on to the bed. She caught herself enough that she ended up sitting on the edge of the bed facing him blurting out, "Oh daddy."

He quickly stripped down to his briefs as she watched. Reaching down he manhandled her boobs through her t-shirt and bra. He couldn't imagine why she would wear a bra and no panties. It seemed to him you would sweat more and be hotter in a bra than panties. A moan escaped Roxy as her daddy kneaded her boob's rougher than anyone had ever done before. Now she knew she was turned on as her pussy was soaked. Rick wanted to explore every part of his new daughter toy but, he was about to burst and needed immediate relief. He pulled down his briefs causing his cock to pop out and point straight at Roxy's mouth as he told her, "I like my new baby doll, let's see how well you perform. How about trying out the vacuum action of your mouth."

Roxy was taken back by this. She thought she knew what Rick wanted but he sure said it weirdly, so all she could say was, "What daddy?"

"Oh, my baby, suck your daddy's cock. Go ahead and make your daddy happy."

"Ok, daddy, but it sure is a big one daddy."

"Ah, that is right baby; take it all of the way in. Oh yes pump the base with your fist and slide your mouth up and down and up and down and up and down. Your tongue feels great on the head. You are fucking great at this, sweetie. Oh damn, take it all of the way in. Oh my sweet fucking shit you are fucking fantastic." Rick felt a gusher coming on quicker than he could ever remember.

Roxy gagged only slightly as the warm sticky spunk flew into her mouth. She swallowed for all she was worth and wanted more as she was enjoying the taste. But her father suddenly popped his rod out of her hungry mouth. He knew that he had to save some of his cream for later activities. But, Roxy complained, "Daddy, I wasn't finished yet."

"You were wonderful, honey, but daddy needs to be hard for other things."

"Like what, daddy," she asked knowing full well what he meant and knowing that this was that special time and she would not tell him no.

"Now, now, baby girl, be patient, good things come to those who wait. Right now I need to get a good look at my newest play thing." He grabbed the bottom of her shirt and coarsely yanked it off over her head. Then he reached around and unclasped her bra and yanked it off using the strap between her breasts. Roxy didn't know what to do so she gave herself totally over to her father's control.

He gave her a hard shove causing her to lay flat on the bed. Eagerly he discarded her sandals and nearly ripped her skirt in two pulling it off of her. There she was his naked 19 year old daughter with the hairiest pussy he had ever seen and a perfectly sculpted body laying there practically asking him to ravage her. He climbed next to her and gave her a hard swat on her hairy mound, "You are mine right now to do whatever I want; is that clear? This is your last chance to back out."

"Oh damn, my daddy, that felt good. Oh yes, I will do anything you want today." He gave her another pussy swat even harder than the first, causing her to jump. Then laying beside her he grabbed her arms and pulled them behind her head. Daddy latched onto one of her melons and pulled and tugged on it furiously. Her smooth clean armpit was too much to resist so his tongue attacked her armpit. The result was that he twisted and squeezed on her boob even harder as the taste of her femininity drove him nuts. Roxy liked the way he was playing with her boobs, but wasn't sure whether she like her armpit being kissed or not; it kind of tickled. She hoped he would move onto kissing her boobs and then he could use both hands on them.

Her wish was granted just at the moment she thought this. As now her daddy sort of growled as he smashed both of her tits under his palms and then yanked both nipples up to meet his lips. Still mauling her boobs like a mad man, he sucked each globe as deeply into his mouth as he could in turn. Just when she thought her dad had done everything possible with her boobies with his mouth and hands he bit her nipple hard then moved to the other one and did the same thing. Roxy was hot and begging for more, "Oh daddy, don't stop, oh shit, oh my, that feels fucking great my stud daddy."

Rick was on fire as he hadn't expected his daughter to get into rough sex. Not only was she cooperating, but he thought she might even want it rougher than he did. Wanting not to miss out he decided to move on before the uncontrollable urge to fuck her took over. He grabbed her by the side and almost angrily forced her to roll over. Roxy didn't have time to be sad that the tit play stopped as she felt a hard smack on her buttocks.

Now getting a full appreciation for her entire buttocks for the first time Rick couldn't believe the sight before him as it was the best looking ass he had ever seen in person. Spanking would have to wait he had to taste that ass and all of the secrets hidden within. As soon as he got close he could smell the pungent odor of her asshole mixed with her cunt juices.

There was no messing around as he took a bite right in the middle of her cheek leaving a nice little mark. As with her tits, he squeezed, pulled and tugged with his hands as his mouth explored all over her cheeks nipping, biting, sucking, licking, and kissing all over the surface. Her ass seemed to come to life on it's own as Roxy began grinding it in her father's face. The attraction was too strong for Rick to ignore any longer as his tongue found its way into her deep crevice.

He methodically licked the side of her crack and then went right down the middle until he reached her backdoor heaven. He pursed his lips around her ass ring and sucked as hard as he could. Roxy emitted a loud moan as he stabbed his tongue inside her tight anus. Rick loved the taste. He knifed his tongue in and out of her tunnel as she pushed into his hot tongue.

Roxy had never seen her pussy this wet before. Just then Rick looked down and saw the small puddle of his daughter's cream and demanded, "Roll over baby and let me see what I need to do about the mess you are making with your damn cunt."

His little girl's smell was intoxicating and he couldn't believe the beauty of her furry pussy, wrapping his arms around her thighs he attacked her hole and clit with his mouth. He worked his tongue expertly all over her lips and into her tunnel before ending up on her hard little button clit. He licked it a few times before drawing it into his mouth and sucking it hard and long. Roxy responded by bucking her hips and pleading, "Oh daddy fuck me, oh please daddy fuck your little girl. Oh please be my first, I want to feel you inside of me."

Rick was shocked to hear that his daughter was still a virgin. But, the thought of popping his own daughter's cherry excited him to a whole new level. But, he had to be sure that she wanted him to take her innocence away as it is a very big event in a person's life. Even as he started to move up her body he asked, "Honey girl, are you sure about this? I don't wish to hurt you."

"Oh daddy, I want the first time to be special, and there is no one more special than you. So, please, dear daddy let me feel you inside of me?"

Roxy didn't have to wait long as before she knew it she was looking into her father's eyes and felt the head of his prick against her vaginal opening. Rick wanted to pummel his daughter's cunt with his rod but he figured he had the rest of the summer for that. He thought her very first time should be gentle as it might hurt her just a bit anyway. Besides, there was something fatherly about being gentle; he couldn't explain just what it was. "Ok, baby girl, if this hurts too much or you change your mind tell me and I will stop until you are ready for it."

"Oh, daddy, I need you," She said as she felt his first push. Roxy didn't believe how wonderful her dad's cock felt. Her pussy was being stretched like never before. She felt a sharp pain as it broke her virginal barrier causing her to grimace and yelp. Rick stopped and began to pull back. Roxy sensing the worst was over placed her hands on his ass and pulled him back into her.

"I'm ok daddy, go ahead and don't stop."

"I'm glad Roxy, God, you are tight."

"You feel good inside of me," she gasped slightly as the pain was gone and being replaced by total pleasure. She began to buck her hips up to meet his strokes.

"Oh Roxy, you are fucking sexy."

"Come on daddy, you can do it harder than that I won't break. It feels so good going in and out of me." She was almost begging which turned Rick on even more. She wrapped her legs around his thighs and hung on for dear life. With her egging him on he couldn't help it and was now ramming his prick in and out of her as hard and fast as he could.

Roxy was a natural as her pelvis met him thrust for thrust. She could feel herself cumming as she groaned in extreme pleasure. Rick knowing that Roxy had cum was even more excited and felt his balls tighten and began shooting load after load into her tight twat. When her dad climbed off of her Roxy was totally worn out, but she was happier than she had ever been in her young life.

After they recovered they spent the rest of the day and evening exploring one another's bodies. Rick was gentle the rest of the day but he wouldn't allow this to continue. He like sex rough and he had to be in charge especially in charge of his sexy little daughter.

The next morning he told Roxy it was time to get up. She shook her head and told him that she needed another hour. As she was laying face up he gave her naked pussy a hard swat and she popped right out of bed asking him what she needed to do next. Rick just pointed to his cock and she just smiled as she sucked it eagerly into her mouth.

They fucked every chance they got and Roxy really got into the pussy spankings. But, she also loved being playful with her daddy. She loved challenging him resulting in him "making" her do just what she wanted to do in the first place. For example, on a Thursday night late in the Summer Roxy and Rick had just finished torridly fucking and Roxy was licking their cream from Rick's cock and balls when she got an idea.

Her mom would be back tomorrow and Roxy would be left out in the cold until Monday night. So, she bet him that he couldn't fuck his wife and then sneak away and immediately fuck Roxy. The idea sounded intriguing to Rick and he just had to try it.

Veronica, his wife, was down right sexy in her own and she was always ready for Rick's cock. They would usually fuck at least four times during the weekend. And, when she stayed in town for the week they fucked like rabbits. On Friday night Rick found himself more turned on than usual by Veronica but, he kept stalling her as he wanted her to fall right asleep after they were finished.

Giving in after midnight Veronica placed his shaft at the opening of her pussy and shoved it in. She rode him as if she were riding a bucking bronco. He felt her muscles expand and contract around his cock as he enjoyed the wonderful ride. It wasn't long before he filled her cunt with his spunk. Veronica was spent by the experience and lazily fell asleep beside him in about two minutes.

As Rick snuck out of bed his cock was stiff as ever. He walked into Roxy's room and gave her cunt a hard smack. Her eyes popped open not believing he actually was doing this. She looked at his cock and it still glistened with her mother's cum. Rick climbed on top of Roxy as she spread her legs and shoved his cock up to the hilt into her anxious pussy. Rick couldn't believe that within ten minutes time he was being fucked by both his wife and daughter. He pummeled Roxy hard and in no time they were cumming in glorious ecstasy.

The relationship continued all summer until Roxy returned to school. While Rick was clearly in charge and got Roxy to do thing she clearly would not have done otherwise she never actually became his submissive. Rick was disappointed when she went back to college as he was left to the exciting weekends with his wife and Roxy was having fun with the college guys. But, they both have the fondest memories of that special summer.


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Looking for replies my friends.

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replies please

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Excellent erotic stories. Keep posting

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