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Old 16th November 2007
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My Sexy Priya Teacher

Hi. . . My name is Rahul. I am from wayanad. I am 26 years of age, fare, slim 5’9”. Doing bussiness at S.Bathery. I am a regular reader of this x-board site and prity much impressed by the people behind this site. Now I want to share my sexual experience with the people who dare to share their life secrets to the world this incident happened to me almost five years back, when I was a degree first year student. There was a teacher lives in a quarters in front of my house. Her name was priya. She was an average beauty with well shaped boobs and butt. She had two school going kids. Her hubby works at calicut and he used to come home once in a month. He was drunkard and whenever he comes there will be a whole night fight with her, we can hear the sound of her cry. So she hates him a lot. She used to take tution for me and my younger brother. Every evening both of us will go to her house for the tution. For the first one year I don’t have any bad thoughts about her. On class she will be in a sofa and we will be in her left and right sides, so there will be lot of body touchings. But one day I got a sex story book (“kambi book”) from college. In the evening before going to tution I read that book and masturbated. The stories in thatbook was so good that my 7” cock stood like an iron rod even after masterbating. At that time my brother came to home and we mooved to priyachechy’s home for tution. But still my cock didn’t give up. It remained like a pole inside my pants and I put my hands into the pant pocket to hide the bulging. On that day priya chechy was in a nighty. There was a sexy smell of perfume from her body b’cos she just had her bath. When she turn around the back side of her nighty was a bit wet due to remaining water from her hair. I can see the stripes of her black bra through that wet part of nighty the smell and the seen made me more aroused and I can feel my cock further stretching a half inch more. When I sat on the sofa I don’t know what I did to cover my bulging. Any how I just covered that with my books. She stared at me with a smile and asked me “what happened” on seeing me uncomfortable on the seat. I said “nothing”. But I knows she noticed that there is something I am hiding under the books and I think she knows what was it b’cos there was a light smile on her face while she started the class. I lost all my consentration there when I opened my book. My right hand touched her thighs. She started the class to my brother so her face was turned a bit towards her right side. While my hand touched her thighs she didn’t made any attention on that b’cos it was not a new thing, it happens several times on all the classes. But it was really a new thing to me,a new fealing with pleasure and fear. My mind was nowhere there. Suddenly my mind gone back to that stories I read on the book. There was a ‘teacher –student’ story in them. I began to iamgine me and priyachehy as the student and teacher in that story. My hand started to shiver a little bit. Suddenly I heared brother’s voice. He said “ithu chettante bookanallo”. I turned my face towards him and saw one of my books was in his hand and I passed my hand towards that without thinking anything else. But there happened something else. As I was in a half dreaemy condition when I leaned to get that book my hand passed thrugh on priya chechy’s bouncing breasts. On a sudden an electric shock like thing passed through my body. The hairs on my hand stood straight as my cock was standing. On other hand priya chechy also felt something. I didn’t looked at her but I can feel that her breathing was stopped for just 2 or 3 seconds and then she relaxed with a deep breath. She now turns to me and asked did I fineshed my home works she gave me yesterday. I said “yes” and gave her my notes. And I said “i am sorry priya chechy I am feeling headache, I have to go”. She said “ok. You go and take some rest”. On my way out I just turned to close the door behind me I looked at her face oh. . . My god, the smile on her lips and deep meaningfull penetrating look from her eyes both just killed me. And I just ran to hy home on reaching my room I closed the door then quickly removed my pants and brief b’cos there was a pain on my cock due to its uncomfortable standing inside the brief for such a long time. There was lot of pre cumm on my thighs and head of the cock. I wore a lungi and cleaned my thighs and cock with that. I took the book from under the bed and start reading the techer story again by lying on the bed. I masturbated again and offloaded a huge amount off cumm. I was tired and fully exhuasted. I fell in a deep sleep. I don’t know how long I slept. When I woke up I heared somebody talking with my mom. It was priya chechy. She is asking her about my headche. I was in a half sleepy condition, but my ever horny cock was in a fully erected condition. It is b’cos I had dream on fucking priya chechy in my sleep. The cock area over the lungy was just like ‘chembra peak’ (it is the highest peak in wayanad). Suddenly my door oppened ijust removed my hand from my cock but ifailed to hide the bulging. It was dark in the room but I found that it was priya chechy. She switched on the light. I closed my eyes layed just I was in sleep. She sat on the bed and paced her palm on my forehead as everybody does for checking for fever. But it stoped by breathing for a moment. I cant see where she was looking, what was in her face. But ofcource she had seen the small hill on my lungy. She took her hand from my forehead and there was no movements or any sound for a 20-30 seconds then I felt that she is stretching her hands towards the bedside of my right, and she took something from there. What was it? I just thought for a second. Suddenly it struck on my mind that it was the sex book which I forgot to hide before I slept. She just switched off the light and gone with that book. On the next day as it was saturday therewas no class in the afternoon. I reached my home on 2 pm. After taking lunch I went to my room and fall in bed. I was condition of loose minded all the day. I fall in a sleep. In the evening my brother came to my room and awaked me to go for tution. I looked at the clck, it was around 5. 30 pm. I asked him why you came late. He said he had a practise session for the drama in which he is participating on his ay. He also said that he is not coming for the tution as he had some more practice. I washed my face and had a tea and went to priya chechy’s house. Due to hangover of the afternoon sleep I just forgot the things happened yesterday and about the book. But when I saw her face at the door, all that thigs flashed through my mind today she was in saree and looked gorgeous on that orrange saree. I just took my eyes from her face and entred the room and sat on the sofa. She closed the door and gone inside to her bedroom . She came back with my books which I left with her yesterday. She gave me the books and sat right to me. The time was around six and it was raining outside. She put her left hand on the sofa head behind and starts the class. We where alone at there b’cos her kid where in my house for watching tv. As the class progress she came close and close to me. And now her left boob start to rub on my right sholder. I felt the softness of her breast on my back. My cock started to grow again inside my brief. She stayed on that possition for about 10 minuts and by this time I lost all my controlls. Suddenly with a high voltage lightning the power gone in the house. It was full of darkness and in that darkness I got some courage and in a sudden ihold her face with my both hands and kissed all over it. She said “hey rahul what are you doing, leave me” and she tried to push me but not hard. That was a mild attempt but that gave me more courage. Now I kissed her abit slowly. I kissed on her eyes. Nose, cheeck, and ears and finaly I reached the beutifull lips. Wow… that was a great one. That was first time in my life I am having somebody’s lips I between mine. I put her back in normal sitting possision and I sat on her thighs facing her. I kised she again on lips, neck, shoulders etc… when I bit on the down side of her ear she made some low noice. Her saree was pined to her blose. My right hand gone down and mooved the saree to left side. I touched on her left breast it was sooo soft. On front her nipple was erected and it touche on my hand when I moover it around that melone. I gently fondled both breasts. Ther was some low noice of pleasure comes out with her hot breath. I slowly unhooked her blouse and opened it by fodling both breasts and kissed on the bare part of breasts and on the gaps I put my hand behind her and unhooked the bra and lifted up. I fondled both spongy melones and liked on that erected hard nipples. I was in heaven and she was also. I liked, sucked, fondled those sweat booms for 10-15 minuts. All these time she didn’t mooved a bit. I sliped through her thighes to floor. I sat on my knees. I kissed on her belly while hy hands were still fondling her boobs. Her stomach stretched to inside when I put my tounge in her naval. I made some circular moovement there with my tounge. While doing this I got my hands down and lifted up her saree along with under skirt. I kissed on her foot fingers while my hands massaged her soft thighs. I licked on her both thighs upwardfrom knee. I put my hands behind her buttok and moved her towards the end of the sofa. Now I got the smell of her wet hot pussy. When it touched on my nosetip I senced the wetness ther. I parted her legs as much I can and licked on her panty from down to top. On a sudden she put her hand on my hed and holded my hair stongly. She mooved her hips towards me on my every lick upon her pussy over the panty and her holding on my hair started to pain. I removed her panty parted her legs again. I slowly touched upon her hairy pussy area. It was all wet by the pleasure juice. I took her panty and cleaned all the juice on outside. Slowly I kissed on her pussycrack. She pushed my head hardly towards there. I mooved my tounge on her crack. It was so plumy. She started to moove her hips by rubing her pussy on my tounge. By this time I unzipped my pant, and slide it with the brief to the knees. My long cock was standjng there like a hot iron rode. I kept licking on her pussy, she started to moarn slightly. I put my toung inside her pussy and mooved all around there. . . By mooving her hips she was just like in a lying condition. After 2 or 3 minuts I felt a slight hotness on juice in side her pussy and there was more juice than before. I sensed that she had her orgassam. I stood up and remooved my dress. I took her hand and placed it on my hot cock. She grabed it and mooved her hand up and down. It was the first touch on my cock by a lady in my life. I was in the heavens of pleasure. She layed on the sofa and placed her left leg on the sofa head ant the other one on the floor. She pulled my cock towards her. I fell upon her and strts to suck her nipple and squeez the other one. She took control of my cock and placed it’s head on her wet slippery pussy entrance. She placed her both hands on my buttok and gently pushed down till my cock fully enters to her pussy. I started to pump her pussy and she was making light moarns on my every stroke. While I fucked her my mouth was sucking her both erected niples one by one. I was pumping her very slowly. After 2 or 3 minuts she said to make it faster. I increased the pace then she encircled my waist with her legs and my neck with her hands. Her holding becomes stronger and stronger on my each stroke. Sudenly she relaxed a bit and started to kiss all over my face. I realised that she had her orgassam. I was also at the edge. By sencing this she hold my buttok and supported me by pushing it with every stroke. In sudden I felt like all my inner parts are coming through my cock hole. I huged her very hardly and offloaded a huge cumm inside her. That was the first unforgetable orgassam of my life with a lady. I layed upon her keeping my cock inside her cumm filled pussy. She kissed on my face, neck, sholder, everywhere she can. I whispered in her ears “i love you”, she said “me too”. I placed a long kiss on her lips and mooved out from her body. After dressing I moved to my home. She also came with me to bring her kids back as usual. I can’t see what as in her face at that time due to the darkness. But I know she loved that fucking b’cos after this incident whenever she got the chance we fucked. I fucked her for a whole eyar. Sometimes we had a fullday fucking. After almost one year she got transfer to calicut and moved on.

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Old 16th November 2007
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Originally Posted by kamarasa View Post
Hi. . . My name is Rahul. I am from wayanad. I am 26 years of age, fare, slim 59. Doing bussiness at S.Bathery. I am a regular reader of this Kerala Erotica site and prity much impressed by the people behind this site.
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Old 16th November 2007
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godd story

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Old 16th November 2007
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good story...Sexy teacher enjoy...

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