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Old 29th June 2005
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ajit7 is hunted by the papparaziajit7 is hunted by the papparazi
Dear ,whenever I used to read mother son relationship,I never believed in it.But when happens in my own life I respect it .Lets start now ,I swear it's not fantasy.MY MOTHER Maya got married to father at the age 13.I'm her fifth son.MY FATHER IS an rep and used to travel maximum days.At the age of 10 I witnessed that something a son should not see.Then my mom was 28 and extremely attractive with her extra lagre size firm boobs and long ,shaped legs,lengthy thick black hair.Being a brahmin she was fairer than anyone I knows and having such a cute face.I dont know how that guy came to our house,.but he always used to come to our home ,later he was introduced to my father by my mom.After sometime he became part of our family and used to call my mom as sister.He was a normal factory labour and had a superb physic My other brother and sisters were studying in a boarding school,me ,my nanni and my mom were alone in home.My nani is logsleepy.That night I got woke from a bad dream and was mewling in my matress,suddenly something attracted my attention.I could here a sexy song played in tape recorder in a faint volume and husky moanings where coming from adjusent room,which dose'nt have any door but a screen.

Next to me my nanni was snoring . I slowly went near the screen In that room a faint light was on.First I could'nt see anything when my eyes started acclimatizing,I was taken aback by what I saw. My mom was lying stark naked below that guy and he was in his knees driving his 8" rod inside my mom holding her boobs firmly.My mom was uttering words you just can't print ." Come on Robert ,Drive it hard .fuck me like a bitch." and he was saying "Filthy whore ! I never saw a cunt and tits like this .My friend was really happy fucking you that day ,you gave him a nice blow job .Uff ! How you are acting in front of your hubby that you are avirtuess lady ?.Bitch ! I myself saw you getting fucked by each and every friend of mine"He laughed aloud and my mom was giggling.I could'nt believe ,is she is the same mom,who daily does poojas and never used to lift her sari above her ankles.By then I thought that guy was finishing he increased his speed and started kneading her boobs even more roughly . My mom wrapped her silky slim shapely legs around him and kissing him passionately.SUDDENLY HE WITHDREW HIS BIG COCK OUT OF HER CUNT. My mom came to her knees and started blowing him ,making her lips travel along his thick shaft with her sweet lips enveloped around that massive tool .Again she lied on her back and he mounted her started furiuosly fucking her holding her boobs as riens.My mom was coming she was moaning with pleasure "HMMMMMMM Ayyyooo deeper faaaaaaaaaaster more more..... suck my boobs " when she streched her body she saw me eye to eye.After that thier relationship revealed and my mom acted a best performance to her extent and convinced everyone she is innocent.but soon after that I was sent away from my home for around 7yrs .I came as a man, by this time my father was getting very old. I took over ,but my mom never used to face me.One day she was washing clothes .when I crossed that way I got stunned ,she was showing maximum of her thighs Her sareee was lifted with her inskirt tuck.I stopped to a have nice look,after sometime she saw me and immediately let her saree fall to it's extent and covered her thighs.But after three four days she never bothers to cover anything as she came to know I'm watching her ,rather she exposed much .whenever she sweeps our home she used to reveal her deep cleavage.And she used to see me in eyes with a smile which only I can understand. She used bit her lower lips seeing me.Slowly we started talking,but in double meaning like she will say "I always loves to eat big bananas" so I'll reply "I loves eating cup icecreams" one day I openly asked her relationship with Robert.She confessed .I asked her what she loved in him.She told his cock as huge as a banana and he fuck her 3 long shifts in a night whereas my father hardly fuck her for 2 to 3 minutes.And she started disclosing her other affairs also.Now we became very close to each other that he used pat on my butt and inreturn me too.That day she was cooking in kitchen.I went to talk to her .while talking I just kept my hand on her round ass as bis as pumkins and slightly massaged it she never objected it and was busy with her cooking ,I slowly raised my hands to hip and then to her boobs side, talking to her.now her breathe became faster I started carrasing her boobs.she let me do that .she herself puled my hand slowly and kept it between her thighs and pressed it over her cunt and I started reacting by massaging her handful cunt with her saree and inskirt, suddendly she hugged me and Kissed me.

No one was there in home .keeping my hands on her boobs I pushed her to the wall,took her pallu away and started carrasing boobs with one hand with the other I lifted her sari and fondled her cunt while kissing her. It lasted for some 10 mins she told me "sunny ! fuck me.plssss. need abig cock screwing my sweet cunt" .I slowly pulled saree from her .Now she was in her petticoat and blouse .I caressed her boobs and kneaded them with my full power as she moaned out loudly"slowly".She herself undid her blouse .I could see her tits throbing inside her bra for freedom .I hugged her ,she clunged to me one arm around my neck the other around my back .I darted my tounge inside her sensuos mouth she bit my lower lip and started to grind her groin against mine I could feel my rod rubbing between her thighs..I undid her bra crushing her towards me.She broke her kiss and moved a little away so that I can feast my eyes with those marvelous melons of her .I really astonished seeing her boobs at the age of 35 she got a boobs that stand stiffer than a college gal.She took my arms and kept it over her naked boobs and told "this all is your 's "And she pulled my head towards her boobs ,i started sucking her nipples to my hearts content.After a while took my hands towards her peticoat's knot ,i understood immediately and undid her petticoat ,it fell to her ankles ,she was just left with her panties,God ! she is a venus SHE HAD FLAT AND FIRM BELLY WITH A SEXY NAVAL AT THE CENTER HER HIPS WERE BROAD AND HER THIGHS THICK AND IT GOT TAPPERED ASTONISHINGLY TOWARDS HER ANKLE,There were no shrinks or wrinkIe in her body .it was just like velvett with that yellow glowing colour.I pulled down her panty see that thick bush of pubic hair,While I'm pulling her panty down she undid her plait of her hair and let it fall down to it's length.SHE KNELT DOWN IN FRONT OF ME she undid my fly and pulled down my pants .My cock was aching with eager.She kissed the rose bud and softly touched with her palm I shudderred once she giggled.she locked her eyes with mine and slowly opened her mouth when I came to know what she is going to do ,I once again shuddered with pleasure.She cupped my cock with her mouth.God ! what a feeling " Come on Maya ! Suck me off" She started travelling all over the length of my cock.Now she was pumping my cock out with her expertised skills of sucking. the room was filled with mmmmss..... and ooppps..and the slurping noice.SHE TOOK HER MOUTH AWAY and lickied the tip of my cock .SHE HELD HER BOOBS WITH HER HANDS AND SIGNALLED ME TO FUCK HER IN BOOBS I Accomadated my tool between her boobs and started pumping and rubbing my cock all over her boobs and face.I pressed her nipple with my bud .All the time she was moaning with pleasure I made her to lie down on her back ."Come on fuck me sunny fuck your mother ".She opened her legs apart and wrapped her hands around my neck and started kissing me.I told "guide me Maya " She pulled my cock and guided it between her thighs as soon as I entered she arched Back with a SHRIEK THAT I AFRAID MY NEIGHBOURS COULD HEAR..I was fucking her like a mad stallion by holding her boobs as reins and kneading them with all my power and she was screamimg with pleasure.I pulled out my cock fully up to the bud and with a jerk I pushed it inside her choot " Nalla ollu !Un poola nalla aazhama vuttu kuthu.Ethanayo per enne othanunga ,evanukkum enna ozhunga okka theriyala.un onbothu appan perula ollu. on thevadiya amma perulla ollu.en othavanperula ollu evanukellam naan kalla vericheno."

("Fuck big boy ! drive your tool deep inside me you're the one I was searching for the whole life .I lied with hell a lot of men .No bastard ever knows to fuck me.Fuck me in the name of your impotent father ,Fuck me in the name of slut mom .Fuck me me in the name of those men .to whom I opened my legs .OOOOOOHHHHHH That 's the fuck I needed.

"Nalla koodhiya theradi Maya"

(."Come on Di Maya ! Open your cunt more"),I was almost shouting.

"Eduthukka Raaja"

{."take it Darling !") she opened her thighs and wrapped it around me.

When I saw her boobs jiggling while i fuck her I increased the speed .She lifted her butt to recieve my thunder.As she like on a plank ,the room was filled with creaking noise,I was kneading her breasts.She wrapped her legs around me.She was arching back ,her head swinging with rythm of my shots.I asked her to be in doggy style ,she stood on her four limbs.I held her loose hair s reins and started ploughing her wet fields from behind.I lied on hr back and held her boobs and increased the speed.She asked to withdraw my cock,I did.She lied on the dining table an kept her legs on my shoulder.I started drilling her holding her ankles. It was around for long ten minutes i fucked her.She told she had it enough and it's time for me to end .I increased my speed .The "thup thup" was filling the room with my mummies sizzling cries.Her boobs where dancing as two jelly balls kept on a vibrator.I started pounding her even faster.She asked me to pull it out and spurt it our face and body. I WITHDREW MY TOOL SHAKING IT WITH MY HAND AND AIMING IT TO HER SWEET FACE SHE OPENED HER MOUTH TO RECIEVE MY SPURTS .I SHOOTED IT ALONG HER FACE UPTO HER HAIRS AND THE NEXT LANDED ON MOUTH EXACTLY AND THE THIRD ON HER NECK AND LAST FEW ON HER BIG B's.SHE CRUSHED MY TOOL BETWEEN HER B's I STARTED TO MOVE MY TOOL BETWEEN THOSE GREAT SET OF BALLS .SHE WAS LICKING MY TOOL'S HEAD WHENEVER IT CAME NEAR HERMOUTH.I STOOD TO SEE MY SEXY MOTHER LYING ON HER BACK WITH WIDE OPENED LEGS AND MY CUM ALL OVER FACE .SHE WAS SMILING AT ME AND WINKING.CARRESSING HER BOOBS SHE BLEW A KISS AND TOLD ME"Nooru pera otha peragu enna okkura sareeyaana alla ketachirukka"("AFTER FUCKING HUNDRED MEN I FOUND MY LOVER") After we made love in our bedroom .Nowadays it became a rotuine .I mastered in making love to her. we even do oral sex.I fuck her daily.even when father is around we always managed to fuck.She broke her affair with an other man.Now we used to fuck like new lovers.I asked her out of the hell alot of fuck ,Whom she loves more.She told ealier it was Robert and after that one whitewasher ,who came to whitewash our home.Now ,with out any doubt that's me the Driller she used to call me.I asked How she Knows Robert ? She told that he was sort of road romeo ,who used to pass comments when my mom goes to market.Slowly she started giving line to that bugger ,They were in Gang .One day he dared to stop my mom in a lonely corner of street and told her his desires as my mom was new to the field ,She told him that she was also impressed with his macho looks and she told him she fears that some one could come to know .Then he convienced my mother that he'll take her to some faraway lodge to screw her.So she agreed,One day she lied to my nanni that she is going to one of her friends house in Mylapore and went with Robert to lodge in Kanchipuram <Where he fucked her to his heart's content and to my Mom's astonishment.Then he used to take my mom to his friend's room very often Where he and his friends started fucking her.Then she lied with almost every friend of him.Then my mom dared to introduce him to my father,and Robert with his skill ful tongue,Flatterred my father and started staying with us .Now to me. She introduced one of her friend to me.She (Annalakshmi) is around 26 years old herself and my mother were sharing the same man.Her husband is working in a local factory as a supervisor and I introduced one of my friend to her.We all fuck all the day when my father is not around.I allowed my friend to fuck my mother in front of me .He is also a master in fucking.He made my mother tired that fucking her 4 times and for my turn I gave her another 2 shots.When Annalakshmi 's hubby goes for night shift I used to sleep with her giving her a good great fuck.Where as my friend will be banging my cute mummy in our father's bedroom all nude.After that once my sister came on vacation to stay with us I astonished to see her stunning figure ,who is three years elder to me.She is married to my own Uncle .I told mom that I 'll feel great fucking her.Mother told me to wait for chance,And she added that she knows that my sister is screwing around with one of her hubbies friend and it won't take any pain in seducing her.She kept her word.One fine day she arranged that,I was ramming my sisssy's tight cunt.thereafter I was too busy satisfying to hungry ladies of family ,day and night.My sis started visiting very often our home .She is concieved now.Once I had my Mom and sis togather.I'll narrte it later.By now Me and my sis alone in home probably she'll be rubbing her cunt thinking of her little bro's tool and my mom told papa that she is going on pilgrimmage ,but I know by this time my friend will be ramming her sweet cunt in some lodge in Ooty they wont be back for a week.My mother's pilgrimmage will be going in a holy way.
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Old 29th June 2005
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ajit7 is hunted by the papparaziajit7 is hunted by the papparazi
I am a male of 22 years having studied B.comm. tall Dark and handsome. And my mom is 42 now she has big brearsts big ass (not very firm) always shaking while she is walking fair complexion (milky white) she has a figure of 36/36/40. I am the only son of hers. My father is a businessman in delhi.

We are a very happy family and I never thaught of getting a chance to fuck my mom though I always found her very sexy woman around me and have watched her naked may time through peeping holes in bathroom. I had masturbated many times thinking that I am fucking her but did not actually had a corage to try the same while she was in home alone with me.

How could I fuck her was a big question for me and it remains the same for all mom lovers. But my luck gave me a chance. Once my mom was to go to the other city which was far from delhi where our aunty (my mom's sis) was living there and she was ill for last few days so my mom wanted to see her and my father was busy with business so he could not go there, he asked my mother to go there with me. The time available for getting reservations in Train was very short and hence we got a waiting ticket. My father suggested mother that she should not go by having a waiting ticket because it is wedding season it wont be easy to get a berth in train. But my mother insisted that any how she has to go to see her sis. So my father gaveup and said don't hesitate to pay any amount to the TT for getting the birth because it is an overnight journey. Well we started for the journey in the evening at 7.45 PM from New Delhi Railway station. My mom was wearing saree and blouse and was looking very beautiful to me because it was the first time when I and mom were going alone on a journey. My father tried hard to get reservation on the platform itself but could not manage to get even a single birth for us. We were standing in the gallery of the compartment and I was looking around for TT to come and check the tickets of all passengers while standing in the gallery I noticed that other fellows who were probably waiting for the TT also were staring at my mom with a dirty thaught in their mind. I would tell here that I had noticed that my mom was wearing a very low cut blouse that showed her cleavage and almost 40 % of her fair and big tits. Her saree was also very tight on her body that showed her wide belly and deep newal her wide and bulky ass cheeks were projecting outwards making her more sexy for all the fellow passengers. While passing through the gallery many of them brushed my mom's ass cheeks and some of them also managed to press her tits with their body. This was very bad moment for me to see all strangers enjoying mom's sexy figure and tuching her body. But we cant do any thing but just to wait for the TT. Any the TT came and after all my efforts I could manage to get one single birth for both of us. My mom said its all right don't be bothered for that we will manage on one birth only. We climbed on the birth it was top most birth. The next birth was empty I did not know who is going to come there but I was very much excieted by now by having a thaught that we will be sleeping together in a single birth. We had our dinner before sleeping. Now it was 9.30 PM and I found that a child may be of 10 years came to sleep on the next birth. We also drew our blanket from the bag and tried to sleep facing each other. It was very tight to sleep with my mom since she was very fat and I too was not light weight. Any how we slept there. After approximately 30 minutes my mom was in deep sleep and she started to move her body that resulted in crushing me towards the partition wall of the compartment. I did not want to disturb her so kept on staring here and there. By now every one around us was in deep sleep and the train was running at full speed I knew that next station is to come after 2 hours from now so I had an idea to explore my mom having this in my mind I immediately got aroused and my dick started to get hardened it immediately took a jump in my pants and tried to come out of my underwear. I slowely put my hand on my mom's boobs to check whether she is in sleep or not and learned that she is sleeping like any thing. I kept my one hand on her big breasts and with the other hand lifted her saree I was very conceious about the blanket that it should not get removed. I lifted her saree up to her thighs and moved my hand there. Her thighs were very strong, fat and smooth I moved my hand a bit futher and got touch of her panty it was a silky one and almost penetrated her pussy cheeks her pussy lips were out of the panty and the fabric was rubbing her clit. I further moved my hand down and tried to touch her ass cheeks but could not do that. I further had some courage and tried to explore her pussy so I inserted my hand in her panty there I noted that she had no pubic hairs I thaught that she might have shaven it in a day or two. I slowely stroked her clit and tried to measure the length it was a long and thick clit I presumed that may be due to age it would have got to be lengthy and swollen. But to my bad luck my mom opened her eyes may be she would have got an impression that some body is exploring her pussy. I immediately removed my hand. And tried to pretend that I was I deep sleep and do not what is happening. But after 10 minutes my mom was again in deep sleep so I again started to explore her pussy. I now insert my middle fingure in her pussy it was wet with the pussy juices so my finger went in easily my mom did not show any action to my dare so I slowely started to move my figer in and out and kept my mouth near her cleavage she now widened her legas a bit so I increased the speed of figering her pussy by now I also got confirmed that she wants me to finger fuck her. And it was certified after a minute only that my mom opened her eyes I do not remove my hand from her pussy kept on fingering there. She slowely said beta main PESHAAB KAR KE AATI HOON. She went and returned after 5 minutes. And said TUZHE KOI TAKLEEF TO NAHI HO RAHI HAI SONE MEIN, NAHI MUMMY TO CHAL SO JAYE LEKIN TUM JO KAR RAHE THE WAH AB AUR ARAM SE KAR SAKTE HO". I could not understand what she meant to say but she lifted her saree a slightly over her knees in the blanket and fell for sleep. But by now I was fully impressed with my mom's pussy and her no objection to my silly actions I again immediately put my hand on her pussy. I noticed that she has removed her panty started finguring her cunt. She too widened her legs to facilitate me and after 2 minutes of finguring I found that my mom has kept her hand on my zipper and trying to hold my lund in her hand so I with the other hand opened my zipper and let my thick and hard lund come out she took my lund in her hand and moved her fingures to judge the leght she was aroused by now and smiled by looking at me and kissed me at my lips I too reciprocated the same. She said tera khilona to bahut mast hai beta. I did not say any thing and kept on finguring her cunt she moved towards me and now we both were holding each other very firmly after 5 minutes of finguring and my moms actions on my lund I ejaculated my cum in her hand which took to her mouth and licked she immediately shoot up her cum also I noted that her cunt is now relasing and tightening around my fingure. She said in my ears that I have also come. You are very naughty you have fucked your own mother. But any way "AB DEKHO MAIN TUMKO KITANA MAZA DOONGI EK BAT BATAO TUMNE PAHALE KISI KO CHODA HAI YA NAHI?" MAINE KAHA NAHI MUMMY KABHI NAHI.

Then we talked for a few more minutes and then with my mom's assurance that she would allow me to fuck her I tried to sleep, but could not manage to do so. Whole night with my open eyes I was thinking of fucking my own mom and masturbated for once in the train toilet. At 9.00 AM we reached our final destination. We straight went to our MAUSI home there we were given a good guest honour after having our breakfats we both were shifted to the guest room it was having attached toilet and Bathroom. We both went in. My mom started to remove her saree and was preparing to get ready for a bath a was staring at her she asked me are you not coming to take a bath with me I asked really mom ? MUMMY TUM KITANI ACCHI HO: BETA MAIN KITANI ACCHI HOONYEH TO TUM AAZ RAT MAIN BATANA PAHALE CHALO NAHA LO MAIN JANATI HOON KI TUM BHI BAHUT BEKRAR HO.

My mom was now in her brasier and petticoat her huge breasts and big ass were projecting in their respective directions. She was looking very chikani kind of mal from behind as her bare back was exposed to me there was no spot on her back. I also removed my all clothes expcept my underwear and headed towards the bathroom. But to my bad luck someone knocked at the door. Mom mom immediately ran to the bathroom and asked me slowely to open the door. On the door there was my mausa he looked at me and asked were you going to take bath. I nooded he said : it seems that ur mom is there in bathroom. Are you getting bored don't feel shy for any thing. And was a very talkative type of fellow so he sat there and kept on talking with me after waiting and bathing for about 30 minutes my mom thaught that I was not coming so she came out of the bathroom in her nighty. He remained there for a few minutes more and then gone by reallising that I have to go for a bath now. While going out of the room he told my mother that your sis is waiting for you there in her room. My mom had no other option left so she asked me to take bath and she will join me in the night. I looked at my mother in a hungry passion but she tried to convince that if would wait for the whole it wont be a waste. I took bath and went to my mausa ji's shop. In the evening at 8 I came back we had our dinner there in the mean while I noted that my mom too is very much hungry for sex she has changed to her sleeveless pink coloured nighty. Any way our host offered both of to watch the TV serials with them but my mom refused and said we are very much tired and would like to sleep since we could not sleep in the last night. They did not object. My mom went to mausi's room to say her good night and I went to the room and changed my clothes. After a few minutes my mom came back holding a small bottle in her hand I asked what is that she said in a very meaning full manner "MUSTARD ..... OIL" & too understood her meaning and laughed and stood up from the bed she loked the door and switched off the light only a 15 W bulb with yellow colour was there which she made switch on. I immediately hugged her and started to kiss her and with the other hand I also pressed her tits hard she moaned aaaaaaaaaaaa hhhhhhhhh. She ordered me not to be in hurry like your father just be slow and patient. I know its your first time it happenes but by doing this you will loose the extreme pleasure of fucking. She laid me down on the bed and started to remove her clothes and asked me to remove my own clothes. In less than a minute we both were naked my mom was in panty and brasier. She was looking sexy in white bra and blue panty. Here I should tell you that the panty was barely covering 20 % of her ass.

Any way I was lying on the bed she also came besides me and started to hugg me tightly she held me tightly and rubbed her firm and thick thies in between my legs. She asked me to remove her panty and bra. I did so. Now the love hole and the big mountains were in front of me I started to lick and press the boobs of my mom she too supported me and started to moan with pleasure on my licking of mountains. She said AAAA HHHH BETA BAHUT MAZA AA RAHA HAI AUR ZOR SE CHUSO DUDH NIKAL LO AAZ MERI CHUCHI SE AAA HHHHHHH..,,.. after some time she was fully excieted and asked me to lie on the bed. And she came over me and started to move her tongue on my body in a very passionate manner I was very much excieted because this all was new for me my lund started to jump from its place and few drops of my precum came on the tip of my lund. My mom was perfect rundi she immediately went down and moved her tongue on tip of lund and licked the precum the touch of togue was so excieting for me that I thaught I cum right now but she came upwards and inserted her tongue in my mouth while hugging me very tight I also hugged her tightly and our tongue started to explore each others mouth. This went for 5 minutes she licked my whole body. Now she asked me to lick her body as she was doing I too did the same thing as she was doing to me while I was licking she told me that your precum is very sweet I know that your cum shall also taste sweet don't drop it out side I will lick it. I said ok mummy.

She now stood from the bed and WAH KUTIYA KE ZAISE BED PAR HATH RAKHAKAR KHARI HO GAYE USAKE PAIR ZAMEEN PAR THE AUR DONO HATH BED PAR. And asked me to lick her ass from behind I did so I went behind her and pressed her ass cheeks they were very good for touching. She was looking like a cow now she asked "BETA MERE CHUTARO KO PHAILA KAR MERI GAND KE CHED PAR APNI ZEEBH SE CHATO" maine waisa hi kiya maine uske gulabi ched ko phaila kar zeebh se khub chusa aur kai bar usame apni zeebh bhi ghusaye. Wah bare maza lekar apni gand ko chatwa rahi thi aur ek hath se apne lambe clitoris ko kas kar daba rahi thi aur ragar rahi thi aur sath sath aaaaaaa hhhhhhh oooooooo hhhhhhh gggggggg ooooooo dddddddd hhhhhhhhh aaaaaaa iiiiiiii zaise awaze bhi nikal rahi thi. Kuch der main yuhi karta raha aur meri maa ne bola ki ab mujhe aa ne wal hai aaaaa hhhhhhhhh aur zor zor se apne chutaro ko mere muh par ragarane lagi phir usane pucha KYA TUM MERI CHUT KA PANI PIYOGE MAINE KAHA MAA KAISA LAGATA HAI ? USNE BOLA EK BAR PEE LOGE TO MAZA AA ZAYEGA TO MAINE KHA SURE.

Aur usne position badal li ab wah bed par let gayi dono tangge mor kar apne shoulders ki taraf le gayi aur boli ki meri gand me ungali ghusa kar mera zo yeh bahar nikala hua portion hai isako dhire dhire chusana aur zab main aa zao tu meri chut mein apni tongue ghusa dena. Maine waisa hi kiya maine uski gand mein apani middle fingure gusa di kyonki usaki gand ka ched is position mein mere samane tha aur apni tongue se usaki clit ko chusane laga wah aaaaaaaaaaaa hhhhhhhhhh aaaaaaaaa you fucker zor se aur zaldi zaldi chuso aaaaaaa hhhhhh karne lagi main kabhi kabhi usaka clit apne teeths mein daba kar kaat bhi leta tha us par ssssssssssss eeeeeeeee karane lagti aur within two minutes she came aaaaaaaaaaaaa hhhhhhhh eeeeeeeeee main aa rahi hhhhhhhhhhoooooooonnnnnnnn aaa and I inserted my tongue in her love hole. I felt some thing like dhuk duk. She was very salty and tasty. Main usaka sara pani pee gaya chut bilkul dry ho gayi


MERI MAA MUJH PAR LET GAYI MAINE KAHA MAA ABHI GAND MARNI BAKI HAI WAH BOLI DONGI GAND BHI DONGI ZARA RUK TO TO TO ABI JAWAN HAI PAR TERI MAA TU CHUDI HUI BUDDHI HAI. MAINE KAHA MAA TUM TO RANDI KI TARAH CHUDWA RAHI THI TUMHARE CHUT KI GARAMI MIEN TO 16 SAAL KI LARKI ZAL JAYEGI MAA: DHAT Now I once again made my mom a bitch she was now on her knees and Hands. Aur maine apne lund par thuk laga kar maa ki gand main ghusane ki koshish ki lekin wah bahar aa gaya. To maa boli beta aise nahi jayega meri gand mein thora mustard oil laga le.

Maa chut mein to chala gaya tha "beta tera mota lund hai aur meri gand ka ched abhi chota hai na isliye" Thik hai maa "beta thora dhire se dalana nahi to blood aa jayega" Maa tumne gand marwai hai ki nahi "bahut bar marwai ahi lekin itane mote lund se nahi. Ab meri gand mein daal de beta nahi to main mar jaongi" Maine apne lund par khub sara oil lagaya aur maa keg gand ke gulabi chote se ched ko dono chutaro ko phaila kar dekha mujhe achanak current se laga maine isi waqt realize kiya ki maa ke pure body mein gand hi sabase beautiful hai isiliye to sabhi train mein bhi usaki gand par hands laga rahe the. Ab maine apni maa ke chote ched par apana lund rakha diya "aaaaaaaa hhhhhhh kitana hot ho gaya hai bata ghusa de beta aur usane apne chutaro ko peeche ki taraf dabay"mere lund ka head usake ched mein phas gaya to maine bhi thora sa pressure diya aur mera lund 2 inch uski gand mein ghus gaya wah chillaye aaaaaaaa mre maaa mar diya beta kitana mota lund hain maa ke don hath bed se uth gaye aur muh pillow mein ghusa liya ek second ke bad zab usane peeche dekha to usaki aakhon mein tears the mujhse maa ki halat dekhi na gayi to lund ko bahar khichana chaha maa boli nahi beta nikalana mat aur ghusa de lekin maa tumko dard ho raha hai tu usko chor zaisa main kahati hoon waisa kar" Maine phir zordar dhakka mara aur mera aadhe se adhik lund gand mein ghus gaya maa phir chillayi aaaaaaa hhhhhhhhh aaaaa hhhhhhh mmmmmmmaaaaaaaa lekin main nahi ruka ek dhakka aur aaaaaa hhhhhhh aur mera pura lund anadar chala gaya mujhe laga ki koi cheez se takara gaya hai phir maa ne puch pura ghus gaya kya haa maa hai bahut mota hai ZAAN LE LI TUNE AB THORI DER RUK JA AUR DHIRE DHIRE ANADAR BAHAR KAR MAINE KUCH DER RUK KAR PHIR ANADAR BAHAR KARANA SHURU KIYA AB TAK MAA KA DARD BHI KAM HONE LAGA THA AUR WAH BHI CHUTARO KO HILANE LAGI THI KUCH DER MAIN HUM DONO NE SPEED GAIN KAR LI AUR BED SE CHU CHU KI AWAZEIN ANE LAGI MAINE MAA KO KUTIYA KI POSITION MEIN USAKI GAND MEIN KAM SE KAM 15 MINUTES TAK FULL SPEED MEIN CHODA maa pure time aaaaaaaaaaa hhhhhhhhhh eeeeeeeeeeeeeee sssssssss hai mar dala bahut maaa zzzzaa aaa raha hai beta chod mujhe zor se bolti rahi aur main uski gand marta raha aur usake clitoris ko apne ek haath se masalata raha kuch der bad hum dono ek sath swarg mein pahuch gaye aur do aaaaaa hhhh aaaaaa h karke zhar gaye.

I don't tell you lie but her ass hole was really very tight for my lund. zab maine apna lund bahar nikala to uski gand se ek patli se blood ki lakeer nikal aayi aur mere lund par bahut se latrine lagi hue thi.

Phir hum dono bed par ek dusare ko bahon mein bhar kar let gaye Maine puch maa gand mein bahut dard hua naa Haan beta tune to aaz meri zaan le li To maa tumane gand kyon marwai Maa: beta ek raj ki bat bataon zab tak aurat ki gand mein lund na jaye usaki chudayi puri nahi hoti agar aurat extereme pleasure tak pahunch jaye to gand mein lund zaroor leti hai Accha ma tum mujhe mami ki chut dilaogi ya nahi Sure beta Phir us bhayanak raat maine apni hi maa ki gand ek baar aur mari aur usaki chut bhi mari Meri maa ne mere lund ki bahut tarreef ki Now its up to you guys how you find my story if any mom lover wants to correspond with me or any one who fins it to be a real story can write me at mastana74@yahoo.co.uk
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I was a totally pampered kid. By my father, mother and all the uncles that I met. My father worked in a company selling appliances. He would travel a lot, my mom worked too. I stayed alone most of the time after I got back from school. It was during the summer vacations I started getting very bored with both my parents out working. I would notice that after my father left the house my mom would get a phone call and she would just ask if there was anything for today. That's all.

I was getting curious about the caller, as I knew it wasn't from her work. Even on weekends she went to work if the phone came in. One such weekend I kicked up a tantrum that I wanted to go with her as soon as she got the call. My father had already left so ultimately she decided to take me along. She said I would have to tell my father if her asked that we had been to her office only. I said ok.

We sat in the rickshaw and arrived at a posh colony. My mother said we have to meet someone there. It was a huge house. We rang the bell and were shown in immediately by a man. We sat in the living room and this guy went in to inform the owner I guess. The owner came out, he was just putting on his shirt and had a towel wrapped around him, I didn't like his looks at all. The man who showed us in was his friend. The owner greeted us and sat beside my mom. He sat a little too close. Till then the friend had got some snacks so I got busy in that.

My mom said just wait for sometime she will just finish her work and then we would go. Till then she told me to eat all the goodies there. The friend sat with me for a while then got up and went. I wanted to look around the house so I went peeping into the rooms.

As I came to the bedroom and pushed the door little bit I was shocked to see the scene inside. Both the men were sitting nude on the two sofa seats and my mom was standing in the middle of the room in her bra and panty. Her sari was lying on the floor with her blouse. She stood there caressing her thighs, roaming her hands over her pussy mound then getting them up and cupping her breast. Her big tits looked bigger when she heaved them up in her hand. She would rub her pussy with one hand and with the other she would pinch her nipple. She was teasing both men. This was the first time I was seeing her in her panties. She had a terrific figure; it was what is called full figure. Her breasts were big but they weren't sagging a thin waist that flared up into a big sexy ass and her thighs, white fleshy thighs. Her legs were long as she was quite tall.

Now as she stood in front of these horny men, I was so jealous. Here my mom was stripping for some unknown men. But what was happening in the room was so erotic that I just wanted to see what would happen next. I was I think actually praying that she become completely nude. Till then the owner signaled my mom to come close. She walked form where she was standing slowly to wards him. Her ass cheeks were jiggling as she walked. She reached in front of him and stood there as he put his hand out and moved her panty to the side and played with her pussy lips. My mom closed her eyes and put her one leg on the handle of the sofa to give him better access to her cunt. He put his finger in side her and was jerking them. The friend got up and came behind her, he rubbed his cock on her ass. He was cupping her big ass cheeks, spreading them and then mashing them together. He put his cock in between her crack and held her tits from the front. He then pulled her panty down and opened her bra. He went berserk trying to grab her ass and her tits at one time.

They were at it for about 10 minutes with the owner shoving his fingers in her cunt and the friend rubbing himself on her from the back. Then the owner got up and went to the bed and the friend sat besides him. Mom went up to them and bent down. Oohh her ass looked so alluring as she kneeled to suck the guy's cocks. Her pussy was wet as she took one cock in her hand and one in her mouth sucking and shaking them alternatively. The men were enjoying the treatment meted out to them. My mom's ass spread out even more when she was kneeling down and her wet pussy lips were visible. She had a big cunt with thick outer lips that had become glossy with her juices. The men were about to burst when the owner got up and told her to get on the bed. She got up and climbed up the bed. Propping herself up on her elbow she spread her thighs apart, showing the owner her shaved pussy invitingly. He came unto her and nuzzled her cunt for sometime spreading her wetness onto his cock before slipping it in. my mom moaned as she his whole big black cock up her cunt. The friend sat at the side of the bed as the owner rammed his cock into my mom. He put her legs on his shoulder and lifted her ass and banged her pussy so hard the noise was echoing in the whole house. His balls slapped her big round ass, with sloshy sound as his cock came out with more of her juice each time he pulled out.

The friend joined in as he started kneading her breast. It was as though they were going to tear her apart. They were literally ravaging her. The owner had now reached his limit. He became tense as he spewed his load into my mom. He jerked on top of her filling up her cunt hole with all his cum. He lay on top of her kissing her, then rolled off to her side. Now the friend wanted his turn. He made mom turn around and patted on her ass, she knew what to do. She came up on her knees and was offering her cunt doggy style. This was such an erotic moment as she swayed her big buttocks in the air. The friend slapped her ass twice as he readied himself to fuck her. He didn't seem to mind the cum in her cunt as he stuck his cock head into her pussy. It seemed to be so slippery. Soon he was ball deep into her pussy. He held her hips and started banging her ass. Every time he would hit her ass it spread out even more and jiggled as he pulled his cock out. He slipped his hands in front of her and caught her tits using them as handles he banged away at her pussy.

My mom had her mouth open as she took the second guy. She wasn't feeling so comfortable as the guy was banging her so violently. The guy had too much stamina as he pulled out of her cunt and lay down on the other side. He pulled my mom on to him . she got up and straddled him slowly lowering herself on his dirty wet cock. As soon as the cock had disappeared into her , she got into a motion of raising and lowering on his cock. The friend caught my moms tits and pinched them as she bucked on his cock faster. He was about to cum , he just pulled down on himself as she closed his eyes and shot his load into her.

My mom was tired now , she just came off the guy and lay in between the owner and the friend. They just kissed her and then she smiled and got up. I ran from there and sat in the living room again eating and watching TV. My mom appeared from the room same as she had entered, no sweat no cum all over nothing. The owner came out again with a towel wrapped around him and gave my mom a packet and patted her on her ass. She took the packet and we left from there. Now I knew how we could afford foreign holidays. anyone has fantasies fucking my mom, mail me at Chhavi65@hotmail.com maybe I will help too.
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Namrata shifted restlessly in her bed. Sleep had been evading her for the past 2 hours. It was almost 2'o clock in the night. Her husband was snoring as usual. But that was not the reason why she was not able to sleep. She was used to her husband's snoring. Afterall she had been hearing it for almost 18 years now. What had made her restless this night was the movie she had seen on Doordarshan earlier that night. It was one of those Friday night adult movies. Images from that movie kept coming back to her mind. Whats more her life was so similar to the actress's life in that movie. She could not follow everything in the movie as it was in Engish and she hardly knew a few words in that language. Nevertheless she had been able to follow the essence of the story. Like her, the woman in the movie too had a husband who had lost his manhood. The woman lived a life devoid of physical intimacy for 5 years.Then she succumbed and became involved into an extra-marital affair.

For the past two hours Namrata had been thinking about her own life. Her husband Ashok had lost his manhood almost six years ago. For six long years she hadbeen without sex. Somehow it had seemed tolerable for these six years but tonight it somehow seemed unbearable. She wondered if she will never again have sex in her life.

She had thought of sometimes having an extra marital affair but it scared her. What if somebody finds out? she did not want to take all those risks.But yet the fact remained that she yearned for a man today as she lay there beside her impotent husband.

She wasn't bad looking. In fact she looked quite sensous as she lay there on the bed. She was in a sari. She normally changed into a gown before going to bed but today she had not bothered to change. She had a pretty face which somehow looked prettier due to her sadness. Her skin complexion was that typical dusky Indian one. Her hair were long. She was a bit fat but her body was broadened out all over. Hence the extra weight served rather to enhance her appeal. Her breasts were big and they were still firm even though she was almost 40 years old now and mother of two sons. Her older son Neeraj was 16 while the younger one Rajesh was 14.

She was feeling a bit thirsty. So she got up and walked out of the room towards the kitchen. She was about to enter the kitchen when she suddenly noticed the faint light of the night bulb coming from Neeraj's room. She was puzzled. He never slept with any light on. So she figured out that he must be awake. But she wondered what was he doing so late in the night. She walked towards his room. The door was slightly open. She pushed open the door.

She was taken aback by what she saw. Neeraj was sitting on the bed. His trousers and his undies were pushed down to his ankles. In one hand he held a book. His other hand held his hard and stiff organ. Neeraj also was totally taken aback. For quite a few moments neither knew how to react. Then Neeraj suddenly pulled a blanket that was lying on the bed to cover his nudity. He was feeling terribly ashamed and embarrassed. As he lowered his head he swore at himself for not latching the door.

Namarata too felt embarrassed. She knew she had no reason to feel embarrassed. Afterall it wasnt she who had been caught doing something naughty. But still her sense of embarrassment refused to go away. She wondered whether she should say anything to Neeraj but she really had no idea what to say. She just walked back to her room.

As she lay herself on the bed she suddenly realized something - she was wet! A sense of guilt pervaded her whole mind as she suddenly grasped why she had felt embarrassed. It was because her body had reacted to the nudity of her own son and her mind unconsciously registered this and made her feel embarrassed.

The image of her son with her trousers down suddenly flashed back to her mind and she felt a tingling sensation all over her body. She tried to think of something else to clear his mind of this dirt but the image kept coming back to her again and again. The tingling sensation became sharper and she had to reluctantly admit to herself that it felt nice. She tried hard to suppress her arousal but the more she tried the more intensified it became.
After some time she just gave up the struggle.

She let her mind recall the image of her son's hardness. She thought about how big it had looked. She had been surprised by its size. Afterall Neeraj was just a kid studying in class eleventh. Yet it had seemed longer than probably her palm.

As the turmoil in her mind continued she suddenly realized that if she wanted her, son could satisfy her. He could give her what she wanted so badly. This incestuous thought made her wild with arousal. She knew it was 'paap' letting such thoughts into her mind but it made her feel so good that she simply didnt care anymore. She wondered how incredible it will feel doing it actually, when the thought itself was exciting her so much. For almost half an hour her thoughts continued like this. Then suddenly the desire to fornicate became unbearable. She got up from the bed and walked out of her room.

A part of her mind yelled at her 'Namrata, tu pagal to nahin ho gai! Kya karne ja rahi hai tu! Woh tera apna beta hai!!'. But she was too aroused and the lust that had been unsatisfied for six years now manifested itself with a ferocious intensity and made her ignore the voice of her conscience. As she walked towards Neeraj's room she had many apprehensions. Will Neeraj find her attractive? Will he agree? Will he be disgusted by the idea? However she simply didnt care. She was just mad with desire.

Neeraj had latched the door now. She knocked at it lightly. After 2-3 knocks, the door opened. The room was dark but in the faint moonlight she could see Neeraj peering out at her puzzled and wondering why she had now
come back. She entered the room and switched on the night bulb and then closed the door behind her.

Neeraj meanwhile felt sure that she was now going to reproach him and tell him how ashamed she was of him. With his head lowered he just stood there waiting for her to begin. But what he heard surprised him. 'Neeraj, mein tujhe dantane nahin aai hoon. Mein darasal yahaan sona chahti hoon. Tere papa wahaan itni aawaz kar rahe hain ki mujhe neend hi nahin aa rahi.' Saying this Namrata laid herself on the bed. 'Chal tu bhi aa ja.' Neeraj looked at her confused and obeying her he got into the bed beside her. Namrata stayed silent for some time. Then suddenly she asked him 'Neeraj, tu woh roz karta hain?' He nodded feeling shy and embarrased.
'Woh kitab kounsi hai, jisko tu dekh raha tha us time? Mujhe dikha zara.'

Neeraj looked at her wondering why she wanted to see the book. When she again asked for the book, he brought it out from under the mattress and gave it to her. She switched on the dim light and opened the book. It was full of pictures of naked girls posing themselves in tempting ways. 'Neeraj, inme sabse accha photo kounsa lagata hai tujhe?' As soon as Neeraj heard this he started getting aroused. He was still very confused though. What was happening was unbelievable - his mother lying beside him at 4 in the night turning the pages of a dirty book and asking which photo did he like most! He had no idea what his mother's intentions were but now he knew in a vague way that something exciting was going to happen. Namrata meanwhile once again asked him
'Bata na, sabse accha kounsa lagta hai tujhe?'

Neeraj shyly took the book and opened the page that contained his favorite picture. Namrata looked at the girl in the picture. She was a voluptuous girl with big breasts. She pointed her finger towards the boobs of the girl in the picture and asked Neeraj 'Yeh itne bade-bade hain, isi liye acchi lagti hain na tujhe?' Neeraj was terribly hard by now. He looked at her mothers face. She was looking at him in a motherly and affectionate way. Then she smiled and said, 'Neeraj itna sharma mat. mere sawal ka jawab de na.' Neeraj nodded now. The big boobs really were the reason why he liked that particular picture so much.

By now Namrata was totally wet. She decided that it was now time to start seeking what she wanted from her son. She put the 'pallu' of her sari to one side and cupping her breasts with her hands, she said ' Dekh, mere to is ladki se bhi jyada bade hain.' Neeraj just gaped at her face as he heard this. His excitement was visible on his face by now and this made Namrata bolder. 'Ruk. Main tujhe blouse khol ke dikhati hoon.'

Saying this she quickly unhooked her blouse revealing her big breasts held tightly inside her brassiere. Now she took Neeraj's hand and after placing it on the hook of her brassiere, asked Neeraj to undo it. With a trembling hand Neeraj did so. Namrata immediately pulled out the brassiere and threw it on the floor.

Neeraj gaped at the pair of beautiful tits that lay before him. They were big and firm. They were dark like the rest of her body. The nipples were big and looked stiff. This was the first time Neeraj was seeing a woman's bosom naked and the fact that it belonged to his own mother made it terribly exciting for Neeraj. He felt hard like he had never before felt. Till now Neeraj had always thought of his mother simply as a mother and nothing else but now for the first time he realized that his mother was also a sensuous woman. His mother was in fact what his friends at school would call 'maal'.

Neeraj was now dying to feel Namrata's breasts and when Namrata asked him in a mischievous voice 'Neeraj, inko chhoone ka man nahi kar raha kya tera?', he immediate put his hand upon her breast. His hand almost trembled with excitement as his hand carressed her breast. Inside his mind, his conscience told him that what was happening was sinful and wrong but like his mother he also was too aroused to care for the voice of conscience. However, he felt scared about his father waking up and finding them like this. So he said to his mother, 'Mommy, papa yaan Rajesh jag gaye to!'. Namrata knew that what he was saying wasnt impossible. However Ashok usually slept like a log and so the likelihood of his waking up was low.Her younger son Rajesh too was a deep sleeper. Moreover, she was too turned on to stop what they were doing. In a soft soothing voice she assured her son,'Uski chinta mat kar.Tere papa raat ko ek baar sote hain, to phir seedha subah ko hi uthte hain. Aur tera chhota bhai bhi waisa hee hai.'

By now they both were feeling less inhibited. Now they both knew that they wanted each other. Nmarata also was beginning to feel impatient. Quickly she unbuttened her son's shirt. She then unzipped his trousers and pushed them down towards his ankles. Neeraj's undies looked like a tent due to his hardness. Namrata eagerly pushed them down.She gaped as her son's full hardness was revealed. Lovingly she took it into her hands and stroked it softly and gently. Neeraj's whole body tingled as the stroking went on. It felt incredibly nice. Suddenly he felt the ejaculation coming. But Namarata realized it too and she stopped stroking it. She didnt want him to ejaculate at this moment. She decided that it was time for them to take off their clothes completely. She stood up near the bed and pulled down the sari. She then undid the knot of her petticoat and let it fall around her ankles on the floor. She also took off the already open blouse and threw it on the floor. She was about to pull down the panties when she decided to ask Neeraj to do it instead, 'Neeraj, yeh utaar.' Neeraj eagerly began to pull her panties down. He swallowed hard as his mother's bushiness revaled itself. Between the bushiness lay his mother'scunt. It looked beautiful and he yearned to touch it.

After stepping out of her panties, Namrata helped her son undress totally. Then she laid herself on the bed and whispered to Neeraj,'Chal, mere uupar aa ja.' As Neeraj put himself on top of her, she put her arms around him. For a moment they looked into each other's eyes. Then Namrata whispered,'Neeraj, ek pappee de apni mummy ko.' On hearing this, Neeraj immediately put his lips upon her lips. As they opened their mouths and their tongues met, the mother and son both felt excited in a way they had never felt before.

After this kiss, Neeraj stopped feeling inhibited. Namrata no longer had to give him instructions. Spontaeously he explored every part of her body. He planted kisses all over her face, then went down and hungrily sucked her breasts. Namrata moaned as he fondled, tickled, suckled and carressed her breasts. Then suddenly she whispered, 'Neeraj, ek puppy de.' Neeraj was about to put his mouth upon hers, when she smiled and said, 'Buddhhu kahin ka! In hothon pe nahin, neeche wala hothon pe puppy chahiye mujhe.' Neeraj blushed for a moment and then he moved back. He paused for some time after putting his face close to her cunt. His mother had musky smell down there and he found the smell terribly exciting. He took inhaled it deeply and then put his lips upon his mother's cunt lips. He had seen a dirty picture some days ago which showed a man licking a woman's cunt. That time he had found it disgusting but now that act seemed so beautiful and natural. Namrata moaned as her son's lips parted and his tongue began to tickle her cunt. Soon the excitement became unbearable and Namrata realized that she wanted her son inside her now. She moaned out, 'Neeraj, ab apni mummy ke andar aa ja.' Neeraj kissed her cunt once and then brought his face in front of her face. They looked at each other for some time and then Neeraj began to enter her. He fumbled due to inexperience and Namarata helped him enter herself. But Neeraj immediately withdrew himself out. Namrata asked him, 'Kya hua?'

Neeraj replied back,'Mummy condom to hai hi nahin. Aap pregnant ho gaeen to!' Namrata realized that what he was saying was true. She might get pregnant. However, she was feeling too hot to care about this. She impatiently cried out in a soft voice,'Mujhe parwah nahin uski. Abhi mujhe bas tera pyar chahiye. Chal phir se andar aa, jaldi se. Agar pregnant hoti hoon, to hone do'

So Neeraj once again entered her. He paused for some time and then he began to move inside her. As he moved inside her, Namrata carressed his back with one hand and the other she lovingly ran through his hair. It didnt last very long. Just after 2-3 minutes Neeraj exploded inside her. Namarat was for a moment angry as she wasnt yet close to her orgasm. However, she immediately recalled that this was her son's first time. She waited for him to regain his hardness and this time when he entered, she told him 'Neeraj is baar araam se karna. Jaldbaazi mat karna. Thik hai?' Neeraj nodded. This time it turned out to be better. Namrata got an orgasm that shuddered
through her whole body. Soon Neeraj too came.

They made love three more times and it was almost 5.30 when they did it for the last time. They both were feeling exhausted now. Moreover, they were now scared that Ashok or Rajesh might wake up any moment. So after kissing her son for the last time, Namrata picked up her clothes and walked back to her room.

That day they again made love in the afternoon when they were alone in the house. In the evening, after their love making was over,Namrata got a bright idea. That night she cribbed after dinner to her husband about his snoring
habit. She told him that his snoring was becoming unbearable for her. So she would sleep in the extra guest bedroom they had. Ashok agreed to this.

From that day, Namrata began sleeping in the other bedroom. That room was adjacent to Neeraj's room and even had a connecting door. So every night Namrata would sneak into Neeraj's or he would sneak into Namrata's room and they would make love without any fear of getting caught in the act.
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D e s i F a n t a s y
By Desi Baba

by Vivek
My Name is Vivek. I am 23 years old now. This happened to me when I was 18. That time I was in Madras and studying B.Com in a college. I was staying in my Mom's sister's (Aunt) house. My Uncle is a Sales Representative. He will be out of town for at least 25 days a month. My aunt is 28 years old. She is really beautiful and sexy. Especially I love her boobs. She is fair in color and her boobs are really huge and those two can not be kept with in her Bra and Blouse. Most of the time when she is doing house hold work her saree can not cover her big boobs and her cleavage is always feast to my eyes. Strong and beautifully shaped thighs. Her tight ass is a bit big but goddamn sexy. All the males whoever seeing her will definitely dreams about meeting her nude in a bed and fucking her real hard. No exceptions.

Then think about me. She is my fantasy gal. I know she is like mother to me. But couldn't resist my Instincts and always I was dreaming about her. To tell you the truth I was dying to have sex with her but always scared and think about the relationship between us. Most of masturbation sessions in the bathroom that time were thinking about her only. I was just waiting for the right time and opportunity to have sex her. I was getting excited even my seeing her. Believe me she is so cute and her body is well shaped.

One Friday evening I was sitting in my Bedroom and reading a Sex magazine I got it from my friend. My uncle went on a tour. (as usual). Suddenly there was a power failure in the house. I heard my aunt's voice. "Vivek! This power cut is only in our house. See outside. Everywhere else the power is there. I think the fuse went off in our house. Could You please fix the fuse?". Now she was in the doorway to my bedroom. I hid the Sex magazine and went nearer to her. In that darkness itself I can see her breasts clearly. I can see her as a silhouette. I got the guts suddenly and asked her "Gimme the match box" and at the same time I grabbed her breasts. I was trying to act like that was accidental. But after I held her breasts and felt those in my hand I totally lost my control. So I started squeezing her breast hard. Then I said "Sorry. In the darkness I havn't noticed that you are standing here" and tried to take my hands off her. There was no reply from her and now she held my hands on her breasts and didn't allow me to take my hands.

Now that was my turn to be shocked and I do not want to miss this chance. I hugged her and kissed in her neck. I was very much tensed up. But she was cool and kissed me on the lips. That first kiss was really brief though in my whole life that was the first time a woman kissed me. Now she held me close to her and rubbing by back. Literally I was shivering and I was out of control. Again she kissed in my mouth and asked me to relax. Now I was responding properly to her kiss. I wrapped my arms around her and held her tight. Her big boobs were on my chest and she was pressing her breasts against me. That feeling was arousing me and felt like I am going to have a ejaculation. My cock was getting harder and harder and started hitting her body. Now she took my penis in her hand with my lungie and said " Wow! Great size. Let us go to the bedroom. I need it inside me now" and licked my ears. That drove me crazy and started working my hands on her Blouse hooks. "Vivek! Come on. We will go to the bedroom" "Oh. Yes. I want U. I am dreaming about this for a long while. Give me all U got" I was mumbling something like this and with my one hand I was keep squeezing her breast and my other hand was pressing her big buttocks. I was out of control and licking her face and ears and everywhere my face can reach on her that time.

Now she held my hands and walked me to the Bedroom. As soon as we entered in to the bedroom she started removing her dresses. I said "Aunty! Please let me do that " and unwrapped her saree first. She told me "Vivek! Even now U are calling me aunt. That sounds strange. Call me by name". I was so excited and hugged her tight from the back and mumbled her name in her ears as "Radha! Radha!" and pressing her breasts very hard with the blouse & Bra. Same time my cock became like a strong iron rod and now it was touching her tight ass. "Vivek! Let us remove the cloths and enjoy. Be patience ". Now I have unfastened her blouse hooks and she helped me to take off the blouse from her. She is only with Bra and petticoat.

Now she removed my lungie and held my cok in her hand. "Vivek! Before going any further U just sit on the bed." She commanded me. I obeyed to her command. Now I am sitting on the edge of the bed. She sat down on the floor and started kissing my cock, rubbing it and caressed it. All of the sudden She took it in her mouth and twirled her tongue around it. It was feeling great. She started sucking my cock with great favor. I was in heaven. She was doing this with great care and taste. She got my Dick in to her month fully until her throat. Her hands were working on my balls. My hands were working hard on her breasts. I inserted my hands in to her bra and tuning her nipples. I felt like I was going to come out. So tried to remove my cock from her mouth. But
she ordered me " U asshole. Fill my mouth with ur cum. " There was a explosion from my cock. Now her mouth was filled with my cum and my juice was sprinkled on her face and her neck. She grinned happily and swallowed my cum.

I was exhilarated and grabbed her from the floor. I put her on the bed. I pulled her petticoat shift her hips and now I had a good view of her wet hot pussy. The pubic hair was dark and thick. I took my face nearer to that heavenly triangle. The strong sweet musk from her cunt drove me mad. I stuck my face into her pussy and took a deep breath to absorb her sent. She moaned and said " Vivek! Do it. Please eat my pussy. I have never enjoyed that ". I ran my tongue up along the slit. I felt a pleasant shock. I went mad with lust. My tongue probed inside her cunt. At the same time I unfastened her Bra hooks and she co operated with me to remove the bra. I was feeling her breasts and pinching her nipples. my face was focussed on her pussy and my hands were playing too hard with her nipples. I was squeezing her nipples like tuning an old radio. Her body was responding to myhands.
Her legs became wider and the smooth pinky muscles of her pussy grabbed my tongue and pulled me in. I found the clit and my tongue began licked up, around and socked on it. Her Vagina started giving me fresh juice. I lapped and socked up the love juice Radha was giving me. She started to moan. “Eat it. Huh! Great. Have it fully. “ I put my mouth in her pussy fucking hole and sucked it. Her whole body was feeling that electricity.
She held my hair and pushed my face fully in to her cunt. I was licking and sucking like a dog drinking milk. She became ecstatic and I did not stop eating her pussy or pressing her breast. Now she had a orgasm and filled my face with her sexy juice. I didn’t give up and drunk all the juice and licked in and around her Clit, Vagina and pubic hair. “Vivek!
I never enjoyed this much. I only heard about oral sex and Ur uncle never used to do this to me. U showed me the real climax. Are u ready to fuck me now? “

My reply to her was not in words. I was again feeling her breasts and pinching her nipples real hard and I focussed my attention to her boobs. I took them in my mouth and started sucking them . While doing this, I inserted a finger into her hot wet pussy. I kept fingering her and touched and pinched her clit. She held my dick in her hand and said “Oh! My God! U are ready already. Thatz Quick. Ok. Take me to sex heaven.” My fingering went on and after a while she started to cum. I had gotten a great hard on till now. She laid on her back and told me to fuck. She got her legs up in the air and wide open. She whispered " Oh Vivek! Enough. Don’t let me beg U. Get inside me and Fuck me, Fuck me hard" I got on top of her. The lips of the pussy were pink. I felt that sweetest hole with my fingers and then slowly guided my cock inside her. her hole was hot. Her head went back with pleasure and she moaned. “Come on. Please! “. I started slowly and headed up with speed and steady. It was quiet an effort though. She held my arms tight and strted to jump under me. I was moving from up to down at he same time she was holding her hip up and pressing her butt against the bed to accompany my moves. Her breast was jumping up and down with every hit. My cock was parted her pussy and she was already wet. So my movements became easy.
She was not new to sex and already her pussy was accustomed to my Uncle’s cock. So we both were having great pleasure. We were sweating like hell because of our exotic and erotic sex. I began thrusting my cock in and out of her. I was shoving harder and harder. Her hot cunt felt wonderful. She was holding my butt tight and after a few moments she started “ Please slow down. It hurts Vivek.” That time I was acting like wild buffalo. She was begging for me to slow down but she never stooped responding to my hits. Her legs were wide open in V shape and she was hugging me real tight. Both were breathing heavily. While I was giving a real hard time to her pussy with my cock, I was sucking, licking and squeezing her breasts. Now she began to tighten her mouth of the pussy by holding her legs together. That was hard and great pleasure to me. It became more tight now and she got her orgasm. I sensed her she was bout to cum. Her whole body is stumbling and struggling with great happiness. With in few moments I felt her juices flowing in her already wet cunt. Now her pussy became like water filled tub. So whenever my cock entered in to it strange sounds started coming. Now I exploded my cum in her. Her cunt hole was filled with her juice and mine. It started overflow. More of the juices were oozing out of Radha’s pussy onto the bed sheets. I stayed inside her about 1 minute and then slowly pulled my dong out side. She was beautiful seeing her there naked. We both were damn tired and I laid down beside her.

This is the first time I cam to my sense and started thinking with in the past 20 minutes. I was feeling guilty about our relationship. She is my mom’s sister. So she is like a stepmother to me. I said “Sorry. Aunt! I made a mistake by having sex with U. This will never happen again. Shit. I am like a son to U. But I have fucked U without thinking the relationship” She held my hand and said "Never think that I am Ur aunt here after. What we did was not wrong. I never had a orgasm with Ur Uncle and he wouldn’t give a damn about satisfying me. All he he did was whenever he felt like fucking me, he used to go inside me and with in a few moments he will fill me with his cum and depart. That to only a couple of times in a month. I was desperately longing enjoy good sex.
I knew that U were fantasying with me by how U were starring on my body. That is why I planned for this night and took off the fuse and had this ecstasy with U. Don’t be so hard on Urself. Just treat me as a woman not
as Ur mom’s sister.”
I was so surprised by her open hearted talk. “ U sweet bitch. Ok. I need U forever” Now again I was holding her in my arms.
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Ghar Hi Ghar Main.

By Amar,

All you readers must be aware of my previous experiences regarding having sex with my mother. I was now constantly having sex with my mom every night and even during day time if possible. Once we were having sex- both of us were totally naked and after a long foreplay, I was on top of mom with my lund deep inside her hot pussy. I was busy pounding her pussy and all the while she was making loud noises- aaahhhh, ooohhhh. Haan Amar, aur jor say dhakka maro, etc etc. Unknown to us, my younger sister Anu had come looking for Mother as she wanted something. As she could not find her in her room or kitchen, she called her. But both me and mom were busy fucking and did not hear her voice calling Mom. On hearing noises from upstairs, she came up and was transfixed at my door. The scene inside was out of this world. This was the first time she was exposed to raw sex. She had almost no knowledge about sex but now she was seeing me pumping mom's choot with strong deep hard pushes of my lund and the way mom was reacting. She started feeling something in her young pussy, which she could not understand as she was only 14 years old. But first of all let me tell about myself. I am Amar Singh, 24 years old, 5ft 8inchs, good health and body. I am basically from Lucknow but currently I am in Delhi. Well to get along with the episode----

Mom didn't know that we were caught fucking by Anu, but I saw her and the mere sight that someone is watching, made me go all out and I started pumping harder and deeper. About 15 mts later, mom shouted- Haan Amar, aur joor say. Mai khallas hone wali hoon. AAAhhh maja aa raha hai, Aur jor say dhakke maro. Soon she grunted loudly, caught me hard with her legs and started cumming, all her juices started flowing. I kept on pounding hard till I felt that I had reached my last stage and I will not be able to hold out much longer. And then I filled moms choot with my juice. Our juices mixed and started flowing out from her choot. We disentangled. AND then Mom saw Anu standin d immediately covered herself and left for her room. Anu aslso went to her room. There was total silence in the house. For the next few days Mom did not come to my room. I asked her about it and she said- Amar, ye accchha nahi hua. Anu kya sooche gi mere bare main. I told her, why not bring Anu into the picture too. She was shocked and scolded me- Wo abhi bacchi hai. Tumhe sharm aani chahiye, apni choti bahen ke bare aisa soochne ke liye.

A week passed and I could not take it any more. I decided that no matter what happens, I am going to fuck Anu too. I planned and rejected all the plans. I was at my wits end.

One day Mom & Dad left for a party in afternoon and were to come back late in the night. I was in my room, not knowing what to do, even my mind was not in studies. I then got up and went to my sister's room. I looked inside and saw Anu reading a book. I just stood near the door, not knowing what to do further. Few minutes passed and I noticed that Anu was not turning the pages at all. She was in some other world- day dreaming or thinking about something. I got enough courage and walked inside very silently so that I do not disturb her at all. But she noticed me & She looked at me with surprise. I was looking directly into her eyes. She didn't say a word nor did I. I touched her on her face. Her body shook a bit & she took a deep breath. As I moved my face near her to plant a kiss on her, she closed here eyes. Only at that moment I returned to my senses and moved both my hands off her. She remained still expecting a kiss on her eager lips. I didn't want to leave her wanting like that so I planted a small kiss on her lips and moved off. She opened her eyes slowly to look at me. Not being sure of anything as to what I wanted, I tried to leave out of the room walking backward but ended up hitting my head on the door. She came to me to see if I was hurt. She tried to move her hand among my hair to feel and see if I was hurt. I embraced her and she was back in my arms. I headed back to her lips. This time she or the first time I felt the taste of her lips. I felt nearly satisfied with the kiss but wasn't sure of the happenings & looked at her. She landed her head on my broad strong chest & was nearly hugging me. We stood there hugging each other in the room, for a long time. I tried to move my hands along her back. She was silent. I lifted her head and planted kisses on her closed eyelids, nose & cheeks. I was kissing her pretty petal shape lower lips when she moved back. Now noting was going to stop me; now not even she can stop me anymore. She looked innocent with here head facing down near her well-dressed bed. I headed next to her and lifted her head and planted a wet kiss on her sweet lower lip. It did taste very sweet . All this time her eyes were closed shut. Her arms were on my strong arms. I laid her in her bed. She was very shy as she covered her face with her palms.

I sat on the edge and placed my hand on her shoulder, she moaned lightly. I removed one of her hand from her face a planted a kiss on here closed right eyelid. She opened her eyes and slowly hugged me. My right hand had now moved to her fresh boobs. They looked small but felt good. My fingers were playing all over her shirt top. As I finished my small play I started opening the shirt buttons one by one. I then started taking off her shirt. She was wearing nothing underneath. Her fresh small boobs stood proudly in her heavy breathing. Even my breathing had accelerated at this site. I lead my tongue to her pink nipple. With the other hand I felt her boobs and caressed her nipples very slowly and softly. She shivered as my tongue touched her nipple. I continued sucking her fresh pink tits and massaging the other one. I tried to make her comfortable sucking softly; she started responding with light moans. I took a pause and took off my tee-shirt. As soon as she saw me what I was doing she closed her face as usual. I lifted her hands & placed them on my strong chest. She smiled with shyness & turned her face away from me. This gave me the to make her more friendly & comfortable in what was to follow in her bed . She gave a kind of lazy smile as she turned back her face towards me and kissed me all over my face & ended with a passionate smooch. She was learning fast. Our tongues played the game; Now my fingers took a step below and found the pant buttons. I started opening the buttons all the while kissing her sweet lips and one hand massaging the nipples. Inside I could see a white panty . Suddenly she held my hands & in soft words she told me - Bhaiya, ye kya kar rahe ho. Mujhe sharm aa rahi hai. I tried to console her softly that I am there for her & so on. I said- Anu, kapre utar do. Mai bhi utar raha hoon. Without her permission I started taking off her pants. Then I took off my shirt and pants. We were both in underwears only. I touch her thighs; they were very soft and lovely. But I was not able to part her legs. I then decided to go slow and started from her toes. I started my journey from her toes. It wasn't a long journey, she moaned all the way. Now both her flawless thighs were on my shoulders like a garland & her panty was in front of my face. It had a wet spot near my nose. Slowly kissing over it, I removed her panty & I was mesmerized by what I saw.

In all its grace there she was with a small growth of brownish tendrils & her wet labia oozing out. The clit wasn't visible. It looked as if even she hasn't disturbed it. . My cock was in its highest peak and was struggling inside my underwear. I planted kisses all over her small bushes & the adjacent region and headed for the wet lips. As my lips touched her pussy lips electric waves were transmitted. Her legs crashed over my neck, pushing my face in to her flood plains. My head was still locked between her thighs. My tongue trying to probe deeper and deeper. My fingers twitching the clit. She moaned- aah bhaiya aaacha lag raha hai. Aur karo. I continued tongue fucking her. She slowly loosened the grip & only then I came to know of the fact that my face was covered with her cum. I and was unsure of what exactly had happened. Tears ran down her face & she said- Bhaiya, pata nahi kya hua. Par aachhha laga. I comforted her that it was nothing and kissed her on her cheeks. She was silent, little knowing that this was just the lull before the storm. I have to do something to get her back. I started kissing & smooching. Now her legs were back together. I placed my hands on here thighs and tried to work my way kissing & licking to her pussy. She was silently moaning & didn't say a word. I parted her legs kissed & tongued her pussy. Her pussy was smelling of her love juices. I licked it clean and started trying to make her hot again. The clit was now visible & her thighs were back on my shoulders. She was still silent with fear but her lust was in its peak as she gripped her thighs across my shoulder. I got my right hand to her pussy & started playing with her pussy lips while I was tonguing her clit. I entered my index finger in her narrow small vagina. It wasn't an easy penetration; I felt her right hand on my shoulder holding tight, trying to get the maximum and bear the pain with pleasure. But then my middle finger was also in; her hands grip on my shoulder tightened while I was passively tonguing her clit. As I moved my finger to & fro, I accelerated my tonguing also. She started shouting loud in pleasure. I lowered my underwear and my lund came out standing firm and relieved at being set free. She looked at my lund in terror. In fear she tried to move off but I insisted by holding her thighs & arms and kissed on her lips and I told her not to worry, and that I won't hurt her. I pushed her legs high on her shoulders and placed my throbbing cock on her pussy opening. I pushed my lund in her but it just won't go in as her choot was still very tight. I searched for oil bottle and took a little & applied it on my lund. Then I headed slowly in the narrow passage with help of my hand. It was difficult going. I applied more pressure and just the cock head entered. She started crying and said raha hai. I was in no mood to listen. I again applied pressure and a little more went in. She screamed very loud. I got scared and asked her to bear it, soon she will enjoy. She pleaded with me to leave her. She struggled to get free. I said- Acchha aur mai kuch nahi karunga. Bas aise hi rahne do. I started kissing her and massaging her boobs. Shortly, she forgot about the pain and started moaning. I saw my chance and pulled my cock out a little bit and prepared to push very hard. I covered her mouth with my lips and gave a strong push. In a single small push I broke her hymen. She was in pain & started crying and shouting- Chor do mujhe. Bas karo. Mai Papa ko batongi. I just lay on her, feeling the tightness of her young virgin choot on my lund. I slowly took out my cock and rammed it in again. I did this few times and soon she stopped crying and felt little less pain now. I then increased the pace and before long I was pumping her choot with strong, hard pushes. In-out motion continued for some time and I saw her face- she was enjoying now. Still a little painful but she felt a new kind of sensation in her body which she had never felt before. One of supreme bliss and very heavenly. I continued fucking her tight pussy till I found that I am about to cum. She said- Ab thora maja aa raha hai. Then she gripped the bedsheets and her body gave few jerks and then she was silent. She had her second orgasm( first due to fucking). I continued fucking and then I felt my lund muscles tightening and I felt the sensation - I cummed and cummed in her small pussy. I remained like that for some time and then I took my lund out of her choot. It was covered with our cums and her blood.

She started to cry on seeing the blood. I tried to reason with her and comforted her & told her its normal for the first time I wiped off her face with the fresh end of my tee-shirt & comforted her with kisses. I looked at her; by now she had stopped crying & her pussy had stopped bleeding. She was silent as she lay on my shoulder expecting till our breathing came to normal.

Then I asked- Anu, kaisa laga.

She said- Pahle bahut dard hua phir accchha laga.

I said- Pehli baar tha isliye dard hua. Ab say dard nahi hoga aur sirf maja hiaayega.

She said- Kya phir karoge.

I said- Kya karunga.

She- Wohi jo abhii kare the.

I asked- Kya kiya tha. I wanted her to feel relaxed and comfortable with me. No hesitation and distance between us. I wanted her to be free in her talks with me.

She said- Pata nahi kya kahte hain. Wohi jo Mummy ke saath kar rahe the aur abhi mere saath kiya tha. I said- Anu, mere is ko lund kahte hain. Tumhari chad ko choot aur jo hum kar rahe the usko chudai. Ab tum bolo in sab ka naam.

She hesitated at first and then repeated.

We took rest for some time, during which she asked me about me and mom and for how long we have been doing chudai. I told her everything. After about 1 hour, I again started the foreplay- kissing her lips, sucking her lips, exchanging saliva. Kissing her on her eyes, nose, forehead, ears and neck. All the while, I was pressing her small boobs. Then I started sucking her small nipples and twitching it between my lips and kneading the other one. Soon she was again moaning with pleasure. I asked- Anu, kya ek bar aur chudai karen.

She- Haan bhaiya. Aur karo. Par pahle choot ko chato.

I then went to her choot and tongued her till she could not bear it any more. I saw that she was ready and then I guided my prick with the help of my hand into the now wide vagina. I entered my shaft slowly. She placed her arms tightly on my shoulders & closed her eyes shut. I kept the pressure, though it still pained her a little, she did not say anything. Then with a strong push, I again entered her. By now I was deep in. But her vagina was still tight. Then I slowly started the ride & accelerating when ever possible; even I was in light pain as her choot was very tight and a lot of effort was needed to move in out with staedy rythem Her pink pussy lips & my dark brown shaft jammed like anything. She was both in pain & pleasure.

I felst height. She was moaning as I rode her. It wasn't long before I started nearing the climax. I accelerated my speed and fucked her with hard strokes. She was moaning heavily. The acceleration led to our climax together. I felt my sperms gushing out of my balls, to the penis & into the very tight deep end of her vagina. Her cum was oozing out of her vagina; I could feel the wetness on my sacrotal sacs. I felt very satisfied . I could sense that even she was exhausted. She still had a lot to learn, but with passage of time and more fucking she will become good.

I kissed her on her forehead & told her that she was my first virgin girl. She slowly opened her eyes & replied me with a soft kiss. Then she asked me softly - Bhaiya, jo hamne kiya hai na, mujhe bahut daar lag raha hai. I told her that there is nothing to worry & I shall take care of everything. I was really satisfied with my first two fucks with her. That evening, I fucked her once more and then we both had bath together. As it was getting late, she went to sleep. I stayed awake till Mom and Dad came back. Next day, mom saw the way Anu was walking and immediately knew what had happened and that her sweet little daughter was no more a virgin. Mom came to my room that night and confronted me and I told her everything. I told her that she was at fault. If she had not stopped coming to my room all these wouldn't have happened. Any case, she started coming to my room during the night once again. Slowly I convinced her to let Anu also come otherwise, she will find some other ways to satisfy herself, now that she has tasted sex.

That was just the start of our long relation. Thereafter, all three of us- mom, sis and I had regular sex. It opened a new chapter in my life. How both tried to satisfy me and how both became my sex slave to do my bidding. Sis learnt fast- in fact she learnt more from Mom- trying to do whatever mom did with me. I was one satisfied person.
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Thnks for the new stories Ajit bhai

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This is unbelievable, I never thought anything like this happens in real life. My name is Sham. I was 15 years old when this exciting incident occur. I lived in Bombay with my mom Sadhna, 36, she is widowed, and I never knew my father. I have asked about him a few times and mom gets a strange look on her face and tells me, he died along time ago so, I learned to not to mention it anymore. Most of the time living with mom is great. Once in a while she gets into one of her moods then it's time to head for cover.

I've had a few dates with my neighbours shimla (12 years old), rajni (17 yrs. old) but they haven't gotten passed the hot and heavy kissing and breast feeling stage. These dates always leave me wanting more, but I never got the nerve to delve into the pot of gold and taste the tender fruit of womanhood. Most of the time I was horny as hell. With no female comfort, this leaves me with my trusty hand to lull the tension in my body. Sometimes I would fantasize about my mom (because I was very close to her and we normally do every thing together and I had glimpses of her breast so many times during her to do the daily chores around the house) being in my room nude when I jerked off. This usually got me very hot and I would shoot off almost immediately.

Unfortunately this was one of those times. Things were hopping at work, my mom was a part owner of a small Advertising agency and her biggest client was a being a pain in the ass. She was spending many late nights at the office working on ideas to make people want to buy the crap the guy made. So, when she got home she wasn't in the best of moods. These moods didn't usually last long. This time her client was taking his business elsewhere and mom was in a bind. Her nerves were strung out tight, she wasn't sleeping, and everytime I stuck my head out of my room she wanted to snap it off. Aftera few days, she was band from the office. Her partner told her to take some time off that was when hell week began. She was getting worse so I had it out with her. I told her to see our family doctor, Dr. Ramla to get some help sleeping. The next day she came back with a prescription of heavy-duty sleeping pills.

That night she took her first pill and was dead to the world. I was tired too and fell asleep in front of the TV until the phone awoke me a 10 P.M. It was her partner. An urgent matter came up and he needed to talk to mom. I yelled for mother to attend the phone, but didn't get a response. I went to her bedroom and found her snoring away. I tried to get her up, it was no use. Nothing short of a nuclear explosion was going to wake her. I hung-up the phone after telling my mom's partner that she was out of it until the morning. A chill went down my spine. My fevered mind when into overdrive. What else can I do to her without waking her up. It was a hard week and I was a healthy teenager needing relief. My hand came to mind, but a better alternative was laying in my mother's bed unconscious. That very moment I decided to fuck my mom. I was so excited that I almost shot my load before I reach the bed. She was lying on her back with her head tilted away from me, her mouth slightly open, and her dark black hair fanned across the pillow. My mom was very pretty. She never dated anyone after my father's death and I didn't understand why she didn't go out for another marriage. I saw a lot of guys trying to put the moves on my mother over the years so, I knew she had plenty of opportunities.

I slowly pulled back the covers to reveal her body covered in a pink Shalwar Qmeez. Her chest was rising and falling with each breath. Everytime she inhaled her breasts strained to be released from their confinement. Her nipples were outlined in the thin material. She didn't wear the bra, and I knew from my previous investigation that she never wear panties. My mouth was watering for a taste of those tender rose buds. I slowly started to unbutton her top three buttons of Qameez, I had to stop for a second and get a hold of myself because my hands were shaking a little.

I finally got her last button undone. Her chest was revealed in all its glory. Her breasts were the size of large grapefruits. I bent forward, put my lips on mom's right nipple and started to slowly to suck on it, with my hand I fondled and squeezed the other. The nipples hardened under my attention and mom started to breathe faster. I got my tongue into action.

I began to lick her breasts. My penis was hard as a steel rod and straining to be let out. I reluctantly let go of her breasts and quickly undressed. I stood naked above my mother's body enjoying the strange feeling running through my body. I wanted to see her all. I worked my fingers under the Sash or Izarband of her Shalwar and pulled down but didn't get far. The material was catching under her butt. I had to shift her hips to the side and work her Shalwar down inch by inch. After all this moving around, she was still out of it. I had a good view of her pussy. The pubic hair was dark and thick. I went in for a closer look.

The nearer I got the stronger the sweet musk sent became. I stuck my face into her pussy and took a deep breath. I absorbed her sent. This was too much for my young mind to take, I had to have a taste of mom's wonderful juicy pussy. I ran my tongue up along the slit. I felt like I touched an open light socket. I went mad with lust. My tongue probed inside her cunt. Mom's mind was out of it, but her body was responding to my eating her pussy. Her legs became wider and the muscles of her cunt grabbed my tongue and wanted to pull me in. I found the clit and my tongue began a fencing match. I licked up, around and socked on it. It was like Niagara Falls down there, it was wet. I lapped and socked up the love juice my mom was giving me. My mom started to moan.

This scare the hell out of me, because I thought she was waking up; I looked up. She was in the same position when last I checked with her eyes closed. I was safe, but was hurting. My cock was ready to burst. I got up on the bed and moved in between those beautiful long legs. I grabbed my penis. It felt like I had a boa constrictor hanging between my legs, It was pulsing and jerking around. I was more then a handful. I rubbed the tip of my cock along her pussy. I said in a whisper "Do you want my big cock in your cunt Mom?" Getting no negative response to this question, I slowly sled my tree trunk of a cock into her. Inch by inch I slid home unlit all my 6 inch penis was in; she was so very tight. It felt like I had my cock in a vice. The moaning from my mother was getting faster and loader. I started to slid back and forth in her. Man was she wet and warm!

I didn't last long; I felt my ball tingling. My first hot molten jet of cum pulsed into the vagina. Jet after jet filled her up, it felt like it would never stop. Cum leaked around my cock and down the crack of her ass. She couldn't hold the large load of cum my penis was injecting. Slowly the pulses ebbed and stopped. I have never felt like this before ever in my life.

I was dazed after shooting my huge wad of jism. I was weak and collapsed onto mom's chest. When I came to my senses, I looked at the clock on the night stand, jesus, it was 3:00 AM. I pulled out my deflated member, more of my cum was oozing out of mom's pussy onto the bed sheets. I ran to the bathroom and got some towels to clean up the mess. I put her Shalwar back on and knotted the izarband or sash and buttoned her qameez and tucked the sheets around her neck. I was exhausted.

I went to sleep with a satisfied smile on my lips that night. I awoke later that morning, I still felt a little drained. I showered and made myself some thing to eat. Mom got up after lunch. I was having Tea in the kitchen when she came in; I was a little nervous. I didn't know if she would remember, what happen last night through her heavy drugged haze. She was softly humming to herself, she came up to me, kissed me on the cheek, and said "Morning".

I replied "It's afternoon Mom.

Did you sleep well." My voice broke a little. Mom said "I had a wonderful sleep. Best ever, I had some interesting dreams too. Those sleeping pills are great." My heart was thundered in my chest. She thought last night's activities were a dream, good. I was in the clear.

While the pills lasted, she always woke up with a big load of my cum in her pussy, but all good things come to an end. She ran out of pills and the doctor Ramla wouldn't give her anymore, because they were addictive. My sex toy was out of reach. I had to go back to using my hand. After having the best going back to second best wasn't totally satisfying. Several weeks later she when back to the doctor for another problem. When she got back, she dropped a bomb on me.

She was pregnant! But that is another story.
I am Perfect,Mr.Perfect

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Old 29th June 2005
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ajit7 is hunted by the papparaziajit7 is hunted by the papparazi
My name is Jamal and current study at Mcgill University. I want to
tell you very good experience happened to me when I was in Lahore, Pakistan.
You see I want to Aitchison College which only for boys. I was only 16 at
that time.

One day I just had exam and was tired and horny... so I went to my nearest
pan booth and there he have magazines with "nungy" chicks so I got even more
horny. I asked panwala to let me borrow magazine and I will return it next
day promise. He agreed and I took it home on my bed and began masturbating.
My dick was very very big and fat and I was proud of it.

My dad only come home only twice week because he worked in Rawalpindi so I
didn't see him much. My mom was very pretty with a nice ass and tits that
looked so juicy that I got horny around her. That night she came to my room
and said that dinner was ready, I have brother sister but they asleep. She
just got out of shower and wear white shalwar kamiz. She was so sexy that I
see her green bra inside. Her boobs very very perfect and juicy... My mother
very innocent...

She came and saw me with that magazine and she begin to get angry. But I told
her that there is nothing to worry about and she came and sit next to me. I
show her pictures of nice boobs and she no look at them but look at my dick
instead. This made me very horny and I ask her what she thinking. She say
that she didn't know mine was so big. Then she ask if she could feel it I
knew it was time.

She begin to glide hand on my dick then removes it quickly but I tell her to
keep doing it because it was getting more longer and I was horny. I ask her
about shower and she smiled and said none of my business. I say she very
pretty, then she ask what and I say her boob very round. She ask me if I want
to see I said yes and she begin to remove her kamiz but I said I do it for
her. She had a big stomach but so did I but her tits were better. I began to
unclip her bra and she also begin to get horny and said its good daddy is not

I told her if she wanted it and she said lets try so she took off her shalwar
and no underware and she had hairy pussy that did not shave for maybe many
years. This made my dick swell and I get on top of her. She very experienced
and knew what to do. She grabs my back and scrateches it. I started licking
her juicy tits and I felt very excited. I was fucking my OWN MOTHER. I had
fun and then she said to do her in the asshole and I agreed but first I
demanded she suck my dick she hesitated but agreed so I put my mouth in her
pussy and we got in 69 position. She had trouble putting my dick into her
mouth because it was so big. But finally got in. We did this for 15 minutes
and then I buttfucked her. It was so much fun.

I look at magazine and see that one guy pissing in mouth of girl and ask my
mom and she said again she'll try. So she open her mouth and I cum inside her
then she said YES, Jamal, GIVE ME MORE loudly... she very young 34 and
energyful. Then she hear my brother calling her so she got worried and was
very wet her cunt very hairy and wet and mouth dripping with cum. I help her
get cloths on and she go to my brother.

After that we have dinner and she said food don't taste good better than my
dick. I laughed then she wiggled it some more and I got horny again but she
said enough for one night. She save more for later. She told me not to get
horny because my dad might see me. I did her about twice a week when my dad
away becasue she say I remind her of my dad.

I am at Mcgill now but I still remember those days I will never forget...
I am Perfect,Mr.Perfect

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Old 29th June 2005
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ajit7 is hunted by the papparaziajit7 is hunted by the papparazi
My name is Vikram. Now a days I live in Texas with my family(my wife and
two kids), but this incident happened to me when I lived in Hyderabad,
This is a true story.
At the age of 16, I was a very horny kid. Every woman was like a sex toy
to me at that age. Whenever I got chance I tried my best to get the
glimpses of woman breast. My best options was my mother Radha, my older
sister Nina, she was two year older than me and my maid sabira, a
widowed bengali woman live on the back of our house with her 2 year
daughter. My father was a land lord and most of the time live in village
on our farms and visit us once in a month.
I never had sex with any girl at that age and I had no girlfriend.
Let me describe you about my mother. She married to my father at the
very young age of 15. Now at 35.
She is very beautiful and sexy looking woman. Especially I love her
Dood(breast). She has a very fair color and her boobs are big, round and
firm and those two can not be kept with in her Blouse. I never saw my
mother to wear any bra. she is an uneducated old fashioned village lady
who knows nothing about fashion. Most of the time when she
is doing house hold work her saree or her kurta and mostly she
unbuttoned the top two or three buttons on it, or whatever she dressed
can not cover her big boobs and her cleavage is always a joy for me and
I had no problem to look at her boobs even at nipples too, which are
dark brown and always seems to me erect. She mostly wear lungi or dhooti
open on one side, a casual or normal dress for her and i always tried to
get the glimpses of my mother's cunt or bushes of her vaginal hair, and
I got succeeded couple of times too but most often I had no problem to
stare her beautifully shaped inner thighs. Her tight ass is a bit big
but very sexy and I often had views of her ass line when her dhooti got
stuck in it.
My mother love me too much because i am the only son and younger kid in
the house. My two older sisters got married very young.
Because My father always stay out of town my mother always wants me to
sleep in her room. She have a old style large and huge double bed in her
bedroom and she always treat me like a small kid and hug me, kiss me,
talk to me to much and telling me stories about the neighbours,
relatives and etc. before sleeping every night.
I never had any feelings or anything towards sex in my whole life since
a month ago and I was an innocent kid and never thought of my mother as
a woman before but since i watched some porno movies at my friends house
suddenly my dick wake up from a long sleep. I always wear glasses and
since than I changed the lenses with a little brown shade, nobody was
able to catch me at sterring her.
Anyway long story short My innocent mother knew nothing about my
ambitions, my desires, my lust, my plans. In her eyes I was a small
innocent kid.
After getting a lot of glimpses of private parts all the time I had
different ideas in my mind. Now I want to use my hands to feel her body
mostly her boobs and cunt and ass. As I told she like to hug me I always
try to touch my fingers on her ass and boobs but very carefully not want
to let her to get any clue about it. most of the time i left my hand
rest on her chootar(ass) when i talking to her on bed and try to squeeze
a little bit innocently, try to rub her back and touches her brest and
she hug me I always feel her nipples on my chest.
On night I was very horny and mom just came to the room after working
her ass off whole day in house chores, she was looking very tired, as I
can say it just by looking her face, she was wearing a a black kurta and
her same multicolor lungi and sat on the bed and complained me about her
aches all over the body mostly the legs and also told me she was missing
my father too. As i was talking to her I saw her nipples erect which was
not normal I felt that she is horny tonight too but she cannot tell me
about it. As a obidient son I offer her to rub her feet to comfort her
and to get rid of that pain I brought milk and dissolved three sleeping
pills in it, she accepted and lay down on the bed on her back.
I sat down on the edge of the bed and took one of
her feet into my hands. As I kneaded and massaged it, my
mom sighed and relaxed even more. I realized from the
way my mother had relaxed, with her legs apart and open little bit and
slightly elevated and she bend her knees.
Now at this time if I lowered my head a little I could see up her
lungi. It was already pulled up to above her knees, and was open from
the side I could easy look up her waist from the side and if I lifted
her feet while rubbing them, i might be able to get the lungi even
higher. Then all I would have to do is take a peek.
My mother must have been really relaxed, because she
lifted the leg I wasn't working on and bent it at the knee.
As she did, her lungi fell away and revealed even more of her legs. With
her in that position, I was presented with an
unobstructed view of almost all her legs in the power full light of the
bulb, including the creamy white skin of her inner thighs. Seeing her
legs in almost their entirety, I was pleased that they were just as I
had imagined they would be--shapely, firm, and above all else, sexy. MY
cock slowly swelled and stiffened in reaction to the sight. Touching her
warm skin like I was made it even better for me. As I rubbed her feet, I
imagined that it was her soft, inner-thigh skin that my hands and
fingers were massaging.
Although I already saw a lot brfore and was seeing some of the parts of
my mother than I had been dreaming of seeing, I realized that there
might be more available for viewing. If i ducked my head just an inch, I
could see up the few remaining inches of lungi that still covered her
upper thighs. If I were lucky, I might be able to see her juicy cunt
Seeing that my mother still had her eyes closed, I lowered my head so
that I could see her pussy. When I did so, all I saw was darkness. When
I looked closer, though, he realized that what I saw wasn't darkness, it
was hair. There weren't any panties to see--only pussy. There's nothing
covering her pussy, and I'm getting to look at it." being careful to
keep up the pace of rubbing so my mother wouldn't open her eyes to find
out what was different. I could see that her sex had a covering of fine,
dark hair.
my mother's lay flat against her skin, molding to the
contours of her pubis, giving it a greyish-flesh color.
The contours that I saw included the furrow that divided her legs with
its cleft of Venus. The crease was slightly pouted open and showed a
hint of moist flesh just a little deeper. I pulled her leg a little to
the side and the channel
gaped open even more, the labial lips clearly showing as they spread
apart. Her womanly furrow was now even more evident, and I could see
down into its depths, down deep between her legs to where the entrance
of her most secret part was. At this time, my mother was fully slept,
started light snooring and relaxed and was moaning a liitle bit and I
was clearly able to see the moist and wet pussy lips of her cunt, then
at once still her eyes closed she lowered the leg she had lifted and
moved her foot toward me.she lifted the leg I had just worked on even
higher than the one before. This caused even the little bit of lungi
that had been on her thigh to fall away, all the way down to her
waist. She way she was now reclining, I was exposed to a
complete view of all the area between her legs. I gazed in
rapture at her pussy and ass. As far as I was concerned,
they were the most perfect I had ever seen, better even than
porno movies.
I would have stayed there and rubbed her feet until my
arms fell off for the opportunity to keep looking at what my
mother was displaying to me. I was just maddeningly horny. The front of
my trousers were bulged out and even had a small damp spot where
pre-come had leaked out of my rigid, throbbing cock. I immediately
started jerking myself off, in the same room with my mother lying on my
lap, one hand on her feet and other on my dick and my mind and eyes are
full of the wet, gaping pussy in front of me . While I was doing this I
heard a soft humming sound of moan. i couldn't tell for sure, but there
was a incredible view in front of me when my mother's cunt start droping
juices from her pussy. First i thought may be she is peeing then i
realized it's juices from her cunt.
I looked down at her thighs and seeing her orgasm I
felt myself becoming mad with lust and urge to fuck her right at the
spot. I reached between her thighs with my hand and touched her privates
the first time she didn't move but moaned litle loudly. I then lift her
on her bed, unbuttoned her kurta . Her large breasts fascinated me, she
had a huge aerole and thick chunky nipples. I fondled
her right breast for a few seconds started sucking it, pinching it with
my teeths for few minutes and then let her lay down. I stared for a few
seconds between her slightly parted thighs and gathered some courage and
decided to have her. I slipped out of my underwear and knelt on the
floor next to her bed. I pulled her knees apart fully exposing her hairy
cunt. I played around with her cunt with my fingers and ended up pushing
a couple of fingers into her wet vagina. That did it, she didn'teven
blink, so I knelt upright and guided my throbbing erection into her
vagina. I pushed my erection deep inside her started pumping back and
forth and within couple of minutes I ejaculated. I leant forwards,
grasped her left breast with my hand and sucked the nipple of her right
breast into my mouth, as I pumped mysemen into her hot vagina.
My climax over, I relaxed and felt my erection slowly subside and slide
out of her vagina. I released her nipple from my mouth and let go of her
breast and moved slightly backwards. I stared between her spread thighs
at her cunt and watched as my semen began to leak out of her vagina
and run down between her buttocks.
I began to feel guilty, but at the same time I felt satisfied. I got up
and went to the bathroom. I came back with some tissue and wiped my
semen away from her cunt and from between buttocks. I then swung her
legs onto the bed and covered her with her lungi and kurta and over with
a blanket and went back to sleep next to her.
The next morning, I woke up and went for breakfast. Mom
looked terrible. Don't make a noise she said I've got a real bad
headache. As she poured me some tea and fixed a paratha for me she asked
me, did your father come home
last night? I don't know I replied. Why? Oh nothing
she replied.
To this day I feel somewhat guilty.
I am Perfect,Mr.Perfect

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