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Old 18th October 2007
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Sexy Neighbours

We have a new neighbour past over 12 months, decent, educated, broad-minded, a charming rich family consisting of only 2 members, a widow mother,sudha, 46 and her divorced daughter manju, 26 without any issues, as I am told by them. Both are attractive, have well-built body and possess a strong sex-appeal.

We developed friendly and cordial relations as good neighbours. Gradually and after mid-night on occassion of our society's party on new year-eve, i. E. 31-12-2005, this relationship paved way for closer bondage between us and it ultimately resulted into an unexpected (on both sides) intimacy from 26th jan. 06, after my delicious lunch in their apartment in response to their kind invitation. We openly, frankly and freely chatted and exchanged views on various topics (including men-women descreet affairs/extra- marital relations, etc. ), with no hesitation or reluctance on either side whilst discussing. It was observed from the talk had that both, sudha and manju underwent severe loneliness since long and sought a male company for fun and pass-time. It was understood that both were extremely sexy and were fully an un-satisfied lot. They sought from some male, urgently, sexual satisfaction each desperately needed to physically fulfil their strong urges and unbearable passions, anymore, to cheer them and give them pleasure and total satisfaction. By 4 pm at tea (on 26-01-06), sudha and manju said that they were watching me and my movements and concluded I could be their very good neighbour whom they could trust, am a matured, decent and an experienced married and experienced male which they could judge from day one,also possessed a high flair for enjoing sex, and was quite competent enough to satisfy them both even at same time and fulfil all their strong sexual needs, their other physical urges and passions including sex needs.

They expressed their keen desire to have intimacy with me. I agreed spontaneously and grabbing this unexpected opportunity from me (for me too, it was unexpected), sudha rushed to me, hugged and kissed me and held my scrotch. Manju too was excited and licked me on my ears and pressed my arms hips. I was getting excited now and my dick was hardening and increading in length. Tent was getting in shape on face of my trousers. Sudha unzipped my trouser, inserted her fingers in my undergarment and held my dick firmly. She pulled and played with my dick vigorously. Sudha was getting restless and said to manju that my dick is a solid gun and can shoot and juice from my barel and fire their too thirsty cunts. Manju then pulled sudha's hand from there and inserted her fingers inside the opening and played with my dick. She was getting mad. Sudha then said to manju to play with me and as she was going to their bed-room to be ready for nex actions. Within minutes, she called us both (me and manju), from their drawing room. As I entered their bed-room first, sudha licked my cheeks, bit them mildly but kissed me very hard. Sudha, even at her age of 46 as looking very gorgeous beautiful with attractive curvy figure, long hair with sexy looking eyes, large enlarged "d" shaped breasts, fair-looking boobs eager to be squeezed and sucked, and dressed only in pink-bra and pink, silky-smooth petty-coat. Sudha displayed a very strong sex appeal. Manju, in the meantime, changed her dress to appear equally beautiful and with extra-cute semi-circle, arc-shaped worth-admiring sexy hips and well-built body. She too had large breasts bulging out of her transparent white v-cut sleeveless blouse. Though 36, she looked younger.

Manju was dressed up in transparent saree and semi-transparent petty-coat and from her white blouse the upper, cleavage and upper area of her breasts were visible. Tips of both her long tits (nipples) were also visible. She appeared very tempting and seducing. Her sexy-looking eyes and widening her thighs frequently displayed her extrra stong urge for sex-acts she was yearning to perform since long. Ever-sexy sudha was by now impatient and unable to bear the stress any more. She began to undress by hereself. She was totally naked. She looked terrific. She hugged and kissed me first on lips, bit my ear-flaps, cheeks, lips and kissed and licked my neck,shoulders and so on. We hugged. I pressed her hard, crushed and squeezed her entire body,hips and then I patted and rubbed her pussy hard which was by now hot and wet, inserted one finger inside. Sudha was getting hotter now. Jelly was flowing out of her sexy pussy. She told me to insert 2 more fingers inside her pussy (which I did) and was, after rubbing, massaging inside. As manju was removing her petty-coat and saree, sudha pressed my hips, started licking them, kissing and bitinging. I pressed sudha's breasts and pampered her nips and pulled them, kissed and licked them and sucked in turn both. As I was sucking sudha's left nip, her right breast breast was being pressed and squeezed by me and vice versa. Sudha was sexcited and wanted to be sucked harder and her breasts pressed non-stop. Sudha held my cock in her hand and started pulling fast. I was yelling in pain but sudha ignored and was more excited.

Then she bent down, first rubbed the cock on her cheeks, licked the cock and rubbed on her breasts and both nipples. Then she put my dick in her mouth and began sucking rigorously uninterrupted. As she sucked, she pushed it further inside her mouth to reach her throat. I started cumming. Sudha sipped it without a drop flowing out of her mouth. She was ace and seasoned cock-sucker. In the meantime, manju was getting hot, was holding on to my arms, licking and kissing me. I too was doing the same. As she was licking my cheeks and forehead, she also licked my ears and then whispered that let the mom get fucked first and once she is satisfied in the first session (she needs minimum 2 sessions once she starts), I must lick her fingers and then give her my thumb which she will suck and in less than 15 minutes she'll go to sleep for at least 45 to 60 minutes before she is ready and refreshed for next sex-session. In the meantime manju could have her turn for sex-acts with me to begin get satisfied. After sucking my cock for around 5 minutes, the ever-sexy sudha mom said to me "let's get in bed and she wanted to be fucked as she could no longer wait. She was in great hurry to be fucked. We went in bed (manju too came with us). Mom sudha slept prostrate on her back with her legs apart. My cock was in her hand. She gently rubbed my cock first on her vaginal lips and then inserted inside her thirsty pussy. The cock expanded and very easily slipped inside without any difficulty or pain to her. Then I slept on her. She made a sigh of relief and moaned. She held me tight. I was kissing and licking her cheeks, etc. She was getting fucked. In about 15 minutes, she was so greedy to be fucked non-stop and wanted more satisfaction. Sudha screamed: "fuck me hard my bastard fucker, fuck me my sexy darling, pour me inside me, your hot and spicy fucks. Your dick is juicy and smooth.. My dear fucker, my fucky darling, please fuck me as many hours you can... My babe will not tell you to stop she knows extent of my wants... Fuck me darling, I know now you have to fuck my babe too and satisfy her... But just now keep me satisfied fucking... I need a lot of sex from you to-day... I'll not let you leave until I am satisfied fucking. I am desperate just now darling, so please fuck me and think only of me, not my sexy-hot manju baby. She then wanted me to press her right breast with one hand and hold her left breast with the other (fucking action was going on) and continue to suck her breast. It was done. She would not leave hereslf unsucked. Manju was pressing my arms first, biting them and then caressed and licked my entire back. Then she licks my hips and pressed them. Then she licked mys ass. Then she rubeed her breast and nipples all over my back and inserted her nips in my ears. Then she rubbed her breast and nips against my cheecks. Manju then slept on my back (my fuck with sudha was on). With manju sleeping above me, sudha was further excited, there being more weight on her. She derived more pleasure thereby, said... "fuck this whore, your sudha-raand, as deep as your lund could penetrate into me. Don't leave me, I want to be satisfied. I desperately need your hot fucks".... This went on for about 35/40 minutes. Sudha felt a bit tired and wanted some rest. I held her fingers, kissed them, licked them, sucked her thumb in my mouth for few moments, gave my fingers and my thumb to her for sucking which she did. In minutes, she slept. Manju, who was already hot, hugged me and requested me: " first we have a shower bath jointly and shower fuck" before we move towards a sofa also in their bed-room. Our shower-bath and shower-fuck for ten minutes was an enjoyable experience. We then sit on sofa for our actions. Manju and me first embraced and hugged each other,pressed one against the other,caressed the enite body, licked, bit and kissed on cheeks, manju starts moving her hand around my back and presses hard, my back and hips. She bit my cheeks and arms again as she grew sexier. Manju put my hand on her large breasts. I squeeze, press, knead and bite for few minutes. We both were already in the nude and also too hot and sexcited, wanting actions to start quickly but step by step. We again kissed and licked each other profusely, pressed the entire body of each mercilessly. Manju's bibs and tits were enlarging very speedily. Her nipples were erect and stiff like a pistol barrel. I press her breasts and kiss and lick the nips of manju's juicy breasts with one hand and her spongy balls with other. Manju's breasts grew larger and harder and erect nips increased in length as they became more stiff. I suck them one after another. Manju liked being sucked... Said "suck more and more"...

Her juicy melons and her spongy balls were being squeezed with each of my hands. In this process of love-making, we derived more and more fun and passionate pleasure. Manju held my dick first, pulled it rashly for few minutes as I played my fingers and rubbed her pussy and knelt to kiss and lick it. Then I inserted my fingers inside as desired by her. Manju's pussy started leaking. Lovely aroma emits. I sip the creamy hot jelly from her wet pussy and rub my cheeks against manju's wetty pussy. Its taste was fantastic. Then manju held my cock, kissed, licked and rubbed against her cheecks vigorously and placed it in her mouth and sucked very fast (just as her mom did with me). My dick became hot, enlarged, rod-hard, stiff and long. She gulpped all the saliva pouring (as if from a syringe) from my cock in her mouth and then holding my cock in one hand and hugging me with the other. I was seated and she sat facing me in my lap. She inserted my straight hard-long dick into her wetty pussy to first fuck seated and get satisfied. She wrapped her arms around to mbrace and held me tight. I too held her tight. My cock slipped effortlessly inside manju's thirsty pussy.

She enjoyed fucking seated in my lap. We were kissing each other whilst fuckung seated. She gasped her breath with speed as my blood circulation escalated with heat stimulating inside my blood circulation system. In about 10 minutes, manju puts her bulging right-breast' s erected tight nipple in my mouth and I lick and suck while pressing other enlarged breast with my right hand rubbing manju's breast against my cheeks. I really enjoyed. She said "suck more dear, press harder and hearder, dear. It's really giving me kind of excitement I yearned. Manju was too sexy by now. Her sexy eyes made her sex-appeal became extremely severe, and seducive. At the same time holding each other very tight, pressing, licking and making love, we were continuously fucking seatedly, with ease and were quite comfortable. Manju was talling me all the time... "don't leave my pussy, harden your rod more, increase its length as it remains inside and push it deep inside me as deep as it can go until it stops... I want to be fucked as much as posible in this position before we get in bed... Fuck your bitch dear, fuck me more and pour more fresh juice in me. My pussy is very very thirsty of this juice... Fuck this young bitch, your junior whore. I need it desperately and in plenty... Please continue fucking... I am extremely sexy and want maximum sex from you... My patience is off... I am desperately desperate... Please fuck me my bastard. Think of me only as your dear young bitch, please continue fucking this horny bitch who is yours....... Your rod is really hard and strong. You are really the type of experienced fucker I need just now to satisfy me... I feel like being fucked whole night through my hole for hours but we can't dear... My bloddy sexy bitchy mom also loves such cute sexy fucks. She is a bloddy senior and an experienced bitch and whore of elite cliass.. She needs more juice in her deep hot sexy cunt and before she awakes now,please continue to fuck me. You have still to fuck your manju in bed dear... " after about 30 minutes, we proceed on bed. As we move from sofa to bed, manju was holding my cock and my fingers were in her pussy as I was sucking her nip. We both were deeply intoxicated with sex and love-making. Manju laid first on bed and after I remove my fingers from her cunt, I kiss her pussy and licked it. After pulling my cock 4/5 times, she inserts my cock she was holding, inside her pussy. It slips in fast. She was being fucked. She held me tight and pressed my hips. I kiss and lick her. She moans with joy and screams and says: " while fucking, your young sexy manju bitch wants such fucks, more number of times from you than my mom gets from you... She has fucked more than me in life so far.. Please fuck me dear...

This bitch is mad now... She wants to not only level, but score more no. Of fucks than her mom sudha's fucks so far". It was over 60 minutes I was fucking/enjoying with manju and vice4-varsa. Mom awoke and seeing her daughter was still being fucked, tells me to continue with manju. Sudha starts pressing my hips, licking my back, then hips and then she inserted her fingers in my ass and started licking my ass. Then she sleeps on me and now manju became happier and sexier because of weight and was merrier. After few minutes, mom got down and slept by manju's side and said to me "inserert your fingers in my (sudha's) cunt and sleep angularly so that as her manju babe gets fucked, sudha wants to be sucked... She said: "suck my right breast... It's to be sucked and sucked". I sucked. So, as manju was being fucked, sudha was being sucked and her (sudha's) pussy had my 3 fingers inside massaging her aching pussy.

After about 20 minutes then, manju said she wanted rest. Sudha said it was her turn again and within minutes, manju went to sleep saying she may be awakened after an hour so that we all 3 could have another tri-some or joint session and before this, if I could in the meantime have a quick session with sudha (for me it was the third), sexy sudha mom will be extremely delighted. Now the ever-sexy mom was sexily fully refreshed (after a nap) and prepared for another session with me. We began this session began in 69 position. Sudha had my cock sucking in her mouth, I was licking sudha's cunt and at times my tongue was inside her cunt. After about 15 minutes, I sit doggy-style with sudha still sucking my cock. I bend forwards (am already in doggy style) and sucking sudha's left breast now. She is moaning in pleasure. Then I move my right hand thru' sudha's belly,play for few moments in her navel and then move my palm and fingers on sudha's cunt and insert my fingers inside sudha's cunt and start rubbing vigorously. Sudha is at peak of her excitement and shakes her legs with joy and moves her hips by raising up and down. I too am at helm of excitement as three things were being done at a time... Sudha sucking my cock, me sucking her nip and my fingers inserted in her cunt. She was extremely boiling hot, full of sex within her flowing all over and deriving total sexual pleasure and satisfaction she longed past several years. That's what she mentioned thereafter. Yes, we have joint sessions at least once a week for 2/3 hours at a stretch and during other days, anytime, even a slight chance is available, we don't miss in any manner.
payboy_4_females does not host any of the files mentioned on this post or on his own servers. This post only points out to various links on the Internet that already exist and are uploaded by other websites or users there

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Old 18th October 2007
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Raped by servants

My name is Sneha . I live in Gujarat. I am 18 years old studying in first year of college. I would like to share my first sex encounter which I enjoyed it very much at the age of 18 by two servants. I was in 14th standard at that time.

We are five people including one brother and a sister of mine. I am a very beautiful girl with a figure of 32-28-30. Many boys in my college are attracted towards me but due to conservative nature I was afraid to talk to any boys as my brother and sister were studying in the same college of mine and was afraid that they will tell me talking to a boy to parents and they will scold me.

It was during diwali vacation and my uncle staying in US was returning for couple of weeks so I was given the task to clean his house before he arrives. We had a servant called Sohan who used to do our household chores. My mom had asked Sohan also to help us clean our uncle's house. It was Saturday and Sohan told my mom that he will be free tomorrow to do the cleaning of our other house. But unfortunately my mom's father became very serious on Saturday evening and my parents along with my brother and sister went away to our village. But my mom told that next day that house should be cleaned when they return after one week as though it was diwali time so they will spend the time in the village. I said ok and said them good bye.

Next day Sohan came in the morning at his usual time 9.00AM and started our house's chores. While he was working I saw bulge in his pants as he was looking at my cleavage which was clearly visible through my blouse. But I didn't knew that a mere glimpse of my cleavage would make him so horny that he will fuck me today. I always wear sari and Punjabi dresses at home. After he finished his work at our house. We both went together to my uncle's house for cleaning. He said memsahib mein abhi ata hun bidi phook ke tab tak aap ghar khol ke rakho. I said ok but told him to come as soon as he can and he nodded in reply. After 10mins he came back with a sturdy looking guy who was of 26 years of age and was well built his name was mohan (Sohan's cousin). I asked him who is he? He said that he was his cousin and will help us to finish our job quickly. I said ok no problem and let him come inside the house. I instructed them what has to be done. And they started their job. I was watching TV by that time. I heard that they were talking in their regional language which I couldn't understand so I went to the room where they were and asked what was the problem? Then suddenly mohan sprang and closed the door latch of the room I shouted, "yeh kya kar rahe ho darwaja kyon bandh kar diya?"

Upon asking he started laughing and did not answer. I understood what they were planning. I tried to run but sohan caught me from my hand. He said "memsahib aaj hum tumhe aise nahin jane denge. Thora hume khush to kar do. Phir hum tumhe pyar se jane denge. Aaj to hum tumhare sath jee bhar ke aish karenge". Mohan said that "mere bhai isne abhi tak kissi lund ka swad nahin liya hai isiliye aaram se aur dhire dhire chodenge". Sohan pulled me toward him. I fell on him like a ripen mango. He then caught my both the arms and mohan grabbed me from behind. Mohan said "hamari memsahib bahut sundar aur mulayam hai ekdam makhmal ki tarah". I was almost like supari in between them getting crushed by their heavy bodies. Mohan opened the clip and my hair fallen on his face and he said "ay hay kya baal hai tere meri bulbul wah wah". I was getting irritated by their talk and movements. Sohan grabbed my head with his palms and kissed me on my forehead eyes my nose and then he started kissing my lips. I tried to get free from the grip of sohan but he was very strong for me. By that time mohan took off his shirt and pants and was now in undies. I really got frightened and didn't had any idea what to do. I was struggling to get free but couldn't any how. Then mohan caught my hands and sohan took off his shirt and pants also he was as well now in his undies. I was still struggling to get free from their grip but they were really strong guys. I plead them "pls mujhe jane do mein acche ghar ki ladki hoon mere saath aisa mat karo".

But they simply laughed and didn't show any mercy on me. Mohan then grabbed me from behind and pulled my waist towards him. Sohan started to suck on my lips again but I was resisting very much so he gave me a slap and I could see stars dancing around my head. To avoid further beating I preferred to let them do what they want without resisting much. Mohan was now rubbing his hands over my belly and inserting his index finger in my belly button and was simultaneously pressing his dick in the crack of my ass. Sohan then pulled my sari out and threw it away. I was now in blouse and petticoat. Mohan's tongue was running all over my back and he was kissing me violently on my back and biting my neck and ear lodes. Then mohan started to open my blouse buttons one by one. Sohan pulled the nada of my petticoat and it came rushing down to my legs. Now I was standing in front of two servants only in my bra and panty. By the kissing of mohan on my neck and back I was already aroused and had stopped opposing their acts. Then both of them pulled down their undies and both became naked in front of me. My eyes expanded as I saw their huge dicks sohan's dick was almost 10" inch long and 3.0cm in diameter where as mohan's was little smaller but not much difference atleast 9" inch long and 2.5cm in diameter. I was terrified and was thinking now that how my small pussy is going to accommodate these huge dicks in it.

Then I pleaded again to leave me but they were not gonna listen to me. They were now getting horny and excited and they told me memsahib aaj hum aapko pura sex ka anubhav denge aur tumhe pura din aur raat chodenge. Then mohan asked to suck their dicks. I refused, so he gave me another slap which was more powerful than the first one and tears came out of my eyes. But mohan had no effect of my tears on him. He pulled my hairs and a cry escape out of my mouth which enabled him to put his dick in my mouth. It smelled like stale piss. I hated all this but was helpless. First I felt a bit weird to suck their dicks but they said "memsahib agar aap isse choosengi nahin aur gila nahin hoga to suka lena padega aur bahut dard hoga" and I got more frightened. So I began sucking their dicks one by one and they both were moaning in pleasure "aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah ummmmmmmmmm aaaaaaaaaaaaaaah oooooooooooh oooooooooh hhaaann isis tarah aur andar apne muh me lo aur chooso" now I started to enjoy their meat in my mouth and also listening to these words I began to suck more violently and taking their dicks till the fullest length I can. I sucked their tips and their balls.

After 10min of sucking mohan first ejaculated in my mouth I wanted to vomit it out but was helpless as his 10" lund was in my mouth and had to engulf all of his juice. I then started to like sucking their lunds. Mohan after ejaculating went out of the room I don't know why while sohan's pulled my hair and put his dick in my mouth and I sucked for 15 min and then his dick ejaculate. He also came in my mouth and I really sucked the last drop of sohan's dick. Then mohan came back with oil in his hand. At first didn't knew why he had brought oil I asked "kyon oil ka bottle lekar aye ho tum" he said he will let you know later and then made me stand against the wall. Mohan then lowered the straps of my bra and then opened the hook of bra. My boobs were exposed to them. Both of them were delighted to see my boobs. Mohan took one of them in his hand and started rubbing it very hard pinching my nipples while sucking the other and biting my nipples. I was crying "aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee aaaaaiiiiiiii mmmmmmmmmmaaaaaaaaaaarrrrrrrrrrrr gaaaaaayeeeeeeeeeee Naaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhiiiiiiinnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnnnnn" but my cried had no effect on him.Sohan pulled my panty down. Now I was totally naked in front of two servants. They were now looking my body like hungry dogs. I havepink nipples and cleaned shaved pussy at that time so they were very delighted and said "memsahib humne bahot lakiyan chodi hain par aapjaisa badan aaj tak nahin dekha". Then mohan came near me and started to kiss my lips and sucked them while he started pressing myboobs again. I was crying "aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee eeeeeeee Ooooooooooooooooooooooohhhhhhhhhhhhnnnnnnnnnnnnn". Sohan was kissing my legs and rubbing my thighs this created an arousing feeling in my pussy. He was sucking my pussylike hungry dog. He inserted his index finger in my pussy and moans of pleasure like "aah ooh yes yes aur aah aah andar dalo aur chooso"were coming out of my mouth I don't how and why. He finger fucked my for a long time. He then sucked my pussy for 10min. and then I hadthe first orgasm of my life and he drank all of my liquid and said "wah kya lajawab sharbat tha jaise madira pi ho aisa lagta hai". For the first time some male had touched my boobs and my virgin pussy being sucked and finger fucked for the first time as well. Mohan was pressing my boobs violently without any mercy as if I was their randi. But still I was pleading to them to leave me but they were not going to stop till they achieved their mission. Mohan then lifted me in the arms and lay on the bed and pulled mylegs apart as wide as he can I was still pleading him not to insert and break my virginity. But he said that "chal Sali rand kahin ki aaj to mein tera seal todunga aur tujhe ghode ki tarah chodunga". I closed my eyes as I was now going to be deflowered. Then he placed his dick on the opening of my pussy and rubbed his dick on my pussy. While sohan came near me and slept besides and was pressing my boobsI was crying aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee Ooooooooooooooooooooooohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

Now mohan was ready to pump his dick inside my pussy. He took my legs in his hands and parted more wide and with one hand hold his dick in his hand placed it on my pussy. Then he made a gentle stroke and his penis head entered a bit in my pussy but he took out and poured some oil in my pussy and applied some on his dick as well. Now I knew why he had brought the oil so that he can slid his dick easily inside my pussy. Again he placed his dick on my pussy and made a harder stroke this time due to oil his head entered completely in my pussy. He made another harder stroke and half of his dick entered into my pussy. He relaxed for a second and gave another harder stroke and his dick totally entered my pussy. I was crying "aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee He immediately started pumping me. I felt like a hot rod of iron has torn my inner self apart. I saw at my pussy blood was coming with every stroke of Mohan I understood that I m no more virgin and I have lost my virginity to servants. I was crying badly. All of my body was paining badly. He was simply pumping me. After some time my pain seems to be reduced. He was pumping as usual. He pumped me for about 25 minutes and cummed inside my pussy.

Now it was the turn of Sohan his dick was more longer and thicker than Mohan's. He also poured oil in my pussy and applied some on his dick. He too shoved his dick into my pussy. This time I felt much more pain than fucked by Mohan. I was crying "aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay yyyyyyyyyyyyyyyeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee eeeeeeee Ooooooooooooooooooooooohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh Haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaiiiiiiii mmmmmmmmmmaaaaaaaaaaarrrrrrrrrrrr gaaaaaayeeeeeeeeeee Naaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhiiiiiiinnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn plllllllllllllllllssssssssssssssssssssss". I was requesting him but he was not listening and made much more harder strokes than Mohan and was fucking me like a wild lion. But this pain faded away soon. He fucked me for 30 minutes and during this time he pressed my boobs very badly. He then lifted me up and made me sit and came in between and facing each other while sitting in my laps and made harder strokes. I was now enjoying this game. He hugged me in a very tight position and my boobs were crushed against his chest.

After sometime I saw that mohan was erect again and was ready for another trip. Seeing this sohan slowed his fucking speed. And he laid down on the bed with me sitting over him. Then mohan tried to penetrate me from behind in my ass. But my asshole was too small for his huge lund. So he parted my ass cheeks as much as he can and then he made a harder stroke and his dick penetrated my ass. This time cried much louder "aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee eeeeeeee Ooooooooooooooooooooooohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh hhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh Haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaiiiiiiii mmmmmmmmmmmaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa mmmmmmmmmmmmmaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaarrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr dddaaaaaaaaaaalllllllllllllllllllllaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa mmmmmmmmmmmmmuuuuuuuuuuuummmmmmmmmmmmmmmyyyyyyyyyyyyy mmmmmmmmmaaaaaaaaaaarrrrrrrrrrrr gaaaaaayeeeeeeeeeee Naaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhiiiiiiinnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnnnnn" As he had tore my ass apart and blood was oozing out of my ass as well. They both pumped me for an hour in this position. My both holes were pumped badly by the two. After a hard pumping Sohan took out his dick from my pussy and Mohan made me in the doggy style and Sohan shove his dick into my mouth. His dick was coated with cum of all of us. I tried to get away from this dirty thing but no use. Soon Sohan was over and he threw all his cum in my mouth. Soon Mohan was too over and cummed in my ass. After relaxing for about 15 minutes they again pumped me. In this way they pumped me for 10 hours. In the evening sohan went out and brought some food for us and we all ate hungrily as we were too tired and very much hungry. Then again from 8.00pm till morning 8.00am they pumped me continuously taking breaks of 15mins in between. I don't know how many times I was fucked in all my holes and how many time I had orgasms but it was a rememberable experience one. After that I used to used fuck with them daily for 12hrs. day at my uncle's residence till my parents came back after one week. Now whenever I wanted to have sex with them I gave a gesture to sohan and by making study excuse went to uncle's house and enjoy with them.
payboy_4_females does not host any of the files mentioned on this post or on his own servers. This post only points out to various links on the Internet that already exist and are uploaded by other websites or users there

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Old 18th October 2007
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That wonderful feeling...

My name is Reena. I'm 24 years old Indian woman. I am still single and I am not looking to get married. My outlook on life is quite different from average women. I consider that having sex with various guys of different age groups is amazing and great and if I marry I shall be debarred from it. I have an incredible sexually attractive body and I love to show it off. I have the preference of self-confident guys who know what they want and how to get it. I spend almost every night with different guys who fuck and lick me in different postures like newly weds and for me it was a wonderful relationship. I generally do not have sex with a guy more than once except a few. I like to take a domineering role while having sex and I always tell my partner what to do.

I tell when to lick my pussy, and when to stop. I make my sex partner to do a lot of things; sometimes I make him masturbate before me until he comes. If I find my partner is sufficiently expert in love making, I also allow him to take a domineering role. I want to get the experience of a lot of new things. In the last week I met with a new guy in a pub. He was very sexy. He introduced himself as Kamal and I was so impressed that I could barely say "hello." We spent some time talking and flirting. The guy pulled me close to him, kissed me on my lips and asked me to dance. We started dancing in a slow motion. Our bodies pressed together and I noticed his cock was bulging from his crotch. After we finish the dance, we had a couple glasses of wine together. I placed my hand under the table, unzipped the fly of his pant, grabbed his cock which was already fully hard and a warm and got daring enough to stroke it. I felt naughty and totally sexually charged. The guy also moved his hand and slid up over my thigh just under the hem of my mini-skirt. He parted my thighs and tracing his fingers slowly up my thigh, pushing up my skirt all the way, exposed my panties. The white lacy and flimsy g-string did not hide much my pubic region. He played with my panties, rubbing it over my pubic mound and drawing the g-string up between my pussy lips. Closing my eyes I gasped a little and my thighs parted even more. He proposed me to spend night with him and promised to give me a good fuck. I agreed to his proposal. After we finished dinner, we got out of there and he led me by hand to the court yard where his motorcycle was parked. When the guy started the motorcycle, I got on the back of it. As soon as he drove it out of the yard, I unzipped his fly, pulled his cock out and grabbed it. I started to stroke his shaft in a gentle and slow motion so that he was sexually charged and got pleasure all the time he was driving. When the guy's cock started to spasm in my palm due to sexual pleasure he was enjoying, I stopped stroking and captured his balls in his sack (scrotum) tightly to stop his ejaculation. I again started stroking his cock when it was quite calm like a good boy. My pussy was literally dripping and throbbing all the time. I continued to stroke his cock throughout the journey and kept him hard the whole time till he took me back to his place. The guy told that it was a new experience for him. When we reached to his house, he drove right up the walkway to his back door and tossed his helmet on the ground as he jumped off. I put my helmet beside his and followed him inside. We embraced and in a whirl of passion. John took me by the hand and led me to his bedroom. He quickly got undressed. His cock was huge and stood proudly straight up pointing directly at me and pulsated with every heartbeat. I had not seen such a big pecker in my life. His beautiful masculine cock, nice hard chest and chiseled abs made me wet. He unbuttoned my shirt, pulled it up and removed it. His fingers took hold of on my bra strap, and peeled it back like opening a delicate package. He pulled the bra off my shoulders in one motion and dropped it to the ground. My quite large classic pair of boobs and warm pink areolas tipped with light pink nipples was exposed in open air. My breasts were so firm and jiggled so perfectly that he could not keep his eyes off them. He cupped my breasts in his hands and slowly twisted my erect nipples between his fingers. His large hands covered my breasts and I could feel the warmth caused the friction of the movement of his palm on my boobs. My sexual excitement was gradually approaching towards peak. I took one of my large breasts into my hand and lifted it towards his face, offering the nipple to his hungry mouth. His expert tongue encircled first one nipple, and then the other. A few moments later, He started sucking it.

His insistent sucking my nipples was sending a current of electricity directly to my crotch. I could feel excitement building in my body. He then pulled my panties off and made me completely naked. We laughed together looking each other's naked body. He praised my bulged vaginal mound and puffed up pussy lips covered with brown pubic hair which was trimmed to a perfect. We kissed and fondled each others naked body. His tongue meshed with mine and began to lightly explore the contours of my mouth. As he continued to caressing my boobs over my bare breast, my breathing became much more labored. He dove between my legs.

Snaking out his tongue at its full length, he licked lightly on my labia and tasted the nectar that had seeped out of my sex. He slowly increased the pressure of his tongue, roaming about between my thighs, dipping his tongue inside me, and then lapping at my clit, then beside my pussy at my outer lips, up and down along my thighs. His tongue was very hot and he knew how to use his lips. I held my hands at the back of his head, holding him in position with his mouth directly over my clit. He drew my clit between his lips, sucking on it while one of his fingers found its way inside my ass hole. He languidly licked on and around my button until I came. I had one of the best orgasms of my life and he did not stop licking me. It was wonderful to feeling. A waves of uncontrollable convulsions flowed throughout my body. I pushed his head away and beg for his cock. But, he did not fuck me. Instead he backed away and told me to give him a blowjob first. I was dieing to be fucked but I gave in and I got on my knees in front of him and started licking it. His cock was fully hard and I admired its size. I grabbed the cock in my hand, ran my tongue along the side of the shaft, flicked my tongue around the crown and then popped it into my mouth like a lollipop. My lips wrapped tightly around his torpedo. I continued to assault his weapon with my lips and tongue while massaging his ripe testicles with my free hand. It seemed that he wanted to take control so when he put his hand on the back of my head I let him take over the motions so that he could fuck my face at the tempo he wanted. He started slowly, trying to figure out how far I could take him. He went a lot deeper than I would have on my own, but to my surprise I could handle it. Once he felt I was comfortable enough he started to go faster all the while holding my head to keep it at the perfect angle. I let out a little gagging noise as he roughly started fucking my mouth. His balls tightened up and he warned me that he was going to come. I sucked him off as best as I could, taking as much of it down to my throat as possible. He began to groan and his cock started to jerk in my mouth. He unloaded his first orgasm releasing torrent of life giving nourishment hot sperm right in my mouth and like a good girl I swallowed it all. I loved the taste of his come. I thought it would all be over, but he stayed hard and right after coming in my mouth he laid me on my stomach. He ran his hand up and down my back stopping briefly to knead my round ass and massaged it. Then he turned me over on my back to play with my tits until I was just about in tears from needing his cock so bad. He caressed my breasts and sucked my nipples one after another. He licked every inch of my body except my pussy. Then he started to rub my pussy, slowly running his finger over the opening of it. I was just dying for any kind of contact with my clit and I wanted to touch it myself but he did not let me. He slipped his fingers inside my love canal and moved in and out just fast enough to keep me begging for more. He told me he was going to give me two orgasms with his tongue. His hot mouth encircled my labia and I was so excited that I came as soon as he darted his tongue inside my pussy. My orgasm was so intense that I arched my back. My clit became super hard and I was moaning all the time with pleasure squirming my hips around. It was an amazing orgasm and I had to push him away for about a minute because I was too much sensitive to continue. He waited, and then went down on my pussy a second time with his hottest and most powerful tongue I had ever been licked with. He started out with very light circular motions. I had my second orgasm while he flicked his lips over my clit and fucked me with his tongue. It was a very different feeling. After two orgasms, I did not think I had the energy to fuck.

But when he moved between my legs and rubbed the head of his cock up and down my crack several times before he put it in, it was like I got a second wind. He plunged and eased his mammoth cock inside my tight pussy with an intense precision and started fucking me with enough skill from top with a slow deliberate motion. My pussy lips expanded and then closed back up each time he pushed his cock in and pulled out. He continued to fuck me like that, but each time he went in a little farther until he was screwing me with full strokes. I felt his manhood press into my pussy. His thrusts made me scream with pleasure and my moans let him know he could do whatever he wanted. My eyes nearly popped out of my head and I squealed with delight. I had my third orgasm. His gigantic cock started to throb inside my pussy cavern. Just when I thought he was going to come again, he pulled out with warning that he can not hold any more and he is approaching to his climax. I grabbed his cock and stroked it violently until he came on my face. I swallowed so much sperm that I thought I filled my calcium requirement for a week. He still stayed rock hard. I got on my knees, pushing my ass as high in the air. He pulled my pussy cheeks apart so he could get a perfect view of it. He rubbed the head of his hard cock up and down my wet pussy crack and brushed it across my now on fire clitoris. I thought that he would now fuck my pussy in doggy style. But to my utter surprise, he placed the head of his cock at the entrance of my smaller rectum hole and slowly pushed it in with patience. I could feel every inch of his manhood in extreme detail as he gradually started to slide the entire length of his erected cock in my incredibly tight ass hole until his balls touched my butt cheeks. His cock felt really hot and big when he eased it into my ass hole. It was obvious he enjoyed fucking my butt better than anything. When he started to saw in and out of me thrusting harder and deeper into my hole, I went into a different state of consciousness. It was a total ecstasy, I was getting royally fucked in my ass hole and I felt the sensual thrusting of every inch of his cock during each stroke. He played with my clit by inserting his finger in my pussy. I closed my eyes and relaxed my entire body as he fucked my ass and fingered my pussy. My explanation might not make sense to everyone, but I was sure that women experienced with anal sex know exactly what I mean. As he pounded my ass, I reached to my climax and went into convulsions. I had my fourth orgasm of the night. I never had an orgasm while getting fucked up the ass before. He also reached to his climax. He pulled back his cock from of my ass hole and in one quick violent stroke buried the entire length of his eight-inch satisfier deep into my pussy. I moaned loudly as his erect mammoth cock pinned into my hot pussy casing. He grabbed my waist and started pumping fast my honey pot with his erect cock pulling it almost completely out before pushing back in, during each stroke. His dick started throbbing with sexual excitement inside my vaginal orifice and came in a wild frenzy. His spamming dick squirted a torrent of hot sperm into my pussy cavern. My hips started turning up almost involuntarily and my pussy muscles contracted spasmodically. I came simultaneously once again with my fifth orgasm of the night and my pussy releases involuntarily torrent of warm sex juice. It was incredible; I never had five intense orgasms in a row before. His cock started shrinking slowly and popped out of my gaping fuck hole.

As both of us were tired and his cock went limp, we fell asleep together in his the bed fondling each others naked body. In the morning I awaked to the pleasant sensation of his hard cock gently pressing into my pussy. I turned his sleeping naked body on his back. I was astonished to see his cock was standing erect at right angle from its root. He was amazing in bed and I was sexually charged. Standing across his waist with both my legs wide apart, I gradually descended my body and impaled my pussy on his huge cock. I finally landed on his lap grasping entire length of his shaft into my hole. Once I was settled on his cock, I started fucking his cock in long strokes by raising and lowering my butt. He awaked and was spellbound to see my exciting erotic wild sexual action. I laid my body on his top and rubbing my breasts on his chest started to kiss his masculine lips. He smiled, embraced me tight by his arms and locked his ankles together across my waist. I gradually increased the pace of fucking his pole by moving my hips up and down in full rhythmic strokes. Both of us were in the midst of an incredible sexual high. I felt his cock throb inside me. He did not last long after that and screaming aloud in the empty house his spamming cock shot spurt after spurt of hot sperm filling my pussy cavern with his first load of the morning. A long low moan gurgled up from his throat all the time during his ejaculation. I began to breathe heavily and shivered with delight. My pussy convulsed uncontrollably tightening and loosening itself around his thick throbbing male invader and I came repeatedly in a flow of warm juices through my womb. I collapsed back on the bed gasping for breath and the cool air wafted over my very satisfied pussy. I enjoyed morning sex. We fucked in every position possible fulfilling my sexual desires until sweat was pouring off of our bodies. We did everything, and I mean EVERYTHING.

It was the hottest sex and one of the best mornings of my life. I told him that I had been fucked by over a dozen different guys in the last month but nobody could satisfy me sexually like him. I really realized what wild sex really is. He smiled and replied that my pussy was sweet and the hottest thing he had ever put his cock into, and the way I gave head was totally unbelievable. I said that I would think about him whenever I would make love with other guys. We showered together and I got dressed.
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Best Friend's Wife

I am Sanjiv living in Delhi. I am 34 has a good height 5.8 well built handsome fair complexion. Best part of my self is I have greenish sexy eyes. I regularly go to gym and I have flat stomach steel hard cheast and a very good solid v shaped body which every girl loves to have. The story I am going to tell you is true story of mine. I am happily married and have two kids. My wife Dimple is also a sex bomb whom I have loved to fuck always. She is 25 with milky white complexion her height is 5.5 and she has perfect pair of melons I.e 37. Nobody can imagine that she is a mother of two kids. We both have been happily fucking since we got married and were dedicated to each other. We had a normal life and no complaints regarding sex to each other. It is not only that we love each other but also that we have responsibility of two kids . That is why we don't want to fall into any problem. The story is like this that I have a very close friend Amit. We are friends since childhood. Three years back he got married to Mamta. Suddenly after marriage Amit"s Business got down. He made heavy losses which his wife mamta tried to compensate by selling jewellery. Still the amount was large , Amit came to me asking for Loan. Since he was brother like friend to me I gave him money without giving a second thought. Amit promised me that he will return the money soon and requested me not to tell to anybody. I promised him that I will not tell anybody. After that about a month passed Amit and Mamta did not meet us. One day my wife Dimple asked me "what is the matter' Why Amit and Mamta are not meeting us these days' Is everything all right " I said nothing to her and avoided the further discussion cause I myself was afraid that may be Amit don't want to return my money and that is why he is avoiding me. I decided myself to go and see them. In the evening Dimple said her mother is not well so she want to go and stay the night over there with kids. She told me to come along. I said that I will not stay over there but I will drop her with kids to her parents home. After leaving Dimple I thought of giving a surprise visit to Amit. So with this thought I went to Amit"s home and knocked at his door. Mamta opened the door. She welcomed me inside. I went in and sat on the sofa in the drawingroom. Standing at the door before closing Mamta asked me " Where is Dimple'" I said that I have come alone. She closed the door, came and sat in front of me. I asked Mamta" where is Amit". She said that he has gone out of station and will come after a week. I got up and said " O.k. I will come again when Amit is there" She said "ok." When I was about to leave Mamta asked me that if I could leave her on the way at some friend"s house. I said "fine" She requested me to wait for ten minutes so that she could get ready. It was quite hot day and lot of power cuts and the light went off. I was sitting in the dark. No light no fan I was feeling too hot and was sweating. So I took off my shirt . Soon I heard Mamta calling me from the bathroom (which is inside the bedroom) and asking me if I could go to the kitchen and get a candle lying on the slab. I went to kitchen and got the candle I knocked at the bedroom door and said" Mamta. Take the candle" She said "I am in the bathroom. You come inside the bedroom and keep it there" I said " Ok I will Keep it there and wait in the drawing room. You get ready and come" I was avoiding myself to go to bedroom cause I did not want to give any wrong impression of mine to my friend"s wife. She said "There is only one candle. How can you sit in the dark. You come inside and sit in the bedroom" I opened the bedroom door and went inside. I had never entered Amit"s bedroom earlier. I went in and carefully looked where I could sit. It was a nice room and very neat and clean. A nice bed two cosy chairs a sofa and a minibar on which was TV and VCD.. I placed myself in cosy chair and kept candle in the candle stand. A beautiful white silk bedsheet was spread on the bed. In the candlelight I saw something red and shining on the bed. I got up and out of curiosity I went near the bed. What I saw was Mamta"s Bra and Panty of bright red coloured lying on the bed . I picked it up with my shivering hand and starting watching it. It was a strapless bra and very sexy panty of foreign make. I couldn't believe that Mamta had such a beautiful choice. Suddenly I felt stiffness in my pant. I felt my rod gets hard and knocking my zip of pant as if somebody knocking at the front gate. I kept the bra and panty on the bed and sat on the sofa. In the meantime Mamta came out of the bathroom. I was a surprised to see Mamta was in her blood red colour dressing gown which was short enough so that I could see her milky legs upto thighs. Her wet golden hairs were falling on her back upto her waist and water in the hair was falling on the gown which was sticking to her body exposing her beautiful back. Mamta came to me near sofa and asked if need something to drink. I said I will have a chilled beer. She opened minifridge in the bedroom took out a chilled beer and started pouring in the mug in front of me . As she bent in front of me to pour beer her boobs which must be 36 fell loose and pushed gown hanging down. I could see deep through her low cut of the gown. Now with this I really went mad and decided to fuck Mamta. I moved forwared and held the mug and started drinking beer. Mamta moved towards her cupboard and stopped for a moment near the bed as if she had realized her mistake of leaving her bra and panty on the bed while I was in the bedroom. She bent on the bed to pick up bra and panty. Suddenly I said to myself "ITS NOW OR NEVER". I quickly moved and grab her from the back putting my strong grip around her waist and pushed her on the bed and I also fell on the bed. As I hugged her with my naked cheast cause I had taken of my shirt due to hot weather and no light she screamed at me "what are you doing" I said " You are very sexy and I want to fuck you" She was shocked to hear this. She said " I am your best friend"s wife. what will Amit think about you and me if he gets to know about this". I said "Amit will never get to know till you or I don't tell him" She got up and ran towards bedroom door to go out.

I jumped from the bed and held her arm. She tried to bite me on my hand so twisted her arm and held her hair with the other hand and pulled them. She struggled for some time. As I tightened my grip I could see her she was in pain and her tears rolled down from her eyes on the beautiful rosy cheeks. Actually with this I got more horny and her pain gave me more enjoyment. I moved my lips towards her cheeks and started sucking them. I moved to her sweet lips held them with my teeth and started a long deep kiss. I could feel her breathing very fast and her heart was beating like rock drum. I held her tightly and picked up in my arms. I threw her on the bed and jumped on her. I sat on her beautiful flat stomach held her both hand with my hands opened arms across the bed laid myself upon her. Now she was totally burried under me touching hand with hand arm with arm face with face her breast with my cheast . I started licking her face moved towards her lips and neck. As I started licking her breast with the gown on it she tried to push me aside. I lost control on myself and I slapped her very hard on her milky cheeks twice which printed my hand print on her face and blood drops came out of her lips. She almost fainted and totally gave up struggling to save herself. Then I started the game. I got up from her and took out a chilled beer from the fridge. I opened it and started pouring on the body of Mamta. All of her gown drenched with beer and stuck with her body I could see her nipples and breasts. They were fantastic.

Mamta was still lying on the bed with her eyes closed. She was totally at my liberty. I moved her gown up her thighs till belly. Wow her clean shaven pussy was looking gorgeous. I held her legs up and parted them. This gave me full view of her two sexy vertical lips parted and her white pussy. Beer started flowing from the top of her stomach on her pussy like a waterfall. I parted both pussy lips with one hand and buried my face deep into the pussy hole. It smell and tasted good with the blend of beer. I was pushing my tongue deep into the hole and simultaneously sucking clitorious. Now I held her both breasts with my hands and start messaging them from the top of the gown. By this time her pussy was hot and wet with juices. I could hear her slowly moaning and maybe enjoying also but I was not sure. I was fucking her vagina with my tongue very hard and she was also pushing herself to me by lifting her butts up. My face was completely drenched with pussy juices. I stopped for a moment to give rest to my tongue and breath but to my astonishment with lying down on the bed Mamta held my head with her hands and pushed it in her pussy and held it against it tightly. It was a clear signal that she was to cum. As we moved faster and rythem increased her body stiffened and she wrapped her fine legs around my head and made grip tighter. I felt like chocking. She given her body two hard jerks and exploded on my face her pot of sweet nectar. Her body fell down and her grip loosened. I kept on licking the juices till I cleared the last drop out of her and made it dry. By the time she was recovered. I was also resting on her keeping my head on stomach.

Suddenly she kicked me very hard with her both legs and I fell on the floor. It happened so fast I could not understand that what happened. She quickly got up and took out a knife from her cupboard pointing towards me. She said with full of anger " You have spoilt me. I will take revenge from you. I will teach you a lesson which you will not forget throughout your life". Mamta held me from my hair and put knife on my neck. She pulled my hair very hard and increased the pressure of knife on my neck so much that blood came out of it. She pushed me on the bed. She took out a tape toll from the side table. She told me to put my hands on the back. I did it and she joined both hands and wrapped sticking tape around it tightly so that both of my hands got locked. Then she wrapped tape around my legs and feet tightly. My hands and feet were wrapped very tightly and I could not move. She held me from my hair pulled them and made me sit on the bed. I was helpless and scared too. How she took her revenge is a different story
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Continued from Best Friend's Wife...

Mamta was looking very angry. I was also scared to see a knife in her hand. My heart was sinking to think what may happen next. Whether she was going to stab me or call police or may be calling my wife Dimple. Mamta said to me "You gonne pay for this". Mamta picked up the chilled beer bottle and started pouring on my head. Beer rolled down from my head , my face and my chest and finally starting pouring on my pants. My whole body jerked with shiver of fear and coldness of beer. With this my 8 inch Tarzan boy my penis became 3 inch pigmy.. She came near me and held my hair tightly and pulled it back with her left hand. She looked in my eyes. I could clearly see anger and offence in her eyes. That made me more scare and my spine chilled.. She tightly closed her lips and stiffened her face muscles .With this she raised her right hand slapped me very tightly on my left cheek. My whole of left cheek burned with heat of slap. She slapped very hard on the right cheek also with the reverse of her hand. It was too much for me as I was ashamed also by now. I kept sitting silently . She was looking like a hurt loiness who wants total control on the situation. Mamta pushed me back and made me lie on the bed. That was too torturing for me as my hands were tied on my back and I was lying on my hands joined together. I could not move myself. She climbed on the bed and turned her back to my face and stood on her bare white milky legs apart on both sides of my chest which were touching my chest and arms.

I could still see a sparkling knife edge in the candle light held tightly in her right hand which was pointing downwards to me. Mamta sat down on my bare hard rock chest on the cushion of her softest and firm naked ass. Her left hand moved from my stomach towards my pant which was still on. Since she was sitting backwards so I could not see what she was doing? I could make out that she still was fiddling with her left hand on my pant and right hand was still holding knife and cold sharp edge was piercing on my stomach. I felt that she tried to open my pant button but she couldn't with her left hand. She tried again two three times but could not succeed with her one hand trying to do so. Then I felt the knife edge moving on my pant. She was slicing my pant with the knife. Before I could understand my pant and my unddy was cut into pieces and I was lying naked on the bed..

My penis was lump and tiny and scared and disguised like a tortoise hides his neck in the shell when he feel any danger. she held my little scared extremely small pigmy piece of flesh between my legs once called penis . She held from foreskin upwards and pulled up tightly. Other hand moved with knife and rested on it." OOOO God save me" That what it came to my mind. That move cleared she was going to cut my penis. " She cant do this" I consoled my self till she spoke herself. She said " Hay !! what happened to u r penis now??" " Why don't you show your manhood to me now.??" " Come on ! Raise it now. so that I can see it how thirsty is it that it need more than one pussy." She again provoked me and said " Poor ! Your penis is so small that I doubt that do it satisfy your wife Dimple or she has to go to someone else." She said " If your penis don't have erection that means it is of no use " Its good for nothing" I will cut it from you and that will remind you all of your life about me." She said" THAT IS MY REVENGE" and that is "MAMTA KA BADLA" I got so scared with this that I felt like whole of the world turned upside down. I was so stunned that I laid like a dead rock on the bed . I told myself that" This is the end" My whole body was sweating heavily. Then she said " Your penis is so small that it will be injustice to cut it like this now" She said " I will raise it first and then cut it" She started with her hand moving my penis skin up and down. she did it for five minutes but nothing happened cause I presumed if my penis raises head its in danger. So that fear kept my penis lump and no erection at all. After this hard work she stopped and said" Your penis is really not of any use" She rested and again said" Lets try again" .With this she left my penis and leaned forward her head and took my little dwarf penis in her mouth. O God that was great. Her wet saliva and toung was giving warmth to it. And she was licking it like a crazy girl. I was in heaven. I told to myself " If you cant avoid a rape then better try to enjoy it" This thought , her wet and warm lips made me crazy. I was feeling like floating on clouds.

Soon my blood started boiling, my mind was having hammers and my whole body filled with high voltage charge. She kept on licking it as if she was to give life to a dead lump penis. Within minutes I lost control on myself and gave up to the situation. I started enjoying too much. My little lump penis started showing some life. It started growing up and raised head in her mouth. Slowly and slowly it grew to its full length and width. It was now eight inch long monster with his red hot boiling tip. She also took it in her mouth deep down the throat. She increased her speed . Faster and faster she moved my penis in her mouth. Licking was changed to sucking , her head moved fast and faster up and down on my penis.

My sperms started boiling and made its pressure within me. But I controlled myself and prolonged . She faster and faster sucked it hard and moved her head up and down on my penis. I was so hot that time. When the pressure was unbearable for me and I thought if I stop anymore my testis will burst. My semen was like lava building up pressure and heat in the volcano before explosion. I decided to release the pressure. I started exploding my lava with full pressure in her mouth. One, two, three, four, five, six, and seven were my explosive shots into her throat which filled her mouth with my ocean of semen and billions of sperms. She started having it all inside down her throat. Not a single drop of pearl fell out of her lips. She increased her sucking as if she is gonne squeeze out the last drop out of me. She pressed my penis and squeezed all juice into her mouth.. After this she licked all my penis dry.

I had great pleasure and relaxation all over my body and mind too. I said " Mamta! You given me so much of pleasure. If you instead of cutting my tool off , even you kill me I wont have any regrets. "She got up from me and saw deep into my eyes and to my astonishment came near to my face and kissed my lips with her lips and said" My dear sanjiv. You gave me so much of pleasure which my husband never gave me" and further added " In future Mamta will be your slave" " you can do anything to mamta" " Mamta is all yours" I got zapped with this changed situation. I could not believe that is it reality or I am dreaming. I told her to open my tied hands and legs. Mamta cut off tape wrap around my hands and legs. I got up and stood near her. By this time she was little shy and looking downwards. I held her by waist and kissed her. She didn't resist and reciprocated the same. Both of us sat on the bed and had a glass of beer each. She saw me and I watched her with lust. I moved and started kissing her. I laid her on the bed and started rubbing her boobs from top of the gown. She started moaning ahhhhhhhhhhhh, ohhhhhhhhh.. uuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuhhhhhhhhhhhhhh. I kept on sucking her lips and rubbed her boobs. Her tits raised. I twisted her tits.She moaned aaaaaaaaaaa hhhhhhhhhhh. ooooooooooo hhhhhhhhhhh. She held my penis and started rubbing it. I got an erection. She moaned ahhhhhhhhh ohhhhhhhhhhhh. " sanjiv. my dear come on fuck me. I have been dying for a real man to fuck me hard" She opened her legs wide. But I wanted to play the long game. So didn't listen to her.
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*Umadti Jawani ki Pyaas*

Lekin iske pahle ki mai ye kahani suru karu mai apne pariwar ke bare me
Kuchh batadu. Mere pariwar me mai, damini aur papa bas tin log hai. Papa
Akshar apne kam ke chalate bahar hi rahte hai. Jiske chalate ghar par mere
Aur damini ke alawa aur koi bhi nahi rahata. Mere papa ek private company me
First class graid ke employee hai. Meri damini jinki umar pachis saal ki hai
Ek gori aur behad hi sundar pahale ladaki ab aurat hai jinke bare me mai
Itna kah sakata hu ki unki sundarta ko likhana muskil hai. Unki lambai 5 fit
7 inch ki hai. Unka gathila badan dekhke achhe achho ki niyat kharab ho jati
Hai. Dusre taraf mai jiske bare me mai is kahani me batane jaa raha hu ek
Behad hi khubasurat aur smart personalty ke aur kafi milansar admi hai. Unki
Lambai mere damini ke lambai se thodi si jyada hai.

Ab mai aaj apke liye jo kahani likhne jaa raha hu wo kahani likhne jaa raha
Hu wo sirf kahani nahi balki bilkul hi hakikat hai. Ye aaj se bahut din
Pahle ki hai jo mere damini aur mere saath hui thi. Joki mujhe waise hi yaad
Hai jaise ki ye kal ki baat hai.

Us din mai aur damini ek official kam se uttaranchal gaye huye the. Apne
Kaam ko khatam karne ke baad jab ham hotal me wapas ane lage to damini ne
Market chalane ke liye kaha joki hamare jagah se karib das kilomitar dur tha
Kyoki unko kuchh shopping karni thi.market me jane ke baad jab ham shoping
Karne lage to damini ne beuty parlor me jake apna facial karaya to dekhke
Mujhe kuchh ajib sa laga. Lekin unke us kam ka matalab mujhe raat me chala.
Raat ko market se ane ke baad hamlog thak gaye the.ab ham apne jagah par
Wapas ane lage to raste me ek pahadi ke paas ek gadi durghatna grast
ho gayi Thi jiske chalate us raat ham pahadi ke us paar nahi jaa sakate the.
Kafi Puchh tachh karne ke baad pata chala ki paas me ek hotal hai jaha
rukane ki Byawastha hai. Damini ne bola ki ham paidal hi hotal me chalate
hai. Ham Jab raste me kuchh dur aa gaye the tabhi jordar baris huye jisme
ham dono Log bhing gaye. Hotal par pahuchne ke baad hamare paas pahanne ke
liye koi Bhi kapada nahi tha aur hamare kapade itane bhing gaye the ki ham
use pahan Ke nahi rah sakate the. So maine guest room me jake apne kapade ko
khol ke Faila diya aur us chadar ko lapet liya jo hame raat me odhne ke liye
mila Tha. Damini ne bathroom me jake apne bhinge kapade khole aur dusri
chadar Ko lapet liya.

Ab damani aur mere bich kuchh idhar udhar ki bate hone lagi. Hamare kamare
Me angithi ki byawastha thi. Ham angithi ke paas baith ke bate karate rahe.
Isi bich mai uske sath kuchh mazak bhi karane laga. Mazak ke dauran jab
Damini bhagane lai to uske chadar me aag lag gayi. Maine jab uske chadar me
Aag dekha to uske chadar ko angithi me fek diya aur damini ko apne baho me
Bhar liya. Ab damini ko apne baho me liya to uske nange badan jaise hi mere
Nange badan se takaraye to aisa laga ki jaise mere badan me aag si lagi ho.
Mai thoda sa age badhe aur damini ke pass sat ke khade ho gaye aur damini ke
Baal ko hatate huye ek hath ko damini ke kamar par aur dusre hath ko damini
Ke boobs ke upar rakhte huye damini ko apne taraf khich liya. Ab mai damini
Ke boobs ko dabane lage to damini pahle kuchh der tak to birodh karti rahi
Lekin thode samay ke baad maine dekha ki damini ummmmmmmmm.
Sssssssssssssssss aahhhhhhh ummmmmm ki masti bhari ek ajib se awaj nikale
Lagi.damini hala ki us wakt bhi ye dikhane ki puri kosis kar rahi thi ki wo
Waisa nahi chahti thi. Lekin usme unki hami saf dikh rahi thi. Kuchh der ke
Baad jab mai ne damini ke chud ko ek hath se sahalane lage to damini ne mai
Ke lungi me apna ek hath dal diya aur unke lund ko apne hatheli se lungi ke
Bahar nikalte huye sahalane lagi. Ab damini ne mai se puchha "kya lambai hai

Maine muskurate huye puchha "kiski?"damini boli "isiki" to maine fir chutki

Lete huye puchha "kiski?" ab damini ne bola "apke lund ki" to maine bola
"aath inch ki hai". Damini boli "baap re itna mota aur bada to maine kabhi
Nahi dekha hai". Itana sun ke mai ne damini ke saya ke nade ko khol diya.
Saya sarak ke jamin par ja gira. Ab mai damini ke dahine chuchi ko dhire
Dhire dabane lage.mai ke is taras se karate huye dekh ke damini boli "ye kya
Kar rahe he aap? Pliz aise mat kijiye." to mai bole "jab se maine apke
Bhinge huye badan ko dekha hai mera man me aag si lagi hai. Man bechain ho
Gaya hai. Aaj mai apki har kamana ko pura karna chahata hu." is tarah se
Kahate huye mai damini ke chuchio ko thode jor se dabane lage. Panch chhe
Bar dabane ke baad jab maine dekha ki damini bhi ummmmmmmmm.

Sssssssssssssssss aahhhhhhh ummmmmm nahiiiiiiiiiiiiii aaaaahhhhhhhh ki awaj
Nikalne lagi to unhone damini ke kandhe ke paas se baal ko hatate huye apne
Hoto ko damini ke kandhe aur gardan ke bich dhire dhire ragadne lage aur
Damini ke chuchi ko dhire dhire dabane ke sath hi dusre hath se damini ke
Chud ko sahalate rahe. Jaise hi mai ne damini ke chud ko sahalana kuchh der
Tak jaari rakha to damini apne apko rok nahi payi ab apne hath se mere lund
Ko chhod diya aur mere lund ko apane dono jangho ke bich me ghusa ke apne
Kamar ko hilane lagi aur is tarah se damini bhi ab mera help karne lagi. Ab
Maine damini ke gand ko sahlane laga aur ab mai damini ke ek chuchi ko jor
Jor se dabane lage aur apne kamar ko hilane lage aur apne kamar ko bhi hila
Rahe the. Damini unke har ek jhatke ke sath ek ajib si awaj nikal rahi thi.

Kuchh der ke baad mai bole "dard ho raha hai kya?" to damini boli
Haaaaaaaaaaaa aaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhh.

Mai bole itana sakht ye hai to age ka kya hal hoga. Chaliye ham aaj suhag
Raat manayenge aur ye kahte huye aisa laga ki ab unke liye bardast karna
Muskil ho gaya. Unhone damini ko apne baho me utha liya aur le jake damini
Ko bed par lita diya. Iske baad mai ne room ke darwaje ko dhire se band kar
Diya. Darwaja band karne ke baad jab mai damini ke paas aye to saath me
Unhone tel ke ek dibe ko bhi le liya aur use paas ke table par rakh diya.
Iske baad mai damini ke chud ko dekhne ke liye damini ke pair ko thoda sa
Faila diya kyoki us waqt tak damini ke dono pair sate huye the. Kuchh der
Tak mai damini ke chud ko pure dhyan se dekhte rahe. Iske baad mai ne dibe
Se thoda sa tel nikal ke damini ke chud par dal diya. Ab mai damini ke upar
Chadhne lage aur damini ke jangho par apne hath ko ragadna suru kiya to
Damini ummmmmmmmm. Sssssssssssssssss aahhhhhhh ummmmmm ummmmmmmmm

Sssssssssssssssss aahhhhhhh ummmmmm ki awaj ke sath jor jor se sase khichne
Lagi. Maine dekha ki damini ke sase khichte dekh ke mai ka danda aur bhi
Lumba ho gaya. Mai damini ke jangh ko thoda sa failaya kyoki us waqt tak
Damini ke dono jangh bilkul hi sata liya tha.

Ab damini ki chud puri tarah se dikh rahi thi. Mai jab damini ke chud ko
Sahalane lage to damini ne mai ke lund ko unke lungi se nikal diya jo ki
Aath inch lamba tha. Use leke damini bhi sahalane lagi. Ab maine dekha ki
Damini aur mai lagbhag ek minut tak yu hi apne kaam ko anjam dete rahe. Iske
Baad mai damini ke jangh par baith gaye aur damini ke chud par apne lund ko
Jaise hi sataya to damini ne apne dono hantho se chud ko faila diya. Mai ne
Damini ke chood me apne lund ko le jane ke liye apne kamar ko dhire dhire
Sarkana suru kiya to damini ne ummmmmmmmmssssssssssssssssaahhhhhhh
Ummmmmummmmmmmm sssssssssssssssssaahhhhhhh ummmmmm ke awaaj ke saath apne
Sase khichni suru kar diya. Maine dekha ki mai damini ke chud me apne lund
Ke top ko dal diya. Ab mai damini ke upar let gaye aur apne kamar ko hilana
Suru kar diya.ab damini ke muh se aaaaahhhhhhhhhh aaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhh
Aaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhh ooooohhhhhhhhhhh aaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhh uuuuuuuuuuummmmmmmm
Uuuuuuuuummm ki awaj nikalne lagi. Kabhi kabhi mai jor jor ke jhatke lagate
To damini puri tarah se hil jati thi. Damini ne ab apne hatho ko mai ke pith
Par rakh liya tha aur mai ke pith ko sahla rahi thi.ab mai damini ke galo ko
Chumne lage aur apne dono hatho se damini ke dono chuchio ko dabane lage to
Damini bhi masti me aaaaahhhhhhhhhh aaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhh aaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhh
Ooooohhhhhhhhhhh aaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhh uuuuuuuuuuummmmmmmm uuuuuuuuummm
Aaaaahhhhhhhhhh aaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhh aaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhh ooooohhhhhhhhhhh
Aaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhh uuuuuuuuuuummmmmmmm uuuuuuuuummm ki ajib hi awaj nikal
Rahi thi. Kuchh der me mai ne apne adhe lund ko damini ke chud me dal diya

Ab mai ne damini ke pairo ko fold kar liya aur damini ke jangho ko failate
Huye apne apko damini ke dono pairo ke bich me adjest kiya. Damini ne aisa
Karne me unki help kiya. Ab mai ne mummu ko fir se jhatka dene suru kaya to
Damini apne gardan ko utha utha ke ahe bharna suru kare diya. Ab ucle ne
Jhatka marte huye damini se puchha "dard kar raha hai kya?" to damini se ek

Ajib awaj me kaharte huye jabab diya " nahiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii aaaaahhhhhhhhhhhh
Ohhhhhhhhhhhh aaaaahhhhhhhhhh aaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhh aaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhh
Ooooohhhhhhhhhhh aaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhh uuuuuuuuuuummmmmmmm uuuuuuuuummm
Aaaaahhhhhhhhhh aaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhh aaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhh ooooohhhhhhhhhhh
Aaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhh uuuuuuuuuuummmmmmmm uuuuuuuuummm ". Ab mai ne ek taraf
Apne kamar ko jor se jhataka mara aur dusere taraf unhone damini ke bra ko
Fad diya. Maine damini ke muh se jor ki chikh ke saath damini ke pair ko
Patakte huye dekhke samajh gaya ki mai ne na sirf damini ke bra ko fada hai
Balki unhone damini ke bur ko bhi fad diya tha. Ab mai apne kamar ke speed
Ko badha diya aur kuchh hi der me unka pura lund damini ke chud me chala
Gaya tha. Kyoki damini ke chud se chap chap ki awaj aa rahi thi. Kuchh der
Tak uhi chhatpatane ke baad mumy ne ab mai ka pura saath dena suru kar diya.

Kuchh der ke baad mai damini ke hotho ko apne hotho me daba liya aur apne
Land ko damini ke chud me jor jor se andar bahar andar bahar karne lage. Ye
Silsila maine pure adhe ghante tak dekha.tab jake dono sant pade rahe aur hi
So gaye. Mai wahi khada raat bhar damini ko dekhta raha mujhe pata nahi kab
Nind lag gayi aur mai bed par ake so gaya. Bhor me jab meri nind khuli to
Maine dekkha ki wo dono waise hi soye huye the. Achanak damini ki nind khuli
To wo apne apko uske baho me nangi awastha me dekha to samajh gayi. Mai bhi
Jag gaya the. Ab mai ne damini ke gal par ek chuma liya. Ab wo damini ke
Gand ko apne taraf karne kaha to damini ne bina kuchh kahe apne pith ko uske
Taraf kar diya. Mai ne unko pet ke bal letne ke liye kaha to damini pet ke
Bal let gayi. Ab wo uth ke damini ke jangh par baith gaye. Ab mai damini ke
Gand me apne lund ko dalne ke liye sabse pahale damini ke gand par apne lund
Ko ragada to maine dekha ki damini ke gand par unke lund ka pani chhut gaya.
Ab unhone damini ke gand ko gila kar diya. Ab damini ne apne gaand ko apne
Hatho se faila diya. Mai ne apne lund ko damini ke gand me dalne ke baad mai
Ne damini ke kamar ko pakad ke jor jor se tin jhatke mara to damini
Ummmmmmmmm. Sssssssssssssssss aahhhhhhh ummmmmm ummmmmmmmm.
Sssssssssssssssss aahhhhhhh ummmmmm ke awaj ke saath puri tarah se chatpata

Ab damini ne apne kamar ko khichne lagi to wo damini ke upar chadh gaya. Aur
Damini ke gand me apne lund se pumping karne laga.mai ke har jhatke ke sath
Damini puri tarah se chhatpata rahi thi. Maine dekha ki mai jab jab bhi jor
Jor se apne kamar ko hilate to damini puri tarah se kap jati thi. Ek do baar
To ammma ne apne hath ko apne gand tak bhi le gayi lekin mai ne damini ke
Hath ko khich ke hata diya. Mai ka lund jab aadha se jyada damini ke gand me
Chala gaya to mai ne damini ke muh par apna hath rakh ke ek jor ke jhatka ke
Saath apne kamar ko hilaya to damini dard ke mare is tarah se tadap uthi
Jaise ek chhoti si bachi ho. Mai uth ke baith gaye. Damini ki gand phat
Chuki thi. Unke gand se khun gir raha tha. Lekin mai ne apne kamar ko hilana
Jari rakha.kuchh der ke baad damini sant pad gayi. Jab mai ne dekha ki
Damini sant padne lagi to mai damini ke upar chadh ke damini ko bis minut
Tak pelte rahe aur damini ko bhi tab maza ane laga tha.iske baad dono log
Sant pad gaye. Kuchh der waise hi pade rahne ke baad wo damini ke upar se
Hat gaye. Ab damini ko sidha karne ke baad damini ke pair ko halka sa
Failaya to damini ne bola ki peshab lagi hai. Wo damini ko leke baathroom me
Gaye waha se jab wapas aye to maine dekha ki damini ne ab uske lund ko apne
Muthi me pakad rakha tha. Ab damini bed par let gayi. Ab mai ne ek dibe ko
Leke aye aur damini ke kamar ke paas rakha . Ab damini ke chud me tel lagane
Lage to damini ne bhi apne hatho me tel le ke uske lund me tel lagane lagi.
Tel lagane ke baad wo damini ke jangh par baith gaye ab damini ne apne chud
Ko faila diya.

Mai ne apne lund ko damini ke chud par sata ke jor se jhatka mara to damini
Ke muh se chikh ko sun ke samajh gaya ki damini ke chud me mai ka lund chala
Gaya ab mai ne damini ke chuchio me tel lagane ke baad chuchio ko masalne ke
Saath hi damini ke chud me apne lund ko andar aur andar le jane ke liye jor
Jor se jhatke marne laga. Damini apne pyas ko bujha rahi thi. Mai kuchh der
Tak yu hi damini ke upar lete rahe iske baad uth ke jab unhone damini ke
Chud se apne lund ko nikala to damini ne akhe kholi aur muskurate huye apne
Chehre ko dhak liya to mai ne haste huye bola " ab chehra kya dhakana hai."

Aur damini ke hatho ko unke chehre se hatate huye puchha " maja aya kya ? "
To damini ne sar hilate huye jabab diya "ha maza aya." ab mai damini ke upar
Se hat gaye. Mai ne apne lungi ko pahan liya aur bed se utarte huye room ke
Darwaje ko khol ke apne kamre me chale gaye. Apne kamare me jake unhone apne
Room me darwaje ko band kar liya. Damini kuchh der tak yu hi leti rahi tab
Uth ke apne sare kapade ko pahan liya.
Aur bed par jake so gayi. Mai puri raat ye janne ke liye jagata raha ki kya
Mai fir se damini ke room me jate hai ya nahi. Lekin mai ne aisa nahi kiya.
Subah jab maine apne darwaja khola aur room se bahar aya to mai ko apane
Jane ke liye taiyar hote huye dekha. Damini bhi apne kamare se nikal ke
Kichen me gayi aur chay banaya. Mai ne chay piya aur fir apne kam se chale
Gaye. Damini ye jan ke khus thi ki maine kuchh bhi nahi dekha hai. Mai bhi
Yahi chahata tha. Yaro ye pahla mauka tha jab maine apne damini ko chudte
Huye dekha tha. Jo kafi hi achha laga tha. Isi liye maine ise likha hai.
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*mere sapnon ki rani*

Dear friends main pehli baar aap logoon ki khidmat main apni story
likh ker bhaij raha hoon
3 months pehlay main India kay City Mumbai ghoomnay kay liye giya tha
itifaaq say mujhay jo gher rent per mila tha woh Bollywood ki sab say
Beautiful,Smart and Big Heroin AISHWARIYA RAI kay saath wala tha.Main
bohat khush hua kion keh Aishwariya mairay khuaboon ki shehzadi thee
aur main kayee baar Aish ko sapnoon main Chod chuka tha.Aish gher
main apnay 17years old chhotay bhai Vijay kay saath rehtee thee.Aish
kay Ammi aur Abbu kissi doosray City gaye huway thay.
Main nay jab apnee Dream Girl Aish ko haqeeqat main itnay qareeb
daikha to main khud per control nahi ker paya aur aik raat apni
shikaar kay liye layee huee Gun laiker apni chhat say Aish kay gher
ki chhat per pohanch giya phir stairs kay zariye neechay lounge main
pohanch giya samnay aik room tha us kay door ko check kiya to woh
open tha main ahista say door khol ker under enter ho giya.Room kay
beach main 2 seperat beds thay aik per Vijay aur doosray per mairee
Dream Girl Aishwariya blanket liye so rahee thee.Main nay Vijay ko
hila ker uthaya aur us ko Gun point per ker liya Vijay nay der kay
maray Aish ko awazain daina shuru ker deen
VJ says: Didi Didi.
Aish doosri hee awaaz main uth gayee jab Aish blanket say niklee to
main hairaan reh giyakion keh Aish nay wohee Pishwaz (FROK) aur
chooridar Pajama pehna hua tha jo us nay HUM DIL DAI CHUKAY SANAM kay
song NIMBORA NIMBORA main pehna hua tha.(shaid shooting say dair say
aayee thee aur aisay hee thak ker so gayee thee). AISH says: (ghusay
main)Kaon ho tum aur kiya chahtay ho. IRFAN says: Tumhara deewana
hoon naam IRFAN KHAN hay aur tumhain chodna chahta hoon ager piyar
say razi nahi hueen to zaberdastee bhi karoon ga aur tumaharay bhai
ko bhi jaan say maar doon ga. AISH says: Please mairay bhai ko chhor
do aur mairay saath aisa mat karo main Kunwari (VIRGIN) hoon mairee
Izat mat looto. IRFAN says: Tumhara bhai sirf issi soorat main zinda
bach sakta hay jab keh tum mairee baat araam say maan lo
WERNA....kuchh dair khamoshi kay baad main nay Vijay ko hukum diya
keh Aish ko nanga karo. AISH says: Main khud kapray utartee hoon
Vijay ko doosray room main bhaij do. IRFAN says: Vijay hee tumharay
kapray utaray ga aur phir tum mairay aur Vijay kay kapray utaro gee.
Vijay nay dertay huway Aish ko daikha to AISH says: Mairay bhai jo
yeh keh raha hay woh karo werna yeh tum ko maar daiga.
Vijay aagay berha aur Aish ki Pishwaz utarnay laga.Aish ki Pishwaz
utree to ab samnay Aish kay goray chittay 36 kay Boobs Bra main qaid
say bahir nikalnay ko baiqarar lag rahay thay.Ab Vijay nay Aish kay
Pajamay ka nara khola to reshmi Pajama kamer say slip ho ker chooter
say atakta hua pairoon main aagiya to Aish nay khud hee paon say
Pajama nikal diya.Aish ab black bra aur panty main 36-24-36 kay
figure kay saath samnay kharee thee.Apni Didi ka khoobsoorat badan
daikh ker Vijay ka lund us ki dhoti main khara saaf nazer aaraha tha
ab Vijay Aish ki bra ka hook kholnay kay liye us kay peechhay giya to
hook kholtay huway Vijay ka lund Aish ki gaand say takraya to Aish
nay ussay ghoor ker daikha to Vijay sherminda ho giya aur thora
peechhay hat ker bra ka hook khol diya.Bra ka hook khultay hee Aish
nay bra utar phainkee ab Aish kay 36 kay boobs per lighy brown colour
kay chhotay say circle per pink colour kay nipples nazer aarahay thay
jo keh sharam ki wajha say akray huay tha.Vijay nay ab panty utarnee
shuro ki to Aish aik baar phir boli. AISH says : Please Vijay ko
doosray room main bhaij do. Main kuchh kehnay hee wala tha keh Vijay
bol para. VJ says: Didi main tum ko akaila is aadimi kay saath chhor
ker kaheen nahi jaon ga,maloom nahi yeh tumharay saath kiya
karay,main tumhari hifazat kay liye issi room main rahoon ga. Mairee
terha aap sab bhi samajh gaye hongay keh Vijay Aishwariye ki hifazat
kay liye rukna chahta tha yaan us ko nanga daikhnay kay liye rukna
chahta tha.Vijay nay ab Aish ki panty thori neechay ki to woh tight
honay ki wajha say hips per phans rahee thee Vijay nay ab Aish kay
samnay kharay hoker dono haath sides say peechhay kiye aur hips ko
thora press kartay huay panty neechay kernay laga is terha kharay
honay sau us ki chest say Aish kay Boobs dab rahay thay aur neechay
say Vijay ka lund Aish ki choot say takra raha tha.Aish musalsal
Vijay ko ghussay main ghoor rahee thee laikin Vijay ab sherminda to
tha mager woh peechhay nahi hat raha tha.Jab panty ghutnoon tak uter
gayee to Aish ki chhoti see kunwari choot per light brown colour kay
thoray say hairs thay.Vijay ab neechay baith ker Aish ki aik leg utha
ker us main say panty nikalnay laga (Vijay ka face Aish ki choot kay
builkul samnay tha).Aish nay Vijay kay shoulder ka sahara laitay huay
aik leg uthayee to us ki choot pehli baar saaf nazer aayee.Choot kay
under kay lips pinkish colour kay thay aur lips kay centre main aik
chhota sa dana bhi nazer aaraha tha.Vijay panty utar ker side per
khara ho giya aur apni didi kay khoobsoorat badan ko lalchayee huee
nazroon say daikhnay laga.Ab Aishwariya head to toe tak nangee kharee
thee. IRFAN says: Aish ab tum Vijay ko nanga karo. Aish aagay berhee
aur apnay bhai ki banyan utaar dee aur phir pairoon kay bal baith ker
Vijay ki dhotti ki girah kholnay lagee.Aish kay baithnay say us ki
gand ka crack thora khul giya aur us main say us ki gand ka chhota sa
pinkish hole nazer aanay laga.Yeh sab daikh ker maira apna bura haal
tha main Lund poori lambai say dhotti main khara hua tha.Aish nay
Vijay ki dhotti kholi to Vijay ka 8 inch lamba Lund khara hua
tha.Aish ki nazer bhai kay kharay lund per pari to woh sharminda ho
gayee. IRFAN say: Aish ab tum mairay paas aao aur mairay kapray
utaro. Aish mairay paas aayee to main nay us ka haath paker ker
dhotti kay upper say hee apna lund pakra diya.Lund per haath pertay
hee Aish kay badan nay aik jhurjhuri lee aur dhotti kay upper say hee
mairay lund ko masaalnay lagee.Phir mairee dhotti ko jaldi say utaar
ker mairay nangay loray per haath phairnay lagee.maira 10 inch lamba
Lund King Cobra ki terha khara hua tha.Aish ki aankhoon main maira
lund daikhtay aur pakertay hee lal doray aagaye thay.Main samajh giya
keh ab Aish kay jazbaat jag rahay hain aur woh aahista aahista garam
ho rahee hay main nay Aish ko utha ker bed per litaya aur us kay
boobs ko piyar kernay laga aur dabanay laga,kabhi kabhi nipples ko
daantoon main laiker masalta to us ki siskari nikal jaati.Aish
musalsal mairay lund per upper neechay haath phair rahee thee.kuchh
dair baad main aur Aish 69 ki position main aagaye ab Aish kay mouth
main maira 10 inch ka lund tha jo woh mazay main choose rahee thee
aur apnay haath say mairay tattoon say khail rahee thee.Doosri taraf
main apni zaban say Aish ki chhot chaat raha tha aur kabhi kabhi aik
ungli us ki choot kay tang hole main under ker daita to woh mazay
main ahhhhhh,ooooyeee kernay lagtee.kuchh dair baad main seedha lait
giya maira lund Minar-e-Pakistan ki terha seedha khara hua tha. IRFAN
says: Aish tum mairay upper aao. Aish aik tang idher aik tang udher
ker kay mairay upper aayee to us ki choot mairay lund kay builkul
samnay aagayee.Aish nay lund ko apni choot kay qareeb daikha to dar
ker boli. AISH says: IRFAN itna bara lund mairee itnee chhoti see
choot main kaisay jaye ga yeh to mairee choot hee phhar daiga. IRFAN
says: ( reham kha ker hamdardi say ) Vijay vesiline lao aur apni
behan ki choot per aur mairay lund per achhi terha vesiline lagao.
Vijay jo itnee dair say bed kay paas khara ham dono ko daikh daikh
ker nazroon ko taskeen pohncha rahatha hukum miltay hee vesiline lay
aaya aur unglion say vesiline laiker choot kay laboon ko cheer ker
under laganay laga.Aish siskarian lainay lagi. AISH says : Bhai
vesiline ziada under tak lagana werna yeh lamba lund mairee choot ka
satianaas ker daiga. Yeh suntay hee Vijay nay vesiline index finger
main laiker under tak ghussa dee.Finger under jaatay hee Aish ki
siskarian aur taiz ho gayeen.phir lund per vesiline laga ker Vijay
hat giya.Mian lund ko Aish ki choot kay daanay per malnay laga aur
upper neechay ragerna shuroo kiya to Aish buikul hee mast ho gayee.
AISH says: IRFAN ab jaldi say under daal do apnay danday ko mairee
choot main aag lagee huee hay. Main nay loha garam daikhtay hee lund
ki topi choot kay hole per rakh ker aahista say dhakka diya to topi
under chali gayee Aish kay moon say ajeeb see awazain nikalnay lageen
mmmmnnnnnnn aaaaaaaahhhhhhhh oooohhhhh main nay ab ki dafa neechay
say zara zor say jhatka mara to aadha lund choot ka kunwara perda
phaarta hua under ghuss giya.Aish nay aik cheekh mari.Main nay cheekh
suni un suni kertay huway donoon haathoon say us kay boobs paker ker
aik aur dhakka mara to lund poora ka poora jar tak choot main ghuss
giya.Aish ki aik aur cheekh nikli jo pehlay say bhi ziada zordaar
thee Aish ka takleef say bura haal tha aur us ki aankhoon main
aansoon bhi aagaye thay. AISH says: Irfan apna lund mairee choot say
bahir nikalo mairee choot phat jaye gee main mar jaaon gee please
bahir nikalo mairee choot main jalan ho rahee hay tum nay mairee
kunwari choot phaar dee jis ko daikhnay kay liye karoroon log
tarastay hain aaj tum nay us choot main apna lamba lund poora ghusa
diya hay zalim chhor do mujhay. Main thori dair ruka phir aahista
aahista neechay say dhakkay laganay laga lund thora bahir nikaalta
phir under daalta aur us kay boobs ko zor zor say dabanay aur hips
per haath phairnay laga kuchh dair baad Aish phir masti main aanay
lagee aur khud bhi upper neechay apnay chooter hilanay lagee. Vijay
paas khara apni didi ko mairay lund per uthtay baithtay daikh raha
tha us ko Aish kay ubhray huway chooter bohat achhay lag rahay thay
ab Vijay say aur saber nahi ho raha tha to woh bhi bed per aagiya aur
Aish ko mairee chest ki taraf jhuka diya.Aish mazay main mairee chest
say apnay boobs masaltay huway chooter hila hila ker lund under bahir
ker raheee thee.Ab Vijay nay Aish kay aur ziada ubhar aanay walay
gaand kay hole per aur apnay lund per khoob sari vesiline
lagayee.Aish Irfan say chudanay main itni mast thee keh us ko khaber
hee nahi thee keh Vijay ab kiya kernay wala hay.Vijay nay apnay 8
inch lambay loray ko behan ki gaan kay suraakh per rakha aur dabao
dala to vesiline ki chiknahat say lund ki topi gaand main ghuss
gayee.Gand main lund ghusstay hee Aish ki cheekh nikal gayee.Irfan
nay Aish ki takleef ka khial ker kay neechay say jhatkay marna rok
diya.Mager Vijay nay cheekh ki koi perwah nahi ki aur aik zordaar
jhatka mara aur 8 inch ka lund poora gand main ghusa diya. AISH says:
Kuttay,Harami to apni didi ki gand mar raha hay ja pehlay apni maa ko
chod,nikal apna lora mairee gand say behan chod. Aish dard say
cheekhay jarahee thee mager aahista aahista us ki cheekhain halki
hotee jarahee thee.Irfan nay daikha Vijay musalsal lund gand kay
under bahir ker raha hay to us nay bhi neechay say choot marnee
shuroo ker dee.Aish ko bhi kuchh dair to dard raha phir dono taraf
yanee choot aur gand main lund under bahir honay say maza aanay laga
aur woh khud bhi aagay peechay ho ho ker choot aur gand marwanay
lagee.Aish mazay main khud apnay boobs dabanay lagee aur siskarian
lainay lagee. AISH says: Tum dono apna lund aur under karo aur zor
zor say jhatkay maro main hawaoon main ur rahee hoon mujhay bohat
maza aaraha hay zindagi main pehli baar lund daikha aur liya aur woh
bhi 2 aik saath aik bhai ka aur aik deewanay ka. Kuchh dair to Aish
dono taraf say chudtee rahee phir main nay Aish ko bed per seedha
litaya aur apna lund us ki choot per rakha aur choot kay lips per
upper neechay ragernay laga kabhi topi choot kay under daal daita
kabhi phir bahir nikal ker ragarnay lagta is say Aish bohat tarap
rahee thee aur aakhir bol hee pari. AISH says: Irfan please apna lund
mairee choot main poora daal do mujhay aur mat terpao zalim mujhay
chodo main bhi tumharay lund ki deewani ban gayee hoon apnay lund say
mairee choot ki piyas bhujao. Main nay us ko aur terpana munasib nahi
samjha aur aik hee jhatkay say poora lund choot main ghusa diya aur
us kay boobs paker ker zor zor say jhatkay marnay laga doosri taraf
Vijay nay apna lund behan kay mouth main daal diya jisay Aish mazay
say kulfi ki terha choosnay lagi aur us kay tattay sehlanay lagi.Aish
masti main ajeeb ajeeb see awazain nikalnay lagee AAAAHHHHHH MMM...
oHHHH.Aish qareeb pari huee vesiline haath main laiker mairee gand
per malnay lagee phir apni index finger mairee gand main daal dee aur
under bahir kernay lagee.Mujhay us ki tight choot main phans phans
ker jata huwa lund bara maza dai raha tha.Achanak Vijay bola. VJ
says: Didi lund chhoro mairee money nikalnay wali hay tumharay munh
main nikal jaye gee. AISH says: Jo bhi nikal raha hay munh main hee
nikal day chahay tera urine hee kion na ho main pee jaon gee.
Vijay nay Aish kay munh main money ki pichkari maar dee Aish ka munh
money say bhar giya aur woh mazay say sari money pee gayee.Mian nay
apnay jhatkay aur taiz ker diye.Aish ka jism akarnay laga aur us nay
dono tangoon say mairee kamer ko paker liya aur boli. AISH says: Oh
mairee choot main zalzala aaraha hay yeh kiya cheez nikal rahee hay
bohat maza aaraha hay. Aish ki choot nay bhi money chhor dee.Maray
jhatkoo aur dhakkoon main mazeed taizee aagayee aur mairay lund nay
bhi Aish ki poori choot money say bher dee. AISH says: AH AH yeh
garam garam kiya cheez mairee choot main bher dee hay main phir
chhoot rahee hoon ah Irfan phir dhakkay lagao. Main nay phir dhakkay
lagaye to phir Aish nay mairee kamer apni tangoon say paker lee us ki
choot say doosri dafa bhi money nikal gayee.Phir main Aish kay upper
say hat ker us kay saath hee bed per lait giya aur Vijay ham dono kay
pairoon ki taraf lait giya maloom nahi kab ham sab so gaye. Phir sab
say pehlay mairee aankh khuli to woh dono behan bhai bekhaber so
rahay thay. IRFAN says: Aish Aish utho. To woh jag gayee jab us nay
mujhay Vijay ko aur apnay aap ko nanga daikha to raat ki tamam
baatain kisi film ki terha us kee nazroon main ghoom gayeen.Aish ab
sharam say nazrain jhuka ker baithee thee us ki yeh ada mujhay itni
achhi lagi keh main nay aagay berh ker us kay maathay per choom liya.
IRFAN says: Tumharay issi sharmeelay pan nay hee to mujhay tumhara
deewana banaya tha. AISH says: Irfan mairee zindagee kay tum pehlay
mard ho main tum ko kabhi nahi bholoon gee. IRFAN says: Aish main
Pakistan say aaya hoon aur 2 din baad mairee wapsi hay. AISH says:
Irfan tum bohat zalim ho mairay dil main apna piyar jaga ker ab wapis
janay ki baatain ker rahay ho main tum ko kaheen nahi janay doon gee
main tumharay bina nahi reh sakoon gee. IRFAN says: Maira jana
majboori hay mager ham aainda bhi miltay rahain gay. AISH says : Tum
janay say pehlay her raat ko yahan aana aur mujhay issi terha piyar
kerna din main to kissi kay daikh liye janay ka der hay mager raat ko
zaroor aana. Main nay wada kiya aur kapray pehan ker Aish ko lip kiss
kiya aur chhat say wapis apnay gher aagiya.Aglee 2 ratoon ko main nay
Aish ko her tareeqay say choda.Vijay hamara raazdar aur patner tha.2
din baad main Aish ko apna mail & e-mail address aur phone number
daiker Pakistan aagiya.Ab akser ham raat ko internet per cameray kay
zariye aik doosray ko daikhtay aur baat kertay thay.
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*Smriti Part 1*

Mai Smriti hoon. 30 saal ki ek Shadishuda mahila. Gora rang aur
khoobsoorat nak naksh. Koi bhi ek baar mujhe dekh leta to bas mujhe
pane ke liye tadap uthta tha. Meri Figure 34(L)-28-38 bahut sexy
hai. Meri shadi Pankaj se hui thi. Pankaj ek Oil refinery me kafi
achchhe position me hai. Pankaj nihayat hi handsome aur kafi achchhe
swabhav ka admi hai. Wo mujhe bahut hi pyaar karta hai. Magar meri
kismet me sirf ek admi ka pyaar nahi likha hua tha. Mai aj do
bachchhon ki ma hoon magar unme kaun kiska hai mujhe nahi maloom.
Khoon to unhi ki family ka hai magar unke veerya se paida hua ya
nahi isme sandeh hai. Apko jyada bore nahi karke mai poori kahani
sunati hoon. Kais eek seedhi saadhi ladki jo kisi company me
secretary ke pad par thi ek sex machine me tabdeel ho gayee. Shadi
se pahle maine kisi se jismani tallukat nahi rakhe the. Apna
kaumarya apne pati ko hi samarpit ki thi.

Mai ek khoobsoorat ladki thi jo ek medium class family ko belong
karti thi. Padhai Khatam hone ke baad maine short hand and office
secretary ka course kiya. Complete hone par maine kai jagah apply
kiya. Ek company Sudarshan industries se PA ke liye call aya.
Interview me selection ho gaya. Mujhe us company ke malik Mr. Khushi
ram ke PA ke post ke liye select kiya tha. Mai bahut khush hui. Kam
man laga kar karne lagi magar Khushi Ram ji ki niyat achchhi nahi
thi. Khushiram Dekhne me poora bhains ke tarah kala aur poore chehre
par uske chechak ke nishan the. Jab bolta to uske honthon ke dono
kono se laar nikalti thi. Mujhe uski shakl se hi nafrat thi. Magar
kya karti majboori me use jhelna pad raha tha.

"yahan tumhe skirt aur blouse pahanna hoga. Ye PA ka dress code
hai." Usne interview ke baad hi mujhse kaha.

Mai ghar se salwar kameej me ati aur office akar apna dress change
karke official skirt blouse pahan leti. Skirt chhoti thi janghon tak
aur blouse kafi tight tha. Badan par aisa chipak jata tha mano ki
chamda. Mujhe bahut sharm ati thi shuru shuru me lekin jaldi hi iski
abhyast ho gayi thi.
Ek din usne apne cabin me mujhe bula kar idhar udhar ki kafi baten
ki aur dheere se mujhe apni or kheencha. Mai kuchh disbalance hui to
usne mujhe apne seene se laga liya. Usne mere honthon ko apne
honthon se chhu liye. Uske munh se ajeeb tarah ki badboo a rahi thi.
Mai ek dhakka dekar unse alag ho gayee. aur wahan se bhagte huye
nikal gayee. jate jate unke shabd mere kano par pade. Aaj tum office
ke bad ruk kar jana kuchh urgent letters type karane hain. Mai apni
desk par pahunchi to meri saanse tej tej chal rahi thi. Maine ek
glass thanda pani piya. Bebasi se meri ankhon me aansoo a gaye. Nam
ankhon se maine apna resignation letter type kiya aur office se
bahar nikal gayee. fir dobara kabhi us raste ki or paon nahi rakhe.

Dobara kai jagah apply kiya. Akhir ek jagah se interview call aya.
Select hone ke baad mujhe CEO se milne ke liye kaha gaya. Mujhe unhi
ke PA ke post par appointment mili thi. Mai sakuchate huye unke
kamre me knock karke andar gayee.

"You are welcome to this family" samne se awaj ayee. Maine dekha
samne ek 55 saal ka bahut hi khoobsoorat admi khada tha. Mai CEO Mr.
Raj Kumar ko dekhti hi rah gayee. Wo uthe aur mere paas akar hath
badhaya. Mai hosh me ayee. Maine tapak se unse hath milaya. Wo mera
hath pakde huye mujhe apne samne ki chair tak le gaye aur chair
khiska kar mujhe baithne ke liye kaha. Jab tak wo ghoom kar apni
seat par pahunche mai to un ke decency par mar miti.

Khair agle din se mai apne kaam me jut gayee. Dheere dheere unki
achchhaiyon se awgat hoti gayee. sare office ke staff unhe dil se
chahte the. Mai bhala unse alag kaise rahti. Yahan par jo socha tha
uska ulta hi hua. Yahan par to mai apne boss par mar miti magar boss
tha ki ghas hi nahi dalta tha. Yaha mai salwar kameej pahan kar hi
ane lagi. Maine apne kameej ke gale bade karwaliye jisse unhe mere
doodhiya rang ke boobs dekhen. Mai jaan boojh kar unke samne jhuk
kar kaam kar ti jisse mere bra me kase huye boobs unki ankhon ke
samne jhoolte rahen. Dheere dheere maine mahsoos kiya ki unki najron
me bhi parivartan ane laga hai. Akhir wo koi sadhu mahatma to the
nahi aur mai thi bhi itni sunder ki mujh se door rahna ek namumkin
kam tha. Mai aksar unse stane ki koshish karne lagi. Kabhi kabhi
mauka dekh kar apne boobs unse chua deti.

Dheere dheere hum kafi open ho gaye. Free time me mai unke cabin me
jakar unse baaten karti rahti. Unme guroor bilkul bji nahi tha. Mai
roj ghar se unke liye kuchh na kuchh nashte me banakar lati thi hum
dono saath baith kar nashta karte the. Mai yahan bhi kuchh maheene
bad skirt blouse me ane lagi. Jis din pahli bar skirt blouse me
ayee, maine unki ankho me ek tareef ki chamak dekhi.

Maine kai baar unhe baton baton me kaha"sir agar ap kahen to filen
apke ghar le ati hoon chhutti ke din ya office time ke bad ruk jati
hoon. Magar unka jawab tha "Smriti mai apni tension ghar lejana
pasand nahi karta aur chahta hoon ki tum bhi chhutti ke bad apni
life enjoy karo"

Dheere dheere hum betakalluf hone lage. Ek din kisi baat par unhon
ne khush ho kar kaha "Baby iske liye to mujhe tumse koi gift milni

"jaroor sir abhi deti hoon" maine kaha

"kya?" wo chaunk gaye. Maine mauke ko hath se nahi jane diya. Mai
jhat se unki god me baith gayee aur unhe apni bahon me bharte huye
unke lips choom liye. Wo is achanak huye hamle se ghabra gaye.

"smriti control yourself" unhon ne mujhe uthate huye kaha "ye uchit
nahi hai"

"kya karoon sir ap ho hi itne handsome" aur wahan se sharma kar bhag
gayee. mai unke sath ulte seedhe majak bhi karne lagi. Lekin mai to
unki banayi hui laxman rekha cross karma chahti thi. Mauka mila holi
Holi ke din humare office me chhutti thi. Lekin factory band nahi
rahti thi ek do office staff bhi ate the. Mr. Raj har holi ko apne
staff subah holi khelne ate the. Mai bhi subah office pahunch gayee.
office me koi nahi tha. Sab bahar ek dusre ko gulal lagate the.
Andar allowed nahi tha. Mai office me andar se darwaja band kar ke
unka intezar karne lagi. Kuchh hi der me Raj ki car andar ayee. Wo
kurte paijame me the. Log unse gale milne lage aur gulal lagane
lage. Maine gulal nikal kar ek plate me rakh liya bathroom me jakar
apne balon ko sanwara. Mai ek purani shirt aur skirt pahan rakhi
thi. Skirt kafi chhoti thi. Maine shirt ke buttons khol kar andar ki
bra utar di aur shirt ko wapas pahan li. Shirt ke upar ke do button
khule rahne diye jisse mere adhe boobs jhalak rahe the.

Mai khidki se jhank rahi thi aur unke free hone ka intezar karne
lagi. Unhe kya maloom tha mai office me unka intezar kar rahi hoon.
Wo free ho kar wapas car ki taraf badh rahe the. To maine unke
mobile par ring kiya.

"sir, mujhse holi nahi khelenge."

"kahan ho tum." Unhon ne charon taraf dekhte huye poochha.

"office me apka intezar kar rahi hoon"

"to bahar aja na"

"nahi sabke samne mujhe sharm ayegi." Maine kaha

"achchha to besharmon wali holi khelne ka program hai?" unhon ne
muskurate huye mobile band kiya aur office ki taraf badhe. Maine
lock khol kar darwaje ke peechhe chhup gayee. jaise hi wo andar aye
mai peechhe se unse lipat gayee aur apne hathon se gulal unke chahre
par mal diya. Jab tak wo gulal jhad kar ankh kholte maine wapas apni
mutthiyon me gulal bhara aur unke kurte ke andar hath dal kar unke
seene me laga kar ounce seene ko masal diya.

"bura na mano holi hai." Kahte huye ek mutthi gulal paijame ke andar
bhi dal di. Andar hath dalne me jhijhak lagi.

"thahar batata hoon." Wo jab tak samhle tab tak mai khil khilate
huye wahan se bhag kar table ke peechhe ho gayee. unhon ne mujhe
pakadne ke liye table ke idhar udhar daur lagayee. Lekin mai unse
bach gayee. lekin mera aim to pakde jaine ka tha bachne ka thodi.
Isliye mai table ke peechhe se nikal kar darwaje ki taraf dauri. Is
baar unhon ne mujhe peechhe se pakad kar mere kameej ke andar hath
daal diye. Mai khil khila kar kasmasa rahi thi. Wo kafi der tak mere
boobs par rang lagate rahe. Mere nipples ko masalte rahe kheenchte
rahe. Mai unse lipat gayee. aur pahli baar unhon ne apne honth mere
honthon par rakh diye. Mere honth thoda khule aur unki jeebh ko
andar jane ka rasta de diya. Kai minutes hum isi tarah ek doosre ko
choomte rahe. Mere ek hath sarakte huye unke paijame tak pahuncha
fir dheere se paijame ke andar sarak gaya. Mai unke ling ki tapish
apne hathon par mahsoos kar rahi thi. Maine apne hath age badha kar
unke ling ko tham liye. Meri is harkat se jaise unke poore jism me
ek jhurjhuri si daud gayee. Unhone ne mujh ek dhakka dekar apne se
alag kiya. Mai garmi se tap rahi thi. Lekin unhon ne kaha "nahi
smriti …..nahi ye theek nahi hai."

Mai sir jhuka kar wahi khadi rahi.

"tum mujhse bahut chhoti ho." Unhon ne apne hathon se mere chehre ko
uthaya " tum bahut achchho ladki ho aur hum dono ek doosre ke bahut
achchhe dost hain. "

maine dheere se sir hilaya. Mai apne aap ko kos rahi thi. Mujhe apni
harkat par bahut glani ho rahi thi. Magar unhon ne meri kasmakas ko
samajh kar mujhe wapas apni bahon me bhar liya aur mere gallon par
do kiss kiye. Isse mai wapas normal ho gayee. Jab tak mai samhalti
wo ja chuke the.

Dheere dheere samay beetta gaya. Lekin us din ke baad unhon ne
humare aur unke beech me ek laxman rekha kheench dee.

Mai shayad wapas unhe seduce karne ke plan banane lagti lekin
achanak meri jindagi me ek andhi si ayee aur sab kuchh change ho
gaya. Mere sapno ka saudagar mujhe is tarah mil jayega maine kabhi
socha na tha.

Mai ek din apne kam me busy thi ki laga koi meri desk ke pas akar

"I want to meet mr. Raj Kumar"

"any appointment?" maine sir jhukaye huye hi poochha?


"sorry he is busy" maine talte huye kaha.

"tell him Pankaj his son wants to meet him."

"maine ek jhatke se apna sir uthaya aur us khoobsoorat aur handsome
admi ko dekhti rah gayee. Wo bhi meri khoobsoorti me kho gaya tha.

"oh my god. Kya cheej ho tum. Tubhi dad ajkal itna office me busy
rahne lage hain." Unhon ne kaha "by the way apka nam jan sakta hoon?"


"Smriti….ab ye naam meri Smriti se kabhi door nahi jayega." Maine
Sharma kar apni ankhe jhuka li. Wo andar chale gaye. Wapsi me unhon
ne mujhse sham ki date fix kar li.

Iske baad to hum daily milne lage. Hum dono poori sham ek doosre ki
bahon me bitane lage. Pankaj bahut open mind ke admi the.

Ek din Raj ne mujhe apne cabin me bulaya aur ek letter mujhe dete
huye kaha.

"ye hai tumhara termination letter. You are being sacked" unhon ne
tej awaj ke sath kaha.

"l..lekin meri galti kya hai?" maine ruansi awaj me poocha.

"tumne mere ladke ko apne jaal me fansa hai"

"lekin sir…"

"koi lekin vekin nahi" unhon ne mujhe buri tarah jhidakte huye
kaha "now get lost"

meri ankhon me ansoo a gaye. Mai roti hui wahan se jane lagi. Jaise
hi mai darwaje tak pahunchi unki awaj sunai di.

"Sham ko hum tumhare parents se milne a rahe hai. Pankaj jaldi shadi
karna chahta hai" mere kadam thithak gaye. Mai ghumi maine dekha Mr.
Raj kumar apni bahen failaye muskura rahe hain. Mai ansoo ponch kar
khil khila uthi. Aur daud kar unse lipat gayee.
cont..... to part 2
payboy_4_females does not host any of the files mentioned on this post or on his own servers. This post only points out to various links on the Internet that already exist and are uploaded by other websites or users there

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payboy_4_females does not host any of the files mentioned on this post or on his own servers. This post only points out to various links on the Internet that already exist and are uploaded by other websites or users there

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