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Reaching the station, seeing the crowd & failing to get even a seat
by paying a hefty amount, Firoz Pathan was throughly annoyed with
his boss. That bastard had told him in the evening that he will have
to go by the night's train to Bhusawal for some urgent work. Firoz
worked as a sales manager in a ladies garment company. As there was
a complaint about the dealer he had to rush there. After all being a
sales manager it was his duty to see that the sales target is
achieved anyhow. Being a holiday season no reservation was available
& Firoz would have to go in a unreserved compartment for the full
night. Firoz tried every trick in the book for a seat but was
unsuccessful. At last he went to the extreme end of the platform
where the unreserved bogie would come.
There was still an hour for the train to come. Firoz had come early
in the hope of finding a seat & now had to wait for a long time for
the train. Standing there in a bit cool air but hardly any light
Firoz kept abusing his boss a lot, but was helpless. A bit away from
Firoz was standing Khushbu Mishra, a sexy looking girl of 18 years.
She has come to Mumbai to her maternal uncle & was leaving for
Bhusaval finishing her vacations. Her grand father had come to see
her off. As she too didn't have reservation, Khushbu was standing for
the general bogie. Khushbu was 5'5" tall, very fair, slighly
elongated face with pierced nose, black eyes & a well developed
body. Coming of age Khushbu has a sexy developed body. The ass was a
bit protruding, which was resting on a slim waist. What were most
alluring about Khushbu were the 2 fleshy globes standing proudly on
her chest. The 30 sized boobs stood straight, without bit sag as
they were hardly fondled by anyone. This didn't mean that Khushbu was
ignorant about sex. She had been felt many a times in the crowd as
her sexy body & face was an invitation for strangers to molest her
in the crowd. Though she was afraid about it, Khushbu didn't mind
strangers touching her. Even now standing in the crowd she was felt
2-3 times but she kept silent.
Khushbu was wearing a cream coloured silk kameez with matching
salwar. The tight salwar kameez was prominantly showing her assets
to the people near by. Also with the Mumbai weather's humidity she
was perspiring profusely. The sweat was making the silk kameez wet &
it was sticking to Khushbu's body. Among the many people watching
Khushbu was Firoz. He was seeing this girl from last 10 minutes & he
also saw 3-4 people touching her taking advantage of the crowd. It
didn't escape Firoz's eyes that the girl was hardly bothered about
the men touching her. Once while talking to the old men with her,
she just looked back at the man touching her ass. Thinking that the
girl was angry that person just disappeared in the crowd. He saw the
girl giggling occasionally every time some one felt her. Also during
this time she kept talking to the old man who was with her. All this
showed that she didn't mind being felt though 1-2 times she showed a
bit displeasure as the old man was looking at her when she was being
touched. Being a through womaniser, Firoz thought to take advantage
of this girl till the train comes. If other people can feel her why
can't he? Also being a man of 43 no one will suspect him of doing
anything wrong in the crowd. Looking at the girl‚EURO(tm)s ass Firoz went &
stood behind her. Looking at the opposite side Firoz gently let his
palm touch the girl's ass. Khushbu felt his hand touch her ass. She
just looked back at to see who was behind her. In reality, Khushbu
held been felt by a boy near her Mama's house during the vacation.
He was eyeing Khushbu from the day she had come to her Mama's place.
After 4-5 days of eyeing her, he had proposed to her & then had
kissed & felt her many times. Though Khushbu wouldn't had minded if
he had gone the full lenght & fucked her, she found that boy a bit
afraid to take the next step. The most he had done was to play with
Khushbu's boobs from over her salwar during one meeting. Being a
girl, Khushbu couldn't tell him to go all the way & hence had to stay
like that. But this petting & kissing had ignited a passion in her
which resulted in letting strangers feel her body on the station in
the crowd. So now when she found a bit aged person standing behind
her, feeling her ass, Khushbu didn't resist a bit but kept talking to
her grand father. As it was dark there & Firoz was with his back to
a wall none could see what he was doing. Seeing the girl standing
silently, Firoz getting a bit more relaxed put his finger in her ass
crack. Feeling a finger directly in her ass crack, Khushbu jerked a
bit. Though many people had felt her before this was the first time
a person was boldly feeling her ass crack. She realised that this
person was had a bit more daring. Khushbu kept talking to her grand
papa but her whole mind was on the person behind her. In a minute
she realised that now his other hand was on her ass just near her
waist. As her grand papa was looking around he couldn't see his
grand daughter being fondled just near him. Khushbu without anything
in her mind told him to try to find if any one & get her a seat. Her
grand father told Khushbu that he will see if he could find some one
who could help him get a seat for her with the help of a coolie.
After her grand father left Khushbu realised that unknowingly she was
now alone with this person.
Khushbu was happy but tensed hearing him. She was happy that in her
grand pa's absence that person would give her more masti, but was
tensed as to what else he might do. Firoz too heard that man & was
happy about it. As soon as the old man left, Firoz now put his other
hand on Khushbu's waist & pulled her a bit near him saying, "Kuch
taqlif nahi na tumko beti? Aare aaramse khadi raho, bahut bhid hai,
sambhalke khadi raho mare pass thik hai?" This time Khushbu said
softly, "Please, yeh kya kar rahe ho? Mujhe jane do. " Khushbu saying
that moved a bit forward. But Firoz was not a man to back out now.
He pulled her back to him & now rubbing her ass crack a bit roughly
said, "Aare kuch nahi, tum bus aaramse khadi raho, accha lag raha
hai na tumko?" Khushbu felt nice at his boldness but was afraid too.
Now Firoz had put his hand around her waist. Pulling Khushbu near him
behind a thick shed pole so as to hide her partially, Firoz took his
hand a bit up at the base of Khushbu's tits. With that deep voice &
touch at the boobs, Khushbu felt her nipple go taut also sending a
shiver down her spine. She was now a bit afraid of this man who was
so brazenly feeling her. With a shy face she turned to that man &
said, "Choro mujhe ye aap kya kar rahe hai?" Firoz could make out
beads of perspiration on the girl's forehead. He was now literally
cupping her tits & kneeding her ass. He could make out that the girl
was a bit afraid but was enjoying all this. If he could play it
right maybe he had a chance. Firoz playing with her nipple said,
"Bol beti accha lag raha hai na tumko? Waise woh buddha kaun hai
tare saath beti?" Khushbu was now tensed as it was for the first time
any man was taking such liberties with her. This man was definately
more confident then the boy who had proposed her at her Mama's
place. Khushbu moved a bit ahead again & said, "Woh mare Nanaji hai,
please choro mujhe, yeh kyon kar rahe ho aaisa mare saath?" Firoz
didn't pull her near again & letting her off & said, "Kyon? Tujhe
accha nahi lag raha? Maza nahi mil raha aaisa karne se tumko?"
Khushbu wanted more of it but was shy & afraid too. But she couldn't
say anything. At last when she was again asked by Firoz she nodded
her head & said in a soft voice, "Jee, accha lag raha hai lekin daar
bhi lagta hai. "Hearing this Firoz caught her hand & pulling her
near said, "Haan janta hoon ki tujhe daar lagta hai, lekin tu chinta
mat kar. Mai sab sambhal lunga. Yeh bata, tera woh buddha bhi saath
aanewala hai kya? Kahan tak jaa rahi hai tu is train se?"Khushbu
getting a bit relaxed said, "Mai akeli jaa rahi hoon Bhusawal. Yahan
apne Mama ke ghar aaye thi, Nanaji mujhe train mai bithane aaye hai.
Ab reservation nahi hai isliye is bogie mai baithne ruki hoon".
Now both were facing each other. Firoz could make out that this girl
was nicely developed in the right places. Khushbu found a bit aged
man with a strong physic & manly looks. Happy to hear that this girl
was also going till Bhusawal, Firoz looking deep in her eyes said,
"Dekh mai bhi Bhusawal ja raha hoon. Tu chahe to mare saath reh. Mai
apne baithne ke liye kuch intazaam karunga. Tu rahegi mare saath
poori trip mai? Waise mera naam Firoz hai, tera naam kya hai?"
Khushbu's heart was beating fast. She knew that if she agrees to stay
with this man, he will play with her through out whole journey.
Though she was a bit afraid, she had liked the boldness he had
shown. Shyly looking at him she said, "Mera naam Khushbu Mishra hai.
Dekho agar Nanaji mare liye seat laye to mai wahan baithungi nahi to
aapke saath baithungi. " Firoz was happy with the boldness this girl
was showing. He knew that his journey would be a great trip this
time with this girl. In the crowded bogie he would play a lot with
this girl. She was responding so nicely to his touches. Oh God!If
only he had a berth today, he could have fucked this girl. She was a
good piece to go without fucking. Even if he could play with her
today he thought of fucking her in Bhusawal as he would be there for
2-3 days. Mean while he saw that Khushbu's grand papa returning back.
He quickly said, "Dekh Khushbu, tera buddha aa raha hai. Seat mili
hogi to mai tare saath aayunga nahi to tu mare saath aa. Aur sun,
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Old 20th September 2007
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abhi train ko 45 minit hai. Tu buddhe se bol ki tujhe pishab karni
hai aur waha aa. Tare saath zara aur baate karni hai. Mai waha jata
hoon, tu jaldi aa. "Saying this, Firoz picked his bag & went to the
dead end of the platform which was totally dark. He saw Khushbu
talking to her grand papa. Khushbu was happy to hear that her grand
papa couldn't manage to find a seat for her. It meant that she could
be with Firoz. Then she remembered that Firoz had called her. She
was thinking weather she should go there or no. Ultimately deciding
to go there she told her gand papa that she will be back soon. Then
walking in the direction Firoz had went she too came to the dead end
of the platform. There she saw Firoz standing near a deserted room.
Khushbu found her heart beating fast. She didn't know how she was
doing all this today. As she reached near him, Firoz caught her hand
& took her behind the cabin.
After taking Khushbu behind the cabin, Firoz put his hand around her
waist & pulled her close. For the first time he saw Khushbu neatly.
Though it was dark there, he could make out that Khushbu was a sexy
girl. Putting his hand boldly on Kusbhu's chest & gently massaged
her tits. Firoz found that she wasn't wearing a bra. Feeling her
hard boobs he said, "Accha lag raha tha na tujhe beti? Maaza aaya
tujhe wahan platform pe?" Khushbu was dumbstruck but liked whatever
he was doing. She shyly nodded her head showing her acceptance.
Firoz now put his hands under the kameez & feeling her waist &
stomach pulled her more close. It was the first time for Khushbu when
someone was so bold & openly playing with her. She was in no mood to
resist. She was just a doll in Firoz's hands. Taking his hand up on
onto Khushbu's boobs Firoz said, "Waise mast maal hai tu. Mare saath
rahegi to raat bhar mast maaza dunga. Rahegi na mare saath Khushbu
beti?" Feeling a man's hands for the first time on her naked boobs
send a shock through Khushbu's nubile body. When Firoz started
playing with her nipples a moan escaped through her lips. She felt
her throat go dry. Involuntarily she put her hand on Firoz's hand &
said, "Haan uncle, mai aapke saath rahungi. Bada accha lag raha hai
aapke saath rehna. Ab chalo bhi uncle, train ka time hua hai, mare
Nanaji dhoond rahe honge mujhe. "
Firoz now decided to do something so that this girl wouldn't leave
his side even if she got a seat in the train. He removed his hand &
said, "Beti, ab train mai na jane kahan seat milegi. Aaisa karte hai
hum pishab karke late hai. Nahi to aaisa na ho ki train mai bhid ki
wajah se poore safar mai muthne hi na mile hame. Mai bhi pishab
karta hoon tu bhi karle. " Saying so Firoz opened his zip & very
casually pulled his lund from the underwear starting pissing in
front of Khushbu. Khushbu aankhe phadke Firoz Uncle ka lund dekh rahi
thi. Zindagi mai pehle baar woh lund dekh rahi thi. Firoz ka woh
kaala mota lund dekhke Khushbu sharmai par phir bhi nazar lund se
nahi hata paye. Aaisa nanga lund dekhke Khushbu ka jism apne aap
garam hone laga. usane chudai ki baate suni to thi lekin kabhi lund
nahi dekha tha. Woh Firoz ke lund se beh rahi woh pishab dekh rahi
thi. Firoz apna lund muth mai pakadke ke mut raha tha. Khushbu ke
samne apna lund besharmi se masalte Firoz bola, "Aare beti, sirf
mujhe hi mutte dekhegi ya tu bhi mutegi? Chal jaldi se salwar khol
aur mut le. Ab poore safar mai na jane kab mutne milega. Chal jaldi
kar. " Firoz ke baat sunke Khushbu sharmate ghumke salwar ka naada
kholne lagi to Firoz bola, "Aare, udhar muh karke kyon mut rahi ho
beti? Mai jaisa tare samne mut raha hoon tu bhi mare samne mut. "
Khushbu sharmate Firoz ki taraf muh karke kameez uppar karke salwar
ka nada kholke salwar aur chaddi niche karke baithke pishab karne
lagi Friends, here is the next part of the story. Actually its the
unposted part of the first story. Hope you will send your views
after reading it. So here it goes. As Khushbu went to her grand
father, Firoz went to find a coolie who could help him. He found a
gang of 4-5 coolie's standing near by. He went to them & asked in
general if anyone could find a seat for him & his niece. One of the
coolie looking at him said, "Sahab seat to milegi lekin uske liye
hum 500 rupiye lange. Ekdum mast seat hai, koi dikkat nahi hogi
aapko. " Firoz found that Rs 500 was too high a price so he tried to
bargain but had to settle for Rs 400. Then the coolie said, "Sahab
yeh seat matlab bogie ka toilet hai. Itne bhid mai koi bhi pishab
karne nahi aata. Aap aaramse jaa sakte ho. Bhusawal to kya 9-10
ghante ka trip hai. Subah aap utar jaoge. Bolo dedu woh jagah aapko?
Waise abhi ek miya-biwi ne dusra toilet liya hai 700 mai. " Firoz
found the idea of sitting in a toilet a bit dirty & said so to the
coolie. The coolie said that since the train was starting from this
station the toilet will be washed clean & he could seat with his
niece without any problem. As Firoz thought about it he realised
that it was the best place where he could do anything with Khushbu.
Nobody would come there in the crowd & in the noise he could hide
Khushbu's voice also. He immediately gave Rs 100 to the coolie & the
balance was to be paid after he got the promised seat.
Firoz came near Khushbu & indicated to her that he had got a seat.
Khushbu was happy as now she can seat near him through out the
journey. After 10 mInutes the train arrived on the platform. Firoz
in the mean while went ahead & Khushbu followed him & was just at his
back. She said goodbye to her Nana as both realised that they can't
meet each other because of the crowd. Her grand father told her to
take care of herself & call her when she reaches home, to which
Khushbu assented. As soon as the bogie came, Firoz pushed Khushbu in
front of him. Her grand father just couldn't do anything but see his
grand daughter being taken away by the mass of people. Firoz feeling
her whole body pushed Khushbu in. He was literally holding Khushbu
with one hand across her chest. He had purposely put his hand on her
boobs & was crushing them hard. Also his hot lund was on her ass &
Khushbu could feel it. Entering the bogie, Firoz took Khushbu near the
toilet. In the way 2-3 boys tried to fondle Khushbu. Seeing this,
Firoz hurled them with the choicest abuse, slapping one of the boy
saying how could he do like this with his beti. He purposely said
that Khushbu was his daughter so that no boby would be suspicious
when he goes in the toilet with her. Seeing this angry Pathan that
poor guys just turned away giving way to Firoz to reach the toilet.
The coolie was standing there. Firoz signalled him & he opened the
toilet door. Firoz made Khushbu keep her luggage there & he too kept
his bag. He then give the coolie his balance amount. In the opposite
latrine he saw the couple also paying the promised amount to the
coolie's partner. As soon as the coolie left, Firoz shut the door &
now was alone with Khushbu. As told by the coolie the toilet was
clean. A florocent tube ws illumenating the toilet. With the sudden
action, Firoz's hand on her boobs, the boys fondling her ass &
stomach & then with Firoz's abuse terrified Khushbu.
And now with Firoz taking her in the latrine made her throat go dry.
Firoz was watching her with amusement. He could see her heaving
chest which he had massaged some time back. Khushbu's face was full
of sweat. Sitting on the western commode, Firoz took Khushbu's hand &
pulling her to his lap said, "Ab hame koi disturb nahi karega, koi
darwaza bajayega to maderchod ki maa chod dunga. Ab tu aaramse
baithke apne Firoz Chacha se jawani ki masti le. " Hearing the abuse
by Firoz, Khushbu got a bit tense but now she started liking this man
who was full of daring. Khushbu with a bit of fear & lot of
excitement in her heart said, "Chacha, yeh kya hum toilet mai
baithange kya poore safar?" Playing with her boobs from over the
kameez Firoz said "Aur nahi to kya? Aare is bhid mai yehi ek jagah
hai jaha hum koi disturb nahi karega. Is toilet mai tujhe poori
nangi karke teri jawani ke saath mai masti se khel sakta hoon. Aaj
raat bhar mai tujhe bahut maaza dunga meri rani aur tujhe subah tak
ladki se aurat bana dunga samjhi?"Firoz ke muh se yeh sab baate
sunke Khushbu poori tarah sharmai. Woh ab samjhi ki Firoz Chacha ne
jaan bujhke yeh jagah chuni jahan woh bindhast uski jawani ke saath
khel sake. Aaisa nahi tha ki Khushbu yeh nahi chahati thi lekin ek
ajnabi ke saath woh pehle baar akeli rehnewali thi raat bhar aur woh
ajnabi uske saath kya karna chahata hai yeh use malum tha. Khushbu
Firoz ka gussa dekhake daar jati hai per darne ke baad bhi woh Firoz
se door nahi hona chahati kyoki usse pata tha ki yehi aadmi usse
bahut maja dega. Khushbu ke chehere pe daar dekhke Firoz uske mamme
masalte bolta hai, "Aare tu kyon darti hai jaan? Maine un ladko ko
galli di isliye? Aare meri rani, koi mard meri jaan ko bhid mai
haath lagaye to kya mai chup rahu? Us maderchod ko yehi nanga karke
uski gaand marunga samjhi? Tu meri amanat hai, bol hai na?" Ab aur
sharam se Khushbu ne Firoz ko dekhke haan mai sir hilaya. Itne waqt
se Firoz se apna jism masalke, un ladko ko di maa behan ki galliya,
yeh toilet mai uske saath akeli rehna aur ab fursat mai usse mamme
masalke lake Khushbu ekdum garm hui thi. Woh aaj is ajnabi Chacha ke
haatho apni jawani lutane tayyar thi.
Train ab horn bajake ahista chalne lagi thi. Toilet ke bahar bahut
shor macha tha. Sab log bhid mai apne liye jagah bana rahe thay.
Yahan Firoz, Khushbu ke jism ko haule-haule masalte usse kiss karne
laga. Khushbu bhi aahe bharte usse saath de rahi thi. Jaise train ne
speed pakda, Firoz khada hua aur apni pant shirt utari. usane
underwear to nahi pehni thi. Apna kala, mota lamba lauda sehlate
Firoz bola, "Chal meri Khushbu jaan, ab tu bhi nangi ho jaa. Jo jism
ab tak kapdo ke uppar se masal raha tha usse ab nanga dekhke masalke
chodunga. Tujhe aaisa maaza dunga ki tu duniya bhool jayegi meri
jaan. Chal salwar kameez utar teri Khushbu. " Poori roshni mai Firoz
ko nanga dekhke pehle to Khushbu hakka-bakka reh gaye. usaka woh kala
mota lund woh dekhte hi rehi. Yehi woh lund tha jo train mai chadte
waqt uski gaand pe ragad raha tha. Zindagi mai pehle baar Khushbu
asli mard ka lund dekh rahi thi. Woh lund ko dekhne mai itni kho
gaye ki achanak usse Firoz ka haath uski kamar pe mehsus hua. Firoz
uski salwar na naada khol raha tha. Naada kholke Firoz ne uski
salwar niche khichi aur usse apni kameez utarne kaha. Khushbu ne
dhire se apni kameez utha ke usse nikal diya. ladki ke sine pe woh
chote kadak mamme dekh Firoz ko raha nahi gaya. Khushbu ki kamar mai
haath dalke usse pass khichte Firoz baari-baari uske mamme chumne
laga. Mamme chumke phir jheeb se usse chatne laga. Jab Firoz Khushbu
ke nipples ko chatne laga to Khushbu zoro se siskariya bharte apna
sina Firoz ke muh pe dabane lagi. Acche se Khushbu ke nipple ko
chatke Firoz ungliyo se unse khelte bola, "Yeh bata meri jaan, niche
tune bra kyon nahi pehni?" Sharam se Firoz ko dekhte Khushbu boli,
"Maine maa ko bra dane ke liye bola to woh bol rahi thi ki agle
mahine se bra layage mere liye. Woh bhi boli ki Khushbu ab tu itni
badi ho gaye hai ki tum ab bra pehna karo. " Khushbu ke jism pe ab
sirf black panty thi. usaka poora jism niharte Firoz woh jism
masalte bola, "Haan woh to hai, ab tera jism poora bharne laga hai
Khushbu. Waise teri jaise kamsin ladki ne bra nahi pehnni chahaye.
Tum bra nahi pehnogi to hum jaise mardo ki nazar tumpe aayegi aur
hamare se chudwane ke baad thumhari zindagi banegi. Beti tujhe mai
bra panty dunga. Mera bra panty ka hi dhanda hai. Aaj raat tujhe
jwani ka maaza dunga aur phir bra panty dunga. Waise teri maa ka
naam aur umar kya hai?"Apna jism Firoz ke haatho se masalke late
Khushbu boli, "Meri maa ka naam Vibha hai aur woh 37 saal ki hai.
Firoz Chacha kyo nahi pehanna chahiye bra hum ladkio ko? Ab bolte ho
bra panty nahi pehnni chahaye hame aur phir bra panty dane ki baat
bhi karte ho, woh kyon?" Firoz ne Khushbu ki chaddi niche khichte
usko pori nangi kiya. Kale jhato se bhari gilli chut dekhke woh bada
khush hua. Ungli se uski chut sehlate usne 2-3 baar Khushbu ki chut
chum li. Phir ek ungli aahista se Khushbu ki un chudi chut mai
ghusate woh bola, "Teri jaise kamsin ladki ko thumhari maa bra
pehnne nahi deti jab tak ki thumhare mamme bade nahi hote. Par tab
tak mare jaise mard ki nazar mai tum aati ho aur phir humse chudwati
ho. Mare samne bina bra panty ke reh tu beti, bus duniya ke baki
mardo ke samne bra panty pehnne bol raha hoon. Bol aajtak koi mard
khela tha kya tujhse Khushbu?" Besharam hoke apni kamar Firoz ke muh
pe pass dabate Khushbu boli, "Nahi, koi nahi khela aaj tak mare badan
ke saath tumhare jaisa. Tum to ekdum acche ho Firoz Chacha. "
Toilet mai dono maderjaat nange thay. Train ab poori raftar se chal
rahi thi. Engine driver jaise baar-baar horn baja raha tha thik
waise hi Firoz Kusbhu ke mamme daba raha tha, mano woh train ka horn
ho. Khushbu bhi hawas se bhara apna jism us ajnabi se masalke le rahi
thi. Acche se mamme masalke Firoz ne WC pe baitke Khushbu ko niche
bithake lund uske chehere pe ghumake lips pe rakh diya. Khushbu ko
bahut sarm aaye jab Firoz uske muh pe apna mota lund ragadke
muskurte uske lips pe baar-baar ghumane lagta hai. woh kitab ki
picture yaad aaye jo uski saheli ne di thi jisme yeh lauda chusna
dikhaya tha. Apna lund Khushbu ke hootho pe ragadte aur Khushbu ke
mamme masalte Firoz bola, "Tujhe acha laga na mera tare jism se
khelna Khushbu? Aaj mujhse chuda ke meri rand banaunga tujhe samjhi?
Teri koi saheli chudwai nahi hogi par aajse tu ek Musalmaan ki raand
banegi, chal muh khol aur apne Firoz Chacha ka lauda chus. " Kusbhu
FIroz ke lund ko haath mai lake masalte boli, "Haan Firoz Chacha
mujhe accha laga jub tum mere jism se khelte ho. Mujhe nahi malum
meri saheliya bhi kisi ke sath karti hai ya nahi par aaj mai thumare
saath sab karungi. " Itna bolke Khushbu muh khole Firoz ka lund
chatne lagi. laude ke chikna raas usse pehle kaisa to laga par bina
kuch bole woh Firoz ka lund chatne lagi. Ek do baar lund chatke
Khushbu ne lund ka supada muh mai liya aur usse chusne lagi. Jaise hi
Khushbu Firoz ka lund chusne lagi, toilet ke darwaze pe kissi ne
bahar se dastak lagai. Ek do baar dastak sunke Firoz ko bada gussa
aaya. Khushbu to daar ke maare kuch bol hi nahi paye. Apna nangapaan
chupane woh uthi aur niche padi kameez uthake pehnne lagi. Firoz ne
usse kameez li aur usse chup rehne bola. Phir usne pant shirt
pehante Khushbu ko door ke piche nangi khadi karte aadha darwaza
khola. Ek 20-22 saal ka mard wahan khada tha. Zara gusse se woh
bola, "Aare Bhai sahab, kitna time le rahe ho aap? Mai 15 minit se
khada hoon yahan. " Firoz ka chehera gusse se lal hua tha. usane us
aadmi ko jalti nazar se dekhke kaha, "Teri maa ki chut, maderchod
harami laude, is bhid mai tujhe kya mutne ki padi hai? Saale maine
paise deke raat bhar ke liye yeh toilet meri beti aur mare liye book
ki hai. Phir agar tune ya kisi ne dastak di to bahar aake gaand
marunga uski. Behanchodo, idhar baithne ko jaga nahi aur mutne ki
padi hai tumko. Aur hi mutna hai harami to jake teri maa ki chut mai
mut. " Woh aadmi aur passage mai baithe baki passenger Firoz ki
gandi galli, usse gusse se lal hua chehera aur unche aawaz mai de
gaye dhamki se itne daar gaye ki koi kuch nahi bola. Yeh dekhke
pishab karne aaya aadmi bhi waha se chala gaya. Firoz ko yakeen hua
ki agar koi toilet istamaal karne aaya bhi to bahar ke log usse
Firoz ki dhamki batake toilet pe dastak dane se rokange. Sab logo ki
taraf ek baar gusse se dekhke Firoz ne darwaza band kiya. Wahan door
ke piche Khushbu daar se nangi hi khadi thi. Phir ek baar Firoz ka
woh roop dekhke aur galliya sunke woh bahut ghabrai thi. Lekin ek hi
pal mai us nangi kamsin Khushbu ko dekhke Firoz ke chehera khil gaya
aur gussa gayab hua.
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Nangi Khushbu ko baho mai lake usne chumte jism masalne laga. Thoda
time jism masalne se Khushbu bhi daar bhul gaye aur phir uske jism
mai vasana bharne lagi. Firoz samjha ki Khushbu phir josh mai aaye to
woh commode pe baitha aur Khushbu ko niche bithake apna lund uske muh
mai dala. Khushbu ab zara bindhast hoke Firoz ka lund chusne lagi.
Firoz aankhe band karke apna lund chuswake le raha tha. Ek haath
Khushbu ki baalo mai ghumate dusre haath se Khushbu ke nipples se
khelte, haule-haule apne lund se Khushbu ka muh chodte bola, "Ah aise
hi chusti raho, aur muh khol, mera lund aur andar lake usse chatke
chus aur meri gotiya bhi sehla jaan, tujhe Musalmaan ki chinal
banane mai maza aayega. Aaj tujhe khub chodunga. Acha hai na mera
lauda Khushbu?" Firoz ke muh se chinal banane ki baat sunke Khushbu ko
kharab lagta hai. Woh Firoz ka lund muhse nikalke usse sehlate bolti
hai, "Ek baat batao Firoz Chacha, aap mujhe yeh itni gandi galliya
kyon de rahe ho?" Apna lund Khushbu ke khule muh mai ghusate Firoz
phir uske mammo se khel te bola, "Kyonki tu meri raand hai, ek
Pathan ki raand. Teri jaise 3 kamsin chut ko maine meri rand banaya
hai Khushbu, tujhe acha lagega na meri rakhail banne?" Firoz Chacha
se apne nipples sehlane se Khushbu ko bada accha lagta hai. Woh jyada
se jyada lund chusne lagti hai. Jab Firoz zara zorse nipples se
khelta tha tab usse dard hota tha aur woh halke se aawaz bhi karti
lekin phir bhi uska maan nahi hua ki Firoz Chacha se door ho jaye.
Khushbu ek gulam jaise Firoz ka har kaha maan rahi thi. Firoz apna
lund Khushbu ke muh se nikalke uppar karte Khushbu ka muh apni gotiyo
pe dabata hai. Un gotiyo ki pasine ka bass Khushbu soongti hai. Woh
halke se gotiya chatke bolti hai, "Chacha ab woh 3 ladkiya kaha
hai?" Apni gotiya Khushbu ko chatne lagte Firoz bola, "Woh hai mare
shehar mai aur jab mai bulata hoon aati hai. Abhi ek dost ke janam
din pe unme se 2 ladkiyo ko maine mare dosto ke saath khub choda
tha. Poore 2 din unko choda aur phir paise bhi diye thay. Tujhe bhi
bahut paise dunga, banegi na tu mare is laude ki raand?" Dosto se
chudwane ki baat sunke Khushbu ghabrate boli "Nahi mujhe sirf apki
randi banna hai. Aap jo bhi kahayange mai karungi Chacha. " Itna
bolke Khushbu phir baari-baari se Firoz ki gotiya chusne lagti hai.
Is ladki ke muh se woh baat sunke Firoz bada khush hua. Jhukke
Khushbu ke nipple se khelte woh bola, "Thik hai jaan tu sirf meri
randi banegi, mai tujhe meri special rakhail banake rakhunga par ab
tujhe tare badan ko kisi bhi mard ka haath nahi laga dena hoga
samjhi? Tare bhai ka bhi nahi kyonki tu Firoz ki rakhail hai samjhi?
Aahhhhhhh aaise hi gotiya chus meri kamsin randi, aaj tujhe jannat
dunga. "Firoz ki gotiya chuske Khushbu phir uska lund chusne shuru
karte boli, "Haan mai kissi ko bhi apna jism touch nahi karne dungi
Firoz Chacha, apne bhai ko bhi nahi. "
Firoz Khushbu ko uthake apni nangi jhaang pe bithake uske mammo se
khelne lagta hai. Khushbu ko Firoz ka lund apni nangi jhango mai
mehsoos hota hai. Khushbu ka ek mamma masalte aur dusra chatke Firoz
bola, "Bhai ko tera badan touch karne diya to woh harami bhi tujhe
chodega isliye bhai ko bhi mat chune dena tera jism. Mera lund itna
accha chusa hai tune to ab utni hi teri chudai mast karunga Khushbu
rand. Aaj teri chut ko chodke uspe is Musalmaan laude ka thappa laga
dunga. " Ek sexy angdai late Khushbu Firoz ka lund apne pairo ki bich
haath dalke pakadte boli, "Nahi touch karne dungi mai apna jism mare
bhai kobhi kabhi bhi Firoz Chacha kyonki ab mai sirf aap ki hoon.
Per Firoz Chacha yeh app chodne ka kya bol rahe hai? Abhi jo hum kar
rahe thay usse kya bolte hai phir?"Beti jab mera yeh Musalmaani lund
teri is chut(yahan Firoz Khushbu ki chut mai ungli ghusata hai)
ghuske teri chut ka parda phadke andar-bahaar hoga tab teri chudai
hogi. Pehle teri chut chodunga aur phir teri yeh mast gaand marke
tujhe meri rakhail banake rakhunga behanchod. Hum teri jaise kamsin
ladki ko shadi ke pehle hi chodke suhagraat ka maaza date hai. Abhi
jo tune mera lund chusa woh to sirf khel ki shuruwaat thi, raand ab
tujhe chodunga to dekh itna maaza aayega, bol Khushbu tu ab chudegi
na tare is Firoz Chacha se?" Firoz Khushbu ka poora jism masalte yeh
galliya itni pyar se de raha tha ki Khushbu ko zara bhi bura nahi
laga. Khushbu balki masti se Firoz ke saath woh sab kar rahi thi jo
Firoz keh raha tha. Firoz ka mota lund pakadke ab Khushbu boli,
"Ooooooooh maaaaaaaaaaaaa, nahiii Firoz Chacha yeh to bahut mota
hai, kaise jayega mare aandar? Mujhe to daar lag raha hai. Jab apne
platform pe mujhe masla to mujhe nahi pata tha ki baat yahan tak
aayegi. Nahi nahi Chacha aap woh aandar dalne ki baat mat karo,
bahut dard hoga, yeh itna bada mare aandar kaise jayega?" Khushbu ko
khadi karte Firoz ne uski chut ungliyo se failate jhukke chut chatne
laga. Is naye pyar se Khushbu behaal hote siskariya bharte Firoz ka
muh apne chut pe dabane lagi. Firoz poori jheeb chut mai ghusake
chatne laga. Khushbu ki chut ka pani woh bade taste se pi raha tha.
Khushbu ki chut chatke usse aur garam karte Firoz bola, "Aare daro
nahi, pehle dard hoga baad mai masti se chudwane shuru karegi
samjhi? Maine teri jaise 3 ladkiyo ko choda hai jo pehle na-na kar
rahi thi lekin ek baar lund choot mai lane ke baad gaand uth-uthke
chudwane lagi. Rahi baat platform ki to Khushbu rand teri maa tujhe
bra nahi pehnati to tare mamme uchal rahe thay, platform pe 3-4 mard
ne tujhe masla to bhi tu kuch nahi boli aur is tight silk salwar mai
teri gaand matak rahi thi isliye meri nazar tujhpe gaye, iska matlab
tune hi mujhe lalchaya na? Bol sahi hai na meri raand?"
Is baar Firoz zara zorse Khushbu ke nipple pista hai kyonki usse
malum hai ki train ki aawaz mai Khushbu ki cheek koi nahi sun sakta.
Khushbu zorse cheekhi lekin itni bhi zorse nahi ki aawaz toilet ke
bahar jaye. Firoz Chacha ke haath apne mammo pe dabate woh boli,
"Ahhhhhhhhhhhh uheeeeeeeeee maaaaaa chor doooo. Kitne zoro se daba
rahe ho? Dard hota hai na chacha. Aap jarur juth bol rahe hai ki
aapne 3 ladkiyo ko choda hai. Mujhe nahi karwana kuch bhi, dekho
Firoz Chacha mujhe choro mujhe jane do. " Khushbu ke muh se usse jane
dane ki baat sunke Firoz zara gusse se uska ek mamma chuste, dusra
berahmi se masalte chut mai ungli dalte bolta hai, "Haan choor
dunga, pehle masti to karne de. Sali natak mat kar, itna garam kiya
mujhe to kya ab muth maru rand? Teri maa ki chut ek to lund garm
karti hai aur phir natak karti hai. Maderchod yehi tujhe kaat
dalunga samjhi? Saali teri maa bhi harami hai to teri jaise jawan
beti ko bina bra ke bhejti hai, woh bhi kissi ki raand hogi, hai na?
Dekh Khushbu ab kuch bhi ho, tujhe bina chode jane to nahi dunga,
chahe jo ho jaye. "Khushbu ko 2 jhapad marke mamme aur berahmi se
masalte Firoz usko ghuma ke WC pe kuttiya jaise jhukake lund piche
se uski chut pe rakhte ragadne lagta hai. Bechari Khushbu rone lagti
hai. Firoz mai aaye is change se daarke woh rote-rote kehti hai,
"Naahhhhii-2 mujhe maat maro Firoz ahhhhhhh ohhhhh nahiii, plzzz
maat maro aur meri maa ko gali maat do. usako kya malum tha ki aap
mujhe miloge aur mere sath train mai aisa karogeee, ahhhhhhhhh chor
do. " Khushbu yeh bolti to hai lekin jaise hi Firoz ka lund usse apni
chut pe lagta hai usse bahut accha lagta hai. usaki chut machalne
lagti hai aur woh mehsus karti hai ki uske nipple kadak ho gaye hai.

Yahan Firoz Khushbu ke muh se sirf apna naam sunke aur uski maa ko
galliya na dane ki baat sunke gussa hoke Khushbu ke gaand pe thappad
marte bolta hai, "Maderchod sirf Firoz bolti hai raand? Teri maa ki
chut tujhe aur teri maa ko aur galiya dunga, kya ukhadegi meri
randi? Behanchod teri maa ne tujhe dhang ke kapde pehnaye hote to na
meri nazar tujhpe padti aur na mai tujhe chodne yahan lata, hai na?
Bol hai na teri maa harami Khushbu?"Firoz Khushbu ki kamar pakadke
lund uski chut pe ragadte zara sa dabata hai. usake lund ka supada
ab Khushbu ki chut ko khol chuka hai. Isse Khushbu ko dard hota hai
aur woh tadapti hai. usaki saase atak jati hai zindagi mai pehle
baar chut mai garam lund ke ahsaas ho raha tha. dard se bachne ke
liye woh Firoz ki kamar pakadte bolti hai, "Sorry Chacha, mujhse
galati hui, phir kabhi aapko naam se nahi bulaungi. Aur haan, meri
maa harami hai, woh jaan bujhke mujhe aaise kapde pehnati hai jisse
mardo ki nazar mujhpe pade aur woh mujhe taang kare. Woh jalti hai
mare roop se isliye aisa karti hai. Ab please mujhe choro Chacha,
mai dard nahi seh payungi. Aaaaaaaaaah mujhe chor do ahhhhh. "
Khushbu ke muh se uski baat ki beizzati sunke Firoz ko accha lagta
hai. Woh Khushbu ki kamar aur kaske pakadte lund aur zara chut pe
dabake bolta hai, "Behanchod tujhe chor dunga to yeh khada lund kya
teri maa ki gaand mai dalu chinal? Mujhe pata hai teri jaise kamsin
randi ki maa badi chinal hai. Sali natak kiya to yehi maar dalunga
tujhe. Maderchod chal taange khol teri, mare lund ko teri chut
phadni hai rakhail. Kya mast maal hai tu chinal, chal khol pair
tare. "Firoz ki galliya aur dhamki sunke Khushbu daar ke apne pair
kholti. Firoz ki maar aur galliyo se usse bada daar aur dard hota
hai aur woh is baat se zara jyada tadapti hai. Ab bhi woh daar se
apne pair kholti hai. Khushbu ko kaske pakadke Firoz ek dhakka deta
hai aur lund ki topi aandar ghusti hai. Jaise hi lund ka bada supada
Khushbu ki kamsin chut mai ghusta hai woh dard se chilla uthti hai,
"Uuuuuuheeeeeee maaaaaaaaaaaaaa ohhhhh maarrrrrr gaayyeeee,
nahiiiiiiii Chhhaaaacccchhhhaaa aa niikkkkaaalllooooo llluuuunnndddd
muuuujjjjhhhheee dddddaaaaaarrrrdddd hooooo rrraaaaaahhhhaaa
hhaaaaaaaaiiiii. " Khushbu ke dard ki parwah kiye bina Firoz ab
Khushbu ke muh pe ek haath aur kamar mai dusra dalke usse kaske
pakadte zorse lund ghusata ko dhakka dake chut mai ghusata hai. Lund
Khushbu ki chut ko berahmi se phadke aandar ghusta hai. Khushbu dard
se behaal hoke chillana chahati hai par Firoz uska muh aur kaske
padakte bolta hai, "Aahhhhh teriii maaaa kiiii chhhuuuutttt kyaa
tiiiiggghhtttt chuuttttt haiiiiii teeeerrrrrii raaaaanddddd. Teri
maa ki chut aaj sahi mai mast ladki mili hai is Pathan ko, behanchod
teri maa ko bhi chodna chahaye jisne aaise garam beti paida ki, le
chinal ab tujhe dekh kaise meri raand banata hoon. " Firoz ko apne
lund pe Khushbu ka garam khoon mehsoos hota hai. Isse woh ab aur
berahmi se Khushbu ko chodne lagta hai.
Woh bechari ladki is Pathani lund ke ghusne se behaal hoke rone
lagti hai. isase aisa lagta hai uski chut ko Firoz Chacha ne phad
diya hai. Woh chillake apna dard nikalna chahati hai par Firoz usse
woh rihayat bhi nahi deta. 15-20 baar lund chut mai ghusake nikalne
ke baad jab Firoz Khushbu ke muh pe rakha haath zara halka karta hai
to Khushbu ki siskariyo bhari aawaz usse sunai dane lagi. Khushbu
bechari rote bol rahi thi, "Aaaaaaaaah shhhhhhhhhhhooooooh hhhhhh,
ahhhhhhhh uheee maaa maaarrrrrrrrrr gaaayyyee uuufffffff nahiiiii
uhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh hhh, umm Firoz Chahcha aahhhhhhhhhhhhhh meri
choot ko maat pharo ahhhhhhhhhh nikalo naaa aapna lund. Ahhh mai
maar jaunge ahh uhee maa aaree yeh to bahut mota hai uhee maaa
mujhse nahi hoga aahhh. " Firoz ko Khushbu ki in baato pe bilkul bhi
taras nahi aata. usaka mota kala lund kissi teer ki tarah ander
ghuste Khushbu ki chut ko cheerte chod raha tha. Khushbu ke muh pe
rakha haath hatake usse Khushbu ke mamme masalte Firoz Khushbu ko chod
raha tha. Khushbu ek bebus kuttiya jaise commode ka sahara le jhukkke
apni chut pehle baar marwake le rahi thi. Badi bedardi se mamme
masalte Khushbu ki chut chodte Firoz bola, "Nahi marne dunga tujhe
randi, ab to aur chudwana hai tujhe chinal, behanchod kya garam chut
hai tu. Saali platform pe bhi dada ke samne masti kar rahi thi aur
phir mutne aaye mare saath to bindhast apne chut dikhi. Yeh le aur
le aur le maderchod chut, phatne de teri chut, tare jaise ladki
humse chut phatwane ke liye hi paida hoti hai. Sab thik hoga, abhi
dekh 5 minit mai dard khatam hoga aur tu khud chudwane lagegi
samjhi? Saali teri maa ko bhi chodunga, woh bhi mast maal hai na?"
Khushbu ki chut zara gilli hone se ab Firoz ka lund zara aasani se
uski chut mai ghus raha tha. Firoz ke muh se apni maa ke liye di
gaye gandi galliyo se bhi usse sharam aa rahi thi. Apni chut phatne
ke dard se Khushbu sisakte boli, "Aahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh uheeeeeee
maaaaaaaaa Firrrrrozzzzzz Cchacha ummmmmm ummmmm choro naaaa uheee
maaaaa bahut dard ho raha hai. Aaahhhhhhh sach mai phat gayegeee
ummmmm ahhhhhh. Chacha bahut dard ho raha hai, please jane do mujhe.
" Khushbu ki request ko unsuna karke Firoz berahmi se uske mamme
dabate chut marne lagta hai. Khushbu bhi zara pair relax karti hai
aur ab Firoz ka lund Khushbu ki gilli chut mai aaram se chudai karne
lagta hai. Khushbu ki chut itni gilli ho gaye thi ki Firoz ki chudai
se facha fach ki aawaz aa rahi thi. Ab dono haatho se Khushbu ko
kaske pakadte Firoz lambe dhakke date bola, "Dekh sali chilla rahi
thi par chut gilli hui na? Kaise masti se ab lund le rahi hai teri
chut, bol raand hai na tu meri, bol maderchod jaldi bol nahi to ab
gaand marunga teri, teri maa ki chut mast maal hai tu. Aur faila
apne pair Khushbu aur dekh tujhe jannat dikhata hoon. " Khushbu ko ab
maaza aa raha tha aur woh bhi gand hilane lagti hai. Itne mote lund
se maza to aa raha tha par dard bhi ho raha tha jise siskiya bharte
woh boli, "Aahhhhhhhhhhhohhhh hhhhhhh uheeeee plzzzz dhireeee karo
naaa Firoz Chacha. Abhi bhi dard ho raha hai lund ghusne se. Mujhpe
reham khao aur dhire-dhire chodo mujhe Firoz. ""Aaramse maru? Kyon
tujhe chodta hu to teri maa ki gaand mai dard hota hai kya chinal?
Maza aa raha hai na ab tujhe? Saali mujhe phir naam se pukarti hai
raand? Dubara mujhe naam se pukara to gaand maruga teri. Harami, mai
tare baap ki umar ka hoon, zara izzat se naam le mera. Kya teri maa
ne tujhe itna bhi nahi sikhaya randi? Acha lag raha na mera Pathani
lund chut mai? Khushbu maderchod ab tujhe meri raand banake rakhunga.
" Khushbu ke nipples khichte Firoz train ke speed mai uski chut chod
raha tha.
Is dard aur galliyo se Khushbu behaal ho rahi thi par usse ab aaisa
lag raha tha jaise ki uski chut mai lakho chitiya halchal macha rahi
thi. Khushbu bhi masti mai aake apni gand aage piche karke chut marwa
rahi thi par dard khatam nahi hua tha. Woh besharam hoke apne baap
ki umar ke aadmi se chudwa ke le rahi thi. Woh ab dard aur maaze ke
andaz se boli, "Ahhhhhhh haaaa mai tumhari rand hui Firoz Chacha,
please mujhe maaf karo, mai ab aapko kabhi naam se nahi pukarungi.
Ummmmm chodo mujhe par zara aaram se, abhi dard ho raha hai Firoz
ahhhh dhire karo naa ander uhee maaa. " Ek haath se Khushbu ke mamme
masalte dusre haath se Khushbu ki nangi gand pe thappad marte Firoz
bola, "Ab aaye na line pe rani? Saali phir kabhi naam se pukara to
tare yeh nipple chaba dalunga. Aare meri pyari jaan, yeh dard abhi
khatam hoga samjhi, abhi acha lagega tujhe aur tu khud zorse chodne
bolegi mujhe. Meri jaan ab zara thik se bata tu meri kaun hai?"
Chudai ka speed ab aur tez karte Firoz berehmi se Khushbu ki chut
chod raha tha. Khushbu Firoz ke is tez dhakko se uchakti hu aur uski
chekh nikalti hai kyoki Firoz Chacha ka mota aur lamba lund ab uski
bacche dani se takrata hai baar-baar. Aankhe band karte woh Firoz ke
haath apne mammo pe dabate bolti hai, "Aahhhhhhhhhhh uheee maaaa
accha Chacha mai aapki randi hoon, aapki kamsin randi Khushbu hoon
mai, ahhhhhhhh aur chod Chacha, ab maaza aa raha hai. Poora lund
dalo meri chut mai aur jaisa chahe waisa chodo mujhe. " Itna kehte
Khushbu apni chut aur relax karti hai aur ab Firoz ka lund aur zorse
usse chodne lagta hai. Khushbu ke mast mamme berahmi se masalte,
dhakke pe dhakka dake Firoz usko chod raha hai. Khushbu ke muh se aur
zorse chodne ki baat sunke woh khush hoke bolta hai, "Haan meri
jaan, mare laude ki rani, tujhe khub masti se chodunga. Teri jaise
kamsin ladki ko masti dena mujhe acchi tarah aata hai. Waise sali
teri maa kaise hai? Teri jaise mast chut ko chodne ke baad ab usse
chodne ka dil hai jisne itni garam chut paida ki. Kya teri maa bhi
tare jaise sexy maal hai kya Khushbu raand?" Khushbu ko ab Firoz
duniya ka sabse accha insaan lag raha tha. usake dimaag ne kaam
karna band kiya tha. Ab uske dil-o-dimag mai sirf lund aur chut hi
tha. Ab Firoz ki chudai se uski chut se aawaz nikal rahi thi. Khushbu
ko Firoz ka garm lauda ander baher hone se ab bahut accha lag raha
tha. Besharam hoke woh boli, "Aaaaahhhhhhhhhh ummmmmmmmm ahhhhhhhhh
ummmmmmmmm ohhhhhhh Fffffffirrrrrrozzzz zzzz Chaaaaccccchaaaaaa
ummmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm m, meri maa meri jaise sunder hai Chacha, tum
usko bhi chod lena ummmmm ahhhhhh. Woh badi sexy hai aur mujhe accha
lagega agar aapne usse choda to. Uffff Chacha chodte raho mujhe,
mujhe bahut maaza aa raha hai. "
Ab dono relax hoke chudai ka maaza le rahe thay. Khushbu ko apni
pehle chudai ka sahi maaza de raha tha Firoz aur usse khushi thi ki
is kamsin unchudi chut ko usne khola tha. Barabar dhakke marte woh
bola, "Teri maa tare jaise sundar hai to usse zaroor chodunga, mujhe
to naye-naye chut chodne ka bada shouk hai. Teri maa ko tare jaise
chodke khub masti dunga mai. Maaza aa raha hai na chinal? Dekh liya
na tune mera mota lund chut mai? Kyo ghabra rahi thi chinal? Chal
masti se chudwake le randi. " Khushbu niche haath dalke apni chut mai
ghuste nikalte Firoz ka lund mehsus karte bolti hai, "Ahhh ufff
Chacha, maaza aa raha hai apne mote lund se. Bahut dard diya pehle
par ab usse jyada maza de raha hai aapka lund. Chacha aap meri maa
ko ghar mai aake chod lena, woh din bhar ghar mai rehti hai. Jaisa
aapne mujhe pataya waise hi maa ko patao. Ummmmmmmmmmm ohhh Chacha
aur chodo mujhe meri chut ko zorse chodte raho. " Khushbu bechari ko
pata bhi nahi tha ki woh is mard ko uski maa ko chodne bula rahi thi
matlab kya kar rahi thi. Is kacchi umar mai acche bure ka khayal bhi
nahi tha usse. usako yeh bhi pata nahi tha ki koi bhi shadi shuda
aurat kissi gair mard ke saath chudati nahi. Firoz Kusbhu ki is
masumiyat ko samajh gaya aur is baat pe khush hote uski peeth chumte
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tajheman has hacked the reps databasetajheman has hacked the reps databasetajheman has hacked the reps databasetajheman has hacked the reps databasetajheman has hacked the reps databasetajheman has hacked the reps databasetajheman has hacked the reps databasetajheman has hacked the reps databasetajheman has hacked the reps databasetajheman has hacked the reps databasetajheman has hacked the reps database
"Tu meri sabse acchi raand hai, saali maderchod tu teri maa ko
mujhse chudwane tayyar hui. Khushbu teri jaise raand ho to maza
aayega. Mai zaroor teri maa ko chodunga tare ghar aake meri chinal.
Tu jo itna mast hai to teri maa bhi mast hogi. Mujhe pata hai itne
mote lund se pehli chudai karte waqt dard hota hai par jaan ab to
tujhe bhi ab maaza aa raha hai na? Chut mai lund lane ke baad accha
lag raha hai na? Khushbu ab zadne ke baad teri gand marunga chinal.
Tujhe meri khass randi banaunga, tujhe bahut paise dunga aur tare
jism se khub khelunga. " Firoz Khushbu ke mamme berahmi se nochte,
nipple khichte chod raha tha. Woh Khushbu ko jitna jyada dard de raha
tha utni hi Khushbu jyada garm hoke siskariya bharte chudwa le rahi
thi. Khushbu aahe bharte dil kholke chudwake late boli, "Firoz Chacha
ummm bahut accha lag raha hai. Meri maa ko bhi jarur chodna aap.
usake liye mai khud apko mare ghar le chalungi. Ummmmmmm bahut accha
lag raha hai aur chodo mujhe ummmmmm. Chacha mujhe lagta hai kuch
nikalne wala hai meri chut se. Lagta hai mai phir mutnewali hoon
Chacha. "Firoz samjha ki Khushbu ab zadnewali hai.
Woh Khushbu ko kaske pakadte aur zorse usse chodne laga. Ab Khushbu ki
gilli chut ki chudai se facchh-facchhh ki awaz aa rahi thi. Khushbu
badi zorse aahe aur siskariya bhar rahi thi. Firoz bhi uska jism
nochte, masalte chod raha tha. Woh bhi ab zadnewala tha. Khushbu ki
chut full gaye thi uski halat Firoz ke mote lund ne bahut kharab kar
di thi. Par itne hone ke baad bhi Khushbu jee bharke chudwake le rahi
thi. Jab Khushbu ki chut ne paani chora to woh sihar gaye aur apna
jism jakhadte boli, "Ahhhhhh Firozzzzz Cchhhhaaaaccchhhhha aaa dekho
mera mut nikla. Mujhe ajeebbbbbb lag raha hai Chacha. Mujhe kaske
pakdo Chacha, bada accha lag raha hai, umm ahhhhhhhhhh
Cccccchhhhhhhaaaacc ccchhhhhaa. " Jaise Khushbu ki chut ne paani
chora Firoz bhi Khushbu ki chut mai aakhri dhakko ki barsaat karte
Firoz bola, "Meri randi jaan, tune abhi pishab nahi ki, ab teri chut
ne pehle chudai ka paani chhora hai. Tujhe chodke mera lauda bhi
zadne wala hai. Maderchod randi, teri chut ki pehle chudai ka pani
teri chut mai hi dalunga aaaaahhhhhhh yehhhhhhhh leeeeeeeeeeeeeee
chhhhhhhhiiiiinnnnn nnaaaaaaaaaallll lllllllllllllll llllll
mmmmmmmmmaadeeeerrr rcchhhhhoddddddd d kkkaaaaaammmssssiii
iiiinnnnnnn raaaaaannnnnndddddd dddddddd leeeeeee
meeeeeeerrrrrrrraaa aaaa paaaannnnnniiiiiiii iiii. "Khushbu ki kamsin
chut mai Firoz ka lund aakhri baar tight hoke jaise zadne lagta hai,
Firoz Khushbu ko kaske pakadke mamme dabata hai. Lund ke dhakke chut
mai deke woh apna paani Khushbu ki chut mai dalte bola hai,
"Aahhhhhhhh leeee meeeeriiiii cchhhhhutttt meriiiiiii
kkkaammmsssiiiinnn raannnnndddddddd. Maaaazzzzzzzaaaa aayaaaa
saaaalllliiiiiii tujhe chodne Khushbu. Le mare laude ka pani le teri
chut mai. " Firoz ke lund ka garam paani ka ahsaas Khushbu ko apni
chut mai hota hai aur woh apne dono haath piche karke Firoz ko apne
badan se aur satati hai. Zadne ke baad thoda time dono waise hi
khade rehte hai. Khushbu ka jism pyar se masalte Firoz apna lund
Khushbu ki chut se bahar nikalta hai. usake lund pe Khushbu ki kamsin
chut ke pani ke saath zara sa khoon bhi laga hai. Jab dono ki sase
normal hoti hai, Firoz ne Khushbu ki chaddi se pehle pyar se Khushbu
ki chut saaf karke phir apna lund saaf kiya. Woh chaddi side mai
rakhte woh phir commode pe baithke nangi Khushbu ko apne goad mai
bithata hai. Khushbu ab sharma raha thi. Hawas ki pyas bujhne ke baad
usse ab is anjaan mard ke samne nangi rehne kaisa to lag raha tha.
usane niche padi kameez uthake apne sine pe rakhi. Firoz uski baat
samjha aur pyar se Khushbu ko chumte bola, "Bol Khushbu, accha laga
mujhse chudwake aur meri randi banke tujhe chinal? Bol meri raand
banke kaisa lag raha hai?" Aur jyada sharmate Khushbu boli,
"Uummmmmmm chacha bahut accha lag raha hai itna maja kabhi nahi
mila. " Khushbu ki baat sunke Firoz usse bahoo mai bharke pyaar se
1-2 baar chumke zara aaram karne lagata hai.
Train apni raftar se chal rahi thi. Raat ka waqt tha, isliye bogie
mai sab shant tha. Sab passengers jahan thay aur jis haal mai thay
ya to so rahe thay ya sone ki koshish kar rahe thay. Train ki is
raftar mai bogie ke toilet mai ek hawas ka toofan aake gaya isko
kissi ko pata bhi nahi tha. Zindagi mai pehle baar apni chut mai
lund lake Khushbu ne apna kuwarapaan samapt kiya tha. Latrine ke
floor pe woh apne nange jism pe sirf kameez oodhke Firoz ki jhang pe
sir rakhke leti thi. Chudai ke baad ki thakan ab zara kaam hui thi
aur nangi jism ka pasina sokh gaya tha. Firoz halke-halke Khushbu ki
pith sehlake woh baate karne lage. Firoz toilet ke darwaze pe pith
lagake apne pair failake nangi Khushbu ko usme bithake leta hai.
Khushbu ki nangi pith ko Firoz ka nanga lund mehsus hota hai. Pehle
chudai ke baad Khushbu bhi free hui thi, usse ab sharam nahi mehsus
ho rahi thi. Woh bhi Firoz se satke baithke uski nangi tange sehlane
lagi. Acche se Khushbu ko kaske apne badan se lagate uske mamme
haule-haule masalne lagta hai. Kaale jhato se bhari Khushbu ki chut
sehlake dusre haath se uske mamme masalte Firoz bola, "Yeh bata beti
tujhe chudai ka maaza aaya. " Khushbu aadhi turn hote Firoz ke sine
pe sir rakhte boli, "Haan Chacha, bahut maaza aaya aapke saath. Itna
maza kabhi nahi mila tha mujhe. " Kushub ke nipples halke se masalte
Firoz bola, "Khushbu tare ghar mai kaun hai aur?" "Mai, daddy aur
mummy hai ghar mai. Mai akeli aulad hoon aur koi nahi hai Chacha.
""Beti tare maa baap kya karte hai?""Daddy software engineer hai aur
mummy housewife hai, ghar mai hi rehti hai. Daddy ko tour pe jana
padta hai mahine mai 8-10 din isliye mummy koi job nahi karti. ""Oh
accha, Khushbu, abhi jab tujhe chod raha tha tab tu boli ki teri maa
ko bhi chodu, kya such mai tu chahati hai ki mai teri maa ko
chodu?Tu yeh bhi boli ki teri maa mast sexy aurat hai, Khushbu mujhe
teri maa jaise aurato ko chodne mai bada maaza aata hai. Woh
experienced aurat hai to aur hi masti hai chudwati hogi. "
Khushbu ab sharma gaye. Chudai ki josh mai woh kuch bhi boli hogi par
ab woh chup thi. Firoz ne 2-3 baar uske jism ko masalte yeh baat
puchi to woh boli, "Chacha woh mai garmi mai kuch bhi bol gaye par
mera waisa kuch matlab nahi tha. Ab woh agar aapse milke kuch karna
chahe to mai kuch bol nahi sakti. Yeh baat such hai ki woh acchi
dikhti hai aur hamesha acche kapde pehanti hai par woh yeh sab
karegi ya nahi mujhe nahi pata. "Firoz sochne laga ki agar woh
Khushbu ki maa ko chodna chahata hai to Khushbu ko hi patana padega.
Khushbu ko itna garm karna hoga ki woh usse poori madad kare uski hi
maa ko Firoz ke niche sulane. Firoz ne nangi Khushbu ko apni jhang pe
bithate apna lund uske haath mai date kaha, "Khushbu beti ab yeh jo
mera lund tu sehla rahi hai waise lund ke liye koi bhi aurat apni
taang failati hai. Teri yeh acchi kismat hai ki teri pehli chudai
aaise tagde laude se hui. Mujhe yakeen hai ki bhale teri maa tare
baap se aaj tak chudi hai lekin mera yeh lauda dekhke uska maan
zaroor hoga mare lund se chudwake lane. Beti, kya tu nahi chahati ki
jis laude ne tujhe itna maaza diya woh teri maa chuse aur usse apni
chut chudwake le?Kya tu nahi chahati ki mai is lund se teri maa ko
bhi chodke usse bhi khub masti doon?Kya tujhe nahi lagta ki mera
lund dekhke teri maa ki chut bhi gilli hogi. Kya tu nahi chahati ki
teri mast maa ko nangi karke, uske jism se khelte, uski mamme
masalte, chumte aur chuske mai teri maa se mera lund chuswake pehle
uski chut aur phir gaand maru?" Is baat ka Khushbu ke kamsin dil pe
bahut asar hua. Woh sochne lagi ki is lund se agar uski maa chudwake
lane lagi to usse kitna maaza milega. Waise usse yeh sochke sharm
bhi aane thi ki Firoz Chacha uske maa ke baare mai itna gaanda
openly usse bol rahe thay. Lekin pehle baar lund lane ke baad Khushbu
acche-bure ke baare mai sochna jaise bhool gaye thi. Abhi bhi Firz
Chacha la woh lund sehlate uski chut garm hone lagi. Firoz Khushbu ke
maan mai chal rahi khalbali ko samjha aur usse aur bekarar karne eb
uski chut aur mammo se masti karne laga. Dhire-dhire Khushbu ka jism
phir garm hone laga. Woh Firoz ke lund ko sehlate boli, "Chacha
mujhe kuch samajh mai nahi aata ki kya karu. Mai to ab chahati hoon
ki aap maa ke saath yeh sab karo par darti hoon ki kahi maa na bole
ya koi gadbad hogi to kya hoga. Mai to chahati hoon ki aapne jo kaha
woh aap karo maa ke saath par mai isme aapki kya madat karu?" Baat
banti dekh Firoz Khushbu ke nipples chuste bola, "Tujhe meri madat
kaise karni hai woh mai bataunga tujhe rani, tu yeh bata teri maa ka
hardin mood kaisa hota hai. ""Jab daddy tour pe jate hai to maa
gumsoom rehti hai aur jab daddy aa jate hai to badi khush hoti hai.
Woh waise to subah jaldi uth jati hai lekin daddy tour se aaneke
baad ke 2-3 din aaram se uth jati hai. ""Oh matlab, tera baap tour
se aane ke baad 2-3 raat teri maa ko khub chodta hoga. Is baat se
yeh to samjha ki teri maa abhi bhi chudwati hai tare baap se. Yeh
bata Khushbu beti, tera baap ab kaha hai? Ghar pe hai ya tour pe gaya
"Chacha daddy to 3 din pehle tour pe gaye hai, agar woh hote to
mujhe lane aanewale thay par unko jana pada isliye mai akeli aa rahi
thi. Daddy ab 4 din ke baad aayange. "Is baat pe khush hote Firoz ne
jee bharke Khushbu ke mamme masalte ek nipple chuste kaha, "Wah yeh
to bahut acchi baat hai. Beti ab tu kal ghar jayegi to teri maa se
meri bahut tarif kar, meri ekdum achi image bana unke samne. Mai kal
shyam ko tare ghar aayunga, tu teri maa ko bol ki tune ki mujhe chai
pe bulaya hai. Hum dono ko ek dusre se milane ke baad tu koi bahan
karke ghar se nikal jaa to phir mai teri maa ko pataunga. Tu samne
rahegi to teri maa ko pata nahi sakunga. Tu jab jayegi to 1-2 ghante
wapas mat aa jisse usse mai aaram se pata saku. Itni madat ko karegi
na meri beti?Beti tu itni madat to karegi na tare Firoz Chacha ki
jisse woh teri maa ko bhi is laude se chod sake?" Khushbu ab phir
garm hui thi. Firoz ne phir se is kamsin ladki ko behkaya tha. Woh
Firoz ko chumte kaha, "Haan Chacha mai zaroor aapki madat karungi.
Mai bhi ab chahati hoon ki aap maa ko is lund se waise hi maza do jo
aapne mujhe diya hai. Aapne jaisa bola mai waisa karke aapko poori
madat dungi jisse aap maa ke pata sake. " Khushbu ki razamandi se
khush hoke Firoz ne Khushbu ko uthake commode pe bithate uske taange
kholke Khushbu ki nangi chut sehlate 2-3 baar chuma. Phir ungliyo se
Khushbu ki chut kholke Firoz ne uski chut chatke jheeb uski chut mai
daal di. Khushbu ki zindagi mai pehle baar koi uski chut chat raha
tha. Khushbu ne Firoz ka sir pakadke kaha, "Chacha yeh kya kar rahe
hai aap?MUjhe bahut gudgudi ho rahi thi chatne se. " Chut mai jheb
ghuske acche se usse chatke Firoz bola, "Beti tune mera lund chusa
tha, ab mai teri yeh chut chatunga. Teri is kamsin chut ko mai jheb
se chodke tera pani pina chahata hoon meri beti. "Khushbu ki kamar ko
pakadke apne muh pe dabate Firoz chut chatne laga. Khushbu ne bhi
uska sir apni chutpe dabate, uske baalo se haath ghuamana shuru
kiya. Woh siskariya bharte apni chut chatke lane lagi. Firoz ke
kehne pe uske ek haath se apne mamme masalte dusre haath se Firoz ka
sir dabaya chut pe. Firoz aaj hi usse chudai mai mahir banana
chahata tha. 10-15 minit chut chatne ke baad jab Khushbu zadne lagi
to uske Firoz ka sir apni taango mai dabate apne mamme masalte paani
chora. Is kamsin chut ka pani Firoz badi khushi-khushi chatne laga.
Poora pani chatne ke baad bhi woh Khushbu ki chut chat hi raha tha.
Phir Firoz ne Khushbu ko niche sulate ek baar uski chut ko phir
choda. Pehle baar Khushbu kuttiya banke chudi thi aur dusri baat ek
aurat banke. Poori raat bhar Firoz ne Khushbu ko sone nahi diya.
Khushbu ki jism se khelte apna lund usse sehlate lake aur chuswake
late woh Khushbu ko maaza de raha tha. Khushbu bhi besharam hoke Firoz
ki har baat maan rahi thi. Subah tak Firoz ne 3 baar Khushbu ko
choda. Jab station aane ka time hua to Firoz Khushbu ko kapde pehnne
bola. Toilet ki zameen pe padi salwar kameez ki haalat to ekdum
kharab hui thi. Yeh dekhke Khushbu ne suitcase se dusri salwar kameez
nikalke pehante usne apna huliya thik kiya. Jaise station aaya Firoz
ne toilet ka door khola aur jaldi se Khushbu ko lake train se utar
gaya. Kal ke program ki poori se seetting karne ke baad, Khushbu se
uske ghar ka address lake Firoz ne usse ek rickshaw mai bithaya aur
khud apne raste nikal gaya.
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