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Old 16th September 2007
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Wild aunty

I've a neighbour who is 47 years old and very sexy.Her name is Lissy.She's working as a teacher in a nearby school.She has a daughter who is now studying for medicine and her husband is abroad.Right now one servant lady is staying with her.Lissy aunty has a sexy body.She is fair , 5'4" tall and has big boobs and ass.She wears saree whenever she goes outside.Normally at home she wears nighty.She wears underskirt(petticoa t) and bra inside.She has a very clean image in the society.

One day as I was supposed to stay alone as my parents were going to a relative's place.By evening Lissy aunty came to my house to talk something to my mom.As she came to know that I was alone, she asked whether I would stay there alone peacefully?I said I can and she told me to call her if any problem or fear comes. I said ok and she left my house.By around 8 o clock in the night it started raining so heavily and the current went off.After some 10 minutes I got a call from Lissy aunty and she was calling me to come and stay in her house.She was really serious and when I said I can manage alone,she was about to scold me for talking like that.She told me not to stay alone in that dark rainy night and asked me to rush to her house.I had to obey her because she talked so seriously.I went to her house after some 10 minutes.

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Lissy aunty opened the door for me and I went inside and sat on the sofa.Her servant Vanaja brought a cup of coffee for me.Vanaja is 35 years old and is goodlooking too.Her husband left her and now she's staying with Lissy aunty all the time.She wears saree all the time and coz she's busy with her work her dresses will be dislocated most of the time.Parts of her underskirt and bra were visible.Suddenly a boy came from one of the rooms and I was surprised to see him.Aunty introduced him to me.He's her sister's son and now studying in 10th standard.He came to aunty's house to get some tution for Mathematics. Aunty is a Maths teacher and is very good in her subject.She told me to have some talk with him and left to her room.That boy's name is Arun and he's 16 years old.He is a fair complexioned good looking chap.We talked about many things like computers, sports etc.Meanwhile I came to know that aunty has gone to take a bath.She was calling Vanaja to her room.Vanaja opened door and went in.We could see the bathroom door now and I saw aunty entering the bathroom.Vanaja also followed her with a bottle of oil in her hands.At this time the current came and I wanted to leave.I was just waiting for aunty to finish bath and come out.

In between I could see aunty hanging her clothes to the bathroom door from inside.Both Vanaja and aunty were inside and first aunty's green nighty was seen on the door.Then a black underskirt and a white bra.I understood that Vanaja was applying oil to aunty.After some 5 mins Vanaja came out.She took the clothes from the door and left it on to aunty's bed.She had a panties also with her.A pink coloured panties.That too she put on to the bed.She came out of the bedroom and closed auty's bedroom.

She asked whether we guys are getting bored?We said no and just started watching TV.After some 10 mins aunty came out after bath and she was dressed in a saree.So I just asked her whether she's going somewhere and she said no and asked me why I asked that question.I said, because I saw her in a saree.She said she's wearing it only because we two guys are there and she said she wear nighty only when there are no visitors at home.I told her current had come asked whether I can leave.She said,now it's already late and told me to stay there.Arun also supported her.Atlast I had to agree.

Aunty was wearing a cream coloured cotton saree with red blouse.She called us for dinner and we had dinner together.We had chicken curry.Later milk was served for everyone.Now the time was around 10 and she asked whether we can sleep.Everyone agreed.Her house has 2 bedrooms and now we were 4.So the time came for planning.She asked whether we guys can sleep in one room.We said yes and she guided us 2 a bedroom.Then she and Vanaja proceeded to the next bedroom to sleep.I could see some used clothes were put on one side of the bed.Some of them were aunty's and some belonged to Vanaja.It consisted of bras,panties and underskirts. Both of us got on to the bed and lied down.After sometime I felt like pissing and there was no attatched bathroom for our room.So I asked Arun and he told me to ask aunty.I went and knocked at aunty's room.I was a bit shy.Vanaja opened the room and I was shocked to see
her in just underskirt and bra.Aunty was in the bathroom.I told Vanaja about my problem and she told me to wait until aunty comes out.

I was in a tensed mood.My penis became rock hard and Vanaja was casually talikng to me.I could see the top of her panties since her underskirt was loosely tied onto her waist.Suddenyl aunty came out of the bathroon with her saree tucked up above her knees and seeing me she blushed a little.She had a beautiful glass jar in her hand.It had something like beer inside with foam on top.I asked whether it is beer and aunty and Vanaja started smiling without answering my question.I was perplexed.Then aunty said it's her urine.I was shocked and did not know what to say.She said she does it every night .She said she collects her urine and drinks it.She said she started doing it after a doctor advised that it is good for health.She then handed over the jar to Vanaja and asked why I came to her room.I told her I wanted to piss.She guided me to the bathroom.As she left I took my penis and tried to piss.As it was rock hard I couldn't piss.Suddenly I heard a noise behind and aunty was standing behind me with the same jar.Jar was empty this time.I was embarassed and saw that she was staring on to my penis.She was so cool and she handed over the jar to me and asked me to piss into that.She went back and I was struggling to piss.She came back in a moment and saw my hand was trembling.She asked me to come out of the bathroom.She took the jar and I followed her.

In the bedroom Vanaja was sitting on the bed with a glass of urine with her.She was slowly sipping it.Aunty made me sit on the bed and said to Vanaja."Vanaja, please help him to collect his piss into the jar."She said yes and asked me to remove my pants.I had an underwear inside and seeing this aunty asked-"why do you wear these kind of tight things while sleeping.That will reduce blood flow and is not good."Telling this she lifted her saree and took off her panties.Her thighs were so good and sexy and she slid down her panties and gave it me .Then she said-"try wearing this ..this is not so tight" Then Vanaja helped me to remove my underwear and I wore aunty's panties.It was so wet with her pussy juices and it made my penis erect to the maximum.Her panties were so soft and smelled heavily.Vanaja took my penis out of the panties and asked me to stand on my knees.she kept the head of the penis into the jar and started stroking my penis.My penis was so slippery with some cum.She spat on to the head of my penis and smeared it with her saliva.In between aunty started undressing.She remove the pallu of her saree.Then she started unhooking her blouse and removed her blouse.Her armpits were so hairy and her breasts appeared so sexy through her white bra.She then completely removed her saree.

She then got on to the bed and took hold of my penis and jar.She then asked Vanaja to go to the other room and call Arun.Vanaja went outside and told Arun that aunty is calling.Vanaja came back and told aunty with a naughty smile that Arun was rubbing one of the used panties to his penis.Aunty gave a serious smile and asked Arun to wear the panties he was rubbing with his cock.The poor boy obeyed aunty and came back.Vanaja caught hold of his penis through the panties and guided him to the bed.Meanwhile aunty said I have to drink some more water to piss effectively under these conditions.She asked me whether I can have her urine and said it'll be so good.I nodded and she said it'll be difficult for a beginner like me to directly drink from a glass.So she called Vanaja and asked to remove aunty's bra.Vanaja did so and gave the bra to arun and asked him to rub it properly with his cock and he started doing it.Aunty took the glass of urine and poured it over her breasts.The she asked Vanaja to demonstrate what I've to do.Vanaja started sucking aunty's nippes and breast while aunty was pouring urine on to her boobs from top.Aunty told me to do the same with her other breast.I did and her urine tasted so good and I drank half glass of it.

Then aunty turned to arun and took hold of his penis started sucking it.He came in just 2 mins and shot the load of cum all over her face.She drank major part of it.She called Vanaja and Vanaja started licking the ramaining cum from aunty's face and mouth.They smooched and kissed for sometime and asked Arun to remove aunty's underskirt and asked me to remove Vanaja's bra and underskirt.Now aunty asked Vanaja and Arun to lie down in 69 position and suck each other.Aunty and me did the same.This continued for about 10 mins.The aunty made Arun and me to watch How she plays with Vanaja.Both of the hugged and started rubbing each others' pussy.Later aunty sucked Vanaja's breasts and pussy and Vanaja did the same for aunty.

The she said me to suck Arun's cock.I didn't know what to do since I had no such thoughts in my mind.But she insisted and she said it would be nice.She made Arun lie down told Vanaja to suck my penis.Lissy aunty slowly started sucking Arun's cock and asked me to do the same.I took his cock and slowly licked it.It tasted so good with her saliva and his cum mixed together.The she climbed on top of him and asked me to suck her pussy.I did so and she inserted herself on to his shaft and started fucking.In between Vanaja came and gave her pussy to me.Later we both fucked.I came in great force that Vanaja's pussy was overflowing. Aunty had finished by this time and started licking Vanaja's cunt.

All of us later tried different positions and combinations and it went on till 1 o clock in the night.We were resting in each others' arms.The aunty called all of us and guided to the bathroom.She made all us stand on our knees and she stood up facing us and was rubbing her pussy vigorously.With in few seconds she started squirting all over.She pissed on to our face with great force and we drank as much as possible.Later everyone was asked to suck her pussies and she exploded into a powerful orgasm.Later felt like shitting and we all watched her shitting.After that aunty cleaned Vanaja's asshole with her toungue.Lissy aunty is someone who is so cool in doing whatever she likes.She is such a wonderful person.

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