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"Hello?" Fouzia said into the phone."Hi, Fouzia?
This is Khan Sahib from next door." Khan Sahib was her
nextdoor neighbor and her father's friend..
"Oh hi Khan Sahib," she said twiddling the phone cord.
"Um, my dad's not home." "That's OK, do you think you
could come over for a minute? I need your help with something."
"Sure thing, I'll be right there," Fouzia replied.
Fouzia hung up the phone, write a quick note to her mother to tell her
where she was in case her mom got home before she got back. She was a
petite little thing, short, cute and curvy. Small breasted but with a
small frame that kept everything in balance. A good girl. She rang the
bell. "C'mon in Fouzia, it's open," Khan Sahib called from inside. She
open the door and went into the house, her eyes having trouble in the
gloom after the bright summer sun outside. "In here," he called from
the kitchen. "Kiya Hua Khan Sahib?" the girl asked, coming into the
kitchen. Khan Sahib sat at the kitchen table, hard to see in the
gloom. The
blinds were drawn, the windows closed, strange on such a hot day. Khan
Sahib was an ugly man, well into late middle age. She was surprised to
see he didn't have a shirt on. His chest and beer belly stark white in
contrast to his sun burnt arms. "Ewww," she thought, but was cheerful
and polite when she spoke to him. "What can I do for you?" "Fouzia, I
have a problem," he said. "What kind of problem Khan Sahib?" she asked
concerned. He may be kind of icky looking, but he was a neighbor and
she was a nice girl, she just wanted to help. "Well dear, you see I
these photos and they're a bit disturbing. I'm trying to decide what
to do with them." "Huh?" she asked, now confused. He began to spread
out on the table. Fouzia craned her neck to see what he was putting
out. She gasped when she saw them. They were of her. Her and her
Bilal. The first one was very clearly Bilal holding a bag of pot. The
next him rolling a joint. The pictures had a grainy quality, the look
of a photo shot through a long lens, but she wasn't familiar enough
photography to recognize that. She did, however, recognize that the
next one was of her taking a hit off of that joint while sitting in
back yard. She remembered that day. They had thought they were all
She remembered what had come next seconds before Khan Sahib put the
photo on the table. Bilal and her kissing, making out. His hand up her
shirt. The next photo; Bilal, LORAA out, her jerking it off as they
kissed. His cum arching up onto her legs, her shirt up, small boobs
exposed. They use to have some oral sex..while alone.."Fouzia," Khan
Sahib went on in a disappointed tone. "As a friend of your father's, I
feel I should tell him about this for your own good." Fouzia went
pale. Her father was beyond strict. If he saw these, her doing drugs
doing 'stuff' with Bilal, she didn't know what he'd do. "I feel I
tell him but, no disrespect intended to your dad, a fine man, I know
he's like. I'm afraid to think how he'd react," Khan Sahib said
wistfully. "Oh please Khan Sahib!" Fouzia pleaded. "Please don't show
him, he'd kill me, he really would!" Fouzia may have been eighsexyy
girl, but living with her seriously overprotective parents in such a
rural setting made her a bit more naive then her contemporaries. Those
photos with Bilal represented the apex of her sexual experience with
boys and were fairly representative of her experience with the world
in general. "Well, I don't know dear..." Khan Sahib said, shaking his
head slowly. "Oh please, please, I'll do anything, please," the poor
pleaded. "Well, I had hoped you might react that way," Khan Sahib said
with a hint of satisfaction. "I guess I can not tell your
father..." "Oh thank you, thank you!" she gushed. "Well..." He
"you really shouldn't get off free you know. What you were doing
with that
boy...well, I guess you're young, high spirited, but I don't think
your dad would approve." He appeared to be thinking, "Well, I suppose
you agree to accept my punishment, we can leave this between us."
Relieved, anything to avoid what her dad would dish out, she
agreed, "Thanks
Khan Sahib! I won't do it again, I promise." "Good," he replied. "Now
off qameez....." "What?!" she blurted, rocked back. "I said take off
your qameez, you have to be punished." "But..." She stammered. "Unless
you want me to show these..." he trailed off. She gulped, "Um, no, no
I don't" "Then take off your qameez..." This gross old man wanted to
look at her boobs! She wondered if she should do it. If her dad saw
photos she'd get the beating of her life, she knew that, and that
would just be the start. She could forget going out with her friends.
probably even pull her out of school. College next year. She could
forget that too. She knew he wasn't happy about her going away. This
would be all the excuse he needed. Besides, the old creep already had
pictures of her boobs. If he wanted to see them in the flesh, what was
the big deal. Well, it was a big deal to her. Still, she reached up
behind her and unzip her qameez. and shrugged it off. She was glad for
the gloom, it gave her an illusion of privacy. Blushing red, she
dropped her qameez..on the floor. "Very nice, you are all grown up
you," creepy Khan Sahib said with a smile. "I remember when you were
just a
little thing running through the hose in your back yard, now look at
you." She looked down at the floor, humiliated. "Well, come over here
and we'll get started," he aid walking out of the room. "What do you
mean?" she called after him. "Your punishment," he said. "What did you
think that was it?" "Um," that was exactly what she had thought. "Get
in here girl, before I change my mind." He said, for the first time
sounding a bit angry. Fouzia was scared, but truth be told, she was
more scared of her father. He was a hard man. She followed the sound
Khan Sahib's voice. The hallway lead out to the back yard, an area
sheltered by walls on three sides an a thick hedge on the fourth.
There was a
workbench against the house and Khan Sahib indicated she should stand
by the bench. Fouzia covered her breasts with her hands and stepped
to the bench. "What do you think you're doing?" he asked. "No one will
see you out here, besides, you didn't care when you let that boy feel
up out in the open. Don't get parsa..(innocent) now, Fouzia." The girl
blinked back tears but dropped her hands. "Better, but...Here, give me
your hands," he ordered. Meekly, without thinking, the girl put her
hands out in front of herself. With surprising speed, Khan Sahib
whipped out a pair of police handcuffs and snapped them on her wrists.
Without a pause, he dragged the sexyy girlover to the work bench,
pulled her
arms across the bench and fastened the chain to a clip on the far
bending her over the bench in the process. Forced up onto tip toes the
girl squealed, "Hey!" "Quiet!" Khan Sahib commanded. "No, hey, this
is...no, let me go!" she yelled, struggling. "Be quiet or I'll show
those pictures to your father!" Khan Sahib admonished her. "I don't
care!" she yelled. "You creepy fuck, let me go!" Angry now, Khan Sahib
slapped her hard across the mouth. Stunned, the sexyy girl stopped
struggling as her jaw dropped open. Khan Sahib quickly grabbed a rag
and stuffed it in her mouth. Pulling her head back by her long blond
Khan Sahib hissed into her ear, "You agreed to my punishment and
you're going to get it!" Getting a thick leather dog collar, he
buckled it
around her mouth, holding the rag in place as an effective gag. The
girl whimpered into the rag. "Misbehavior was dealt with by a
spanking in
my day," Khan Sahib said conversationally. "I know your father
in that too, but I won't use a strap like he would." Khan Sahib
around the girl and found the azarbund (waist band) of her shalwar.
Fouzia stiffened when she realized what he was doing and tried to pull
away, but the big man pinned her against the work bench as he forced
the shalwar over her hips to expose her round pale ass. Khan Sahib's
breath came ragged as he gazed at the firm young flesh, 2 dimples at
the base
of her spine just below her tan line, the faintest blond down on her
cheeks. He pushed her shalwar lower, exposing the curve where he
buttocks met her thigh. A hint of darker hair in the gap between her
thighs, the faint musky aroma of her flesh. "Yesssss," he hissed low,
stepping back. The girl tried to struggle away, but she was stretched
too far over the bench, her toes barely touching the ground, the hard
wood edge cruelly cutting into her now exposed belly. "I think ten
thapars should do," he announced winding his arm back and swinging it
down with a resounding "CHATAKH (SOUND OF SLAP)" CHATAKH
"Mmmmmmmm!" Fouzia screamed into her gag. A white handprint was
already forming in the red of her cheek as Khan Sahib wound up for
blow. " CHATAKH" Mmmmph!" she screamed again, breath coming hard
through her nose, mouth stopped up with the gag. "CHATAKH!" The girl
sobbed into the gag, tears flowing from her sky blue eyes. "CHATAKH!"
Khan Sahib was breathing hard now, his LORAA rock hard, tenting out
"There dear, that wasn't so bad, was it?" he crooned to her, wiping
hair out of her face. The girl sobbed, tears flowing freely, face
screwed up in pain, her bottom bright red where he had spread her
punishment out over both cheeks. "You just rest there, I'll be right
back," he stroked her hair and she shivered as he went into the house.
She lay there, seemingly for an eternity. A fly buzzed around her
head, the breeze cool against the heat rising from her naked bottom.
tried her bonds, trying to dislodge the handcuff chain from the hook.
found it had a gate and try as she might, she could not bend her
fingers in enough to reach it. "Tsk tsk, being naughty again," Khan
voice said from right behind her. Intent on trying to get away, she
hadn't heard him return. He deposited a bundle on the bench, out of
her field of vision. "Now, since you're here, let's enjoy each other's
company, shall we? It was so nice of you to visit," he said. Fouzia
blinked back her tears, scared. Khan Sahib walked behind her and she
felt him pushing her shalwar down her legs. "Let's get these the rest
of the way off, shall we?" he said and he pushed them down. He had
on the ground before she could think to resist and had one leg by the
ankle. "You have a regrettable tendency to struggle," he informed her
as he tied her foot off to one table leg. "We can't have that now," he
said tying the other. Fouzia trembled with the strain this put on her
muscles. She had already been on tiptoes. Her feet were now off the
ground all together, legs pulled apart and tied. Her weight now rested
on her wrists as they hung from the hook and her hips where they lay
on the edge of the bench. "Ohhh yes," he smiled, "You're all grown up
now." She shuddered as he ran his hand over her still sore ass. He
in the feel of her soft skin, squeezing the firm globes of flesh. He
squatted down, head level with her ass and pulled her cheeks apart,
smiling. He licked his lips as he saw the dark blond hair surrounding
her puckered, pink GAAND. Followed its course as it thickened over her
perineum and split to cover her puffy labia. Her inner lips, closed
and crinkled, peeked out of them. He reached lower and Fouzia emitted
strangled sob as he used his thumbs to part her nether lips, exposing
her pink insides. "Oh yes, I see you are a good girl after all,
Fouzia," he said, pressing a finger against the outside of her
opening. "You
still have your hymen, good girl." He gently rubbed the thin membrane
with his finger as the girl whimpered, as he stroked his LORAA through
his DHOOTI with the other hand. He smiled and withdrew his finger. He
didn't want to break it, not yet at least. "Yes you are a good little
girl," he murmured, fumbling with the package he had brought out of
the house. Fouzia heard a scrape and clatter as some kind of lid was
dropped onto the bench. She felt Khan Sahib open her ass cheeks again
and then felt a gooey, stickiness against her bottom. Khan Sahib
another dollop of petroleum jelly out of the jar with 2 fingers and
smeared it
on the girl's GAAND. "I know, I know you're not supposed to use this
stuff, but beggars can't be choosers." He said to her
"I think you'll find it's better then nothing at all." He chortled.
Fouzia gasped as she felt his finger invade her bottom. The jelly kept
it from hurting, but it didn't feel good either. "Oooo, you've got a
tight little bottom," Khan Sahib crooned, working his finger in her
hole. "Yes in deed, a tight little hole here." He pressed his finger
around, spreading the jelly inside and out and working the muscle
loose. "Let's see if we can loosen it a bit," he said, working a
finger in her bottom. Fouzia gasped, the second finger burned. Khan
worked them in deeper, past the knuckle. She bit down on the gag as
the probing fingers invaded deeper. She gasped again as they went
yet and she felt his hand against her, they were in their full length.
Abruptly they withdrew with a weird, slipping sensation and she
exhaled in relief, only to gasp again in surprise as she felt
something thick
and blunt against her opening. Khan Sahib grunted and pushed, the head
of his LORAA against the sexyy girl's GAAND. He had dropped his LUNGI
one handed while he had probed the girls asshole. His scrawny
circumcised LORAA was small but still more then the poor girl had ever
experienced. "Mmmmm!" she screamed into the gag as the head popped
past her sphincter ring. Khan Sahib kept pushing, grunting as his
diminutive manhood opened the girls ass, pushing as she struggled
until he had
impaled his full length into her no longer virginal ass. His pole
burned deep into Fouzia's bowels, her fingers curled against her
Please let it be over, she thought as he withdrew only to thrust
again, and
again and yet again. Just as she thought she could no longer stand it
she heard him grunt and felt him shudder. "Unnnnn," he groaned as he
spurted his seed deep into her ass. She was so tight, he just couldn't
hold it. He dug his fingers into her pretty bottom as he came. "Oh
girly, yes," he sighed as he pulled his LORAA out. She felt a
disgusting rush of warmth as his cum dripped out of her GAAND. She
slumped on the table, exhausted as he untied her feet. He unhooked
cuffs from the table and stood her up. Her hands tingled painfully as
circulation returned and she saw an angry red crease across her
middle from
the bench edge. She followed him meekly into the house, her spirit,
if not
broken, then temporarily cowed, his spunk running down her leg. He led
her into the bedroom and gently pushed her back onto his rumpled bed.
It smelled funky, unclean. He hooked the cuffs to another clamp
into his headboard and left her again. She closed her eyes, fighting
tears. She felt something cool on her legs. She looked up and saw Khan
Sahib cleaning the cum off her legs with a damp towel. He pushed her
legs open and cleaned between them. Wiping the disgusting stuff off of
her ass and CHOOT. This act of kindness after the brutality of his
earlier treatment left her pathetically grateful. He reached up and
undid the collar holding her gag in. He pulled out the rag and she
coughed. He held a cup of water to her lips and she drank. "You keep
quite now and I won't gag you. You scream, you'll just make me mad,"
he told her. Surprising herself, she nodded. He slid down between her
legs and pushed them apart. Bending his head, he flicked his tongue
her CHOOT. She twitched away from him but didn't scream. He pinned her
down with his arms around her hips and pressed his tongue into her. He
was oddly gentle, teasing her dry lips apart. She closed her eyes and
tried to disassociate herself, at least this didn't hurt. She figured
he'd get tired and stop. She tried to think of happy things, school,
her friends, Bilal. Thinking of Bilal was a mistake. Thought of her
boyfriend, his kisses sent a gentle warmth to her groin. Khan Sahib
noticed and was smart enough to go with it, his tongue slithering over
the girl. Once she started reacting, she found it hard to regain
control. She tried to banish 'those' thoughts, but couldn't. Bilal's
kisses, Bilal's mouth on her nipple, his LORAA pulsing in her hand.
All of this conspired with Khan Sahib's tongue to excite the girl. Her
hips twitched and Khan Sahib grinned, increasing his tempo. Fouzia
herself thicken down there. She had masturbated to orgasm but had
never let a boy touch her there. She was familiar, yet unfamiliar
with her
body's responses. Her breathing came faster, her hips began to rock.
Khan Sahib rubbed his finger around the opening of her CHOOT,
stimulating the outside of her vagina. He felt her begin to tense.
"Oooooo, ooooooo, Ungh!" she groaned, arching her back, handcuffs
rattling against the hook, "Oh, oh, oh," Khan Sahib heard her CHOOT
squishing wetly and felt the contractions of her vaginal muscles as
she came. He had gotten hard again while licking the girl. Quick as a
flash, he climbed up her body and placed the head of his LORAA
against her
still pulsating hole. With a quick thrust, he forced his way past her
barrier. He felt her HYMEN resist his assault briefly before it was
torn asunder. "Owwwwe!" she hissed in pain as he obliterated her
cherry. If
possible, her CHOOT was even tighter then her GAAND, but Khan Sahib
had already cum once so he was able to control himself as he started
thrusting into her. She hissed in pain at his first few thrusts, but
he had timed it well. She was still sensitive from her orgasm and
in spite of everything, she began to feel that thick sensation 'down
there'. She began to twitch in time with him, meeting his thrusts,
feeling herself building to climax as she again convulsed. "Ungh! Oh,
Mmm ah!" she moaned, Khan Sahib felt her pulsing on his LORAA and felt
his own excitement building. Quickly he pulled out of her and directed
his orgasm onto her belly and boobs. "Ohhhh," his hissed as he shot
his load over the pretty sexyy girl. He stared at her hungrily as he
The soft down of her belly sheened with sweat, white globs of jiz
clumping in her dark blond pubes, her boobs, the sheet stained with
the blood of her defloration. Fouzia shuddered as her own orgasm
and stopped. He got a key from a bedside table and released her from
cuffs. She rubbed her wrists but made no attempt to flee. "If you say
anything about this, I'll deny it," Khan Sahib said. "You're father
will believe me, and I'll have to show him those pictures." She knew
it to
be true. "I won't," she said quietly. "I'll tell your parents that
hired you to do some cleaning. I'll expect you twice a week," he said,
oddly tentative. She surprised herself by saying, "OK."
Defiantly, almost angrily he said, "I'll expect you to clean the house
and take care of me like you did today."
Again, surprising herself, she answered, "I know." Surprising herself
even more she added, "From now on you need to wear a CONDOM. I'm not
getting pregnant."
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taxindia has hacked the reps databasetaxindia has hacked the reps databasetaxindia has hacked the reps databasetaxindia has hacked the reps databasetaxindia has hacked the reps databasetaxindia has hacked the reps databasetaxindia has hacked the reps database

So my neighbours were new in the building having
shifted just 2 months back.They had shifted from
Nasik.The father's name was Ahmed Bashir (aged 42),his
wife was Salma (aged 35),son's name was Imran (aged
26) & the daughter-in-laws name was Sana (aged
19).They were a happy family.The in-laws were good to
their daughter-in-law & vice-a-versa.After some days I
& Sana became friends as we were of same age.We used
to talk of many topics.

One day I said to her "Sana tujhme aur teri saas mai
kitna pyaar hai.Aaisi saas milne ko kismat lagti
hai.Bhagwaan kare jab meri shadi hogi to meri saas bhi
aaisi ho." Smilimg at me she said "Aarti tu chahe
kitni mannat maang tujhe mujh jaise saas nahi milegi."
I also agreed because I used to see how nicely they
used to behave with each other.Days passed & we became
good friends. We became so free with each other that
I even told her about my affairs.(That time I was
Aslam's girlfriend).She said she had her first sex
with Imran & married him.

One day I asked her about her parents & suddenly she
stopped talking but kept on smiling.I didnot
understand what happened.After asking her again &
again she said "Aarti mai tujhe sab bataungi lekin
tujhe meri kasam hai ki aagar tune yeh baat kissi ko
batai to." I also agreed so one day she came to my
house in the afternoon.We went to my bedroom & there
she told me her story.

Sana's real name was Neha, & she lived with her mother
Sapna in Nasik.Neha's father was a drunkard & a
womeniser.When Neha was 10 yrs old he left both of
them & went away.From that day Sapna brought up
Neha.They used to live in a chawl.Sapna was working in
a garment factory as a supervisor.Neha was 18 when she
had sex with Imran & married him.

Imran lived in a building near Neha's chawl.Neha was a
good looking girl,just come in age.She was fair had
5'5" height, snub nosed, long flowing hair & a good
body.Imran had seen her many times & as he saw her
more & more started liking her.He was 25 then,tall bit
dark skinned but he had a smooth tounge.His father was
having a general store in which Imran had opened an
electrical store also.Neha had also seen Imran eyeing
her many a times.Neha pe bhi nayee nayee jawani aaye
thi.She was also feeling her body changing.Every time
Neha went to Imran's shop to buy groceries he would
give her lover looks. Neha used to feel her heart
beating fast when Imran used to touch her hand
accidently during giving her the grocery packets.Neha
had also started liking Imran,his smooth talk &
fleeting touches.
One day when she went to his shop Imran was alone.She
asked for 1 kg of sugar & some soaps.He gave her the
soaps & said "Neha tumko shakker kaunsi doon?Mare pass
3 type ki shakker hai."
When Neha said give the the same which she always
takes Imran said to try the other variety once.To jab
Neha ne kaha ki sample dikhao he said to her to come
in the counter to see the sample.Neha came in the
counter & took some sugar in her hand,tasted it & said
"Thik hai Imran yeh wali 1 kg dena."
Imran ne bhi usse packet se thodi shakker khai aur
smile ke saath bola "Neha thumhare haatho mai kaisa
jaadu hai ki thumhare choo lane se yeh shakker aur
mithi hui hogi."

Neha became shy & looked down.Now she was tense as
they both we alone in the shop & he was standing close
to her.Suddenly Imran said "Neha ek baat bolu? Tu
bahoot sundar dikhti hai.Aagar ek din bhi tujhe naa
dekhu to mera dil naaraz hota hai.Mujhe aaisa kyon
hota hai? Kya tujhe bhi aaisa hota hai?"
Neha was now tensed as she realised what he was
saying.She didnot reply instead kept looking
down.Coming near to her Imran lifted her face & said
"Neha tu mare dil ko bhaa gayee hai.Mai tujhse pyaar
karne laga hoon.Ab chahe to mujhe aapne dil mai baasa
ya nahi mai tujhse marne tak pyaar karunga."
Itna kehke Imran ne usko bahoo mai bhaar liya aur kaha
"Neha bata na kya tu mujhse pyaar karti hai?" Without
replying to his question Neha nodded her head in
yes.Imran was so happy seeing this that he couldnot
resist kissing her cheeks & taking her more near to
him.Imran started kissing her face & then deep kissed
her lips.Neha just let Imran do whatever he wanted as
she was also feeling nice in his strong arms.Imran
kept prasing her beauty & telling her about his love
for her during kissing her.At last as Neha had to go
Imran gave her a hard long kiss & then they seperated.

Now this beame a daily ritual for both.Whenever they
could Imran would take Neha in his arms & keep talking
about his love to her kissing her. Neha ko bhi Imran
ki bahoo mai rehna accha lagta tha.Pehle pehle jab woh
usse choomta tha to Neha sharmati thi lekin ab usse
bhi Imran ka chumma accha lagne laga tha.Neha ko
choomte choomte Imran kabhi kabhi uske sine pe haath
ghumake Neha ki chuchiya bhi sehlane laga tha.Aaisa
karte hi Neha ko ajeeb si guggudi hoti thi aur woh
aapne chuchiya Imran ki haato mai aur dabati thi.Jab
Imran uske piche khada rehke Neha ki chuchiya sehlata
tha to Neha ko uske lund ka aahsaas aapni gaand pe
hota.Yeh jaante hue bhi ki aaise baato ka aanjaam kya
hoga Neha ko Imran ka aaisa karna accha lagta tha.Ab
jab woh dono akale milte to Imran bilkul khulke uski
chuchiyo se khelta aur kai baar to usne Neha ka shirt
kholke uski nangi chuchiyo ko sehlaya aur choosa
tha.Neha ke dil mai us waqt ghabrahat hoti thi lekin
phir usse bhi yeh accha lagne laga tha. Imran uske
badan ko sehlate shelate Neha ko aapni biwi banane ki
baat karta tha.Neha ki kamsin umar ko yeh sapna bada
accha lagta tha.Imran Neha se milne kai baar uske ghar
mai hi aata tha kyonki Sapna tab duty pe rehti thi.

Phir ek din ki baat hai.Neha's mother while going on
duty gave some order in Imran's shop & told him to
send it to her house as Neha would be at home.It was
Sunday & Neha just had a bath & was just in a house
gown with wet hair when the door bell rang.Keeping her
wet hair open she went & opened the door to find Imran
standing with some packets.Coming inside Imran kept
the packets on the table & said "Neha teri maa order
di thi uske mutakib maine sab laya hai."

Neha checked the list & okeyed it.Seeing her in such
open wet hair & just a gown Imran's passion started
getting aroused.Moreover Imran knew that they could be
alone & not disturbed till eveing as Sapna had gone to
work.Sitting on the available chair Imran pulled Neha
on his lap & said "Neha aaj to tu khoobsurat dikh rahi
hai.Yeh gille khule baal,thoda bhiga badaan,aur yeh
yellow nighty.Dil karta hai tujhe din bhar bahoo mai
lake rahu."
But getting up from his lap Neha went & closing the
open door said mischiveously "Imran kaise ladka hai
tu.Dekh darwaza open hai.Kissine dekha to.Accha yeh
bata,yeh packets dane tu kyon aaya.Dukan mai doosra
aadmi nahi tha kya?"
Getting up & coming near her Imran pulled her near him
& putting one hand on her boobs & said "Neha aadmi to
tha lekin maine kaha tu akeli hogi to thodi pyaari
pyaari baate hogi.Mujhe bhi thoda free time tha soocha
tare saath guzar lu.Aagar tujhe nahi chahaye to mai
jata hoon."
This time Neha took his hand & said "Naaraz kyon hote
ho.Mujhe to bahoot khushi hui ki tu aaya hai.Aao chalo
mai chai banati hoon aur dono milkar pite hai."Imran
agreed & followed her to the kitchen.

As Neha was preparing tea Imran could make out her
black panty as the gown was quite thin & that Neha had
not worn a bra.Imran ka lund uthne laga tha.He decided
that today was the day he will earn the fruit of his
hard earned labour.After drinking tea he again lifted
her & making her sit on the dining table said "Neha
aagar tu mujhse sacchi pyaar karti hai to meri ek baat
managi? Mujhe aaj tujhse kuch chahaye."
Neha's breast were at level with Imran's face.Holding
Imran's face in her hands Neha said "Imran tujhe jo
mangana hai maang le.Sirf itna khayal rakh ki aaise
baat mangega jo mai de saku.Bol tujhe kya chahaye
Putting his hands around Neha Imran said "Neha aaj tu
badi sexy lag rahi hai.Yeh bhiga badan , khulle
baal,aur yeh nighty tujhe aur sexy banati hai.Maine
aaj tak tera kapdo se dhaka badan dekha hai lekin aaj
mujhe tare nange badan ka deedaar karna hai.Aaj koi
bhi nahi hai idhar.Aaj to mauka bhi hai aur dastoor
Neha ne aankhe jhuka li aur boli "Imran kaise baat
karta hai tu.Mujhe tare saamne kapde utarne kitni
sharam mahsoos hogi.Jao hato mai aaisa nahi karungi.
Lekin Imran ne uska maatha choomke kaha "Neha mai to
sirf meri Neha ka nanga badan dekhna chahata hoon.Ab
aagar meri Neha ka badan kamsin jawan hai to yeh aur
bhi accha hai.Please meri yeh iccha poori karo Neha."
Neha sharma gayee aur boli"Imran mujhe sharam aati hai
aur daar bhi lagta hai.Kahi mai nangi hui to tu kuch
kar dalega jiska aanjaam thik nahi hoga."
This time Imran brought his hands to Neha's neck &
said "Neha tu daar maat.Kuch ho na ho mai tujhse pyaar
karta hoon aur tujhse hi shadi karunga.Lekin aaj mujhe
tera nanga badan dekhna hi hai.Bol khol doon tare gown
ke buttons aur utar dalu tera gown."
Looking in Imran's eyes & putting her hands on
Imran's hands Neha said "Lekin Imran tu to muslim hai
aur mai hindu,kaise hogi hamari shadi?"
Neha ki gown ka ek button kholte Imran bola"To kya hua
Neha.Mai tujhe muslim banake meri begum banaunga.Ab
bol kholu gown aur karu jo karna chahata hoon?"
Neha just nodded her head.Imran started opening her
gown buttons.As he opened all buttons her saw her
naked boobs.Neha ki chuchiya ekdum white thi aur unke
nipple pink colour ke thay.Imran ne usko kamar tak
naga kiya aur aapne haath uski chuchiyo pe rakhke
kaha"Oh Neha teri chuchiya kitni mast hai.Aagar teri
chuchiya itni mast hai to baaki badan kaisa hoga?"Neha
ne aapni aankhe band kar li thi.Imran ne usse khada
kiya aur Neha ka gown aapne aap niche gir gaya.Ab Neha
sirf panty mai thi.

Imran ne usko goad mai uthaya aur bahaar hall mai
laake bed pe sulaya.Ab tak Neha ki aankhe baand
thi.Phir Imran bhi khud uske side mai late gaya aur
Neha ka chehera choomne laga.Neha ka
maatha,aankhe,gaal choomte choomte Imran ab uske hooth
choomne laga.Woh dono ek doosre ki bahoo mai thay.Ab
Imran niche khaska aur Neha ki ek choochi ko choomke
doosri ko halke masalne laga.Neha ke liye yeh sab
aajeeb tha.Uske badan mai jaise jwala bhadakne lagi.Ab
Imran Neha ke badan pe aake uski chuchiya choosne aur
masalne laga.Neha behaal hone lagi aur sharmate kaha
"Imran tu mare badan se yeh kya kar raha hai.Mera sina
kyon choos raha hai.Mujhe kaisa to ho raha hai. OHHHH
Uski dono chuchiya masalte Imran bola "Neha tera nanga
badan dekhke mera lund kabu mai nahi raha.Log
suhaagraat manate hai mai to teri kuwari chut mai
aapna lund dalke suhaagdin manaunga. Meri itne dino
ki tamanna aaj poori karunga.Aur Neha aagar tujhe
jawani ka aasli anand chahaye to tu bhi dil aur chut
kholke maaza le."
Neha ne usse aapne sine pe dabaya aur kaha "Imran
lekin aaisa karne se baacha hua to? Mujhe daar lagta
hai.Aur kahi meri maa ko samjha to woh to mujhe maar
dalegi Imran."
Neha ki panty utarte Imran bola "Neha kuch nahi hoga
aur aagar hua bhi to mai tujhse shadi jo karnewala

Jaise Neha nangi hua Imran khada hua aur aapne kapde
utarke woh bhi Neha ke saath nanga ho gaya aur uske
pass khada hua aur kaha "Neha yeh dekh aapne miya ka
lund.Isko teri chut mai daalna hai aur tujhe chodna
hai.Aaj teri pehli chudai karke tujhe meri begum
banaunga.Lekin uske pehle aapne miya ka lund chooske
meri begum honega ka saboot de mujhe."
Imran ka lund dekhke Neha sharma gayee.Imran ne aapna
lund Neha ke face pe ghumaya aur uske hooto pe
rakha.Neha pehle baar lund dekh rahi thi.Usne
hitchkichate aapne honewale pati ka lund muh mai liya
aur choosne lagi.Neha ke muh ki garmi Imran ke lund ko
mahsoos hote hi uska lund aur tan gaya.
Aapna lund Neha ke muh mai ghusate aur uski mast
chuchiya masalte Imran bola"Haiiiiiiiii meri Neha
maaza aa raha hai.Le poora ka poora lund choos
daal.Tare muh mai kya mast garmi lagti hai mare lund
ko.Ab zindagi bhar mera lund aaise hi chooste rehna
meri begum.Yeh le ab meri gotiya bhi choos."Imran ka
lund muhse nikalke Neha uski gotiya choosne lagi.Imran
ab zor zorse uski chuchiya masal raha tha.Ab Imran ko
mehsoos hua ki dono kafi garam hai to usne aapna lund
Neha ke muhse nikala aur Neha ko sulake usko chodne
tayyar hua.

Neha ki kamar ke niche 2 takiya rakhke Imran ne pehle
uski chut choomi aur baad mai jabaan aandar dalke uska
ras chatne laga.Neha to jaise bina paani ki machli ke
tarah uchal rahi thi.Phir Imran ne uske dono tange
modke pet pe dabai aur aapne garam lund ka supada Neha
ki kuwari chut pe rakha aur halka sa dhakka diya.Neha
to thoda dard hua.Neha ki dono tange aapne badan ke
niche lake Imran dono haato se uski chuchiya masalne
laga aur lund haalka haalka aandar bahaar karke Neha
ki tight chut mai aapne lund ke liye jagah banane
laga.Neha ne uska chehera choomke kaha "Imran aaramse
daal mujhe dard ho raha hai."
Tab Imran ne kaha "Neha dekh dard ka daar rakhegi to
maaza nahi le payagi.Mai ek hi dum mai tera dard
khatam karta hoon abbhi."Aur Neha ko kuch samajhne ke
pehle Imran ne aapne hooth Neha ke hooto pe rakhe aur
zordaar phatka mara.
Neha ko laga jaise koiuski chut churi se phad raha
hai.Uski chut ka seal buri tarah phat gaya tha aur
usko aapni chut se khoon behne ka aahsaas ho raha tha
aur uski aankho mai aasu aaye thay.Usne dardse
chillana chaha lekin Imran ke hooto ki wajah se woh
chik uske muh mai hi dab gayee.Woh chatpane lagi aur
Imran ko aapne badanse utarne ki koshish karne
lagi.Lekin Imran kaccha kiladi nahi tha.Usne aapna
lund Neha ki chut mai dabake rakha aur uske hooto ko
choomte choomte uski chuchiya zoro se masalne laga.
Thoda time aaisa karnese Neha ki chut ka dard zaara
kam hua to Imran ne aapna muh hataya.Tab Neha ne kaha
"Imran meharbani karke aapna lund nikalo muhe bahoot
dard ho raha hai.Meri jaan jaa rahi hai.Mujhpe reham
Lekin Imran janta tha ki aagar abhi usne Neha ki baat
maan li to woh phir kabhi chudane nahi degi.Usko yeh
bhi maloom tha ki ek baar Neha ki chut ka raasta saaf
hua to phir woh kabhi bhi chudwane tayaar hogi.To Neha
ki baat unsuni karte Imran aahista aahista uski chut
chodne laga aur saath saath uski chuchiya masalne
Aaisa karte karte kuch time baad Neha ka dard khatam
hua.Jab usne Imran ko aapni bahoo mai jakhad liya to
Imran samjha ki ab Neha ki chut ka raasta saaf hai.Tab
usne Neha ko chodna shuru kiya.Neha ko itni maaza
kabhi nahi mili thi.Aapni chut utha utha ke woh
chudwake le rahi thi.Aapni chut chudwate usne kaha
"Ohhhhhhhh Imran aur zorse chodo mujhe.Pehle dard hua
lekin ab chut mai lund accha lagta hai mare raja.Mujhe
aagar pata hota ki chudai mai itni maaza hai to mai
kabki tujhse chudwati.Aaahhhhhhhhhhhh Imran mujhe
bahoo mai zorse jakhadke chodo mare miya."
Neha ki chut mai lagatar phatke marte marte Imran bola
"Neha mujhe kya pata ki tu itni jaldi chudwane tayaar
hogi.Mujhe to kai dinose teri kuwari chut ko chodna
tha.Yeh le meri rani mera lund."
Dono bade tabiyat se chudai ka anand le rahe
thay.Imran to Neha ka poora badan aapni bahoo mai
bharke usko chod raha tha.Woh Neha ki chuchiya masalke
aur chooske Neha ko chod raha tha.Imran 15 minute tak
chodte raha.Jab usse aahsaas hua ki woh zadnewala hai
to usne Neha ki chudai aur tez kardi aur phatke marte
marte kaha "Meri Neha rani mai zadnewala hoon.Teri
chut ko chodke zadne mai bada maaza aayega.Yeh le meri
Dono ne ek doosre ko zorse pakadke aapni aapni wasana
shaant ki.
Jab dono ki badan ka toofan shant hua to Neha ko
choomte Imran bola "Neha aaj teri chut chodke maine
tujhe meri biwi banaya hai.Ab jab tu chahegi hum nikah
karange aur phir zindagi bhar tujhe chodange."Neha
itni khush thi ki usne Imran ko betahasha chooma.Us
din Imran ne Neha ko aur do baar choda.

Iske baad yeh chudai ka silsila chalte raha.Imran kai
baar Neha kay ghar aake usse chodta tha.Ab dono ek
doosre ki bina nahi reh sakte thay.Neha aur Imran ko
jaise chudai ka chaska lag gaya tha.Aagar chudai karne
nahi milti to Imran Neha ko aapni dukaan mai bulake
uske jawan badanse khoob khelta aur kam-se-kam aapna
lund chuswata.Woh dono miya biwi jaise ho gayee thay.

Ek din ki baat hai jab Imran ko 4-5 din ke baad Neha
ki khoob chudai karne mili.Neha ki chut mai aapne lund
ke paani choodke shaant hone ke baad dono nange bed
par thay.Imran Neha ki nangi goad mai leta tha aur
uski chuchiyo se khel raha tha.Aapne gharwalo se shadi
ki baat kaise kare yehi sooch rahe thay ki achanak
Neha ki room ka darwaaza kholke Neha ki maa Sapna
aandar aaye.Sapna ne jab dekha ki Neha aur Imran dono
nange hai aur Imran Neha ki chuchiya masal raha hai to
usko bahoot gussa aaya.Aapni beti shadi ke pehle kissi
mard ke saath nangi hai yeh dekhke uska khoon khaul
utha.Usne jake Neha ko aur Imran ko 2-3 tamche mare
aur Imran ko gharse nikalne ko kaha.Dono ne aapne
aapne kapde pehan liye aur Imran wahan se nikal gaya.
So after Sapna found her daughter Neha fully naked
playing with Imran she got very upset.All her dreams
were shattered.Usne Neha ko bahoot boora bhala kaha
aur usko mara bhi.Neha ne Sapna ko apne aur Imran ke
baare mai sab bataya.Yeh bhi bataya ki Imran usse
shadi karnewala hai.Yeh sunke Sapna ko aur bhi gussa
aaya.Phir usne soocha ki yeh galati mai dono barabaar
ke hissedaar hai to sirf mai Neha ko kyon maru.Iski
saaza Imran ko bhi milni chahaye.
Sapna gharse nikalke Ahmed Bashir ki dukaan mai
gayee.Wahan sirf Imran tha.Sapne ne gusse se jab usko
Ahmed ke baare mai poocha to usne kaha ki Abba ghar
mai hai.Imran pe ek jalti nazaar dalke Sapna Ahmed ko
milne gayee.

Ahmed ghar pe akela tha.Woh dono ek doosre ko jante
thay.Jab Ahmed ne darwaaza khola to paya ki Sapna
hai.Usne badi izzat se kaha "Oh Sapnaji aap.Aaiye na
aandar.Aaj idhar kaise aaye aap?"

Aandar aake Sapna boli "Ahmed bhai mujhe aapse aapke
Imran ke baare mai shikayat karni hai.Usne aaj aaise
harkat ki hai jisse mujhe bahoot gussa aaya hai.

Ahmed ne Sapna ko baithne kaha aur bola "Sapnaji aaisa
kya kiya hai mare Imran ne?Usne maal kuch kaam jyada
kiya ya aapna kaam thikse nahi kiya?Kya batamizi ki
usne aapse?

Sapna ab kaise kehti ki kya hua hai.Usse Imran aur
Neha ke baare mai kehne sharam aa rahi thi.Jab Ahmed
ne dobara usse poocha to bhi Sapna boli "Ahmed bhai
kaise batau usne kya kiya.Usne mujhse nahi meri beti
Neha ke saath...........
Ahmed yeh sunke gusse se khada hua aur bola "Sapnaji
meharbani karke aap mujhe sab bata dena kya baat hai
woh.Mai uski khaal khich dalunga."
Sapna ko ab aaise laga ki usne yahan aake galati
ki.Kyonki ab usse anchahe Ahmed ko woh sab baat batani
padegi.Lekin aakhir mai yeh uski beti ki zindagi ka
saawal tha.Usne aapne dil pe patthar rakhke kaha
"Ahmed bhai mai jab ghar aaye abhi to maine Neha aur
Imran ko mare bistar pe dekha. Dono ekdum nange thay
aur Imran Neha ki ...........Bus ab aage mujhse kaha
nahi jata."
Ahmed ne yeh soona aur usne aankhe band karli.Thode
time ke baad woh bola "Sapnaji mai is baatse sharminda
hoon.Mujhe Imran se yeh ummed nahi thi.Lekin ek baat
aap bhi samajh lena ki aagar dono nange thay to yeh
dono ki raazi khushi se aaisa kar rahe thay.Matlab
Imran ne Neha se koi zor jabardasti nahi ki thi.Jo hua
woh galat tha,lekin aap bolo aap mujhse kya chahati

Sapna kya kehti.Usne kaha "Ahmed bhai ab kiya ko kuch
nahi jaa sakta.Mujhe to daar hai kahi Neha ki pet mai
to kuch nahi hai na?Aagar galati se Neha ki pet mai
Imran ka baccha hoga to hum maa beti ko khudkhusi
karni padegi.Aur mai chahati hoon ki aap Imran ko iski
saaza de.Mujhe to aaisa lagta hai mai mai usko bahoot

Ahmed Sapna ke pass aake bola "Sapnaji mai aapke maan
ki haalat samajh sakta hoon.Lekin kya aapko nahi lagta
ki aap baat jara jyada khich rahi hai?"

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Sapna khadi hui aur boli "Kya kehte hai aap Ahmed
bhai?Soocho ki aagar aapko beti hoti aur ek din jab
aap ghar aate ho aur aapki beti nangi hoti aur koi
ladka uske nange badan se khel raha hota, uski
chuchiya masalte rehta aur baad mai usko
chodne........." Itna kehke Sapna sharmaye kyonki uske
muhse chudai ki baat nikal gayee.Woh sharamke maare
niche dekhne lagi.

Ahmed thode time ke baad bola "Sapnaji aap sahi kehti
hai.Lekin ek baat aap dhyan mai lena.Aagar mera beta
nanga tha to aapki beti bhi nangi thi.Jab Imran ne
Neha ko chodne ki tayyari ki aur nanga hua to Neha bhi
nangi hui.Aaisa to nahi na ki Imran aapna lund lake
gaya Neha ke pass to usne aapne kapde nahi utare.Neha
ne bhi Imran ka lund dekhkar aapni chut chudwane kapde
nikale honge.Phir bhi mai Imran ko iski saaza
doonga.Sapnaji yeh to jawani ki masti hai.Imran ka
lund uthne laga aur Neha ki chut chudwana chahati
thi.Aur jab khada lund garam chut dekhta hai to
yakinan chudai hoti hai."

Ahmed ke muh se yeh chudai,chut,lund,chuchiya aur
jawani aaisi baate sunne ke baad Sapna ko kaisa to
laga.Lekin aakhir Ahmed ne sahi baat boli thi.Uski
beti bhi chudwana chahati thi is liye sab hua.Imran ki
jagah ko bhi lund hota to koi farak nahi padta.Sapna
janti thi ki ek baar chut ko lund khane ki iccha hui
to aaise chut kissi bhi halaat mai lund dhoond leti
hai aur aapni chut chudwake garmi nikalti hai.Lekin
uska Imran pe gussa gaya nahi tha.Usne Ahmed se kaha
"Ahmed miya lekin Imran ne Neha ke saath aaisa nahi
karna chahaye tha.Abhi mare Neha ki umar hi kya hai?"

Ahmed aur Sapna ab samne samne khade thay.Tab Ahmed ne
kaha "Sapnaji mai aapko ek sacchi baat bolta hoon aap
bura mat maniyega.Aasal mai aapko gussa is baat ka
nahi ki Neha Imran se chudwake le rahi thi.Aapko gussa
is baat ka hai ki koi aapko kyon nahi chod raha
hai.Aapki chut mai lund nahi hai yeh aapki sikayat
hai.Hai na?"

Sapna ko Ahmed ki baat sunke gussa aaya.Usne Ahmed se
kaha "Ahmed miya aap yeh kitni behuda baat karte
hai.Aap mai aur Imran mai kya farak hua?Mujhe lagta
hai maine yahan aake badi galati hai.Ab mai chalti

Sapna jaise jane ke liye mud gayee Ahmed uske samne
aake khada hua.Sapna sari pehni thi aur Ahmed lungi
kurte mai tha.Woh ab Sapna aur main door ke bich mai
khada tha.Ahmed ki pith door se lag rahi thi.Usne
Sapna ke khandho pe haath rakhte bola "Sapnaji mujhe
maloom hai jabse aapka pati aapko choodke gaya hai
aapne chut nahi chudwayi.Aaj Neha ki nangi chuchiya
Imran ke haato mai dekhkar aapko bhi laga ki koi aapki
yeh chuchiya masle.Imran ka lund dekhkar aapni yeh
chut ko koi chod chodke behaal kare aaisa aapko
laga.Mai such bol raha hoon na Sapnaji?" Yeh sab kehte
waqt Ahmed ek haath se Sapna ki chuchiya aur doosre se
uski chut sehlane laga tha.

Sapna pehle to is harkat ko samajh nahi saki,lekin jab
woh sambhal gayee to usne aapne aap ko Ahmed ke haatho
se aalag kiya aur gusse se boli "Ahmed miya mai aapko
accha insaan samajh rahi thi.Lekin aap to aapne bate
se bhi bure hai.Ab mai Imran ko nahi maaf karungi.Usko
meri beti ki rape case mai jail mai bhej doongi.Ab
mujhe sharafat se yahanse jaane dena nahi to mai
chillaungi samjhe aap Ahmed miya?"

Ahmed ne aaise kiya jaise usne Sapna ki baat suni hai
nahi aur usne ab Sapna ke pass aake uske sari ka pallu
pakadke zorse khicha.Iska aasar yeh hua ki Sapna gol
ghumne lagi aur uski sari badan se hat gayee.Sapna
kuch soochne ya karne se pehle Ahmed uske pass aaya
aur usne Sapna ki petticoat mai dono haath dalke uska
petticoat phad dala aur phir petticoat ka nada
khola.Nada kholte hi petticoat aapne aap niche hoke
Sapna ki pairo mai gira.Jab Sapna ko iska aahsaas hua
to usne niche jhukki.Aaisa jhuknese Ahmed ko Sapna ki
blouse mai kaid uski do chuchiya dikhai di. Ahmed ne
tab aapne dono haath uski blouse mai daal diye aur
dono chuchiya masalne laga.Tab tak Sapna ne aapna
phata petticoat uthaya aur aapne aapko kamar tak dhak
liya.Lekin aaisa karne se uske dono haath petticoat
sambhalne mai jut gayee.Ahmed bhi yeh chahata tha.Uske
dono haath ab bina rukawat Sapna ki blouse mai daalke
uski mast chuchiya masal rahe thay.Sapna ab behaal
thi. Kai saalo ke baad uski chuchiya mardse masli jaa
rahi thi. Bahoot dare tak Sapna ki chuchiya masalne
ke baad Ahmed ne phir aakhri baar Sapna ki badi badi
chuchiyo ko zor se dabake Sapna ki blouse ko zor ka
jhatka mara jiske wajah se Sapna ki blouse ke sab hook
toot gayee aur uska blouse phat gaya.Ab Sapna Ahmed ke
kaaran uske saamne phate hua petticoat aur blouse mai
thi.Phir Sapna ko deewar se satake khada karte Ahmed
dono haath Sapna ke bra mai dalke uski chuchiya
masalne laga aur lund uski chut pe ragadne laga.Jab
Sapna sambhal gayee to usne Ahmed ko aap se door
dhakela lekin kyonki Ahmed ke haath Sapna ki bra mai
thay, Ahmed ne Sapna ki bra ka sahara liya.Iska aasar
yeh hua ki Ahmed door hote hote uske haath mai Sapna
ki bra aaye.

Ab Sapna sirf ek safeed panty mai thi.Aapne badan ko
haato se dhakte Sapna boli "Ahmed miya meharbani karke
aaisa mat karo.Maine aapka kya bigada hai.Jabse mera
pati mujhe choodke gaya hai maine kissi paraye mard ko
aapne pass nahi aane diya.Aur aaj aapne to mujhe nanga
hi kiya.Kaise aadmi ho tum aur thumhra beta?Bate meri
beti ko chod raha tha aur baap maa ko nanga kar raha
hai.Dekho mujhe chood do."

Ahmed aapne haatho mai Sapna ki fati hui bra masalte
Sapna ke pass aaya aur bola "Sapna mai teri chut
chodke tujhe zaroor chood doonga.Aur rahi baat Imran
ki to jaisa baap waisa beta.Beta teri beti ko chodta
hai aur ab baap maa ko chodega.Dekh Sapna mare saamne
roona dhoona kar mat.Mera dil aaj tare gadraye badan
pe aaya hai.Saali ek to yahan aake teri beti ki chudai
ki dastaan bindhast sunati hai to mai aapne aap pe
kabu kaise rakhu? Mare bate ki kartoot sunke dekh mera
lund kaise khada hua.Ek to tu bhi itne din ki bhooki
hai.Aaj mai tujhe chodke tujhe bhi masti doonga.Dekh
saali maine tujhe nanga kya kiya teri chut paani
choodne lagi.Dekh teri panty bhi gilli hai."

Actually jab Sapna Neha aur Imran ki daastaan suna
rahi thi tabse uski chut mai paani aane laga tha.Aur
jab Ahmed ne aur chudai ki baat ki aur usko nanga
karte karte uske badanse khilwad kiya to Sapna ki chut
paani choodne lagi.Ahmed ke haatho se chuchiya maslane
se Sapna ke badan mai bhi garmi aane lagi.Ab Ahmed ne
aapni lungi aur shirt nikalke sirf underwear mai Sapna
ke pass aaya. Sapna ne aapni chuchiyo ko dono haatho
se dhaka tha yeh dekhte Ahmed ne uski panty ke elastic
mai haath daalke ek jhatke mai uski panty utar dali.Ab
Sapna bilkul nangi ho gayee aur Ahmed uski jhato bhari
chut dekhne laga.Sapna ki panty utarne ke wajahse
Sapna ne ab aapne haatho se aapni chut dhak li.Aagar
woh chut dhakti to Ahmed uski chuchiyo se khelta,aur
chuchiya chupai to chut sehlata.Sapna ko samajh mai
nahi aa raha tha ki woh kya kare.10-15 minute Sapna se
badan se khelne ke baad Ahmed ne Sapna ko uthaya aur
uski chuchiyo ko chooste chooste usko le jake bed pe
sulake uske uppar soke uski chuchiya chooste chooste
apni chaddi utari.Ab Sapna ko aapni nangi jhango pe
Ahmed ke lund ka aahsaas hone laga.

Yeh sab Sapna ki bardasht ke bahaar tha.Ek to inte
saalo mai usko mard ki bahoo mai sone ka mauka nahi
mila tha.Aaj jab usne Neha ko Imran ke bahoo mai nanga
dekha tabse uski chut mai khalbali hone lagi thi.Aur
iske baad Ahmed se yeh badan ko jabardasti nanga karna
aur sehlana usko madhosh kar raha tha.Lekin phir bhi
uska maan usse saath nahi de raha tha.Usne dekha ki
Ahmed ka tight lund uski tango pe ragda jaa raha
hai.Ahmed ka lund kaala aur mota tha.Sapna ko yakeen
hua ki Ahmed ka lund uske pati se bada hai.Ek aawaz
bol rahi thi ki yeh tera balatkaar hai to doosri aawaz
keh rahi thi ki mauka mila hai to chudwa le aapni
chut.Sapna ko samajh mai nahi aa raha tha ki kya karu
to usne Ahmed ko aapne upparse hatane ki bahoot kosish
ki lekin Ahmed hata nahi.

Ahmed ab Sapna ke sine pe baitha aur Sapna ko uska
lund najdik se dikhate bola "Dekh Sapna mera lund
kaise taan ke khada hai teri chut chodne.Tera pati to
chutiya tha jo teri jaise garam aurat ko choodke
doosri ke pass gaya.Lekin koi baat nahi mai tare badan
ki garmi ko mitaunga meri Sapna Rani samjhi?Mera dil
to kar raha hai ki mera lund pehle tare gulabi hootose
chuswau lekin mujhe maloom hai ki ek baar mujhe
chudwake tu phir kabhi mujhse chudwane itraaj nahi
kari."Jab phir bhi Sapna nahi maani to Ahmed ne niche
hoke Sapna ki tange failai aur Sapna ki fooli chut pe
aapna lund rakhte kaha "Sapna tu chahe jitna mujhe
gaali de lekin aaj to tujhe chodunga zaroor.Dekh na
itni saal bina chodne se teri chut aaj mujhe chudwane
bekarar hai.Ab tayyar ho jaa chut aapni chudwane."
Itna kehke Ahmed ne aapne lund ko Sapna ki chut mai
ghusaya.Bahoot saalo ke baad chut mai lund jaane se
Sapna ko taqlif hui lekin anand bhi aaya.Jab Ahmed ne
Sapna ki kamar pakadke doosra phatka mara to uska
aadhe se jyada lund Sapna ki chut mai ghus gaya aur
Sapna ne aapni dono tange aur failate Ahmed ke lund ko
aandar jane to aasani ki.Phir Sapna ne Aapni tange
Ahmed ki kamar pe aatki aur usko aapne badan se daboch
ke boli" Haan dalooooooo pooorrrra aandarrrrrr
Aaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhmmmmeeeeeeedddddddddddd dalo mare
raja poora lund is chut mai dalo.Meri chut ko phad
dalo Ahmed.Tu such bol raha tha.Aapni beti ko Imran ke
saath nanga dekhke mujhe itna gussa nahi aaya jitna ki
yeh dekhke ki meri beti ko chodnewala mil jata hai
lekin mujhe nahi.Saala tera beti meri beti ko chodta
hai aur uski maa pyaasi hai.Lekin mai nahi janti thi
ki yahan aake mujhe tera lund milega.Ahmed mujhe aapni
bahoo mai bhar ke chodo raja."

Sapna ke muhse yeh sunne ke baad Ahmed ki taqat aur
badhi aur usne Sapna ki dono chuchiyo ko berehami se
masalte 4-5 baar lund aandar bhaar kiya.Lund ka
aahsaas chut ko milnese Sapna ko accha lagne laga
tha.Ahmed ka jab poora lund Sapna ki chut mai gaya to
usko zor zor se chodte woh bola "Haan saali mujhe
maloom hai tu ab bahoot chudwana chahagi.Itne dino ke
baad teri chut ko lund ka darshan hua to ab tu bina
chudai nahi manegi." Ahmed ab phatke pe phatka maar
raha tha aur uski chuchiyo ko chooste unko zorse masal
raha tha.Sapna bhi aapna badan Ahmed ke badanse ragad
ragad ke aapni chut chudwa rahi thi.Is waqt woh yeh
bhool gayee thi ki woh yahan kyon aaye hai.Usse ab
Neha ki nahi balki aapni chut ki padi thi.Woh Ahmed ka
chehera choom rahi thi aur phir uska muh aapni
chuchiyo pe daba raha thi.

Achanak Ahmed ne aapna lund Sapna ki chut se nikala
aur usko kuch samajhne se pehle Sapna ko pet pe sulake
khud bed se utarke khada hua.Phir usne Sapna ko
kuttiya banaya aur aapna lund ab usne pichese Sapna ki
chut mai dala aur khade khade Sapna ko chodne
laga.Sapna ko yeh tarika accha laga aur usne Ahmed ko
uski chuchiya masalte uski chut chodne kaha.Sapna ek
haath aapni chut mai ghuse Ahmed ki lund ko sehlane
lagi aur boli "Ahmed aaj tu aagar mujhe jabardasti
nanga karke nahi chodta to mai kissi lund ko zaroor
dhoondti.Meri beti aur Imran ko nanga dekha aur meri
itni dino ki dabai wasana uth gayee.Aur zor se chod
mujhe Ahmed.Mujhe Neha ka baap chodta tha usse bhi
accha tu chodta hai Ahmed."

Ahmed purana khiladi tha.Usse maloom tha ki kaunsi
aurat kab aur kaise uske niche aa sakti hai. Iske liye
usne baar baar Sapna ke saamne Neha aur Imran ki
chudai ki baat karke Sapna ki hawaas badhai thi.Sapna
ki chuchiyo ke nipples ko zorse piste Ahmed bola
"Sapna mujhe to tuj jaise experienced aurat ko chodna
accha lagta hai.Tuj jaise aurat chudwake lane mai
jyada nakhra nahi karti hai.Na jaane mare Imran ko
teri Neha ko chodne kya kya papad belne pade
honge.Bechara Imran." Ahmed ke haath aapni chuchiyo pe
dabate Sapna jhoote gusse se boli "Bechara Imran kehta
hai.Aare mana ki Imran ko pehle Neha ko chodne mai
papad belne pade honge lekin ab to usse jab chahe Neha
ka badan milne laga hai na chodne.Neha ko usne chodne
ka itna chaska lagaya hai ki ab Neha Imran ke lund ko
tarasti rehti hai." Aapni chudai mai Sapna yeh bhi
bhool gayee ki woh uski beti ke baare mai aaise baat
kar rahi hai.

Ahmed usko bahoot waqt tak chodta raha aur jab uska
lund paani choodne laga to usne Sapna ko zor se
dabocha aur aapna lund uski chut mai ghusake paani
nikalte kaha "Ssssaaaaapppnnnnnaaaaaa yeh le mare
lunddddddddddddddddd kaaaaaa paannnniiiiiii

10 minute waise hi pade rehne ke baad Ahmed ne aapna
murjhaya hua lund Sapna ki chut se nikala. Sapna uska
lund aapni chut se nikalna nahi chahati thi.Ahmed ne
aapne shirt se Sapna ki chut aur aapna lund
poocha.Sapna jab uthi to Ahmed ne usko aapni goad mai
bithaya.Ahmed ke khande pe aapna sir rakhte Sapna boli
"Ahmed aaj mujhe bahoot dino ke baad chut chudwane
mila teri wajahse.Lekin mai jis sawaal se yahan aaye
thi uska koi haal nahi mila." Tab Sapna ko bahoo mai
lake Ahmed bola "Sapna mujhe soochne ek do din ka waqt
de mai zaroor koi haal nikalunga.Aur tabtak hum kissi
bhi haalat mai un dono ko milne nahi dange thik hai
na?" Sapna ne is baat se ikraar kiya.

Ab usse ghar jana tha lekin uska petticoat aur blouse
to phata tha.Nangi khade hote aapne phate kapde Ahmed
ko dikhate Sapna boli "Itni bhi kya jaladi thi mujhe
nanga karneki.Aagar mujhse thoda waqt deta to mai khud
nangi hoti Ahmed.Ab aaise kapde pehanke mai ghar kaise
jau.In kapdo mai ghar gayee to Neha ko pata chalega ki
uski maa bhi chudwake aaye hai.Ab mai kaise aapne ghar
jau?" Tab Sapna ki nangi chuchiya pakadke Ahmed bola
"Kaun saala bolta hai tujhe ki kapde pehan aur ghar
ja?Tu saali aaise nangi acchi lagti hai.Kyon baar baar
kapde pehanti hai.Ab jab jab tu milegi mujhe tab tab
tujhe nanga karna padega.Kya zaroorat hai tujhe kapde
pehanne ki?" Ahmed ka lund sehlake Sapna boli "Mai kya
teri begum hoon jo aaise hi nangi rahu.Chalo na meri
kuch madat karo Ahmed."

Ahmed ne kuch soochke Sapna ko aapni biwi ka blouse
aur petticoat diya aur usse pehanke Sapna ghar
gayee.Woh Ahmed ko 2 din ke baad milnewali thi Neha
aur Imran ke baare mai faisla karne.

Sapna jab Ahmed se chudane ke baad doosre kapdo mai
ghar aaye to dekha ki Neha hall mai baithi hai.Neha ne
Sapna ko doosre kapdo mai aate dekha lekin uske dimaag
mai yeh baat nahi aaye ki uski maa doosre kapdo mai
ghar kyon aaye hai.Sapna ne usse soochne ka mauka bhi
nahi diya aur jake aapne kapde badal dale aur phir
Neha ke pass aake baithi aur usko bahoot samjhya ki
kamsin umar mai aaisa karna uske badan ke liye kaisa
bura hai.Lekin Neha ko yeh samjhte samjhate Sapna ki
nazroo ke saamne Ahmed se ki gayi uski chudai baar
baar aa rahi thi.Ab 4-5 din tak Sapna Neha ko kaam mai
uljha rakhti thi aur Ahmed ne Imran ko jyada kaam de
diye taki woh un kamo mai juta rahe.Iska aasar yeh hua
ki Neha aur Imran ek doosre ko milne aur bhi betaab
hone lage thay.

Phir ek din Ahmed doophar ko Sapna ki company mai gaya
aur Sapna ko uske saath chalne kaha.Sapna Ahmed ke
saath chal di.Unhone ek auto kiya tab Sapna ne Ahmed
se poocha ki woh kahan jaa rahe hai to Ahmed ne kaha
ki woh aaj koi picture dekhne jaa rahe hai.Woh aaise
talkies thi jisne faltu pictures aati thi aur aaise
picture dekhne sirf wohi log aate thay jo picture
dekhne ke alawa sab karte hai.Sapna ne dekha ki itne
bade hall mai sirf 50-60 log thay aur jyadatar couples
thay. Ahmed ne acchi mauke ki jagah dhoondke woh Sapna
ke saath wahan baitha.

Jaise hall ki light bhuj gayee Ahmed ne Sapna ki sari
ka pallu hataya aur uski chuchiyoko masalte kehne laga
"Hai Sapna us din ke baad to mera lund khada hi
hai.Yaar tujhe chodne mai jo maaza aaya woh kuwari
chut mai bhi nahi aaya kabhi.Us din jaldi jaldi mai
chudai ki lekin aaj itminaan se tujhe chodunga meri
Sapna to Ahmed ke seedhe uska pallu hatane aur
chuchiyo ke toot padne se thodi daar gayee.Lekin Sapna
ka bhi badan us din ke baad Ahmed ke badan ke liye
tadap raha tha.Lekin hall mai aaisa karne se woh
sharma gayee aur boli "Ahmed kaisa aadmi hai re
tu.Jara idhar udhar to dekh kitne log hai.Aagar tu
yehi chahata tha to hum ya to mare ghar mai ya tare
ghar mai milte thay na. Aur tu to mujhe aaj idhar
kaise chodega?"
Tab Sapna ke blouse ke hook kholte Ahmed bola "Dekh
saali nataak kar rahi hai.Mera lund to chahaye tujhe
to logo se kya darna.Aur yeh log bhi yahan picture
dekhne nahi balki maaza marne aaye hai,dekh nazaar
ghumake.Aur mai tujhe isliye yahan laya hoon ki ghar
mai to tujhe jab chahu chod sakta hoon lekin aaj tujhe
idhar chodne ka irada hai."
Jab Sapna ne dekha to aasal mai jyadataar log ek
doosre ke partner ke saath besharam hoke masti kar
rahe thay.Tab tak Ahmed ne Sapna ka blouse khol
dala.Sapna ne bhi ab be jhijhak aapna blouse utara aur
phir bra.Sapna ne Ahmed ke bahoot kehne par bhi aapne
pallu se aapna jawani se bhara hua chuchiyowala sina
dhak liya.

Phir Ahmed ne Sapna ko aapne goad mai bithaya aur uski
gaand pe aapna lund ragate uski chuchiya masalte kaha
"Oh meri Sapna teri jawani to jannat hai jannat.Aare
mujhse aagar tu pehle milti na to teri jawani itne
din bhooki nahi rehti thi.Mera lund tujhe chod chod
kar poori aaurat bana deta jo tera pati nahi kar
paya.Dekh mera lund kaise teri gaand pe dastaak de
raha hai.Lagta hai aaj teri gaand ka darwaaza khulne
wala hai rani."

Aapni gaand Ahmed ke lund pe ragadte Sapna boli "Ahmed
tu mare badan ka jo chahe woh darwaaza khol yeh Sapna
tujhe nahi rokegi.Aur rahi baat mare pati ki to woh
saala gaya to gaya lekin mujhpe Neha ka bojh dalke
gaya.Aagar Neha nahi hoti to aaj mai aaise tare saath
nahi hoti. Lekin yeh bhi accha hua ki mujhe tum mile
raja.Sirf meri beti ke problem ka kuch karo Ahmed itni
meri binti hai."

Tab Sapna ko phir aapne seat pe bithake Ahmed ne aapne
pant ki zip kholke aapna fauladi lund bahaar nikalke
bola "Iske liye to tujhe aaj bulaya Sapna.Teri jawani
ko shaant karne ke baad teri beti ka problem hum
suljha dange Rani.Lekin aaj tu us din jo kaam nahi kar
saki woh to kar.Aaj meri yeh lund tare gulabi hooto se
choos daal meri Rani."

Sapna besharam hoke Ahmed ke pairo mai baithi aur
Ahmed ka lund sehlaya,phir uska supada choomke chata.
Usko lund ka paani chatne mila aur phir usne Ahmed ka
lund muh mai liya aur usko muth marte marte chatne
lagi.Sapna ke muh ki garmi paakar Ahmed ka lund aur
tan gaya aur woh Sapna ki muh mai jhatke marne
laga.Sapna aapni tounge uske supade pe ghumati aur
phir uske poore lund pe.Kabhi kbahi woh lund ko
thodasa kaat bhi leti to Ahmed uchalta tha.Sapna ne
Ahmed ki gotiya bhi masalte maslate kai baar chat
dali.Ahmed ab Sapna ke baal pakadke uska muh chodne
laga.Ahmed aage jhukke Sapna ki dono chuchiya masalte
Sapna ka muh chod raha tha.Sapna ne phir Ahmed ki
kamar ko bahoo mai bharte aapna muh Ahmed ke lund ke
aakhir tak le jake uska poora lund muh mai liya jo
uski halak tak gaya.Aaj itne saalo ke baad woh lund
choos rahi thi,ki usse yeh lag raha tha ki woh Ahmed
ka lund choosti hi reh jaye.Jab Ahmed ne usko uthne
kaha to woh lund muhse nikalna nahi chah rahi thi.

Jab Sapna khadi hui to Ahmed ne uski sari kamar tak
uppar karte usko seat pe bithaya aur khud ab Sapna ki
pairo mai baithke aapna sir Sapna ki panty pe ragadne
laga.Phir Sapna ki panty ko thoda khaskake Ahmed ne
aapni tounge Sapna ki chut pe pherne laga.Sapna ki
chut kai paani tha jo Ahmed khushi se chatne laga.Usne
do ungliyo se Sapna ki chut failai aur ab tounge
aandar dalke Sapna ki chut khane laga.Itne saalo ke
baad aapni chut mai mard ki jubaan ka aahsaas hote hi
Sapna ne uska sir aapni chut pe dabaya aur uski chut
ne paani chood diya.Sapna ke aaisa karne se Ahmed ko
yakeen hua ki aasal mai Sapna bahoot saalo se unchudi
hai.Usne sab paani chatke phir uski chut mai jubaan
daal di aur chut ki gundi ko daatose daba daba ke
Sapna ki chut khane laga. Sapna to jaise satwe aasmaan
mai thi.Ab dono bade garam hua thay aur Sapna yeh
sooch rahi thi ki Ahmed usse chodega kahan.Jab usne
Ahmed se yeh poocha to Ahmed uth gaya aur Sapna ko
uske kapde thik karne bola aur khud ke kapde bhi thik
karte Sapna ko hall ke bahaar laate bola "Sapna chal
teri chudai idhar latrene mai karta hoon."

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Ahmed ne ek bathroom mai jake dekha jo accha tha aur
khali tha.Udhar us waqt koi nahi tha.Usne pehle Sapna
ko aandaar jane diya aur phir idhaar udhar dekhke khud
aandar ghus gaya aur door band kiya.Ahmed ke khilwad
aur chupke se yahan aane ki tension se Sapna haaf rahi
thi jiske kaaran uski chuchiya uppar niche ho rahi
thi.Ahmed ne uska pallu hataya aur blouse khol dala.
Sapna ne bra hall mai jo nikali thi woh phir pehni
nahi thi.Ahmed uski dono chuchiya masalne laga aur
bola "Sapna mai niche sota hoon tu mujhpe aake aaj
mujhe chod."
Sapna ne uski pant kholte kaha "Nahi raja mujhe tu
aapne badan pe aake meri chut chodna accha lagta
hai.Lekin raja yahan koi aaya to thik nahi hoga."
Ahmed ne ab Sapna ki sari khol daali aur uska
petticoat ka nada bhi khol diya.Sapna ki panty utarte
utarte uski chut mai ungli dalte Ahmed bola "Tu daar
mat yahan koi nahi aata hai.Aur mujhe tu isliye mare
uppar chahaye taki jab teri chut mai mera lund lake tu
aapni chut chuwayegi mai teri in mast mast chuchiyo ko
khob sehla sakunga,samjhi meri rani?"
Ab Sapna ne uski baat maan li aur jab Ahmed niche leta
to Sapna uske uppar baithke uske lund ka supada aapni
chut pe rakhte uska lund aandaar lane lagi.Aahista
aahista jab Ahmed ka poora lund uski chut mai gaya tab
Sapna uske lund se aapni chut chudwake laane lagi.Is
uchal kuud mai Sapna ki chuchiya ka uchalna dekhke
Ahmed se raha nahi gaya aur woh ab unko zor zorse
masalne laga. Sapna jitne speed se chudwa leti uski
chut Ahmed utni hi berehami se uski doodh ki chuchiya
20 minute ke baad jab dono shaant hua tab khade hote
hote Sapna Ahmed ka murjhaya lund pakadke boli "Ahmed
tu to aaj meri gaand ka darwaaza kholnewala tha is
lund ki chabi se,hai na? To kya hua jo tune aaj meri
sirf chut marke hi thanda hua?"
Ahmed ne haaste haaste Sapna ki gaand thapthapai aur
bola "Saali bahoot garmi hai tujhme.Lekin kya hai na
Sapna teri gaand mujhe itminaan se marni hai.Uske liye
mujhe 2-3 ghante chahaye aur yeh sab idhar nahi
hoga.Ek kaam karte hai tu kaal bina bole chutti le
kaam se.Doophar ko mai aake teri gaand marta hoon,thik
hai rani?"
Sapna ne haan kaha lekin phir boli "Ahmed lekin ghar
mai to Neha hai,to wahan chudai kaise hogi hamari?"
Auto mai baithke Ahmed bola "Sapna tu kaal Neha ko
aapni company mai jake teri chutti ki aarzi dane
bol.Is kaam ke liye usko kaam-se-kaam 1-2 ghante
lagange. Jab Neha chali jayegi mai aayunga aur tujhe
chodunga.Thik hai?"Sapna haan boli aur dono ghar aaye.

Doosre din jab Sapna kaam pe nahi gayee to Neha ko
laga ki uski tabiyaat kharab hogi is liye jab Sapna ne
Neha ko kaha ki woh uski company mai jake bole ki woh
aaj kaam pe nahi aa sakti hai to Neha tayyar hoke jane
nikli.Sapna jaanti thi ki Neha ko jake aane mai
kaam-se-kaam 1-2 ghante lagange aur tab tak Ahmed usko
chod sakega.Neha ke jaane ke 10 minute baad darwaaze
pe Ahmed khada hua.Sapna ne usse aandar liya aur phir
Ahmed ne darwaaza band kiya.

Sapna ne aaj sirf nighty pehni thi aur uske niche sirf
panty thi.Ahmed ke aane ke pehle usne aapni nighty ke
uppar ke do button khol daale thay jiske kaaran uski
chuchiyo ka aadha darshan Ahmed ko aapne aap hua.Ahmed
Sapna ke pass aaya aur baaki button khol daale aur
gown utara.Sirf panty mai khadi Sapna ko dekhke Ahmed
khush hua aur woh Sapna ko choomte choomte uski
chuchiyo se khelne laga.Jab Ahmed ka dil chuchiya
masalke bhar gaya tab Ahmed ne Sapna ka nanga kiya aur
khud bhi nanga hua.Tab Ahmed ka murjhaya lund dekhkar
Sapna bed pe baithke Ahmed ka lund haatho mai liya aur
kaha "Aare yeh to mujhe chodne ke pehle tera lund
khada bhi nahi hua kya. Ab kaise hogi meri chudai
Sapna ka muh aapne lund pe jhukate Ahmed bola "Chal
muh khol aur aapne muh ki garmi se mera lund khada kar
saali phir dekh kaise teri gaand marta hoon."
Sapna ne jab Ahmed ka lund choosne shuru kiya tab
aahista aahista Ahmed ka lund khada hone laga.Jab
Ahmed ka lund poori tarah tan gaya to usne Sapna ko
table pakadke jhukne kaha aur phir Sapna ki gaand pe
aapna lund rakha aur bola "Hai Sapna tu to is position
mai kya lagti hai.Nangi Sapna table pe jhuki hai gaand
bahaar nikalke aur uski chuchiya hawa mai latak rahi
hai.Aaise chut gaand aur chuchiyo ko paane ke liye to
mai tare pati ka khoon kar dalta.Chal ab tayyar ho ja
mujhse gaand marwane."

Ahmed ne aahista aahista aapna lund Sapna ki gaand mai
dabana shuru kiya.Itne saalo ki unchudi gaand mai lund
ghusne mai taqlif ho rahi thi Sapna ko.Lund ka supada
aandar gaya to Sapna ko dard hua lekin jab Ahmed ne ek
zor ka jhatka maara to Sapna table pe gir padi.Sapna
ko phir uthake Ahmed ne badi koshish ke baad aapna 3/4
lund Sapna ki gaand mai dala aur ab woh itninaam se
Sapna ki gaand marne laga.Thode waqt ke baad dono ko
pata bhi nahi chala ki lund poora gaand mai gaya
hai.Ab Ahmed zor zorse Sapna ki gaand marne laga tha.

Ab aage badhne se pehle yeh to dekhe Neha kahan
thi.5-6 din ke baad ghar se nikalte hi Neha pehle
Imran ki dukaan mai gayee.Woh doophar ka waqt tha aur
usse maloom tha ki Imran ka baap is waqt dukaan pe
nahi rehta hai aur to aur is waqt dukaan mai jyada
bhid bhi nahi rehti.Neha ki soochi dono baate sahi
nikali.Imran akela tha aur jab usne Neha ko aate dekha
woh khush hua.Usne jaldise Neha ko counter ke piche
liya aur pehle to usko bahoo mai lake jee bharke
chooma.Neha bhi Imran ko betahasha choom rahi thi.Jab
yeh toofan thoda shant hua to Imran ne jake dukaan ka
shutter half down kiya aur phir aake Neha ko bahoo mai
lake kaha "Neha itne dino ke baad tu mili hai.Pata
nahi yeh din hum dono ne kaise bitaye.''
Neha ne bhi is baat se ikraar kiya aur phir Neha boli
"Imran kya ab hame yeh judai sehni padegi. Mai to tare
bagair ek pal nahi reh sakti.Please Imran tum chaho to
mai thumhare saath bhaag jane tayyar hoon.Tare bina
din soone lagte hai mujhe.''
Neha ke baalo se pyaar se haath ghumate Imran bola "Tu
daar mat Neha mai kuch na kuch raasta zaroor
nikalunga.Mujhpe bharosa rakh.Mai bhi bahoot tadpa
hoon tare liye Neha."
Imran ke muh se yeh baat sunke Neha ko accha laga.Kuch
waqt dono pyaar ki baate karte rahe. Lekin jab Neha ko
Sapna ka bataya kaam yaad aaya to usne Imran se kaam
bataya aur kaha ki usse jana hai.Imran ne usse roka
lekin jab Neha ne zid ki to Imran bola "Neha ek to hum
itne dino ke baad mil rahe hai aur tujhe jane ki padi
hai.Thik hai ek kaam karte hai hum udhar phone karte
hai aur message de date hai,thik hai Neha?" Neha ko
yeh baat thik lagi.Usne number dhoonda aur phone karke
Sapna ka message batake phone rakha.Imran ne usse
lipat ke kaha "Neha chalo kahi chalte hai.Aaj phir
tujhe pyaar karna hai." Neha ne sharmake kaha "Imran
kaise jaa sakte hai hum kahan. Idhar Sapna ghar mai
hai aur udhar tare abba."
Kuch soochke Imran bola "Neha hum pehle jake dekhte
hai ki aagar teri maa soo rahi hai to hum chup chap
mare kamre mai jate hai.Abba is waqt soo jate hai to 4
bage jaag jate hai.Hame 2 ghante mil sakte hai.Bolo
thik hai?"
Neha ko yeh baat thik lagi.Imran ne phataphat dukaan
band kiya aur dono Neha ki ghar ke taraf gayee.Imran
ne Neha ko bataya tha ki woh darwaage ke pass jake
aandaz le ki uski maa kya kar rahi hai.Kyonki aagar
koi Neha aur Imran ko saath saath dekhta ko gadbad
hone ki ummed thi.Neha maan gayee aur aapne ghar ke
darwaaze dabe pao gayee aur darwaaze ko kaan
lagaya.Usko aandar se Sapna ki aajeeb tarah ki aawaz
sunai di. Sapna keh rahi thi "Aaaaaaahhhhhhhhh aur
chodo mujhe raja aaise hi gaand maro meri.Bada maaza
aa raha hai.Aur maro meri gaand aur masal dalo meri
chuchiya raja.Mujhe pata nahi mai tera shukriya aada
kaise karu kyonki tune mujhe phir se jawani ka maaza
Aapni maa ke muh se aaise gaandi baat sunke Neha
hairan hui ki uski maa kiske saath hai aur kya kar
rahi hai.Tab usse ek jaani pechani aawaaz bhi sunai di
"Haan meri Sapna rani teri gaand to mare lund ke liye
hi bani hai.Aasal mai shukriya teri beti aur mare
Imran ka maan Sapna jiske wajah se hum dono mil
sake.Na mera beta teri beti ko chodta aur na tum un
dono ko nanga pakadti aur na tu mare pass Imran ki
shikayat lake aati aur na mai tujhe us din zabardasti
chodta aur na mai abbhi teri gaand marta.Yeh sab un
dono ki wajah se hame mila hai Sapna Rani.Teri beti
aur mare Imran ke kartoot se hi hum dono itne pass aa
sake ki aaj mai teri gaand maar raha hoon.Le aur zorse
chodta hoon teri gaand."
Neha ne jab yeh suna to usse pata chala ki aandar uski
maa Ahmed se chudwa ke le rahi hai.Usse yeh soochkar
uski maa pe gussa aaya aur Ahmed pe bhi.Ab usse usdin
ki baat yaad aaye jab uski maa Ahmed ke ghar se doosre
kapdo mai aaye thi.Neha ne soocha ki mera Imran se
milna baand karke yeh khud aapni chut chuda raha
hai.Usse isse gusse mai bina sooche Imran ko isharo se
pass bulaya aur uske kaan mai sab baat bata di.Pehle
to Imran ko yakeen nahi hua lekin jab usne bhi aandaar
ki baat suni to usse bhi yakeen hua.Kuch soochke Imran
ne Neha se kaha "Neha hum in dono ko range haath
pakadte hai to phir yeh dono hum dono ko bhi milne se
nahi rok sakte hai. Bolo kya tum tayyar ho mera saath
dane?" Neha ne haan kaha to usne Neha se ghar ki chabi
li aur aahista door latch khola.Ahmed ko Sapna ki
gaand marne ki jaldi thi is liye woh kundi lagana
bhool gaya tha jiske wajah se jab Imran ne darwaaza
khola to dekha ki Sapna aur Ahmed bilkul nange thay
aur Ahmed niche soya tha,uske dono haath Sapna ki
chuchiya masal rahe thay aur Sapna Ahmed ke badan pe
uski taraf pith karke baithi thi aur uski gaand mai
Ahmed ka lund tha.

Achanak door khulne se dono ghabra gayee aur jab Sapna
ne Neha aur Imran ko dekha to hairan ho gayee.Sapna
Ahmed ko aapne uppar se hatane lagi lekin Ahmed ne
usse aur dabocha aur usko chuchiya masalte kaha "Saali
gaand to marwane chahati hai to mera lund kyon nikal
rahi hai?Aur ab jab lund teri gaand mai gaya hi hai to
teri gaand chod chod ke hi bahaar aayega meri Rani."
Tab Sapna ne Ahmed ka dhyaan Neha aur Imran ki taraf
kiya.Un dono ko dekhte hi Ahmed ka josh thanda hua.
Dono jaldi jaldi aalag huae aur dhang ke kapde pehanke
khade hi ho gayee tab Neha gusse se boli "Mujhe aur
Imran ko ek doosre se milne pe rok lagake aap dono yeh
karte ho.Aapko ab sharam nahi aati jo aap ek paraye
mard ke saath aaisa kar rahi hai?Hum bacche kare to
galat hai aur aap bade karo to kuch nahi.Maa ab mai
teri ek nahi sunungi aur ab jab dil chahega Imran se
milungi. Aur jaldi hi hum dono shadi karnewale hai
samjhi aap?"
Sapna kuch samjhane Neha ke pass jaa hi rahi thi ki
Ahmed ne usse rokte kaha "Neha beti tera gussa sahi
hai,lekin yeh to sooch ki tera baap teri maa ko jawani
mai chood gaya.Aagar itne saalo baad usne badan ka
thoda maaza liya to koi galati ki kya?"
Tab Imran Neha ka haath aapne haath mai lake bola
"Isko aap thoda maaza kehte hai.Sapna aunty nangi
aapke nange badan pe thi,aapke haath uski chuchiyo ko
daba rahe thay aur aapka lund unki gaand mai tha.Yeh
sab thoda maaza hua to us din mai to sirf Neha ke
nange badan se khel raha tha to inko itna gussa kyon
aaya ki inhone mujhe 3-4 tamache mare bolo"

Ab ek haare hua khiladi ki tarah Sapna ne un dono se
poocha "Thik hai Neha tum bolo tum mujhse kya chahati
Neha Imran ke dono haath pakadke boli "Maa hum dono
shadi karna chahate hai aur woh bhi jald se
jald.Kyonki mujhe ab aap dono pe bharosa nahi hai."

Sapna ne Ahmed ki taraf dekha to usse kaha ki usse koi
itraaz nahi hai.Aakhir mai Sapna un dono ke pass gayee
aur boli "Thik hai Neha aur Imran hum dono thumhe
shadi karne ki izzazat date hai. Imran beta Neha meri
aankho ka chand hai usse bahoot pyaar dena aur kabhi
aapne se door mat hone dena." Imran ne Sapna ko waada
diya ki woh Neha ko bahoot pyaar dega aur kabhi bhi
unme koi doori nahi hogi.Phir Sapna boli "Chalo Neha
ab tare jaane ke baad mai phirse akeli ho jaungi.Tera
baap mujhe chood jane ke baad tu mera sahara thi aur
ab teri shadi hogi to yeh ghar bahoot khali hoga. Koi
baat nahi mai khud ko aadat daal lungi iski bhi."
Kuch soochke Ahmed uske pass aaya aur bola "Sapna ek
baat bolu mai.Aagar thik lagi to haan bol nahi to baat
bhool ja.Yeh dekh itne saalo se tera pati nahi hai aur
meri biwi ko gujar ke 4-5 ho gayee.Waise hum dono
akele hai.Aagar tu chahe to hum dono bhi shadi kar
lange to tum dono maa beti zindagi bhar ek saath reh
sakti ho."
Ahmed ke baat sunke woh tino kuch bol hi nahi
payee.Yeh itna ajeeb sujhao tha ki kya kahe.Sapna
Ahmed se boli bhi "Kaise baat karte ho Ahmed.Tera
matlab hai ki hum aaj jo maa beti hai woh kaal saas
bahu bane.Kaise kaise rishate honge mai iski maa bhi
aur saa bhi.Imran mera sautela beta bhi aur damaad
bhi.Ahmed tu mera pati bhi aur mare beti ka sasur
bhi.Neha meri beti bhi aur bahu bhi aur mai iski maa
bhi aur saas bhi.Aur soocho aagar aaisa hua bhi to
duniya kitne taane degi pata hai."

Ab Neha aur Imran ke saamne hi Sapna ko aapni bahoo
mai lake Ahmed bola ''Sapna duniya gayee bhaad
mai.Aagar tu haan kahe to hum yeh shehar choodke
doosre shaher mai chale jate hai jahan hum koi bhi
nahi janta ho.Aur waise bhi ittafak se na tare koi
rishtedaar hai aur na mare.Wahan tu meri aur Neha
Imran ki biwi hongi.Bol kya tujhe mera begum aur mare
bete ki saas banna manzoor hai Sapna? Thik hai tu
aaisa kar 2-4 din soochne ke baad jawab de.Lekin itna
yaad rakh ki ab tu meri jaan hai." Yeh bol ke Imran ko
lake Ahmed aapne ghar chala gaya.

Sapna ne sab taraf se yeh baat soochi.Ahmed ne jo bhi
kaha sach tha.Un dono ko ab zindagi ka safar bitane
koi aapna chahaye tha.Sapna ko pati nahi tha aur Ahmed
ko biwi nahi thi.Woh dono bina koi musibat shadi kar
sakte thay.Usne is mamle mai Neha ki bhi rai li jo
Ahmed ki haq mai thi. Ab Sapna ne faisla kiya aur
Ahmed ko message bheja ki woh aur Neha un dono ko
milne aaj shyam 8 baje aa rahe hai.
Shyam ko 8 baje woh Neha ko lake Ahmed ke ghar
gayee.Ahmed aur Imran dono ghar mai thay. Usne Ahmed
ko kaha "Ahmed bahoot soochne ke baad maine faisla
kiya hai ki hum dono tum dono ke saath koi doosre
shehar mai jaake shadi kare.Lekin Ahmed maine ek baar
mard se dhoka khaya hai aur dobaara mai dhoka sehan
nahi sakti."
Ahmed ne Sapna ma maatha chooma aur bola "Sapna aajse
marne tak mai tujhe kabhi mujhe door nahi jane
doonga.Yeh mare bate ki kasam khake mai kehta hoon.''

After telling this story Sana added ''To Aarti iske
baad 1 mahine ke baad hum sab yahan aake bus
gayee.Imran aur Ahmed ne hum maa beti se nikah kiya
aur ab mai Sana hoon aur Sapna ban gayee Salma. Lekin
hum dono ko ek baat Ahmed ne nikah ke baad bataye ki
jab maine aur Imran ne un dono ko chudai karte pakda
tha woh sab Ahmed aur Imran ka plan tha jiske wajah se
meri aur Imran ki shadi hone mai dikkat nahi ho.Ahmed
bhi Sapna ko chahane laga tha aur woh Sapna ko khona
nahi chahata tha.Usse maloom tha ki jab woh uski aur
Sapna ki shadi ka idea Sapna ko dega to Sapna maan
jayegi.Aarti iske liye meri saas aur mare sambandh
itne acche hai samjhi kya?''

I agreed & said that I am glad that both of you found
good husbands.

Mega Story Teller : Erotic & Incest Stories (Mostly Indian)
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Hot story bhai

Repped u ++


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great updates bhai. thanks

added reps
Plz dont Repp Me friends becos i dont visit daily and wont be able to repp you back.so plz dont add reps in the future

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Originally Posted by ijahs025
Hot story bhai

Repped u ++

Thanks a lot Ijahs bhai
Mega Story Teller : Erotic & Incest Stories (Mostly Indian)
XB's Best & Largest Story collection Over 1000 pages & Over 1,00,00,000 Page Views

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Originally Posted by vijai_figgu3

great updates bhai. thanks

added reps
Thanks a lot Vijay
Mega Story Teller : Erotic & Incest Stories (Mostly Indian)
XB's Best & Largest Story collection Over 1000 pages & Over 1,00,00,000 Page Views

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reped u tax bhai
hot stories................................keep itup

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repped ya taxindia bhai.. i have couple of hindi pdf's with me.. shall i mail them to u? u can post them here
Originally Posted by iwannabeac
i wanna be anonymous coward
Originally Posted by Gheun_tak
I need more reps ... i need more reps

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