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taxindia has hacked the reps databasetaxindia has hacked the reps databasetaxindia has hacked the reps databasetaxindia has hacked the reps databasetaxindia has hacked the reps databasetaxindia has hacked the reps databasetaxindia has hacked the reps database
An Indian Wedding (Contd.)
To say it was not hurting will be a lie. But I was enjoying it too. He was
crushing my choonchi and pushing very hard. My silver anklet was
playing beautiful music with every dhakka. Base of his Lund was
rubbing my clit; my tits were being chewed by his lips and...It was
sheer joy. This time too when he came he lifted my chootar and
ensured that not even a drop of cum comes out. I wanted to get
dressed but he selected a thong for me which was really thin. He not
only made me wear it while I was lying down but also put it between
folds of my choot and crack of my gaand. He instructed me to squeeze
my choot and ensure that no drop comes out. He even put saya over me
and after tying sari (of course in my sexy style just over my hips)
I tried to put on bra he stopped me. I wore choli over my jobans and
it was a low cut so he had to open jut one button to pull my tits.
One squeeze and they were hard. He made me squeeze his Lund over
them and sure a big glob of cum came over each tits, and he made me
start just like that. During trip back I kept on my hips in a raised
position but when we joined Barat at was almost impossible to hold.
Soon we had to sit along with rest of marriage party and in the
angan itself my choot started oozing cum of Jiju and this made joy
of chudai linger much after it was finished. In the morning Vidai
took place and we came back. I participated in all the rituals of
barring entry of bride but my mind was in Jiju who was constantly
teasing me. Everybody was tired and I was more so with two nights
awakening, first Ratjaga and then shadi with such brutal chudai by
Jiju. I told Mausi that I am going to catch my nap and will be back
in 3-4 hours, and I gave a duplicate key to Adi and Gita, that if
they want to come they can join me. Rashmi Bhabhi said, no I thought
you already caught something Big in your honey trap. I gave choicest
gallis to her and came to my room.
I changed into a nightie and very fast sleep claimed me. It was
tiredness, Sapphic joy indulged in Ratjaga and furious fucking by
Jiju yesterday, jokes and atmosphere replete with sex and soon I was
floating in dreams. It was music, dances and soon I dreamt that I am
enveloped by a pair of most handsome arms, hugging me with
authority, clasping me in broad chest. I too was loosing me
surrendering my self to an overpowering ocean of joy. I felt I am
swimming on waves of sweet kisses and I'm fully aroused. Soon my
body could recognize presence of Jiju. It was a state between dream
and awakening. I could feel pressure on my hard boobs and my tunnel
of longing was wet and its doors were feeling slight tapping. I did
not want to break this dream so I hugged him. A gentle bite on my
earlobes made me open my eyes and I just could not believe it. It
looked like real life Jiju was hugging me. His one hand adoring my
domes of joy and other was holding me. I thought I should bite
myself but it was not required as Jiju bit me on my tits that were
more awake than rest of my body. My dress had left me while I was
sleeping and there were no barriers separating me from Jiju. I
raised my legs and crossed it over him. We were in side position
facing each other. This only gave chance to his ever hungry greedy
Lund to kiss my smiling welcoming choot. His lips were kissing
sucking my lips while lower lips were being rubbed and caressed by
his Lund. My juicy choot surrendered to entreaties and opened the
doors of joy and soon welcomed his dart of cupid inside. It was not
an unfamiliar territory anymore and it made its way, expanding,
piercing slowly. He was in no rush unlike last time. His hands were
playing music with my boobs softly. His one hand was titillating my
labia, flirting with my clit. I too was responding unashamedly. My
tight choot was crushing his Lund squeezing it, my nails were
scratching on his gaand and sometimes my long nail will go right up to
his puckered hole. And when I teasingly pushed it he just hugged me
hard and shoved his Lund almost full. He came over me and started
doing chudai in full frenzy. His lips were sucking mine licking
eating devouring and chewing my tits. His hands were playing,
pulling and pinching my clit and I was pushing my chootar up
responding to hi every thrust. It went on and on. My joban was being
crushed under his manly broad chest. We lost sense of time and I do
not know what triggered it but I climaxed first. And one thing I'm
sure I almost screamed in joy and scratched him, biting his
shoulders. It must have triggered his climax. Too. And he kept on
cumming. His semen was flowing on my thighs and when I stood up I
greedily cleaned his Lund. He dressed up and left and but for marks
on my choochees and cheeks and cum on my thighs I would have thought
it as a dream. I went took bath and got ready
Mausi ji was looking for me. She assigned me task of preparing
Chavi (bride, wife of my cousin) and brining it for Munh dikhai ( a
ceremony in which close relatives look at the face of bride, she is
expected to touch feet and everybody who looks at her face, gives
some gift.). I went to bride. She was bit tired after night long
rituals. I told her to take a quick bath. She donned bright bridal
makeup and was ready. I briefed her about different family members
and how joyful she should be. To all types of tease and bawdy jokes
she should give replies with a smile. Although she may be shy but in
our environment everybody will rate her high if she responds too to
those relatives with whom she had joking relationship (her Nandoi
and my Jiju, Nands and many others). I also warned that she will
have to sing a few betags but it will be all right if she can come
with one or two lewd ones. When she came out all the ladies crowded
her. Older ladies were fist but they were by no means sober. When
she was touching feet of her Bua ^ Saas, my maa goaded her, hey
Bahu why you don't lift saya of your saas and see the place where
your sasur did all the training. When it came to turn of Maa she
gifted a beautiful Payal ( silver anklet with full of bells ) and
told her ki yeh roj her rat tumhare dulhe ke kaan main baje and
realizing the implications we all laughed. Madhu Bhabhi asked, but
un panch dinon main kaise bajegi. Maa replied , palatkar (from the
other side meaning her asshole will be used ). When it came to turn
of Rashmi Bhabhi, I thought of a prank and put something in bride's
anchal saying scorpion. Bride in a hurry lifted Rashmi Bhabhis sari.
All nands, me Adi, could not stop laughing. Adi asked kyon Bhabhi ji
bharatpur ke darshan kara diye. Now next was turn of gents. When
Jiju; number came it was basanti who told Chavi,' you have touched
two feet of everybody but with Nandoi it is turn of middle feet,'.
And this time even bride could not keep herself from smiling. She
touched feet in the normal fashion but folded her hands indicating
towards his "middle feet'. And we just could not stop rolling down
with laughter.
Next was turn of betags. She sang a few betags in praise of gods,
followed by a few folk betags. I goaded her, "hey Bhabhi jara apni
sass logon ko nandoi ko to kuch suna dijiye and she started. (when
it came to certain `words' of course Dulari and Basnati helped her
but she too did not blush.) She began:
Baar Baar Nanadi Darwaje Daudi jaye kahna an mane re , hamre sayain
ji ki Bahana darwaje daudi jayen kahna na mane re,
Halwayia ka ladka to Adi ji ka yaar hai laddo pe laddo khilaye
chala jaye kahna na mane re,
Darji ka ladka to Nandi ji ka yaar hai vo to Rinu ka yaar hai,
Arre choli pe choli, arre body pe body silaye chali jaye kahna na
mane re
Meri sasu ji ka ladka, meri amma ka ladka to sab nandon ka yaar hai
raton main roj
(And Basanti added looking at me and Adi, Raton main roj chudvaye
chali jaye).
( every time my nannd goes to door running.Sister of my pati goes to door running. Beta of sweet meat seller is love rof my nannd, he is making he rgulp laddo after laddo. Beta of tailor is lover of my Nannd. She is getting choli after choli stiched. She is getting her bra measured.Beta of my amma in law, beta of my amma my brother is suitor of all my nands and in night my nands get fucked by him.)
Chavi Bhabhi looked at me and smiled, she got support from all my
bhabhis and old ladies including my maa who looking at Bua said
salli sari nands chinar hoti hain.
But Chavi bhabhi began next one:
Raghunandan Bin Bajayo ki nahin, Apni Bahna ko tum nachayo ki nahin,
Tamboo taan rakhungi, dholak tayaar rakhungi, manjira paas
Nandoi ji apni salli ki Rinu Nanadi ko aaj nachaiyo ki nahin,
Thoda vo aaj nachengi, thda vo kaal nachengi, parbeta din ratt
Raghunandan Bin Bajayo ki nahin, (and now Dulari joined with Chavi
Tamboo taan rakhungi, dholak tayaar rakhungi, manjira paas
Nandoi ji apni salli ki Rinu Nanadi ko aaj chudvaiyo ki nahin,
Thoda vo aaj chudayengi, thda vo kaal chudayengi,, parbeta din ratt
(Raghunandan you played pipe or not. You made your sister dance or not. I will pitch a tent, I will play dholak and you will play majira. Ohh My Nandoiji, you got your salli Rinu fucked or not , she will be fucked a bit today, she will be fucked a bit to morrow and she will be fucked entire night and day day after tomorrow.)
And she got such appreciation. Even I, who was target of her gallis,
hugged her. After some time I shooed away girls, who were teasing
her and told Mausi ji to let Chavi relax. It was already mid day.
She agreed readily and told me to take her to beauty parlor also at
4 Pm.
I ushered Chavi bhabhi in and bolted the rooms from inside. I
smiled at her impishly. I told bhabhi to remove her sari and relax.
She was surprised. I told laughingly you sat entire yesterday night
cross legged and to night your legs will remain raised in the air
with your Piya ji, so it is time to let them relax. I have kept a
gown, change into something comfortable and for next 3-4 hours
nothing will come here so just relax and get ready for final
assault. And to make her easy I removed my sari. She smiled and went
to bathroom and came out in night gown, which was very open and had
a few buttons to hold it. Her boobs caged in Victoria's secret
(given as Munh dikhai by her nandoi and my Jiju Ravi) were clearly
visible. I giggled and teased Chavi, `hey it is foul release these
doves too' and unsnapped her front open bra. Before she could
understand I had taken it out. My gaze went down and yes she was
wearing panty too. I threatened her, hey will you take it down or
should my hands perform this pleasant task and laughing I tried to
lift her gown. She too joined in laughter and said "Didi, why should
I trouble you' and removed her panty too. Meanwhile I had put some
mild warm water in a small tub and put some soothing salts. I told
Chavi to sit on sofa and put her feet inside the tub. It immediately
had its effect. I put some fresh beans in coffee percolator, ensured
that all the heavy drapes are pulled and switched of all the light
except one soft blue light. I poured coffee and two cups and handed
over one to bride. She said hey didi it looks different. I told it
special as you are special (it had to be because it was laced with
liberal dose of brandy). I rang up Chavi's house and her maa lifted.
After greetings I enquired about them Rupa and Sonal and passed phone
to Chavi. I could see gleam in her eyes and message of thanks.
While she was talking I went back and started giving her a gentle
back rub. I started massaging her lean beautiful shoulders with some
gentle strokes. My hands were in constant touch, gliding down, using
my body weight. My finger tips were rubbing caressing all the right
points and soon she was totally relaxed. Now I moved to front and
opened her top buttons. She did express some resistance but by this
time she was talking with her bhabhi who was teasing her about
impending suhagrat. My now bolder hands were rubbing her front part
avoiding her boobs deliberately. She soon reconciled and started
enjoying that too. I slowly moved her gown over her boobs and they
were open. She had small but fully developed pair of boobs, hard
firm and nipples were prominently protruding. I sat next to her and
continued my massage. I was rubbing her lower back pushing my
fingers inside the gown. I will come down to base of spine and tease
her voluptuous gaand and go up. I slowly came up and parted her gown
giving me a glimpse of her portals of love. But not at looking at it
nonchalantly my fingers stroked her thighs and went further down. It
did accidentally brush her genitals. I was using my one hand and
other was hugging her whispering sweet nothings in her ears. She had
put her head over my choochee (which had come out of my gown). I
slowly made her incline and she kept her head in my lap. And as I
spread my legs her lips came directly over my exposed muff. I was
now stroking her long tresses. I was telling her, "Chavi in your in
laws place you must have somebody who is your confidante. I have
gone through this phase and I know how lonely it can be some times.
House is full of relatives but there are few friends." "Yes Didi you
put it properly", she whispered. Now my fingers were playing with
her golden brown jhants. Chavi you should clean it before you're ^,
you know. It may be hard for you during ^, but they are beautiful
and hide a still beautiful treasure", saying this I touched her
labia. "Either you can clean it or in the evening it can be done in
the parlor", I suggested. Yes didi. Her voice has become very faint.
I parted my legs further and my hand stroking her head pushed it now
on my choot and now her lips were touching me. Now my strokes had
become bolder. However, after stroking and teasing her vulva my
hands went down and started massaging her inner thighs and soon I
could feel tension melting away and she was at ease. I asked her
Chavi do you take pills. She admitted nahin didi. And my hand
squeezed her choot and other came from head to fondle her boobs. I
chided her, "are pagli, to night itself you may become pregnant and
after 9 months I will get some neg as Bua but what about you. Ok
just don't bother I have a pill which can be started from any day
and after your next period you can take usual pills. This is time
for enjoying chudai (while saying this finger just parted her labia)
children can come later. And while talking about chudai, yes it will
hurt but nothing like getting fucked furiously on the first night.
You are young and such a cute bhabhi so just let me tell you that we
should be prepared for chudai. Use lube before, especially on the
inner side" I told her about preparation for tonight. We kept on
talking and I told her everything about me, Cheenu and even our
jokes about me getting fucked by my Jijus. She laughed and
said, `but didi I don't have any jija'. I laughed and squeezing her
boobs said don't bother your nandoi will fill this gap. She too
laughed yes I enjoy the way Ravi Jiju talks, but I think didi you
had more claim over him. I pinched her choonchi and said "salli aur
salhaj ka barabar ka hak hota hai, and you will be here so beware.'
We shifted to bed, where she just curled in my arms and we slept.
When I got up our gowns had vanished and we were just hugging
each other. It was already 3.30 and we had appointment at 4. I made
tea and woke her up. She looked at her and finding herself nude
blushed. She tried to cover herself but I pulled her gown saying ab
bhabhi kya chipana , I gave her tea and told her to get ready fast.
Suddenly I thought about something and indicating about her keasr
kyari asked hey bano iska kya hoga. She just smiled and said, let
the parlor take care of it too. I also wore a tight top and a hip
hugging jean, showing crack of my gaand very clearly. When we were
changing Chavi looked at my 36d boobs and admired them. I pulled her
hand and made her squeeze them. I said hey don't bother ek baar mard
ka hath padega to tumhare bhi aise hi bade ho jayenge. She teased me
sirf ek mard ke hath say. I pinched her chootar and say don't forget
your nandoi.

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taxindia has hacked the reps databasetaxindia has hacked the reps databasetaxindia has hacked the reps databasetaxindia has hacked the reps databasetaxindia has hacked the reps databasetaxindia has hacked the reps databasetaxindia has hacked the reps database
An Indian Wedding (Contd.)
I went out looking for Mausi and she was sleeping with my pita on one
side and bade mausa ji on other. I teased her, kyoun mausi ji ek
sath do do jija ke sath. And I realized I had raised a hornet's nest.
She told arre to tumhari kyoun sulag rahi hai. And any way to morrow
Neelu and her khasam will come so you can also sleep with two jija,
but let me share something it is really enjoyable , one from front
and other from behind. Meanwhile Chavi had also come out and was
listening to our ribald talks and smiling. Ravi Jiju came to drive
us to parlor. He complained to Mausi ji, `your daughter was using me
as driver and now your bahu is also using my services. Who will give
my fees?" I interrupted and said, `why don't you take it from your
salhaj and I am sure she will not say no. But Chavi was no less. She
answered back Rinu didi meri aur se bhi de dengi. I made Chavi sit
between me and Jija and when he started driving I told him Jiju now
you can take your fees. Soon we landed up at parlor. Treatment at
parlor was long and included Sonal and complete body treatment. They
were covering not only face but other parts too like sandal
treatment for boobs, waxing etc. I told them not to leave any hair
and Chavi blushed. Ladies of parlor took away Chavi. I and Ravi also
got facial done. But still there was two hours time to kill. I
suggested to Jiju that there is a famous bakery nearby May by we can
go there. He agreed and said pastries there are famous but I blurted
out, `I was thinking about Cream Role." Before leaving suddenly I
recalled something and called parlor maid and handed over erotic
perfume which was given to me by Amit. I told them where to apply it
and before they dress her for tonight's big match.
Jiju drove me to pastry shop and parked it in a lonely corner.
He got 4 rum pastries and of course cream roles. I took one between
my lips and pressed in his mouth and he just kissed me. Soon we were
hugging, kissing, and biting each other. I was sitting in his lap
and his hands had wandered inside my top. His Lund was pressing in
my ass. I said kyon Jija today it wants to travel on choti line
route. He smiled and said your read my mind yes why not it is great
fun and with somebody who has such sexy ass. I giggled and said you
know maa has taught me that there are two types of men, some are
boobs men and some are gaand men. Squeezing my boobs and pushing his
Lund in my gaand over the @jeans he said and I am both types and your
both assets are so sexy Rinu when first time I saw I just wanted to
fuck you, bugger you holding your choonchi. But he could not
translate this dream into realty as there were some bikers parking
there bikes next to our car. Jija suggested that there are some
ruins nearby and I recognized the place at out skirt of city but not
very far. We drove to that place. Dusk has come and there was very
dim light. We parked our car on the farthest corner in the shadow of
some monument. And now there was no pretense. He was trying to
undress me and so was me. But in the confined space of car we were
just not able to enjoy. Suddenly Jiju looked at sugar cane field.
Lush green, very tall sugarcanes, and dense. And nearest village
must have been 5-6 kilometers away. Jiju looked at me and asked hey
you are thinking same thing as me. I said, yes I had heard about it
but never tried it there.
He pulled me out and said let us fill this gap too in your
experience. We followed a pagdandi which was very narrow and after
travelling for considerable distance, jija took my hand and pulled
me inside. He had brought a set cover and spread it on ground. He
broke a few sugarcanes to make space and after removing my dress I
lied down. Jiju put his @jeans under my chootar and I raised my long
slender legs over his shoulder. I spread it widely. I picked out a
tube of ky jelly from my @jeans and handed it to him. Smilingly he
coated his supara with it and spread it on his thumb and index
finger too. He parted doors of my greedy hungry choot and covered it
with lube. And now with my well spread legs over his broad shoulders
he just pushed his Lund inside my wet and waiting choot. I was so
hot that I pushed my chootar too and in went his supara. I will not
say there was no pain but that was what my choot was longing for.
Jija crushed my choonchi with his handsome hand and holding it in
one stroke he shoved rest of his Lund. I responded with a wild push
of my chootar but still a scream almost came out but I bit my lip to
stop it. Jija was rubbing crushing my boobs and soon his lips also
joined the assault. One tit was being sucked devoured chewed and
other was being pulled and pinched. His other hand was flirting with
my clit. Soon I was moaning and although jija was not pushing but my
chootar were going up and I was whispering in his ears hey jija
please dalo no chodo Na. Soon he acceded to my request and he pulled
out his mighty huge Lund almost out and in one shove holding my
slender waist pushed it full. He has taken precaution to cage my
lips with his. Ohh it was a real joy but inspite of being fucked
twice my choot was feeling pierced by a sharp weapon.. Sting was
there but so was overpowering joy. I hugged him, scratched his back
with my long nails and we started doing chudai in full frenzy. Soon
Jija changed position. He took out my legs from his shoulders and
pushed them to my head almost making me double and started chudai
again. He was rotating his Lund inside my choot without moving it
and base of his Lund was rubbing my choot. His hands were grabbing
my chootar and soon one of his fingers moved to crack of my ass. It
was teasing me there just playing with my gaand. And suddenly with
full thrust he shoved it in. but my virgin gaand was so tight that
with all his might only tip entered. But it was enough to hurt me. I
moved my head side ways meaning no not there, But Jija was oblivious
to it. He brought half of Lund out and started fucking me in a slow
rhythm. His one finger was inside my gaand but his other hand
pinched my clit and I was so delirious that was begging him to do
kas kar chudai. His strokes become faster more powerful and I almost
forgot finger in my gaand. In this frenzy cover under me has been
thrown away and now I was on ground on earth. I could feel small
pieces of dust and some hard pieces piercing my soft skin, rubbing
my chootar. But they were only adding to joy. Force with which Jiju
was fucking me was making my body being pulverized against earth of
sugarcane field. Soon Jiju withdrew his finger and only then I
realized presence of his finger, He bit my tit and I bit my lips to
stop scream and meanwhile he pushed his thumb inside my gaand. Ouch
pain was enormous and this time he had put his full force so
resisting all shyness and reserve of my sphincter it went in. Before
pain could register, he pinched my clit too and I was mad. He was
doing chudai like maniac and now his thumb was also rotating inside
my gaand and soon I came. I was shivering, there ware waves but he
did not stop and soon one wave subsided he pulled out thumb from my
gaand but pressed my clit very hard and I came aging. I too pushed
my finger inside crack of his gaand and he too came. Meanwhile we
listened to some rustling of leaves. Jiju hurried me and I just
wrapped cloths over me and came out. Our eyes had become used to
darkness and Jiju told me to bend down and peep. What I saw was so
beautiful. There was a young village teen in Ghaghara and choli and
two boys. Her young choot was being fucked by one boy while she was
doing chussai of Lund of other. They were totally oblivious to us.
We came back to car and drove towards parlor. Jiju squeezed my hand
and said hey you saw that girl. I smiled and said, yes I feel
envious lucky girl ek sath do do lund ka maja. How can she take two
to gather? Jiju laughed and said don't be jealous, I forgot to tell
you, Neelu didi's call came today she will be joining with her
khasam and may be tomorrow it may be you with two Lund. I had
brought out his raging Lund from pant and it was still erect. Jiju
pinched my chootar. I squeezed his Lund and said, "Jiju it looks
like that it will not spare your poor Sail's gaand. And although you
could not break the seal of my choot but my gaand is still kori."
Learning that, his Lund started jumping up in my hand. I squeezed it
hard and told Jiju can you make a promise. He said sure anything for
my sexy salli and kissed me. I said no first you say yes I promise.
He squeezed my choonchi and said yes I promise. Gripping his Lund
very hard, I said "Jiju I like it but sometimes it hurts me too. I
want that what ever hole you are taking it may be my tight virgin
gaand where I know it will hurt like hell, even if it pains me, even
if I scream and beg for mercy, even if you tear and split me and
even if I faint, I want all of it and I touched it's base, saying
right up to this place. It may hurt me tat time but bad main job
maja militia hai I can not tell you." As we had to leave in rush I
felt that some semen is still left in Jiju's Lund. I looked at
pastry left in car and an idea flashed in my mind. I took the pastry
in front of his Lund and started pumping it hard. He was
flabbergasted and said, hey Rinu what are you doing. I told him that
it is a known fact that if a purush or aurat (lugai) eats something which has
been already tasted by other it adds to their luv. But another
magical belief is that if a aurat (lugai) is made to eat semen of
somebody after her marriage and before his virginity has been taken
away she will be enamored to that Lund and can not refuse it . Now I
was pumping vigorously. Ohh so it is for, he quizzed. Yes Your
salhaj, Chavi. Salli and Salhaj have same hak over Jiju. Yes and
thinking about his Salhaj he came in big spurts. I had thought that
may be a few drops would have been left but globs of thick white cum
came out and covered the pastry. Jiju said yes I must take her too.
Laughingly I put back it in his pant and said if you leave her then
you are not a perfect nandoi. We had reached the parlor. I enquired
about Chavi and they said it will take 10-15 minutes more as she is
getting dressed up for her suhagrat. Meanwhile I can get heena done
in my hands. I agreed. And what about perfume I wanted to know.
Parlor maid laughed and said it has been put 10 minutes back. Soon
Chavi came out. She was looking stunning. She was wearing a red
passion colored lenhga, tied well below her navel, her beautiful
feet were colored with mahavar which was still wet and there was
silver anklet with 100 silver bells. Her choli was covering her
small but perfect boobs and it has rich embroidery. There was a
Chunri over them but her oomph was oozing out. Her face was adorned
with full bridal makeup. I could see a bulge in Jiju's pant. I
thanked parlor maids and we left. But suddenly I remembered
something and asked hey what happened to kesar kyari. She laughed
and said it is clean now and Chavi blushed.
When we returned back as my heena was still wet, I sat in the
back alone and made Chavi sit in the front with Jiju. She too was
sitting with extended hands as her finger nails were drying. She
teased me and said, "Didi where you went with nandoi ji." I told
that Jiju had offered me some good pastries. But Chavi was in mood,
she commented "I thought it would have been something else. And she
complained to Ravi, Jiju you make discrimination between Salli and
salhaj. You give her so many things but for get your salhaj." I told
Jiju to offer pastry to his salhaj. As Chavi could not use her
fingers she opened her mouth wide. I joked, Jiju she how wide salhaj
has opened, now it is time for you to push it, dal do na Jija ek
baar main salhaj ki... and Ravi took the pastry and put it in her
greedy mouth. Of course it was mouthful and only in the second
attempt she could gobble the whole rum pastry. When I looked at her
a saw that a big glob of cum was on her pink lips. I told Chavi, Hey
Bhabhi some icing is still on your lips why don't you lick it with
your tongue. She brought her silken pink tongue and very erotically
licked it. After that she looked it in the rear mirror and said ohh
Didi some pastry is on my check how will I clean it. I laughed and
said what for is your nandoi. He complained but I am driving my
hands are not free. I goaded him so use your lips and tongue. Chavi
too offered her gore gore gall and Jija not only cleaned it but kept
on kissing. I warned him; hey mare bahiya ke mall pe hath saaf kar
rahe ho. But Chavi supported Ravi and came to his defense and said,
jisaki bahan ko nahin choda uski bibi ko bakhsane ka matlab nahin
hai. We kept on teasing each other and soon reached home.
We were slightly late for ceremony of `Kangan Chudana" (untying
of knots which are tied in the hands of bride and groom, Bhabhi of
groom unties it and only after that ok they can indulge in fucking
so it is real granting of license and as meaning is know to
everybody there is a lot of bawdy betags and jokes). Rashmi Bhabhi
was ready . She said Rinu khud to chudvane main lagi rahti ho yahan
becahri Chavi ki koi chinta nahin. I giggled and said no bhabhi I
had taken my young bhabhi to get ready for that only, I know how
much she is waiting for that, koi baat nahin I crooned to Chavi,
Sajan se tumhara milan hoga Dulahan thodi dheer dharo. Madhu Bhabhi
joined singing arre kasi choot main lund hoga Chavi thodi dheer
dharo. Ritual was performed. Groom too was brought. There was a
play of jua where a ring is thrown in the water and both bride and
groom tried to get it. Of course my bhabhis were supporting Chavi so
she won all the three times and they said to him that he will have
to become now pakka joru ka gulam. Madhu Bhabhi asked Adi hey raat
ke match ka kanha intezzam kiya hai. Adi giggling said, there was no
room as there are so many guests so it has been done in kitchen. We
had put a cot, I hope Chavi Bhabhi will enjoy it there. I could
feel some gloom on Chavi's face. I told them ok I and Jiju are
taking them to dinner to Taj and meanwhile get everything ready, I
think kitchen is good as there are all types of lubricants so
Chavi Bhabhi can choose if she wants to use mustard oil or ghee or
even butter and if she gets tired she can take some replenishments
too. Rashmi Bhabhi added and some of the windows can not be closed
so one can peep and give encouragement.. (In fact I and Jiju had
taken a bridal suite in Taj for them but it was to be a surprise)
Mausi Ji rebuked us for teasing Chavi and we left for dinner. I told
maa that my friend Nutan has met and she was complaining. So after
dinner I will go to her house and stay there. She said ok but come
back in the morning soon.

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taxindia has hacked the reps databasetaxindia has hacked the reps databasetaxindia has hacked the reps databasetaxindia has hacked the reps databasetaxindia has hacked the reps databasetaxindia has hacked the reps databasetaxindia has hacked the reps database
An Indian Wedding (Contd.)
We had been allotted a sit in the corner. I left love birds alone
and took away Jiju. We went to bridal suit. It was decorated with
jasmine and roses. Bridal suit's roof is made up of solid mirrors
and there are huge dressing tables. On the table were two silver
glasses with milk and some herbs. There was famous palang tod pan
too in sliver tray and some Madan Modaks in another tray. He was
enjoying it and said Rinu your arrangements are perfect. I hugged
him and kissing on his lips asked but Jiju please promise me one
thing. He quizzed and asked but I insisted no first you say yes Rinu
I will do it, only then I will tell you.

Part IV
left love birds alone and took away Jiju. We went to bridal suit.
It was decorated with jasmine and roses. Bridal suit's roof is made
up of solid mirrors and there are huge dressing tables. On the table
were two silver glasses with milk and some herbs. There was famous
palang tod pan too in sliver tray and some Madan Modaks in another
tray. He was enjoying it and said Rinu your arrangements are
perfect. I hugged him and kissing on his lips asked but Jiju please
promise me one thing. He quizzed and asked but I insisted no first
you say yes Rinu I will do it, only then I will tell you. I hugged
him and kissed him on his lips heavily. I sat down on bridal bed and
opened zip. His sleepy monster came out but without preliminaries I
gulped it between my lips. Jiju said, ok I promise whatever you say
I, and I mean WHATEVER, you say I will do. I was sucking his Lund
greedily. I took out his Lund for a minute and said, Jiju Please
ring your house and tell that you will not be able to come to house
tonight. His face bore a quizzing expression. But why ^.anyway you
are going to your friends place. I directed him to phone, kept next
to bed and said Jiju You promised so just does it and I continued
sucking him. He rang up and made some excuse. Now his Lund was a
raging monster. I took him to bathroom where a frilled lacy bra and
sheer nothing lacy pink panty for his salhaj was hanging. I took the
panty and warped it over his Lund and pumped it. I opened his supara
and rubbed it in her panty where choot of her salhaj will be. I
smiled and said Jiju it is complete totaka. Now after getting her
maidenhead broken when she wears this panty her choot will be crazy
for your Lund. She will develop such strong affection for her Nandoi
that she will chase you. He laughed and said Amine.
We went out to waiting couple. They were sitting next to each other.
Waiter came with a bottle of wine. Chavi showed some reluctance but
I and Jiju persuaded her and it opened her up further. We all
enjoyed dinner with laughter teasing and jokes. I told them to wait
here and we ladies are going to powder room. I took Chavi along with
me straight to bridal suit. When she saw and understood she felt
joyous. She told but didi ^everybody was saying even you were saying
that it will be^ kitchen. I laughed and said no how could I select a
place for my bhabhi and then I gave her some lessons. I told her it
is a night for enjoyment so go ahead and do it. You must raise your
legs as much as possible and spread it wide too. Then I suddenly
remembered and told her oops I forgot to give you pill. I took out
packet from my purse and gave her one pill with water. She said Didi
you are so caring. I laughed and said I told you that, I am your
friend and pinched her cheeks, saying but you must take care of my
brother too. There was a knock and I opened the door and Jiju had
guided his salla who too was pleased to look at the bridal suit. I
told Jija hey now we should not let them delay otherwise my Bhabhi
will curse me. Jija said it is 9 pm and we will come back at 9 am.
So best of luck and I mean ..i laughed and said Jiju I know what you
mean but leave them now and we closed the door.
I took him to the door of another bridal suit and gave him a letter
written on hotel napkin by lipstick. It said, Jiju I want your Lund
and I want it badly. You can push it shove it where ever you like
and even if cry , even if I weep even if you tear and split me with
your massive Lund but please do jabrdast chudai tonight. Your sexy
Salli Rinu. While he was engrossed reading it I opened the door of
Queen Bridal suit and ushered him in. I bolted the room from inside
and hugged him. He was nonplussed. He was looking for words^You
said ..Some saheli^ I giggled and kissed him hard. I said Jija ji
everything is fine in love and war so for next 12 hours do anything
and everything with your salli. I ordered him to raise his hands,
which he did. I removed his coat and shirt and hung it. Now it
dawned to him. He looked at bridal bed, Palang toad pan in silver
tray, two glasses of milk and other condiments. His response was, he
lifted me in his arms and took me to bed. I kept on sitting his
lap. I took pan ( it was a special pan full of aphrodisiac and was
known to not only cause erection for hours but even made a virgin
bride go wild, and similar herbs were in the milk in silver glass
and of course Madan Modaks were famous for that) between my lips
and rubbing it on his lips pushed it slowly. Grabbing pan he bit my
juicy lips and we kept on sucking chewing pan with russ of our
lips. He pushed some part of chewed pan in my mouth which I lovingly
devoured. His hands were measuring my boobs which were hard for some
time ( I had put erotic perfume gifted by his friend Amit on my tits
and clit and they were really engorged). He tore my choli and flung
my sari and soon I was sitting in his lap in bra and saya. He was
holding my head and kissing softly on my lips, his fingers were
playing with my long dark tresses. And I too was responding warmly.
Soon his lips went to my cheeks and started caressing them; he
kissed my eyes lids, saying that he will bring all the dreams in my
eyes true today and came back to lips where his kisses became more
demanding. His tongue was deep inside my mouth, twirling playing
with my tongues. His hands were roaming over my boobs which were
still caged in bra. My boobs were rubbing against his broad chest
and my hand was gripping his back as there is no tomorrow. He
snapped open my front open bra and my voluptuous hard, firm milky
boobs came out fluttering like a pair of doves thanking him for
liberating them from confines of my bra. But their freedom was short
lived as Jijus hands gripped them hard. He cupped them and slowly
started fondling caressing base of my 36d proud choochees. His fingers
were scaling but afraid they were of climbing at peaks. I too used
my hands to divest him of his vest so now both of us were topless.
But Jija was not satisfied with that. He pulled string of my saya,
and took it of. I raised my chootar to help him. I made his pant and
brief join my saya and soon there were no barriers between us. There
was some sound from a tape kept behind and we could listen moaning
and whispering of Chavi. He quizzed hey Rinu what is this. I said
you can listen to every sound your salhaj will make today as I had
put three secret mikes and there is a sound activate tape also so
how many times her choot will gulp Lund will be known to us. He
pinched my choonchi, laughing and made me lie on the bed.
Jija came over me. His kisses again start raining over my joyous
face. His hands were holding my face. Soon his lips wandered down to
my domes of joy and this time without beating the bush they just
gulped my tit and started sucking them greedily. His hands captured
the other one and there was race between his sucking lips and
pulling and pinching fingers, that which can give more joy to my
aroused tits. He started slowly kissing, flicking his tongue on my
erect tits, his tongue will travel from base of my boobs and just
flick the tip of tits and suddenly gulp it sucking it hard. And it
grew to deep sucking, biting, chewing and devouring it hard. His
fingers which were softly playing it also started pulling it and
then scratching them. I was moaning with joy and my other parts of
body too were demanding attention. His lips finally left the boobs
and continued their downward journey. However, his other hand
captured my boobs and now both of them were crushing, squeezing my
mast jobans. His lips kissing my flat and fair tummy had found some
rest in my deep navel and had taken some rest. He cleverly
teasingly, brushed portals of my love hole but went down further to
soak my inner thighs with long deep lingering kisses. I was floating
in clouds. But soon his fingers too joined exploring my tunnel of
longing. He just gripped my mound softly and squeezed it. However,
now he was lying aside with me with her teeth nibbling my earlobes.
Soon his fingers stoked my flames of passion to full level. He was
caressing squeezing petals of my love flower and his fingers invaded
my tunnel of longing. It was one, followed by second finger. His
thumb was moving around my clit in circles, while fingers were
playing music on the inner walls of my love hole. At the same time
his other hand was busy with my one choochee, (and of course his lips
were busy devouring my other peak). I was moaning, crying raising my
chootar wildly. And suddenly his two fingers doing tap dancing
found, my `that' spot and I almost jerked, pushing out my vibrating
fuddi. I felt as I have urge for urine but soon my pelvic area
started pulsating. Pads of his fingers started pushing and pressing.
I was in frenzy, but slowly he reduced pressure and pulled out his
fingers before I could cross the side and volcano could erupt. But
now his lips had soon started playing the music. He placed his lips
directly on my choot kissing slowly and then with full force. He
opened his tongue to separate my wet fuddi lips and when they
parted , he used his thick twirling tongue, to run it up and down
between my sensitive vibrating fuddi flesh. My entire body was
titillating, my tits were erect and boobs were rock hard. My eyes
were half closed and I had surrendered all control from my body. His
licks were moving from one side to another and sometimes they were
hard and pointed and sometime broad and soft. He was using it like a
painters brush to Colour new shades of joy. His tongue after teasing
my `that' spot soon came out but now it was encircling my clit. It
was flicking flirting with fully engorged swollen clit. Lips have
caged clit and tongue was teasing it. I was taking long breaths and
my chootar was moving as on auto pilot. He again like a pillum
pierced my choot with his tongue and now his lips were sucking me
softly and then with and urgency. They became hungrier and started
sucking me like a vacuum pump. I was almost there and he stopped. He
raised my chootar and now his licks went backwards starting from end
of my choot to the hole of my gaand and he kissed me there touching
my asshole with tip of tongue. My passion ebbed a bit but soon my
clit was again caged by his lips and now sucking started in full
gusto. I was crying moaning, begging. His hands were grasping my
chootar very hard, scratching my gaand and I was almost going mad,
but suddenly he left and came between my legs.
Jiju lifted my long slender legs and put it over his shoulders.
His long erect raging Lund was looking greedily at my choot and my
choot almost winked at it. Smiling, I pulled out a bottle of
Vaseline from under the pillow and with my fingers coated his lund.
He too took some and put it inside my already wet choot. He made me
raise my chootar, and put a few pillows under it. Now he used his
lund to part my young petals and made a slow teasing entry. It was
delirious. His fingers and tongue have made me wild and now his
supara rubbing on the inner walls of my tunnel of my longing, I was
craving for more and more. To welcome his entry, I thrust my chootar
upwards. Jija grabbed my hard choonchi and started crushing it.
Holding it he further shoved and now half of his Lund was ensconced
in my bur. holding my choonchi, and smiling at me he teasingly
pulled it out and now with full force he thrust it with his full
power. Vaseline , our foreplay and arousal not withstanding, it
almost tore my tight choot. His lund is so massive and huge . I did
try to stifle my cry but failed. When I looked up I almost blushed.
I could see his Lund entering into my choot in the ceiling mirror of
bridal suit. And I was amazed some of it was still out. But next
push and now it was up to his balls. My mahavar colored feet were
rubbing on his cheeks and my sliver anklet was plating music in tune
with every powerful thrust. In the ceiling mirror I could see his
hands playing with my domes of joy, climbing at peak adoring it
punishing it, caressing it crushing it. Jija has increased tempo and
now pain has bid adieu and joy has taken over. I was moving my
chootar on his every powerful thrust. When his lund will be fully in
its base will rub my clit. Jija will grind it on my clit. Now his
one hand too has joined in flirting with my now swollen clit. His
lips were sucking, eating my eraser like big erect tits, and fingers
will caress my labia and the tease my clit. His hands and lips were
almost moving in sync with his Lund. After sometime he shifted, my
legs to my head almost doubling me up which further exposed my choot
to him. He added a few more pillows below my chootar and now holding
my slender waist he started doing chudai in full speed. I too was
squeezing his Lund in my choot. When I was almost on the verge, my
eyes were closed and I was moaning han jija aise aise hi aur kas kar
plese jor se chodo aur ..jor se..chodo pha ddo meri choot apni Rinu
ki salli ki bur .He pulled out his Lund and I started begging nahin
Jiju please make me cum. But he stopped. However, he held his lund
in his hand and started rotating it in my choot and now I was really
wild. His lund was now rubbing my inner walls and stretching it
beyond my imagination. To tease me I inserted his index finger in my
mouth and when I had sucked it as if it were his Lund, he brought it
out and without preliminaries shoved it in my asshole. His Lund too
has started doing frantic chudai and I could see everything in
mirrors. Suddenly we heard a scream from tape behind. I had reduced
the volume but scream was too high and I knew what happened. I told
Jiju, apki salhaj ki phat gayi. His response was typical, he
increased tempo of chudai and now he was lying on me with his broad
chest rubbing my choochee. I had crossed my legs over his hips and
guiding his thrusts. My long nails were scratching his back. Chudai
had slowed down but we were enjoying this complete intimacy. It went
on and on. Jija left and sat down between my thighs, without pulling
out his lund. My legs were still behind his back encircling him. Now
his hands again attacked my clit and soon I was on the verge of
orgasm. This time he continued and it came in waves. However his
powerful chudai continued unabated and soon he came too. His cum
flooded my choot and some of it came over my thighs too. For some
time we were lying just like that. He pulled out his Lund which was
still semi erect. He led down and next to me and we increased the
volume of sound coming from next room. Chavi was complaining that it
is hurting and soon there were sounds of kissing and licking.
We too started kissing and watching us in the mirror. Jiju's Lund
was again stirring. I took it in my heena colored hands and started
caressing it. Jiju wanted to rise but I told him to jut lie down and
it is time for salli to do service to her Jija. I went and sat
astride over him. He wanted to hold my choonchi but I put his hand
back on the bed. I just kissed his lips fleetingly and suddenly they
gulped his cheek and I bit him hard. My hand was brushing against
his chest, titillating his nipples. My lips traveled down and I
gently nibbled his tits. However it was only momentarily as my long
tresses started caressing his chest and when I sat between his
thighs, it was my long dark hair which kissed Jiju's Majestic Lund
first. I was dreaming abut this for long time and was now time to
translate it into reality. After teasing his furious and angry Lund
for some tome I pulled back my hair on my back and looked at Jiju
who was breathing hard. I smiled at him and softly grabbed his Lund
and brought it to my cheeks and caressed my cheeks. This has made me
too very hot and my tits were steel erect. I used my bobs to grab
his Lund and started rubbing it slowly. My fingers were fondling his
balls; my nails will start from the base of supara and go right up
to his balls. Once my adventurous fingers went further and teased
his asshole too. Jiju was trying to get up but I was making him lie
down. Now I rose and started rubbing my choot with tip of his lund.
it was too much for him. I will touch it rub it and then lift it
away. Now he was moaning arre Rinu please fuck, fuck push it and I
parted my labia with my fingers and shoved it hard. In one gulp my
greedy choot took supara of his Lund. I tried hard but it was
difficult to push further. I looked pleadingly at him. He
immediately caught my slender waist and pulled me down with full
force. I too was pushing and slowly his almost entire Lund was in.
He bend his knees and now my back was supported. Slowly I started
fucking him. I will go down and teasingly offered my choonchi to him
and when he will try to suck it I will move it away. I taunted him,
hey are you thinking about Gita's choonchi . He laughed and said no
they are much smaller. I laughed and said ok your Maa's, they are
bigger like mine, and he grabbed my tits and bit hard abusing me
saying chinar salli. I will rub his cheeks with my boobs and
squeeze his Lund inside my choot. Soon, we could listen to music of
silver anklet from next room and we both knew that second round
chudai of Chavi has started. It brought so much josh to jija that he
held my waist firmly and started moving me up and down and I too
joined in chudai in furious pace. I knew that once we have cum this
time it will take some time. Now jija was controlling the pace and
he got up and now we continued chudai in sitting position. He sat
on the edge of bed with his legs down and I was sitting in his lap
with his Lund inside my choot. He was holding crushing squeezing my
mast joban while I was moving my choot over his Lund. I saw silver
glass full with milk on table and picked it up. While squeezing his
Lund inside my choot I offered it to him. He took a sip and made me
also drink it. He pinched my joban and said I would like to drink
from here. I offered my tits to him. I said but for that you will
have to make me gabhin (pregnant). He quizzed do you mean it and
shoving my choonchi in his mouth I said yes. Next time when we meet
I will ensure that I am without pill and I stay for some time
although I know one chudai by you and I will e gabhin. and after 9
months from one choonchi I will offer milk to your beta and from the
other choonchi you can drink. This aroused him so much that he made
me lie down on the edge of bed and after finishing the milk, raised
my legs, spread them and shoved his mighty Lund in one shove. My
choot started vibrating. He poured some milk from my glass over my
boobs and started licking it . I too crossed my legs over his
chootar and started pressing him. He will bring out his lund almost
fully and then in one push shove it , and after some thrusts will
start fucking furiously. I was moaning, my eyes were closed and I
was also responding by pushing my chootar, squeezing my choot and
pressing my legs on his ass. He was stroking my clit and he pinched
it which led to an exploding orgasm. He too joined me in cumming.
However, this time when he came he brought out his Lund and splashed
my choonchi with his cum.

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taxindia has hacked the reps databasetaxindia has hacked the reps databasetaxindia has hacked the reps databasetaxindia has hacked the reps databasetaxindia has hacked the reps databasetaxindia has hacked the reps databasetaxindia has hacked the reps database
An Indian Wedding (Contd.)
Herb filled milk has ensured that we were not tired after two
round of frantic chudai. We lied down next to each other and were
talking softly. There was a TV in the room and a VCD player too.
Jija said I wished I could have brought some hot movies. I bowed
before him and said, jo hukam mare aaka. I gave him remote and as he
switched it there was already an xxx cd in the player and it started.
It was a boy and girl and soon things became hot. She was sucking
his huge lund (just like Jiju) and then she was bend and fucking
started. However, only within a few minutes he withdrew and shoved
it in her gaand. It was looking almost impossible and she cried and
cried but without pausing he pushed. Soon she was enjoying, her face
was smiling and she was cooing hey, fuck my gaand fuck my ass. As if
it was not enough, another purush joined and she started sucking him. I
was sitting in jiju's lap, with his now hard lund rubbing my wet
choot. His hands were softly playing with my tits. Now on TV it was
both perbetas fucking her simultaneously. One lund was in her gaand and
other was in her choot. I grabbed Jiju's lund and said hey how she
can take it in her gaand and choot. Jiju pinched my tits and said
Rinu may be you may be girl in the picture within next 24 hours and
I and Neelu's khasam can be boys. Jija suggested that we may shift
to big sofa so that we can watch TV more closely. He was sporting a
huge erection. He opened freeze and brought a bottle of drinks and
ice tray. I made glass and brought it to him. He made me drink too.
There were so many things happening on TV. Both the men when came,
came over girls face. Then one women did with three men, and last
one was stunning, in which it was a teen in a school dress (she was
young almost like Adi). Her teacher made her sit in lap and lifted
the skirt and spanked her. She was spanked with a paddle and her ass
was almost sore with red welts. Now her tight gaand was spread and
without using a lube a purush shoved his huge Lund in her gaand. I
could see looking at it Jiju's Lund become wild. Jiju made me lie
down on sofa. He started kissing sucking my choonchi and his hands
had parted my choot. His two fingers went inside and started teasing
me, looking for my "that" spot. He picked up a few ice cubes and
started sucking them. Of course his eyes were riveted on TV where
that teen was being buggered. With cubes he came down over my tits
and gulped it. Ice cubes were rubbing my tits and he was scratching
my choonchi hard. His mouth with cubes went down to my choot too and
he sucked me hard rubbing cubes on my clit. I was almost getting
electrocuted. He took out cubes and put it in my mouth and rubbed
his cold tongue against me. I had become so hot I was begging him to
chodo mujhe any where in any position.
He made me go on all fours on the floor and coated his Lund with
Vaseline. I was afraid that it is going to pound my gaand. But
holding my choonchi, in one thrust he pushed his almost entire Lund
in my choot. I moaned and squeezed his Lund in my choot with great
joy. I was thinking that my gaand has been saved. But it was not to
be. Soon his tow fingers covered with Vaseline, made an entry in my
rear hole and even that was painful. He kept on moving them sideways
and in and out. When his Lund will go inside my choot, fingers will
come out and when Lund will come out fingers will go in. soon my
gaand got used to his fingers. He had increased tempo of his chudai
and my choot was enjoying it. He was grabbing, squeezing my choonchi
and doing jabardast chudai and I was too goading him han han Jiju
asie hi khub kas kar chodo, ragd kar phad dalo meri bur. He pulled
out his Lund and fingers and soon his supara was trying to make an
entry in my gaand. But resistance of my sphincter was too much. He
had parted my asshole and tied to push and a little entry did take
place but beyond it was hard. he used his fingers to spread my gaand
and got his supara tarpped. It caused a burning sensation. But it
was nothing. He left my choonchi and holding my hips with full force
he pushed his Lund and my sphincter gave way . His supra entered
inside my gand and I felt as if a hot burning iron rod has been
shoved inside me, as thousand ants are biting me. I screamed, but
no sound came out. Jija being my jija took out a laddu, a Madan
Modak, kept on table and put it inside my mouth. (I recalled when my
maa ha done something similar, I had gone to gold smith to get my
ear pierced and she when I screamed put a laddu in my mouth, telling
smith to be brutal and ensure that proper piercing is done). My
sound was stifled but not the pain. My body was tense, but Jiju kept
on relentlessly pushing and almost half of his Lund was in. He could
feel the tension in me and said should he continue are stop for some
time. I was nodding my head side ways. He asked should he and I
nodded my head. I was moving my hip violently. He stopped. He passed
his attention to my choot and choonchi. Soon his fingers were
fucking my choot mercilessly and he was pinching pulling my clit and
tits. My body also was responding. I had finished Modak in my mouth
and I wiggled my gaand. He asked Rinu main tumhari gaand marana
chatta hun bolo. I smiled weakly and said jija I had already told
you and he recalled our conversation. Now nothing could have stopped
him. He rammed his Lund and soon although I was having feeling of
being torn and split my gaand was aching and I was screaming slowly
biting my lips . Jiju was caressing my back and soon I relaxed. I
enjoyed feeling of my gaand being stretched. Jiju stopped with his
entire Lund deep inside my gaand stretching it . he let me develop a
feel for it and I was surprised. I was enjoying it and he started
now very slowly my butt fucking. Soon, I had blended my body
movement with his. I was moving my gaand, wiggling my chootar and
even teasing Jiju. Soon he had increased his speed; he will bring it
out almost full and ram it. Pain has not fully vanished. But when I
looked into dressing table I could not believe my eyes. His fully
engorged thick Lund was coming out from my tight ex virgin gaand,
and when it will be out suddenly jija will shove it full. I looked
at face of jija it was sheer joy, a brute pleasure in fucking kori
gaand of his salli. And it doubled my joy. I pushed my gaand towards
him asking him to fuck my ass, fuck my gaand hard and deep. Jiju held
my chootar and pushed deep. My face was now on the sofa. Soon he was
squeezing my choonchi and holding it he was doing a hard fucking of
my gaand it was being pulverized and I was enjoying it. It was third
time so I knew Jija will take long time to come. After some time we
shifted to bed. Jija made me sit on his lap but this time his Lund
went inside my gaand. Now I was pushing myself, shoving my gaand on
his Lund. We were enjoying. I learned the joy of anal sex. . He made
me lie on the bed and raised my legs and put pillows under my
chootar and made it so high that his Lund could easily attack my
gaand. He started a fresh. It was a slow start which picked its temp
soon. He kept me fucking my gaand for almost 15-20 minutes. His
fingers were fucking my choot. I must have come twice thrice only
then he came and he kept on flooding my gaand. He brought it and
what was left he pumped it on my cheeks.
He went and cleaned himself. I increased the volume and Chavi
was complaining that her choot is aching and he has already done
twice. When Jija came he also joined in listening. I put a blanket
over us and we hugged each other. It appeared that Chavi
succumbed to demands and her third time chudai has started. Jiju
hugged me hard and I too gripped his Lund. It was hard as usual. I
extended my legs over his waist and now his Lund was hitting at the
doors of my choot. This time we did not show any urgency. He was
softly cupping my boobs and I was kissing him. We were just enjoying
listening to sounds of anklets, moaning and kissing. Jiju tried to
push his Lund in that position and I helped him by guiding his Lund.
Soon we were cuddling hugging and I was enjoying feel of his thick
Lund inside me. We were cradling each other. We lost the sense of
time . there was no urgency and no pressure of performance. We just
blended as if two ragas have been merged in a jugalbandi. We could
listen to chudai of Chavi getting finished, but we continued. Our
hips were moving in unibeta and when we came still we kept hugging
with Lund deep inside my choot, deeply embedded. My both arms were
over him and even legs were crossing him. We dozed of. Sleep was
beautiful although short. When I woke up I found Jiju's Lund still
inside my choot and he hugged me again. I kissed him and as if in
reaction his Lund stirred and started moving in and out. I had heard
about somnambulists but fucking in sleep was new. I responded warmly
moving my hips and squeezing his Lund inside my choot. Hi hands as
if in sleep were cupping creasing my boobs. I too hugged him hard
but soon he was fully awake and then I realized my mistake of waking
up a sleeping lion. He went over me and started doing chudai in full
fury. After some rest he has regained energy and I was enjoying
energy frenzy and force of his fucking. He must have taken almost 30-
40 minutes before he came.
Dawn has come and rays of sun were peeping from behind curtains. I
put tea kettle on and went to bathroom. I was doing brush and in
came Jiju with urgency. His boner was rock hard as if he has seen
Gita his sister nude in dream. He begged me, `Rinu please get out of
bathroom'. I asked; `hey I'm doing tooth brush I will just take a
few minutes. What is the problem?" He was making entreaty, `please
I have to pee'. Now it was time for me to giggle. I said go ahead
Jiju do it. I will not stop. He said no he will not be able to do he
feels shy. I laughed, aare jija sari raat ragad kar choda and now
you are feeling shy. Ok you do it and I promise I will not look at
you. He went to the toilet and I could listen to sound. I was
keeping my promise and I did not look towards him. But suddenly I
find that I can see him in the mirror and I decided it is not
breaking the promise as in mirror I'm looking at my face and if he
appears in the mirror it is not my fault. His massive lund was first
to catch attention. A straight stream was coming out and when I
looked at his face his eyes were closed. I could not control
myself. I went on tiptoes and hugged him from behind. My choonchis
were rubbing on his back, my hard tits were piercing and I pinched
his nipples and started rubbing my choot on his gaand as ki main Jiju
ki gaand mar rahi hun. I held his Lund too. He opened his eyes but I
squeezed his lund and said sternly, `Ravi, there is nothing to be
ashamed of forget your young days when Maa used to hold your teeny
weeny, lund and make you do su-su. But for that it would not have
developed into such a handsome Lund'. Flow ahs just ebbed and I drew
him towards bath tub. He was resisting, hey I have not yet finished^
but I cut him short, listen to Maa. He was confused. I took his
supara in my mouth. His resistance was weak but he was still
protesting, no let me clean it first. I used a sterner tone and
said Ravi let MAA clean it. I opened his supara. It was pink and
hot. I scratched it with my nails and he ouched. My nails went to
base of his lund and started rubbing it up to his pee hole to ensure
that if anything is trapped it will come out. Now he has again
closed eyes surrendering him to me. I licked his supara and pressed
it with fingers around his pee hole and it opened its eye. I probed
it with tip of my tongue. He was quivering, but my tongue was
demanding. And soon it gulped his supara and I started sucking him.
I had taken only his supara and my tongue was teasing
twirling. My heena pained hands were rubbing squeezing his shaft and
went to the balls to fondle him .I took out his supara and then my
lips started licking his shaft. I will kiss right up to base, even
took one ball and started sucking it and then I was back to his
lund. This time half of his Lund was between my lips. My tongue was
rubbing the base, mouth was full and cheeks were bulging. I was
sucking like a vacuum cleaner. Jija was in the mood now. He was
holding my head and pushing shoving his Lund very hard. I squeezed
his shaft and some pre cum came out. It was tasty. Now Jiju was
playing with my boobs and making me take almost his full Lund. His
Lund was overflowing, and rubbing against my cheek walls, my tongue.
When I will realize I can not take any further Jiju will tease me
goad me push me and I will take some more. my jaws were aching. I
was sliding my lips back up to the tip of his lund and flicking my
tongue against it. I was twisting my head from side to side, up and
down, and around and around, making sure my moist lips stay in
contact with jiju's ridge as they slide around. I kept sucking on
it, sometimes gently, sometimes hard, working on the corona and
sucking on it. I will know when he is becoming too hot I will pull
out but my hands will keep the pressure and I will start sucking the
supara only. Some times I will just took it in my mouth and push my
face over it. Soon I gripped base of his lund and started sucking
hard frantically. Jiju too was pushing it in frenzy. my fingers which
were fondling his balls, moved to his gaand and located his rear
hole. I brought back fingers to my lips, salivated them and showing
them to Jiju, inserted it in one push in his gaand. Now my two
fingers were moving inside his gaand and my mouth was sucking very
hard his Lund. My cheeks were bulging and I could feel his massive
Lund touching base of my throat. He was on the verge and suddenly I
pushed my fingers in his asshole pressurizing his `that' point and
he exploded in my mouth. And he started cumming. He wanted to pull it
out but I kept on pressing and squeezing and he flooded my mouth.
Some of it came over my boobs but I collected it and licked it too.
Jiju asked, hey Rinu did you gulp entire cum. I said laughing no,
and showed him some on my lips. We went back to room and I poured
tea. He asked Rinu will you not brush again. I told him Jiju I want
this taste to linger and do not want to spoil it. We got ready fast
as it was already 9 and we had to wake lovebirds.
When I knocked, Chavi was wearing a gown over his night dress
and his khasam was ready. I told Jija to go along with him for
breakfast and whispered something in Jija's ears. He brought out a
packet. I told him to give it to Chavi. She wondered. What is it. I
told them it is their honeymoon packet, 10 day trip to manali and 10
day trip to Goa. Both of them felt happy. Jija said, I and Rinu
decided to plan this room and trip but I cut him short and shooed
him away. I pulled gown of Chavi and asked her how many times, and
she confessed thrice. I lifted her nightie to look at her choot;
teasing hey bhabhi let me look at it after the use. She tried to
hide but I forced her hands away and had a good dekko. I even kissed
it blessing that let it never be hungry for lund. Chavi said didi I
would like to thank Jija. He did so much. I laughed and said, you
know what type of thank he will like. She joined in laughter and
said yes I know very well. Suddenly there was a knock and it was
Ravi. I told him hey Chavi was looking to give something to you. He
said so why delay it and Chavi just hugged him and kissed him. But
it was not enough for him and he asked him hey I would like to look
at what you were looking. Before Chavi could hide herself, I again
lifted it and Jiju had a darshan of her salhaj fresh fucked choot.
Chavi got ready. We went down for breakfast. Chavi was complaining
that he nandoi had seen hers but has not shown his. I told him that
she will get enough chance. But Jiju took his hand to his ever
present bulge. I told her that when you come back from honeymoon you
will see it action. Till then look at only my brothers. We finished
breakfast and came back to house. Jiju had to go to office for some
time so he left us outside. All the girls including ladies crowded
Chavi and took her to her room and were teasing her tell in detail
about last night's happenings. I was going back to my room as now
after first time of gaand fucking I was moving with a tilt. Basanti
caught me a=said, Bhabhi any problem. I lied and said yes some
sprain. She said, ok you go to room I'm coming with some oil and
massage you it will cure all aches.
I went to my room and soon basanti joined too. Basanti bolted the
room from inside. I asked her for this precaution and she said that
didi you don't know now days everybody looks for Basanti, and I will
not be spend some time with my nanad. From the day you had come life
has come here and the way you did my Munh dikhai, and sang betags and
even in ratjaga, treating me like your pakki bahujai, I have become
very close. I hugged her and said yes you are my bahujai, isliye to
sabse pahli tumhari choot ki bhi munh dikhai karva di. I laughed.
She too joined in my laugher and said didi you know even yesterday
it was like ratjaga but you first remove your sari otherwise oil
will spoil it. I removed my sari and even blouse and lied down in
bra saya. Basanti too removed her sari. She lifted my petticoat up
to my thighs and started messaging. Yes, there was magic in her
hands and my all the aches and pain melted away. Soon her hands went
right up to my choot teasing me but they were covered by panty.
However she insisted that I must remove them too for better massage,
which I complied. She opened string of my petticoat, saying I must
relax. Now when my pain subsided, I asked her you were telling
something about yesterday. She asked yes but I must lie down on my
belly so that she can do massage on my hips too. I lied on my tummy
and she lifted my saya almost exposing my chootar. Her hands were
squeezing them and I was feeling as if all my pains after first butt
fucking are dripping away. I chided, Basanti, you are not telling
what happened yesterday. She said you know Adi, and of Madhu bhabhi
she slept with Rashmi Bhabhi yesterday. I rebuked her, so what is
wrong in that. Basanti continued, Didi when I say sleep ok aap ko
sab baat kholkar hi batani padegi. I giggled and said agar tum nahin
khol kar bataougi to main tumhara khol dungi. She too laughed and
said, `as yesterday there was huge crowd, everybody shared quilts
and then lights also went out. I was also there in a corner. I
could listen to whispering between Adi and Rashmi Bhabhi. Adi was
resisting but soon she acceded. Rashmi Bhabhi was caressing her
thighs and suddenly she pushed her finger in Adi's choot. I said
how, and laughing she pushed her finger in my choot saying aise. I
enjoyed the feel and let her continue. By the time I was on my back
and Basanti was sitting between my thighs squeezing my shoulders.
She told that when light went out and Rashmi Bhabhi thought that
everybody is sleeping she up turned the quilt and came over Adi. She
was rubbing her boobs over her top and soon she lifted it too.
Rashmi Bhabhis sari was open and she lifted Adi's skirt and started
rubbing her choot on Adi's choot. I had put my feet in Basanti's
saya and lifted it. My big toe entered in her choot and said, let me
rub yours too. She was enjoying the feel and said, Didi, Rashmi
bhabhi was over Adi and she was doing such jabardast ragdai ghisai
of her choot. I made a mistake of asking how and this time Basanti,
holding my boobs lifted my petticoat and came on my choot and
started rubbing it hard. I too had become hot so we opened each
others blouse and started sucking choonchi'. Basanti said yes Adi
was sucking bhabhis choonchi just like this. I was raising my
chootar in response to Basanti's thrusts. Soon I forced her down and
now I was on top. I was using my last night's lesson. I rubbed
Basanti's choot hard and then shoved two fingers inside. I was
fucking her as it is a Lund and I was also groping for her "that'
spot. My fingers came out and I started grinding my choot over her
choot. And my fingers pinched her clit. Soon she came and I joined
her too. She then completed her story. It was not only Adi and
Rashmi Bhabhi, Madhu bhabhi too trapped, Gunja nanad of basanti. She
was called to massage her head but soon Madhu Bhabhi pulled her
hands over her choonchi. And they too enjoyed.
Sure enough, I found somebody was looking for Basanti. She left
me and I also got ready. I went into kitchen where Rashmi Bhabhi and
Adi were preparing meals. Mausi called Rashmi Bhabhi and asked me to
prepare meal fast with Adi as some guests are going back. Now I was
left alone with her. She was looking cute. She found me looking at
her young teen boobs and she blushed. I said really well. She hugged
me and said but not like yours didi. I said Adi if you would have
been my nanad I would have taught all the tricks. Adi laughed and
said, sisters too can be close (and I recalled our episode with
Neelu didi and Cheenu when we were of Adi's age) I agreed yes , my
mistake and hugged her back. I told her lesson number one if we get
to rub our choonchis it will help to make your choonchis grow. She
laughed and said, whenever, wherever you say didi. Second lesson I
told her that a house during marriage has most chances, there are
number of boys too whom you can enjoy but chances of meeting again
are few, so use this. And don't limit to boys of your age, mature
and married males are better. She was serious, but said, if some
problem. Opps I said my mistake. You can take a packet of pills from
my purse (same as I had given to Chavi) it can be used any time even
morning after, but best is take every day, you don't when chance
will knock. She hugged me again and this time not only I squeezed
her teen young tennis ball size boobs but kissed her on the lips.
I found Mausa ji was calling me. I went out. He said Ravi has rung
up. He will be coming in an hour. Both of you should go and look up
the arrangement for reception tonight. There will be arrangement for
party, DJ, caterers have also arrived. I left Adi and went to my
room to get ready.

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An Indian Wedding (Contd.)
Part V
I went into kitchen where Rashmi Bhabhi and Adi were preparing
meals. Mausi called Rashmi Bhabhi and asked me to prepare meal fast
with Adi as some guests are going back. Now I was left alone with
her. She was looking cute. She found me looking at her young teen
boobs and she blushed. I said really well. She hugged me and said
but not like yours didi. I said Adi if you would have been my nanad
I would have taught all the tricks. Adi laughed and said, sisters
too can be close (and I recalled our episode with Neelu didi and
Cheenu when we were of Adi's age) I agreed yes, my mistake and
hugged her back. I told her lesson number one if we get to rub our
choonchis it will help to make your choonchis grow. She laughed and
said, whenever, wherever you say didi. Second lesson I told her
that a house during marriage has most chances, there are number of
boys too whom you can enjoy but chances of meeting again are few, so
use this. And don't limit to boys of your age, mature and married
males are better. She was serious, but said, if some problem. Opps I
said my mistake. You can take a packet of pills from my purse (same
as I had given to Chavi) it can be used any time even morning after,
but best is take every day, you don't when chance will knock. She
hugged me again and this time not only I squeezed her teen young
tennis ball size boobs but kissed her on the lips.
I found Mausa ji was calling me. I went out. He said Ravi has rung
up. He will be coming in an hour. Both of you should go and look up
the arrangement for reception tonight. There will be arrangement for
party, DJ, caterers have also arrived. I left Adi and went to my
room to get ready.
I was deciding what to wear for going with Jiju. I discarded sari
(as being too traditional and again giving him chance, I found sari
being most dangerous as it had to be just lifted and choot is
accessible), shalwar suit was not teasing enough (I wanted to play
safe but at the same time did not wish to loose this chance of
flaunting my assets and teasing him).I had put almost all my dresses
on the bed and in walked Adi, smiling, displaying her tennis ball
size hard teen choonchi. She said, Didi I thought that let me pick
up the pills from you before you disappear with Jiju and after that
one does not when you become free, winking at me. I pinched her
uthti hui choonchi and said, no I have all the care for my young
sis, take it from the purse, it is in the outer pocket. She picked
one packet pf pills and kept it in her purse. She looked at the
various dresses lying on cot and asked me, `hey didi what is bugging
you.' And I told her my problem. She laughed and said, Didi you are
on the horns of a dilemma'. Yes I admitted `I want to feel horny and
make him horny but also prevent my self from his Horn.' She thought
for a minute and came up with a unique suggestion. She offered that
I can wear her @jeans with a tight tank top. I looked at my plump
hips and said, but Adi, they will hardly fit me. She laughed and
said, `Exactly that is why it will make him hard. You had told that
he is both a boob purush as well gaand man. My @jeans will ensure at least
later part.' And will you go nude from here swinging your naked
chootar rani, I teased her. She had answer for everything. No didi,
I will wear your sexy pants. They may be slightly loose but they
will gave a chance to anybody and everybody to push hi s hand inside
my pants, with the pill now I feel free safe and more daring. It was
decided that both of us will undress together. I had already removed
my sari and undid my blouse. Adi pulled my saya and I pulled her
@jeans. Basanti had divested me of my panty but Adi's choot was still
hidden under panty. I removed it in one sweep and hugged her. Before
she could resist I was doing ragdai ghisai of her choot with mine.
She was enthusiastically responding. She opened my bra too and I
lifted her top. I was surprised her young boobs were not hidden
under any bra so our boobs too met. Adi was endowed with a beautiful
pair of knockers. They must have been 32 but her cup size was c and
on her slender frame for a 17 year old teen they were fabulous. I
rubbed them with my 36d jugs and teased her tits with mine and just
titillating touch made both our tits erect. My one hand was holding
her back and other was caressing her young teen small and firm
chootar. I kissed her on lips and she tried to move her head away
but 3-4 attempts and we were licking sucking and nibbling each
others lips. My choot kept on grinding hers and now my fingers too
have joined in rubbing her labia. She was enjoying every minute of
it. Now her choot was not a passive participant but was kissing
caressing and brushing my choot with desire and authority. Soon
there were some sound of steps and we had to stop our Sapphic play.
Adi made me wear her @jeans. Our heights were same but my hips were
plump and with our joint efforts it could go up. With great
difficulty it could rise over my pelvic bone and was almost hung
there. Adi opened a button on top and that made it a bit
comfortable. However, it did open my front and choot was only a few
inches away. Adi had ensured that I do not wear any panty and so I
could feel Jeans rubbing on my chootar. I thought that at least my
big voluptuous choonchis should be covered in a bra as tank top was
too thin for that. But Adi will have none of it and I was made to
wear my thin tight yellow top just over my boobs. My hard firm proud
choonchis were raising their heads and I was looking more
provocative than a bay watch girl. Adi pinched my tits very hard and
they become steel erect. Now there was a clear invitation, `hey come
and squeeze me, written over my boobs". Top was inadequate to cover
my choonchis so to expect it from hiding my flat fair tummy and deep
navel was too much. When I looked rear of me in mirror, I was awe
struck. Front was nothing. Adi's @jeans were too little for
containing my sexy swinging ass. Crack of my chootar was so evident,
that even from a distance one can clearly identify it and my being
without panty only accentuated it. My long slender legs blooming
into heavy hips, every curve and full shape was being shown in that
literally hip hugging jean. I picked up a Lycra jacket which again
was inadequate but gave me a sense of hiding me. Adi giggled and
said, if I know about Jiju this will not be with you for much time.
Adi wore my pants. And soon there was a knock and Ravi entered. Adi
was going out. He not only brushed and squeezed her young choonchis
but as Adi expected, his adventurous hands ventured into her loose
pant from rear, measured heights of her pretty chootar and explored
pleasant depths.
I hugged Jiju and taunted, `you told mausa ji that you will be
coming within half an hour and it has been exact one hour where were
you lost kahin meri nanad, Gita aur Guddo ke Bhonsade main dubaki to
nahin laga rahe the. But after the last night marathon, I think you
must have been drained so it could not have been that.' When he
looked at me he almost fainted. He tried to garb my buttocks but I
moved in a flash. We came out but before riding on bike he just
removed my Lycra jacket. I pushed out my already hard proud boobs
and said, bolo jija main kaisi lagti hun.. He tried to grab my boobs
but I rode on the bike and told hey let us start, mausa ji is coming
and poor Jiju had to start. I had hugged him from behind and now my
tits were piercing his back. Jiju had selected a rough rode and my
tight jean was biting into my chootar but my bouncing boobs were
rubbing against his back too. Iwsa teasing jiju continuously with my
remarks about my nands, with my body and he was unable to do
anything about it. I touched his front part and bulge in his pant
was ominous. I was caressing it appreciatively and jested, I must
ask sasu ji that she did chudai with how many horses and donkeys for
how long to get a beta endowed with such huge Lund. Now Jiju had
enough. He told me in no uncertain terms, salli lagta hai kal ka
gaand marana bhul gayi aaj aisa gaand marunga ki 2 din tak chal nahi
paogi. Bye this time we had arrived at place where reception was
arranged. I was ahead and Jija was following me. Showing crack of my
gaand and flaunting my chootar, I moved it in big circles, squirming
wriggling it. I moved my gaand in nice wide circles and to make
impact clear, using my hands on my ass, I pulled them apart.
Innocently I looked back at Jiju and said, `But Jiju, my gaand seems
to be all right. You must have dreamt or yes no it is not your
mistake apne Guddo ki gaand mari hogi, vah subah limp kar rahi thi.
Dhokehe se apni bahna ki ggand mar li it is al right, mistake but a
beautiful mistake. He tried to grab me but giggling and flaunting my
chootar I ran to the place where caters were doing there job. Now in
front of them I knew I was safe. Barbeque was ready. I took a sheek
kabab and rolled it between my juicy lips and licked it as I'm
licking a hard Lund. I drooled over it and said ohh delicious. I
could see tent pole rising in Jiju's pants but kept safe distance.
We confirmed that everything was as per schedule. Then we moved
towards bar provided by Amit, Jiju's friend. One long legged big
boob bar maid was already there and setting bar up. We hugged,
kissed and discussed arrangements. When I was looking at different
brands of wine Jiju whispered in her ear. She prepared a drink for
us. I took it but slowly I was feeling a bit dizzy. I moved towards
DJ and to my surprise, it was again a girl. Jiju suggested to me
that let us dance. DJ told that dance floor has not been yet set up
but it is in the hall inside and she will put some music there. We
went there and she put a fast number. Jiju told her that e will
manage and bolted the room from inside. He increased the volume.
Drink has gone to my head and with so much music I was not much in
control. Betag was `take take me baby' and we started dancing. Soon
we were grinding against each other and I again started showing my
boobs. I was swinging moving them, gyrating them, as dancers in B
grade movies do. I lifted my top a bit and let him have a peep and
it was followed by movement of my chootar. I would have put some
professional pole dancers and strippers to shame. But I was not
letting Jiju grab me. But this lund teasing had to come to an end
Jiju grabbed me and pushed me against a settee. I rested my hands to
prevent me from falling and he grabbed me from behind. I kept front
part rested with it to make some token resistance but he was looking
to take revenge on other hand. When I looked towards him he was
looking a different man. His eyes were red shot, his breathing was
hard and erection has almost torn his pants.
He tried to pull down my @jeans but it was entfarishtad in my kulha
(pelvic bones). He used his both hands to lower it, while his body
was pressing mine against settee. With full force he succeeded to
pull it down and it went just below my chootar and got entfarishtad in
my knees again. He opened his pants and now I know Rinu your phuddi
is going to be fucked as it ahs never been. But his Lund was hitting
at my chootar. My firm gori gori gaand was pressed against his naked
thighs. He rubbed his palm against my gaand and suddenly I felt
spank against my gaand. It was more as a joke but I shrieked. Did it
hurt? I knew it has not but teasing him I said very much Jiju like
yesterday's film. He said ok now I know what you want and he
increased volume of music and it was almost deafening. His second
spank was much harder, and with third force increased. I was
shrieking like a banshee. But with deafening music soon I become
soar and his spanks continued. Now they were covering areas close to
my asshole. Soon he stopped. His raging monster was hitting my Gaand
and I was apprehensive ki aab meri gaand ki khair nahin. He put some
spit on supra and pushed it on my asshole but without shoving it
inside he shifted the position and soon it was in my choot. My choot
spread and took his bulbous supara. My choot was wet teasing him and
his massive Lund made it further wet. He pulled my top and my mast
choonchis came out. His hands started doing ragdai ghisai and his
other hand was playing and soon I forgot about pain and my choot was
soaking wet. Soon it welcomed Jiju's Lund and devoured it full. In
no time Jiju has started doing chudai in full speed. There was a
throbbing ache in my chootar but joy of chudai had overcome it. When
I had almost believed that ki aab meri gaand bach gayi, he withdrew
it and in full force shoved it in my tight gaand. Now his Lund was
wet in my soaked choot and it helped in his huge bulbous supara
gaining an entry. It almost tore my gaand. I cried in pain but he
kept on pushing relentlessly. I tried to spread my legs to spread my
hole but jean was so much tied in knees that nothing was possible.
Now as I was unable to spread my legs and there was no lube (wetness
from my choot was only a partial help) my sphincter was giving a lot
of resistance and I was feeling as somebody has shoved a handful of
red chili in my gaand. I was moving wriggling trying my best to
ensure that supara may come out of my gaand but all efforts failed.
I was crying horse, my nails were dug deeply in sofa and I was
moving my chootar but Jiju's Lund was safely lodged in my gaand. He
gave another push and it went in. Pain continued but it glided with
slightly less resistance, thanks to oil jokingly poured in my gaand
by Basanti. Unlike yesterday night, there was no lube and my legs
were constricted making my tight hole much tighter and Jija was not
taking any pause. Within 3-4 thrusts Lund was fully inside and then
he start doing manic chudai. Pain was beyond words. Soon his fingers
held my clit and he started rubbing pulling pressing and pinching
it. His fingers also invaded my choot and in one shove he pushed
two. His attack on my clit made me go wild and although pain was no
less, I could not control coming very fast. Now his fingers within
my choot started moving and he had already located my `that `spot.
One finger will tap there and other will push the thin part dividing
my choot from my gaand. I was going bonkers. This joy being so
extreme was also almost painful. And soon he thrust third finger too
in my choot and spread them like trisect. Soon he was moving it
rubbing inner walls of my choot and his Lund too was frantically
maroing my gaand. I was overwhelmed by this mix oof pain and
pleasure buts on my gaand got adjusted to his massive huge Lund and
I was moving my chootar and started moaning. He got the point and
started rubbing my `spot' inside my choot. My choot too responded by
squeezing his fingers and soon I came second time and it triggered
his climax too. His cum was flowing on my bruised chootar. He slowly
pulled it out and I pulled back my jean. There was no panty to save
welt and redness of my chootar and it was being roughed up by
@jeans. Suddenly there was a knock and we came out. DJ was asking
about music experience and Jija complimented her. We drove home on
bike and as road was blocked; he drove through a very rough road,
which further made mincemeat of my fucked gaand. When we entered
into our room Jiju realized that I'm angry.
He tried to placate me but I kept silence. He lauded my
stunning beauty and said that you were teasing me so much and I lost
all sense looking at your swinging beautiful ass. There was a line
of smile at my face but I turned and again become sober. He held my
hands and said,' Rinu, look at a stone, it is chisel and pain it
goes through which makes it an exquisite statue, a bud when it
blooms, spreads it's petals goes through pangs.. I'm sorry to cause
you pain but you were looking so sexy... and especially your chootar
ki main thumhari gaand marne se apne ko nahin rok saka. Now it was
impossible for me. I giggled, hugged him and kissed him directly on
his lips. I said Jiju; it appears ki bachpan se apko grand marne ki
aadat hai. And he admitted without blushing and said, yes when I was
in class 8th first time, but I cut him short and said, that was
your last chance now my pati may come and reclaim me. However, in
the same vain he said, he said; don't worry main uski bhai gaand
maar lunga. I could not control my laugher imagining what Jiju had
said. I challenged him and said, Jija if you can do that I will
shoot it with my handy cam and then you can bugger me as many times
as you want. He felt so happy that he squeezed my chootar and I
cried in pain. Ouch it hurts I yelled. He left me but I pulled down
my @jeans and showing my fucked gaand towards him wiggled it. When he
tried to grab me I pulled it up. He said, I will bugger my salli and
her pati both and we joined in laughter. I teased him saying Jiju
it appears too good to be true but if it happens I will be most
thrilled as I will have something to tease him with, for entire
life, but right now you must report back to mausa ji who will be
waiting for you. I took a cold bath to sooth my nerves, shampooed my
hair and put lotion deep inside my gaand and on my chootar to sooth
them. As it was still hurting, it was not possible for me to wear
anything tight so I wore saya and sari, tying them lightly and my
blouse of course was low cut showing of my boobs with deep cleavage
as ever.
When I came down, jija was reciting arrangements at reception
place and the hard work which he had done with me to ensure
everything is ok(of course, omitting most important, `Hard' work he
put). I joined him, standing very close to him innocently and my
hands were caressing teasing his ass. Before he could finish Mausa
ji thanked us and supplied a fresh list of chores to be completed
immediately. My fingers were moving in the crack of his gaand and I
pinched his gaand very hard. He could not retaliate as Mausa ji told
him to leave immediately. When he turned back towards me I showed
him my raised thumb. Suddenly I heard a commotion at gate. Neelu
Didi had arrived with her khasam and she was given a traditional
welcome by gallis by our Bhabhis. Her khasam was called by his
initials KD. Neelu didi looking towards me rushed and hugged me
hard. As expected first thing her hands measured were my boobs. She
exclaimed, Vow your choonchis are really mast. I thanked her saying
Didi it was because of you my guru ji. She laughed and said now your
Jiju KD will come and take Bur Dakshina I mean Guru Dakshina from
you. I quizzed her and what were you doing we were all waiting for
both of you. She laughed and said, arre what I was doing, I was
doing chudai with your Jiju for last 20days uninterrupted 5 times a
day. I asked and how is he. Her laugher continued and she said,


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taxindia has hacked the reps databasetaxindia has hacked the reps databasetaxindia has hacked the reps databasetaxindia has hacked the reps databasetaxindia has hacked the reps databasetaxindia has hacked the reps databasetaxindia has hacked the reps database
An Indian Wedding (Contd.)
squeezing my choonchi, you really wanted to how is HIS. Let me tell
you it is longer than usual but what makes even chinars like me to
devour it is its thickness. It is real thick. thicker than anything
your choot would have devoured till now. (I got afraid but I
remembered what Maa told me before I left with my groom, patting
my choot, banno, such big babies come out of this choot and no lund
can ever be even patch on the size of babies. So you must have full
faith that your choot will gulp it smilingly. Yes pain will be there
but it is the real joy. Most of pain is in the mind and if girl says
that she is too tight or cannot take a lund as it is too thick, my
advice will be that's he is being chinar and she should be fucked
hard. So go ahead and enjoy, just spread your legs as much as
possible, and there should be desire to enjoy and give enjoyment to
Lund which is doing chudai). And he is not one of those polite
types. He likes chudai and he likes it raw and rough, Neelu didi
continued. Two more things, as he has seen your picture, he got
aroused and he also knows that it was he who should have split and
tore your kunwari bur .Therefore his thick Lund is in a raging mood
to do jabardast chudai of your choot. And secondly for last two days
I[`m going through `those'days so he is having a fast. I cut her
short and giggling told her, don't bother didi he will have feast
after. Voice of Dulari was very loud and her words made me look
towards Jiju. I could listen:
Unche chbootra pe baith ,KD salla kare apni behanna ka mol,
Arre Divya ka mange 5 ruppaya, Mona meri anmol,
Arre Mona ke jobana ka arre unki choonchi ka mange 5 rupiya aur
choot hai badi anmol
Arre Nandoi Sale khaye apni bahna ki chudai, apni Mona ki chudai,
Aare vo to marayen Gaand, KD salla Bhandua hai
(Sitting on a pedestal, KD is haggling for his sisters; he is asking
5 Rs for Divya and says Mona is priceless. He asks for 5 Rs for
boobs of Mona and says her choot is priceless. oh Khasam of my
sister in law, you are living on the earning of your sister Mona `s
fucking and you too are getting buggered, KD is a pimp.)
KD jija was very tall just like a hunk, with very broad shoulders
and powerful limbs. I know any girl will love to melt in her arms.
He crossed barrage of his salhajs, and came towards me. Neelu didi
tried to introduce me but he said that he could smell me for a
distance. He hugged me hard and when he left me, I teasingly dropped
my anchal showing my proud joban peeping from my low cut choli. He
was breathless. He jested are they real and now I made my pallu go
down fully exposing my joban. Amazingly he questioned, are they
real. I jested; pakad kar dekh lijiye and he did not need second
invitation. He grabbed my choonchi. Meanwhile Madhu Bhabhi too
arrived there. She goaded him. Arre Nandoi ji, sirf ek kyon dono
pakad lijiye. He caught choonchi of Madhu Bhabhi too and squeezed it
hard. Dulari teased him, aare it is the advantage of sasural chahe
salli ki choonchi pakdo ya salhaj ki. He said yes ya to yahna
saliyan hain ya salhaj .Meanwhile, maa dropped in and joining in
the spirit she banter. Hey don't for get Saas, but if damads do what
you are doing with salhaj and salli, saas to will not mind and
everybody joined in laughter.
Soon Ravi Jija joined us and both of them were teasing me. I too
was responding saying, you never know, real owner may come tonight.
Both of them said in unibeta, he was trespasser, beautiful property
which we should have enjoyed first, he got. Ravi Jiju told KD about
our talk about that how ravi jiju will bugger my pati and KD burst
into laughter. He said, hey I will join too and moving towards me he
said, salli ji aap ki to aaj sandwich banani hi hai. Even if your
pati turns up he will be no match for our joint strength so maximum
he can do is get buggered and see our pretty salli get buggered and
fucked together. Salli ji aap dar to nahin rahi. I put my hands
below my boobs and pushing them out further, challenged both my
Jijus hey kaun salli darti hai. Dekh lungi aap dono logon ko sath
sath. There was a phone and Rashmi bhabhi called me in. After
talking for some time when I came out I had a long face. What
happened, everybody asked. I did not answer but Rashmi Bhabhi spoke,
smiling bad news for Rinu but good for her Jijas. Her pati is not
coming today. Ravi and KD consoled me, arre we are there and you
will treat us as your pati, Cheenu is not here and Neelu is out of
action so just smiled. I showed a weak smile but KD Jiju tickled me
and I giggled. So this good news for us will last how long. I smiled
and said not much. His train for today was cancelled due to fog, but
he will catch another train in the morning and be here by evening
and we will have to leave by day after tomorrow early
morning.. `Salli is very smart so she is giving us hint, make hay
while sun shines. So tonight is the time,' commented KD. No I never
meant that. But both of them hugged me and kissed me on either cheek
cupping my boobs. Before things would have further warmed up, there
was voice of Mausa ji looking for Ravi with a new set of
instructions and he had to leave. Neelu didi too left to meet some
of her local relatives with her pati.
In the evening we all reached place for reception in time. I was
dressed in a pink choli and skirt like lenhga. My choli had only one
string to tie it and it was more exposing than hiding my choochees. Of
course I had a Chunri which only accentuated the peaks and inflamed
the desire of onlookers. I along with Madhu Bhabhi and Adi were
receiving the guests. Madhu bhabhi in traditional sari tied below
her navel and concealing partly her joban and Adi in a tight top and
short skirt were really looking exciting. Ravi Jija too was there
with us welcoming guests. We were hugging kissing smooching and
sometime even lightly squeezing choochees of guests. Gita came in a
tight suit but her teen boobs were well covered under dupata. Adi
pulled it of and handed over to me and from me it passed to Madhu
bhabhi and soon disappeared. I and Adi cupped her choochees and
showing it her brother Ravi Jija teased him, see how beautiful are
kabootars of my nanad. Long legged big boob bar maids were ensuring
that everybody gets his or her drink. We had decided that success of
party depends upon how everybody enjoy, but enjoyment of males
depend upon female company and to what extent they go. And one good
way of making females let their hair (and defenses down) is to make
them inebriated and draw them to dance floor There was wine and
cherry and other drinks for ladies, being serve by boys tall lanky
and dressed in tight skin hugging dresses. Still some of them were
playing hard to get and for that Rashmi Bhabhi and Adi had planned
to spike there drinks. Those girls which were finicky or were
ensuring to stay away from boys were especially targeted and made
almost loose all control. I saw Sonal and Rupa and pointed them to
Jiju, who became 1000 watt bulb. He shook hands with them and I went
and whispered something to Adi. She went ahead and took charge of
them. They even refused to go near the bar but Adi brought some cans
of coke (already laced liberally) and broke seal in front of them,
took one herself and gave one to me. Now Sonal and Rupa took there
cans and guzzled it. Ravi jija was meandering around them. Neelu
didi and KD Jiju came but they were herded towards Chavi Bhabhi and
her pati.
Suddenly I saw Amit Jiju and he drew me towards dance floor.
Suddenly music accelerated and lights dimmed. We were dancing very
fast grinding our bodies against each other. My Chunri I had given
to Rashmi Bhabhi. Soon Amit's fingers were sliding on my back which
was fully open in my backless choli. He gripped it and pushed me
towards himself. Now my jobans were rubbing against his broad chest.
My choli was not only backless and low cut but had a lot of exposure
from side too which give chance to wandering fingers of Amit Jiju to
cup my boobs directly and my tits responded by raising there heads.
His other hand had grabbed my chootar and started caressing it
slowly. Tempo of dance changed and soon his fingers were inside my
lenhga, trying to caress both sides of my labia. Lights have dimmed
and using the chance his one finger slid into my wet choot. I too
responded by pressing his bulge hard. We kept on dancing and he was
finger fucking me, cupping my choonchi. I was on the verge of
climax, then suddenly music stopped and lights came. It was time to
change partners. I saw Adi and Madhu Bhabhi standing outside dance
area. I pulled them both and made Adi dance with Amit Jiju. Soon
again music had peaked and when I looked towards Amit scene was
almost same with only difference being Adi replacing me. She to was
enjoying his fingers and responding warmly. Looking at it Madhu
Bhabhi griped me and started acting like a "male" dance partner,
squeezing cupping my boobs. I started rubbing my thighs against
hers. After change in music I went out to look after guests. We made
almost everybody dance. I saw Ravi Jiju and KD Jiju, teasing Rashmi
Bhabhi. I dragged them to dance floor. By this time it was really
crowded. There were many dance areas with pools of darkness in
between and there were certain dark area outside which we called as
cozy nooks for getting nookies. And for more adventurous there were
dark woods outside. KD started dancing with Rashmi Bhabhi and Ravi
Jiju was with me. By this time all most everybody was kissing
rubbing body or squeezing. KD did not wait for lights to go out and
his fingers were in. I could see with side glance that Adi and Geeta
were dancing merrily with two friends of groom, my brother. Ravi too
was hugging me and I was rubbing front of his pant. Just before
lights dimmed I saw both boys moving towards woods and Adi almost
dragging Gita towards it. And this time Ravi not only shoved his
fingers in my choot but his thumb was also following rhythm of music
and rubbing my clit. My hands were also now fully rubbing his Lund.
It went on and on. In the next round we changed partners and KD was
more bold and adventurous. Both KD and Ravi wanted to Dance with
Sonal and Rupa but they were shy. We came out of dance floor and
started chatting with them. Adi and Gita had come back and Gita was
looking like a cat which has just eaten canary. I and Adi went to
Sonal and Rupa and asked them to dance. They were hesitant, but Adi
told it will be only girlz round. I and Rinu didi will dance with
you two. We started dancing and Adi was to take initiative. She
started grinding against Rupa and by this time there was so much
crowd that there was no way they could stop. I too started rubbing
my boobs against Sonal and soon I discovered a positive response. I
pushed her further close. My hands caressing her inner thighs went
up and found her panty. I pushed it aside and slowly started teasing
her labia. She was shaking but with so much crowd pressure she could
not evade me. I found some wetness and tip of my fingers parted her
choot and touched inner areas. My other had entered her top and
found her tits hard. Once I realized how hot she is I squeezed her
tits and pushed my fingers deeper. I smiled at Adi who was giving
same treatment to Rupa. I pulled out panty of Sonal in oone sweep
and when it came down put my feet on it we stopped for a minute but
I got it removed and started dancing agin. When light dimmed, KD and
Ravi replaced us and soon were up to there tricks. Soon Rupa and
Sonal were enjoying it so much that they were stuck like glue with KD
and Ravi. Madhu Bhabhi had to tell them that there Jiju was waiting
for them. Our plan was to make Chavi Bhabhi dance to with her
nandoi. When Sonal and Rupa came back to dance area we whisked away
Chavi Bhabhi to dance with KD and Ravi. And everybody enjoyed it.
Mausa ji had imposed a curfew of 11 PM and it was already pass. So
we closed the festivities. Actually everybody was so hot that they
were looking forward to get some real action including Chavi Bhabhi.
Neelu Didi had to go to her relative place and she has already left
with Amit (who was hot for her). Ravi and KD promised to drop Sonal
and Rupa but before they left, they told me that they will be back
within an hour so I should be ready for there joint assault.
When we came back to house, two friends of my brother wanted to
go back home but I told them it is very late and they must stay
back. I told Gita to use small room on roof (which we used as
dressing room for Ratjaga). Adi and Gita went with them to ensure
they are comfortable and surely they were to ensure each other's
comfort during night. Sex was hung like a thick curtain in the air.
There were no words but actions were the key. When I came down where
ladies were sleeping, Basanti was massaging Rashmi Bhabhi with her
one hand in and Gunja, nanad of Basanti was doing service of Madhu
Bhabhi. Maa and manjhali mausi were teasing and doing pranks with
Bade Mausa ji and Phupha of Cheenu. I came back and lied down in my
room, feeling a bit lonely. I knew that Ravi and KD Jiju might come
but with Rupa and Sonal in hot mood they will not the miss the chance
of chudai. I freshened up and wore a baby doll. It just had a one
string to unfasten. I drank a hot cup of coffee laced with brandy
and lied down. I took bottle of Vaseline and covered my choot well.
On second thought I spread my gaand to and pushed two fingers with
lube in that area too. I was rubbing my both ends and thinking about
huge thick weapon of KD I lied down. Sleep enveloped me fast. But
soon enough I could feel somebody holding me. Before I could turn
myself my skirt was up and KD Jiju was in. I welcomed him by raising
my long slender leg and parting it. KD had already undressed and his
Lund was coated in Vaseline. It was very thick and he shoved with
full force. I could not suppress my scream. However, Ravi Jija who
had unfastened my top and was squeezing my choonchi had pushed his
semi erect Lund between my lips and chances of my scream coming out
was eliminated. KD jija was holding my slender waist and now seeing
that any chances of scream have been cut he pushed with full force.
In spite of lubrication and my legs fully spread, his Lund was so
thick that my choot was getting bruised and first time I had doubts
on my maa's contention that no Lund is thick enough for choot
rani. Ravi Jiju was rubbing and squeezing my choonchi and KD was
rubbing my clit and soon chudai started in full frenzy. It must have
been some times when my choot fully devoured and pin subside. Jiju
brought out Lund for a minute and I quizzed hey how both of you came
back so early. What happened to Rupa and Sonal. Ravi Jiju told that
when they had drove almost half distance and they were fingering
teens hard making them ripe for chudai, girls saw a car coming and
they raised there hands. It was there Sonal's daddy who was going
somewhere. He picked them and thanked us.
This gave them a chance to change pose. Now KD Jija was in
missionary pose and Ravi Jiju had shoved his Lund in my mouth which
I was sucking greedily. (Henceforth I will refer Ravi as Jiju and KD
as Jija). Jija has put my legs on his shoulder and pushed tow
pillows under my gaand. My choot was now fully open and although it
was still felling torn and stretched beyond endurance, it was
enjoying rubbing it was getting from he Lund. He was sucking and
biting my choonchi and with powerful thrusts his Lund was doing
jabardast chudai. I was sucking Jiju's Lund with gusto. He was
holding my head and fucking my mouth. My hands were caressing and
fondling his big balls and my tongue was rubbing his shaft. My
fingers went on to caress his hole of gaand and one finger
penetrated inside. It would be wrong to see that pain has subsided
but now pleasure has over taken. I was pushing my chootar in
response to powerful thrusts of Jija (KD) who was built like a body
builder and his muscles were packed with power, and my choot too
though extended beyond limit was trying to squeeze his Lund. Jiju
(Ravi) has almost shoved his Lund deep inside and I could taste his
pre cum. My cheeks were fully bloated. I could feel throbbing of
Jiju's Lund and knowing that he is on the verge of explosion, I
pushed my finger in his gaand with a full thrust pressing his
sensitive point. And it was too much for him. He flooded my mouth
and although I drank most of it, some of it fell on my cheeks and
choochees. Jija pinched my clit and I too exploded. He was doing
chudai in frenzy and he came soon. He not only filled my choot with
his cum but pulled out his Lund and sprayed my tummy and boobs also
with cum.

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taxindia has hacked the reps databasetaxindia has hacked the reps databasetaxindia has hacked the reps databasetaxindia has hacked the reps databasetaxindia has hacked the reps databasetaxindia has hacked the reps databasetaxindia has hacked the reps database
An Indian Wedding (Contd.)
I was surprised with jija (KD). His Lund was still almost erect.
Both Jiju put me on their lap and were kissing, biting me. One
choonchi will be squeezed by jija and other will be crushed by Jiju.
Jija will use both his hands to fondle my boobs softly and Jiju will
push his fingers in my choot. It will be wrong to say that we got
aroused as Jija and Jiju were having erection almost continuously.
However, Jija left us and went for pee. Jiju told me something and I
giggled. When he came back from bathroom, Jiju was lying and I was
over him kissing him biting his checks and titillating his tits.
Soon I came down and took his huge Lund between my hard boobs and
started fondling caressing and squeezing it with my boobs. His
supara was open and teased his peephole with my steel hard eraser
like big nipples. I kissed and sucked his balls and my tongue went
behind and I sucked his asshole. Meanwhile Jiju was caressing my
labia and his two fingers were fucking my choot slowly. After
getting lubricated they traveled deep inside my gaand. I came over
him and my choot was teasing him. Jija was sitting nearby and
enjoying this scene, without joining. I will spread my choot show it
to Jija and Jiju and when he will push his gaand to thrust it I will
just let my choot kiss his supara and pull it away. It went on and
on but in one swoop Jiju, held my waist and pulled me down and his
mighty majestic Lund went inside my choot. Now I too pressed myself
and soon my clit was getting rubbed by base of his Lund. I was lying
with my boobs rubbing and Jiju had captured me in his powerful arms.
I was enjoying slow chudai. Soon I could see that Jija was not there
and I discovered his presence right behind me as he started
caressing my ass. He pushed a finger inside my asshole and second
finger joined soon. I was squirming, wriggling but it was of no use.
His thumb went deep inside spreading my sphincter muscle. After
fucking me with his two fingers and thumb for some time he withdrew
them and his two fingers stretched my gaand. I could feel a thin
nozzle and he emptied a tube of K Y jelly. I was trying to get us
but Jiju had gripped me hard. Jija pushed his supara but it could
not make its way. He again stretched my gaand got his supara trapped
and holding my slender waist with full powerful thrust shoved his
Lund. Jiju was acting in unibeta that gripped my lips between his
lips and bit it. I almost fainted. But Jija mercilessly pushed it
further and paused only when half of his Lund was deep inside. My
body was twitching wriggling with pain. I was abusing Jija , teri
behan Mona ke Divya ke Bhonse main gaand main gadhe ka lund na
dalvaiya to kahna Sali chinar ke bhandue. Jiju started caressing my
back and only after almost 5-6 minutes I got used to ache in my
gaand. Now Jiju started fucking me slowly caressing my boobs and
Jija was pinching pulling my clit. When both of them realized that I
had started enjoying again Jija shoved and this time he kept on
pushing till his Lund was deep inside my gaand. Jiju was caressing
my hair stroking patting me. Pain continued but I was now enjoying
it. With a very slow motion Jiju raised me up and brought me down on
his Lund and my choot was enjoying this slow chudai. After some
time, Jija ne bhi gaand marana shuru kar diya. Jiju will pull Lund
inside and Jija will bring it outside and when Jija will shove his
Lund in my gaand right up to base Jiju will pull it out of choot. It
continued and continued. Sometimes both of them will do maslai
ragdai of my choonchi and sometimes my clit will get double assault.
I came twice but double assault continued. Jija came first in my
gaand and after his cream filled my gaand it was Jiju who came in my
choot. Jija brought out his Lund and lovingly patted it on my
I went to bathroom and came back. Jija lovingly pulled me in his
lap and said kyon Rinu aab to gussa nahin ho. I said in mock anger
if anybody something as thick in a man's gaand then he will realize,
you feel that women can take any amount. Jija laughed and said, I
don't know about other purush but one purush we had promised will take
this thickness, patting his monstrous Lund he jested. Who, I could
not guess. One who is coming to morrow, your pati and all of us
laughed. I said yes that I will not mind and for that I will kiss
this lovely Lund. I kissed Jija's Lund and said for that it has
permission to do anything. I was slowly kissing his supara licking
it right up to balls and coming back again to tease his pee hole. He
made me sit on his lap and spreading my choot and tolerating all the
pain biting my lips I took his Lund. He was making me swing and I
was enjoying it. He then made me go on all fours. My head was in
pillows, and he spread my legs and slowly glided his Lund in my
choot which was fully stretched. His one hand was caressing my
choonchi and other was testing my clit but soon slow chudai became a
merciless pounding of my choot, caressing of choonchi became
crushing with full force and teasing lead to pinching and pulling of
my clit. But I was enjoying it so much. I was begging more of it,
hann Jija please aur jor se chodo kas kar chodo..ohhh. He was
treating me like a rag doll. He must have changed 5-6 positions but
chudai continued. I was holding a chair and he was standing and in
every shove he will push his lund right up to base and again pull
out almost fully. I must have cum umpteen times. Fucking in this
manner he came. This time he brought his Lund and sprayed my hair
and back with his cum. I could not get up for some time. Jiju came
and lifted me.
He opened a fresh bottle of whisky and we took swing from bottle
directly. We finished the bottle fast. After some time I got energy
back. Now it was turn of Jiju who was kissing and caressing me. I
looked at Jija who was looking glum feeling that he might have hurt
me. I smiled at him and kissed him on the lips. I jumped back to his
lap and his face bloomed. I went over and kissed his Lund and he was
sucking my choot. Soon we were doing 69. I was controlling moment
and enjoying flick of his tongue but now Jiju invaded my gaand and
again I was made a sandwich. Soon I was brought over Jija's Lund who
started fucking me in choot and Jiju's Lund was in my gaand. During
entire night I was fucked 4 times each by both. Thrice I was
buggered and my all holes took there share and Jija even fucked my
choonchis too.
When I got up, after a short sleep it was quiet late. My body was
covered with bruises and cum. I washed got ready fast. However when
I arrived in the house situation was almost same. Rashmi Bhabhi was
preparing tea with basanti and their play of night was almost
continuing. Basanti pinched my chootar and it hurt after such gaand
marai. I squeezed her choonchi in retaliation. Adi came and I
winked at her and she blushed. I kissed her on lips and Rashmi
bhabhi too grabbed her choonchi. Day, soon become after noon. Some
guest had gone and some were going.
I went back to my room as it was time for my pati to arrive. I
took a bath and was getting ready. I was sitting in front of
dressing table to get ready when both Jija and Jiju arrived.
Smilingly Jiju bolted the room. I think there is still time for a
quickie. I protested, no I know both of you, your quickies are twice
as long as normal time taken by any body and I have to finish my
make up. My gaals are full of last night's bite and scratches. Both
laughed and said but what we will do about it and opened there zips.
Raging Lund made my mouth water too. I pulled Jiju`s lund and kissed
it. I admitted yes I agree and it is the duty of salli to take care
of such handsome problems. Let me see what I can do and I gulped
Jiju's Lund. My freshly heena colored hands were rubbing Jija's
Lund. Soon Jiju pulled out his Lund and it was turn of Jiju to shove
his Lund but I wavered. He lifted my saya suggesting he can take my
choot while Ravi Jiju is making me suck his Lund. I refused saying,
no my both holes are very sore. I said I can take your lund but not
full as it is too thick. Jija came closer and silently pinched my
nose which almost stopped my breath and as I opened my mouth, he
shoved his Lund inside. Jiju was holding my head firmly therefore I
could not even pull it back. I was making gurgling sounds, tried to
move my hands away but it was firmly being pushed from both sides.
My face become red and I stretched my checks, pulled my lower jaw
further down and took almost half of his Lund only then he left. My
hands were caressing stroking his Lund and squeezing his ball to
expedite his cumming. He was rubbing scratching my choonchi. Soon
again it was turn of Jiju and this time he pinched my nose but now
with practice soon I was deep throating him and I had started
enjoying it so much that I for got ticking of clock. My cheeks were
bloated, my throat was aching and my jaw was in pain but I continued
sucking vigorously. When I realized time is not much I further made
a frantic effort and my hands too were pumping hard. Jiju came in my
mouth but he brought it out and sprayed it on my face which covered
the makeup I had done. Soon it was turn of Jija and he too did a
facial for me. He also asked me to stick my tongue out and on it
both of them poured their left over cum. Jija took some on his hand
too and rubbed over my choot. There was knocking from outside. It
was voice of maa who was reprimanding me for taking so much time
in make up. Neither there was time nor I was permitted and I just
spread it along with makeup on my face and came down. Jija said now
you must offer a kiss on your cheeks to your pati in front of
everybody and he will discover a new taste. Jiju said and a kiss on
his lips also with your tongue. With cream on that its taste will be
When I came down, Gita accosted me. She teased Sayan ji ke liye
aaj khas makeup hua hai. It is shining so much Bhabhi. I pinched her
chootar and said it is a special cream designed by my Jiju and your
brother Ravi. Ravi Jiju jar Gita ke gala par bhai alga divine Na and
it was time for Ravi Jiju to blush.

I was sitting along with Jija and Jiju. Adi, Madhu bhabhi and
Basanti too were there and they were teasing me for my wait for my
pati. Jiju brought me in his lap and hugged me hard. Squeezing my
choonchi he said let your pati come but you will be in my lap only.
Bell sounded at door and my heart said it must be him. His youngest
salli, Adi went ahead to open the door. Jiju increased hi grip on my
joban but behold, when door open it was Cheenu didi and even I was
hardly able to recognize her. She was totally transformed. Her choochee
had got an up lift (and may be some silicon) and few inches more she
would have challenged Pam. She was dressed in a tight top and a
skirt. She was looking straight from centerfold of Playboy. Her hips
also had broadened but most important was attitude. I went ahead and
hugged her and she without waiting for a minute rubbed her boobs on
mine and kissed my cheeks. Hiding behind her was my pati whom Adi
grabbed and I introduced her"your choti salli". He pressed her choti
choti choonchi. Cheenu didi enquired from me." Ghonta Ravi ka mja
loota mare amrd ke sath". I replied moving my eyes , " kiska mard
mare Jiju hain aur mera haq hai but you tell tumne mare mard ke sath
to nahin". She pinched my chootar and said, " kya pata, ho sakta
hai." Our conversation stopped as my pati was being welcomed in a
barrage of gallis by his salhajs. Basanti was in lead , singing, Aya
Behan chod aya,Rashmi Bhabhi too joined, unki behana mange 4 aana
choonchi dabvane ka 8 ana tang uthane ka 1 Ruppaya rat chudvane ka.
Even Adi had learned some gallis and was singing with gusto. But he
kept on grabbing cupping Adi and Basanti hugged him from behind, and
started pushing as if she is buggering him. She taunted, itte din
late aye ho apni bahna ke Bhonsade main ghuse the kya chalo late hone
ki saja hia ki late kar sari salhaj se gaand marvao.
I left him to mercy of his salhajs and took Cheenu didi to Chavi
Bhabhi. She was stunned to see the beauty of Chavi. After some jokes
I again asked, hey tell me how you and my pati came together. She
giggled and said yes we came together and it gave me sufficient hint.
By the time Madhu and Rashmi Bhabhi had joined leaving my pati with
Adi, Basanti and Gunja who kept on teasing him. Madhu bhabhi and
Rashmi bhabhi started their treatment and Chavi bhabhi joined also.
Both, Madhu and Rashmi Bhabhi had taken care of her top. They grabbed
her choonchi and were doing ragdai maslai.and went ahead to pinch her
nipples hard. Chavi Bhabhi too had learned many tricks in our sangat.
She lifted her skirt and shifted her panty to one side. Her two
fingers slided inside in one shove and she was rubbing her clit too.
Soon Cheenu didi confessed. She told us that due to fog her flight
arrived late and he train had left. When she arrived at the station,
this train too was also whistling. She boarded first AC but conductor
told him that only a two birth coupe is there in which one perbeta is
travelling. She had no choice and when conductor took him to the
coupe, he saw my pati. Of course, Cheenu was so changed that he
could not recognize her. They had met only few times. Cheenu was
given the upper birth. When conductor left and he bolted door from
inside, Cheenu didi blurted will you mind going o top I mean I have
no objection but I feel lying down better. He laughed and than she
understood and blushed. She said I don't mean that. Now he was
laughing and teasing. He asked, I will take what ever position I mean
place you suggest just be comfortable. There was some problem with
the blower and coach was very cold. Cheenu didi was dressed very
inappropriately and he offered hi coat to him. She just to become
comfortable tried to drop a pill which will send her sleeping. But
she had brought some female versions of Viagra and in her hurry she
pooped that. She realized but by that time it was melting in her
blood. They sat close and just tow arm her my pati put his hand on
her shoulders. One thing led to another and soon she was in her most
comfortable position, down and my pati was on top as she requested
but with his lund in he choot. A first AC coupe is very strange
palace and makes strangers bedfellows almost like politics. Perbetas
know that they are not going to meet after that night, they are saved
from any interference and when everybody else is trying hard to
sleep. They are hard. Cheenu didi admitted that ki vah tin baar jhadi
tab jakr my pati came. And betan it was followed by second round.
After that they were tired and started asking each others name where
they are going like co passengers. Cheenu was surprised to learn that
he is going to same mohalla. Cheenu told about Mausa ji's name and
asked if house where he is going is closer. My pati laughed and said
that he is going there only and said that his wife must be very angry
that he could not reach his brother in laws reception even. Cheenu
said but she is also going there and it is too much of coincidence.
My pati too got surprised, and said you know my wife Rinu. Now
Cheenu teased him and said thoda thoda. She hugged him hard and said
I'm Cheenu. And it made my pati to bite her cheeks hard. To
celebrate it they fucked again twice. Now there was no hurry as train
becoming later. Now Cheenu sucked him hard. As I was away for almost
one week my pati was hungry and so was Cheenu. Cheenu told that my
mard not only fucked her twice but buggered her also. And once she
decided to dominate also by going on top as she was an elder salli.
Cheenu didi had brought some interesting toys for Chavi Bhabhi.
There were dildos and vibrators of various types. But best were some
double dildos and strap ons. I tried a double dildo with Madhu
Bhabhi. I pushed one part in me and shoved tip in choot of Madhu
bhabhi. Rashmi bhabhi put strap on Chavi bhabhi and goaded her to try
it with Cheenu didi. And she rode on her hard. Cheenu too was
enjoying. We were just teasing playing with each other and we heard
the voice of maa that it is time for train for Madhu Bhabhi. I
pulled it fast. Adi was ready with luggage and my pati was following
her like a lamb, as first time he had got a choti salli. Dildo which
I had brought out from Madhu Bhabhi's choot kept in Adi `s bag saying
a gift from me. I invited both Madhu bahbi and adi to visit us. Adi
told that during March as there will be Boards exam her school will
be closed. As she is in std XIth her exam will be held only in April
therefore she will have a long holi holidays. Holi is on 6th march
this year so may be that time she can come. Madhu Bhabhi also nodded
and said that anyways her pati will be away for a 10 day training
trip so both of them will come during holi. They will come on 4th and
spent a week with us. I could see bulge in my pati's pant and Adi
rubbing and teasing him saying Jiju apki pichkari ka sara rang abki
holi main nikal lungi. He went to drop them at station.
Cheenu didi was closeted with her pati and my Jiju for long. I and
Rashmi Bhabhi pulled them away. KD Jija was also eyeing Cheenu didi
and saying that he will get her pound off flesh tonight. Cheenu didi
laughed and said you can take all the flesh. Most of the guests had
gone and it was decided that we will also leave next day by morning
train. It was dinner time and gallis time and Basanti and Rashmi
bhabhi took the lead in abusing there nandoi. KD Jija was given
galli with name of her sister saroj sunita and sarala. Basanti sang ,
Saroj Rani hain Pakki chinar unke gahr main dod dwar ek jaye age
dossr pichvade bach anhi koi naua kanahar( Saroj , sister of KD is a
top slut, she has tow doors , one in front and other behind, she has
not left any body waterman, barber everybody enjoys her) . Rashmi
Bhabi taragted my pati, main tummse puchu tumhri bahna ke bil min
tumhari Guddo ke bil main unki bur main kya kya amay mhallle ke ab
gadhe samay tumhare sab salle samaye ( I ask what your sister takes
in her choot, in her fuddi, she take lund of of all the donkeys of her
area she devours lund of all your brother in laws ). We all knew it
is last night together and it made it very hot.


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taxindia has hacked the reps databasetaxindia has hacked the reps databasetaxindia has hacked the reps databasetaxindia has hacked the reps databasetaxindia has hacked the reps databasetaxindia has hacked the reps databasetaxindia has hacked the reps database
An Indian Wedding (Contd.)
Cheenu was grabbed by my pati and KD Jija and as I was made to
devour two Lund together last night Cheenu was fucked and buggered.
But Ravi Jiju was richer. I along with Rashmi bhabhi provided him
company for night. Rashmi Bhabhi teased me. Salliyon kya tumhi jija
ka maja le sakti ho salhaj ko nandoi ka lund nahi chauiye. And ia
ccepted yes she has as much right on her Nandoi's Lund as I have on
my jija. Both of us stripped Ravi Jiju and kissed and licked his
Lund together. Rashmi Bhabhi will lick the balls and I will suck the
shaft. Some times two sahelis sharing a lollipop we will lick his
supara together. We were kissing his asshole rubbing his , Lund on
our gore gore gaal and Jiju could not take it further. He made me go
on all fours and in one shove his mighty lund was doing chudai of my
bur. Rashmi bhabhi was caressing my choonchi, pinching my tits and
will goad her nandoi to chodo mujhe hard. With so much teasing Jiju was
like a bull and his lund was ramming my choot like a piston. My choot
too was greedily squeezing it rubbing it and I was moving my chootar.
I must have come twice or thrice but Jiju was not going to cum.
Rashmi Bhabhi who was caressing his gaand pushed her fingers inside
hard. She started fucking him and soon her finger pressed her
pressure point and he came, no he exploded. His Lund kept on cuming
and it not only flooded my choot but my thighs were also drowned.
After that it was number of Rashmi Bhabhi. Jiju while fucking her
tried to finger fuck he big gaand but bhabhi protested too much. I
winked at him and whispered to concentrate on fucking her choot. Now
Jiju brought her almost close to orgasm but stooped. He will flirt
with her clit pull her nipples and rub her clit with base of his
Lund. Now Bhabhi was begging for his lund. Jiju made her go on all
fours and fucked her hard. I too was pulling her tits as if I'm
milking her. Bhabhi kept on coming but Jiju continued her chudai
unabated. She was exhausted and only then he spilled. He came not
only in her choot but brought out his Lund and made her big choonchis
white. I spread it around. Bhabhi was lying with Jiju's cum in her
choot and thighs. I told Bhabhi that I can not let Jiju's precious cum
go waste. I went over her and started lapping and licking her cum
filled choot. My fingers will caress her labia and my tongue with
silken touch will just tease her choot. Soon she was mad. She was
begging me to suck her hard and who was I to deny my bhabhi. I parted
her choot lips and pushed my tongue deep. I was licking wall of her
choot full of feel of Jiju's Lund and made taste double. Soon she too
had started licking me and we continued doing 69. When I paused for a
breather and looked up Jiju was sitting with his Lund in full
erection looking at our Sapphic play. But his eyes were riveted on
Bhabhi's gaand. I knew what he wanted. I gave him a thumbs up sign
and pointed toward sBhabhi's gaand. He nodded smiling. Who was to
deny y Jiju. My tongue came out and fro rubbing her clit I went to
her asshole. She was wriggling but my tongue was teasing Bhabhi
there. I took out a lot of saliva and let my tongue took it to
Bhabhi's asshole. At that time my fingers were rolling pulling
pinching her pink swollen clit so she was going mad. Bhabhi too was
sucking my choot hard. I brought back my tongue to choot and again
pushed it in. I lubricated it with Bhabhi's russ and Jijus; cum
still in Bhabhi's s choot and brought it back to bhabhis gaand. After
licking her there for some time my fingers took charge and I slowly
pushed one finger in. Bhabhi was almost going berserk with my sucking
and licking. Now my tongue was fucking her choot and index finger was
fucking her gaand. When she will be on the brink I will lift my face
from her choot blow a bit and start very slowly. But I realized time
is ripe. I took her clit between my lips and started sucking. I had
called Jiju closer whose Lund was almost near Bhabhis gaand. My lips
were sucking nibbling tongue was flirting and she was on the verge. I
parted her gaand and Jiju now his Lund coated with Vaseline, pushed.
I bit her clit and she came. And at the same time Jiju shoved his
Lund in side her gaand, tearing her sphincter. She could not do
anything as my full weight was on her and with my full force I was
holding her chootar. Jiju too was holding her waist and in second
attempt half of Lund was in. She was abusing me and screaming Chinar,
khud to gadhe ka Lund ghontati hai, abhi to meri gaand main ungli
bhin nahi gayi thi. I was giggling and telling her Bhabhi Nandoi ka
maja lena hai to poora lo na. I began licking her softly and Jiju was
paying fyll attention to bhabhi;s choonchi, with full knowledge that
now his lund is securely riveted in her gaand and whatever wriggling
she may do she can not get it out. Bhabhi too reconciled and started
enjoying her gaand marai. After waiting for some time Jiju shoved
full lund and was buggering her in frenzy. I got up and was enjoying
the view. Bhabhi started enjoying this new experience and soon was
moaning. Jiju had started finger fucking her with three fingers in he
bur deep. It went on and on. When Jiju came, he again after flooding
her gaand brought rest of cum on her choonchi.
And surprisingly even Neelu didi was not spared in spite of her
condition. When KD was fucking Cheenu hard, my pati came to go to
bath room and Neelu didi was coming out and soon he not only made her
suck him but fucked her sexy choonchi. Thus all of us enjoyed our
Next day was time for parting. I winked at Ravi and said You
promised something special for my pati and they promised next time
surely it will be done. We all laughed except my poor pati, who was
saved. I invited Ravi jija to come to us and my pati too extended it
to Cheenu didi. Ravi was looking forward and gladly accepted. Neelu
didi pinched me and said, chinalo tum don ne maja liya aur main hi
bhukhi rah gayi. My pati told KD Jija hey why you don't come along
with Neelu too first time all the sisters will be together in holi.
And KD looking at me and Cheenu and understanding what chances Holi
will bring accepted saying holi is on 6thMarcha and we will be there
by 4th march on Thursday. I asked Chavi, what is your programme; you
will be coming back on 3rd from Honey moon. My brother said, actually
I have taken too much leave and I will be reporting back on 4th but
that is a non family station so I can not keep her there we were
thinking about it may be .Chavi Bhabhi interjected and said may be I
can go to my parents place. We all laughed Neelu didi squeezed her
choonchi and said Banno bahhot din tak bahiyon se choonchi dabvaai
holi main. I said hey why don't you drop Chavi at my place it is in
your way too. They agreed. Cheenu teased her , hey bhabhi teen
nandoi se mukabla hoga. I jested , ek aage se , Neelu didi said
doosara piche se aur Rashmi Bhabhi completed teesara munh main. And
we all laughed. Cahvi bahbi becoming barve said what do you feel
salhaj Salli se kamjor nahi hoti.
When we were going Ravi Jija whispered in my ears," Jao jao bhukhe
sher se pala padega". And I smiled, dreaming about coming holi on 6th


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taxindia has hacked the reps databasetaxindia has hacked the reps databasetaxindia has hacked the reps databasetaxindia has hacked the reps databasetaxindia has hacked the reps databasetaxindia has hacked the reps databasetaxindia has hacked the reps database
Mom At The Farm House

Ajay is my best friend. He was my school buddy and we were in the hostel together. After school he joined his fathers business and I came to my home town. When my family was in a very bad financial state as my father wouldn't work and a time came when we had to sell off our house to save ourselves, I had asked help from Ajay and without any hesitation he had given us the money to save our house.

I was so thankful that I didn't wait when he invited me over to his plush farm house in the suburbs. I hadn't seen him for years now and we had just kept in touch on the phone. I was happy to meet him and even thank him personally for saving our house. I arrived at his place on Friday night and we talked and talked remembering all our school time pranks and stuff. We talked well into the next morning.

There was no one else in the farm house, we had to order the food from a nearby restaurant and we were just by ourselves. We had by now finished talking and felt it would be good to go into town just for fun. Ajay took his car and we went into town, he said he had some urgent business and went into a building and came back within 10 minutes and then we got something to eat. After a couple of hours we were back at the farm house. It was 10 pm.

Ajay said he had a surprise for me. He led me to a big bedroom in the far end of the house and opened the door. A aurat wearing a sari was lying on her side facing the other way.

The worst thing was I couldn't see her face. Anyways Ajay had other plans. He took me to the adjoining room and what I saw from there I couldn't believe. I was looking into the previous room and I could still see the aurat lying there but to my dismay again I was positioned at the foot of the bed. I was scared watching, as I didn't want to get caught watching some aurat sleeping. That is when Ajay told me to relax, he said that it was a one way mirror and his father had got it fitted for obvious reasons and now we could use it. He said the aurat was for our pleasure and he had arranged for her when we had gone to town. He said she was real nice and it was heavenly to fuck her. He had been calling for her services regularly.

He said he would go in first and then when he finished he would call me. Till then if I wanted I could watch all the fun from here. I sat down on the big couch right in front of the one way mirror as I saw Ajay entering the room. The aurat got up this time. As she turned to face Ajay I saw her face for the first time. My heart jumped a beat to see my amma, Girija , standing there with Ajay. He had put his hand on her shoulders and was talking to her. It is now that I realized where my amma would go when she said she had to go to her relatives on the weekends. Times were bad for us and she had suffered a lot so no one objected that she had to go and no one made any enquiries about her. Everything came back so clearly now. I was shocked and wanted to go into that room immediately but then I thought of Ajay, what he would think. We would lose all our respect in front of him. So I just sat there looking on as Ajay unknowingly was kissing my amma.

He started with the kissing but soon his hands were on her big chootads. He was squeezing her ass as he chooma her. The way he was gripping her ass made her sari rise up and exposes her calves. She was also kissing him like a sex hungry slut. He left her and sat on the bed, she meanwhile started taking off her sari. She threw it on the floor. Next she unhooked her blouse and then off came her bra. She had the most perfect tits , big areolas and huge choochees pointing out giving evidence that she was excited as well.Then she untied her petticoat and stepped out of it.

Till then Ajay had taken off his pants and shirt and was completely nude. My mom kneeled down in front of him and took his lund in her hands. This caused her big tits to sway sideways . She was jerking him off, and then she came a little lower and started sucking him. I was dazed to see her having oral sex, she seemed so holy and prim to do such things. Ajay had closed his eyes and was enjoying her sucking his lund. He then made her stand in front of him and put his hands behind her to clutch at her ass cheeks and pull her near him. He was nuzzling her choot mound with his nose. Smelling her while he tried to shove his finger into her ass thru the pink panties she was still wearing. After a while he pulled them down and I got to see my mom's ass. Ajay put his fingers into her choot, rubbing her cunt wildly. My mom was holding her hand over his preventing him from hurting her cunt in that frenzy.

Ajay left her choot, shifted up and lay on the bed. I could see his hard lund bobbing while my mom also got on the bed. She started from his legs, licking him al over his thighs, tatte, lund then onto his stomach and chest. All this while I could see her big ass which was towards me and as she was bending down to lick him, I could see her wet sloppy choot lips too. She was clean shaven. When she had licked him all over she positioned herself over him and guided his lund into her choot. Ajay was inside my amma's cunt. She banged down her ass on his ass, wildly fucking him. He was holding on to her ass cheeks, spreading them or he would grab her tits. After a few strokes she turned around while Ajay slept in the same position. Now she was facing me and I could see his lund going into her cunt and her cunt forming a pink ring around his lund.

She bounced up and down, massaging his tatte while getting fucked. Ajay couldn't hold on much longer. He got her to sleep on her back and thrust his lund into her fuck hole. He must have hardly banged her five times that he was Cumming into her cunt. My mom lay with her legs spread wide apart as he shot his semen into her. He fell on her exhausted.

A little while later I saw him walk out of the room. He came into my room and said he had finished and I could have my turn. I couldn't refuse him. As I stepped into that room my mom just sat there with her mouth open in surprise. She suddenly realized that her son and his friend had hired her for the fuck. I just motioned her to be quite and then she realized that it was the same friend I had told about who saved our house. She just lay back as Ajay said " Girija, this is my best friend and I want you to give him the fuck of his life". I had a terrible hard on. I just opened my pants and climbed up on her. Her cunt was full of Ajay's semen; I shoved my hard lund into it. Ajay stood there watching. For him it was just another whore getting fucked by his friend. But for me I was fucking my own mom. I raised her legs a bit and ploughed her hard and fast and came inside her.

I didn't even look at her while I was Cumming. I got off her and went into the other room. I could see from there she got up; the semen was dribbling down her thighs as she went to clean up.

Ajay said I could take the other room as he said he was going in for another round. He said the whore was hired for the whole night.

I was too tired and this was too much for me so I got into the other room and went to sleep but not before I saw Ajay and my naked mom get on the bed.

In the morning I said good bye to Ajay and thanked him once again for the good time I had and also for his timely help. Ajay said his agent was just leaving for town and he would drop me. I said good bye once again and walked to the gate where the Sumo was waiting as I got in I got a real shock. My mom Girija was also there, sitting in the back seat.

I didn't show any recognition and she put her head down as soon as she saw me getting in. The agent greeted me with a wink towards my mom and said his name was Raghu. "So enjoyed your stay, did you?" he asked. I mumbled a yes. He also didn't know the aurat sitting behind was my mom. He went on "She is really nice, hot body and hot fuck". I couldn't even shut the guy up as it would open out our secret. So I listened to him silently as he described my mom to me in the dirtiest way.

He was at the wheel, just before starting he turned around and told my mom to give him his share. My mom quietly took out 1000 bucks and gave him. That is when I came to know that he was actually her pimp and he was arranging all these rich customers like Ajay and taking a share out of my mom's earning.

Raghu got his share and started the Sumo; we were more than 100 miles from the town. So I just settled down in my seat as we began our journey. I was getting horny thinking about how I had fucked my own amma last night and more horny thinking of how Ajay was fucking her without the slightest hint that she was my amma. Meanwhile Raghu was talking of how everything had become expensive and local stuff to which he would ask some question to me or to my mom. My mom would just nod her head from the behind seat.

After a while Raghu asked if I can drive a car and I said yes. He immediately stopped the Sumo at the road side and got down, He said he was a little tired and again he winked saying he was going to get some rest. I got into the driver's seat and Raghu got in behind with my mom. She looked a bit scared, at that time I wanted to tell him to get back but then again I hesitated. I started the car and we were on our way again.

I adjusted the mirror in the car so I could see what was going on at the back. Just then Raghu said "So you enjoyed last night eh?" and with that he slapped my mom's fat thigh. He kept his hand there only. I said yes and kept driving. Then he said "I also need some". He started massaging her thigh over her sari. My mom sat quite as he roamed his hands all over her thighs. In a mocking way he asked me "you don't mind right if I get some fun" I just said go ahead. I couldn't believe myself I was telling some stranger to go ahead and fondle my amma.

It excited me to see some unknown person rubbing my mom's thighs. Raghu now put his hand under her pallu and started rubbing her tits. He turned towards her and with both hands dabaaya her boobs; he was doing it so hard that my amma winced as he attacked her tits. He then caught hold of the end of the sari and lifted it from her legs. My mom pushed his hands back and straightened her sari over her legs. Raghu said why you have to feel shy, who is here. "This guy" he said pointing towards me" has already fucked you and he has seen all parts of your tharkee body". My mom kept quite. Raghu now once again lifted up her sari along with her petticoat unto her waist. He bunched up the sari and petticoat at her waist so it wouldn't slip down. Now he had access to her thick thighs, they looked so milky white and Raghu was fondling them, roaming his hands over her panty covered choot mound and sometimes between her inner thighs.

I couldn't keep my eyes on the road; it was getting very difficult to drive with this guy molesting my amma in the back seat. Raghu slid down the seat a little and opened his pants. He took out his hard lund then holding my mom by her hair he pushed her down on his lund. She worked on his tatte for a few minutes and then she slid her mouth up his shaft and started to flick her tongue over the head. My mom then opened her sweet lips and let his lund into her mouth. Raghu shut his eyes to enjoy the wet blowjob more.

My mom's head was bobbing up and down on his lund as he held her hair to pull her down on him. After a while he pulled out of her mouth and sat straight. He wanted to finish off now as he was too horny. He put his hands under my mom's big ass and lifted her a bit so he could pull her panties off. With one forceful tug he pulled her panties down exposing her cunt, she was completely shaved and the puffy outer part of her choot was dark like her skin but the slight peek I got at the flesh inside was pink and it looked wet. The push made her lose her balance and fall sideways on to the seat. Raghu caught her at her thighs and shifted her so that she was spread all over the back seat. He put her one leg over the back rest and dived onto her choot. He bit her choot lips and licked her making her moan.

Raghu was going wild with lust. He didn't care if he was being watched by me. My amma too was by now enjoying the tongue lashing she was getting. She would lift her ass, shoving her cunt into his face. By now Raghu's face was covered with her juices. He got up from her cunt and wiped his wet face on the bunched up sari.

He then put his hands under her big chootads and lifted up her ass. He had his lund pointing towards her wet hole. But in that odd position his lund wouldn't go into her cunt. I was again surprised to see my mom taking his lund in her hand and guiding it into her steamy entrance and watched as he pushed forward. The dark petals of her choot opened up and the fat head of his black lund dabaaya inside.

Raghu pushed forward hard, forcing his lund into her bit by bit. She sighed again, eyes closed as she embraced the feeling of slowly being filled up. She was so turned on, so wet that her choot seemed to pull him into her. Finally, he was inside her to the hilt.

He kept himself deep inside her hole, and she opened her eyes, looking at him. Raghu began to slide his rock hard member in and out of her hungry cunt, using short strokes.

She stretched her feet out behind him as he hammered into her helpless cunt a little harder. He was now using full thrusts, his long lund pulling almost entirely out of her choot before slamming back into her. Raghu showed no mercy, driving his rock hard lund deep inside her relentlessly.

After a few strokes his lund ejaculated violently inside her. He moaned his lund spasming as hot cum shot into her choot. He remained inside her until every last drop of his hot fluid trickled into her.

Raghu pulled out his lund only after it had gone limp. He wiped himself on my mom's sari and sat up. My mom lay there with his cum flowing out of her cunt. Raghu told me to stop the car. He came up front and said that now I could have my turn and to get in the back seat. I was turned on and couldn't refuse. This was the second time I was getting to fuck my mom's cum filled cunt.

I got behind as Raghu started the car. Raghu yelled back" Girija give the young guy a good time". I took out my lund; I wanted so badly to turn her and fuck her big ass doggy style but didn't want to talk now. I just shoved my lund into her wet greasy cunt. It was hot with all that fluid inside her. I fucked her with all that wet stuff clinging onto my lund. I didn't last very long. I emptied my tatte and got up. We just straightened up. My mom pulled her sari down and I stuck my lund back into my pants.

We neared our street and Raghu dropped my mom there. That was the pick up point. Then I got off at another street and I said I would walk it to my house from there. I reached home before my mom got there. She came in later very tired.

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Indian Son Rapes His Amma

I am Rohit, 22 years old software professional, living in New Delhi, India. My story is about my Mom who now is 48 years old. My mom is very pretty but quiet bulky as most of the Indian women in there late 40's, she is 5"6 feet with a heavy body frame, she has black hairs and brown eyes, She is very fair and one thing which I like most about her is her big boobs, they are 42 D (that's what mentioned on her bra)!!

I managed to peek into the bathroom a lot of times when she went for changing clothes and taking bath but one day I saw her removing her big bra that was the first time I saw her big boobs naked and God they were so big and look so soft I wish if I can fuck them right away! The choochees were big and dark pink and the areolas were at least 3 inches in diameter dark brown in colour, they were so white and clean I wish if I can rape my mom for them. Since That day I started to think a lot about my mom and started masturbating with a picture of her big white melons in my mind. I was desperate to do anything which can bring my dick between her boobs. I decided to do something and that led me to do something silly like trying to expose my erection to her etc.

It all started the day I have taken my off from job as it was winters me and my mom were sitting in our terrace taking sun, she was busy in weaving woolen and I was watching her boobs which were making me crazy and hard I spread my legs so that she can see my erection in boxer shorts and I was successful in it as she was also seeing it in between and at the same time I was pretending to be enjoying sun with closed eyes, after about 15 min I started getting wet and stains of precum were visible on my boxers, that was the turning point as she broke the ice by saying, Rohit you should massage your body as it is dry and rough, you should be extra careful during winters, I replied in careless manner saying that I hate to put oil, then she said that she can massage it for me when I resisted, she insisted that makes me think that something is going to happen so I agreed and got the bottle of mustard oil from the bathroom. I removed my t-shirt and now I was only in a thin boxer which was showing all my erection to the most fuckable lady in my life my amma.

She started massaging on my back first then on my thighs and then on my chest I noticed that she was very interested in feeling my hairy chest as she kept on massaging there for solid 10 min, then she moved her hands near my inner thighs and that was it for my I shot my cum and now it was clearly visible and in fact starting to flow thru my inner thighs as soon she saw my thick cum she nervously stand up and asked me to take bath. I was so horny that I took bath without closing the door of my bathroom, praying that if she can come and see my hard dick but she never came. After bath she in fact gave me loose boxer and a t-shirt to wear and she gave some food for lunch after that I went for a sleep or that what I pretended at least.

I was still getting hard on thinking about what happened earlier and I decided to do something for myself. As soon as she came to sleep besides me I lifted my Boxer so that my hard dick was fully exposed to her. I was still pretending to be in fast sleep but I was very well aware that she is watching my big dick I can even hear her taking heavy breaths and then I felt her hand over my dick for a fraction of a second and then I hear the sound of door shutting. I understood that she was nervous and confused and that's why she left the room just after touching my dick, but it all made me so horny that I immediately masturbated and exploded my load on my chest.

All this happenings in one day made me mad and I was sure of one thing that I am gonna fuck her even if I have to rape her. The next day also I took a day off and excused that it is Saturday so I will have 3 days off in row. After breakfast she went to the bathroom for a shower and I went to my favorite place of peeking that is the window of the bathroom with a small hole, I was very horny and was determined to do anything at that time, she removed her gown and then her panties and then she turned towards the window and removed her bra.

Man that was the best view of her tits I had till that time and I was about to shoot my load after that she turned the shower on and started taking the bath after five minutes she laid herself on the floor facing her choot towards me with the shower still and then she spread her legs and started caressing her choot lips Labia Majora and Minora I always liked her boobs because they were so big and sag a little but her cunt was in fact more beautiful than her tits as the cunt lips were so big and were spreading like anything they were dark brown in colour and I swear that it was the biggest cunt I have ever seen till date!!

I presume she must have taken a dick of a horse to make her cunt so big, but now I was sure that I am gonna ram my thick dick in that beautiful cunt of my mom. After playing with herself for another five minutes her body jerked and I heard low moan from her mouth I knew she had cum after that she stayed there for another 5 minutes and dried her body with the towel her boobs were looking more fresh after that warm water bath. She wore a sari and came out at that time I was all set for the biggest fun of my life and was worried about the consequences also, as soon she came out I called her in my room and she entered my room casually and asked if I want anything I said I know what you want and I just saw what you did in the bathroom, she was horrified and asked how did you saw she almost screamed in anger.

I immediately slapped her and threw her on the bed she was in a state of shock and then I laid myself on her forcing her to spread her legs, she was screaming and then I gave her two more solid slaps and now she started crying a screaming I placed my lips on her she started to spit and then I tore her clothes at that time I have to really fight hard against her.

Her bra was exposed and the big melons were fighting to come out from the bra I just snapped the front portion of the bra and they were exposed I started licking and sucking them she started screaming again and was abusing me I almost gave a punch on her jaw and then she was quiet but still crying her tears were rolling down from her cheeks but I was enjoying those fuckable tits and the large areolas she had I literally bite her choochees so hard that they started to bleed she was still crying like maniacs without wasting any time I pulled her panty down and threw it on the floor she was fighting to get freed by moving her legs and by pushing me away from her body her white boobs were now bleeding because of my nonhuman behaviour but I wanted her so badly that I didn't even cared about her then I took my face near her choot which was hairless and clean shaved I took my tongue out and placed it in between of those beautiful and very big lips of her choot she was salty there but I kept on licking I can still hear her crying but for me she was the fucking whore I wanna screw.

In a hurry I undid my @jeans and took my dick out which was wet with the pre cum and within one second my dick was inside my moms hot choot it was so smooth I started ramming her cunt inside out she was still crying and screaming and that in fact now added a bonus in my pleasure I took my mouth towards her sore choochees and big areolas they were bleeding but I still sucked her tasting her blood as well. I was sucking her choochees, squeezing her boobs and fucking her cunt at the same time and I was feeling to be the happiest man on earth as my desire of fucking my amma came true.

At that point it was seeming like that either she is enjoying the strokes from my thick dick or she is mentally prepared to get fucked by me as she was not screaming and abusing me anymore though she was still crying. I felt the pressure building up on my tatte and I knew I am gonna cum now, I took my shaft out which was now shining because of my precum and my ammas choot juices it was all wet.

I put it over her mouth and pressed it so that she can take it inside, she resisted by not opening her mouth and then I pulled her hair, she opened her mouth took it deep inside but she was still not sucking it and that irritated me and I started pumping my dick in her mouth as if I was fucking her mouth and four strokes and my hot cum started exploding inside her mouth and she tried to spit but was I vain and it started flowing on her cheeks she was looking very tharkee that time I chooma her on her lips and tasted my own cum in fact I swallowed a little bit of it too and it tasted great.

I started kissing my mom on her lips in fact smooch will be the right word and our tongues were touching each others with my cum in both of our mouths it was not nasty but it made me hard again. I again inserted it in her choot this time it was more smooth and easy, I was sure she has taken it accepted as she knew I am gonna fuck her till the time I want, as many times as I want and if she screams she will get another blow on her face. Her Boobs now looked more big because of swelling by torture I did on them and her choochees were now at least 1 1/2 inches erect and swollen they were now dark pink in colour, while I was fucking I continued squeezing her boobs and sucking them, my actions and fucking were to much for her as her face was dark red and she was breathing heavily.

Fucking her now was easy as she was not screaming and was not pushing me with her legs, this time when I reached climaxed I saw her body jerked the way it jerked in the bathroom when she was masturbating, I understood that this time she is also cumming and I wanted to taste her juices as soon as I came inside her I started licking her choot lips and tasted sweet and salty juices of her and my sperms she was now enjoying as she were moving her fingers on my hair and fore head I continued to drink her juices and eat her choot for another five minutes and I heard a low moan from her mouth similar to the one I heard at the window of the bathroom, she came again this time her juices were more visible and salty, it was thick and almost transparent in colour I drunk it till it flowed from her big choot lips. I got another hard on and I was interested in a blowjob this time

Without saying a word I put my hard lund again on her mouth and she took it instantly this time she sucked like a whore in fact she even used her teeth which make my dick more hard then she even used her tongue over my dicks head and started moving her head in a rhythmic movement.

I was going to come again and I exploded once again in her mouth and this time she swallowed each and every drop of my sperm. I knew that she enjoyed what I did to her and will not complain to my dad or anyone else but now I felt sorry for being so rough with her. She was looking at me with a strange look a mixture of desire, love and anger chooma on her lips again and this time ever since our love making session or her rape to be precise she spoke

she said " why you did this to me", you did to your amma" why?

I replied " I like you and I loved your body and I was getting disturbed by thinking about you so I did what I wanted' then she said that what if she tells this to my dad,

I said " I am sure you are not that stupid because if you will tell this it won't be good for anyone of us more over we won't be able to do what we did today.

she looked at me and said " are you going to do this again?"

I replied " only if you agree in future and I promise we both will enjoy each and every moment"

she was quiet and for positive I knew I had made her satisfied and she will always be sucking and fucking my dick happily.

Since that incident we fucked almost everyday and we even did a lot of experiments including anal sex. I never wore condom and always ejaculated inside her.

Guys and Gals you must be feeling strange or bad about what happened but remember one thing God made Man and Women, man and women made relations. So don't mind fucking your amma or sister and for girls they should try father and brothers. Enjoy Incest as it is the Best thing you can feel.

Ch 2

It's me Rohit again, after screwing her for almost four months I realized that she was getting more tharkee and concisous about her looks. She startted exercise and jogging and within next three weeks she lost almost 20 pounds that made her look more pretty but I was concerned about the size of her white mellons, I was more worried if she lost flab on her stans. So, I asked her to take care of her boobs so that I can enjoy sqeezing and fucking them.

I was fucking her almost everyday and ejaculated inside her every time and she was also crazy about my dick and eagerly took inside her warm mouth. It was going fine until one day we planned a trip to Las Vegas as my friends and her sister lived in Las Vegas so, we thought it will be fun as we want to visit USA for a long time, it was almost two years since we left India for abroad. My Dad was as usual busy in his Farm Product Industry so he arranged Tickets and Visa for us and preffered to stay back in Punjab (India). We took a flight for san francisco thru Lufthansa Airlines, as it was Lufthansa we had a stop at Frankfurt airport for 12 hours.

Me and my mom both were quiet thrilled as it was a feeling of freedom as no one known to us was there so getting a chance of being caught doing kissing and petting was almost nil. we took a local cab arranged by the airline to go and see a famous brew of german wines, all the time she in Cab she was kissing me and put her head on my shoulder and I was leaving no moment to press her boobs with my hands, The Cab driver was youngman and he was reacting to our behaviour quiet normally. After reaching the wineyards we tasted the famous sparkling wine of germany which was smoother than frech wine bourduex!!

Any way after that we went to the shopping plaza where I asked my amma to buy to buy some @jeans and t shirts which she agreed to buy only if they look good on her while buying t shirts my preference was to buy round neck thin cotton t shirts rather than polos. After having lunch in a luxurious restraunt we went back to air port.

At airport I asked her to change the dress and wear one of the t shirts we bought earlier that day. she went to the ladies rest room and changed her dress and rather look,. She was now looking more tharkee as she was wearing grey t shirt which was a little tight from her bust. I was astonished to see her looking like brand new bitch and I asked her to go backi n rest room and remove her bra, after much request she agreed to remove it and when she returned back her Boobs were bouncing and fighting to come out from the thin tshirt I got instant hardon seeing her and then and wanted to tear her t-shirt right away but we have to take off for USA.

On the plane I controlled my feelings and my hands as well, as her big stans were bouncing and loose because of no bra, I infact noticed that few male passengers give her a nasty look like they want to fuck her boobs for anything. I was counting seconds to reach states as I wanted ramm my thick dick in her Big cunt lipps. The journey finaly ended and we reached sanfrancisco, I called my friend and told that we will join him once we will see sanfrancisco this was actually not planned but we need more freedom for our incestous relationship, so we decided to fuckaround for two days then we will go to my friends place.

We took a cheap motel owned by some mexican though there were not many guests but the bed sheets were clean and thats all we needed. as soon as I payed for two days rent on the reception, I almost raced to get inside the room were my fucking slut with really big Stans and Juicy big cunt was waiting to get fucked. I literally torned her tshirt and start squeezing her boobs like maniacs and she seem to enjoy this as she now knew my lovemaking art and style.

She was screaming in joy and I was pumping her right in her cunt with every time I pumped my Thick dick she scremed in pleasure, making her big boobs moving up and down, we were aware that anyone passing by our room can hear our Moans and Groans easily but we were least worried about that as none knows that we were Amma and Son I was ramming my dick for almost 5 minutes and squeezing her Big Stans at the same time, there was no point of cumming for me and that made my Amma cum two times I can now see my dick going inside and coming outside of Very Big Cunt with big lipps of Labia soaked in sweet juices seeing that made me get down and ate her cunt for another 5 minutes giving her another orgasm, I swallowed each and every drop of her cum juice and rubbed some of it on my Dick which was now wet and shining and then I inserted it in her mouth which she took eagerly and started stroking with her hands and expert mouth, in less then two minutes I came in her mouth and she swallowed most of my juice and some flowed from her mouth to cheeks. She was looking fucking slut which can do anything ti get laid and I was happy to fuck her so bad that she somtimes literraly begged to get my rod in her cunt.

In those two days I fucked her almost 9 times and made her choot lipps more big as my constant fucking and sucking made them swollan and red. I borrowed a office ruler for measureing the length of cunt lipps from the reception of the motel and when I measure it was God three Inches big. God Three inches big of two lipps and in between them my Thick Penis made me horny like any thing. on our last night in the motel I wanted to fuck her so badly as I knew that fucking her in Las Vegas will be difficult as we may not get enough time in privacy.

We both took bath together and dried eachother with towels. we were without clothes as they were useless for us at that time, I pushed her back and teased her big choot lipps with head of my penis, she was aroused as she was moaning loudle and then in a moment she came, I lowered my head and started to drink her tapakati choot lipps my toungue was playing in between her long lipps and suddenly I got a wild idea I inserted my three fingures and then four and after that my whole palm by this time she was screaming in joy she was saying "Yes I like it, aur ander apna haath dalo" I inserted my hand further and she became so horny that she was shivering with joy I pressed my right hand further and her face become dark red then I started pumping her cunt with my hand and she screamed every second of it. in less than a minute I felt hot juice flowing on my palm and my hand, she orgasmed when itook my hand out from her cunt, it was fully lubed with her juices and licked it clean.

That night we did anal sex also though I ejaculated inside her asshole but I never enjoted anal sex as anus is dry and rough unlike choot's wetness and smoothness and my amma told me that she also don't enjoy as most of the part of anus is not as sensitive to respond penis insertion as cunt inner walls.

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