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Old 10th March 2005
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Suhaag Raat with my mom-in-law (Contd.)

That was such a lucky break for me since for the first time I could get a
full view of mummy-ji's gore gore fleshy bottoms that were so
round that they made a lovely deep valley where her thighs met her
bottom. I went down and licked mummy-ji's bottom. They were so
that I could not help but to dig my teeth in them and move my tongue
on the deep valley till it touched mummy-ji's cute cunt. Mummy-ji
kept on her cries and moaning. I then climbed on her back and ran my
fingers over her well-shaped back-bone till I reached her soft
bottoms that I caressed and pinched. Then, I asked her to part her
legs and pushed my mighty penis from behind into her cunt. She never
thought that I could reach her cunt from behind and screamed loudly
out of surprise. She had some more orgasms and I had my fifth that

I was surprised that I wasn't feeling exhausted at all after all
sex. We were sweating but were in no way tired of having sex. Naked
soft body of my darling mom-in-law was enticing me to exploit it some
newer ways. That is when I thought of fucking her under the open sky.
My new house had a large backyard. It was well past midnight and moon
was shining bright. I suggested mom-in-law that we should sleep out
in open for sometime. She readily agreed. Though it was very hot and
humid monsoon day, nights were very cool due to occasional rains. I
had a tremendous urge to sleep naked while she was too scared to do
so. Ultimately, I convinced her to just wrap my unstitched polyester
loongi from behind, then around her body covering her large breasts
with a knot behind her neck. I wrapped a small towel around my
waist. We decided to lie on the green grass. Not a soul was around
and even if someone was to see us in dark, they would just feel that
I am enjoying with my wife since my mom-in-law had same body
structure though looked much more sexy.

Once out in open, I immediately discarded my towel and stretched
myself on the grass. "Bada besharam hain mera jamai" she said
blushing. My darling mom-in-law also stretched besides me and like a
magnet threw mulayam half-covered body over my nakedness. My naked
erection was sheltered under her beautiful fleshy thighs that were
exposed from wrapped loongi. In fact, her cunt bushes were also out
of the cover as she stretched her legs across my body her bushes
brushed against my underbelly. Her heaving breasts were looking
seductive under the thin cloth of loongi on the background of her
fair-colored bare shoulders that were shining in the moonlight.
Gentle breeze was spreading romantic exotic fragrance of raat-rani
flowers. My opulent mom-in-law covered in a thin wrap and I were
lying under the open sky and my cock muscles were so tight and rigid
that my cock was making erotic jumps and was pounding soft velvety
thighs of my sexy mom-in-law. That made her horny and she turned
towards me and leaned her boobs on my chest and started running her
hand over my belly since my erect cock was already in her grip under
her plump thighs. I also started caressing her bare back and feeling
and biting her boobs and stiff nipples from the thin cover.
ji, your boobs are even bigger than Zinat Aman's." "Chalo
hato! Meze
sharam aati hain." she said. I wanted to make her naked in the
air. She was too scared to do it.

But, nature came to my help and it started drizzling. Erotic smell of
wet soil increased the passion. Rain increased in intensity and in no
time my mom-in-law's loongi was so wet that it showed all the
and deep valleys of her gorgeous body. The grass and soil on which we
were sleeping were wet too. She wanted to go inside but I said no. I
hugged her drenched body tightly in my arms while she tried to get
out of my grasp to go in a shelter. I squeezed her so tightly that
she tripped over in the wet mud. Now, I became aggressive and climbed
over her from behind like a nude tiger and started molesting her.
Thin loongi covering her lovely body got haywire and her plump round
bottom got exposed and was rubbing against my huge cock. Her body
moved with sweet pain and as she gave up I was on my back with my
dear mom-in-law sleeping on her back over me in my embrace. My naked
body and her half-naked body were completely covered by wet mud.
While the drizzle washed some of our mud, I bit her body all over as
the sight of my semi-nude sweetheart mom-in-law in wet attire just
made my cock go in my head! She was mad with passion too. Taking that
chance, I licked and bit her back and then started struggling with
the knot of her loogi behind her neck. "Na, jamai raajaa, mere
na nikaalo …please … please muze sharam aati hain" she
said. "Sasuji,
kya maine aapko nanga kabhi dekha nahi hain? Aaj saari raat aap mere
aagosh main nangihi to thi." "Haan mere jamaai raajaa. Par
khuleme mere kapade naa utaaro Please …." "Sasuji, aap to
sapanoki nangi pari ho! Aur main bhi to nanga hoon" By this time,
had undone her knot but she was holding the loogi over her
breast. "Mere raajaa, please aise bhare bazaar nangaa naa karo
muze .." I was like a mad naked dog wild with desire to mate and
inseminate my mom-in-law. "No … I want to fuck you here in
…" "Mere kamu tum muze nanga kare bagairbhi to apna mota
pipe mere
yonime daal sakate ho." She was now standing in the mud, holding
her loongi tightly, trying to free herself from my hug. Mummyji was
looking hundred times sexier than Mandakini! I was holding her
tightly from behind. I continued biting her open back and molesting
her half covered bottoms and tried my best to snatch the loongi from
her supple body without success. My huge cock that was rubbing
against her spongy bottoms was just barking to get inside her hot
cunt but I wanted to strip her naked out in open first. I then
started rubbing my hand on her slightly protruding belly and smooth
underbelly, running my fingers through the bushes over her cunt and
then thrust my finger in her cunt while she continued to plead me not
to make her naked in open. But, as soon as I started massaging her
cunt, her resistance stopped and she started moaning. As I saw her
getting in the trance, I then came to her front and dropped on my
knees and started licking her belly, underbelly and then dipped my
tongue in her love-valley by putting my face underneath her open
legs. My lips kissed and sucked her cunt-lips. She started oozing
her "kheer" that I willingly swallowed. She was completely in
She got multiple orgasms and while her cunt was gushing out cum, I
slowly pulled down her loongi from her gori mulaym body and my
darling mom-in-law was standing nude under the open sky. "Sasuji,
have Dimple's hair, face and shoulders, Mandakini's
Zinat's boobs and Madhuri's deep navel and underbelly. I am
lucky to have such a sexy mom-in-law like you. You look sexy in sari
and deep-neck blouse that you wear, but when you are naked, you are
my sex-godess. Let me make this suhaag raaat of ours memorable."
felt weak with passion and sat down in the mud. Now, I was all set to
fuck the hell out of her drenched in mud and water. I pushed her down
in the mud and her open hair were soaked in mud and so was her
bottom. I then tore her legs apart like a victor and rode her like a
naked hungry cheetah. She screamed loudly. I pounded her cunt with
such power that she started howling loudly. Luckily, sound of rain
helped hide her screams. I picked some mud and started rubbing it on
her belly and large milk-vessels while tearing her cunt walls cruelly
with my flaming rod. I came in her once but sight of my undressed
naked mom-in-law lying in open in my back-yard in the mud had made me
so horny that I continued to hammer her slut till I came the second
time. My darling sasuji was in heaven and was completely in my
control now. I then mixed some of my cum in the mud that I had rubbed
on her body and then mounting her breasts snatched her by her hair
and I thrust my cock in her mouth. She, like a slave, started sucking
my dick that reached deep in her throat, soon getting a flood of
fresh hot cum.

After lying out in open in rain and mud for a long time, I spread a
nylon cot on the lawn and we moved on it still getting drenched in
the downpour of rain. It was nearly 2 o'clock. "Raaja,
Tumhari muze
khuleme nanga karneki tammanna to safal ho gayi. muze ab thik tarah
nehelao." "Gladly, mummyi-ji." I said. She was still
partly covered
mixture of mud and my cum. She pulled the drenched loongi over her
partially covering her gora badan. I was also looking like a naked
monkey with my semi-erect cock, pointing straight at her as I lay
facing her. "Raaja, tumne to mere muhme aur yonime itna simen
hain, ki main fir ekbar maa ban sakti hoon" "Haan, main ek
pandrah baar kabhbhi aaya nahin hoon." "Itni sawaarian
karkebhi jaag
raha hain mere raajaka ghoda?" she said cuddling my cock.
chikni nangi saasumaake nazdik rahate hue, kis jamaikea ghoda so
sakata hain?" I asked her kissing on her two fluttering and
pigeons and caressing her slightly protruding underbelly. "On one
condition, I will bathe you … we will bathe here … out in
open." "Kaammmooo …". But she did not say "NO".
I then, went in and
fetched a bottle of shampoo and body wash and a sponge. I made mom-in-
law lie on her back on the cot and I removed loongi from her body.
Her lovely pointed tits faced the open sky. I then stretched next to
her and poured liquid soap on her large birds, velvety belly and
silky cunt-bushes and started rubbing it with the rain water.
"Ooh …
oooh … mmere raajaa …" she started making sexy sounds again.
made my cock fully erect and it started dancing. She also got horny
again and pulled me over her body. I slid over her soapy body and my
upright cock was rubbing all over her soft fleshy belly and
underbelly. She spread her legs and started pleading to be
fucked. "Mere jamairaaja, mere under dalo tumhara cobra …
muze jorse
ek bar fir rapeto … please, main tumhari payari sasuma hoon naa?
Mere under ghuso aur mere yoniko chir daalo fir ek bar …
please". And
I obeyed her like a servant. I put my swollen red cockhead through
her cunt gate and the thrashed her so heavily that she got her orgasm
in just three huge rams. I continued hammering her sucking cunt till
she got multiple orgasms once again and I came sixteenth time that

We then bathed, kissed, sucked, bit, masturbated and fucked each
other several more time till it was dawn. Then we came in the house
and slept naked in each other's arms till it was late morning
Mega Story Teller : Erotic & Incest Stories (Mostly Indian)
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Old 10th March 2005
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taxindia has hacked the reps databasetaxindia has hacked the reps databasetaxindia has hacked the reps databasetaxindia has hacked the reps databasetaxindia has hacked the reps databasetaxindia has hacked the reps database
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Originally Posted by smartgene2003
repped you bhau. good work keep it up. do visit my thread also
Thanks a lot Bro.
Mega Story Teller : Erotic & Incest Stories (Mostly Indian)
XB's Best & Largest Story collection Over 1000 pages & Over 1,00,00,000 Page Views

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Old 10th March 2005
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XB's Story King
Join Date: 3rd December 2004
Location: Aapke Dil Men
Posts: 12,810
Rep Power: 89 Points: 54783
taxindia has hacked the reps databasetaxindia has hacked the reps databasetaxindia has hacked the reps databasetaxindia has hacked the reps databasetaxindia has hacked the reps databasetaxindia has hacked the reps database
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ek baar Braj bhoomi main Esee ek chudail Orat paida huee jis'kee choot main hamaisha aag lagee rahatee thee. us'kee sadaiv ek hee ichchha rahatee thee ki us'kee choot main din raat moTa aur tagaRa lunD rahe. vah hamaisha mardon kee sohabat main rahatee. us'ne ap'ne kaee premee banaaye lekin koee bhee us'kee choot kee jvaala ko shant naheen kar paaya. jab us'kee kaamaagni aur baDh gaee to us'ne ap'ne saare vastra utaar diye aur raaston par nangee hee phir'ne lagee. log us'se tarah tarah ke savaal poochh'ne lage, jis'ke jabaab main vah kahatee,
"main'ne ap'ne saare kap'Re utaar diye hain aur jo chaahe mujhe le sak'ta hai aur ap'nee mardaan'gee saabit kare. main kasam khaatee hoon main jab tak nangee ghoom'tee rahoongee tab tak ki mujhe Esa mard n mil jaaye jo meree kaam kee jvaala ko poorN roop se shaant kar sake."
Esa kah kar vah Braj bhoomi ke samast shaharon main ghoom'ne lagee. kaee logon ne us'kee pyaas bujhaane kee cheSTa bhee kee par koee bhee saphal n huA. is'se us'kee himmat aur baDh gaee aur vah Braj kee raaj'dhaanee Mathura ke dar'baar main nangee hee pahoonch gaee. yah dekh'kar pooree raaj sabha achmbhit ho gaee aur ek dar'baaree ne poochha,
"are haraam'jaadee kutia tum kaun ho aur kahan se aaee ho? is tarah se raaj dar'baar men aane men tumhen jara bhee lajja naheen aaee."
tab vah pooree sabha kee aur bilkul niDar'ta se muRee aur bolee,

"are haraam'jaade mujhe tum kya kuttee bol rahe ho. tum to saale sab ke sab hinj'Re ho. kya yahan ek bhee Esa mard maujood hai jo meree vaas'na shaant kar sake. are tum logon ne to ap'ne ranivaas aur harmon main rnDiyan paal rakhee hai jin'kee aag tum ap'ne lauRon se naheen balki unhen dhan daulat aur jevar dekar boojhaate ho." vah ap'ne chuttaR par haath rakhe hue aur ap'nee mast choochiyon ko aage ubhaar'tee huee pooree sabha ko lal'kaare ja rahee thee. phir us'ne ap'nee Taangen phailaee aur is prakaar pooree sabha ko ap'nee bhos'Ree Theek se dikhaee aur kaha,
"are Mathura ke dar'baar ke hinj'Ron dekho, tum saare ke saare chutiye ho, agar kisee main dam hai to mere paas aa jaaye."
saare ke saare dar'baaree aapas main charcha kar'ne lage. "is besharm ranDee ka kya upaa'y kiya jaa'y jo sare aam hamaaree beijaatee kar rahee hai."
tabhee sabha main se ek Ranjeet Singh naam ke Rajput ne dar'baariyon se kaha,(posted for 'hindiromance')
"mere dar'baaree doston! main ap'ne aap ko is dar'baar kee ijjat bachaane ke liye samarpit kar'ta hoon. main alag alag jaati kee 10 Oraton ke saath raha hoon aur mujhe kaam ka achchha khaasa anubhav hai. mujhe aage baDh'ne deejiye main is'kee chunautee sweekaar kar'ta hoon."
yah sun'kar dar'baariyon ke cheh're khil gaye aur Ranjit Singh ne raja se aagya mangee ki use is Orat ke saath ek raat bitaane dee jaa'y. use aagya mil gaee aur vah use ap'ne mahal main le gaya. raat main us'ne har tarah se koshees kee par vah us Orat kee kaam agni shaant n kar saka. us Orat ne use booree tarah se nichauR liya. doosre din vah bahut hee thaka hua raaj'darbaar main pahooncha aur ap'nee haar sweekaar kar lee.
"maharaj! mujhe xama karen. main ap'nee haar sweekaar kar'ta hoon. yah Orat mere bas kee naheen." vah Orat bhee vahan maujood thee aur dugune josh se kahe jaa rahee thee,
"are rajputon tum par sharm hai. tum keval baRee baRee baten kar'na jaan'te ho. is sabha main ek bhee mard ka bachcha naheen hai. are tum se to hinj'Re hee bhale. yah siddh ho gaya ki rajput lund ek kam'jor lunD hai."
raj'darbaar main sannaTa chha gaya aur dar'baariyon ne ap'ne sar jhuka liye. kisee ke mun'h se bol naheen phooT raha tha. tabhee raja ne sabha ka sanaaTa bhang kar'te hue kaha,(posted for 'hindiromance')
"he Ranjit Singh tum'ne pooree Rajput jaati kee naak kaTa dee. ab ham kya kar sak'te hain? ab yah Orat aur shor machaayegee aur pooree Rajput jaati kee bad'naamee karegee. is'kee tumhen saja milegee."
"maharaj! xama karen, xama karen. yah Orat ek number kee ranDee aur kuttee hai. maine ap'ne jeevan main Esee kaminee Orat naheen dekhee. pata naheen is'kee choot main kya hai, shaayad koee jaadoo Tona jaan'tee ho."
yah sun kar ek doosra Rajput hero aage aaya, jis'ka naam Man Singh tha. vah ap'nee javanmardee ke liye vikhyaat tha. us'ne us Orat ke saath ek raat bitaane kee ichchha jaahir kee. us'ne daava kiya ki vah us'kee Esee chudaee karega ki ranDee aane vaale 10 dinon tak chal bhee naheen paayegee. saare dar'baaree bahut khus hue aur ek swar se maharaj se vin'tee kee ki Man Singh ko ek mauka diya jaa'y.
"Theek hai Man Singh ham tumhen yah mauka deten hain. par khayaal rahe yadi tum kaam'yaab naheen hue to ham tumhen desh nikaala de denge."
"Maharaj yadi main as'phal raha to raj'sabha ko ap'na mun'h naheen dikhaUnga." Esa kah kar Man Singh us Orat ko ap'ne saath le gaya.
us raat Man Singh ne us'kee kas ke chudaee kee. Man Singh ne us ke andar 3 baar ap'na virya jhaaRa par vah Orat phir bhee santuST naheen huee. vah chothee baar Man Singh ko chudaee kar'ne ke liye uk'saane lagee, par us'men aur taakat naheen bachee thee. vah subah us Orat ko sota chhoR ke hee n jaane kahan chala gaya.
doos're din vah Orat akelee aur bil'kul nangee phir dar'baar main pahoonchee. us Orat ko darbaar main dekh'te hee raja ke saath saath saare dar'baaree bhee sak'te main aa gaye. vah kah'ne lagee,
"maharaj! maine aap Rajputon kee taakat dekh lee. aap'ka launDa to n jaane kahan chala gaya. kisee Rajput lunD main aur taakat bachee hai to jor aj'ma le."
saare dar'baariyon ke sar sharm se jhuk gaye. tabhee ek dubla patla Brahmin aage aaya. us Brahmin ka naam Koka Pandit tha aur vah dar'baar ka jyotSee tha. us'ne kaha,
"maharaj aap ek av'sar mujhe den. yadi meree haar ho jaatee hai to saare dar'baar kee haar maan lee jaayegee."
is par saare Rajput bahut krodhit hue. yah dub'la pat'la Brahmin ap'ne aap ko kya samajh'ta hai. is umra men is'kee mati kyon phir gaee hai. ek dar'baaree chilla kar bola,
"are jab baRe baRe rajput lunD is Orat kee choot kee garmee ThanDee naheen kar sake to tera chhoTa sa brahmin lunD kya kar lega. yah to sab jaan'te hain ki xatriya lunD ke mukaab'le brahmin lund chhoTa aur kam'jor hota hai."
charon taraf se log us'ke sur main sur milaane lage. aur us brahmin ka hans hans ke up'haas uRaane lage. par brahmin shaant tha aur raja ke bol'ne ka int'zaar kar raha tha. jab dar'baaree shaant ho gaye to raja ne kaha,
"rajput jaati ke shresTh vyakti bhee is Orat kee pyaas bujhaane main asphal rahe hain. ham ab'tak asphal rahe hain aur yadi ab ham'ne is Orat ko Ese hee jaane diya to ham ap'ne sar kabhee bhee Unche naheen uTha sakenge. ham main se koee bhee Braj kee naaree ko chhoone kee kabhee bhee himmat naheen juTa paayega. ab yadi is brahmin ke alaava aur koee is Orat ke saath raat bitaana chaah'ta hai to vah aage aaye. naheen to is brahmin ko mauka nahen dena anyaay hoga."
raja kee yah baat sun'kar sabha main ek baar phir sannaTa chha gaya. koee bhee ap'nee beizzatee ke Dar se aage naheen aa raha tha. tb raja ne Koka Pandit ko aagya de dee. Koka us Orat ko ap'ne ghar le gaya.

Mega Story Teller : Erotic & Incest Stories (Mostly Indian)
XB's Best & Largest Story collection Over 1000 pages & Over 1,00,00,000 Page Views

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Old 10th March 2005
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taxindia has hacked the reps databasetaxindia has hacked the reps databasetaxindia has hacked the reps databasetaxindia has hacked the reps databasetaxindia has hacked the reps databasetaxindia has hacked the reps database
UL: 15.65 gb DL: 24.46 gb Ratio: 0.64
KOKA – PANDIT (Contd.)

Koka Pandit ne saaree samasya par gambheer'ta se vichaar kiya aur us'ne Thaan liya ki vah jald baajee se kaam naheen lega. raat main ve donon ekaant main ap'ne kam're main aaye aur Koka ne ap'nee dhotee utaaree. dhotee ke utar'te hee Koka ke lunD aur us'ke shareer kee kam'jor banaavaT ko dekh vah Orat hans paRee aur kah'ne lagee,
"paagal brahmin tumhaara lunD to doos're rajputon ke lunD, jinhon ne mujhe choda, unse aadha bhee naheen hai. are tum se to seedha khaRa bhee naheen hua ja raha hai phir bhee tum soch rahe ho meree pyaas bujha doge. tum paagal hee naheen poore akkhaR aur san'kee bhee ho."
Koka ne kaha, "haraam'jaadee kutia aaj tumhe tumhaare laayak koee aad'mee mila hai. are Orat ko shaant kar'ne ke liye lunD ka aakaar aur shareer ka tagaRa hona hee keval jarooree naheen hai. mard ko kaam kala aanee chaahiye. mera lunD chhoTa hai to yah koee bhee yoni main aaraam se sama jaata hai. ab tum'ne bahut baaten kar lee. chalo ab ap'nee Tangen phailaao, vaishya kaheen kee."
tab vah bistar par chit hoke leT gaee aur ap'nee Tangen phaila dee. Koka ua kala ka jaan'kaar tha jo Rajput naheen jaan'te the. sab'se pah'le us'ne chumban lene praarambh kiye. vah us'kee jeebh aur Upar neeche ke hoThon ko choos'ne laga. vah us'ke hoThon ko pooree tarah se jakaR us'ka poora saans ap'ne pheph'Ron men le leta jis'se vah bina saans ke vyaakul ho chhaT'paTaane lag'tee aur jab Koka use chhoRta to jor jor se saans bhar'ne lag'tee. yah kriya kaee der tak chalee, jis'se vah shithil paR'ne lagee.
phir vah us'ke stanon par aa gaya. pah'le us'ne dheere dheere stan mar'dan kar'na praarambh kiya. phir chuchuk par dheere dheere jeebh pher'nee shuru kee. is'se us Orat kee kaam jvaala bhaRak ke saat'ven aash'maan par jaa pahoonchee. vah choot main lunD lene ke liye vyaakul ho uThee. par idhar Koka ko koee jaldee naheen thee.
tab Koka us'kee naabhee ke ird gird jeebh pher'ne laga. kabhee kabhee beech main us'ke peRoo (pelvis) par jhaanTon main halke se angulee phira deta. saath main vah us'ke nitambon ke neeche ap'nee hathailee le ja unhe sahalaaye bhee jaa raha tha aur us'ke bhaaree chuttaRon par kabhee kabhee hal'ke se naakhoon bhee gaRa raha tha. in kriyaaon ke phal'swaroop vah chudail jor jor se saans lene lagee aur Koka se chod'ne ke liye vin'tee kar'ne lagee.
tab Koka ne aakhir men us'kee choot main ek angulee Daalee. Koka dheere dheere us'ke choot ke daane par angulee kee tip ka prahaar kar raha tha. phir us'ne do angul Daalee aur ant main teen angul us'kee choot main Daal dee. vah kaee der tak us'kee angul se chudaee kar'ta raha. vah Orat bhee gaanD Upar uTha uTha ke jhaT'ke dene lagee maano us'ka poora haath hee ap'nee choot main sama lena chaah'tee ho.
aadhee se adhik raatree beet chukee thee. Orat kee saanse ukhaR'ne lagee thee. tab Koka ne bahut hee shaantee ke saath us'kee yoni main ap'na ling pravesh kiya. vah taabaR toR chudaee ke mood main kataee n tha. vah lund ko ghooma phiraakar us'kee choot ke andar kee har jagah ko chhoo raha tha, us'kee choot kee har diwaar ka gharSN kar raha tha. jab bhee Orat ap'nee choot se lunD ko kas ke nichoRna chaah'tee. Koka lunD baahar nikaal leta aur aasan badal leta. us raat Koka ne 64 baar aasan bad'le jo kaam sutra main varNit hain. us'ne har aasan se us'kee shaantee poorvak chudaee kee. jEse hee bhor hone ko hua vah Orat pooree tarah se past ho chukee thee. ab us main hil'ne Dul'ne kee bhee taakat naheen bachee thee. bahut hee dheemee aavaaj main vah kah rahee thee,
"he pandit meree jind'gee main tum pah'le Ad'mee ho jis'ne mujhe purN roop se tript kiya hai. kisee ne bhee mere saath is tarah naheen kiya jEsa tum'ne kiya. aur tumhaaree chudaee haa'y kya kah'na. it'ne tarikon se bhee kisee Orat ko choda jaa sak'ta hai main abhee tak Ashchayachakit hoon. tum'ne sach kaha tha Orat ko santuST kar'ne ke liye baRe lunD kee dar'kaar naheen balki tarika aana chaahiye. pandit main tum'se haar gaee hoon aur aaj se main tumhaaree daasee hoon. tum mere maalik ho aur is daasee par tumhaara poorN adhikaar hai."
yah sun'kar Koka ne use nitya karm se nivrit ho snaan kar aane ko kaha.
kuchh sama'Y baad Koka aur vah kam're main phir aam'ne saam'ne the. Koka ne use ap'ne paas baiThaaya. use paavon main paajeb pahanaee, haathon main chooRiyan pahanaee phir sundar see saaree aur angiya dee. jab vah achchhee tarah se vastra pahan aaee tab Koka ne ap'ne haathon se us'ka shringaar kar'na praarambh kiya. haathon main mehandee rachaee, paanv main aal'ta, aankhon main kaajal aur phir har ang ke aabhuSN. phir Koka ne kaha,
"jo Orat nangee rahatee hai vah ek nange chhoTe bachche ke samaan hai, kaam ke sukh se sarvatha anbhigya. tum nangee hoke saaree duniya main phir'tee rahee, aur tumhaare andar kee naaree samaapt ho gaee. tumhaare kaam angon kee sar'saraahaT khatm ho gaee. ab jo bhee tumhaaree chudaee kar'ta tum santuST naheen hotee thee. Orat vastra keval ap'ne angon ko Dhak'ne ke liye naheen pahan'tee balki achchhe vastra pahan ke banaav shringaar kar'ke vah ap'nee kaam xam'ta ko baDhaatee hai. is'se puruS us'kee or AkarSit hote hain. yah baat naaree bahut achchhee tarah se samajh'tee hai ko vah AkarSaN de rahee hai. aur isee manosthiti main naaree jab swayn AkarSit hoke kisee puruS ko ap'na deh saump'tee hai tabhee use sachchee tuSTee mil'tee hai."
"aap'ne aaj meree aankhen khol dee. pah'le to log mujhe khilauna samajh'te the. meree jEsee akelee naaree ko jis'ne chaaha jEse chaaha ap'ne neeche sulaaya. baat yahan tak pahoonch gaee kee main swayn ap'nee choot main hardam lunD chaah'ne lagee. jab main is'ke liye aage baDhee to jo pah'le jis kaam ke liye mujhe bahalaate phus'laate the vahee mujhe dekh kar door bhaag'ne lage. is'se main vidroh'Nee ho gaee aur us'ka charm raj'sabha tak pahoonch kar huA."
phir ve donon Rajsabha main pahoonche. raja aur dar'baaree use sajee dhajee aur lajja kee pratimurtee banee dekh dng rah gaye. kal kee nangee ghoom'ne vaalee besharm ranDee aaj ek sabhraant mahila nazar aa rahee thee. tab Koka ne use bol'ne ke liye ishaara kiya,
"maharaj main ap'nee haar sweekaar kar'tee hoon. jis brahmin ka sab up'haas uRa rahe the usee ne mujhe jeevan ka sab'se ad'bhut kaam sukh diya hai." us'ne sar par palloo Theek kar'te hue kaha. is par raja ne Koka Pandit ko aadar maan dete hue kaha,
"is dar'baar kee maan maryaada bachaane ke liye aap'ka bahut bahut dhanyavaad. phir bhee meree utsuk'ta yah jaan'ne ke liye baDhee ja rahee hai ki jise haTTe kaTTe rajput naheen kar sake vo aap kis tarah kar paaye."
"rajan yah kaarya maine ap'ne kaam shaastra ke gyaan ke aadhaar par poora kiya. par rajan un sab'ka is sabha main Ese varNan kar'na shiSTaachaar ke viruddh hoga."
tab raja ne ekaant kee vyavstha kar dee aur Koka Pandit ne vistaar se kaee dinon main raja ke sammukh us'ka varNan kiya. tab raja ne aagya dee ki vah is'ko ek granth ka roop de. tab Koka Pandit ap'ne kaarya main juT gaye aur pariNaam ek mahaan granth "ratirahasya" ya "Kok-Shastra" ke roop main duniya ke samax aaya.

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Nine Diwali days with Saasumaa

Is varS kee Diwali mere liye anokhee thee. meree patnee ap'ne bimaar chaacha ko dekh'ne Baroda chalee gaee thee. Diwali ke mauke par main ghar par akela na rahoon, kyonki mujhe sasuraal main jaa'kar rah'ne ke liye office se chhuttee naheen mil rahee thee, is'liye meree adheR saasuma mere paas aa kar rah'ne ke liye raajee ho gaee.

meree saasuma adheR jaroor thee par us'kee low cut blouse se jhaanktee baRee baRee choochiyan baRee mast thee. vah poore 10 din mere paas aa kar Thahar'ne vaalee thee. us'ke aane kee khabar sun'kar hee main kaee tarah kee kalp'naaon main kho gaya. main aksar ap'nee fantacy main kisee adheR Orat ko ap'nee vaas'na ka put'la banaana chaah'ta tha aur meree saasuma se achchha paatr is'ke liye bhala aur kaun ho sak'ta tha.

Akhir Diwali ke Theek do din pah'le meree saasuma hamaare ghar aagaee. halanki main office main ek busy man tha par jab tak saasuma ghar par hai maine jyaada se jyaada ghar par hee rah'ne kee Thaan lee.

Day1 ...

saasuma ke baRe baRe spongy mummon ko main ek baar TaTol chuka tha jab mujhe sasuraal men ekbaar saasuma ke bagal men sone ka mauka mila. lekin saasuma us sama'y gaharee neend main thee, ho sak'ta hai bahaana kar rahee ho. yadi Esa tha to mere liye bahut hee saubhaagya kee baat hai.

saasuma abhee bhee mujhe aur meree patnee yani kee ap'nee beTee ko chhoTe bachche hee samajh'tee thee. wife to saasuma ke saam'ne abhee bhee chhoTee bachchee kee tarah jid kar'tee, aur vah us'kee har jid pooree kar'tee, kaee baar ap'ne hathon se use nahalaatee. mera sasuraal main aksar aana jaana laga rah'ta tha. vahan ham pati patnee din main bhee kabhee kabhee chudaee kar liya kar'te the. 2 - 3 baar saasuma kee ham par nazar bhee paRee tab vah ya to hans ke rah jaatee ya Esa dikhaatee jEse kuchh bhee n hua ho. kah'ne ka matlab saasuma ne mujhe nanga dekh liya tha.

saasuma ek bahut hee kaam kaajee mahila hai aur aate hee us'ne kitchen Ese smbhaal liya jEse yahan yah us'ka roj ka kaam ho. us'ne dinner banaaya aur ham donon ne saath saath dinner liya. jEse hee raat aaee us'ne kaha ki vah sofe par dining room main hee so jaayegee. use baRee garmee anubhav ho rahee hai. maine jor dekar kaha ki vah bedroom main so jaa'y aur main AC chala doonga par us'ne saaph mana kar diya. mere pratham plan ko jhaT'ka sa laga par main sntuST tha ki abhee poore 10 din paRe hain.

That night while she slept on the sofa, I put on "kam-sutra" on VCR. Not knowing what the film was, she lay down on sofa and watched while I slept on floor. main bhee vaheen neeche floor par so gaya aur jald hee bahaana bana ke Ese paR gaya jEse main gaharee neend main hoon. As the erotic scenes in the film started coming, she was very very nervous but continued watching. but when the prince starts fucking the dasi, she was blushing heavily. Since she was pretending to sleep, I got to my ususal cat-and-mouse game with her ... but this time, from a distance. Still sleeping on ground, I opened the knot of my loongi and took out my aching rod out in open and started jerking it imagining that I was the prince and my oppulent mother-in-law was my dasi! My whole body was moving vehemently and I was applying great pressure on my cock and even maoning loudly "Ohhh ... OOoo.. Aahh".

I knew mummyji was noticing my jerking from behind but she couldn't say anything since she was pretending to be asleep! Then after a while I got up and shut off the lights and removed all my cloths and became stark naked and spawled on the ground in front of mummyji and again started jerking off loudly. I came several time that night till my cock skin started burning with friction. My mom-in-law must be feeling hot but extremely uncomfortable watching her naked son-in-law jerking off infront of her and must be scared what I could do to her. But after jerking off for almost whole night I went to to my bedroom and crashed.

Day2 ...

Next day morning when I woke up, mummyji was already up and my bedroom door was wide open and I could see her working in kitchen. She too could, of course, watch me lying on my bed ... and I was still stark naked beneath bedsheet. I just sat up on the bed covering my nakedness with that sheet. Mummyji noticed me sitting up from the corner of her eyes and asked

"beTa uTho. kya aaj tujhe office naheen jaana hai?" She asked without looking towards me.

"oh aaj to mera saara shareer TooT raha hai. main raat bhar naheen so saka." I said, knowing fully well that she KNEW it. I kept on staring at sexy mummyji and my cock started rising again and i started carrasing it.

"KamubeTa tumhaaree bed tea bana doon?"

"Yeah .." In a few minutes, mummyji came into my bedroom with cup of tea in her hand, she kept staring at the ground, knowing fully well that I was fully naked and stood near me and looking at my face. carefully avoiding staring at my bare body she gave me tea. I was carassing my hot cock that was standing upright and continued to rub it, now staring at mummyji's boobs that were right infront of me.

"Kya soch rahe ho ... chai lo.." Mummyji said.

"You know mummyji, I am feeling so tired i hardly slept" I said rubbing my erect without taking the cup from her hand. She did not know what to say and said,

"kya kar rahe the raat bhar?" ... and then getting ackward added, "Kaam kar rahe the?"

"NNN..Ooo.." I said, putting my head back on the pillow with ecastasy since my cock was already very sensitive. I was sweating heavily. My mom-in-law quietly kept the cup on the table and sitting next to me did somthing that shook my inner most desires like an earth quake ... she took off her palloo, exposing the deep cleavage between her huge swollen globes and started wiping my sweat on my forehead. She even ran her palloo over my face and then on my chest. I went on laboring even more looking at mummyji's sweaty boobs for several more minutes and was moaning loudly and even held her arm with other hand. she was much more at ease as compared to earlier night and knwoing fully well that I was masturbating but looking lovingly only at my face she kept on wiping my sweat.

"Why do you trouble yourself so much, kamubeta? I know, my daghter doesn't have it in her to satisfy a tiger like you. But, it pains my heart to see you suffer like this" she said.

"Mummyji, why can't YOU be mine and I will get completely satisifed" I said. Mummyji became emotional and she bent forward taking my head in her arms she pushed my face between her fleshy boobs as if to comfort me. I felt so good at the warm touch of her swollen ripe fruites. Then, she gave me tea and wanted to go back in kitchen. But I held her hand and asked her,

"Can you wait for some more time?" She did. But after a while, she got up and even now without looking at my body, just walked away in the kitchen. I did not know what to do. I could see mummyji standing near the kitchen platform with back at me and a hot desire to touch her body surged through my naked body and I got up from the bed my cock was hardening once again and I rushed naked into the kitchen and stood right behind mummyji. she was conscious of me ... but before she could blink her eyelid, I held her from behind and tightly embraced her from behind, pushing my hard rod right onto her spongy buttocks and my hand roamed on her bare belly and I kissed her back that was open from behind.

That was the first time, I was openly hugging the supple body of mummyji in my naked grip my darling mom-in-law and for the first time, she felt the touch of my hard heated rod anywhere on her body when she was not pretending to be asleep. She just held my hands that gripped her from the front and I continued to ramp my cock into her sari-clad soft bottoms. I could see her gulping as her fears that I would sexually exploit her finally came true.

"Kamu, don't you want to have a bath go now and have a bath." She told me trying to slowly wriggle out of my grip. But, my grip was firm. Her trying to wriggle out of my grip and my latching on to her soft silky fleshy body pulled down her palloo, once again exposing her juicy boobs. I now started grappling with her bulging boobs over her blouse and she got really panicky and started trying to break away.

"Kamubeta, ab shaant ho jaao aur snan kar lo. kal raat se tum ... tum thak nahi gaye?" she was trying to convince me to stop molesting her.

"Mummyji, I really love you. I wish you were mine .."

"Beta, I am yours and I love you too. ab chalo, snaan karo" As she was trying harder to break free, she turned facing me but still remained in my arms and for the first time, my erect towering cock touched her bare belly. I could feel mummyji shievering as my cock rubbed against her smooth belly. Both of us were sweating.

"Kamubeta, dekho tum kitne sticky ho gaye ho. chalo jaao, saaf karo khudko." she pleaded.

"I will go but you first give me a tight loving hug." I said.

"Ok baba lo aao meri bahhon mein mera bhi to man karta hain tumhe din bhar aise hi bahon mein leke baithu, par kaam bhi to karana hain" then, she held me from behind and pulled my naked body onto her soft silky body and held me tightly for several minutes. her spongy boobs pushed against my chest, my sticky cock pressed against her lower belly, and my legs against hers. Then she wispered,

"Ab jaaoge snaan ko?"

"Aap nehalaogi mujhe?"

"No! Not today. Kamu aaj mujhe pura khana bhi to banana hai mere pyare jamai rajake liye. ab to chhodo mujhe aur snan karke aajana tum tumhari mummyjika Kehana maanoge na?" I nodded and slowly realeased her, noticing her belly plastered with my sticky cum. she was still avoiding direct gaze towards me like a new bride! That day I did not go to office. I had bath and came to the kitchen naked.

"kamubeta, kuch pehen lo, thand lag jaaegi" she said giving me my clothes.

"Noo I do not feel like wearing anything today!" I said complainingly.

"Pagal, koi apne sasumake saath aise rehta hai bhala? Meri khatir peheno kuchh" she said and went way. I relunctently wore a frenchy and pulled a malmal kurta over and sat for the lunch. I could notice mummyji smiling. After we eat, I was feelin totally exhausted and I went in my bedroom as mumyji went to her bath. How much i wished I force her to let me bathe her but I did not have energy to force the issue and I fell asleep. When I got up, it was already getting dark. I was surprised that I wasn't alone in the bed!

My darling mom-in-law was sleeping near me she slept on her back with one arm covering her eyes and the other lying near my body. Mummyji was fast asleep. I thought for a while and then decided that I would not turn away this chance. I slowly slipped out of my frenchy and kurta and turning towards my darling mom-in-law, I put my legs over hers and hands over her body and slept hugging her tightly. She woke up and moved her hand from over her head sideways as if to invite me to cuddle up in her arms and I went in her arms like a kid lying on her arm with my face rubbing on her bosoms.

"Jag gaye kamu?" she asked and tuning slightly towards me, she hugged me putting her other arm over my body. she was slightly shocked to see that I was naked once again!

"Kamu, tumhre kapade kahan gaye?" she asked me.

"Nikal diye mujhe aisa hi achha lagata hai aapke saath ." I said. She did not say anything but silently kept carassing my bottoms that her hand had landed on. I slept naked in my mom-in-laws arms for a long time, kissing her deep cleavage of her plumpy boobs. My cock was hard as ever and extended right upto mom-in-law's underbelly.

"Kamu, you have rubbed yourself almost thousand times doesn't it hurt you darling?" she asked. I nodded yes and said ,

"Yes Mummyji, mujhe thodisi jalan ho rahi hain"

"Poor boy, meri betike bajah se 'iski' yeh halat hui hain" she said, suddenly bringing her hand in the front and ran it over my erect rod delicately. Wow! What a havenly feeling it was!!! She kept carrassing my cock lovingly as if to soothen the burning. that was the very first time she had touched my cock on her own and my cock became like a rock solid hot rod in her soft palm.

"Kamubeta, see how hot it has become." she said running her hand over my shaft repeatedly.

"Mummyji, aap thanda kar do naa usko" I said. Mummyji looked worried about my halat and asked me to sit up. did and she could now see my red hot erection right in front of her. She continued carrassing it.

"Dekho kaise laal ho gaya hai. I haven't seen anything this big and hard in my life. Kamu, you have been rubbing it since yesterday night" she kept on scolding me and then, made her fingers wet with her saliva from her tongue and massaged the cold saliva on my heated rod delicately.

"Ooo, kitna laal kar diya hai mere sherko.." she said cajoling my cock, "I will apply some turmeric and chandan to it tonight. but first it should get calmed down." She kept on licking her palm and applying her saliva on my cock ... but that was making it still more harder and tense. Then, suddenly she bent down and took the upright hot cock in her mouth and I went in ecstacy as my mom-in-law sucked my cock.

"Kamu, tumhare underka pura chick nikalna hoga. mai chus chus ke nikalti hoon taaki tum shaant ho jaoge. phir aaj raat main tumhe chandan lagaoongi" Mummyji said. I was in no position to even anwer her and was scratching her back with nails and pulling her hair. But my loving mom-in-law continued calmly to suck my aiching erect cock to relive it of the cum so that she can treat it. First she was slowly moving my cock in and out of her mouth, but then she started doing it rapidly, softly rubbing the skin of my cock with her soft lips and then her tongue, she kept on squizing my cock more and more without hurting it.

As against that, I was being really harsh, scratching her with my nails, cliching the back of her blouse with brute power and even pulling her hair. But, she went on sucking softly and finally I started shooting tons of cum and my loving mom-in-law closed her mouth on the pouring shaft and gulped all of it. at a point it looked as if her mouth had so much lather of my cum and whatever she could not gulp, mumyji would quickly lick it with her tongue and I went on oozing out for almost 5 minutes and she patiently sucked and licked all if it. she even licked cum on my balls and cleaned some that reached my thighs with her paloo. After I calmed down, she painstakingly licked my cock and balls clean ..

"Saliva is the best ointment for roghed up skin kamubeta ... now, please don't trouble yourself more today ... promise your mummyji that you would be calm for at laest 24 hours!"

"24 hours is one day ... you are going to be with me only for 10 days mummyji!' i complained. "Nothing doing ..." She scolded me,

"At least remain quiet for tonight ... no rubbing, no whisking!" I said Ok reluctantly. "And wear something for now ... "

"Do I have to?" i asked.

"Yes, otherwise, you would excite yourself again in 2 minutes ... and then, blame it on me!" Mummyji said with mischeivious look in her eyes. That evening we spent quietly and we even went for a walk in the park. We had chinese in the fast food joint on the corner and came back by 10. Mummyji went to change clothes while I sat watching news on TV. She had changed into a cotton sari and her ususal low cut blouse from which her bustline was pouring out. She then went into kitchen and emerged after sometime with a katori.

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Nine Diwali days with Saasumaa (Contd.)

"Kamubete, go and remove your clothes and lie on the bed. I will apply chandan on you." Imaginging laying naked with her gave me a huge instant erection. In a minute I was lying on the bed naked with my upright erection towering towards cieling.

"Kamubete, you are tense again? ...ek din ke liye bhi shaant nahi rehe sakate?" Mummyji scolded me again. But then she sat near me and kept away her katori and delicately holding my erect cock, she bent down and again started sucking it in her moist mouth.

"Ab aajke liye sirf ekbar nikaloongi tumhara chik ... you better be quiet for rest of the night!" she said angrily. This time, however, I wasn't rough with her and was carassing her back and running my fingers through Mummyji's hair deliactely and she responded by giving more elaborate saliva massage to my heated cock than in the evening and my mom-in-law's love-licking of my cock continued for a long long time ... almost for half an hour ... and in that half an hour I managed to free her hair and completely unbuttoned her blouse from back and even unhooked her bra ... she was so engrossed with my cock that she did not mind my baring her back ... and I ran my hand over her smooth silky back that was so chikni ... and by the time she made me cum in her mouth, I had even slipped her blouse and bra from her shoulders ...

"Mere chikse aapka blouse kharab ho naa jae ... ise nikalke rakhiye aap." ...and then removed them from her hands so that she was now topless under her palloo!! And as I pumped lava in her sucking mouth, her bulky melons were hanging loose with her heaving chest under her palloo. After she cleaned my cock of all the overflowed cum with her diligent tongue, she placed her palloo properly to hide her juicy mangoes well and said,

"Tum itne natkhat ho naa ... mera blouse aur bra kyun nikali tumne? Maine tunmhe muhmien liya tha aur kuchh bol bhi naa saki!!" and then, she picked up her blouse and bra that were lying on the ground and in stead of wearing them again, kept them on the chair. Then she started applying chandan on my cock. I was touching her bare skin wherever I could find it peeping from her palloo. After she was finished, she started going out and I held her hand and said,

"Mummyji, I have scartched you real bad on your back ... let me out some chandan on it, please."

"Chalo hato .. tum tumhare shaitanise baaj nahi aaoge ... aaj raat tum shaant soneka vada kiya hain na mujhse?" she asked.

"Yes, I promise. But let me put chandan on your back, please." I kept on pleading. Finally she agreed. She put off all lights and lay near me on her stomouch and I removed her palloo from her back and started applying chandan to her naked back. She moaned as I moved my hand over the scartches. "I hurt you, isn't it?" I asked.

"Kamubete, you are a tiger when you love. My daughter is a chicken and is no match to you. I knew it even when you both decided to marry ... you always looked hungry and I always felt bad for you ..." She continued to tell me how she felt guilty that her daughter could not satisfy me ... but, as I continued to massage her ... she slowly felt asleep and since I had promised her, I put on AC and slept naked embarcing my lovely mom-in-law, who slept on her stomouch, under a blanket. My cock was feeling the softness of her bootms under her cotton sari and mulayam body and I was soon dreaming of having an intercourse with my mom-in-law.

Day 3 ...

When we slept on the 2nd night, after my darling mom-in-law applied chandan on my cock and I applied chandan on my nailmarks on her bare back, I slept naked hugging her while she slept on her belly, hiding away her precious "maal" from her naked jamai!

When I woke up, it was the dawn of the Deewali day! My leg was on mummyji's leg and my hand was lying across her tummy. Mummyji was now sleeping peacefully on her back with her ususal habit of keeping her hands over her eyes. The blanket covered her heaving bosoms though her dark curley hair in her armpits and her gore chickne arms were exposed. Her armpits reminded me that my darling mom-inlaw was completely topless under the blanket!!

She was looking trully gorgeous. In her 40's, she had a great figure ... had mature bulbs on the chest, had fleshy but firm belly, a lovely face with pink juicy lips, and most importently ... a lusty attraction for her jamai's young body! Last two days, she had got pulled towards my cock so many times ... and, I had never imagined that she would make an excuse of "treating" my cock and take it in her mouth and suck it like a lolly-pop.

I did not want to disturb my sleeping queen-bee. But I couldn't help slowly pulling the blanket down from her heaving breasts and what a sight it was! I finally could bare thoes glorious mountains of loaded milk-bags on her chest ... thoes two beautiful heaving mounds with large light brown circles around the black cherries on the top. I always thought that her boobs would be as big as that of Zeenat Aman. But, they were much bigger and fuller ... as if tightly packed with milk!! Her nipples were hard due to AC and her large boobs were looking as firm and fresh as that of a just-matured teenager ... as if they have not been molested by anyone so far ... as if she had retained them spanking new just for me!! In fact, her boobs had risen even higher since she had raised her hands over her head.

Sight of my half-naked mom-in-law's swollen boobs made my Diwali day morning memorable. I could wait no longer and delicately licked one of her stiffened nipples and then the other ... and I then took one of them in my mouth and started sucking it ... and mummyji woke up and trying to push me away said,

"Kamubeta, yeh kya kar rahe ho?" But, I did not give up and continued to suck her laden breasts one by one and she started running her fingers through my hair and said

"Kamubeta, please ... mat karana aise ... hai maa ... ooouuch ... kaaammmu ... please ... please chhodna ... " I paused a bit and asked,

"Mummyji, you really don't want me to suck you?" She had no answer and I went back to sucking her juicy mangoes.

"Beta, yeh thik nahi hai ... merihi galati thi ki muhje neend lag gayi aur main bina blouse ke so gayi tumhare saath..."

"But, don't you suck me too?" I asked.

"Kamu, I sucked you to treat you ... par koi apni saasuma apane jamako stan-paan karavati hain bhala?" She said, feeling ashamed at her nakedness and trying to cover her bare boobs with her palloo.

"Is it wrong to love your saasumaa?" I asked carassing her boobs. I wrenched aside her palloo that she was trying to cover herself with.I ran my fingers over her stiff nips that still stood up in my fingers. Darling topless mummyji was shivering in my arms.

"Kamubeta, please bas karo abhi ... let us get up. Aaj Diwali hai ... and I have to make mithai for you,too." I looked at her boobs and pumping them and sucking them real hard , I said,

"Mujhe to meri mithai mil gayi ..." She could not help smiling and said,

"Chalo hato, paagal." But she, in fact, looked happy over whatever was happening. Finally, she pushed me aside and adjusted her palloo properly over her juicy melons once again and bringing it around her back, spreading it over her boobs in a single ply, she tucked it in her waist.

"Now, let me see how much have you healed ..." she said and pulled aside the blanket and my cock sprang up in her palm. She carrassed it and said, "hamesha khada ka khada reheta hai, jaise mummyke liye betaab ho. Yeh mat sochana ki main din raat tumhko choostihi rahoongi ... aur bahot kaam pade hain!!" Then, she got up and said,

"Kamu, how will you heal if you do not rest it? Chalo ootho abhi, aaj Diwali hai, snan karke achhe kapade pehen lo."

"Mummyji, you are always eager to clothe me ... today, let us go shopping. I want to buy you something."


"A sari ... you always were either cotton sari or old style silk sari ... I want to buy you a american georjet sari ..."

"I have never worn Georjet sari ... it is so transparent!" Mummyji said.

"So what? It will look good on you."

"Ok, we will see, first get ready." Then, we got ready and went out. I took her to the best of restaurents in the town ... I then took her to a cinema and all throughout the movie when it was dark, I kept my hand on her lap running my palm over her thighs... I wondered what was smoother, the silk sari or her silky thighs! She would occassionally push my hand aside with moke anger ... but really did not mind much. I then forced her to buy a beautiful light coloured american georget sari and a matching blouse piece. She bought me a nice bengali kurta ... then we bought mithai and i picked up some rum ... for the diwali night and came home. When we reached home, it was 5 pm. After we came home, she said she will do Puja after having bath. I suggested that she should try out the new sari ...

"But, I do not have any matching blouse on that sari Kamubete" she responded.

"Oh, C'on. Do you still require a blouse in front of me? I saw you with bare breasts in the morning ... you slept with me withiout blouse and bra! You really looked like an apsara!!" I teased her.

"Please chup karo naa abhi! Tumhe nahi to mujhe sharam aati hain!" she scolded. She went in the attached bath of my bedroom and I relaxed on the sofa in the hall. After a while, she called out

"Kamubete, undar to aao jara .." So I went inside ... and there she was ... my sex godess ... wearing the american georget sari that I bought for her ... her hair open and wet ...she was facing the mirror with her back at me ... Mummyji's back was completely bare as there was nothing on her moist body except the transperent sari ... she had taken a single ply palloo and curves of her freely hanging bouncy boobs were visible from behind. The water dripping down from her wet hair had made the single ply paloo on her boobs wet too, showing up her brown colour of her areola and so were Mummyji's jet balck nipples in the mirror ... her real big and deep navel was showing up, too! Her gora shoulder that was not covered by palloo looked very sexy. She looked stunning, utterly butterly fuckable!

"How do I look?" She asked me without turning. The sight of my half naked mom-in-law was so powerful that I quickly pulled off my shirt and discarded my pants as I approached her only in the underware from behind ... and hugged tightly from behind and running my hand under her palloo I grabbed her freely swinging boobs and as she turned her face towards me in shock and surprise, I kissed her succulent lips deeply. Now it was my turn to get surprised ... Mummyji responded and put her tongue in my mouth and held my lips and sucked it. My hand ran riot underneath her Georjet Palloo and carrased, pumped her fleshy juicy melons and held her ever-stiff nipples in my fingers and crushed them. After a long long kiss, she pulled a little away,

"Thank you kamu, I have never receievd so much love and affection from anyone in my whole life. My whole life I kept slogging, first for my hubby and then for my children." she said, once again willing offering herself to my lusty pleasures. After a while of my molesting, hugging her half-naked body, she said,

"Kamu, please let me dress properly and we will do Puja". So I let off my half-naked sex godess once again and she went in the bathroom and changed into a lovely Kanjivaram sari and matching blouse. But she allowed me to remain in my underware. So we did Puja and then I opened the Rum bottle. I poured it in two glasses.

"No Kamu, I have never had a drink in my life! Please don't force me." My mom-in-law pleaded. But then I got angry and said that I won't drink if she didn't. Finally, she agreed. After we consumed our first drink she said,

"let me change." and went into my bedroom. Rum was making me feel hot and I followed her. As I entered the bedroom, I discarded my underware. I saw my darling mom-in-law standing in her petticoat and had just started unbuttoning her "U" necked blouse.

"Kamu, let me change ... please don't get excited now ..." she said looking at my already hard penis.

"Nothing, Mummyji. Just getting into a relaxed mood! Why don't you also do the same, mummyji?" I answered kicking my frechy from my legs towards her.

"It is hot anyways." I suggested. I think mummyji was a little drunk already. I went upto her and put my arms around her shoulders and said,

"Let is sit in the living room". Mummyji's blouse was open from the front showing her volumous balls cupped in a bra and her petticoat was way below her deep round neval. I thought she will resist but instead she just allowed me to lead her to the living room. I made her sit down on the sofa with her blouse still wide open and a glass of Rum in hand. I sat next to her with my dangling cock. After a few more gulps, she kept her head on my shoulders.

"kamu, I am feeling very very very hottt ..."she compained. I was waiting for this chance and said,

"Let me take off your blouse. You will feel better " and then helped her slip her blouse from her shoulders and then took it off from her hands. Mummyji was looking sexy in her petticoat and a tight bra. I put off all lights except the Deewali Diyas that mummyji had burnt. I poured some more Rum in our glasses ... Mummyji's had no control over herself as she went on gulping more rum. Compaining that she is still feeling hot, she even slipped her bra-straps down on her arms, her boobs spilling out from the side! She then slid down and put her head on my tummy and stared at my erect cock. Then she started slapping it,

"Chalu hai yeh ek numberka ... shaitaan .." she blabbered. She raised her legs and kept them on the sofa and I immediately started carrassing her thighs and moving her petticoat upwards. She was now holding my cock and kissing it frantically.

"Kamu, mere kammmu ...mere pyare jamaai ... tumhe maloom bhi hai ki tmhari mummyji tumhe kitna chahti hain? ..."she was totally drunk. I pulled her petticoat up exposing her beatiful, gori, chikni tange and I could not but start massaging them right upto her upper thighs. She then took my erect cock in her mouth and started sucking it slowly .. but she was so much drunk that she fell asleep with my cock in her mouth!!! In a way, she was ALL MINE! But, I did not feel like cheating her and wanted to win her over when she was awake.

So, I helped my totally drunk mom-in-law to my bedroom and she slammed on the bed. I then, carefully removed her bra and petticoat. What a beauty she was even at that age! She was fair, her bouncy boobs, deep round navel, perfectly shaped waiste, patch of dark patch of curly hair on her cunt, her felshy chikni thighs, her shaped legs ... everything about her was hot ... I would die to touch, lick and molest each of these parts. Yet, I just hugged my drunk naked mom-in-law and slept, rubbing my erect cock on her smooth skin till it oozed out cum that got splashed all over her body. I also sucked, chewed, and bit her her breasts softly. Even in sleep, she responded,

"My Kamu .. Mere sher .." and turned towards me and put her legs over mine and hugged me tightly ... and slept!

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Taxindia bhai... i want to go ahead and rep u on each and every story,, but it always says that "You must spread some Reputation around before giving it to taxindia again."
Really sorry taxindia bhai...
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Thanks Adityak and AAshique.
Mega Story Teller : Erotic & Incest Stories (Mostly Indian)
XB's Best & Largest Story collection Over 1000 pages & Over 1,00,00,000 Page Views

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no one is there for my story?

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