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taxindia has hacked the reps databasetaxindia has hacked the reps databasetaxindia has hacked the reps databasetaxindia has hacked the reps databasetaxindia has hacked the reps databasetaxindia has hacked the reps databasetaxindia has hacked the reps database
Ek Raat Salhaj ke Saath aka (Contd.)

I kept on biting and said,
"Hey bhabhi, agar koi pooche na to kah dena ki ek bahunra, mare
gulabi gaal ko gulab samajh ke baith gaya tha aur ras choos gaya" (
if somebody ask just tell that a bug had sat on my pink cheeks
mistaking it for a rose and bit it)
I kept on biting her upper part of boobs knowing surely that it will
leave marks. Her boobs were hard and nipples were showing her
arousal. My naughty and greedy lips went down and started kissing
her inner thighs. I raised her mast chootar and put pillow under it.
My lips were just touching her outer labia and titillating it making
her more eager. Than in one swoop I grabbed her rasili choot and
started licking it. My tongue parted lips of her cunt and slowly
probed inside. She was moist and hungry as she was gyrating her hips
and moaning softly. My lips kept on sucking very slowly and softly
her choot while my tongue was invading it, twirling inside. I
located and opened her clit with my lips and just pressed it. It was
enough to make her moan loudly, but I was not to stop. Pressing led
to light kisses followed by deep sucking of her clit. My salhaj was
in heaven and it appeared that she had not enjoyed like this for a
long time. She was raising her heavy chootar and pushing my lips to
her choot. But when I realized that she is on the brink of orgasm, I
stopped. She was pleading, begging for release but I was not to
relent and I started very slowly kissing her choonchi and nipples
and after some time my fingers were exploring depth of choot, which
looked very tight. I was pressing inside of her choot with my index
finger and probing for her `special point'. She was now wet and
responding hard. I put her slender legs over my shoulders and while
my two fingers were doing chudai of choot, my lips again started
kissing, licking and sucking her hard swollen clit. She was begging,
" arre Naandoi raja please karo na come do it, chodo , please
chodo", but I kept on sucking and teasing her and this time I really
took her to verge. Her eyes were closed. Chootar was grinding and it
was leading to music of her sliver payal and bichua. And when I
realized that wave has been build up I left her.
`Ohh kya karte ho please chooso na itta acha lag raha tha' and who
was I to disappoint her. I shoved my lund in her wet and greedy
" lo Bahbhi lo, meri salhaj ….le lo aaj apne Nandoi ka maja."
I was pushing my Lund relentlessly. I could not believe it to be a
choot of a woman married for 5-6 years. It was best of both words.
It was tight like a girl or newly wedded bride who has just started
doing chudai. But it the same time it was juicy, greedy and
responding like a well experienced women. Her choot was responding
to every push, every thrust and not only was she gripping it but
squeezing it too. Esp when my Lund was entering deeper part it was
very clear that it is uncharted area. I had gripped her slender
wrists, full of red bangles and due to pressure some got broke. I
could see her mangalsutra placed between her heaving choonchi and it
made me so aroused that with a wild thrust, I shoved my entire Lund.
Her mahavar stained feet were rubbing against my forehead., payal
was playing music directly in my ears. I started sucking her one
nipple hard while other was being rolled by my one hand. My other
hand was busy playing and flicking her clit. I was rubbing base of
my lund on her clit and without pulling was doing hard chudai. While
sucking her mast rasili choonchi I teased,
" are salhaj ji choonchi choosate agar aap doodh bhi pila detin to
kitana maja aa jaata". And she was not one to stop. She pushed her
nipples further in my mouth and said,
" arre Nandoi Raja, aaj rat ko apni salhaj ko gabhin kar do to theek
9 mahine baad aa kar doodh pi lena."
It was too much and I pressed her clit hard. She was delirious and
by this all round assault, my salhaj came soon.
It was only the beginning. I was biting her cheeks; rubbing
squeezing her choonchi leaving my bites and nail marks, and my Lund
was also doing chudai furiously. She was crooning a ditty
Lagaye jao raja dhakke pe dhakka,
Mast joban hain kas ke dabao, kasi choot main andar dhansao,
Chodo meri choot aur maro kas ke dhakka
( oh my lovely, push shove hard. My tits are juicy squeeze them hard
and my cunt is tight push in it. Oh my lovely, fuck my pussy and
give strong push.)
After some time , I brought my thick lund outside and only supara
was inside. Showing her it s big girth I held it in my fist and
started rotating it slowly inside her choot and she started
screaming with half joy and half pain.
" Oh , oh Lag raha hai, bahot dard ho raha hai, ohh khub maja aa
raha hai, han Naandoi ji phad do meri choot"
I was expanding her tight choot and giving a good rub to inner walls
of her choot. And then I changed position and pushed her legs almost
over her head and tightly held her wrists. I almost lying over her ,
my broad chest pressing her choonchi. I must have broken some more
bangles but we were not bothering. Like a ramrod piston my Lund was
doing frenzied chudai. And salhaj too was responding. Her choot was
squeezing my Lund. She was pushing her chootar in response to my
every push . I started caressing her tight asshole, with my fingers
and then with thumb. When she was almost lost to the joys of
frenzied chudai, I pushed in one shove my thumb inside her tight
gaand. She tired hard but could not wriggle it out. After doing
chudai like this for some time I brought out my thumb but my both
hands started crushing her choonchi. We kept on doing chudai like
this for long time. I released her one wrist and pinched her swollen
and aroused clit and may be that was the signal she was waiting and
she exploded. And I too came and in this position I had ensured that
my push was touching her uterus and every drop of my semen was drunk
by it. I kept on bending her in that position and ensured that she
gulped every thing. When I released her , I teased,
"Kyon, Salhaj ji lagata hai , 9 mahine baad yahan sohar hoga." ( ohh
my salhaj it looks that after 9 moths, sohar, a song sung during
child birth will be sung).
And she kissed me back.

We relaxed for some time although our teasing and verbal assault
"Hey you look tired," she goaded me and came over me to kiss me. She
told me that last time when I had come along with my wife, they saw
a blue film together. She and Ranu bhabhi were teasing my wife about
every pose in film, if she has tried it and ultimately my wife
conceded that she had tried all the poses with me and how I am ever
eager to do chudai with her. There is no place where we had not done
chudai and there has not been an hour day or night when she had not
been fucked. She told them that even when I go on tour I come back
in the night so that we don't miss fucking. And even if some nights
are missed they are compensated on next day. My salhaj conceded that
she and Ranu both had decided on the very day that will have to get
fucked by me. Squeezing her mast choonchi I asked,
" Kyon salhaj ji don't you agree that female is the best creation
and chudai is the best joy so why should one miss it." I could see a
flash of loneliness in her eyes and she said,
" Not everybody is as lucky as your wife but I fully agree with you
and I wish we had met before'. To change her mood I fondled her sexy
hard perfect 36 d choonchi and said,
" Salhaj ji , owner of such proud mast choonchi also must be lucky.
Jis din se se maine apki galli suni aur apko dekha tabhi se mera man
apko chodane ka kar raha tha." She smiled and squeezing my stirring
lund said, munjhe mallom tha but for some people job is everything
and reaching target is ultimate joy."
" Forget them Bhabhi and that is what nandois are for, I will fill
the gap left by its owner and I started sucking her nipples hard.
Bhabhi came over me and pushed her tit in my mouth. I was lying and
enjoying and soon she had started kissing my semi erect Lund. She
was on all fours and I was looking at her mast chootar. I pulled her
down and started sucking her choot. Soon my lund become a raging
monster and I kept my salhaj in that position. I got up to place my
lund at her choot but look of her sexy voluptuous chootar and what
inflame me further was her very tight wrinkled hole of gaand. I
changed my plans and started sucking her cunt and soon my licks went
up to asshole making it very wet.
" Ohh no vanha nahi please vanha nahi..ohh ohhh… yes…" but I was not
to stop and slowly sitting I spread her very tight gaand and started
kissing her ,pushing my tongue deep inside. I could see , she was
enjoying. I withdrew and pushed my one finger, which could not cross
her sphincter hole, and she winced in pain.
" No naandoi ji , vahan nahi maine gaand main kabhi ungli bhi nahiin
kari hai bahoot dard hoga, aap meri choot main daliye na." She
pleaded and relenting to that I shoved my lund in her waiting choot.
I started doing chudai slowly. Her mast 36d boobs were hanging and
her mangal sutra too was hanging in between. My eyes soon found
bottle of Vaseline and I picked it up. I put good amount of it on
my index finger and when she was enjoying chudai, I pushed it in her
gaand. She tried to resist but it was already in. I let her gaand
get used to it and then started moving it in rhythm with her chudai.
I increased my tempo of fucking and my salhaj almost forgot finger
in her gaand. I slowly put Vaseline around another finger and
pushed it too, but this time sphincter resisted. I increased
pressure and with other hand pinched her nipple hard and she
screamed. It was a chance for me to push it in.
" No please ungli nikal lijiye bahoot dard ho raha hai" my salhaj
was pleading but I shoved both fingers upto base in her gaand and
was moving it. Now it was moving in sync with my lund in her choot.
After some time I agreed to her entreaties,
" Thhek hai Salhaj ji nikal leta hun ungli, gaand se' and I pulled
both fingers out. But soon again I had stretched her asshole with
one hand and put most of Vaseline. As there was no invasion, my
salhaj accepted it. I was rubbing , massaging her chootar and
lifting it to ensure that Vaseline coats her hole of gaand.
When she was lost to the joys of chudai, accepting that ordeal of
her gaand is over, I brought out my hard lund, which was now well
moistened with fucking and put it at her asshole. Before she could
realize I had pushed it in her gaand, but her reaction was swift and
although Vaseline had made passage smoother, her tightening of
sphincter made entry in gaand hard. I was not to accept that and I
held her waist firmly and brutally pinched her swollen clit.
"Ouch ohh "she screamed , but it gave me a chance to push my supara
inside and now her screams were louder. She was trying to wriggle
her chootar, move it violently but with such huge supara deep inside
there was no way she could push my Lund out. I was enjoying all
this. She started abusing me,
" Arre Nandoi salle, tumhari bahan ko is kartik main kute se na
chudavaiya to kahna , uski bur ko bhonsada banva dungi, salli chinar
bhonsade vali, uski gaand uski gali ke gadhon se marvaungi,….Bhonsdi
ke nikal lo please ..meri phat..apni bahan ka bhonsada samajh
rakha hai…"
I was just holding my lund and slowly I started pressing again,
teasing her,
" arre Salhaj ji abhi to sirf supara ghonta hai, musal to baki hai"
and slowly grinding it I pushed half of my lund. After that I again
changed my focus to her choot. My hands garbed it squeezed it and I
pushed two fingers and then three fingers deep fucking her. My thumb
was playing with her clit while my other hand was massaging crushing
her choonchi. When I felt squeeze of her choot on my fingers I
realized that my salhaj has started again enjoying chudai and I
increased tempo of my fingers and soon my lund too started moving in
her gaand.
" Nahant Nandoi ji please …meri gaand main bahoot dard ho raha hai,…
nilkal lo…please…" " bas Bhabhi bas abhi nickal raha hun" and saying
that I pushed my entire lund in her koori gaand.
"Ohh no", her begging was continuing. "Ok Salhaj ji I am pulling it
out", and I actually brought it out up to my supara.
She felt relived. I pulled my fingers out from her choot and with
hands I grabbed her hanging choonchi. Holding them hard, in one push
when she was relaxing, I shoved my Lund fully inside, without
bothering about screams and barrage of gaalis started again.
"Haram jade, apni bahan ke yaar meri gaand phad kar dam loge,
lagta hai bacchpan se gaand marane ka shauq hai, apni bahan ki
gaand kyon nahin martre iss musal se lund se"
" arre salhaj ji itni sundar gaand ko na marna is gannd ki beizzati
hoti" fucking her gaand I said.
It too a lot of time but ultimately my salhaj was enjoying this new
found joy. My finger fucking had made her cum twice while I was
fucking her gaand and second time she squeezed her gaand to giving
me signals that she is really enjoying it. I then fucked
frantically and came in her gaand. We slept like that. I was holding
her from behind; holding her choonchi while my lund was in her crack
of ass.
My cock crows in the morning and today there was my sexy salhaj to
respond, so there was another round of slow but very enjoyable
chudai. When I pulled out my Lund, dawn was creeping in.
We got out of bed and when I looked at bed it was emerging as a
sight of our nocturnal battle. There were pieces of glass bangles
near pillow; stains of cum and meanwhile my salhaj started giggling
looking at me. I looked myself at mirror. There was mark of Mahavar
from her feet on my forehead, her sindoor on my cheeks. I tried to
clean it but succeeded only partly. My salhaj teased me and stopped,
`Hey , you are acting coy like a freshly fucked bride on her first
night who tries to remove all tell tale signs."
I dressed and came to drawing room and my salhaj joined me with cups
of bed tea. We were sipping our tea and suddenly from a side room a
young teen came out and went to bathroom. She was tall and her
nightdress was barely up to her knees highlighting contours of her
young ass. I could get a peep of swell of her boobs too. I looked
quizzically at my Salhaj who responded, with a smile.
" Tumhari salli hai, chaudah ki ho gayi hai." (she is your salli,
she has crossed 14 years).
" Chaudah ki tab to Bhabhi, ekdam chudavne layak ho gayi hai"( 14
then she is ready to be fucked), I told my salhaj and my stirring
Lund was also giving indication about my desires.
" ekdam Nandoi ji, salli ko bina chode chodana mat." And she sang a
"Choti choti choonchiya hain , bur bina baal ki, chodo Nandoi ji kas
ke salli hai kamal ki"( she has small boobs and there are no hairs
still on her cunt, oh naandoi ji , fuck her hard, your salli is
really good). And saying that she pressed my already bulging lund in
pajama, which was not even restrained by a brief.
" Bahbhi agar aap iss salli ki kabhi dilava den to…"
" Kabhi kyon aaj hi…." My salhaj cut me short and suddenly doors of
bathroom flew open and she came out. She was taking angdai, with
raised hands.It had fully pushed out and almost exposed her teen
boobs, which were not caged by any bra. But looking at me she was
aghast and tried to bring her hands down. She looked towards her
bhabhi, as if questioning. My salhaj smiled and introduced me,
" Tumhare jija ji hain, Ranu ke Nandoi."
And not only smile came back, but face also her face got lighted.
She extended her hand to me, which I grabbed. She came and sat next
to me.
" Jija ji maine apke barre main Ranu bhabhi se bahhot tariff suni
hai." I cut her and asked, looking into her big eyes,
" Jo suna hai vo sach tha ya…" it was her chance to interject.
" Jo suna tha aap usase bhi badhkar acche hain" she said , in a low
tone haltingly.
My salhaj left us saying she will bring some more tea for all of us,
giving me a field day, with my new salli. I had grown bolder and to
taste my chance I put my hands over her shoulder and pressed slowly.
Almost touching her ears with my lips I asked whispering, " "Aur kya
kya suna hai". Giggling she put her index fingers on my lips and
" yeh ki aap ki koi salli nahin iska apki bahoot afsos hai and…I
decided ki aap jaise milange main apki ye kami poori kar dungi." She
came very close and snuggled up with me . my fingers were touching
top of her tits but without showing any inhibition she asked me,
" To Jija kaisi lagi yeh salli".

"Bahoot achhi" and now my fingers were pressing her young teen boobs
making my intentions clear. And to make it further clear, I asked,
" Tumhe mallom hai Jija salli ke sath kya karte hain".
" ekdam achi tarah, meri kayi saheliyan pane jija ke kisse sunati
hain… main sochati thi ki agar mare bhi Jija hote…". She had come
very close and her cheeks were almost touching my face. Now I
squeezed her choonchi softly and asked,
" Kyon jija ki kisi baat ka bura to nahi manogi". And she responded
by putting her hands akimbo; just bellow the base of her teen boobs
and pushing them out,

" kis salli ki himmat hai jo mare is pyare Jija ki baat ka bura
mane" and pinched my cheeks.
My salhaj came and started pouring tea in our cups. I did not remove
my hands from top of her tits and she too did not move away from me.
" To jija ji aaj to aap free hain na, salli ke sath time bitanne ke
liye", she asked.
And suddenly, a long list of chores given by my boss, meeting with
CNF, retailers, flashed before my eyes. I knew the way he had
directed it would take me 8-10 hours and any plan for spending time
with my sexy teen Salli will go for a six. My eyes looked at a
picture in frame kept on table and I was staggered. Yes you guessed
it correctly; picture was of nobody but of my new boss, Mishra ji.
He was smiling in picture gazing at us. Looking at picture, speaking
haltingly, I spoke,
" I assume…" and I was cut short by my smiling salhaj.
" No need to assume… yes… ye mare `vo' hain, Tumhari salli ke
Salli was looking at me with expectation and I made some quick
calculation. If I can contact some persons on phone only, may be
call few persons at one shop and …ok I think I can compress it to 4-
5 hours. I touched her nip , rolled it slowly and replied,
" I will be back before lunch". She beamed, and said,
"Theek hai Jijaji tab tak main bhi school se aa jaungi."
I squeezed her nip giving indication about things to come and got up
" to milate hain break ke baad".
When I looked at picture of Mishra ji, his smile has turned into

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taxindia has hacked the reps databasetaxindia has hacked the reps databasetaxindia has hacked the reps databasetaxindia has hacked the reps databasetaxindia has hacked the reps databasetaxindia has hacked the reps databasetaxindia has hacked the reps database
Bus Wali Aunty

I am a 19yr old Delhi boy doing Engg from I.P.U. I am 5.7ft in height and I am very arousal, tharki boy. I am not well built but I have a 6-6.5inch long lund (penis) with lots of juice and hairs that I keep well cut. I masturbate everyday, sometimes I do it 2-3 times a day kya karoon mera Lund baar-baar khara (erect) ho jata hei. Let me tell you a true story about my first sex encounter.
One day, I was going to my college in bus, bus bheed se bhari thi. There was hardly any space to stand, I some how managed to get in, I was standing near to a 32yrs old beautiful lady, and she was of 5ft small height. Suddenly the bus driver applied brakes and my body weight us aurat par jagira. As she was very beautiful my Lund was in an arousal mood, so she felt my Lund on her gand (buttocks). Usse takrane ke baad meine jaana ke kya cheez thi vo, uske gand aise thi jaise kisene 2basketball ek saath rakh di hoon, phir meine gardan aage karke uske mummey (breast) dekhi, usne ek patla sa peela (yellow) suit pehna hua tha aur black bra thi uski kya figure thi jaise uske gaand thi vesi hi moti aur upar ko uthi hui uski choochi thi par vo bahut patli-slim thi.
Meine dekha usne mangal sutar aur sindoor nahi laga rakha tha. Uske himalya ke chooti ke tareh uthe hue figure(mammay) ko dekh kar mera Lund pent mein tann gaya. Mein mauke ka fayda utathe hue uske aur kareeb khada ho kar uski gadrai gaand pe apna lund lagaane laga, thodi der baad jab usne kuch nahi kaha to meri himmat aur bhad gaye aur me uske tared (gaand ke maang) mein lund ko ragadne laga, us sex bomb ko bhi shayad maza aa raha tha, mere sharer mein ajeeb se gudgudi ho rahi thi aur mera lund meri pant phaar ke bahaar ane ke koshish kar raha tha. Agar us vakht vo akeeli hoti to mein vahin uske gaand mein lund de deta.
Then my stop came and I went to the gate to get down, suddenly I felt something very soft yrt hard is touching my back, as I looked back I saw that sexy lady standing at my back and gave me a pleasant smile. As I got down near my college, she had her house near my college only, so she also got down. She stopped me from behind and said aap bete ise college mein hein, I got terrified and said aunty sorry bus mein bahut bheed thi, tho vo booli nahi bete koi baat nahin, it was around 10.00am and was summer time, she said my house is very near and you should have a glass of water as you are sweating.
So I said OK. She called me inside and said I am a widow with one 7yr old child, who has gone to school, I said sorry for this. She had a different glare in her eyes, usne apna pallu utaar kar ek taraf rakh diya and my god! she was fabulous (her figure was clearly better than even Pamella Anderson), mera lund phir khada ho gaya and was clearly visible, she said meri pheeth mein aur thighs mein strain hei isliye mein jhuk nahin sakti, I looking at the situation said, aunty I am very good at massage if you say I can give you a good massage, she instantly agreed, and asked me to come to her bedroom, she laid on the bed on her stomach and gave me iodex, I sat near her and I was very sexually aroused by seeing her bulging cuts and curves of her body, I pushed her kurta slightly up aur jeise hei meine uske sharer pe haath lagaya mere andar ek current sa daud gaya, usaka badan goora aur koomal tha, I started moving my hand pretending to do massage, then I sat on her legs and started messageing her, aur beech mein mein apna haath uske paao rooti ke tareh phooli hui gaand par haath lanee laga, she also said haan aur neeche, ye sun kar mera land khambe ki tareh khada ho gaya aur uske peereon par chune laga. I said my hands are bit paining so get me a 2inch thick candle and sarsoon ka teel (oil) and said candle se ache maalish hoti hei she asked how I said jaise roti banate hua beelan ko roll karte hein veise.
She got up and got a candle and oil, I applied oil on her back and sat on her hips and my lund was touching her gaand and she felt it and said ye rod si kya hei mein boola aunty aap itne sundar ho ke mera jee machal raha hei, soon usne apne salwar ka nada khool diya aur booli meri jaangh par bhi zara maalish kar do phir mein naah loongi, mein jaangh par maalish kar raha tha ke vo palat kar, meri taraf face kar booli tum kitne ache ho ek aurat ko samajhsakte ho, aur usne mera lund pakad liya aur booli mein apne aap ko bahut akeela pati hun kya tum mere se dosti karoge mein es sunehere mauke ko apne haath se nahi jane de sakta tha aur meine haan keh de. Phir usne kaha ke meri jaangh mein aur maalish karo mujhe tumhara jaangh sehlana bahut achha lag raha hei, meine uski panty ke paas sehlana shiru kiya aur dheere dheere mein uske goori paav-roti ke tarah fooli bina baal ke chikne choot ko es halki kali faided panty mein dekh raha tha aur boola aunty aapki yahaan bhi sujan hei (choot par) aur uski panty utaarne laga usne mera lund pakad liya, mein boola aunty laao mein apki yooni ki bhi maalish kar deta hoon, aur mein uske choot ko sehlane laga jo ki giili ho rakhi thi , uski choot ekdam goori va kasi hui thi aur na hi uspe baal the, meine uske clitoris ko ragarne laga tho vo seheer gaye aur aaauchh…es…aah karne lagi, meine apne ek ungli uski kasi hui choot mein dali to vo gaye nahin aur aunty chilla pari meri jara sambhaal ke pyar se, isse mujhe aur tharak chaadh gaye kyonki uske choot ekdam kawarein jaise kasi thi, meine apne ungli par thook lagaya aur 2 ungli uski choot mein dhere dhere dalne laga aur andar-bahar karne laga isse aunty karaane lagi aah… unnnn…hai…aaou.maa…. unki avaaz sun kar mein bhi aur josh mein aa gaya aur meine maumbati li uspe teel lagaya aur uske choot mein daalne laga, kuch moota-moota mehsus kar aunty ne aankh kholi tho vo chilla kar boli ye kya kar rahe ho, meine kaha aunty baas thoda sa dard seheen karlo bahut mazaa ayega aur ye keh kar meine vo 2inch moti aur 8inch lambi maumbati unke paao-roti ke jaise phooli choot mein dalne laga, meine ek joor ka jhatka mara aur aadhi candle unki choot mein chali gaye aur vo joor se cheenkhi aahahaahaahhhh…ouch..uff.. kuch tho rehem karo, meri choot ne pichle ek saal se (jab se tere uncle maree hein) koi lund na dekha hei aur na hi orgasm aaya hei- mein paagal ho jaaongi, tho meine ye sab sunn kar aur joor se maumbatti ko bahar nikala aur dhaka maara, es baar puri maumbatti aunder chali gaye aur vo joor se chillai..behen ke Lund, choot choodh, gaandu sale..meri phaare ga kya, ye sab sunn ke mein aapne aape se bahar ho gaya aur phir aur joor-joor se candle choot mein aunder bahar karne laga. Thabhi aunty phir aur joor jooor se karahne lagi.
Aaahh..uffufff..fuck…ufffmaa…ouch..uunehnn…aaaaah aur jor se mere land ko undi mein se dabane lagi aur usne mere upper apna paani risane lagi mere kapde bhi gile ho gaye aur uske choot mein se paani nikalna bandh hi nahi ho raha tha, phir meine vo maumbatti unki gaand me dalne laga ye dekh vo gidgidane lagi aur haath jod kar boli mein mar jaaongi. Mein boola aunty aaj se pehle apki is tarah kisene maalish ki thi , vo boli haan mujhe ye mere jeevan ka sabse bada risavvv tha aur itna maza kabhi nahin aeya, bas itna kehne ke deer thi ke meine aapne saare kapde uttar deye aur uske saamne aapna lund hillaane laga…goal-gaol..upper neche hilane laga, vo mere lund ki taraf lapki tho mein peche ho gaya, aur use chidane laga, vo boli mujhe eise nahi taarpao tumhe khuda ka vaasta, mein boola phir mujhe tumhare gaand ke maaalish karne dho, vo mere samne aa kar khadi ho gaye aur mere khede lund ko sehlane lagi, meine tabhi maumbati par thoda teel lagaya aur use neche jhuka kar (vo lund jhuk kar choosene lagi) aunty ke ye position dekhkar mera lund aur uffanne laga unke doono basketball ke tarah gaandko upper ki taraf dekh kar unhe sehelane laga aur dheere dheere candle us gaand- kuae ke cheedth mein daalne laga, usne mere se door hoone ki koshish ke tho meine usko gaand se pakar kar apni dooni taangon-jhaangho ke beech uski gardan dabooch le aur uske gaand mein candle deene laga.
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taxindia has hacked the reps databasetaxindia has hacked the reps databasetaxindia has hacked the reps databasetaxindia has hacked the reps databasetaxindia has hacked the reps databasetaxindia has hacked the reps databasetaxindia has hacked the reps database
Flying Ranee Train Main Mulakat

Welcome once again. I am Gujjujolly from Silk city Surat. Hello to all horny readers of erotic stories. Thanks for giving me such a nice responce of my two stories "Sex education to merried Friend" & "Bukamp ka Mazza". This is my recent incedent of sex with another married woman. As usual style my story will be in Higlish (Combination of Hindi & English).
As usual due to my business I was travelling through a train named "Flying Ranee". Its a train between Surat & Mumbai Central. I was suppost to go to Mumbai central & I have my reservation so I reached at around 5:00 am in the morning and taken my seat. fortunately it was a single seat and to my surprise a married woman of around 27 with goo looks & a baby gril of 8 months arrived & taken the opposite seat. Baby was sleeping and I helped her to arrange her luggage. she just smiled and said thanks to me.
Then is was early morning so i selpt in my seat and at around seven i got up with some loud noise of baby crying. Mare samne wali seat pe bathi hui us aurat ki bacchi jor jor se ro rathi thi. who us ko contol hi nahi kar sakti thi. so main ne upni jeb main se upni gadi ko chabi nikali or usko khelne ke liye de di. wo ekdam se shant ho gayi our mere mickey mouse wali keychain ke sath khelne lagi. Now wo baby mare sath thi aur mare lap main beth kar wo mere sath khel rahi thi. bato bato main main ne us aurat se baby ka naam puchha to usne bataya ki uska naam "Shivani" hai. Phir mare se raha nahi gaya main ne us aurat ko uska bhi naam puch hi liya to usne bataya ki uska naam "Sandhya" hai. us ke baad main ne Shivani ko uski mummy ko de diya and main ne apna news paper padh raha tha. once again Shivani ne rona chlu kar diya our Sandhya us ko contol hi nahi kar pa rahi thi to aise he main ne usko puchha ki ye kyu aisa kar rahi hai tab usne bataya ki ab tak wo us ke mummy or pitaji ke sath rahati thi to us ko is bacchi ko sambhale ne ki koi jarurat nahi ho to thi but her husband is in Indian Airlines or unk abhi mumbai main flat mila hai to who log waha pe shift kar rahe hai. Unko Flat andheri (W) main kahi pe mila tha. Shivani mare paas ane ke baad ek dam chup ho gayi. our usne vapas meri chabi ke sath khelna shuru kar diya. our aise he baat baat main mumbai central aa gaya main ne upna business card or mumbai ka cell number diya usne kaha ki abhi hamare yaha phone nahi aya hai es liye phone number nahi hai per usne upna address muze diya and we just left.
Aap logo ko bhi aisa lagta ho ga ki ye kya jai aisa to sbhi tain main ho ta hai se main aise kya baat huyi jo ye story likhne ke liye betha hai but the real things starts at 3:00 pm on that day. i was busy with my client & all of a sudden I got a mobile I said hello and to my utter surprise it was Sandhya's mobile I can't belive this!! "She told me that her husband had gone for some urgent flight to dubai & he will be returing tomorrow morning & Shivani is crying a lot and I wan't be in a position to handle the things properly. So if you are free & will be able to come to my house & take care of my baby I don't know what to do. " I told her that I will be free after 30 minutes & I will catch the bus or taxi & I will be there in at leat one hour. main ne upna kam khatam kiya our taxi le ke main sidha uske ghar pahuch gaya.
Shivani was crying & she was not able to contol the kid. Main ne shivani ko liya our usko le ke main balconi main kada raha. thodi der ke baad who shant ho gayi our me re sath khel ne lagi. Sandhya was happy. Who doodh ki bottle le ke aayo our usne Shivani ko plane ki koshish ki par wo nahi pi rahi thi. Phir main ne usko bataya ki app usko apna doodh pilao. Pahele to Sandhya ne mari our dekha phir main us mauke ko samza our main ne kaha ki main drawing room main beth ta hu app isko doodh pila di ji ye. Sandhya ne bachhi ko liya our apne bistar per beth gayi our main bahar TV dekh raha tha. Thodi der ke baad usne muze bulaya our kaha ki usko ek bowl ki zarurat hai to main kitchen main se bowl le aaya our usko de diya. Shivani apni maa ka doodh pi rahi thi our uske uper uski sari ka pallu tha is liya mere liye kuch dekh pana mushkil tha. Jise hi me bahar ja raha tha usne muze roka our kaha koi baat na hi app yaha hi beth sakte ho. main uske samne chair le ke beth gaya, usne bowl ko apne pallu ke niche rakh diya. I was a bit amazed by this activity. so main ne usko puccha ye bowl kis liye. tab usne bataya ki us ke breast main se itna doodh nikalta hai ki ek taraf se ye piti hai our dosri taraf se who ai se hi nikalne lagta hai to who mere sabhi kapde gila kar deta hai. i was surprised with the answer. phir usne pallu ko upper kiya to main ne uske do no boobs dekhe. wow kya nazara tha. It was white breast with large dark circle on to it and large fingure sized nipples. hai I forgot to tell you the basic description of the Sandhya. Sandhya is a married woman of 27 with black hair, black eyes. her height is about 5ft 2in. Medium fair. A bit plumpy body and a sharp features. The best part of her was its big breast and sharp naval point.ooo I love that. Her figure may be 35-28-36 with around 52 Kg weight. Shivani doodh pite pite hi so gayi. main ne usko liya our usko bistar par lita diya. Now sandhya was adjusting her bar & blowse. Uske baad usne mare liye chi banayio our hum log batein karne lage.
All of a sudden she told me that uske breast main doodh bhar jane ki wajah se usko kaphi dard ho raha hai. to phir us ne kaha if you don't mind app isko daba kar nikal dege. main ne socha is se accha kya ho sakta hai. is liye main ne us ke boobs ko da ba na shu ru kiya us ne kaha aise karo ge to mare saab kapde gile go jayenge please muze apne blowse utar de ne do main ek dam se haraan ho gaya ek ladki jis ko main sirf kuch ghanto pahele mila tha who mere sam ne kapde nikal ne ke liye tiyar hai. Us din usne light green colour ki sari pahan rakhi thi our uske matching blowse bhi pahni thi usne upna blowse ke botton nikale to do bare bare boobs peach colour bra main ekdam acche lag rahe the main ne uske bra ka hook khol diya our bajay dabane ke main uske boob ko muh main leke ek bacche ki tarah chusne laga. woow waht a feeling. It was great. main ek ke baad ke boob ko muh main le ke doodh pi raha tha our uski nipple ko apne dono danto ke bich me daba kar maze kar raha tha. who dhree dhree awaz de rahi thi. and that moaning sound become very loud main bhi apne aap main nahi tha.
Who jor jor se chilla rahi thi choose is boobs ko bara bar choose mari ladki to iska thoda sa hi doodh pi ti hai baki sab tere liye hai mare raja isko bara bar choose aaj jo bhi ho jaye is ka poora doodh pi ja main apni bachhi ko nahi pilaungi to pija mare raja pi ja. After sucking her boobs for around 15 to 20 minutes main ne uski sari pe se uski choot ko sahelena shu ru kiya. who kaphi gili ho chuki thi. mara bhi bura haal that mara lund mahasay bhi ek dam tiyar tha bur main uske shuru kar ne ki raah dekh ra ha tha. usne mare pant ki zip kholi our mare lund ko apne muh main le liya.
Who mare lund ko ek ice candy ki tarah choose rahi thi. phir main ne uski sari ko nikal diya our uske patikote ka nara loose kar ke us ko bhi nikal diya. who ab sirf ek peach panty main thi. usko bhi main ne ek zatke main nikal diya. ab who mare samne ekdam nagi lati huyi yhi. usne phir mare lund ko choose na shuru kiya our main ne uski choot ki chatna shuru kiya we were in 69 position and as you all already know that I am a very good pussy sucker. main ne upne muhe se uski pussy ko isa chata ki who mere sath sex karne ke liye ready ho gayi. during the sucking period she must have come for two three times. Now it is my hi time for me also. main ne usko litaya or uske dono pair ke bich main jake up na lund uski choot par rakh diay. main upne lund se uski choot ko ragad raha tha. who ajib se awaz nikal rahi thi our jor jor se moan kar rahi thi.
Main ne apna lund ek hi zatke main uski choot main dalne ka socha our ek zatka mara lekin to my surprise her pussy was tight as hell i can't understand why ? then usne bataya ki uska normal delivary nahi hai our uska pati usko sirf ek week main do baar ji chodta hai. phir main ne stroke lagana shuru kiya our dhire dhire mera pura lund uski choot main chala gaya. main zor zor se chood raha tha our who anap sanap bol rahi thi "raja aaj to maza aa gaya is choot ki pyas to aaj buzi hai chood is choot ko zor se chood iska jo ho na hai ho ja ne do aaj is choot ko phad dalo is main se khoon nikal do pura lund is choot main dal do. raja kay chod te ho um wah maza aa gaya. or zor se raja our zor se mari choot ka aaj khima bana dalo phad dalo is choot ko bhosda bana dlo is chhot ka sali bahut haran karti hai itne khujli aati hai ki main usko sambal nahi pati hu. jor se raja aaj to tum pure is choot main aa jo mare under samajo main ab our nahi rah sakti mara pani nikal ne wala hai tum zor se kar ohhh....oooo our phir who zar gayi main bhi apni mazil ke karib that main ne upna lund bahar nikala our suke boobs pe ten char shoots mare. boobs sab white ho gaye. then we both wore exsostate and we went for the shower I fucked her there also.
she wanted to have one more round but due to my train I was unable to fuck her for the third time but I promised her to fuck her more next time with more oral & anal sex. She also said that she was virgin with her ass because her husband don't like anal & oral sex. I promised her to fuck her next time & came back to surat with a great smile on my face & lots of hopes for the next time.
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taxindia has hacked the reps databasetaxindia has hacked the reps databasetaxindia has hacked the reps databasetaxindia has hacked the reps databasetaxindia has hacked the reps databasetaxindia has hacked the reps databasetaxindia has hacked the reps database

Hi readers, I am kakun(sushil mittal) from Delhi. I am 29 years old, 5’ 8” and 6” cock. I am now married and having one kids too. I am regular reader of ISS since last two months. So I thought that I should also share my experience with you. You will be surprised that till now I have a lot of sexexperience other girl and with own sisiters. Anyway, I want to share with you one of my true experience, that I made sex with my wife in front of my two sweet sister-in-laws. I am telling you that how did it happened. I am poor in English, so it would be batter to narrate the story in hindi.
Mein ek baar apni susraal gaya hua tha, apni wife ko lene. Raat ko wahi par rukna par gaya. Meri teen Sali hai. Tino hi ek se bad kar sunder aur sexy. Doo Sali kunwari hai aur tesri ki shadi ho chuki hai. Teno hi meri bahoot izzat karti hai. Aur kafi guli mili hui hai mere saath. Mein ratt ko hi wapas jane ki jid kar raha tha, jabki mere susraal wale subaha bhejne ki jid kar rahe the. Meri sabse choti Sali boli, “ Jijaji, aisi bhi kaya jaldi hai kal chale jana.” Maine kaha “ tu kaya samjegi meri majboori” wo boli, “ kaya baat hai. Itne betaab kayon ho? Ek raat ka bhi sabr nahi hai kaya?” Maine kaha “ nahi hai” kayonki susraal mein mein aur wife ek saath nahi sote hai. Tab choti Sali boli” Jijaji aap chinta mat karo, mein aap ki ichha yahi puri karwadongi. Tab too subha chale jaoge na? “ maine kaha “ haan tab theek hai. Par bhool nahi jana” wo boli “ ab aap nischant ho jao. Baki kaam mera hai.”
Meri dono Sali ek hi kamre mein soti hai. Aur meri wife apni mummy ke satth soti thi. Meri choti Sali ne meri wife ko baat karne ke bahane se apne kamre mein bula liya. Boli “ didi kal too tu chali jayegi. Aaj raat ko bahoot sari baat karenge. Meri wife tayar ho gayi.Phir usne muje bhi kamre mein bula liya. Sardiyon ki baat thi. Kamre mein ek double bed tha, jis par dono Sali soti thi. Mein jab kamre mein gaya, too meri badi Sali boli” jijaji aap aur jiji double bed par so jaao, hum kamre mein hi chaarpai dal kar so jayenge. Meri wife sharma gayi aur boli “tu pagal too nahi hai, ye yaha nahi soenge.” Tab meri choti saali boli “ hum to jijaji se baat karenge. Jijaji aap idhar hi beth jao. Aur usne kamre mein hi do charrpayi par bister laga diye.aur rizai rakh di.. double bed par dono Sali baithi thi aur mein bhi wahi par betha tha. Double bed se agli charpai par meri wife beth gai rizai oodh kar. Hum antakshari khelne lage. Ek teem meri aur wife ki aur doosri team dono salion ki. Raat ke 12:30 baj chuke the. Maine kaha “ab muje neend aa rahi hai, light band kar do aur tum sab bhi so jao.” Aisa kaha kar mein agli charpai par ja ka let gay. Par meri wife ne kahai ki aap so jao, hum charo bahene baat karenge.
Light band kar ke wo sab let gaye aur baat karte rahe.main sabse last wali charpai par tha aur usse agli charpai par meri wife thi. Meri wife ne nighty pahen rakhi thi. Double bed par kinare par meri sabse choti Sali so rahi thi aur usse next majli aur last mein sabse badi Sali. Bahar baramde mein light jal rahi thi, so uski roshni kamre mein aa rahi thi.. main beech beech men wife ko pair laga raha tha. Meri choti Sali dekh rahi thi. Wo meri betabi ko samajte hue boli, “ jijaji ko neend aa rahi hai. Unhae disturb mat karo. Aur chup chap so jao.” Kuch der baad sab chup ho gaye. Main apna haath wife ki rizai mein daal kar uski choochi maslne laga. Meri wife ne ek do baar mera haath hataya, kayonki usko shak tha ki abhi saliyan soi nahi hai, par phir wo bhi maje lene lagi. Tab maine uske nighty ko uppr utha kar uski choot sehalane laga aur doosre haath se uski choochi dabane laga. Thori der mein wo garam ho gayi.
Tab main uski chaarpai par aa kar uski rizai mein ghoos gaya. Meri wife boli ki ye abhi soi nahi hogi, isliye aap apne bed par chale jao. Maine kaha nahi wo sab so chuke hai. Aur main uske hooth paglon ki tarah choosne laga. Jisam ki garmi ke karan humne aadhi rizai hata di. Maine dekha ki meri teeno adhi band aankho se sab dekh rahi thi. Main aur josh mein aa gaya. Maine apna ek haath apni wife ke boobs par rakha tha aur ek haath jaanbooj kar apni choti Sali ke haath se touch kar rakha tha, jo sabse kinare par thi. Dheere dheere main uska haath dabane laga aur saath saath apni wife ke hooth bhi choosta raha aur ek haath se uski choochi dabata raha. Phir main uske paroon ki taraf sir karke let gaya aur thodi der mein wife ki choot apni jeebh se chatne laga. Rizai bilkul hi hat chuki thi. Meri wife jor jor se mera lund hila rahi thi aur main poore josh se uski choot mein apni jeebh ghuma rha tha. Meri dono Sali sara nazara dekh rahi thi. Phir meri wife se bardasht nahi hua aur jaldi se chodne ko kaha, maine uski choot mein lund daal diya aur jor jor se dakheel marne laga. Charpai awaz karne lagi. Par hum dono iski parwaha kiye beger raftaar badate rahe. Ab wo bhi apne gan uchaal uchaal kar mera lund apni choot mein andar tak le rahi thi. Humare hooth aur jeebh ek doosre me ghuse hue the aur main apne ek haath se uski choochi daba raha tha aur ek haath se apni choti Sali ke haath ko sehala raha tha.
Lagbhag aadhe ghante mein hum don one pani chod diya, aur kuch der tak usi terah pade rahe. Phir kuch der baad main apne bistar par aa kar so gaya. Subha jab utha too choti Sali chaya le kar aayi. Uske hoothon par shararti muskan thi. Maine bhi muskara kar chai le li. Aur use thankyou bola. Wo boli kayon? Maine kaha raat ke liye. Wo muje mental bol kar hasti hui chali gayi.
Is teraha ki aur bhi kai sachhi kahaniyan hai meri sex life ki. Main apni wife se bahoot payar karta hoon , parantu taste badalne ke liye kisi aur ladki se bhi sex karma chata hoon. Main apni choti Sali se man hi man payar karta hoon aur use pana chata hoon, par usse kahane se darta hoon. Agar koi ladki ya aurat bhi meri teraha taste badalne ke liye sex karna chati hai too muje email likhe. Meri kahani aap ko kaisi lagi jaroor bataye.
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taxindia has hacked the reps databasetaxindia has hacked the reps databasetaxindia has hacked the reps databasetaxindia has hacked the reps databasetaxindia has hacked the reps databasetaxindia has hacked the reps databasetaxindia has hacked the reps database

Rinu = myself, Cheenu = meree mauseree bahan, Ravi = mere jeeja yani ki Cheenu ke pati dev, Champa = maid servant, neelu deedee = meree baDee mausee kee beTee, manjh'lee mausee = Cheenu's mom,

phone kee ghnTee baj rahee thee, aur mEn'ne bekhayalee men hee phone uThaaya kyonki mEn ap'ne mausere bhaee yaani ki cheenu ke bhaee kee Anevaalee shaadee ke khayaalon men khoee huee thee. mere us'ne mujhe bata diya tha ki use office se chhuTTee naheen mil sak'tee is'liye mEn pareshan thee ki is shaadee men mEn shareek ho paungee ya naheen. meree manjh'lee mausee ne kal hee phone kiya tha aur bataaya ki is shaadee men cheenu bhee naheen A rahee hai, is'liye meree jimmedaaree aur baDh jaatee hai.

jab mEn'ne phone par pyaare jeeju ravi, meree cheenu ka Thokoo; kee Avaaj sunee to meree tndra bhng huee. bhaav'naon ke atirek men mere mukh se Avaaj hee naheen nikal rahee thee. tabhee jeeju kee Avaaj sunaee paRee ki hey rinu phone par tumheen ho na. mEn keval it'na hee kah sakee han jeeju Ap'kee seva men hamEsha. jeeju kah raha tha,

to Ap kis kis prakaar kee seva detee hai.

jo aap kahiye. customer satisfaction guaranteed. He said pleadingly,

to de do na And I teased him,

aj jab service dene vali bahar chalee gayi hai to saali ki yaad aayi hai.

Yaad to barabar aati hai lekin ye batao ki aap kab tak aa rahi hain. I showed mock anger, aap and he immediately corrected,

ok tum kab aa rahi ho .I told him my difficulty,

mere unko chhuttee nahin mil rahi hai. He has taken a lot of leave recently and it is almost impossible for him to come. Jiju laughed and said,

ye to aur achchha hai tumhare vo nahi honge aur meri bhi vo nahin hain you remember your promise and it is time for you to fulfill it. You know it has been almost 15 days since Cheenu has gone. I interrupted and said,

aur aapka upvas chal raha hai. lekin jeeju int'jaar karo, mEn Agaee to Age peechhe ka saara hisaab chuka doongee. lekin jeeju mEn Ap'ko achchhee tarah se jan'tee hoon. meree deedee ke jaane ke pah'le Ap'ne advance men us bechaaree se bahut kuchh le liya hoga.

are naheen. tum Oraton men saale kaafee jhnjhaT jo hote hEn. vo 5 din or mardon kee chhuTTee, hamaare to saare hathiyaar dhare hee rah jaaten hEn. to saaleejee ab Ap jaldee se AjaEye aur jEsa Ap'ne kaha Age peechhe......

Naa baba naa mera to kachumar nikal jayega , thinking about Jiju I said, and all the scenes about Cheenu’s marriage , the way I teased Jiju, sang gallis and didi’s suhagrat, Jiju interrupted my reverie and said,

kyon salli kahan kho gayi and I said,

khayaalon main Jiju, and added, if you want me to settle accounts of 20 days of jiji also. meri to phaT..... He too laughed and said,

salli ji jo hona hai vo to hoga aapne vada kiya hai isliye ab darne se koi phayda nanhi. He said, aur tumhare vo, when will he come for lunch. I said in one hour but he in his typical double-entendre tone said, to karte hain ek ghante tak. And I responded in the same tone, in husky voice,

na baba na ek ghanTa.. He laughed and said,

arre I meant baat karna aur tum kya samjhi thi, you have single track mind. I too teased him saying,

you have single crack mind but I have to prepare lunch and he will go at 3 to uske bad kariyega par kariyega jaroor like him I put emphasis on ‘kariyega’ and before he could give a repartee I put the phone back.


aur tabhee meree jindagee ke beete panne ek ke baad ek khul'ne lage. meree mauseree baRee bahan cheenu mere saath hee nanihaal men rah'kar mere saath paDhaee kar'tee thee. Hey but it is no way to tell a tale and as they say one must begin from beginning and proceed further.

My mom got married even as she was just turning 16 and exactly after 9 months I was born and I am the only child she has. She is not only extrovert, bold but while indulging in her jokes she will not even sometimes spare me. She was youngest sister and my chhoTee mausi was only a year elder to her while the eldest mausi was 4 years elder to her. And both of them like mom used to indulge in bawdiest jokes and songs. At my nanihal my mama and mami were there. When mom will come to nanihal mami will offer water second but will welcome her with gallis first. And mom will pay her back in the same coins. And they will not mind using choicest abuses that I am around rather my name was used, as they could not take each other’s name. Mami will welcome mom as,

‘Rinu ki mummy pakki chhinaar (Rinu’s mom is top slut) and mom will respond

"Rinu ki mami badi chudvasi unki bur main ghus gaye 10 -10 yaar" (Rinu’s mami is a top fucker and in her cunt she devours 10-10 lovers). And it was not limited to songs they will hug each other and invariably mom will either squeeze mami’s boobs or pinch her on her hips saying ,

lagta hai raat bhar khub chakki chali hai’ and mami will respond saying,

kyon aaj aap bhi chalva lijiye apne bhaiya se’. But when Mausa ji will arrive, both mami and mom will join and he was not only welcomed with choicest lewd songs but feast of gallis will continue during lunch dinner. Along with mom and mami, maid servant Champa (who being bahu of the area was called bhabhi by mom and will treat Mausa ji as her favorite nandoi) will also attack and here too my name was used,

Rinu ka Mausa bhandua hai uski bahna chhinaar khoje naya yaar vo to salla gandua hai (Rinu’s Mausa is a pimp her sister is a slut and she keeps on looking for new lovers, he is a bugger). And they will practice many pranks on him. When he will go to bath, mom and mami will replace his pajama with her petticoat, when he is in slumber they will go and put bindi on his forehead and mausa too will answer strongly. He will pull mom in his lap and tease her, he will sometime pinch mami on her hips innocently saying there was an ant. When chhoTee mausi will come, mom and mausi will join front against mami but she was not alone as Champa will join along with her against both nands and jokes and gallis will flow throughout the day. So wet words were not taboo rather they were part of vocabulary of everybody around us. Sex was in the air almost constantly.

And to some extent mami was responsible for it. She was very caring and loving but she will tease. When mom or mausi was not around she will use her colorful vocabulary with us. And more was Champa, when I and Cheenu were only in std 10th she will tease us by singing,

Rinu teri Bho Rinu teri bho …. and will keep on teasing us and to Cheenu she will tell Cheenu ki phat gayi chu… at that age we did not know what words begin from bho and chu and even in front of mom and mausi she will tease us and everybody will join in laughter. One day I asked her Champa bhabhi (like my mom and mausi we too used to call her bhabhi and she used to tease her young nands)

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taxindia has hacked the reps databasetaxindia has hacked the reps databasetaxindia has hacked the reps databasetaxindia has hacked the reps databasetaxindia has hacked the reps databasetaxindia has hacked the reps databasetaxindia has hacked the reps database

Bhabhi tum ye Rinu teri Bho kah kar kayon chidhati ho , she laughed and lifted my skirt indicating my vagina,

bho matlab nanad rani tumhari ye, tumhara bhonsada, abhi to tumhari phuddi hai par chud chud kar tumhari mummy ki tarah bhonsada ban jayegi . I felt ashamed and got myself released from her but mami joined and held me giggling and said,

aare isme sharmana kya Champa chudavati hai main chudavati hun aur teri mummy aur mausi bhi chudavati hain aur bina chudai ke teri jaisi Esi hasin ladki kahan se paida hoti and saying that she pinched me on my budding boobs. Mami and mama used to indulge in sex almost at every opportunity, totally oblivious to two growing teen girls in house. Our room was next to their and every night loud moaning and creaking of bed will tell us what is happening.

One day I remember it very vividly even today, I was in 10th and alone as Chinu has gone to her parents place. It was winter and evening came early. My school closed before scheduled time and I came. Mami was busy somewhere so I went to my room and entered into my bed. It was very cold and weather was gloomy. When my sleep broke I heard some sound and opened the door slightly. Light has gone out and in dim light I could see mami being held by mama who has bend her. In this situation neither of them could see me.

Mami was whispering hey leave me let us move to bed room. Mama quizzed, hey Rinu must be still in school so we are all alone so what difference does it make and I’m feeling so hot after your five days break. Mami confirmed that I have not yet come from college (as normally I used to go to tuition after school) but she protested meekly that still they may move to bedroom. However he realized that protestations are mostly symbolic and as his one hand was grabbing mami’s boobs he lifted her saya, saying he cannot wait. He stripped very fast and in no time mounted from rear.

I was transfixed. I could see the joyous way in which mami was responding, glow on her face and when he squeezed her boobs she gave small moans. Soon pounding started in real frenzy. Mami was responding in unison but she asked hey what happened today you are in great josh. He answered by bringing his organ almost fully out and shoving it full in one thrust,

5 din ka Bhookha jo hun.

To kya sari bhukh abhi bujha loge kuch raat ke liye to bhi chhodo, she teased. Mama put her hands between her thighs and apparently squeezed her clit as she gave a very loud moan, which further inflamed passion of Mamma ji who asked,

hey aaj to bahoot dinon baad ghar main koi nahin hai aur main khul kar chod sakta hun.

To chodo na mami also challenged him. It went on and on. I was mute and I don’t know when my hand went inside my skirt and I was caressing me over my panty. Only when they came and I realized what I had seen, first fucking of my life and I’m almost wet I walked inside on my toes and went back to bed. Mami came after sometime and was almost shocked to see me, but when she realized that I’m sleeping she felt solace. She put the tea on table and woke me up gently I smiled and took the tea. I went to kitchen where she was preparing dinner. She asked,

hey Rinu aaj jara help kara de meri, and I too joined in the chores. I asked,

hey mami aaj jaldi kya hai and she replied your mama is feeling hungry; I smiled impishly and said,

kyon kya shaam ke nashte se unka pet nahin bhara. She realized what I meant and said hey it means. And I said,

nahin mami maine kuch nahin dekha. She took the rolling pin in zest and said,

abhi sara andar dal dungi to pata chal jayega ki banno ne kya kya dekha. As light was out we took dinner in candle light and as mamma was taking dinner fast I could barely suppress my laugh knowing well that what he is in hurry for and looking at me mami also realized that what I’m smiling about and she too started smiling. When I went back to my room, mami came and offered two candles to me. One she lit and other a real huge and thick one she gave me winking at me. She made a whole with her thumb and index finger and pushed candle in it .She said,

yeh isliye ki is jade ki raat main aaj achchhee tarah candling karo aur han is'ke pah'le yahan vaseline kee shishee bhee paRee hai aur meree banno Tangen jara achchhe se phElakar rakh'na. That night as lights were out they did not even close the window but I could listen not only moaning and creaking but also all the words being uttered which was almost like a radio commentary and I knew that as mami must be knowing that I am listening she was giving detailed description.

From the next day we became closer friends. Not that there was any parda before. She taught both Cheenu and me how to measure our breasts and it was not done over our dress. We were striped and Cheenu resisted but I also joined in disrobing her. And then both of us were taken to purchase our first teen bra.

Once I entered in her room and saw a special oil, women’s body oil and asked her hey what it is for and she asked giggling for most important place and then she became serious and said mammon ke liye. She taught me you must realize that most important part for a girl are her boobs and that is what make a man crazy about her so she must take proper care. And she even made me lift my kurta and massaged it on my boobs. She suggested that it is the proper age for taking care of boobs as when they don’t develop in this age girl’s start worrying but the time for normal development is gone.

When mom visited us both of them discussed this and mom purchased a breast massager for Cheenu and me. By this time we were in 11th. I had learned how to touch me. A friend of mine who was pro in such things told me how to caress labia and rub clit. I even read some books kept in mami’s room about oral sex, various positions. I used to discuss this with Cheenu and as for as listening was concerned she was an avid listener but when it came to active participation, she developed cold feet. And knowing her nature I used to tease her by lifting her frock and squeezing her over her panty.

Came winter vacation and it was time for family reunion and as we could not leave because of exams therefore everybody came here. Mom dad had arrived and so did chhoTee mausi and mausa ji. And last came badi mausi and she was top amongst all sisters. When I bowed to touch her feet she lifted me and told mami,

‘arre Rinu to puri jawan ho gayi hai’ and she squeezed my breast in no uncertain manner. Showing it to mami, she said, dekh iske mamme kitne bade ho Gaye hain, kisi ladke se dabvane lagi hai kya. I was nonplussed but she giggled and said Aare I meant they make you really beautiful. And she kept on caressing and fondling them.

Nahin mausi i am not like that, I defended myself. She laughed,

arre isme sharamne ki kya baat hai tum se sirf 2 mahine badi tumahri mummy thi jab tum unke pet main aagayi thi . You know, caressing my young teen boobs she said,

jaan'tee ho inhe choochee uThan kaha jaata hai. are yahee to umr hai in'ka maja lene ka. in'he laR'kon ko dikhao aur jaan'tee ho ve kya karenge 'chaxoo chodan'. to tum ap'ne shareer ko haath lagaae diye bina kaeeyon ko maja de chukee hogee. And then mom came and she said,

hey kya kar rahi ho. Without leaving my boobs, she said,

aare bitiya ke joban ki tariff kar rahi hun. Mom showed mock anger and said,

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taxindia has hacked the reps databasetaxindia has hacked the reps databasetaxindia has hacked the reps databasetaxindia has hacked the reps databasetaxindia has hacked the reps databasetaxindia has hacked the reps databasetaxindia has hacked the reps database

thu najar laga rahi ho arre tumhaare kaun se kam bade the. Meanwhile Neelu didi, her daughter and our eldest cousin came and we hugged each other and I dragged her to my room. She was eldest and most mature amongst us. She had spent most of time in Punjab and used to behave like a Punjabi kudi. She had most ‘experience’ and will tell bawdiest jokes, and methods on how to seduce boys. But as badi mausi was located far away they used to visit only 2-3 times in a year. She hugged me again and almost measured my boobs and said,

hey tere mamme to bade mast ho gaye hain maslvana suru kar diya hai kya. I laughed and said,

nahin abhi nahin.She squeezed and asked, how big 32, yes I confirmed and added 32 c.

Vow arre to ab kiski raah dekh rahi hai maslvane ragdvane ke liye to ekdam perfect size hai and she pushed me inside the quilt. She lifted my skirt and squeezed my cunt over my panty. Hey do you touch yourself here. I could not speak lie to Neelu did so I admitted hesitatingly yes. She felt happy and pressed her fingers hard, chalo kuch to progress Hui. But she did not stop there and said,

chalo ab mujhe dikhao tum kEse kar'tee ho. aur Esa kah'te kah'te us'ne mera haath ap'nee panty men Dal'va liya. mujhe kuchh aT'paTa lag raha tha kyon'ki ghar kee saaree Oraten As'paas hee maujood thee. meree anguliyon ne us'kee jhanT sapha kar rakhee choot ko chhuva aur mere saare badan men ek san'sanee phEl gaee. yah mera pah'la mauka tha jab mEn'ne kisee javaan choot ka sparsh kiya tha. She opened a film magazine and asked me to look in there and let hand do its job.

We were so engrossed in reading magazine and chatting about it but inside the quilt my fingers were caressing outside labia. I was using two fingers to gently squeeze them. I will start trailing from the base of her clit and go even beyond her cunt. I was using tip of my fingers and slowly I increased the pressure and when I felt wetness suddenly I gabbed her cunt in my palm and started rubbing it hard with base of my palm grinding against the clit. Till now I have not inserted any finger but after rubbing with palm for some time when I could feel that she is becoming hot I slowly stopped the grind and started my caressing with two fingers but this time they were teasing inner side of labia with force and authority. Neelu didi admitted yes I had learned something but meanwhile mami entered the room and admonished us.

Hey tum dono kya gadbad kar rahi ho. Neelu didi teased her,

aare gadbad to aap kar rahi hain tin tin nandoiyon ke sath. However unlike her, she did not respond and was looking perturbed. Without stopping my fingers I asked mami ji any trouble and she said nothing I was thinking about sleeping arrangement tonight. Suddenly an idea flashed in my mind and I suggested mami ji there is a room on the roof and it is presently vacant, I Neelu didi and Cheenu can sleep there and you can use this room for Mausa ji or whomsoever you may like. She felt relived but again quizzed but there is no cot there. Neelu didi this time came to rescue and said,

aare main aur Rinu milakar vo badi vali spare cot ko upar le jasakte hain. She was feeling happy and was back in her true colour and said,

ok but you will be all alone there kisi boy friend ko to nahin bulana hai and as she turned her back. I pinched at Neelu didi cunt and with drew my fingers. Neelu didi was really happy and said yes it was good. But tell me if you did it with Cheenu too. I said no I did try many times but she closes her thighs and even when I put my hands over her boobs she removes it. Neelu didi told ok it means I will have to train her but you are also learning so that we may have to train her togather. I said yes Guru ji with genuine respect.

She started narrating her experience of boys how she goes out to movies with them and do dating and how they kiss her on neck and fondle but she has not permitted anybody to touch under the garments. I asked innocently why guru ji and she laughed you will not understand when a boy touches you what ever a girl may say man nahi karta ki vah hath hataye and if touches over your boobs directly it is hard to maintain the control and once you loose control, very soon you lose your cherry too.

She said that she has no objection to that too but as it is a once in a lifetime experience she wants to do with somebody special and in such a surroundings that she will savor it most. I said hey didi but I have been told ki bahhot dard hota hai and she laughed and squeezed my boobs saying banno pain is half of the joy and that makes it memorable.

Meanwhile mami ji came and Said I know you girls are doing some dirty chatting. You two promised to shift the cot and vacate this room, what happened but here you are rubbing each other under the quilt, and saying that she up turned the quilt. But much before that like good girlz we were reclining properly. We shifted the cot and prepared room on the roof. It was really remote and one could close the door to roof and one has to walk some distance on the roof to approach room. It has an attached toilet and bathroom too.

We shifted our things and brought Cheenu’s things too. When Chhenu came, Neelu didi hugged her in her inimitable style squeezing her boobs too and whisperings some dangerous things. She did laugh but was feeling
apprehensive about sleeping with us. She did discus with Mausi ji if she can sleep with others but was advised against it (and slowly I realized it was not so much about space as it was to keep these growing teens away from nocturnal activity) It was early dinner and I teased,

mami ji aaj kisko jaldi bhukh lagi hai and she laughed understanding my innuendo and said,

tumhari mummy aur mausiyon ko. Cheenu was wearing a shlawar covering her legs and it made Neelu didi and me giggle. When we went up I innocently asked my chhoTee Mausi and Cheenu’s mom ,

‘mausi kya ham sidhi ka darwaja band kar len uparse’ she nooded yes and even said ki tomorrow is holiday so everybody will get up late so we can take our time .

I bolted the door from our side and stopped for a minute and listened mausi bolting door from their side too. I told Mausi yes we have brought our cloths here only and we will come down after getting ready. She was going down the stairs and said thek hai aaram se aana. I was overjoyed not because I knew about activity down the stairs but because it will give time for me and Neelu didi to enjoy us and train Cheenu may be much against her wishes. It was hard for me to tackle her alone but with the strength of Neelu Didi she was no match.

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taxindia has hacked the reps databasetaxindia has hacked the reps databasetaxindia has hacked the reps databasetaxindia has hacked the reps databasetaxindia has hacked the reps databasetaxindia has hacked the reps databasetaxindia has hacked the reps database

Neelu deedee kee choot ko sah'la kar Aj mujhe vichitr anubhooti huee thee. mere man men vaas'na kee tarngen uTh rahee thee. sare ghar vaalon se door chhat par hamaara kam'ra tha. ham teenon javaan hotee chhoriyan is kam're men akelee raat bitaane vaalee thee. jind'gee ke pah'le lesbian anubhav ke baare men soch soch kar mera man balliyon uchhal raha tha. us'par yah ki mEn Neelu deedee ke saath mil'kar cheenu ko seduce kar'ne vaalee thee.

jese hee ham ap'ne is raat ke Ashiyan men Aye mEn'ne aur Neelu didi ne jhaT paT night dress badal lee. lekin cheenu abhee bhee shalwar suit men thee. use hamaare saath adjust kar'ne men kuchh asuvidha ho rahee thee. men'ne neelu didi se kaha kee chhat ka dar'vaaja donon or se bnd ho chuka hai. us'ke hoThon par ek sharaarat bharee muskaan Aee. us'ne light ka switch bnd kar'te hue kaha ki ab hamen so jaana chahiye. aur ham teenon us baRe cot men kambal ke neeche dubak gaye. I could feel that Cheenu is uncomfortable and as to comfort her I put my hands on her boobs, but she pulled it away. I changed my sides and pretended to be asleep when nothing happened for 10-15 minutes she felt reassured and tried to sleep.

I turned and slowly grabbed string of her shalwar. She tried to resist but before she could do anything her hands were tightly held by Neelu didi. I did not show any hurry in opening her shalwar. Teasingly slowly I opened it and pulled it down but under it she was wearing a panty, which was more like a nicker. This was the turn for Neelu didi who kept on holding her hands with her one hand and she pushed her panty down. Now Cheenu was expecting our hands to invade her thigh land but it were not to be. My hands went inside her top and grabbed her breasts. And Neelu didi had taken the lower front. She was very softly rubbing her labia with her both fingers and I was tweaking Cheenu’s tits . She responded slowly but there was a very strong mental resistance. I started cupping her small pert young boobs softly while now Neelu didi was applying pressure on her clit. Her body became warmer, resistance was now nil and she has started showing some response. However suddenly Neelu didi called me and said,

Cheenu ko shayad maja nahin aa raha hai chal ham dono karte hain. I got out of bed and she too stood up and embraced me showing it Cheenu. Hey you are feeling so shy in a year or two when you will get married,

roj rat bhar taange uthaaye padi rahegi aur abhi choonchi pakd'vaane main bhi nakh're dikha rahi hai. She told me,

ok Rinu tu Chinu ban ja aur main ban jati uska lover. We were still clad in our night gown. Neelu didi held me in her arms and started caressing. She was holding my head and her fingers were playing with my long lustrous black tresses and her smoldering lips were inches away from my lips. Suddenly she held my head with both her hands strongly and kissed me on my lips. I almost got singed. But I responded boldly and kissed her back. Our eyes were laughing and dancing and we were inebriated. Neelu didi’s one hand opened strings of my gown and it slipped over my shoulders showing my boobs which were hardening. Her both hands were still holding my hands and her kisses have become bolder, longer. Now our tongues were playing with each other. I too opened Neelu didi’s nightgown and for second we parted to let the gown slip on ground and we came out of it.

Cheenu was transfixed looking at us but we were taking no notice. Now both of us held each other’s back and started grinding slowly. Her boobs (which were slightly heavier than mine) started crushing mine and she started moaning,

Cheenu please kitana achchha lag raha hai and I too joined and said yes yes. Neelu didi again started kissing me but this time they were fast and small kisses like a butterfly fleeting from one flower to another. She will kiss on my eye and when I will expect next one to be on my check she will bite my ear lobes. Her one hand was holding me but other has started caressing and squeezing my firm young ass. I was almost melting under this attack. Neelu didi held me in her arms and said,

Cheenu let us move to bed and I said non-coherently han mere sajan, and we moved to bed. I lied very close to Cheenu as our bodies were rubbing each other and now she was fully drawn to our lust. Now like a cloud hovering over green pastures, Neelu didi bent over me. She came between my spread thighs but no part of her body was touching mine. She took a fleeting kiss of my eyelids and playfully when I shifted my face to avoid my lips she not only kissed mere gore gore gall but bit it hard. Now her kisses were strong and demanding. She came to nap of my neck and kissed me there. Her tongue traveled down but teasingly she left my tits and went directly to base of my now fully hard tennis ball size teen boobs. Her tongue, like flames of passion engulfed my breasts and I was moaning. With every kiss she was calling me Cheenu and I could feel that in this heat, resistance and resolve of our sis who was looking at us very intensely was melting down.

Suddenly, like a kite swooping down on its prey, Neelu didi grabbed my both teen boobs and started squeezing them, but even now her palm was not touching my tits that had become fully erect now. She was cupping, squeezing and crushing with full force. Her lips had arrested my lips and her tongue was deep inside my mouth. This continued for some time and then very slowly she touched my luv lips with her luv lips and only they were touching our thighs were just inches apart. It put fire in my portals of luv and now I could no longer resist. I raised my hips and she smilingly came down and started grinding my cunt with her cunt. Now Neelu didi had move to the main course and her nimble fingers had grabbed my one passion filed hard tit and were puling it stretching it hard and her lips captured other tit.

When I turned my face, I saw Cheenu very close and her face was aglow with desire her boobs were hard and tits were fully aroused. I smiled at her and she smiled back. I held her small hard breast and squeezed it softly. Her smile becomes broader and as if she pushed her boobs in my hand. I cupped them more firmly and my hand started replicating what Neelu didi’s hand was doing to my boobs. My long nail started journey upwards pressing hard and after reachchheeng at tits pinched it slowly. And she moaned. In the first time my life I heard my sis Cheenu moaning. It gladdened me and I continued pulling her tit pinching it and I could here her voice yes Rinu yes please keep on …

Meanwhile Neelu Didi had put full focus on rubbing my cunt with her cunt. She was holding my slender waist with both her hands and with force she was doing ragdai ghisai of my cunt with her cunt. Our thighs were entwined, my one hand was scratching Neelu didi’s back and my hips were high answering every pressure of Neelu didi. When I again look at Cheenu’s face while squeezing her boobs hard she was looking at my breast which were bearing marks of nails and teeth of Neelu didi. I gently held her hand and brought it to my boobs and pressed it against it. Feeling was so good and soon she learned the trick .As my hand was pressing squeezing her breast she was doing same to me. We lost our senses. Neelu didi had located my clit and now her one hand was playing with it rubbing, pressing.

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Old 16th February 2005
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I was on the verge of orgasm. When Neelu didi looked at me I smiled and indicated toward Cheenu who was cupping my boobs hard while her boobs were being pressed by me. She also moved her one hand between Cheenu’s thighs and cupped her mound. Now Cheenu didi came with aloud moan and started pressing her cunt in Neelu didi’s hand. It further aroused her and Neelu started doing ghisai of my cunt in full frenzy and in no time I came. Neelu didi left me and went to the side of Cheenu and lied down. We were all very exhausted but soon all of sudden we started giggling.

Both of us hugged Cheenu who was still holding my boobs as I was cupping hers. I kissed her on earlobes while Neelu Didi kissed her on her swell of boobs. I complained to Neelu didi,

apne meri to itti jam kar ragdai ki par ye Cheenu rani bachee hui hain. Hugging Cheenu she asked,

Kyon Cheenu ho jaye teri bhi and she nodded her head very slowly. When Neelu didi sat between thighs of Cheenu this time without even touching her choot she spread her thighs. I smiled to Neelu didi and we started our joint plan. I took care of top and she of bottom. I began fondling and caressing her now very hard young boobs but teasingly my fingers will stop short of her tits that were very erect now and began demanding attention. Neelu didi too was rubbing her labia and trying to locate her clit, and as soon she discovered and found it is already hot and responding started pressing it. Chhenu was responding, she was raising her hips but Neelu didi kept her cunt barely touching her flutering cunt lips. Now Cheenu has no recourse left but ask for it.

Neelu didi please karo na. But as if she is not listening Neelu didi pressed her thumb and started rotating it on her clit. Chhenu lost all inhibitions,

please Neelu didi karo na jaise Rinu ke sath kar rahi thi. Neelu didi asked,

kya aur khul kar bolo na . I grabbed her boobs and pressed hard. She said love making and I smiled and pulled her tit and said,

arre Cheenu be more frank. She was in flames but she said,

mujhe sharm lag rahi hai. When she felt there was no way out she said ok fuck me fuck me. But Neelu didi was not to bow and she said,

arre daily ghar main sunte hain hindi main bolo na and Neelu didi started rubbing her clit in a frenzy and now she was beyond anything and she blurted out ohhh oohhh moaning very loudly please please,

chodo mujhe apni choot meri choot par ragdo meri choonchi kas ke dabao. And that was the signal we were looking for. Now Neelu didi pressed her cunt on Cheenu’s cunt and started fucking her wildly. I too started pulling her tits pinching rolling and leaving my nail marks. Cheenu was moaning wildly, her hips were moving in unison with Neelu didi and it continued for some time But Neelu didi’s timing was superb. She will realize when Cheenu is on the verge of cumming she will stop suddenly and indicate me too. Cheenu will beg for release and she will make her promise that henceforth she will use only those words and she was made to say Lund Bur choot chudai many times and only then she will start. With her expertise in 4-5 minutes she will again bring her close to brink and this will be my turn to extract promise that she will never say no to my fingers and soon she was exclaiming and demanding,

Rinu please meri choonchi ko khub kas kar ke ragdo Neelu didi please meri choot main han yes aise hi and then we realized that her initiation has begun and Neelu didi brought her to release. However this time Neelu didi too got exhausted. For a long time all three of us kept lying down hugging each other softly. After some time when tiredness reduced, Neelu didi came back in josh and in her inimitable style held my boob and Cheenu’s boob and squeezed very hard. She said ,

"Saaliyon, chhinaaron tum dono ki choot to maine ragad di par meri is bur ka kya hoga socha hai tum donone." Cheenu laughed and said,

‘didi as you know I’m new but may be Rinu didi should do something about, and she was ever trying to enter into my skirt.’ I too laughed and said,

Guru ji may be I should give some head to it and came between Neelu didi’s well spread thighs. I kissed her deep navel and my tongue without breaking, started licking her but avoided direct contact with her cunt. It was making a line with her outer lips. And I pushed a pillow under her hips nay chootar and continued licking right up to crack of her ass. My hands were very slowly teasingly caressing her inner thighs and my tongue came up and started caressing the other labia. I was not only licking but my tongue was stroking, pressing and it made a full circle.

I could listen to didi’s moans. And Cheenu was not sitting idle. She has joined the gang in right earnest and she was pressing, cupping Neelu didi’s boobs. This double assault had made Neelu didi raise her chootar and she was demanding more. Who was I to deny and in one swoop I opened my mouth and captured her whole muff. I did not kiss or suck but let it leave like that. Slowly, I started rubbing it and I could feel some juice. I raised my face and then with my fingers I parted her pussy wide and began rubbing inner side of labia which was now wet. Neelu didi had almost closed her eyes and given her to joy. I inserted one finger while my tongue was probing for her clit. And as it touched the clit, it started tickling vibrating it. My fingers were moving softly trying to press inner parts without going deep.

After some time when I knew that her clit has become fully hard and swollen I withdrew my tongue and out came my finger too. But very slowly tongue went inside and I started licking inside her juicy pussy. I was fucking didi’s cunt with my tongue, running my tongue between the inner and outer lips on one side, while holding the two together with my lips, in and out, around and around. My fingers were not idle they were trying to locate her meatus, the opening for her urethra, her pee hole and as I found tips of my fingers pressed her there. Didi started moaning very hard loudly. I looked at Cheenu and understanding the message, she pinched her hard erect tits real hard. Didi was almost on the climax but I withdrew the tongue from her cunt and raised my face and she was raising her hips frantically.

Slowly as she cooled down I again started but this time my tongue directly went to her clit and I started flicking it. My fingers were inside her soaked cunt sliding. Slowly her clit was again fully aroused and didi was moaning very loudly. I raised my face and looked at Cheenu who was looking at me greedily. I touched my lips with my tongue and indicated towards didi’s tit and she got the massage. She devoured didi’s tits in one gulp and I grabbed her clit between my lips and started sucking hungrily. My lips were pressing it, my mouth was sucking and my tongue was flirting with it. With my both hands I had held didi’s slender waist forcefully. And she did not come, she exploded but neither Cheenu nor I left her. We only slowed our tempo and as soon she subsided we again started in full frenzy and it came wave after wave. And only when she almost collapsed we left her. She could not speak but her glimmering eyes were saying very good sis. Both of us hugged our guruji. We must have lied down for an hour, holding Neelu didi between us. Neelu didi got up and said,

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Old 16th February 2005
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taxindia has hacked the reps databasetaxindia has hacked the reps databasetaxindia has hacked the reps databasetaxindia has hacked the reps databasetaxindia has hacked the reps databasetaxindia has hacked the reps databasetaxindia has hacked the reps database

Rinu man gaye, you really know how to suck and Cheenu you lost so much by refusing to her. Cheenu nodded. I smiled at Cheenu and said you also want me to suck the way I was sucking Neelu didi and she said,

han bahoot man kar raha hai But Neelu didi was not to give in and she commanded no,

pahle jaise maine kaha tha vasie bolo. This time Cheenu did not require any goading and said,

han Rinu please meri choot khub jam kar chooso jaise Neelu didi ki choosi thi. I went between her thighs but Neelu didi said,

‘Nahin Cheenu ko bhi to choot chatna sikhana chaahiye . Ise sath sath meri choot chatni ho gi aur main ise pakki choot chatori bana dongi.’ I started licking Cheenu;s choot and Neelu didi went over her face. She rubbed her soaked dripping choot on Cheenu’s face, which she was made to lick, hard. This time we did it very slowly extending our pleasure for more than and hour. We tried to sleep but it was not coming. Neelu didi told her experience and some adult jokes. And then she got an idea and she asked us to close our eyes for some time and she brought a drink, which was loking like coke but it, ws not when we drank it. It brought fire and we asked what type of cola it is. She smilead and said,

Ramola. Mix of cola and Rum and it will bring back energy to us. Neelu didi made us to finger fuck her and then she asked us to fuck ourselves and describe and before we were on the verge of climax she made us stop and told us to swap fingers and I finger fucked Cheenu who in turned shoved her fingers inside my cunt and soon we came together again. It kept on and on. And suddenly when I looked at clock it was 5 am . ohh we spent entire night let us sleep we all exclaimed together. We slept till 9 and when I got up I knew we all are going to be fired for sleeping so late. I woke them and we got ready only thing was that we took bath together and Neelu didi made us all clean our golden brown young hair nay jhants (she made us say that).

jab mEn bathroom se tEyar hokar baahar Aee to soch rahee thee ki Aj to DanT paRegee, lekin jab mEn 'ne dekha ki bahut se to abhee so hee rahe hEn aur kuchh ungh rahe hEn to pooree Ashvast ho gaee. mani rasoee men chaa'y bana rahee thee. mEn'ne rasoee ke kaam men mami kee madad kar'nee chahee to mami ne jhaT mujhe panchu hal'vaee kee dukaan se samose laane ke liye kah diya. mEn is panchu ke bachche se hamEsha kat'raatee thee kyonki is'kee nazar meree uTh'tee javaanee par jyada rah'tee thee. mami ne meree duvidha ko samajh'te hue kaha,

tabhi to tumhe bhej rahi hun . un becharon ki bhi good morning ho jayegi and you will get it fast. As I turned to go she pulled out my chunni and said,

now it looks nice laughingly. After night’s teachchheengs with Neelu didi I too have become bold and went out. When I reached at the shop suddenly there was a silence. I without bothering about everybody gaze at my boobs went to him and asked Samose. Looking at me leering his tongue over his lips he said,

han samose to acche hain bade bhi hain. I crossed my hands below my breast and pushing them further out.

Lekin mujhe jaldi chahiye and before waiting queue could protest he gave me and I came back. Neelu didi had convinced mausi ji and Mausa ji that we would be permitted to go for a movie. But chhoTee mausi further suggested that may be we can have dinner also out side,

akhir itte din baad tino bahne mili hain kuchh ghum len mauj masti kar len. And mummy gave me money for our outing. Neelu didi guided us how to dress.

I wore a shalwar kurta, which was real tight, but Cheenu was made to wear a frock. And when I put my breast massager under my bra I found even Cheenu had put hers. She smiled sheepishly and indicated towards her bra. As soon we came out, Neelu didi pulled away Cheenu’s dupata and I caged it in my bag, and with that went her past and we stepped into our mast jawani. We watched movies and spent some time in love lane, famous spot in gunj (and in those days it was really narrow) which led that first time a few boys while moving fondled our breast and our guruji rather ...encouraged it. When we came back it was Cheenu who stripped first and we repeated last night acts with more passion and joy.

Aj kee raat men nasha jyaada tha. kuchh to picture kee mastee thee, kuchh laR'kon kee chheR chhaaR aur phir kal raat ke anubhav ke baad khulaapan. hamen yah pata tha ki neeche ghar ke adults ap'na hee maja le rahe hEn aur hamen koee disturb kar'ne vaala naheen hai.

dekh'te hee dekh'te ham teenon bahanen mother jaat nangee ho gaee. hamaare tan par vastra naam kee koee bhee cheej naheen thee. halanki hamaare kisee ke pas lund naheen tha par har kisee ke saam'ne do do javaan chhok'ree ka nanga badan jaroor tha. jin angon ko mEn kabhee chhoone se bhee kat'raate thee ve hee ang ab mujhe param pavitra lag rahe the. ab meree samajh men A raha tha ki kyon in angon ke prati javaan hote laR'ke aur mard it'ne laalaayit rah'te hEn. kuchh hee der men ham teenon bahanen ek doos're kee choot, ganD, choochiyon par TooT paRee aur apnee jeebh, naak, angulee ek doos're men Daal'ne lagee.

And it went on and on. Neelu didi taught us many things so my mausi ji. One day when my mom and mausi ji were playing cards with mami ji and all ribald jokes, lewdest songs were going on all three of us also were backing one or other player, I blurted out to Badi, Mausi ji,

" Mausi ji aab aap Neelu didi ki shadi karva dijiye." Badi Mausi responded strongly,

" Kyon tumhara kya phayda ho jayega , usko to licence mil jayega’. chhoTee mausi came in my support,

" kyon sabse chhoTee salli hai sabse pahle to maja vahi legi chhoTee salli ka jija par poora hak hai." And badi mausi immediately changed her stand and said, yes and she dragged me to her lap and kissing me fully on cheeks and squeezing my boobs said,

"Rinu teri to badi musibat hai pahle tujhe Neelu ka husband thokega aur phir Cheenu ka". chhoTee mausi again retorted and said,

"ismne musibat ki kya baat hai ye to jija salli ka hak hai akhir tumhari mummy ne pahle bade mausa se maja liya aur phir chhoTe mausa ji se. dono se khub chudvaaya.’ Realizing that things becoming hot I decided to stand up and said,

accaha main chal'tee Hun but mami pulled me down. Now it was turn of mummy to interject. She said,

‘aare main sabse chhoTee thi to maine do- do jija ke sath maja liya aur meri beti sabse chhoti hai to ye bhi apne dono jija ke sath maja legi. Isme hairani ki kya baat hai’, and everybody started laughing including Neelu and Cheenu. Mami stopped laughing and very seriously asked Neelu didi,

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XB's Best & Largest Story collection Over 1000 pages & Over 1,00,00,000 Page Views

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