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Old 1st September 2007
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Sex With Mess Mami


I am Prakash, 24, working in a Multinational Company stationed in Madurai. I have recently been transferred to this place from Chennai. I am a bachelor. I found difficulty in getting good meals in the initial stages. Some of our office friends introduced to Parvathy Mami who is running a mess, mostly for office goers. I had been taking my meals there and after sometime I become familiar to Mami, as we used to call her. Mami will be asking about my family and asked me why I am not married so far. I told her I can wait for two more years and I shall go back to Chennai in two years and then marry.

Few words about Mami. Mami may be around 42. She is very charm, cute and round face, very fair in color. She looks more younger than her age. People who see her shall say she is only 30 or 32. She has well shaped boobs and her ass is also round shaped. Mami is very friendly with all and she enjoys joke quite often. She serves food with affection too.

It is almost more than 6 months old and Mami and myself had become close friends. Mami used to enquire about my parents, my married sister etc. Mami told me to bring my parents also to Madurai so that they can also see the temples, go to Kanyakumar etc. Since I have become little bit more closer, I asked Mami why you are alone. Where is your husband. I find he is not here ever since I came here. Mami became very sad and told me that she would tell about her husband afterwards. Mami has been managing the Mess with help of some male and female servants. But I find only one servant, Gomathi, is more close to her. I came to know that Gomathi used to stay with Mami mostly.

The mess is closed by 3 in the afternoon and opened by 7.30 in the night. I used to come to mess on Saturday afternoons after my office is closed and we would be talking freely. Mami used to enjoy my jokes and when Mami is alone, she is little bit careless with her dress. When she is talking to me interestingly, most of the times her saree talapu (pallu) would fall down and she would not bother to take it back and cover her boobs. I used to see her boobs jumping while she was laughing and enjoying my jokes.

Mess is closed on Sunday afternoon. One Sunday evening, I went to Mami since I was getting bored in my room. Mami was alone. Her servant Gomathi had gone to her house. I asked Mami since you are alone like me, how do you spend her off time. Mami said since she worked hard, she took rest on Sunday evening. Mami gave me coffee and we were talking. Mami asked me why I am not marrying. I told I shall wait for two more years. But Mami told me that I should marry in time, have kids early and enjoy life. Since we were talking close, I found Mamis pallu has fallen down and she did not care in putting it back and I was starring her well shaped boobs. Mami noticed it and told me shockingly that she knew that I was seeing and enjoying her boobs and that is why she is advising me to marry soon and enjoy life. Mami told me that she too married at her early days and she was having normal life only for few years. Her husband was not in a permanent job. Most of days he would not go to work. He chose to remain in house and be happy with her.

Then asked Mami where is her husband now. Mami told me that I have asked her the same question sometime back and she said she would now reply. She told me her husband did not have a job and would prefer to remain home most of the time. But while staying at home, he always demanded sex from her. She used to enjoy in the early years of marriage. But when she found that he did not go for work, but would prefer to have sex with her always, she did not respond properly. But he would force her to remain nude in the house and fuck her many time. She was enjoying this for some time but when she found that he did not go to work and earn but preferred to fuck always, she did not respond. This has created quarrel between them and she denied him sex for a week. He was terribly upset. She went out one day for some work and came back in the evening. She found that her husband was fucking a woman. She was upset and shouted at him. The woman tried to cover herself with cloth but her husband did not allow her to cover. He replied her since she did not allow him to fuck, he brought this lady for fuck and wanted her to pay for her. Mami was very much upset and asked the woman to have her dress and take money and go out. But while seeing another woman nude and her husband was fucking her, she too felt horny and she volunteered to fuck him. He was happy to fuck two ladies on a day.

But next day she scolded him like anything and he went out with anger and did not return till now. She tried to locate him but she could not know where he is. She was sad for sometime. Some of her relatives helped her to start this Mess and she is now the proud owner. They have also advised her to remarry somebody but she refused.

I said I sympathise with her and asked her how she managed without sex for so many years. She told me that she found it hard for a year or so. And after starting the mess, she developed relation with her maid, Gomathi. Mami told me when she was in horny mood, she would request Gomathi to please her. While seeing her boobs bulge out of her blouse and hearing such horny words, my dick started to raise. Since I was in lungi, Mami could easily find out the temper of my dick. Mami came close to me and asked me to see my dick. She told me that she has been noticing my dick always and find most of the times it is hard. And that is why she has been advising me to marry soon and enjoy life. One should not make the dick to suffer. It needs a hole to settle down daily. These hot words made me more horny.

By saying hot, mami moved and sat close to me. Mami told me it is a sin to make wait either the dick or the pussy. We should not make it suffer. These horny words made me more hot and I could not control my dick. Mami then said that when we hear hot sexy news or feel sexy, dicks and tits will bound to get hard and one should always press the dick and boobs to satisfy them. She has then kept her hand on my dick and took my hand and kept on her tits. She was stroking my sunni over my lungi and made me uncomfortable. In the meantime, I have also started pressing her pachis hard over her blouse. This continued for sometime. Mami stood up, went and closed the door and came back. She has then taken my lungi and underwear out and I was standing half nude before her. I have also in turn taken her blouse and bra out and I could find her hard pachis standing straight.

Mami wanted me to suck her tits. She told me that it was after many years she is being sucked by a male. She told me that she had an eye on me right from the beginning and today was the best opportunity since her servant maid Gomati had gone to her home. She said that whenever she felt hot, he would ask Gomathi to suck her pachis. Gomathi was also like her. She could not get all time pleasure and comfort from her husband. She is working with her. Whenever Mami found horny, she would ask Gomati to lick her pussy and press her boobs. Mami in turn would also lick and press hers. Whenever Gomati found it hard to manage, she would go to her house and spend a day with him. She would fuck her husband for a full day and come back to the mess. As such, she had gone in the afternoon to fuck her husband. This is why Mami is also more horny. Then mami wanted me to undress her saree and petticoat. Mami had no habit of wearing panty, Both were nude. Mami was stroking my dick and I was sucking her hard pachis. This went on for 10 mts. and mami was moaning. Then she took me to the room and she laid on the cot on her back with her legs open. Let me describe about her pussy.

Though Mami is middle aged, her pussy was as fresh and big as a young woman. She has more hair on her pussy. It is almost 5 inches in length and has got two big lips. Even though, Mami is very fair, but her pundai was little bit black. Her pundai was bulging like anything, indicating her horny mood. Little bit of juice was also oozing out of her big pundai.

Mami told me to sit on her side and wanted me first to lick her pundai. I sat on her right side and she has spread her legs widely. I had opened her pundai lips with my hand and licking her pussy. I was first licking her outer area, side walls and after sometime, I have opened the lips more and sent my tongue deep inside. Mami was moaning and enjoying my licking. But she was also stroking my sunni all thro. I was licking her pundai with my tongue and also pressing her right pachi with my left hand. As I was licking hard, Mami was ignited more and she had pressed my head with her left hand. Her right hand was stroking my sunni. As licked more and hard, Mami could not control. She moaned loudly and let out her juice heavily. I drank all her cum and she asked me how her cum was. I told her this is the first time I am tasting a womans pundai juice and it tastes good. The mami told me this is enough and wanted me to come in between her legs and fuck her. I have stroked my already tempered dick and positioned and kept the tip of my dick in her pundai entrance and slowly pushed it inside. Since Mami has got big pussy, I did not find any difficult in pushing inside. But it did not go fully. I asked mami why it is not going. Mami told me since she has not been fucked for long time, her pundai has become very tight and the pundai will get loosned after few fucks. She told me to wait for some time and push the sunni slowly inside her pundai. I have taken rest for few minutes and gave a jerk and my sunni has gone down more. This continued for some more time and by another 5 minutes, my entire sunni was buried in her deep pundai. Mami told me to pump. I have started slowly and it was difficult to fuck her since her pundai was very tight.

Mami started enjoying my fucking and moaning loudly in tamil like this: Ayyo Prakash. Kuthuda nanna Mamiai kuthuda. Romba nalaikku apporam okkarenda. Fulla ulle vittu ezuthu ezuthu kuthuda. En pundai kiziyara varaikkum kuthuda. Mama sunniai vida unakku romba perisua. Supera okkarada Parakash. Innum nanna fasta kuthuda. Oruda. Enakku varum pola irukku Prakash. But nee mattum un kanjiai seekiram vidathe. Romba naiaikku apporam, okarathale, konjam tighta irukku en pundai. Kona nazi othal, loose agividum. Nee sramam illamal freea okkalam. Ammmaaaaaaa enakku vandhudhuda. Ayyo Praksh, innum fasta kuthuda. Indha Mess mami unakkuthanda. Unakku kalyanam ara varaikkum, un sunnikku en pundaithanda venum. Kanjiai vidatheda. Konjam control panni oruda. 5 minutes othapin, kanjiai fulla kottua.

I was nearing my climax. My body shivered. I found my body hardened and dick stiffened.
I also shouted. Mami enakku varuadhu. Enge vaida mami. Mami replied: madaya engeda vidarathunnu kekare. Pundaikullethanda un kanjiai vidanum. En pundai kanjiai pathu evvalavu varuzam achu theriyuma. Onnum agadhu. Un kanjiai fulla ulle vidu. These horny words made me still more mad and I fucked her like a bull and released tons and tons of cum. I felt I was releasing 4 or 5 times in her pundai. When all my released, I wanted to step down. But mami requested me to lay there for sometime with my sunni insider her pundai. I laid on her stomach and kept sucking her already swollen pachis. I found my dick has shrunk and came out automatically but I found my cum was there in all her pundai area. I came down. I was very tired. Felt exhausted. I laid on my back near mami and slept for few mts. When I woke up, I found mami was sitting near me with hot coffee in her hand and she was offering hot coffee.

I told mami I would prefer fresh milk from her tits instead of coffee. But mami advised me to take the hot filter coffee first and then I can have her pachis. After drinking the coffee, mami put my mouth on her big left boob and pressed my head to suck. As her boob was big, it could not go fully in my mouth. I was sucking and occasionally biting the nipple. Mami was enjoying my sucking. Mami told me that he has requested her mama to suck her tits gently; but he has never obeyed her. He would be doing it harsh and raw. He had many times bitten her nipple and it had pained her lot. Mami told me that my sucking was the best she has enjoyed so far.

In the meantime, my dick has regained its hardness. Mami has also helped stroking and made it as big as it was sometime back. Mami told me that she wanted to enjoy kerala style fukcing.
I asked what it is. Mami said that in kerala style, men used to lay on their back with their dicks pointing to the ceiling and women would come in between their legs, open their pundais and get their sunnis fixed in their pundais and storke. As told, mami had inserted my hard dick insider her pundai and started pumping. While she was jumping her big pais were dancing. Mami told me to hold those pachis hard and keep them pressing. I was pressing both the pais hard and mami was moaning loud and fucking me. Mami was tired little bit and took rest on me for few mts and then started with more vigor. Mami fucked me for more than 10 mts and I told mami I am cumming and without waiting for her reply, I sprayed my cum inside her pundai. Since her pundai was above my dick, my cum and her cum have started coming down and spread on my thigs and also on the bed. Mami had taken her pundai out and sat in the bed for sometime. She told me that it was best fuck of her life. Mami thanked me for satisfiying me and also requested me to fuck her as well as her servant Gomati. Thereafter, I have been fucking both Mess mami and Gomati regularly.

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Old 2nd September 2007
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Good story. Repped you. Involve both on the same bed in the next part.
I love to sniff hairy & sweaty armpits of Indian women!!!

The woman in my Avtar is old Kannada actress Aarathi. Always her armpits used to be wet with sweat!!! I am sure she has a bush in her armpits. Even today I jack off thinking of those curly bush and the strong musky smell from there!!!

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good kep it up

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For Erotic tamil sex PDF Stories, Please visit the below thread. Statisfaction is guranteed.

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wowwwwwwwwwwww hot man, keep it up

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