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Old 8th August 2007
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Sex With Mother In Law


I am Suryakumar aged 26 married to Rani who is now 21. We are married for the last two years and we are happily settled down at Trichy town in Tamilnadu. We have been enjoying life everyday. My wife is more sexy than me and she demands atleast sex twice a day and more than twice on holidays and Sundays.

Rani lost her father when she was young and her mother, Pushpa, brought her up and married her. In fact Pushpa is the second wife of my father in law. He had a son and daughter thro his first wife. Since his first wife died some 25 years back, he had to marry for the second time and hence he has married my mother in law Pushpa. Pushpa is now 42 years old. But she does not look that much old . Rani was born within one year of my mother in law’s marriage and when Rani was around 12 years, she lost her father. My mother in law had only got married all the three. Since she has some properties at Madurai, she lives there alone and the brother and sister of Rani live in Chennai. They are well settled.

Few words about my mother in law’s body. She is 5 feet and 5 inches tall with very fair colour and round face. She has two beautiful round shaped tits which are still hard and straight as that of my wife Rani’s. Her butts are also round but reasonably big and she does not have even an extra ounce of flesh in her body. Her eyes are more sexy. When she walks down the street with Rani, many will look to Pushpa first and then only to Rani.
She wears saree only but she has the habit of wearing tight blouse and tight saree and that too well below her naval. I was wondering how she maintains her body and how she controls her lust even though my father in law had expired long back.

There was a marriage of her relative near Trichy. Pushpa came to our house to stay with us for few days and Pushpa and Rani were to go for the marriage at Thanjavur, 35 KMs away. We had nice time with my mother in law for two days. Pushpa got up early and woken me up with hot coffee but she was shocked to see my dick standing straight and hard inside my lungi. She had given me the coffee and smilingly asked me to adjust my lungi. Then only I have seen my dick which was hard and stood some 9 inches long. I was starved for sex for two days and the comments of my mil made my penis more hard and stronger. I do not how to control it.

Pushpa had woken up Rani and gave her coffee and said she would take bath first and get ready. She took bath and came out of the bathroom and we heard a big sound. We were shocked to see that Pushpa had fallen down while coming out of the bathroom and luckily there was no injury. But she has hurt her legs and her leg has swollen. I told her to accompany me to a Doctor. But she said that there was nothing serious and no visit to Doctor is required. It is enough if she took rest for a day. Rani told her that she would cancel her trip toThanjavur and attend her. But Pushpa advised her to attend the marriage. I also told her that I shall take care of her for the day. Rani reluctantly agreed and left for Thanjavur.

My mother in law was taking rest my bed and I have offered her breakfast and lunch. She slept for sometime. And she said by 1PM she was alright but there was little bit of pain in her legs and she said it would be over if she applied Iodex. I gave her Iodex but I found she could not properly apply the balm. I asked her whether I shall apply the balm in her legs. She first hesitated and I told her not to worry and made her to agree.

I sat on the bed and I had taken the balm in my fingers and asked her to move her saree little bit up so that I can freely apply. He had lifted her saree till her knees. I had applied the balm and it gave her some relief. She had closed her eyes and told there was relief after the balm was applied. I told her it would be nice if I massaged her legs too. I told her that whenever Rani felt pain in her legs due to excessive walking, I not only applied Iodex but massaged her legs also. Pushpa had agreed and I had started massaging her legs. I had massaged her calf muscle and she was having long breath, closing her eyes and enjoying my massage. While she was having long breath, her tits which were staring straight and looking to the ceiling fan were going up and coming down along with breath spell. Added to that her pallu was slightly off and major portion of the blouse was visible.
This made my dick harder. When I felt she was enjoying my massage, I had got some confidence and I moved little bit up and slightly pressed and then massaged her thighs too outside her saree. She has slightly moaned and enjoying my action. This has given me more courage and I have now let my hands inside her saree and pressed her bare thighs strongly. She had moved little bit and with or without her knowledge spread her legs more. I took it as a signal and moved up and I could find she did not war panty. I could feel the silky hairs of her pussy. I simple watched what was she doing. She had her eyes closed, moaned slowly and bitten her lips.

I am more aroused now. I have lifted her saree up and she had helped my in lifting her butts. I could now see her hairy pundai. It was big, bulged hairy and juicy. I could not resist in seeing the love cage of my mother in law. I have again seen what she was doing. She was still closing her eyes. I have now pressed my hand hard on her pussy and she asked my what are you doing. I replied her I am doing only what gives her relief and enjoyment. She pleaded not to do and tried to cover her Pundai with her hands and tried to cross her legs. I told her not to cross the legs and if she crossed her legs, the pain will not subsidize. I had removed her hand from her pundai and I had still widened herlegs.

Her fully blown big pundai was before me and wanting me to do more. I have now sensed her desire. I have taken out the pallu and pressed her right boob with my left hand. She had kept her hand on my hand and pressed it hard. After pressing her boob with the left hand and her pussy with my right hand, I have fully aroused her. I have taken out my right hand from her pundai and removed her blouse and bra. She did not utter even a single word when I removed. I have then removed her saree and petticoat. My sweet mother in law was lying fully naked before me with her two boobs looking hard and straight and her Pussy was more juicy than sometime before. She herself had still widened her legs and I could easily see the opening of her big vagina.

She told me that it is not good to do such things with mother in law. I told her nothing wrong and she also need it. I was without sex for two days and I could not manage. I told her how she was managing without sex for so many years. She told me that she was equally sexy and she did not know how she managed without sex. But after the marriage of her daughter, she told me, that her desire had gone up and she told me that she had seen me fucking her daughter when she came last time here and this has had her more burning. I told her nothing wrong and I am here to cool her off. She then told me to take my lungi also so that she can see my dick too. I immediately took out my lungi and my dick was stranding straight after seeing the love cage of my mother in law. She asked me to come near her and she had held my dick in her and told me that is double of her husband. She was fondling my dick and telling me that she was also more sexy but her husband who was having a small penis used to fuck her for few minutes, drop his cum in
her pussy and sleep off. Since she was more sexy, Rani was born within one year of her marriage and thereafter she did not have regular sex with her husband and after his death, she did not have sex at all. But after seeing my fucking Rani few months back, her pundai had started burning and she had thought of fucking me also and waiting for an opportunity. I thanked her for giving this chance. She told me to suck her pachis first and then fuck her. I was sitting on her right and sucking her boobs one after another. She was stroking my sunni and made it still more big and hard. She asked my permission to keep my dick in her mouth. I was thrilled with joy. I have been repeatedly requesting Rani to suck my dick. She will not do that. When I heard that my mil wanted to suck my sunni, I have immediately sat on her chest and pushed my long sunni in her mouth. She has slowly sucked my sunni and after sometime, she has swallowed my sunni fully in her mouth. I do not know how to express my joy. I was in heaven. She has increased her speed and she was sucking my sunni as professional pros sucking in blue films. After few minutes, I told her that I was about to cum, she did not open her mouth nor did she take my sunni out but indicated thro action that I should cum in her mouth. This made my dick more hard and in no time, I have sprayed my love juice in my mother in laws mouth. I had done this for few more times, and then I had taken my dick out which has become slim by then. My mother in law was slowly swallowing my cum and she has finally drank all my cum and then she has licked my sunni and made it dry. I asked her how she liked it. She told me that she had enjoyed this much pleasure for the first time in life.

I asked her how her legs were paining now. She told me that when a woman is fucking, she does not bother the pains in her other parts of body. She said fuck first and pain next. I wondered and asked her how sexy you were and you were more sexy than your daughter even at this age. She told me that age and sex do not go together always. In fact she is more sexy for the last few years only and extremely sexy after the marriage of Rani. She did not behave as mother in law but she was free in talking to me on sex as that of my wife. I asked her how she enjoyed her sex life. She told me that she was more sexy than her husband. She used to fuck for few minutes and sleep but she used to stroke his sunni, suck it and make it big and keep in between her thighs and sleep. But when the children grew up, she did not have much opportunity and when she died she lost everything. I asked her whether she had any sexy relation with anyone after my father in law’s death since she was more sexy. She told me you are right. I did have sex with my servants twice but I did not continue for fear etc.

While talking all these, my sunni had regained its strength and stood like a warrior. She told me to come in between her legs and fuck me. I asked her whether she is interested in my licking her pundai. She said yes; but told me that since she was not fucked for long time, she would prefer to get fucked first and then only licked. I stroked my dick again and kept it in the entrance of the juicy and big pundai of my mil. Her pundai though looked big, was very tight. She helped me with her hands and opened the lips and asked me to push my dick. I had slowly pushed my sunni in her waiting pundai and my sunni was slowly going. I told her that her pundai is more tight than her daughter. She told me that her family had the tradition of having very tight pussies. She told me that she had already advised her daughter to sleep always on her back with the legs wide open so that in course of time her pussy will become loose and asked me how her pussy is. I told her it is also very tight and I had to struggle very hard in the earlier days to fuck her fully and nowadays, it has become little bit loose but still it is tight only. By hearing so, I had pushed my whole sunni in her pundai and she wanted me to pump hard. I had slowly taken my dick out and again pushed in and continued this for few more times. Now I find that her pundai has become little bit loose and there was no difficulty for my dick to go deep in her pundai. I had positioned myself well and started pumping her hard as that of fucking my wife’s tight pundai. I was also squeezing her pachis hard while fucking. She had closed her eyes and started moaning in tamil:

Ayyo mappilai innum nanna kuthungo. En pundai kiziyara madhiri unga poolai vittu kuthunga. Kongam kuda unga sunniai veliye edukatatheenga. Innum fasta orunga. Idhu madhiri nan othathe illai. En veri innum adangavillai. Mappilai en pundaiai parunga. Eppidi unga sunni ulle vangikolkiradhu. En pundaile poolu poi evvalavu varuzam achu. Unga mamanar sethu ponapin, konja nal veru alai othen. Adhukku apporom, yarum nethu varai ennai ookavillai. Ippa than en pundaikku sandhosham. Mappilai innum fast orunga unga mamiyarai. Unga pondatiai okkara madhiri ninachukondu unga mamiyar pundaile orunga. This made me hot and I was pumping her like a mad bull. She was lifting her butts to match my strokes. And she kept on moaning loudly. I told her to moan loudly but she told that she is fucked after so many years and she could not control her feelings.
I was fucking her hard and hard and she had her orgasm twice and she was ready for the third time also. Now I find my body shivering and I was about to cum. I told her I was about to cum and asked her where to cum. She told me the real enjoyment for a fucking woman lies only in getting the kanji in her pundai. I need not worry. She wanted me to cum in her pundai only. I had then pumped her for few more times and I shot my cum in her koodhi. I remember to have sprayed six or seven times my kanji in her pundai and this is the first time that I have off loaded this much kanji. After releasing all my kanji in her pundai, I had taken out my slim sunni and laid on my back near her. She has thanked me for my wonderful fuck. She told me that her husband never fucked her like this and she certified that this is the fuck of her life. We took rest for some time.

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wow nice story
24 Hours in Search of Pussy

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