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Old 26th July 2007
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see the post # 1

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Old 26th July 2007
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Old 26th July 2007
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Originally Posted by caprir View Post
Reps added BV


**************************************Read this

Sajan chale sasural

After a month long honeymoon we, I and my hubby Rajiva came
back to my parents place for celebrating holi as it's custom that
bride's first holi should be at her parent's place. During
honeymoon too , Rajiva used to tell me that in holi she will not
leave Rima and take full revenge, and I should not feel bad.
(rima, my cousin sister,15 and her friends had teased there jijaji
during my marriage .They not only sang most lewd gali's led by
my bhabhi in which a detailed description of rajiva's sister's
were made that how they had been fucked not only by hundred's
of gunda's but even by horses and donkeys. Even Rajiva himself
had taken his sister. They specially made her cousin sister
anjali there target and played many pranks). I will reply in jest,
"main kun hun jija sali ke bich aur han agar tumne nahin liya to
shayad bura man jaun" .Rima, my bhabhi sudha and my parents
had come to receive us.

Rima was in very tight top and skirt. Her eyes were gleaming
looking at her jijaji.He hugged and pinched her gore gore gal
and said "sali ji abki holi main to dalvana padega , bach nahin
payiega." She rolled her eyes, smiled and retorted; "Bachana
kaun ssali chati hai jija ji . Han main to dalungi bhi aur dalvaungi
bhi".Mood was festive and full of jokes. My hubby is a good
cricketer too .Bhabhi asked him" nandoi ji kaisi pitch thi aur kitne
run banaye honeymoon main, century banin ki nahin." Looking at
me in the same mood he replied "thanks to You bhabhi ji, pitch
had no grass the way I like .And century , I must have made at
least 125 not including hits behind the wickets, where also at
least a dozen time I must have hit. And best part is pitch ever
remained fresh for hard hitting." Bhabhi indicating at my sis
Rima's growing teen joban said "and How do you like new
ball.Staring at Rima's boobs he answered "very much bhabhi I
like to rub them and even at looking them my finger's are already
itching. Only thing is You have to use some saliva but my mouth
is already salivating. But I like old balls too as they respond very
well especially with two fine legs and a deep gully in between,
and now he was looking inside bhabi;s very low cut choli from
where his mast gore gore joban were peeping. Rima smiled
and asked "Jijaji tab to apko apni anjali ki ball bahut achi lagti
hogi". Bhabhi added" are kya bolti ho sare sahar ke ladkon ne to
usese practice ki "..

Even during dinner sex was in air, everybody was using
innuendo and undercurrent was very strong. Even my mother
instigated bhabhi by saying "are tumahre nandoi kya sukhe
sukhe khana kha lenge.Gali vali nahin hogi..
Bhbhi never required encouragement..First it was Rajiva's

" Rajiva ke mama, rajiva ke Sasur, aangan main ayye,
Aane ko swagat, Baithan ko kursi Khane ko khana, pine ko pani,
Aare sone ko, sang sone ko , maja lene ko
Rajiva ki mere nandoi ki amma raji re ,
Rajiva hamare nandoi hamare agan main aaye kamre aaye,
Bathan ko kursi khane ko khana,pine ko pani ,
Are sang soven ko maja lene ko taang uthane ko rat chaudane

Nandoi ki bahana, are anjali sali are anjali chinar raji re.
Songs became hotter and hotter.My hubby too was enjoying
and he reduced his speed to ensure that stock of songs finish.
Bhabhi asked him "nandoi ji abki aap holi main apne maike
main nahin honge to apki behan kiski pichkari pakdengi" . Rima
quipped bhbhi ypu did not see the news paper, in his city price of
candles and brinjals have skyrocketed. Rima was in a tight
cotton frock which would have been fit at least two years earlier
,was simply looking gorgeous. When she got up to pour
something I saw that her three front buttons were open and her
milky globes were clearly visible. .Her bechare jijaji were
transfixed and she poured in her katori. Bhabhi commented"
poora dalna nand rani tumahre jija ji aur inki behnon ko adha
dalvane main maj nahin aata". My parents left the same night
and only we rima and sudha bhabhi were left. So whatever little
restaints were, also vanished.

Next day morning after finishing our breakfast we were sitting in
cortyard(aangan).Rima's three saheli's , Neera, Neetu and
Rambha came. Neera was in a very tight top and not only her
bresst but even nipples could be seen. She was wearing a
micro skirt .Neetu was in a traditional dress but her red choli
was back less low cut showing her cleavage and tightly hugging
her young joban .She was wearing a saree clinging to her body
and tied much much below her navel. But most gorgeous
looking was Rambha.in her tank top and very tight jeans hugging
her hip and even crack of ass was clearly seen, Her boobs were
much bigger in comparison to other friends at least 34c.Bhbhi
quipped `aa gayi nanda raniya holi main hamare nandoi se
chudvane."Rajiva invited them to sit close to him and neetu said
"aare jiaji pas main kyon aapke god main baithte hain" and she
sat in his lap.He too did not lost any time and started caressing
her joban over her tight choli and whispered `in bechare
kabotaron ko kabse band karke rakhi ho jara kholo na, " and
pulled open the strings .He grabbed her choonchin and told
bhabhi "bhabhi apne sach kaha tha nayi ball aur uthti chochiyon
ka maja hi kuch aur hai, Bhbhi brought gujhiyan thandai ( all
laced with good dose of bhang ).Neera said :itni saliyon ke hote
jijia ji apne hathon se khayen, and she took a piece and told in a
husky voice "poora kholiye jija ab sali ke dalne ki bari hai, "He
told "Sali ji main dalva lunga agar aao apne rasile lips main
lekar khilayen." She agreed but he took her juicy passionate lips
between his lips sucked hard and bit.

Rima had already made plan to drench his jija with bhabhi
.Neetu and neera held his one hand and rambha and rima
gripped other .Bhabhi pulled out his kurta, made him topless. He
was struggling but I winked and indicated him to surrender to
these young salis. They tied his hand and it was difficult for him
to wriggle .Neetu took red paint and rubbed on his face and
pinched his cheeks and commented "jab jija ke gal malne main
itna maja aa raha hai to unki behan kitna ras lekar malvati hogi."
Neera was rubbing her broad chest and shoulders with red color
and rambha had taken responsibility of back and his legs still
hidden under pajama. Bhabhi was exhorting "nandoi sale ki ek
inch bachne na paye".Rambha complained bhbhi pair to pajame
main.. Bhabi ordered khol do usko bhi .Neetu untied his pajama
and rima along with rambha pulled it down. He was now only in
a tiny brief and his manhood was clearly visible. Ater red he was
fully given a coat of black and his this rambha paintedhis tis in
shining golden. Babhi pulled his brief and Neetu poured a
bucket of color in it. Bhabhi smeared her hands with paint and
inserted from the backside of brief and colored his tight small
ass and even inserted a finger deep inside. She asked :hai koi
chinar nand jo kutub minar ko bhi rang laga sake "Both Neetu
and neera responded in action gripped his lund in brief and
painted it red , even balls were not spared. They carried him to a
pond prepared for this purpose in the aangan itself full of color
and dropped him there, after removing his brief too. Bhabhi
loosened his knot gefore putting him in.

Bhabhi now attacked her nand and said "saliyon ab tum log bhi
to apna maal dikho".She gripped Neetu first whose choli was
anyway opened by rajiva.She pulled away her choli and cupped
her boobs in bra and showed it to rajiva "nandoi ji apni sali ki
mast chonchiyon ka darshan kar lijiye" and removed bra too,Her
other hand pulled down her saree and she was now only in a
saya. Next went neetu's top and skirt . She wanted to hide her
boobs but both neetu and bhabhi griiped her and displayed it to
jija in pond. But now nands too combined.. Neetu and Rima
gripped bhabhi's hands and Rambha pulled her saree .Neera in
no time opened her bra . Neetu left her hand and untied her
saya and pulled it down. Rambha was undressed by neetu and
neera and rima too bid good bye to most of her cloths. While
doing this neetu came very close to pond and rajiva pulled her
inside .Everybody started watching. First her bra came out and
than her panty too was thrown. As there was no color her jija
rubbed her body against his and squeezed her choonchi very
hard .Lund was also growing impatient and started hitting the
walls of her rasili choot. In the pond itself she was bend and in
one stroke her virgin cunt was deflowered. Ohhh noo it's not fair
and both of them were made to cum out.

Neetu was in full chudai ka mood .She raised her beautiful long
legs and put on her jija's shoulder . He caressed her clit and in
one stroke his supara went inside her choot. She was wriggling
but after sometime started raising her chutar and demanding jija
please please . Bhabhi caressed her choonchi and asked bolol
na nand rani..and she cried .."don't stop jija chod dijiye meri
kunwari choot ko aaj . Realising that her sali's choot is garam he
shoved his lund full .neetu bit her lips but kept on raising her
chootar to take more of lund and in no time it was fully in. Now
choodai was in full tempo and neera ,rambha and rima were
watching.Ohhh chodo jija ..Sali jara chootar uthaker dhaka maro
ohh neetu rani kya kasi mast choot hai taeri, both were in frenzy.
After 30 minutes jija sali came togather and got separated.
Bhabhi tried to grip nandoi;s lund but it was still hard and thicker
than her fist.in no time it was hard again. Bhabhi told my hubby
to keep lying on back . His 8' long lund was standing erect
challenging choot of all sali's. Bhabhi told neera," chadh jao
kutubminar par Holi ke din jija se chudane aur vah bhi kunvari
choot ka udghatan karane ka maja hi kuch aur hai.Neera came
and tried to lower her pink clean shaved virgin tight choot . Bhbhi
sitting centered it properly and neetu and rima pushed her
shoulders. After some effort supara was in. Rajiva raised his
hips and Neetu and Rima too pressed hard and slowly Rina;s
choot devoured her jija's entire lund. Her jija gripped her growing
joban squeezing massaging pressing it. He pulled her took her
nipple and stated, sucking nibbling, which made Neera totally
mast and she started gliding up and down on her jija's
lund.ohhh she was screaming in joy moaning Jija please ohh
phad dalo meri choot aur kas ke nikal do sara ras meri choonchi
ka…and after sometime they came. Reena slowly came
out.Some caressing by bhabhi sucking by rima and his Lund was
again ready for action and now rambha was left .She made lot of
fuss but Neetu and neera grabbed her and brought to
bhabhi.They lowered her , Neetu winked at bhbhi whispering"
sali bahut nakhde dikha rahi thi", . Bhabhi too smiled and while
putting her hole on lund centered her rear hole. Rambha was not
aware but when massive lund started piercing her gand she
started crying shouting .Rima too joined and started pressing
rambha along with Neetu and Neera ,Rambha kept on
screaming but they ensured that whole lund goes inside her
gaand. After that jija brought out his lund made her go on all four
and pushed his huge lund in one stroke inside her choot. She
has started enjoying and she showed maximum josh in
chudai(later on we realised that she was getting her choot
regularly serviced by her cousin ).

Now it was turn of my hubby and there jija ji. All sali's grabbed
him and again tied his hands .Neetu took charge of face and
applied eyebrow mascara kohal on his eyes. Cheeks were
colored with rouge and adark red lipstick was carefully applied
on his lips .After looking at his face , neetu put a bindi on his
forhead. Neera was putting churi in his hands and a apair of
banngles too were put.Than she applied menhadi on his hands
and mahavr on his feet. Rambha had put ear rings in his ears, a
necklace, kardhani and payal in his feet.Bhabhi made him wear
her saya lehnga and even her bra which fitted completely. Rima
brought bhabhi's blouse and made him wear it .She put two
color filled balloons in her blouse . He was looking perfect as a
lady and than all of them in turn put sindoor in his maang and
kissed him ,bit her cheeks. Somehow he was able to untie
himself and caught Rima and put her on back .He spread her
beautiful milky thighs and shoved his lund deep. All her saheli's
appreciated and said "hum sab ne chudaya jija se yehi akeli
bachi th". Rima confessed while raising her chootar and eating
his full lund milking it in her choot"aare saliyon meri to kal rat ho
do bar chud chuki hai ,but jija jitani bar chodo utana hi maja hai
." She gripped his waist between her legs very hard squeezing
her choot. Suddenly we saw a " MAN" coming in shorts and
shirt and very slowly stood behind jija who was still in women's
clothing. While caressing his gand "he" said wah kya marne
layak gand ahi and pulled his shorts. It was bhabhi with a strap
on dildo and before jija ji could unders tood anything she
pushed her well lubed dildo in his gand. All salis joined in
support of bhabhi gripped his waist and ensured that whole
dildo goes inside. Bhabhi commented "ladki ka roop banaya to
marvan ato padega hi ".She fucked very hard and than rambha
took turn and it was followed by Neetu. She said jija ji saliyon ki
to apne bahoot mari ab marvaane ka bji maja le lijiye. Sari
saliyon ne unki gand mari.But he kept on fucking Rima And after
a very long chudai his lund flooded rima;s choot. This time reena
was inserting dildo and every body was singing songs abusing
his sister anjali that gadhon aur ghodo ne usko choda.Neera put
out dildo and Rima too got up and all of them said "BURA Na
Mano Holi Hai"
There jija replied saliyon mujhe to BUR hi achi lagti hai.


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Sajan Chale, Holi Main (Part II)

After friends of Rima, my cousin sister left , Rajiva took us for a
long drive and we took our dinner outside. Because of hectic holi
activities in the day we over slept and got up very late. Bhabhi
reminded us that Rajiva has promised a "treat for tit" for his sexy
young salis , sahelis of Rima, to be followed by a film. Rima's
saheli's Neetu, Neera and Rambha teased their jija a lot and he
had to shell out a good chunk of money. We could come back by
evening and everyone was feeling relaxed. We were sitting in
verandah. Sudha Bhabhi was looking very sexy in her very tight
kurta shalwar. Her 36dd, proud, firm boobs were almost bursting
her kurta and I was low cut, was no help as most of her rasila
mast gora gora joban was visible. She never cared to use a
dupatta. My hubby `s eyes were transfixed at her domes of
pleasure. Bhabhi reclined and pushed put her boobs further.
Almost transparent kurta revealed her erect large nipples too.

She rolled her eyes and winked at him and now her hand were
playing in between her valley of joy and tight shalwar was not
leaving much for imagination. She asked' kyon nandoi ji maja
aya saliyon ke sath bhojan main" .He replied, pointing towards
his raging hard on"but bhabhiji after yesterday's feast it's hungry.
It has not devoured anything since more than 24 hours." "yeh to
bahut na- insaphi hai. Sasural main rehkar bhi upvas ".
Meanwhile rima entered and said "aur aap aisi sexy bhabhi ke
rehate, jijaji bhabhiji kalbhi bach gayin thi aaj mat chodiye".
Bhabhi said "main darti hun kya", and pulled his shorts.

It really looked like a very hungry lund. It was looking massive
throbbing with desire and harder than steel. Bhabhi took it in her
beautiful hands, felt it's warmth caressed it and than with her
juicy red lipstick coated sensuous lips kissed it passionately.
With the sheer pressure of lips she uncovered his huge supara,
cock head .She had grabbed it in her fist and started kissing it
from base up to it's tips showering fleeting kisses. Rajiva was
mad in lust. Then in one jerk, bhabhi ne pura gulabi cock head
munh me gatak liya, and she started slowly sucking it.

Herhands were fondling his huge cum sacks and long nail was
drawing a line between his base of cock and asshole. Rajiva
has left control to Bhabhi and was moaning with pleasure.
Bhabhi's tongue was now caressing underside of his lund and
slowly she had taken huge lund down her throat. Rajiva grabbed
her head and started fucking her mouth violently .he was
bringing it out and shoving it in one jerk. Bhabhi slowly pulled out
cock and brought her lips close to cock head and kept it there
and in one jerk gulped whole lund again and started sucking
hard. She got up , removed her kurta shalwar and removed her
bra too. Now her pair of pigeons was out of captivity. She took
them and caressed his massive throbbing pulsating lund with
her beautiful chunchi. Rajiva pulled her, grabbed her chunchi
and started squeezing them hard .He was crushing her milky,
huge firm boobs pulling her nipples and took one nipple in his
mouth and started sucking .

His one hand started caressing
stroking her slender white belly and came down to tunnel of love.
Now his one hand was gripping, squeezing, rubbing her chunchi
and other was caressing her lower lips and his two fingers were
deep inside trying to measure depth of Bhabhi's wetness. At the
same time his lips had encircled her nipples kissing sucking
devouring them greedily. This triple assault has made bhabhi
loose her cool and she started crying moaning …ohhh ohh..
please ..do it ..suck me hard masal dalo mare mast joban ko
daba do ukhar lo ..meri chuncjiyan..han….isi tarah.. please don't
stop .

Rajiva lifted and took her to coach .He put bhabhi on bed and
came between his thighs. He spread them and put his massive
erection on doors of her love portals. Bhabhi screamed " yesss
ohh please dal do poora. ohhh" .But Rajiva kept on rubbing his
lund on her clit slowly inflaming her passion. Bhabhi was raising
her chootar, trying to devour his huge lund, her legs were on
back trying to bring him closer. Rajiva realizing that Bhabhi is
really hot pushed his supara inside her choot ,and when it was
firmly in place, he gripped her slender waist and with full
pressure shoved whole lund in one go. Bhabhi bit her lips, tried
to stop but even she screamed.

After some time when painsubsided and bhabhi's choot got the g
rip on my hubby's lund,Rajiva started very slowly gliding his lund
out of bhabhi's mast
rasili choot.when he has brought it almost out, in similar
leisurely manner, he will glide it in. It further put Bhabhi's choot
on fire. Bhabhi was rubbing her clit against base of his cock, her
long red nail polish coated nails were scratching his back and
she was moaning very hard begging "ohh please fuck me..fuck
me hard ram your huge cock deep it is touching unexplored
depths ..ohh", My hubby was squeezing her joban with one hand
and his other was rubbing pulling her clit. Her other breast was
being milked by his lips. Now he increased the tempo , he pulled
out his lund very slowly but in one stroke shoved whole of it. He
gripped her shoulders and in one stroke pull out and pushed his
big lund . Bhabhi also tried to match the tempo and started
pushing her hip in the same rhythm. Rajiva gripped his lund and
started rotating it between bhabi's choot .

Now both of them were
in full frenzy biting, scratching, moaning very hard. Rajiva put
some pillows under bhabhi's sexy hips raised it and started
fucking her very fast. He too was moaning… " ohh bhabhi kya
makhan mast malai choot hai man karat ha chodata rahun
chodata rahun."bhabhi raising her hips responded "ohh I;m
cumming please flood my choot bahut pyasi hai ohh" and she
came ..My hubby's lund was moving in full pace as a piston goes
aqand comes out or jaise oakli main musal jaye..Bhabhi's choot
gripped his lund milking and bhabhi was moaning please
stop..ohh ohhh and it triggered rajiva also who exploded in her
choot. His lund flooded Bhbhi's pyasi choot with cumm. . Bhabhi
raised her legs further and ensyre that she reatains every drop of
cum inside her choot.After sometime when passion cooled
down Rajiva pulled out his cock from bhabhi's cunt and went out.
Bhabhi called Rima who along with me was watching this great
chudai and asked her " cholo nanad rani apne jija ji ka prasad le
lo .esase tumhari jawani main aur nikahar aa jayega." Rima
never required second invitation. She spread bhabhi's labia and
started lapping my hubby's cum from Bhabhi's choot. I came
close to bhabhi , rolled my eyes, smiled and asked "kyon bhabhi
aaya maja mere saiyan ka lund ghotne main". Bhabhi smiled
and answered back , " tumahre sayan ka are vah to mere nandoi
ka lund tha. Lekin agar tumahari aisi hi sulag rahi hai to agle
hafte maire saiyan ayenge tum bhi unka lund ghont lena apni
chinar choot main." I blushed realizing that she is referring to my
brother. Bhabhi said grabbing my boobs " are sharmati kyon ho
nand rani maine tumhare saiyan se chudaya ab to tumhe mere
sayan se chudana hi padega.

Maine ek bar liya tum do bar tin
bar sari rat ..jitana man kare chahe munh main lekar unka lund
choosana chahe apni choobchiyon ke bich ragadna aur chahe
rat bhar choot main dal kar chodvana." I retorted and said
Bhabhi apke bhai honge behanchod, .Bhabhi pulled my
choonchi very hard and said in a convincing tone " aare ekbar jab
tumhe he will put on all four aur ek bar main poora lund dal kar
chodenge to pata chalega. Tumhi to kahti thi nand bhabhi ko sab
chijen bant kar khani cahhiye." My defense become weak an a
feeble tone I said nahin bhabhi. Bhabhi changed the track and
said "ok you accept me as your guru." I agreed immediately and
said yes Bhabhi no doubt.She again asked ,and you had not
given any Guru Dakshina. I had to admit yes bhabhi but I'm
prepared to give anything you ask.She further made me confess
,anything ,You have to swear in front of everybody . Yes bhabhi, I
repeated. Sure, confident, lock kiya jaye. I laughed and said yes
bhabhi lock kiya jaye ek bar mang kar to dekhiye. O.K.than as
guru dakhsina, you give burdakshina to my saiyan.

I could not say anything so I did next best thing, attack. I grabbed
her choonchi between my lips and bit her. Rima was stll sucking
her jija;s cum from her cunt. I started massaging, crushing
,squeezing her firm boobs and my lips were sucking ,licking
biting eating devouring her steel hard eraser size tits. Rima after
drinking last drop of cum also joined me and now both hands
were sucking bhabho's choonchiyan simultaneously. Then we
came down together. Rima opened her wet labia gripped it
between her lips and shoved her tongue deep inside her gili gili
choot. I started stroking her aroused swollen clit with my long
thick tongue.Bhabhi's clit become hard and she started moaning
loudly. Itook her clit between my lips and started sucking wildly.
Rima was a novice but a quick learner. She started rotating her
tongue inside her wet cunt and lapping her cunt juices. Now
bhabhi was telling " ohh ohh ssali ..chinar nandon ohh choos lo
meri bur chato aur kas kar ohh chhos lo neri clit chadni kas ker
..rimai please I'm cumming ohhhh". She was raising her chooter
wildly . I bit her clit and Raima pushed her tongue at her g point
while sucking her choot hard. It brought bhabhi to climax..and it
was a series of orgasm. Both I and Rima taunted "kyon bhabhi
holi main nandoi se bhi chudaya aur nandon se bhi".
Evening passed teasing each other .Rajiva told many non veg
jokes and even Rima sang a lewd song in honour of her jija's
majestic lund.

As everybody was feeling highly aroused and sex was in air
bhabhi ordered pizza from a home delivery, and put a blue movie
on VCR. She had a huge collection and one movie followed
another. Rima was sitting in her jija's lap in a very thin tight top
and shorts. She was not wearing anything underneath and her
growing tennis ball size teen boobs were bursting out. Her jija
has grabbed both of them by inserting his hands inside, and
ragdana masalana was on. And Rima being an apt sali has also
put her tiny beautiful hands inside his pyjama gripping both balls
and bat. On screen a young teen was sucking a huge cock.
Bhabhi asked me don't You think face looks familiar chandni. I
got the hint and replied yes it looks like my nanad anjali and sure
only she could suck like this. Bhabhi asked "Rima can you take
the challenge." Rima obliged and said "theek hai bhabhi lekin
apko bhi hamari bat manni padegi."

Rima sat near the feet of his jeeja and pulled down his pyjama.
His huge lund came out .she planted number of kisses on his
inner thighs. Her teen young lips kissed base of his lund and
wandered towards his balls .She in a bold gesture took one ball
and started sucking hard. Her tongue in a broad sweep licked
underside of his lund. Jeja started moaning " ohh ssali bajut
aacha lag raha hai aise hi chatti raho." Now she has taken cock
head in and was making slurping sound. Her hands were
fondling his huge balls .Than she slowly glided his lund and
gradually most of it was inside. She was sucking really good.
Now Rajiva got up pulled Rima's top and her sexy teen boobs
came out. He laid her on sofa and sat over her. He put his
majestic lund between her growing choonchi which were young,
small but very firm and hard. With both hands he started
massaging her joban and rubbed it against his lund. Then
twirling rolling her young tits he shoved his lund between her
young choonchi. Rima was moaning loudly, ohh jija ohh .She
pulled out her tongue and tried to lick jija's cock head which was
coming out between her mast choonchi.

Rajiva grabbed her
boobs hard and started fucking them in a hard tempo. Bhabhi
and I were transfixed. Than he put Rima on her belly and put
some cushion under it. He came behind and from rear spread
her young pink kunwari labia and put his hathiyar inside. It took
3-4 thrusts and his lund was inside his sali's choot. He built
tempo slowly but once Rima's choot become friendly with his
lund there was no stopping. Rima was crying, shouting , biting
her tender lips to prevent pain but at the same time was
demanding "han jija bas aise hi chodte rahiye , masal dijiye
mere rasili choobchi ohh". Now rajiva was hitting full strokes .His
full lund was coming out and going in.It was throbbing hard , and
Rima's choot too was fluttering hard. " kyon bhabhi apki nand ke
main kahan jhadun," he asked bhabhi. Bhabhi suggested " in
ubharte joban se aachi jagah kahan hogi". He put Rima on her
back and now again like a piston her lund has started fucking
her teen boobs. But there was no rest for choot .Bhabhi has
inserted her 2 long fingers in her nand's choot and her thumb
was pressurising clit. Rima came violently raising her hips , her
choot gripping bhahi's fingers deep inside.

Rajiva too was
pulsating and he came on rima's young choonchi. He came in
spurts. Rima herself gripped her jija's lund and pumped last
drop of it on her boobs as she has just seen in the blue film we
watched together. Bhabhi spread cum on rima's joban and said
this is the best tonic for growing choonchi Bhabhi licked
whatever cum was on her fingers.
After taking dinner we relaxed for some time.Bhabhi and Rima
were teasing him, asking about his sister and my nanad anjali,
size of her joban what her rates for choonchi maslane ka gaal
katvane ka and rat bhar chudvane ka.. Bhabhi sang a gali in
honour of her sister :
Aari aari baithe barati beech main bathe nandoi ji,
Phholva todan chali rajiva ki behani, phholva todan chali
chandani ki nand,
Aare gir padi bichali,
Unke bhonsadi main ghus gayi lakdia ji ,
Dauda dauda rajiva bhiya,
Aare bjonsadi se khicha lakdiya ji,
Ak pag gayi do pag gayi,gadon main ghus gayi lakadiya ji
(members of marriage party are sitting around and my
nandoi,husband of my nand is sitting in centre. His sister. that is
chadni's nanad has gone to pick up flower but she fell down and
a piece of wood has entered her cunt. She calls her brother
rajiva to pull it from her cunt. As she moves ahead another piece
enters her asshole too).

Bhabhi and Rima forced us to narrate every experience of our
honeymoon and details made all of us horny again.
Long hours had passed. Bhabhi served us very good and
strong cocktail, which in no time went to our head.. Bhabhi
brought game of truth and dare, a customized version. After
sometime we were only partially dressed. And than yellow cards
started which require person holding it to do some act. The
biggest was red card .Act indicated on it was to be done to
person who draws it and with that game is finished. First Rajiva
drew a card based on which he was to be blindfolded and after
sucking our boobs he had to correctly identify. Next I drew a card
as per which I had to kiss both bhsbi and Rima at there tits for
two minutes each and identify. Rima's card indicated that she
will suck her jija's lund for five minutes and after that she will

with her choot on his lund, but no penetration. Rima loved every
minute of it and Rajiva's lund become hard and erect like
flagpole. She sat on it rubbing her wet choot on it. Bhabhi drew
the red card. We applauded. Rima pulled it from her hand, on it
was written.. 'GET BUGGERED'.We laughed and stripped
bhabhi naked. Rajiva's hardon become stronger.
We all made Bhabhi on all four and rajiva went behind
her.Bhabhi was protesting, it has been a long time since she
has been fucked that way.I winked at bhabhi and said "mere
saiyan se apki bur ne ji bharkar maja liya to gaand hi kyon pyasi
reh jai." But Rajiva spread her wet choot and slowly pushed her
lund inside and said bhabhi main dono aur ka maja dunga
bhabhi ghabdiye mat.He started squeezing crushing her mast
joban and slowly pushed his entire lund. It was only beginning.
He will bring whole lund almost out and in one thrust will shove
it. He was also rubbing squeezing pulling her throbbing clit.
Bhabhi too joined in this passionate chudai.After fucking her
time he brought his lund almost outside and winked at me and
Rima.We smiled and gave him thumbs down sign. He brought
his cock out and rubbed it against her asshole and gripping her
slender waist ,in one push thrust his lund deep inside her
gaand.Bhabhi screamed ohh meri phat gayi.I caressed her firm
milky tight ass and whispered bhabhi supara gaya hai musal
abhi baki hai . Rajiva didn't stop. He kept on pushing and after
7-8 strokes his lund was deep inside bhbhi's gaand .Now he
focussed on her choot.

He started applying pressure on her clit
and fingers of second hand started going in , I and rima were
amazed.1 then 2 and 3 and after sometime bhabhi ki choot ne
poori 4 ungli ghont li.Now her gaand too had become used to
his lund and he started fucking slowly. This double assault
made Bhabhi forget her pain and too started pushing her gand
against his lund.This invitation was good enough and rajiva
started pushing his lund in her gaand with full might while his 4
fingers were rotating in full force in her choot. Bhbahi was
moaning screaming pushing her gaand and after 15-20 minutes
she came. Her sighs became louder and she gripped her gaand
furiously on my hubb'y lund.This pressure triggered him too and
he flooded her beautiful gori gori gand with his cum.
I winked at bhabhi and asked her " kyon bhabhi maja aaya
mare sajan se gand marvane ka.Bhabhi winked back, squeezed
my joban and said"nand rani agle hafte agar apne sajan se
tumhari gaand na marayi to kehana.aur phir main isi terah
poochungi "kyon nanad rani maja aya gaand marvane ka, aapne
bhaiya se, oops I mean mare saiyan se".

Posted By Rani

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Barbie Doll ki mastChudaii

Hi this is Aryan from New Delhi hum do dost the. Ghumte ghumte humari
nazar ek ladkiyon ke group pe padi sabhi ladkiyan bahut hi sunder thi
par unmein se ek ke upar nazar tik hi gayi uar use kahte hai
khoobsurti. Ki nazar hatane ka mann karen. Main toh bus uski aur
khicha ja raha tha. Hum log us group ke pas gaye. Main us ladki ko
acchi tarah dekhne laga. Doston kya figure tha. Boobs bibdass man kar
raha tha ki muh me le lun. Hips kam the . Aur patli kamar. Mere
khayal se rahi hogi yahi 36 26 30 Bilkul gori aur nashili neeli
aankhen kad chota tha. Yahi koi 5 4 hoga. Aur hair brown the

Main uske pass gaya aur maine sabko hi kaha. Maine unhe apna
introduction diya aur unse unke baare mein pucha. Vo log delhi ke
south side se the. Mausam badia tha isilie ghumne nikli thi. Maine us
ladki se uska naam pucha. Usne kaha ki my name is sheena maine kaha
kya hassena. Usne kaha kuch nahi maine ok ok phir maine unse pucha
kya main aap logo ke saath chal sakta hun. Toh unhone kha sure. Maine
apne dost ko bhi bula lia aur batein chodne lage. Dhire dhire hum sab
ghul mil gaye aur daana paani(restraunt hai) mein jaake kuch khaya
pia. Humne unhe apna phone no bhi de dia. Vo sabhi bahut hi jyada
broad minded the. Unke saath chal ke toh humein bahut maja aaraha
tha. Park aur ladke bhi bahut the sabki gand humein dekh ke jal rahi
thi. Par sub toh aaapas mein hi mast the. 3 4 ghante tak ghume aur
phir ghar jaane ka time ho gya . Unhone kaha ki phir kabhi hum log
jarur milenge.

Aur usi rat ko sheena ka mere pas phone aya usne kaha ki aapki yaad
aarahi thi maine kaha ki mujhe bi specially aapki. Dhire dhire hum
log baat karte rahe bich mein sex ka topic bhi chid gaya. Hum dono
bahu exited ho gaye the. Mere kya tha main toh toilet mein jaake muth
marne laga. Maine usse pucha kya kar rahi ho usne kaha finguring
maine kaha ki kahi pe mile kal usne kaha thik hai. Hum log next day
cannaught palace mein mile aur khoob battein ki phir hum dono sex ki
batein karne lage. Humne kaha ki paharganj chalte hia waha bahut se
hotel mil jaate hai. Hum log pahar ganj chale gaye aur room mein
jaake bahut si batein ki phir maine dhire se apna haath uski jaangon
pe rakh dia aur dhire dhire sahlane laga bich bich mein uske muh se
siskiyan nikalne lagi maine uske boobs pe haath rakha aur apne muh
dusre boobs pe rakh dia aur daba daba ke cusne laga wo bhi bahut
exited ho gayi thi ek dum machalne lagi maine uske boobs ko aajad
karke uske hoontho ko apne hontho mein kaid kar lia aur main uski jib
ko suck karne laga.

Vo bhi bahut hi machal rahi thi. Phir maine apne haathon se uska tpos
utar dia aur bra bhi utar di wowww kya boobs the ek dum gore chitte
aur upar se pink nipple. Buis meine toh unhe ek hi baari mein apne
hum mein le lia aur chatne llaga kabhi uske boobs ko kat leta tha.
Mere land puri tarah tan chuka tha. Maine apni kamij utari aur apni
pent bhi utar di. Ab main underwear aur baniyan mein tha. Usne kaha i
love you maine kaha ki i love you to. Maine uski jeans utar do aur
penty ke upar hath ghumane laga. Aur uski phooli hui choot mein dabav
banane laga uske muh se siskiyan nikal rahi thi. Maine uske pura
nanga kar dia aur khud bhi pura nanga ho gaya. Mere land ek dum
sallami de raha tha maine usse kaha ki mujhse raha nahi jaa raha usne
kaha mere se bhi nahi raha jaa raha. Main bed pe late gaya maine use
kaha ki apni pussy mere muh pe rakh do aur mere land ko apne muh mein
le lo usne kaha thik hai. Aur mere upar aake apni mussy mere muh ke
pass rakh di. Maine ek dum uski pink pussy pe jibh rakh di aur suck
karne laga udhar sheena mare jaa rahi thi usne bhi mera land muh mein
le lia aur suck karne lagi dojno hi bich bich mein moaning kar rahe

Humen bahut maja aa rha tha. Uski choot ne ek dum paani chod dia
maine saara paani pi lia. Aur use land chdne ko kaha. Main utha aur
apni tange phiala li aur use land pe baithne ke lie kaha vo mere pas
aayi aur land pe apni chut rakh ke dhire dhire baithne lagi vo pahle
bhi kai baar sex kar chuki thi isilie uski chut puri khuli hui thi.
Aur dhire dhire mera pura land uski chut ki gahraion mein kho gaya.
Maine uski tangein apne pith ke piche kar di aur asko apni bahon mein
jakad lia uski muh se siskiyan nikal gayi. Uske boobs meri chati se
dabe hue the. Mere haath uski chikni peeth ko jakde hue the. Aur
maine apne hont uske hontho ke havale kar die. Vo mere honto ko
paglon ki tarah chus rahi thi. Main niche se dhakke mar raha tha.
Usne apne hathon se mere muh ko kar ke pakad lia aur kisses karne
lagi sath hi mein moaning karne lagi.

Maine use pucha kaisa lag raha hai. Usne kaha bus karte jao aaj main
bahut khush hun. Aur maine speed bada di. Maine use aur tight jakad
lia aur tej tej dhake dene laga. Uske muh se siskiyan aur tej ho
gayi. Main usko jor jor ke kiss karne laga tanav bahut hi jyada bad
gaya tha. Sare kamre mein dono ki sisiyan gunj rahi thi. Main jhadne
ki kagar pe pahunch gaya ki acchanak usne chut sikod li. Vo dubara
jhad gayi thi. Usi samay main bhi jhad gaya. Hum log yun ke yun ulte
hue ab vo mere upar thi. Maine uske dhire dhire kiss hi karne laga.
Aur phir use aajad kar dia. Hum dono puri tarah se pasine pasine ho
gaye the. Aur pure lal bhi. Maine apna land uski chu se nikal dia.
Aur uske sharir pe haath pherne laga. Par dono bahut thak chuke the.
Uske baad humne kapde pahne or room chod ke wahan se chale gaye.
Maine usse kaha ki aaj toh tumne mujhe bahut khush kar dia tum jo
kaogi wo karunga usne kaha promise maine kaha haan.

Toh usne kaha ki waqt aane par mang lungi. Ab hum dono ne ek dusre ko
bye kiya aur shaam ko phone karne ka promise bhi kia. Main apne ghar
chala gaya aur vo apne ghar. Raat ko uska phone aaya aur humne bahut
si batein ki. Maine usse kaha ki tumhare aur bf nahi hai. Toh usne
kaha hai par use taste badalne ki aadat hai maine kaha ki ek din
mujhe bhi chid dogi toh usne kaha haan . Maine kaha kya ab kabhi nahi
milogi usne kaha ki ek do baar aur bus. Bus maine usi samay soch lia
tha ki iski toh agli baar itni jabar dast chudai karni hai ki sali
yaad rakhegi. Usne mujhe kaha ki next week milne aaungi dobara main
kaha thik hai. Humne thodi der aur bat ki aur phir so gaye.

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Cum on Mum

Hello all This is Abhishek Singh, a 18 years old boy from Delhi. This
story starts from here. My mother is a whore. She's a dirty slut who
takes it anywhere and anyway she can get it. For pleasure and for
money. And most of the men in the town have had their go with her. Of
course to most ordinary nineteen year old guys to hear that said
about their mother would be almost the most offence you could
possibly cause. But I loved to think it about mine. Then again, my
relationship with my mum wasn't the average kind and she certainly
wasn't the average kind of mother. We'd always been very close, I was
a shy, introverted kid growing up without many friends and she was
young, sexy and fun so my mother was often like my best friend
growing up. I never knew my father, just one of the many men passing
through my mother's life, she'd always been something of a
nymphomaniac even as a teenager, and I had no siblings so it was just
us. I had always known that she wasn't like my friend's mums, aside
from being younger and more fun, in her attitude to family life and
was well used to strange men being around at all hours.

In the last six months since I had become an adult and was wondering
what to do with my life and whether I could survive in the wider
world without the constant support of my mother, our relationship had
undergone some changes. I was now well aware of just exactly the
sorts of things that my mum got up to with these men. How did I know?
Because she had begun to tell me, it had started off with her
desiring to come clean about the way she made her money and supported
us, now I was an adult she felt I could understand and not judge her
too harshly for how much she enjoyed sex with random, strange men.
That's all it had been at first, a confession, but it had become so
much more that was shared between us now. Just take this one example
of an average Friday night. I heard the front door slam shut from in
my bedroom, that mean that the man that had been here had left, he'd
been pretty quick, no nonsense and I hadn't even seen him as he came
in and left. As soon as I heard that door slam shut, I hurried over
to my mum's bedroom to talk to her about this latest encounter. She
lay back on her huge double bed, my still gorgeous in her 40s mother,
looking flustered and tired. Her make up was smudged and her dark
curly hair was a complete mess but to me this disheveled, just fucked
look was the sexiest she ever seemed. She was dressed in a saucy pink
satin negligee with one strap slipping down her arm and the hem
riding up around her thigh. Aside from that all she wore were a pair
of black lace topped stockings, one of which was slightly torn. She
looked up as I came into the room and gave me a slightly tired little
smile and patted a spot on the bed beside her.

"Come and sit by me, honey," she said sweetly, "I've got a little
bedtime story for you." Doing just as she said, I walked in and sat
down beside her on the bed, her hand found mine and started to stroke
it gently. This close I could inhale her sweet scent intermingled
with the musky odor of her recent lover. She turned to look at me and
gave me another little grin. "Let me tell you, honey, this guy wasn't
wasting any time at all and didn't exactly stand on pleasantries. As
soon as I opened the door for him he was suggesting we take it up to
the bedroom. And that was just fine with me; I was already feeling a
heat and excitement down below just at the thought of it. He was a
big, strong, broad shouldered guy with perfect chiseled features, a
real man's man and once in the bedroom he certainly took control of
the situation. As soon as I let my robe drop to the floor to reveal
this little number I was wearing beneath, his hands were all over me.
He pressed his hard manly body against mine, his hands cupping my
arse and kissing all over my face and neck. Soon, his hands were all
over my breasts, seeming to know just what touches I needed to get me
really flustered and excited." As she said this a dreamy look in her
eyes told me she was lost in the reverie as her own hand moved to
grasp her D cups and fondle them through the thin soft satin.

"He pushed me down to my knees and pulled out his cock, it was long
and thick, at least eight inches and already getting hard," she
continued in a deep, sensual voice that was making my own cock twitch
and become harder, "Well, you know how much your slutty mummy likes
to wrap her lips around a big, thick cock, so I was only too eager to
oblige when he told me to suck him, worshipping the end of his
manhood with my lips and tongue as I stroked along his shaft, getting
him even harder and me even wetter, so much so that I used my free
hand to slide inside my panties and begin to finger my pussy. But he
wasn't satisfied with this and once more he took control. Picking me
up, he tossed me onto the bed and simply tore off my panties, pushing
my negligee up around my waist to reveal my wet pussy, aching with
desire." She sighed at the thought as she began to caress my hand
with more affection and ran her other hand along her stockings and
thigh. I noticed where her panties lay in a crumpled heap on the
floor, a revealing, tiny black lace thong, I'd seen it before, her
arse looked amazing in it but she looked even better with her bare,
shaved pussy exposed. "Mmm, oh, honey, it feels sooo good just
thinking about him and his toned body and long, hard member," my
mother sighed again, "He pushed my legs wide open and lay on the bed
between them. Running his hand along my satin covered waist and
chest, he began to push his cock into my eagerly waiting pussy. He
didn't hold back either, holding me down to the bed and completely
dominating the pace. And the pace he wanted was furiously fast, deep
and hard. He showed me no mercy as he violently ravaged my pussy but
then, that's just the way mummy likes it, isn't it honey? A hard,
rapid shafting deep in her pleasure zone. I was sighing and moaning
and screaming so hard you probably heard it in your bedroom. My body
was rocking with the force of his strong, manly fucking. Just as I
was reaching an incredible climax, without warning, he shot his load
deep inside me. You'd have liked him, son, he's the kind of guy that
came bucket loads, it was leaking out of my cunt and running down my
legs as he pulled out and put his pants back on and walked out,
leaving me exhausted on the bed and feeling completely used."

She certainly painted a hell of a picture, she must have known what
the thought of her being violently used by a tough man was doing to
me, and my cock was really hard now, straining beneath my pants. One
thing that's for sure is that the memory was certainly making her
feel pretty aroused once more. "Oh, mmm, honey, just telling you
about it is making me feel all hot and bothered once more, making me
feel his hardness entering between my thighs," she gave a little
laugh, "Look how wet your mum's pussy is. God, your mum's such a
slut!" She opened her legs and turned to face me, pulling up the
satin negligee, there was the sight I imagined in my mind, her shaved
cunt and swollen pussy lips, wet with yearning desire. She hadn't
been wrong about her latest man either, he certainly had been one who
hadn't held back with his cum, it was leaking from her pussy and
running over her thighs, staining her ripped stocking. My gorgeous
mother, left used and full of cum, made me so very turned on. I
pushed her further back and leaned down between her long, stocking
legs. Pushing my lips to her left thigh, I began to lick her soft
flesh, lapping up the drying; salty cum her lover had left on her.
"Oh, oh, yeah, that's it, honey," my mother sighed, "Lick mummy

I moved over to the other thigh, delighting in getting all the sticky
juices from her smooth thighs. I don't know when this had happened
but somewhere along the line I had started delighting in eating the
cum my mother's lovers deposited in and on her, not only did it give
me a sense of being part of her being used and abased by these men
but also I had grown to love the warm salty taste of it. And there
was more, right now, in her beautiful pussy. "Oh, aaah, you're such a
good son, honey," my mum purred, "Your mum's been fucked so hard and
her pussy's all full of tasty cum. Please, eat me and clean out my
dirty cunt!" I couldn't refuse an offer like that, especially coming
from the woman that raised me. I pushed her legs further apart and
buried my face between them. She held the back of my head and pushed
me further into her. I inhaled the scent of her pussy and the odor of
the man who had taken her less than half an hour earlier. I stuck my
tongue into her pussy and began to run it over and around it,
lovingly lapping the delicious cream pie left inside my mother by her
mystery lover, delighting in the taste of his juices mixing with
hers, which were flowing even more freely with my oral attentions.
"Aa aaah aaaaahhh, oh my God, that's sooo good," my mother moaned as
I stuck my tongue into her pussy in the desperate search for more
tasty cum, "Oh yeah, eat me, lick that cum up from deep inside me.
You love the taste of cum in your mother's pussy, don't you honey?
God, you're a kinky fucker, I don't know which is dirtier, wanting to
eat out your own mother or your desperate lust for the taste of men's
juices. Does it turn you on to think that the salty cum on your lips
comes from your slut whore of a mother giving it up to any man?" She
had me just right, that was such a turn on, thinking of my sweet
mother used and fucked and then licking that man's juices right out
of her, "Fuck honey, I'm gonna cum too if you keep it up."

Sure enough, as I continued to lick my mother's cunt, she began to
writhe and wriggle, pushing her cunt up toward my mouth and holding
the back of my head until I was almost suffocating with the closeness
as I rubbed her clitoris with my tongue before going back to taste
the last manly juices inside her and send her on a wave of ecstasy,
leaking more of her own sweet juices. Finally my mother lay back with
a gasp of satisfaction. "Aahh, yes," she sighed, "That was quite an
evening. You're the best cum drinking, pussy eating son a woman could
have." That was just one occasion that shows off the sort of special
relationship I had with my mother. But it wasn't the first or the
last time that she recounted to me her sexual adventures and I ate
cum off her beautiful body. I loved how turned on it made me and her
when she described the men that fucked her, she painted such a hot,
sexual picture. So much so, however, that it made me really want to
see what it was like, to really watch my slutty mother in action as
she got fucked by a hunky guy. Finally, she relented, secretly I
think the idea of being watched by her son was something of an extra
turn on for her, and agreed to let me hide in her closet and watch
her take on two guys that were regulars of hers. On the day in
question, I concealed myself in the closet with the door enough ajar
to get a good look around the room. I watched as my mother got
herself ready, dressing herself in a tiny red micro mini skirt with a
pleated hem that barely covered her panties and a black lycra off the
shoulder crop top with ruffled sleeves. Her mass of curly hair fell
over her bare shoulders and her face was heavily painted in rouge and
scarlet lipstick. Her legs were bare and appeared even longer in her
tiny micro mini. On her feet were a pair of clear seven inch heeled
stripper platforms. All in all it was a classic hooker look and it
made my mother look just like the fuckable little slut that she was.

There was a ring at the door and she went to answer it, leaving me
for a moment to simply contemplate the thought of her in her slutty
clothes. After a few minutes, she came back into the room and now she
was accompanied by a couple of guys, both big, manly looking men with
bulging biceps and broad shoulders. One had blond hair cropped short
and stubble, she called him Liam, and the other had long dark hair
and a fresh face and was called Mike. It seemed like a brief instant
before my mother was on her knees and in each of her hands was a
hard, thick penis. Mike's was longer and thinner as her hand pumped
along the shaft, Liam's thick; shorter but still over six inches was
the one in her mouth as she bobbed her head back and forth on it. "Oh
yeah, suck it bitch," Liam moaned. "God, she's such an eager slut
still," Mike grinned. Meanwhile, Mike reached down and yanked down
her crop top, letting her impressively round and still quite pert
breasts spill out, to which I let out an almost audible sigh. He
cupped her breast in his hand and began to fondle it as she continued
to stroke his cock. After a minute, she turned the attention of her
lips on it too while her other hand still stroked Liam's thick
manhood. She licked in slow, short bursts around the head of Mike's
cock, gasping and sighing as she did so. "Oh yeah, mmm, you guys have
such big tasty cocks, I just looove to lick them." I'd heard her talk
before about sucking men off and had pictured it in my head but I had
never been able to imagine quite the incredible sight of my own
mother, tits spilling out of her tiny top, on her knees, gobbling up
a couple of huge cocks with the eagerness of a teenager and the skill
of a porn star. "Oh, yes, come on Rachel, you're still the best,"
Liam sighed as she diverted her attention back to sucking on his meat.

Continue in next post

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"How about you let us get at your sweet pussy you dirty whore," Mike
said. "Oh, ooo, yes," my mum took her lips from the cock in her mouth
long enough to gasp her approval, "I wanna feel your big, long meat
inside me Mike, momma wants to be fucked good today." As she made
that "momma" comment she looked directly at the closet where I hid
with a lascivious grin on her face, I knew she was putting on an
extra special show of it all just for me. She shifted her body so she
was now knelt on all fours while Mike positioned himself kneeling
behind her. As he pushed her tiny skirt up around her waist and
pushed her legs wide open, she went back to slurping around Liam's
cock. Mike pulled her panties aside and pushed his cock up inside
her, beginning to fuck her in a doggy style position while she did
her best to deep throat Liam, her eyes wide open and her holes and
both ends filled with hard manhood. Her massive round tits wobbled
back and forth beneath her as Mike took her hard from behind and, as
he withdrew, Liam thrust into her throat, totally impaling her from
both ends. She was completely helpless, completely at the mercy of
these two strong men as they both rammed their cocks in and out of
her, hard and fast with no mercy. This was my mother as I'd never
seen her before. Of course I knew her as the major dominant authority
figure in my life but I had seen some of her sexual side in recent
months. Nothing, however, could have prepared me for the incredible
sensual sight of my gorgeous mother on all fours, completely
submissive before the incredible power of two studly men as they
double penetrated her. It's not something anyone ever expects to see
of their mother but it was an incredible turn on.

"Oh yeah, take it Rachel, you dirty whore," Mike moaned, "You love it
don't you? Giving your pussy and mouth up completely to men, being a
slutty, cock loving whore! Oh God, oh fuck, yes!" After a while of
this, Liam pulled out of her mouth and sat up on the bed, "Come on
then Rachel, you slut, I want a go at that nice little arse of
yours." Once again, my mother was eagerly obliging, standing up and
sitting astride his lap, facing away from him and towards me so she
gave me a flash of her full naked breasts and just fucked pussy as
she slid his cock up her arse. My view was then obscured by Mike as
he stood between both of their legs and stuck his dick back inside
her pussy so now my mother was sandwiched between these two muscular
hunks as they fucked her back and forth between their big cocks. I
could just see her head thrown back as they pushed her beautiful body
back and forth between them, fondling her big, wobbling breasts as
she groaned and screamed. "Oh, oh, oh, ah, Oh God! OH Fuck me, oh
yes, aaaah," she cried, "Oh mmm, fuck momma, fuck her hard! Oh yes,
mummy wants your cum, cover me with your fucking cum!"

"Uh, ahhh, oh, Rachel, fuck yeah, oh, I'm gonna cum pretty soon for
you!" Liam groaned as my mum bounced on his cock. "OK, honey, cum for
me, cum on my face, soak my beautiful tits with your warm cum!" my
mum groaned, "Oh yeah, my baby wants his momma soaked in manly cum so
shoot your load on my face, on my tits, cum all over me boys! Cum for
my baby, for my honey! Oh fuck yes, he loves his cummy mummy!" I
couldn't believe what I was hearing come out of my mother's mouth, as
two studly men fucked her arse and pussy she was directing all her
moans and screams especially for me hiding in the closet watching
her, she was begging them to cover her in their delicious cum and
they, maybe confused by some of what she was saying, never the less
appeared happy to oblige. Mike pulled out of her pussy and stood
aside to allow her to get off Liam and return to her place kneeling
before their cocks as they jerked off, so near to climaxing. "Oh,
fuck, I can't hold back any further, Rachel, here it comes baby,"
Mike groaned as he shot a load of cum directly into my mother's
mouth. "Mmmm, that's it boys, cover mummy's beautiful body, my honey
wants to see my face sticky with your manly jizz and my breasts
soaking in it," my mum sighed again as a second spurt shot from
Mike's cock across her cheek. "I'm gonna cover those sweet tits in
dirty cum, Rachel, oh God, fuck!" Liam sighed as a string of cum shot
out of his cock across my mother's cleavage. Now both guys were
cumming bucket loads of sticky white stuff all over my mother, a
string from Mike's cock covered a line from her dark hair right
across her face to her chin while Liam shot another string of it all
over her breasts.

"Oh yeah, you sure can cum for me guys, my baby's going to be so
pleased to see me all sticky and cumsoaked. My honey loves the taste
of salty cum and loves to eat it from his mummy's curvy body. Give
mummy all your cum, soak her face and fill her mouth, let my baby
drink it down!" Her face completely covered, Liam and Mike finished
up by shooting everything they had left right inside her open and
eagerly awaiting mouth until there was milky white liquid leaking
from the sides of her lips. Finally spent, they dressed and exited
the room quickly leaving her used and completely covered in copious
amounts of her cum. I couldn't even wait for them to leave the house.
As soon as the bedroom door closed, I exited the closet, not able to
discard the raging hard-on that I had sustained watching my hot
mother fucked every way by two hard studs and then getting covered in
their cum just for me. And to me, the disheveled, drenched and sticky
woman on her knees before me was the most beautiful my mother had
ever been. I knelt beside her and she took my head in her hands and
tipped it back. She leaned over and I could see her face close up,
she was dribbling cum, their were bubbles of it between her lips and
a drop ran down her chin, there were lines of white all over her face
and into her hair, a large drop on her long eyelash. She opened up my
mouth and, from her position leaning above me, was able to open hers
and let a stream of cum drip from her mouth and straight down my
throat. I had never drunk so much in one go, it tasted amazing and it
was such a turn on to see my mother, sticky with cum feeding me with
it from her own mouth.

When her mouth was mostly empty, I swallowed my mouthful and sat up.
I looked into her eyes and kissed her on the lips, they tasted warm,
salty and sticky, just the way I liked it. I began to kiss and lick
all over my mother's face, cleaning her up and eating up all the cum
that I could that was all over her beautiful face. Oh, yes, thank you
mum," I sighed as I licked her cheek free of a big load of white
juices, "It was soooo amazing watching you give yourself up to those
lovely hard cocks, seeing them penetrating deep into your pretty
pussy, mum, it was such a turn-on," I sucked a drop off her chin,
"And thank you sooooo much for having them soak you in tasty cum,
this is the best a son could ask from his mother, I love you so much
and I love cum and more than anything I love eating cum off your
gorgeous body," her face mostly clean I had now switched to suckling
on her sticky breasts, tasting all the manly juices that covered them
as I kissed her firm nipples, it felt weird, suckling at my mother's
breasts but licking up men's cum not milk, definitely the kind of
weird feeling that made me especially aroused, my cock was still
harder than ever before, "Mmmm, oh god, yes, you taste sooo gooood
mum, your such a slut getting so cum covered and I love you for
it." "Oh, honey, you're the slut, really, sooo desperate for cum like
a dirty teenage porn star, and you can't get enough of it, cleaning
every sticky inch of mummy's body so eagerly. I bet you'd make a
great cocksucker just like your mummy, you love cum soooo much you'd
be amazing at it." And that was it, the suggestion of me sucking a
cock for a shower of delicious cum was too much for me, with a sigh
and burying my head in the sticky cum between my mother's breasts, I
felt myself shoot my own load in my pants, without ever touching my
cock. It was strange but amazing, seeing my mother fucked and soaked
in cum and then licking her clean, it seemed all my fantasies had
come true, but there was more to come.

A couple of weeks later, my mother surprised me by telling me she had
invited around a guy she liked to fuck every now and then who was
bisexual and liked pretty boys as much as hot women, she said that
she'd really like it if this time I could take part in her sex fun
with her. I was only too thrilled. Although, to tell the truth I was
a little nervous about sucking a guy's cock, I'd never done anything
remotely like that before, but I was more excited than scared,
excited about coming closer to my beautiful mother in enjoying
sucking cock and being soaked in cum with her just as she would. My
second surprise came as I realized that I knew this guy. He was the
father of one of my school friends. Not that anything could make the
situation of being inducted into bisexual sex by my own mother any
weirder. He was called Kevin Peters and his son Ryan and I used to
hang out a lot. Kevin was tall and quite well built with sandy hair
and a little goatee beard. My mother had me let him in while she went
upstairs and got ready. It was a little awkward between me and Kevin
even if he didn't perhaps realize he was my friend's dad, we were
both a little unsure of how to behave and it was a relief to hear my
mother's voice calling us upstairs. As ever, she looked stunning,
today she was virtually naked, those gorgeous breasts and shaved
pussy completely on view, all she wore were a pair of red fishnets
and some black patent six inch stilettos that showed off those sexy
legs. "Hi Kevin," she said, shamelessly flaunting her beautiful
nakedness, "I see you've got acquainted with our little cumbucket
here," she nodded at me, making me blush horribly, "Why don't you
boys lose your clothes too."

In a few minutes both me and Kevin stood even more naked than she
was. I could now check out his body, it was skinny but well built and
his cock was long, thick and uncut and, as he began to stroke it, it
became hard too. "That's a nice big cock Kevin's got there, isn't it
honey?" my mum said to me as she came over to us, taking Kevin's hand
from his cock, she began to stroke it instead with her left hand
while her right reached for mine, "I bet it's full of those juices
you love so much, come on baby, why don't you get a feel." She moved
my hand so it was on Kevin's cock, all of us standing in a triangle
with Kevin's beast sticking out in the middle of us. It felt warm and
alert to touch, instinctively, I began to stroke it. Following my
mother's example, I ran my hand up and down the shaft as she kissed
Kevin and then me on the lips. She got to her knees and began to lick
his warm dick. "Mmmm, that's the kind of taste mummy likes," she
sighed, "And I'm sure her baby will too, come and have a lick,
honey." I found myself on my knees beside her, mouth open as she
directed his long, hard member between my lips. It felt warm and
excited at the touch of my tongue. Something about this felt right,
on my knees with the head of a man's cock in my mouth as my own
mother stroked the shaft. There was a musky odor and the slightest
taste of those salty juices I love so much. My mother pushed my head
further down so a couple of inches of hard, manly cock were inside my
mouth before she let me back off it. I'd seen her sucking cock like a
dirty whore from the closet a few days before and knew just how it
was done, bobbing up and down, letting it slip from my mouth to lick
the veiny shaft and kiss the head. "Oh yeah, he sucks cock just like
his mother," Kevin groaned, "Looks like you've got another slut in
the family, Rachel."

"Mmmm, yeah," my mum replied as she sucked on his balls, "He's a
natural, look how much he loves to suck cock, he just wants the cum
so much, look how hard he is." She was right, my cock was as stiff
and erect as the one in my mouth. I was imagining that twitch and a
stream of thick white man juice shooting out of it, covering me all
over in cum like men always did with my mother. But it wasn't to
happen just yet. "Oh, I wanna fuck your pussy now, Rachel," Kevin
sighed, taking his cock from my mouth, much to my disappointment. My
mother lay back on the bed and opened her red fishnet covered legs
wide. Kevin slotted between them and slid his dick, wet with my and
my mother's saliva, deep into her pussy. She began to gasp and moan
as he slid his cock in and out, fucking her with eager abandon. "Come
on over, honey," my mum sighed as he shafted her, "Come and lick
mummy's pussy as Kevin fucks me." I did as she asked, kneeling and
leaning over my mother's glorious body. As Kevin pushed into her
pussy, I licked around her clit and along his shaft as he withdrew
it. Every now and then, he would take his cock from my mother's pussy
and shove it into my mouth, fucking my face for a few seconds and
giving me even more taste of my mum's pussy juices, before sliding
back inside her pussy. "Aaaah, yes, oh, fuck guys, I'm gonna cum," my
mother's body shook with ecstasy, "Oh wow, OH YEAH, FUCK ME!!! It's
so amazing having my pussy fucked while my son goes down on me! Oh
honey, you deserve all the salty cum you're gonna get!!"

"Mmmm, I'm gonna cum for you Rachel," Kevin groaned, "I'm gonna soak
you and your slutty cocksucking son!!" He pulled out and began to
stroke his cock as my mother slid from the bed, her juices still
leaking from her pussy and put her lips back around his cock. I
joined her and soon we were both using our best cocksucking skills
desperately trying to make my friend's dad cum all over us.

"Oh yeah, that's it guys, it's coming soon! Oh fuck two dirty
cocksuckers desperate for cum. Well you're gonna get it soon, get it
all over your faces, in your hair, on your breasts!! OH FUCK, AAAH

"Come on baby, drink it down!" my mum cried as she took Kevin's dick
from her mouth and pointed it at my face just at the moment when he
blew his load, shooting cum right across my face.

The second load I caught in my mouth, it was so warm and juicy. I'd
never had cum this fresh before and it tasted amazing. I allowed him
to completely fill my mouth with a couple more spurts before he
turned and came across my mum's forehead and into her dark hair.
Another shot covered her ample chest, while he came again on my face
so a line of cum dribbled down my chin onto my chest. In a few
minutes, my mother and I were both alike, sticky hair faces dripping
with warm, salty white cum, drips and bubbles on our lips. We stared
into each other's eyes, opened our mouths and showed each other how
we each swallowed mouthfuls of white liquid at the same time. It was
a magic moment, a rare thing to be shared between mother and son and
only interrupted by my sigh as I felt my own dick which I had been
stroking spurt out all over the carpet. "Oh well, looks like you're
gonna have some cleaning up to do, honey," my mother smiled at me,
her lips still sticky and cum dripping from her face, "We're so
filthy and so the room, that's gonna keep my cum loving baby pretty
busy for now, isn't it?" And you know what, it did.

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awesome post 10
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